How tall is Torri Higginson

Torri Higginson's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

Canadian actress, best known for playing Dr. Elizabeth Weir on the Sci-Fi tv series Stargate Atlantis. She claims to be 5ft 7 and weight 125 pounds on her resume (earlier in career 120 lbs), and she has been giving this height since earlier in her career, when she also listed herself as 5 feet 7 in the Spotlight directory. In the double shot, she had 2 inches more footwear than me.

How tall is Torri Higginson
5ft 8 Rob, Torri (age 43), 5ft 8 Jenny @ Collectormania 19, 2013

How tall is Torri Higginson
5ft 8 Rob and Torri (age 37) @ Collectormania Manchester, 2007

How tall is Torri Higginson
5ft 8 Rob and Torri @ Collectormania Manchester, 2007

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Average Guess (15 Votes)
5ft 6.88in (169.9cm)
Tunman said on 20/Jan/22
Legit 5'7 with Rob on the double shot,looks near 5'9 minus the 2" so in that 5'6.75-7 range.Jenny is clearly closer to the camera as she looks about the same as Torri who has a 2.4" advantage.
But she looks easily 1.75-2" shorter on the lower one,might be dropping some height
Editor Rob
Jenny's not really that much closer, but I was definitely dropping more height there.
Elene said on 3/Sep/21
Yeah weak 5’7
JohnMoore-162cm said on 7/May/20
Weak 5ft7 more like it
Nik said on 8/Dec/19
@ Anonymous - What you said is very interesting but highly unlikely!

@ Christian - I like your bee! 🐝!
Nik Ashton said on 21/Sep/19
@ Lasagna - It would be great if we were treated to a picture of Torri and Rob back-to-back!

Guess what I had for dinner today?
Emil said on 2/Sep/19
@Kevin D

Dont estimate other people's height while being on mushrooms
Nik said on 11/Aug/19
@ even - That is a smashing comment!
Nik said on 3/Sep/18
5'6" - 5'7" range may be possible, but no less!
Kevin D said on 3/Sep/18
I can not longer trust this source, or any other source. I have seen Torri Higginson in real life and I would say she is around 4'10" or 5'0" max. Yet I have have read all these internet stats that say otherwise. And I am going to trust my eyes over what is one the internet. And I compare her height relative to others on Stargate Atlantis and see there height stats on the internet and those too are over exaggerated. Now I no longer trust these internet stats. I am not saying that all the stats here are wrong, but it makes me question it.
Editor Rob
The lowest I'd even attempt to argue is 5ft 6.

Maybe you met her on a slope.
Nik said on 2/Aug/18
Interval said on 14/Apr/18
Rob, in the pic on the bottom, there's only a 1 inch difference? What if you drew a line?
Editor Rob
It would be more than an inch, but in heels I think she stood better in the double shot...of course I didn't, but it's to show that in a photo an inch can be lost easy enough..
Canson said on 5/Nov/17
@Rob: looks 1.5” diff honestly. 5’6.5-3/4
even said on 20/Jul/17
a 5 foot 7 duchess is in the photograph
Nik said on 10/Nov/16
Good looking. The lot of you !
BigDave said on 6/Nov/16
I say 5'7". I always thought she was sexy although that was never the way she played Weir. I loved her character and was upset when they killed her off. She USED to be quite trim and no doubt was about 120. She has aged worse than her other co stars of SG-1 for some reason. She has packed on at least 15-18 extra pounds as of 2016. She plays a baddie now. I always saw her as the hero. I always will. I have a feeling she is an incredibly nice person. Most Canadians are.
Lorne said on 21/Mar/15
She looks heavier than 125...
ricky said on 28/Feb/15
I believe at one point they said she was 5'8 and a half.
Lee said on 29/Jun/13
She's always been gorgeous. You're a lucky man, Rob.

