How tall is Dalip Singh ?

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Dalip Singh's Height is 7ft 1in (216 cm)

Indian wrestler "The Great Khali", bodybuilder and actor from The Longest Yard. On An Indian bodybuilding federation page he was described as being 7ft 1.

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Comment on the Height of Dalip Singh

Strale_195cm said on 7/Feb/16
He is around 214 - 216cm....6'9 comments are non sense..
Ice said on 6/Feb/16
ROB would you say Giant Silva would edge out The Great Khali ? When Silva was fighting MMA in Japan he was listed at 230 cm , other times as 7'2. He always struck me as a legit 218 cm .
Editor Rob: not looked as much at big Silva
BMW 186 said on 3/Feb/16
Khali is 7'1(peak 7'6)
Uday teja said on 1/Feb/16
Same to same the great Kali and dalip Singh
Uday teja said on 1/Feb/16
Same to same the great Kali and dalip Singh
Aza said on 1/Feb/16
Big Show puts on the munster boots with face offs with Shaq and Khali because he's a giant right?
Johno said on 29/Jan/16
Besides, in that single solitary shot with Khali and Shaq, Khali was 0.5 inches taller.
Johno said on 29/Jan/16
Khali stands taller with Big Show then Shaq does. Shaq is not more an inch taller then Show but Khali is usually between 1-1.5 inches taller.
James B said on 20/Jan/16
I think 7ft is closer to the truth for khali
James B said on 20/Jan/16
I think 7ft is closer to the truth for khali
Aza said on 18/Jan/16
Dalip Singh is huge! Definately 7'1 + in his prime. These days still clears 7' evening height. Was noticably taller than Big Show in the past and most probably still is noticably taller than Big Show today.
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 14/Jan/16
This guy claimed 7ft 3 in Johnny Knoxville's show.He said 7ft on big boss sets.But I think 7ft 1 is accurate as one of this housemates from big boss season 4 said that they measured him as 7ft 1.
Paul said on 14/Jan/16
Hope one day Khali and Shaq would take a picture together, to see which one is taller.
Chaz said on 5/Jan/16
Big C said on 28/Nov/15
Rob how tall do you think giant gonzales was? 7ft 1? He looked 6 inches taller than the undertaker in the 1991 Wrestlemania IX match, do you think undertaker is nearer to 6ft 7 flat than 6ft 7.5?

lol 6'' taller He comes up to he's chin, are you saying he only had a 6'' face? he was a head taller he was at least 11'' taller.he was 230cm and later grow to 231.8cm
mrtguy said on 17/Dec/15
There's always been an inch between Show and Khali no more, I'm being honest they could be the same height now?
Icehole73 said on 10/Dec/15
Oh, I forgot. When people want to criticize the big men or giants wrestling abilities, just compare an Andre/Studd (or Andre/Ernie Ladd) match to Kane/Khali Wrestlemainia 23 match. Technically it is a very clean match between these two and you can see how the current wrestlers have evolved since the mid to late 80's. They are not going to move like a 230 pounder. Being a pro wrestler, it is difficult to communicate in the ring when you can speak english so Khali really does a decent job with a communication barrier. Since it is a business and he helped make WWE popular in India, guess what? That makes him a good WWE Superstar no matter how you cut it. Money, money, money.........
Icehole73 said on 9/Dec/15
Listen to the Khali/jerrico podcast. says 7'2"ali podcast. You will definitely gain some respect for the guy. actually know english well, just hard to understand like andre.
LoganNoll1996 said on 3/Dec/15
Gonzales was officially measured by guinness book of world records as 7'6.5" though I could see 7'6.75" being possible. Undertaker was 6'7.75" I believe and his head was just below Gonzales's if I recall. In staredown pics with Khali, Taker - who was a flat 6'7" by then - came up to about Khali's eye level.
andre said on 29/Nov/15
7ft1 at is prime and 7ft today
Big C said on 28/Nov/15
Rob how tall would a 6ft 7 flat guy look like with a 7ft 2 guy?
Editor Rob: he's going to be end of that taller guy's nose
Big C said on 28/Nov/15
Actually from watching the match again gonzales could be over 7ft 1 maybe closer to 7ft 2? What do you think Rob?
James B said on 28/Nov/15
They announce him at 7ft here rob

Click Here
Big C said on 28/Nov/15
Rob how tall do you think giant gonzales was? 7ft 1? He looked 6 inches taller than the undertaker in the 1991 Wrestlemania IX match, do you think undertaker is nearer to 6ft 7 flat than 6ft 7.5?
James B said on 24/Aug/15
7ft range isn't impossible
Austin said on 15/Jul/15
He looks 7'0.5" and barely 350 pounds these days.
Clay said on 14/Jul/15
Khali actually said 7'2'' and 425 pounds on Chris Jericho's podcast (speaking decent English).
Del alessi said on 21/Jun/15
Khali is 7'6 easily, look at his proportions and comparison to others anywhere, a head taller than Bob Sapp!
mrtguy said on 19/May/15
Rob, what would guess Khali's weight if Big Show is 450 lbs Click Here I can take into account that Big Show does probably weigh 80+ more lbs than Shaq but not Khali. I'm guessing Khali must weigh in the 380-400 lbs range.
[Editor Rob: khali could be 400 range yes.]
Arch Stanton said on 13/Apr/15
Rob can you add a photo? Also no mention of him being a wrestler! Should be reworded as Indian professional wrestler, bodybuilder and actor from Longest Yard.
mrtguy said on 27/Mar/15
Great Khali lost a lot of weight after the surgery. Back in 2006 he looked 385-400 lbs, now barely 350.
173-174 cm guy said on 26/Mar/15
For Me Khali Is A Solid 7´0 (213 cm ),No Shorter No Taller Than That
teej said on 14/Mar/15
He's a giant of a man, 7'1. I thought i pretty damn tall for an indian being 187cm. Khali is from Punjab. . Punjabi indians tend to be tall. My punjabi friends are all relitivley tall. Ive visited pubjab there twice they are very tall in comparison with the rest of india, most people there i would say were around the 5'11 mark, considering average height in india is 5'7, some even say 5'5, but i dont think its that low. I saw a many many strong 6 footers (6'3+) and a few khali like giants (not as tall as khali mind you!)
James B said on 20/Feb/15
7ft1 looks extreme
cdk82 said on 12/Jan/15
Click Here

pic of Khali and Giant Silva with 6'3" mma fighter gary goodridge. Both men look to be the same height 7'1"
Icehole said on 28/Oct/14
I would say Khali is slightly taller than Silva. Most photo and video evidence would give him about a .5". Silva wears thick boots not to mention there is a photo floating around that proves it. i have no problem give both him and Shaq 7'1".
Greg said on 19/Oct/14
Looks 217cm
miko said on 28/Sep/14
I certainly don't believe he has a full 2 inches on Big Show today put it that way. When they were recently tagging they looked closer in height than they had ever been.
James B said on 27/Sep/14
After years of injuries probably closer to 7ft today
juggs! said on 23/Sep/14
7'4 than 7'2" now. wwe said this.
Guy B said on 10/Sep/14
He's a tall one. I'd put him around 7'0"-7'1"
JT said on 10/Sep/14
Khali's legs are probably atrophied from the inability to exercise them due to bad knees but the high camera angle likely distorts the lack of size even more. Sort of like this high angle pic of big show where his legs look abnormally short and small Click Here

Khali in his younger days. Click Here The low camera angle makes the legs look even larger but still quite a difference compared to today.
Clay said on 8/Sep/14
Well, the only way he could only weigh 350 lbs with that kind of height, upper body and bone size is to have thin lower legs and relatively skinny quads. No wonder he looks like Frankenstein walking around.
RoelC said on 6/Sep/14
Vegas says on 4/Sep/14
off topic but his legs...

I knew his legs were slim, but I didn't know they would be that skinny.
It looks like he has some form of muscle atrophy, cause even if he didn't do any work-out on the legs anymore, I doubt they would become that skinny.
Vegas said on 4/Sep/14
off topic but his legs...

