How tall is Mark Wahlberg ?

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Mark Wahlberg's Height is 5ft 8in (173 cm)

American Actor, Singer best known for roles in films such as Ted, The Italian Job, Boogie Nights and Three Kings. He stated his height in Newsweek, Mar 1995: "But I had to face reality: I'm only 5 feet 10"", although his brother Donnie also claims "5ft 10", and Mark looks a couple of inches smaller. He also mentioned once that "I'm told that I look taller on screen. One girlfriend said: "You look about 6ft 2in on screen." People look at me and say: "My God, what happened?" I can look pretty ordinary away from films. The camera does things to all of us."

How tall is Mark Wahlberg
Mark with Nicola Peltz
Photo by PR Photos
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Comment on the Height of Mark Wahlberg

Aaron zamora said on 5/Feb/16
Rob, is 5'7.5-5'7.75 possible?
Editor Rob: a fraction under over a listing is always possible...I'm not sure whalberg has looked 5ft 7.5 more often than near 5ft 8 though.
CD said on 6/Jan/16
I honestly saw 6-7 inches difference between him and Will Ferrell in Daddy's Home. Marky was about 2 inches below his eyelevel for sure.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 3/Jan/16
He appeared to be over 5'8" by Will Ferrell in Daddy's Home.
the shredder said on 22/Dec/15
What are you guys talking about? He looks max 3 inches under him. Still would make him seem at least around 5 ft 8 without the boot.
Powerhouse said on 20/Dec/15
@KentD6125 Yes that's the appearance i was talking about, a full 5'8 for Wahlberg seems unlikely, Its hard to tell with his shoes It looks like he could have put a small insert in those boots which already have a decent heel. Looks around 4 inches difference to me between Fallon and Wahlberg. I'll stick with my 5'7-5'7.5 estimate. I've seen more evidence of him looking 5'7 range than a full 5'8. I bet real 5'8ers like Jeremy Renner, Zac Efron, and Joaquin Phoenix would edge him. Wahlberg is close to guys like Tom Cruise, Mark Ruffalo, Joe Rogan etc.
RisingForce said on 20/Dec/15
Mark can look a solid 5'8" compared to people with known heights, but he always looks short, even on screen, so that sounds more like 171-172 cm. Plus, 5'11" Alec Baldwin had a good 4 inches on him in The Departed. I suspect Alec may wear lifts, but Mark was barely taller than 5'6" Martin Sheen in that same movie. I believe he was slightly shorter than Joaquin Phoenix too. Although it could be his build and I don't think he wears lifts outside of movies, which makes it all the more puzzling he's stuck with claiming 5'10" for 20 years!
KentD6125 said on 19/Dec/15
Click Here
Check out this picture between Jimmy Fallon and Mark Wahlberg, yes there is a height difference but zoom in on Mark's shoes, looks like he may be wearing lifts.
Powerhouse said on 17/Dec/15
Anybody see him on Jimmy Fallon? They were doing some game, and were side by side. There was a big difference in height. If Jimmy Fallon is 5'11.5, i'd say its safe to say Wahlberg is under 5'8.
MaskDeMasque said on 3/Dec/15
I reckon he'd just edge out Cruise. Looks 5'8 in both Ted Films.
Max said on 30/Nov/15
I was on a flight to Hawaii a few years back. As I was get up to exit I saw him behind me. We were both wearing flat sandals. He is 5'7" tops. My girlfriend who is 5'11" had a good 4" on him. She had sandals on too, no footwear advantage for anyone. She goes to me, that guy looks like Mark Wahlberg but shorter. He heard her and just smiled and said he looks bigger on screen, movie magic. I'm 6' 5 & 1/2 " evening measured, He jokingly asks me if I can sell him some height as I have more than enough. Nice guy.
B.T. Stomp said on 29/Nov/15
I worked background on the set of Ted 2. It was the Comic Con: NYC scene. I was one of the XBox vendors. I stood relatively close to Mark several times. The closest time being around 8 feet away. I stand around 6'1" in socks. On this day I was wearing sneakers with around a 1-1/2" heel. He looked to be wearing the same type of sneakers and seemed to stand around 5'9". His sneakers could have had a bigger heel and his hair did seem a bit raised. So he could be around 5'8" but was wearing big shoes and sporting tall hair. He was really nice and very professional. He was on set about much as his stand-in. So not at all lazy compared to some actors Ive seen. He seemed rather fascinated with a very tall guy on set whom was dressed as Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. I heard Mark ask the guy how tall he was and this fella, whom likely gets this question more often than not, responded graciously. The tall guy seemed to be at least 7' as the top of my head reached his shoulders. When we were signing out he was standing right behind me. I was curious myself so I made the obvious inquiry. He simply replied "about 7 foot". To which I added "seems at least that, if not more". To which he just sort of shrugged. To sum up, I would estimate Mark Wahlberg to stand around 5' 8-1/2".
the shredder said on 28/Oct/15
Yes 5 ft 10 is insane for him , with that said he can look about 5'8.5 to me at times.
Ian C said on 27/Oct/15
I love that "only" that actors insert before the height they are dishonestly claiming. See? the guy will seem to be saying, I'm being honest here in admitting that I'm not that tall, even as he is lying about his height.
the shredder said on 21/Oct/15
Rob , if you had to bet on 5'7 flat or 5'8.5 , which would you say? I saw a 90's pic of him with C. Thomas and he looked no less than you do.
[Editor Rob: I think he would measure nearer 5ft 8.5 than 7, so I'd say over 7.75 mark I'd place my bet, I wouldn't take an under 7.75 bet.]
the shredder said on 19/Oct/15
He does has a built that makes him appear shorter than he is , He honestly does look more 5'8 than 7 though.
Powerhouse said on 16/Oct/15
Mark Wahlberg gives a 5'7 impression, his arms are so stubby they look like they belong on a 5'4 guy. But I believe he'd measure 5'7.5 range, definitely not a full 5'8. Look at him in Four Brothers, The Fighter, The Gambler, and Pain And Gain. He just looks clearly short.
the shredder said on 15/Oct/15
5'10 is a joke , but he can look as big as 5'9.
the shredder said on 9/Oct/15
Rob , what would you guess his weight in TEd?
[Editor Rob: he might have been near to 200]
John said on 25/Sep/15
Hate when guys like this say they are 5'10" because then people think it is a short height since he's only like 5'7" or 5'8" in actuality. And if he adds "only" with 5'10", he must be a frikin midget.
The Dutch Guy said on 29/Aug/15
One girlfriend said: "You look about 6ft 2in on screen."

That one was definitely high on drugs.
Prince said on 23/Aug/15
He's only 5'10" if he's wearing elevator stilts.
an anonymous peach said on 13/Aug/15
Rob, do you agree that Marky Mark could measure a fraction or more shy of the 5ft 8 mark like Downey Jr?
[Editor Rob: anybody has a potential to be a little above/below a mark.]
Kdiidkea said on 23/Jul/15
i was with Mark in an elevator and im 5'10". He was definitely no taller than 5'7"
hijopotamus said on 19/Jul/15
"I'm ONLY 5'10""
At least Mark has a sense of humour...
hijopotamus said on 17/Jul/15
He is probably 5'10" when wearing tricky shoes.
Matthew said on 15/Jul/15
Hmm Click Here there's a sizable difference there.
MaryAnne said on 10/Jul/15
he is little but attractive mwah:*
fred said on 8/Jul/15
lol this little man was about 2 inches shorter than his wife who is 5-9 when they were at the beach.....I say he's 5-7
MD said on 24/Jun/15
There seems to be a significant drop-off of the "only x foot 7" claim, however, once you get to 6'0". I think folks stop it at 6'0" because then people actually start to check on the claim. lol
Matthew said on 21/Jun/15
not quite 6 ft says on 9/Apr/15
'Only 5 feet 10' is a bit of a joke coming from him. I swear the 'only x foot y' phrase is used by everyone who lies about their height.


