How tall is Mark Hamill ?

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Mark Hamill height: 5ft 7in (170 cm)

American actor best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films. He is quoted in the late 1970's in West Coast Bureau: "I'm not so short. I'm 5-foot-8 in my heels. The director, George Lucas, is my size - I'm really playing him in the movie - and he kept putting in short jokes. I never thought of myself as short until George told the world". So it really depends on how big those heels are!
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Jim says on 5/Jun/15
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He's cleary taller than Peter Mayhew here. Wouldn't 7ft 2in be closer to his real height, Rob?
[Editor Rob: maybe 7ft 5 would be better!]
Stu says on 24/May/15
There's always people in these forums that say "I met ____ and (s)he's __ tall" which is extremely faulty when considering how inaccurate both memory and vision are, factoring in posture, and the effect of footwear. Plus, the poster could simply be lying.
Cliff says on 9/May/15
@ Rampage(-_-_-)Clover: Was someone else in that photo? All I saw was Carrie's see-thru shirt! :D
Ed2882 says on 30/Apr/15
So I'm wondering what Mark Hamill's current height is now. It's pretty evident he was 170cm at his peak, but now it seems like he lost 1-2cm. So maybe his current listing should be 5-6.5"? I only say this because Anthony Daniels is currently listed as 171cm, and he has about an inch over Hamill based on the latest SW Celebration videos and photos.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 19/Mar/15
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Rob, how tall does Ford appear to you in this photo?
[Editor Rob: without knowing Carrie's footwear hard to say when standing just beside her there. He's certainly taller then than in last 10 years, noticeably I believe.]
Dan says on 18/Feb/15
For what it's worth, his character in "Kingsman" was listed as 5'6".
Tr27 says on 14/Feb/15
5'7 then, 5'6 now.
Joe says on 18/Dec/14
Mark was never a tall guy, and Luke was not a tall hero, but he was still very likable and still he was the main hero of the original trilogy, even though Han Solo was the most popular and much taller hero, Luke used the force. Its interesting they decided to cast a much taller actor to portray Anakin, Hayden Christensen, who is 6 feet even.
SaveUsY2J says on 10/Jun/14
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Rob, next to Billy Dee Williams who you've met, he still looks closer to 5'8" than 5'7" - and this is at age 62.
[Editor Rob: anthony daniels is nearer 5ft 7 today, I don't think hamill is taller than daniels]
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 26/Mar/14
5 feet 7 he is. Greg the best evidence I see is in the below 1971 interview:

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Tiger Beat Magazine interviewed the 20 year old Hamill who was listed at 5 ft 7, 130 lbs. Eyes Blue. These appear to be accurate details. His 29 inch waist khaki jeans used in Star Wars 1977 fetched $ 39,000 at auction last year, also suggest a body mass of some 130 -140 pounds.
Meltdown says on 16/Jan/14
5'7.5 Peak eight, 5'6.5 current.
5ft7 in bare feet says on 23/Nov/13
Camera angles tend to muddle the perception of height differences. In several straight on shots in the original Star Wars Hamill looks a full head taller Than Fisher and Ford looks Nearly a Head taller than Hamill. Also in costume vader stood about 6.9 so of course Hamill's going to look tiny to him even in heels of his own. BTW I always thought Bruce Lee looked under 5.7.
Brad (182 cm) says on 25/Sep/13
Mark Hamill looked 5'8" in the group photo below. However, 6'6" David Prowse looked at most 6'4" next to him and Harrison Ford, so those must be big heels or a very funky camera angle.
Arch Stanton says on 6/Sep/13
He looks 5 ft 6 next to Alec Guinness in Star Wars
Berna says on 9/Aug/13
5'7 seems right.
Brad says on 16/May/13
5' 6", short in every film.
wiltonstilts says on 26/Apr/13
He's 5'8. I've watched a lot of star wars he's always looked 5'8 maybe 5'9 sometimes lol
Anonymous says on 7/Mar/13
Check out this pic, Luke, Leia, Solo, Vader and Chewi (without costumes!)

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chris says on 28/Dec/12
5'6.5 - a little short for a stormtrooper
edward t says on 21/Dec/12
Mark looked very small to me, not 5ft7 in ROTJ. I estimated him visually to be 5feet,6inches,
While on the subjest of bruce lee, i always assumed bruce lee was taller considering he could beat anyman in the world up in a fight, and he looked taller as well i thought.
Caroline Munro says on 24/Nov/12
I thought hamil looked 5ft6 in star wars. Not much taller than princess leia. He looked absolutley tiny against Darth Vader, but taking into consideration Dave Prowse is in that costume. Im sure in 2inch cuban heels Hamil could be 5ft8.
He cant be as tall as the one and only Bruce lee can he? Actually Lee isnt that tall as well is he?
Daniel Craig says on 11/Nov/12
Mark hamil is 5feet 7 is he? I just saw return of the jedi and was thinking he looked tiny. I was guessing he must be about 5feet6 and a bit maybe but of course i could be wrong, just giving my thoughts.

I didnt think he looked as tall as bruce lee.
Desann says on 29/Oct/12
Well ok, 5'7" is a bit too downgraded for him. 5'7.5" would be his height at least. The official Lucas website says that he stands 172cm as Luke Skywalker and I don't think that it is a lie. Anyway, he could be 5'8" at his very highest.
phl says on 10/Feb/12
im 5'7. if i put heels ill be at least 5'9.

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