Click Here
James B said on 2/Sep/14
Rob do you think 7'0.5 is impossible for Khali?
[Editor Rob: with any guy that size, he may shrink near 1.5-2 inches, so it's not impossible he could measure under 7ft 1 at times.]
Clay said on 29/Aug/14
James B says on 26/Aug/14
Clay do you agree Scott hall looked 6'4 next to hogan?

Sure. Not positive about him but I could believe he was 6'5'' in his prime back in the day.
James B said on 26/Aug/14
Clay do you agree Scott hall looked 6'4 next to hogan?
Clay said on 23/Aug/14
Watched that Hogan birthday party segment from Raw on youtube because you had me curious about Nash next to Khali - that was a dreadful angle to try and get a feel for the gap between those two. None the less Khali looked a good 3-4 inches taller when Nash walked past I would say.
Hey I know that guy said on 23/Aug/14
Lol has it right, heights above 6'9 can start looking real distorted to ppl of average height...Dalip may have hit 7 foot+ at some point but really he's now probably 6'11. A huge 6'11 I would add...body mass and shoulder height play a big part in how "huge" a person appears.
Hey I know that guy said on 23/Aug/14
Lol has it right, heights above 6'9 can start looking real distorted to ppl of average height...Dalip may have hit 7 foot+ at some point but really he's now probably 6'11. A huge 6'11 I would add...body mass and shoulder height play a big part in how "huge" a person appears.
Clay said on 14/Aug/14
Vid or pics pls.
James B said on 12/Aug/14
Well he didn't tower over Kevin Nash on raw last night.
Clay said on 11/Aug/14
James B says on 27/Jul/14
Looks no taller than 7ft

Just like Danimal said what someone looks and what someone actually is are two seperate things. measured at 7'1'' and 350 lbs by his doc when he had his tumour removed, same height as a measured 7'1'' Shaq.
James B said on 27/Jul/14
Looks no taller than 7ft
jill-love said on 25/Jul/14
phillymike your list looks good. Nick uk do you mean your grandmother worked for wwf? and do you mean andre the giant is 6'10 or are you kidding? I need those 3 inch lifts i'm only 5'2.
Nick UK said on 23/Jul/14
Yeah my gran used to work for wwf too and says Andre was only 5 foot 10?!

phillymike says on 12/Jul/14
Most people on here are pretty close or dead on. Then there are a few that are way off. My uncle worked for the wwf/wwe for 13 years and knows most of these wrestlers. He stated there 3 types of foot wear, meaning boots. The average boot is 1.25", than there's 2 types of lifts: 2.5" and 3" boots. As far as the wrestlers, prime and bear feet:
phillymike said on 12/Jul/14
Most people on here are pretty close or dead on. Then there are a few that are way off. My uncle worked for the wwf/wwe for 13 years and knows most of these wrestlers. He stated there 3 types of foot wear, meaning boots. The average boot is 1.25", than there's 2 types of lifts: 2.5" and 3" boots. As far as the wrestlers, prime and bear feet:
Giant gonzalez 7'4" most of the time wore the 3" lifts
Great Khali 7'0.25"
Andre the Giant 6'11.5"
Big Show 6'10.5" most of the time wore the 2.5" lifts
Kurrgan 6'9.5"
Kevin Nash 6'9.25" now 6'8.5"
Matt Morgan 6'8.5"
Nathan Jones 6'8.25"'
Undertaker 6'8" now 6'6.75"
Kane 6'7" now 6'6" most of the time wore the 3" lifts
Big John Studd 6'6.25"
Test 6'6"
Albert/tensai 6'5.75"
Hulk Hogan 6'5.5" now 6'4"
Randy Orton 6'3.5"
King Kong Bundy 6'2.75" now 6'1"
Edge 6'2'.75"
The Rock 6'2.5"
Brock Lesner 6'2"
HHH 6'1.75"
Stone Cold 6'1.5"
Vince mcmahon 6'0.25" now 5'11"
John cena 6'0"
Brett Hart 6'0" now 5'll.25"
Shawn Michaels 5'11.5" now 5'10"

Men over 45 can stink and also become shorter due to injuries.
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Jul/14
A 6'11 Big Show puts Khali at 7'0-7'0.5 and that goes for Shaq too.
sonic said on 15/Jun/14
Found a segment on the indian big brother where they measured Great Khali at 7'3 with shoes.

Most likely he is actually 7'1

Click Here
Clay said on 4/May/14
James I dont see how anyone could watch Khali on TV and think to themselves ''that guy is under 7 feet!''.
person said on 25/Apr/14
The Great Khali wrestling as Giant Singh was about 7'2 the same as Giant Silva; about 7'1 in WWE from 2006-2008 and around from around 2008 onwards- 7'0-7'0.5 currently; assuming The Big Show is about 6'11-6'11.5.
Eric said on 18/Apr/14
I saw him in Florida in 08. People saying he's 6'9 are absolutely retarded. He's one of the tallest people I've ever seen and he was much taller than my friends Kyle and Kody who are 6'7 and 6'8. I'd say he's at least 7ft 1/2 inch and I'd put show at 6'11 and nash at 6'9.5
Clay said on 11/Apr/14
Khali clearly was 7'1'' in his late 20's-30's at least.
62B said on 15/Mar/14
Clement, I think you are a bit off on at least a few. I physically bumped into Andre the Giant back in late 87' early 88'. He knocked me to the ground. When I stood up, he stood straight up and gave me that Andre stare. I am 6'3", Andre was 7' tall all day long, That's in dress flats(I had a good look), not cowboy boots.
James B said on 11/Mar/14
Just to look at him on TV he looks 6'11. Does not give off a much bigger impression than Kevin Nash
The Ben said on 10/Mar/14
ReturnofG says on 10/Mar/14

Not bad.
I think Andre was 6'11
Hogan a solid 6'5 (maybe 6'6)

I met Bomb and would say a very strong 6'6.
ReturnofG said on 10/Mar/14
Silva 7'2"
Andre 7'1.5"
Yeti 7'1"
KHALI 7'1"
SHOW 7'0.5"
Kurrgan 7'0"
NASH 6.10"
JONES 6'10"
Ladd 6'9
Morgan 6'8.5
KANE 6'8"
TAKER 6.8"
Hoyt 6'7.5-8"
Sid 6'7.5"
Studd 6'7"
Hogan 6'6"
Crush 6.5"
Ramon 6'5"
Bomb 6.5"
7'1.5 (217 cm) 128 kg said on 8/Mar/14
Marc Henry Height?
ck82 said on 7/Mar/14

KHALI 7'1"
SHOW 7'0.5"
ANDRE 6'11.5"
NASH 6.9.5"
JONES 6'9"
KANE 6'8"
TAKER 6.7.5"
Sid 6'6.5"
Studd 6'6"
Hogan 6'5.5"
Crush 6.5"
Ramon 6'5"
Bomb 6.4.5"
Seldomposter said on 5/Mar/14
Clement, I have to dissapoint you, but some of your estimations are really bad. Let me try to put them in order for you.
The Great Khali 7'1"
Big Show 6'11.5"
Andre the Giant 6'10"
Kevin Nash 6'9"
Nathan Jones 6'8.5"
Kane 6'8"
Undertaker 6'7.5"
Sid 6'7"
Big John Studd 6'6"
Hulk Hogan 6'5"
Crush 6'5"
Adam Bomb 6'4.75"
Razor Ramon 6'4.5"
Something like that, not perfect, but better imo
CLEMENT said on 30/Jan/14
BIG SID 6'6"
KANE 6'6"
CRUSH 6'4"
thomas said on 18/Nov/13
id say his about 212cm
Lol said on 10/Nov/13
Have you guys never met someone who was 6'10"+? They're HUGE. If Khali is 6'8", that leaves big show at about 6'6", and the likes of Kane and Undertaker at about 6'3". ARE WE ON EARTH?

