How tall is Jensen Ackles ?

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Jensen Ackles's height is 6ft 0in (183 cm)

American actor best known to tv audiences for his portrayal of Dean Winchester on hit tv show Supernatural. In film he can be seen in My Bloody Valentine 3D. He said in the Boston Herald, 2005: "[Jarad Padalecki] about 6 feet 5 inches - of course he won't admit it. I'm 6 feet 1 inch and he makes me look like a shrimp. It's funny because all our guest stars come on and say, `Oh, you've got to be kidding me'".This photo is from the Asylum Supernatural convention in 2007, England. He had a good 0.5 inch thicker boots than my sneaker in this pic.

Jensen Ackles at Asylum convention
5ft 8 Rob with Jensen
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184.3cm says on 26/Mar/15
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Yeah less than 4 inches between them with equal footwear..sarcasm off/
maaaaaattt says on 26/Mar/15
Jensen almost always has thick soles and a heel on his boots, in the show. Jar3d may as well be wearing slippers, because the boots he usually wears have very thin soles. On top of that, Jensen always has perfect posture and is usually in the foreground. I say he's 5'11.-6'.

Id day he doesnt appear to have the proportions of a 6'1" guy but thats isnt always accurate. Just look at henry cavill. I was shocked to see him next to Ben Affleck. His build relative short arms made him look 5'10" in MoS.
Judd says on 23/Mar/15
[Editor Rob: in a shoe I'm sure he has measured 6ft 1 and I think he might be claiming that!]

with which kind of shoes, on? XD
[Editor Rob: certainly not 0.5 thin styles, maybe 1-1.2 range.]
momma Mary says on 22/Mar/15
I must admit that I thought Jensen was five ten or so because Jarred is do much taller and I thought he was six two. I'm a very tall woman five eleven now the Dean fantasy is back on for us tall lady fans . I love your shoe you guys rock on
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/Mar/15
Rob, is it possible he may have measured close to 6ft1 out of bed (i.e. 184.5cm or something) and rounded that off?
[Editor Rob: in a shoe I'm sure he has measured 6ft 1 and I think he might be claiming that!]
joe 193cm night says on 8/Mar/15
in a matter of beauty Jensen is more beautiful than jared
Judd says on 22/Feb/15
Sometimes I see 4" between Jared and Jensen, others more than 4" but sometimes a bit less...
Omid says on 11/Jan/15
Ackles looks like a legit 6 footer, However either Padalecki is a bit taller than 6'4 or Ackles drops a fraction below 6'0.
Recovered Data says on 12/Dec/14

Sam says on 9/Dec/14

Just my observation of just looking at the two and websites jared is 6'4 and jensen is 6'2 but wit the boots he is around 6'3 and sometimes he says he is 6'3 i guess

Sam2 says on 9/Dec/14

Just my ovservation of just looking at the two and websites jared is 6'4 and jensen is 6'2 but wit the boots he is around 6'3 and sometimes he says he is 6'3 i guess

Josh says on 8/Dec/14

6 foot barefoot. Doesn't look like a 5'11 guy to me. He seems bigger. Jared Padalecki is well over 6'4 for sure

Andrea says on 2/Dec/14

"On the show these are the boots he wears most of the time

Click Here

A decent thickness. "

Which is why he can pull off looking 184 ;)

In reality he's around 182!

joe says on 1/Dec/14

dependent on picture time, rob you is 176 in the morning?

[Editor Rob: close to 175 straight out of bed, but near 173 most of the day.]

Editor Rob says on 1/Dec/14

On the show these are the boots he wears most of the time

Click Here

A decent thickness.

justbringit says on 23/Nov/14

i think that jensen is either a weak 6' or a solid 182cm.Jared looks like a solid 6'4.

Andrea says on 22/Nov/14

He does clear 6'1 in his boots (which are usually 1.5-1.75 inches range), IMO! You can argue 5'11.75 or a 5'11.5 at worst for him, the full 6' is just a bit optimistic... I repeat, on SPN he can easily pull off 184 but he always wears thick boots! 182 range is perfect for him! And don't base your guess on this pic with Rob because it clearly doesn't show his real height!

A6'1Guy says on 21/Nov/14

MaraV AHAHAHA at "Rodney Downey Jr", who is that?

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Nov/14

*in that picture standing tall I meant

Omid says on 20/Nov/14

Well, he doesnt seem to be anything below 182-181, but until someone sees Ackles without his "Huge" Boots, anything would be mere speculations..

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 19/Nov/14

182cm is closer. If he was a legit 6ft he'd be clearing 6ft1 in boots. I'd say standing tall he's probably just over 6ft

1.89m says on 16/Nov/14

A very weak 6-0 imo

Lurker says on 15/Nov/14

C'mon, Rob, Jensen can't be at Jared's eyelevel and be only 4 inches shorter. Either Jared is an inch taller, or Jensen is an inch shorter. 90% of the photos of them show the same thing.

[Editor Rob: on the show he can go from his eyelevel to 1 inch above it.]

Andrea says on 12/Nov/14

Great, man! ;)

You gotta admit that in all the pics i've posted, he does look more than just 4 inches shorter than Jared... Yeah, Jensen can look a solid 183-184 man in the show with his boots but i would say his range is more 182 rather than 183! 5'11.75 would be a perfect listing, with 5'11.5 not impossible (that's the lowest i'd argue). On the other hand, Jared always does look a strong 6'4, with everyone!!! In fact i'd list him at 6'4.25 rather than 6'4 flat!

MaraV says on 10/Nov/14

This guy can't be 6'1lol 3 inches don't make that kind of difference that shows when he is next to Padalecki at the most he is between 5'8 to 5'10 he looks like Rodney Downey Jr.'s height

blue says on 15/Oct/14

I'm a big fan of dark angel and i can remember that in the serie he's described as being 1m83 for 80kg.

