How tall is Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig's Height

5ft 10.25in (178 cm)

British actor best known for playing James Bond in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre. He has also appeared in Layer Cake, Cowboys & Aliens, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Golden Compass, Enduring Love and Road to Perdition. A resume once had him listed 5ft 11, although one newspaper said he refused to reveal his height.
Let's just say I am somewhere between 5ft and 6ft.
His co-star in Quantum of Solace, Gemma Arterton, once commented upon the type of footwear Daniel wore when starring opposite her in scenes:
Daniel is 5ft 10in but when they put me in heels, I was taller than him and it didn't look good on screen...Daniel had to wear shoes with a lift in them and stacked heels for a few scenes, but he took it very well. He thought it was funny. He didn't have to wear the special shoes during the whole film, just for the scenes where they wanted me in stilettos. - Gemma Arterton (Daily Mail, July 2008)

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Average Guess (32 Votes)
5ft 9.77in
Chris said on 20/Nov/16
That said, he looks 177cm to me.
Chris said on 20/Nov/16
In the Ian Flemming novel's bond is described as being 183cm, so the idea that bond has to be 6'3 was never in the novels.
Johno said on 17/Nov/16
@Josh, agreed.
Josh Jeffords said on 30/Oct/16
As bond he looks 5 10 every other bond looked 6 to 6 3 average instead tall.
That being said barefoot he is probably under that can look under 5 9 like in tomb raider.
Good looking guy no doubt seems very insecure always has a facade.
At times a good actor but sometimes weak.
HonestSlovene said on 29/Oct/16
Bond should be anywhere from 5'10 to 6'3 range (solid average to solid tall) IMO. Daniel still meets that lower requirement and most Bonds like Brosnan, Connery and Moore have been in the 6'1-6'2 range.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 29/Oct/16
By 187-188 CM Mark Strong:

Click Here

He's at least 5'10", if not a bit taller.
a wonderer said on 27/Oct/16
His height doesn't really matter, he's a very manly and charismatic man in any regard, and perfectly fit for the role of Bond. I don't understand people seriously saying that James Bond needs to be above average height, it doesn't really make sense. Of course Bond needs to be a capable and tough guy who can stand his ground againgst all kinds of potent foes, but it's not like a few centrimetres make a huge difference in standing your ground. If you look at the real world military special forces (like the SAS where Bond is supposed to have been) you won't see only above average height men in there. Being in such a unit has a lot of difficult requirements most men won't be able to fill, but being above average height is none of those.
Dmeyer said on 23/Oct/16
The built dosnt lie hé has one of à 177-8cm Guy
Flint said on 22/Oct/16
Those black shoes he's wearing in the pics above look like they are huge lifts.
Anthony Paul said on 16/Oct/16
What should be his current height,Rob?
Editor Rob: I would be surprised if he lost more than a tiny amount by late 40's.
newbie said on 14/Oct/16
Honestly can't see 5'10.25 as others have said he looks the same height as Graham Norton who, even allowing for shrinking a bit, has never been more than 5'9. Do wonder if it wasn't for the Bond bit would his height be an issue at all.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Sep/16
Leslie Nielsen looking like Craig's doppleganger

Click Here
grizz said on 20/Sep/16
@Johno, Hardy is 5'9 while Craig is 5'10. 5'10 is average height in UK so that's still a passable height for Bond, he's only 2 inches shorter than Flemming's Bond. Even though it seems like height request will be dumped soon since they're seriously considering a 5'7 guy for Bond role
Johno said on 14/Sep/16
I don't understand why some like Tom Hardy has a hard time with his height in order to be considered for Bond, whereas as someone like Craig, my best Bond BTW, gets an easier ride? They are both probably the same height. Hardy would be an excellent Bond, gritty just like Craig.
heightchecker34 said on 26/Jul/16
@ganggreen- why wouldn't 5'10.25 men wear lifts? I do not know Daniel Craig habits, but you are acting like its an above average height.. its average that's it... many men would wear lifts. I'm 5'9-5'9.25, and like @truth said below me 5'9-5'10 is average height, sometimes you feel tall and sometimes short. It just depends on your insecurities, or some people merely like to wear lifts for fashion purposes. Nothing wrong either way... and yet some don't even care. Everyone is different.
truth said on 17/Jul/16
@Johan LOL exactly, I would suggest to ignore Ice and his projection of his insecurities onto other people, if anything I find Daniel Craig to be a very secure man.

I am probably the exact same height and I feel very average. Sometimes short, sometimes tall but very average.
Johan said on 11/Jul/16
I haven't ever seen him get towered ? He just looks average height in all his films and also on the street. He is in great shape for his age most guys let themselves go after 40.
littlesue said on 9/Jul/16
Don't think he insecure at all, he just got fed up of people asking his height at the time he was cast as Bond. The obsession of 'he can't be Bond as he not over 6ft'. Any other time he not bothered
Ice said on 6/Jul/16
Daniel Craig is a good example of how towered a 5'10 guy gets all the time , and how short one really can feel at that height .
Ice said on 6/Jul/16
"Lets say Im somwhere between 5 and 6 feet" lol , this guys insecure
Francis said on 9/Jun/16
rob, jude law is at least an inch taller than him

just google pics of the two

and i'm fair to say i believe jude is a little above 5'10, like 5'10.25 or even 5'10.5
but if you downgrade a taller man is coherent to downgrade a shorter one as well, in this case daniel craig
Editor Rob: Jude certainly can pull off looking taller at times, but so can many actors.
aymen bns said on 6/Jun/16
i dont know rob but i think daniel is about 175/176cm u can see this picture with olga kurylenko which is listed by ur website 173cm
search in google "Olga Kurylenko - Portfolio. Les plus clbres James Bond Girls -"
and u will find a picture of her with daniel barefoot while daniel is wearing a shoes ( can add at least 2 cm) so what do u think rob ?
Editor Rob: I'd be surprised if Craig was as low as 5ft 9, I've not see enough to suggest he is.
littlesue said on 5/Jun/16
No way is he as low as 5ft 8, still 5ft 10 on a good day, pics next to his wife show he still noticibly taller when she in her high heels
Liftmensch said on 3/Jun/16
I would like to introduce some new evidence here. There is a lovely Tom Ford suit made for Daniel Craig for Bond 21 but not used in the film. It showed up on eBay, and 007 has kindly bequeathed to us his measurements. Craig wears a 40R, with a 32 waist and 33 inseam. That is an 8 inch "drop", or difference between the chest measurement and waist measurement. Average is generally 6 inches, so Craig has proportionally a larger chest than most men, which is evident in his movies.
I like nice suits, and have to have mine tailored to fit. I wear a 42R with a 32 waist, and 32 inseam. My chest is 2 inches larger than Craig's and my trousers are an inch shorter. Without lifts I am 5'7" tall. With them and dress boots I measure 5'10 1/2". I wear lifts except to bathe and sleep.

I estimate Craig's height to be 5'8" or 5'9" barefoot, and not much more, and early pix of him bear that out.

His suits have hacking pockets, a classic English tailor trick to elongate the torso.

The suit is still for sale, for about $9000.00.
Dmeyer said on 31/May/16
Hanks can look near 3in over craig , but lets not forget Hanks has shoe in the 3-3,5cm so about 2cm shoes than 1,5cm converse so 2in diffrence becomes near 3in , who both in normal shoes craig looks barely shorter
Dmeyer said on 29/May/16
When you list someone 5 ft 10,25 you mean they dont dip under 5 ft 10
Editor Rob: Today he might just be around 5ft 10, but at 48 a small few mm's might have been lost, especially through his 4 Bond films and all the effort gone into them.
Johnny said on 24/May/16
@Rob how tall is his daughter? Click Here
Editor Rob: they might be close in height if you got them standing together.
Ian C. said on 19/May/16
In Ian Fleming's From Russia With Love it is revealed that James Bond is six feet tall and 170 pounds. So Craig isn't that far off, although Bond was not some hypermuscular gym freak, as Craig seems to be. Also, Fleming's Bond smokes, has black hair, and is actually quite sexually continent, which was in keeping with the sexual morality of the fifties and early sixties, when the books were first published. In a few of the books he doesn't actually sleep with anyone female until the last chapter. In Moonraker he doesn't sleep with anyone at all. In Live and Let Die, he refuses to sleep with the willing Bond girl, and his excuse is that he has a broken finger.
c-mo said on 30/Apr/16
Rob when you say that he is 178cm do you mean that he is that at night or midday ?

what do you think would be his lowest in a day ?
Editor Rob: there is a good chance he is 5ft 10 flat evening.
truth said on 30/Apr/16
As a fellow 5ft10-5ft10.5 nighter I think Daniel is around my height, we also have similiar mesomorphic build and face lol.
Arc107 said on 8/Apr/16
I think 5'10.5 is possible. Rob did you hear about the people that said he was to short to be james bond because he wasn't 6'0+ that might be why he refused to give his height in that interview he was starting to get annoyed at people making a big deal out of it.
Editor Rob: he seems at times to be annoyed with interviewers and fame. Maybe he didn't like to answer as he felt it wasn't important?

Who knows what goes through the mind's of some actors. At times a level of fame sometimes can change them and give a warped sense of self-importance.

As for his height, I rewatched Spectre and actually he could at times look near 179cm, especially when standing with someone like Belucci (who may be sub 5ft 7 now)...

but typically I wouldn't go over 178cm.
Eric said on 26/Mar/16
I'd say he's 5'9 or at most 5'10. He's using the elevator shoes so possible he could be as low as 5'9 in my opinion.
Writershirley@ said on 9/Mar/16
I think he is a good Bond plays the parts excellent! His height does not matter his demure puts him at 6+feet!
ganggreen said on 4/Mar/16
5'10.25 men do not have to wear lifts...........Daniel wears lifts.......he is nowhere near his attributed height.
Jedi Master 5' 11 said on 17/Feb/16
He's 5' 8". Just google paprazzi pics of them, and read up on how he had to wear like 3 inch lifts when he was filming bond movies.
Johno said on 3/Feb/16
Although, Hanks has some hefty boots on there.
Johno said on 3/Feb/16
@George, judging by those comparisons with Hanks, i say having a suspecion of Danial being "Alot-a-bit" under 5'10 would not be irrational.
George said on 1/Feb/16
I too was pretty sure Craig didn't fall below the 5'10" mark until I stumbled across these photos of him before he was an A-list star. Pictured with Sam Mendes and Tom Hanks:
Click Here
A more recent picture of Craig and Mendes, only now Craig has a few inches on Mendes. Makes me think he's a lift wearer for sure:
Click Here
Now some factors I can think of. In the photos with Hanks and Mendes, he's wearing Converse, which are essentially flat. Plus his posture could be better. That being said, I'm pretty sure Mendes is about 5'9/5'9.5". As a former firm believer of Craig being no less than 5'10", I don't think under is out of the question now. Your thoughts?
Dan said on 20/Jan/16
Rob how tall do you think Daniel Craig will measure next to Guy Pearce? Do you think they are the exact same height or one of the two would edge the other one from a few millimeters?
Editor Rob: both I think are guys who I doubt would measure less than the 5ft 10 mark, so a little over I think in both cases are likely.

Craig's body has probably had a lot more wear and tear than Guy's, through his Bond roles.
Johno said on 19/Jan/16
Funny, to me he looks pretty average in height ie 5'9 and can also look as low as 5'8.
Daniel said on 12/Jan/16
In the picture with Harrison Ford they look the same height. Craig doesn't seem less than 5'11'' to me
LempitMax said on 31/Dec/15
Rob, how tall is Sir Alan (Lord) Sugar?
Editor Rob: Lord Sugar is modest. He is one of the few CEO's I know of who cuts out the soles of his shoes and has just a very thin layer he walks on. That's why he look 5ft 7 but says he's 5ft 8 ;)
Ray said on 26/Dec/15
Rob, do you think Daniel is raising his back foot for more height in his picture with Harrison Ford?
Editor Rob: I don't think he has, there's a fair few photos of them together and really not much between them, except that Craig has the better posture maybe in most of them.
Khanoo7 said on 25/Dec/15
girl's alway's wear sandel so, they alway's look much heighter but acc. To 5.5 inch. Is. Best height for men
Z187 said on 22/Dec/15
His MT waxwork was at least 5'11 next to me
Dan said on 21/Dec/15
I think he is exactly 5′ 10″. He often wears small lifts in his shoes and he has a very good posture which helps him give the impression to be slightly taller. Look at this picture with 5'7 Waltz: Click Here I see exactly 3 inches there.
dmeyer said on 20/Dec/15
With a 3-3.5cm heel and good posture or with 0.5in lifts he can defenetly look 5 ft 11-11.5 near 180-1cm ford and near 174-5cm pegg
Phil said on 18/Dec/15
He looks exactly the same height as Harrison Ford, how is he nearly 6ft
Jon said on 15/Dec/15
Daniel is 5'10" on the spot, but he tends to wear lifts to make him appear taller, that is why he appears to be the same height as Harrison Ford who is a little under 6 feet tall. I saw Craig in New York City, he appeared a couple of inches shorter than me, I am little over 6 feet tall. A lot of people were against him when he replaced Pierce Brosnan as James Bond back in 2005. He surprised a lot of people and turned out to become the most popular actor to portray the spy since Sean Connery. I think part of the appeal of him is that he is just an average guy playing an extraordinary character compared to the other actors, people can more easily relate to Craig than they can to the other actors who portrayed Bond.
TJE said on 7/Dec/15
Rob, based on this pic, would the current listings for Daniel and Christoph still stand?

Click Here

A plain old 5'10 is very possible for Daniel, IMO.
Editor Rob: he can look a bit more than 3 inches taller there
Big C said on 5/Dec/15
Editor Rob: I think they should employ a well known New York villain, Big G, as Bond's next nemesis. His weapon of choice is Steel Toed elevator boots, and his backup is lethal poison tipped sharpies.

Lol yeah
Big C said on 4/Dec/15
Rob which other old bond villian do you think should return for the next bond film? Maybe jaws? I know Richard kiel is dead now R.I.P, but maybe they could get someone who looks like him and whos over 7ft aswell? I wish Richard was still alive, he was my favorite bond villian and still is, I heard he was a friendly giant and he did seem very friendly didn't he? I wish I could have met him I would look like a shrimp next to him!
Editor Rob: I think they should employ a well known New York villain, Big G, as Bond's next nemesis. His weapon of choice is Steel Toed elevator boots, and his backup is lethal poison tipped sharpies.
candie said on 4/Dec/15
exactly the right body frame of a man who is 176cm. Nothing more. Look at those lifts in the photos, so evident.

