How tall is Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano's Height

5ft 1.5in (156.2 cm)

American actress best known for playing Phoebe Halliwell on TV series Charmed. On twitter she said "I'm five foot two on a really proud day, when I'm standing tall."

How tall is Alyssa Milano
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Average Guess (4 Votes)
5ft 1.69in (156.7cm)
Max said on 14/Feb/17
She is Weak 5'1". Looks like a 12 year old when she is not "made up". Saw her is San Diego, in casual attire and though she was a kid.
Taller said on 30/May/16
She is tiny! On Craig Ferguson show she sat down and her feet didn't touch the floor like a kid. Craig Ferguson had to pull out a step stool for her so her feet wouldn't dangle.
KJ said on 18/Feb/16
You people and your height and weight and the comment about vegetarian's How many vegetarians have you seen and know? They don't look a little unhealthy and can be extremely "Action Figures Active" I am 5' 100 lbs. and get compliments all the time I wear a size 0 to 00 in jeans. and am limber can still do my gymnastics, zip lining, bungee jumping very coordinated and people who are taller like 5'1 or 5'2 can be that doesn't mean that they are heavier in weight if you look a little unhealthy "It's Probably Because You are a Little Unhealthy" vegetarian has NOTHING to do with it ! If your short, petite you are going to round up nobody likes to say yes I am 5 foot 1 and one fourth inches. And when your short and you have weight issues it shows extreme weight on us petite's It shows not camera added weight Just Plain Weight Gain it shows quite easily on a petite so to sum it up yes short people we come in all sizes and weights just like the rest of the entire world population...........
Alex 6'0 said on 12/Jul/14
So she has also claimed 5'1 too in her book? She also said 5'2 was rounding up as well as the above quote. That puts her no more than 5'1.5
Greg Lehmann said on 27/Jun/14
Still another pretty petite December baby. From having cute Alyssa's book Safe At Home,I tried picturing 5'1" Alyssa as baseball commissioner,but she doesn't look like she could make it as baseball commissioner. I tried picturing myself in that role,too,but I know I would not wash well with the owners since I want daytime World Series games and they don't. Still,Alyssa's pretty on her 5'1" frame and she admitted in Safe At Home she is 5'1".She's nice and is pretty in gowns or jeans.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 19/Dec/13
With 6'1.5 Craig Ferguson. She looks sub 5'2 with him as well and shes in heels.

Click Here
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 5/Oct/13
Rob, when she says she's "5'2 on a really proud day when standing tall" that def indicates that shes no more than 5'1 and change max. She didn't look more than this listing when I met her. She was only 5'4ish in heels with platform
[Editor Rob: yeah, I think some celebrities might have discovered they are taller earlier in the day and shrink a christina ricci, she might be one of them]
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 28/Sep/13
SK, I met her twice before. Once she was standing with me. She looked 5'4ish in heels so barefoot she's below 5'2 I think. Her quote above indicates she's below 5'2 as well. She's closer to 5'1
SK said on 27/Aug/13
I've seen her in person. She looked about 5'-5'1".
SAK said on 6/Jun/13
Is very short. Probably 5f1.
Shelly said on 28/Apr/13
Looks about 5' 1".
Suni said on 18/Jan/12
I think she's 5'3.
Silent d said on 28/Dec/11
She looked tall next to milo ventimilga. In that photo she looks 5 foot 2. I never thought she was that short.
Tess23 said on 22/Nov/11
I think that she is 155cm,not more
lorne said on 23/Oct/11
Jesus christ I am jealous Alex, I have always lurved her!!! :)
Alex said on 14/Jul/11
There is a quote somewhere I remember reading where Alyssa said that 5'2 was her height rounded up.
Gregory lehmann said on 10/Jun/11
Alyssa Milano's dad Frank did voice Mister Wizard on Tooter Turtle on "The King And Odie",now on DVD (and a potential birthday or Christmas present.) Here's another favorite "Tooter Turtle" episode I like: "Wagging Train." In this "Wagon Train" spoof,our hero led a wagon train expidition,but the expedition ended up in New York City when Tooter made a wrong turn. (It was to go to California.) And 5'1" Alyssa fits the "December baby" family I love,along with Cathy Rigby,Joan White,Patty Duke,fellow Trade Winds fold/pack worker Amanda Jacobs,Jean Byron,Annette Kimmett,Raymond Collins,Susan Lucci,Dick Weber,Rita Moreno,and Barbara Mandrell. (So,too,are two high school sweethearts:5' Cathy Mc.Closkey and 5'3" Marcia Begeske,both Dec.31 babies.)
gregory lehmann said on 11/May/11
Alyssa scored a touchdown last fall doing her "NFL Petite" collection commercials,but she looks her 5'1" height.Cute jeans she wears in the commercials,but I think her dad Frank voiced "Mister Wizard" on "The King And Odie" "Tooter Turtle" segment,of which,in my favorite episode,"Tailspin Tooter" ("Plane Failure,") Tooter tried to join the Air Force during World War I,but Sauerkrauten Pierogi shot down Tooter's plane.
Why Rob said on 19/Feb/11
Who's The Boss ?
Rob She Is From That Tv Show also
Alex said on 7/Nov/10
Danimal, I always knew who she was, but back in the mid 90s I was only like 10-12 years old. I actually got my crush on her in 2006, but I seen all her movies before Charmed. I thought she looked just as great on Charmed, but she is still beautiful today at almost 38 years old. Embrace of the Vampire was good but I liked Poison Ivy 2 better.
Danimal said on 31/Oct/10
Alex says on 30/Oct/10
JTM, in the shoes in this picture I would be like 6'1 1/4. Those are the same shoes I had met Rob in and he measured me at 6'1 1/4 in those sneakers. Minus 8.5-9 inches and that was her height in heels.

