How tall is Neil Patrick Harris ?

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Neil Patrick Harris Height is 5ft 11.5in (182 cm)

American actor perhaps best known for tv shows Doogie Howser MD and How I Met Your Mother, aswell as films like Starship Troopers. In 1993 said "I'm 6 tall but I'm just not 250" and in 2005 on a NPR radio show said "I'm six feet tall"

Neil with Anna Faris
Photo by PR Photos
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Comment on the Height of Neil Patrick Harris

Dame said on 26/Jan/16
Slightly 1 cm away from 6 foot.
C dog said on 8/Dec/15
They guy generally looks strong 5'11" to 6 foot. most people in the general public would agree.
BT said on 16/Sep/15
@Vaiski: Hard to tell if one looks taller, mostly they just looks the same, but if Seth has something like 0.5in more footwear it could add up. Seth's not like Fallon though, I doubt he'd wear chunky heels for his show. I think around 5'11.25 is what NPH usually looks.
vaiski 5'11 said on 12/Sep/15
He looks to be within 1cm with Seth Meyers here:

Click Here
ice said on 29/Jul/15
I clearly remember an episode of Doogie Howser where he claims to be 6'2. LOL
Josh1 said on 17/Jul/15
Looks 5'11
C said on 6/Jul/15
In how I met your mother Barney (his character) said he was 6' 3/64
Silent_D said on 25/May/15
hijopotamus said on 18/May/15
SJH, Mike Tyson is 5'10" said by himself.
b-mint94 said on 17/May/15
Typical 5'11" guy, Like Leo
Mat 5'10 said on 2/May/15
Rob, my head is around 23 cm is that normal for my height? Also, how big would you say NPH's head is? It looks relatively small
[Editor Rob: NPH doesn't have a small head, but within average range...I think he has a longer eyes-top head compared to the eyes-chin.
23cm is barely under average yours would look pretty average.]
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 17/Apr/15
This guy is 6 feet tall, 160 pounds, wears a size 10 shoe. He carries himself well, thanks to his slender frame, and I'd have thought he was 6'1" or 6'2" in all the films I have seen him in.
sparkles said on 15/Apr/15
I first thought that cobie smulders is barely 1-2 inches shorter than nph in the first two seasons... But now I think that wearing heels she is exactly 1 inch shorter than nph... So my guess is 5ft 11in for him
dennis djjd said on 7/Mar/15
If he is 5'11 then jason segel is no more than 6'2
Hypado said on 4/Mar/15
Neil Patrick Harris height: 5ft 11.75in (182 cm)

Five Eleven and Three Quarters.

182,2 cm for Harris.
CDS said on 2/Mar/15
I think it may have already been mentioned here in this thread, but the early days of TV's "How I Met Your Mother" (I actually went back and watched a few early episodes off Netflix to confirm this), he looked a hair shorter than co-star Josh Radnor. But for most of the rest of the series, he looked a little taller, even once referring to Radnor on the show as his "slightly shorter friend". Obviously boosting himself up into the 6'-plus area, I'll give him 5'11"-no more.
Judd said on 25/Feb/15
he's a tricky guy...sometimes he looks in the 6' zone (for example when he was next to Conan O'Brien who is a legit 6'4" guy and had a perfect posture), while others he does look not taller than 5'11" (he had 2" less than Obama, at least).
I think he might be in the 5'11-11.5" zone...precisely? I don't know...
S.J.H said on 23/Feb/15
@MPinTense says on 4/Feb/15

Mike Tyson is 5'11 not 5'10
MPinTense said on 4/Feb/15
He has a weak inch over Mike Tyson true 5'10''. 180 cm seems about right. He may look taller because of his stature but never is he 6 feet tall.
S.J.H said on 27/Jan/15
NPH at 182cm that makes Jason Segel not even a mm over 190cm
Silent_D said on 16/Jan/15
RoDawg said on 25/Dec/14
I agree with the sentiment that he's probably a very weak 6 foot, possibly like 5'11.75 barefoot at night. But I also think in any footwear he'd be 6 foot easily
HoopHeighter said on 23/Dec/14
Fun Fact: NPH during Doogie Howser early seasons 1 and 2 was only around 5 ft 8 1/2 in to 5 ft 9. Sometime in 1990 or 1991, he gained a good 2-2 1/2 in or so. And 5 ft 11 1/2 in is honestly an ideal height for NPH. No doubt about it.
carver said on 13/Dec/14
A very very VERY weak 6ft, he definitely looks more in the 5'11 range, but i think he's 182cm, but no taller
Norway said on 10/Dec/14
How tall does he look next to Mike Tyson?
Click Here
5ft10guy said on 2/Nov/14
this is totally right after watching how I met your mother series over again.I thought this guy was 5ft11 and Radnor 5ft10.5 but he looks taller then a flat 5ft11 so this listing is right
cole said on 13/Oct/14
@Editor Rob: Van Dien? He does look 181-182 with him.
[Editor Rob: yes with van dien]
cole said on 12/Oct/14
@Editor Rob: The angle in the pic I posted of Neil and Aaron Paul could be a little off, in this clip it looks a bit more straight forward (they appear after 4 minutes): Click Here Here's a still of one of the better moments: Click Here The downside however, is that now their legs are concealed, so we can't tell if Aaron is tiptoeing or something like that...