7'1" for Khali max.
clement said on 30/Oct/13
The Great Khali is 6'8" or 6'9" max
clement said on 4/Oct/13
Dalip Rana Singh {The Great Khali} is 6'9" according to my estimation...
BigjohnUSA98 said on 29/Sep/13
Khali first meets show - Khali at least 1-1.5 inches taller and show clearly has a HEAVY footwear advantage if you look at the soles, if Khali is 6'11 then Show isn't much more than listed Kevin Nash which is complete garbage people!

Click Here
Harlemhangover56 said on 29/Sep/13
Khali was about 2 inches taller than show in their first two encounters (7'1), looks a bit smaller now, like 1 and a half but he wears smaller shoes due his extreme immobility and needing to be closer to the ground for walking purposes. He's about 7'0.5 nowadays.
clement said on 20/Sep/13
The Great Khali is not more than 7'O''......He is 6'11''.
clement said on 29/Aug/13
my guess is 6'11'.
Kunoichi said on 11/Aug/13
Click Here
Click Here
I do not know can watch these video.
Khali and Silva in Japan.
LK2001 said on 28/May/13
Khali is 7'1 and 347lbs, i think.
Clay said on 12/May/13
Dalip - 7'1
Paul - 6'11.5
drummer777 said on 11/Apr/13
Dalip more like 6'11, Big show 6'10, Wilt Chamberlain was 6'11 1/2
Arch Stanton said on 26/Jan/13
Kane on the other hand is listed at a ridiculous 7'0" and 323 lbs.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Jan/13
Click Here

Rob his official wrestling page seems to list his actual measurements 7 ft 1, 347 pounds. I guessed him a while back at 7 ft 1 and 350-360 pounds. He is actually billed at 7 ft 3 or 4 and 420 pounds though in the ring,
Clay said on 13/Dec/12
Vegas says on 8/Dec/12
Click Here

Looks about 8'6'' here.
Rikashiku said on 13/Dec/12
Strong 7'0", maybe 340lbs now.

For the hell of it.

Jericho- 5'9"-5'9.5"?

R-Truth- 5'10"-5'11"?

Edge- 6'3.5"

Cena- 6'0.5"

Morrison- 5'10.5"

Khali- 7'0.5"-7'1"
Vegas said on 8/Dec/12
Click Here
Clay said on 24/Nov/12
James says on 22/Nov/12
Rob could you really picture this guy having as much as 4 inches on Kevin nash......?

God you're annoying with this...

He does, it was shown on the set of ''The Longest Yard''.
James said on 22/Nov/12
Rob could you really picture this guy having as much as 4 inches on Kevin nash......?
James said on 5/Nov/12
Well he looked shorter next to big show compared too how Shaq did?
Clay said on 29/Sep/12
Khali realy did have acromegaly? Well theres the shock of the century...
Shaun said on 29/Aug/12
Clay says on 29/Oct/11
Could be 6 inches between Kane and Khali.
Rikashiku says on 28/Oct/11
Yes I've seen the clip Vegas and Khali dwarfs him when they're not wearing munster boots. In the ring in their rivalry, Kane looked 5 inches shorter or more.

Its roughly 5-6 inches between both Khali and Kane and Undertaker. 7'1" looks about right.
Shaun said on 29/Aug/12
He has about 5 inches on Kane and the Undertaker. If they're 6'8" range he's 7'1".
RoelC said on 8/Aug/12
JT says on 4/Aug/12
Interesting how some of us on this site knew Khali was clearly suffering from acromegaly/gigantism and a pituitary tumor the first time we saw a pic of him yet he wasn't diagnosed with the disease until only recently via WWE's wellness program. What were his doctors thinking?

I read about his surgery last week and the first reaction I had was "why didn't he get surgery sooner". Then I read they didn't diagnosed him with Acromegaly until just recently. Back in 2006 when he entered the WWE some here (including myself) were saying he suffered from Acromegaly. Considering his facial features (large brow and jaw), the thickness of his hands, but most of all his large size should've alarmed any doctor.
Vegas said on 4/Aug/12
i agree, its incredible to think he has worked for the majority of the last 15 years in both the states and japan and no doctor before now diagnosed him, he should have been diagnosed in india during his bodybuilding days
JT said on 4/Aug/12
KingNick says on 26/Jul/12
Article on Great Khali brain surgery, article says he's 7'1"

Click Here

Interesting how some of us on this site knew Khali was clearly suffering from acromegaly/gigantism and a pituitary tumor the first time we saw a pic of him yet he wasn't diagnosed with the disease until only recently via WWE's wellness program. What were his doctors thinking?
KingNick said on 26/Jul/12
Article on Great Khali brain surgery, article says he's 7'1"

Click Here

Keep in mind the article does refer to Andre as being 7'4" but it says that the surgeon is saying Khali is 7'1"
Vegas said on 13/Feb/12
Henry says on 9/Feb/12
I totally agree, Shaq's sneakers actually make him 7'3 3/4" tall. He has to thickest sneakers in NBA history.

a number of nba dedicated fan forums have shaqs measured height in sneakers down at 7'2.75 Click Here Click Here

now i don't know how true they are (seems to me a little too much unless that was straight out of bed) but suggesting shaq is getting nearly 3 inches from his sneakers is a ridiculous statement even for you (hulk hogan was 6'8+), brook lopez was measured 7'0.75 in sneakers so his brother robin would be around same height, amare was measured 6'10 in sneakers and shaq is not nearly 6 inches taller than him Click Here
kobe24 said on 31/Jan/12
Shaq wears massive lifts sneakers. That shows you that
Even after the surgeries, khali was at least 7'2" in the photo.
Ben said on 30/Jan/12
Big Show is not 6.8, he was an inch under if not eye to eye with Shaq who was one of the few C/PF was was legit 7'1".

Was Singh actually running in the Longest Yard? because the man can barely walk.
lookuptothetallpeople said on 15/Oct/07
Now its my turn to give some estimations:
The Great Khali 7'0
Big Show 6'9.75
The Undertaker 6'6
Kane 6'6.25
The Rock 6'2.25
Steve Austin 6'2
Triple H 6'1.5
Mattiew_^ said on 14/Oct/07
Ginat Silva is no 6'11 mask , he was clearly taller than Schilt in Pride OWGP in 2004 .
And Schilt who believed he was 6'11"1/2 (212cm) has been recenttly measured on a show on the japanese TV @ 7'0"1/2 while standing tall so do your math .
7'2 is accurate for Silva .
Vegas said on 14/Oct/07
kane is one inch shorter than big show?? not even wearing his mega boots he wasn't :)

