How tall is Kate Moss ?

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Kate Moss height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)

English supermodel. In a 1999 interview magazine article said: "In the beginning, my agent said to me, 'If you were two inches higher, you'd have two more zeroes at the end of your bank account.' I was five foot six and if I was five foot eight and had, say, a 4B cup, then I would have been fine.". At her agency her vital stats are given as: Height 5ft 7.5, Bust/Bra Size: 34 inches, Waist Size: 23 inches, Hips: 35in, Dress Size 4 and shoe size 7.

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M said on 11/Aug/15
Fray I am 5'6.5" (1.69m and in the morning 1.70m)..Maybe I didn't scaneed properly her when I met her. I am glad she succeedded into Fashion World despite her height.
M said on 10/Aug/15
@Fray ok. I am very glad that she succeedded in thah industry despite oh her height..Go Kate go!
fray said on 6/Aug/15
Don't know if earlier response went through.
@M - She is 5'". Self visualization is not always correct. any times did you get back to back with someone to prove height and were surprised at discovery (usually as kids)? In castings, I've had so many girls shocked to find out their actual heights are much shorter (rarely taller) than what they thought they were.
Kate's height was never a secret. Every magazine editor and casting agent wanted to and did measure her- more than any other model because she was such an anomaly at the time. If it wasn't for her (and Calvin Klein), Jamie Rishar, Jenny Shimizu, Josie Maran, Laeticia Casta, and Angelina Jolie (All models under 5'8") would not have had such an "in".
M said on 6/Aug/15
If Kate was 5'6", than I am 5'9" and can model too anytime and anywhere :)
mariam1 said on 5/Aug/15
compared to Cara Delevingne they're almost same height. I've seen some of their pictures at Printemps christmas party in Paris, they were on same sized heels (around 2.5-3 inches) and Cara looked just 1.5 inch taller than her. Also go and check their pictures from Burberry prosum SS15 show Kate was standing 2 inches and Cara's footwear was around 1.5 inch ,so Kate looks inch - inch & half taller than Delevingne in those pics. Kate is no less than 5'6". Kate is somwhere between 5'6" - 5'7" .
M said on 30/Jul/15
@Fray no she is not 5'7" , because I am that height and saw her and she was 2" shorter then me.
Emily said on 30/Jul/15
kate as same height as rita ora 5.6.
Fray said on 28/Jul/15
She is a strong 5'7". Why do people feel the need to downgrade people just because they themselves are short?
@Tania - in castings, we prefer runway at 5'9" and above (some designers don't even want 5'9" and start at 5'10" - unless you're celeb spawn). Heidi Klum used to get rejected for runway all the time, as did Cara D.
Kate was an exception to everything..because she's Kate, and was just amazing in print and just blew everyone away. Cindy Crawford said that when she first saw Kate walk, [paraphrase] "it was all over for all of us."
Shell said on 21/Mar/15
Kate Moss started modeling around age 15, so in the beginning of her career, she likely was not her adult height. Notice she was "I WAS 5'6". It's likely she grew a bit more and hit the 5'7 height she is most often noted as being. I notice that small framed women get downgraded here, likely because they dont have a tall look.
Mini said on 4/Mar/15
I think she's around 5'5".
Tania said on 10/Feb/15
@Tunman - you're right about the female ranges, though again, the ideals vary wildly depending on what kind of modelling a girl wants to do. (Source: My 186 cm friend who models sometimes and is considering taking it up after college)

High fashion/runway/catalog - The choosiest of all. Ideally atleast 5'8", but not above 6'0"

Swimsuit/lingerie - Also atleast 5'8", but they're a little less stringent and will accept shorter women if they have the right figure. 5'5-6" with a great curvy body is as welcome as 5'8". A very pretty face can also take you a long way.

Commercial/promotional/fitness: Again, not very strict, but atleast 5'6". Fitness models must have a great body regardless of height (but that's obvious) :P

Glamour/Nude: All heights/weights/shapes/sizes accepted.

