How tall is Tony Blair

Tony Blair's Height

5ft 11 ¾ (182.2 cm)

English Politician, who served as the British Prime Minister from 1997 till 2007.

Tony Blair 2010 (cropped)
© European Union, 2010 / EU, Photo: Pavel Golovkin
At 40 I'm 6ft and just over 13 stone.
-- Evening Standard, 16th November 1993

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Average Guess (51 Votes)
5ft 11.81in (182.4cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Nov/23
183cm peak, 181-182cm current
berta said on 15/Sep/23
he and harrison ford did look identical in some photso from early 90s or something like that. 182-183 seems about right and ford at that time 183 from 183,5 peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/May/23
Full 6ft is better for Blair's peak. He edged out John Major (legit 5ft11½ peak), was consistently taller than Brown and Bush (still full 5ft11 in early 2000's) and only a little shorter than Cameron
Gerald S said on 3/Apr/23
Rob, any thoughts on Nigel Lawson's peak height? He has often been labelled as 5'10".
Editor Rob
5ft 10 looks optimistic for him. Would have guessed he was closer to 5ft 8 than 10.
Rory said on 30/Mar/23
I saw John Major up close last summer and I think he looked 179-180 range aged 79, and I think peak 182 is fair.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Mar/23
Rob, any guesses for Alastair Campbell?

I’ve read 6ft3 and peak that might be fair but bit less today. Had a few inches on Blair and Cameron. Terrible sloucher
Editor Rob
At his peak I could imagine almost 6ft 3
Gerald S said on 3/Mar/23
Rob, would you agree with 5’11.5” for John Major?
Editor Rob
Not quite 6ft is arguable for Major.
Ian Momoshiki said on 14/Jan/23
@almost 180 guy yeah i agree, Erdo often look over 6 ft but not by much, since he can look significantly shorter than Elon Musk or Trudeau

I think Blair was this listing and he was legit
Abdul-177DK said on 27/Sep/22
Abdul-177DK said on 23/Sep/22
181 today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/22
Editor Rob: Tony could be near 5ft 11 today, I'd forgotten he is almost 70.

6ft peak, 5ft11½ current is my guess. He’s held steady through his 60’s
DanTF said on 11/Sep/22
At Charles III's proclamation ceremony Blair was seen stood alongside Keir Starmer, Gordon Brown and Boris Johnson, with David Cameron being around 2 meters to their side. In the closer group they all seem to be within a 3 inch height range, Blair doesn't look much more than 1.5 inches taller than 5'8 Starmer. If you look at Cameron however, he really towers above all of them. I'd love to hear your thoughts on their potential shrinking, Rob.

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Editor Rob
Tony could be near 5ft 11 today, I'd forgotten he is almost 70.
Abdul-DK said on 14/Aug/22
In his peak he could be 183 cm, but at worst he could be 5’11 and three quarters.
ZDA said on 24/Jul/22
Peak 6 ft
Abdul-DK said on 30/Jun/22
182 cm.
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 7/Apr/22
We will never know if Blair was actually 6ft or not but in fairness he held up pretty well with the tall guys
Sinclair said on 4/Jan/22
Rob, how tall would you say Irish politician John Hume was at peak? 5’10”?
Editor Rob
With Clinton who might have lost a fraction by then, could be 5ft 10 there.
Sinclair said on 28/Dec/21
Rob, I know it would probably be the highest you’d go, but could you believe 5’11” peak for Norman Tebbit?

If you look at photos from Tebbit’s wedding day in 1956, Tebbit looks tall, near six feet with aid from his slim build. Tebbit still looks rather tall in recent years.
Editor Rob
Maybe a 5ft 11 figure for Norman in his 30's and 40's is believable
Sinclair said on 23/Dec/21
Rob, how tall would you say British politician Frank Field was at peak? 5’10”?
Editor Rob
Considering he looks 5ft 8 range in last few years, a 5ft 10 peak guess is arguable.
Sinclair said on 13/Dec/21
Rob, how tall would you say Norman Tebbit was at peak?
Editor Rob
Looked within average height range beside Margaret Thatcher.
Almost 180cm guy said on 6/Dec/21
@Rob: Following my comment earlier, I still hope you will add Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on your website. Here is another photo of him with Blair, but this is from 2002: Click Here
I believe Blair was a full 6 feet and Erdoğan was definitely taller than him. Therefore, 6ft 1 does not seem unrealistic for his peak height. I also found another photo of him next to Obama from 2009: Click Here
Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world and Erdoğan has been very influential there for almost twenty years. Rob, is there a chance you will give him a website?
Editor Rob
Some people are 50/50 as to adding, he falls into the category.
Almost 180cm guy said on 21/Oct/21
There are many photos of Blair and Clinton together showing that a full 6ft for Blair and a 6ft 1.75 for Clinton would be a better lists. Here are a few from 1998: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
From 1999: Click Here Click Here Click Here
And from 2000: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Besides, Rob, I think adding Erdogan would be good. Here are some photos of Blair alongside Erdogan from 2006: Click Here Click Here Click Here
Erdogan looked taller than Blair and I think since Blair was a full 6ft then Erdogan looked somewhere in the 6ft 0.75 or a full 6ft 1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Oct/21
The full 6ft peak is fair, I never saw any reason to downgrade him from that. Today likely 5ft11½ range
Almost 180cm guy said on 5/Sep/21
Do you think it's time to peak height for Blair? I don't believe he lost nothing at the age of 68. I found a few more photos of Blair with Putin from 2000: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
The full 6 feet look good to him. Today I think Blair is 5ft 11.25 or 5ft 11.5. Rob, please think about this.
Editor Rob
He probably has lost 1/4 to 1/2 now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jul/21
Odd angle but I reckon Hurd held on to 6ft2 in his 50's-60's like Bush Sr. and might've actually been a little over it peak?

