How tall is Akon

Akon's Height

5ft 10 ¼ (178.4 cm)

American singer known for songs like Lonely, Don't Matter and I Wanna Love You.

How tall is  Akon
Gwen Stefani & Akon
Photo © PopularImages / DepositPhotos

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Average Guess (55 Votes)
5ft 10.32in (178.6cm)
Almost 180cm guy said on 15/Oct/22
Certainly, this list is much better than the flat 5ft 10, though I see the arguments for a 5ft 10.5 at times. Here are some 2016 photos of Akon with Jimmy Jean Louis: Click Here Click Here Click Here
Akon looks a bit shorter than Jimmy but their footwear is different, Jimmy has the footwear advantage. In another shot, Akon even looks very similar to Jimmy's height: Click Here
And this is another photo of them from 2013: Click Here
Another situation where Akon had less shoes is his photos next to Mickey Rourke from 2012: Click Here Click Here Click Here
In some shots, Akon may look like he isn't even a half inch shorter than Rourke. In 2018, Akon met Boris Becker: Click Here Click Here
Boris didn't look even three inches taller than Akon. Finally, two photos of Akon and 50 Cent together from 2015: Click Here Click Here
I can't see the 1.5 inch difference between them. Rob, what is a chance of a 5ft 10.5 for Akon?
IceCold said on 2/Apr/22
What make you go from 1/8 listing to 1/4?
Editor Rob
closest 1/4 (or full inch) I feel is better in some cases than the odd random 1/8th.
Fida Khan said on 20/May/21
What do you think is his absolute low?
Fida Khan said on 9/May/21
Hey Rob,
How tall is he beside Don Omar here
Click Here
I feel your listing is absolutely perfect.
Editor Rob
Looks an inch taller
Almost 180cm guy said on 5/Jan/21
I think a full 5ft 10.25 is more reasonable than just 1/8 inch over 5ft 10. Here are a few more pictures of Akon alongside Hayden Christensen from 2014: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
I don't see a two inch difference here, although I do not rule out 6ft 0.25 for Hayden, Akon looked comfortable over 5ft 10 in this case. Rob, maybe an upgrade by 1/8 inch to 5ft 10.25 would be justified?
Gracian said on 10/Dec/18
Rob, I hope you looked at all the photos I sent earlier. I'm still asking you for an 1/4 inch upgrade for Akon. Look at him next to Nelly, he looks no less than two and a half inches taller than him:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Please, take a look at him next to Julianne Hough, she's wearing high heels and she has an advantage of hair over him and even with her heels and hair she looks at least 4 inches shortet than him:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Please, Rob, give him a 1/4 inch upgrade because the number 5'10.25" really looks more reasonable for him.
Editor Rob
I think a little over 5ft 10 is quite possible.
Gracian said on 7/Dec/18
I'm sure 5'10.25" would just be a better estimate for him! Here's one more picture of Akon next to Rihanna (Rihanna has a large advantage of heels and hair over him):
Click Here
Here, one more photo of Akon next to Rihanna from 2007, in this photo I also find Sarah Ferguson:
Click Here
Here you can see Akon next to Adrien Brody, taking into account that Brody has an advantage of hair over him I really do not see two inches difference between them:
Click Here
Rob, look at him next to Roselyn Sanchez, she looks a lot shortet than him despite the fact that she has a large heels advantage over him:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Here are the photos of Akon next to 50 Cent, if we take into account that 50 Cent is wearing a hat, Akon looks just 3 cm shortet than him:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
I really can't see Akon as low as flat 5'10". Rob, I hope you've seen all of his photos alongside other famous people I've sent before. Can you give him a 1/4 inch upgrade now?
Gracian said on 28/Nov/18
I think 5'10.25" would be better for him, Akon looks easily over two inches taller than Nelly and about 7 inches (if not more than 7 inches) taller than Jermaine Durpi:
Click Here
Here is a picture which is a good comparison Akon with Don Omar, Akon looks taller than him, despite the fact that Don has the advantage of shoes over Akon:
Click Here
Here are photos of Akon next to Rihanna, on which Rihanna has the advantage of a few inches of heels over him and she has an advantage of hair over him:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rob, 5'10.25" looks more believable to him. Please, give him a 1/4 inch upgrade.
Gracian said on 18/Nov/18
Rob, Akon does not look as low as the typical 5'10". Please, look at him next to Hayden Christensen:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Please note that Hayden has a hair advantage over Akon. Look also at their footwear, Hayden even has an advantage of shoes over Akon and I do not see even two inches between them. Rob, maybe 5'10.5" or at least 5'10.25" can be closer to truth for his height?
Editor Rob
10.25 has always been a figure he could measure.
Zampo said on 26/Oct/18
Possibly 5'10.25 but think the current listing is fine. Big ups to Akon (particularly regarding is energy providing project). "Locked Up" was a favourite, my mobile ringtone during 2005-06.
Gracian said on 11/Apr/18
I think Akon needs a category. Please, Rob, give him categories of American rappers. I have one more question for you... Rob, do you think that 5'10.25", 5'10.5" or 5'10.75" is possible for Akon? Certainly not a full 5'11", but flat 5'10" looks a little low for him.
Perez said on 13/Sep/17
Akon Height 175 Today
5'9 said on 2/Sep/17
David has a pretty obvious footwear advantage in the above pic.
lope said on 3/Jul/17
are you kidding? akon more than mesut??
177- mesut
176- akon (in football he is comparable to rooney)
ok said on 27/May/17
Similar to fif ..
Johnson said on 19/Feb/17
David Guetta with thick sneakers is as tall as Akon. I think Akon is taller than Guetta

