How tall is Jason Segel ?

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Jason Segel's height is 6ft 3.75in (192 cm)

American actor best known for roles in movies like The Muppets, I Love You Man and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. On tv he is well known for playing Marshall on How I Met Your Mother. In the BaltimoreSun he described himself: "I'm 6-foot-4"

Jason, Cobie Smulders and Josh Radnor
Photo by PR Photos
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rocky says on 1/Jun/15
come on people, 6`3, 6`4, who cares? its not that big of a deal. he is a tall guy. i believe he is 6`4. but because he seem to have not that great posture, he looks shorter.
Mat 5'10 says on 5/May/15
Rob, would you absolutely rule out 6'3 for Segel? He should be towering his two co-stars yet he never seems to...
[Editor Rob: you couldn't rule out 6ft 3-3.5 range completely. I don't think he's a guy with the world's greatest posture though.]
Joel12 says on 24/Apr/15
looks like 190cm to me
spainmen191cm says on 23/Apr/15
Rob, 6 ft3.5 possibly at his low?
[Editor Rob: it is quite arguable that mark.]
Lorne??? says on 20/Apr/15
Well, this is much better... Knock another quarter inch off and we may very well have his evening height!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/Mar/15
192-193cm is a perfect fit.
S.J.H says on 23/Feb/15
Jason segel was only 6'3 and never had 4inch on 5'11.5 Neil patrick harris but pushing 9cm. So 8.5cm between them. Josh Radnor 5'11 top
joe 192cm says on 26/Jan/15
it is a strong 6'3
Peyman 5ft 10.25in says on 19/Jan/15
joe manganiello is around 6ft 4.5in & he looks to be easily 3cm taller than Segel
I'd say :
Jason Segel : 6f 3.25in (bang on 191)
NPH : 5ft 11in (at least 180)
JOsh radnor : 5ft 10.75in (between 179 & 180)
boredmom says on 18/Jan/15
c'mon ppl.. this is ridiculous.. if he says he's 6'4" then he's 6'4"... he could be slouching a tad but maybe the last he was measured at a dr when he's being asked to stand straight he was told he was 6'4". Also people do start to shrink around middle age.. you guys are all arguing over 1/2 inch or less.. there is no way to tell by just looking. Find something else to argue over.. my goodness!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 27/Dec/14
He can look near 6ft4 when standing better. This looks about right.
Arch Stanton says on 27/Dec/14
I'm just kidding, it doesn't change their actual height but it's definitely a good idea to make some tweaks. I agree with Andrea I think 192 might be on the money but he can look 6'4" at times.
Arch Stanton says on 27/Dec/14
Seems that Father Christmas has an evil rival at work, one who steals height from people instead of gifting them!!
Andrea says on 26/Dec/14
Still an optimistic listing, but that's certainly better than before! 6'3.5 is really the most i can see him at!
Bishop says on 8/Dec/14
I think 192 cm would be better for him.
hal says on 6/Dec/14
I think he's a legit 6'4". Just doesn't really look it sometimes because of his endomorphic frame.
Andrea says on 24/Nov/14
6'3.5 is his best case scenario and there's a good chance he's no more than 6'3.25!
Sam says on 7/Nov/14
This guy has to be 192 cm...Rob, take a look if you don't mind!
Adolf says on 28/Oct/14
Looks shorter than Bob saget doesnt he?
Joe says on 23/Oct/14
He's the shortest looking 6'4" guy I've ever seen.
jtm says on 11/Oct/14
Sam says on 9/Oct/14
Rob, I think there seems to be a concensus that Segel is not the full 6'4". Could you downgrade him a bit?

6 or 7 years ago most people on syl's page thought he was at least 5'10 and the majority thought woody harrelson was 5'10.5-5'11.
Andrea says on 10/Oct/14
No, he'll remain 6'4 just because he claims that! Unfortunately celebrities' claims do influence Rob's opinion a lot, this guy would be lucky to be 6'3.5... Noway he's 6'4, maybe out of bed!
Sam says on 9/Oct/14
Rob, I think there seems to be a concensus that Segel is not the full 6'4". Could you downgrade him a bit?
Sam says on 8/Sep/14
I agree that Segel seems more like 6'3.5" tops rather than a full 6'4".
spainmen says on 9/Aug/14
Rob 192 cm a possibility for him?
[Editor Rob: yes it is arguable for him]
Mathew says on 14/Jul/14
He can look well under 6'4".