Johnny Depp is another one that uses that line, he says he's "only" 5'11". I think Adam Sandler claimed the same thing. It's as if the actor is trying to impose the idea that you think they are bigger than that and they're just being brutally honest, so there's no chance you'll think they're fudging.
an anonymous peach said on 7/Jun/15
Whoops, spelled my username wrong in my previous post
an aninymous peach said on 5/Jun/15
Mark Wahlberg consistently looks 171cm range with Matt Damon and Dicaprio. He is also about 1 inch shorter than 5ft 8.5 Jack Nicholson. I think it's time for a downgrade Rob. His 5ft 10 claim is hilarious.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jun/15
I have seen 5ft7½ listings for Wahlberg in the past.

Rob, maybe 5ft7Ύ(172cm) like Cruise?
PampaVal said on 3/Jun/15
Here he looks much taller than Mayweather, who is listed at 172 cm: Click Here

MW height it's hard to guess from pics with other people as it seems to vary often, maybe he wears elevator shoes?
the shredder said on 2/Jun/15
There is a pic from the 90's ( pre Lifts area ) of him next to C.Thomas Howell who me and Rob met and both agree on 5 ft 10 and he was no shorter than Rob looks next to him , Mark is nothing but in 5 ft 8 range.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 26/May/15
He's no more than three inches shorter than Leonardo Dicaprio who is 5'11.5"-5'11.75":

Click Here (Wahlberg's head is even tilted down).
jj said on 15/May/15
I think he's more 5-7 1/2
Buckster said on 30/Apr/15
Worked on a film with Wahlberg . No way he is 5'10" more like 5'6"
rocky said on 27/Apr/15
flameboy, thats a really bad comparison. the ground is uneven rofl
sidee said on 20/Apr/15
So what if he is short he is better looking and has way better aesthetics than us guys criticizing him on it
mande2013 said on 18/Apr/15
Mark Wahlberg is just edged out by legit 5'8 Joaquin Phoenix whom he's appeared on screen with a few times. I feel 5'7.25 is a possibility for Marky Mark.
not quite 6 ft said on 9/Apr/15
'Only 5 feet 10' is a bit of a joke coming from him. I swear the 'only x foot y' phrase is used by everyone who lies about their height.
Alex said on 31/Mar/15
More like 5'7-5'7.5
Gaza2121 said on 30/Mar/15
I don't think he looks as tall as 5'8" to be honest.
b-mint1994 said on 28/Mar/15
5'7-5'8" range. No more, no less. This guy makes honest 5'10" guys look bad.
Tunman said on 25/Mar/15
@Mat 5'10
absolutely.His former girlfriend would have needed a pair of glasses.
In some scenes,it's possible that he appears 5'10 with camera angles but 6'2 is a joke.Anyways 5'8 is fair possibly a little fraction less.
Mat 5'10 said on 23/Mar/15
His former girlfriend might have been brain damaged to even think he could look anything above 6 feet. And ''only 5'10''? Seriously dude? ''Only''? He's just making a fool out of himself
Mat 5'10 said on 23/Mar/15
His former girlfriend might have been brain damaged to even think he could look anything above 6 feet. And ''only 5'10''? Seriously dude? ''Only''? He's just making a fool out of himself
Dmeyer said on 22/Mar/15
200 pounds is about 91 kg that is huge for a Guy 172-173cm he wasnt over that in pain and gain or Max 205
Lorne??? said on 21/Mar/15
I'm sure Marky Mark would edge out Tom Cruise. Marks 172-173, Cruise is 171-172.
bigman77 said on 27/Feb/15
5ft7 is precise
Jeff said on 24/Feb/15
Rob, do you think that his eye level is particularly low and could make him look a little shorter than he really is?
[Editor Rob: might be a bit lower than average, but some hair volume at times might make it seem more.]
Rixton said on 21/Feb/15
Walhberg at 137 is hard to picture. Hes looked thinner in some movies like boogie nights but not sure he was as low as 137.

He usually looks 170 imo, thats what hes listed at.
sandon said on 19/Feb/15
LOL Only 5'10!
this little guy is lucky to get listed as 5'8
the shredder said on 14/Feb/15
He looks closer to 5'8 than 5'7 , He recently lost 60 lbs , going down to 137 he claims
Jeff said on 9/Feb/15
Rob, do you think he'd edge out Cruise if they were standing side by side?
[Editor Rob: barefoot they might measure very close, but I think it is possible he could edge him a little.]
Jon said on 2/Feb/15
What would you say his weight and head size is Rob? He looks as stocky and big headed as I am.
[Editor Rob: maybe 9.5 inch head, but his hair I think can help it look a bit bigger, his weight could be near 195-200 pounds at times, maybe for Pain&Gain more than that.]
5'11" barefoot said on 25/Jan/15
with those shorts arms and legs, never 5'10"
Z said on 22/Jan/15
I've seen him in person and when he says, "I look pretty ordinary in person," he's right. He just looked like an average guy and not nearly as large/tall as I had expected. I'm pretty short and I couldn't tell you how tall he is, but he really just looks like your average guy IRL, maybe 5'8"?
Bishop said on 17/Jan/15
I still think he's no more than 172 cm. Don't know what kind of nerve gives him the need to claim 5'10".
TJE said on 16/Jan/15
Looks 6'2 on screen? Lol he always looks 5'8 no matter what.
Rey said on 15/Jan/15
Five foot seven in flat feet.
Realist said on 15/Jan/15
Hey Rob long time no see, i just saw some of the pics with Jonah Hill as some people here suggested. He looks barely 5'7 with him. It may have been the angle or footwear difference but i can say one thing for sure your 5'8 listing for him and 5'7.75 for Cruise is over listed they should both be downgraded by 1/2 an inch.
Cruise Should be at flat 171.
This guy could be 171.5 or 171.
Matt Damon should come down to 176
DiCaprio is fine at 182 but i still think he had some growth in mid-late 90s after basketball diaries.
Bale 181
The Rock is fine.
Pitt 180 is fine.
Clooney 177-78
Jonah Hill 168 5'6.25 is good.
Dave Franco at 165.
James at 179 is fine.
Channing Tatum at 183.
Timberlake at 183 but even 182 us fine.
Gosling 184.
Cooper 184.
Ben Stiller 167-68,same as Jonah Hill. 3 cm b/w him and Cruise.
This guy is definitely less than you and Jenny by atleast 1.5 cms.
FlameBoy said on 11/Jan/15
Click Here

