How tall is Peyton Manning ?

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Peyton Manning's height is 6ft 5.25in (196 cm)

US NFL Player. In 1997 Newspapers he was saying "I'm 6-5-1/2"
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Crypto139 says on 20/Dec/14
You know after checking to see more pictures of both Eli and Peyton, I can believe Eli is about 6 feet 4 3/4 now. He looks about 1/2 shorter than his Brother.
Uh-Oh says on 7/Dec/14
Rob are these heights based on their morning estimates, average or evening height?
Alex 6'0 says on 6/Dec/14
Crypto, also those measurements are done in later morning so you can knock off 1/8-1/4 inch id say to get their low. Eli and Ben are measured within 1/4 of each other but Eli rounded down to 6'4 and Ben rounded up to 6'5. Eli more a legit 6'4.5 prob?
Crypto139 says on 26/Nov/14
@Alex 6'0

Well 6046 means 6 feet 4 3/4 basically, but he doesn't look that compared to his brother I think, unless his brother is more 6 feet 5.5 imo
Alex 6'0 says on 30/Oct/14
Mathew, yea he def looks a legit 6'5. Even if that 6'5.25 was in the AM it wasn't out of bed. Eli was measured 6046 it says but whats that in height? 6'4 5/8?
Mathew says on 27/Oct/14
Alex 6'0 says on 19/Oct/14
What was Peyton Manning measured at during the combine in 1998?


Alex 6'0 says on 19/Oct/14
What was Peyton Manning measured at during the combine in 1998?
Clay says on 25/Sep/14
Gretzky is 5'11, and he has even said this himself despite being listed at 6'0''.

Ovechkin - 6'1.5
Crosby - 5'9.5

Hockey listings can be bad as well.
Alex 6'0 says on 4/Aug/14
Ben Roethlisberger was measured 6'4 7/8 and since these measurements are in the morning(not out of bed though) his low would prob be 6'4.5-6'4.75 range
Crypto139 says on 11/Jul/14
Well I found other pics of Jordan next to Gretzky-Elway and I guess Jordan is 6 feet 5 exactly. He was slouching in the picture I showed.
Crypto139 says on 10/Jun/14
While Gretzky looks to be about 182 cm tall there, he is closer to the camera. So he could be under 182 if Jordan really is 6 feet 4.5 and not taller.

But Look at Elway and Jordan again. Now Jordan is listed at 6 feet 5 on here but Manning is listed at 6 feet 5.25 on this site as well.

Click Here

Now on my last post you can see Elway is just below Jordan in height. But on here he is WELL below Manning's height. I remember hearing people start shrinking at 40. Every decaded after 40 until 70 you shrink 1 cm on average if male I believe. A person also is 1/8 of an inch shorter when they turn 40 on average according to another source I heard of.

If Elway follows a normal pattern could be 1.5 cm short than he was at peak these days.

Still he looks too short next to Manning for Jordan and Manning to be the same height. Also Drew Bledsoe is listed at 6 feet 5 but is taller than Manning. Is this another one of these Favre, Montana, and Young comparisons. Except they are all listed at 6 feet 5 instead of 6 feet 2.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 9/Jun/14
How about Sidney Crosby? He's listed as 5'11", but here he is by 6'3" listed Ovechkin:

Click Here

At the same time however, is Ovechkin really 6'3"? Here he is by 6'4" Kobe Bryant:

Click Here
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 9/Jun/14
Michael Jordan is like 6'4.5", which would make John Elway 6'2" (maybe a fraction above) and Wayne Gretzky is 5'11.5" in that photo.
Crypto139 says on 7/Jun/14
Wayne Grekzky looks to be quite a bit shorter than 6 feet 3 John Elway and 6 feet 5 Michael Jordan on here. What does everyone elso think besides the fact that Elway is very close to Jordan on here.