I'm 176cm and in good shape too and in photos I have the same body size/length as Craig.
CD said on 3/Dec/15
Rob didn't G already steal the 0058 title? ;)
Editor Rob: G is a 00568, I'm the real 0058!
Big C said on 3/Dec/15
Hahaha I like your bond pic/pose Rob, actually if you were 4 inches taller, had a shave and grow your hair longer (not saying your short hair doesn't suit you btw, it does) like maybe sean connerys hair or pierce brosnans and get a muscular build (not too big though) I'd say you wouldnt make a bad bond! I think your'e not bad looking yourself either (no homo)
Editor Rob: been a long time since I was truly clean shaven, there's a first for everything!
Big C said on 3/Dec/15
Hmm Im not sure I'd say i look rugged Rob, I don't have Daniel Craigs look and I look my age.
Big C said on 3/Dec/15
Maybe if I grew my hair a bit and had a shave and lose a bit of weight so I'd look like a slim guy instead of a big built guy (im not fat or muscular just big framed)I could pull off the bond look perhaps? Yeah I think I might have to agree with you Rob, i look more like a tough guy than james bond, since I have a freakishly deep voice aswell, I'd be too scary and intimidating to be bond especially with my Lurch sound alike voice lol, I could maybe play as a new bond villian for the next bond film? What do you think?
Editor Rob: Bond would certainly have a fight on his hands taking on Big C.
Big C said on 3/Dec/15
Are girls attracted to the tough guy look Rob?
Editor Rob: you can look tough but be a nice guy...always better to be kind and treat women well!
Big C said on 3/Dec/15
Im not good looking then Rob?
Editor Rob: I think you would be attractive to quite a few girls, maybe even a 'rugged' guy...
Big C said on 2/Dec/15
Hey Rob do you think I have the looks to be the next james bond?
Click Here
Click Here

What do you think? Also I am exactly james bonds height, 6ft/183cm
Editor Rob: you might be better suited as playing a tough guy than a Bond...that's no bad thing!!

now if they're wanting an even shorter Bond than Daniel, well Look No Further
Jimbo said on 2/Dec/15
Rob, do you think he was in the 6ft range in spectre, especially when he was at the mountains ?
Editor Rob: not sure he could look that tall, well, unless camera angles are helping...
Big C said on 30/Nov/15
Rob have you watched Spectre yet?. I thought it was pretty good, I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it yet but an old bond villian is in it, I hope daniel will be bond for a few more films, he's my favourite james bond.
Editor Rob: yes, I also hope he does one more Bond, then maybe someone else will take over.
Big C said on 30/Nov/15
Rob I know you aren't gay but would you say daniel craig is handsome or average looking? I think he's in between maybe, I certainly wouldn't say he's ugly a bit rugged though, I think sean connery and Pierce Brosnan were the most handsome james bonds, they were tall and had the best heights aswell 6ft 2-6ft 1-1.25, daniel is only average height at 5ft 10 but he's still a really good james bond.
Editor Rob: attractiveness can be a combination of the way you look, your physique, your hair, how you hold yourself, dress yourself, the way you talk and how you treat others.

On the surface Craig may not be as conventionally handsome as a guy like Brosnan, but still a ruggedly handsome man that will make many a women get a little bit hot and flustered over.
Sebs said on 28/Nov/15
Easily 5'10-5'10.5 . He doesn't exaggerate his height, he could've easily claimed 6 feet and a lot of the bond height backlash would be even worse if he stated any numeric value as his height
184.3cm (Night) said on 25/Nov/15
I think i have heard it all now. Craig with a teenager's face? He has that rugged look and i always guessed him as being mid 40's. I mean even back when he did Casino royale i thought mid 40's he doesn't seem to have really aged the past 10 years.
Funny to think its almost 10 years since he stepped into Bond's shoes.

177cm minimum for him.

Sam said on 24/Nov/15
Looks a typical 5'9-5'10 range guy... comfortably enough to claim 5'10, but can appear shorter sometimes because of his stocky build. I don't think he'd measure anything over 5'10. I think that's the most he would be.
littlesue said on 23/Nov/15
Teenagers face????? he gorgeous but he looks closer to 50 than a teenager. lol
Sammy Derrick said on 22/Nov/15
In the movie Cowboys And Aliens, his character is described as Age:37 Height:5 feet 10 inches Weight: 175lbs Lighter hair, blue eyes and stronger features.
This in my own opinion was a perfect description of Daniel Craig...He has a man's body but a teenager's face(my opinion).
MD said on 20/Nov/15
@Z187, before posting other's heights, you should check here first. We have Batista listed at 6'2.75".
Z187 said on 19/Nov/15
180 in shoes, maybe 181. Bautista is 6-4 so he's obviously looked a tad shorter than him in Spectre.
Dan said on 18/Nov/15
He looks pretty average to me. I think 5ft 10.25in might be his morning height but during most of the day he probably drop at 5ft 10in flat.
Duhon said on 16/Nov/15
I think people here on this site believe every actor who says they are 5'10" must actually be 5'8" or even 5'7" maybe it's a lingering symptom of the Tom Cruise derangement syndrome? I don't think anybody has ever claimed Craig looks short outside of here and 5'10" suits him.
grizz said on 15/Nov/15
I seriously cannot understand all the downgrades for this guy?
Why are people so upset that a 5'10 guy plays James Bond? He's not 5'5, 5'10 is downright average for an Englishman and above average looking at it worldwide.
Many say "James Bond is supposed to be tall". Do you seriously find 6'1-6'2 range that tall, though? These guys are slightly taller than I, and I don't myself @6ft tall.
The original Bond was supposed to be my height-given that its description was made in the 50's and the current UK population is taller than then, that would be 6'1 nowadays. That really isn't so tall that your 1st association with Bond's physical apperance is "tall". I get with Superman-6'3 was and still is tall for a man. If you look at Bond movies in Connery era, Sean is shorter or the same height as Q, M, Felix and most of his nemesis.

Daniel's 5'10 and handles his height admirably- I never look at him in Bond movies and think "look at this shortie playing a tough guy".
VC said on 14/Nov/15
I like Daniel as Bond because he is gritty, rugged with a deep voice and physically active. However, he is the shortest bond ever. Arguebly, 5'10 max with good lifts in his shoes. Ultimately, 5'7-5'8 guy without lifts. When he stood next to Bautista, he look tiny and Bautista is a strong 6'2 guy.
Ron said on 9/Nov/15
Whilst we're on the subject of lifts, did anyone else think the shoes Craig wore at the clinic in the mountains in Spectre looked a bit funky? More the way he walked than anything, and the angle they jutted at when he was sitting down.
If they are elevators it strikes me as odd they chose those scenes to use them!
Annie said on 9/Nov/15
Just saw Spectre. NO WAY is he over 5'7" MAXIMUM. Real short a$$. Probably 5'6".
Editor Rob: regardless of his height or outrageous estimates, making movies like Spectre take a helluva lot of work, both mentally and physically.

I admire the effort, energy and skill involved by everybody involved in making films.
dci said on 6/Nov/15
Rob do u think he could be wearing lifts here....

Click Here
Editor Rob: really hard to tell if there is anything in those boots or not. They certainly don't appear obvious, but then with elevator boots I feel it is easier to conceal a lift
Jug said on 29/Oct/15
Take a look at the shoes he wore to the premiere. Judge for yourself. I really can't imagine he's a fraction over 5'10. I think closer to 5'9. When he appeared on Letterman back in 2006, he didn't look more than 5'9. Dave is about 6'2.
Lmeister said on 29/Oct/15
I would put my money on 177cm. He might hit 178cm straight out of the bed though. He certainly looks too short for 179-180cm.
Ron said on 28/Oct/15
@Jug - Why was he clearly wearing elevators? In my opinion unless he's clearly 2-3 inches taller you can't really tell if it's an elevator, given everything else that makes people look shorter/taller and all the different types of shoes out there. You can't just say "the bridge of the shoe is too steep" or "the back of the shoe juts too much" because that's just as likely design for style.

Craig's a good 5'10, no less. He looks shorter because of his very sticky build. Interestingly I told my brother he was the same height as Craig when seeing Spectre and he didn't believe it - thought Craig was really tall!
[Editor Rob: this can be true with certain styles/cuts of boot, the lace area may well just be cut higher, not necessarily to fit a lift.]
Jug said on 27/Oct/15
I think he is about 5'9.5. I saw pictures of him at the Spectre premiere and he was clearly wearing elevators. No way more than 5'10.
Axaros said on 26/Oct/15
Today at the Spectre's premier he looked slightly taller than Monica Bellucci in heels, perhaps even at the same.
Terry said on 25/Oct/15
I was watching Skyfall the other night and easily looks 5'10. And I am 5'10 also. Good actor and underated for his physical skills.
Jim Hopper said on 23/Oct/15
5-10 max
N said on 22/Oct/15
5'10" flat. Dunno why people always undercut the listed height by an inch. If he was listed as 5'11" you'd call him 5'10". If he was 5'9" you'd say he was 5'8".
Alucard said on 18/Oct/15
Yep, 5'9 max for Craig, probably even shorter, another lift wearer...
The Dutch Guy said on 15/Oct/15
*He always use to wear.
The Dutch Guy said on 15/Oct/15
He is no less than 5'9'' maybe even possible that he can be 5'9.25'' but no more than that. He always used to wear lifts!
Z187 said on 4/Oct/15
I've seen photos of Craig looking taller than harrison ford, and roger moore... Now, I've met roger moore recently to one of his shows... and he was probably more 180 now at 88... Craig cannot be below 5'10" because he's taller than both those tall ish chaps... Britain is a tall country now, but Craig never looks below average, always average to upper average (although the latter is probably due to careful casting) ... I'd say he woke up at 179 and went to bed at 177
Ashish singh said on 20/Sep/15
178cm is a good hight
Axaros 177 cm night said on 13/Aug/15
Yes he looks about an inch exactly shorter than Bardem. He's at least 5'10''! Rob you're great!
gx79 said on 6/Aug/15
rob could he look 5'11 at times
[Editor Rob: GX, anybody 5ft 10ish at times can look above or below it. Generally I think Daniel can pull of a decent enough 5ft 10 most of the time.]
littlesue said on 4/Aug/15
If you insisting he is just 5ft 8 how tall would you say his wife is? she clearly a couple of inches shorter than him in her highest heels
TJE said on 2/Aug/15

On your first response: True technically, I just like to give Rob's listings the benefit of the doubt so I can avoid a bunch of paradoxes. Each to their own, though. Hopefully, in the future, you'll find more pics of Daniel looking 5'8 with other celebs.

Have a good day. ;)
RealityCheck said on 31/Jul/15
More pics of Craig with 5'8.5 (according to this site) Kenan Thompson...

Click Here

Click Here

Even giving Craig the benefit of the doubt of another inch because of posture, that would still put Craig at only 5'9.5 MAX.

Also, many people who have met Kenan Thompson say that he is only about 5'7.5 to 5'8 in person.
RealityCheck said on 30/Jul/15

There's one thing you're forgetting.
You're assuming that those heights for those people (Waltz, Bardem, Jackman)
are correct.

People have stated that when they met Waltz, he "...was tiny...". 5'7 isn't "tiny"

For Bardem, there are a couple of online articles stating that he's no more than 5'9-5'10.

Also, those pictures are good but they hold no more evidence than my picture of Craig with Kenan Thompson (5'8.5 according to this site). But of course, until someone physically measures Craig, everything everyone says is just speculation.
PJ said on 29/Jul/15
The answer is in Rob's intro at the top of the page, as explained by Miss Arterton : he wears lifts and stacked heels when necessary, especially when dressed up. He's 5'9
TJE said on 29/Jul/15

Daniel with 5'7 Christoph Waltz:
Click Here

With 5'11.25 Javier Bardem:
Click Here

With 6'1.5-6'2 Hugh Jackman:
Click Here

I'm not seeing as low as 5'9 max, but we can agree to disagree.
RealityCheck said on 25/Jul/15
Thanks for your feedback. Like I said before though, 3-4 cm would still only put Craig at 5'8, 5'9 max. And from my view, if you look at their feet, Craig is only slightly behind Thompson, about an inch or so, which wouldn't create a huge perspective difference.

Of course, it's hard to tell from a single picture that's why I recommend you watch the video of the sketch. There are only a few moments where a full body shot is shown but it's still pretty much the same as the picture.

In my opinion, if I was a betting man, I would put my money on Craig being no more than 5'8.5, same to Kenan Thompson.
qartt said on 23/Jul/15
Realitycheck i tried Craig's pose and lost 3-4 cms, since Craig is further away from the camera could we double the height difference? I request a rob adjudication, with video of himself and Jenny replicating the scene. CSI Rob
littlesue said on 23/Jul/15
His legs are a lot wider apart so he would look smaller than Kenan
RealityCheck said on 23/Jul/15
Rob, Denial is not just a river in the Amazon.

Watching the SNL skit, you are right when you say that he is not standing perfectly upright BUT why don't you check out that picture I posted down there? In fact, here it is again.

Click Here

I chose that picture because Craig can't pretty much straighten out much more. Looking at the picture, he's pretty much standing at full height maybe just shy of a centimeter. I don't see how he could be hunching down 3-4 inches there.

Kenan Thompson, according to you, is 5'8.5. Craig here, pretty much fully upright looks about an inch shorter. And the camera angle is straight on with no perspective effect. Even giving Craig the benefit of the doubt of another inch or two, he still only reaches 5'9 MAX.
184.3cm (Night) said on 22/Jul/15
lets say Gemma was a strong 5'10 in heels so 179cm. She claims she was taller but this could also be down to proportions. If Craig was 177cm 5'9.75" he would be also 179 range in normal dress shoe. A lift would grant him 1-1.5 inches max more taking him to round the 6ft mark. Giving him a small advantage.

I just dont see him less than 177cm.
littlesue said on 22/Jul/15
Lol, if he has low as 5ft 7.5 that would put Rachel Weitz about 5ft 3!! even in 4 inch heels she still a couple of inches smaller than him and she is listed her as 5ft 6
MD said on 22/Jul/15
@RealityCheck, in this instance, I'm not sure it's really fandom on this particular page. I think it's that the SNL appearance was the only time he's really ever looked that short, and manages to look taller the vast majority of the time. The issue is for me that that speaks more to the fact that he may wear lfits than that the SNL appearance was some kind of abberation. Seems to me that the SNL apperance was more a proof of his actual height than his many other public apperances. It's at a time where he in identical footwear with another person and most likely unable to wear lifts.
[Editor Rob: most of that skit he's not standing as tall as the other guy...bending his knees and back at times.]
RealityCheck said on 21/Jul/15
@MD Yeah, unfortunately, people are generally unwilling to listen if something doesn't fit to their liking but especially fans. Fans are surprisingly ignorant (by choice or defensiveness) to pure photographic evidence. In reality, 70% of stars are SHORT but people just can't accept that because they're in denial. It's sad because there is nothing wrong with being short.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 21/Jul/15
Daniel Craig is dropping height in the photo.
MD said on 20/Jul/15
@RealityCheck, I'd posted this a few years back after seeing the episode and being surprised, and it's just fallen on deaf ears. I'm not sure it's going to be anymore successful this time. If there is any consolation, I agree with you. They were nearly identical in height weight identical footwear.
RealityCheck said on 18/Jul/15
Here is Craig next to Kenan Thompson (5.8.5 according to this website)

Click Here

You can look up their sketch and watch it. They're wearing the same shoes and Craig AT BEST looks the same and sometimes even shorter. Craig is MAXIMUM 5'8.5 and most likely 5'7.5.
jamie179cm said on 14/Jul/15
i doubt he's as short 5ft7, 5ft8 possibly but he's likely 5ft9
mike said on 3/Jul/15
Craig is a clear 5'9.5, he isn't 5'10, there is enough evidence of this, 176cm and change is my estimate.
RealityCheck said on 2/Jul/15
He's only 5'7, 5'8 MAX. Look at Daniel Craig next to Kenan Thompson (5'8.5 according to THIS SITE) on SNL. Just Google "Kenan Thompson Daniel Craig". Same shoes and Craig looks SHORTER than Thompson.
Heylo said on 2/Jul/15
Average height is never something to be embarrassed about. Unless you're living in Scandinavia at 5'9-5'10 , you will never feel short.
david said on 19/Jun/15
He is 5 ft 9, period.
an anonymous peach said on 15/Jun/15
CangreYoyi 1.74 :( says on 10/Jun/15
When you are 1.78 cm, you never look small!