With Russell Brand who is 6'1.5"
Click Here

I understand that he's dropping some height there and that this Click Here is a more likely comparison. But come on, a legit 6'4"? I'm just not seeing it.
berta says on 11/Jul/14
a guy like jeff goldblum was almost 2 cm taller at preem than this guy. I think jason is 192 and goldblum, neeson, seagal, dolph was around 194
Andrea says on 10/May/14
Rob, if you want to put a picture on his page, at least find one where he looks near the listing (btw, do they exist?). He looks about 6'3 here, once again you can find pictures of Jensen and Jared where there's more difference (and Jensen is taller than Radnor). I'm sorry to insist with that difference but you did say there are 4 inches between them and there are many celebrities who are supposed to be 5 big inches apart and they look closer than them. In any case, 6'4 is good for him as much as 5'8 for your friend Glenn ;)
Charles Flint says on 4/May/14
Segel would fair well against other guys in 6'4-'6'5 range,like Bob Saget,Snoop Dogg,John Lithgow,Jeff Goldblum,Chevy Chase,etc.. Too bad we can't get him in a pic with 6'5 guys like Vince Vaughn,Tim Robbins,Howard Stern,etc. That'd be interesting with a pic of tall guys comparing who's taller. I think Robbins would edge them a by a hair,imo.
Sam says on 2/Apr/14
He's been in a few things with Chris O'Dowd and I think they're exactly the same size. It wouldn't surprise me if they both wake up around 6'4"-6'4.25" but end the day a bit under the 6'4" mark.
Z123 says on 1/Apr/14
Rob says he's 6'4, yet you think otherwise. The guy claims it and rob does. I'm pretty sure he's 6'4
Andrea says on 29/Mar/14
Agree with you, Arch. He's really one of the shortest 6'4 guys i've seen on here. When i think about a big 6'4 guy, i think about Jeff Goldblum, Alexander Skarsgard, Jeff Goldblum as Lorne says... This guy never looks so big to me!
Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/14
Really didn't look it in Bad Teacher. Looked more 6'2" in that film.
Chris says on 27/Jan/14
His posture...Only if he keeps standing straight and not slouching, he would be 6'4 ft.
height says on 19/Jan/14
i think lilys height is not 5"5 beacuse she is totaly towerd by marshall , 6"4 sounds good for segel
jordydecke says on 13/Jan/14
been watching how i met your mother through from the start (fantastic show when you actually make an effort to follow it) and I've concluded that he is a weak 6'4. However when around him I can only assume Radnor and NPH wear lifts or are favoured by camera angles as they are in my height range and I have 6'4 friends who would tower me a bit more than Segel does. Alyson Hannigan also must wear heels because it never looks like there is a foot difference between the two.
dennis 184 cm says on 8/Jan/14
Not one inch over 6'3 sometimes looks 6'2". 6'4 is ridicoulus since he doesn't even tower 5'11" NPH
cole says on 21/Nov/13
6'3.5 or 6'3.75 is his height imo, not quite 6'4.
jordydecke says on 20/Nov/13
Stands next to Chris O'Dowd in This Is 40 and there isn't much difference between the two guys at all, perhaps a half to a quarter of an inch which would be in Segel's favour and as O'Dowd is a very strong 6'3 then I think 6'4 would be good for Segel.
Mathew says on 21/Oct/13
He just edged out Lou Ferrigno in I Love You Man. Lou is listed here at 6'3" but many think 6'2" is closer. In any case, it seems that Segel may be closer to 6'3" than 6'4". If he has habitual poor posture, I could buy him measuring a weak 6'4", but probably not a full 6'4".
Lorne says on 14/Oct/13
192cm is closer, a Lee Pace would edge this guy out. I'm at the point of saying Segal is 6ft3.5, but we could give him 6ft3.75, just to give him benefit of doubt. Either way, 192cm range, he just isn't a big 6'4 guy.
Lorne says on 12/Oct/13
I would bet everything I own(which admittedly isn't much) that Skaarsgard, Jared Padeleki and even Randy Orton would edge this guy out!
Balrog says on 6/Oct/13
6'3.5" is better possibly even less, but I think that would be fair. He looks constantly 3cm shorter than Joe Manganiello who looks a weak 6'5" next to Rob.
Han says on 5/Oct/13
I believe he's 6 foot 4. A friend of mine who's 6 foot 2 barely looks taller than me at 5'9 because of his horrible, and my straight posture. Most people wouldn't even call him 6 foot, so I guess you can look much shorter due to bad posture.

