How tall is Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler's Height

5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm)

American actress and former professional wrestler told Playboy magazine that "I do like tall guys. I'm 5'11", so I want to be able to wear the shoes and the heels I like.". She also claimed in a Maxim clip "My legs are 41 and a half inches long".

Stacy with George Clooney
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (52 Votes)
5ft 10.46in (179cm)
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 20/Mar/21
She looks like a taller Sally Phillips
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 12/Mar/21
5’10.9 cause she edges Clooney
Leesheff85 said on 29/Dec/20
Mimi macis mum would in no way be 5ft 8 or 9 more like 5ft 4-5 looks average at best makes me think mimi is 2 to 3 inches shorter than whatever height she claims she is
Nik Ashton said on 16/Oct/20
Rob and Nik don’t care what shoes and heels she wears!
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 14/Oct/20
I don't think I've ever seen someone with a head that small compared to their height. She probably has a 1:10.5 head to height ratio (meaning you can fit 10.5 of her heads to her height), based on the pic.
Editor Rob
I mean that particular tik-tok I linked to did have the camera ground level to make herself look even more astronomically tall.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 12/Oct/20
What's the name of the girl? Not only is she a giantess, but her proportions are crazy as well. She could literally pass as being legit 8 feet tall standing alone, lol.
Editor Rob
Tik Tok Maci Curren
Rajiv roy said on 12/Oct/20
@ rob paul, i saw that girl on youtube. She claimed 6 foot 9 . I think she is 6 foot 8.5 inches early afternoon
Editor Rob
yeah she is probably going to look even taller in person due to her frame.
Mimi said on 11/Oct/20
Wow, that girl who is 6ft10 how tall do you think is the lady (assuming her mom) besider her? 5ft8? 5ft9?
CSKA said on 10/Oct/20
A question Rob! When you say how tall are your legs, is it up to ending of lower body or just inseam?
BTW she is a legit 5" 10.5".
Editor Rob
When I'm talking about inseam, it's to the crotch from floor...but the outseam is a common figure given in articles when talking about female legs, as the figure is obviously several inches longer.

See this girl who is 6ft 10, her legs are some of the longest I've seen Click Here.
6'3 Julian said on 21/Aug/20
Yeah right ‘long legs@ she’s clearly 4’8.5 and 53 pounds but she’s on stilts
Nik Ashton said on 25/Jun/20
She’s very towering and the average guess for Stacy Keibler is higher than the average guess for George Clooney! 👌!
Lakheswar Saikia said on 25/Mar/20
5'10.5 and 130lbs
Lakheswar Saikia said on 9/Mar/20
5'10.5 😪
Nik Ashton said on 17/Oct/19
It would be great to see them together with neither of them having any footwear advantage!
Nik Ashton said on 16/Oct/19
It’s great she is pictured with George Clooney!
LDS said on 27/Jul/19
I agree with Erik below. I just watched some older matches on the WWE Network and one of them was a Test match with Stacy ringside. She wasn't much shorter than Test with heels on.
Erik Madrigal said on 6/May/19
She's definitely 5'11. When she was with Test who was like 6'5, Stacy in her heels didn't looked reallu short to Andrew Martin 'Test'
Divalovro said on 27/Feb/19
She towered over the divas in wwe in her prime and looks very tall I would say 5ft11-5ft11.5
mohammad said on 25/Jan/19
Her height = 179 cm , Her weight = 59 kg
Mr. Gadong said on 4/Dec/18
5ft 10.75

She is about as tall as my morning height, & I'm still growing taller.
Tunman said on 1/Nov/18
Despite what she said above,she ended married to a man shorter than herself.Heyhey I guess that finding somebody interesting is more important than fulfilling the pleasure of wearing heels,am I wrong?
mika said on 9/Jul/18
Hi rob.Stacy is the same height as me.How tall Stacy in these heels?
Click Here
Editor Rob
She would measure probably 6ft 1 1/2 inch range
Xpac99 said on 23/Jun/18
Click Here
5 ft 10 1/2 seems too much for stacy comprared to this pic
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Jun/18

Are you a woman or a man? Because men and women have different body proportions. (women have longer legs than men at the same height on average)
Dwardy95 said on 17/Jun/18
She’s 5’11”, she said from her hip to the floor her legs are 41.5 inches long. So it’s not her inseam. Torrie Wilson is 5’9”, and when Stacy is stood next to her she’s clearly taller. Just watch their classic bikini contests and you’ll see the difference. Her legs are very long probably slightly longer than mine. My inseam is 34” and I’m 5’10” so she’s probably a 36” inseam. She’s 5’11” and claims she is the height she is. Her legs are worth millions so she could have easily told the media that she’s 6’0” but she didn’t. She’s also a woman so if she had any insecurity with her height she could have said she’s 5’10”. So I think it’s pretty legitimate that she’s 5’11”.
even said on 15/Jun/18
out of bed = 180 cm , after a long day = 178 cm , throughout the day = 179 cm
Paulpaul said on 12/Jun/18
Need downgrade
EthanCouch said on 24/May/18
How tall is she with heels Rob?
Editor Rob
Anywhere from 6ft 1-3 is possible, depending on just how thick they are.
Interval said on 6/Mar/18
Rob at 5 ft 10 1/2, is it possible she ever drops a fraction below that later in the day or on a bad day? Or does she always stay above it?
Interval said on 26/Jan/18
Rob how much taller does Stacy look in this pic with George Clooney? Click Here

My impression is that it looks like she's towering him. His shoes probably give him an inch as well. Let me know what you about the pic.
Editor Rob
He can look close to 3 inches smaller.
JJStyles said on 14/Jan/18
Rob she is in her 30's how can that make her shrunk already?
Editor Rob
Maybe in late 40's she will shrink a little, as some women by that age can lose height. In her late 30's maybe she's still roughly same height as her 20's.
hardguy said on 15/Oct/17
5ft 10.74in (179.79cm)
even said on 17/Jul/17
5'10.5" . she must weigh around 140 pounds
VR said on 10/Jul/17
My guess is 5'10-5'11. Girls are so particular about heights. I was at a wedding a few years ago and the three girls in our van/bus thing including my date all told their heights to the 1/2 inch. I think 2/3 were lying on the shorter side. It's weird because shorter ones say they are taller and taller say shorter. Amazing.
Peter175 said on 22/Jun/17
I don't think her Husband is more than 5'8
Ajax said on 9/Jun/17
NPH clearly has at least one inch of height on her in HIMYM. She's 5ft10.5in tops.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 8/Apr/17
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/17
I've got 39in!


