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6ft 3.36in (191.4cm)
Andrea said on 28/Aug/17
Me neither. He looks more 2 cms than 2 inches taller than Boris there! Now I understand why your estimates are so off, Christian! You have no clue about height differences, lmao. It's funny you tag it as "solid proof that Boris is only about 6'2.75" when it's really another photo that proves that Boris is no less than 6'4...
Andrea said on 28/Aug/17
Rob, do you think that Kobe looks as much as 2 inches taller than Boris in that photo? 😊
Editor Rob: I wouldn't have guessed as much as 2 inches.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 28/Aug/17

Boris is only 6'2.75" next to Kobe, yet you still want to believe he's 6'4.25", lmao.
Andrea said on 27/Aug/17
Rob, maybe give him 6'4.25? 😊
Editor Rob: 6ft 4 flat is ok!
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 27/Aug/17
Sorry for the broken link Click Here
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 26/Aug/17
Solid proof that Boris is only about 6'2.75" next to Kobe Click Here 6'4" is a joke.
Canson said on 23/Aug/17
@Christian: agreed. MJ has always been that height 6'4.5 and would be close to 6'6" in a pair of his sneaks. Boris is very tall but that just goes to show how tall a legit 6'3" really is possibly even 6'2.75 as it can make him a solid 6'4" in dress shoes. People grossly underestimate 6'3" as a very tall height when it's well above average honestly.
Andrea said on 23/Aug/17
Rob, how tall is this Dr. Oz guy? I don't know if it is his claim or not but he gets listed at 6'1.
Here he is with Boris: Click Here
I don't see any less than 5 inches between them in the clip. I guess that guy must be overlisted by at least 3 inches because Boris is no more than 6'3... :-)
Editor Rob: I've heard Oz claiming that figure in the past, but may be today sub 6ft, 5ft 11.5 at most and lost a 1/2 to 1 inch.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 22/Aug/17

Michael Jordan would have to be nearly 6'6" in order for Boris to be 6'4-6'4.5", and we should know that's ridiculous because Jordan was measured 6'4.5" once.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 21/Aug/17
@Editor Rob

Boris does look a proper 6'4" there I agree, but we couldn't see their footwear. Boris could've had a significant shoe advantage over Casper for all we know.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Aug/17
Looks the full 6'4 to me in that clip.

jamie Warburton said on 26/Jul/17
Rob what would you say his weight is in stone?

Maybe 15 stone 10 pounds. Almost 16 stone.
Andrea said on 20/Aug/17
Yeah, that's exactly what I'm talking about. He does look very imposing with Casper in that clip! No less than 7 inches and maybe a bit more? I don't know about their footwear but, if Casper is a 5'9 and change guy, Boris can pull off looking 6'4-6'5 range with him.
What about a 6'4.25 listing, Rob? He really can look anywhere in 6'4-6'4.5 range at times. As I said on Idris' page, he may well be height twin with Colin, IMO!
Andrea said on 18/Aug/17
Rob, how likely do you think is 6'3? What's the lowest you'd argue? I certainly wouldn't go under 6'4...
Editor Rob: Andrea, This clip of Boris with Casper Van Dien should suggest under 6ft 4 might be hard to argue.
jamie Warburton said on 26/Jul/17
Rob what would you say his weight is in stone?
even said on 25/Jul/17
i cant see the **** being over 6 foot 3 .
Canson said on 19/Jul/17
6'3" tops

His website has him 6'2.5 years back and Bobby all but confirmed that below when he met him saying close to 2"
even said on 7/Jul/17
192 cm is the maximum height for this guy
Andrea said on 22/Jun/17
Rob met this guy and he STILL has him at 6': Click Here
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 20/Jun/17
Boris looks about 1.5" shorter than 6'4.5" Michael Jordan. Even if Jordan was 6'5", that would still put Boris at 6'3.5" not 6'4".
Andrea said on 20/Jun/17
6'3? LOL
He does look one of the most genuine and solid 6'4 guys on here, if anything...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jun/17
Might be more 6ft3½-6ft3¾ range but not as low as 6ft3 flat...
S.J.H said on 19/Jun/17
If he get a major downgrade at 6'3 that would put Idris Elba at 6'1.75 seriously. Kevin hart would be like 5'1 Lol
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 18/Jun/17
Boris needs a major downgrade. Canson's right, he's 6'3" or so. He's 6'4" only in shoes.
Canson said on 17/Jun/17
@SJH: maybe Ray is solid 6'4" 193 but I don't see any higher either and Bobby is the same height as me (said he dips to 6'4.25 now a days after he lost 50lbs so I'm assuming he met Ray at this height but not sure). Said before weight loss he was downbeat to 6'4. Fox looks taller than Ray by a good 1.5" or so. The most I can buy for Boris is 6'3" flat. He's 4" shorter than Magic in their pic and 1.5-2" shorter than Barkley prob not full 2".
S.J.H said on 16/Jun/17

