How tall is Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher's Height

6ft 2 ½ (189.2 cm)

American actor best known for roles in movies like The Butterfly Effect, Jobs, The Guardian and TV series That 70's Show. On the Howard Stern show he claimed to stand tall at "Six Three"

How tall is Ashton Kutcher
Jessica Alba and Ashton
Photo by s_bukley/

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Average Guess (107 Votes)
6ft 2.32in (188.8cm)
6'4'' Guy! said on 13/Sep/20
Rob, He looks 6 feet next to Conan O'Brien! Click Here
Editor Rob
He might be losing an inch in posture there.
RJT said on 10/Sep/20
Click Here
Slightly shorter than Welling

I can buy 6'2.25" and up to full 6'2.5" but no higher.
Bora said on 9/Sep/20
Yes I think he's solid 6'2" indeed
Jug said on 25/Aug/20
In these pictures with Carmelo Anthony he looks 6'2 max. He is a strong, big-framed 6'2 but not taller than that.
Hulk.23 said on 4/Aug/20
6’2.5/189cm on the nose. I think if measured he will be 0,5” taller than Affleck.
MiguelHO said on 3/Aug/20
Click Here Ashton next to Paulo costa
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Aug/20
6ft2 flat and 6ft3 are unlikely I think.
Willes190 said on 31/Jul/20
Classic 6ft2.5 guy.
RJT said on 30/Jul/20
Don't think he's at this height at afternoon, might be near this an hour or so after waking up.

Really hard to believe he's the same level as Routh/Welling, but then I've never been a fan of him so don't know much about him in the first place.

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The guy next to him is Adam Neumann whose height is listed at 6 ft 5, and Kucther is like at least 3 inches shorter, making him 6'2 max.

Click Here
P Diddy looks only around 3-4 inches shorter even if Kutcher has better posture and you put him at 5 ft 10 1/4, so that again would make Kutcher only around 6 ft 2.

Click Here
Better angle with Neumann yet he still looks solid 3 inches shorter

He's overlisted same like Kransinski

6'2 flat or 6'2.25 on a good day, should be shorter than Affleck.
the name's Sam said on 2/Jul/20
He can fit anywhere in the 188.5-189 cm range
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jun/20
⭐ I don't believe my eyes! I've just noticed that 'The Butterfly Effect' is on TV tonight on the Sony Movies Channel at one o'clock in the morning. Well, what a coincidence!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jun/20
@ Nik - I wondered if you'd discovered Ashton's page, and you have! Imagine being called Ashton Ashton? πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘Œ My Jim knew a little girl called Kelly Kelly and she was an albino girl, with a seriously mischievous side!

Ashton can have 6ft2.5. πŸ“ I saw him starring with his then girlfriend, Brittany Murphy, in a comedy called 'Just Married'. As the couple walk upstairs, there's a farting sound and they both laugh! I also saw him in a film called 'The Butterfly Effect', which was very interesting! Cheers Nik! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ XXX

Nik said on 30/May/20
1'62.5" or 6'2.5"! πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Nik Ashton said on 29/May/20
He looks a few inches taller than his twin brother Michael!
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/May/20
@Celebheights 6'1.5"

Not visible. They're both close to 189cm check on the top of their head make no difference. One thing to comfirm is Kutcher is def taller than Ben Affleck.
I'm 6'3' said on 15/May/20
I think he is just over 6'2' but not near 6'3'
Jkiller said on 6/May/20
Guy is 6'2.25 exactly (188.5cm), no doubt about it.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 5/Apr/20
With a John Krasinski who has his head tilted downward:

Click Here

Ashton Kutcher actually appears shorter than this listing by him.
Peter175 said on 31/Mar/20
RM is on a higher elevation and may have lifts. And it’s still 3 inches. The BTS members looked taller than usual with James Corden whos about the height of all but 2.
I think RM is probably 5,11 and Ashton a good 6,2ish
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 16/Mar/20

He looks 6’3” by her, but he looks 6’2” in comparison to Steve Howey in that same shot, who is listed as 6’3 1/2”. That’s very strange.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 16/Mar/20
With a Sam Elliot who might not even measure at 6’1” today:

Click Here

I don’t think he’s any taller than this listing, and 6’2 1/2” feels like a stretch.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 16/Mar/20
He looks no taller than 6’2” by Will Smith. In fact, they look relatively similar in height with the same footwear.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Feb/20
πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday Ashton! πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ

Many Happy Returns of the Day to Ashton Kutcher, who turns 42 today.

6ft2.5. πŸ˜πŸ»πŸŽ‰

Original said on 6/Feb/20
62B said on 2/Feb/20
I'm watching an episode of That 70's Show with Josh Meyers who plays Randy. Meyers looks to be an inch taller than Kutcher. Meyers is listed at 6'1" in all my searches. What gives?
184guy2 said on 1/Feb/20
Click Here
Ashton looks a bit taller than Triple H 17 years ago probably
Walle said on 29/Jan/20
Hello Rob ? How about this pic ? 181cm BTS-RM stand next to Kutcher with same footwear. i dont think hes 189cm.... Click Here
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Nov/19
Click Here Kutcher is only 1.5" shorter than Lisa Leslie. Not buying him 6'3 just because Lisa listed 6'4 1/2. It's more on Lisa is 1/2 over listed.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Nov/19
Anyway Kutcher isn't listed a low at 189cm like Will Arnett.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Sep/19
Canson, camera tricks everywhere while look here Click Here 3.75" much more accurate difference as listed for both of them. There are one other picture make that Kutcher look 4.5" shorter than Carmelo which can see the picture was tilt down from Kutcher side.
Canson said on 17/Aug/19
Melo has a solid 4”. He’s not over 6’2.25