[Editor Rob: that's true, even Jenny mentioned that to me once after I'd told her he claimed 6ft 1.]

Arch Stanton says on 15/Oct/14

I dunno Andrea I've really not seen them together much. I think I saw an interview a while back with the two of them sitting down. I always thought Padalecki looked aa strong 6'4" guy and thought than 6'4" flat was undercooking him a tad though.

Rey says on 13/Oct/14

The "stage" photo, is that Welling with the cap next to Justin Hartley? 25/Aug/14

[Editor Rob: I think it was a singer called Jason manns ]

Nils says on 12/Oct/14

I wonder how long Jareds eye level is... 5 inches?

when seen in good shots in supernatural with same footwear hes really around Jareds eye level, and same in pics outside supernatural.

There are for sure atleast 4 good inches between those guys!

Andrea says on 12/Oct/14

So, in almost every picture you find on the net, where Jensen is at Jared's eyelevel (sometimes even lower), what happened? Maybe Jared is paying the photographers for appearing even taller than he is? I'd understand if there was only a few photos showing 4.5 inches differences but it seems in almost every photo Jensen is at least 4.5 inches shorter! And, hey, Jensen is also at least 3 solid inches shorter than Tom Welling! Come on, after downgrading a guy Lance Reddick, you should review many of the listings on here!

[Editor Rob: almost every? I wouldn't say that based on what I've seen, and I'm listing Lance at what he's claimed twice.]

Andrea says on 11/Oct/14

Hell, after all the pics i've posted, you still think there are only 4 inches? More than that, i don't know what to do, it seems you're really "stuck" on some listings and there's noway to change your mind... At this point, any discussion is quite useless...

[Editor Rob: I've seen them up close in person, and on stage together, so my guess on that is 4-4.25 between them.]

Andrea says on 10/Oct/14

I wouldn't base your guess on Sup! I am the first to say that in Sup he can look a solid 183-184 guy next to Jared! Jensen himself said in some interviews that they make him look taller than he is because Jared is very tall or something like that! Please take a look at "out-of-set" pictures:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Jensen is always at Jared's eyelevel and sometimes even lower... And he also tends to wear bigger shoes! Noway is Jensen as tall as Big Alex unless Jared is a solid 6'4.5 (which he can look with Zachary Levi, if Zach is really 6'3.25)...

[Editor Rob: I've seen them on stage a few times, I guess you could say Jensen might be 11.75 if jared is 6ft 4 flat, but I wouldn't have said it looked 4.5 inches in person, both had boots on.]

Andrea says on 10/Oct/14

Rob, you can't have Jensen at 6' and Jared at 6'4... I think anyone would agree that there are more than just 4 inches flat between them... If Jared is only 6'4, this guy is no more than 5'11.75 and could even be as low as 5'11.5 on a bad day!

[Editor Rob: jenny's been rewatching the show from the beginning and I've been dipping in and out, I would guess 4-4.25 inches difference from when they are known to be in more equal footwear like normal shoes.]

184.3cm says on 9/Oct/14

I give him 182cm since his boots are so much thicker. Passes for a 6 footer with boots on.

cole says on 6/Oct/14

@Editor Rob: Why not go with 5'11.5 or 5'11.75 if he (with a footwear advantage) obviously looks 2in shorter than 6'2 guys?

Having a hard time seeing how he'd look more than 4in taller than you even if he stood tall in the pic as well.

mike says on 5/Oct/14

Jensen: 6ft 0.25in 184 cm

Jared: 6ft 4.25in 194 cm

Misha: 5ft 11in 180 cm

Jim: today: 5ft 10-10.5in 178-179 cm peak: 5ft 11in 180 cm

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 4/Oct/14

I wouldn't class 184-185cm as well over 6ft

184.9 on a bad day says on 18/Sep/14

Rob, when you say ''just over 6ft'' is like 184-185, sorry for stupid question but I'm familarizade with metric system.

[Editor Rob: more like in 183-4cm range, a 184-5 is too much for me to class as just over 6ft.]

184.9 on a bad day says on 16/Sep/14

Rob I'm totally lost too hahaha, her beautiful face (Lauren) makes me out of my mind. I don't know why I asked on that page lol.

[Editor Rob: Lauren looked better I think with long hair 5-6 years ago. I actually thought with shorter hair it didn't suit her well...of course she is still very attractive, so it's more just a personal preference to women with long hair.]

Judd says on 13/Sep/14

I think he's closer to 6' than 5'11"...if today Mitch Pillegi is 6'0.5 then Jensen is 5'11.5"-6'...

184.9 on a bad day says on 11/Sep/14

Rob, She stands at what height in these heels ?

Click Here

[Editor Rob: well I paused the clip at 15 seconds and had a good long hard look....erm, yeah what was the question?

I think she would measure just over 6ft in them, they are a legitimately large sized heel with solid 2-inch platform.]

Andrea says on 30/Aug/14

He certainly is not a big 6' guy! I mean, he looks a weak 6' there, with Tom Welling, with Jared Padalecki,... Rob, a 5'11.75 is "too much"? I think it's quite clear he's not a guy like Big Alex!

Kostas says on 25/Aug/14

How tall do you think Alan Ritchson is Rob? He only looks 1' taller than Jensen here.

Click Here

[Editor Rob: at that event Ritchson was a good couple of inches taller...he is further away and leaning more loosely there. Here on stage you can see what it looked like in person.]

lelman says on 15/Aug/14

He looks more 5'11" to me, I get that he's slouching, but if you account for his boots, hair, and small forehead, he struggles to look three inches taller than you.