Even with that, he manages to look only one inch, one and a half at most shorter than Joe Mangianello in HIMYM.

Click Here
Click Here
caaq says on 12/Sep/13
he looked very tall in comparison to cameron diaz in bad teacher even when she was in very high heels. I think 6_4 in very possible. Hald lesss maybe
cole says on 5/Sep/13
Click Here

No boots on Brand here. I know they are on the move on a possibly sloping pavement, and Jason seem to have every disadvantage possible, but still, I doubt it makes up for a 3 inch difference.
Lo sgozzatore says on 29/Aug/13
He's shorter than Russel Brand in a lot of photos! Ok, maybe Brand is wearing his dear cowboy boots but how can a 6'1.5 be taller than a legit 6'4 in cowboy boots? Doubt he's 6'4, maybe 6'3...
Balrog says on 10/Aug/13
191-192 cm.
Silent d says on 24/Jul/13
6 foot 4. Bad posture.
heights man says on 17/Jul/13
Jason segel is 6'4 because Russell brand is 6'1 and jason looks a good 3 inches taller
heights man says on 17/Jul/13
Jason segel is 6'4 because Russell brand is 6'1 and jason looks a good 3 inches taller
cole says on 18/Jun/13
He could be 190-192 cm, can't quite see the full 6'4. Doubt his posture makes him drop 3-5 cm, and it's not even all that bad.
Jer1 says on 2/May/13
Yeah, I'm not buying it, either. Came to the site because an article about Segel playing HS ball with Jason Collins (NBA player that just came 'out')referenced him as 6-4 and that didn't sound right to me. I'm going to go with 6-2.5 for Segel and he looked it standing next to near 7-foot Collins in their HS team photo. Like others have said, he just doesn't have that 6-4 look with his costars.
Lorne says on 29/Apr/13
He was shorter than Conan... I'm sorry, he just doesn't look a strong 6ft4 guy too me. Granted he's very close, but just can't see a full 193, like Jared Padelecki( though to be fair, I've always thought 6ft4.25in for Sam Winchester!). Of course, he does have terrible posture, so a weak 6'4 isn't impossible, but I think 6ft3.5 evening is a better fit.
joak says on 3/Apr/13
he's always had bad posture.. slouches a lot.. haha
jimmy says on 31/Mar/13
I think that he needs downgrade Rob.6'3.5" max.Only 1' here?

Click Here
DB Cooper says on 3/Mar/13
Oddly enough, he hardly looked much taller than 6'1.5 Enrique Iglesias when they stood next to each other in HIMYM, which I should note was a ground-to-ceiling shot with no chance of photo-perspective distortion. Granted, he has the proportions of the stature he claims, but he doesn't always seem to have the relative size when compared to others. He doesn't have that plus-sized look that steven seagal or liam neeson give-off when standing next to others, or that over-elongated frame typical of men like jeff goldblum or snoop dogg. That said, he appears conspicuously shorter than the height he claims too often for me to believe he's a legit 6'4, and if so then he's the shortest man that size that I've ever seen. I think 6'3 may be more fitting.
James says on 20/Feb/13
Russell brand wears heels.
Balrog says on 15/Feb/13
He also looks 6'3'' range with Russell Brand.
James says on 9/Feb/13
Balrog says on 7/Feb/13
Silent d says on 1/Feb/13
6 foot 4.
Trey says on 21/Jan/13
In early HIMYM seasons he's a lot leaner and therefore holds a better posture than in the latter seasons. He must have put on a good 20lbs over the years, maybe more. He looked close to 6'4 to me. What do you think Rob? Wheight-gain a reason as to why he looks more 6'2-6'3 range a lot?
[Editor Rob: sometimes extra weight or just developing poorer posture can turn some guys from looking 6ft 4 to 3. Segel can sometimes look between 6ft 3 and 4 yeah, but 6ft 2 I don't think he looks that range unless slouching a bit.]
Balrog says on 8/Jan/13
If you see him next to Joe Manganiello and also next to Geoff Stults, you can see that he's closer to 6'3'' than 6'4''. Maybe he's a 6'4'' guy in the morning.
WalkingTall 6ft 3.25in says on 6/Jan/13
There is a slight posibility that he could be 192cm tall,but he's more likely a legit 6'4 dude,i always thought that he would edge me out heightwise if we ever met :D
Balrog says on 5/Jan/13
Segel 191 cms
NPH 180 cms
Radnor 179 cms
Arch Stanton says on 5/Jan/13
Click Here