If you were 1.78cm, I'm pretty sure you'd be the smallest human in existence.
CangreYoyi 1.74 :( said on 10/Jun/15
When you are 1.78 cm, you never look small!
PJ said on 4/Jun/15
I like Fassbender as a future Bond, but Craig is terrific and I hope he stays put.
Stratos said on 4/Jun/15
Elba will be 43 in September; already way too old for a new Bond.
Mark said on 3/Jun/15
He is definitely not the classic handsome Bond like most other Bond actors. Cavill would be a return to a classic good looking Bond. Still I highly doubt he would take on the role since he committed himself to Superman. I think Idris Elba is going to be the next Bond, if that happens he will be tallest man to portray Bond. Elba is about 6'3".
Mark said on 27/May/15
I doubt Cavill will take the role, he already has the Marquee role of Superman, I think he wants to expand his acting career, doing another Marquee role would lend him to being typecasted, the most likely actor to follow Craig is Idris Elba.
The producers want to take Bond in a new direction which they will with Elba as Bond.
mande2013 said on 25/May/15
I don't like the idea of Cavill as Bond. There's something too generically GQ-ish about his presence for my taste. I don't see him bringing anything unique to the role.
Mark said on 21/May/15
Craig is at max 5'9.5" but no more. I do not think he is 5'10". Its already well known he is the shortest Bond actor, almost every other actor has been over 6'1", the next favorite to replace him Henry Cavill is 6'0.5" tall. I think this would be a welcome change as Henry is more handsome and a classic looking man to portray Bond. But with him being Superman I doubt he will take on the the role.
Ron said on 15/May/15
No less than 5'10. Craig is discreetly appearing under armour in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Stormtroopers in this film have to be close to 5'11 in height, and they were being rather strict on who they allowed into the armour. Craig isn't 5'11, not a full one anyway, that's just pretty obvious, but any less than 5'10 and he couldn't have been a Stormie. This puts him squarely in that inch range.
Ron said on 15/May/15
No less than 5'10. Craig is discreetly appearing under armour in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Stormtroopers in this film have to be close to 5'11 in height, and they were being rather strict on who they allowed into the armour. Craig isn't 5'11, not a full one anyway, that's just pretty obvious, but any less than 5'10 and he couldn't have been a Stormie. This puts him squarely in that inch range.
mande2013 said on 10/May/15
Well he does look roughly four inches taller than 5'6 Mathieu Amalric, so I can't imagine Craig only being 5'9 unless Amalric is in fact sub-5'6.
TJE said on 8/May/15
Click Here

Listing is fine.
Jack Wright said on 25/Apr/15
Not in the world this man is 5'10
He could pass for 5'9.25 at his best
M said on 23/Apr/15
He is no more then 1.75m.
MD said on 9/Apr/15
5'10" (let along the quarter-inch added on) is too high a listing. Even the picture above with Ford shows a clear footwear advantage as far as I'm concerned. At even a bit over 5'10" he could pull off looking tall, and he just never does to me. I'd say he's closer to 5'9" than 5'10". He looks thoroughly average height for a man of his age, IMO. If he's ever looked more it's because of good posture, a footwear advantage relative to others he may be in the picture with, and/or angle and such. I've never seen a picture where all of the other people are standing full-height in similar footwear and he comes across looking legitimately tall.
teej said on 6/Apr/15
If daniel craig is 5'10 then im 9 feet tall
JK said on 4/Apr/15
He's definetely not 5'8 but i dont recon the full 5'10 either
Would say a fraction under that
5'9.75 seems more accurate
Dmeyer said on 18/Mar/15
vn 1 in lifts Will only give 0.6-0.7in to a person
Jesse Stone said on 17/Mar/15
Rob, I think there are lifts inside. Or even elevator shoes.... do you think that I could be right?

Click Here

Thank you, Jesse.
[Editor Rob: there is room for a lift, not huge, but since he wore lifts in a previous Bond, I'm sure at times he might have 0.5-1 inch lifts just to make him that bit more 'solid' looking in scenes.]
sabot said on 14/Mar/15
Legit 5'10 and he looks it.

"lelman says on 20/Dec/14
Looks like 6 foot with Ford there, gotta be wearing lifts or something."
Could be elevator shoes. I mean those are not "normal" dress shoes if you look the heel/the angle of the front.
Sam said on 9/Mar/15
That's what I meant 008. Looks 5'9 range because of his heavy build but could be more in the 5'10 range. Don't think he's any taller than this listing and chance he could be a little lower.
John said on 28/Feb/15
Solid 5'10" guy, just looks less tall because he's stocky and muscular. Good looking guy too. I would gladly trade a few inches for his appeal to women! : )
008 said on 28/Feb/15
@Sam, I think you've gotten mixed up there. Being stocky often gives the impression of being shorter. Than they actually are. Thin people often look taller. 5-10 seems apt.
littlesue said on 19/Feb/15
In the latest Bond publicity pics with Monica Bellucio he looks 2 inches taller than her and she wearing shoes with a 3/4 platform and about a 4.5 heel so he must be wearing a small lift as they would take her up to around 5ft 10
Sam said on 12/Feb/15
5'9 - 5'9.5, but maybe his stocky build gives him that impression and he is more 5'10+.
184.3cm said on 10/Feb/15
5'10 guy, 5'8 range is just trolling.
Jake Hassler said on 8/Feb/15
5'8.5 barefoot
5'11 with shoes on
Pierre said on 5/Jan/15
Hello,on the three pics daniel craig's shoes seem give him a advantage(laces seem have a steep angle)(the three pics of Rob's site).This man look sympathic
on this pics
Pierre said on 5/Jan/15
Hello,on the three pics daniel craig's shoes seem give him a advantage(laces seem have a steep angle)
Heylo said on 4/Jan/15
Just looking at his build & proportions, you would guess 5'9 but he is clearly 5'10 if you look at most of the legit photos. I think people are basing their opinions too much on the height they look proportionally. I also look shorter than I am in photos because of my legs that are on the short side but I am 177cm. (which is short though in Sweden where I'm from but average in most countries).
andre said on 1/Jan/15
Looks 5ft9 in the last movie :$
173 said on 30/Dec/14
Definitely shot up a bit at the Spectre press conference, looked the same height as 5'11 Ralph Fiennes!
davil said on 22/Dec/14
5'10"25 perfect for Him !!!
lelman said on 20/Dec/14
Looks like 6 foot with Ford there, gotta be wearing lifts or something.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 18/Dec/14
Yeah, I wasnt sure about Batistas posture, first I thougt he has a decent slouch, but now I think he couldnt stand much taller so near 5inches could be legit difference between them.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 18/Dec/14
Rob, how tall do you say he looks next to Batista?
[Editor Rob: right around 5ft 10 mark]
Recovered Data said on 12/Dec/14

Sam says on 8/Dec/14

Does Daniel Craig occasionally wear lifts?

[Editor Rob: I think it's a possibility, but just a subtle lift like half inch or so.]

littlesue says on 8/Dec/14

Not all women like tall, pretty, handsome guys, Daniel looks like a 'manly man' and at around 5ft 10 a perfect taller height for us shorte ladies

Jesse Stone says on 7/Dec/14

Rob, would you consider Craig AS a lift wearer in some Situations? Like at the release oft "spectre" he appeared taller than he usually does To me. And way taller than Christoph Walz.

[Editor Rob: the fact Gemma Arterton mentioned this about lifts, I can believe he will at times be a subtle wearer, the 1/2 inch kind, that can just make you go into looking that little bit taller.

People buy lifts and elevator shoes...celebrities won't be exempt - their image is part of their whole package. There is obvious (like Robert Downey) and not so's the not so obvious that are hard to spot at times.]

jamie179cm says on 7/Dec/14

seriously craig isn't taller than 175cm

fernando says on 7/Dec/14

178 yes

Connor183 says on 7/Dec/14

Rob is it possible that Harrison Ford could also be nearer 5ft 10 range nowadays? it looks like he's shrinking, he doesn't look 5ft 11 anymore in the pic with Daniel let alone 181cm, Ford looks 5ft 10.5-.75 next to Daniel.

[Editor Rob: he probably carries himself lower than he measures. Still would measure in the 5ft 11 range but sometimes stands/walks as though he's carrying a backpack and can look barely 5ft 11 at times.]

Connor183 says on 7/Dec/14

I cant wait for the new Bond film Spectre to come out and Daniel is a great James Bond, he looks a good 5ft 10 man in the pics.

PJ says on 6/Dec/14

The dramatic differences in his height very likely depend on the shoes (lifts) he's wearing at a given time. That's how an actor looks 5'11 at times, and 5'9 at others (and the lower height is pretty clearly the truth). I love DC, but he's closer to 5'9.

thedude says on 4/Dec/14

its odd that he can look taller when with 5'11 listed guys like fiennes and ford... i dont know if theyre just 5'10 or craig is just 5'11 ...?

Arch Stanton says on 4/Dec/14

Yeah he's one of those guys in which perceptions can differ dramatically. Some think he's super handsome, others think he's butt ugly. Personally I think he looks like a Polish thug facially but I can see why a lot of women would find him attractive even if not "classically handsome". I don't think anybody would dispute that he's a proper man!

Click Here

Looks nearer 5 ft 11 here. Solid 5'10

Joe says on 25/Nov/14

He is not the classic good looking 007, he is also the shortest Bond. I do believe that he is 5'9.5" and nothing more, he is 5'10" in shoes but nothing more. There are some people who think he is handsome, and others think he is not. It seems to be his mesomorphic body that makes up for his lack of classic good looks and height.

Max says on 22/Nov/14

Craig is 176-177cm on snl he looked that height, while on graham norton he was the SAME HEIGHT as graham. I wouldn't go over 176-177cm.

184.3cm says on 22/Nov/14

Good example of average guy 5'10 flat and 175 lbs. He also seems to have a weird affect on women. I know several who think he is very handsome and an almost equal number who think he is hideous. You love him or hate him kind of thing.

Vibram says on 21/Nov/14

I think 176cm-177cm. You can clearly see what looks 1' inserts here from Skyfall Click Here . Combined with the 1.5 heel of his Crockett & Jones 'Tetbury' formal boots and you have a 183cm guy.

Joe says on 20/Nov/14

I would guess Daniel Craig is almost 5-10, probably 5'9.5". Obviously most men upgrade their heights a bit so he claims 5-10, he has the distinction of not only being the only blonde actor to portray Bond but also the shortest man to portray 007. He seems to make up for his lack of height with his physique, he is the most physically fit actor to portray James Bond.

The Master says on 17/Nov/14

Craig is packing some big heels in the picture with Ford.

jaffa says on 14/Nov/14

Daniel craig is 6 foot compared to harison ford

Clay says on 14/Nov/14

5'9 is not tall and it's not short. It's low average for adult men.

Gx79 says on 5/Nov/14

Look 5 foot 11 next to Hugh jackmen

Vibram says on 5/Nov/14

Did look 177-178cm with 174-175cm Paltrow in Sylvia. Both barefoot embraced on the beach. Thats as good a photo evidence your gonna get. No lifts.

I would estimate 84kg in Casino Royale - he has a big frame.

Arch Stanton says on 27/Oct/14

Rob can you add a photo and Layer Cake, Road to Perdition and The Golden Compass?

Arch Stanton says on 27/Oct/14

Actually looked a weak 5 ft 11 next to Skarsgard in Tattoo.

marcus says on 16/Oct/14

daniel craig is not 178cm, it really doesn't add up, i think he's 176cm

romanspqr says on 8/Oct/14

Haha @ D. 5'9 is a strong height. Suits craig well. I only mean it short by comparison to Bonds of yesteryear.

D says on 6/Oct/14


5'9 is short?! I don't want to live in this planet anymore...

romanspqr says on 1/Oct/14

The guy looks short in every scene and in every pic I've seen him in. All his footwear is suspect, as well. To me he looks 5'8-5'9.5 range. I feel if he were a 5'10.25 guy, he would have an easy time hitting 6ft with the right boot. And he just never looks that tall. With boots he generally appears about 5'10.25.

johnmarco says on 13/Aug/14

@renzo that's exactly what i was wondering, i don't think craig is a solid 178cm, i think it was all exagerated because he played james bond, i'd say he's 5'10, but he's 177cm

tunaslou says on 11/Aug/14

He looks like he is 5'10" to me. People are self conscious about their height so they want to make up stories about others being shorter when in actuality they are not. They wish they were taller that's why. On the other hand people who make like they are taller like say for instance they say they are 6'1" when they are really 5'11". They assume the other person is taller who are a legit 5'11" like them. Besides look at Daniel and Rachel at the golden globe awards last year. Now she is 5'6" (some sites list her as 5'7"). She had on very high heeled shoes. Daniel still looks slightly taller than her so how can you all say that he is 5'8" or 5'9". He is taller than that.

SaveUsY2J says on 10/Aug/14

@Rezno: He's dropping a lot of height in both photos.

Rezno says on 9/Aug/14

If Kenan is 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

and Daniel is 5ft 10.25in (178 cm)

How is this explained with the same footwear?

Click Here

Click Here

I think they have the same height as my friend and I which is 173 for me and 176 for my friend (Photos of us can look exactly like this)

Lebensdorf says on 8/Aug/14

He is about 5'9. He did wear lifts in Skyfall. Beautiful shoes, but elevators nonetheless. You can always tell when you look closely. In an SNL skit, in Timberlands, he was the same height as Keenan Thompson, wearing the same boots.

Amaze says on 26/Jul/14

Naaah no lower than 5'10 for good ole craig. My 2nd fave bond after piercey. Looks 3 inches shorter than brozzer. I remember how much heat craig got for being a blonde bond and a 'short bond' hes not short but shortest of the bunch yeah.

Connery was 188 peak

Dalton was 188 peak

Lazenby was 188 peak

Moore was 186 peak

Brosnan was 186 peak

Craigs 178 peak.

jamieorr4 says on 9/Jul/14

PJ 59 does seem right his built seem small im a legit 179cm btw

littlesue says on 29/Jun/14

Gemma Arteton is 5ft 7 so in 4 inch heels she would be about 5ft 9.5

RogerH says on 27/Jun/14


Maybe actors are liars ?

Pellegrino or Ackles generously add cms to their real height.

And they are tall guys.

Momoa is still growing after him...and he's huge.

They lie. Period.

Everywhere in the world.

Here, in Europe, the same. I met lots of them...

Some add 2 or 3 inches. Pathetic.

That's Hollywood, boy :-) It's part of the show :-)

mike says on 27/Jun/14

Rob, could he just be 5ft 10 flat?

[Editor Rob: it is quite possible, he could have at times used his small Bond lift in other events]

PJ says on 26/Jun/14

@Y2J, I've yet to see anything from you that hasn't already been well debunked here in the past. Until someone can address why he is the same height as KT on SNL in the same footwear, he's 5'9 tops. Gemma Arterton is 5'11 in 4" stiletos and yet Daniel had to wear lifts/stacked heels because she was taller than him.

SaveUsY2J says on 25/Jun/14

@PJ: Then your friend is either an awful judge of height or met his shorter double. Alternatively, he didn't meet him at all and is flat out BS'ing, as is the case nine tames out of ten with "sightings" reported on this site.

PJ says on 24/Jun/14

A friend of mine met him in NYC not too long ago, he said 5'9 tops and was shocked how "tiny" he is compared to his onscreen presence.

Sam says on 23/Jun/14

He looks at minimum 4 inches shorter to me than Hugh Jackman, who seems to be a quite weak (not strength-wise!) 6'2". I'd guess Craig dips below 5'10" for a lot of the day.

Click Here

Arch Stanton says on 16/Jun/14

Barefoot in Love is the Devil though I actually thought he looked more 5 ft 9. Generally though he looks a good 5'10.

Arch Stanton says on 16/Jun/14

Although on a world scale probably he is better known for Cowboys, but Layer Cake is definitely one of his best known films.

Arch Stanton says on 16/Jun/14

Rob can you add Layer Cake? I'd say that should come before Cowboys. Mmm I thought he looked a bit shorter than Derek Jacobi in Love is the Devil but they were very close!

