How tall is Til Schweiger

Til Schweiger's Height

5ft 9 ½ (176.5 cm)

German Actor best known for roles in films such as Rabbit Without Ears, Inglorious Basters, Driven, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (The Cradle of Life).

How tall is Til Schweiger
Til and Svenja Holtmann
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Average Guess (24 Votes)
5ft 8.91in (175cm)
Wehrmacht180 said on 9/Mar/23
175 cm
Abdul-DK said on 30/Jun/22
175 flat.
pgjtftkwnbczmp said on 5/May/20
Til next to two german celebrities, Thomas Gottschalk and Kai Pflaume, both listed at 6'3 on Google.

Click Here

Rob, does this seem to be a reasonable claim for these two men? Thomas Gottschalk might have experienced some height loss already.
Editor Rob
They could be close to 6ft 3
Sceptic said on 25/Jul/19
Weak 5'8" and never more.
Til Schweiger and DJ Smash, who is 5'8.5"-5'9" at best - Click Here
Bwk said on 23/Apr/19
Did you have this guy listed at 5'10" in the past?
Editor Rob
I'm sure for a few years.
'Annonymous' said on 20/Mar/19
Here is another photo of Til next to Angelina Jolie from 2003:
Click Here
Til really could look like 5'10" next to Mads Mikkelsen, Angelina Jolie and Danny Trejo but today he is 55 and he could have lost a little height. Rob has two questions:
1. Is peak height 5'10" possible for Til?
2. Is there a chance that Til lost some height today?
'Anonymous' said on 18/Oct/18
I'm surprised by the 5'9.5" list, I watched a lot of movies with Til and guessed him around 5'10". Here are some other proofs, here are photos of Til next to Angelina Jolie from 2003 (Jolie has a large heels advantage over him):
Click Here
Click Here
Here are the pictures of Til next to Mads Mikkelsen from 2015, Til looks like 5'10":
Click Here
Click Here
In addition, in 1998 in movie "The Replacement Killers" Til looked really tall naxt to Danny Trejo:
Click Here
Although in those pictures from 2017 where Til stood next to Arnold, Schwarzenegger, despite the predominance of hair over Til, looked clearly taller than Til, proving that Arnold has today no less than 181 cm:
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Click Here
Til will be 55 for 2 months, maybe he has already lost some height? Rob, peak height full 5'10" is still possible for him?
CZV said on 4/Aug/18
Rob u either have to put him at 5ft 9 or to upgrade Schwarzenegger to at least 6ft
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Editor Rob
Sometimes Till can look just 5ft 9, he might be near that...though I am not sure the theatre is flat, usually there is a slope down to the stage at these places.
Guesser said on 8/Oct/17
@Steve said on 9/Apr/17
People in large cities are taller than in rural areas (this is true in other countries too)

Its the opposite in the US. Most people in rural America have German/Scandinavian ancestry and are therefore VERY, VERY tall.
Hans Meiser said on 18/Apr/17
@Steve: The thing is, I live very close to Hamburg ^^ In my home town I feel average, sometimes slightly above average. When I'm in Hamburg though, I see plenty of women who are 5'8-6'1 and plenty of 6'3-6'5 men. People in Hamburg are really, really tall.
Steve said on 9/Apr/17
@Hans: If you look at the growth charts from the KiGGS study they measured a median height of 179cm at age 18, according to the WHO charts which go until 20 we can expect them to grow another cm by then, so 180 sounds about right. Whats very interesting though is the large regional variation that a Mens Health survey found in 2008 (Click Here): Younger men (18-39) in Hamburg were the tallest nearing 1.86m, in the former GDR the averages went as low as 1.75m (thank you communism :P). People in large cities are taller than in rural areas (this is true in other countries too). It was only a survey though, not measured, so the real heights are likely to be slightly lower, but the trend does fit my experience: lots of tall people in Hamburg and I feel maybe a bit above average in Berlin at 1.83m.

As for Til, he usually looks 3-5 cm shorter than Brad Pitt, in fact much shorter here (Click Here). Brad could be wearing lifts though, and Til looks maybe 4 cm shorter than Eli Roth, so 177 is probably the highest I'd guess for him.
Hans Meiser said on 6/Mar/17
Rob, what do you think is the average height for a young German man? I'm German and 181cm and I feel quite average.
Editor Rob
Hans, you are in the best position to tell, but the stats suggest near to 180cm...sometimes walking about your town centre can give a good sense of the average.
Heylo said on 10/Dec/16
He looks about 1 inch shorter than Sylvester Stallone in most photos, lifts or not by Stallone, this guy is most likely not this close to 5'10. He also looked more than 3cm shorter than Brad Pitt, considering Brad probably have lifts though.
Sylvester Stallone - 174-175cm (+ an extra inch or a little more due to lifts)
Brad Pitt - 178-179cm (occasionally uses lifts on big movie premieres)
Til Schweiger - 175-176cm (in comparison to Brad and Sylvester, never seem to use lifts)
Thomas 6ft 3 said on 1/Jun/16
Til Schweiger struggled to look taller than a 5ft 8 actress, so I highly doubt that he measures above 5ft 9.25/5 in the morning.
kevin said on 24/Dec/15
like i said before, brühl is officially listed as 176cm as far as i remember and schweiger always seemed 175cm
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 17/Dec/15
I think now the time has come..
netflixer said on 17/Dec/15
Brühl and Schweiger

