How tall is Josh Brolin ?

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Josh Brolin height: 5ft 9.5in (177 cm)

American Actor best known for roles in films such as No Country For Old Men, Hollow Man, Men in Black 3, The Goonies, W., Milk, American Gangster, Planet Terror and True Grit.

Josh with Diane Lane
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184 cm guy says on 19/Jun/15
He looks in the 5'9 to 5'10 range.

And bum deal in the genetic lottery? Lmao, he's an oscar-nominated actor that many women find very attractive. The average man wish they looked like him.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 25/May/15
None of the Goonies were tall! I had no idea that I towered over or dwarfed every cast member.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Mar/15
He really got the bum deal in the genetic lottery...I'd really hate having to step out at 40 with a 73 year old father who still towers over me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/Dec/14
His mother was probably below average
Arch Stanton says on 21/Nov/14
Rob can you add a photo and add W., Milk, American Gangster, and True Grit. Funny isn't it. Nick Cassevetes has a 5'7 dad and ends up at 6'6 and Josh has a 6'3" dad and end up at 5'9" range!! It must be weird having a dad that much taller.
Luc says on 14/Nov/14
179 cm for sure!
james says on 30/Oct/14
I knew he wasn't 5'11 .I'm taller than him barefoot at 5'11.5
Bobby Bouchez says on 17/Sep/14
Brolin looks 5'9.
Powerhouse says on 2/Sep/14
@ed...Josh Brolin is that you? haha.
bodwaya says on 20/Aug/14
he must get his height from his mom
Ian C. says on 3/Jul/14
There is a brief scene in Johan hex where Brolin deputizes a man who is so short that he might qualify for dwarfism. What interests me is that, in that scene, Brolin seems to be six foot three, which would be about the height of the character he was playing. You would think that short supporting actors would be at a premium in the movies, because they can be used to make leading actors who are short seem tall.
ed says on 28/Jun/14
I had to leave a comment...powerhouse funny...he doesnt seem like 5'9.5...
I do you guys judge??
Well I know him very well. And beleive me its perfectly accurate. I am 5'8.5 still he is taller than me... and by a strong inch maybe more...
Knowitall says on 2/Apr/14
I doubt he's over five-eight.
cole says on 27/Feb/14
Nice downgrade, he's no taller than 5'9.5. Can look an even 5'9 at times, so 5'9 - 5'9.5 I'd say is the zone you could argue.
Sam says on 6/Feb/14
In the preview for what ever his new movie is with Kate Winslet, he seems towering, with a big baseball cap on his head in some clips. He's a guy who the camera can make seem bigger.
MD says on 5/Feb/14
We know what a "noggin" is, lol; we use that word over here, too.
greg says on 3/Feb/14
Harry: "Maybe 5'6" with an enormous noggin."
For our American friends, "noggin" refers to his head :)
NJP says on 27/Jan/14
His legs are short and his body is long so he appears shorter than he is in full body shots. 5'9" flat seems about right.
Ted says on 13/Jan/14
Would've said 5'9" for him. Brolin tries to claim 5'10 1/2" elsewhere, just don't see it.

Terrific actor. Was in contention to be the next Batman, am very sad that Affleck got it instead of him.
Alex (London) says on 8/Dec/13
His father, the actor James Brolin, was over six feet. I wonder why Josh did not inherit his father's genetics?

Josh is a decently built man of average height
MD says on 1/Dec/13
Will Smith is not a 6'2". But even if that were the case, you only saw a two-inch difference between the two?

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Really? I even picked out some of the worst pictures from the sets to show even when Will was not standing at his full height, and even with Josh given a footwear advantage (and lord only knows what he had inside those shoes), that Will looked a lot more than just two inches taller.
Ron says on 27/Nov/13
He looked 6' next to 6'2" will smith in men in black 3
Powerhouse says on 23/Nov/13
Josh brolin is NOT 5'9.5! do you guys really think Josh would edge out someone like Tom Hardy? he's lucky if he is 5'8.25.
gerald says on 3/Nov/13
he only gives me a 5'8 impression on the new TMZ fight video
Arch Stanton says on 18/Oct/13
This looks a better guess than 5'10" IMO. Look this in No Country for Old Men. upper body of a 6'2" guy and legs of a 5'6" guy really strange seeing him walk.
cole says on 24/Sep/13
5'9 range is a better shout. I can't imagine Josh measuring 5'10 range at all. Rob you should at least put him down to 5'9.5.

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I think Will Smith would be closer to 185, maybe 186 cm, than 187 cm to be honest, and Josh is closer to the camera in this shot, footwear seem similar. So he would maybe reach between Will's eyebrows and eyeline.