Think it looks a spot on 3in difference between them when both are standing with more equal posture. Aaron at 5'7.75 in about 0.5in more footwear would make Neil about 5'11.25 in this shot. I think Aaron would measure nearer 5'7.5 than 5'8 anyway, so my thought that Neil could measure nearer 5'11 than 5'11.5 isn't completely unjustified. But I get that there could be other variables that could make up for a fractional deviation in any case.
[Editor Rob: yeah I'd say a decent enough 3 inches there, but remember NPH has been with a guy like Casper who I think is pretty much what he claims a fraction over 5ft 9 - with him I'd have put near 182 for Neil]
cole said on 11/Oct/14
@Editor Rob: Yeah. When you don't pay close enough attention to it, I can imagine it's easy to be fooled. Might have to re-visit some of my previous estimates based on hairlevels among other things. I'm sure you could get an estimate wrong by as much as 2 cm in some cases if you don't know too much about that stuff - which thankfully you do ;)
[Editor Rob: I do try to pay attention to hair, but sometimes it can be hard to tell. Up close sometimes I've been surprised how much some hairstyles can add.]
cole said on 8/Oct/14
@Editor Rob: Would you say his hairline is nearer 2 than 3 cm? He never had a big hairline, but I think it has started to recede even a little further in the last year or two. For a while I thought he just had a long head, but it's probably just the lowish placement of his eyes and receding hairline that makes his forehead appear long.
[Editor Rob: not more than an inch for his hairline, maybe 2cm yeah.

that is another illusion, hairlevels - you might have one guy with 3/4 inch and another with 1.5-1.75 and your eyes might be fooled into thinking the shorter hairlevelled fella had a longer eye-head measurement.]
cole said on 3/Oct/14
He really is one to take that step closer to the camera - force posture and tilt up his eyelevel, isn't he: Click Here I see this in an awful lot of pics of Neil with other celebs - you won't catch him off guard very often.
[Editor Rob: maybe he's had lessons from big Sly?]
5ft10guy said on 27/Sep/14
I was watching HIMYM and this guy is in no way tall but hes like above average and his posture makes him look tall sometimes.He looks tall while Ted looks more above average to average .When colbie smulders wears heels Neil is always atleast 1 or 2 inches taller then her if she's 5ft7.
cole said on 27/Sep/14
@joe: Yeah he looks 5'11 a lot, but it's not unlikely that he'd measure a few millimeters over or under 181 cm, or at least it looks like he could in pics with Aaron Paul (granted I think he could be just 171 cm).
joe said on 17/Sep/14
looks 5'11 (180cm) in basically everything you can see him in - with hugh jackman, obama and in HIMYM - always has a perfect posture which gives him an additional edge over fellow actors such as radnor who tends to slouch

his claim is a classic 1inch round up -pretty much every male celebritiy in the 5'11 area claims 6ft when asked, because its got a better ring to it and ofc everybody lies a bit, when it comes to height -
cole said on 2/Sep/14
@Editor Rob: Fair enough! I'll throw in one of NPH with Aaron Paul for good measure: Click Here
[Editor Rob: with Aaron he can look over 3 inches, maybe 3.5 taller. There is a footwear difference, aaron has about half inch more]
cole said on 1/Sep/14
@Editor Rob: Alright, so basically a weak or strong 182 cm is what you think he could be. I can see it adding up with what he looks with guys like Hugh Jackman, Jimmy Kimmel/Fallon and Jason Segel - IF we assume those guys are nothing under their listed heights, then NPH looks more or less bang on at 5'11.5. The thing that makes it hard to believe for me though, is that he appears near 2.5in shorter than 6'1.5 Nathan Fillion and near 2in shorter than 6'1 Barack Obama. The consensus is that you could argue 0.5in under the listed heights for Jackman, Fallon, Kimmel and Segel - you couldn't really do that with Fillion and Obama.
I'd say 5'11-11.25 should be likely based on this and maybe 5'11.5 shouldn't be ruled out, but 5'11.75 and 6'0 is imo.