Realist says on 12/Jun/14

Rob, i dont know but a friend of mine about 10 years older told me he read an article about Craig in 2003, it said he was 40 years old. That means his D.O.B is 1963, and he was said to be 5'9. The height is your expertise, but i too remember 1963 D.O.B for him ??

[Editor Rob: I've no idea...I don't think he's really a 63 guy though, these things are hard to lie about nowadays, well significant lying like 5-6 years.]

RogerH says on 7/Jun/14


Ok, fine.

But, compared to Tom Hanks, he does look 5'9 or so.

The same with lots of other people.

Actors tend to OVERestimate their height.

It's a fact. Look at the page dedicated to Mark Pelegrino. Or Momoa.

And those are tall guys. So what about a 5'9 guy in an industry where each cm is crucial ?

The same for MC Hall (look at him near Krause).

By the way, this is a website about which sounds regular to argue about 1cm...

SaveUsY2J says on 5/Jun/14

For those of you claiming he's 5'8" or even 5'9" I'd advise you to look at:

1) the photos of him barefoot on the beach next to 5'9" range Gwyneth Paltrow in Sylvia

2) the shower scene in Skyfall, where he's once again barefoot and looks a good two inches taller than 5'8" Berinice Marlohe

3) Tomb Raider, where Iain Glen, whom Rob has met and proven to be a strong 6-footer, struggles to look more than 2in taller.

Craig is nothing under 5'10" He's never looked below average, and I find these comments claiming that "his build is more of a 5'9 man than 5'10" - yeah, because an inch is so easily discernible on the basis of that. People on this site have a morbid fascination with downgrading everyone they possibly can, and this page just epitomises that.

Paul says on 13/May/14

About thirty years ago, Craig and I were studying in the same school, Calday Grange Grammer School in UK. At the time, we were both 17 years of age. We were very good friends. I would say that we were of the same height, 5'11".

As time goes by, people tend to lose height. On my part, I have lost a good half and inch, so I am 5' 10.5" now. I have not seen him for a long time so I do not know if he has lost as much height as me.

Edy91 says on 11/May/14

Honestly i find that he has more a 5'9 build !

James B says on 23/Apr/14

Does look 5'10

Realist says on 22/Apr/14

With Tom Hanks he looks 5'9 weak. But i still think he is bout 176. His page is the most talked about after Tom Cruise on your site.

littlesue says on 21/Apr/14

If he is under 5ft 10 then his wife must be about 5ft 5 as he looks a good couple of inches taller than her when she in her highest heels

GC says on 20/Apr/14

What do you think about this picture?

[Editor Rob: would be better if they actually were in the same photo :)]

jamieorr4 says on 19/Apr/14

filippo to be honest i don't know what 177cm looks like but i don't think hes over 5ft9 sankalp do you think he has the same built as you?

sankalp says on 19/Apr/14

I think he's same height as me 5ft8.5in.!!

Filippo says on 17/Apr/14

MMh Daniel doesn't seem a full 178... his body proportions suggest he is slightly shorter than Brad Pitt, for istance.

My bet is 177 (weak 5'10) for him..

jamieorr4 says on 12/Apr/14

Realist i think 5ft10 is average im 5ft10.5 i feel average 5ft8 is kinda of short imo

Sam says on 10/Apr/14

His daughter does appear a little taller, maybe by half an inch, considering the footwear discrepancy.

SAK says on 10/Apr/14

Realist says : 176 he has broad shoulders and looks big, giving impression of a taller guy.


I have to agree with Arch Stanton on this one. I dont think he gives a tall impression at all. He in fact looks short for his height.

He does have broad/wide shoulders but he also has short arms and is generally stocky so gives a shortish impression overall. I personally think he is between 178-177cm.

Realist says on 10/Apr/14

His daughter is wearing about 2.5 inch boots and he has 0.5 inch sneakers.His daughter might be 179 and he about 176. So he is probably 5'10 in the pic and his daughter 6'1.

MD says on 10/Apr/14

@Mr. R,

I'm not sure how tall is daughter is, but that picture was pulled from a very recent entertainment media news article about daughters taller than their fathers. lol

Mr. R says on 10/Apr/14

I don't think 5-10.25....Unless his daughter is 6-3!

Click Here

Realist says on 9/Apr/14

jamieorr4 and Arch Stanton id be actually very happy if he'd be between 5'8 and 5'9. Its kind of nice to see an averegish guy as Bond, even in height. I am 174 and i feel i have a similar figure. He is not short more on the lesser side of average.

jamieorr4 says on 1/Apr/14

i think arch stanton is right his body frame is too small for him to be 5ft10 imo im 5ft10.5 i think i have bigger body frame than his does i think he is between 5ft8 and 5ft9

Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/14

I have to disagree with that one Realist, his build if anything makes him look stocky and shorter.

Realist says on 7/Mar/14

176 he has broad shoulders and looks big, giving impression of a taller guy.

Sam says on 2/Mar/14

I would have said a 5'9 guy that loves wearing shoe lifts thus giving a taller impression a lot of the time. Solid 5'10 range should be Pitt's listing.

Alucard says on 2/Mar/14

Lift wearer, no more than 5'9 on a good day... People should stop comparing actors in pictures and such to guess height, since every one of them is a liar and 95% of them use lifts...

Realist says on 25/Feb/14

Most believable range is 176-177.

Hypado says on 19/Feb/14

178/179 cm

tiktak says on 3/Feb/14

he never comes off as a giant in his films, just normal height

my guess is near the high end 5-9 until lower 5-10 range max.

chrissss says on 31/Jan/14

its funny cuz on snl he looked the same height as kenan, and on a talk show, the host was 5'8 and he was the same height, is it possible craig is 5'9 rob?

007 says on 15/Jan/14

Daniel Craig's Height Is 5.10 Without Shoes Is Confimed

Jesse Stone says on 9/Jan/14

I think Craig isn't under 5ft9.

177cm - 178cm is a credible height for Daniel Craig. In Madame Tussauds he was the same height as my dad who is 177cm !!!

sabot says on 6/Jan/14

Spot on listing IMHO.

truth says on 3/Jan/14

yup 176-177cm

lelman says on 2/Jan/14

177cm, maybe barely 178cm. I can't see him taller than 5'10".

Vibram says on 27/Dec/13

The barefoot beach scene in 'Sylvia' with the 5ft8 > 5ft8.5 Paltrow confirms he is no way 5ft8. That is too low. He is a strong 5ft9 evening height guy or a weak 5ft10 morning. Click Here

Stef says on 4/Dec/13

Met him in London a couple of weeks ago. He looked around my height (5'10), maybe a tad shorter.

Not sure about his footwear, though.

My guess: 5'9.5.

Realist says on 3/Dec/13

Solid 5'9.

avi says on 29/Nov/13

Not sure how people can say 5'8. 5'8 is not at all representative of his from. He could be 5'9.75 but I think he is an even 5'10. He's not 5'10.5 or 5'11 . 5'9.5 is minimum he'd be 5'10 is tops.

5'8 is below average and Craig is an average maybe 1/2 over average height.

HeightMan says on 13/Nov/13

The moment some guy becomes popular his height is increasing, even here. Looks shorter than 5'10''.

James Bond 007 says on 8/Nov/13

Id say 5'9 and he wears lifts just look at all the photos of him and Olga Kurylenko and shes 5'8

dave says on 8/Nov/13

He is 5ft 8 or 9, no more.

Van says on 5/Nov/13

5'8 is ridiculous for Craig. He's closer to 6' than 5'8. I'm 5'8 and I look like a midget compared to him. I think he is a very strong 5'10 and has an amazing posture.

PJ says on 3/Nov/13

MD ... exactly right. Daniel is a notorious lift wearer, which many here tend to overlook and not take into consideration.

The Exorcist says on 23/Oct/13

Not sure if the ground is even or not on this one, but he does look about an inch shorter than 5'10" listed P Diddy here.

Click Here

MD says on 21/Oct/13

Until someone can explain to me his appearance on SNL where he appeared nearly as short as Keenan Thompson with both of them in identical footwear, there is no way he's taller than this, and it's far, far more likely he's shorter than listed.

Mr. R says on 19/Oct/13

DC is 5-9.5 at his tallest point of the day.

Jacko says on 19/Oct/13

He is 182 cms he was same height of harrison ford 182 cms and rob also mentioned harri as182 cm in this website only

Yves says on 17/Oct/13

Daniel is between 5'10 to 5'11 range, if he was under or 5'8, let's say he would be the next Bond in Bond 24, The main height of James Bond suppose to be more than 6'0, maybe producers picked Daniel because he's looks talented or beautiful?, I would pick British Actors more than 6'0 if I would direct any Bond films.

Steve McKeen says on 13/Oct/13

Mr Craig is clearly in the 5ft 10" range and in a decent pair of shoes he is easily 5ft 11" or above. He looks just under 6ft as bond (especially in SKYFALL thanks to the fit of his suits and some great cinematography).

I am just over 5ft 10" and although above average height in the UK I do feel a little shot next to guy's 6ft and up..... but equally there are plenty of men shorter than myself who could not care less how tall they are (and whom I respect greatly for such self assurance). It's pretty cool that that a blonde guy under 6ft can finally play 007 (and arguably do it the best) and if he ever looks 5ft 8" as some have been claiming; it is either because his brawn makes him hunch a little when he relaxes in paps shots or because jealous trolls who are insecure about their own height (or lack there of) want to make Daniel seem small..... though at 45 years old I don't see how being 2 inches shorter would make much difference to such an ultra successful, sexy, talented and badass star both personally or professionally. FYI he may be an actor and not a real trained killer agent but I gotta say he probably one of the toughest men in hollywood and is a guy who could wipe the floor with all past bonds and most men on the street regardless of their height. nuff said.

5'11 barefooot says on 11/Oct/13

He's 5'10 with regular shoes with lifts 6's cool he never looks tall just buff its cool..

lelman says on 7/Oct/13

Strong 5'10", can look shorter due to his strong build but definitely not under 5'10".

Matt says on 7/Sep/13

He is a solid 5'10" guy. Maaaaaybe a shade under OR a shade over, but 5'10" seems absolutely fair. 5'8" is just plain ridiculous. At 5'8" he would be beaten by most (which he isn't) unless he looked awkward wearing elevator shoes (which he doesn't). Nobody can look at Craig and say "there's a shorter fellow", but nor would they say he's tall. Average! Smack, bang average.

I say this as a 5'10" individual myself. I am totally inconspicuous. Sometimes I stand next to guys who are 6'4" in a line at the shops and I feel like a dwarf. Sometimes I come across women 5'7"+ who wear heels and again, I feel small. But the vast majority of the time I am getting an equal experience: some are taller, some are smaller, most men more-or-less reach eye level. I wish I was taller, but I don't ever feel like I'm on the smaller side.

It seems that 5'10" really is the war zone of heights. But look, if he was close to 5'11" then he would be able to pull off looking tall (like Brad Pitt); some may even be arguing for six feet. If he were closer to 5'9" (or 5'8" as some claim), then we'd see an awful lot more photos of him being dwarfed and there would be zero discussion about 5'10". Start the height scale with the Dustin Hoffmans of this world, progress to the Tom Cruises and we're still on the noticeably small side, then we start getting to the Craigs and Matt Damons, before hitting the taller categories of Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt. If Craig ain't in that 5'10" zone, I'm not sure what 5'10" is supposed to look like!

Lurk says on 5/Sep/13

5ft 8 is ridiculous. He's clearly taller than that - just look at him next to Harrison Ford!

Mclovin85 says on 3/Sep/13

Pffft 5ft 11 my ass !! Hes 5ft 8 if hes lucky. Gemma Arterton is 5ft 6 and shes taller than him with heels on, and reportedly said he had to wear built up shoes in a few scenes on Quantum of Solace lol. Height aside tho he put on an impressive amount of mass on for that roll kudos !

Sain\\\'t says on 24/Aug/13

Daniel Craig has an amazing build. I would lose three inches to have his body haha. I do beleive he is a legit 5'10" and he actually resembles my Dad a bit who is the same height.

Chiselhead says on 21/Aug/13

He's got to be 5'8". He was eye to eye with Graham Norton when they shook hands on the Graham Norton show.

Lurk says on 21/Aug/13


If Craig is that short, then how tall would you say Harrison Ford is? He looks just marginally taller than Craig.

Will says on 19/Aug/13

Daniel Craig is about 5ft 9in. Him being 5'11" is a joke.

MaskDeMasque says on 12/Aug/13

If he isn't 5'10, he's not far from it. 176-178cm range. Nothing under or above that.

Yeah says on 1/Aug/13

@Iceman, yeah looks like it. Not sure how I'd estimate his shoes though, anywhere from 2 to 4-5 cms?

Zijuun says on 31/Jul/13

I'd say 5'10 spot on, maybe a little shorter? I would leave out the ".25" though Rob.

Iceman says on 30/Jul/13

@ Yeah

Those pictures are fine. Daniel Craig is about 5'11"(180cm) in the picture with shoes on and Rachel is 5'6" plus 2.5 inch heals which would put her at 5'8.5"(174cm). Your overestimating how much height women get from high heals. Getting 10cm from a shoe would be a huge pair of heels. Lots of heels probably only give 5-7cm.

Yeah says on 29/Jul/13

Click Here

So in this picture, she has as you said, about 6cm shoe advantage. But in the picture, the difference looks way over an inch, at least 2 (she's about 1-2 inch above his eyebrows, so that leaves atleast 2ish inches height difference, correct me if I'm wrong). Wouldn't that make Daniel 179+?

I met him once close to 3 months ago, I'm about touching 180 in the morning, go down to just below 179 I think (I'm wondering would that make me on 25th height percentile in US or West Eur?). I'm not quite sure about my eye level or posture, but I think he did look noticeably shorter, so I would give him 177 max, that's why i'm confused about the picture.

On the other hand though, I can't tell height when I'm talking face to face with someone so he could've even been taller than me.

TWINGO says on 28/Jul/13

For sure, the best Bond of all times, not only because of the change on the producers focus on the character, but mainly because of the correct choice on Craig. Shorter than others, but tough, bully, muscled and, at the same time, charming, when it is needed. For sure he is in 178 cm range. Congratulations for the excelent site, Rob.

little sue says on 27/Jul/13

You would probably get about 2.5 inches of height out of her shoes which are probably about 3 and 3/4 heels

Yeah says on 26/Jul/13

Click Here

What can you say about this Rob? If Rachel is 168, plus about 10cm (?) heels, and there's around another 7cm height difference, and that'd make Dan 185. Now there's 3 possibilities, either I'm dead wrong on my 10 + 7 estimate, but probably not as wrong as 185-178=7cm. Or Rachel is considerably shorter than you listed her, or Daniel's taller, which I don't really think.

[Editor Rob: I don't think she's got more than a 2.5 inch footwear advantage, might be between 2-2.5 advantage. In photos when she does have near 3 inch advantage she can look between 1-1.5 inch smaller]

refresh says on 24/Jul/13

@ Realist

I dont see any bending here bro...

She is 171-172 they are barefoot so i think he is litle under 178:)

Click Here

Click Here

You are "Realist" so what is your opinion?:)

Mathew says on 17/Jul/13

I think Craig seems 177 - 178 cm range.

Will says on 15/Jul/13

Craig with 5ft 6in(according to celebheights) wife Rachel Weisz. Click Here

Connor 184cm says on 8/Jul/13

@teej hes not short, just average height short would be 5ft 4-6 range. 5ft 10 is average

Realist says on 6/Jul/13

He was never ever listed at 5'7 that's a joke.

teej says on 2/Jul/13

Lol he was listed as 5'7 before he was james bond, now hes 5'10. He's short, but theres nothing wrong with that. I dont blame him for not stating his height. He has a lot of expectancies he has to play 'james bond' and all of the previous james bonds have been fairly tall, i think he's the shortest one yet. But who cares i think he's the best bond yet! And a brilliant actor!