Click Here
Rory said on 20/Jul/21
I could see 5ft 11 7/8ths peak and 5ft 11.5 today being possible for Blair. Dont think hes lost that much, but at 68 some loss is probable.
Sinclair said on 25/Jun/21
Rob, how tall would you say Douglas Hurd was at peak?
Editor Rob
maybe 6ft 2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/21
I think 6ft was more than fair for his looks a bit less than it though
Almost 180cm guy said on 16/May/21
Today, Blair is 68 years old, I think the time has come to give him peak height. Please take a look at his next photos next to Vladimir Putin from 2000: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
In my opinion, the full 6ft fits Blair in his prime. He was 47 at the time and Putin was 47-48 so both of them were too young to lose anything and Blair looked about 5.5 inches taller than Putin. Today, however, Blair may be closer to 181 cm. Rob, I think it's time you update his page.
Almost 180cm guy said on 5/Mar/21
In my opinion, Blair, next to the Clintons and Vladimir Putin, looked like a real 6 feet tall guy. Here are some more photos of Blair with Bill and Hillary Clinton from 1997: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Bill at 51 couldn't have been less than 6ft 1.5 and then Blair really looked no more than a 1.5 inch shorter from him. Rob, is there any chance you will give Blair the full 6 feet as his peak height?
Editor Rob
I think it boils down to either 5ft 11.75 or 6ft
Almost 180cm guy said on 11/Jan/21
With Blair turning 68 this year, I think it's a good time to peak height for him. In 2000, Blair looked like a real guy 6 feet tall alongside Vladimir Putin: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Blair looked good 5.5 inches taller than Putin. And in 1998, Blair looked only 1.5 inch shorter than Bill Clinton: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Clinton at 52 was 6ft 1.5 or 6ft 1.75. Blair really did look a decent 6ft in his 40's. Rob, I think you should give him full 6 feet as his peak height.
Almost 180cm guy said on 24/Dec/20
Well, I'm inclined to believe that Blair had full 6ft, or at least 5ft 11 and 7/8 inch in the 90's. Likewise, I can believe the 6ft 1.75 for Clinton although I have no problem with the full 6ft 2 for him. However, the photos of Blair and Clinton from 1997 show little difference between them: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Hillary Clinton is also featured in these photos. Even if Bill was only 6ft 1.75 at the time at 51, I still don't see a full two inches of difference between them. Tony was only 44 at the time and Hillary 50, so I doubt they would lose anything during that time. Next to the Clintons, Blair could really look a good 6 feet, but today he might be closer to 181 cm. Rob, maybe it's time to peak height for Blair?
Rory said on 24/Oct/20
I think he was more or less six foot in the 90s. Not too sure if it was necessary to downgrade him to 5ft11.75 from 6ft, I think 5ft11.75,would have been his low. 182.5 peak and 181 today maybe.
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) said on 10/Jun/20
Peak height - 5ft 11 3/4 at least cause he was taller than former US President George Walker Bush with weak 5ft 11 during their peak time back in 2000s.
Current height - 5ft 11 range...
For this former UK Prime Minister back in 2000s.
ladeez said on 8/May/20
looks to be around 6 ft
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/May/20
🎂📇🎁🎈 Happy Birthday Tony! 🎈🎁📇🎂

Many Happy Returns to Tony Blair, who celebrates his 67th Birthday today!

5ft11.75 😁👍🎊🇬🇧

Nearly 180cm guy said on 4/Mar/20
Tony Blair and Christian Bale 20-25 years ago could have been in the same range. Both of them could have a full six feet although maybe Blair had a better chance of hitting this mark. In 2000 he could look full 14 cm taller than Putin: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Blair was 47 years old at the time and Putin 48 so there is no chance that they lost any height at that time! Putin was under Blair's eyes so I think the 5 and a half inches difference between them could have been a realistic difference 20 years ago. Rob, is a full six feet a number you could give him as his peak height?
Editor Rob
For a while I did think Blair seemed six foot, but then I began to doubt it and felt he was weak 6ft range.
Nik said on 30/Sep/19
The average guess justifies the listing!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Sep/19
@ 181.5cm - Yes, I find that waxwork celebs aren't very complicit, but they are bloody good listeners....😉👍

6ft for Tony's prime.
181.5cm said on 29/Sep/19
I saw Blair at Madam tussauds and he was a very quiet guy. I asked his height but he didn't reply.
I resorted to a piece of wood at the top of his height and a laser measurer I bought at B&Q and found him to be 1812.2243434543mm. Seriously I'm not sure, but perhaps 6ft in his prime and
5'11 1/4" now. I could be totally wrong.
Rory said on 12/Jun/19
I think Major was 182cm and Blair 183cm imo. They looked close but I think Blair edged him just. I still think Blair was a good example of a 6fter I wouldn't have thought a weak one.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/19
Rob, how tall do you think John Major was at his peak?

