How tall is Roddy Piper ?

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Roddy Piper's Height is 6ft 1in (185 cm)

Canadian Wrestler and Actor best remembered for films such as They Live and Hell Comes to Frogtown. In his book he described his own height and weight as such: "Six-foot-one-and-a-half-inch, 232-pound[s]".

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Comment on the Height of Roddy Piper

pablo77bar(184cm) said on 26/Jan/16
Rob,what height do you think here of Barry Windham with Piper ?
Click Here
Editor Rob: could look 4 inches when standing up there
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 21/Jan/16
Click Here
Here he also calims 6ft 1.5
Rob,don't you think 6ft 1.25 it's a better shoot than just a flat 6'1 ?
Editor Rob: 186 is arguable yes
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 12/Jan/16
Roddy Piper at 1985 looked the same height as Muhhamed Ali
FIVE NINE said on 3/Dec/15
Saw him at a convention maybe 5 years ago. I was surprised to see he was slightly taller than myself. I say 5'10"
Kevin said on 2/Dec/15
Piper really lost alot of height towards the end of his life, met him in late 80's and he was a solid 6'1 and change then, in movie They Live he was strong 6'1, in honor of his great career glad we have kept his height at 6'1 instead of what easily could be 5'10 or even 5'9 at the very end...
Yoyo said on 2/Dec/15
Rob, some time ago you had Hot Rod at 177 cm, so I'm assuming when someone dies you stick with their peak height, am I correct?

Probably a 6'1" guy in his prime, RIP Rowdy one.
Editor Rob: You may leave this earth behind, but you'll always be given your peak height on celebheights.
The Ben said on 21/Nov/15
Met him a couple of times (08 and 2014) and he was 5'9 max. It's really hard to see him at over 6ft but there's plenty of photo eve since to suggest he was. Maybe a lift wearer?
andre said on 8/Nov/15
Rob with chris jericho he looks like 5ft6 how can he loss so much height?
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 7/Nov/15
Rob,186,6(6ft 1.5) is not impossible
He was about the same height 6ft 1.5 Mcmahon,same height as 6ft 1.5 ultimate warrior,same height as 6ft 1.5-2 Jack Tunney(coo at 80's of wwf)
Piper and Tunney:Click Here
Piper and Mcmahon: Click Here
Piper and Warrior:Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Oct/15
Rob, maybe 186cm?

I thought in the 80's he could from 6ft1 to near 6ft2. Now that he's passed...discussing his dramatic height loss is beyond pointless. So many trolls want to muddy the waters by exaggerating it...that he was 5ft6 when he died.
[Editor Rob: I think 6ft 1 or around that, I'm not so sure he really was 6ft 1.5 range]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Oct/15
Rob, how likely is 6ft1― as a peak for Hot Rod?
[Editor Rob: I think nearer 6ft 1 than 1.5 is more likely, although he may well have measured near 1.5 earlier on a good day.]
NewHorror said on 19/Oct/15
He looked 5'10 or maybe even less next to 6'0,5 Dean Ambrose at the beginning of 2014. 6'1 in his prime maybe, but before his death he was nowhere near even 6'0.
andre said on 18/Oct/15
In the picture with 5ft8 chris jericho he looks 5ft6

how the hell he lost from 6ft1 to 5ft6 all this rob ?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Aug/15
Looked 6ft1-2
Brad said on 6/Aug/15
6' 1" figure is like 1984. I was shocked how smaller he was a few years ago in front of me in Burbank.
Sammy Derrick said on 5/Aug/15
Roddy Piper 5'10 legend.I hope there is bubble gum in Heaven.
Bill said on 4/Aug/15
Either his billed height was a bunch of crap or he lost 4-5 inches in height because I have seen plenty of photos where he looks 5' 10" tops.
Aza said on 2/Aug/15
Roddy Piper RIP.
richie said on 2/Aug/15
Roddy Pipers peak height was a good 6'1", definitely over 6', he had a good two inches on John Carpenter who was 5'11"
Mike said on 2/Aug/15
Peak: 184-185 cm
Tarinator said on 1/Aug/15
Should be around 187 before at his prime. Now 177. RIP
Danimal said on 1/Aug/15
RIP PIPER!! Even though he was Canadian Rob, I'm sure you were prowd of him to represent Scotland in his wrestling heyday?