Wow, did I have a crush on her back in the mid 90's.... If you've never seen Embrace of the Vampire, check it out Alex. Trust me, you won't regret it ;)
Alex said on 30/Oct/10
JTM, in the shoes in this picture I would be like 6'1 1/4. Those are the same shoes I had met Rob in and he measured me at 6'1 1/4 in those sneakers. Minus 8.5-9 inches and that was her height in heels.
jtm said on 28/Oct/10
alex are you around 6'1 in shoes in this picture?
Anonymous said on 22/Jul/07
alex, agreed. totally. i think all 4 women who played on charmed are very beautiful, each naturally.
Alex said on 13/Jul/07
Anonymous, I said similar body types, not the exact same. Both are thin but Alyssa is more leaner and still looks better than Rose to me by far. You can still look good and have a nice shape like Alyssa and look great without being curvy. Of course Alyssa is pretty petite because she is both thin and short at the same time.
Anonymous said on 13/Jul/07
alex, rose is much curvier than alyssa. alyssa is tiny, no hips. rose has very curvy hips and a curvier bottom and bigger legs than alyssa. alyssa is very, very petite. i'm a woman, i know women's bodies, trust me. you're right about all their weights, but rose and alyssa are built nothing alike, except the fact that they're both short women.holly is def. around 120. rose is around 112. alyssa close to 100-105. shannen is actually the thinnest, if you go according to actual skinny-ness, alyssa is the most petite.
liz said on 11/Jul/07
i was lucky enough to meet her today at the baseball all stars fan fest and she is very tiny! tv really do make celebs look alot bigger then they really are. i think shes 5'1"
Alex said on 9/Jul/07
Anonymous, Alyssa has nice shape even though she's pretty thin. 105lbs at most for her today, could be 100lbs. She has lost a bit of weight over the years and maybe was a little closer to 110lbs before she became a vegetarian. Holly could be 115-120lbs. Rose may only be 110lbs because she is 2 inches taller than Alyssa but both have a similar body type though.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/07
as far as weight goes, holly is average, i'd guess around 120-she does have some meat on her for a short girl-alyssa is small, prob 105 at best. shannen is tiny, too, prob less than 105, and rose mcgowan is prob around 110-115, being she has a curvier body type than alyssa and shannen. but, i think all 4 ladies are very pretty, and look great. i agree with this height for alyssa, and holly the same. shannen is a tad taller-though not by much, prob 5'2, and rose i'sd say is closer to 5'4. it's obvious throughout the series. reese witherspoon, is also quite short, i'd say 5'1-5'2. however, she is a thicker build girl, i'd say close to the 120-125 range.
Alex said on 20/Apr/07
Ice, I can agree 100% on that. TV does add a little weight at least because she appeared a bit heavier on Charmed sometimes. Going from 110 down to 100-105lbs doens't seem a lot but for someone 5'1 like her its a noticable weight loss. I think she looks great whatever weight she is though. Its not like she's 5'7 105lbs which would be too skinny, she has the height to be her weight and still not look too thin.
Like I have 2 friends 320-330lbs each and if they lose 10lbs you couldn't even tell and they're 5'8 and 6'0 a piece. Weight off someone shorter and ligher you can tell much more faster.
ice said on 18/Apr/07
Alex: My guess for Alyssa's weight would be about 100-105 lbs right now. I know that sounds a bit light, but with TV adding weight, and her tiny frame, I could see that. I have a friend that's around the same size and height, and she's about 100 as well. In the pass, my guess would have been about 110.
Alex said on 12/Apr/07
I know you were talking about height, but I was just asking your opinion on her weight since you're a girl. Reese isn't taller than Alyssa. They're probably the same height. 5'1 a piece.
Kathryn said on 12/Apr/07
no, Reese is 5'2'' and u can see that really. Alyssa is a midget, Reese is one, too, but not like Alyssa. and i meant that she rounded up her height. not her weight. I meant that she said 5'2'' instead of 5'1.5''. get it? =)
Alex said on 11/Apr/07
Kathryn, what do you think she weighs nowadays? I'd say about 105lbs. She was always lean, no heavier than 110-112lbs but now a vegetarian she appears to have lost a bit of weight. At a point during season 3 in Charmed she appeared to be a bit heavier, 110lbs-112lbs. So she even admitted she rounded up so 5'1.5 is her max height but more likely 5'1 flat. She was a bit taller than Reese who is only in between 5'0 and 5'1 herself.
Kathryn said on 10/Apr/07
she is that height definately. she´s very small. and even in FEAR with Reese Witherspoon she was smaller than her. so this height is absolutely right. i heard her saying in an interview on TV : "I am 5'2'' and this is rounded up." so she rounded her height up from 5'1.5'' obviously.
Random Person said on 2/Apr/07
In Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, both Alyssa and David Spade were barefoot in one scene and he had about four inches on her. I'd say she is more like 5'1 flat but I guess I could see 5'1.5.
ice said on 13/Jan/07
I have always thought Reese was smaller than her 5'2 listing. She makes Joaquin Phoenix look tall in Walk the Line. My guess is 5'0-5'1 for her. No smaller, no taller.
Alex said on 5/Jan/07
Today I was watching some of the movie Fear on TV with Alyssa and Reese Witherspoon and in some shots Alyssa looked an little taller, like an inch but didn't get a look at the footwear so couldn't be sure. Reese is listed at 5'2 on this site and its possible she's more 5'1ish so her and Alyssa should be the same height. What do you guys think on that? That if you saw that movie.
Alex said on 4/Jan/07
True, 115lbs for her is maybe a bit too much but 110-112lbs sounds more accurate for when she was heavier.
Not often do you see girls 5'0 and under with a good frame. A lot are either too skinny or too fat. Like I've seen girls 4'10 at like 80lbs and I know one who is 4'10 and believe it or not 175-180lbs. But this 4'10 girl I know from my gym I'd say is in the high 90s- low 100's and she looks good.
Heightfan said on 4/Jan/07
Alex, I argree, though I doubt she has ever been quite has heavy as 115lbs. As far as weight on a short girl, in addition to losing weight gaining weight is also more exagerated. I dated a girl who was was only 4'10" and tried to keep her weight around 100lbs because even a 5lbs gain made her look chunky and appear even shorter. Although I didnt mind because those extra lbs went to the right places but she had serious body image issues because of her sature.
Alex said on 3/Jan/07
I haven't seen any quotes from her on her weight before. For a girl like her at her height say she was 110lbs for example, she still wouldn't be too thin. I do believe Alyssa was 110-115lbs before she became a vegertarian. She now floats in the 100-105lb range I can bet on. Losing 10lbs on a girl her height is more than someone who is taller.

