How tall is Elijah Wood ?

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Elijah Wood height: 5ft 5in (165 cm)

American actor best known for playing Frodo in The Lord of The Rings movies. In an AOL Chat when he was 14 Elijah said "I'm about 5'4" and in 2001 Virginian Pilot, quoted: "I'm 5 foot 6, but Frodo is something like 3 feet". I met him July 2006 and thought he looked 5ft 5. Another quote (from Birmingham Mail) mentioned him saying, "I'm 5ft 6in,' he says proudly. 'Make that 5ft 7in on a good day"
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Emil 182 cm says on 14/Jun/15
You got a picture with him?
[Editor Rob: he didn't want to stand]
spainmen191cm says on 13/Apr/15
Rob, how tall would you say is the blonde girl wearing the pink dress comparing her with elijah (who is 5ft5), sasha grey(5ft 6) and Pablo Motos(who you said he is a little below 5 ft5) She is wearing very big heels, so its difficult to guess.
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[Editor Rob: 5ft 8 maybe]
The KIlla says on 1/Aug/14
I seen this guy at the Arclight movie theater in Hollywood. There is NO WAY this guys is 5"5. He's 5"3 on a good day.
Sean says on 15/Jul/14
Have you seen much of Jason Gann on the American version of Wilfred, Rob? He's listed at 5'10", and seems at least 5'9" range next to Elijah.
[Editor Rob: I think he can look 5 inches taller than Elijah, I can believe 5ft 10 for Gann]
The Pippin Club says on 30/Apr/14
We are huge Lord of the Rings fans and we all agree that Frodo looks different heights in different scenes. When he's talking to Sam in The Dead Marshes, he looks taller than he does in the Prancing Pony. Apparently it's Elijah Wood not the camera that makes Frodo different sizes. By the way, Elijah, you are an awesome actor and a wonderful Frodo.
carl199cm says on 3/Feb/14
all the hobbits are around 5"7 but frodo was a weak 5"5. to make the hobbit look short they had to include fellowship actors to be shorter than 6" as possible sean bean mortensen bloom are all 5"11 ish.
Hola says on 21/Nov/13
probs 5'5 and a quarter like marshall allman
James Crowley Meridius says on 19/Nov/13
Rob is there a chance elijah wood could be in the 5ft 6in range he can't be 5ft 7in because he was 5ft 7in he wouldn't have been tower by charlie hunnam the guy he was standing next too who is looks 5ft 10in range in green street.
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jasperwazup says on 17/Oct/13
how much would he weigh considering the 5'5'' listing. about 9 stone.
[Editor Rob: seems a good shout yeah]
Jag175cm says on 22/Aug/13
Guys he cannot be over 5ft 5 because in this pic he stands shorter than 5ft 5.5in Jason Schwartzman, obviously not by much it's barely visible.

Here's the pic:
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cd says on 19/Aug/13
Rob, can we change him to 5'5.25 since you agree that he may be a fraction over 5'5? Also you did say a while back that you thought he looked 5'5-5.5 range. I've had a look at the other hobbits too and I think there is just a single inch (maybe a tad less) between him and Freeman. I used to think Martin Freeman was only 167 cm (I'm not sure if he's a lift wearer or not) but now I think 5'5.25 for Wood and 5'6-6.25 for Freeman is reasonable. What do you think?
[Editor Rob: 5.25 could be ok]
Balrog says on 10/Aug/13
Rob you think there's a chance he's 166 cm? He looks that next to Monaghan.
[Editor Rob: he can look a fraction over 5ft 5]
Meg says on 2/Jul/13
He is 5' 5". Its in the Lord of the Rings behind the scenes books and videos. I remember because I am only 4' 11" and said to myself - Ha! He's hot and short enough for me :p
Emil says on 30/Jun/13
In Green Street he could look 5'10! Amazing what different camera angles and perspectives can make
Silent d says on 22/Jun/13
Rob if you've met him then maybe he is 5 foot 5 but he was shorter than robin williams.
Yaspaa says on 1/Apr/13
The camera is looking up, you can't really tell.
Sasha says on 21/Mar/13
Look here:
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Elijah (2-nd from the left) looks 1.5-2" taller than Peter Jackson (4-th from the left). Actually he looks even 3" taller, but I made a correction, because Elijah is closer to the camera. Peter is listed 5'4.75" here. So Elijah is at least 5'6.25" (168 cm).
Hobbit 101 says on 20/Jan/13
i think the height on him is cut personally but i was estimate maybe 5'6" -5'7" i don't think he is much taller then that
185-186 says on 20/Jan/13
166 cm maybe a bit more i think
Balrog says on 15/Jan/13
He should be 5'5.5'' because in every pic he's 1-1.5'' shorter than Dominic Monaghan who you met and you're sure he's 5'7''
richkid123 says on 30/Dec/12
He did look kinda tall in Green Street Hooligans. Tended to hold his own quite a bit. Looks shortish in Wilfred. I have seen him in person and he is indeed short. 5'5"
anonangel says on 22/Dec/12
Well my classmate met him a few yrs ago and says he was about 5'7". That's all I know.
Killa B says on 13/Oct/12
I seen this guy at the Archlight Theater in Hollywood. There's no way this guy is 5 ft 6 inches. IMPOSSIBLE. I'm 5'9 I was in line to get popcorn behind him.
Emil says on 26/Sep/12
In Green Street he looked 5'10 in a few scenes.
Anyway he definately isn't nowhere near it. 5'5 Max
Johnnyfive says on 16/Sep/12
This height is what he looked in the Faculty next to 5'6 Jordana Brewster. In her heels she was like 4 inches taller than him and every dude dwarfed him in that film, even weak 5'8 Usher. 5'5 is spot on.
Shaun says on 7/Sep/12
Yeah 5'5" I think is about right. No way is he over 5'6"!!
Shaun says on 7/Sep/12
SAK says on 11/Nov/11
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His girlfriend is 5ft7/170cm, In this pic next to her he looks 5ft3, ok you if you into account that he was walking so he is lowered, but still looks 5ft4 next to her, so I will say he is 5ft4 @ best.

good grief he looks like Michael J. Fox in that photo and 5'4"!
Maximus Meridius says on 29/Aug/12
Rob is he only former child actor that is still acting is it very rare for former child actors too still be acting a lot of them quite and never came back any reason why.
BigT says on 30/Jul/12
Elijah Wood - 162 cm (164 cm if Dom is 170 cm)
Dominic Monaghan - 168 cm
[Editor Rob: I've met 3 of the 4 'hobbits' and still think Elijah is in 5ft 5-5.5 range, Dominic, if not 5ft 7 very close and Sean Astin between 5ft 6 and 6.5]
jasperwazap says on 28/Jan/12
Maximus Meridius says on 28/Aug/11
Rob are average height men below average height men and short men are more likely too look young for their age then taller people Leonardo DiCaprio is a tall man and he still looks young even for 36 he can still pass for a good 18 years younger.

Leo does look younger, but really 18 years younger. 18 i don't think so. Is that with heavy make-up on and moisturizers. i do think he looks 10 years younger putting him in his mid 20's but not any younger that's silly. he does have wrinkles you know and i'm suppose to believe that makes him 18 years younger.

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