Btw, to the poster below who said he's 5'11", I'm sorry, but here is a TRUE RECENT pic of Rod with 5'8" Chris Jericho: Click Here

Even Mean Gene Okerlund and Bill Apter (both around 5'6" today) were around the same height as him recently. People don't realize that he wasn't a well man. He had major hip replacement in the mid-late 90's and then had cancerous tumor in his SPINE and they had to remove major portions of it, which took off many inches of his height. He was every bit 6'1" PLUS in his prime, having had 2" 5'11" Bobby Heenan, 2-3" on Paul Orndorff. Was around the same height as Vince McMahon (in the 1980's). He had at least 2" on a PRIME Ric Flair.
[Editor Rob: I thought he was a good wrestler and decent actor for the roles he took on, although I'd sink 3 beers before watching Hell Comes to Frogtown...]
Danimal said on 1/Aug/15
RIP PIPER!! Even though he was Canadian Rob, I'm sure you were prowd of him to represent Scotland in his wrestling heyday?

Btw, to the poster below who said he's 5'11", I'm sorry, but here is a TRUE RECENT pic of Rod with 5'8" Chris Jericho: Click Here

Even Mean Gene Okerlund and Bill Apter (both around 5'6" today) were around the same height as him recently. People don't realize that he wasn't a well man. He had major hip replacement in the mid-late 90's and then had cancerous tumor in his SPINE and they had to remove major portions of it, which took off many inches of his height. He was every bit 6'1" PLUS in his prime, having had 2" 5'11" Bobby Heenan, 2-3" on Paul Orndorff. Was around the same height as Vince McMahon (in the 1980's). He had at least 2" on a PRIME Ric Flair.
linke said on 1/Aug/15
Just heard the news of him passing away. RIP Hot Rod.
Sal said on 31/Jul/15
Just saw a more recent pic of my friend who is 5'9" and piper was looking at least 5'11"
sam2 said on 31/Jul/15
He is listed as 6' even.....230 lbs prime.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 31/Jul/15
RIP Hot Rod,You'll be remembered !
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 20/Jul/15
Look Rob,Piper and Adrian Paul(who you have met and Said 6ft tall)
Click Here
very Hard to see Piper only as 6ft ranger
*OBS:This episode is from 1993 when Piper was 39years old
pablo77bar said on 2/Jul/15
I'm making the comparsion using the eyeline and shoulders,not the top of the head.
Danimal said on 1/Jul/15
Roddy in the late 90's (AFTER his first hip replacement) still taller than The Ultimate Warrior: Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jun/15
@pablo77bar: Both Piper and Honky Tonk Man are closer to the camera and most in ring gear. Also, Piper is wearing a santa hat.
pablo77bar said on 28/Jun/15
Looks Roddy with Vince(6FT 1 AT LEAST IN THE PEAK) AND Honky Tonk Man(probably no less than 6ft 0.5 at the time)
The footage is from 1990 when he was 36
Piper looks 6ft 1.25 or 6ft 1.5(like he claimed)
Click Here
Danimal said on 20/Jun/15
For those who don't believe how much wrestlers can shrink. Here's Roddy standing next to 6'0" Steve Austin today. Roddy in his prime was minimum 6'1". Today he's lucky if he can squeeze out 5'8" on a good day. Click Here
Frank R said on 1/Jun/15
His WWE profile listed him at 6'1" in the and the 1980s and 90s, but the WWE has historically given wrestlers at least 1 inch in their "billed height."
pablo77bar said on 11/Apr/15
For those who think that Piper never was over 6ft 1,look this match of him against Jake ''the snake'' Robert who was a solid 6ft 5 in that tall and even today,is no less than 6ft 4

