How tall was Chyna

Chyna's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American Wrestler Joanie Laurer.

How tall is chyna
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I'm genetically a big woman. I'm 5ft 10...My sister is 6 foot tall and she's corn-fed as well.

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Average Guess (31 Votes)
5ft 9.32in (176.1cm)
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 19/Feb/21
She can’t have been just 5’9 flat
albino said on 17/Dec/20
At her peak 6 ft tall and almost as big and vigorous as HHH. But then she lost everything, muscles, strength, even her height.
6'3 Julian said on 3/Sep/20
I would guess 5’9.25”-9.5”. I’d imagine she looks around 160 pounds or so, maybe 165
Estim8r said on 2/Jul/20
As tall, or t least almost as tall, as Shawn Michaels
JohnMoore-162cm said on 28/May/20
She's 5ft8 nothing more , trust me
cullen said on 26/Jun/19
Atleast 4 inches taller than eddie
bliss said on 24/Jun/19
5'11 atleast
mohammad said on 25/Jan/19
Good listing , to me she looks 70 kg
Henry said on 12/Jan/19
Rob, Chyna needs a major upgrade.
She stands almost eye to eye with Kristen Johnston.
Kristen has a footwear advantage with thick soled boots as well.
I see a 1 to 1.5" height difference max.
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tree said on 3/Aug/18
5ft9 max check her out with 5'10 Angle Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/18
5ft9-10 range, IMO. Was easily 3in taller than Stephanie
Lkk said on 17/Mar/18
174cm but in boots but was above 5'9
Hhh said on 17/Dec/17
100% 5’11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/17
5ft8 is a joke nevermind 5ft7. I still think 5ft9 flat is undercutting her
5'2 said on 7/Dec/17
She is 173 cm with shoes and 170 cm without shoes
andre said on 15/Aug/17
she was 173 with shoes
even said on 17/Jul/17
5 foot 9 and a minimum 160 pounds
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Apr/17
I think 5ft10 was closer
heightchecker34 said on 5/Apr/17
Hard to tell, always looked around the 5'9-5'10 mark, although she often claimed 178 cm. She wore often times boots and heels, so it would be difficult to tell. She did look around the 175 cm with Triple H during their relationship as well as wrestling days. Not to mention, a bit shorter than 5'10 Sean Waltman (X-Pac). Nonetheless, RIP to the Ninth Wonder of the World! She really revolutionized wrestling with her muscular frame and proved you do not have to be skinny model to make it in the industry.
Strong 5ft9 said on 3/Apr/17
Just saw the last moments of December 22, 1997 of Raw is War. Where she's standing next with Shawn and Triple H, all wearing boots. She's got to be at least 5'8". Shawn towered over her with a pretty noticeable difference got to be at least 3 inches taller if he was 5'11 at the time and Triple H is completely taking the whole cake with that one. Click Here. The 2nd photo was where she was standing her tallest. In my opinion, she's probably 5'8.5" maybe.
Sarah said on 25/Mar/17
175 or 176. Always looked above 5'9
J.Lee said on 20/Nov/16
Rob did you know she was listed at 6 foot tall on Google?
Editor Rob: no J.Lee, but it probably originated from wwe listings of her?
Doink said on 12/Aug/16
Sean "X-Pac" Waltman (her boyfriend for several) said on Steve Austin's podcast Click Here yesterday that she was "5-9".
anonnnn said on 12/Aug/16
Just heard a clip of steve austin and sean Waltman podcast talking about china's height. Austin referred to as 5'8" and Waltman said about 5'9". I think she was about 5'8.5"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jun/16
Chyna - 178cm
Triple H - 189cm
bodwaya said on 4/May/16
this video shows kurt has 1 inch on her she must shrunk 5 foot 9
bodwaya said on 29/Apr/16
If youtube video of her and Kurt angle who you claims is same height chyna he looks taller did chyna shrink
Chris said on 27/Apr/16
Why is everyone's thought process - "well he's 1 inch shorter than he claims, so the women standing next to him must also be lying about her height as well"

Logic should tell you that it's more likely that Triple H probably is 6'4 and Chyna actually was 5'10.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Apr/16
He was been billed 6ft2 by WWF. I'd definitely buy that if he's as to appear near 6ft3 w/h Chyna. I think he was a bit taller than Vince McMahon also. I think 5ft10 or thereabouts is ok for Chyna. I wouldn't have guessed as low 5ft9.