Look at him and his wife who is 5 ft 9 (models are not always truthful) and i know you can say its not the best picture as its a moving shot but with both of them barefoot i still think its clear there is more than just 1 inch between them.
Jerjer said on 5/Jan/15
My a solid 5ft 8 barefoot so he is definitely a 5ft 8.25 to 5ft 8.5 tops
Jerjer said on 5/Jan/15
My a solid 5ft 8 barefoot so he is definitely a 5ft 8.25 to 5ft 8.5 tops
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Dec/14
He has a lot of nerve claiming 5ft10 in the same way The Rock does claiming 6ft5!
BOXOFFICEFLOP said on 23/Dec/14
dude is 5'7. tops
Silent_D said on 15/Dec/14
I saw a photo with mark and jackie chan. He looks a little taller but he is a notorious lift wearer. I know jackie is close to 5 foot 8 now. I think mark is about 5 foot 8.
mike67 said on 11/Dec/14
Just proves a guy 5ft 7 or so can portray a rugged character as mark did in so many films. He is the Steve McQueen of this era. The dude can play comedy,a good family guy.
charlie said on 12/Oct/07
Thanks Leonari, nice to be believed:) Photos can be so hard to analyze with footwear and posture to consider, that's why I threw that in there, seemed to be few people who had met him. Shy guy, but very well mannered and genuinely nice.
Leung said on 10/Oct/07
Derbi, that photo is so sweet, it shows Marky Mark is all grown up and a family man. Yeah I agree he looks taller than his wife in that pic. But there are dozens of full body length pics on the internet which clearly shows that he is shorter than her.
He is still in the 5’8”-5’8.5” range.
Bombay Rocker said on 9/Oct/07
Is that rhea durham.....i am not sure about that besides too hard to judge from this pic.
Brah said on 9/Oct/07
Wahlberg and 5'7.75" Jeremy Piven:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
derbi said on 9/Oct/07
new pic that I found, consider that his girlfriend is 5'9":
Click Here
leonari said on 7/Oct/07
I believe you Charlie
charlie said on 6/Oct/07
I have met him twice at a golf course where I used to work in Orlando, FL. I am 5'10.5 in barefeet (honest height). Mark was wearing golf shoes which were prob about as big as the shoes I wear for work. He is 5'9 at the very most, 5'8 in barefeet is more likely. Without a doubt the nicest celeb. I have ever met, and I've met a number working at this resort. Was very soft-spoken and humble, completely "normal" kinda guy. Even came in the golf shop and paid for himself!
glenn said on 5/Oct/07
lets not forget 10 years ago joaquin looked 5-10 to me.7 or 8 months ago he looked 5-8.
Tuckfard said on 4/Oct/07
Mark has been slouching pretty badly in recent years, and the Joaquin Pheonix pics don't reveal much since they're film stills. Joaquin is definitely wearing lifts.
Leung said on 4/Oct/07
In regards to Wahlberg, I don’t think he wears lifts because he consistently looks in the 5’8”-5’8.5” range. I have never seen any bizarre 5’10” appearances by Wahlberg.
Leung said on 4/Oct/07
Bombay Rocker, I have noticed the same about Phoenix.
Generally he looks 5’8” which I think is his true height. But the past few years he is regularly looking 5’10” at red carpet events, particularly The Oscars.
I remember one year watching The Oscars on tv and seeing him standing next to Nic Cage only 2” shorter, and I thought WTF!
Then later on he was shaking hands with John Travolta and again only about 2” shorter and I thought WTF again!

In the movies I have seen him in he appears 5’8”, therefore I think he wears normal footwear when filming movies. I think he reserves the lifts for red carpet events because that’s the only time I have seen him look like 5’10”.
Bombay Rocker said on 4/Oct/07
Editor Rob i am sure you know that phoenix wears lifts quite often, that's why in some of the other pics with people who are qround 5 feet 10, he looks their height. I am not entirely sure if he isn't wearing lifts here but barefoot i agree phoenix is 173 - 174 max.
Editor Rob said on 3/Oct/07
Phoenix was looking as tall or taller in some pics with that mark ruffallo recently! Wahlberg/phoenix have done other pics on gettyimages, I'm too lazy to link but they are fairly close. I still think mark has poorer posture, a kind of droopy shoulders, like he had in The Departed.
Valeri said on 3/Oct/07
Id go with 5'7.5 for mark Rob. He looks it with good posture next to Phoenix.If Phoenix is 5'8 that is.

Click Here
Rocky said on 1/Oct/07
I agree with Dave. Mark's torso looks shorter in the second pic.

Also, did he lose a lot of weight between the first and 2nd pic or what? Not only in the body but the jawline seems to have a completely different shape.
dave said on 1/Oct/07
Mark...Glenn is at 5'7.5 in the bottom pic, Whalberg look not even an inch taller.
Mark said on 30/Sep/07
He is leaning slightly to his left. Also compare mouth, eye and shoulder levels. Mark Wahlberg looks closer to 5'9", or about 5'8.5."
Lmeister said on 24/Sep/07
The height difference can be due to foot wear and pavement. There is a lot of pics of me(5'8'') where I look as tall as my 5'11'' friends. In We own the night Mark Wahlberg is the same height as Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Duvall.
derbi said on 22/Sep/07
watch the film the basketball diaries.
wahlberg is in converse all the time, and compared to leo he does never look under 5'9".
Realheight 88 said on 21/Sep/07
I think he is 5'8.5''(174 cm).He is a little taller than glenn in both of pics, so i believe 5'8.5'' suits fine.
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/07
I though he was like 5'10" because I saw a site were that said it, could be like 5'9 3/4"(177cm). But I never though 5'8". But thats the magic of Hollywood.
derbi said on 20/Sep/07
but dave, 2-3 hours after bed glenn is 5'8" too, or maybe 5'7.75" or something like that.
So what you sa is, that wahlberg is 0.25" taller than glenn. And I think the difference is more as you can see on the pics.
dave said on 20/Sep/07
derbi....he may be 5'8.75 or 5'9 fresh out of bed. but 2 or 3 hours (which i consider to be our height) Whalberg is down to 5'8''.
derbi said on 18/Sep/07
dave, so glenn shrinks during the day like all of us. right. But you know celebs like wahlberg are also human beings. So what I want to say that if hes 0.75' taller than glenn at night, that makes him aroung 5'9" at night. plus wahlberg has a big forehead, so a hat makes him look shorter, you have to consider that too.
glenn said on 18/Sep/07
im not changing my mind.just stating the facts.i always said 5-9 was a possibilty.but 5-8 most likely.
Bombay Rocker said on 18/Sep/07
Click Here
Article here compares mark with vince papale, the character he portrayed in invincible and lists vince as 6 feet 2 and mak as 5 feet 8.5. I'll most probably buy that 5 feet 8.5 thingy. Mark is between 5 feet 8 - 5 feet 9, thats for sure.

[Editor Rob: South Jersey Magazine is the source it said.]
dave said on 18/Sep/07
Glenn both of these pics are at night. you're 5'8'' in mornings and like all of us shrink down about a quarter of an inch right? If you're standing 5'7.75 in the bottom pic the most Whalberg could be is 5'8.5. He is wearing a hat as well, you both relaxed posture.
derbi said on 18/Sep/07
glenn, why is that? just changed your mind or what? lol
glenn said on 18/Sep/07
i do remember im being taller than me in the old days,but i was 5-7.but i couldve sworn he was shorter 7 years ago.
derbi said on 17/Sep/07
Glenn, tht wahlberg looks 5'6", 5'7" to you in the departed is just an illusion. It's partly because of the haircuts, camerangles etc. Also because his clothes made him look even bulkier than he already is.
Leonari, you can't say in general that v makes people look taller, because that's no right. You can make people look taller on screen, but especially if you want them to also look taller next to the other actors, you need to work with lifts, angles etc. during the whole film. If they don't give special attention to the actor's heights when shooting the film, short actors will look how they really are next to taller actors, or even shorter.
leonari said on 17/Sep/07
Of course it's possible. But I can only repeat myself: If the man is 5'9" or over he has a very starnge habit of looking short...especially in movies which is kinda absurd if you ask me. Tv makes people appear taller...not smaller.
glenn said on 17/Sep/07
i agree with derbi.judging from my recent pic,its possible he is 5-9.but when he looks 5-6,5-7 in the departed im not sure.5-8 is the safest.
glenn said on 17/Sep/07
i agree with derbi.judging from my recent pic,its possible he is 5-9.but when he looks 5-6,5-7 in the departed im not sure.5-8 is the safest.
derbi said on 17/Sep/07
how can this guy be only 5'8"? I'm totaly convinced that he's a full 5'9".
Look a these pics, his wife is 5'9" and in heels. so about 6'! He has probably 1 inch soles. So if he was only 5'8" there would be a 3 inch difference. I see 2 icnhes a the absolute most.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Brah said on 15/Sep/07
darren, they probably got 5'8.5" from online listings. Wahlberg's height is listed on websites and articles as 5'7", 5'8", or 5'8.5".
Brah said on 15/Sep/07
Here is a fan encounter with a pic. If you scroll down, she states that she is 5'9.5" in shoes and Wahlberg was 5'9" in shoes...sounds right.

Click Here
derbi said on 15/Sep/07
darren, that is not a good source that you're bringing in. I bet they just picked that height up from some hompeage that hade him at 5.8'5" in 2006.
derbi said on 15/Sep/07
here finally s couple of mark wahlbger full body modeling pics. As long as its not on the catwalk its not only about height, also a lot about proportion.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
darren said on 15/Sep/07
Invincible Reel Story vs. Real Story at ChasingtheFrog has him at 5-8 1/2:

Is the real Vince Papale the same height and weight as the actor who played him in the movie?