I can't see a diference of more than 8 cms between them
pablo77bar said on 16/Jan/15
His peak never was 6ft0.5 No chance
He looks like at that time 6ft 2
There are inumerous stuff in the youtube from that time
He was clearly taller than Bret Hart ( just look his WM 8 match)
He lost a lot of height after later 1999
For example : in 1996 piper was taller than Mcmahon
7 years later mcmahon towers over Roddy
Silky said on 15/Jan/15
I think Roddy was a real 6' footer barefoot. Which you have to remember in wrestling they exaggerated height a great deal. He may have been slightly over 6' like 6' 1/4"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jan/15
Really did look 6ft1-2 in the 80's
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Dec/14
He was always billed 6ft1 in the 80's.
I think 6ft2 could be nearer for him though. Randy has at least 2in on him
pablo said on 26/Dec/14
Piper with 6ft 5.75 at time (Hogan)
and 6ft 1.5 Mcmahon
Click Here
He does look 1.89
Click Here
pablo said on 26/Dec/14
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 24/Dec/14
Cowboy Bob Orton is 6ft1-6ft2

Maybe now but look some pics of him stand next to Randy who is probably 1.94
In the 80's Bob Orton was huge. Maybe 1.92
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Dec/14
Cowboy Bob Orton is 6ft1-6ft2
pablo said on 23/Dec/14
I think Roddy was 6ft 2 in hi prime
He was taller tha Flair,Hart,Mcmahon and a little bit smaller than Bob Orton who was 6ft 3-4
Shredo said on 21/Dec/14
Roddy was a weak 6'1 in his prime
A6'1Guy said on 7/Dec/14
@Danimal He is leaning forwards... He looks about the same height as him if he stood back and with good posture.
pablo77bar said on 1/Dec/14
His peak probably was 188/187 in the 80's and early 90's
Today he is probably with 180
pablo77bar said on 1/Dec/14
His peak probably was 188/187 in the 80's and early 90's
Today he is probably with 180
Sean said on 21/Nov/14
There's nothing to compare him to in this Nov. 2014 commercial, but still, looks short and weak. 5'8" might be generous. Might he have a degenerative disease? Sad.
Click Here
SAMMY DERRICK. said on 15/Oct/14
FROM 6'1 TO 5'9!FOUR INCHES LOST!At least he has a net worth of 4 million dollars,a million dollars per inch.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Oct/14
nothing cool about his height all
james said on 20/Sep/14
Feel kind of bad for Piper .man he has shrunk .6'1 to 5'9 all that hip surgery I guesd
Height181 said on 7/Sep/14
I agree with the 5'8'' range. It's strange to think that he was as tall as 6'1''. 5 inches of height loss! Wow..
Danimal said on 5/Sep/14
Sadly, Roddy has lost even more height. Here he is next to 5'9" Henry Rollins. Piper is MAX 5'8" today. Was easily 6'1"+ in his prime:

Click Here
Chuck said on 21/Aug/14
Peak 6'0.5
Today 5'9 max
Chuck said on 21/Aug/14
Peak 6'0.5
Today 5'9 max
Carmbo said on 12/Aug/14
Peak 6'1
Today 5'9.75, can look 5'10.75 max in footwear
AMK said on 14/Jun/14
Man is no 5ft 9.5in here:
Marcus Hickman said on 4/Apr/14
hard to believe i'm now actually taller than Roddy Piper. I'm 5' 10 1/2" (179cm). and 205 lbs. i'm musclebound with only 4%-5% body fat
Jeff said on 27/Mar/14
Met him today and he is definitely not 6'. I'm 5'11" and I'd say he was about 5'9.5" or maybe just under 5'10".
Marko said on 24/Mar/14
He was exact same height as the two 5'9 guys in his ITs Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
The big man clearly lost alot of height.
Listing him as 6 feet today is off. Season 5 episode 7.
I loved him in they live.
Mastro said on 13/Jan/14
Funny was just talking to a friend yesterday who met him at an airing of They Live! He was shocked that Piper was basically his height- 5'9".
jonny g said on 1/Jan/14
I worked out with Roddy in 1990- he was tall as me & we were just a year difference in age - I was 6'1.5" - we both maybe lost an inch in height, but 5'9" come on be real - apparently I posted this before - like for this site to be legit - he told me he weighed for the film They Live he was 195lbs. but like being 230lbs when he wrestled
Tuga said on 13/Nov/13
Red183 says on 6/Nov/13
Piper is 5ī8.5"-5ī9"max today, so he lost 4 inches or more!
Hogan lost about 2 inches imo