BTW Rob, you do know that she died a few days ago?
Editor Rob: yes, it's why it now says 'how tall was', eventually I will update all those who have passed to show it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Apr/16
He was been billed 6ft2 by WWF. I'd definitely buy that if he's as to appear near 6ft3 w/h Chyna. I think he was a bit taller than Vince McMahon also
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Apr/16
Rob, how tall would you say this guy is?

Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: you'd think over 6ft 3 in that photo, although chyna might be 5ft 9 and standing like a 5ft 7-8 women maybe 6ft 2
Flairbots said on 31/Jan/16
5'8" 1/2 tops
Flairbots said on 29/Jan/16
I saw her a handful of years ago. At first I thought it couldn't be her because I expected her to be bigger and taller but than an admirer went up to her to ask for a picture. I'm 6'1 an I had like 5 inches on her.
Danimal176 said on 9/Jan/16
FIVE NINE said on 25/Oct/15
Saw her today at a convention. Absolutely 5' 10". Ok, maybe 5'9" 1/2.
tres said on 5/Apr/15
5'8 flat
5'10 to 5'11 heels
Guy B said on 10/Sep/14
Well, she's around the same height as Chris Jericho, maybe even a little shorter, so I'll put her at 5'8 or 5'9"
tiny said on 27/Apr/14
Chyna is 5'9" & weighs 175 lbs
Melo said on 3/Aug/13
um no Peyman-6ft, how the hell is she (chyna)5"8 and tyga is 5"8 GTFO
Peyman-6ft said on 10/Feb/13
actually chyna is 5ft 8.5in & lita is 5ft 6in
Peyman-6ft said on 23/Jan/13
no way
she was at least 7inches shorter than Billy gunn
I'd go with 5'8.5'' & any thing above 5'7'' for lita is a joke.
saleem said on 17/Aug/12
lita was an inch shorter than chyna..but she was very slim so she looked tall while chyna had a broad body..
Jake T. said on 22/May/11
When she was with DX Triple H had 4 inches on her but I'm not sure about 5'10 today. Now she looks 176 cm or 5'9.25 specially after seeing her appearing on TNA.
Vegas said on 5/May/11
looks about 6 inches shorter than mick foley in the photos of her appearance on last nights impact taping, will have to wait a week or so to see the video
mememe said on 23/Feb/11
holly wow i thought she was like 5'0
Clay said on 27/Dec/10
Eddie was 5'7.5, rest his soul.
linke said on 21/Nov/10
danimal I think barefoot you'll be atleast 0.5 taller.My guess for her is 176 cms.She claims 5'11 these days.
Cara H said on 19/Nov/10
Chyna is 5'10, she stated this when she was on John Leno, and also Eddie Guererro (RIP) was 5'8 and Chyna was easily a good 2 inches taller than him. So yes Chyna is 5'10.
Danimal said on 30/Apr/09
She was between 5'9" and 5'10" and was 200 pounds in the offseason when she was a bodybuilder. She's MY height and had some serious size to her in the late 90's.
Ramona said on 18/Mar/09
Kristen Johnston 6'0"
Elizabeth 6'0"
Joanie Laurer 5'10"
Ramona 6'1"
I'm 6'1" but weigh 155. I believe in the long run watching your weight is more vital than carrying added weight. I may not be muscular like my cousin Liz, or Chyna, but i'm slim like Kristen (Sally) 3rd Rock.
Elizabeth D. said on 17/Mar/09
I myself once weighed 200 lbs, at 17. I peaked at 208 in my senior year in high school in 1989. Unlike Chyna though, I happen to be a legit 6 feet tall. I wonder how much she bench presses though. One thing for sure, we both put our time in the gym. I work out two hours daily five days a week. I'll admit I may not always eat right but I'm serious in my workouts, I don't come in to the gym to chit chat.
Danimal said on 5/Mar/09
Vegas says on 4/Mar/09
Click Here

her bodybuilding stats

And she went up to 200 pounds offseason and looked it.
Vegas said on 4/Mar/09
Click Here

her bodybuilding stats
Jlee said on 18/Oct/08
Oh rob, I question this one. Because she was on 3rd rock from the sun and looked slightly shorter than harry aka french stewart, in a few different scenes. And he is five foot ten. Cindy crawford was in an episode and looked almost the same as Harry. And she is not listed five ten. So I think chyna would be a little shorter than crawford. I would say she is in the five foot nines.
Joe said on 30/Jul/08
how wrong is ola!? she's definitely 5'10. she towers many women.
Honey said on 13/Jun/08
Yesterday i saw another amazon wonan i.e afrika.My height is 5'11 and of 210 pounds and i was surprised to see that shd was more than my size .she had also a wrestling with a man in which she squeezed him whole over ring.That's the real female.
MK said on 31/May/08
Honey says on 30/May/08
Whats about the height of lita.I think she is 5'6 as she is 2 inches shorter than chyna.but due to muscular and broad body of chyna ,and slim body of lita chyna looks way taller than her