Realist says on 29/Jul/14

Right ROb 6'0 seems spot on.

TJE says on 25/Jul/14

Looks 5'11.5 with Jared Padalecki

Click Here

John says on 23/Jul/14

Time passes and I am increasingly convinced that only a photo with Jensen (without his boots) will reveal his true height. We need someone who knows where he lives and where to meet him then.

Giuseppe says on 4/Jul/14

I too believe that he did not get to 6 feet.

Alex 6'0 says on 29/Jun/14

I can't see him at 6'0. Even if he stood straight he still had 1/2 inch footwear advantage. 5'11.5 Id give him

Lee says on 28/Jun/14

182cm in my opinion, he wears pretty massive boots on the show which gives him an advantage over others and yet never looks a legit 6ft flat.. though he still tall enough to round up to 6ft of course but his 6'1 claim is just hilarious

as for weight Id say 175 pounds or ~80kg

mike says on 25/Jun/14

5ft 11.75 (182.5 cm ) night 6ft 0.75 (184.5 cm) morning 6ft 0 is a good listening.

Realist says on 22/Jun/14

Seems right, rob is just under his eye. 5'8 guys just about reach eyes of legit 6'0 guys.

cole says on 21/May/14

If he stood straight with Rob he might look 6ft, minus the footwear advantage he's more 5'11.5 I recon. Cumberbatch would probably measure a teensy bit closer to the 6ft mark than this guy, but neither looks like full 6 footers next to Rob in their respective pictures.

Pallin 185 cm says on 23/Apr/14

I'm 6'1" and work with guys WHO are 6'4". And the height difference is not worth questioning.. If jensen were 6'1" we would not even discuss this. Plus he always wear 3 cm boots and still looks short compare to Jared . If a 6'1" guy would wear 3 cm boots he would stand really tall , so what's the gag about ?

chelio says on 15/Apr/14

for the longest time i thought he was like 5'6 , 5'7 because his supernatural partner is really tall. thanks for making it clear

Hypado says on 8/Apr/14


Andrea says on 4/Apr/14

Rob, how much difference you think there is on here?

Click Here

Jensen looks a bit more than just 4 inch shorter (and they gotta have similar shoes in this case), even if sometimes can be hard to judge heights on a stage, i know... Btw, how tall is the long haired guy? six one range? He looks a couple inches taller than Adam Levine and about 3 inches shorter than Jared...

[Editor Rob: I think about 4 inches is probable, a bit more?? Not impossible, but I wouldn't say much more, the other guy can look near 6ft1]

freddy says on 28/Mar/14


he lies like almost all actors do when it comes to height, I can buy 6'4 range for jared, but unless jensen wears his massive-manheel boots, he is nowhere near 6'1 ....181-182cm barefeet

talented actors though, both jared and jensen

Balrog says on 26/Mar/14

Rob who left you a taller impression, Jensen or Benedict Cumbertach?

[Editor Rob: hard to tell, but Jensen did have a much more noticeable footwear advantage the time I seen him.]

Linda says on 21/Mar/14

But.. on an interview he says he's 6'1 and Jared 6'4.

freddy says on 21/Mar/14

5'11.5 range seems spot on (181-182cm) - his massive boots that he likes to wear boost him to 6'1 range

TanToes says on 26/Feb/14

Jensen wins out as an actor and definitely attractiveness.

And this comes from a gal who is tall

and normally tall trumps all else.

Jared needed his legs in braces when you ger to correct the noticeable bow (just as I needed a corrective brace for my spine.Would be even taller but would have avoided a LOT of pain then and now).

pick tall over

ayo says on 2/Feb/14

181-182cm range...

Triplescrew says on 24/Jan/14

Misha Collins - 5'10"

Jensen Ackles - 5'11.5"

Jared Padalecki - 6'4"

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 12/Jan/14

Maio, that's probably spot on. Dips just under 6ft at the end of a regular day.

I would definitely label Jared Padelacki as a strong 6ft4 guy, if not 6ft4.5/194cm.

dream says on 3/Jan/14

In a dark angel episode they say 6ft.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Dec/13

Ackles can look 5ft11 at times aswell

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 6/Dec/13

"likely a fraction under 5'12"

Please speak English. Anyway, Beaver at anything over his listed 5ft11/180cm is unlikely. He looked about 5ft10 w/h Rob and Jenny and I mean just possibly even a fraction below it. Ackles in general looks around 5ft11-6ft

Lo sgozzatore says on 5/Dec/13

If Amell is really six one, then Ackles looks about six feet but that's not a very good picture (see how Ackles is closer to the camera). He's definitely a weak 6', i agree! I think Amell might measure somewhere between 6'0.5 and 6'1, he always has very good posture so he can look taller than he measures. About this Alexis Denisof? I actually don't even know who he is, i only saw his pic but i've never seen that face before xD

Lo sgozzatore says on 26/Nov/13

4.5 inches is not impossible, he can look 4.5 inches shorter, yeah... Wheter he is or not, it's hard to say. As you say Jared is a strong 6'4 for sure, 6'4-6'4.25 is his range, i think. So it could be the case that Jensen is 5'11.5-5'11.75 and Jared 6'4-6'4.25 and there you go your 4.5 inches... I repeat i don't think he's under 5'11.5, though. I think he's somewhere between 182 and 183. Jared could be between 193 and 194. He's a very tall guy, so Jensen could appear shortish sometimes but he's not, he's quite tall, near the 6' mark. About Cranston and Paul, yeah, Paul can look shorter than 172, but he does have pretty bad posture in many scenes. I think that if he stood straight for a measurement, he really would be near the 5'8 mark.

Balrog says on 25/Nov/13

And also in the rare occasions when Misha Collins and Ackles has same footwear, Misha can look near Ackles height...