Click Here
Dmeyer said on 16/Aug/19
I met him twice , the Guy isnt under 6'2,5
MalcomStreet said on 19/Jul/19
Topjer Grace who is listed at 5'10.5" in this website and whenever him and Kutcher are in a picture Kutcher never looks 6ft2 and looking at more pictures between the 2 of them Kutcher only looks 6ft1
Final Verdict on Kutchers height: 6' 1"
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 12/Jun/19
Click Here Michael Strahan is listed 6'4 1/4 so 6'2 1/2 has return back to Kutcher here.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Jun/19
Click Here If Carmelo Anthony stand legit 6'6 1/4 that then 6'2 1/2 seem legit for Kutcher. But thinking that Carmelo get his 6'6 1/4 in the morning maybe that will put Kutcher 6'2 1/4.
Damon Blank said on 24/May/19
I don't think he's as tall as 6 ft 3. I think 2 is more likely.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/May/19
@berta Routh look more a solid 189cm than Kutcher. I wouldn't go above 189cm but not under 188.6cm for him.
berta said on 27/Apr/19
189-190 cm guy is my guess
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Apr/19
6ft2 flat and 6ft3 should both be ruled out
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Feb/19
@MartinDavis You're confusing that first you say Kutcher no way over 6'1 and then you say he is 6'0 with normal footwear. If he is 6'0 in footwear then it will mean he is 5'11 barefoot? That would make Carmelo Anthony 6'2.75" and that is ridiculous even if you atually mean he is 6'1 with footwear and 6'0 barefoot wouldn't that make Carmelo 6'3.75"?
Canson said on 25/Feb/19
@Junior: 6’6 1/8 is possible for Melo as well at a low
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Feb/19
Click Here This only picture that Kucther look between 3.75" lower than 6'6.25" Carmelo. Maybe this is could be better picture upon all comparison. Maybe i'm wrong thinking him under 6'2.25". But if Carmelo was more like 6'6 1/8 (198.5cm) then Kutcher still closer enough 189cm.
DPH1995 said on 7/Feb/19
Definitely not under 189.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Oct/18
Brandon Routh and Geoff Stults def edge out Kutcher.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Sep/18
I think 6'2 will be dine for Kutcher. He def need a downgrade at 6'2.25" not taller than Jack Coleman.
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 6/Aug/18
I agree with this listing. I could also buy a weak 190cm, but not more than that
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Jul/18
@Dean Jonsson The Carmelo Anthony comparison have some rotating angle from the camera direction to do. It gives like 1" advantage height added to the one standing on left which is Carmelo. I had took some pictures angle similar to Carmelo and Kutcher standing for my 2 twin brothers they were both 6'2 appproximate in person but the shots came out look like a convincing of one is 6'3 and another was 6'2 which they both had keeping same posture and sames Nike sneakers on. Kutcher could be a little under 6'2 1/2 maybe 6'1 1/4 but not as low as 6'1 1/2.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Jul/18
@Jtm Avery peak is 6'4 3/4 and at the time Avery might still stand at 6'4 1/2. Kutcher could really be 6'2 1/4.
Jtm said on 30/Jun/18
he was more than just 2 inches shorter than james avery in the 70s show and avery was most likely closer to 6'4 at the time.
MAD SAM said on 22/Jun/18
He held good against 184.5-185 cm Sam Elliot, Ashton gets a legit 189-189.5 cm form me
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Jun/18
@62B He look like 6'1 7/8 with 6'6 1/4 Carmelo Anthony. But i'm giving him 6'2 at best.
62B said on 17/Jun/18
I've been watching the Ranch and that 70's show. Ashton is for sure a tall guy, but I just don't get the impression he is my height (6' 2 1/2"). My guess is 6'1 3/4" barefoot.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Jun/18
I think he is only 6'2. But i guess if a downgrade at 6'2 1/4 happen isn't unfair.
Jonas 83 said on 10/Jun/18
Saw him the other day on Conan and he had at least 1.5 to 2" less than Conan. He is not much taller than Andy. I say he's 6'2 tops
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Apr/18
@Canson He atually look over 4" shorter than Carmelo between 4.25-4.5", Melo eye brown is higher than Kutcher head and honestly giving 6'2 flat for Kutcher is way generous. Melo had Vans sneakers with him.

Click Here: Melo had Vans that give less than 0.9 inch

Click Here: looks like a 3cm style footwear
Dejavu said on 31/Mar/18
I would have argued 6'2 and nothing more next to Topher Grace.
QM6'1QM said on 27/Mar/18
Ashton 3 cms taller than Elon Musk = 188.5-189 cm for Kutcher.
Canson said on 4/Mar/18
6’2.25. Looks about 4” shorter than Carmelo
spainmen192cm said on 18/Feb/18
Rob, which is the highest and the lowest would you argue for Kutcher?
Editor Rob
6ft 2.75 6ft 2.25
Bennett said on 1/Feb/18
6ft2 at best for kutcher. 6ft3 claim can throw out the building.
Alp said on 6/Jan/18
This guy have very muscular build so looks taller in his height. I think he is 1.89-1.90
Tamberlain said on 24/Dec/17
@Magik - You can look at premiere pics of him standing right next to 5'10.5" Rob Corddry, and looking 2.5 to 3 inches taller.

Again, Kutcher's very lanky, it makes him look taller. It's the same effect as for guys like Michael Cera, who everyone initially thought was 6', but who is actually 5'9" (check his CelebHeights listing).
Magik said on 22/Dec/17
6'1"? is a joke? this guy is a solid 6'2.25"-6'2.5"
Tamberlain said on 19/Dec/17
Honestly doubt he's much over 6'1", if at all. His skinny build makes him seem taller. He also does the usual actor 'claim 2 inches more than you are' thing, which is kinda silly, considering 6'1" is already tall.

