How tall is Jared Padalecki ?

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Jared Padalecki's height is 6ft 4in (193 cm)

American actor best known for playing Sam Winchester in the TV series Supernatural. In film he can be seen in Friday the 13th and House of Wax. In Men's Fitness he mentioned: "I'm 6' 4"."
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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 19/May/15
Rob, Salmon didn't look over 6ft3 beside you...
[Editor Rob: yeah sometimes photos can add or take height because I'mm sure most agree he looks strong 6ft 4 range most of his career.]
joe 193cm night says on 18/May/15
Rob, Zachary Levi seemed a very charismatic guy interacting with the fans a really cool ca
[Editor Rob: zachary is a cool guest to interact with, seemed a very friendly type of guy. Generally most guests are, although I suppose even an actor can still be shy or nervous at times!]
Andrea says on 17/May/15
Well, what's the problem with wearing a hat? It's not he's got all his face covered... How tall is your friend? 5'1 range?
[Editor Rob: the photo isn't my friend, it's just an example at another con of him in a big hat.

When he turns up for promotional meetings, attends special occasions, goes to restaurants, gets photographed for a magazine/article or advertisement, I doubt he's wearing a wooly hat :) I personally can't understand why you would treat a convention as any fact it's a very special occasion, because your fans are there, the devoted kind who are willing to pay money to see you. Why would an actor feel it's appropriate to wear an outdoor woollen hat in an indoor photo-session with paying fans.

Fans are an actors bread and butter, the lifeblood of their fame and the fountain of their wealth...If someone paid me 30,000+ to attend a convention where fans have paid 100 quid to get in the door and then another 60 for a photo with you, I'd be making sure I looked my best in the photoshoots.
Triplescrew says on 17/May/15
Andrea, nice pics. Yeah clearly Jared is slouching/leaning. Jensen has pretty good posture and looks about his height (weak 6'0") as that guys eye level would be about 6'1". Jared looks closer to his real height (strong 6'4") in the guy's profile pic.

Also Rob, I'm wondering if Jared's severe case of depression might be a factor in how he goes about his photos. He really doesn't like being away from family for too long and I'm guessing these photoshoots take a good chunk of his time and mental energy (not in terms of standing there for the pic -- having to interact with so many folks -- as being introverted/depressed can cause you to lose lots of energy/motivation whenever you're forced to be social for prolonged periods of time).

As for the prices, I dunno about that, seems like it's typical for Hollywood types to charge loads for a bit of one-on-one time with them. Heck, just a few months ago I saw a promotion where you could pay like $1000 (maybe more) to watch the Justified finale alongside Tim Olyphant and Walton Goggins XD. Last I heard though Jensen charged more so I'll cut moose some slack.
[Editor Rob: these events are draining for fans and I'm sure for celebs, but they film long hours and sometimes doing many takes for scenes which is probably even more stressful at times. The conventions are great sources of positivity - fans are there to see you, they are paying money to see you - plus it is a major ego boost. I've sat in talks listening to actors and if you didn't know better, from audience reactions you'd think some of them were funnier than top comedians as every other sentence seems to get a laugh.

Speaking of photos, my friend texted me today disappointed that when she met her 'idol' from Arrow he was wearing a hat in the's something I do scratch my head at a little. I saw he was wearing one at another con recently and in the photo looked Like this.