Also, what do you make of this?
One with Segel and Hannigan: Click Here
Alexis Denisof and Hannigan: Click Here
[Editor Rob: I would say 5ft 11.5 is a figure that he may well be very close to, sometimes he can look over or under it!]
cole said on 31/Aug/14
@Editor Rob: Ok. So in your opinion, 5'11-11.25 is too low a guess?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't go that low for a guess]
cole said on 30/Aug/14
@Editor Rob: In your opinion, what is the most realistic range for NPH:
5ft 11in - 5ft 11.5in, 5ft 11.25in - 5ft 11.75in or 5ft 11.5in - 6ft 0in?
[Editor Rob: 11.5-11.75 probably, but then he could be 6ft for a chunk of the morning. ]
Hypado said on 25/Jun/14
cole said on 18/Jun/14
I've been saying NPH and Radnor both look like flat 5'11 guys ever since the HIMYM pilot first aired. They clearly look the same height in equal footwear and when Radnor isn't slouching so horribly.

NPH is arguably a guy who has figured out how to look taller in pics, as he almost always stands one step closer and is forcing his posture quite clearly, sometimes even tilting his head up. I wouldn't go as far as labelling him a lift wearer, but he certainly works the camera quite well. Radnor is the polar opposite to Neil in that regard.

The biggest evidence for me is seeing him with the 6'1 MEASURED Barack Obama, as well as with other 5'11 guys, like Hank Azaria and the aforementioned Josh Radnor. With legit 6'1.5 Nathan Fillion and Hugh "not 6'2" Jackman, 5'11 is what he looks. I'm also pretty sure I posted that full body shot of NPH standing right next to 5'10.5 Stephen Colbert on stage - looking pretty close to his height. 5'11.25 isn't completely ruled out, it's at the very top end of what I would agree with, but 5'11.5 or more just seems unlikely to me at this point.
cole said on 29/May/14
One I hadn't seen before with 5'11 Hank Azaria: Click Here
Mosbey said on 18/May/14
He is 6'0.5
Silent D said on 5/May/14
Billy said on 21/Apr/14
Neil is a 6'0 guy Radnor looks 5'10
spr said on 14/Apr/14
His Obama pic clearly shows he is around 6ft and he himself confirms that. Sth between 5-11.5 and 6-0.5 seems reasonable.
Mr. R said on 25/Mar/14
MD, Mu judgement is pretty good. But I concede that there are other variables.
the shredder said on 25/Mar/14
5'11 with Obama.
MD said on 24/Mar/14
Mr. R, I hate to keep saying it, but you are really making me question your judgement. lol This guy isn't even as tall as 5'11.5" Jimmy Fallon - this much is clear - let alone close to 6'1".
Mr. R said on 22/Mar/14
I met him. He is pretty close to 6-1.
[Editor Rob: I'm sure he must have outpostured or footweared you, look at him with the 6ft 1 measured obama!]
Realist said on 20/Mar/14
He and Josh Radnor are 5'10.5 claiming six. This theory is called rounding of a foot to 6'0, Radnor looks 3 inches taller than 172 Zac Efron.
Banshee said on 26/Feb/14
This guy is not 6'0 tall, and some 6'1 claims are just ridiculous. He's got the posture of a 180 cm guy - doesn't appear 'tallish' like most 6'0 peeps do. Plus, too much evidence to suggest that he's nothing close to 182/3 cm tall.
Realist said on 5/Feb/14
Rob needs a downgrade to 179 and same for Radnor-179.
MOF said on 18/Jan/14
Agreed with dmeyer on Eastwood. I met him and worked with him on a scene in Flags of our Fathers and he appeared 6'1" tops. I was surprised because he was always said to be this extremely tall guy. He must've lost some height but he was 184-185cm in 2005, no question.
cole said on 1/Jan/14
@Jeremy: Spot on 2 inches shorter than Obama in fact. He is also 2.5 inches shorter than 6'1.5 Nathan Fillion. He's a 5'11 guy, same as Radnor - but looks taller on HIMYM because of the reasons mentioned endless times.
songo said on 30/Dec/13
6'1 is impossible
Jeremy said on 29/Dec/13
It's impossible for Neil to be anywhere near 6'1" - he was over an inch shorter than the measured 6'1" Obama.
DMEYER said on 28/Dec/13
i also met ll cool j and thaught over 6 ft 1 under 6 ft 2
songo said on 28/Dec/13
I'm undecided whether he is 6ft or not. In HIMYM he is usually taller than Josh Radnor who is 5'11.25 inches but sometimes look the exact same height as him. If he is under six foot it's only by less than half an inch.
dmeyer said on 26/Dec/13
Clint Eastwood was 6'1-1.25 10 years ago