in 2006 the 4" height difference between the two was obvious Click Here and Click Here
Xardas said on 14/Oct/07
Now its my turn to give some estimations:
The Great Khali 7'1 at least (His Myspace claimed 7'3)
Big Show 6'11
The Undertaker 6'9
Kane 6'10
The Rock 6'4
Steve Austin 6'2
Triple H 6'2
anonymous said on 14/Oct/07
dalip singh is more than 6,11,he,s at least 7'1" to 7,2",he had more than 7 inches on batista.
mask said on 6/Oct/07
I would also try to give my estimations of some tallest wrestlers' heights.
In my humble opinion I think that:
ANDRE THE GIANT 6'11" peak 6'9" later
BIG SHOW 7'0" peak 6'10.5" now
mike m said on 5/Oct/07
hogan looks about 6,4" in that interview ,show 7 inches taller about 6'11".
AN said on 5/Oct/07
I worked as a talent agent and have a photo with me standing next to Ron Reis as I was booking him for a film.. He's 7'2"..legit..
nick said on 1/Oct/07
Shock, i give you a lot of credit, EVERYONE PLEASE LISTEN. Shock you stated that the rock has a head similiar to the undertakers (large forhead), Well what a coinsedence, go on and punch in Brock vs. Rock summerslam. When you initially see the picture you assume brock is taller because of his eye level mouth jaw etc. But when youy click you see that the rock is infact not only the same height but exactly one inch taller 6'3(rock to 6'2(brock. BROCK LESNAR has the exact same kind of head as syco sid. Syco sid looked taller than the undertaker bvcause of a short head, but when in fact when you put a line across the screen and ehat you see is an inch difference with undertaker being taller. Sid is a legit 6'7 6'7.5 which would put taker to 6'8, there is too much evidence. There is even a picture of khali and taker staring down on images, and there is not a 7 inch difference not a 6 inch difference but a 5 inch difference. There is a video of the rock and the undertaker talking where in the begining when he stands straight up which we rarley** see he is atleast 5 inches taller. Then proceeds to look down and slouch making him apear* shorter
dave said on 1/Oct/07
The undertaker is at least his listed 6'7.5 people who think he's 6'6'' need to give their head a shake.
Shock said on 1/Oct/07
I have met several guys whom I have seen underbilled here, and I think sometimes you guys seem to forget when you list guys as whether or not they are in bigger boots or not and confuse the references. Many times I see Cena listed as 6'2" in his "basketball shoes" but in reality sneakers don't give you any more height than regular shoes, in fact the soles on regular shoes and wrestling boots technically depress less than the rubber on sneakers. Whatever the case may be, Cena is 6'2" in his snearkers no matter what and doesn't matter what his real height is because that's what you have to go by. Now, taking this into account, Khali is at least a foot taller than the 6'2" version of Cena, at least. I am putting Khali at 7'1" and change and Show at 7'1" when they wake up in the morning. More often than not their height differential is indistinguishable and I believe any discrepencies are purely posture related. Any time you see Taker do a stare down with Khali or Big Show, Taker stands up straight, but with people shorder than him, Taker does not stand up so straight and generally even looks down with his head tilted. Another factor is that Taker's forehead is also bigger than any wrestler I've ever seen, with his only competition being the Rock, making him taller than some guys who have eye sockets above his, like Sid (by 1"), or Kane (by .5" tops). When Taker wrestles Khali, he looks massively shorter because of the posture he takes, probably more intentional for show than convenience. Khali is 4.5-5" taller than Taker in a legit staredown, putting Taker closer to 6'9" than 6'8" and only under 6'9" due to minor height loss from age. The 6'7" estimate for Taker are impossible based on many cross references.
topdweeb26 said on 21/Sep/07
dave, most people do believe Wight has lost a little bit of height over the years as he doesn't seem to be quite as taller as he was back in the days of WCW.
JT said on 12/Sep/07
Click Here
Click Here
JT said on 8/Sep/07
LV, this is about as good as it gets from a low resolution YouTube video Click Here Nevertheless you still can see the edge of the foot of both Big Show and Singh pressing against the outside of the boot just above the sole, proving that there are no lifts inside. The actual heels of each look to be at the same approximate level.

Here’s Singh and ~ 6’7” Gary Godsey Click Here Singh is closer to the camera though. He looks about 7 inches taller as it is and would probably lose 1-2 inches by taking a step back.
LV said on 7/Sep/07
JT, do you have a better picture of Show & Singh's footwear from their meeting? Big Show's boots look thicker than normal. A good way to prove that Singh is taller would be to compare a picture Show/Rodman with a picture of Singh/Godsey from The Longest Yard (even though I think Godsey would slightly edge out Rodman). Anyone have those pictures?
dave said on 6/Sep/07
Has big show lost height over the yearsdue to surgery or anything like that? I stand by my claim that Khali is at least 1.5 inches taller than Wight barefoot.
Gollum said on 5/Sep/07
Thank you, JT.
Gollum said on 5/Sep/07
I now agree with people on here. In his prime Big Show was the height of Khali maybe a half inch shorter.
JT said on 4/Sep/07
Here you go Gollum (Click Here) Piper still looks in the 6’0” range at this point next to 5’8” Gene. Here’s another one of the two (Click Here). You also wanted to compare Big Show with Singh (Click Here) I still think Singh would edge Big Show out in height now but it would be close. I'm not sure about a mid-1990s Big Show though.
Gollum said on 4/Sep/07
JT if you could pause at a great place for Piper and Show so we can estimate him ana Khali.

Click Here
ted said on 3/Sep/07
Because i heard some bad staff Dalip Singh doesn't have any form of acromegaly/gigantism.
ted said on 3/Sep/07
Because i heard some bad staff Dalip Singh has not any form of acromegaly/gigantism.
singh said on 30/Aug/07
I personally don't believe he will stay in wwe because there is no one good enough for him unless he carries on fighting the same people all the time
answer toa nonymous said on 25/Aug/07
Whether he is 7ft 1 to 7ft 3, he's huge either way. And no he does not have giantism. His father was also 7ft so its genetics meaning he won't continue to get larger and die young like andre the giant. And he's an inspector in india. Wouldn't want him after me!
Akirum byn Anaq said on 24/Aug/07
WWE lists Khali in his shoes, at 7-3. He's about 7-1 barefoot. Similar to the NBA listing someone like Arvidas Sabonis, at 7-3, but his barefoot height is like 7-1 1/2.
dave said on 22/Aug/07
Khali looks all of 7'2'' in the picture of him and Davari on the red carpet. Friggin monster.
JT said on 21/Aug/07
Thanks for the input James. I remember seeing Reis play b-ball a few times while at Santa Clara.

Here are a few clips of Reis in "action" Click Here Click Here and some screen caps with Big Show/Giant (Click Here) (Click Here) (Click Here)

Those are some really good estimates there Ghost.
James N. said on 21/Aug/07
JT, Supermanfan380:

WCW billed Big Show at 7'4" because he was supposed to be the "son" of Andre the Giant, who was also billed at 7'4". I wouldn't use that to compare him with Ron Reis, who is at least 7'1". Reis and I both went to Santa Clara University. He was a couple of years ahead of me, and he played basketball while he was there, but he's a legit 7'1". In some instances, he was listed at 7'2", if I recall correctly. I'd say Show is a solid 7'0" in barefeet.
Ghost said on 21/Aug/07
Ron Reis as the Yeti was taller than Paul Wight. He did probably have some headpiece inside his costume thus making him look taller, but I think he still was about an inch taller.

I think Snitsky waers huge lifts, didn't he say on his myspace that he was 6'4? He was very very close in height with heidenreich.

Here are my height estimations for some large wrestler past and present. I also tried to estimate their PEAK weights, so they are pretty much guesses, it's hard to tell.

Andre 6'11 later 6'10 / 520 lbs
Big Show 7' / 490 lbs
Khali 7'05 / 400 lbs
Gonzales 7'6 / 390 lbs
Undertaker 6'8 today 6'7 / 310 lbs
Kane 6'8 today 6'7,5 / 330 lbs
Umaga 6'2 / 320 lbs
Viscera 6'6,5 / 470 lbs
Hogan 6'5 today 6'3,5 / 300 lbs
Big John Studd 6'6,5 / 340 lbs
King Kong Bundy 6'3 / 440 lbs
One Man Gang 6'6 / 410 lbs
Kamala 6'4 / 320 lbs
Earthquake 6'5 / 440 lbs
Typhoon 6'3 / 340 lbs
Yokozuna 6'2 / 600 lbs (?)
Vader 6'2,5 / 350 Lbs
Giant Haystacks 6'7 / 550 lbs

Again the weights are just guesses, I could be totally wrong.
JT said on 21/Aug/07
Here you go Supermanfan380 Click Here In his WCW days, I'd estimate Reis at 7'1" and probably no less than 330 lbs.
Supermanfan380 said on 20/Aug/07
Just noticed somebody here said Ron Reis, and WCW billed him at 7'2".

If the said that Paul Wight was 7'4", wouldn't that mean that Ron Reis is nothing over 7 foot?

I mean 7 foot is still by all intents and purposes a giant, he just ain't over that.