Strange if Ray allen is 192/193cm i don't think kobe can even hit over 194cm. Arch claim kobe look as low as flat 6'4. If Boris is 190cm then rick fox can't be any higher than 195cm by honesty and magic look dead on 200cm. I only met one NBA player which is John Wall listed draft w/o shoes 190cm and he doesn't fit a 6'2 or big 6'2 certainly look solid 187ish like 3cm off the 190cm w/o shoe listing. Stephen curry my cousin met him after the Warrior game insist no BS that he is really just about 6'1 and look about 20 pounds off the listed weight just like Matt Barnes. Confuse that why the nba lie about players height/weight this much.
Canson said on 2/May/17
@Joe: I agree with Bobby3342. He met him and said he's almost 2" shorter than he is. Bobby is around my height maybe 1/4" shorter. So that puts Boris 6'2.5 at his lowest which is how his website had him initially listed 6'2.5. Maybe his aggregate he can be 6'2.75 like he mentioned but bobby bases it off maybe 6'4.5
joe### said on 1/May/17
boris is same range blake shelton 6´3.5
Canson said on 5/Apr/17
@SJH: I actually believe some of those. Remember Bobby3342 and KROC have both met Ray Allen and said he's "192/193" and "about 6'4" by the latter. My guess is he (based on how he looks next to Rashard Lewis is 192.5 probably. Pippen it is hard to tell how tall he is. Some days he looks 6'7" others 6'6.5 (he doesn't look any taller than rodman does at times" and listed 6'8" Jeff sanders edged him in the Obama pic. Maybe he's 200cm at his lowest and I've even seen on YouTube in the video where he dunked on Ewing two people say he's 6'7" in shoes (I take that to be 6'7.5 though). The others tho you're right hard to believe Jordan is shorter than I am. I'd put him at minimum 194 at his lowest but would air towards 194.3 (6'4.5)/ 6'5.25 out of bed. And Bird looks 6'9 next to Jordan 4.5" difference Magic 6'7" next to Jordan and looks 1.5" or so shorter than Bird. Fox 196/197 and Melo no lower than 198. Bobby also met Khodjoe and estimated 6'2.75 but in Bobby's case he uses 6'4.5 as his point of measurement when he dips maybe a hair below me (believe he's 6'4-6'4.25) so maybe 6'2.5 for Boris is accurate
Canson said on 24/Mar/17
Canson said on 9/Mar/17
@SJH: I saw his site too and he was 6'2.5 barrfoot. He didn't start claiming 6'4" until late. And with Duane Martin on All of Us when he commented on Boris's height being 6'5" Boris responded back laughing "6'5" very sarcastically in a way in which he was exaggerated. Maybe he's a full 6'3 but not any more
joe### said on 9/Mar/17
The lowest idris elba would be 6'2.5 he looks 6´2.75-5,6´2 in bad posture
S.J.H said on 7/Mar/17
I guess a chance he is only 6'2.75 and idris elba is only 6'2 as he claim it early his acting career
Canson said on 4/Mar/17
Well Bobby is around the height he is listed above as he is 6'4 7/8 out of bed and 6'4-6'4.25 at his lowest so he would know and I once again agree with you Bobby! Khodjoe on his site said he's 6'2.5 that's likely all he is barefoot
joe### said on 24/Feb/17
6´3.5 max with Idris elba
josh jeffords said on 5/Jan/17
Funny I dont see a 90 year old man of an height...6 4 not that either.
He looks maybe 6 3 and cant say ive seen him in any movies but its obvious he was a model..
His official heights are all less than listed just saying.