dmeyer said on 26/Dec/13
I met also famke jansen who to me looked 6 ft since she was similar to me while i had 1.5cm more shoes , liam neeson looked about 6'3.5 , xander berkley about 5'11.5 , aniston about 5'5 , ruffalo seemed weak 5'8 , djimon hounsou seemed 6'2.5 but the ground wasnt good , Adrien brody fooled me for 6'0.5 , Dennis haybert weak 6 ft 5 , vince vaughn 6'5 , devito 4'10 shorter than my mother who Is 4'11 , uma thurman looked 6'4 including heels , s tucci 5'7.5-8in , dempsey near 5'10 , e dane and i Washington both 6'1 , heighl 5'8.5 , i met other i dont remember ,
DMEYER said on 23/Dec/13
i met tom hanks and thaught about 6 ft tom cruise i thaught 5 ft 9-9.5 but he had lifts ; i met travolta and thaught 6 ft - 6 ft 0.5 in , i met peter saarsgard and thaught 5 ft 11 and met dennis quaid and thaught 5 ft 11.5-6ft i met rob low and thaught 5 ft 10 i met tom sizemore and thaught a weak 5 ft 11 , i met martin lawrence and thaught 5 ft 7 , i met kevin costner and thaught 6 ft 1-1.5 , i met kutcher and thaught 6 ft 2.25-2.5 , i met van der beek and thaught 6 ft 0.5 in i walked by leo and thaught 6 ft-6 ft 0.25 but he had more shoes so 5 ft 11.5-11.75 , i met chris rock and thaught 5 ft 10-10.5 , i met the rock and will ferell and thaught both 6 ft 3-3.25 , i met stiller and thaught near 5 ft 7 , i am pretty good at guessing height within 0.5 in while mr r see clooney peak 5 ft 9.5 or nph 6 ft 1.25 or leo 5 ft 10.5 he is off 1-2inches ,
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/13
I think he could be 182-183cm and Jason Segal 192-193cm.
There seems to be about 10cm between them on HIMYM.
dmeyer said on 22/Dec/13
Him and Radnor are about same height nph has much better postuure and most times 1cm more shoes so looks bigger 5'11.5 fits him and can look 5'11 flat with Obama and fallon
Mr. R said on 21/Dec/13
Rob, this is my height, and NPH had nearly 2 inches on me. He is 6-1.
[Editor Rob: maybe it could have been one time he had bigger shoes.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Dec/13
That is insane. Was it maybe because you weren't taking this site as seriously then as you are now?
[Editor Rob: the first few months was getting pages]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Dec/13
What was he in 2004, Rob?
[Editor Rob: his first entry was 6ft 1.5 and then 6ft not long after]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Dec/13
Rob, was he always down here at 6ft?
[Editor Rob: not in 2004, but on finding his claim of 6ft he was that mark for many years]
Blaze said on 2/Dec/13
Segel is 6'4.
Han said on 7/Nov/13
Must have grown incredibly fast from age 16! Just look at him
in 1989 with 6'1" Lawrence Pressman!
cole said on 3/Nov/13
@Mr. R: If Neil relly was over 6'1, like you say, Obama would be over 6'3, Jimmy Fallon would be over 6'1, Josh Radnor would be 6'1, and Jason Segel would be pushing 6'6. It makes no sense, as it would mean that all of those guys are claiming about 2 inches below their "real height".
MD said on 29/Oct/13
You met someone else named Neil Patrick Harris, then, because he hasn't even claimed 6'1" for himself. Seriously, you'll lose credibility with that kind of silliness.
Mr. R said on 26/Oct/13
No, no, no! I have been in a room with him several times and he is over 6-1. Almost two inches taller than me.
MD said on 23/Oct/13
The multiple appearances with Fallon pretty much settles the case, for me. He's lucky if he's a full 5'11".
Han said on 20/Oct/13
In the second episode of HIMYM, he called Ted (Josh Radnor) something like "...little friend", to which he replied "We're the same height." When there's 1 cm between two individuals, they could pass as the same height. Both Radnor and Segel have bad postures, so they could look approx. 2 inches shorter than they really are, thus making it hard to pick their heights, and NPH appear taller than Radnor
NPH: 181cm/5'11.25, possibly 182cm.
Radnor: 180cm/5'11
Segel: 192-193cm/weak 6'4
cole said on 1/Oct/13
I've just got to say that, in decent full body-shots he rarely looks taller than 5'11 flat to me. I've done enough to prove he's 180 cm range, so I'll stop trying for now. At least until I find that definitve proof, which I will continue to look for - the Neil in the coffin if you like.