Same Event as the prev pic (better angle) Click Here

Both with dress shoes Click Here

Brühl seems to be 176 to 177
Schweiger seems to be 174 to 175
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 8/Dec/15
I'm German and I would bet my money that he struggles to measure 5' 9".
Rob, let's have a closer look! Espescially because he's the most famous german actor.
I think the pic with Daniel Bruhl says everything..
Editor Rob
I think his shoe looked a bit thinner with bruhl. 5ft 9 on the nose is possible for him, I don't think with a guy like Tom Cruise he could look that much taller...
Shur said on 7/Nov/15
No way he is 5'10 since Daniel Bruhl (177cm according to this site) is taller than him. He is 5'9 at most.

Click Here
Jimmy said on 31/May/15
He's a strong 5'9
5'9.75 ( 177 cm )
Thomas said on 27/May/15
He is known as a 5ft 9 guy in Germany.
Sponk said on 27/Nov/14
He is always in flats so you downgrade him next to other lift wearers like Brad Pitt.
Le is a legit 180(5ft10.75), probably few mms shorter then Brad Pitt when they both barefeet
Ian said on 20/Nov/14
Other sites list him as 5'9". I think he's 5'9".
james said on 24/Jun/14
5'10 is a bit of a stretch .next to 5'11 Michael fassbender in inglorious basterds he looked at least 5'8.5 maybe 5'9 MAYBE!
Nomadd said on 5/Apr/14
in "Inglorious Basterds" he's like 5'9.5
tony said on 5/Mar/14
In Phantomschmerz he looks weak 5'9.
Realist said on 15/Feb/14
Rob this guy is 5'9 on the infamous site, how come you have increased his height
Nomadd said on 7/Apr/13
about 1,75m
jr said on 20/Dec/12
About 175 ???

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JayJay said on 25/Oct/12
Til is 176 cm tall

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leonari said on 4/Sep/12
This is at least 1 cm too high and more likely 2 cm. 176 guy.
nice guy said on 21/Jan/12
5'9 at best
lola said on 24/Oct/11
He is NEVER 5'10. I met him during holiday once and he was only slightly taller than me, like maybe he was 5'8.5 at his best(I'm 5'7), he didn't wear any shoes, so that must be quite accurate.
yh said on 28/Apr/11
Daniel Bruhl is the 5'10 guy, Right?
MHouillon said on 19/Apr/11
I am not a Height-pusher for celebs.

When I (5'10) met Til Schweiger, he was exactly my height. And then, when he and Bruce Willis appeared on the "Goldene Kamera", Bruce (182cm, "I don't buy his 6-6'1 claim") Willis was about 5 cm (2 inches) taller than Til = 178cm. Nowadays Til Schweiger might be 177cm.
Kelly said on 5/Nov/10
I've seen a few pics of Til standing next to Thomas Kretschmann, who is eiter 5-8 or 5'9. They looked pretty equal in height. I'd say he's no taller than 5'9, max.
Comets said on 27/Mar/09
I just saw Far Cry and yes, he is much shorter than 5'10, atbest i'll say 5'8
Willem-NL said on 16/Feb/09
He is shorter than Angelina Jolie and her height is 5 ft 6.75 in (170 cm).
I saw both at a picture from google !

Editor Rob
don't believe everything you see on Google...
Chiara said on 25/Oct/08
I met him once and hes much shorter! I
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/08
in Germany they say he is 175 cm
sokrates said on 10/Feb/08
@ jay: 6 feet 1,5 minus 3 inches = 5.10,5
Marc said on 19/Jul/07
Click Here

There´s no way that Til is 5´10!This picture shows him with actress Anja Kling
she´s 1,71m .. that´s official! He´d have to be bare footed and she´d have to have 7 centimeter heels! No Way! Women here in Germany call him Zwerg!
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/07
With heels Estella Warren looked noticeably taller than him in Driven. I'd give him 5'9 because she looked too tall next to him and she's 5'8.5.
Sally said on 28/Mar/07
I think he's smaller than 5'10, cuz he stood next to his wife (maybe with stiletos, her height without stiletos is 'bout 5'7) and she looked a lil'more taller than he's 'bout..I think...5'9
MHouillon said on 17/Jun/06
Saw him recently at Hamburg Airport. He's my size, 178cm (5'10).

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