Balrog says on 25/Nov/13

I agree with you guys but you really think Padalecki just has 4in on Jensen? When they both suited up as FBI's agent I always see 4.5" in difference near 5in between those two.

Lo sgozzatore says on 25/Nov/13

Yeah, i agree with you, Lorne. 5'10 is ridicolous,noway he's that short! Better chance he's 6'1 than 5'10 actually... This listing is ok, as you said, he can easily look 184 on Supernatural, but he does wear big boots, always! I'm at the end of the fifth season and i've seen some scenes of him with Mark Sheppard, he looks about 4 inches taller, easily. Rob met Sheppard and listed him at 5'8.5, so even if he's probably not a full 6', he's gotta be near that! In those boots, he's gotta be between 6'1 and 6'2 for sure.

dennis 184cm says on 23/Nov/13

Jensen is wearing Boots and so does jared in the later seasons , but jensen is still almost a head shorter than Jared . So his 6'1 claim can't be anything but a dream . 182 max with Boots. A 6'1 Guy compared with a 6'4 Guy ain't that big as those two have in the series

Lo sgozzatore says on 21/Nov/13

He never looks 7 or even 6 inches shorter than Jared, never! Yeah, there are some scenes where he can look almost 5 inches shorter but there are other scenes where he also can look only 3-3.5 inches shorter than Jared! I dont buy anything under 5'11.5 for him and i do think he's a legit 182-183 guy. Near 6' fits him

Tony says on 15/Nov/13

On the supernatural episode that Dean and Sam go back to their old highschool. Dean becomes the gym teacher and wears flat shoes, in the hallway seen when they are walking Jared had 6 to 7 inches on Jensen. 5'10 handsomness always adds 2 inches

Lo sgozzatore says on 7/Nov/13

After seeing 4 seasons of Supernatural, i think i can safely say he can look a solid 184 guy on the show with other actors! There are many scenes where he looks only 3-3.5 inches shorter than solid 6'4 Jared Padalecki! He also can look 4 cms taller than 5'11 guys like Misha Collins or Jim Beaver... But i must say that he always wears big boots which are no less than 1.5-1.75, so he can look taller than he is! 182-183 fits him!

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 2/Nov/13

Lorne's right. He's definitely not a 184cm range guy except out of bed, maybe. But he's not a 180cm guy either. At night he could be a flat 182cm, but no less.

"Jensen Ackles's height is 5ft 11.75in (182cm)"

miko says on 30/Oct/13

182cm would be bang on for this guy.

Lo sgozzatore says on 28/Oct/13

Yeah, definitely not over 6' but 5'11 is too low, even considering his big boots! "near" 6' is ok...

HellBoundPower says on 27/Oct/13

People keep claiming that Jensen wears boots and Jared wears sneakers, but in the latest season they are both wearing boots and the height difference only looks to be about 3 inches. So either Jensen is legit 6'1", or he has a little boost in his boots.

Lorne says on 25/Oct/13

Yeah, he's not a big 6 footer for sure, not like a David Duchovny or Edi Gathegi, as mentioned. But he could be very close, I could see him measuring 182-182.5, 181.5 not impossible, as you said, he doesn't wear the monster type boots Vin Diesel does, and looks just as tall(to me taller) so it could be a matter of him just a small fraction under, like a Christian Bale. And Lo, yeah he even can look 3.5in under at times than Welling, but never seen him in equal footwear, one of them always in boots, but I know Welling stands around 194cm in timberland style, and was no way 4 inches taller than Ackles in trainers, so under 5'11.5 an impossibility, he stands better with Welling than Aaron Ashmore, whom Rob met and gives 5ft11.5, so I CAN live with 6ft, since he might measure 5'11 7/8ths, and then what do you do? :) But 5ft11.75 the fairest, but Rob must have thought he was damn close to 6ft, or wouldn't give it to him.

Iceman says on 24/Oct/13

5'11" is certainly possible for Jensen, his boots are big. I wouldn't be surprised if he was getting 1.5 inches from them. I think 5'11.5" is more likely. He's definitely not over 6'0". Could be close to 6'1" in his big boots.

Balrog says on 21/Oct/13

5'11.5"-6'0" is his range, he does wears boots a lot but not Vin Diesel's type of boot just normal boots. To me there is really no chance he is a full 6footer because he doesn't look that next to Welling, Hartley, Padalecki and Ritchson. Also Edi Gathegi edge out him and Edi his a strong 6footer.

Lo sgozzatore says on 20/Oct/13

Agree in everything ;)

5'11 flat is not something i'd bet on for sure! I would list him at 5'11.75 too but 6' is ok too. The only thing you gotta keep in mind when you see him listed at 6' is that it is his best case scenario! I am sure that he is not a millimiter over it. BTW, he looks 3 solid inches shorter than Tom Welling...

Lorne says on 19/Oct/13

Yeah he is most definently NOT a big 6 foot guy! But I'm just saying, this 180-181cm stuff is goofy, his boots aren't that big, and he wears regular shoes a lot. I too think 5'11.5 is possible, but it's the worst case scenario. And I wouldn't "list" him 5ft11.5, if I was Rob I might go 5ft11.75(which again could be spot on) but not 5ft11.5, since it's the minimum and they're is no good evidence. Yeah, Ackles is a tough one, depending on footwear, at times he's nearly 5 inches under Padalecki, at others 3-3.5, but generally he looks 6ft, like you just said, 6ft11.75-6ft, with 5ft11.5 possible. Glad you don't think he's 5'11 flat!