Realist says on 21/Jun/13

Lol he was bending down to kiss her hes 5'10.

refresh says on 18/Jun/13

in skyfall scene in the shower (probably barefoot i dont think he was in shoes:)) with Berenice Marlohe (5'8 at this site but i think 171-172cm) He is not taller from her more then 2-3 cm... 175-176?

Mooplefoo says on 10/Jun/13

I think he's more like 5'9 1/2, he's one of those thin guys who can look shorter or taller on screen. He definitly wears lifts, in james bond I'd say he looks closer to 5'10 but in tomb raider he looks closer to 5'9, he wasn't much taller then Angelina Jolie.

little sue says on 9/Jun/13

You must have seen his 'shorter double' then FAB as he is at his home in NY and has been spotted almost everyday round the area for the last few weeks.

cole says on 9/Jun/13

Claims that he is shorter than listed is far off the mark, saying he is 5'8 or 5'9 is just crazy. He would be closer to 179 cm than 177 cm, no shorter than listed for sure. Adding .25" to this listing could be easily justfied. Are you considering the option that Daniel could be 5'10.5, Rob? I certainly am.

Fab says on 8/Jun/13

Saw him a couple of days ago in London, about as tall as I am, 5'8.

K says on 7/Jun/13

Well he looks 5'10" and some to me....maybe when people see him in public he doesn't want to be noticed and hunches over, making him appear have to take in account people don't stand up as straight as they can at all times.

Tempest says on 6/Jun/13

Come on Rob... This listing is ridiculous. No way Craig is this tall if he looks this close to Sean Penn's listed height: Click Here

Sean Penn has a majorly relaxed posture there too. Let's not forget that Craig usually wears lifts. What guy under 6' playing James Bond wouldn't wear lifts? He does - most assuredly.

teej says on 4/Jun/13

I dont think hes 5'10 he looks kinda short to me, id say 5'8.5

Terry says on 26/May/13

5'10? lol his torso is tiny and his legs therefore there is no way he is 5'10. He looks personally, about 5'8, possibly a weak 5'9. Just look at the scene when he comes out of the water in james bond(famous one in his speedos) 5'10 is laughable.

jamz says on 8/May/13

Wookieboy: Ford's height has declined over the years, especially when he sustained a back injury in the 2nd Indiana Jones film. That combined with old age makes Ford around 5'10/11" these days.

lawrence says on 26/Apr/13

i think he should be 177cm at best

PJ says on 21/Apr/13

Focus on his footwear, especially when he's dressed in a suit, he's a notorious lift wearer. 5'9

Sanch says on 14/Apr/13

A guy I know was his bodyguard on broadway. Described him as really tiny maybe 5'8

Patrick says on 2/Apr/13

Daniel Craig is no taller than 5"10. If you are ever in Las Vegas, go to madame Toussaus wax museum. they have a wax copy of him to scale

Wookiee boy says on 1/Apr/13

Just search Harrison ford (6'1) and Daniel Craig (5'10) and it looks as though they are the same in pictures together. Now either Harrison ford has shrunk or Daniel Craig is taller

[Editor Rob: ford has damaged spine and lost cartilage, he's definitely lost height in last 20 years.]

Rich says on 15/Mar/13

In Skyfall he's not quite as big and bulky as he was in Casino and tends to give a good 5ft10 impression, which I think is what he is. I think any claims of 5ft11 and even 6ft are just silly. As for him being shorter than this listing, In the Bonds he has a broad muscular build yet that doesn't 'shorten' him, even with the muscle he still appears to be fairly solid heighted guy which, in my opinion, makes 5ft9 a little too short for him.

Anonymous says on 2/Mar/13

Its impossible for all the people who "pretend" to have seen Craig "in the Supermarket, the Cinema, etc.)to "be right" about his height, because from 58" to 510,5", EVERYONE IS RIGHT. Maybe, some of us is right, and maybe those "1 up to 2", are lifts.

JB says on 24/Feb/13

I'd saw 5'10 1/2. I saw him in a supermarket in New Mexico a couple times while Cowboys & Aliens was being filmed. I'm 5'10", and he was slightly taller than me in what looked like regular sneakers.

Joe Pineapples says on 22/Feb/13

Did anyone else see his Brioni tux from Casino Royale featured in the Hollywood Costumes exhibition at the V&A in London recently? I'm 6' 2" and it looked small. I think he's around 5' 8" - 5' 9" and I now refer to him as 'Tiny Daniel Craig'.

Arch Stanton says on 20/Feb/13

5'10 range yes, but I don't think he really cares too much about it. If you bagged Rachel Weisz as your wife and were playing James Bond you'd feel 10 feet tall!!

SAK says on 12/Feb/13

I believe he is 5f10. But he looks like a short 5f10; because of stocky build and stumpy legs.

Willy says on 11/Feb/13

Mathew, you'll actually see him at least half an inch shorter than this listing when Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) and James Bond (Craig) shake hands in Casino Royale.

Silent d says on 11/Feb/13

5 foot 10.

Mathew says on 9/Feb/13

I could see him being at least half an inch shorter than this listing.

Original says on 7/Feb/13

He's 5'10.

Willy says on 31/Jan/13

Mads Mikkelsen had a good two inches on him in Casino Royale. The pictures with Rob show Mikkelsen at 5'11.5'', and this once again proves that Craig needs to be downgraded.

Almaviva says on 30/Jan/13

photo of Gwyneth Paltrow (59) and Daniel Craig from the movie Sylvia:

Click Here

ano says on 24/Jan/13

Not surprising with the amount of shoe-lifting he does, his height is all over the place.

I still it's a strong possibility that his 5'8.5 barefoot. With his normal shoe lifts he easily looks 10.5. (Both on screen and at special occasions)

For me the ultimate picture was him next to Hugh Jackman!!

tom hagen says on 24/Jan/13

I think he is 5ft madaum toussead his wax figure is almost 6ft tall, i stood next to it! and brad pitt was 6ft 1

Silent d says on 22/Jan/13

It was clearly converse. It didn't look like it had lifts. I thought jude law would be taller than daniel craig but that photo is mind blowing. He never looked shorter than 178cm. Sienna miller is 168cm so craig looked pretty tall in layer cake when he was naked with her.

Connor 183cm says on 20/Jan/13

Whoops rob i think i accidently posted a comment with no writing i didnt mean to do that anyway do you believe he is 5ft 9.5 or do you think 5ft 10 is still a good shout for him?

[Editor Rob: I still think he can look 5ft 10 more than he can look 5ft 9]

refresh says on 18/Jan/13

in skyfall scene in the shower (probably barefoot:)) with Berenice Marlohe (5'8 at this site) He is not taller from her more then 2-3 cm... 176-177?

Realist says on 18/Jan/13

Lol Bon Jovis chin n forehead are at least 2 inches below Mr Craigs, its only his bouffant hair that makes them look a similair size.

6'0, 17 says on 17/Jan/13

178 cm sounds perfect for him. He's the exact same height as my dad. Same build, proportions. Very good height for a man.

NBK says on 15/Jan/13

Actually I take that back, was looking at shots online. Chance would have it the movie just came on and he looks about the same height as the vehicle.. maybe even a little shorter?

NBK says on 15/Jan/13

In Casino Royale he appears taller than the height of the Range Rover Sport, which is listed at 5 foot 11.5 inches tall. That would make him well over six foot (on screen in the movie)?

GC says on 10/Jan/13

So hammer we dont Know what he was wearing inside those boots! would you say 5'7 barefoot or 5'8?

Rick says on 10/Jan/13

I was just watching SNL clips of him, standing next to other cast members in a construction worker sketch. He is between 5'9 1/2 to 5'10 not short but not tall.

hammer says on 10/Jan/13

I was on Virgin Airline flight from LA to NY sitting two row behind him He was wearing a ridiculous Rastafarian wool knit hat with boots with 2 inch heals. I am 5' 10" and he appeared to be shorter than me by 1-2 inches.

GC says on 9/Jan/13

Anybody can see Casino Royale when he appears with listed 5'6 Eva Green almost at the end of the movie exactly after the rain, around 2:00:00, before they go into the bed. you check and make your conclusions! 5'10 Jajajajaja

little sue says on 9/Jan/13

There is a pic on the web from an award ceromony the other night and he is photographed next to Bradley Cooper, he looks about 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than Bradley.

Willy says on 8/Jan/13

Seems like Craig's publicists have overrun the page. Daniel looks a visible inch shorter than Ralph Fiennes, who may or may not be 5'11'', in Skyfall. Additionally, he looks two inches shorter than Javier Bardem, who may or may not be 5'11.5'', in the film. On top of that, his footwear looks extremely suspicious. Take a look at it when Bond approaches Patrice at the upper floor of the Shanghai skyscraper.

SamT says on 7/Jan/13

Not a hair under 5'11, always looked a bit above average and close to 6' in Skyfall.

Mal says on 31/Dec/12

Looked the same height as fiennes is skyfall. Maybe 1/4 shorter at the most.

Chriccha says on 23/Dec/12

I met him at the airport in Stockholm and asked for an autograph. (Got it!) No media people around, just him, departuring alone, in ordinary clothes - not a time for lift shoes...

He seemed 178cm to me. I usually find people who are LESS than 178cm "short", and he did NOT fall into that category! 178cm, not shorter.

Tom says on 22/Dec/12

Too short for Bond!!!!!!!!!!!! Bond needs to be at least 185cm tall!!!

says on 17/Dec/12


Louis says on 17/Dec/12

174-175 and taller than Jude Law

little sue says on 16/Dec/12

There is no way he is as low as 5ft 8, I have pics of him in those flat toe past sandals standing next to Rachel Weitz and he has about 4 to 5 inches on her, I'd post the pics if I knew how!

romanspqr says on 15/Dec/12

There's this photo floating around here that has Jude law and Craig. And I'm reading Craig is in converse. How does anyone know that? No where is there a converse emblem visible. They easily could be converse look-alike with 3in lifts. The only thing that pic proves is that Craig never takes off his lifts. Daniel Craig is 5'8. Also FYI elevator shoes are designed to be inconspicuous.

Louis says on 14/Dec/12

he wasn't so much taller than downey

i doubt downey had footwear advantage

Silent D says on 13/Dec/12

Louis your photo is a real eye opener because jude law has hi tops on which has a thicker sole than craig's converse shoes. Was that sienna miller? His ex wife? How old was that photo. I can't believe how short jude law is. It blows my mind. I am truly shocked. Craig might be 5 foot 10. I will be surprised is shorter than 5 foot 9. That will really be shocking. He was so much taller than robert downey jr and sienna miller.

romanspqr says on 9/Dec/12

Rob, I hope the bond franchise is paying you well for this one! No way is 007 5'10.25. I can see a strong 5'8. He is a lift wearer so albeit it can be hard to judge his true height. But he has footage with known 5'8 guys and stands shoulder to shoulder.with them. We all like Daniel but no need to exaggerate his height.

little sue says on 9/Dec/12

Never a truer word spoken AndyDamnit!! and us ladies would still love him 5ft 6 or 7ft!!!

AndyDamnit says on 9/Dec/12

Does it really matter if Craig is 5'6" or 7' tall.... on the big screen he is 60 feet tall and plays the part of 007 perfectly.It's a movie... he's an actor. Does anything else matter?

addy says on 8/Dec/12

Rob, here he is with Graham Norton (listed as 174cm) and they're almost the exact same height.

He enters at 3mins and 40secs

HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 11/Dec/14
Looks more like max 59" next to 62.5-63" Batista.
Maybe tired of wearing lifts today
Ka said on 14/Aug/12
It's funny, my mom saw Craig on the Olympic opening, and she thought he's short, like 170 cm range LOL. After I told her Craig is 178-179, she's somewhat shock...
Ka said on 9/Aug/12
I see Rob, he's in good shape and holds good posture. One question, Craig at 5'10.25 would be a weak 179 cm'er, isn't that right? He definitely hits 5'11 out of bed though
[Editor Rob: sometimes he can pull off looking 179 a lot of time just 178, does he look under 178? I don't see him looking under that much, does he wear a small lift - that is something a small percentage of actors might do, as I said elsewhere it's easier to get away with wearing 1cm lifts as your height isn't suddenly going to vary drastically like your Robert Downey Jr's does.]
Ka said on 8/Aug/12
Is 179 cm possible Rob?
[Editor Rob: a solid 5ft 10 range is good for Craig I think. I believe his workout routine has helped maintain and improve his standing posture, so he's losing very little when he stands compared to how he measures.]
The Don said on 5/Aug/12
Most legitimate 5'10 I have ever seen.
MaskDeMasque said on 31/Jul/12
he's always looked 5'10 in my opinion.
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 14/Jun/12
If Craig really was 178cm at night, in normal shoes he could easily hit 180.5cm. This would mean Arteton to edge him out she would have to be wearing heels 11-12cm!? really rob?
IMO Ive always seen Craig as more on the lower side of average and probably 176-177cm barefoot?
I think if hes 5'9.5 in normal shoes would be about 179cm and therefore a 170cm Artherton wearing say 10cm heels would make her 180cm. I see that more realistic.
Mr. R said on 12/Jun/12
The quote from Gemma Artherton above is important because she is listed at 5-7. If she was taller than him in heels, then he is more like 5-9.
Dmeyer said on 10/Jun/12
Looks to wear similar dress shoes than Pitt hé yet apears 5 ft 11.5 while looks more 5 '11.5-6ft conclusion Craig 5'10-10.25 Pitt 5'10.75-11
Simon Templar said on 11/Feb/12
Very easy SILENT D!! "End of dicussion..!!! "He´s 178 cm.". Who are you...??, Jesus Christ or God!! Who´s this guy to state what he thinks, as if he were a scientist?? Some picts. where Craig is next to H. Ford let us see that Craig isn´t taller than 5´9" (high heel shoes plus lifts, VERY CLEARLY!! Oh, before I forget, "the earth is SQUARE, NOT ROUND", just because "I´m saying it... and..END OF DUSCUSSION.." JA,JA
Silent d said on 6/Feb/12
End of discussion! He is 178cm.
Silent d said on 29/Jan/12
Check out the site i posted up. He is 178cm.
John said on 27/Jan/12
Rob in "The Invasion" he was noticble taller than Nicole Kidman?
[Editor Rob: maybe Daniel has worn a lift on a few occasions in films. We know he done it in Quantum of Solace, so maybe in other films it's something - especially with similar height women - he might have done? ]
Silent d said on 26/Jan/12
He is definitely 178cm. Here's a link to the site with all bond actors heights. Click Here
lucifer sam said on 15/Oct/07
watch the movie a road to peridition where he stands next to tom hanks. I dont think craig is taller than Tom Hanks. so its a good estimate if he is 176-177cms
Jon said on 13/Oct/07
Re coments about 'amazing' "i thought he was be taller". This guy has the same type of build and gets the same comments as say Tomas Jane. There is nothing amazing about a well-bred symetrical man. Any man within a normal healthy height range e.g. whether they are 5'6 to 6'2 (approx, and probably exceptions to this also) can all look the same tall or 'golden' height-weight ratio, 6ft-footer or whatever is considered fashionable and sexy by hollywood at the time.
Height is not that important, symetry is: see the virtuvian man for more.
dmeyer said on 7/Oct/07
craig must be 5'11.25 in 1.25 dress shoes the height in shoes is very importent like when i wear nike shoes i am 6'0.5 in si i look 5'11.5 and when i wear converse i look 5'10.75 and if i wear 0.5 in heels i will look 5'10.5 considering 1 in heels is normal heel if
Stuart Bond said on 5/Oct/07
I'm sure he's 181 cm
Alonso said on 1/Oct/07
James Bond is the same height as me!?
But I think he looks taller, he looks 5'11" to me.