I personally knew a girl who was 4'11 105lbs and was medium framed, not thin really but not thick either.
Heightfan said on 3/Jan/07
Alex, I agree that Alyssa still looks good, but I think that her weight loss and a few years has given her a little bit of a harder look. I think that becoming a vegetarian causes people to look a little unhealthy. As for 100lb women being action stars, its just not believable.
Alex said on 1/Jan/07
Heightfan, I think Alyssa still looks very good. Just as good as she looked back then, maybe even better now. She has more of a sexy image now than she did back then though. Some people exagerrate that she lost a lot of weight but looking at her in the later seasons compared to the first 3 she only lost a little weight. I did see the pictures of the 2 and they are damn near the same height, Alyssa looks a smidge taller though. 1/4-1/2 inch. They're small but hot though, don't need big women for heros all the time. lol
Heightfan said on 31/Dec/06
Alex, I agree about Holly, she is about 1/2 inch shorter than Alyssa. The episode entitled "Brain Drain" is a good example because they are all wearing the same type sneakers. Its on Youtube. Did you check out the pics of Holly and Alyssa? I also agree about that she used to a little heavier. Even Shannon is rail thin now. She said she was 100lbs on The View. Its funny to think of the Charmed Ones and throw in Sarah Michelle Gellar to make five as kick-ass action heroines, when in reality they are so tiny they wouldn't stand a chance in a fight against a Juinor High Girls basketball team. (I just saw a game and couldnt believe the size of those girls) Sorry got off topic.
Alex said on 31/Dec/06
Viper, maybe the 6'4 listing was rounded down but I kinda doubt that. Maybe his shoes are giving him a bit more of height than normal shoes. If Alyssa stands more straight there is still a good 12 inches difference with her in heels.
Viper said on 31/Dec/06
Man, Carl Banks is looking taller than just a flat 6-4 in that picture to me. Maybe its his shoes, but he dwarfs Alyssa.
Alex said on 30/Dec/06
Heightfan, Holly is listed at 5'2 on this site which is off because she isn't taller than Alyssa. Alyssa looks to be 1/2 inch taller but at times they look the same height exactly.