He can look both taller and shorter than Blair in photos!
Editor Rob
I could see an argument for 5ft 11 and change range.
Greg99 said on 19/Jan/19
Both Gordon Brown and Tony Blair appeared shorter than John Major (at his peak), who looked about 6'1"
Gracian said on 3/Sep/18
Rob, I think it's time for site updates from Tony Blair. Please, Rob, add photo for Tony. Rob, you said that his peak height was probably 5'11" and 7/8 inch, and today probably lost some height. Will you give him a peak height of 5'11" and 7/8 inch and the current height of 5'11.25"?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Apr/18
I think he looked a solid 6ft in his prime and nowadays more this range
Nik said on 23/Apr/18
@ Sandy Cowell

You are absolutely correct, some people are good looking to a considerable majority of people but it is all relative because you can find that a person who is good looking to one individual person may not be good looking to many others! In any case it is incredibly shallow to vote someone in as Prime Minister on the strength of his/her looks, in fact it is a waste of a vote!

Your letter to Tony Blair was written for all the right reasons and I am sure that he appreciates it very much!

I do remember a lady who I worked with saying that Tony Blair looked younger than his years at the time he became Prime Minister!

Sandy Cowell said on 21/Apr/18
Going back to that particular time, I read in a newspaper that Blair was more likely to get in because he was tall and 'good looking'! I've put it in quotation marks because whether a person is or whether a person isn't is all relative!

Because of his tall height (and looks), which I hadn't even noted at the time of the election (his height, that is! You can't miss someone's face when he's on TV all the time!), they considered it to be a contributory factor to his being voted in successfully! I thought, "How ridiculously shallow! I voted for his policies, not any pin-up factors!"

Further to that, there was NO WAY I wrote to him for any looks that he might possess! Ha! I wrote as a good-will jesture to welcome him in!
Nik said on 20/Apr/18
Sandy Cowell

That is something you can be extremely proud of, you will have to dig it out sometime!

It is interesting that most of our Prime Minister's from the last half century have been tall! The only exceptions were Margaret Thatcher (high average) and James Callaghan (average)!

For me Tony Blair is south of 6'0" but north of 5'11"! I am not sure on his exact height, it may be close to 5'11.5"! He has always given a tall impression to me!

Cheers Matey!
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Apr/18
@ Nik - Why, thank you very much! I still have it somewhere, I'm sure I do!

I've been starting on the Spring cleaning, and I can't move now! I overdid the lifting, but then that's typical of me! I don't do anything by halves!

Cheers Matey!
Nik said on 18/Apr/18
@ Sandy Cowell

That is so interesting!

Sandy Cowell said on 18/Apr/18
I wrote to this guy in 1997, when he made it into office as PM. He DID write back!

I have only ever seen him written up as 6ft tall, so do I vote for his day's peak or his day's minimal height? I think it's fair to go for just a quarter of an inch below the 6ft mark. After all, he was polite enough to write back to me - and a very charming and optimistic letter it was too!
📝 📬
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/18
Rob, could you add Alastair Campbell?