When she said 41 and a half, she was talking about her leg length, not her inseam.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 1/Dec/16
5'10 and his husband 5'8.25
heightchecker34 said on 20/Jul/16
I could easily believe the 5'11 claims... but I believe Rob and will settle in the 5'10 territory. I believe for a woman, anything taller than 5'10, you really start to stick out. Stacy sticks out for a variety of reasons haha! I miss her in WWE... she was one sexy diva! Interesting that she married a shorter man, give us shorties some hope! (I'm 5'9)
Dave said on 26/Apr/16
She married a guy 3 inches shorter than her but he's a multimillionaire so that added to his height.
Jason said on 22/Oct/15
She is not 5' 11. She was the same height as cindy crawford. Who is 177cm. Stacy must be in the 5'9-5'10 range
JKE 168 cm said on 8/Aug/15
Interesting that she said that she prefers taller guys but then ends up marrying a guy a couple of inches shorter.
Jason said on 7/Aug/15
@Fray not a solid full 5' 11. Little bit underthat
Fray said on 6/Aug/15
She is most definitely 5'11". For a campaign (that her publicist canceled a week before shooting), we had to lengthen all pants 2' longer than our regular models since she has abnormally long legs.
leggyblueyze said on 7/May/15
I'm 5'10, 145 lbs. My inseam is 36' and my legs are 45". I saw George Cloony at a restaurant in Beverly Hills around 1998. I was there for a company Xmas company. I was wearing flats and walked by George Clooney and I felt like I towered over him. I guessed that day that he was 5'8 maybe 5'9. I could see the top of his head. I think he lies about his height. Stacy is always way taller than him in every pic I've seen posted of him. In my adult life, I've found that the majority of guys under 6' always say they are taller than what they truly are. Just an observation. :-)
littlesue said on 21/Mar/15
She probably meant from the waist on the outside of the leg, some women measure the legs that way
Lorne??? said on 20/Mar/15
42' is an outside measurement... In wrestling, they often referred to her as having "42 inch legs", they never said 42' inseam. Her inseam is probably 36', quite long at nearly 5'11...
Bishop said on 18/Mar/15
5'10.5" seems right. But her claim of 41.5 inch leg inseam is BS. Probably around 36 inch.
MasterX said on 21/Feb/15
If you look closely. Stacy Keibler is the same height as 5' 10.5" in the above photo. She has hardly an inch on clooney which implies she must be slightly shorter than Clooney in Barefoot. Rob i suggest you can downgrade her to either 5ft 10in (178 cm) or to 5ft 9.75in (177)
What do you think?
Silent_D said on 9/Jan/15
5 foot 11. She is tall, beautiful and smart. Now she is married and has a baby. What a woman! She always looked really tall.
MasterX said on 3/Jan/15
Hey rob dont you think shes only 178 cm barefoot? Shes looks tall because of her skinny figure.
Editor Rob
I think she would clear that mark a bit.
BGee said on 17/Dec/14
how tall is her husband then if she's a bit under 5'11? Click Here
Editor Rob
he could look a 5ft 8.5-9 guy
J.Lee said on 30/Nov/14
Rob look at this photo Click Here How tall do you think Clooney is in his shoes and how tall is she in hers? How much taller does she look than him here?
Editor Rob
I think those heels would give just in the 3-3.2 inch range, they are a high angle, like max tip toe style but the front is quite thin, his are probably no more than 1 inch. I think around 179 for both of them.
Man, Stacy is another in the list of celebs I didn't get who was at a convention when the main uk convention company didn't want to do 'professional photoshoots' and over the table shots were useless to me...
Arch Stanton said on 17/Oct/14
Rob any chance you could mention the inseam above and find the model stats? Might help set the record straight. 36 is exactly what I guessed, thanks Doink.
Editor Rob
well I'll mention what she claimed them to be...I of course don't believe it, maybe she meant an outside measurement rather than inseam!!
Doink said on 15/Oct/14
Click Here

Stacy has a 36" inseam, as noted in this Balitmore Sun article from 1999.
At this very moment those legs, clad in dark navy jeans with a 36-inch inseam, are neatly crossed as Keibler sits on a white and mauve love seat in her parents' living room, her mother by her side.

She is 5 feet, 11 inches tall, she says, standing and stretching as if to make the point. "Too tall for the Rockettes," she adds, sounding slightly wistful.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Oct/14
Click Here That's what a proper 42 inch inside leg looks like!! Not even remotely close is she?
Arch Stanton said on 13/Oct/14
Rob do you think the 42 inch inseams reported for her is utter BS? I mean Penny Lancaster "only" has 37 inseams and is a good 3 inches taller. Conan O Brien is only 38 inseam. 42 inseam is like Neil Fingleton at 7'7 range I think. Her legs do look in 36-38 range but 42??
Editor Rob
highly doubtful a 42 inch inseam, her upper body would look very squashed and it isn't, although they look reasonably long.
cole said on 27/Apr/14
Think she might be rounding up 1 inch, but 5'10.5 is arguable.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Feb/14
A woman this hot who wrestles and can performing flying kicks!!! It's a dream come true for guys!! She could wrestle me any time!! Looked near 6'2" with Clooney in heels, this would be about right.
Ras said on 19/Feb/14
This height is right, 5'10.5, I saw a pic of her and Gwyneth and there didn't seem to be a noticeable diference btween them.
tiny said on 14/Nov/13
Yeah she looks much taller maybe cos of her neverending legs. Very well built too at maybe 160 lbs
Peyman said on 8/Nov/13
@ Derek
5ft 11in is the real height of NPH.
& yea I've watched that episode too, you're spot on for the difference
5ft 9.5in end of the story.
0.25in shorter than clooney who is himself struggling to look 5ft 10in( just compare him with Beckham).
Lita at 5ft 5in can easily reach her eye level, in addition she is not that much taller than 170-171cm Torrie Wilson
she is also very beautiful & looks hot at this height.
@ Mimut , try the aerosol can method to realize your real height son !!!!!
Derek said on 9/Aug/13
Looked about an inch to inch and a half shorter than 6'0" Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother. 5'10.5"-5'11" range is about right for Stacy.
the dancing man said on 22/Jul/13
Regarding the picture of Stacy with Gwyneth Paltrow-Stacy must have been kneeling down!! :)
Mimut said on 13/Jul/13
I met her in UK Back in 2004 when WWE were here. I had flat shoes on and she had flat sandals on. I stood next to her and said "how tall are you" she stood right next to me and said "it appears im a little taller than you" and im dead on 6'0. She had me by an inch at least and she had flats on, it can not get any more accurate then that! Standing up straight, with her shoulders back and head high she is definitely 6'1 if not taller.
janelle said on 3/Jul/13
she's 5'11 for sure, no shorter than 5'10. WWE's bills for females aren't too off. trust me i met michelle mccool and she was definitely 5'10.
klapatsibalos said on 24/Apr/13
Click Here ... next to 6 2 volleyball female player jessie cooper..5 11 seems legit for stacy
The body said on 20/Apr/13
Shes definately 5-10 no less. I havent met her, but i know someone who has met clooney, apparently hes short. And if he wears lift shoes kiebler wont look that much taller rocking 4 inch heels. I believe her to be close to 5-11. I say clooney is probly 5-9. Hes old now so to be 5-11 in his prime ya, but people shrink with age
Arch Stanton said on 11/Apr/13
Ria says on 15/Dec/12
Stacy Keibler even looks taller than 5'11" female runway models.