Agreed, hogan was IMO around 6'5 1/2 to 6'6 max and now 6'3 1/2 to max 6'4.
Piper I do believe 6'1 peak.
MD said on 11/Nov/13
Wow, I had no idea anyone could lose this much height short of having all of their discs dissolve or something.
Tuga said on 31/Oct/13
Red183 says on 23/Oct/13
Yeah Iīm not against the 6ī1", I think at least 6ī0.5" peak after a long day.
Itīs still a weird thing, looking at my pics with him and thinking about that he wouldīve edged me as a young man by 1-2 cm.

Thatīs sad, but considered all the health problems he had it makes sense, him and hulk hogan have lost quite some height, but IMO Piper has lost more.
Tuga said on 22/Oct/13
Nice posts Red, looking at piper there its obvious (again) he was a tall man, easly 6'1 IMO.
Brah said on 30/Sep/13
About the same height as 5'10" Dennis in the recent episode of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, maybe a half inch taller
jimmy said on 22/Jul/13
i dont htink theres anyway Piper was ever 6'2. i just watched an interview with him and Bret Hart in the early 90s and Bret Hart who is 6 feet even was taller than him by a couple inches. i would say Piper was 5'10 or 5'11 in his prime and even shorter nowadays.
Johno said on 14/May/13
5'8.5 max, i got a feeling he might be shorter then this still.

The guy has lost alot of height.
juju said on 4/May/13
he looked 6 foot next to 5 foot 10 ricky steamboat and next to 6 foot bret hart.
Dub said on 20/Apr/13
he was listed 6ft flat when he wrestled in portland back in the early 1980s
johnny g said on 14/Apr/13
5ft 9inches you must be kidding - I admitt I shrunl a solid inch but Roddy & I worked out together quite a few years ago - he was just as tall as me at 6'1.5" - I say know 6 foot even - and the pick ya have he is slouched over & not standing at attention as you
Dmeyer said on 7/Apr/13
Rob how CAN someone lose 8cm That young
[Editor Rob: disc damage more than a normal guy is likely]
MatthewPaul said on 3/Apr/13
I was a member of Gold's Gym in Everett, MA in the second half of the 1980's. Both Brett "The Hit Man" Hart and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper showed-up together for a workout. I spoke briefly to both of them. As a long-term bodybuilder, I am experienced in gaging a mans height and weight. Piper was 6'2" (about 1986) and Brett Hart was 6'0.5" tall.

I respect this site and I think they are nearly always on the mark. But, I must disagree on this one occasion. Piper was definitely 6'2" in the mid-eighties. He *looked* to weigh about 190. He was very quiet, as well.
Tuga said on 31/Mar/13
Rob, thank you for your answer.