Hard to find info on him though, they billed him at 7'2" and 326-360 pounds.
JT said on 20/Aug/07
Click Here

Click Here Shaq was closer to the camera in the pic with Rock.
Gollum said on 17/Aug/07
Click Here
Vegas check out this between Nash and Morgan!
Spike said on 17/Aug/07
and im 5'9 and he had well over 11 inces over me, i have a pic of my sister with snitsky and my dad was in the outside of the pic, but the only problem is, that i cant get it on the computer
Spike said on 16/Aug/07
Snitsky is not 6'5 and a half, i met him in person and he was well over that, he told me " well about 6'7 6'8 " and he sure looked it, i had to literally look strait up at him to see his eyes
lillo thomas said on 12/Aug/07
Daliph Singh could be a legit 7-1 in some pics and videos he looks around 7-1 in others he look about 7-0
anonymous said on 11/Aug/07
To be honest it doesnt matter if kahli is only 7'1 now or even 7'2,the guy has giantism so he is gonna grow some more anyway.Batista is at least 6'3 and khali looked to have a good 9-10 inches on him currently.
Erik said on 9/Aug/07
The giant gonzales almost 8"
Viper said on 6/Aug/07
You can tell that its a very low celing anyway, around 7-0.
Arjun said on 5/Aug/07
Vegas, Singh's head is practically touching the ceiling in the Lance Storm pic, lol.
Arjun said on 5/Aug/07
If Batista is 6'2.5", then 7'0" - 7'0.5" looks fine for Singh. Really can't see him any less than 7'0".
Vegas said on 5/Aug/07
Khali and 5'11 lance storm Click Here
anderson said on 4/Aug/07
my estimations
khali 7'1.25''
big show 6'11.75''
kane 6'7.25''
taker 6'7''
the rock 6'3.5''
hhh 6'2.25''
hulk hogan 6'4.75'' (6'6''peak)
ric flair 5'11.5''
kurt angle 5'9.75''
abyss 6'5.5''
andre the giant 6'10.5'' (7'1''peak)
snitsky 6'5.75''
heidenreich 6'7''
Vegas said on 4/Aug/07
Skipper; khalis head is minimum 11" long (look at how much bigger it is compared to batistas). Batista is max 1" above khalis chin, there is 10" approx between khali and batista imo. If there is only is 7.5" between khali and batista then khalis head is approx 8.5" long (or approx 1" shorter than mine, lol).

I met batista in person he is 6'3 absolute max. I estimated him to between 6'2.5" and 6'3"

Arjun the camera angle favoured taker next to khali imo, just like it did the first time taker went head to head with gonzales
Skipper said on 4/Aug/07
in that pic khali is 7.5'' taller than 6'3.75'' batista khali is 7'0.5''
Arjun said on 4/Aug/07
Odd how UT appeared so tall next to Khali then.(He came just past his eye level, max 5 inches difference) Khali towers Batista, 9 inches minimum.
Khali is not less than 7 foot even IMO. Batista looks 6'3" max next to Khali.
Vegas said on 3/Aug/07
another khali/batista pic Click Here

I think its safe to assume based on those photos that batista is not his WWE listed height of 6'5 or indeed his old OVW listed height of 6'7
Viper said on 3/Aug/07
Vegas, I cannot beleive how much Khali just utterly dwarfs Batista. Thats unreal.
Vegas said on 2/Aug/07
Skipper some i agree with (hbk, flair), some are very close to what i think those guys are (orton, angle, big show, khali).

I was interested in your John Cena figure (i have met him and he is much taller than 6'0.5 in shoes; thats probably his barefoot height imo). I think Cena is 6'2 in the basketball boots he wears.

You have cena and Hbk at the same height in shoes but there is clearly two inches difference Click Here and Click Here kurt angle is also more than 1.75" shorter than cena in shoes Click Here

I believe there is alot more than 3" between kane and big show in wrestling boots as of 2005 (imo closer to 5") Click Here and Click Here and Click Here

Khali and batista Click Here
Khali and Cena Click Here
Skipper it doesn't look to me that batista is 5" taller than Cena is next to khali. Keep in mind Khalis head is approx 11 inches long.

I don't like to be too critical because its the type of list i havent seen here before, good job, very interesting reading (even if i don't agree with everything you have written)
Skipper said on 2/Aug/07
actual height to height in shoes
randy orton 6'3.75 - 6'4.5''
kurt angle 5'9.5'' - 5'10.75
dusty rhodes 6' - 6'1.25''
hbk 5'11'' - 6'0.5''
hulk hogan 6'4'' - 6'6''
ric flair 5'11.5'' - 6'1.75''
Vegas said on 2/Aug/07
Skipper add a few more there please; both actual and shoes heights;
randy orton, kurt angle, dusty rhodes; shawn michaels, hulk hogan, ric flair.
Skipper said on 2/Aug/07
my height list. my heights range from there actual height to the height they are in shoes (just estimations)
big show 6'10.75'' - 7'
khali 7' - 7'1.25''
kane 6'7.75'' - 6'9''
taker 6'7.5'' - 6'8.25''
the rock 6'3.25'' - 6'5''
bobby lashely 6' - 6'1.5''
viscera 6'6'' - 6'7.5''
sid 6'7.75'' - 6'9''
batista 6'3.25'' - 6'5.25''
cena 5'11.75 - 6'0.5''
rey mysterio 5'2.75 - 5'4.5''
hhh 6'2.5'' - 6'4''
nathan jones 6'8.75 - 6'10''
snitsky 6'5.5'' - 6'6.75''
heidenreich 6'6'' - 6'7.75''
rvd 5'11.25'' - 6'0.25''
16 years and 180cms said on 31/Jul/07
i saw the match where khali wins da championship...khali was like towering kane even in that match.....neway here is my list of heights for the wwe superstars

big show-7'
nathan jones-6"9
matt morgan-6"9
rvd,shawn michaels-5"10.5
Gollum said on 31/Jul/07
Undertaker 6'8
Kane 6'8.5
Big John Studd 6'7.5
Big Show 7'0
Atrain 6'7
Sid 6'7
JBL 6'6
Abyss 6'5
Andre the Giant 7'1.5 to 7'2
Khali 7'1
Silva 7'2
Kurgan 7'0
Nash 6'10
Gonzales 7'6
Jon Harris 7'3
Matt Morgan 6'9
Nathan Jones 6'9
Viscera 6'6.5
Hogan 6'6 Peak
anonymous said on 29/Jul/07
to say khali is anything less of 7 feet is just plain crazzzy!
lillo thomas said on 29/Jul/07
khali looks like a legit 7-1 to me
HellBoundPower said on 29/Jul/07
That pic with Kane and Khali is 5 inches max. I think that Kane is 6'7.5", Undertaker is 6'8", and Khali is 7'1".
anonymous said on 28/Jul/07
i,ll agree with you jason ,he does tower over them,and batista we know for a fact is only 6'3" he appears shorter than both edge and orton who are 6'5".taker has batista by 4 inches also,my estimates taker,6,7" kane6'7",batista 6,3",kali7'2".if dalip has taker by 4-5 inches,then it,s safe to say that maybe with lifts taker is 6'8"or 6'9" which to me is really pushing it imo.with that dalip would have at least 9 inches on batista ,if taker has 4 on him.the most batista could possibly be is 6'4",then taker would be 6'8" dalip 7'1".
jason said on 28/Jul/07
my height estimations:
kane 6ft 7
undertaker 6ft 7