Surely you want to look your best with fans. Does Stephen think he looks better with a hat like that? I can't believe it. These photos are a main focal point of fans memories; they will be shared on facebook/twitter and adorned on bedroom walls...they are paying 60 for a 5-second photo, sometimes I wonder if this is forgotten.]
Andrea says on 15/May/15
Rob, look at this guy: Click Here
He's met both Jared and Jensen and claims to be 6'6! He says Jared is 6'4 and Jensen 6'1, which probably are the heights they told him... Jared actually looks under 6'4 with him but i bet he is not standing at his tallest, also look at him with Jensen, he doesn't look the "minimum 4 inches taller" he usually looks! Maybe we should ask him to visit this site :)
[Editor Rob: if I knew they were going to stand I'd have went there!...but then maybe not, they are charging a lot now for photos.
I don't know any of their footwear, he does look a big guy.
Andrea says on 29/Apr/15
Rob, how tall do you think his brother is? I've read 6'7 or even a crazy 6'9 but he looks barely taller than him... Maybe near 6'5?
[Editor Rob: doesn't look much taller from the few photos I looked at. I think you could safely rule out 6ft 7 or 9.]
joe 193cm night says on 29/Apr/15
look footwearClick Here shoes are suspected but 6'4.25 is possible but I think Alexander would be 1 cm higher so that this guyClick Here
Bishop says on 28/Mar/15
6'4.25" I would say. Similar to Alexander Skarsgard. Never looked shorter than 6'4".
Andrea says on 26/Mar/15
It is also true that you've seen "more" Ryan Mcpartlin in person than Jared! I mean, on Chuck both Ryan and Adam have some footwear advantage over Zach most of the time (i'm sure Adam has even one inch over him in some scenes because he enjoys wearing big shoes in the show)... Jared still gives me a taller impression than those guys with Zach! I'd like to see Jared with a taller guy you've met... It'd be very interesting to see him with a Joe Manganiello or Ryan Mcpartlin because you seem 100% sure they would both be taller than him! You also said he's very similar to a Jason Momoa in person, but in every single photo of them together, as far as i am concerned they're pretty bad photos, Jared looks taller than him! Of course, it's not a surprise to me but it is to you, maybe?
[Editor Rob: Momoa can vary from 6ft 3.5 up to 4.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Mar/15
Rob, could a fraction over this mark be closer?
[Editor Rob: now someone like Colin Salmon or Ryan McParlin both look like they'd be in that very strong, fraction over 6ft 4...Jared in person I'm not sure would measure as tall as those, he might still be a little over 6ft 4, like I say a lot of listings can't all be on exact marks. You might find at 1pm the guy is 6ft 4.25 range...]
Josh says on 18/Mar/15
He really does look close to 6'5. Maybe bump him up to 6'4.5. He looks to have 5 inches on Jensen and Jensen's nothing more or less than 6'0.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Feb/15
6ft5 out of bed is a safe bet
184.3cm says on 27/Feb/15
And...Click Here

Tuxedo..dress shoes , not loggerboots or cowboyboots in sight. Jensen has volume in his hair and it looks 4.5 inches to me. What you think Rob?
184.3cm says on 27/Feb/15
Look at this one
Click Here
184.3cm says on 27/Feb/15
Maybe not full 6'5 but a 194cm (6'4.5) guy could fool many people especially if he is wearing his cowboyboots which he does regularly.
joe 193cm night says on 27/Feb/15
is not 6'5
Rotary says on 26/Feb/15
Thanks a lot for the reply Rob.
But this New York Times article puts Jared's height at 6 feet 5 inches.

[[Mr. Padalecki is 6-foot-5, Mr. Ackles is
6 feet, and together they are, as Mr.
Padalecki puts it, 400 pounds of
dude. ]]