Click Here
mike said on 11/Aug/16
No way is Akon 178cm if Wyclyf Jean is 180, he looked 4/5cm taller than him, i think Akon is 176cm, same goes for David Guetta.
Heylo said on 30/Jun/16
Thought he was much taller. 178 cm can look quite solid. Same with P. Diddy who also never really looked short to me.
joe joe said on 22/Mar/16
Rob I think this listing is pretty wrong. I've met Akon and had him at around 5'8/5'9
Clinton said on 12/Oct/15
I think this guy wears lifts, cos d'banj stands around 5'10 and he looks at least 1.5-2" Taller than akon in his new music video 'frosh'
Matthew said on 25/Jun/15
I think he's a solid 178. Possibly 179.
NNA said on 9/Dec/14
Rob Akon is not 5 feet 10 inches. He is probably 5'7 or 5'8. Look here when he is standing next to Shahrukh khan who is 5'6 to 5'7.

Click Here

I think you are being generous with many celebrities on your website.
Height182 said on 17/Nov/14
I thought Akon was a solid 5'11'' at first. He is a good 2 inches shorter than Chris Brown, so 5'10'' is correct.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
John86 said on 25/Aug/14
Akon is a strange one. Always struck me as a 5'8 guy, maybe even 5'7. Not sure what it is but he has 'short man' proportions. A mystery. But yes, he clearly is at least 5'10, but nevertheless it boggles my mind!
SaveUsY2J said on 23/Apr/14
Definitely nearer 5'11" than 5'10"
ajcf1995 said on 23/Jan/14
He appears to have a small head for his height.
MD said on 5/Dec/13
Guetta is standing even less straight than Akon is, too.
Ally said on 3/Dec/13
In this photo he looks exactly the same with Guetta,, and you have listed David at 177cm
Leung said on 2/Dec/13
He often looks close to 5'11", I think 5'10.5" would be an accurate height for Akon.
Mr. Sheridan said on 2/Dec/13
The6\\\' says: "HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHA!!!!! He's not 5'10, he looks like 5'9 near to wiz khalifa."
I quite agree with it.Rob,I guess you should see Let It Go by Wiz khalifa. You can definitely find akon good 6 inches shorter than 6'3.5 wiz khalifa.
ajcf1995 said on 1/Dec/13
nvm, the pic you posted with David says a lot. 5'10 is accurate.
anderson said on 13/Oct/13
hes definatley 5'11
The6\' said on 2/Oct/13
AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHA!!!!! He's not 5'10, he looks like 5'9 near to wiz khalifa.
Mathew said on 23/Aug/13
ajcf1995 says on 7/Aug/13
looked about 1.5 inches shorter than Frank Lampard. 5'10.5 seems more likely