Nice pics Red, piper sure has lost quite some height but its great to know heīs a towering nice guy.
Tuga said on 29/Mar/13
Rob, sorry for asking but my post here and another on takerīs page have not been posted, didnīt they go through? Thanks
[Editor Rob: I've not deleted any of your posts]
pauly e said on 5/Mar/13
Good lord! Losing 3.5" of height? He's not even 60 years old yet. How is that even possible? Did they lop a few inches off his legs during some of those surgeries?
Brad said on 5/Feb/13
Compressed body, 5' 9.5" in front of me in L.A. a few years ago....lost inches due to surgeries.
The Ben said on 3/Feb/13
I was just watching some stuff from 92 and 96 with him, I would say he looked a 5'10-5'11 back then.
His peak height I would think slightly over 6ft.
MBH said on 2/Feb/13
@FACE Im saying it is absurd to say he was 6'2 and then state he is 5'9.25 or 5'9.5 now days, it is a rhetorical question bro
juju said on 24/Dec/12
look at him with steamboat. steamboat was only 5 foot 10. piper looks 6 foot tops.
MBH said on 12/Nov/12
how can someone loose 12 cm? I can understand 3 to 5 cm but 12?!
6-8 said on 23/Aug/12
Piper said in a UPW (Ultimate Pro Wresting) special that hip surgery has taken a few inches off his height
The Ben said on 16/Aug/12
Piper looked an inch or so shorter than Jericho on Raw.
Could he be down to 5'8 (Or never have been that tall)
When i met him in 2009 I would have said 5'9 but he could have been less.
dicksock said on 15/Aug/12
It's crazy how much height Piper has lost. He was once about 2.5" or so taller than solid 5'10" Bruno Sammartino. Now he is the same height ~5'9" Chris

~6'1" down to ~5'9". It's crazy that I would be a little taller than Piper.
LG69 said on 2/Aug/12
At most i see a 2.5" difference in height between the two. If Piper's height is legit, than Christ is not 6'1.5".
malcolm said on 4/Sep/07
piper is 5"11
nathaniel said on 28/Aug/07
roddy piper is a kool guy to talk to i met him on the farry from pelee island to kingsville he is a kool guy he was filming a movie clip on pelee island o and by the way he is 5`11
Taylor said on 9/Jul/07
The Rowdy one was a shy of 6'2 at his peak. Today just below 6'1. 6'0.75.
Danimal said on 11/Jun/07
Roddy lost weight at that time so that he could become a hollywood star. That clearly never happened. He was on 'roids in the mid 80's (his words) and he weighed between 230-240 pounds in 1985-1986.
Matt_H said on 11/Jun/07
I met and watched Bret Hart and Roddy Piper while they were guests at Gold's Gym in Everett, MA in the late 1980's. My careful estimate was that Roddy was 6'2" tall and Bret was 6'0.5". The front half of Bret's shoulders were huge. Roddy was very quiet and looked simply like a laborer patron at a working class bar after work. He looked about 190 pounds. No mass or strength. "Not that there's anything wrong with it." And, I'm sure about the heights I gave.
Anonymous said on 20/May/07
I met Roddy Piper in his prime back in 1984, and I can attest that he was well over 6 feet back then. I am 5'10.5" barefoot and wore cowboy boots that day we met, and I was surprised how much taller than me he was! Easily 6'2" or more back then. I believe he lost a lot of height due to his many hip surgeries.
Halb said on 17/Feb/07
Hart has always been 5 ft 11 in.
hannah said on 9/Feb/07
Piper at his peak was 6'1 becasue her was the same height as Bret Hart & Bob Orton Jr. but now i'd say 5'11.
David said on 30/Jan/07
He seems about 2 inches taller than Mr T at WM1 who is 5'10', so 6'0' or maybe slightly taller seems about right in his prime
Halb said on 28/Jan/07
When was Roddy meant to have lost height? He barely looked taller than Bret Hart at WM12.
Chris said on 16/Jan/07
Roddy was actually wearing amateur wrestling shoes...So, in his defense, his shoes didn't have much heels....If you go to his official website - you might see some photos of him going to the doctor and I believe those shoes in the picture are the same ones he had on that day.
Alex said on 15/Jan/07
Piper looks under 6'0 for sure. That guy is 6'1.5 in sandals so he's maybe about 6'2 in them and Piper is in shoes that are going to give an inch or so. I'd say Piper was 6'0 back then and 5'11 today. I doubt he was over 6'0 even back then.
Chris said on 9/Jan/07
Well, all I can say is that I was sent the article, via email, by one of my reliable wrestling I still don't question it.
Being a fan and collector (and meeting him twice )of Roddy since 1981, I'm pretty confident in my knowledge about him. It's nothing personal, Rob...but my intentions were good when I sent in the first article. if anyone wants me to submit photos of Roddy next to certain wrestlers, just let me know and I will look through my collection of pics.
Chris said on 9/Jan/07
Hey Rob...what exactly do you mean by "I am left to think the worst"...I'm sure you are not saying I made up the line. I will try and find the source article and send you the reference.