And hotter...
Arch Stanton said on 11/Apr/13
It is hard to believe she is the same height or shorter than Clooney, but she does wear big heels and looks 6'2-6'3" next to him. I'd have guessed she was near 5'11".
JKE said on 8/Apr/13
If Stacy is 5ft 10 and a half then how come she is barely half an inch taller than 5ft 9 Gwyneth Paltrow ? I think that stacy is 5ft 9 and a half
Click Here
JKE said on 8/Apr/13
If Stacy is 5ft 10 and a half then how come she is barely half an inch taller than 5ft 9 Gwyneth Paltrow ? I think that stacy is 5ft 9 and a half
Conti said on 24/Feb/13
I would say 5'10 solid and heels 5'11.
MJI1972 said on 14/Feb/13
Her real barefoot height as measured for DWTS is actaully 6ft.05".
I worked on that show for wardrobe. & viewed their data. She's also very broad shouldered so most costumes were adjusted to fit. Perhaps her agent downsizes her real height.
Lo sgozzatore said on 27/Jan/13
There are some pics out there with Ashely Greene and she looks a bit shorter than 5'10.5 as i always said. I'd say 178-179, no more for sure
Arch Stanton said on 28/Dec/12
Well, 179cm is possible, no less though. She looks genuinely near 5 ft 11 to carry off her height in heels which is considerable. I doubt she is shorter than Clooney barefoot though!!
Illena said on 18/Nov/12
She's 5'11. In WWE when she was wrestling girls who are listed at 5'7, she towered over them.
Derek said on 14/Nov/12
Rob, I remember you had her at 5'11" flat a while back. What made you downgrade her to 5'10" and a half? Just curious.
Editor Rob
I just think she might round up a little.
klampatsimpalos said on 9/Nov/12
next to 6'2..jessie cooper..5'11 seems legit..Click Here
Aragorn 5'11 said on 23/Oct/12
She can look between 5'9 and 5'11 without heels. But then with heels she can also look between 5'11 and 6'1. But, if she were to wear 4 inch heels then she would definitely be 6'1.
Derek said on 2/Oct/12
She was about an inch taller than 5'10" Tyra Banks on the Tyra Banks Show. 5'11" for Stacy.
BTD said on 1/Oct/12
Trust me I'm 5'11 also and that's without heels so she ain't the only girl
Silent d said on 1/Oct/12
They said she was the tallest diva in history so 5 foot 11 wouldn't be a stretch. I watched what about brian and how i met ur mother. She was a little shorter than neil patrick harris who is at least 6 foot. I've seen the divas, some are pretty tall. 5 foot 11 for keibler. I remember she was taller than 5 foot nancy o'dell.
Derek said on 28/Jul/12
Rob, where is the proof that she is not a full 5'11"? If she said so herself, why don't you believe her? If she was 5'10" and a half, if anything, she would have said 5'10" as women often downgrade themselves and guys upgrade themselves. I take her word that she is 5'11".
Hob said on 11/Jun/12
i know people won't believe it. but i still have to say as matter of fact shes 5'9 in real.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 13/Jan/12
Taller than Clooney with heels on! That's sure! But i think she would be slightly shorter than Clooney barefoot...
Sam said on 9/Jan/12
A question of angle and proximity, but Garrett Hedlund looks inches taller than Channing Tatum there
ANDREA[ITA] said on 8/Jan/12
Rob, here she's with Garrett Hedlund: Click Here
I think they're both barefoot... Ok, he's closer to the camera but i can see less than 8-9 cms!
I saw other pics and she really doesnt look a legit 5'10.5, she looks more like 5'9.75. You think that's too low?
Editor Rob
not sure she'd be 177, sometimes could look that I'm sure, like every actor, they can look certain ranges.
maio said on 13/Dec/11
5 ft 10 in/178 cm is right for her.
iris said on 17/Nov/11
She says she's 1.80, you say she's 179 cm. Like you could tell that 1cm difference:S
Physics Enemy said on 14/Nov/11
As listed. Taller than Clooney.
LAN Jiao said on 4/Nov/11
andrea, some picture stacy does not stand well in heels with geoff. that took off advantage on stacy looks in pictures. goeff frame is pretty much on 188-189 i have to admit. michael clark duncan is noticeable shorter than 6'3.5 NBA measure d wade by an inch or 2cm in picture. so MCD is lucky enough if he hit 190cm in reality. don forget nowadays a slight weak 6'4 david hasselhoff was still taller than MCD in full frame picture both in similar shoes. for geoff stults his an honest 6'2 dead between 188-189cm max.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 2/Nov/11
Lan you saw pics with geoff? She has big heels and he still lools noticeavly taller than her... And you say geoff is no more than 6'2? Huh? If shes 5'11, geoff is no less than 6'4 and even if michael clarke duncan is 6'4.25, he looks 6'4 in comparison! Rob, could geoff be 6'4? If not she and michael clarke duncan must be downgraded by an inch!
LAN Jiao said on 2/Nov/11
i think 5'10.5 virginia hey looks a bit tip taller than stacy Kiebler full frame comapared. maybe stacy is really 5'10 rounded up 5'11 on wwe. 6'2 geoff stults does't look any under 4" taller than her.
LAN Jiao said on 1/Nov/11
Thought shes 5'11.. maybe 5'10 in person.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 27/Oct/11
what about downgrading her to 5'10, rob? I think that's still generous for her! Photos wiht Geoff proof that
Editor Rob
178-9 is possible, sometimes women adopt a hip/back loose posture in photos and it's not clear if they are only dropping a little or 1-2 inches.
Vegas said on 27/Oct/11
ANDREA[ITA] says on 27/Oct/11
Rob she's neither 5'10.5 in my opinion, maybe just out of bed! She actually doesnt look anything more than 176 in most of the photos with Geoff Stults!