Yeah I really think Akon is a guy who could actually use .25" - .5" upgrade. He looks a bit taller for 5'10".
ajcf1995 said on 7/Aug/13
looked about 1.5 inches shorter than Frank Lampard. 5'10.5 seems more likely
Mathew said on 25/Jun/13
He's 178 - 179 cm range, solid. He's a guy who could be just slightly taller than his listing. Definitely not over 180 cm though.
Dommy said on 9/Jun/13
Akon is more like in the 5 ft 10 to 5 ft 11 range.
Bakel said on 11/Apr/13
Yes 5ft11 minimum,
Here how 177cm Essien looks with Lampard: Click Here
mj said on 10/Mar/13
rob can he be 5'11...he is clearly 3 inches taleer than 5'8 shahrukh khan
AG said on 5/Mar/13
I wouldn't be surprised if he was measured like 182 cm in the morning and 180 cm in the night. This guy can't be under 180 cm, that's his minimum height i think. Every picture of him proves this.
ajcf1995 said on 31/Dec/12
Click Here
Johnnyfive said on 8/Dec/12
I dunno, maybe he's like Guy Pearce. A 5'10 guy who firmly stands his ground next to 6'1, 6'2 guys and who can look like a strong 5'11. Maybe he's 179 midday, 180 morning height, 181 out of bed?
LeBron6 said on 4/Dec/12
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Rob, take a look at these photos, I believe this is an under listing. He can't be under 5'11"
zee said on 1/Oct/12
he is 5'10 thats true
Reality said on 24/Jan/12
He's rather 5'11 than 5'10,he looks solid average and sometimes above average.
Mathew said on 23/Dec/11
I really think he could be 5'10.25" - 5'10.5".
jose said on 27/Nov/11
I saw him with jay leno and he looks in the range of 5'11.5-6'.
upol said on 17/Nov/11
looks 2-3 inches taller than shah rukh khan who is 5'8
j said on 12/Nov/11
i'm sure you had him at 5'11. why the change of heart? I'd say he would have to be a very strong 5'10 at night if he is 5'10.
Editor Rob
I've thought 5ft 10 was a fair guess for a while, I just not so sure 5ft 11 is nearer than 10 though.
LAN Jiao said on 26/Oct/11
5'10? he look so tall at victoria secret show as a guest singer like a 6'2 guy.. maybe his in lift, but my bet he could be 5'11
Mathew said on 20/Oct/11
I think 179 cm is probably a fair estimate for Akon.
Maxwell said on 13/Oct/11
Yeah, he's only around 1-1.5 inches shorter than Frank Lampard, who is 6'0.5" in the video below, so he has to be 5'11" min.
hereIam said on 9/Oct/11
Click Here

more like 1.80-82 cm
Howard5ft11in said on 23/Jul/11
Andy Samberg has a bigger head and hair than Akon, but Akon still looks about an inch taller, Andy is 5'9" - 5'9.5", and Akon is 5'10".
Red said on 25/Jun/11
I think he's more like 5'10.5"
Mesay said on 25/Jun/11
Searh in google, fat joe Akon, akon is 5'10 fat joe is 5'9 or a weak 5'10
leonari said on 17/Jun/11
Cool: Wtf? Get lost loser.
cool said on 15/Jun/11
wtf if akon is 5 10 then fat joe is also 5 10 just wtf the dude is 6 ft or 5 11
Mathew said on 6/Jun/11
He's a strong 5'10". Likely 5'10.25".
Aaron said on 24/Apr/11
2:10 in this video (live performance of "I Just Had Sex").
Click Here
Looks like Samberg is around the same height. Akon looks taller though, because he has longer legs.
mohammad said on 4/Apr/11
Lol, how is 178 cm tall? Perhaps in North koreans, it's average height in the western world and below average in some countries.
amir said on 28/Mar/11
he looks 180
hey said on 7/Mar/11
he looks really tall i say 5'11 and everyone who disagrees i really dont care
Sweeney said on 26/Feb/11
looks 176CM
SolidSnake said on 26/Feb/11
He is 5'10
But I just had sex, AND IT FELT SO GOOD!
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/11
If akon is 5 foot 10 that makes andy sanberg 5'9 and hes supposed to be 5 foot 10. so either akon is 5'11 and andy is 5'10 or andy is 5'9 and this is correct. Im going by the I just had sex video pause at 1:51
anon said on 30/Nov/10
Watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show, he looks like he's tiny compared to the angels, must be those 6in heels.
5'9 dude said on 24/Nov/10
I met akon once in Ohio, he got into an elevator with me and i was kinda star struck lol. Anyways i was very surprised that we were the same height. I always though he was like a 6'0 - 6'3 type of dude but he was exactly the same height as me. Im 5'9 and we were eye to eye.
Pamco said on 3/Nov/10
5'9-5'10 max
Konvict Caner said on 1/Nov/10
I think akon is 1.80 because i see concert
Mathew said on 17/Jun/09
I usually don't agree when people say to increase a celeb's listing. But in this case I'll say I would be for giving this guy an extra fraction up to 5'10.25" - 5'10.5". I saw him look about 5'11" next to a pic of a 5'9" kid I know. But if he's shorter than 50 cent (who is really only 5'11") he's just a bit more than 5'10" in my book.
Big King said on 11/Jun/09
well on one of the photos, akon reaches 6'0" with his shoes. he can only be a legit 5'11".
Ed said on 9/Jun/09
@ dcboy