Never the less it's good to see him getting that half inch taken off from the categorically undeserved 6ft listing he's held for so long. Still I really doubt he'd measure 182 cm, but it's a start.
Blaze said on 30/Sep/13
thought he was 6ft
Balrog said on 30/Sep/13
Good call Rob, I still think he could be 5'11" flat. This proves one more time that Jason Segel can't be 6'4". Radnor can look near an inch shorter than NPH but I'd give him the benefit of the doubt because is a sloucher and wears flat shoes constantly while NPH has greater posture and is always suited up.
Mr J said on 29/Sep/13
NPH was in line with me at LAX today - he was wearing a Mickey Mouse high crown hat and I was the same height as his hat - I'm 5'11. NPH is 5'10 at most. Not sure what shoes he was wearing, and I was in flat flip flops.
cole said on 27/Sep/13
With 6'1 Obama
Click Here
Click Here

Shorter than Jimmy Fallon (Fallon seems to have stronger footwear).
Click Here
Click Here

With 6'1.5 Nathan Fillion he looks about 7 cm shorter in the brief moments Nathan stands properly (from 02:05 and out).
Click Here

@Editor Rob: You have got to admit he looks 5'11 range with these people.
Emily said on 11/Sep/13
What do you mean with eye-head to eye-chin ration? That his eyes are at the exact middle level of his whole head? I thought his eyes were lower set in his head, he has a big forehead too. Look at this pic:Click Here
Conversely i think Cobie has a high eyelevel. If you think his head is average, do you mean around 9,5 inch range?
[Editor Rob: yes, on average the eye-chin is longer than eye-head...but in Neil's case, he has a bigger eye-head and smaller eye-chin.

I would think around 9.25 inch range]
Emily said on 10/Sep/13
Rob do you agree he has a small head for his height? Compare it to Josh Radnor or Jason Segel, his always looks so much tinier. Not even much bigger/longer than Cobie Smulder's head. How long is your guess?
[Editor Rob: it's not a big head, I think it is average, he has a similar eye-head to eye-chin ratio.]
cole said on 8/Aug/13
Click Here

cole said on 29/Jul/13
cole says on 28/Jul/13
Rob do you have a comment on how he looks next to Stephen Colbert in the pic I posted on 17. July? I think 5'11 range seems more reasonable, as he also looks
it with Obama.

[Editor Rob: he can look a weak 6ft at times yes]

But you don't think he looks 5'11 flat if Colbert is 5'10.5? Can't really see much of a difference between them to be honest.
cole said on 28/Jul/13
Rob do you have a comment on how he looks next to Stephen Colbert in the pic I posted on 17. July? I think 5'11 range seems more reasonable, as he also looks it with Obama.
[Editor Rob: he can look a weak 6ft at times yes]
Silent d said on 24/Jul/13
cole said on 22/Jul/13
Look at my post from 17. July, he's barely edging 5'10.5 Stephen Colbert.
Erik said on 17/Jul/13
Literally just saw him at Equinox gym in Century City, LA about 20min ago. I spotted him on cable rows is regular gym shoes he was close to 6'2". Yes he has a rather skinny build and smaller head I'd call him about 160lbs. I'm 6'1" 190 lbs and he was right on par with me slightly taller.
Balrog said on 17/Jul/13
He has better posture than Radnor who slouches a lot and NPH also wears dress shoes while Radnor converse so I think they probably around same height so 5'11'' both.
cole said on 17/Jul/13
Click Here