British Actor from Casino Royale and Layer Cake. A resume once had 5ft 11, although one newspaper said "he pointedly refuses to reveal his height. "I'm five to six feet".

That's funny.
Jon said on 23/Sep/07
Height is not very important, symetry is, to create a well shaped well rounded man. Hence why a man with good genes, posture and symetry can look anything from average to 6ft+.
Realheight 88 said on 23/Sep/07
Craig is 5-10.25 and he looks that height in the new movie "The Invasion" with nicole kidman.
glenn said on 31/Aug/07
no,my flesh judgement is guys,including rob never met anyone.anyone.if ben had lifts,they were sophisticated.and another thing,daniel craig is at least 5-10 and so is brad pitt.brad might actually be 5-11,but it can be doubtful.kingsley sure looked 5-10 to me in the house of sand and fog compared to jennifer careful what you say next,you love to say your not putting me down,but you are in your subtle not interested in taking this fact everyone on the site can state their opinions towards me once or twice and thats fine.thats what we are here for.otherwise,if you havnt met the celeb,and repeatedly at that,then please,after a couple of times give it a rest.your all wrong.including rob.and i have told him this via email.its his site.not mine.he wondered why kingsley was taller than he expected in some photo or movie the other day.gee,never mind that i said he was 5-10.duh.i love that.not good i have to answer to you? who the **** are you? thats 2 times you talked to me like the king here.not you.your field is bodybuilding or whatever it is you do.this is my profession.dont tell me that im wrong or how to do it.ive been meeting celebs close to 20 years now and technically since i was give it a not looking for a chinwag like you do with the other blokes.and another thing,i dont put down the heights least get your facts straight before you start up.rob has damon up at whatever he feels and i agree with his listings at least 70 percent of the time and on occassion he is right over me.damon i feel is 5-10.yes,he could be 5-9.
Melv said on 30/Aug/07
Not good enough Glenn. You thought Ben Kingsley was 5ft 10 when he's 2 inches shorter. You got Matt Damon at 5ft 10.25 and keep forgeting his shoes and bulging hat. Not trying to put you down but your in the flesh judgement isn't as good as it should be.
glenn said on 29/Aug/07
whenever i see ewan in the flesh.not stills.meeting these celebs are the real deal.
Melv said on 29/Aug/07
What kind of answer is that Glenn? Ewan is not slouching any more than Eddie Izzard. They are both holding average posture and there is 2 or 2.5 inches between them.
glenn said on 28/Aug/07
for years i believed ewan was 5-9.then it never occured to me about posture.i have 5-11 friends,stocky and skinny that appear 5-9 due to slouches.
Melv said on 28/Aug/07
@anonymous. He looked nothing like 5ft 11 next to Jackman unless with lifts.

@glenn, you said on Ewan McGregor's page when you met him he looked 5ft 9. Rob has him at 5ft 9.5
These photos show McGregor at 2 or 2 and 1/4 inches above 5ft 7 Eddie Izzard. Some say Izzard is less than that height.

Click Here
Click Here

Both with the same posture.
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/07
he looked 5'11-6'with hugh jackman
glenn said on 27/Aug/07
ewan mcgregor is 5-10.5.with a slouch looks 5-9.5.
Melv said on 27/Aug/07
Daniel Craig admitted he is the same height as Ewan McGregor and that is the only time Daniel has spoken exactly about his height. Other mentions of his height have not come from him so he has never been dishonest about being in the 5ft 9 to 5ft 9.5 range.
Aratirion said on 27/Aug/07
Sorry if it's been already posted; anyway, a good pic for measure. Click Here

The guy on the very left is mads mikkelsen (here listed at 5'11.75); he's not standing straight and is taller than craig though; The shoes are about the same. So I'd downgrade Craig to a solid 5'10.
dan said on 26/Aug/07
i'm extremely confused why he looks the same height with nicole kidman(179) in the 79th oscar,i think nicole should wear heels that night,so he should look 5~7 shorter than nicole,but.....why?
NYMedStudent said on 23/Aug/07
Lee, I like your enthusiasm on the topic of weight training; it makes for a lively debate. It is helpful to keep in mind that what worked out well for you, in your experience as a child bodybuilder enthusiast, may not hold true for everyone. Additionally, like cigarettes smoking and lung cancer in the 60s, the lack of a conclusive causal relationship does not preclude such an effect being elucidated at some point in the future. Thus, when it comes to making recommendations that effect others, especially children, being conservative is generally a good rule of thumb to follow. Also, if you are aware of any scholarly studies that bring clarity to the issue of weight training vs height, a link would be greatly appreciated.

Final note: the American Academy of Pedicatrics recommends "preadolescents and adolescents should avoid competitive weight lifting, power lifting, body building, and maximal lifts until they reach physical and skeletal maturity."

Click Here;107/6/1470#Recommendation

Now on Daniel Craig, I'd say he looks more to be a solid 5'10"... however, the way he carries himself is impresssive... good posture and excellent gait. He oozes confidence. He is definitely the most believable, most physically fit, and most interesting Bond to date.... that said Connery is still the best (who by the way does not look tall in the Bond movies).
Nick said on 20/Aug/07
Ian Fleming did specify what height James Bond was, circa the novel Thunderball. Bond is listed as 6ft/183cm. Fair to say Connery, Lazenby and Dalton are 6'2 tall, Brosnan 6'1, Moore 6ft. Having worked on the set of Layer Cake I can safely say Daniel Craig is 5'9 at best.
glenn said on 20/Aug/07
i agree dmeyer,but when i met him a year before bond he was 5-11 in dress shoes and suit.
dmeyer said on 19/Aug/07
this guy can look 5'9.5 alot
glenn said on 19/Aug/07
6ft is what my friends guage him at.i saw 5-11.i always said he looked short in casino royale,almost 5-9.
kinda tall said on 18/Aug/07
I see The Internet Momvie Data Base has him at 6' now.
Melvin said on 11/Aug/07
177, you should scroll down before you post the same image we saw a million times. Craig is standing higher up the slope and Paltrow is leaning back. We have other pics of them with only 1/2 inch max between them.

@lee, we were talking about adults lifting weights or gaining weight not youngsters. Your theory doesn't work in reality anyway because genetic factors are more potent than growth hormone. The amount of growth hormone released from exercise is still too small to affect height and would be used to repair muscle tissue after exercise. Like you said, why pretend to talk about something you don't know about?

@Lmeister, that's right. About 5ft 9.25. An inch shorter than Jude Law and about the same height as Jeffrey Wright.
177 said on 10/Aug/07
Click Here

Classic barefeet pic with Gwyneth Paltrow looks legit 5'11"
lee said on 8/Aug/07
Training makes your body produce more growth hormone, so your height will accelerate if anything!
Stretching will also help, i started training at 13 at a height of about 5'1 (very short) im now 26 and 6'1.5 (6'2 first thing in morning)I'm now a competetive bodybuilder on the amature circuit.
Every study ever performed as shown that no conclusive evidence that weight training can negatively affect a persons height it may infact improve it!
Look at Lou Ferrigno (6'5) ralf moeller (6'6)
It amazes me just how many people don't train, eat junk food, smoke cigeretes, binge drink, eat irregularly and never take vitamins or minerals or any other health supplements, yet try to preach about health and fitness to people who are pretty much experts on the subject like bodybuilders!
Why does every-one pretend to know what they're talking about when most of them don't even train?!
Markus said on 7/Aug/07
That seems about right for his height, as he looks in real life in the 5 ft 10 range. Also the arguments about height loss and weightlifting have never been proved. After years of working out it hasn't affected me one bit in terms of height. However I do agree that bad posture that isn't corrected will lead to problems later on.

If Craig is anywhere from 5'9.5" to 5'10.5" he should just say it. I don't understand the problem many male celebs have with saying their height if they are under 6 ft.
Lmeister said on 6/Aug/07
I just watched Layer Cake. During the scene when Daniel Craig scharacter shoots Kenneth Cranham (5'7'') you can see only 2 inch difference. It is a full body shot, Cranham is wearing flip-flops and Daniel Craig is wearing boots. There is also a scene on a roof when Daniel is standing next to Michael Gambon who is usually listed (6'0''), but is a terrible sloucher and he probably has lost at least an inch. I think that Daniel Craig is more like 5'9.25'' than 5'10.25'', but I think he is no less than 5'9''. He really looks the same height as Dermot Mulroney on screen and similar built.
6 and a half said on 3/Aug/07
I agree with Ed 5'11.

There's like n billions comments on a guy height arguing for the very last inch. Lol funny people.
glenn said on 26/Jul/07
celebrities heights can fluctuate and thats fascinating to me.
Melvin said on 26/Jul/07
For me it is about studying biomechanics and improves my artwork and animation.
Ed 5'11 said on 26/Jul/07
wow! just found this website by accident. can't believe so many people are obssessed with other people's heights... what's that all about?
Melvin said on 21/Jul/07
Spinal loading should be common knowledge as breathing in and out.

Re: your friend meeting Matt Damon or meeting any celebs in public. I'm tired of the speculation now because unless they are barefeet it is impossible to know. It's so easy to tuck something in shoes. That's why those street photos are so deceptive. Look at Daniel Craig barefeet next to Eva Green in Casino Royale. 3 inch difference not official 4 or 5 inches. Look at Matt Damon and Franka Potente in Bourne Identity. There's a barefoot scene in their underwear. 1 inch difference not the official 2 inches. There's a photo that keeps appearing on Brad Pitt's page. Barefeet with Gwyneth Paltrow naked. Almost no difference when officially there should be 2 inches. All these celebs are tricky basturds with their shoes.
Bill said on 21/Jul/07
I've only ever posted on the Matt Damon thread (saying that he must be almost 5'10" since my friend took a pic with him). Anyway, I've studied at the University of Waterloo with Stuart McGill as an undergraduate. He's well regarded and writes a lot about the back. I think that he would generally support your views.
Melvin said on 18/Jul/07
"[Editor Rob: invasion isn't out, just saying it will be interesting to see how he looks near northam.]"

Problem is we are talking about current height aren't we? Invasion was shot nearly 2 years ago in the summer to autumn of 2005 before Craig was announced as Bond. Besides Northam, Craig has always been shorter than his friend Jude Law who is somewhere between 5ft10-11. I would like to see how they look side by side these days compared to the last time they used to hang together.
Melvin said on 18/Jul/07
Rob, I haven't seen Invasion but did check some pics.

This was at a press conference for Invasion when it was called The Visiting. I have no doubt now that Nicole Kidman is not 5ft 10 or above because even in heels she is shorter than Jeremy Northam in very flat loafers.

In these photos Craig has something like a 1.25 inch heeled dress shoe. He was lighter with better posture back then as he still had not bulked up for Casino Royale. He could have been 5ft 9.75. With shoes 5ft 11. Glenn saw Craig at about that height in dress shoes at the time.

Kidman at 5ft 9.25 is wearing 2.75 inch heels putting her at 6ft.

Northam looks the 6ft that alot of people including you are putting him at. The loafers aren't going to give him much height at all. A quarter inch maximum. So 6ft 0.25.

Click Here
Click Here

The heights work out. Craig does look a little shorter than Kidman. Northam is over an inch taller than Craig and taller than Kidman too. If she was 5ft 10 or higher she would be taller than Northam. That's not happening at all.

Now here is Craig and Kidman more recently after he piled on the weight for Bond. Her heels might be a little taller than before at 3 inches. His dress shoes look normal.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

This time there's a greater height difference between them. She looks 6ft 0.75 in heels and he looks like he is struggling to hit 5ft 10.5. He is closer to the camera in all shots so should look tall but doesn't.

It seems to confirm Craig has lost height with the weight gain mentioned. He went from 5ft 9.75 in Invasion down to between 5ft 9 to 5ft 9.25.

I thought the top action star at the moment might draw more interest than Sylvester Stallone or the Oceans gang. I will move over and let everyone else debate this actor because it's getting boring and being stalked by an "Anonymous" who has nothing to do but make personal attacks against people who have done nothing wrong to him has been an interesting experience. I always wanted to come across sad little freaks like that and now I have my first experience of a troll.

[Editor Rob: invasion isn't out, just saying it will be interesting to see how he looks near northam.]
Anonymous said on 18/Jul/07
By watching his films and how he appears with others, he looks like an average guy in the 5'10 range. To me, he doesn't appear to have the proportions of anything less. I just find it a bit funny that this "Melvin" character showed up with so much interest in Daniel Craig's height a few weeks after Scarlet was banned. And the same computer no less... must be a total coincidence.
Melvin said on 18/Jul/07
I agree he is a very good Bond, Adam. Not realistic as Connery in his first movies or Dalton. Not yet. That's mostly the writers and producers job to make happen.
And I don't care what you think "Anonymous". You're a troll looking for a fight because you have nothing to add. You can't even figure out the basic concept that people read and absorb other people's opinions.
Adam said on 17/Jul/07
Craig looks good as James Bond. I read today that he was the most realistc James Bond as Pro spy's can't be over 5' 11" or else they are more easily noticed. The tallest James Bond was 6' 2"?
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/07
Melvin says on 17/Jul/07
He's less than an inch taller than Sean Penn and between 1.5-2 inches shorter than Mads Mikkelsen. This has been shown in photos too many times now. That pegs Craig squarely in the 5ft 9 to 5ft 9.5 range.

I don't know what Nicole Kidman's real height is because it used to be 5ft 11, then it came down half an inch, then it came down again. Then some witnesses report it being 5ft 9 because she is never taller than 6ft in heels. Others have said her height was boosted by Tom Cruise's publicists because that way he could appear to be taller and claim 2 inches over his own height. That story makes sense because in those days Cruise did used to say he was 5ft 9 when he isn't.

Scarlet says on 4/Mar/07
Kidman isn't 5'11. Her height was adjusted when she was dating Cruise to make him appear taller. Female heights are boostified too.

Scarlet says on 1/Mar/07
I saw the pic. Craig comes to Jackman's nose level. There is also a photo of Craig with 5ft 6 Sean Penn. Only 2 or 3 inch difference.

you two sure seem to share alot of the same views.
Melvin said on 17/Jul/07
He's less than an inch taller than Sean Penn and between 1.5-2 inches shorter than Mads Mikkelsen. This has been shown in photos too many times now. That pegs Craig squarely in the 5ft 9 to 5ft 9.5 range.

I don't know what Nicole Kidman's real height is because it used to be 5ft 11, then it came down half an inch, then it came down again. Then some witnesses report it being 5ft 9 because she is never taller than 6ft in heels. Others have said her height was boosted by Tom Cruise's publicists because that way he could appear to be taller and claim 2 inches over his own height. That story makes sense because in those days Cruise did used to say he was 5ft 9 when he isn't.

[Editor Rob: see how he stacks up in Invasion with Northam, who incidentally is shorter than 6ft 1 Nige Bennett in cypher scene.]
dmeyer said on 17/Jul/07
considering kindman should apear like 6'0.5 to 6'1 men in heels craig dosnt look more than 2 to 2.25 in shorter so solid 5'10er
Melvin said on 17/Jul/07
You would have to show proof for your thoughts that he is 5ft 10 or over. Someone claiming to be his friend posted on here and said his peak was 5ft 10. I agree that could have been his peak but years ago not now because ---all--- photographic evidence from the late 90s to now has Craig at about 5ft 10 in shoes. We use photos on all the other pages so it is mildly amusing that so few photos are posted on this page to support some claims.
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/07
This is retarded. Anyway, I think the estimate of 5'10.25 is right on for this guy. I thought he looked this height in both Munich and the new bond movie.