Saw Lita 2 years back in Dublin, she definitely did not look slim ;), nor do any of the 'divas' these days, well built is a better description, she did look 5'7'' to me though.
Honey said on 30/May/08
Whats about the height of lita.I think she is 5'6 as she is 2 inches shorter than chyna.but due to muscular and broad body of chyna ,and slim body of lita chyna looks way taller than her
Honey said on 29/May/08
When there is any mtch btween male and female ,if the winner is male match is forgotton but if the winner is female match is remembered for lot of time.chyna has lost 80% of her fights with males but then also she is known as male dominant.She does not hesistate to face males but it doesn't mean she can beat each male.We have taken coaching from same wrestling institute and its true that she has lost 18 matches from 20 with males and 1 was with me in which i defeted her in 49 sec
Honey said on 28/May/08
What's going on.Chyna's height is not more than 5'8.1/2 inches as i have met her twice.My height is 5'11 and she was shorter than me by 3 inches and she z approx of weight 160 kg.
supes78 said on 9/May/08
It seems that the last link that I posted of Chyna and 6 foot Kristen is dead so here is another link;
Click Here
supes78 said on 1/May/08
Chyna facing off with 6 foot tall Kristen Johnson from Third Rock From the Sun;
Click Here
Kevin said on 25/Mar/07
She was weighed to be 165-170 during her prime (1999-2003). But on Jay Leno s he did say she was 196 which is alot heavier. I wonder if the WWF didnt allow her to admit she wasn't 200 lbs as they billed her.
Anshelm said on 3/Nov/06
Correction to some earlier claims: density of fat is 0.9 times water, muscle is 1.06 – thus 1.18 times heavier than fat (NOT 2.5). So not that big a difference, but the fact that one is lighter than water and the other heavier may be of some significance. Click Here
Alex said on 31/Oct/06
I do remember HHH had between 4-5 inches on her.
Jason said on 24/Oct/06
I've read her real height is 5'9''. Maybe she's 5'9 1/2''.
Kevin said on 22/Oct/06
She's actually just barely 5'10'' and weighed when first coming into wrestling 209 lbs, during her height of her carreer between 99-2002 she weighed 165-170lbs and today is believed to weigh 150 lbs
Starwars23 said on 26/Aug/06
actually cycklops she was measured as 5'10" I rmember that for a fact, becasue I thought she was 6' and I noticed she was only 5'10", please dont lie again you tend to do that with the wrestlers
Danimal said on 8/Aug/06
Larry, you seemed very knowledged about the human anatomy. Is it possible that Hulk Hogan really lost the 3" he claimed, seeing he had his hips replaced, his neck fused, his knees replaced several times, as well as numerous back surgeries?
Larry said on 8/Aug/06
TNTinCA - Yep: precisely! :-) And yellow fat weighs less than red or brown (vascularized) fat. Humans have two basic types of fat. 5 lbs of yellow fat is much more tissue than 5 lbs of ANY type of muscle. It IS density. Thus a relatively muscular individual can look smaller in mass than an individual of the same WEIGHT who has more fat. Also, fat & muscle are of different types in different species of mammals. For example, a polar bear will routinely lose half it's body weight & then regain it during different seasons. It's almost uncanny.
TNTinCA said on 8/Aug/06
5 lbs of fat versus 5 lbs of muscle will of course weigh the same. The issue is relative density; i.e. mass over volume. With muscle being far denser than fat, fat occupies a larger volume by relative weight.
Alex said on 6/Aug/06
If you put 5lbs of fat on the scale and 5lbs of muscle on the scale its going to weigh the same still though.
Larry said on 4/Aug/06
In humans, musle tissue weighs about 2.5 times an equivalent volume of fat (yellow, non-vascular).
Danimal said on 4/Aug/06
You also have to take into account Alex, that muscle can also be lean and cut, vs. more massive. For example: Pics of Arnold at 250+ pounds back in the day, when he was HUGE (very massive) and he had little to no fat on his body, YET, he carried around all that weight, compared to his 240+ pounds of leaner muscle he carried on stage (1974 Mr. Olympia). These pro-bodybuilers in the offseason virtually have a non-existant bodyfat count, YET, they are 300+ pounds. Come competition, their bodyfat may be slightly less, YET, they are cut and striated. My point is, muscle alone won't give the illusion of size, seeing a guy with lean muscle, which will weigh more than a tub of lard, may not look larger (until he takes off his shirt that is ;)
Alex said on 4/Aug/06
Danimal, thats very good at that weight to have low body fat. Those 2 friends I posted who are 330lbs and 350lbs each are just all fat so they may not even look that heavy because of that. They say muscle weighs more than fat I know. Really its the same weight just someone muscle will appear bigger. For example you got 2 guys 6'2 and one weighs 280lbs or fat while the other is 250lbs of muscle. The 250lb guy will appear bigger.
Danimal said on 4/Aug/06
My Step-bro is about 6'6" and I'd say about 340 pounds, if not more. He could be 375-380 pounds for all I know and he has little to know fat on him. He was like 6'3" and 290 pounds at 14 years old. He's always been huge.
Alex said on 2/Aug/06
I wouldn't say really impressed as I am actually worried for both of them and want them to join a gym and lose a lot of weight to get healthier. I just talk about them to compare to other people's heavy friends.
Alex said on 2/Aug/06
Danimal,How big is your step brother?
Danimal said on 2/Aug/06
I read 201 pounds. Alex, you're really impressed by your 2 friends, huh? You haven't seen my
Alex said on 2/Aug/06
I remember something about her saying she was 197lbs?
Alex said on 1/Aug/06
Danimal, you're a personal trainer? I am pretty good at judging weight too but you're probably a little more better than me.