[Editor Rob: I'm is the article on:, Yahoo News and Slam Sports. I can't see the line.]

Chris said on 8/Jan/07
Hey guys .... here's an interesting article regarding Roddy's height loss....Personally, being a fan of his for over 25 years I don't believe he ever stood 6'2"...I would agree to 6'0" though in his prime.

> Tue Dec 19, 1:18 PM ET
> TORONTO (CP) - For years, (Rowdy) Roddy Piper has insisted that, if
> not for the support of wrestling fans around the world, he would
> probably be dead.

> "This doctor put me on the slab, and it turned out, I had a bone about
> the size of a potato chip, and about that thin," said Piper. "And it
> was starting to cut the nerves inside my spine. My height decreased
> from 6'2"
> to just over 5'10". I have to wear special lifts now to maintain my
> image."

[Editor Rob: I'm sorry, but that article is on numerous sites and the part 'My height decreased...image' does not appear in the same article on any of,, etc...

I am left to think the worst!]
ralph said on 11/Nov/06
Chris looks very happy with Rowdy.
Jason said on 29/Oct/06
He was indeed barely (0.5-1'') taller than Bret Hart in 1992. I think he had his hip replacement in 1991, so he probably was 6'0'' in his prime. I seem to recall him being billed as 6'0'' way back when.
muta said on 9/Oct/06
If anybody remembers how Roddy used to look when he was working for Georgia Championship Wrestling, he stood tall, 6'2'' no doubt, but these days he is definitely looking 5'11'' to 6'0''
Danimal said on 12/Sep/06
Piper has lost A LOT of height as well. He used to be as tall as Vince.
supes78 said on 11/Sep/06
I'm always amazed when oldschool wrestlers come out of retirement to fight younger guys and you realize just how much height they've lost or never had as the case might be. I always thought Piper was a legit 6'2" but seeing his recent appearances in the WWE makes him look only around 5'10".
Texas Tom said on 7/Aug/06
Yeah Rod looks about 5-11 ish there to me. He's another one who noticeably shrank in recent years---hip replacement, shattered ankle in early 2002. In his prime I think he was an eyelash over 6 feet.

Was this pic recent? Gotta say, despite Roddy not looking terribly tall, it's the most robust and healthy I've seen him look in a while. In recent years, he's looked a bit haggard, pasty and flabby. In this pic, he looks tan and trim.

[Editor Rob: yes, Chris met him late july this year]
Paul said on 3/Aug/06
If Chris is wearing sandals and piper is wearing thick heeled shoes then there's another 1/2 to 1 inch difference between the two. Piper may not be fully erect, but his back looks fairly straight and only his head is leaning. Chris probably isn't stretched out as much as he could be either. He looks fairly relaxed.

Piper was certainly never 6'2". He's probably just shy of 6' these days.

Too bad we can't see the lower half of their bodies. Is Piper still wearing kilts?

Danimal said on 1/Aug/06
Piper is definitely not standing straight in that pic. Even still, I give him about 5'11"-5'11.5".
Editor Rob said on 1/Aug/06
Here is a picture of Chris who is 6ft 1.5, beside Roddy.
Anshelm said on 23/Jun/06
Next to Daivari (who in turn looked 5'9"/175 cm next to Kurt Angle) I'd reckon he's 5'11"/180 cm, maybe 6'/183 cm on a good day... OK, probably not. Yeah, Flair's not 6'1" – he's barely taller than Angle (5'10"/178 cm).