No. The actor who portrayed Papale in the film, Mark Wahlberg, is actually much smaller. Wahlberg is only 5-foot-8½ and 170 pounds, while the real Papale is 6-foot-2, 185 pounds. Despite their physical differences, Papale says of his big screen counterpart, "He plays me better than I do." And Papale should know, he was involved with the film from script to wardrobe to every last detail.

Click Here
derbi said on 15/Sep/07
ok I can really understand that, and I wouldn't ask you to if I knew how to do it.
Can you or anybody else on this site please tell me how I can upload pictures from my computer to the internet? thanks...

[Editor Rob: Go to, click browse, find the file to upload. Then copy the resulting url it gives - 'direct link for layouts' - and go to Paste that link into the box and click 'make tinyurl' and click the upload button. It tells you on the resulting page how to copy the link and so then you can paste it into a comment here.]
derbi said on 15/Sep/07
rob, did you get my email with the mark wahlberg full body modeling pics?

[Editor Rob: derbi, I honestly don't have time to upload/link images people send. Sorry man.]
glenn said on 15/Sep/07
rachelle and i had been tearing up the streets for a bit.she will tell you im fact she will tell you i can look taller.and she saw,no lifts.your special mean,you know,special.i have a place in my heart for those less fortunate.
Bobbe said on 14/Sep/07
Rob have you ever met Glenn so you can confirm that he is 5:8?

[Editor Rob: I thought you were banned for your stupidity about Wahlberg and your insistance that glenn isn't 5ft 8. I think at least 2 or 3 if you include the girl Rachel had seen glenn in person, none of them thought what you wish...]
Courtney said on 14/Sep/07
Ive seen that the Glenn guy hes with is exactly 5'8 and Mark Wahlberg looks a little taller, like 5'9 maybe 5'9 and a half
Tuckfard said on 13/Sep/07
Full body modeling for a designer like Calvin Klein at 5'8" as a guy is ridiculous. Kate Moss is the shortest female supermodel at 5'6," and even she is about 1-2 inches taller than the average for white girls in the US.

From the pics you posted lugano, Mark's legs (and whole body) look longer than mine, and I'm a bit over 5'9." Furthermore, he is looking 3.5 - 4 inches taller next to Kate. Kate could very well be shorter than 5'6", but I've seen too many photos of Mark looking 5'9" to 5'10" to think otherwise.

Here are some pics with Mark and his girlfriend Rhea Durham who is listed at 5'9." Mark is wearing ~1.5 inch boosting Timbs, and Rhea may be wearing flats (although I'm not a good judge of women's shoes). I still say about 5.9 1/2, but in these pics he is looking 5.8 1/2.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
lugano said on 13/Sep/07
Here are some pictures where you can see his legs :

Click Here
Click Here
leonari said on 13/Sep/07
Ok Derbi: Show me a single pictures of that CK campaign where you see his legs. A video clip of the commercial: Whatever. I don't see any reason why CK shouldn't use him. He had and still has a great body. No matter if he is 5'8" 5'7" or 5'9". I wasn't the one saying he shouldn't model at 5'8": that was Tuckfard our wise guy.
Viper said on 13/Sep/07
Glenn looks taller than Mark in the first picture to me.
derbi said on 12/Sep/07
leonari, his whole body was used. He has very very good proportions, so theres no point for ck not to use him.
And I don't like you saying if he's 5'8", because common, he's clearly taller then glenn so he must be over 5'8". I think 5'9" is a good guess.
leonari said on 12/Sep/07
Tuckfard: You are soo off that it hurts my eyes. One more wise guy who has no clue. How tall is Donnie Whalberg who clearly is 2 inches taller in every pic? 6 feet or above? moron.
And even if he is 5'8" :his upper body was used in the Calvin Klein Ads plus the underwear part. Not his legs. And since his upper body was ripped as hell CK let him model.
leonari said on 12/Sep/07
Tuckfard: You are soo off that it hurts my eyes. One more wise guy who has no clue. How tall is Donnie Whalberg who clearly is 2 inches taller in every pic? 6 feet or above? moron.
And even if he is 5'8" :his upper body was used in the Calvin Klein Ads plus the underwear part. Not his legs. And since his upper body was ripped as hell CK let him model.
glenn said on 12/Sep/07
5-9 tops.5-8 most likely.
Bombay Rocker said on 12/Sep/07
He's not 5 feet 10, atmost i can see him being 176 barefoot ofcourse, but my best guess is 5 feet 9
Tuckfard said on 11/Sep/07
I believe Marky Mark's claim of of 5'10." I've seen dozens of photos with him and others, including the ones with 5'10" Andre Benjamin (Outkast), 5'9" Jason Statham, and 5'9" Jeremy Piven. I've also checked out the pictures with his brother Donnie and the Wahlberg family photo. Judging from the two pics above, Wahlberg is definately taller than Glenn in the first, and is leaning in the second, wearing a cap that conceals his tall forehead. I just can't imagine that Calvin Klein would want a 5'8" guy to model underwear, so I see Wahlberg as 5'9.5" - 5'10."
Brah said on 7/Sep/07
Just saw "The Big Hit". He had a poofy brushed up hair style in the movie that made him look slightly taller, but minus the hair, he looked 5'8" next to 6' Lou Diamond Phillips. He was also about the same height in shoes as 5'5" Christina Applegate who was wearing these 3 to 4 inch heels.
Bombay Rocker said on 1/Sep/07
That will be cool Rach if you can pull it off but i doubt he will pose barefoot just because it sounds weird asking someone to have a pic with but barefoot and he might even get what you are upto but do you have some plan or something for this...just curious.
Rachelle said on 31/Aug/07
Bombay Rocker, I'll do it !!!! Lol, I am awaiting the day for Mark to get back to the NYC.
derbi said on 27/Aug/07
oh yeah i'm sure glenn could do that... lol
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/07
he looks 5'9 in those pictures with glenn ?
glenn said on 27/Aug/07
i wish bombay.
Bombay Rocker said on 27/Aug/07
Glenn, perhaps yo should catch him again and maybe get him barefoot this then can this mystery be
Bombay Rocker said on 26/Aug/07
I actually have to confess something here but i still feel mark is atleast 5 feet 8, i agree he wears lifts. I saw this guy come where i work and he was wearing those same nike air which mark wears very often and they were like kinda high top and i always thought those kinda shoes are low top and that you cant fit lifts in it and besides that except for invincible, most of his movies he is mostly wearing heeled shoes and very rarely in sneakers...but hey i am not certian if he does wear lifts but those kinda shoes, fitiing in lifts seems easy and not very hazardous so ya maybe.
Bombay Rocker said on 23/Aug/07
Agreed he can be 5 feet 8 but there is no way in hell that he is less than what Rob has him at.
glenn said on 22/Aug/07
true dave.and maybe lifts.
dave said on 22/Aug/07
He is maximum 1 inch taller than you Glenn, and who knows there could be camera trickery. Marky's in the 5'8'' range.
radio_man said on 22/Aug/07
i think he's between 5'7 and 5'8
I was watching shotter yesterday and I swear..he looks so hort and Kate mara was her co-star..well taht girl is tiny so he can look tall next to her..
I can bet mark it's 5'7..maybe 5'8 but I doubt that even
Bombay Rocker said on 20/Aug/07
I can say one thing for sure....mark was sure wearing lifts in invincible but there are a few good scenes where mark is wearing sneakers and i am pretty sure there was no room for lifts in those sneakers but i can bet all my money i have that he is no less than 5 feet 8
derbi said on 19/Aug/07
6'3'' JK, how can you think that, if wahlberg looks taller than glenn in both pics?
6'3'' JK said on 19/Aug/07
I think he is a solid 5'8'' just like Glenn
glenn said on 19/Aug/07
very true viper.but i have a 5-9 friend i swear is 5-8.
Viper said on 19/Aug/07
"ain't 5'9" barefoot. I'd bet the farm on that."