"you dont wear shoes in Mugshots buddy. i know cause ive been to jail before. its not fun =/"

Not necessarily. Some Mugshots are in shoes because some police consider it "more accurate", since a criminal isn't going to be walking around in public barefoot.
kels said on 22/Mar/09
I grew up with Akon and we use to play basketball in NB# 6 school in Jersey city. I use to ask him all the time how tall are you when we played basketball in Pershing field park. Akon is 6'1.
Zula said on 16/Feb/09
Akon looks 5-11 at least with NFL player Vernon Davis who is 6-3. Click Here
RAZ said on 31/Jan/09
50 6'1 lol what a joke he is 5'11 in heels 5'10 id believe that maybe but 6'1 no way
Dee said on 18/Jan/09
if you look at the "i still will" music video akon is a tad bit shorter then 50 cent. 50 cent has been listed 6"-6"1. si akon is about 5'11
MacGyver said on 15/Jan/09
To the guy who mentioned comparing Akon with Snoop Dog. Snoop is a terrible celeb to compare against because he frequently wears 3-4 inch lifts. Did you ever see him when he was on TRL with Ashton Kutcher? He had 3 inches easy on Kutcher who is 6'2.5
Brent said on 8/Jan/09
he is 5'10 tops
wtf? said on 31/Dec/08
look at this video it is akons new song with lyrics written on the screen while theres a slideshow of pictures of akon and different people, but look at 1:52-1:58 where you see two pictures, one of akon & rihanna and one of akon & chris brown, these are the same pics you see from 3:42-3:50 although no footwear is shown he looks very similar in height to them dont you think? Click Here
J.J said on 7/Dec/08
he is a very strong 5'11" please change this immediately
Haze said on 8/Nov/08
a weak 5'10
Big_C said on 4/Nov/08
dc boy said on 7/Oct/08
D. Ray Morton says on 9/Aug/08
What kind of shoes was he wearing in that mugshot?

Always looked between 5'9" and 5'10" to me. Pretty short for a Wolof dude.

you dont wear shoes in Mugshots buddy. i know cause ive been to jail before. its not fun =/
Big King said on 21/Sep/08
Sorry, Akon looks six inches shorter than Perry, not five.
Big King said on 9/Sep/08
I watched these photos where Akon was in jail and the photos beside Perry. If Perry already stated his height as 6'6", Akon can only be 6' because Akon looked five inches shorter than Perry.
Big King said on 9/Sep/08
MD, Akon got measured with shoes on this photo.
Big King said on 8/Sep/08
I saw photos from Akon beside several 5'9" and 5'10" rappers. I changed my mind. Akon is around 5'11". Does someone know the song Ghetto from Akon?
Big King said on 7/Sep/08
Akon is 5'10" or 5'10 1/2" and Tyler Perry is almost 6'6".
Big King said on 4/Sep/08
I'm hasitating on Akon's height because he looks 8 inches shorter than Tyler Perry. I would give Akon 5'10 1/2".
Anna said on 17/Aug/08
I dont think he's 5'10.He looks kind of short to me.Maybe like 5'9.
BCC said on 11/Aug/08
Akon is more like 5ft9.25in(176cm)to me
D. Ray Morton said on 9/Aug/08
What kind of shoes was he wearing in that mugshot?