what are your estimations?
rob did you know on a celebrity site it said khali aka dalip singh is listed 6ft 11 1/2 strange listed height for a man that towers over a 6ft 7 man by 6 inches at least!!!!
the rock 6ft 4
kevin nash 6ft 11
the big show 7ft 1
khali 7ft 2
giant gonzales 7ft 6
andre the giant 6ft 11
hulk hogan 6ft 5
a-train 6ft 6
test 6ft 5
nathan jones 6ft 10
stone cold 6ft
triple h 6ft 2 1/2
goldberg 6ft 3 1/2
brock lesnar 6ft 1 3/4
big van vader 6ft 5
jason said on 28/Jul/07
my height estimations:
kane 6ft 7
undertaker 6ft 7
the rock 6ft 4
kevin nash 6ft 11
the big show 7ft 1
khali 7ft 2
giant gonzales 7ft 6
andre the giant 6ft 11
hulk hogan 6ft 5
a-train 6ft 6
test 6ft 5
nathan jones 6ft 10
stone cold 6ft
triple h 6ft 2 1/2
goldberg 6ft 3 1/2
brock lesnar 6ft 1 3/4
big van vader 6ft 5
jason said on 27/Jul/07
16 and 178 cm kane isn't 7-8 inches taller remember the camera angles make it look that way kane is a easy 6ft 9 man and khali is 7ft 2 ill give you that but 7-8 inches smaller no no!!!!
Gollum said on 25/Jul/07
Now draw a line at the top of Big Shows shoe and Khali.
JT said on 25/Jul/07
Different arenas Gollum. If I make Cena the same size in both, it should be pretty accurate, especially since they are all standing in basically the identical position and the camera angle is close. Big Show and Singh match up just like they do here (Click Here).
Gollum said on 24/Jul/07
One problem JT, look at the rope line. Someone was closer.
JT said on 24/Jul/07
Singh could be around 7 feet even. I compared him with Cena and Big Show with Cena and they again came out just about the same height (Click Here). Big Show looked no more than 7’0” through much of his WWE career. Singh’s posture, trimmer appearance and slightly smaller head may make him appear taller than Big Show. The first thing your eye notices about Big Show is that sizable gut.

In his staredown with Cena, Singh had him by almost exactly a head size. (Click Here) Cena can look pretty tall in his tennis shoes so I still won’t rule out 7’1” for Singh.
16 years and 178cms said on 23/Jul/07
look at the height difference betwen khali and kane in this pic...Click Here
khali easily has 7-8 inches on kane....i think his height should be updated to 7"2...
Alex said on 22/Jul/07
I don't see Andre under 6'11 for his peak though. 6'10 is selling him a bit short I think.
Vegas said on 22/Jul/07
i think khali would have maybe 2" on peak Andre. It all depends on khalis true height. He looked right around the 7 foot mark with cena Click Here and batista Click Here

Andre i believe was 6'10
taker said on 21/Jul/07
Vegas,how would andre compare to khali you think ,heightwise?
taker said on 19/Jul/07
i heard in a newspaper article batista was listed at 6'4",maybe if edge is a legit 6'5" maybe, i personally think he,s more like 6'3".
KingNick said on 18/Jul/07
Gents, we have a new World Champion on Smackdown. Go to Click Here to see.
mike m said on 14/Jul/07
11 inches taller maybe 10 the least khali wow big man.
mike m said on 14/Jul/07
16yrs 5'10 i agree 100 percent the man is 7'2" he towered over 6'3" batista.
16 yrs and 5"10 said on 14/Jul/07
rob update khalis height to 7"2 he is definitely 7"2 and not an inch shorter than that...
mike m said on 14/Jul/07
according to the way taker looked next to khali,and the way batista did it appears to me that taker would have a good 5 inches on batista,taker has to be 6'8".
mike m said on 14/Jul/07
what,s cenas true height ,cause whatever that is add another 2 inches,and you,ll have batistas.
JT said on 14/Jul/07
Click Here
mike m said on 11/Jul/07
khali could make 7'3" easy all he has to do is wear big lifts like kane,lol.
hellfire boy said on 11/Jul/07
khali is 7'2'' in shoes. without them he's about 7'0.5'' he did'nt really look 7'3'' compared to the big show who's 6'11.5'' and 7'1'' in shoes khali did not look 2'' taller than show. taller than him by around 1'' - 1.5'' at least. yeah 7'1'' sounds right for khali
AKK said on 8/Jul/07
I just checked. For 5'8(173 cm), my head is almost exactly 9 inches from top to chin. This gives a height of roughly 7.5 heads(9/69 is about the same as 1/7.5, 0.13~)
LV said on 8/Jul/07
I think you guys are confusing soles with heels. A 1.25" sole will give you 1.25" of extra height. Sole height is consistent across the entire length of the shoe/boot. In comparison, a 2" heel might give 1"-1.5" of extra height because of the way the foot pivots. Some of these wrestlers that are trying to appear much taller (Big Show while in WCW) wore boots with thick soles and a heel. Guys like Hogan that are just trying to add some extra height typically wear a thick soled boot like these(Click Here). This is why a likely 6'5.5"-6'5.75" peak Hogan looked 6'7"+ in ring gear.
mike m said on 7/Jul/07
vegas can you provide the pic of nash and kareem?
mike m said on 7/Jul/07
dalip has at least 7-8 inches on godsey in that if godsey is a legit 6'6" then khali stands 7'1" to 7'2" easily.
JT said on 7/Jul/07
(Click Here) Burt Reynolds is around 5’10”. Gary Godsey is in the 6’6” to 6’7” range.

Alex, it will if the sole under the entire ball of the foot is 1.25"
Alex said on 6/Jul/07
A sole that is 1.25 inches I think will give you 1.25 inches to your height.
mike m said on 6/Jul/07
ok an inch and a quarter no argument here,just estimating.
Vegas said on 6/Jul/07
ok mike here is a good website Click Here

are big shows boot soles thicker than some of the boots there??? no is my answer. All the boots there have soles of 1.25" and we know that a sole of 1.25" gives a lift of much less than 1.25".

There is no way wights boots give him up to 2" advantage over Singh's. Barefoot i believe both would be the same height we see on the videos
mike m said on 5/Jul/07
take away the thick soled boots show is wearing and i think we would definitely see a 2 inch difference in 6'11 and dalip 7'1".
Vegas said on 2/Jul/07
anonymous yes thats what JT has already said; khali's eyes are higher than shows!! however eye level (as well as shoulder level etc) does not determine overall height; brock lesnars eyes were higher than hulk hogans in a staredown yet lesnar was 1" shorter overall, height difference is only measured from the tops of both heads and as JT has pointed out, that is barely noticeable between show and khali with it being 1" max between the two.

shows forehead is much bigger than khalis and that is why is eyes are so low.
anonymous said on 2/Jul/07
if you draw a straight line from khalis eye level over to big show it comes to about an inch,inch in a half above shows eye level.the distance may be a factor their not standing close together,but i say there is a definite inch without a doubt between the two.if khali tops out at 7'2" then show is 7'1" maybe 6'11.5 barefoot.
RiCo said on 2/Jul/07
Dalip Singh aka The Great Khali is 7'2 and is half a foot taller than both Kane and Undertaker who are both around the 6'8/6'9 bracket. He is also 2 or 3 inches taller than the 6'11.5 Big Show
anonymous said on 1/Jul/07
vegas draw a line from khalis eye level over to show.
JT said on 1/Jul/07
To me, Singh and Big Show look roughly the same size in their ring gear, with any true difference in height from the larger soles on Big Show’s boots. Singh has such great posture and a full head of hair that he always appears tall. (Click Here) (Click Here) In looking at it again, I also think Singh does have a smaller (but still huge) head, with his eyes set higher than Big Show, which adds to his apparent height. In the second pic, Big Show actually straightens out his neck, which is something he had not done since the WCW and early WWF days.

I’m sure some pics of Singh with NBA stars and other celebrities, etc. will eventually surface. He just seems to tower over everyone such as the McMahons to be anything under 7 feet. I think Editor Rob’s 7’1” estimate is spot on for now. Has that clip with Singh on Conan O’Brien’s show ever been posted?
Vegas said on 1/Jul/07
i gonna post these again Click Here and Click Here

Honestly gollum imo i don't see 2". 1" probably; 1.5" maximum between the two (and at times no height difference at all!!)