And Id bet money that he doesnt quite reach 5-8 too. Maybe hes as high as 5-7 1/2, but no taller. Somebody needs to find that magazine article where he said he was 5-7 1/2. And who knows, that could be a morning height as well.
derbi said on 18/Aug/07
leonari, why should he wear lifts in front of his house, in casula clothes, in sneakers/casuals?
Anyways I think that only height obsessed guys would wear 1 inch lifts (because who cares about the difference of 1 inch?!) and I think wahlberg is deffinitely not one of those guys, because he really isn't in need if that...
NoelSarah, would be great, if you could post that pic. (And would be really really great if you could measure yourself again, just to be sure about your height)
NoelSarah said on 17/Aug/07
I just had a photo taken with him near the set of "The Happening," and I am a solid 5'8". He appears to be an inch or two taller than me, but he might've been wearing tall shoes or something? I should've looked more carefully.
leonari said on 16/Aug/07
Derbi: Rachelle changed her mind on Marks height. Read previous posts. She doesn't think he was 5'9.25" anymore. More like a strong 5'8". What Glenn saw could have easily be 1 inch lifts which you can accomodate in almost any shoe.
derbi said on 16/Aug/07
myspace celebrity, charlize theron, was during the whole italian job film in heels. You have to consider that in your estimations.leonari and bombay I think we aree that he is 5'8" minimum, and probably 5'9.5" tops. Leonari, don't forget that Glenn AND Rachelle both saw him at 5'9.25"!
And about the fear trailler, 1. we don't see their feet and the ground level(pavement) 2. William Peterson's shoulders really do look much higher, but if you look at their heads I don't see a full 2 inches difference. Thats probably because wahlberg has a pretty big forehead and William Peterson doesn't.
myspace celebrity said on 15/Aug/07
i think 5'8 is correct; he was slightly shorter than charlize theron in the italian job
Bombay Rocker said on 15/Aug/07
I said 5 feet 9 which is 175.....check my post it says 5 feet 8.5 - 5 feet 9.25 most likely and then at the end i said "my guess is 175" and by the way thats my opinion have yours and i respect that.
leonari said on 14/Aug/07
Here is the Trailer of "FEAR" 1996. At 0:54 you see William Peterson who is a strong 5'10" be at least 2 inches taller than Mark Wahlberg. Ok we don't see their feet, but look at the shoulder levels and Peterson has his head tilted forward. And remeber this was long before Mr. Wahlberg was an oscar nominated Superstar. I see max a 5'8" guy unlike a whole bunch here who truly think that Wahlberg is near 5'10" like my dear friend Mr. Bombay Rocker believes: 5'9.25 most likely...Thats 2 cm below a full 5'10": what a the link: Click Here
derbi said on 11/Aug/07
i have to agree with bombay rocker, as glenn and rachelle did too.
leonari and viper, I'm sorry but you guys are talking nonsense
glenn said on 11/Aug/07
exactly bryan.and possibly lifts.dmeyer you are right.i thought he gave the illusion of 5-6ish actually in the departed.
Bryan said on 11/Aug/07
He might be a little taller than Glenn, but it's tricky with the hats, the lean, the footwear and the street level.
Bombay Rocker said on 10/Aug/07
Well as much as i respect dmeyer and his sightings and in general his calculations and estimations are pretty accurate but i will definitely disagree on this one.....he is noway under 5 feet 8, next to impossible...5 feet 8, yes possible, 5 feet 8.5 - 5 feet 9.25 most likely, over 5 feet 9.5, highly unlikely but maybe, 5 feet 10.....hello goodmorning......he is 174 - 176 guess is 175.
dmeyer said on 9/Aug/07
can look under 5'7 to 5'7.5 in departed can look easy 5'9 in italian job this guy is 5'7.5 to 5'7.75 barefeet
D. Ray Morton said on 9/Aug/07
He ain't 5'9" barefoot. I'd bet the farm on that.
leonari said on 9/Aug/07
Viper: Thank you! Finally somebody who sees the same thing as I do. But he still is a height enigma if you ask me...sometimes I look at him and I am convinced he is barely 5'8" on a good day...on other ocasions he matches guys who are in the 5'9" area...mhhhh. Only one logic answer: LIFTS. Not al the time but in many movies and premieres he wears at least 1 inch lifts in his shoes and I say more like 1.5 inch Lifts.
Viper said on 8/Aug/07
Wahlberg looks well below average in just about everything.
t said on 7/Aug/07
Why do you guys want to assume people are shorter than they really are? The average height in the US is 5'9-10. Therefore, this is AVERAGE... not an opinion, a fact. Just assume Wahlberg is 5'9 (average) and be done with it.
ShortMarky said on 3/Aug/07
I agree with viper, He looks 5'7 to me and everything i see him in especially SHOOTER he looks the same height has his co star which is 5'7 thats probably why they got him becuase he was shorter and didn't want to make mark look like a little guy, but a 5'7 guy can look big if they have alot of muscle becuase then there upper body looks like an average guys upper body but just with little stubby legs which the camera always cuts off. But in boogie nights he looks really small to but ill give it to him for being in such good shape..but he should stay smaller like in boogie nights becuase now it looks like hes trying to make up for his height with all his muscles or he might just be getting older that too. But a good peice of evidence to show his height is that he his dating a girl that is 5'9 and i saw a picture of them on the beach and she looked 2 inches taller than mark
Yitzhak said on 31/Jul/07
His brother Donnie should be nearly 5'10. He is taller than Mark by about two inches. Search "mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg" in google images and the first pic confirms this, shoewear included.