I agree SAK, 6'2" claims are silly. His torso is clearly that of a guy near 6'4". Doubt he's under 192cm.
SAK says on 28/Dec/12
What are with the 6f2/6f3 estimates for this guy. He is a legit 6f4, maybe even 6f4.5.
Trey says on 25/Dec/12
Shortest 6'4 I've seen. Think beteween 6'2 and 6'3 does it for Segel.
balrog says on 5/Dec/12
I'll put this guy at 6'3.25'' because Manganiello his taller than him by more than an inch.
G says on 15/Nov/12
definitely legit 6'4"

here is a pic him standing next to john mayer, who pulled off a strong 6'3" (also jonah hill is in the pic, which is listed 5'5" - 5'6.5" or something?) in this site:

Click Here

clearly he's taller than both of them.
Anton 189cm says on 10/Nov/12
I would say flat 190cm (6ft 2.75) suits him just fine :)
Lo sgozzatore says on 3/Nov/12
Yeah, Baba he really doesnt look over that ;)
Ali Baba says on 29/Oct/12
Having now met Ferrigno I would go 6'3" for Segel.
Silent d says on 28/Oct/12
I saw him in i love you man. Pretty much same height as lou ferigno and towers over paul rudd and jon favreau who i think is 6 foot. 6 foot 4. He wasn't standing straight. He has a slight hunch which makes him lose an inch.
B says on 23/Oct/12
He wasn't that much shorterthan Joe Manganiello in How I Met Your Mother, and they both wore casual footw ear in a scene where they were standing next to each other. 6'4 or slightly under is probably accurate.
Silent d says on 5/Oct/12
6 foot 4.
LG69 says on 2/Oct/12
Doesn't look 6'4" at all. He appears to be 6'2...6'2.5"
flash says on 28/Sep/12
I noticed that too, but Jason is only 18/19 years old in SLC Punk. Some guys are still growing well into their 20s.
tobby says on 24/Aug/12
WATCH SLC punk matthew lillard is 6'3 and jason is atleast an inch shorter than him.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 2/Aug/12
Rob, do you really think he's a big 6'4 guy? The more i see him, the more he looks in the 6'3-6'3.5 range! Remember that he looked about the same height of Geoff Stults, who is 6'2.5!
[Editor Rob: I think he's got to be close to 6ft 4]
BigT says on 1/Aug/12
6'2.5 max
ANDREA[ITA] says on 1/Aug/12
Hob, you are Lan Jiao, come on! You keep changing names but the troll spirit is unforgettable! :)
Anyway, when i think of a 6'4 guy, i think about a Jared Padalecki or Jeff Goldblum, who are just huge... Segel just looks tall, 6'4 sounds impossible to me...
Drew says on 1/Aug/12
Jason Segel always looks massive in movies. He is as listed here.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 31/Jul/12
6'2 seems a bit low for him! He looks like a guy who could be 6'4 in shoes, 6'3 is more accurate to me! I'm not as troll as you, Hob aka Lan Jiao (why you keep changing name?)
ANDREA[ITA] says on 29/Jul/12
He's the shortest 6'4 i've ever seen! A guy like Sacha Baron Cohen or Tom Welling would be taller than him!
Jesse says on 12/Jun/12
If Segel was really 6'4", NPH and Radnor would be around 6'1", which they are not.
Segel gets towered with 3-4 inches, by 6'6" (peak, pos 6'5" now) Bill Fagerbakke, so 6'4" is out of the question for me. Also alongside 5'8" Paul Rudd and 6'1.5" Russel Brand, he looks nothing more than 6'2.5"

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