Click Here
Crypto139 says on 7/Jun/14
Yeah I am almost sure Manziel is done growing at that age. By the way though I always wanted to know the height of someone else that has never been talked about on this site. How tall is the great Wayne Gretzky? You know the best hockey player ever. He is listed at 6 feet even on 90 percent of all sites but some list him as 5 feet 11. I am shocked no one has ever talked about him to be honest.
MrTBlack says on 5/Jun/14
Johnny Manziel is done growing. I've had a few friends who finished growing at 18-19 but never anyone older than that. The rare cases of men growing taller after late teens are usually fables or extreme rare exceptions.
opo says on 3/Jun/14
6 ft 5
Mathew says on 1/Jun/14
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 27/May/14
Will Johnny Manziel still grow? He's only 21 which means that he hasn't reached the full deadline yet.


Probably not. While it's true that sometimes a man will grow in their early 20s it's rare.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 27/May/14
Will Johnny Manziel still grow? He's only 21 which means that he hasn't reached the full deadline yet.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 23/May/14
Colt McCoy is listed as 6'2" when he was measured in at 6'1 1/8 though.
Alex 6'0 says on 22/May/14
Wilson was 5'10 5/8. Shortest QB to win a superbowl. It was Dree Brees before that.
Crypto139 says on 21/May/14
Wait was it 5/8s or 7/8s for Wilson. I have heard both from major sport sources and it seems to be kind of crazy to me that they can have him vary so much.

Whatever. Doesn't matter is he is 178 , 179, or 180 cm tall. He is still the shortest starting QB in the nfl at all there of those heights.
Alex 6'0 says on 19/May/14
Russel Wilson was measured 5'10 5/8.
Mathew says on 18/May/14
Also Manzell nowhere near 6'4". He measured just shy of 6 foot. And Luck is way more than .75" taller than RG3 Click Here Click Here Click Here
Mathew says on 18/May/14

Peterson actually does sometimes get listed at 6'2": Click Here
Crypto139 says on 17/May/14
Well I guess that explains the whole Favre, Montana, and Young debate, and explains why both Randy Moss and Tom Brady are listed at 6 feet 4 when one is an inch taller than another. Also why is Russell Wilson being listed a 5 feet 10 when he is like a solid 180 cm or 5-10 7/8 tall guy(at least he was measured that early on.)

Seems to be somewhat random to me and also they seem to downgrade all the qbs(expect for Steve Young)
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 16/May/14
Proof that they let the players choose their listed heights if they're not the height on the dot:

Adrian Peterson: Has never been referred to as 6'2" in his lifetime and only as 6'1/185 CM, but here's his measurement Click Here which is 6'1.5".
Courtney Upshaw: He has always been referred to as a full 6'2", but is clearly not that tall Click Here as he was measured at the same 6'1.5".
Matt Forte: Has never been referred to as 6'1" or by his measurement as he's always '6'2"' when he's not even 6'1.5" Click Here
Darren McFadden has gotten 6'2" listings when he was measured at 6'1.25".

Adrian Peterson is the closest to 6'2". Arian Foster was measured as 6'0.75" and is 6'1" as well (when he's nearly an inch shorter than somebody with the same listing online).
Alex 6'0 says on 11/May/14
Drew Brees was measured 6'0.25. Prob more 6'0 flat since the measurement is around 11am so ive heard. If you're up 3-4 hours you'd prob lose no more than 1/4 inch by your low
Alex 6'0 says on 11/May/14
Ben Roethlisberger was measured 6'4 7/8 just 3mm below 6'5. Depending when the measurements are. If they are in the morning 2-3 hours after waking a worst he may dip to 6'4.5-6'4 5/8. His low may be 6'4.75
Alex 6'0 says on 11/May/14
Does anyone know when the combine measurements are? Morning, afternoon, evening? Even if its morning its def. not out of bed so they've lost some height anyway by time they get measured.
Crypto139 says on 9/May/14
Well it seems some nfl players get either upgraded or downgraded for what ever reason. Moss is 6 feet 3 3/8 and Brady is 6 feet 4 3/8 but both are listed at the same 6 feet 4 inch height. So things can be crazy sometimes. Difference is small but a little above 191 cm vs a bit below 194 is a difference.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 8/May/14
Why was Aaron Hernandez listed as 6'1" if he was measured in at 6'2 1/3"? He consistently looks at least 187 CM.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 4/May/14
He's over an inch shorter than 6'2.5" Tim Tebow:

Click Here
Seahawksfan 187-188 cm says on 1/May/14
Tony Romo is also more than an inch shorter than 6'2.75 Terrell Owens.
Seahawksfan 187-188 cm says on 1/May/14
Tony Romo is certainly not 6'2. At most he's 6'1.25 in my opinion.
Crypto139 says on 30/Apr/14
Compared to Drew Brees Romo is not that much taller than him.
He looks like he could be just above the height of Steve Young(Around 6 feet 0 3/4 inches at Young's low is my guess.) and for Romo about 1 more cm.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 30/Apr/14
How tall would you estimate Tony Romo to be? He's at least an inch shorter than 6'2" 3/8 measured RG3 from what it appears.
Crypto139 says on 29/Apr/14
Here is my Opinion.

Joe Montana 187 cm
Aaron Rodgers 187 cm
Brett Favre 189 cm
Steve Young 184 cm
Crypto139 says on 22/Apr/14
Also how tall is Brett Favre. He seem to be almost an inch taller than Aaron Rodgers. Also Rodgers and Joe Montana is pretty much the same height, as I saw at the award show. Another thing is Steve Young looks shorter than both Rodgers and Montana. Heck Young seemed to be Edged out by 6 feet 1 Ray Lewis on ESPN. Also Favre, Rodgers, Montana and Young are all listed at 6 feet 2. I Wonder which one is really 6 feet 2?
MD says on 8/Apr/14
If you're calling into questions professional measurements into question - some of which are before cameras - I really don't know what to tell you. There might be a few mis-measures during these events, but they are the rule and not the exception, and they probably aren't that big of a mis-measure. You're essentially implying a conspiracy. If you're going to doubt an event like the combine to the degree that you are, then you shouldn't believe ANY other evidence presented on this website, pictures, vids, whatever.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 6/Apr/14
Here's a link to the exact measurements:

Click Here

6'1 7/8 is still below 6'2".
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 6/Apr/14
Another intriguing fact: When no quarterbacks were measured below 6'2" in last years combine, suddenly over a third of them were measured below 6'2" in this years combine. This can't be a coincidence at all. More Defensive Tackles were measured below 6'2" as well. Will the average height actually decrease in both positions? The average range actually appears to be 6'0-6'3 in this draft class rather than the usual 6'2-6'6. This is a sudden decrease in height.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 2/Apr/14
I meant 5'11.75". I was thinking of a different quarterback, sorry.
MD says on 2/Apr/14
@Inches, I've kind of worried about Seahawk, lately. He seems to be quite a bit more out there than before, and I'm not sure what happened. I'm concerned; a lot of his estimates are completely non-sensical, and I'm not just talking a difference of opinion, but listing people three and five inches off their mark.
Inches says on 31/Mar/14
@Alex Height is likely measured a couple hours after waking and definitely before noon. The NFL combine is held in the morning (9am ET) and prospect measurements are taken during event. Brees is probably close to 6' in evening. 5-11.75 is likely
Alex 6ft 0 says on 31/Mar/14
Drew Brees was measured at 6'0.25 I believe? Peyton was measured 6'5.25 I read. Roethlisberger was measured 6'4 7/8. These measurements I am not sure on what time of the day they are. Its certainly not out of bed height or evening. Likely midday?
Inches says on 29/Mar/14
@Seahawksfan Johnny Manziel at 6-4.25!! Try 5-11.5. Some of your estimates are good but others are way off. Foles is more of 6-4.5. Brady measured 6-4 3/8 at the combine therefore no way is he as low as 6-3.25. There is a little over an inch of difference between Brady and Manning.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 27/Mar/14
Estimates for each starting quarterback in height (I won't go by the measurements as I believe that they can be off):