Lo sgozzatore says on 17/Oct/13

I just started to watch Supernatural and yeah he looks near 6' on the show. There are some scenes with Jared Padalecki where he can look only 3-3.5 inches shorter, but there are also some scenes where he looks between 4 and 5 inches shorter. Near 6' is right but that's not what you'd call a strong 6', considering he always wears big boots. I agree with you, Lorne. In my opinion 5'11.5 is not impossible, but i'd say he's in the 5'11.75-6' zone.

Giuseppe says on 17/Oct/13

I agree with you George, also according to Rob, Mitch Pileggi is 184 cm. Take a look at this picture:

Click Here

Lorne says on 17/Oct/13

I dob't understand why everyone think's he's 5'11, the man honestly looks 6ft moist of the time, even with 4-4.5 cm boots looking legit 184, he's closer to six then 5'11. I mean, just look at the guy: 1. He is always 2cm over Rosenbaum(without boots!), Rob has met Michael Rosenbaum, no way he's less than 5'11, Rob has him at 181cm, but he could be 180.5, anyway, Ackles looks basically the same as legit 6footer John Glover. Speaking of Glover , him and Ackles look identical face to face, but it wasn't a great scene to compare, and I think peak Glove would measure marginally taller. 2. With Tom Welling(who eats 6ft claims for breakfast!) he has footwear disadvantage, regular trainers, with Tom in boots, don't know if 1.5'ers, but he had advantage. Welling 6'4 in boots, and and was not 4 inches over Tom, maybe 3.5 most, but honestly he looks close to 6'1, so near 6ft barefoot. Dj Qualls was in boots himself and difn't looks much taller. I'm not saying he's a big 6 footer, but he's damn close. 5'11.5 is ABSOLUTE MINIMUM, I think he'd measure 182, maybe 182.5 evening, anywhere 5'11.6-5'11.8, you could say 5'11.9, basically 6ft, this listing is fine, maybe 5'11.75 is better(in fact it probably spot on) but not less.

Tyler says on 15/Oct/13

I think his height is altered due to his bow legs. They cause his posture to change a lot, thus increasing and decreasing his height seen in photos (same case with Tom Hardy). Plus with his thick boots, it's really hard to definitely pin down, but I'd say that he's a good 6'0.5" feet tall.

George says on 10/Oct/13

I met him at Comic Con, he's a solid 5 ft 11 with boots (he was with sneakers, meaning around 5 ft 10 3/4), I'm 5 ft 8 (just like Rob), however I add an inch more with my posture. We were basically on the same eye level. I was just as surprised he's so short, I always thought he's 185 or more. My guess is: either boots lift him a lot, or he has shrinked since 2007. Simply compare him to 5 ft 11 Misha Collins and Jim Beaver. Click Here

What do you think Rob, is their some insole or boot magic going on there?

[Editor Rob: it's rare to see him without thick boots at events, but one thing I'm sure of - he ain't no 6ft 1 man!]

roy says on 7/Oct/13

181cm is my bet, pretty sure the 185cm claim is exactly his height when wearing those thick shoes he always likes to wear

Joe says on 2/Oct/13

I think Jensen Ackles is precisely 5ft11, because I have a friend who is exactly 6ft3(same as Jared) and we both look in the same range as Jensen and Jared.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 29/Sep/13

He might be fraction under this.

I doubt 5ft11 flat though

Lo sgozzatore says on 29/Aug/13

Rob, who do you think would be taller between Alex and Ackles, that you both met? I'm pretty sure that Alex would win and i wouldnt be surprised at all if he was 1 good cm taller!

[Editor Rob: alex might be a little taller.

certainly that weekend on stage with hartley/ritchson he looked a weak 6ft guy]

Rusty says on 27/Aug/13

I was just about to say something but Balrog said it for me. How did he get a 190cm listing? Cuz i am just a smidge over 190cm at my very lowest after a long day and I would look much taller than this next to Rob

Balrog says on 21/Aug/13

The four letter site has Ackles now at 6' 2" (1.90 m) which is absolutely ridiculous. In that case Padalecki should be 6'7''.

Lorne! says on 19/Aug/13

Yeah, Balrog, he's not a strong 6ft, for sure. I think 5ft11.75 might be spot on, but Rob met him and keeps him 6ft,(though noting he may measure a fraction under evening) so I say closer to 6ft than 5'11. But I could defiantly see him a flat 182cm. B. (BTW, are you named after a certain boxer)?

sNiPa says on 15/Aug/13

Jensen is 6-6'1" tall. In that pic Jensen is a good 4.5 inches taller than you. That's exactly the relationship with my mother and I. Every photo we take as a family looks like the one above and I'm 6'0.5", whereas my mom is 5'8". Jared is really not shorter than 6'5", his brother is 6'7". You can't really determine height from movies that well, but you can in pictures. Take a look at their family pictures and than you'll see.

stoodnext2 says on 15/Aug/13

Paul normally I would agree with you, except I guarantee Tom Welling could tell you a million stories of female co-stars having to stand on boxes during scenes with him to avoid a very distracting height difference in film. You're on the right track, but I wouldn't put it past production to Place Lindsey on a box whenever her feet weren't shown during scenes with Jensen; just to avoid a height distraction. Same thing with Jared. Anyway just an added opinion here, great observation overall. I still put Jensen at around 6 though

Paul says on 14/Aug/13

In the episode "In My Time Dying" Dean stands next to Tessa the reaper or Lindsey McKeon, they are both bearfoot and in scrubs. Now while standing next to each other she reaches about the bottom of his brow she lists at 5'4 that gives Dean 5'8/5'9 no shoes. Something seems fishy here, I agree with the op.

Balrog says on 6/Aug/13

Lorne. I think 5'11.5'' is better for Ackles. In many episodes he's wearing his 1.5" boots and Padalecki has 0.7-0.8" shoes and still has 4in on him. I think Jared is 6'4.25" and Ackles a weak 6 footer.