Kate Moss just happens to be a 5'10" supermodel trapped in a body a few inches shorter because she has "the look". It's how she shot to the top - but she is an exception to the tall standard.
Tunman said on 8/Feb/15
@Arch and SAK
for women models I think between 172 and 182 would be the most desired heights.
For men I think it's between 180 and 190.
That said I wonder why height is that important for models especially if you think that there are much more girls around 160-65 and men around 173-78.
I don't know...I feel that it makes tallness like a superior aspect and shortness an inferior one,when so many charcteristics are much important (beauty in the occurence).
Of course everyone including myself would like to be tall,but height won't make a person more important or more acceptable in my opinion,just about looks (again)
M said on 6/Feb/15
I saw her on the street in London and was really suprised, becuase I thought she was taller..I am 5'6" and she was 2 inches shorter than me.
Victoria said on 17/Nov/14
Hope more models with the same height or under be legends like her in the future
LANative said on 13/Nov/14
Cara is listed here as being 5'7" and Kate 5'6". The pic in this article shows them standing next to each other, Kate in 4" heels and Cara in trainers. Same height. That makes the spread more than an inch.
littlesue said on 28/Oct/14
No way Kate as low as 5ft 1 to 2. She would'nt be allowed on the cat walk. Can't see her under 5ft 5.
Cathy said on 27/Oct/14
Cara is listed at 5'10. But she stood near Selena Gomez who is 5'4 and they were the same height.Then Kate needed high heels to equal Cara's 5'4 height. So Kate must be around 5'1-5'2!You can tell they are short because they have short legs.They have the supermodel faces but they don't have the supermodel bodies or any leg length to be those fake heights.
littlesue said on 16/Sep/14
Saw that pic Suede, they are exactly the same height as you say, Carla in thick soled trainers and Kate in heels about 3 1/2 inches with no platform. Kate can't be much over 5ft5 if Carla is 5ft 7
Suede said on 15/Sep/14
Look at todays photos from Burberry show. Kate is the same height as Cara (5'7). Cara is wearing sneakers and Kate heels.
m said on 13/Aug/14
Click Here In this picture Kate is visibly shorter than Lana Del Rey (who is listed here as 5ft 6in), even though Kate is wearing high heels and Lana is only wearing kitten heels. She looks around the same height as Alexa Chung in flats (who is listed as 5ft 8.5in on here)
oregon said on 3/Jun/14
Click Here she is about 5.4 (if considered without heels) here, standing next to 5.7-5.8 noel gallagher
Lara said on 16/Mar/14
Look at pics of her next to Rita Ora who I think is listed at 5'5 on this site. If Rita is 5'5, then Kate definitely looks to be more 5'4.
lee said on 18/Feb/14
apparently marc jabobs is 5 foot 9 and she looks an inch taller than him in his shoes which probably add an inch to his height so she must be at least 5 foot 11 in the photo. her heels look pretty high but she must be at least 5ft 6 to 5ft 7
Kamryn said on 1/Feb/14
I just think it's really cool when model's are less than 5'9! I hate how the agents lie and up their heights though. What is their thinking behind that anyway? Obviously the companies will find out their real height when they're shooting them...
Emma said on 22/Aug/13
Cara is 5'6" maximum. As an obsessive fashion enthusiast, my estimation for her against other models is around that height - she's four inches or so shorter than most of them, and they're mostly ~5'10". However, 6'+ is becoming much more common - Frida Gustavsson is 6'2", Karlie Kloss is 6'3" (her agencies have started inching her listed height up, she used to be marked as 5'11" and now they call her 6'1", which is a height she can afford to have on her compcards because of her success). Most models have their heights fiddled with to put them at around the same size as each other, which helps with uniformity of casting. Put Cara up by four inches, put Karlie down by four and there you have it - a fairly even runway lineup.
someone said on 28/Apr/13
That's why I said ALMOST too tall.
From what I know, a model in the 173-176 range is considered short, 177-179 is "just right" and 180-183 is tall.

Cara Delevingne's real height is 5'8 and she is doing pretty well at the moment. Some VS models are under 5'9 as well. It's a lot harder for 5'8-5'9 girls to make a career in modeling than it is for the 5'10-5'11 ones, but it DOES happen...

She has a great bone structure and a well-defined jawline. She is also very photogenic. There is definitely something about her.
Jonathan said on 9/Apr/13
She's 54. Look this: Click Here
thc-182 said on 8/Mar/13
i don't understand how she became a model with her height...and her face.
But i know a guy who is a model for H&M, he has participated at koh lanta(in French).On his website, he claims 6'.5" lol, i met him at the swimming, and he was more 5'10"...
Elijah said on 7/Feb/13
@SAK: It's 182 actually, not 183. When you get to 181 it's a "sorry, bye bye" and when you get to 182 it's "welcome aboard".