Finally, he played opposite a lot of short-to-average height guys for many years on That '70s Show, which I think gave him his 'tall rep'.
Junior said on 10/Nov/17
@Canson, i did go with 198.8cm for Carmelo lowest if he grow like 1/4 or 2/5 of an inch. Melo look alot like 1.5cm shorter than Lebron who is more legit 200-200.3cm range. We shouldn't forget draft measurement took in early morning at low Melo can't be over 197.8cm if he didn't grow. Ashton Kutcher make me suspect to be 6'2.25" in the morning if get measure and came at low 6'1.75" with Melo. I see a full 11cm (4.35") between Melo and Kutcher. Melo in a mid day could be as high as 6'6.5" for awhile. We all know that Ben Affleck is more like 6'1.5" and so Kutcher can't be much taller.
Canson said on 28/Oct/17
I’d say 6’2/6’2.25. Junior is right Melo edges him by 4”. Melo in person is 198-199
Junior said on 27/Oct/17
@Slim 6'

6'6.25-6'6.5" Carmelo Anothony look at least 11cm taller than Kutcher. Strong 6'2 like you say is absolutely right. I would say a full 188cm for Kutcher.
Slim 6' said on 24/Oct/17
Strong 6'2".
spainmen192cm said on 30/Sep/17
Rob, I think he can look as tall as Hartett,John Mayer and Dax Shepard all of them listed at 6ft2.75. Maybe Kutcher deserves the same listing as them?
S.J.H said on 20/Jun/17
6'2.5 Bernie Mac edge kutcher by half inch. 6'2.25 is even a struggle for kutcher
Canson said on 16/Jun/17
6'2 and change 188.5-189.2ish
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Jun/17
Ashton starred in the film 'Just Married', and yes, there was about a foot's difference between him and Brittany Murphy! Therefore he gets 6ft2.5.
opus said on 15/Jun/17
Dallas Clark, the nil player who's in that Metallica pic with Kutcher is a solid 6'3''. He looks to have at least an inch on Ashton.
S.J.H said on 13/Jun/17
Kutcher height is sure overestimated all this year. Even Carmelo could be 6'6.5 but kutcher can't be over 6'2. I think he is just 6'2 all this time and seann william scott whom i suspect not over 5'11 but rob given 5'11.5 then 5'11.25
S.J.H said on 9/Jun/17
@joe nathan said on 1/May/17

You can google 6'6.25 carmelo anthony with ashton kutcher. Somewhere 11-11.5cm between them. Kutcher at best 6'2 a stretch more of 187.5cm next to carmelo
James B said on 17/May/17
192 pounds? I would have guessed him somewhere in the 2000 range
joe nathan said on 1/May/17
@ S.J.H she is 5'10 in heels and still looking up at him. i think there's no competition he's 189-190
Original said on 27/Mar/17
6'2.5" its okay for me.
spainmen192cm said on 24/Mar/17
Rob, in his new sitcom The Ranch, a women described him as been 200 pounds and he corrects her, and claim "192 pounds" I think is believable. I cant post the video because is in Netflix.
Editor Rob: yes he probably is that weight.
James B said on 20/Mar/17
Could pass for 6ft3 for sure
spainmen192cm said on 19/Mar/17
Rob, have you consider a 6ft2.75 listing? He can look very close to his claim, and he has bad posture. In his new sitcom The Ranch he can look a 190cm guy
S.J.H said on 6/Mar/17
If carmelo anthony is 6'6.5/6'6 then ashton kutcher should be 6'2.5/6'2 meaning 6'2.5 morning 6'2 evening/night and he even look about 10.5 lower than carmelo 6'2 is fair
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Feb/17
More like 189/190cm rather than 188/189cm
Visitor said on 20/Feb/17
Any chance of under 6'2" for Kutcher, Rob?
Editor Rob: Visitor, I've not seen enough to say he was only 6ft 2, let alone 6ft 1.75. Would be surprised if he was measured sub 6ft 2...
Dejavu said on 14/Feb/17
I think a strong 6'2 is reasonable. He is not over 6'2.5
S.J.H said on 10/Feb/17

In fact 6'6.25 carmelo smoothly really put ashton kutcher not more than 6'2 and maybe he just claim 6'3 with shoes like any typical hollywood style
Canson said on 6/Feb/17
@S.J.H: Melos a strong 6'6" like 198-199. I can easily buy his 6'6.25 when I met him as he was maybe a full 2" taller specifically 1 7/8" or so or could be a full 199 but no more. He looked taller next to me than my 6'6 (6'5 7/8) friend
S.J.H said on 6/Feb/17

Agree too. 6'6 Carmelo anthony make him a flat 6'2 and even lower
Balrog said on 31/Jan/17
I think Hartnett would edge out him, I see Ashton closer to 6'2'' rather than 6'3''. His lanky build make him look taller. Still a fair listing for him.
S.J.H said on 18/Jan/17
Kutcher might be just weak side of 6'2.5 like patrick warburton , jeff daniels and one of the phelps twins. Solid 6'2.25
spainmen191cm said on 9/Nov/16
Rob, how tall do you think he looks with a 6ft6.25 measured Carmelo Anthony?
Click Here

I think we could rule out his 6ft3 claim
Editor Rob: spainmen, he looks at most 6ft 2 there.
spainmen191cm said on 7/Nov/16
Rob, John Mayer and Ashton Kutcher claim both "six three" and they look the same height
Click Here
Click Here

Despite that, you have Mayer at 6ft3 and Ashton at 6ft2.5, I think that if Mayer is 6ft3 Ashton is as well, but maybe Mayer is not the full 6ft3, and are both weak 6ft3 guys, 6ft2.5-75. Maybe you could change John Mayer lsiting or Kutcher listing
Editor Rob: I haven't ruled out Mayer as a similar weak 6ft 3er.
spainmen191cm said on 3/Nov/16
Rob, taking in consideration his claim, do you think he can look 6ft3?
Editor Rob: I think any guy who was 6ft 2.5-2.75 range would probably round up more often than round down. I've not yet seen enough of Ashton to say he was an example of a solid 6ft 3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Nov/16
Could be a 192cm out of bed/190cm before bed guy like Welling or Hemsworth
shiva 181 cms said on 31/Oct/16
He could be 6'2.75 whole day long and might dip to 6'2.5 in the evening if measured

His morning height could be around 191-192 cms

Rob, do you consider him giving 6'2.75
spainmen191cm said on 23/Oct/16
Rob, his Martial Arts teacher has described Kutcher as being "6-2,6-3 and 200 pounds" its an interesting coute because despite is not an official claim of Kutcher, is a description of his personal trainer.
Click Here
S.J.H said on 17/Sep/16
Metric estimate (noon/evening hieght) :