Lorne says on 6/Aug/13

Probably closer to 6'1 out of bed... He may very well measure a full 185cm after a full nights sleep. And he is NOT less than a full 182cm evening, there have been a couple of episodes with him and solid 6ft4 Padelecki together, there is a good 4 inches, but not more, so if he isn't 6ft just a fraction shy. And his boots typically give 1.5in range. His thickest give 1.6, MAYBE 1.7in. And remember if you give Aclkes 181cm, then Jared would wave to be 191-192cm, in turn Tom Wellington would be 187cm! Oh and Rosenbaum like 179cm :/???

Akmal says on 27/Jul/13

184 morning, 182-181.5 night

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 19/Jul/13

184cm out of bed, Rob?

[Editor Rob: He might dip a little shy of 6 feet at night, 184 range out of bed I'm sure he'd measure.]

D Neel says on 12/Jul/13

If Jensen is 6 foot 1, well how tall is the guy that plays his younger brother Supernatural, because he looks really tall. He must be 6 foot 3.

Lo sgozzatore says on 2/Jul/13

Agree, not a full 6'! 5'11.5-5'11.75 is a good guess

cole says on 27/Jun/13

A shade under 6ft, 5'11.75.

Giuseppe says on 25/Jun/13

The photo depicts Amell next to Jensen is taken from a particular angle and you can not see the shoes they are wearing. Let's also remember that we are not certain that Stephen Amell is really 6.1.

Yaspaa says on 21/Jun/13

He always looked a little taller than Rosenbaum on Smallville, looks an inch shorter than Amell. He would need to be extremely vigilant with his lift wearing to always appear such. Could well be 6'0, 6'1 in his shoes. Certainly no taller though.

Marvin Rainwater says on 20/Jun/13

Jensen Ackle's is a 5 feet 11-inch 165 pound man. if he were six foot, your scalp would be level with his eye brow--if he's leaning or not. Guys like him can look six, or six- one when they weigh a trim 150-170 pounds, but the fact is, standing next to Topher proves he's a 5 ft 11 guy, maybe 5 - 11-1/2 out of bed.

stoodnext2 says on 19/Jun/13

I have to add though in the pictures I just posted (particularly the one with him and listed 6'1 Stephen Amell who has the better posture in the picture), for all I know Jensen could be wearing converses, sandals, or slippers; he looked pretty relaxed without the shave and all. I'm assuming now that Stephen Amell may have had slight footwear advantage due to most likely wearing dress shoes since he had a suit on, along with the posture advantage versus Jensen who looked extremely casual. Maybe Jensen had boots but he seemed really relaxed looking and in other pics I've seen not wear boots, like the ones of him playing soccer, ect. Like someone below said, Jensen, he's maybe the tallest 5'11 I've seen so if he in fact 5'11 I'd venture that's barefoot at night and still closer to 6' than flat 5'11.

stoodnext2 says on 19/Jun/13

Very strong 5'11 for him; here he is next to the new Stephen Amell, CW's Green Arrow who also claims 6'1

Click Here

Here's Stephen Amell with Justin Hartley, the CW's old green arrow who is

listed at 6'2.25

Click Here

My guesses are:

Jensen Ackles, Strong 5'11 maybe 6' with good posture added

Stephen Amell, 6'1 as he claims with PERFECT posture

Justin Hartley, 6'2.25 as Rob has him, maybe more with good posture

I'm guessing barefoot at night by the way

Giuseppe says on 14/Jun/13

It can not 'be a solid 6.1. If it were really 6.1, wearing his stvali there would be no difference with all that Jared Padalecky.

Dommy says on 9/Jun/13

I'd say Jensen is a solid 6 feet 1 guy.

penguinboy25 says on 2/Jun/13

Seen a lot of this guy with Supernatural and his boots. I'd say he's a strong 5'11. 181 afternoon to 182 morning.

Jax says on 1/Jun/13

180cm-181cm barefeet

if he was 183cm then he'd be 188-189cm in the massive boots he wears in supernatural...and clearly he is nowhere near that that mark...

Emil says on 21/May/13

Len says on 9/May/13

5'11" guy who likes to claim 6'1".

Seems to be par for the course... everyone in Hollywood claims to be about 2 inches taller than they really are, that's very consistent.

That has to be the tallest 5'11 I've ever seen. He's at least 6 foot even

Len says on 9/May/13

5'11" guy who likes to claim 6'1".

Seems to be par for the course... everyone in Hollywood claims to be about 2 inches taller than they really are, that's very consistent.

Lorne says on 1/May/13

I saw an ep of Supernatural the other day, very interesting. Padelecki was in work boots, yet Ackles was wearing thin Adidas type sneakers! Seriously, I can't be sure, but called shoes we're thin( he was posing as a gym teacher) and looked to give no more than 0.75in, definantly less than a full inch. Yet Jared's work boots we're pretty thick. Not quite as big as some of Ackles, which give 1.6-1.7, but they we're giving close to 1.5in. So Jared's footwear was minimum 1.3, most likely 1.4-1.5, while Jensen's we're 0.6-0.7, MAX 0.8. With the footwear discrepancy, they're really was a 5 in difference. But I think it actually points to a 6ft Ackles. Imagine, in boots Jared would be around6ft5.5, possibly a tad more, if he's nearer 194cm barefoot. So called was definantly OVER the 6ft mark, in Adidas style shoe. So at least 184cm in shoes give less than 2cm; so basically, he is at least 182cm barefoot, and a full 6ft very likely. Rob, I wish you could see the episode, it's the one where they investigate they're old high school, and keep having flashbacks, 4th season, I think.