1. Matt Glennon-6'7"
2. Joe Flacco-6'6" (I don't think that he's any taller or shorter)
3. Nick Foles-6'6"
4. Josh Freeman-6'5.75"
5. Philip Rivers-6'5.5"
6. Peyton Manning-6'5" exactly
7. Matt Schaub-6'5"
8. Carson Palmer: 6'4.75" (not 6'5"
9. Cam Newton: 6'4.5" (definitely not 6'5" as he never has appeared that tall)
10. Ben Roethlisberger: 6'4.5"
11. Kolin Kaepernick: 6'4.25" (he's about an inch taller than Sam Bradford)
12. Johnny Manziel: 6'4.25"
13. Matt Ryan: 6'4"
14. Alex Smith: 6'3.75" (not 6'4")
15. Ryan Tannehil: 6'3.75"
16. Eli Manning: 6'3.5" (he's 1.5" inches shorter than Peyton Manning)
17. Tom Brady: 6'3.25-6'3.5" (not 6'4")
18. Sam Bradford: 6'3.25" (6'4" is not an accurate listing)
19. Andrew Luck-About 6'3"
20. Brandon Wheeden-6'2.75" (not a full 6'3)
21. Chad Henne-6'2.75"
22. Jay Cutler: 6'2.75"
23. Matthew Stafford: 6'2.5" (he was measured at this)
24. Geno Smith: In between 6'2.25"-6'2.5"
25. Tim Tebow (just to mention him): 6'2.5" (same as Mark Sanchez)
26. Robert Griffin the Third: 6'2.25"
27. Andy Dalton: 6'1.75"-6'2"
28. Aaron Rodgers: Same as above (this could be off)
29. Tony Romo: 6'1.25"-6'1.5" (he's .75"-1" inch shorter than Robert Griffin the Third and constantly edged out by every quarterback listed at 6'2")
30. Drew Brees: 6'0.5" (he's taller than 6'0 as he's really close to Romo's height and not much shorter than Tim Tebow)
31. Russell Wilson: 5'10.75" (he's not two full inches shorter than Drew Brees)

Michael Vick-6'0
Colt McCoy-6'1.25"

The most inaccurately listed players:
1. Aaron Hernandez-He's 6'2.25" and not 6'1" (I've met him actually and we were about the same height)
2. Adrian Peterson: 6'1.5" and not 6'1"
Crypto139 says on 28/Feb/14
Well Johnny Manziel height has been confirmed. 182 CM tall or 5'11.75".

Looks like there is another qb under the 6 even mark now! Also bridgewater is 6 feet 2 and bortles is a 6 feet 5 guy.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 8/Feb/14
They actually don't always round if I recall as Dez Bryant claimed 6'2", but still got listed as 187 CM/6'1.5" (along with Courtney Upshaw). I also saw them list Colt McCoy as 186 CM originally.
Mathew says on 26/Nov/13
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 21/Oct/13
Matthew, I hear these combine measurements are in the morning? Even if so it wouldn't make them at their out of bed height. It could be pretty close to their low if its midday


Yeah if it's done around 11 am - noon range or so many of the guys will be no more than 1 cm over their absolute lowest height. I saw a video of the NBA measurements with Blake Griffin, and he practically rolled out of bed and got measured. Not sure if it's the same with the NFL.
Randomsauce says on 21/Oct/13
Looks more like 6'5.5". 6'6" in his prime.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 21/Oct/13
Matthew, I hear these combine measurements are in the morning? Even if so it wouldn't make them at their out of bed height. It could be pretty close to their low if its midday
Mathew says on 26/Sep/13
@Mike 181 - They are a bit inconsistent with what they do with fractions. You occasionally guys who have a .25" at the end of their measurement rounded up and some guys with a .5" on their measurement rounded down. Every once in a while guys can even get upgraded or downgraded by a whole inch of more (when this happens it's usually upgraded, but a select very few players are listed short too). The NFL in general is more accurate than the MLB, and obviously much more than NBA. Most likely if they measured you at 5'11.5" you would be listed at 6'0".