Always looked between 5'9" and 5'10" to me. Pretty short for a Wolof dude.
Terry said on 9/Aug/08
Hey, i saw Akon on 193rd. i say he looked about 5'6"
MD said on 8/Aug/08
He's standing a bit closer to the camera in the shot. It's pretty clear if he'd have been against the wall, that we'd see a more accurate height. Anyway, 5'10" looks about right.

Mugshots/akonmug1.html" target="_blank">Click Here
Big T said on 8/Aug/08
In his mugshot taken this year against a height chart, Akon is exactly 6' in shoes (it's at the smoking gun, but I can't be bothered linking atm cos my net is so slow)

It's quite possible, then, that he may be a little taller than 5'10"
steve said on 31/Jul/08
akon is for sure not 5'11 he look so small with snoop dog i say 5'9.5
Mars said on 13/Jul/08
He is 5' 10" for sure. How do I know this? I met him and he is exactly as tall as me.
BCC said on 7/Jul/08
WTF he's less than 176cm 5-9.5"in
violet said on 7/May/08
his background is senegalese
as mel gibsons background is australian
the only reason they are not refered to as american's is simply because of there backgrounds
MD said on 28/Mar/08

He was actually born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA to immigrant Senegalese parents, but they returned to Senegal soon after he was born. He came of age in Senegal, so I think you can make an argument either way. This is much in the same way Mel Gibson is called both an Australian actor, despite being born in America, and at times is simply called an American.
Sall said on 28/Mar/08
It says Senegalese singer but i thought he's an American who originates from Senegal? Isn't that different. I'm sure alot of Americans originate from somewhere.
Ishan said on 25/Mar/08
hez perfect 5'10 or may be 5'10.5.....

ma frnd has got a pic. wid him n' he iz 6'0....

akon luks like 2 inches shorter den him....
brother_h said on 21/Mar/08
well wy cleff jean is 5'11 and hes taller.
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/08
Akon is not short at all, I think that he is 6'0 or 6'1.
chris175 said on 18/Feb/08
5-10 or possibly 5-10.5 minimum for this guy, he has a great posture and physique, bromikey i agree that he could be 5-11
bromikey said on 17/Feb/08
i sayt that akon is about 5'11"
brother_h said on 18/Jan/08
eminem is more like 5'7 or 5'6 he is dwarfed by akon
GSP said on 17/Jan/08

your mom is 6'5??
asshat said on 22/Dec/07
AUBREY says on 10/Mar/07
I Think Eminem s hight is 5,9 hes not that tall hes not cause Im only 13 years old and im already 5,7 tall both my parents is about 6,5 i saw him already in the concert hes perfect for me hes not tall and not short

umm were talking about akon, not eminem and there is no way in hell eminem is 5'9" cause im 5'11" an im like a ****ing foot taller than him
Anonymous said on 21/Dec/07
I'd say 5'10" - 5'10.5"... there's a lot of photos of JoJo circulating, but she's only about 5'4" so he can't be all that tall...
Game said on 7/Dec/07
Click Here

looks about 6 ft w/ shoes i'm assuming
Big T said on 26/Nov/07
He looks very similar in height to 50 Cent in their new video
lauren said on 6/Nov/07
hey i met akon and went to luch with him (not a date just because i won this contest and got tickets) and i asked him how tall he is and he said 5'11 i didnt believe him because he didnt seem that much taller than me and am only 5'5 but yea he let us measure him and he is a solid 5' 11
GLover said on 29/Oct/07
No! Akon looks exactly like a 5 ft 10 tall man. The photo with Tyler Perry shows, that Akon is about 7 inches shorter than Perry.
Anonymous said on 28/Oct/07
he maybe around 5'11 to 6' even me a 5'10 look much shorter than him
K.C. said on 21/Jun/07
im not sure i think hes hes taller than 5'10 i met him in concert , im only 5'9 he seemed like 6'0 standing next to me.
Sierra said on 4/May/07
Am really and love with you Akon's you can call me some time when you have time for me my number 233-1290 call me
G-unit said on 1/Apr/07
He's not 5'10. He's 5'11-5'11½
CoolJ said on 28/Mar/07
Saw him on Idol.. 5'10 looks about right.
gg said on 14/Mar/07
he's taller than roberts, and his head is not tiny!
Derek said on 13/Mar/07
Rob, why did you downgrade him? Akon is taller than Chamillionaire and Glenn has a picture with Chamillionaire that shows he's around 5'10". I think 5'11" is Akon's correct height.
Viper said on 12/Mar/07
MD, it seems to me that Tyler Perry only has a couple of inches on 6-1 Barry Bonds in pictures. Im really doubting that Perry is a legit 6-5.
MD said on 11/Mar/07
With 6'5" Tyler Perry. I chose these photos, because it's the only one where you can see footwear to judge:

Click Here

Click Here
AUBREY said on 10/Mar/07
I Think Eminem s hight is 5,9 hes not that tall hes not cause Im only 13 years old and im already 5,7 tall both my parents is about 6,5 i saw him already in the concert hes perfect for me hes not tall and not short
Dave said on 1/Mar/07
I've seen Akon in his timberlands and he looks about 3 inch shorter than me when I'm wearing Nike 95's and I'm 6'2 so in the same shoes he's a solid 5'10 maybe close to 5'11. Definitely not as short as I thought he was
david said on 27/Jan/07
I don't think that akon is 5ft10 cuz in the video clip with eminem akon looks smaller i think he's 5 ft 6 or 5 ft 7 cuz eminem is 5 ft 8
Derek said on 14/Jan/07
Akon is taller than Chamillionaire so he has to be at least 5'11".
Scarlet said on 13/Jan/07
I thought he was the same as Eric Roberts in Smack That
albi said on 13/Jan/07
Just saw "Smack That" with Eric Roberts. There is a part where they both enter the club with a girl between them and the camera fully in front of them with no possibility of distortion. He was 2-3 cm shorter than Roberts.
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/06
Wow! 5-10.....he looked over 6 ft for me. And it was also difficult to imagine he was 5-10 when I saw it here, but not after seeing "I want to f*** you" with snoop dogg.

He has a very tiny head, so we all thougth he had a normal head an a big body instead of a tiny head and a normal body. It's all about proportions...XD
xaoxio said on 1/Dec/06
yeah, I was going to write the same: 5'10" and not an inch taller.
MD said on 19/Nov/06
He may very well be half-an-inch or an inch below 5'10". That is why he can look 5'11" in big boots. I'm guessing 5'9"-5'9.5" for him.
Derek said on 22/Sep/06
Click Here

Akon is to the left of Chamillionaire. He's a little taller so 5'11" sounds spot on.
John Doe said on 11/Aug/06
Akon is a stick. (im not saying he is but) He easily LOOKS 6-foot-3. There's no way of knowing unless he said it, or somebody seen him in real life and made an estimate.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 28/Apr/06
Always seemed 5'10 to 5'11 to me
Darren R. said on 23/Jan/06
Some of these comments are unbelievable! I reckon Akon is a good 5'11", he certainly looked it on the awards show I saw him on late last year (T4 I think).
Marianna said on 13/Dec/05
i aslso say akon at his party and he sort of looked like 5'9"
Blewz said on 28/Oct/05
Akon is 6 foot because I'm 5'11" and he is a few inches taller than me. We have been best friends for 11 years, I'm on the Longest yard soundtrack with him.
MD said on 14/Oct/05
As many have pointed out, his favorite footwear seems to be boots (Timberland's, to be exact). I would suspect 5'9" barefoot.
ez said on 10/May/05
yeh i suppose thats about right J, its just i saw him in this gig, he came down to us and i could pretty much see his hair pattern on the top of his head. So i think about 5'8- 5'9 without the timberlands, however he definately wasnt short, like i expected...
J. said on 5/May/05
When I saw Akon at that party that I mentioned below, he was standing by the bar. He had on Timberland boots and did look close to 5'11" but he was skinnier than I imagined so he could be shorter.
ez said on 4/May/05
hmmm im not sure about that J, im 174cm 5.8 and he was pretty much my height
J. said on 3/Apr/05
I saw Akon earlier this year at a party. I'd say 5'11" maybe. I actually was expecting him to be slighty shorter.

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