In the second picture in particular with Glenn he looks...taller than usual. But I think 5'8 is spot on. He just doesn't have the build of a guy over that.
aboutmark said on 31/Jul/07
im 5'7 and i'll admit that i wear lifts all the time and they make me appear 5'9. You can't notice them at all i have 3 pears and they look exactly like normal shoes and actually some of the styles they have look better than normal shoes and they are extrememly comfortable i prefer to wear them to normal shoes. So thats why i don't believe anyone can judge height from pictures its just going completely on how they appear and not fact. Thats why i personly believe mark wahlberg is 5'7 and he probably wears lifts everywhere he goes plus he is always wearing those big boots now you could have some serious lifts in those up to 3 inches. just watch boogie nights and how short he looks even with those 70's platform shoes. you have to get some facts going you just can't judge by meeting the guy, if poeple guessed my height they would think i was 5'9.5 but little do they know i shrink to 5'7 without my shoes haha!
aboutmark said on 31/Jul/07
yea i just got through watching boogie nights and he definitely looks 5'7 or maybe 5'6, lifts can do alot don't forget that
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
Rachelle-ignore first post.crappy phone adds words by accident.
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
Rachelle-ignore first email.crappy phone adds words by accident.
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
Rachelle-my phone me your # my yahoo will only let me read emails,not answer.amazing week for me and communication problems.
Glenn said on 29/Jul/07
2 inches?
nejv tha man said on 28/Jul/07
glenn/rob, wouldn't it be better to give an explanation beside the picture how it comes that he's 2 inches taller than glenn?
glenn said on 24/Jul/07
rachelle-my # is on the glenn page right now for someone else right now.take the #.before i have rob erase it.mark was here all last am i supposed to tell you if i cant call you? id tell you to email me now,but my yahoo isnt working.
Rachelle said on 23/Jul/07
Hmm... I am starting to re-think Mark's height. My previous statment about him being 5'9.25 would be his max height, which may be strethcing it a bit. He is definetly between 5'8 - 5'9. Glenn, do you know that the day we ran into other that Mark was at that hotel, but had checked out in the morning. If you ever know when he is going to be in NYC again, let me know!
glenn said on 16/Jul/07
i forgot to look actually.i went on looking at a couple of links here and forgot to look at this one.sorry.ill hopefully remember soon.
Bombay Rocker said on 16/Jul/07
Click Here
how much do you see rob....its vince papale with mark and btw i saw glenn's pic with vince papale and i think mark is comparatively taller with vince papale and he will definitely be wearing flat shoes here.
Hey glenn, what do you think of this pic and did you check out the link i was talking about with you.
Bombay Rocker said on 16/Jul/07
I saw shooter again and i will honestly say he looks between 5 feet 8 to 5 feet 9, no more, no less. He is wearing big boots(heeled ones) but he doesnt looks short although he looks a bit too muscly....but a very good movie.
bam said on 16/Jul/07
the funny thing is that wahlberg gaining 1-2 inches, (with no indication of lifts) has me baffled,and nearly furious from curiosity,
while Stallone manages to gain 5 inches over his listed height(5-9 to 6-2). Its so mysterious.
sam said on 15/Jul/07
looks taller than glenn in both pics (5'8), could pass for 5'10 though problably a tad shorter in reality.
Bombay Rocker said on 11/Jul/07
No prob bro...anytime.
glenn said on 11/Jul/07
ok.ill let you know.thanks.
Bombay Rocker said on 10/Jul/07
Glenn, check my post here on 1 july 07....i have posted the link there and just pause at 2:03 in the video and you'll see what i am talkin about.
glenn said on 10/Jul/07
no bombay.where can i see it?
CelebHeightFan said on 10/Jul/07
I always knew he was nowhere tallker than 5'9" (175). I agree with random person, although when I watch 'The Italian Job' I thought he was atleast 5'11". When I watch The Invincible' he looks 5'7". But 5'8" seems most truthful, I can't believe he's a malemodel!!! At 5'8", I mean is there any professional super-male-model listed @ 5'8"!!!
Bombay Rocker said on 9/Jul/07
Glenn, did you see that pic i was talkin about. The one which was shown when he was in "inside actor's studio". Anyone else who saw the pic, any comments.
glenn said on 9/Jul/07
thanks joseph.stick around.
Joseph said on 9/Jul/07
Yeah Im new to the site, very interesting stuff you got on here.
glenn said on 9/Jul/07
good joseph.are you new here? random person-i always said he gave the strange illusion of looking 5-6 to me in the movie.
Random Person said on 8/Jul/07
Just watched The Departed. Honestly, I don't know how Wahlberg can be past 5'8. He simply looked "short" (even though he is only an inch or two below average) throughout that movie. Assuming Wahlberg is 5'9, that would make Alec Baldwin over 6'1, Martin Sheen 5'8, Matt Damon 5'11-6'0, Leonardo Dicaprio an easy 6'2 and my personaly favorite, Jack Nicholson being 6 foot . Granted, Glenn has seen some of these actors look these heights, but they simply don't look it in other movies. So, that would either mean that every single actor in The Departed wore lifts besides Wahlberg, or simply Mark is an inch or two shorter then 5'9. Seriously, watch The Departed, I just can't see how Mark is 5'9 when Jack Nicholson could be approaching 5'8 these days and still appearing at least 3 inches taller. Obviously Nicholson wore lifts but come on, there wasn't any munsters involved. I admit Mark can look 5'9 (never the 5'10 he claims though) but if he really is, then a bunch of actors need an upgrade. And Leonardo Dicaprio needs to be smacked for pulling a Jude Law and shorting himself 2 inches.
Joseph said on 8/Jul/07
Im doing fine glenn, how about yourself?
Bombay Rocker said on 4/Jul/07
I will settle for 174 - 175 for mark and that i think is his real height but ya he is no ways less than 173, 174 is very very close though.
glenn said on 3/Jul/07
oh.sorry are you anyway?
Joseph said on 3/Jul/07
heya Glenn, I think you have me confused with a different Joe... so I changed my name for ya.
Bombay Rocker said on 2/Jul/07 comments from you, i don't think it's that bad an evidence man....i mean he looks taller than 5 feet 8 there....atleast a yes or no?
glenn said on 1/Jul/07
bombay- ill check that out when i get on a computer.
glenn said on 1/Jul/07
i agree ya been?
derbi said on 1/Jul/07
bobay rocker, 100% correct.
Bombay Rocker said on 1/Jul/07
Sorry i forgot to put up the link...sorry...sorry..wait.....
Click Here
Bombay Rocker said on 1/Jul/07
Another evidence which might help solve mark's height confusion....this is the tape when he was interviewed in "inside actor's studio", there is a full family pic of mark, his parents, donnie and the rest of his brothers but anyways just pause at 2:03 and you'll see what i am talkin me he looks around 5 feet 8.5 to 5 feet 9 if you consider donnie as a strong 5 feet 10 which i think he is....i also heard someone say that robert is 5 feet 10 and that robert and donnie are same height but i think robert is standing next to donnie in that pic and he looks around 5 feet 9.25 - 5 feet 9.75 not a full 5 feet 10 for sure if donnie is 5 feet 10.
p.s. both donnie and mark are slouching so don't just go around saying mark looks small and so short and 5 feet 7 cause he's not less than 5 feet 8 for sure and this pic was taken when mark was very young and donnie looks around 25 there so i don't think lifts is a chance there since it's a family pic...i think it's one of the best evidence to prove his height.....What say rob, glenn...what's your opinion?
Joe said on 1/Jul/07
I would at least give him a upgrade to 174cm, he sure looks it.
Viper said on 25/Jun/07
Yeah, 5-9-5-10 is average in the United States, even though I do think Mark is short and is around 5-7-5-8 barefoot in reality. If you are at least 6-1 you will feel taller than most.
glenn said on 24/Jun/07
derbi-keep in touch while your over there.if something changes,ill let you know.
Rachelle said on 24/Jun/07
I guess you can say Matt is average height. 5'11.5 guy, you are right.
5'11.5 guy said on 24/Jun/07
Rachelle, how can you consider Matt short when he towers over you so much in the pic? He's clearly average, while Mark is below average.
leonari said on 24/Jun/07
Bombay: I don't care if she dates or likes 6'11" guys. This is not about preference. Read what she stated before accusing me for nothing. This site exists so we get a closer look on the heights of celebrities and not what somebody likes or dislikes. She believes probably 6 feet is the mean for guys or some other illusion. Who cares...She is entitled to think whatever she wants. You got that part right Bombay.
Bombay Rocker said on 24/Jun/07
Rather than telling Rachelle that she has some issues, i suggest you concentrate on yourself leonari(don't mean to be rude here)...i mean she thinks 5 feet 10 is short or whatever, that's what she thinks right...everyone has a right to express his/her opinion so this is what she is doing and i mean i personally agree that average is between 5 feet 9 - 5 feet 10 and this is what the stats say. Maybe she likes tall people like 6 feet something doesn't mean that 6 feet is the average so chill, calm down man.
derbi said on 24/Jun/07
glenn, i just wondered, because i'm gonna be there 6 weeks...
leonari said on 24/Jun/07
Rachelle: Sorry Rachelle but you seem to have some realtity issues dear. You say Mark is 5'9.25" and Damon is 5'10". Now THIS IS AVERAGE in the united states where you probably live (and btw. it's also the average height in many many other countries around the world) So by saying these guys are shorter than average shows that you are not aware what average height is , which is give or take 5'9.5" to 5'10" so exactly the heights of Mark and Damon. And by telling me to read other encounters you don't help. I am a veteran poster here! I have read all encounters posted on this site!! Hell I was here before Glenn. The only reason I am interested in YOUR encounter is cause you got proof you really met Mark. And yes many say Mark and Damon are short. BUT no one said:" Hey I have met Matt Damon he is below average...I would say he is 5'10". So how in gods name can a guy be below average and at the same time be 5'10" WHICH IS THE AVERAGE!!. Thats a premiere Rachelle...
Rachelle said on 23/Jun/07
Leonari, yes, he is average in YOUR world. I think both, Matt and Mark are shorter than average, and I think everybody who has seen them in person would agree with me.