Hey Rob, is there any reason why you don't list half centimeters? I figure with quarter inch estimates, half cm estimates would make it so both the figures are very close to one another. ie 5'10.25 = 178.5. just curious.
Melvin said on 17/Jul/07
I gave citations from doctors and athletes. I gave photos of postural problems and height reduction of actors who have lifted weights and back on the Daniel Craig topic I showed photos of him ---never--- being higher than 5ft 9.5. No one has been able to give their own citations or photos to disprove anything. I could continue, such as show you evidence of how weight training also creates distended stomachs which also effect posture (weightlifters, Daniel Craig, and other actors who lift weights have shown that problem). Problem is I'm talking to brick walls who are either too vain or diehard fans of actors or weight training who hate to see heights fudged or their own height and postures put up to scrutiny.

Take for example your latest nonsense against me Matt.

"In just about all of your citations, you get words like "fracture", "stressed", "herniated", "cracked". That sounds to me more like injury complaints, not a subtle *reduction* in height."

How flattering of you to cut out compression. All the citations mention 'vertebral compression' and also fluid loss from the intervertebral discs after the age of 30. An actor like Daniel Craig started lifting weights seriously after the age of 30 when his discs were starting to thin and packs on 20 pounds at almost 40 years old. His posture has grown worse than when he was younger and he is showing signs of abdominal distention.

"you may snub the opinion of bodybuilders, but a vainer group of people you will never find. They measure every nook and cranny of their body to within the nearest millimetre."

Bodybuilders very often lie about how much they weigh, how much they lift and how much their body parts measure. I can find several examples of how they have added inches to their height once they left the sport and got into entertainment.

"the citations you did provide proved NOTHING about *long-term, sustained height loss*"

Yes they did. You're the one who said you did Google the keywords and couldn't find ---anything--- about spine-loading and vertebral compression so this is you being misleading again.

Read Click Here again
"Spinal loading during weightlifting results in a loss of stature which has been attributed to a decrease in height of the intervertebral discs--so-called 'spinal shrinkage'."

And Click Here
"For the first thirty or so years of life, the gel in the inner part of the disc (the nucleus pulposus) is composed of approximately 90 percent water. This percentage gradually decreases over the next forty years or so to about 65 percent. As the percentage decreases and the discs lose their thickness, the space between the facet joints also decreases. The overall result is a loss of disc height"

How old is Daniel Craig? 39 going on 40. How old was Clint Eastwood when he started pumping iron seriously and developed a stooped posture? 47-50. Both of those actors lost height by putting on muscle and in turn extra spinal-load at a point in time when their spines were already naturally losing height because of age. That's why Eastwood is no longer taller than 6ft 1.5. Or why Brosnan is no longer taller than 6ft 0.5 or Daniel Craig is no longer taller than, being generous here, 5ft 9.25.

The onus is on you to disprove these observations and not posting your own uncited speculation with no photos to back them.
Matt said on 17/Jul/07

This is not a debate I will continue after this post, so feel free to have the last word on "muscle mass reducing human height".

I think your argument is misleading and disingenuous. For starters, equipment like weight belts are designed to *prevent injury*, not to "prevent height loss", which is what your words imply. That is the crux of your confusion, namely substituing HEIGHT LOSS for INJURY. In just about all of your citations, you get words like "fracture", "stressed", "herniated", "cracked". That sounds to me more like injury complaints, not a subtle *reduction* in height.

Secondly, you may snub the opinion of bodybuilders, but a vainer group of people you will never find. They measure every nook and cranny of their body to within the nearest millimetre. If there was ANY significant evidence of increased muscle mass causing a reduction in height, then you can bet your bottom dollar that bodybuilders would be the first to swear off the iron. It may only be anecdotal, but I think their testimonies (which are unaninimous in killing your theory, by the way) are important. As far as citations go, it is YOUR burden to provide them, so do away with the patronising "take five minutes to Google..." I will not do your work for you.

Thirdly, the citations you did provide proved NOTHING about *long-term, sustained height loss*. Granted, there is minor compression immediately after a workout, but you conveniently left out any mention of *stature recovery*. One of the citations talks about the immediate loss in millimetres after a workout. So what are you now saying...that every time we work out we lose millimetres? That's ridiculous. We would shrink into nothing. You have yet to provide any evidence that shows that increased muscle mass leads to a long-term reduction in height, which is exactly the charge you are levelling at Craig.

Finally, I'm questioning your impartiality in this debate. On one of my earlier posts, I provided a photo of Craig looking noticeably taller alongside Paltrow; you immediately sent a post denying it was Craig, saying you'd never seen him taller than Paltrow. Then when you realised it WAS Craig in the photograph, you put a different spin on it. Now you are manipulating facts in order to make a point of dubious scientific merit. You even took a photo of Craig, who was obviously posing in the buff, and deduced he has a Dowager's Hump! And if you are Scarlet, then you will even go so far as to question a member's height (Glenn's) in order for the celebrity to fit your vision of how tall they are. It's all very misleading and isn't helping.

The ironic thing about this is that I actually started out on this page asking Rob to DOWNGRADE Craig from the initial 5'11" he had for him...
MD said on 16/Jul/07
Editor Rob,

PLEASE, for the love of everything good and holy, clean this mess up.
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/07
Until then. your posts that show that traps can cause shoulder problems and such so they must cause slumped shoulders is somewhat like posting a study that says potato chips make one fat and then speculating that they cause cancer. I'm obviously not the only one who thinks this because others have asked for evidence and not once have we seen anything to the degree of weight lifters lose more height than the average Joe who doesn't exercise.
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/07
You know, i'm not arguing that some lifting movements can't cause spinal compression, especially back squats. I'm arguing your point that traps cause a hunched over look. I dont believe you'll ever be able to prove it because there are so many variables involved. Show me one guy with nice traps who didn't do alot of squats, didn't work at a desk , didn't play sports, slouch,etc who has slumped shoulders: then i'll give your argument some credit.
Melvin said on 16/Jul/07
You're still trolling when you can give a name. Stop calling me fricking Scarlet just because you want to dodge debate or call names when you have no counter argument. Here's a proper introducton. I'm Melvin ex member of the Quake 4 klan "Loz Kampoz Fragging Force". You can search and find me mentioned on line. I got into weight lifting when I was in art school. I wanted to be a comic artist so I lifted weights to develop muscles so I could draw them better. I'm now a 3D modeler and and have developed game mods. Now your turn to be straight or you can carry on being a troll.

You want to know how large traps cause poor posture. That's so easy it is amusing that it needs to be explained to you.

The way to exercise the traps directly is with barbell or dumbbell shrugs. This exercise causes excessive spinal load and fatigues the traps before it can fatigue the arms. Because the traps are used all day long to support an already heavy object (your head) they quickly tire with exercise which results in poor posture. There are many studies investigating the stamina of the trapezius under different conditions.

Click Here
"The trapezius muscle is very vulnerable to pain and fatigue. This study investigates the pattern of trapezius fatigue during an isotonic and isometric contraction. It looks at the relationship between the fatigue pattern and the muscle's functional role. "

If you have seen people performing shrugs, deadlifts or any standing or sitting exercise they almost always have poor posture because the trapezius fatigues so quickly. The resulting slouch during exercise multiplies the problem and tires the trapezius even more. You can't say this is uncommon either because top people like Schwarzenegger, Haney and Yates do shrugs with their chin in their chests. Placing barbells across the shoulders when performing presses or squats also fatigue the traps. Curling also fatigues the traps.

Click Here
"When people slouch or hunch their shoulders, they strain the supporting muscles of the back, increasing the likelihood of injury. The trapezius muscles, the large, triangular-shaped muscles of the upper back, often are subject to fatigue with poor posture."

To complicate matter more, large trapezius muscles add to the spinal-loading that already occurs from supporting the weight of your head all day. This increased spinal load means the intervertebral discs are unable to maintain their full thickness. That's why just about everyone you see with large traps also have a stooped posture. Any heaviness in the upper body, either from obesity, muscle gain or carrying a weight, increases spinal load, vertebral compression and the possibility of developing serious back problems.
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/07
I post from a cell Scarlet. not much i can do... It doesn't give me the option to put a name in.
Melvin said on 16/Jul/07
There are too many "Anonymous" posters making insults and unable to stay on topic for me to bother with them, Rob. No matter what arguments that have happened, I have never "trolled" so it is not fair for them to do so.
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/07
Melvin, where's the part that says big traps cause a dowager's hump?
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/07
Hey Melvin, I'm 5'11 190 lbs. Do you think if I starved myself and dropped down to 88 lbs I could gain an inch of height? Oh, I would be doing yoga as well.
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/07
Melvin you dont know what you're talking about. Quit trying to use this site as your personal yoga infonercial. Now please go on your ridiculous " Glenn is 5'7" or whatever you claim he is so Rob can boot you again. that is until you come back under another bad name.
Melvin said on 16/Jul/07
You know why I didn't provide a citation that increased body mass (fat or muscle) reduces your height by compressing the spine and joints? Because at first I thought you all knew this. I'm not the only person who has said it on celebheights. Secondly because I thought that you had a spare 5 minutes to search for it on Google and PubMed. Instead you went to some people on a bodybuilder forum. That is unbelievable. If you ask them what their biceps measure they'll add an inch or two. They are inherently insecure people with image problems.

Here's the citations and they apply to overweight and obese people too.

Click Here
"The function of the weight lifting belt is to maintain the back at the time of the vertebral compression"

Click Here
"This invention relates to support pads useful on weight lifter's benches to prevent compression and abnormal curvature of the spine during weight lifting."

Click Here
(need to download the PDF)
"Osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures often occur after low-velocity trauma or movements like weight lifting"

Click Here
"Perhaps the most talked about parts of the back are the discs or, more accurately, the intervertebral discs. These structures are formed from cartilaginous tissue and are sandwiched between and cushion each of the vertebrae, which prevents them from grinding against each other. The discs perform a critical role, as they help absorb shocks to the spinal column that are placed on it during everyday activities. In addition to handling the weight of the upper body, the lumbar region also must support the weight of whatever you pick up or carry, and your waist acts like the fulcrum, or pivoting point, in a lever system when you lift.

For example, if you lift a 10-pound bag of dog food, you place approximately 100 pounds of pressure on your lower back and increase the pressure inside your lumbar discs. This is a significant burden for your lumbar spine to bear. Intervertebral discs are designed to transmit and distribute that pressure evenly and thus allow normal activities to continue while preventing injuries. One reason discs are able to do this is their high water content makes them very elastic, which helps make and keep the spine flexible. For the first thirty or so years of life, the gel in the inner part of the disc (the nucleus pulposus) is composed of approximately 90 percent water. This percentage gradually decreases over the next forty years or so to about 65 percent. As the percentage decreases and the discs lose their thickness, the space between the facet joints also decreases. The overall result is a loss of disc height (and the related loss in skeletal height; we shrink as we age), reduced ability of the discs to absorb shock, and reduced flexibility"

Click Here
"Weightlifters are more prone to compressed, stressed, herniated or cracked vertebrae. "

Click Here
"OBJECTIVES: To determine if and how a stiff back belt affects spinal compression forces in weightlifting."

"RESULTS: The belt reduced compression forces by about 10%, but only when inhaling before lifting."

"CONCLUSIONS: Wearing a tight and stiff back belt while inhaling before lifting reduces spine loading. "

Click Here

"Spinal loading during weightlifting results in a loss of stature which has been attributed to a decrease in height of the intervertebral discs--so-called 'spinal shrinkage'. Belts are often used during the lifting of heavy weights, purportedly to support, stabilize and thereby attenuate the load on the spine. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a standard weightlifting belt in attenuating spinal shrinkage."

As you can see Matt there are whole studies on this and even a belt can't completely prevent spinal shrinkage or vertebral compression
Matt said on 16/Jul/07
Melvin, don't throw a hissy-fit.

You have provided no evidence whatsoever. I've said before that I will be more than happy to see your hypothesis proved correct, but I need to see some hard citations, not anecdotal speculation from yourself. What you call "evidence" is just speculation. Telling me to "go and Google" is not evidence, nor is it a citation. For what it's worth, I did take a peek at your keywords, but dug nothing up. I also went to the trouble of going straight to the horse's mouth, and asking the opinions of bodybuilders, all of whom say it is a myth (not that I'd regard that as conclusive, btw).

Look. You say that Daniel Craig's muscle mass has reduced his height. Fine. But I'd like to see any kind of citation that suggests an increase of muscle mass directly affects human height. If you can't produce a SINGLE citation, then it is just speculation. Your argument wouldn't even stand up in a GCSE exam without a citation.
Melvin said on 16/Jul/07
I don't like being accused of unsupported hypothesis when I'm throwing evidence in your face versus you not being able to refute anything with solid counter evidence. Weightlifting belts used by weight lifters and girdles used by overweight people prove spinal compression is a reality.

Matt, you wanted a citation and I asked you to search those keywords on Google and PubMed. Now you keep asking me for a citation because you don't want to see all the articles written by doctors. I found many and even found a report that regular joggers lose height and suffer from thinning spines. You got the hypothesis wrong too. I didn't say weightlifting or weight gain stop a growing person attaining their genetic height. I said it compresses the space between bones which is as obvious as the earth going around the sun. Just scratch your head and think why weightlifting belts exist.

"There's a huge difference between an averaged size man bulking up to 180-190 and bodybuilders who weigh 270+ and the effect on height."

The difference is an an average person bulking up by 20 pounds can lose about half an inch versus the much heavier person who can lose a whole inch.

Patrick17, your problem is common. You need to do more exercises that improve your flexibility and circulation otherwise you'll develop a hernia and even hemorrhoids. Weightlifting won't stop you attaining your genetic height. It will compress that genetic height though.
Melvin said on 16/Jul/07
sf, Dowagers or as I like to call it Athlete's Dowager (because it isn't as bad as the problem suffered by old people) is prevalent in strength athletes and overweight people. It's no as accentuated as in older people with osteoporosis but it is common nevertheless. You can argue that it was just those photos that I posted but you can get just about any photo of those people and it is still there.
You can't back up Anonymous' claim pushing movements create a stooped posture when Dorian Yates had the best back development ever. The stooped posture occurs because of a developed trapezius and spinal compression. Anonymous was also wrong when he said "Traps work by keeping the shoulder blades together.". This is flat out wrong because the trapezius is a kite shaped muscle that traverses the shoulders and then tapers down the the center of the back. When the trapezius is built up it spreads the scapulae and pushes the clavicles forward. The increased strength and mass require more space. That causes a stooped posture.
Maybe you forgot this but weight lifters use a weightlifting belt to create intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) to reduce spinal compression and prevent hernias forming in their spine (but can't prevent compression in the upper vertebrae, hips and knees). This point alone, that is common knowledge, proves how well it is known that weight lifting creates such side effects. Overweight people have also worn things like girdles to straighten their spines by creating IAP.
Anonymous said on 15/Jul/07
Melvin, are you a yoga instructor looking for clients or something? i know there are no pushing muscles. i believe i said pushing movements. meaning bench works chest shoulders and tris. work them more than your back and bis (Pulling movements) and one will develop the stooped look. also scarlet, i mean "melvin" If i were you i'd just keep working out. i mean, unless you plan on getting up to 250 i think you'll be fine height-wise.
Anonymous said on 15/Jul/07
There's a huge difference between an averaged size man bulking up to 180-190 and bodybuilders who weigh 270+ and the effect on height.
Matt said on 15/Jul/07
Melvin, I have spent some time reading bodybuilding forums, and the unanimous opinion seems to be that the "bodybuilding affects height" argument is a myth. Can you provide a single *citation* to back up your claims, or is it just speculation (that most bodybuilders would refute)? If not, let's retreat from the argument altogether.
Anonymous said on 15/Jul/07
Wow Melvin. you sure sound alot like this **** named Scarlet that used to come on here and spew unsupported hypothesis all the time.
Patrick17 said on 15/Jul/07
hi everyone i wanted to ask some advice from melvin or anyone who knows about this subject; im 5'11 and 14 stone (196 pounds) and have just recently turned 17. Im training to start in some amateur boxing, i do weightlifting mainly bench press, lat pull and so on, making sure not to lift any weights above my head. Even so i have had back problems for quite a while now (i used to lift weights above my head since i was about 15) every time i sit down for a while or brush my teeth over the sink or do anything of the sort I have to crack my back arching it and then pushing against it with my hands. I have been doing this for about 2 years and im really starting to notice it now and would like to know if anyone could help me with this matter. Also i would like to know if you think i could possibly grow any taller as it would be a lot easier to fight as a heavyweight if i was an inch or two taller.
sf said on 15/Jul/07

I like you - you argue with well-thought out arguments and try to present evidence to support your claims.