Link: Click Here
[Editor Rob: I'd be surprised if he measured 6ft 5.]
joe 193cm night says on 21/Feb/15
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 1/Oct/14
Rob, could he be 6ft5 out of bed?Adam Baldwin
[Editor Rob: 6ft 4.75-5 likely]I think Padalecki can also do is a strong more expensive as 6'4, 6'4 weak as Momoa is impossible
Rotary says on 21/Feb/15
Hi Rob,
Do you think it is possible for Jared Padalecki to be 6 feet 5 inches tall?
[Editor Rob: out of bed maybe, but afternoon? He doesn't look that tall to me.]
Josh says on 20/Feb/15
He does clear the 6'4 mark easily. I think he's a fraction over this. He's very close to 6'5. Very big guy
Andrea says on 14/Feb/15
Next to Jason Momoa, Jim Beaver, Zach Levi he really can look closer to the 6'5 mark, if they're really as tall as listed! But Rob insists he's not over 6'4 in person...
scott younglove says on 27/Dec/14
He's quite a bit taller than Edward Hermann on the Gilmore Girls and Hermann is listed as 6'5".
joe says on 1/Dec/14
Rob,I see it in Brazil and I can tell what he was on the mark 193-194 I see it in Brazil and I can tell what he was on the mark 193cm-194 cm was about three inches taller than me so I think it's 194 cm pity that I did not take picture with him
joe says on 28/Nov/14
Rob,it is clearly higher than the Momoaan be q it is in the 194 cm mark
[Editor Rob: not in person, I couldn't tell them apart, both look near enough 6ft 4.]
Andrea says on 22/Nov/14
Rob, don't you have any height comparison with people you know and Jared (at conventions)? Maybe with a big 6'5 guy?
[Editor Rob: he only stood at one event and I don't know any con friend who has a good photo]
1.89m says on 16/Nov/14
6-4 defo
joe says on 13/Nov/14
197cm never. but can be (194)neglect
SID says on 3/Nov/14
wawardgirl, I was side by side with Jensen Ackles at a coffee shop called Blenz here in Vancouver B.c Im 5'10 Jared didnt look more then a inch on me, Id say he is 5'11
Jon says on 18/Oct/14
What would you say his head size is Rob? Also, what's the average head size for a 6'4 guy?
[Editor Rob: a little under 10 inches, maybe 9.6-9.7 range, he has I think equal eye-chin and eye-topof head.]
hal says on 12/Oct/14
Finally! A tall, good-looking actor whose height people on here actually accept. He's one of the VERY few male celebs on here who doesn't have any downgraders. A lot of people here seem to think he's actually TALLER than he's listed ⊙▃⊙. Yep, Jared's definitely a legit 6'4" guy.
KROC says on 10/Oct/14
When you guys say 194 do you mean 6'4.5? Because he doesn't quite look that to me. I could buy 6'4.25 though.
184.3cm says on 28/Sep/14
This guy can look 195cm ... Next to other celebs who claim 193cm he always looks taller and his posture is not forced at all. hope you can get a pic with this guy to clear things up.
Nils says on 27/Sep/14
Strong 6'4
Andrea says on 17/Sep/14
But Jason is looking up... And from behind Jared looks clearly taller... And how Shane West looks well under Jared's eyelevel and clearly above Jason's eyebrows?
[Editor Rob: unfortunately there isn't any great photos of them with equal posture, footwear etc. All I can offer is that Momoa when he stands tall looks near enough 6ft 4, as does Jared.]
Andrea says on 17/Sep/14
Rob, are you really convinced he's similar to a Jason Momoa?
Here Jason is "looking up" (as you say) at Jared: Click Here
Here you can see them getting photos from behind: Click Here
Once again Jared is clearly taller...
The same guy with Jason Click Here and Jared Click Here
Hard to think they're similar...
[Editor Rob: a tough angle in that photo!
In person Momoa up close is hard to tell apart from Jared...both I think would be within a small fraction of each other, whether Jared has a little edge, well it is possible.]
Judd says on 15/Sep/14
he's a honest 6' doubt about him...
James B says on 11/Sep/14
Bishop says on 8/Aug/14
@Andrea, Rob has Joe at 6'5", but many think 195 cm is better for him. The real question is who would be taller, Alexander Skaarsgard or Jared?
Andrea says on 8/Aug/14
Well, Rob met both Jared and Joe and since he puts Jared at 6'4 and Joe at 6'5 i think he saw Joe taller in person... I highly doubt there would be a big inch between them, though. Jared is a guy who can easily look over 6'4 and Joe can look 6'4 flat a lot, even if he must measure over it when standing at his tallest. Rob, was Joe a big inch taller in person?
[Editor Rob: Joe has worse walking posture than Jared, he can carry himself smaller than when standing on his own. Joe looked taller, but I didn't have as much time seeing jared compared to a guy like joe up close]