I’ve heard 6ft3 for him and he certainly looked close to it w/h Blair
berta said on 17/Apr/18
he was same height ore fraction taller than ford in late 90s. i guess ford was 1/4 under his peak by then and down to 183 ish. 183 is better listing for blair
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Apr/18
I think nowadays he looks more this mark
Rory said on 2/Mar/18
Not sure what the need for a downgrade was. Looked a classic 6ft guy with people like Clinton,Bush and Gordon Brown. I'd have thought 6ft peak and 5ft11.5 today.
James said on 9/Dec/17
He was never quite six feet tall, more 5'11.75" at his peak. Probably closer to 5'11" today.
HonestSlovene said on 15/Oct/17
I could believe 6'0" peak for him (5'11.5" minimum peak) and now about 5'11". He isn't outside the 5'11"-6'0" range, he always looked slightly taller than 5'10.5"-5'11" GWB.
Junior said on 14/Oct/17
Around 182.5cm peak height and probably 5'11.5" now.
Bazza said on 3/May/17
wow, i never thought TB was near to 6 feet, i would have said 5'10ish max for him.
HonestSlovene said on 2/May/17
182.5 cm peak and 180 cm flat today.
Johnson said on 29/Apr/17
Blair 183. Bush 181.5
G.B. said on 15/Nov/16
I know TB very well and I would estimate his height to be about 5feet 11inches. My height is 5feet 10 1/2 inches.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 6/Nov/16
"Tony Blair's Height is 5ft 11.5in (181.6 cm)"
"Peak Height was 6ft 0in (182.9 cm)"
S.J.H said on 5/Nov/16
He was like 1.5" shorter than obama during his peak height. No way he could be 6'0 at most 5'11.25 and he look a little taller than david beckham whose more like 5'10.75
Sam said on 28/Oct/16
How tall do you think he is at 63 Rob?
Editor Rob
he might have lost a 1/4 to 1/2.
Doc said on 22/Oct/16
I once had a photo taken of me beside a famous celebrity that Tony Blair had been photographed standing beside too and the difference in height in both our photos with the same famous person is the same. Therefore my height is 181cm so that must be his height too eg 5'11 1/4'' without shoes.
Doc said on 22/Oct/16
I once had a photo taken of me beside a famous celebrity that Tony Blair had been photographed standing beside too and the difference in height in both are photos with the same famous person is the same. Therefore my height is 181cm so that must be his height too eg 5'11 1/4'' without shoes.
Percy said on 11/Jul/16
Hmm, he looked more 5' 11" range with David Beckham though.
HULK said on 6/Jul/16
Looks same height as David beckham,
defiantly a 5'11/5'11.5
Not 6FT
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/16
Rob, how tall do you think Ian Paisley was?

Click Here
Click Here

He looks barely taller than Blair but I reckon he lost around 2in or so by then. He's been described as being 6ft3, 6ft4 and even 6ft5. I personally think he was at least near 6ft3 in his prime
Editor Rob
looks a candidate for 3 inch loss by that age, in his youth he may well have been 6ft 3
Mightyman said on 20/May/16
Met him at No.10 i can say he was easily 6ft if not taller. Met Gordon brown too while I was waiting in line to go to the toilet, I'd have to say he was pretty close to 6ft too.
truth said on 11/May/16
Gordon Brown is 179cm/5ft10.5 to 180cm/5ft11, looks shorter than him but no more than 2cm, they are almost the same height.
truth said on 11/May/16
I think more 182cm peak and 180cm now, just a strong 5ft11 guy Rob?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Nov/15
Perhaps 5ft11⅞ today Rob?

or 5ft11¾ and little bit
Editor Rob
probably around that
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Sep/15
Still looks this tall...
Gingery said on 13/Feb/15
I have met him and he isn't. He is petite not just in height.
TJE said on 15/Jan/15
Really? I thought he was 5'8-5'9.
Judd said on 14/Jan/15
in my opinion he is 5'11.5'-11.75"...he was not 1" taller than Bush
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jan/14
Looked 183-184cm in the 90s.
avi said on 4/Jan/14
Looks 5'11 zone
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Dec/13
Rob, you may want to update that description...
miguel angel castro said on 4/Sep/13
falso,tony blair lo han conocido amistades mias personalmente junto con arnold scchwarzennger y ambos eran exactamente de la misma altura fisica,5 pies y 10 pulgadas,1,77,5 cms,maximo,de altura para ambos,y es posible que ni eso,sin embargo,arnol tenia mas suela gruesa mas visible en sus zapatos que Blair.
Wes said on 31/Dec/12
He is the same height as Arnold Schwarzenegger
Nick NB said on 30/Sep/12
After having seen him at sessions at The Houses Of Parliament, The Leveson Inquiry and the World Economic Forum, I have concluded that he stands at a strong 6'1" (1.86 m).

I admire the way he carries himself and this, with his exceptional rhetoric skills and acting qualities, which served him very well throughout his long tenure of premiership, helps him to radiate a great presence.

These attributes also add to his dauntless and cogent manner which aids him in giving excellent performances at the various inquiries, conferences and Parliament sessions he attends; most notably, The Leveson Inquiry, The World Economic Forum, Trade Union Congress (TUC) conferences and sessions at The Houses Of Parliament.

Originally a barrister, after having studied Law and undergone Lawyer training at the renowned University of Oxford, it was surprisingly not until relatively late in his career that he decided to enter the World of Politics!

Since my ambitions align with his past achievements, I shall seek to emulate him and his career.

He is of course, as well as a Politician, an actor; this was evident when one stared into his captivating Blue Eyes as he delivered a very emotive speech after the various tragedies he encountered as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1997 to 2007; furthermore, having watched the BBC comedy sketch he starred in, my realisation that he is a most convincing and gifted actor was fortified!
HULK said on 13/Oct/11
If Tony Blair is 6FT hen So IS David Beckham
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
He needs Downgrading
James said on 7/Sep/11
these days could be 182cm
Mark said on 5/Aug/11
Met Tony Blair and he's definitely 5'11" or 6'. I'd say he's an inch taller than Brown. Cameron's a 6-footer too.
Gordon said on 19/Jun/11
Tony Blair is over 6ft tall, stood beside him.