About her weight, whether she is 5'0, 5'1 or in that range I do think she's at least 100lbs, 105lbs maybe. She has lost a little bit of weight over the years. I'd say she was closer to 110lbs at her heaviest. At her height even 100lbs wouldn't even be that thin, its not like a girl 5'4-5'5 at 100lbs would be much thinner. She's def a thin girl though. She always looked good including now. In the first 3 seaons of Charmed she was a little heavier until she became a vegetarian in late 2001 when season 4 began around that time.
Heightfan said on 29/Dec/06
Alex, In my comment about Alyssa's thinness as compared to Nicole Richie I wasnt trying to imply that she was anorexic or sickly looking, just overall very tiny. What woul you guess her weight at? I would guess 100lbs.
Heightfan said on 29/Dec/06
I would compromise at 5'1",and while were on the "Short Ones" I mean Charmed Ones, Holly Marie Combs is need of a downgrade as she is the shortest of the 4. The msn movie site has pics of her with Jessica Simpson 5' 2.5". Take a look and see what you think, In one pic you can see they both have on comparable heels.
Alex said on 29/Dec/06
Rob could at least bring her down to 5'1 flat for now I think.
Heightfan said on 29/Dec/06
I agree with you about the pics with Michelle Rodriguez, that Alyssa being on the far right makes her seem shorter. However the pics of just the two of the them, and with the guy in the middle are straight on. As far as Carl Banks when there is more than a foot difference it makes it tough to tell. Im sticking with 5 foot zippo for her.
Alex said on 29/Dec/06
Some of those pictures with Alyssa and Carmen aren't the best and favor Carmen. The one where Alyssa is on the far right so of course Carmen is going to look a couple inches taller. She's taller than Alyssa for sure but its not by that much. I 1.5-2 inches but we can't see footwear and with girls when they wear heels sometimes they wear different size heels so its never the easiest to estimate with them.
Alex said on 28/Dec/06
Heightfan if you scroll down on this page you'll see Alyssa with Carl Banks and legit 6'4 former NFL player that Rob posted and he has Alyssa by a solid foot and she's in heels. She looks above 5'0 compared to him but only by a small margin.
Heightfan said on 28/Dec/06
I took a closer look at the Carmen Electra pics and they are very interesting, remembering that Carmen admits about being bummed out to find out she was 5'2/5. The pics with the guy in the middle Carmen looks 4 inches taller, and the ones with just the two 34 year old (and starting to look it) Carmen is doing the old head tilt, as if saying "I know I'm short, but I have to tilt my head to keep Mini-Milano in the pic" lol. But seriously, I would be suprised that the difference in heel could account for this.
Alex said on 28/Dec/06
Yea, those are a ton of pictures. Will take me sometime to get through them all though. Nicole is a skinny bag of bones though but Alyssa is thin too but she's a healthy thin girl, not aneorexic like Nicole. Thats the big difference.
Heightfan said on 28/Dec/06
I was checking out her pics on MSN, and for anyone thinking there is no way she is less than 5'1', check them out. There is theme throughout the 390 pics, Alyssa making short little women look tall, including Pink 5'3, Jennifer Love Hewitt 5'2, Carmen Electra 5'2.5, Jillian Barberie 5'3", and my favorite with Nicole Richie. In addition to the 88 pound Richie being slightly taller, Alyssa is not that much thicker than a woman that is nothing but skin and bones. To see the pics go to Jessica Alba's page and click on Robs link and scroll through her nearly 400 pics.

