How tall is Jason Priestley ?

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Jason Priestley height: 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

American actor best known for appearing on tv show Beverly Hills 90210. On twitter he said he was "5'8""
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whats with all the hate? says on 10/May/15
lifes not fair since 169ers look decent while 168ers are short
Clay says on 21/Sep/14
My 5'4'' mom said he wasn't much taller than her when she saw him in Vancouver. 5'6.5'' is a good guess.
John R says on 29/Aug/14
Most of you are correct about Jason being in the 5'7" range. However that is no longer true. Unlike most of us, he has actually gotten taller. I worked on the original 90210 and I am 5'8". When we would stand next to each other I would look downward to his eyes. After the show ended I didn't see him for about ten years. I worked with him again in 2008 and I noticed that I was looking up to him. I assumed he was wearing lifts but later on we had a scene where he was barefoot. I didn't have any shoes on either and I was looking at him eye to eye. I actually freaked out a little and thought I was shrinking, but I talked to a mutual friend and he explained what was going on. Jason had a serious racing crash several years ago and they had to fuse several vertabrae in his spine. This actually made him taller and gives him the appearance of being rather stiff, however he has learned to hide it rather well, but if you look closely you can tell.
Brad says on 14/Jul/14
He's 5' 6" and wears Priestleys which are boots. He lives in them. Perry owns him big and makes Luke look tall not to mention help with all the short actresses on 90210....I've met them all and they are.
Robby D says on 10/Jul/14
jtm. You are correct. At the time G was claiming to be 5'8" and on the assumption that he was that height I would have said Priestley was about 5'7" as there looked to be about an inch difference in the photo. If I remember correctly, when Rob mentioned Priestley was claiming to be 5'8", G said something like, "He might be 5'8" in his cowboy boots!" I am not sure whether G said he was wearing cowboy boots when he had his photo taken with him.
jtm says on 10/Jul/14
i don't remember the picture with G but i remember most people here thought priestley looked 5'6 with G and that was when the majority thoguht G was 5'8. G also thought Priestley was 5'6 and we all know that he was very generous with a lot of his estimates. maybe he had footwear and ground advantage.
Robby D says on 9/Jul/14
I agree with Brad. Priestley was shorter than G and once G's true height had been established then that would make Priestley more 5'6" than 5'6.5". Also I saw two recent photos of him taken alongside Luke Perry and Perry owned him by 3" to 4". Perry claims 5'10", he is listed as 5'9.5" on here and 5'9" flat on some other sites.
Lexi says on 22/Jun/14
I met him, I am 5'6, so he must be 5'7. Very cute.
the shredder says on 4/Jun/14
Brad , with Mamun he looks 5'7 , You put too much into G pics.
Brad says on 3/Jun/14
5-6. A 5' 6.5" G in similar footwear had him.Custom built up footwear the norm.
Dom says on 28/Feb/14
@ Brad, if you´re talking about Matt LeBlanc he is a legit 5´9. I think JP is about 5´7.
Brad says on 13/Jan/14
G at 5' 6.5" was taller than the JP. JP saying he is 5' 8" is Marky Mark laughter. Notorious custom boot guy like that Friends guy who lived in his the whole run.
Robby D says on 12/Sep/13
I remember when Glenn was posting on here, he said that Priestley was no more than 5'6". At the time, G was claiming 5'8" himself although it was proven later that he was no more than 5'7". However, he was still taller than Priestley in the photo he had taken with him. On that basis I would say that 5'6" to 5'6.5" was an accurate estimate.
Viper says on 26/Aug/13
Me, I'd fit him in the 5'7" to 5'8.5" range if he is tiny as many believe to be.

LOL, a guy that height would own him. 5'6 max
Ali_Jane says on 26/Aug/13
I have a friend who is about 5'4" tall. He just had his picture taken with Jason Priestly at FanExpo Toronto. He looks to be about 2 inches taller than him. I would say he is about 5'6" tall.
THE KAP says on 9/Aug/13
just met him today at Wizard World Chicago I am 5.65 and we were the exact same height as far as I could tell. nice guy
kg says on 18/Jun/13
it's impossible he can't be 5'0" [Click Here] he's a little taller than tori spelling and taller than shannen who is 5'2 , 5'3
Tony Greene says on 16/May/13
If you're 5'6" like Lady Gaga then you'll always get the 5'0" accusation. Like when Rider Strong was always being assumed to be 5'3", He's 5'8" or David Faustino who got listed as 4'9" in a recent listing I read in a magazine but he's only 5'2". I don't know Jason Priestley all that well but if he's taller that 5'6" or not, at least he should't be listed as low as 5'0". Me, I'd fit him in the 5'7" to 5'8.5" range if he is tiny as many believe to be.
Jay says on 5/Nov/12
No way is he 5'0"
Click Here
Tori Spelling is listed at 5'6", and Shannen Doherty is listed at 5'3". In that picture you would figure that both Tori and Shannen are wearing heels. That would put Jason at 5'7" at least.
ts says on 5/Nov/12
I was wondering the same thing jj. There is no way he is only 5'0.
American Midget Watch says on 5/Nov/12
I just read the Yahoo! story that lists him ta a mere 5 feet nothing...If that's true than its entirely possible that he is a secret midget, Roloff-style. Wonder if anybody's ever seen his legs to check for bowing.
LG69 says on 13/Aug/12
5'6.5"minimum...5'7" maximum.

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