Click Here
James said on 14/Jun/11
i don't think 184cm was that hard to belive. he always looked tall when in office.
Neil Tennan said on 13/Jan/11
I met Tony Blair as a member of UKSF, wearing brogues he was a good 5in shorter than my 6ft 2in, however I was wearing cb Boots with 1.5in heels, so would say he is 5ft 10 max, have a picture with him and one guy who is just over 5ft 7in, is spot on the same height again with cb's.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/11
184cm in his 30s Rob?

Editor Rob
I doubt he was that mark
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/11
as some have suggested, he doesn't quite look like a 6'-footer, closer to 5'8 rather.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Nov/10
Gordon Brown is 5"10.5(179cm)
fair assessment said on 28/Oct/10
Rob can you include pages for David Cameron and Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg's Heights also please. My assessment is Gordon Brown 5' 11 to 11.25 David Cameron 6' 0.5 and Nick Clegg 6' 0.5 to 0.75
Hugh 190cm said on 8/Apr/09
I think David Cameron's official height listing is 185cm.
j. said on 23/Feb/09
what i dont get is on the photos next to 5'8 Noel Gallagher in the mid 90's (who people say is probably shorter) he only looks 2 inches at most taller :S
Hugh said on 11/Jan/09
David Cameron looks around 6ft1-2.
G-MANN said on 7/Dec/08
How about a page for the current PM Gordon Brown (who looks about 5'11")?
spain said on 26/Nov/08
Im from Spain and I was near this people: Zapatero is 6 ft 0.5 in, Rafa Nadal 6 ft 1 in , that's I saw
Annoyed said on 4/Oct/08
Brown is a strong 5'11" and Cameron is suprisingly tall, he was on a UK documentary show and looked at least 6 foot, i always thought he was about 5'9" - 5'10" and Michael Howard is definetly less than 5'10" !
Chris said on 16/Sep/08
Michael Howard is a lot less than 5'10". I'm 5'9.5" and Howard is a couple of inches shorter than me. Hague is a couple of inches taller than me. Not sure about Major as I haven't met him. But they aren't all the same.
Clam-two said on 21/Jul/08
Anyone see the times yesterday? Nice piece on David Cameron's height "at 6'1" he is much taller than I imagined".
vazzer said on 19/Jun/08
My know it all cousin has just announced to my gran that David Cameron is about 6'7" and my nan will not have it any other way.

Is there any way we can get Cameron's height officially noted so I can shut my cousin up once and for all??
Hugh said on 20/Apr/08
Definately a legitimate 6ft. Possibly more years ago.
Zach said on 8/Dec/07
The EX british prime minister Rob ;)
bill said on 8/Nov/07
john prescot is under 5'8" i'v seen neil kinnock and he was below 5'7" easy, and taller thanjohn prescot
Mr Mayfair said on 25/Oct/07
TB is six foot plus, 6ft 1/2in. Gordon Brown looks much shorter......
Michael Howard is 5.10- same as John Major, William Hague and Neville Chamberlain. You dont expect politicians to tell the truth about how tall they are, do you?
Tony said on 26/Jul/07
I stood next to Blair at a function once and I was surprised how tall he is, I would put him around 6'
Catsman said on 20/Jul/07
On this site there are a series of pics with Blair meeting Schwarzenegger. Just use the back and Next buttons to see. Schwarzenegger has a tall head and looks a tad taller but who knows what shoes these guys are wearing.

Click Here
David said on 13/Jul/07
MD - Click Here . Saw that about five minutes after I posted my question below! Flattering photo of Cameron.
Chris said on 13/Jul/07
Blair and Brown are not far apart. An inch at the most. I would say 5'11" to 5'11.5" for Brown.
MD said on 12/Jul/07
anonymous, do you have a link to the page?
Anonymous said on 12/Jul/07
brown is 5'11 according to the bbc news website
TJ said on 11/Jul/07
Someone said they saw Blair look smaller than Bush. There are occasional shots where they look about the same, but Blair is generally taller by about one inch when you see them on level ground, side by side. I think Rob has his height spot on.
MD said on 11/Jul/07
Rob, excuse us Americans, but many of us have not seen Blair and Brown side-by-side, is Brown shorter?
Aaron said on 11/Jul/07
tony blair is the exact same height as Arnold Swaznegga (if thats how you spell it lolz) and he is 6'2, and you can see that when they met each other a few weeks back and it was on the news.
David said on 8/Jul/07
Any ideas on the height of our new glorious leader?

Editor Rob
shockingly has been given 6ft 2in press before. Maybe nobody was paying attention to him standing with blair when they came up with such an estimate.
CarbonM5 said on 17/May/07
Chris says on 20/Feb/07
Carbon, there's no way in Hell Blair is 6'2" - 6'3" like you say. Beckham looks taller when he stands next to him and Beckham is around 5'11".