[Editor Rob: the carmen electra ones really, would have to see both heels, but she looks barely 5-1]
Alex said on 26/Dec/06
When people say flats it can be anywhere from 1/2 to 1.5 inches.
Alex said on 14/Dec/06
Franco, she really is 5'2 at the most but more likely 5'1.5 like Rob has her as.
I think her heels can fool people as she can be 5'4 in them or even more if they're bigger than 3 inch heels.
Franco said on 13/Dec/06
WHAT!.....only 1.56cm ?!

oh good lord never thought she'd be 1.56, always thought maybe 1'62 or more. incredible.

gonna study some more pix.
Alex said on 3/Oct/06
Viper, Well the listing was 6'4 so I doubt he is taller than that unless they were rounding down like he was maybe 6'4.5. I can bet though if he was barefoot and she was too he'd be a good 14 inches taller than her. I remember someone saying she was just 5'0. That is impossible. She is short but not as short as 5'0 though.
Viper652 said on 2/Oct/06
He actually looks slightly taller than just a flat 6-4 there.
Alex said on 29/Sep/06
Here is Carl Banks' profile I spotted online. Says 6'4 235lbs and I def believe the 6'4 so he can't be more than that then.

Click Here
Alex said on 29/Sep/06
Viper, if he was 6'0 then it would be the tallest 6'0 ever I've seen. LOL
His shoes are going to give him 1-1.5 inches while it appears she has on heels which are going to give 2-3 inches so with that its still a good 12-13 inch difference so barefoot he'd be 14 inches or so taller than her. 6'4 or could be more compared making her 5'2.
Alex said on 29/Sep/06
Rob and Viper, about to say that guy Carl Banks is def over 6'0, no way just 6'0 . 6'4 I'd say he looks.

[Editor Rob: yes, the question mark is '6ft 4 or 5' really...]
Brad said on 27/Sep/06
Alyssa was 5' 2" on the lot of a Santa Clarita studio where Melrose Place was filmed. In curlers no less. In '86 she was a cute 13 year old at a taping of Who's The Boss at Sunset-Gower studios in Hollywood. I think it was the old Columbia lot where The Three Stooges/Monkees/Flying Nun filmed. Danza had lots of goombah go-fers.
Alex said on 23/Sep/06
I think Rob needs to upgrade Alyssa to 5'2.
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/06
Carl Banks is only 6-0? My god, he looks like a giant there.