Valeri says on 29/Apr/13

my dad is 6.4.5 during the entire day(weird that he doesnt lose anything beyond a couple mm during the day,uncommon) and I measured at 182.9cm record straight out of bed after a great sleep,this was a minute after getting up. I go down to 182cm flat fast,and then down to 181.5cm fast after that,so basically 181.61cm is 5.11'5 exactly. That makes a difference of 5 inches with my dad,and in all honesty I look in photos and in mirror ,either barefoot both or in similar footwear shoes,both straightened out properly,not leaning and neither having poofy or spiked up hair to add an inch,and the shoulder/eye level/top of the head is pretty much dead on same as with Jared and Jensen throughout the years(minus the time Jensen wears cowboy boots or otherwise massive heeled shoes in quite a few episodes,where they have even filmed the footwear to be seen. When he is wearing normal ones,he looks the same,also next to other co-star who are legit 6 ft or over. Jensen Ackles is definitely 6 ft max,and could be even 5'11.5 flat,like me,but reaching 6 ft straight out of bed. In dress shoes he would be almost 6'1. I think he is 5.11'5 during most of the day,but 6ft is possible. He does have 3.5-4 inches on you in this photo,but as you said,he had a good 0.5 more footwear,which can be discounted for his slight lean in,but even without it he would be 4 inches taller at most,so again no more than 6ft for Jensen. I hope he gave the 6'1 as a guesstimate,otherwise his irrational self-esteem issue about being a close to/flat 6ft is sad.

Linebacker28 says on 20/Apr/13

Not under 5'11", but don't buy anything above 183cm for this cool fellow. Think he's really 182cm after seeing him with Welling and Padalecki several times. They certainly toss that 6'1" claim of his out the window, regardless.

Mark says on 15/Apr/13

neggs says on 7/Apr/13

I've met Jared before there is no way he is 6'5" - I'm 6'3" and he was slightly shorter than me.

There is not a chance in hell that Jared is under 6'3".Rob can confirm that since he saw him in person.

Balrog says on 10/Apr/13

At times he can look 5in shorter than Padalecki. Big chance Padalecki is a little over 6'4'' so Ackles is 181-183 range. Can pull off looking taller because of his big boots.

Lorne! says on 7/Apr/13

I think he's the full 6ft. He towered over Amy Ackers, who is minimum 171-172cm range. He basically looked at least as tall as David boreanez with her. Boreanenez is definite over the 6ft mark, legit 183.5-184. So considering his footwear advantage, 6ft is perfect. Seriously he looks tall beside guest stars ppl!

neggs says on 7/Apr/13

I've met Jared before there is no way he is 6'5" - I'm 6'3" and he was slightly shorter than me.

space balls says on 2/Apr/13

he always looked 1.81-82 cm to more,no less! that 6'1'' claim must have been his shoe height with some thick soles.

Anonymous says on 29/Mar/13

6-0 looks more real life imo.

sherry says on 24/Mar/13

it is surprising he really looks short even when he isn't standing next to jared! Six foot one inch, I'd never have guessed!

Arch Stanton says on 20/Mar/13

Lo sgozzatore says on 3/Feb/13

Rob, i know you've said he looked about 6' but would you be surprised if he actually measured a bit under 6'? He looks 4 inches and more shorter than Jared Padalecki. For sure not 5 inches shorter, so 5'11 would be too low for sure. Is it possible he's just 5'11.5 or 5'11.75?

[Editor Rob: well barefoot he could be a weak 6ft...the guy wears solid 1.5-1.75 inch footwear and can easily look a big 6 footer because of the little extra footwear advantage he has...]

Padalecki though is more likely a bit higher than 6'4" flat.

Alex says on 10/Mar/13

I think this guy has developed a height complex from working near Padalecki all those years. I mean, damn... does he ever get those boots off?

Yaspaa says on 8/Mar/13

Dude, you're kidding, the guy looks nowhere near that. 6'0 is a max.

Dennis D says on 20/Feb/13

the funny thing is , in one episode in supernatural i think it's season 1 or 2, on his passport it says he's 6'4" it can very well be a movie mistake and wasn't supposed to be noticed, i'm 6'1" and i know a lot of 6'4" guys and i think jensen may easely be 6'1" sometimes he even look 6'2" especially in the later seasons

penguinboy25 says on 13/Feb/13

I'd say 182 in the morning.

Giuseppe says on 12/Feb/13

When we speak of the height of Jensen, we must take into account his shoes. Because we know that when it comes to an inch are the shoes to make a difference

Balrog says on 6/Feb/13

5'11.5'' is better for him I think.

Nils says on 5/Feb/13

With similar footwear he looks 10 maybe 11cm max shorter then Jared

If jared is a solid 6'4 then 6ft is alright for Jensen. In my opinion Jared never looked more then 4.25 inches taller in good shots. Also jensen kinda looks down alot and can appear abit shorter.

Lo sgozzatore says on 3/Feb/13

Rob, i know you've said he looked about 6' but would you be surprised if he actually measured a bit under 6'? He looks 4 inches and more shorter than Jared Padalecki. For sure not 5 inches shorter, so 5'11 would be too low for sure. Is it possible he's just 5'11.5 or 5'11.75?

[Editor Rob: well barefoot he could be a weak 6ft...the guy wears solid 1.5-1.75 inch footwear and can easily look a big 6 footer because of the little extra footwear advantage he has...]

Hew says on 18/Jan/13

Don't think he'd measure 6ft barefoot if he had 0.5" footwear-advantage in the pic with you Rob. Maybe 5'11.5 but nothing over that.