in that last shot you posted she is ~4.5 inches shorter with a 1 inch footwear disadvantage and if he is 6'2.5 then 5'10 range is correct

not sure of her footwear here but she had decent height on mr t about a decade ago on video, skip to the end Click Here
ANDREA[ITA] said on 27/Oct/11
Rob, what about this photo?
Click Here
shorter than Yvonne and there are more than 12 cms between her and Zachary Levi, admitting she's not wearing heels!
And this? Click Here
Rob she's neither 5'10.5 in my opinion, maybe just out of bed! She actually doesnt look anything more than 176 in most of the photos with Geoff Stults!
Editor Rob
with stults she can look not over 178 a lot of time, I'm not sure that photo with chuck guests, zach is a bit nearer to camera
ANDREA[ITA] said on 25/Oct/11
Rob, admitting she's not wearing heels (which is improbable since in every photo i saw she has heels on), she looks about 10 cms shorter than Geoff! So 179 but she for sure is on heels! Also on the net you can see a lot of pics of her and Geoff Stults and she looks also 8 cms shorter than him with big heels on! if she really is 180, geoff gotta be 6'4!
Editor Rob
I can't see her being under 5ft 10, maybe she drops more height in posture, 179cm might have been correct to begin with for her...
ANDREA[ITA] said on 25/Oct/11
Rob, what about a downgrade? Look at photos with Geoff Stults, she wears high heels lots of times and she still looks 5-6 cms shorter than Geoff! I think 176, max 177 is more like her height!
Editor Rob
I don't know about that low, maybe her heels are more than I think in some shots
Shaun said on 18/Oct/11
Click Here

I gather she is in heels with Clooney?
ANDREA[ITA] said on 9/Oct/11
i think she's more like 177-178!
Vegas said on 25/Sep/11
dmeyer says on 22/Sep/11
5 ft 11 with 3-3.5 in heels about 6 ft 2.5

she was quite a bit shorter than hulk hogan in heels a few years ago and some people on here think hogan is 6'2, 6mins 40secs Click Here
dmeyer said on 22/Sep/11
she is 5 ft 11 and looks about 6 ft 2 compare to almost 5 ft 11 clooney brad even in his best lifts never anywere this tall
dmeyer said on 22/Sep/11
5 ft 11 with 3-3.5 in heels about 6 ft 2.5 clooney seems about 5 ft 11.5 shoes on , clooney wont be mush smaller than her if both barefeet clooney isnt under 179cm
Doink said on 21/Sep/11
I've posted this before, but her inseam is 36-inches.
Click Here
lynn said on 19/Sep/11
Comments in magazines should be accurate, I am 6'1" and my legs are 40". I hardly doubt Keibler's legs correctly measured are as long as 42".
Shaun said on 13/Sep/11
Click Here

She's in heels but can you really imagine she is the same height or a tad shorter than Clooney barefoot?
Editor Rob
in some photos she looks near 3 inches taller so maybe she has more of a claim to saying 5ft 11 than clooney does today.
Vegas said on 14/Aug/11
mike says on 12/Aug/11
stacey is not the tallest diva she is shorter than brook adams so she is not that tall

brooke adams is only billed 5'5
mike said on 12/Aug/11
stacey is not the tallest diva she is shorter than brook adams so she is not that tall
i think 2 said on 11/Aug/11
Definitely 5 11
i think said on 5/Aug/11
max 177-178
mee said on 4/Aug/11
she is dating clooney now so we will see diffrence in height between them soon :-)
Jefferson said on 16/Jun/11
5´9", trust me, my girlfriend is in fact 5´11" and had a good 2 inches on miss Kiebler.
Tommy5ft11in said on 30/Apr/11
She says her legs are 41,5" (105cm), is that measuered all the way to the top of the pelvis?
Vegas said on 20/Apr/11
she was about 3 inches taller than current miss usa rima fakih on tough enough the other night, fakih was listed 5'8 during the pageant and was wearing what looked like shox, keiblers footwear i couldn't make out were probably heeled boots though
Alex said on 18/Apr/11
Torrie Wilson was listed at 5'9 but looked more like 5'8 and she was a few inches shorter than Stacy. Anything under 5'10 for Stacy is too low.
Legend said on 10/Apr/11
She's really about 5'9 as I have stated you ignoramuses. I know for a fact she is.
linke said on 25/Jan/11
5'11 no doubt.
Alex said on 20/Jan/11
5'9 for Stacy is too low I think. I think 5'11 looks right for her. Far as her weight I'd go with 130lbs max. She is skinny. Almost all those WWE divas are thin-skinny but they look great.
RAW said on 24/Dec/10
Stacy has the best and longest legs in history but I am 6 feet so that doesn't make me tall in her book
A.J is short but hot and loves comics and video games sad to say she had something special with Jay Lethal and probably Primo.
Natalya she is hot and not to forget strong and has a big booty Kidd is lucky
Maryse love her body and her hair is just wow but she doesn't seem faithful.
Beth Phoneix doesnot have a dumpy butt but I think she is stronger than some cruiserweight superstars she is a blonde wonderwoman.
Naomi she is athletic even more than me and I like that smile and huge butt.
The two hottest currently are
Layla looks at her tan skin flawess and her face marvelous and wonderful legs and butt.I HAVE A CELEB CRUSH ON HER.
KAITLYN CONGRATULATIONS AND YOUR STANNING CODY RHODES,HORNSWOGGLE,AND NOT FORGET THAT DOLPH ZIGGLER ARE PRETTY LUCKY TO KISS THOSE LIPS AND HER IN RING ABILITY IS GOOD BUT IF TRAINED BY FINLAY CHAMP. Sad I like these women sad to say I am younger than them I was born slightly under a month after Monday Night Raw debut I am 6 feet and 170 lbs and a linebacker and most importantly single.
expert said on 16/Dec/10
There is no way she is 5'11, here she is with 5'11.5 neil patrick harris and she has boots on too Click Here

I'd say she is 5'10 max or closer to 5'9.5
RedSoxGirl said on 15/Dec/10
42" is a reasonable outseam length
at 5'11 myself i actually have the same leg length (which according to a shop assistant means that my legs are much longer in proportion to my torso)
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/10
If I found a girl like stacy I wouldn't complain I girls with legs.AND stacy isn't even tall at 5'11 compare her to Isis the amazon 6'9 240 lbs people 3 inch shorter than Big Show
Sam Rick said on 8/Dec/10
Stacy because of her unusually long legs she is 5'11 the tallest diva in WWE.While the shortest is A.J. 5'1 I like small girls like A.J.who make me feel tall and strong that's if there light. But I had rather have Stacy's long amazing legs than a big girl like Vickie.
AKK said on 24/Apr/09
She can't have a 42 inch inseam. 5'11"=71". If she had a 42" inseam, from her crotch to the top of her head, she would be 71-42=29". Subtracting 8" for her head(seems reasonable for a woman approaching 6'), that leaves her with 2 1/2 heads from the bottom of her chin to the bottom of her crotch. I suspect they measure her from heel to the top of the hip, or from the tip of her toes to the same.
Big King said on 20/Apr/09
Does it mean that Stacy Keibler can speak German?
jeff said on 29/Mar/09
stacy keibler is tall because she's German,Germans are tall,But im more taller because im 14 yrs old and im 6'1 already its because im German and Norweigen,plus both of those countries have tall people.
Vegas said on 13/Feb/09
miser; there is no point uploading photos of stults and keibler, she bends her legs in every one to make him look taller, but