Kostas says on 29/Jul/14
who do you think would win between Joe Manganiello and Jared? I believe Jared.
Leyanne says on 1/Jul/14
I think I was at that same shoot Asylum con right? I think they were sitting because there was some trouble at the last con they did (australia maybe?) where they'd both been physically groped.
Anyway Jared's a definite 6'4" if not a little over and though Jensen does look super tall depending on what he's wearing (passed him one time in the hotel corridor and he looked huge but then i'm only 5'3") i'd say no more than 6'1"
[Editor Rob: yes Asylum, sometimes I've heard 'warnings' given to attendees as they queue up for some guests to not touch]
KROC says on 26/Jun/14
I was wondering Rob, how did you figure that Jared only gains an half inch for morning height? I'm 6'5-6'5.25 and I only gain a half inch in the morning, BUT I don't have the typical long torso that a 6'4 or 6'5 guy should have. On the flip side Jared does... I would've guessed that he wakes up to roughly 6'5.
Tommo says on 13/Jun/14
Sorry Rob, I see you've already kind of answered that question.
Tommo says on 13/Jun/14
That's interesting, Rob do you think there's more of a chance he would slightly under or slightly above? Jared that is, I remember you saying you saw him at a once. Same for Momoa...I'd personally estimate him a tiny bit below the mark, but only from your pictures.
[Editor Rob: there's always a range that people can look, I think I've seen Momoa at 3 cons numerous times, his range might be 6ft 4 or at worst a little shy.]
Lorne says on 23/Apr/14
Well I don't believe Jensen would be even 1/8th of an inch over 6ft at night. 6ft is max, even 2mm over that would shock me. Jared, I guess 192.7-8 is not impossible, but honestly I'd be shocked if he was less than 193cm. I mean he looks taller than Parrack who is also listed 6'4. To me, he always looks a big 6ft4...
Andrea says on 23/Apr/14
Rob, it is hard to say if he is a bit over or under the 6'4 mark, ok. But i guess with people like Jason Momoa, Jim Parrack or even Jensen Ackles you can definitely rule out even a mm over their listings, am i right? :)
[Editor Rob: Jared could dip a little under it, so could the other folk, but if they did it might not be much to worry about]
KROC says on 18/Apr/14
He's the most clear cut 6'4 you'll ever see. There's more of a chance of him measuring over that mark then under. Same thing with David Hasselhoff and Adam Baldwin- even if they don't look it in their respective photos.
Andrea says on 12/Apr/14
So you'd be surprised if he turned out to be something like 6'4.25 at his lowest, but not if he was a hair under 6'4? You said he is similar to guys like David Hasselhoff or Adam Baldwin in person and i think they are a bit shy of the 6'4 mark...
[Editor Rob: it might be a small amount over or under, I think unless measured it is harder to really say.]
Andrea says on 11/Apr/14
Yeah, so, having met him, if you had to bet, there's more chance he's over 6'4 or under it at his lowest? I know you said he looked a proper 6'4 in person, but more 6'4.25 or 6'3.75? I ask you because he can look 6'4-6'4.5 on screen but you said a Ryan Mcpartlin, who might be 6'4 himself, os clearly taller...
[Editor Rob: McPartlin looks taller in person than Jared does, I think you'd really need to measure Jared to see if he was a bit above or below 6ft 4.]
Andrea says on 9/Apr/14
Rob, a few people are going to be exactly a mark at their lowest! I mean, in all this site, how many people you think are exactly a certain mark? Like 6', 182.88 or 6'4. 193.04... And if they are, they probably get listed higher than they are, if you what i mean. Let's say you meet a guy, who is exactly 182.88 before bed, would you list him at 6' even? Or would you give him that "magic" quarter inch, with the meaning of "solid" 6'? Having said this, would you say Jared is more over or under 6'4? I doubt he's exactly 193.04 by night, so it is just about "choosing between above or under"... I do know it can sound quite silly to many people, i mean, you said he looked "about six four", that should be enough to most! But, don't you think that a person, who never ever dips below a certain mark, deserves that "famous" quarter inch? Just take a Jason Momoa, he's listed at 6'4 and he 100% isn't 193.04 or even over that mark before bed or you would have listed him taller, no doubts!
[Editor Rob: yes there are as many people 1/8th under as they are on or 1/8th over.

