How tall is Kaká

Kaká's Height

6ft 1 ¼ (186.1 cm)

Brazilian footballer, who played for São Paulo, Milan and Real Madrid and won over 90 caps for his country. In 2009, Kaká was listed as 185.6cm with a weight of 82kg (181 pounds) by Real Madrid.

How tall is Kaka
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Average Guess (83 Votes)
6ft 1.22in (186cm)
Heightdoesntmatteratall said on 26/Sep/23
Kaka is definitely taller than Ronaldo
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Could be a 187cm guy in the morning, an 186.5 rest of the day
1inch taller than Ronaldo for sure
185.4cm said on 3/Sep/23
Rob you think Joao Felix is 5'10 1/4 or 178+ range? Looked 3 inches shorter than Kaka (wasnt even 20yo at the time, could have gained a few mm or a quarter inch, 6mm after) and consistently looks about 7cms shorter than Cristiano. Also looked very similar or maybe a quarter inch shorter than Cancelo side by side during their Barca presentation. Cancelo could be 179ish
Editor Rob
Yeah, 178cm might be right for him.
7272 said on 6/Apr/23
I'm surprised he didn't bile himself as 6'2.
185.4cm said on 23/Jan/23
If the 185.6cm listing is based on an actual measurement, then he is not a strong 186cm guy. But yeah 186.1cm during lunchtime-noon period. 186cm range most of the day though.
Joanis said on 1/Jan/23
185-186cm for Kaka
Ben - 186cm said on 25/Dec/22
He doesn’t look taller than Ronaldo so can’t be over 6’1.
Tallish guy said on 21/Nov/22
I think this guy needs a downgrade!
This is him and 6ft1.5 listed Terry
Click Here=
Coldice said on 2/Oct/22
185.2-185.6 cm , 185.6 max
ZDA said on 30/Sep/22
Solid 6 ft 1 guy. Definitely edges Ronaldo. I give him 6 ft 1.5 186.5 cm.
Maahin Chowdhury said on 27/Sep/22
He looked a flat 6ft next to CR7. There’s no way he lost an inch when he’s only 40. I’ll be surprised. Back then when Kaka was at real madrid, he looked around the same height as CR7.
Bosnia said on 5/Sep/22
Latest photo with Cristiano shows that Kaka is one inch shorter.
Abdul-DK said on 3/Aug/22
Cold Water said on 11/Jun/22
185.4 cm
Daniel Lee said on 18/May/22
@Rob What is your highest and your lowest guess for him?
Editor Rob
6ft 1 to 1.5 range
QM6'1.5"QM said on 5/May/22
Jawilder said on 26/Apr/22

Yes of course!

Lava said on 26/Apr/22

Kaka is def taller, take a look on their shoulders, top of the head, eye level etc ...

6'1.25"/ 186cms for golden legend of 2007 ;)
Lava said on 26/Apr/22
in here I didn,t see Kaka is taller than Ronaldo

Kaka is 185 cm

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Jawilder said on 26/Apr/22
@Lava Kaka is clearly taller. Ronaldo is 185
Lava said on 26/Apr/22
Differently 1 cm shorter than Ronaldo

Kaka: 185 cm
Ronaldo: 186 cm

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recapa said on 10/Jan/22
@Original, here is kaka with a legit 187 maldini Click Here both with the same posture and maldini always looked his listed 187 so no kaka isnt 187 but i can see how 186.5 is a possibility he is probably in the 186-186.5 range and about his 2009 185.6 measurement i theorize that he got his listing swapped with cristiano,s since they came to real madrid at the summer of the same year and cristiano never looked taller than kaka, what do you think about my theory?
Original said on 25/Dec/21
@recapa, look again the pic, the difference between Varane and Kaka is smaller (quite visible smaller) than between Kaka and Alonso.

Varane 191
Kaka 187
Xabi 181

Going for that pic.

Also Zidane is ~184cm and Kaka looks 3cms taller than him here:
Click Here

Ronaldinho 5'10.5, Beckham 5'10.75, Zidane 6'0.5, Kaka 6'1.75, quite clearly;

Some other pics, Cristiano Ronaldo looking 0.5-0.75" shorter than Kaka: Click Here
Benzema, 1.5 shorter than Kaka: Click Here
Again, Cristiano Ronaldo looking at least 0.5" shorter than Kaka: Click Here
Steve Nash looking 3cms shorter than Kaka: Click Here

Many pics are based on Kaka using converse and just looking a centimeter shorter than Curry, but hey Curry isn't quite 186.5 as some are guessiing, his average guess is clearly over 187cm in this site.
Okidoki said on 30/Nov/21
Brilliant player. I think he and Enrique Iglesias have quite similar proportions Rob and kind of a similar look. Do you think there is a chance that they are exactly the same height? I still think there is a chance of near 6'1 and a half for Kaka.
recapa said on 26/Nov/21
@Original.i agree,186-186.5 range for kaka and 191.5-192 for varane and 181-181.5 for xabi alonso and 189.5-190 range for albiol in that pic imo.
Original said on 20/Nov/21
He was listed as 187 once back in 2014. I do think he is almost 187, basically 186.5 or 6'1.5".