Click Here

couple of stacy and geoff on video Click Here Click Here
miser said on 22/Dec/08
So Geoff Stults is downgrading himself? Didn't he say he was 6'2"? He's dropping 2" off his height? Have you got a picture of Stacy standing around somebody else?
Big King said on 21/Dec/08
With heels she looks 3.5 inches shorter than Stults. Without heels she could hit 5'11" because Stults is almost 6'4".
miser said on 18/Dec/08
These pictures of them on sand are not the best to judge. Have you got any of them barefoot on flat ground? Stacy Keibler is not 5-11, more like 5-9... 5-9 and a half. Here with 2" heels she is still quite a bit shorter than him:

Click Here
Click Here
Derek said on 11/Dec/08
Come on, Rob. Please tell us why you downgraded her.
Doink said on 17/Nov/08
Click Here

Keibler and Geoff Stults (listed at 6-2.5" on this site) barefoot on a beach together
Big King said on 13/Oct/08
Whenever I hear 5'11" for a woman, I always think of Stacy Keibler.
Big King said on 7/Oct/08
Rob, can you please tell me the reason why you are downgrading her height to 5'10 1/2" without a reason and without any evidences?
Big King said on 3/Oct/08
Well, I don't know hot tall Torrie is but she's over 5'7". Stacy has three inches on Torrie. So that would make Torrie at least 5'8" or 5'9". Stacy looks very tall for a 5'11" girl. She's not a full 6' but I guess 5'11 1/2" is where Keibler's height goes on.
Alex said on 1/Oct/08
Torrie could be as low as 5'8 too but likely 5'9ish.
Big King said on 26/Sep/08
I also think that Keibler is a bit more than 5'11". She looks three inches taller than Torrie.
Alex said on 25/Sep/08
She could just be 5'11 but 5'11 1/2-6'0 I wouldn't be suprised with. Could be downgrading herself or rounding down. YOu'll see some girls 5'11-6'0 try to claim 5'9-5'10. She was at least 2 inches taller than TOrrie Wilson who is 5'9.
Big King said on 22/Sep/08
Keibler is also known for her big feet. She has shoe size 9.5 (41 to us Europeans)
Big King said on 5/Sep/08
Stacy likes tall guys. So I think, I could be her boyfriend with my 6'6". But tough luck, she is already engaged with a 6'3 1/2" guy.
Big King said on 4/Sep/08
I guess Stacy is 6 feet tall but she's downgrading her height as 5'11". She's really tall for a 5'11" woman.
Taran said on 16/Jul/08
an inseam length of one half of your height is impressive.
Kelly Carlson said on 9/Jul/08
I think shes 5 foot 10 nearky f5 foot 11 , shes tall !!!
jeff said on 24/Jun/08
stacy keibler is tall because she's German American and in Germany Germans are me im 13 years old and im 5'9 ,and my ancestors are 6'4
Anonymous said on 20/Jun/08
What's the inseam to height ratio(inseam length divided by height prefebably in inches) required for one to be considered long legged? .5 or 1/2 of your height's worth of inseam length? Is that considered long legged because most people i know have inseam to height ratios of about only .48.
Alex said on 19/Jun/08
I know a Mexican who is 6'8 barefoot.
Cris said on 1/Jun/08
She isn't that big really, torrie wilson isn't that far off.
And Tyra Banks is bigger.
Kenzaa said on 28/May/08
Stacy does NOT have a 38" inseam! Scroll down to one of my earlier comments, and you'll see a more detailed explanation. Her inseam is around 35", and definitely not longer than that. Still long, but nothing extreme like 38" would be. 38.5" is the inseam of Alek Wek, the ridiculously long-legged super model. And she's the same height as Stacy. That's 3.5" longer with the same height! Alek's legs are insane!!!

By the way, the average height in Sweden is 5'11.5 for young men and 5'6.5 for young women.

the average height in Sweden for wowen is 5'5.5
RAZOR said on 22/May/08
If Stacy is 5'11" then Torrie has to be 5'8". Remember, Stacy has three inches on Torrie.
Doink said on 14/May/08
Click Here

Old article from the Baltimore Sun (right when she started in WCW) says Stacy's inseam is 36-inches... so that mystery is finally solved. Also Stacy says she's too tall for the Rockettes (who have a height cutoff of 5'10 1/2").
RAZOR said on 14/May/08
LOL! Stacy has easily four inches on Glenn. That makes Stacy 6 feet and surely not 5'10 1/2", Rob! On this photo she looks rather old, by the way.
Becky said on 9/Apr/08
wow she's like a giant!i wouldn't be that tall!I know a friend who is the same height as her!I think the average height for a woman is 5'4" or 5'5" either way and the average height for a man is the same thing like 5'9", 5'10" and she's much taller than that!The average height for black men and women is the same as for the white men and women and the average height for a hispanic woman is 5'2" and the average height for a hispanic man is 5'8"
Kendra said on 26/Jan/08
big deal Elizabeth, i'm 6'3", top that! that's even taller than Maria Sharapova
Elizabeth Davis said on 22/Jan/08
Stacy is a tall 5'11" but me and Allison Janney have her beat at 6 feet, she looked six feet herself in high heels on an episode of George Lopez
glenn said on 8/Jan/08
there is an explosion of small white and black males today.but blacks in general are by far the tallest.
Viper said on 8/Jan/08
Id say 5-10 I guess. Though I see a TON of young black males around 5-5 or so.
Alex said on 8/Jan/08
What about the average for black males?
Viper said on 8/Jan/08
5-9 is the average I see where I live. For white males around 5-9-5-10. I guess it might fluncuate a little in different spots.
Alex said on 7/Jan/08
I can't go out with a girl over 5'11. Thats just me. I need minimum an inch on here. But I like girls of all heights going as low as 4'10.
Raz said on 7/Jan/08
Stacy does NOT have a 38" inseam! Scroll down to one of my earlier comments, and you'll see a more detailed explanation. Her inseam is around 35", and definitely not longer than that. Still long, but nothing extreme like 38" would be. 38.5" is the inseam of Alek Wek, the ridiculously long-legged super model. And she's the same height as Stacy. That's 3.5" longer with the same height! Alek's legs are insane!!!