5'11/181 would be exception.

@little sue: I heard that as well... was pretty dumb for them to think that she would grow 2 whole inches at that height though. A lot of girls are done at that age, and even those still growing, most wouldn't get another 2 inches.
BerniceNg said on 25/Jan/13
She's awesome anyway. An ICON. :)
SAK said on 20/Jan/13
@Arch Stanton, 183-189cm is the ideal range for male models. 5f11 is acceptable for photographic modeling/catalog. And 6f3 is better suited for runway.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jan/13
5'11 for a guy and 5'8" for a woman I think are the minimum requirements, most prefer at least 5'9 and 6' I think.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jan/13
Yes that's true SAK for the women, but male model ideal is actually 180-188cm to my knowledge. 6 ft 3 is a little high for the main employers I think, and you'll get guys like David Gandy and Gabriel Aubry who are near 6'3" listed at 6'2". Gandy claimed 6'3" on Jonathan Ross and looks 189-90cm range, Aubry I thought looked 190cm range next to Bruce Willis, although somebody said he didn't even look 6'2" next to Welling which surprised me.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jan/13
She looks the same height as Pamela Anderson actually in thinking about it. 5'6", possibly slightly under. At times she can seem taller but that's waif build and heels for you...
SAK said on 11/Jan/13
@little sue, good point.
little sue said on 7/Jan/13
Remember Kate was only about 14 when she was 'found' the Modelling agency who signed her up probably thought she may grow a bit more but never did.
SAK said on 6/Jan/13
someone says on 30/Dec/12
sorry to break this to you erika, but 180 cm is almost too tall for a model...ideal height is 178 cm...(im guessing you are 180 cm)
I wouldn't say 180cm is too for a female model. But it is the upper end of the requirement. Many runway models are 180cm. Most female models are between 173cm-182cm. 177-178cm being ideal.
Male models are between 183-191cm. 186-187cm being best.

Kate Moss is 5f6. Don't know how she got a break. There requirements a quite specific.
someone said on 30/Dec/12
sorry to break this to you erika, but 180 cm is almost too tall for a model...ideal height is 178 cm...(im guessing you are 180 cm)
Shaun said on 28/Oct/12
Sasha says on 31/Jan/12
Rob, explain this to me, please. Why did you cite Kate's claim about 5'6 and then give her 0.25" less? A quarter of inch is not critical, but, as I noticed, you do in such way rather often. :) Do you think, that people like Kate Moss round their heights up?
[Editor Rob: I think most celebrities will say a round figure than come out with 5ft 5.5 or 5ft 5.75 etc.

in reality there are nearly as many people who would measure 5ft 5.5 as 5ft 6, but most who fall between 5ft 5.5-6 would naturally just round up.]

But if anything Rob she looks 5'6.5" more than 5'5.5...
lulo said on 11/Oct/12
Here she is with 5'6.5'' Matt Lucas (as listed on this site) she does look 5'6'', dare I say even a little bit less

Click Here
Erika said on 30/Sep/12
She is not so tall, I though models should heve at least 180 centimetres.....Maybe in Britain it is enough
little sue said on 4/Aug/12
But 6 inch heels would'nt give anyone 6 inches, maybe only about 4
Emmanuelle said on 3/Aug/12
I've met Kate. I'm 5'11.5" myself, and she was in six-inch heels, making her exactly the same height as me. She's 5'5.5".
Sasha said on 5/Feb/12
Rob, this all understandable. But why can't Kate be 5'6.25" as well? Would she round her height down in this case???
(I ask this not only because of my curiosity. :) I saw her listed 170-172cm on different sites. So I thought, that 5'6" is absolute minimum for her.)
[Editor Rob: if I thought she was 5ft 6-6.5 range I might have listed her that mark.]
Sasha said on 31/Jan/12
Rob, explain this to me, please. Why did you cite Kate's claim about 5'6 and then give her 0.25" less? A quarter of inch is not critical, but, as I noticed, you do in such way rather often. :) Do you think, that people like Kate Moss round their heights up?
[Editor Rob: I think most celebrities will say a round figure than come out with 5ft 5.5 or 5ft 5.75 etc.

in reality there are nearly as many people who would measure 5ft 5.5 as 5ft 6, but most who fall between 5ft 5.5-6 would naturally just round up.]

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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