[Editor Rob: 6ft 'question mark', wasn't sure if 4 or 5]
Alex said on 7/Sep/06
Brad, Rose is def the tallest one at 5'4, possibly 5'5. She was noticeably taller than the other girls.
Alex said on 7/Sep/06
Viper, her and Holly Marie Combs look about the same height. A few times Alyssa actually looks a bit taller than Holly but could be because of bigger footwear. Both I think are 5'2 though and Shannen could be closer to 5'3 but I think Rose McGowen is 5'4 at least, possibly 5'5 as he has all the sisters by a few inches.
DudeX said on 25/Aug/06
Brad, do you really think people will believe your words if you don't back it with evidences. I mean, telling fake personal stories won't make it realistic to my eyes, and to many people on this site.
Brad said on 24/Aug/06
She's one of the prettiest actresses I've ever seen in person. Yeah, 5' 2" is right. Yard long smile.
Gillian said on 15/Aug/06
I also think she's really that short. On some pics you can see this. And in the first few episodes of the 4th season of Charmed, Rose seemed to be much taller than her.
Viper652 said on 13/Aug/06
She does look 5-2 minimum to me. Rob is shortchanging her by a half an inch.
Alex said on 12/Aug/06
I think Rob needs to upgrade her back to 5'2.
supes78 said on 8/Aug/06
Wow. I had no idea she was this short. I was thinking she was around 5'3". She appears to have long legs compared to the rest of her body so it gives the illusion that she is taller.
steve said on 6/Aug/06
hi, i caught a glimpse of alyssa milano at whole foods market in winter park florida on saturday 8/5/06.
she's short, i didn't realize how small she is.
but she is very beautiful; she's more georgeous in person!
Alex said on 7/Jul/06
She looks 5'2 to me.
Haylie said on 24/Jun/06
Thanks heightgirl, I think your right but it probably is just the footwear, I think 5'1ish is about right
heightgirl said on 25/Apr/06
Haylie - Click Here AND Click Here --- Nicole appears ever so slightly taller than Alyssa, but it could just be an extra inch on her stilettos :]
Haylie said on 13/Apr/06
Wow I'd love to meet Alyssa! You're lucky. I think Alyssa is probably 5'1 or 5'1.5 she looks close to Nicloe Richie's height (there are some pics of them at the oscars together but I can find them again!)
morrow said on 12/Apr/06
literally bumped into her in a hotel lobby last year. she was was tiny, no more than 5'3" in heels. I'd place her at 5' to 5'1". of course, she looked gorgeous.
Liv said on 10/Mar/06
Alyssa is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood whether she has lied about an inch or a half-inch of her height doesn't matter! I would leave her at 5'2" beacause she doesn't look majorly short compared to the guest stars on Charmed
heightfan said on 28/Feb/06
When Charisma was on the show there were not any good comparison scenes that I recall. However, if there were, do not be suprised if she was either barefoot or wearing shoes with no heel. In the current season the two new female characters never wear heels, as not to highlight the Charmed Ones shortness.
Nikki said on 26/Feb/06
Alyssa is so definately 5'2", she looked it when Charisma Carpenter was on the show certainly not shorter!!!!
ester said on 5/Feb/06
yeah but u have these three actresses (currently) side-by-side, how can you claim them to be 5" or 5".5 or 5".040371 or whatever when you don't even have anyone to compare their heights with but with one another? why don't u send a link with them standing next to other celebrities to try and prove they're not the height they claim to be and may be i'll see if it's true
heightfan said on 4/Feb/06
no, what is likely is you have 3 short actresses whose publiscists/agents have told them to lie about their height. if they would list their true heights it would be a problem for casting agents. how many 5 foot tall leading ladies has anyone seen?
ester said on 4/Feb/06
yeah sounds likely doesn't it? alyssa, holly, shannon and rose all coincidentally just decided to put on 2" extra to each of their own heights. no i think alyssa is 5"2
heightfan said on 20/Jan/06
After seeing Rose next to Kelly Ripa (see my Rose posting) I think wicked kid is right at five nothing.
Cady said on 5/Dec/05
That sounds about right she does look abot 5"5 in her 3 inch heels on Charmed she is soooo beautiful I think she is really underated cos she is much better looking than most of the super famous women in Hollywood!!!!
Wicked Kid said on 5/Nov/05
Makes sense, heightfan. If you watch Charmed more often, you'll notice that Rose doesn't really tower over them. Just about 2". And I do find that Alyssa seems taller than Holly by a lil' bit. So maybe half an inch.
heightfan said on 29/Oct/05
Good call wicked kid. I would say Holly is 5'1/2", Alyssa is 5'1" and Rose is 5'3". If Holly said in an interview they are all the same height, I could see why, as she is clealy the shortest of the Charmed shortees.
Wicked Kid said on 24/Oct/05
She looks 5'nothing to me. Looks extremely short in Charmed. Holly could be the same and Rose could be 5'3".
Anonymous said on 2/Oct/05
alyssa is definitely 5`2`` but can somebody tell what is the height of Holly Marie Combs she is another girl from Charmed and this could be very helpfull to understand what is the real height of alyssa!
CelebHeights Editor said on 24/Aug/05
From Australian Cleo Magazine: "I'd like to be taller [she's just under 158cm] and have the height from longer legs."
Gigy said on 20/Jun/05
To Anonymous:
I think, that 5'7 ranges between 169 cm and 171 cm! And 6'0 randes between 183 and 184 cm! But you can check it out for sure on
It´s a good site when you have to do your body mass index or convert feet and inches into centimeters!
As for the charmed actresses, Allysa, Holly.M.C and Shannen D. are roughly the same height, 5'2-5'3 feet, but Rose McGowen is at least 5'4 if not 5'5!
Elisabeth Grace said on 22/Apr/05
Alyssa is definitely only 5'2" because she is the same height as Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty. On an interview in 1999 Holly said they were all exactly the same height and in a more recemt interview Holly confirmed that she was 5'2"

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