How tall is Carrie Fisher ?

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Carrie Fisher height: 5ft 1in (155 cm)

American actress best known for her iconic role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. In an interview with Madonna in 1991 she talked about her height: "At my height, I'd like to boss a group of men around. I'm five one and a half, and it's incredibly important to me. Except that I stoop, which is attractive. I have one of those dowager's bumps; it's from reading when I was a kid". Earlier than that she also said: "I'm 5'1" and my legs end almost right after they start. People think I'm taller. I meet people and they say, 'You're soooo short' as if I didn't know this fact".
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James B says on 6/Aug/14
She has a photo with you rob?
[Editor Rob: yes and fortunately no dog - in the afternoon at that event she sat down and had her dog on the stool and whilst I love dogs myself, there were a few people who didn't like the idea and it's understandable. You want a photo with carrie fisher, not carrie and her dog. Unless the dog was dressed as Yoda, THEN I'd have got it!]
SaveUsY2J says on 28/Jul/14
Might have spoken to someone who resembled me at a past event- that's the first time I've seen you or her in person. Only just started attending these kinds of events this year- and being currently in uni I have to curtail the budget, so only two or so every year as it stands. You may see me at 2015's LFCC though (as long as it's not as congested at this year's was...)

I'd just assumed from what you said on Natalie Dormer's page about her dog being in the photoshoot that you met her on the Sunday (people mentioned something about that on the forum) I didn't see it anywhere in the Saturday shoot I went to, although you may have attended a later one (I went to the one at 12am, with about 7 other photo ops and multiple VQ's it was a chaotic schedule- and I still didn't manage to meet Milo Ventimiglia or Juliet Landau in the end...)

On the subject of her height, though, do you believe she may have lost a little at age 57? In person she looked considerably shorter than my mother, who is 5'3", even with a slight footwear advantage over me. Jenna Coleman gave off a noticeably taller impression to me that day as well... Maybe 5'0.5 in 2014?
[Editor Rob: maybe Jenny did confuse you with someone else, I think I've spoken to several who have visited this site at recent cons.

yes Carrie probably lost half an inch by now, she looked a bit older than I thought, I mean in terms of her walk/posture etc. I was pretty near the front after gold passes I think...the dog was still there when I got mine, maybe it got fed up and had a wander at some point ;)

the capacity of that hall is like 11,000 - at times there were 20,000+ inside, it was way too busy to be as enjoyable as I hoped. But then it's been as packed before, they used to only hire half of the hall a few years back! If you are a newbie though, that Saturday of lfcc would have been overwhelming and put you off the things...
SaveUsY2J says on 23/Jul/14
@Rob, so am I to assume you only managed to get a photo on the Sunday, when she sat down for her shoot? I know you don't host third-party photos anymore, but I got a photo with her on Saturday, when she stood, if it's any help to you: (hope the link works)

Click Here

I'm 6'0" by the way. I was wearing boots, I can't provide a photo of the exact pair I had on, but they were a similar style to this: Click Here
I'd estimate they'd give about 1.5 inches? Anyway, Carrie had on small Cuban-style heels, something like this: Click Here
If I had to guess I'd say she probably had at least 1/2 inch more footwear than me? What do you think, anyway?
[Editor Rob: glad you managed to get her, I don't think your boots would give that much more than an inch...although Jenny said to me after I got Michael that she thought we'd spoken to you briefly at another event as you looked familiar...and I certainly haven't spoken to any 6ft guys who visit the site for a while ;) I will keep an eye out in the future for you!

anyway, I did in fact see her the same day!]
SaveUsY2J says on 26/Jun/14
Ah. Yeah, you could see whether she's standing for photos on Saturday and then look into getting a ticket for Sunday if she does?
[Editor Rob: yes I have done that for a couple of people in the past as for me it is a waste of money, I have little interest in spending money on a photo with a celebrity sitting down :)

to be fair I once saw Gates mcFadden sitting on a Saturday and then standing on the it is never a guarantee and I've seen James Marsters standing then he got annoyed with some women groping him a little and said no more 'gimme a stool' to the photographer!

We'll see on the day...
SaveUsY2J says on 24/Jun/14
Will you be willing to pay the 65 for a photo, Rob?
[Editor Rob: I know she has stood at some and sat at others, but it is a lot of money for a 50/50 risk.]
Lola says on 9/May/13
Funny people tell me the same thing...You're so short! I typically answer ... Oh my God!!! I am? Oh crap...this whole time I thought I was freakishly tall. Seriously... a fact I didnt already know. I am also what I call bittersweet. It must be a short thing. haha I am nice when someone is being nice to me, but I always have my guard up ready to strike when need be.
Liver says on 30/Jan/13
im exactly 5' 1" too! and i love to boss people around! everyone thinks im going to be all sweet and nice and cute, Ha! i hope when im older i can be taken seriously like you are though but i can only hope. I wish i could meet Carrie Fisher, i would do anything!

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