Chris - I didn't say he is 6-2 to 6-3. I said he was over 6ft, in the range 6-1 to 6-2. Also, when I saw him he was wearing flat looking shoes.
Dai said on 16/May/07
Looks a solid 6ft. He was on gmtv not long after england won the world cup and they showed him talking to Martin Johnson where he wasn't dwarfed by him, well, almost. Ealmon Holmes noticed this and said to Blair that he must be tall himself, then Blair jokingly replied, "I must of been standing on a step". Johnson as been given 6'6' or 6'7 (even in his book he says hes 6'6, then a couple of chapters later he says he is 6'7, i dont know, perhaps 199cm for him. I believe Blair he is taller than people think and 183cm is pretty accurate.
Genny said on 14/May/07
Tony Blair - 6ft. Have met him half a dozen times. Lifts ? No. He was two inches shorter than my friend of 6ft similar shoes.Taller than my nephew of 5' 11''. Could give lots more examples.Have seen up his nose...and it's a long way up

Have met Tony Blair about half a dozen times. 6ft. No lifts. If he's ever worn them, he wasn't when I saw him. Was I mistaken . No.
Chris said on 14/May/07
In that pic Giggs is probably wearing trainers whereas Blair is probably in shoes.....also Giggs looks the same height as Beckham in pics and Beckham the same as don't know what that proves
Vibram said on 13/Apr/07
He does look a solid 6ft, he even may have been 6'1" during his 30's. Compare him to 5'11" footballer Ryan Giggs Click Here - clear 1" difference if not more.
Pete said on 19/Mar/07
just saw him on tv walking in jeans beside W Bush and was shorter than him. He surely does not wear lifts all the time. 5-11 for him.
Nick said on 16/Mar/07
Arnold Schwarzenegger is 6'2 and Blair equals him, now he may have been wearing high heels at the time, but I knows what I saws!
Chris said on 12/Mar/07
Cheers, Rob. Just found this pic:
Click Here

If Blair is 6', Reid looks about 5'7". His shoes look very ordinary in that photo too.
Chris said on 11/Mar/07
Hey Rob, do you have an opinion on John Reid? I'm really curious about this guy. Looks tough, whatever his height...

Editor Rob
5ft 6ish range. For some reason, strikes me as a potential Lift Candidate.
spiderknut said on 11/Mar/07
blair def. wears stacks at all times(in public).in tony benn's diary, he points this out.i reckon he's 5 eleven.
Major said on 8/Mar/07
You can bet your bottom dollar that all political leaders use lifts in their shoes. How else do you explain Tony Blair standing eye to eye with Ian Paisely of Northern Ireland who stands 6'5", but then stands a mere inch taller than Gerge Bush who is 5'11" a few weeks later.
They all wear lifts. Its all part of diplomacy to match, but not to tower over your opposite number.
Chris said on 20/Feb/07
Carbon, there's no way in Hell Blair is 6'2" - 6'3" like you say. Beckham looks taller when he stands next to him and Beckham is around 5'11".
Al capone said on 19/Feb/07
1975 he was 6ft1
by 1997 he stood at 6ft0.5
just before iraq crisis 6ft0.25
now around 5ft11.75
politics just takes it out of you hmm....
Chris said on 9/Feb/07
And another one I had forgetten. I met Gerhard Schroeder a couple of years back. 5'9" or thereabouts. Well built. Looks good in person.
Chris said on 27/Jan/07
Blueboy, it looks like Blair is some way behind Cameron in that picture. They could be the same height.
CarbonM5 said on 22/Jan/07
It's me again. I seem to be getting dragged into this site.

I can offer personal evidence of Tony Blair's height as I have stood right next to him - we were both at a party. I stand 5 ft 10 and Tony Blair was considerably taller then me. He is over 6ft and in the range 6-1 to 6-2, no question.
Chris said on 29/Dec/06
On the subject of UK politicians, does anyone remember that "who have you peed beside" feature on the radio a few years back? It was hilarious. Anyway, I met Paddy Ashdown in the toilets once. He's about my height, roughly speaking.
Chris said on 28/Dec/06
I met Michael Howard last summer and was surprised at how short he is. He was quite noticeably shorter than me and I'm 5'9.75". I'd say he's 5'7" to 5'8". I've met William Hague too but he's big. Probably 6'2".
Gotxo said on 25/Oct/06
Blueboy, Blair is not a full 6' maybe shy of it.
In full body shots with Mr Zapatero he looks slightly shorter than the 184cm spanish president.
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/06
out of interest, does anyone know who the tallest uk prime minister was? i know lincoln was the tallest us president at 6'4 but does anyone have any ideas?
Blueboy said on 23/Oct/06
As you guys know I step in here with the poltical comments, as I'm the blue boy. Ok I havent met Tony Blair but it is well known in media cirlces that he is a little over six feet tall.

I have met David Cameron, and had a photo taken with him. Cameron is deffo NOT under 6 feet. I would say 6ft.75 and you can trust me as I have actually met these people.