1/4 inches are sometimes used to cover ranges, say a guy can look 5ft 9.5 but also at times 10, well 9.75 might be an estimate that is close enough to either or he could be that mark.]
KROC says on 26/Mar/14
He's clearly nothing below 6'4. I don't think he's anything above it either. He's got some pretty short legs for his height.
Andrea says on 20/Mar/14
Well, to be fair, in the second video he can look nearly 2 inches taller!! But he's got what? Cowboy boots? But i still think there's at least an inch between them... You said Jared is no more than 6'4 flat in person, which means Zach is 6'3 tops... Even if i'd give Jared at least 6'4.25... You really think a Joe Manganiello would be a big inch taller? I doubt it... He's taller than many guys listed at 6'4 on here, like Jason Momoa, Jim Parrack, Jason Segel, Liam Neeson,... A guy listed at 6'4 who might be similar to him is Alexander Skarsgard. It would be really interesting to see a photo of them together...
[Editor Rob: Padalecki is similar in person I think to Hasselhoff and Adam Baldwin (when he stands at his tallest).]
Andrea says on 19/Mar/14
Rob, how much difference you think there is in these videos?
He does look more than one inch taller than Zach! He can look two inches taller (go to the end of the videos when they take pictures)...
Maybe, it's just shoe advantage?
[Editor Rob: it can look 1 maybe 1.5 at times, but I believe he has 0.5 inch more footwear than Zach, a black 1.1 boot, zach converse type maybe.]
Pallin 186cm says on 17/Mar/14
There is no question he is 6'4 and could pass for 6'5. People may think he is 6'6" because of Jensen ackles 6'1" claim wich is a joke to anyone who ever have watched supernatural and know that Jensen is 6'0" with boots and 5'11" without
Andrea says on 15/Mar/14
Rob, here's a photo with Aj Buckley and Travis Wester, that you met and look about 5'8 with you.
They look dwarfs next to Jared and Jensen. Jensen looks a 6'1 guy on here (when he clearly is not over 6')... I know it's not the best pic, i mean it's outside, no visible footwear but Jared looks 6'5 and Jensen 6'1, just like Jensen claims xD
[Editor Rob: the ghostfacers are kind of guys who would be sauntering about in converse while ackles has his big boots on.]
Rance says on 26/Feb/14
No doubt he's tall. He towers over Jensen and even in friday the 13th, Padalecki is the same height as Jason vorhees. Made it more real to think that he could stand a chance against Jason.
Dietmar says on 14/Feb/14
Nah, Welling is a weak 6'3" and Padalecki is a strong 6'4". Like Rob said, a real 6'5" guy would edge out Padalecki. Not to mention 6'6" guys.
Supernatural3 says on 13/Feb/14
Look at it like this tom welling aka clark kent in smallville is a little over 6'3" almost 6'4" and jarad padalecki makes him look small in cheaper by the dozen so he's definitely 6'6" or a little taller
Supernatural3 says on 13/Feb/14
Look at it like this tom welling aka clark kent in smallville is a little over 6'3" almost 6'4" and jarad padalecki makes him look small in cheaper by the dozen so he's definitely 6'6" or a little taller
katarina says on 5/Feb/14
Rob, can you tell us the story of what happened at that convention??
[Editor Rob: about the sitting?