By the way, the average height in Sweden is 5'11.5 for young men and 5'6.5 for young women.
Victorian said on 7/Jan/08
Ah, long legged Stace.....on 'What about Brian' they had to tweak the camera in various positions to make it less obvious that she was almost towering 6-1 Barry Watson in heels. 5-11 it is, to quote Glenn.
JohnP said on 7/Jan/08
I thought the average was 5-9 1/2 in the US the last time I've read about it. So I guess the average must be 5-4 or 5-4 1/2 for women then. Seems pretty logical.

In Scandinavias all countries, the average height for men is 5-11 and 5-6 for women, I think.

Yeah, 5-9 is strangely enough the most preferably height for a woman for me. I could basically fall in love with a woman as short as 5-0 or as tall as 7-0, I mean love is always love, but I'd say "it wouldn't hurt" if she was in the 5-8 - 5-9 range.

This may sound very jaundiced, but I've always had the feeling that in general short girls are often bimbos than taller ones. Taller ones feels more intellectual, while mostly of the girls in the 5-3 - 5-4 range are the ones that you can find in a bar sitting and bragging about how she can get every guy she wants, she wouldn't date a guy under 6-0 even if she wanted to (like PaulG wrote on the general height page) and so on.

But of course, I don't think so always. I've seen lots of smart short girls and some taller dumb girls. Maybe it can just have a connection to that short girls are a lot more common than tall ones, I don't know.

But I am really not that kind of guy who judges someone after looks anyway. But I thought more like that when I was younger, but I guess I'm more liberal on those things in life nowadays.
Alex said on 7/Jan/08
John, so 5'9 is the average for a man then? I read 5'10 on some sites and articles. And they say 5 inches between a couple is good and I agree making a 5'7 girl a good height for me. 5'9 girl is good for you then based on that.
JohnP said on 7/Jan/08
It's 6-4. A 6-0 girl is equal to a 6-5 man. They always go with 5 inches taller for the man.

At sperm donations for example, they try to find someone as close to 5 inches taller than the woman. At least I thought it was so when I read about it in the past. Could be different nowadays though.
Alex said on 6/Jan/08
A 5'11 girl is equal to a 6'5 guy or is it a 6'4 guy? Depends whether the average man is 5'9 or 5'10 since the average woman is 5'4.
bob said on 6/Jan/08
shes about 5'11 1/2
shes also hot
Oscar said on 6/Jan/08
I'm 6'-3" 3/4" and i saw her at an event...her head was at my im guessing very close to 5-11 or a bit over even.....pretty tall for a GIRL....lmao
Alex said on 6/Jan/08
Derek, yea you want the bar right on your head but not so tight or like you say with the bar leaning down. I think if you wanted you could just tell people 6'2 really.
Derek said on 5/Jan/08
Alex- The stadiometer from last week said 6'1 1/4", though my grandpa said the bar was leaning down and I was at least 1/2" taller. I may have grown a bit more.
glenn said on 5/Jan/08
5-11 it is.
Alex said on 5/Jan/08
Derek, didn't you say you grew to 6'2 even? You may be growing even more.
Elizabeth Davis said on 5/Jan/08
Stacy Keibler is 5'11" tall as posted everywhere, Susan Anton is also five eleven, as for me, I am even taller at 6'0"
Derek said on 5/Jan/08
Nick- I'm 6'1 1/2".
Sam said on 5/Jan/08
i think shes 5'11 for sure.
Danimal said on 5/Jan/08
Farzaan, find another profession if you're saying that she looks 5'11.5" in heels. If Glenn has 1" heels, he would be at 5'9". SO, you're saying she only has 2.5" on him in that pic AND she is obviously cranking her neck forward and down for the pic. Go back to the drawing board Farzaan. This chick looks 6'0" without heels. I don't care what she states her own height as being.
JohnP said on 5/Jan/08
If she's 5-11 then she should look "near" 6-0 since she wore small heels as Glenn said.
Melissa Rockwell said on 5/Jan/08
I have to agree with Stacy Keibler being 5'11" as I myself am that tall, I met her in person at one point in Los Angeles.
Bell said on 5/Jan/08
Stacy looks nearly 6 ft in this photo.
Alex said on 5/Jan/08
5'10 1/2 would be the very least barefoot. I'd say 5'11-5'11 1/4 barefoot. Over 6'0 in heels easy.
glenn said on 5/Jan/08
why does nobody read my posts?.
brother_h said on 5/Jan/08
0.0 u lucky glenn.

6'0 or 5'11 in the pic. wat were her heel size?
Danimal said on 5/Jan/08
Oh this woman is easily 5'11-6'0" barefeet. What terrible hunched posture she has. Either that, or she is leaning in to the picture.
nick said on 4/Jan/08
derek are u 5'11?
Derek said on 4/Jan/08
Looks a solid 6'0"-6'0 1/2" in heels. I think she might be more 5'10 1/2".
kol said on 4/Jan/08
gleen, How much boost their heels give it to her?
Alex2 said on 4/Jan/08
looks 6'0.5" with Glenn and shes slouching!
glenn said on 4/Jan/08
yes,90 percent or more of the women celebs i get are wearing heels.usually cause its events i go this case,its small heels.
Alex said on 4/Jan/08
I don't know whether shes in heels or not. But she looks to be at least 5'11-5'11 1/2 there with Glenn.
legin said on 4/Jan/08
god she is so hot and she does seem to be a solid five eleven in this pic
KIEVA said on 23/Nov/07
am 13 years old 5 feet 6 inches and my legs are 39.5 inches kinda freaked out
sam said on 8/Nov/07
Cantstop, I know a 6' foot-tall-girl and she has the same inseam (36") as myself and I'm maybe 6'5". Nothing like nice legs on a girl...
cantstop25 said on 7/Nov/07
crissy you could just load the photo onto photobucket, so i read she has a 38" inseam which is insane im a legit 6'4.5" and only have a 36" inseam lol though I wear my jeans loose if I were emo id probably have a 38" lol.

btw why was she downgraded to 5'10.5"?
sweetchari said on 5/Nov/07
I would have thought she was like 6ft tall but again her thin frame and long legs confuse us all...she has really long legs...she must like REALLY tall men
Crissy said on 15/Oct/07
tinus, very funny. I belive that title goes the Beth Phoenix
tinus said on 8/Oct/07
Her lenght is not very impressive, but the lenght of her legs is! She has 44 inch legs, wow!