Bernie Mac 189.5cm

Ashton Kutcher 188.75cm

Dax Shepard 188.5cm
joe### said on 29/Aug/16
Ashton Kutcher 6Β΄2.5
Bernie mac 6Β΄2.5
dax shepard 6Β΄2.5
Eric said on 23/Aug/16
i believe he is exactly like me, 188cm at most of the day and 187-187.5 at the end of the day
S.J.H said on 22/Aug/16
Truth is dax shepard is only 6'2-6'2.25 not 6'2.75 and kutcher is more 6'2.25-6'2.5
spainmen191cm said on 8/Aug/16
Rob maybe he needs an upgrade to 6ft2.75(190cm)?
He look as tall or even taller than Dax Shepard and you had said that figure is possible for him
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/16
Rob, out of Kutcher, Routh and Dax Shepard who do you think would come out the tallest?
Editor Rob: I've only seen Routh out of those, but he definitely has the best posture I think...really all guys may fall within a 1/4 inch if measured.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 4/Jul/16
What would you estimate the length from his eye level to the top of his head is? It looks extremely small to me.
Editor Rob: it doesn't look too small to me, maybe somewhere in 4.5 range after looking
berta said on 30/Jun/16
this guy looks to be 190 on the dot
Canson said on 29/Jun/16
Jeremy Lin was measured 6'3.5 the year before he was drafted in shoes (2 years in a row). The 6'3 is a morning height obviously. He's 6'2.25 maybe 6'2.5 ordinarily. Rob has him pegged correctly. As for Melo 6'6.25 looks right. I have met him before and he had me by 1.5-2"
Truth said on 23/May/16
He was definitely taller than Dax and they had very similar footwear and were standing on level ground side by side. Dax downgrade to 187 or 188. Looked like 1/2 inch difference
Silent_D said on 7/May/16
He looked taller than dax shephard on ellen who i think is 187cm. 189cm seems right. He always looks really tall.
spainmen191cm said on 5/May/16
Rob, I found this clip where Kutcher talks about how he started his career as a model (before an actor), he looks a lot thiner in the clip than nowdays (he was only 19) how much do you think he weighs on the clip?
Click Here
Editor Rob: maybe 170 pounds
Dame said on 2/Feb/16
With flats 189 for sure no arguement with runners and higher shoes 191.5 cm very tall guy
John said on 16/Jan/16
Ashton is like one of the few A-list celebrities who is honest about their height. He could've claimed 6'3" and easily gotten away with it. Can sometimes look a solid 190cm.
Dejavu said on 11/Dec/15
Ashton Kutcher looked max 1.5 inches taller than Kevin Costner who was a solid 6'1. At times, it could appear less.
andrew said on 16/Nov/15
yeah he looks taller than he is, perfect 189 :)
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 11/Nov/15
By Tyler Perry:

Click Here

So, 6'3" for Ashton Kutcher? Are you people going to start saying that Tyler Perry is 6'5 1/2" then?
Willes190 said on 11/Nov/15
Rob he claimed 6'3 on Howard Stern
Dejavu said on 20/Oct/15
I think Hartnet could look taller than Kutcher.
Willes190 said on 16/Oct/15
Ashton Kutcher is between 6'2.75-6'3
joe @@ said on 9/Oct/15
Jake said on 7/Oct/15
Kutcher looks at the level of the eye is shorter
Jake said on 7/Oct/15
I agree with @john and @Rampage(-_-_-)Clover. He is more 6'3-6'3.25 range. Rob, don't you think he looks more 6'3 range exp here with Matthew Modine. He looks as tall if not maybe taller than him.

Click Here
spainmen191cm said on 4/Oct/15
Rob, are you sure this guy is not 190cm? He looks very tall in some of his movies
[Editor Rob: 189 or 190, I think you could argue either, at times I can see both.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Oct/15
Can pull off nearer 6ft3.

Rob, could 190cm be closer?
[Editor Rob: he's a bit like hartnett in that he can lok 189, then 190]
Dejavu said on 24/Sep/15
He is definitely not 6'3. He looked at least 2 inches under Tyler Perry who is between 6'4-6'5.
john said on 17/Sep/15
Rob, don't you think he looks taller than 6'2 that people are saying here ?
For me definitely looks more like 6'3 or even 6'3.5
[Editor Rob: I think he will clear 6ft 2, but 6ft 3.5 looks too much.]
6ft 4 dude said on 8/Sep/15
I agree with you @johnny. He doesnΒ΄t strike me as being a solid 6ft2.5 , and of course not a 6ft3 guy as he previously claimed. Anything between 187cm -189cm is fine, my bet is that he is a 6ft 2 ( 188cm) barefoot at most part of the day and drop to 187cm at night.
joe @@ said on 21/Aug/15
Ashton Kutcher 6ft 2.5in (189 cm)
dax shepard 6ft 2.75in (190 cm)
Ben affleck 6ft 2.25in (189 cm)
Conan O'Brien 6ft 3.5in (192 cm)
spainmem192cm said on 20/Aug/15
Rob you had upgrade Hartnett to a weak 6ft3 maybe is the moment to do the same with Kutcher? I think that a 6ft2.75 listing would be spot on
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM said on 2/Aug/15
Seann William Scott was a legit 181-182 CM guy in person, and Ashton had him by like 5-6 CM.
6ft4 dude said on 21/Jul/15
Lankiest 6ft1.5-6ft2 range guy ive ever seen.
spainmen192cm said on 16/Jul/15
Rob, how tall do you think he could be out of bed
[Editor Rob: he could be a 6ft 3.5 range out of bed]
jamie179cm said on 11/Jul/15
ok @johnny 187cm is believable but so is 188cm
johnny said on 30/Jun/15
I've saw him about 2 years ago....walking barefoot... he is 187 cm definitely, no more,no less.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 27/Jun/15
He looks to be within an inch of Will Smith (maybe less) in this photo, and he's a legit 187 CM/6'1.5" in person (not the 6'2" that he claims to be):

Click Here

I wish that there was a better photo of the two.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 22/Jun/15
If this guy is above 6'3", then Bradley Cooper is definitely above 6'1". He's barely 4-5 CM taller than him....
Jake said on 18/May/15
Ashton is def 6'3. He's as tall as Matthew Modine. Ashton height is around 6'3-6'3.25. This listing is way too low.