Here, for example, Kaka looks closer to Varane's height than Xabi's one: Click Here
recapa said on 16/Nov/21
@Mordor ,lol no they the same or kaka taller.
mordor said on 13/Nov/21
Hi there, here is an old video with Kaka and Ronaldo.Looks like they are same height or
even Ronaldo slightly taller:
Click Here
recapa said on 9/Oct/21
very strong 186 guy from what i,ve seen i think that he swapped measuremnts with cristiano which explains the constant 1cm difference between them.186-186.5 before bed and 188-188.5 out of bed.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Sep/21
Kaka you could argue might be 6ft1½ with Ronaldo at a solid 6ft1
recapa said on 9/Sep/21
i believe that cristiano,s and kaka,s listing were swapped which why explains that kaka always apeared 1cm taller than cristiano besides they both arrived at real madrid at 2009 also i do believe both of their measurements were afternoon measurements which soldify my theory that kaka is :186.5 and cristiano is 185.5
Slim 6'1.5 said on 18/Jun/21
Ronaldo and cr7 could be identical like 186-186.5 I dunno about kaka being 187cm tho
176.5 said on 7/Jun/21
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From what I've seen, if they both stand in similiar posture, Kaka seems at least 0.5-75in taller than Ronaldo. I think Ronaldo could be 6'0 3/4 with a solid 185 in morning and Kaka 6'1 3/8
Slim 6'1.5 said on 1/Jun/21

Kaka and Cr7 could be identical height wise
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/May/21
6ft1 flat for this guy puts Cr7 below 6ft1 surely?
recapa said on 9/May/21
one of the fewest who looks at least what they measured.6ft2 out of bed.
Canson said on 13/Apr/21
@Editor Rob: why not 6’1” flat if he measured 185.6? 185.6 may not even be a low for him
Editor Rob
compared to Ronaldo, Kaka to me seemed to be the taller of them.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Apr/21
You could make the case for 6ft1½ if Ronaldo is a fraction over 6ft1 himself...he generally has the edge
Eusebiu - 6'1" (185 cm) said on 25/Mar/21
He is visibly taller than Cristiano Ronaldo (listed 185,4 cm) in almost all of their photos together - I see 1 cm between them.

Kaka is 186 cm.
slim 6'1 said on 12/Feb/21
Does look 186cm range like Gerry butler
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/Dec/20
185.6cm probably was measure in the evening. 185.5-185.6cm to be rule out worst low. Cristiano isn't over 185cm with Kaka.
Slim 6'1" said on 14/Dec/20
I take that back, 186cm is possible
Peter193 said on 13/Dec/20

Ronaldo was 24 years old in 2009.

how is it possible that it has grown almost 1 inch?

my opinion:
2009 (night): 184.8cm
2009 (morning): 186.8cm

2019 (night): 185.4cm
2019 (morning): 187.4cm
Canson said on 12/Dec/20
I doubt he’s any taller than Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 11/Dec/20
@Rampage I don't think he is much over 186cm could be a flat 186 considering the fact that he was measured at 185.6cm which was at low but he could be 5mm taller than that I mean like normally, 186cm is spot on. Not as strong 186cm as Ronaldo a 185cm guy. Ronaldo is over 185 but strong one. Kaka might be just about 186cm but not a strong one.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Dec/20
Edges Ronaldo, can’t be under 186cm.
Elias said on 18/Aug/20
Strange, he is listed at 1m83 on an official french website about football: Click Here
It mentions that he is 73 Kg which seems also hard to believe, Kaka must be at least 81-82 kg and his height is at least 186 cm as he is taller than Federer and Nadal. In some pictures he edges out Cristiano Ronaldo but on other pictures he is similar. Anyway 183 cm for Kaka is impossible, he is a perfect 186 cm soccer player
Lava said on 4/Aug/20
Kaka: 185,8 cm
Ronaldo: 184,9 cm (2009) / 187 cm (now)
QM6'1QM said on 7/Jul/20
Legit 186 and, yes of course, he has a lanky build body.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 28/Mar/20
He has a lanky build . For me he can look a bit taller sometimes, 186.5-187cm but but 186 is for sure.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 23/Mar/20
Yeah he is 186.1cm and cr7 185.5cm, looks usually about 1/4 inches taller than cr7 or half cm.