Crissy is Stacy also the strongest Diva?
Yo Shawty said on 6/Oct/07
Did you notice in that video that Tyra who is an inch shorter than Stacy, had on higher heels with platforms. That would make her taller than Stacy.
supes78 said on 15/Sep/07
Check out this youtube clip of 5'10" Tyra Banks (in high heels) with reported 5'11" Stacy Keibler (also in high heels);
Click Here
At around the 3 minute mark, they stand next to each other and Tyra is actually taller by an inch it looks like. Tyra also looked taller when Stacy initially came out, but that's not on this clip.
amy said on 21/Aug/07
Shes definitely 5'11. Why are we lowering her height, everyone doesnt lie about their height.
6'3'' JK said on 8/Aug/07
I agree with Rob looks more 5'10'' - 5'10.5'' she looked 4 inches shorter than Cena when she was wearing heels
Alex said on 7/Aug/07
Rob, what was the reason you lowered Stacy's height. When you downgrade people on here I almost always agree but here it doesn't make much sense. was there proof or photos making her look under 5'11?
Anonymous said on 3/Aug/07
I'd say Stacy is about 5'11" on the dot. No taller and no shorter than that, though. Just because some girls downgrade there heights, doesn't mean all of them do. And I highly doubt Stacy would do that. She seems like a very honest person.
Alex said on 20/Jul/07
Trish is listed everywhere at 5'4. She could be 5'3 but no lower though.
Torrie is about 5'9 putting Stacy at 5'11. Only 2 inches between the two girls.
felicia said on 11/Jul/07
i met her earlier this year and she was not wearing heels,,she was about an inch shorter than me and i'm 6'0"
Crissy said on 6/Jul/07
Trish is about 5'2-5'3 everyone says she is 5'4 but she is shorter than Mickie James by an inch or so.
I Think Stacy is 5'10 1/2 flat on her feet. Because Torrie wilson (about 5'9) is under her by just a little bit.
Even Maria who is 5'7 is only a few inches shorter then Stacy so I think stacy is 5'10 1/2 maybe a short 5'11
Alex said on 24/Jun/07
Stacy is at least 7 inches taller than Trish. 5'11 and 5'4 seem most accurate for them each.

I do think Stacy should be bought up to 5'11 again. I dont think there was any proof on bring her down to 5'10.5 though. I think she could be 5'11.5-6'0 though, I wouldn't be too suprised. Plenty of tall girls downgrade themselves. I've seen girls 5'10-5'11 saying they were 5'9.
Rocky said on 2/Jun/07
I wonder what is Trish stratus' height. Cuz wen they stand together they look just some 5 inches difference
Alex said on 24/May/07
I just realized that too. She's minimum 5'11 to me she looks. If she was 6'0 bafefoot I wouldn't be suprised but 5'11-5'11.5 is most likely though.
Realme said on 17/May/07
Click Here
Picture of her with her boyfriend Geoff who I think is at least 6'3", because Stacy is in heels and he is towering over her. They list him at 6'2.5" on here though. I think he is taller!
Viper said on 17/May/07
Wow, didnt realize Rob downgraded her.
anonymous1 said on 17/May/07
Stacy might be 5'9-5'10". Go to and watch Miss hancock vs Daffney- wedding gown match to see what I mean. The heels that she wore is clearly 4-5 inches and yet she didn't tower over David Falair,who is 185cm(6'1).Hence, she might be 5'9-5'10".
terminusena said on 13/May/07
Just a footnote: Nadja Auermann is 180 cm, with an in-seam of (presumably) 108 cm: in-seam height ratio is thereby whooping 60%. As you can see on the attached photo, her legs are indeed remarkably long.
Click Here
terminusena said on 13/May/07
my girlfriend is 177 cm tall and has an in-seam of 90 cm (both numbers confirmed). She looks extremely leggy, and also has a smaller head than usual, so I would agree with previous postings that in-seam to total height ratio above 50% is rare.
the beast said on 1/May/07
Click Here
this site shows the 5'11 stacy keibler being dwarfed by anaverage bikini model
zazaz said on 28/Mar/07
Please create a new article about Torrie Wilson. The most websites have difficulties to verify her height because many websites are listening her as 5' 7" and other websites as 5' 9".
Short Stuff said on 27/Mar/07
Did anyone notice that the girl in that video has 38 inch legs. Who was she? Cause she isn't that short.
Doink said on 24/Mar/07
Leg mystery solved as she gets them measured in this video
Click Here
gunit said on 24/Mar/07
leg measurement is interesting thema. i totatly agree with the comments of RAZ,vince.I'm 182(5'11"0.5,male.My inseam is 88cm,35 inches and i wear pants with 34 inseam. I mostly look as a leggy person. A leg length with 41 or whatever higher is impossible for persons with heights 180-195,i think. Stacy is also leggy but higher heels make her appear more leggy. I guess she is 5'11" and her inseam could be 35 inches.
V.M. said on 21/Mar/07
I agree that Stacy is about 5'11". On "Dancing with the stars" she was taller than pretty much everyone else. I don't think that is an exaggeration. However, the picture of her in the site where she is standing directly next to a model at a swimwear launch shows just how tall some of these women can be. Stacy looks pretty short next to this girl (whose face looks vaguely familiar). I'm not sure if she's a famous model or not. Also, Stacy's heels appear to be higher than the model's if you look at the gradient of their feet.Even next to Stacy, this chick is really tall.
Me said on 16/Mar/07
Good good stop arguing! Half of you are saying "no, she's 5'9" or so" the other half are saying "No way, she's 6'0" or 6'1" " Why not just BELIEVE HER that she's 5'11" instead of making up some ludicrous reason that it can't be true?
Vince said on 15/Feb/07
I totally agree with the wise words of Raz. I am a long legs lover too and being so interested about matter,have taken a lot of info.So I can say that the point of view of Raz is more scientific and believable. Why dont you make a simple test? Try to measure the crotches of your friend and their height with a certain precision,then when you have a lot of data see with your eyes that legs so long don't exist! Bye
Alex said on 15/Jan/07
If that girl is really 5'8 then Stacy is more 6'0. We can't see footwear though. That or the girl is really 5'7. I see more than 3 inches apart.
Alex said on 14/Jan/07
She's more than a bit taller than Paris. 4 inches is not a bit taller than someone. Thats kinda towering over if you ask me. Stacy would be at least 4 inches taller if she stands up more straight.
RKOchick said on 6/Jan/07
No I think in that pic of Her and Paris she is just abit taller than paris so I think maybe 5'11 1/2 cuz she looks taller than Paris
Alex said on 20/Nov/06
Stacy looks 5'11 there with Paris. She can look 6'0 or a little more sometimes I guess beacause of her very long legs and leaness. I think its possible maybe she's 5'11.5 and just rounding down to 5'11.
Alex said on 29/Oct/06
TNTinca, I do think its possible she is 6'0, or could be 5'11 at the lowest and her long legs make her appear a bit taller. I lean more toward 6'0 though for her. Many women say they are shorter than they really are, I am talking about the taller ones that are 5'9 plus. Girls whoa re really 6'0 will say they are 5'10-5'11 to stay away from saying 6'0 and girls 5'10-5'11 will say 5'9.
TNTinCA said on 23/Oct/06
I actually believe she is 6 foot. For the most part, women don't often want to break the 6 foot barrier because they feel to gargantuan. I have a good friend who is the only woman I have met over 6 foot (actually 6'1") and she said she hated being that tall. Fortunately, she ended up marrying a guy who was 6'4".
Monica said on 20/Oct/06
I am a 5'10 woman and I have seen that incredibly gorgeous Stacy Keibler girl on a few wrestling shows that I have attended and once I even took a photo with her and she was clearly taller than me! I had to lift my head a little bit to kiss her, so she must be 6ft or 6'1
Me said on 1/Oct/06
I'm 6' and have a 39" inseam (I'm a woman). It's horrible - try finding pants that are anywhere near decent!
Marc said on 25/Sep/06
Alex: I'm pretty sure Tyra banks is 5'10", so yeah, she'd be around 6'0".