Click Here
berta said on 13/May/15
this is the lowest i can se him .I Think 190 fits him better . 65 procent chance he is 190 and 35 on 189
Ice said on 11/Apr/15
I can see him pulling off 6'2.5 " easily , but Kevin Durand towered over him in Butterfly Effect ..
Nils said on 1/Mar/15
he claimed 6'3 to howard stern. probably that's shoe measurement
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 23/Jan/15
By Jason Goldberg:

Click Here

Ashton Kutcher: 6'2"-6'2.25"/188 CM-189 CM (taking into account that Goldberg has the worst posture)
Jason Goldberg: 6'1.25"-6'1.5"/186 CM-187 CM (he's listed as being 6'2.5" as well, but he appears just a bit above 6'1" to me)
MrTBlack said on 4/Jan/15
You can tell Conan is at least 1.5" taller. This listing seems good.
Joe said on 2/Jan/15
@Celebheights 188 cm: Jimmy Fallon isn't 5'11". That pushes Ashton Kutcher into 6'2 range.
Celebheights 188 CM said on 29/Dec/14
He appears to be no more than 6'2" by 5'11" Jimmy Fallon:

Click Here
Celebheights 188 CM said on 26/Dec/14
@Pablo neither are standing up straight.
pablo77bar said on 20/Dec/14
Look him with Conan O'Brien(6ft4)
Click Here
He looks like 1.90 absolutely
pablo77bar said on 20/Dec/14
Look this videoclip from Reindeer Games (2000)
We have Ashton Kutcher and Ben Affelck.They have the same height
Ben was 26 and Ashton 22
Click Here
Joe said on 13/Dec/14
@Jake: Tyler Perry should be like 6'5.5" if Ashton Kutcher is 6'3" range.
Jake said on 11/Dec/14
Rob, do you think 6'3-6'3.25 is more closer to Ashton Kutcher especially since he's looks as tall if not taller than Matthew Modine?
[Editor Rob: I generally think 189 range is ok, at times he can look near 6ft 3, other times I think he really doesn't.]
Judd said on 7/Dec/14
rob i am sure that kutcher is in the 6'2-2.5" so as you listed him is very fine in my opinion...
i have already watched jobs (2013) and i noticed that he is very very close in height to Matthew Modine...i have found just one picture where they look both at the same height, if you also consider that they wear similar shoes...Click Here

maybe modine if measured would be a bit taller than asthon but for sure not 1" i guess...he's still quite young (55 years) so i don't think he have lost's possible for MM a peak height at 6'3.25" and a current height at 6'2.75-3"?
[Editor Rob: 6ft 3 flat for modine is always possible today ]
Joe said on 7/Dec/14
@Rob: 175-180 lbs looks pretty accurate. He's quite skinny. He lost only 15 lbs for movie Jobs.
jamie179cm said on 20/Nov/14
Ashton Kutcher is definitely a tall guy but i don't think hes 6ft3 i think hes 6ft2
spainmen192cm said on 13/Nov/14
@Rob, what do you think is his weight?
[Editor Rob: could be 200-205 range]
anon said on 2/Nov/14
cooper and timber-lake are lift wearers. i thinks the listings pretty solid tbh.hes the same height as dax sheapard
spainmen192cm said on 2/Nov/14
I think he is over 6ft2,189-190cm for him.How much do you think he weighs Rob?
Nils said on 27/Oct/14
6'2 range, No chance he's 6'3
Lebensdorf said on 21/Oct/14
Not quite 6'2.5, more like a strong 6'2. Big shoulders, big body, makes him look quite tall.
Jake said on 13/Oct/14
The reality is that the majority of people here such as lelman, tom, WalkingTall 6ft3.25, MrTBlack, Kourosh177cm, believe Ashton is legit 6'3. Here's Asthon with legit 6'3 John Krasinski and he's taller than him aswell. Now you guys are gonna say Krasinski isn't 6'3. Ashton is hardly shorter than 6'4.5 Tyler Perry and you guys still won't accept that.

Click Here
Joe said on 9/Oct/14
This Jake guy is upgrading everyone to peg Ashton Kutcher at 6'3". Tyler Perry is listed at 6'4.5" at this site and no one there is claiming anything taller than that. In fact, few of them there are downgrading him to 6'4".
Andrea said on 30/Sep/14
Tyler Perry is nowhere near 6'5, more 6'4 range (and can look even shorter with his posture)... Ashton is looking 6'2 tops there! 6'3 is quite impossible, unless you go with out-of-bed measurements ;)
Jake said on 29/Sep/14
Rob, here is Ashton with nearly 6'5 Tyler Perry, Ashton hardly looks much shorter than him. Ashton looks like a good 6'3-6'3.25 guy.

Click Here
jamie179cm said on 4/Sep/14
well guys he looks 6ft2 to me
jamieorr4 said on 21/Aug/14
Hunter after the pictures i saw i don't think hes over 188cm can't really see him under 6ft2 though i think his body frame looks 6ft2 imo i still think this is one of robs best listing
Hunter said on 18/Aug/14
6'1" range guy claiming 6'3".
jamieorr4 said on 16/Aug/14
by the look of his body frame i doubt he is under 6ft2 but i would say 6ft2.5 is spot on and i think he could be 6ft3 max this has to be one of robs best listing
Joe said on 10/Aug/14
I dunno why I'm getting a feeling that he has pretty low eye level. Rob, what you gotta say on that??
[Editor Rob: a bit more than average, but doesn't seem very low set, quite a proportional head]
Andrea said on 2/Aug/14
Well, Joe, that is not a good pic since the other guy is much closer to the camera... Anyway, if Carmelo is really only 6'6, Ashton doesn't even look 6'2 with him, he looks at least 4.5 inches shorter! But "about 6'2" seems ok, 6'3 is only possible in shoes!
Joe said on 2/Aug/14
Carmelo Anthony is 4 inches taller than Ashton Kutcher.