And 5'7" does seem right for her.
jtm said on 10/Jun/13
hard to tell what her real height is.
hurricane brat said on 10/Jun/13
yeah i take it back, definitely looks 5'7 in the new picture you posted. pretty lady too! Thanks Rob.
Lasagna said on 31/May/13
Wow! That's a great new picture of Torri Higginson. Thanks a lot for uploading it onto your site. I would say she is every bit of 5'7.
lasagna said on 21/May/13
I can't wait until you get another picture with her.
Editor Rob
jenny will get one for sure
hurricane brat said on 14/May/13
Rob do you have footwear advantage here? She does not look 5'7! More like 5'6
Editor Rob
it was pretty similar, I will see her again no doubt and have a look at her beside jenny if I get a chance, she didn't get a photo that weekend with Torri so would want one.
6ft under and over said on 22/Jan/13
I would say 5ft6 is more likely mabye 5ft6.25
Peyman-6ft said on 8/Jan/13
she is truly more than an inch shorter , not quite 2 inches though
Lasagna said on 20/Oct/12
She looks like she is slouching over, and somewhat tucked under his sholder. If she was standing straight-up while standing next to him she would be no less than an inch or so shorter.
iguchi said on 26/Jul/12
I think she is 168-170 cm
Flacca said on 24/Nov/11
I agree she's a skinny girl, but I'll bet she eats normal, maybe even a lot. People who are skinny like that are usually skinny coz their bodies just naturally burn it off.
Oneiros said on 17/Feb/11
Not sure on height, but she has no weight to her at all. EAT SOMETHING!
Carlos said on 10/Jan/11
theres a 3 inch difference here... shes about 5'5 to 5'6. if she is 5'7, that makes you at least 5'10...
lolo said on 26/Nov/10
wow Rob when did you grow to 5'10?
Mathew said on 5/Jun/09
Looks 5'6".
Mark said on 20/Apr/09
[Editor Rob: well, see this fellow convention goer: fella with torri, he isn't much actually much smaller than myself!]

Hi I am that fella with Torri and I am just slightly taller than 5.8
Bolly said on 6/Mar/09
Torri Higginson's actual height is 5'8&1/2"
I know my Torri trivia :-)
Jlee said on 9/Feb/09
But there is no way she is an inch shorter than you.
Jlee said on 7/Feb/09
Yes nick and rob doesn't seem to have an explanation why he looks so much taller. Rob is she bending? what's the deal?

Editor Rob
in that top photo I lowered my head down a bit, I done that to lose height since she wasn't exactly standing as tall as I think she can, and did do with the other convention guy's pic I posted!
nick said on 6/Feb/09
well maybe she did the classic girl knee bend hip out thing. Yes they do it, or atleast the taller girls so they look a little shorter especially with men that are similiar height, however, i just think its bizarre how she looks near 3 inches shorter
Jlee said on 6/Feb/09
rob, i don't understand how you can look so much taller and the other guy does not. I think he is still as tall as her in that link. her eyes are taller but his head seems to be bigger.
Big T said on 5/Feb/09
Seriously Rob, you need to explain what is going on here. Taking the hat into consideration she looks a strong 5'5".

Editor Rob
well, see this fellow convention goer: fella with torri, he isn't much actually much smaller than myself!
J.Lee said on 4/Feb/09
I think it has like 1 inch Rob, maybe 1 and 1/4. and the girl looks like a model in them but better. and LOOKS tall. but most of the time in flats looks surprisingly short. looks taller at times than other times.
nick said on 4/Feb/09
rob im sorry but i can not respect that you insist she is 5'7, so according to you she would be 5'7.75 at night (going by the system of height you take ). You putting 5'7 and having a photo of her looking 5'5 doesnt make sense. What is the point of posting photos then? Come on downgrade her to atleast 5'6 otherwise you are blantently saying photos mean nothing. I know for a fact she isnt 5'7. I would bet my life she isnt a legit 5'7.
Ian said on 4/Feb/09
I see 5ft6
Lozzer said on 4/Feb/09
I'd give NO MORE than 5'6.5 to be honest, you look like 2 inches or so not one inch bigger rob.
Jlee said on 4/Feb/09
at the very highest, she could be 5 foot 6.5 but that is at the very maximum. Do you consider her tall Robe? for a girl? or average. Rob I have a question. a five inch heel you say will give u about 3.5 inches in height. but I SWEAR to god sometimes when a 5 foot 7 chick wears a 5 inch heel she really does seem about 6 feet tall. And then takes them off and is way shorter. I just don't understand why this happens often.