A few others while I am here:

John Prescott 5'8" maybe less (yes I was suprised too as he can look quite big on tv- don't be fooled)

David Davis 6'1 (maybe bigger as he slouches)

Boris Johnson: 5'11.25 (not as short as he looks on tv but not quite at 6)

Tim Yeo: 6.2 1/2

Michael Howard: 5.11 .75

Andrew Lansley: 6'1
Chris said on 26/Sep/06
Hey Rob, what about David Cameron's height?

Editor Rob
maybe same as blair, around 6ft
Chris said on 26/Sep/06
@Tory Boy:
LOL...You believe the Daily Mail? Why would Blair pick that out of 50 facts, or were there more he mentioned?
Editor Rob, do you have any estimates of the heights of Euan Blair and the other one, Nicky? Euan, who appeared taller, looked a good 4 (to 6?) inches shorter than his old man. And to me, it does seem Tony always appears the tallest in any group of people you see him in, and easily the tallest as well...while this could be a deliberate ploy the fact that he always appears tall and looked so much taller than his eldest son suggests he wears lifts...
Tory Boy said on 20/Sep/06
Lol Blair has been lised by the Daily Mail on his 50th birthday (fifty facts about Blair) as being "Often taller than he appears at 6'0 1/2". Blair even mentioned the Mail's birthday facts by saying "One of them mentioned that I was over six feet tall".

Howard once again is the king of slouching. He only stands up straight as he goes to leave or move on somwhere and boy did I stretch my 184cm frame to compete with him as we walked down the corridor. Once again he looks tiny but very rarely stands tall. Same goes with David Cameron, easily matched my frame,

ruben said on 7/Sep/06
thank for the answer
ralph said on 25/Aug/06
rob, you could put zapatero's height in this site, he is 6 foot.The president of Spain can be considered as a "celebritie".
Gotxo said on 2/Aug/06
The Spanish PM Zapatero is slightly taller than Blair, though in photos Blair always mantain an excelent posture an chooses the taller step in stairs to pose.
ZP is 184cm and Blair sometimes looks like 182cm beside him. That's insane, that would put Governator at 5'11" (i would never give arnold any less than 6').
Can anyone post links of the recent event where they pose together?
TheMan said on 1/Aug/06
He could indeed be 184 cm nearly 6,1 if arnies 183 it would make sense. Ive always seen blair as about 6,0.
Annie said on 1/Aug/06
Mr. Blair is in CA tonight on the news standing beside oour Gov. Arnold. Blair was taller (@1") and everyone on this site says Arnold wears only cowboy boots now. Hope someone got a pic of the feet of both men today. It would say a lot about Gov. being 5"10!

Editor Rob
arnie wasn't in cowboys...
Tory Boy said on 18/Jun/06
Also Tony Blair is reported in the British Press to be just six foot and a half, this is regularly reported in many newspapers.

Despite his appearance ex-Tory Leader Michael Howard is much taller than he appears. I know because I met him at the party conference in 05’. I had always assumed he was way under six feet and indeed he slouches greatly. Yet as we walked down the corridor together he stood stretched in full posture at a solid 184cm. I was very surprised at how he suddenly shot up to match my height but believe me he is much taller than he first appears.

DC said on 20/Mar/06
There is a line on the door below the number 10 in your David Beckham picture. Beckham is at least 1/2 an inch above the line, tony is 1/2 inch below the line. Therefore he can not be more than 5'10, and if the rumours about the lifts in the shoes are correct he will be smaller.
Gotxo said on 18/Mar/06
Guys, you could say whatever you want.
But take again a look to the pic i posted:
Click Here
Blair is under 6ft,as he's a couple of cm under Zapatero, who is 184cm.
So maybe close to 6ft but never in hell over it.
Tubbs said on 18/Mar/06
I was always under the impression that Blair was around 6'1, as when he won the election back in 1997, he was exactly the same height as John Major, and he was always listed as 6'1, if I remember correctly, any ideas on what Major was Rob, apart from a very bad PM.
Gotxo said on 18/Mar/06
Yes, come on, do invent peregrine theories. You the english like to downgrade every people but your personal idols, then you go reluctant to do this an make up feeble excuses. Zapatero uses normal dress shoes, he's allready a lil taller than blair than doesn't makes a full 6 feet, consecuently Beckham is not 182cm but slightly under.
Brett said on 15/Mar/06
Beckham surely isnt shorter then Blair? he doesnt look it in the pic IMO
Gotxo said on 14/Mar/06
Check the Url i posted. It's clear that he's smaller that the guy @ the left, he's the spanish president Rodriguez Zapatero, and no more than 184cm!
There are pictures beside Rajoy (oposition leader) who really is 6'2" and Zapatero is shorter than Rajoy allways!
Gotxo said on 8/Mar/06
To me it's clear that Blair is over 180cm, but i shouldn't give him a full 183cm. The issue with inches is that they are a so wide range measure that they give field to a lot of game, plus a regular person can shrunk 1" during a day time span to recover it at the next morning. So it can be more "accurate" to concede a person a certain height if he looks near it, than his real height in order to describe better his phisical presence 6ft=kingly presence.