However, you still ignore many things. First, I just want to say that not one of those photos you posted in one of your last post, shows anyone with a Dowagers hump. I didn't see any. I saw guys posing in certain ways to accentuate their traps and pecs. There was no dowagers hump, because guys are leaning forward, purposely bring shoulder and pecs forward to accentuate them. No, that's how they pose for photographs to show off their physique. I did not see one Dowager's hump.

You make a crucial, and false assumption when you say "guys who know how to exercise". You're assuming that all of these dudes know how to use proper techniques. Trust me, they don't. Well, let me put it this way - many DO know proper technique, but that doesn't mean they use it. These guys, even Dorian Yates, Lee Haney, you name it - do everything they can and abuse their bodies, and use all sorts of jerky movements, and sacrifice good form for bulk and size. They aren't always the same. I've seen and know guys in my gym who are professional body builders and I cringe when I see them working out, sometimes. Yes, they are getting big now, but they will ALL pay when they are older. I personally know a guy who is in his 70's now, who competed with lots of the dudes from the 60's and 70's, and he STILL does his movements wrong. Watching him bench press can be painful sometimes, as I see him bouncing weights and doing jerky movements all of the time. He talks about shoulder pain and injuries. I wonder why. This guy was 3rd place Mr. America, or Mr. Universe in the 70's, but in the natural and masters division, I think. but, again Mr. Iowa used to work out in my gym and he did lots of bad movements and jerky motions cause he just wanted to get big, quickly, and impress everyone in the gym. Seriously. Okay, fine, so he overworked his pecs and shoulders, etc. and jerked and swung, and his form was terrible and he'll pay someday.

Anonymous is right on target when he talks about pushing vs. pulling. That's absolutely part of the reason that some guys did get that hump or pulled forward look. Too many bench presses, utilizing pushing, but not doing the appropriate pulling exercises for the back and shoulders, etc. That is a classic things bodybuilders do - they concentrate on building pecs, pecs, pecs, and many underwork the counterbalancing muscle in the back/shoulders. So, the pecs have been so overworked and gotten so big, they literally pull the torso forward. That's a fact.

Strengthening muscles actually strenghtens the framework around the bones and makes the whole things stronger. What do you think is stronger - bone by itself, or bone with muscle supporting it?

Most height lost in your vertebrae during the day is because the fluid drains from it during the day. It builds up in it at night, and drains during the day.

You ARE heavier due to weights, and you've built up a supporting structure for it - more muscle, thicker, stronger joints. Overweight people have not built muscle to support their extra weight, which, again is fat not muscle - fat, that just sits in the body and adds weight - muscle that makes the body stronger and supports the bone.

There are other ways to look at things.

In the end, though, those that constantly do abuse their bodies (like powerlifters and professional body builders that take it WAY too far and sacrifice their bodies to get improperly huge), through improper techniques, not working counterbalancing muscles and support muscles (such as the lower back muscles which many ignore and are a huge reason someone could suffer because they have never strengthened them) - Yea - these people are in for a world of hurt later on in life, and probably suffer more than we ever know, cause they never let on...
Melvin said on 15/Jul/07
To the last Anonymous, It's impossible to have large traps and perfect posture. You could attempt perfect posture but it would be too uncomfortable to do so for more than a few minutes. Because of that, weight lifters develop a stooped posture that results in a permanent athlete's dowagers (unless fixed by a chiropractor and yoga/pilates).
Also there's no such thing as a pushing muscle. It might be pushing in action when doing bench presses for example, but all movements cause the "pulling" of muscles that is called a contraction. All muscles are pulling muscles. Your theory on Yates is wrong because he was more well known for his back development than chest. If perfect exercise form and back exercises are supposed to maintain perfect posture in Yates we see the opposite results.
To Matt, this is not some new knowledge I pulled out of the air.
What makes you shorter during the day? Gravity. Everyone agrees on that.
Where is that height lost? It is lost in the spaces between the vertebrae, hip joint and knees. Everyone agrees on that.
If you carry more weight you lose that height quicker during the day (mid day instead of afternoon). Everyone should agree on that.
If you're heavier or applying heavy weights to your skeleton you are causing bones and tendons to compress. It's the number one reason why over weight people suffer from joint problems. Many weight lifters damage their joints over time and end up reducing their workload.
Try Googling "spinal compression weight lifting" and "vertebrae compression weight lifting".
You will see that it is common knowledge that excess weight causes such effects. There's articles on this on PubMed too.
Melvin said on 15/Jul/07
Thanks Jason but it isn't some kind of new knowledge. Any athlete or physician will tell you that weight lifting damages muscle tissues, tendons and bones. The body's response to the damage is to build up strength, mass and density to be able to resist further damage. It's a constant tug of war game between damaging vs repairing + building vs resistance. When cartilage is damaged that makes you shorter or damages your posture it is very hard to fix. Weight lifting is good in moderation but I refuse to touch weights again.
Anonymous said on 15/Jul/07
Traps work by keeping the shoulder blades together. If anything they would help posture. Look it up in an anatomy book. Most athletes or lifters with stooped shoulders got it from too many pushing movements and too few pulling movements. Traps are pulling muscles. so while Yates may have large traps and stooped shoulders, its not from his traps: its probably from alot of pushing movements. these guys could have ravaged their bodies from copious amounts of juice as well.
Matt said on 15/Jul/07
Sorry Jason, but without a decent citation, Melvin's argument holds no water. It is pure speculation. I've never heard of muscle mass causing a decrease in height, and that is why I would like some verification. I'm happy for Melvin to be proved right on the issue, but c'mon...a few hard facts before drawing a conclusion should be encouraged.
Jason said on 15/Jul/07
I actually think you're onto something with this, Melvin. It does make perfect sense that gaining significant amounts of muscle one doesn't have the frame for could, over time, permanently alter posture/affect the bones.
Melvin said on 15/Jul/07
Sorry, here's the Levrone and Stallone photo
Click Here
Melvin said on 15/Jul/07
I hear ya but there are very few weight lifters who can maintain good height and posture. In general it causes a hunched back or stooped posture. It depends on many factors. We can take a look at some famous examples of guys who know how to exercise but have developed a hunched appearance.

This Dorian Yates when he was Mr Olympia and years after he slimmed down. He has a permanent stooped posture now because his trapezius is very large and has weighed his shoulder blades down.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

This is ex bodybuilder Kevin Levrone who is a legit peak height of 5ft 9. These photos show him slimmed down by 50 pounds but he still can't get rid of the stooped posture of a bodybuilder. In the second photo he appear an inch or two shorter than Stallone (might be wearing his monster shoes) who straightens up like crazy whenever he sees a camera. Levrone is getting into acting now and jokes that his agents list him at 6ft.

Click Here
Click Here

This is Daniel Craig in Tomb Raider next to Angelina Jolie. Both in thick boots although Craig's look thicker and he has one foot standing on that striped object. Craig was about 20 pounds lighter back then and about 3 inches taller than Jolie who is by most estimates 5ft 6.5 tops.

Click Here

A much heavier Craig in Casino Royale. Notice how large his trapezius has gotten and has developed a stooped posture. If he was 5ft 9.5 in Tomb Raider then he has to be down by at least a quarter inch.

Click Here

Clint Eastwood had immaculate posture as a slim Dirty Harry then started lifting weights seriously. By the late 70s he developed an athelete's dowager and was very stooped in those orangutan movies. He is sitting in this shot but it was usually the same when he was standing too.

Click Here

Pierce Brosnan started lifting weights and kickboxing to get into shape for Goldeneye. He was a legit 6ft 2 and little taller than Famke Janssen when she was in heels.

Click Here

Pierce Brosnan in The Matador weighing almost 230 pounds and averages 3.5 inches over Greg Kinnear who is 5ft 9 by many accounts. Brosnan was wearing cowboy boots in the movie so it is even more surprising how he doesn't look much taller. That's a height loss of 1.5 inches minimum in 10 years and he is under 55 years old just from weight gain!

Click Here
Click Here
sf said on 14/Jul/07
Melvin and anyone else - you have hit the nail on the head when you say "improper" techniques. THAT is the problem. Why should I quit training, then lose my weight, and then measure my height again when, since age 19, I have never shrunkn after 22 years of lifting? NO, I stopped growing then, and I am still the same height (actual taller due to stretching) but, I didn't start stretching until I was 35/36 and, up to that, time, I was still the same height after 17 years of weight training.

Having worked out so long I can tell you that the key really IS improper training. I've seen guys lift for 20 years who still do it wrong. (quite honestly, most people I see do it wrong or cheat on their movements) Place the barbell improperly om their shoulders and DON'T arch their backs when they life. Hell, yea, they'll end up with problems because instead of arching, they are curving their back over, putting extreme, extreme pressure on their lower back. That will kill them. And, these guys jerk up and down, put too much weight on the bar, and their form is terrible. So many people are just interested in how much weight they can do and how they can impress people. Do it right and you will be just fine. I said this in the earlier post, you will stretch your back somewhat when you squat, cause you are arching it forward. It can even feel good, cause it really arches/stretches your back. But, yes, heavy weights, bad form, improper posture, jerky movements, etc. WILL definitely hurt your back. And, as someone else said, it does put extreme pressure on your back, but most people don't care and just abuse their bodies. Most of the guys that I'm sure you guys see are powerlifters who have spent years doing jerky, damaging movements, and they will pay when they are older. You'd think they'd know what they are doing, but they really don't. They trade proper form, and future health, for jerky, overworked muscles and routines, and using "cheating" movements that damage their bodies.

Melvin and others - there are other ways of looking at things. It's scientifically proven that you will slowly increase bone and muscle density when you lift over time. You also strengthen muscles which support your joints and bones, and back, etc. So, you have more mass, but, strengthened joints, muscles and increased bone density to lend support.

Sorry if I have come off so blunt, but I've done it, mostly correctly (hell, in the beginning, I did lots of things wrong) and I have not lost height, my back is not arched, nor in pain, and I don't have a hump....

Also, if you do the proper exercise, you don't have Dowager's hump, becuase you've done the appropriate back and shoulder exercises that strengthen these areas, and balance out the over-work most lifts do on their pecs. That's the problem. The pecs are developed to the point that they start to pull the shoulders forward. Seriously.
Melvin said on 14/Jul/07
Apparently Brosnan was 218 pounds when he was in Die Another Day according to the costume department versus 170 pounds in Goldeneye and 185 pounds in Tomorrow Never Dies. Google should bring it up. He had to be at least 220 pounds in The Matador.
Jason said on 14/Jul/07
Pierce Brosnan is as fat as 230lbs now??? I've never seen him look near that...
Melvin said on 14/Jul/07
Governator Arnold also had an athelete's dowagers in Pumping Iron. He said he did a lot of swimming to improve his posture and make his muscles more flexible. Pilates and yoga are essential if you want to maximize your height especially if you lift weights.
Real, measure your morning and afternoon height now. Then lose the weight and make the same measurements. The heavier the mass you put on your skeleton the more pressure there is on all your joints to compress during the day. This is logical. Everyone agrees we lose height during the day because of gravity and compression and the more bulk you carry the more you lose. Putting extra pressure on the spine by lifting weights doesn't help either. Search the web for photos of all your favorite strength athletes and the first thing you notice is they have an arch in their upper spine. Daniel Craig has that too. That's why I said he could have been 5ft 10 when he was slimmer and younger, 5ft 9.5 a few years ago when he was showing some muscular development for the first time (Tomb Raider era) and closer to 5ft 9 now that he is gaining more weight. Clint Eastwood is another who developed an outward curvature of the spine when he started bulking up in the early 80s. As Dirty Harry his posture was perfect. By the time he was making those orangutan Clyde movies he had a noticeable arch in his back.
Real said on 13/Jul/07
I've put on 20lbs of muscle after 3 years of lifting and if anything I have straightened my back out. I have many friends who lift heavily and have not lost any weight while bulking up.
Do you have any kind of medical info to corroborate your speculation?
Anonymous said on 13/Jul/07
I've found that doing scapular exercises will help your upper vertebrae and your posture, thus helping your back (both upper and lower) and should help one maintain height. but squats are really bad for the back. I don't know about shoulder presses since the load is generally much less.
Melvin said on 13/Jul/07
Shoulder presses too especially with a barbell. Both put pressure on the upper vertebrae. I don't know anyone who lifted weights or gained weight and didn't get a slightly arched upper spine. Other problems also include herniated discs.

Arched spine and height loss also happened to Pierce Brosnan as he got heavier. In Goldeneye he was close to 6ft 2 and 170 pounds with perfect posture. Today he is down to just over 6ft and weights 230 pounds.
Anonymous said on 13/Jul/07
Back Squats are bad for you back. I lift weights and even I can admit that. Most doctors will tell you if there's one exercise to avoid, it's back squats. Trade them for front squats. it keeps your upperbody perpendicular to the floor.
Melvin said on 13/Jul/07
I should be more specific but I couldn't find the right term for the condition whose name I forgot. The condition is called a Dowager's Hump. Its causes are osteoporosis, spinal fracture, bad posture, weight lifting movements like squats and deadlifts, improper exercise form, and obesity. Many strength athletes and weight lifters have a slight dowager's hump. The most famous examples are Mike Tyson and former Mr Olympia Dorian Yates.
Melvin said on 13/Jul/07
Quit training for a year, lose your weight, then measure your height and get back to us.
sf said on 12/Jul/07
Hi, Melvin.

I've been lifting weights for 22 year and have NEVER lost height. It's a common MYTH that weight training does most of the things you mention. Weight train for 22 years, then tell me. Proper weight training strengthens the muscles and joints and actually thickens and strengthens bone over time. And, if you do squats correctly, you are actually arching your back and stretching it somewhat...
Melvin said on 12/Jul/07
I found out two things.
First a Czech hotel manager took a photo of himself with Craig during the shooting of Casino Royale and posted it on the net. The manager says he is 182cm. The responses to the photo on the forum in February 2006 make funny reading because the Bond fans who were still anti Craig at the time see Craig as 5ft 8 in the photo (which was removed by orders of the film production! It's a fan photo for chrissakes). That is likely a little underestimated but then comes the second thing that happened in Prague.
Craig had gained a lot of weight in Prague at that time which made the director lose his temper. Craig was ordered to lose the weight quickly because it made him look fat and short. The scene in question is when Bond and Vesper leave the train station for the hotel. They walk from the station and take a limo to the Hotel Splendide. The walking scene was cut because the director thought Craig's weight gain made him look too short compared to Eva Green. They kept the limo scene. You can see how much weight Craig had put on because his face is puffy and his collar is bursting.
The scene when they check in to the hotel was done after Craig lost the weight and could stand taller again.

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