well they actually advertised a dual photo the 'JJ sandwich', something like 100 bux (it's gone up since then). Jenny bought it, I did (although I got my money back after having a word with the organiser about it).

I think they oversold the amount of photos and either Jared/Jensen didn't want to spend too long interacting with fans or the guy who runs it thought they could push 600 through in an hour by having seats. The photos look crap, Jenny looked at hers once and has never looked at it again.

They had stood at previous conventions, and always did it at Creation Conventions in America...but then, maybe the fans can get too touchy feely.

I know one time James Marsters had about 30 photos and they were getting very close, touching his ass and he had enough of it and asked the photographer to get him a stool for the rest of the photoshoot. I can understand situations like that...]
jonas says on 27/Jan/14
Jared and Richard Moll. Richard has lost maybe an inch and is 6ft 7in today. About Jared's height, judge yourself.

Click Here
WaywardGirl says on 12/Jan/14
Jared is 6'4" and I hugged him with flats on, fairly sure this is correct. Jensen is not 5'11", again in person seems to be at most 3" shorter than Jared, which makes him 6'1"ish. 1/2" variance is expected, but Jared is a moose and Jensen is quite tall too.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 12/Jan/14
So, Rob you're saying that he's appeared at UK conventions but never takes photos?

Maybe if you did an occasional US convention you'd bump into more mainstream people...
[Editor Rob: he stands at most US conventions for photoshoots...but he never stood for the event I saw him at in England - well of course I seen him standing at times during the event and on stage he had an easy 4 inches on Jensen, but for the photos he was sitting.

honestly the photos look a bit embarrassing from those sessions...
Lo sgozzatore says on 13/Nov/13
I'm sorry to hear that, Rob. Maybe it wasn't their decision... They look nice and humble guys in interviews. Anyway, you still met both Jensen and Jared, so even if you didn't take a pic with Jared, you clearly saw he's a solid 6'4 guy. That's still ok. I think he's taller than other 6'4 guys you met, like Jason Momoa or Jim Parrack, who are very likely weak 6'4.
Anyway, a lot of actors do only american conventions. Maybe you should invest in that, since you yourself said this is your full time job. Thats your work :)
[Editor Rob: if I had more money I would, but with one wage in my house these days I have to stick with UK only!]
Lo sgozzatore says on 12/Nov/13
Yeah, he's what you'd call a strong 6'4, anything in that range is possible! He'd be similar to an Alexander Skarsgard, even if i think that Skarsgard could edge him out (but we're talking about mms) xD
Rob, are you gonna take a pic with him in the future?
[Editor Rob: Never.

he happily stands at american conventions, but for some reason didn't at the con I saw him. I thought it was pretty pathetic of him and ackles to do that to fans...they forked out a lot of money and the photos ended up looked embarrassing, even Jenny thought it was a complete waste of money.

whilst these guys might measure tall, both seem much smaller and weak to me. Even Danny Trejo, Dan Starkey and Christopher Ryan are bigger and stronger men in my mind than these guys!
PepsiCola says on 12/Nov/13
Jared Padalecki is 6,5, he needs an upgrade
[Editor Rob: a real 6ft 5 looks taller in person than padalecki does to me.]
Balrog says on 7/Nov/13
My final guess would be 6'4" - 6'4.25" to Jared and 5'11.5" - 5'11.75" to Jensen. It's obvious Padalecki has more than 4in on Ackles.
mjd says on 28/Oct/13
Vans...Most men finish growing in their late teens to early 20's. I don't where you got that folksy idea that men continue growing into their 30s. Have you ever heard of growth plates? They calcify following puberty. Its your bodies way of concentrating metabolic processes on maintaining bodily health
Arch Stanton says on 22/Sep/13
LOL isn't the guy like 31 or 32? Sure, just finished growing Vans LMAO.
lelman says on 31/Aug/13
@Van your post is just so wrong, man. I don't think anybody would shave 2 inches off their height unless they were 6'7+. Four inches, I don't think anybody would shave that height off with a straight face.