A real 6'3" guy(Jeremy Lin) looks like this:

Click Here

Jeremy Lin isn't 6'3.5" or 6'4", I will add a link for his meaurement.
Dmeyer said on 1/Aug/14
From wath i saw , i met him twice he was a strong 3in taller than me about 6'2.5 defenetly 6'3.25-3.5 out of bed
7'0 Acadian guy said on 25/Jul/14
He used to swim for the guardian. That's why from. 6'1 went to 6'3 . Swimming makes you taller even in your late 20's
Ashton said on 18/Jul/14
Anywhere between 6'3-6'3.25 is Ashton Kutcher height. The evidence clearly shows he's a legit 6'3 exp next to John Krasinski. MrTBlack I completely agree with you aswell.
Joe said on 17/Jul/14
Ashton Kutcher was listed at 6'1.5" around the early 2000s, he never grew to 6'3.My guess is that he can look 188 cm but I don't think he will stand above 6'2 barefoot. Here is one pic, his legs are looking quite small than usual:

Click Here
MrTBlack said on 16/Jul/14
He's looks equal to Josh Kraniski. So he may be a legit 6'3" but I don't think he's over that.
Joe said on 15/Jul/14
Yeah, who's tilting the head now, you can see John is clearly tilting his head.
Crypto139 said on 11/Jul/14
@Joe Whoa eye level of 4.1 inches at 6 feet 1? That is quite high.
Joe said on 8/Jul/14
Jake, he's 6'2 believe me he looks that too with Carmelo Anthony who is a measured 6'6.25 plus AK was not even slouching, he was standing straight, you just don't want to believe. Plus, I think a 6'6 guy should have eyelevel of at least 4 inches. Even at 6'1, I have an eyelevel 4.1 inches.

Go to Matthew Modine Listing, no one believes he is even 6'3. Some even say he's 6'2.

I think guys like Viper or Hunter can predict heights better than you.
Balrog said on 7/Jul/14
Ok, you believe he is 6'3" some people believe he is 6'2" so he's listed at 6'2.5"
Joe said on 3/Jul/14
Jake, please.The best way to measure height is to the shoes off.Well, you were saying that Ashton Kutcher was tilting his head. Hell no, its actually Carmelo who is tilting his head, Ashton Kutcher was standing straight

Click Here

He's no more than 6'2. Plus that Jay Z pic you gave was the worse, worse than that snoop dogg pic.
Crypto139 said on 30/Jun/14
He is the same height as Bernie Mac in Guess Who. Both are listed at 189 cm on the dot though.
Joe said on 29/Jun/14
He is 6'1, thats it, I have been watching him since 1999, he looked 6'1. By 2003-04 he started wearing chunky heels.
Balrog said on 28/Jun/14
He is a legit 6'2" range guy, anything between 6'2"-6'2.5" it is fine to me.
Joe said on 27/Jun/14
Whatever you try to say, Jake.You should know that Ashton Kutcher will always be listed here as 6'2.5
Harry said on 26/Jun/14
Rob, do you think that he appears 6'3 because of his small head?
[Editor Rob: his head doesn't look particularly small or anything! ]
Joe said on 25/Jun/14
Jake, if you think that snoop dogg pic is bad then what about that jay z pic you're giving that is even worse, Jake you need to grow some balls and except the fact that Ashton Kutcher is no more than 6'2.5".

Here he is with 6'3.5 listed Matthew Modine:

Click Here
Joe said on 24/Jun/14
@Jake: But you cannot deny that picture with Carmelo Anthony.
Joe said on 20/Jun/14
If Ashton Kutcher is 6'3, then Snoop Dogg is 6'6, which I cannot see.Snoop Dogg is 6'4 max. he looks identical with 6'3.75 Dwayne Wade.
Joe said on 15/Jun/14
Jay z is 5'11.5, don't believe me but I have met both jay and kanye west
Joe said on 13/Jun/14
@ 184.9 on a bad day:
He isn't 6'3, I can also show you pictures where doesn't even qualify for 6'1.I'm not able to find them.
184.9 on a bad day said on 11/Jun/14
I don't think 6 ft3 is a joke at 6ft2.5 he could pass for a 6ft3 easy and a lot of proofs he is 1.89 solid at least and pretty close to 1.90. And to be fair this guy don't have good posture, If he stand straight you can see he is a solid tall guy as 6 ft 3 guys
Joe said on 11/Jun/14
6'3 range is joke, grow up guys, here he is with 6'6.25 measured Carmelo Anthony. Ashton is a solid 6'2, nothing else:
Click Here

Before you guys say Carmelo is 6'8, nope isn't. He was measured 6'6.25 in the nba draft.Here is the proof for it:

Click Here

That guy is 6'2, why would he claim 6'2, if he's 6'3.He looks 6'3 cuz most of these lie about their heights but that's not the case with Ashton Kutcher. He's a Bang on 6'2.
Joe said on 2/Jun/14
@Hunter: LOL, Ashton cannot be 6'1, he should be above 6'2 at least,
Harry said on 16/May/14
Everybody seem to compare him with John Mayer, but to just let you know, John Mayer isn't a legit 6'3, he's barely 6'2, I'm 189.2 cm at 12 AM on dot, John Mayer was almost as tall as me, but he had thicker soles on, he's no more than 188, Ashton Kutcher is also around the same height, I guess, he should'not be more than 189.
Dates said on 16/Apr/14
Accurate listing. I think he might be 190 cm. He's atleast above 188 cm (6' 2").
Dejavu said on 6/Apr/14
Listing looks spot on. He looked 1.5 inches over legit 6'1
Kevin Costner.
lelman said on 5/Apr/14
Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with everyone else here, this listing is too low. I think about 6'3", maybe 6'3.25" would suit him.
Andrea said on 5/Apr/14
I trust Dmeyer's judgement! He said he looked 188.5-189.5 and that's pretty much what he generally looks. A decent 6'2 guy, he's probably somewhere between 6'2 and 6'2.5, so the listing is ok! 6'3? I just can't buy it, he never looks so tall!
Dejavu said on 24/Mar/14
He looks shorter than Matthew Modine like 1.5 inches
James B said on 20/Mar/14
A strong 6'2.5 who could pass for 6'3
Jack said on 12/Mar/14
He could be 6'2'75"(190 cm).
WalkingTall 6ft3.25 said on 1/Mar/14
With 6'4 Tom Selleck Click Here ...time for an upgrade Rob,6'3 for Kutcher? tall you think Ashton looks here?
berta said on 13/Feb/14
190-191. This is to low. He makes bruce look under 180 and john mayer the same ore slightly shorter than him. I think he need to be upgraded to 190 atlest. He have bad posture to that make him look a cm shorter.
Balrog said on 1/Feb/14
With Costner: Click Here
Balrog said on 1/Feb/14
Nah, 188-189cm. Lanky guy
Ash said on 31/Jan/14
He's a 6'3 guy period. Can range from 190-191cm. Easily more than 2-2.5 inches taller than Kevin Cosnter whos 6'1.25 guy.

Click Here
Ash said on 29/Jan/14
The first link I posted he's easily 2-2.5 inches taller than Kevin, and Ashton isn't even standing straight. Ashton is easily 6'3 range next to a legit 6'1 Kevin Cosnter.
Dejavu said on 28/Jan/14
He looked 6-2 to 6-3 next to Kevin Costner. I think 1.5 inches taller in general.
Ash said on 23/Jan/14
He's 6'3 guy easily. Watching The Guardian he was much taller than his costar Kevin Costner who's a legit 6'1. About 2 inches possibly more. Rob isn't a full 6'3 more likely the truth expecially next to Kevin who's 6'1.

Click Here

Click Here
Dmeyer said on 18/Jan/14
I met him twice thé first Time hé seemed 6cm taller but i had 2cm more shoes so 8cm so exactly 189cm And thé second time we had same footwear hé again seemed 8cm taller sincè i àm 181.5cm hé could be 189.5cm i CAN buy 188.5-89.5 from watch i saw not 187-188. And not 190-191cm , strong 189
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/14
189-190cm range is fair. At least 6ft3 out of bed is a given
tom said on 7/Jan/14
6'3" period
berta said on 7/Jan/14
this must be his absolute low!! ALways look 190
Balrog said on 6/Jan/14
Morning time I could buy near 6'3" and then shrinks to 6'2" but no under that.
Balrog said on 28/Dec/13
I could buy anything in the 6'2"-6'2.5" range. 6'3" is too high IMO
Arch Stanton said on 23/Dec/13
He's a strong 6'2" guy, I can could imagine him measuring around 6'3" out of bed and nearer the 6'2" mark at the end of the day. At times his posture isn't great and with his flat helmet like hair in comparison to a guy with high hair he could seem shorter.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/13
Rob, is there a chance that he may be a little closer to 6ft3, like 190cm?
[Editor Rob: he really can look under it and near it, 6ft 2.5-.75]
spainmen said on 21/Dec/13
Rob,do think that at night he coulb be "only" 6Β΄2(188cm)?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't think he'd drop below 189, but at times he can look anywhere from 6ft 2 flat to 6ft 3]
Jon said on 12/Dec/13
Ashton is least 6'3. 6'2 is way too low for him. He's got good 1.5-2 inches on 6'1.5-6'2 Kevin Kline in No Strings Attached. 6'2 flat is a joke. Also note there's a more difference in height with Ashton and Jon Cryer than Rob and Brandon Routh who I also feel should be upgraded.
Steve said on 11/Dec/13
Kutcher is 6'2"
Lo sgozzatore said on 8/Dec/13
If i'm not wrong, Rosenbaum called him 6'9! I still think he might be nearer 6'10 on a good day, 6'9.5 at worst! Huge guy if you tell me! After looking some pics of Jackman, i now think he could very well be between 5'8 and 5'9...
Lo sgozzatore said on 6/Dec/13
Btw, you say he's a head taller than Bruce Willis, huh? So if Willis is 5'11 range, then Kutcher must be between 6'3 and 6'4? That pic you posted is pretty tilted and Kutcher is superfavourited! But the net is full of pics of Willis and Kutcher and i really don't think he looks taller than a guy like this: Click Here
This guy is a model, Gabriel Aubry, and he gets listed at 6'2! And don't tell me he's over 6'2 :)
Since you always talk about Tom Welling, here's the same guy with him:
Click Here
Click Here
If Welling is just 6'2.75 as listed, that guy doesn't even look 6'2 next to him and does look taller next to Willis than Kutcher ;)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Dec/13
Funny, years ago he used to get listed at 6ft1.5/187cm and he doesn't look over that mark in Dude Where's My Car. But then he did look about 6ft3 in The Guardian with Costner. Oh and who can forget how he towered over Bruce Willis
Balrog said on 5/Dec/13
Durand isn't a legit 6'6''...
Lo sgozzatore said on 5/Dec/13
I never said Tom Welling is 6'5... Noway he's that short! Maybe if he bends down he could measure near 6'5 but i think that if he stands at his tallest he's somewhere between 6'9 and 6'10, maybe near 6'11 in Timbs shoes! As for Jackman, where did i say 6'0-6'1? He wishes he'd be that tall, maybe in Sly shoes he's near 6'1, but he's gotta be 5'10, TOPS! As for Ashton Kutcher, you convinced me, he's easily 6'3 and could even be near 6'4... Very tall guy who gets downgraded on this site for some strange reason!
Sam said on 4/Dec/13
Lo sgozzatore you seem to base your opinion on wheter you like or dislike a celebrity. If you dislike them you downgrade them. Don't think Kutcher is 6'3. Look at him next to legit 6'6 Kevin Durand on The Butterfly effect hardly much shorter than him.
Sam said on 26/Nov/13
A good 6'3 190 cm, is right for Ashton. He wasn't much shorter than legit 6'6 Ryan Stiles in two and a half men.