I think khali may be closer to 7ft barefoot than 7'1 though; although he looks every bit of 7'1 next to cena which is strange???

btw gollum i am only after seeing your june 3 entry now. Is it possible for you to post those pics of you and your dad next to abyss and jbl??
Gollum said on 30/Jun/07
Khali has at least 2 inches on Big Show.
mike m said on 30/Jun/07
if you draw a straight line from khalis eye to big show,khalis eye level comes about mid forehead on big show.i say there is at least an inch an a half difference in height between the if khali is a legit 7'2" show tops out at 7'1 max,barefoot 6'11.5".
mew f said on 29/Jun/07
In The Longest Yard it said he was 7'10 ( making of )
mike m said on 28/Jun/07
imo it doesn,t appear to me that khali has 6 inches on taker,the difference looks more like 4 inches.
Robert said on 27/Jun/07
He also has bigger hands than Big Show, not just length wise. I have checked it on video.
Gollum said on 25/Jun/07
Khali is a good 7'1 or maybe 7'2.
anonymous said on 25/Jun/07
khali easily steps over the top rope,the top rope is about waist level on him,the average man 5'10" around chest level the top rope.
LV said on 20/Jun/07
Khali is slouching big time in that picture, he's surely 11-12" taller.
Nick said on 19/Jun/07
If you go to this link, it shows khali standing in between to other indian wrestlers, the one of the left of him is said to be 6'2. So although Khali doesn't look much taller, its nearlly a foot.

Click Here
Tom said on 18/Jun/07
After seeing wrestlemania 23 It's clear khali has about 13-16 cm on kane
poiuv said on 7/Jun/07
umaga is actually 6'4 and if you have not noticed he wrestles barefoot and khalli wears big boots, khalli is 10 inches bigger i would say.
poiuv said on 7/Jun/07
umaga is actually 6'4 and if you have not noticed he wrestles barefoot and khalli wears big boots, khalli is 10 inches bigger i would say.
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
On Raw last night with 6'2 Umaga barefoot Singh had 12-13 inches on him so barefoot Singh would be like 7'1 most likely but no more.
Arjun said on 5/Jun/07
Alex, I agree. Show looks quite a bit shorter than he is due to his short (relatively, of course) legs, long torso, no neck, and huge head.
Alex said on 4/Jun/07
Arjun, years ago when I thought most heads were like 8 inches and I thought the same for Big Show believe it or not, LOL.
Thats a reason why some may think Big Show is shorter. They'll see a guy a head shorter and think Big Show's head is like 9 inches.
Arjun said on 4/Jun/07
Big Show's head is too huge to be anything under 12 inches. It actually looks more in the 12.5 inch range to me.
mike m said on 4/Jun/07
on dalip singhs fan page it says his real height is 7'3",if that,s the case we know show is 7'1" so there would be a 2 inch difference.
Alex said on 3/Jun/07
Big Show's head has gotta be like 12 inches. Mine is about 9.5 inches.
Gollum said on 3/Jun/07
I went to the CWA this weekend and met several superstars "legends" because of my VIP I was able to even interveiw a several of them. First off Kamala, who is a true gentlemen and is tall and has lost about 150ibs. He stands a good 6'7 barefoot. Nice guy. Jake Roberts a true jerk and legend in his own mind is also tall I figure about 6'6 but in wrestling boots he has at least 1 inch on Kamala if that is any help to you on boot size and how they can change a wrestlers height. Greg Valentine seemed about 5'10 and the Mid Night Express and Rock'n Roll Express were all in the 5'9, 5'10 range. Magnum TA was there and the poor fellow still has that champion look and makes one wonder. Timber was there along with a very fat org. Mask Superstar. Jake Roberts is a total dick, he thinks hes Hulk Hogan or something. I have pictures of me 6'2.5 and my brother Jonathan 6'4 taken with some of the taller wrestlers and it will show you there heights compared to us. Vegas I will also have a good Abyss pic and JBL pic with me to show how tall they are with me to show just how much taller JBL is than Abyss.
mike m said on 3/Jun/07
well maybe i could be as big as 12 inches soory vegas.from the second video they both look about the same height imo.
Vegas said on 3/Jun/07
mike m; Big shows head 9"????? Surely you are not being serious man ;) my head is more than 9". How big is my friends head if Big Show's is just 9"??? 7" max :D

BTW there are just the two meetings of khali and show and here are both on video Click Here and Click Here
mike m said on 3/Jun/07
big show with the 5'8" announcer figure show heas has to be at least 9 inches maybe 10.ok from the bottom of his chin to the top of that guys head there is at least 6-7 inches,so just say shows head is 9 inches ,add 6 inches thats 15,that would put show at 6'11" minumum in that pic.
Albi said on 3/Jun/07
By the way, if Dalip's head seems enormous to you, just compare it to Cena's head. If my Photoshop hasn't gone nuts, they're about the same height. He might have a big chin, but he doesn't have a big head. Andre the Giant had a big head. Giant Silva has a big head, but Khali does not.
Albi said on 3/Jun/07
Vegas, the Rock is loosing exactly 2 inches there (taking into account that Glenn is loosing at least half-an-inch too). However, he is a bodybuilder, we are sure his body is standing firm. You cannot expect the same thing from a 210cm thin basketball player. Those guys don't just lean, they drop their body, both in the spine and in the knees. I have a friend of mine, 194cm very slim, that looses 1inch just from his big head that he cannot keep straight. A far cry from Stallone's posture, thats for sure.
mike m said on 2/Jun/07
vegas could you provide a pic of dalip and big show side by side.
Vegas said on 2/Jun/07
not sure i agree Albi; here is a celeb leaning alot Click Here and Editor Rob says that lean is losing the Rock only about 1"-1.5" there. Michaels and Duncan seem to be standing roughly the same to me. I am almost the exact same height as Michaels and Flair (who is just a smidge taller than me), i have met them both btw; and I have a picture with Matt Morgan where I am exactly as tall next to him as Shawn is to Duncan. In that photo i posted Duncan looks 6'8-6'9 next to Flair and HBK imo; but then photos are not always the best to estimate height.
mike m said on 2/Jun/07
i,d probably say more like 4-5 inches the most.taker has to be no less than 6'8",there doesn,t seem to be a whole lotta difference in height to me.
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/07
I would suprise me that when Khali makes his debut and is supposed to be as big as the Eiffel tower, they would try to make Taker look taller having him wear bigger boots... But then again, who knows. You won't find much logic in the WWE.
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/07
Ghost, I too saw only a 5" difference between Taker and Khali, Taker was'nt dwarfed by him. Maybe he (UT) brought out the bigger boots for that match?
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/07
Seeing that Cena has a slight footwear advantage, there would probably be around 12 inches on the dot between the two men barefoot. Khali is at least 7'0", but no more than 7'1".
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/07
An 8 inch head is too small for an average height guy. I'm only 5'8", but my head is almost exactly (within 1-2 mm) 9.5" or 24 cm. It looks pretty average to me. I would say a 5'3" person would come to about the bottom of the nose/bottom of ears of a 5'10" person, or if the 5'10" person looks up, to the mouth.
mike m said on 1/Jun/07
your right vegas i,m not a giant just average compared to paul wight or dalip singh.
Albi said on 1/Jun/07
Vegas, using "the head" (pun intended) to calculate his height, I'd give him 21-22cm over Michaels right away. Then he is a basketball player, and a very tall slim one, so he is leaning a lot, both in his upper body that we can see and probably in his legs too. He probably isn't keeping his knees straight. So 30cm difference makes sense. But, ok, my method may be very wrong at times, since I'm not 7ft and have a proportionate head (unlike most of those ugly malformed giants).
Craiger said on 1/Jun/07
"The day the 2 faced off they said 7'0 and 7'3 while there was no way a 3 inch difference."

actually alex I hate to be one to correct people, however that day was the only day they siad khali was under 7'3", when he entered the ring beofre bgi show came out michael cole refered to him as 7'2"
Vegas said on 1/Jun/07
You have an eight inch head mike m if (your wife is 7" shorter than you and the top of her head comes up to about an inch above your chin) and you are 5'10??? That seems a little too small of a head to me. a person 5'3 should come to at least the mouth of someone 5'10
Vegas said on 1/Jun/07
the staredown is approx 45 seconds into this video Click Here Camera angle is not the best but it looks between 5" and 6" to me
mike m said on 1/Jun/07
my wife is 5'3",and i,m 5,10",the top of her head comes up to about an inch above my chin,so theres 7 inches there.khali, knowing he has a larger head ,cause of acromegely,i assume since cena looks about chin level ,there has to be at least a 10 inch difference in height.
Ghost said on 1/Jun/07
I would say Cena is 6'05 and Khali 7'05.