Jared is no taller than 6'5" (but can certainly look that tall at times). 4-5 inches taller that 6'0" Jensen. Anything above 6'5" is ridiculous. Either you're a few inches shorter than you think you are, or you never met him.
Viper says on 28/Aug/13
Better chance hes 6'3 then 6'7, lol. I bet you would think Im 6'6.
Van says on 25/Aug/13
Um, you are all riding a bit low for Jared, I think. I met the guy at Paleyfest; he is a beast! Jared is an easy 6'7", and that is slouching. His brother is considerably taller than Jared, and admits to 6'9". Jeny is, as you might suppose, around 6 feet even, maybe slightly shy of that after a long day. I think all of you are not considering the fact that most people taller than average shave two to four inches off of their listed heights as a matter of course. Jared's listed height is 6'4", so you can add an automatic 2" to that, out of hand. But Jared is a big, strapping boy, and may not have stopped growing until fairly recently. Men grow until slightly after thirty, whether they keep track of it or not.
Viper says on 10/Aug/13
I thought he alluded to that he was 6'3 in the house of wax commentary
Kyuss says on 19/Jul/13
Id say 80 to 85% of celebs tell lies on true height,,Jareds not one of them..6-4" defo.
xan says on 18/Jul/13
If Rick Worthy is 6ft 2.5in tall guy then he looked dwarfed by Jared Padalecki in their scenes together in Supernatual - especially when Jared deliberately spreads his legs apart to lose height in a scene. Jared must be more than a strong 6ft 4in, especially when measured against his own brother who is 6ft 7in is taller and there seems to be hardly an inch or so in difference.... Just saying that he is one tall dude!
fern194-192cm says on 13/Jul/13
I really think that 6,4.5 fits him the best. what do you think rob?
[Editor Rob: maybe earlier in the day, but I think he drops to around 6ft 4]
6\'3\" says on 6/Jul/13
193? Maybe at night. Should be upgraded.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Jun/13
Jared Padelecki 6"4.5"(194cm)
Jensen Ackles 5"11.75"(182cm)
Kate Winchester says on 3/Jun/13
Jensen Ackles is approximately 6 feet and Jared Padalecki is 6 foot 4.
Yaspaa says on 29/May/13
He must wear lifts at every event then.
Balrog says on 13/May/13
Ackles always has bigger shoes. Padalecki has more than just 4in on him. I'll put Ackles at 181-182 and Padalecki at 193-194
Yaspaa says on 17/Apr/13
I remember that, he said 195 and someone corrected him to 193. And there's no way there is 5" difference, that would take him below Jared's eyeline, which he isn't, there's 4".
Balrog says on 8/Apr/13
I saw a video where he claims 6'4'' and he said he doesn't know the conversion, he thinks he might be 197 cm and someone corrected him to 193.
lloyd says on 7/Apr/13
how the heck do people actually have an idea about 1/4 inches, 3/4 inches, etc... from pictures?
Original says on 1/Apr/13
Never looks exactly 4", min. 4.75", probably 5" or 5.25".
Yaspaa says on 21/Mar/13
The first pic looks exactly 4". The second is not much use.
I guess you avoided these.
Click Here
Click Here
Original says on 13/Mar/13
4 inches? I don't think so.

Click Here

Click Here
Original says on 7/Feb/13
5' ou 5'.25" inches taller than Jensen Ackles who is 5'11.25" to 5'11.75".

My estimative for Padalecki is 6'5 out of bed and 6'4 to 6'4.25" in night.
Balrog says on 29/Jan/13
Too bad, but I understand.
Balrog says on 28/Jan/13
Rob I see you have a lot of pics with Supernatural's cast but not with Padalecki, why? He didn't want to stand for a pic?
[Editor Rob: they do stand, but they oversold the shoot and wanted to try to get everybody through and I didn't want to annoy any of the crew at the time by asking...]
Jojo says on 27/Jan/13
I would say "6,4" or "6,5"
Annie says on 20/Jan/13
I met him in 2011 - stood next to him. My hubby is 6ft 6 in his shoes and Jared was the exact same height as him! I fitted in exactly the same place!
tom says on 6/Jan/13
one star who doesnt need a fake height,hes 6-4,perhaps a bit more imo.
Balrog says on 27/Dec/12
Maybe he should be listed at 6'4.25'' because I agree with the comments that he doesn't goes below 6'4''
Lo sgozzatore says on 25/Dec/12
Agree with Arch! This is a REAL 6'4, one of the few!
Arch Stanton says on 19/Dec/12
ray 6' 158 lbs says on 7/Aug/12
i think he is 6'4" and may he 194 cm at mourning and after a hard day only 191.5 cm at night,and at age 23 he waz 175 and after when he gets older he was usually betwen 190 and 220 lbs he sad he wuz 6'4" and 220 in friday 13 and i belive him cuse he looks ever bit of it.

Doubt it. I think he's a good example of a solid 6'4" guy who at his lowest would not dip much if at all below 6'4". Agree, near 6'5" morning.
James says on 30/Nov/12
Probably would measure 6'5 out of bed 'VERY BIG'
balrog says on 17/Oct/12
Padalecki is 6'4''-6'4.25''. A pretty solid six foot four guy and ackles is between 5'11''-6'0'' not solid six foot guy because in every pic he's looking more than 4 in shorter than Padalecki. Jensen is always wearing big boots so he could pass for a full 6 foot guy but I don't think his that tall.
Shaun says on 18/Sep/12
Yeah Triplsescrew he does look big and does look a solid 6'4". He could be 194cm barefoot but I'm not sure he is a genuine 6 ft 5.
Triplescrew says on 15/Sep/12
For all the jokes they make in regard to Jared's height on Supernatural you would think he had a pituitary gland disorder. Just food for thought that in most of the sane world (i.e. not places obsessed about height) 6'4" is huge.