Click Here
Jon said on 19/Nov/13
Ashton is good 6'3 190-191 cm. 4 inches taller than 5'11 Bruce Willis. 2 inches taller than Kevin Costner, and almost an inch on legit 6'2.5 David Koechner from Anchorman. Nothing less than legit 6'3 for Ashton.
Balrog said on 14/Nov/13
Jon, Cryer doesn't has an inch of advantage. Cryer is leaning, he rarely stands straight on the show.
Jon said on 12/Nov/13
Ashton is strong 6'3 throughout day and night as well. The picture with Cryer was in the evening and Cryer had more footwear advantage about an inch and Ashton was in flats and there seems to be more of a height difference with Ashton and Cryer than Rob and Brandon Routh.
(S)aint said on 11/Nov/13
If he had better posture it would be easier to see 6'3".
Balrog said on 6/Nov/13
Really? You think Cryer is on lifts? Well, if you think he is 6'3'' is fine, he could be near that in the morning, I personally think he is a solid 6'2'' guy with a lanky build which makes him look taller.
Jon said on 5/Nov/13
Looking at most of your pictures Ashton still looks like a good 6'3 190cm. In this picture Ashton is in flats next to Jon Cryer with lift who's 5'8.5 in lifts he would in 5'9.5 and he still towers over him. There's more of a height difference between Ashton and Jon than Rob and Brandon Routh. In this other picture with Sean William Scott who's a legit 5'11.25 he seems more than a head taller than him. Ashton is a good 6'3.

Click Here
Balrog said on 4/Nov/13
Next to Jon Cryer and Angus T Jones:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

And Jon, I can use worst pic of Kutcher next to SWS and make him look shorter.

Like this one, I could say SWS is even taller than him (when of course he isn't) Click Here

I think both on this scene were barefeet: Click Here

I think all the solid 6'3'' claimers should look those pics.
Jack said on 28/Oct/13
Rob, Ashton looks every bit 6'3. Easily looks more than 2 inches taller than Kevin Costner. Rob Ashton Kutcher seems like a solid 6'3.

Click Here
Dejavu said on 27/Oct/13
I think he's an inch taller than Kevin Costner.
313 said on 27/Oct/13
Rob, Ashton looks more than 2 inches taller than Kevin Costner who's a good solid 6'1. Ashton Kutcher looks every bit 6'3.

Click Here
issa said on 22/Oct/13
Rob Ashton Kutcher is 6'3. He's 2 inches taller than Kevin Costner who is a solid 6'1.Rob upgrade Ashton Kutcher to 6'3.
Jim said on 17/Oct/13
6'3 for Ashton Kutcher. Looks every bit of it 4 inches taller than Bruce Willis and solid 2 inches on Kevin Costner.
Jeff said on 17/Oct/13
Ashton is 6'3 (190cm).
Silent d said on 16/Oct/13
189cm is a safe bet. Always towers jon cryer and looks pretty big next to guys who are 6 foot or taller.
Jeff said on 14/Oct/13
Rob, here is Ashton with 5'8.5 Jon Cryer who's in lifts easily making him 5'9.5. There's more of a height difference with Ashton and Jon than You and Brandon Routh. Ashton looks every bit 6'3.

Click Here
Allen said on 14/Oct/13
Ashton is 6'3 here he is with legit 5'11 Sean william scott who's 5'11 he's looks more than 4 plus on him. The 6'2 flat claim is dumb that makes Kevin Costner 6'0 flat who Ashton has solid 2 inches on, and Costner is solid 6'1.

Click Here
Balrog said on 13/Oct/13
If you think Mayer's pic is better to compare height (when is not full body shot so we can't see footwear) then there is really no point to continue arguing. In the picture of Snoop he is closer to the camera than Ashton but at least is full body shot and Kutcher looks the solid 6'2" he is, I'm not trying to downgrade him, I can buy 6'2.5" but that is the max I think he is, is clearly closer to 6'2" than 6'3"
Jeff said on 12/Oct/13
Ashton is side by side and hes' no where closer to the camera next to John Mayer and he actually looks taller than him. Ashton is 6'3 now people are gonna try to downgrade a legit 6'3 John Mayer. Its dumb to think Ashton is any less 6'3. The snoop dogg picture was a terrible picture to determine height. Find a picture with him next to snoop side by side.
Balrog said on 12/Oct/13
He is closer to the camera and yes he CAN LOOK, it doesn't mean he really is.

Look at him next to Snoop Dogg in a full body shot.
Jack said on 11/Oct/13
He's not even closer than to the camera they are at same distance.... Ashton is 6'3 he's clearly taller than John Mayer even Rob himself said "yes he can look 6'3 there for sure"
Balrog said on 10/Oct/13
People keep bringing that pic with John Mayer when he is not taller than him, we can't see footwear and is obvious he is closer to the camera.
Dale said on 2/Oct/13
Ashton is 6'3 (190cm). The 6'1 and 6'2 flat claims are dumb. He's taller than John Mayer who's legit 6'3. Also he's 4 inches plus taller than Bruce Willis.

Click Here
Balrog said on 30/Sep/13
6'2" flat just like Affleck.
Silent d said on 28/Sep/13
189cm seems more likely. He is quite a huge guy.
Larc 74in said on 23/Sep/13
Doesn't look even a mm over 6'2 flat next to Snoop Dog.
Jon said on 20/Sep/13
Rob, here is Ashton kutcher with 5'11 Sean William Scott he's 4+ inches taller. Ashton looks a 6'3.

Click Here
Lo sgozzatore said on 18/Sep/13
Oh yeah, you're absolutely right! He's 6'3... in shoes :)
Jim said on 9/Sep/13
Ashton looks no less than 6'3 with Carmelo. Carmelo is standing up straight while Ashton is slouching and still is no more than 3 inches. Ashton is 6'3.
Yaspaa said on 8/Sep/13
@MM - If anything Carmello is leaning in the pic and their eye lines are more than 3" apart.

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