If you read other encounters with them, people say the same thing.
glenn said on 23/Jun/07
i dont think so derbi,but im supposed to funny enough.why?
derbi said on 23/Jun/07
Hey glenn, are you gonna be around in LA, Hollywood somewhen in the next 2 months?
Anonymous said on 23/Jun/07
I just looked on Internet Movie Database and Mark Wahlberg's height is listed as 5'7". An egregious error, I think, since not a few months ago he was listed at 5'8.5". Hmmmm....
leonari said on 23/Jun/07
Rachelle (Lady in the pic): So your first thought when meeting Mark was:"Man he is short". Still you say you saw a strong 5'9" guy which in my world is pretty average. You have a pic with Glenn who happens to be 5'8". What was your first thought when meeting Glenn? Man he is so short? Or when you met Matt Damon who apparently is in the 5'10" department you also thought the same admit it yourself. So my question is: You are a 5'6" girl so quite a bit over average. How tall does a man/superstar have to be so you say in your head: he is normal ,or average? or simply don't think about his height...6 Feet? 6'4"? I really don't get it Rachelle. Where do you live for god sakes?
Or do you think that both Whalberg and Damon have pretty weird frames , giving the impression that they are way shorter than they really are. Please reply. I'll appreciate it.thanx
glenn said on 22/Jun/07
exactly.ive been saying that for 18 months here.wait till a knucklehead runs into stallone and see how tall he can look.
Rachelle (Lady In The Pic) said on 22/Jun/07
Honestly, I do not see how anyone could judge someone's height, and say, this is their actual height, when they have never even seen them in person.

The first thing I said to myself when I met Mark was, 'Man, he's short.' I also thought the same thing when I met Matt Damon. Brad Pitt was taller in person than I expected, so was Angelina. Anna Kournikova was shorter in person, she looks taller in the pictures I see of her. Her section states that she is 5'7.5 and when I met her, she had like 2-3 inch heels on, so if she is 5'7.5 (which I think she is not, she is more like 5'6-5'6.5), that'd make her about 5'9.5 In my pic with her, I am about 2 inches shorter than her, and that would mean I'm 5'7.5, which I am not.

Look closely at my picture with Mark. My hair is dark and it kind of blends in with the back because the picture was taken at night, and ignore the sunglasses on the top my head. He is really not that much taller than me.

My point is, pictures, t.v., and movies are decieving. I do not think you can give a decent estimate on someone's height unless you see them in person.
glenn said on 22/Jun/07
trips-the only people here that met him are rachelle and i.we saw i dont know.everyone here that has met me,and thats several,agree im 5-8.
rollabluntallitaftermath said on 21/Jun/07
He's 5'7 according to IMBD and if anything they'd incorrectly overestimate a height rather than overestimate. But uhhh...I guess you could do 5'8 but its hard to tell with the cap
Viper said on 21/Jun/07
He could be 5-7 1/2 possibly. Shredder said he saw a quote where Wahlberg supposedly said 5-7 1/2.
Bombay Rocker said on 21/Jun/07
I agree with that, he has a long upper body and shorter legs......kinda like me but mine is more of like an equal proportion, i mean seems like half of my height comprises upper body and half of it is lower body. I read somewhere that men are more leggier gender and the standard male proportion should be in the ratio 60 - 40(60% height being lower body and 40% of it should be upper body).....this is the reason people like nick lachey look tall....i mean nick is a strong guy with a solid upper body but he has long legs and so is rob thomas.
leonari said on 21/Jun/07
Trips: correct. He has short legs.
Trips said on 21/Jun/07
I think it's fairly obvious. Mark Wahlberg is 5'8". 173-4 cm. What makes him appear shorter at times is the fact, that he has a longer torso and shorter legs. I know, because I have exactly the same body structure. If he had longer legs and shorter torso, he would be able to appear to be 5'9"-5'10". On the pics, he appears taller than Glenn, so either he wears lifts, or Glenn is lying about his height a little bit.

[Editor Rob: the pavement can be a little advantageous to wahlberg with glenn.]
leonari said on 20/Jun/07
Viper: I am 100 % on your side. I see the same thing or 5'7.5" barefeet. Never a full 5'9"er.
Joe said on 20/Jun/07
Wahlberg is a strong 5-8 to a weak 5-9 in my opinion. In Three Kings he seems to have a slight advantage to Ice Cube, who you have at 5-8. So unless Ice Cube is not a legit 5-8 then Im going to have to go with a weak 5-9 for sure.
Viper said on 20/Jun/07
Its just so obvious hes not 5-9 in his barefeet. We should be discussing If hes a legit 5-8 max or shorter. Personally I see him as 5-7 barefoot, 5-8 in shoes and 5-9 in lifts. The most you can give him is 5-8 in his barefeet and 5-9 in shoes.
derbi said on 20/Jun/07
viper, I don't like those people who just say that a celeb is wearing lifts, when they don't have other arguments anymore. Lifts don't explain everything, and there aren't as much celeb with as you probably think. It is really very unlikely that wahlberg was wearing lifts, in the pics of glenn and the woman in the pic.
Viper said on 20/Jun/07
Mark is 5-9 in lifts.
leonari said on 20/Jun/07
Viper: more and more start to think Mark Wahlberg is a true 5'9"er or even above which would make him AVERAGE height and not short my friend... haven't you followed whats been going on?
So you don't believe that Mark is 5'9" or ???
Viper said on 19/Jun/07
Mark doesnt have a weird body at all. Hes actually pretty proportional to his short height. And yes the guy is short. Whether he is 5-7 or 5-8.
bam said on 19/Jun/07
here is a pic of mark and his 5'10 brother
Click Here
Maybe his brother is 5'11? Wahlberg is extremely tricky.
Lady In The Pic said on 19/Jun/07
Mark is not as cocky as he use to be, but he's still kinda big, and that might make him look a little shorter. Either way, he is still HOT!

I also have a picture with Matt Damon, I'll post in on his page. I made a mark where my height ends, and I do not like the way I looked in the picture, so I blocked out my face, but you get the idea. Lol.
leonari said on 19/Jun/07
Bombay Rocker: I know exactly what you are talking about. And even though I have abs like Mark used to back in the day, I can't pull off the belly rolling thing he had going on back in the day...Incredible!!
I saw a show recently after his oscar nomination ,where they showed him this and he seemed pretty embarassed by his behavior as a young rapper ,representing Boston like he said...
Ok I will agree with 5'8.5" on a good day where he had some propper rest: 5'9.5": I just don't see that.
Ok Derbi maybe he is well proportioned ( I don't think so...for god sake look at his arms in the pic with Glenn and even today his upper arms are too big for the rest of his body: doesn't look good at all) but you have to admit that for a man that in your opinion can be as tall as almost 5'10" he looks pretty freakin small on screen. Probably just an illusion but still. Looks short. period.
derbi said on 19/Jun/07
leonari, mark wahlberg and bad proportions? Come man, you know that he is absolutely great proportioned. To your comparison sly-wahlberg: I think sly could have been 5'10" peakheight. And he has the best posture and uses lifts an elevators for shore. Think about it: mark wahlber, 5'9", not very god posture. Why should he want to be an inch taller? Even in sneakers and sporty outfits? Also as rapper he for shore wasn't wearing lifts, so why would he now? Got my point?
I think 5'8.5"-5'9.5" is a good estimation!
Bombay Rocker said on 19/Jun/07
Hey man leonari i know which video you are talkin about.....i saw that video where he takes of his t shirt, shows his abs and comments on it and then rolls his stomach.....he literally rolled his i don't know how to explain it but it looked so awesome like he was moving his stomach from inside. I don't think he's that massive but yeah he looked like john cena to me when i first saw his pic so yeah he looked kinda big but one thing to note is that when i saw his full body shot pic for the first time, my impression was around 5 feet 9 - 5 feet 10, i still remember. The best part is that he carries himself so well and the bad boy look he has...thats awesome and i think thats why he can do any roles.
leonari said on 19/Jun/07
You are right Glenn: I think Mark, SLY and Depp are the biggest enigmas of height... I also remember Mark was "BIG" in the 90's... There is a youtube video where he is still Marky Mark, purposely takes of his T-Shirt in the studio , live on a show and starts showing off his abs...HE was very massive for a guy in his early 20's...I mean even in your first pic from the early 90's his arms look huge man...
glenn said on 19/Jun/07
leonari-he isnt that stocky to me.he was in the alot on the site,he is an enigma.hence why we are interested in the subject in the first place.
glenn said on 19/Jun/07
after my mistake with leo i dont know what to say.he isnt smaller than 5-8.put it that way.
leonari said on 18/Jun/07
If this guy is truly above 5'9" he has the weirdest body type guys...I mean how massive is this guy? Glenn is he that stocky? You guys have to understand that SLY is 5'9" and was besides Arnold the most pumped up guy in Hollywood. But Sly never looks short in any movie. Mark does: in most movies. Yeah yeah lifts... But if these guys are truly (bare feet) the same height obviously Mark Wahlberg has a pretty weird if not to say bad proportioned body... I still say the guy is 5'8" and uses small lifts to reach a strong 5'9". 1 inch lifts can be put in almost any shoe (yes even casuals, sneakers etc.) and almost undectable. Big Lifts are hard to hide.