I think The Real Facts has got it pretty close, I'd say he's an inch off at the most. On the gyus I'm familiar, that is.
Jason said on 31/May/06
Piper went nose to nose with Bret Hart (5'10''-5'11'') at Wrestlemania 8 in 1992 and he was only slightly taller.
Jason said on 31/May/06
Tatanka 5'8''?? He looks 5'10-5'11'' to me.
The Real Facts said on 30/May/06
Piper 5' 11'' Flair is 5'10'' Benoit 5'9'' Cena 6 feet HHH 6'2'' Batista 6' 3'' Orton 6' 3'' Taker 6'7'' Kane 6'6'' Angle 5'10'' Big Show 6'10'' Sign 7 feet - Rey 5'3'' JBL 6'4'' Austin 6 feet Hogan 6'4'' (on a good day) Rock 6'3'' Booker T 6'1'' Snitsky 6'5'' Finley 5'8'' HBK 5'11'' Tatanka 5'8''
muta said on 6/May/06
I don't understand why people think Roddy Piper is not 6'1.5". Ric Flair is 6'1" and he is a little taller than Flair. Piper actually looked about 6'2" or 6'2.5" in his Georgia Championship Wrestling days. Piper looked to be about 3 to 4 inches shorter than Hogan when they stood face to face in WCW and Hogan's real height is 6'5" or 6'6", not 6'8" as he was billed all of his years in wrestling.
175-77cm17andgrowing said on 19/Apr/06
Well, some people said he'S 6'2'' but... you know, even if you believe Orton is 6'4'' (he's still a little bit shorter than the 6'4'' Edge) then I'd say Piper is about 6' if not a little smaller like... umm... 5'11.5''?
Johnny G said on 21/Mar/06
a few years ago I worked out with Roddy and we were the same height 6'1 - after a 2 hour workout with someone in front of mirrors you can tell -
TNTinCA said on 26/Feb/06
I happened to catch 'They Live' on my hi definition station a couple of nights ago. After looking at numerous scenes with Keith David and Roddy Piper together, I could have sworn Piper looked taller. Perhaps it was his boots but I believe Piper was 6'1" at a minimun. Perhaps closer to 6'2".
Jason said on 11/Jan/06 - pic 6 of gallery 5. 6'5'' Jim with Roddy Piper...

Roddy needs a downgrade!
Jason said on 16/Nov/05
jenns says on 24/Sep/05

Ah, that old gem. It's a frequent excuse used by wrestlers to explain why they're shorter than they're meant to be...
Michael said on 11/Oct/05
"I now remember that Keith David (a legitimate 6ft 2er) was in They Live and Piper looked nearly 2 inches the 6ft does sound about right...anyone remember that film?"

I have it on DVD, and David and Piper look about the same height to me. If there is a difference between them in that movie, it's less than an inch. I'd say Piper was at least 6'1" back then.
jenns said on 24/Sep/05

[Editor Rob: nice, that makes sense...]
CelebHeights Editor said on 30/Jun/05
My memory must be fading...I now remember that Keith David (a legitimate 6ft 2er) was in They Live and Piper looked nearly 2 inches the 6ft does sound about right...anyone remember that film?
John B said on 30/Jun/05
I have to say I agree, Piper is no way 6'2 he was standing next to Austin at this years Wrestlimania and he was a little shorter and Austin is ment to be 6'2 which we all know is not true and as I have read Pipers book he did say he was 6'1 and a half, I feel we are looking at a guy who is 5'11'' Look at Wrestlimania 1 Piper had a stare down with Mr T who is 5'10 that should open your eyes!
Enforcer said on 30/Jun/05
He was a couple inches taller than Mr. T @ Wrestlemania, but he always seemed quite a bit shorter than Hulk Hogan during their encounters (It just seemed the Hulk was around 6'6" in the day because of the way he towered over a lot of the other wrestlers). I'd say Roddy is around 6'.
Cycklops said on 29/Jun/05
No way. Hot Rod is around 6', but my memory is fuzzy.
Jason said on 29/Jun/05
My best estimate would be 5'11 1/2''. Possibly 6'0''. Powerslam, a UK wrestling mag with an insider's perspective, had his legit height as 6'0'' in a profile.

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