I find it hard to believe Khali is 7'1 or more since he was only 5 inches taller than Taker. Could somebody repost pics from their stare-down?
Arjun said on 1/Jun/07
Actually, Cena could be a tiny bit (1 cm) above the very bottom of Khali's chin w/o his hair. Still the difference is very close to 12 inches - not less than 11.5 inches. If Cena is 6'2" in basketball boots or 6'0.5"ish barefoot, Khali really cannot be less than 7'0" and is more likely 7'0.5" or upto 7'1" max.
Arjun said on 1/Jun/07
In Vegas's photos, Singh (who we can be sure is standing fully straight, as he always does :) has Cena by exactly a head discounting Cena's hair, and a head is around 12 inches for Singh - surely not less than 11.5 inches? Nothing under 7'0" for Khali, as Cena who is around 6'0" barefoot has a slight footwear advantage too.
mike m said on 31/May/07
that guy is tim duncan he,s 6'11".
Alex said on 30/May/07
Singh has around 13 inches on Cena. 7'1 and 6'0 makes the most sense.
Alex said on 30/May/07
Cena on TV refers to Khali as 7'5 and King says 7'4 sometimes too while JR says 7'3. Yet they'll say Big Show is 7'0 while really there isn't more than an inch between the 2 guys. The day the 2 faced off they said 7'0 and 7'3 while there was no way a 3 inch difference.
Vegas said on 30/May/07
Some screenshots of singh and cena at judgment day Click Here Singhs chin is stupidly big and is putting us off on our estimation(s) slightly. Cena is easily 4" short of Singh's mouth in that staredown

Everyone knows I met Cena face to face and estimated him at roughly 6'2 in his big basketball boots. before i started posting here Jason was saying Cena looked 6'1 both times he saw him up close Click Here 13/Feb/06 entry and i am sure he took shoes into account when estimating him
Vegas said on 30/May/07
Albi you obviously are close to 7ft and have acromelagy too??? Singh's head is easily 12" or about 31cm. Look how much bigger his head is than an average sized guy and girl (and both of these are wrestlers) Click Here

Or how much bigger his head is than a big guy like Kane Click Here

Correct JT, on Raw Jim Ross said Singh "is probably bigger than 7'3, more likely 7'4" or something along those lines. I didnt think i would ever hear that, they obviously have huge plans for Singh!!!

Just out of curiosity Albi how tall DO YOU THINK the big guy here is in this photo Click Here taking into account that Cena (in his big basketball boots is roughly 2" taller than Shawn Michaels) Click Here
JT said on 29/May/07
Vegas, I now think Khali’s head is probably in the 12 inch range, like Big Show’s and Andre’s. It looks about the same size as Big Show’s here when their noggins are in similar positions. (Click Here) IMO, another reason why Khali looked taller in that video is that he had his hands on his hips in that military posture, which raised his shoulder level.

I still think he’d have Big Show by around an inch though (7’1” vs. 7’0”). I think one of the announcers last night mentioned Singh as being 7'4", the "sacrosanct" but bogus height of Andre! It would be great to see an early WCW-size Big Show match up against Singh.
Albi said on 29/May/07
Against Cena, Khali had a full head of heaight advantage (I just checked it on the video). My head is 24cm tall, Khali's shoudln't be more than 28cm, even 28 is a big stretch for a human head. 30cm ofdifference as someone else suggested is way too much for a head. For him to have 33cm advantage over Cena would require Cena to wear heels in a match, which is impossible. Either upgrade Cena or downgrade Khali. I would put Khali at 212cm.

I suggest you guys start using the "head" as a measure. The phrase "to me looks" is completely out of place when talking about 30cm of height difference.
Gollum said on 29/May/07
I agree Vegas, Viscera is the only guy on Raw who even comes close to this dudes height,.
Vegas said on 29/May/07
i'd like to see that. at the moment he is making everyone in the WWE look like a midget which is a bit silly really. They should do Viscera and Singh, that would be interesting imo
Alex said on 29/May/07
Vegas, I think they gotta have Big Show vs Singh when Big Show and I assume he'll be back sooner or later again.
Vegas said on 29/May/07
one thing which caught my eye watching raw last nite was the size of Singh. here is the video (really awful quality) Click Here Play rite to the end when umaga, vince, shane and singh are all on the ramp standing side by side. Look at how much Singh dwarfs 6'1-6'2 Shane there, amazing
Alex said on 29/May/07
He looked at least 7'1 last night on Raw. Umaga who is 6'2 was an inch shorter than Shane who was 6'3 in shoes so he's 6'2 barefoot and looked a good foot shorter than Khali or maybe more. Khali could be wearing a bit of lift sometimes though.
Alex said on 26/May/07
Whats the standard wrestler boot give? 1.5 inches? If so then its equal to nike shox.
Vegas said on 26/May/07
I think Cena's Shox are giving him 0.5-0.75" over Khali's rather flat footwear (the pictures have been posted before). I base my evidence on the fact that Cena IS taller now wearing basketball boots than he WAS wearing wrestling boots when he started in the WWE
Big Show said on 25/May/07
thx Vegas. Khali has over a full head on Khali. I doubt if the footwear of either one is giving him much advantage compared to the other one. If Cena is 6', I'm guessing Khali to be 7'0.5!
Alex said on 24/May/07
Those nike shox give like 1.5 inches of height to you. The ones I got I feel taller in them than my other pairs of sneakers that give 1-1.25 inches of height depending on the pair.
Vegas said on 24/May/07
dont worry Big Show the full match is here Click Here looks like a 12" difference to me between Cena and Singh and then you have to take into account Cena's 1.4" Shox he is wearing
Big Show said on 24/May/07
Damn, the video didn't get posted for being too long. Does anyone know a good programm to convert RealPlayer to AVI/MPEG/WMV? I'm unable to split the video in 2 parts, because Windows Moviemaker (my editor programm) doesn't recognise the RealPlayer format.
Big Show said on 23/May/07
Click Here

Khali vs. John Cena at Judgment Day 2007. Looks a full foot to me.
Alex said on 23/May/07
Arjun, I agree pretty much. 5'10.5-5'11 for HBK and 7'1 for Khali.
nova said on 23/May/07
Khali looks to have 1 1/2 inches on the Big Show here but you have to take into account the Big Show's boot souls are at least an inch thicker than Khali's. So Khali 7'1+ & Big Show 6'11 but probably 7' peak for Show.
Click Here
Arjun said on 23/May/07
I would say 5'11" for Michaels, 7'0" - 7'1" for Singh. Michaels seemed to be at best till his shoulders, likely slightly below. Roughly the same difference as between Singh and Piper.
Arjun said on 22/May/07
He massively towered Shawn Michaels on Raw last night. The commentators were repeatedly referring to Khali as "7-foot-3, 430 lbs" Hard to tell the exact difference, but I'd say over a foot. He was throwing Michaels around like a rag doll! How tall is Michaels - 5'11" - 6'0", I believe?
Arjun said on 20/May/07
He was measured as a bodybuilder in India (in his 20's) at 6'11.5", but I think he is a bit taller than that now.
big show fan said on 20/May/07
khali was measured at 7'1" according to an indian bodybuiliding site ,but when maybe he is 7'2" now.

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