Editor Rob
if it's got near 1.5 inches in the platform then the girl might get a proper 4 inches.
Jlee said on 3/Feb/09
Do u really think she is 1 inch shorter than you? what's the explanation behind this?

Editor Rob
I don't think she's 5ft 6, 6.5 is possible.
Anonymous said on 3/Feb/09
More like 5ft 4in.
J.Lee said on 3/Feb/09
well if that's 1 inch, i think reka sharma, by looking at her pic is only 2 inches shorter than you. Is she standing straight Rob? do you think u are fooled?

Editor Rob
of course it doesn't look 1 inch but more.
J.Lee said on 3/Feb/09
Rob, looking at the pic you got a minimum of 2 inches on her. glenn, do you agree? If thats one inch I would like to see what 2 inches looks like! double that difference lol! It's just like the Tyra and Heidi thing. either tyra is taller or heidi is shorter. I think it may be both. So maybe your a little taller than 5 foot 8? she is no way only 1 inches shorter than you. she looks closer to 3 inches shorter than you than 1 inch. I would say she is five six.
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/09
rob are u sure about this? why does she look like 2 or 3 inches shorter than you. is she not standing straight?

Editor Rob
there is a chance she's 169cm, 168 she did not look.
Anna said on 1/Feb/09
yea she cant be 5'7,she looks more than an inch shorter than rob.
ZAQ said on 1/Feb/09

joe said on 1/Feb/09
she is definitely not 5'7. she looks 5'6 but could be the tail end of 5'5.
nick said on 1/Feb/09
impossible for 5'7 and rob knows this, rob just wants us to debate for a bit
Anonymous3 said on 31/Jan/09
5'6 tops, downgrade?
Ras said on 31/Jan/09
She looks 5'6.
Daii said on 31/Jan/09
If Rob really is 5'8 then she is about 5'6, theres 2 inches there ^

If she is 5'7 there, Rob is close to 5'9-10!?
Alex said on 30/Jan/09
In the same footwear she still looks as much 3 inches shorter but is leaning a bit so maybe more like 2 inches. I dont see more than 5'6.
TNTinCA said on 30/Jan/09
If you both have the same footwear Rob, than she is 5'6".
anonymous said on 30/Jan/09
She barely looks 5`6 in that photo (considering the hat).
Christian said on 30/Jan/09
How can she bee 5'7''? She looks 5'6'' tops!
Donatello said on 30/Jan/09
Guys don't always grow taller then their mom, and just because they don't or because their 5'4" doesn't mean their a dwarf. Please stop with your invalid comments and at least choose a name for yourself you coward. Btw I really don't see 5'7" here at all, I think she would be hard pressed to hit 5'6" to be honest.
miko said on 30/Jan/09
Impossible to be 5"7. Perhaps a flat 5"6 is more realistic.
Anonymous said on 15/Oct/07
In Deep In The City(aka The City) she towers over 5'4 Matthew Lemche, who portraits the son of her caracter in the show...the most curious thing is that his caracter is 16 years old...and's still shorter than his mother...please, correct me if i'm wrong...but boys always grow taller than their mothers, no(expect for the cases of dwarfism, of course)???
rockerreds said on 20/Nov/05
I am not surprised that she is that tall-but I am pleased,as I find women in the 5'7"to 5'10" range very sexy.

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