[Editor Rob: the guy just looks half the time to have a loose posture.]
dmeyer said on 18/Jun/07
damon who is barely 5'10 has 2 in above mark 5'8 nore 5'9.25 in lifts
derbi said on 18/Jun/07
so glenn, whar is your final estimation? If you'd run the site would you upgrade him to 5'9.25"?
glenn said on 17/Jun/07
dress go to a club.she was 5-6.i had thicker footwear.women have a tendency to look shorter in pics regardless of how tall they are.providing they arent over 5-9.i had a 5-8.5,5-9 girlfriends that i always looked taller than in pics.usually it was their posture.even in heels,i had a habit if looking around their height too.yes,photos can be decieving,and yes,lady in the pic and i both saw 5-9.25 for mark. in person.
TheJerk said on 17/Jun/07
Wow, youre right Glenn her pic with Mark doesnt do her justice.
Lady In The Pic said on 17/Jun/07
In our picture, Glenn is wearing boots, while I am wearing flip flops.Pictures are tricky. People can appear to be taller, or I guess shorter in my case, then they actually are. I'm just stating from when I met Mark IN PERSON. I am saying he's 9'1/4. 9.5 max, maybe.

[Editor Rob: those might give 1/2 inch at best then.]
bam said on 17/Jun/07
he actually gives the impression of a 5'8 guy. The glenn and lady in pic sightings of 5'9.25 have me baffled.
Bombay Rocker said on 17/Jun/07
She is 5 feet 6 for sure, i agree and trust glenn and that means mark is 5 feet 9 - 5 feet 9.5 too. I don't think its a coincidence that he will appear 5 feet 9 - 5 feet 9.5 to two different people at two different times and lifts is out of question here. Doesnt make sense to say that he looked 5 feet 8 in the movie or 5 feet 7 and most people say that he wears lifts so that will mean he is 5 feet 5 or something which is gross and ya one more thing which strikes me is that people here say he looked 5 feet 8 in shooter and other movies and chances are that he wasnt wearing lifts in the movie because we all know that he is a bare minimum of 5 feet 8 so why would he wear lifts on streets and while at his home when he doesnt wear them in movies.....doesn't make any logic or sense....wake up people he is 175 -177 range....i totally believe that. Upgrade Editor Rob.
Brah said on 16/Jun/07
Hmm, I don't know, Lady in the Pic. You look 5'4"-5'5" with both Glenn and Wahlberg.
Anthony said on 16/Jun/07
That pic proves Glenn is 5'8.
glenn said on 16/Jun/07
great pic.but as she would agree.that whole block is tricky cause its all hills.thanks for posting it.
Lady In The Pic said on 16/Jun/07
Glen and I: Click Here
glenn said on 16/Jun/07
exactly sf.itll be interesting to see the pics of the girl with me.she has them.i was gonna take some on my camera too,but sure she'll post them.and im sure ill bump into her again.
glenn said on 16/Jun/07
we bumped into each other yesterday without reconizing each other.hunting for celebs at a hotel.she finally realised who i was by looking at my digital pic we just took of enrique eglesias.she is much more attractive in person.i was surprised.not that she wasnt in the pic here.we took pics too.

[Editor Rob: nice story!]
sf said on 16/Jun/07
In the USA, what your ID shows, doesnt matter, as you can tell whoever is issuing your ID, ANY height you want. I have never been meausured at the Driver's License Station, but that really doesn't matter for this conversation.

I still insist if they were back to back, he'd be 5'11" in that pic. In glenns' pics with Mark, Mark has a slight advantage in both pictures and I can see side-by-side, back-to-back, how he might be 5'8" or so. NO way 5'9" or more. I love how people take one sighting/picture as gospel and say "time for an upgrade." Glenn even said 5'7" or 5'8" years ago. LIFTS!!!!!!!!!!
derbi said on 16/Jun/07
I just got back from a holiday week, a read through the new posts and saw the new pic...
The woman said that she's 5'6" and Glenn confirmed it. Now, both Glenn and this woman saw wahlberg in sneakers/casuals, without lifts almost for sure. And both of them said 5'9.25"! I believe them, and a little over 5'9" is also what he looks to me. I think the time has come for a little upgrade on this page for mark wahlberg!
Bombay Rocker said on 16/Jun/07
How do you know her glenn btw? Is she an actress too?
leonari said on 16/Jun/07
Saw 3 Kings yesterday again. STanding next to Clooney he looks 2- 2.5 inches Shorter which puts him at 5'8"
glenn said on 16/Jun/07
she is 5-6.i hung out with her.
Bombay Rocker said on 16/Jun/07
Where you from dunken?
Yoyoyo said on 16/Jun/07
Why does Mark Wahlberg everytime look like he's going to half kill someone?
Dunken said on 15/Jun/07
sf: "nobody" is going a bit too far.

i don't know how it works in the USA, but here we get measured for our ID's, barefeet, if we wish so.

my ID shows 168cm (5'6), which is correct, as does my mom's 158cm (5'2.5) and my GF's 165cm (5'5).
sf said on 15/Jun/07
Really look at that picture. If Marky Mark stood straight up, and back to back with that woman, he'd be 5'11". I Don't believe she is 5'6". Just last weekend, my neighbors' daughter (Stephanie) insisted she was 5'7" or 5'8". I told her there was no way and that she was not any taller than me. I'm a little over 5'6". so, we stood back to back and my neighbor said I was a little taller, which puts Stephanie at only 5'6" or so. The second it's proven that I'm a little taller, she says, "so, yeah, I'm about 5'7" or 5'8".

Get my point? Even after measuring her, proving she wasn't much taller than 5'6", she insisted she was as much as two inches taller. NOBODY knows their correct height, and I suspect the woman in the photo is fudging too. Marky Mark is 5'8", tops...
MD said on 14/Jun/07
I guess Rob should take him up to 5'10" then, huh? lol
leonari said on 14/Jun/07
Still go with 5'8" plus lifts...
Viper said on 14/Jun/07
Thats the tallest Ive ever seen Wahlberg If that chick is really 5-6.
Bombay Rocker said on 14/Jun/07
So lady in the pic, were you 5 feet 6 in those flats or 5 feet 6 without em?
glenn said on 14/Jun/07
5-9.25 is what i last saw him at too.she is right.what he is barefoot,we will never know.happy birthday shredder!!!!!!!!!!!!
the shredder said on 14/Jun/07
Lady In The Pic , you are HOT ! ... BTW , its my birth day today people !

[Editor Rob: happy birthday, how old now?]
Lady In The Pic said on 13/Jun/07
That is me in the picture. I said in the message that Mark is wearing sneakers, so add an inch or a little less, I guess. And, plus look at his hair. He is about 5'9 to 5'9 1/4, people.

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