Again, he should be downgraded. He's just not a 6' flat guy. He looks the same height as 5'10.5 Stephen Colbert. I know John Cryer for sure is no taller than 5'8.5, and none of them looks more than 5-6 cm taller than him.
Elias said on 13/Jul/13
no Xenon,he is at least 5 foot 10
Xenon said on 12/Jul/13
He doesn't look 6ft to be honest, He looks like 5 foot 9 on tv, but tv makes everything smaller.
I am 6ft 2 and i am 16!
MBH said on 4/Jul/13
he and josh radnor can totally look 5'11, however they appeared tall enough in the yips, were they looked the same height as many models in high heels
Silent d said on 3/Jul/13
He looks 5 foot 11 next to barack obama and it is hard to see him as a 6 footer when he is about the same height as kal penn and josh radnor. 180cm.
Cole said on 17/Jun/13
I think it's quite clear that he's not 6ft, 5'11 at best.
mId said on 11/Jun/13
He was the same height as Mike Tyson 5'9-5'10 when they were performing together. Click Here 3:15 He's nowhere near 6'
Peyman - 6ft said on 14/May/13
Christina Hendricks destroyed his 6ft mark & made him look no more than 5ft 11in, lets say (180-181)cm so Josh Radnor is maybe (179-180) & Jason Segel says goodbye to the 6ft 4in mark.
Lomax said on 16/Apr/13
I always thought he was 5 10
Emily said on 1/Apr/13
Do you guys think he has a small head for his height? I noticed his head is significantly smaller than Josh Radnor┤s, while they┤re about the same height.
cole said on 9/Feb/13
181-182 cm, like several users have pointed out, might be closer.
Viking said on 4/Feb/13
Let me tell you what I think. I'm 5'11.25 (181 cm) throughout most of the day and only hit 5'11.5 (182 cm) by early morning.I have big body proportions, big head, nose everything. My friend, who himself claims to be 6'2.5 and I sincerely think he is that height, has a much smaller head and leaner body proportions. Standing next to each other, we look pretty much the same height difference between NPH and Hugh Jackman at the Tony Awards 2011. I'm not saying Neil Patrick Harris is NOT 6' but it's still very questionable. I think he might be 181-182 cm, maybe hitting 6' early morning. It's quite hard to tell though. Great actor and entertainer btw.
Silent d said on 1/Feb/13
6 foot.
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 15/Jan/13
Rob nph 5'11.5 and Josh Radnor 5'11 flat cmon rob these guys arent 6ft tall.I would go as low as 5'11 nph and 5'10.5 for Josh at the very lowest.
Trey said on 7/Jan/13
Not a full 6-footer, 181-182 cm is possible.
Hew said on 30/Dec/12
His boyfriend David Burtka is 5'10 - 5'10.5.
Most of the time you'd see NPH edging him out with anything between 1 and 3 inches. But that's in pictures with much distortion, bad angles and different postures/haristyles/footwear(lifts or no lifts).

Like this: Click Here

Looking at other pics with similar footwear and camera-angles that doesn't favour anyone, they look closer in heihgt:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

What do you make of this Rob? Cause for a slight downgrade?
Hew said on 28/Dec/12
Looked between 5'10.5 and 5'11 with Obama. Sure you're sticking with 6ft Rob? He doesn't really look it..
[Editor Rob: he can look in between 5ft 11-6ft]
Balrog said on 27/Dec/12
I said it before and now pics with Obama confirms that he's not a 6 footer.
Trey said on 26/Dec/12
Rob you should really study the Obama-pics. Unless Obama's 6'2 there is no chance NPH is 6'.
Dan said on 20/Dec/12
Rob, look at the pics of him with Obama! He's at THE most 5'11", if not 5'10" as Obama doesn't seem to be standing fully straight!
Trey said on 19/Dec/12
5'10-11 max, pics with 6'1 Obama destroyed the 6ft claims.
Joey said on 19/Dec/12
nph is more like 5'11 (180cm) at the very best with perfect posture which he always has (never seen him even slightly slouching) and radnor 5'10.5 (179cm)...
Chris said on 18/Dec/12
Rob, did your listing for NPH change? i feel like i remember him listed at 6'1 before
[Editor Rob: he's been at his 6ft claim for many years]
5ft10guy(Not Growing) said on 11/Dec/12
Yeah I agree with Archie 5'11-5'11.5 range Obama has him by two inches or more and Neil was struggling to look 6'0 with Hugh Jackman.
Click Here
Neil with Hugh Jackman
Here he is with Obama
Click Here
I think hes 5'11 solid or 5'11.5.And his costar Josh Radnor is 5'11 flat.
Neil isnt 6feet but he's still awesome.
Archie said on 8/Dec/12
Under 6 foot Click Here (with 6'1 listed Obama)
balrog said on 3/Dec/12
I though he was over 6'0'' until both Enrique Iglesias and Jackman destroyed his claim. He's 5'11'' wears always dress shoes and has great posture so he looks taller than he really his.
Thorvald said on 31/Oct/12
5┬┤11 at the most. I also think some of the other HIMYM cast┬┤s height listings are a bit inflated. Jason Segel actually looked shorter or the same height as 6┬┤1.5 Enrique Iglesias, which makes sence, because he also looks the same height as 6┬┤1.5 Russell Brand, as well as Being way more than 2" shorter than 6┬┤6 Bill Fagerbakke. Neil and Josh Radnor are both around 5┬┤10/11 I think, as they both look close in height with 5┬┤10 Kal Penn. Anyways:

Jason Segel - 6┬┤2
Russell Brand - 6┬┤1.5
Click Here (Russel might have a tiny bit of a footwear advantage).