What do you say Rob? I think he should be downgraded.
ryannatthew says on 28/Jul/13
Reply for Silent D

In MIB 3 you can see in a lot of the scenes where Josh is standing really close to Will Smith & the height difference would be greatly noticed they don't have him move at all.. Will Smith will be walking back and fourth and he is like a rock standing there delivering his lines.. He was either on a box or really high lifts.. Also in other scenes you can see his shoes had huge thick heels, he was definitely wearing tall men heel shoes or lifts or combo of both.. I think he's around the 5'7'' range.. If him and Smith would truly stand side by side from each other barefoot Smith would be a whole head+ taller..
Sam says on 16/Jul/13
Actually, Brolin can look a solid inch (maybe 1.5 in) taller than Sean Penn.
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cole says on 15/Jul/13
He's allways wearing some sort of footwear-help. For god's sake he even had to stand on a stone plate to be around Gosling's height, and his footwear on Gangster Squad also looked fishy. Not buying over 5'9 for Brolin. He also looks about the same height as Sean Penn..

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Ctphilly says on 15/Jun/13
He does have freakishly short limbs and a huge head. Very weird looking.
MaskDeMasque says on 12/Jun/13
Watched Gangster Squad the other night, pretty good film. Anyway, Josh looked a strong 5'9(176-177cm) i thought. His hands are massive.
Vicman says on 29/Apr/13
I think he is 1.77m and that he is the Christian Bale of the 70's.
T-Squared says on 23/Mar/13
At 5'9 and a half I feel somewhat short every now and then, but I would never care if I had big forearms and hands like Josh Brolin. I actually have pretty short arms like him, but I have longer legs than Brolin judging by the pics here. It feels weird at 26 having smaller hands/forearms than almost every adult woman I've met.
poquita32 says on 23/Mar/13
My friend saw him in person at a farmers market she works at and said he was around 5'7" and was shocked because in most of his movies he looks much taller.
leonari says on 21/Feb/13
Carter: Why don't you understand that movies are the worst to judge height. Is that really so hard to comprehend?? But I give you one thing: Yes he has short limbs. But those are not a surefire way to tell height!!! Proportions are proportions. Height is height. And I firmly stay behind my quote: Brolin at 5'8" is BS. End of story.
The Horse of FUNK says on 21/Feb/13
His head is gargantuan.
little sue says on 21/Feb/13
Can't see him much under 5ft 10, he only looks about an inch shorter than Fasbender in the publicity shots for Jonah Hex.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 20/Feb/13
I agree with Carter and MR HEIGHT, Brolin is 5'8" range.
carter says on 7/Feb/13
Why is what I said BS? Have you seen the movie? And where do you get off being so rude to someone you've never even met? Rob, please take down this guy's uncalled-for comment.
[Editor Rob: I've never seen the movie so can't say how his proportions look.]
leonari says on 6/Feb/13
Carter: Wow. What a pile of BS. You must be proud of yourself...
Carter says on 5/Feb/13
In Gangster Squad, check out the final scene where he's on the beach...with no shoes. His limbs, including his legs, look extremely short. It's visually shocking, since it's very unusual these days to see a leading man with those short proportions. (As a 5'7.5 guy, I will say that it was refreshing, as well as unusual.) I defy anyone to watch that scene and say he's more than 5'8. My guess is even shorter...probably 5'7. Rob, have you seen that scene? I also noticed that, in a bar scene, Robert Patrick is leaning way down on the bar, losing several inches of height, and Brolin is about his height there, standing straight. Also doesn't fit with him being 5 '10. But that beach scene is the clincher. I'm surprised they allowed it in the movie. Handsome talented guy...but short too, I think.
MR.HEIGHT says on 30/Jan/13
Most def not 5-10... Strong 5-8 ... Another sly illusion
Silent d says on 18/Jan/13
5 foot 10. Quite tall next to gosling and sean penn in ganster squad. Diane lane is really happy. Size 12.
Arch Stanton says on 9/Jan/13
"I've always thought of my arms as short (76" armspan, 76" height)"

Yeah Cranberries, real short arms....
Arch Stanton says on 9/Jan/13
Yeah I know what you mean Hew, his face and torso look 6'2" but his legs belong to a 5'5" fella!!
Hew says on 5/Jan/13
He looks like he was heading for 6'2, then his legs just stopped growing. Can't see him over 5'9 really. Might even be 5'8.
Ted says on 16/Dec/12
MaskDeMasque says on 20/Oct/12
[...]His arms and legs look something of a 5'6-5'7 guy.

Not all 5'6-5'7 guys have Brolin's proportions... You can have two guys of same height with completely different proportions, and that works whatever the height.
MaskDeMasque says on 20/Oct/12
Very hard to judge because of his proportions. 5'9-5'10 range, i cant be more precise than that. His arms and legs look something of a 5'6-5'7 guy.
Paddington says on 11/Sep/12
Looked a solid 5'10" minimum next to Will Smith in MIB3.
Silent d says on 28/Jan/12
5 foot 10 even though he looks 5 foot 9. He does have weird proportions but he pulls it off. He was tall in american gangster next to Russell crowe and denzel washington. Size 12 shoes? Diane lane is happy. He is awesome.
Harry says on 27/Jan/12
If one knows art, height can be judged by arm length. He has short arms. The directors go to great length to keep his height obscured. I'd say, 5'7"-5'8" max. Maybe 5'6" with an enormous noggin.
Harry says on 27/Jan/12
If one knows art, height can be judged by arm length. He has short arms. The directors go to great length to keep his height obscured. I'd say, 5'7"-5'8" max. Maybe 5'6" with an enormous noggin.

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