Joey says on 15/Jan/13

without his massive boots he is around 5'11.25 (181cm) ...when he puts them on he is about 6'1 as he any case he is definitely below 6ft in bare feet

Me says on 13/Jan/13

In one episode of Supernatural he is arrested and they are doing the pictures . He is standing by a tape measure, if that is to be believed he is 6 ft 3 in

Balrog says on 9/Jan/13

Stephen, he claims 6'1''.

richkid123 says on 9/Jan/13

His wide shoulders make him look bigger to me, but I think he would be exactly 6' or an eighth to a quarter inch shorter.

Stephen says on 8/Jan/13

183.5night for Jensen is my guess easily 6'0 claim!

Balrog says on 6/Jan/13

Ackles is taller than Collins but not by a full inch, he always wears bigger footwear than Castiel!

SeanSalvatore says on 5/Jan/13

I met him in Vancouver over a year ago. I'm a little over 6'1 and we were basically the same height

Dan-183 says on 4/Jan/13

Found a photo that shows that Jensen is about the same height as his costar Misha Collins who is 5'11"

Click Here

[Editor Rob: ackles is pretty much a bit taller than misha in person, although misha claims 6ft himself.


thc-182 says on 2/Jan/13

he is 184 cm there(with the advantage), maybe 185, i think 183 is accurate, maybe 183.5

Zack says on 27/Dec/12

I consider myself a weak 6' in thick shoes, and that's exactly how I look next to 5'8 - 5'9 guys in photos.

So yeah, I actually think he might be under 6', or 6 out of bed.

Tom says on 26/Dec/12

I have met the guy myself, and im 6'1, id say he is 6'1. no doubt.

tom says on 25/Dec/12

this difficult to judge imo,perhaps a weak 6-0 to me.

Original says on 22/Dec/12

5'11.25 Ackles and 6'4.25" Padalecki.

Joey says on 16/Dec/12

wears bigger boots than i originally thought...6'1 range yes but only in boots.. in barefeet 5'11..dunno how guys like him or pitt etc manage to wear boots/lifts like they do ,i hate thick soled boots...i always wear shoes like Puma Future or sth

Arechi says on 11/Dec/12

Jensen ackles always uses a type of boots (work boots/logger boots brand: chippewa/carolina/red wing) with a heel of about 6-7 cm.

nikita says on 11/Dec/12

Come on!!! What's the difference?! He's gorgeous, fantastic and sexy anyway!

balrog says on 3/Dec/12

The guy is clearly more 5'11'' that 6'0'' I mean even with bigger shoes Misha Collins is almost same height that him and DJ Qualls had him easily by an inch not to mention that both Padalecki and Welling towers him.

FACE says on 30/Nov/12

6'0 183 cm morning

5'11.25 181 cm night

Arch Stanton says on 29/Nov/12

[Editor Rob: Jared is probably at night still 6ft 4 himself.

If that's the case maybe an upgrade to 6'4.5" for Padalecki?

Yaspaa says on 3/Nov/12

Those are some big-assed heels.

Click Here

LG69 says on 25/Oct/12

I don't think he's quite 6'0. Considering his shoes were 1/2 inch thicker...i'd say he's no more closer to 5'11"...maybe 5'11.5" at most.

Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 20/Oct/12

No way 6'1, there's too much difference between this guy and Jared Padalecki, Rob is right, he's 6' more.

Hellere says on 1/Oct/12

There is an interview where jenson is stood next to a 6 foot Michael rosenbaum and he is slightly looking down at him, meaning jenson must be at least 6 foot but most probably 6"1.

Tyler says on 28/Sep/12

Hey Rob, what are your thoughts on this photo? Click Here

[Editor Rob: he looks in the 183-4cm range, but he does wear 1.5 inch boots a fair bit.

you can also see in photos like that barrel distortion, so if a person was standing in the middle and you have 2 on either side near the edge of the photo they can appear a bit smaller than they are and the middle person can appear a little taller.]

marla singer says on 28/Sep/12

He's so hot. 5'11.5"

mike says on 25/Sep/12

yes i agree with chameleon

Chameleon says on 15/Sep/12

Yes he is 6'1 in heeled boots. 180-ish without it.

firstdance2000 says on 14/Sep/12

He's 6'1"...I'm 6'0" and stood beside him with my daughter at a Supernatural convention.

ANDREA[ITA] says on 11/Sep/12

Anything over 6' for this guy is too much! He struggles to look even 6' with big guys like Tom Welling and Jared Padalecki!

Zach says on 29/Aug/12

@Zero, agree with your comment there.

Zach says on 22/Aug/12

I did post some pics of this guys dodgy footwear but seems to have gotten deleted.

Reality says on 17/Aug/12

I think he's 6'0.5,6'1 ain't impossible as well.

tom says on 9/Aug/12

Id say 6.0 for sure,maybe 6,1" due to the way he is bending sideways.

ray 6' 158 lbs says on 7/Aug/12

i think jensen is 182 cm at mourning and 179.5 cm at night he is 165 lbs in supnat season 1 and in bloody valentine 3 d,and after he is 34 alredy and hes getting fatter he is 185 now,and i read on the net he can bench press 210 lbs and padalceki can 325 lbs.

ANDREA[ITA] says on 30/Jul/12

Rob, i saw an interview of Jared where he says that Jensen is 6'1 and that he's 6'4! How cant he notice he's too much taller? In all the pics the 4 inches difference is the minimum difference between them!

[Editor Rob: Jared is probably at night still 6ft 4 himself.

little chance Jensen is 6ft 1 unless it's morning height.]

Tyler says on 27/Jul/12

Solid 6'0". Maybe 6'0.5".

Triplescrew says on 26/Jul/12

Ackles is a decent 6'1" in his boots, 6'0"-ish in normal shoes, and probably hovers around a strong 5'11" barefoot.

That's how I feel after watching 7 seasons of Supernatural, assuming Padalecki is 6'4" which I do not doubt.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.