Enrique Iglesias - 6┬┤1.5
Josh Radnor - 5┬┤10.75
Neil Patrick Harris - 5┬┤10.5
Kal Penn - 5┬┤10
Trey said on 22/Oct/12
Hard to pin down, as I┤m not convinced by the claims of the actors/actresses some of you other users compare him to. He┤s NOT 6┤1", of that I┤m sure, but he┤s not shorter than 5┤10". Kal Pen is his listed height: 5┤10", he surely looked it with Mr. Obama. I have seen NPH with Penn many times, and they look roughly the same height, at least when Penn isn┤t slouching and Neil isn┤t exaggerating his posture. 5┤10.5"/5┤11" is my guess for his height. If he was taller; like 6ft/6┤1" as some users seems to think, guys like Kal Penn would also be 6ft, and I just don┤t see that.
balrog said on 20/Oct/12
5'11.5'' rounds up to 6 feet. It's normal.
5ft10guy(notgrowing) said on 11/Oct/12
Im sorry Im a fan of nph but I think he's 5'11-5'11.75 range.Never towers Colbie Smoulders and queen latifah was taller in heels.
Dmeyer said on 4/Oct/12
Funny how mr r see Clooney at 5'9 and nph at 6'1 those guys have 1.25 in diffÚrence on h i m y m hÚ dosnt look a MM over 6 ft , and Clooney is at worst 5'10.25-10.5 after 6 weeks witout sleep
LG69 said on 2/Oct/12
Sometimes can look 5'10" more than 5'11". I don't buy 6'0 for him. I've read that he wears lifts, but that's hearsay. He's very slender(small boned) which can be misleading with his height.
Tony said on 21/Sep/12
@achello a true 6 foot will always look at least above average in most places except some places in europe(i.e. Norway). But if your in UK/USA a 6 foot person should feel taller than about 90% of people(women included). Since only roughly 20 percent of men are taller than 6 feet. Another interesting thing is that only 3.9% of men are taller than 6'2'. Truth is most people don't pay as much attention to height as someone who regularly visits this site, and if measured multiple times by a doctor or someone else, will likely just give the highest measurement when asked how tall. It is not necessarily true people lie about their heights, just that sometimes they don't really care. About NPH, seems a good 5'11 to 6 foot.
alex said on 18/Sep/12
always has exelent posture and wears drssing shoes. could even have lifts. I'ld say 180-181cm. Looks like the kind of guy that would had an inch to his height.
zero said on 11/Sep/12
Well now I'm sure that NPH is under 6 foot looking at him next to Hugh Jackman (both in dress shoes) in this video Click Here Jackman I'm not sure is a full 6'2'' because he got owned by 6'7.25'' LeBron Click Here Jackman could be 186-187 cms and NPH 181-182 cms.
zero said on 10/Sep/12
I swear this guy can't go from looking quite average to look solid tall at 6'1''. Has perfect posture and wears dress shoes most of the time, really hard to pin down.
achello said on 2/Sep/12
really robbie? I'm 6'0 too (when I go to bed) and I feel that I'm shorter than a lot of guys.
robbie said on 16/Aug/12
I'm a solid 6' tall, I must say when I'm out walking around the call or the club I tend to notice that I'm taller or as tall as 90% of other guys, I could only imagine What 6'4" would be like, as far as NPH I wondered this in the first place because in HIMYM I saw him standing next to Jason Segal and noticed he only had a few inches on him, then in another scene he REALLY had a few inches, it shocked me because he seems like a small statured shorter man like Ted, but I would estimate a solid 5'11.5" with no shoes, the shoes I'm wearing right now are just an average pair of Adidas and I measured myself in and out of them and they are giving a 1.25" lift, some shoes are more and some are less
ANDREA[ITA] said on 15/Aug/12
Chris Klein is 6'1, not 6'1.5. Anyway, NPH really looks slighly shorter, i think he could be a bit over 6', maybe 6'0.25 but no more!
Peyman said on 9/Aug/12
to me NPH is a good 5ft 11in & Segal is 6ft 3.5in
John said on 2/Aug/12
Check out 6'1.5 Chris Klein standing next to him in American Reunion. NPH is probably only a half inch shorter. It's unlikely that only one of them would be wearing lifts during a random scene for a film. I'd say NPH is closer to 6'1 than 6'.
BigT said on 1/Aug/12
Mr. R says on 8/Feb/12
smith is right, NPH is 6-1. For whatever reason, he downgraded himself, but I have met him and stood next to him on flat ground and he is 6-1.