These guys are:

Kaka 186
Ronaldo 185.5
Benzema 183.5
Bale 183.5
Ramos 183
Rian said on 17/Dec/19
I think Kaka taller than Ronaldo a half cm
Davey said on 16/Dec/19
See him many times, in Milan. Suprisingly tall. I'm 189, he was 2 cms shorter than me.
footballfan35 said on 1/Aug/19
Hey Rob,how tall do you think this young football talent called Joao Felix is ? Here is he next to 6ft1 Kaka :
Click Here
Editor Rob
He can seem 3 inches smaller that moment
Canson said on 2/Apr/19
@Mickie: agreed.
Mickie said on 31/Mar/19
Given his 185.6 listing, this would be a scenario that if I was Rob I'd think about busting out one of those rare 1/8" listings. 6' 1 1/8".
khaled taban said on 31/Mar/19
He is a legit 186cm man!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Oct/18
Kaka look 185cm with Kobe.
Tunman said on 3/Jun/18
Rob,if Cristiano was measured 186,5 is listed at 6'1 how Kaka who was measured 185,6 is listed taller at 186?Both should be listed at 6'1 flat.To be fair I think Kaka was caught at this mark later in the day,I doubt he drops much under it, but the .25 is useless imo.Although I didn't find a good pic I think each one can look taller at one point but both are very similar.
Editor Rob
I don't think Ronaldo ever looked taller than Kaka. The 2 figures don't seem to match up.
Edimar184 said on 16/May/18
Rob here he is listed at 184cm mark at 18 age.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Yes, at 17-18 he could have been 184 and gained a little more pushing him to 6ft 1 range.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/May/18
Kaka 185.6cm
Cristiano 185cm
Johnson said on 27/Jan/18
Here Cristiano looks taller... it is very difficult depending on the picture and shoes

Click Here
Rory said on 27/Jan/18
Seeing as Ronaldo is a solid 6ft1 you could make a case for 6ft1.5 for kaka. He's visibly the taller of the two.
jungleghost said on 13/Jan/18
Legit 186cm guy.
Canson said on 29/Dec/17
@Christian: Steph could even dip a bit further to 186-186.5. Kaka may only be 6’0.75
Original said on 29/Dec/17
@Christian-6'5 3/8 In fact he is a measured 6'2" w/o shoes according the official measurements. Click Here
Canson said on 28/Dec/17
@Johnson: only issue with asking is anyone can lie. If we asked the Rock how tall he is he would say 6’4 1/2 or 6’5 or 6’4/6’5 and he’s 6’2”
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 28/Dec/17

Stephen Curry for sure isn't 6'3". More like 6'1.5", and Kaka looks a half inch shorter so 6'1" flat or at most 185.6cm like how he was listed.
Original said on 27/Dec/17
6'1.25 - 6'1.5" range imo, listed always between 184 to 187.

w/ 6'1? Steve Nash
Click Here
w/ 6'7.25" Lebron James
Click Here
w/ 6'4.75" Kobe Bryant
Click Here
w/ 6'3" Stephen Curry
Click Here
w/ 6'1 Cristiano Ronaldo
Click Here
Click Here
w/ Lukas Podolski 5'11.75", Zidane 6'0.75", Xabi Alonso 6' and Del Piero 5'8.5".
Click Here
w/ 5'7.5" Justin Bieber
Click Here
Click Here
Dude 173 cm said on 27/Dec/17
In the photos he is taller than Ronaldo for a good 1/2 inch so that 185.6 cm not is a typical low, easily 1-2 mm under the low, 6'1.25" is the best.
Johnson said on 26/Dec/17
Anyone can ask Kaká on twitter his height ? Perhaps we are lucky

Let's see if he says 186 187 or what
Felipe said on 26/Dec/17
Like many Brazilian footabllers, he goes by his nickname. His real name is Ricardo (Richard, in English).

Anonymous said on 25/Dec/17
MaryAnne said on 25/Dec/17
Fun Fact: His name means in Turkish (my native) very nasty thing ;)
lmao in romanian too. but you write it "caca"
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 25/Dec/17
Just list him as 6'1.1" Rob, like how you list Andy Murray as 6'1.8" because he claimed 187.5cm
Anonymous said on 25/Dec/17
MaryAnne said on 25/Dec/17
Fun Fact: His name means in Turkish (my native) very nasty thing ;)
lmao in romanian too. but you write it "caca"
paolino said on 25/Dec/17
his brother Digao is 1,94
Cnrom89 said on 25/Dec/17
Good listing. Strong 6'1.
grizz said on 25/Dec/17
@MaryAnne, pretty much the same in Serbian/Croatian 😃
Rory said on 25/Dec/17
He was definitely taller than Ronaldo who is undoubtedly 6ft1, so I think 6ft1.25 is fair for Kaka and you could probably even argue 6ft1.5 seeing as Ronaldo himself can look 1.25 at times. Ronaldo though certainly seems more height conscious too.
Aaron zamora said on 25/Dec/17
Looks 2 inches shorter than stephen curry
Johnson said on 25/Dec/17
Perhaps 185.6 is his low on a day
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Dec/17
Rob wouldn't 6ft1 flat be closer?

185.6cm is closer to that than 6ft1¼
Editor Rob
technically 6ft 1.07, but I think maybe he often looked a solid enough 6ft 1 guy, I think maybe not the type who busted a gut when getting measured.
Nik said on 25/Dec/17
Accurate listing Rob!
MaryAnne said on 25/Dec/17
Fun Fact: His name means in Turkish (my native) very nasty thing ;)
Zahid said on 25/Dec/17
Accurate listing Rob. Kaka might edge out Ronaldo (maybe by a fraction): Click Here
Editor Rob
it seems bizarre how Real used to have him at 185.6 and Ronaldo 186.5...I think Kaka overall seemed to have an edge on Ronaldo!

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