Peyton is 6'5.25" and a great quarterback.
Mike 181 says on 12/Sep/13
If your over a height in the nfl they'll round you up for example you'll see jimmy Graham listed at 6"7 when really he was measure 6"6.25 at the combine. I guess they'd possibly list me at 6"0 if they measured me at around 5"11.5...
Rusty says on 24/Aug/13
Most NFL measurements are done in the combine which is a couple hours after players wake so their measurements are slightly higher than Rob wants them to claim. If 6'5.25" was earlier in the day he likely drops to 6'5" flat.
Mathew says on 18/Aug/13
Measured 6'5.25" and is. This photo is one of the rare instances of Manning looking no more than 6'4.5". Click Here #11 was 6'5" listed (rumored to be closer to 6'6") #12 was listed at 6'3" (could be just a fraction under that though).
Sam says on 7/Aug/13
I'm told I look like him, but he might be one cm taller than me. I would trade some more height though to have his throwing arm from 8 years ago.
tape measure says on 26/Jul/13
I saw an interview tonight with Kurt Warner intervewing Peyton. I believe Warner is 6-3, and Manning looked to be a couple inches taller. So, yeh, I'd say Peyton Manning is about 6-5+. I thought I heard several years ago that he is 6-6, so that's pretty close.
Mathew says on 24/Apr/13
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 10/Feb/13
Joe Flacco is the tallest QB in the league for sure. Hes listed at 6'6 but was measured at 6'6.63 which is roughly what 6'6 5/8? Now thats pretty tall


6063 refers to 6'6 3/8", but yeah still very tall.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 10/Feb/13
Joe Flacco is the tallest QB in the league for sure. Hes listed at 6'6 but was measured at 6'6.63 which is roughly what 6'6 5/8? Now thats pretty tall
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 10/Feb/13
Wilson was measured around 5'10.5 I read. Hes maybe 5'11 out of bed
Jhaf says on 12/Jan/13
Russell Wilson isn't 5'11,they said 5'10 according to espn.
Brad says on 27/Dec/12
Had him by an inch in Chuck Taylors, go with 6' 5.5"
Mathew says on 25/Dec/12
steven says on 15/Jan/12
Peyton Manning always apear solid 1.5" taller than 6'4 listed Tom Brady. either Peyton is 6'5.5 or brady is 6'4 or Peyton-Manning is what he say he is 6'5.5 and brady a chance 6'3.5 not over.


While I've seen that Brady measured 6-4 3/8 and Manning 6-5 1/4 I would say that you're right in saying Brady can look shorter. The old Patriots QB before Tom Brady always looked 2" taller than him, but was only listed at 6-5.
Mathew says on 25/Dec/12
Ajax says on 24/Dec/12

According to nfl draft. Russell Wilson was measured a legit 5'11".


1/8" is easily within normal measurement variation so he could have measured 5'11" legit somewhere. His proday/combine said 5-10 7/8: Click Here
Ajax says on 24/Dec/12

According to nfl draft. Russell Wilson was measured a legit 5'11".
Mathew says on 14/Dec/12
@Nate - Peyton said he was 6'5" in the commercial and he's taller than Brady for sure. They measure the guys before they're drafted Peyton measured 6-5 1/4 and Brady measured 6-4 3/8. For reference, Randy Moss measured 6-3 3/8 and Brady always looked taller. This year's QB draft class had Robert Griffin III measured 6-2 3/8, Andrew Luck measured 6-4, and Russell Wilson measured 5-10 7/8.
Nate says on 19/Nov/12
Manning did a commercial about five or six years ago and said he was 6'4". You shouldn't rely on what he told the papers when he was a rookie. I'm a huge pats fan and if he and brady changed uniforms you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Both 6'4"give or take half an inch.
Ajax says on 28/Sep/12

Does the nfl round down when a player is a height plus .5"? I'm wondering, like when do they usually round up?

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