Don't let the lifts fool you Mr. R, sub 180 barefoot.
5\'10 guy said on 27/Jul/12
I dont know about this one Hugh jackman looked much taller(3inch)at the tony awards Rob.This guy could be 5'11 check out the video Rob what you think?
jamz said on 7/Jun/12
Definitely doesn't look any taller than 6ft
Mr. R said on 8/Feb/12
smith is right, NPH is 6-1. For whatever reason, he downgraded himself, but I have met him and stood next to him on flat ground and he is 6-1.
smith said on 6/Feb/12
hes 6'1 not a inch shorter
[Editor Rob: even when he's said he's 6 foot?]
dmeyer said on 23/Sep/07
does look closer to 6'0.5 in in that pic
Meimi132 said on 23/Sep/07
*nods* Same height as me and a couple of friends. He looks it.
Al said on 23/Jul/07
I swear Glenn has the same expression in every picture
Mr. R said on 20/Jul/07
There was an episode of Doogie, when his friend, Max Casella, made a comment about Doogie being 6 foot tall. Doogie corrects him and says 6-1.
6'3'' JK said on 19/Jul/07
He looks like a real solid 6'0'' guy with Glenn
Josh said on 19/Jul/07
Yeah he looks 6'0 .
schnitzelferk said on 23/Jun/07
in how i met your mother marshal is 6'4" and i believe that as he is looking 4" shorter than them beefy 6'8" doorframes, then at other times looks 2" off doorframes-the regular 6'6" ones.

Unless doorframes over there are 6'6 and 6'4 and hes 6'2"

I agree with glenn, he is 6'1" ish.

if you really think christopher walken is 6ft in the pic here, then neil is DEFINITELY more than 4" taller than glenn

in CW pic, glenn comes to midforehead, in this pic-eye level, that is in general 4'5" from top of head depending, and slouching makes up .5"-1" max...I might not say quite 6'2", but 6'1" sounds reasonable.

remember neils in foreground too
glenn said on 26/Apr/07
im saying he is 6-1 or 6-2.he isnt standing as straight as he should.he isnt 6ft.
TheJerk said on 25/Apr/07
The difference looks every bit of four inches here Glenn. Are you saying you were 5-9-5-10 that day?
TheJerk said on 23/Apr/07
Well leonari you could have been less harsh. Colton, visit the How to Measure a Celebrities Height page you will see that the difference is not 6 inches.
glenn said on 23/Apr/07
rob-seriously,he was 6-1 or 6-2.
leonari said on 22/Apr/07
Colton: nice...obvious that its a 3-4 inch difference but you see 6 inches: congrats fool: great eye.
Colton said on 21/Apr/07
well if this glen fellow is 5 8 neil looks about 6 2 there.
TheJerk said on 17/Apr/07
Maybe he is as tall as 6-0. Yet, I've always though of him as "slight". And more 5-10. He shouldn't be more than this since he claims 6-0 himself.
bikagyura said on 17/Apr/07
I agree... never heard him described as that "small" before
glenn said on 17/Apr/07
glenn said on 17/Apr/07
getty images never pop up on my phone.anyway rob,he was around 6-2 rob.or 6-1.
Puff said on 17/Apr/07
Wasn't this guy billed as nearly 6'2"?

[Editor Rob: yeah, at one point...this photo is very disturbing to 6ft 2 claim though ;)]
D. Ray Morton said on 17/Apr/07
"Doogie ****ing howser Md."


The guy definitely looks 6', maybe slightly more.
Editor Rob said on 17/Apr/07
Doogie ****ing howser Md. I've got my net back properly so the comments/front page have been updated...and I had to shove in some swear filtering.
Danimal said on 13/Sep/06
He looked tall because he was young and thin, which gave him the illusion of being taller than he actually was.
Derek said on 12/Sep/06
He looked tall on Doogie Howser. Maybe he wears lifts?
Editor Rob said on 12/Sep/06
Found a quote from 1993, The North Hills News talking about a character on Quantum Leap:
"I'm 6 tall but I'm just not 250" in reference to original script character being varsity footballer
Ned said on 2/Aug/06
ya everyone seems to think josh radnor roughly 5'10 on how i met your mother and he seems to only have an inch on him to the most so id say 5'11
Mr. R said on 21/Feb/06
During his Doogie days, he claimed to be 6-1. There was one show where his little friend, speaks of Doogie being 6 foot tall, and Doogie corrects him by saying "6-1".
sal said on 20/Feb/06
Yeah, i am sayin this sounds a little tall for him, i was thinkin bout a solid 6'...could be wrong but i just don't see it...

[Editor Rob: yes, he might not be quite as tall...]
Observer said on 31/Jan/06
In a episode of "Will & Grace" there was a scene in which 5'11" Sean Hayes looked as tall as Neil Patrick Harris. Was Hayes wearing lifts?

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