Rob: Don't get offended, we the spaniards recognize on britons the ability to make impartial judgements. But if the link i posted shows more than 1cm on Zapatero's favour, so if Blair is 182cm, and in Beckham is smaller than Blair in front of #10 Downing street, the 182cm for Beckham it is not consistent.
I appreciate your cautios ways, don't downgrade Becks (the page's strength, in fact) but i think that now is fair to at least mention the shade of a doubt.
Isn't it?

Editor Rob
sometimes there is doubt yes. I do consider a lot of things...and a lot of the time somebody can look within a range of heights, so its a case of taking a 'best fit', so to speak.
Gotxo said on 8/Mar/06
Nope, ZP is only 184cm. Tonny Blair is slightly under this.
But some comments are ignored if they contradict the official thesis.
Is this one of them? Rob, i'm waiting for some feedback ;)

Editor Rob
if I delete stuff (or do you mean ignore?) its normally because its covering/repeating the same old ground, or begins straying away from height. I read most (well, some I skim) of the few hundred+ comments submitted every day, but I can't comment on as many as I'd wish. Really, nothing to do with contradicting listed heights - that, ultimately, is why I added the ability for people to comment - so as to get people's opinions which may help in getting more accuracy.

As for the Beckham/Zidane, it could be 3,4cm, not sure more though
knut said on 7/Mar/06
Zapatero is 1,86 so blair clearly stands 1,83
Gotxo said on 6/Mar/06
Rob, maybe Tony Blair is an exact 6', that is 182,88cm (Ok, say 182 and something). But i don't see a full 183cm on him, compare here to 184cm
Rodriguez Zapatero, president of Spain (who is a bit slouched-side turned):
Blair is fully erected, anyway the difference is minimal 2 cm at most, but it is that implies the stats of manchester for Beckam where more realistic, putting him at 180-181cm, than the Real Madrid ones.
And so Raul is not a full 180cm...I don't see here only 3cm in Zidanes favour,
but something more...
6' & 18 said on 25/Feb/06
I think he's 6'. In the photo Becks' posture is much better and there could be sight variation due to shoes. And Becks is 5' 11.5" solid anyway, so Blair could be bang on 6' and having seen a few other pics I believe he is. And again, as with people on this site...consider OTHER people in the pic perhaps wearing lifts !!!
Mikex said on 25/Jan/06
Beckham does look taller in that photo. Blair however does generally appear reasonably tall and I've read comments from people who've met him and been surprised at how big he is. I think your 6ft estimate will have to stay for the moment.
clipse said on 17/Dec/05
in that picture he looks shorter than david beckham and if davids 5,11 on this website then tony blair must be shorter than 6 foot. Ya'll need to change his height
CelebHeights Editor said on 4/Dec/05
William Hague (former Tory Leader) said in the Guardian: "I'm 5ft 11in and whenever I meet people they say, 'We thought you were small, and you're not.' So it's not my actual appearance, it's my perceived appearance"
CelebHeights Editor said on 1/Dec/05
Blair was doing some Football thing with David James where both had trainers! (James has said and is legit 6ft 5 English goalkeeper). Blair really did not look above 183...
Heightfind said on 20/Nov/05
Blair is a definite 6" tall and no doubt.When he's with Bush,you can see that he's a good inch taller than the President.There was a recent pic of him shaking hands with Paul McCartney,and Blair was a good 1.5" taller than Macca(5'10.5" these days)
Gotxo said on 27/Aug/05
Nope Tony Blair is not over 6 foot, compare him to Mr Rodriguez Zapatero presiden of Spain, who has been listed either 183-184 cm, in some pics Blair appear to be taller but when you see full body pics he's about 1/2 inch smalller.
Plus despite being laborist is the best candidate a conservative could wish :P
P. D. As Manchester also Real Madrid Has Beckham as 182cm so compare.
TheMan said on 27/Aug/05
Ive actually always thought Blair to be quite tall and i belive him to actually be a little over 6foot as stated. And Beckam is also quite tall near on 6 foot again i always thought that.
TJ said on 19/Jul/05
Man United declared Beckham's height as 5'11.5, which has been backed up by Real Madrid when they measured him. Blair has referred to himself as 'a little over 6 foot'. They look pretty much the same height in that pic, but taking into account the excellent posture of Beckham and the possibility of shoes making a half inch difference either way, there's no reason to believe Blair isn't 6 foot.
damo said on 15/Jun/05
Blair is definitely an even 6ft.What's interesting about that picture with David Beckham is the guy in the middle, Sven Goran Eriksson. He wears ''magic shoes''. He's really only 5'9 or so.
servel said on 18/May/05
this is puzzling, blair is supposedly 6ft, but he looks to be like 5.11, and bush is supposedly 5.11, and he looks to be 5.10, wow! height boost is hip now days
tommy said on 2/Mar/05
Beckham is 180cm, not 182cm.
JUSTMATT said on 24/Feb/05
Maybe 5.11 is better because Beckham seems 2 cm taller.

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