Many girls who are taller tend to play their height down my an inch or so. I have a friend who is 5'9", but she tells people she's 5'8". Go figure.
sdfghjkl said on 13/Aug/06
Asssuming that the top of the ankle is what we are going by then that is a standard 5" from the ground, so she would have 47" inch total legs and her is technically 38" in total from the bone of the crotch where the leg attaches to the pelvis to the ground. If we go based on the bottom of the ankle then downgrade that by two inches to 36". However as women are wearing jeans like men such that the inseam measurement is 2" to 3" lower for obvious reasons, then 34" to 36" at most. So I am saying she purchases 34" inseam pants if she is buying pants that fit likes guys pants, 36" if fitting right near that bone realistically. But then again it really doesn't matter.
Anthony said on 11/Jun/06
Stacey often wears heeled boots that make her look like she's 6'2. Barefoot, I'd say she's a solid 6'.
Alex said on 31/May/06
If she was 2 inches taller than Tyra Banks then Stacy is more 6'0.
Goro said on 27/Apr/06
She is definetly 5'11 without heels she was taller than Tyra Bamks by like 2 inches when she was on her show.
Tayy said on 20/Apr/06
Yeah. Definetly 5'11. I met her a few weeks back. I'm around 5'10 and e were pretty comperable in height. She's stunning!
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/06
This ought to clarify the mystery of Stacy's leg length

Click Here

"The legs of 5-foot-11 Keibler are 42 inches from hip to ankle. “I could never find jeans long enough until I moved to L.A.,” says Stacy"

So add 2-4 inches to her outside leg measurement (top of ankle to the ground) and you definitely get someone with very long legs who probably is in the 38" inseam ballpark.
Alex said on 6/Apr/06
5'8-5'9 for Stacy is too short! Shes at least 5'11 and maybe 6'0. Very tall girl. About Torrie, I had a friend who met her and he estimated her to be at my eye brows which would put her at 5'9. He could have overestimated her but if so she would be 5'8 minimum. Shes a good 5 inches taller than 5'4 Trish Stratus though.
Bill said on 6/Apr/06
Torrie Wilson must be about 5'9. Cause there was a pic was on the WWE website where Wilson had on 3 or 4 inch heels and she was taller than Keibler with flat shoes on.
Alex said on 5/Apr/06
Fatman, shes hot but I could name several other WWE divas that are hotter than her. We all have different opinions though. Plus a girl who is 5'11, maybe 6'0 like herself wearing big heels around me would make me feel too short around her, LOL.
Alex said on 5/Apr/06
Anonymous, 5'8-5'9 for Stacy??? Your opinion I can see but thats TOO short for her. Shes not a MM under 5'11, though 6'0 for her wouldn't be a suprise for he either.
Alex said on 5/Apr/06
Jason, my friend met Torrie and estimated her and said she was up to my eyebrow. That would put her at 5'9 but he could been off a bit and she could be shorter. 5'8 minimum though. She was a good 5 inches taller than 5'4 Trish Stratus everytime I see them though so 5'9 is pretty possible. Stacy 5'11 maybe? She could be 6'0 though.
Picky fellow. said on 1/Mar/06
Looking at her on dancing with the stars you can see she has a relatively long torso therfore it would be fair to say that her 41", 41.5", or 42" legs are based on going from the top of her hips/pelvis to the ground. Which generally translates into a 32" inseam if you are a guy and a 35" inseam if you are a woman.

So she still does have long legs. Quite nice.
SammyJ said on 26/Feb/06
I'm 6' tall and have a 36" inseam, my husband is 6'4" and has a 36" inseam so anything is possible.
Jason said on 25/Feb/06
You can't figure out all the hoopla over her, Nomi??? Most of us are male lol!

Stacy isn't taller than 5'11''.

Torrie 5'9''? Hmmm, I saw her in person close up at the show I went to last year (though not on level ground cuz of the ramp this time) and she appeared closer to 5'7-5'8''. Could be off because I wasn't on level ground with her, but she didn't appear to be all that tall.
Alex said on 16/Feb/06
Rob you could add a Torrie Wilson page maybe.
Alex said on 16/Feb/06
Stacy is no way under 5'11. But she can look a solid 6'0 though, maybe because of her thin build. Stacy at 5'11, then that puts Torrie at about 5'9 I'd say.
carrigall said on 7/Feb/06
Keibler is 5'11 1/4, and her limbs are very long in proportion to her small head and torso. Add 3" heels to this (or 5" heels in WWE). Add to this, her pants usually have a flare, and her shoes are pointy, all of which augments the effect of her long leg length.

BTW, the beautiful 6'1 model Adriana Sklenarikova's 'leg length' is 48" (124 cm), but her inseam is probably only 40-42", depending on her shoes. Her bones are extremely long. She may have a benign variant of Marfan's syndrome, a disorder of collagen.
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/06
She's 5-11 on the button... wearing 3 inch heels or so with 6-2 Jerry Rice and 6-3 Master P (who you can give an inch to for their shoes) (shot of heels she's wearing in that picture).
Alex said on 6/Feb/06
I am 6'0 a wear s size 34 inseam pants. Stacy could be 6'0, but 5'11 at the very minimum but I still see her at 6'0 possibly though. We almost never see her barefoot and shes in 3-4 inch heels often.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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