By the way did you ever see those 2 pics of my heavy friends I posted. I posted their height/weight but would you have guessed that weight before I said anything?
TNTinCA said on 1/Aug/06
At her peak, she was on the Leno show once and she said her weight was 196 lbs. I can believe that based on her height. I am an avid body builder myself and also stand 5'10". During my more intense training days, I would usually hover around the 200 lb mark with roughly the same level of muscularity as Chyna.
To be honest though, she looks substantially better now. Still muscular but more feminine.
Danimal said on 1/Aug/06
Alex, for someone who is 5'9"-5'10" and having had the size she had, she was over 200 pounds. There is no doubt in my mind about that. I have trained many large people in my life. I'm a pretty good judge of weight.
Alex said on 31/Jul/06
She looked 190-200lbs at her biggest.
Danimal said on 31/Jul/06
She definitely was over 200 pounds at her heaviest. I give her 5'9". She also had her jawbone shaved down to the size it's at now.
Nolifts81 said on 31/Jul/06
Yes She is 5'10"!
Cycklops said on 30/Jul/06
On Celebrity Boxing she was measured/weighed at 5'9" 170.
Alex said on 30/Jul/06
TNT, yea I remember her first few years there she was very manly then got the implants which made her look more like a woman since before that she had a very small chest that was muscular like a man. I can believe she had surgery since she started to look more like a woman.
Rakesh said on 30/Jul/06
I've seen chyna once before...Nd she ws wearin 3 inch heels.. I m bout 5ft 6in...
Nd she completely dwarfed me.. she could've beaten da hell outta me...
Alex said on 29/Jul/06
DJ, I wouldn't say almost but she def wasn't far off HHH's size. That is when she was pretty big and he was at his leanest before he bulked up more.
TNTinCA said on 29/Jul/06
She always indicated that she was 5'10".

With regards to her muscularity, that was due to prolific steroid usage. If you look at earlier footage of Joanie, her chin and facial features were very manly. So much so, she had corrective surgery on those areas. Usually, facial changes in women are the result of usage of steroids and growth hormone.
D.J. said on 28/Jul/06
5'10 is right. Chyna is tall and very muscular. At one point, she was almost as big as HHH.
Alex said on 28/Jul/06
I totally agree with this one. She was billed at 6'0 a lot in WWE though but I did see magazines with her listed at 5'9 or 5'10. She looks 5'10 though. Was def a good 3-4 inches shorter than HHH. Also on surreal life she was just a bit shorter than 5'10.5-5'11 Adrienne Curry.

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