Another thing is I highly doubt Padalecki dips below 6'4" at any time. I see him as being a weak 6'5" personally, which is a glorified way of saying a very strong 6'4".
zero says on 12/Sep/12
But you can't take your worst height because in my case i'm only 6'1.25'' for 2-3 hours, most part of the day I'm over it. Same thing why I shouldn't claim 6'2'' because I'm only near that in the morning for a couple hrs, most part of the day I'm under it. Well, that's my point of view.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 11/Sep/12
If he never dips below 6'4, he's 6'4! The listing is ok, he looks all the 6'4! If you're 185,9 at worst you are a strong 6'1, you should claim 6'1.25, 6'1.5 is ok too because you are that height but i think you're a good 6'1, 6'1.25 ;)
zero says on 10/Sep/12
Actually if he nevers dips below 6'4'', he should be listed 6'4.25'', you're true height is between your best and your worst. For example I'm 187.8 when I wake up and 185.9 when I go to bed, so almost 6'2'' at my best and almost 6'1.25'' at my worst, so 6'1.5'' is my real height. I've claimed "between 6 1 and 6 2" or something like "6 2 in a good day 6 1 in a bad one".
Shaun says on 31/Aug/12
Jessica says on 31/Jan/12
I think Jared is taller then 6'4". I've seen him in person and he is huge, much taller then Jensen, who is supposedly 6'1". I'd say that Jared is 6'5"-6'6" at least. He's HUGE.

No, you're just used to people inflating their heights. A genuine 6 ft 4 guy will usually get 6'5"-6'6" guesses. He could be a strong 6'4" but no more.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Aug/12
Standing straight has at least 4in on 6"0 Jensen Ackles.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 8/Aug/12
He can't be that low by night, if he really is a legit 6'4 guy as he looks he doesnt dips below 6'4 at any time of the day. Out of bed he could be near 6'5
ray 6\' 158 lbs says on 7/Aug/12
i think he is 6'4" and may he 194 cm at mourning and after a hard day only 191.5 cm at night,and at age 23 he waz 175 and after when he gets older he was usually betwen 190 and 220 lbs he sad he wuz 6'4" and 220 in friday 13 and i belive him cuse he looks ever bit of it.
Rita says on 7/Aug/12
I am watching Gilmore Girls and Jared says he is 6'2
ANDREA[ITA] says on 4/Aug/12
Why didnt he want to stand? Does he gets imbarassed by being that tall? Ahah
But you saw him close, standing, right? So you can judge his height, even if you didnt have a photo! Did he look shorter than a ryan mcpartlin?
[Editor Rob: the company sold way too many tickets and probably thought if they put him on a stool it limits the interaction with fans and would be able to get through them all.

yes I saw him up close a few times and I wouldn't put him under 6ft 4. Is Ryan taller, well they might be very close, but I felt Ryan was likely a bit above 6ft 4 but not quite a 6ft 5.]
Jessica says on 31/Jan/12
I think Jared is taller then 6'4". I've seen him in person and he is huge, much taller then Jensen, who is supposedly 6'1". I'd say that Jared is 6'5"-6'6" at least. He's HUGE.
Ginny R. says on 28/Jan/12
na, Jensen is cute, but no one can top the hotness of Jared.

BTW, my guess would be 6'5 barefoot in the morning.
Triplescrew says on 27/Jan/12
Shaun says on 12/Nov/11
In my opinion he is close to male perfection at 6'4" and 220. Most 6'4' 220 pound guys might have the physique but are ugly.


Maybe but most girls I know who watch Supernatural like Ackles more in terms of looks and "hotness".
SIlent d says on 24/Jan/12
6 foot 4 legit. Always towers over jensen ackles.

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