BOBBYH3342 said on 8/Nov/16
yeah guys no chance of 6'4 ive met him I'm a strong 6'4 or weak 6'5 and this guy was almost 2inches shorter than me 6 2.75 for boris
Canson said on 22/Oct/16
@S.J.H: fox may have lost height or maybe he was a strong 6'5 like 6'5.25 prime. he doesn't look all that much taller than Kobe. 1/2-3/4 is all. I agree tho he's on the strong side of 6'5 rather than a weak. He's easily at least touching a full 6'6 out of bed and maybe higher depending on where he closes the day and I'd bet he's above 6'5 by a hair at night at least prime
S.J.H said on 1/Oct/16
I had a friend met rick fox in real , he insist rick fox is only 6'5 if is true then kodjoe could be 6'3 but for me he look a solid 6'3.5
samuel said on 12/Sep/16
I can't see him under 6'4.
Canson said on 10/Sep/16
@Joe: but with Magic and Barkley he looked 6'3. I agree he isn't below that. I guess we could argue the possibility of 6'3-6'3.5 based on pics but based on others he can look Barely 6'3
joe### said on 9/Sep/16
over 6´3 with 6´5.5 rick fox
Canson said on 5/Sep/16
@joe; Tyler is taller than him. Tyler's my height more a strong 6'4. Magic Johnson had him by a good 4+ and Barkley edged Boris out. I remember on All of Us the tv show Duane Martin called him 6'5 and he replied back "6'5" sarcastically laughing knowing he isn't that tall. His website used to list him 6'2.5. He may be 6'3 but can't see more
joe### said on 22/Aug/16
over 6'2.75
He looked similar to tyler perry 6'4 fla
Canson said on 21/Aug/16
@Andrea: not a chance Boris is 6'5. Think Bobby has it right below. He was billed at 6'2.5 at one point. Maybe that is his lowest and he's a average 190cm 6'2.75 guy
bobbyh3342 said on 21/Aug/16
Andrea said on 18/Apr/16
So, it's just the others being noticeably shorter than their listings???
In almost every picture i've seen he does look taller than 6'4, if the other guys are really as tall as they're on here!!!
Andrea said on 13/Apr/16
Rob, do you honestly think he might be 6'5? There's more than just one picture with Kevin Durand where he doesn't look much different!
Also, considering you want to keep Coates at 6', he doesn't look under 6'5 with him too...
And hey he does look an inch taller than Dennis Haysbert, that you have at 6'4!
Maybe he says 6'4 to get more roles? Or maybe he's just part of the team of those guys who are just honest about their height and makes everybody look shorter than their listings...
Editor Rob: no I'd stick with a decent 6ft 4 guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/16
Rob, was this guy listed at 6ft2½ back in 2006?
Editor Rob: I remember he was at 6ft 3 for a period and then after checking him realised he looked nearer 6ft 4, so he has been that mark for many years.
bobby3342 said on 24/Nov/15
6' 2.75 to 6'3 flat bf
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 13/Nov/15
Could be slightly under this listing...
Click Here
Click Here
Canson said on 30/Oct/15
Looks 6'3 with Magic Johnson who is 6'7 and possibly a weak 6'3 with Charles Barkley who is 6'4.5-6'4.75 and was listed on a website as being 6'3 previously. The 6'4 is certainly his shoe height
joe @@ said on 7/Oct/15
actually look below 6 feet
MD said on 5/Oct/15
If by "near to 6ft" you mean at least a good inch shorter than 6'0" accounting for footwear in this picture with 6'0" Tyson Beckford:

Click Here

There are pictures all over, particularly from his time on Dancing With the Stars, showing Levy struggling with even a strong 5'11" quite frankly.
Susanne15 said on 2/Oct/15
Rob how tall do you think the cuban actor William Levy is from the movie "Addicted" in which he comes out with Boris Kodjoe?
[Editor Rob: he can look near to 6ft]
Judd ISR said on 27/Sep/15
6'4" is a good and honest estimation! Actually I can't se him under that mark but I can believe he is actually a bit starship troopers 3 he looks 6.5-7" taller than Casper van dien.
6'4" or even 6'4.25" is my estimation!
Sam said on 18/Aug/15
Definitely straight up towered over 5'9" Will Forte on The Last Man on Earth.
Modeus said on 27/Apr/15
i thought he looked 6,5 inches taller than casper van dien
dietmar said on 21/Apr/15
No, Kodjoe is a strong 193cm. Here with 194cm Chi McBride.

Click Here
joe 193cm night said on 12/Mar/15
charles barkley overwhelmed update rob 6'3
joe 193cm night said on 7/Mar/15
Md,it is close to the mark
MD said on 4/Mar/15

183cm William Levy? I've seen enough of Levy to know that he might not even be a full 5'11", let alone 6-feet.
Andrea said on 2/Mar/15
Sorry for my bad english, huh? I think you meant "sorry for my bad estimate"! There's noway in hell this guy is as low as 6'2, if aything there's more chance he's over 6'4! He looks no less than 6'4!
6'3 said on 2/Mar/15
I saw him in the shop. He was shorter than me. 6'2 is maximum. Ford Models gave him 6'2 and it's right. Sorry for my bad english
joe 193cm night said on 27/Feb/15
seems to be 6'4 alongside 183 cm Cuban actor william levyClick Here
KROC said on 17/Aug/14
Rob, I just watched the movie The Gospel with Kodjoe and Idris Elba. I don't recall there being more then an inch between them. Since you have Elba listed on this site as a weak 6'3, wouldn't that make Boris 6'3.5-6'3.75? I know one thing's for sure 6'4.5 is a fantasy for him. Don't let his body type fool you.
Andrea said on 15/Aug/14
Yeah, this is one of those 6'4 who do look very tall, just like Jared Padalecki or Alexander Skarsgard... Then there are other 6'4 on here who never look so tall but still get listed at 6'4, don't know why. How tall is Becker? Don't tell me he's even 6'2 because it's quite obejctive there are no less than 3 inches between them... I could even buy Boris at 6'4.5 though!
[Editor Rob: Becker's posture last few years doesn't look as good as his could find him looking similar to novak/andy murray.]
Andrea said on 15/Aug/14
Rob, here he is with Boris Becker, who is listed at 6'3!!!
Click Here
I think it is safe to say Becker is not over 6'1, if Boris is only 6'4!!!
[Editor Rob: there was another photo where they are close together is hard to see becker anywhere near 6ft 3 yeah.

It's an interesting one how he had a 6ft 2 modelling height, then his site had him 6ft 3 but he did say 6ft 4, which he generally looks - in Starship Troopers 3 he looked very imposing and also in one of the resident evil movies, really stood out.]
Jay said on 12/Jun/14
6'4 definitely.
KROC said on 12/Sep/13
He's 6'3.5 at the most Rob
Lo sgozzatore said on 4/Sep/13
Yeah, 6'4 definitely is closer to the truth! This guy always does look very tall, Rob! I saw a pic with Dennis Haysbert and he looked taller! He's slightly shorter than Kevin Durand, maybe even 6'4.5 is possible?
[Editor Rob: I think his own 6ft 4 claim is pretty fair for him]
Viper said on 6/Aug/13
Doesnt look taller than 6'3 with 6'2 Marcus Allen. Click Here

Both with same posture.

Looks barely 6'3 with 6'2 measured Shawne Merriman. Click Here

I dont see 6'4 at all. 6'3 Max guy
Bucho said on 7/Jul/13
Clearly not below 6'4
guest said on 29/Apr/13
taller than JB Smoove on Real Husbands for sure
Johnny G said on 7/Aug/12
Idris Elba is close to 6'3" and both were in the movie "The Gospel" & for sure Boris was at least 2 inches taller - ever seen the movie you would agree - solid 6'4.5
" a solid I say
LAN Jiao said on 30/Sep/11
i"ll give boris 191cm though.
truthman said on 24/Sep/11
Perfect male height. Tall enough to be eye-to-eye with Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, but still in normal height range
Mathew said on 7/Jul/11
He's no 6'4". 6'3", maybe.
dmeyer said on 13/Feb/11
bruce willis looks realy small near him
K-ROC said on 19/Dec/10
He's a strong 6'3. He's only a little bit taller than idris elba.
Mr. R said on 19/Nov/10
He is listed at 6-2 in Star Magazine.
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 23/Sep/08
He is between 190 and 193 cms(6'3 to 6'4)
Viper said on 12/Sep/08
He looks 6-3-6-3.5 in 99 percent of pictures.
Brandon owens said on 11/Sep/08
He looks 6ft4 to 6ft5
InNYC said on 25/Aug/08
I met him once and I'd say that he's definitely taller than 6' 2". I was thinking 6'3 or 6'4.
Bruce said on 22/Aug/08
His height on this website is nearly 100% right, eventhough i will give Boris a full 6'4". He is really tall. Male models start from 5'11" to 6'2". There are few exceptions where you usually find 6'3"+ men.
Lego said on 14/Jul/08
Starship Trooper 3, an easy 6'4.5-6'5 seriously, he made every other actor look like midgets.

i believe the 6'3.5, solid.
thekiddd said on 24/Mar/08
Well the funny thing is, most male models are between 6 ft through 6ft 2 Inch because that height range in at least fashion modeling is considered the attractive heights. 6'3" or above is not considered attractive. Maybe he wanted to sound more attractive by writing down 6'2". I think he is exactly 6'3" but I do think he is taller than 6'2".
Viper said on 28/Nov/07
He looked at least 6-3 on Nip Tuck last night comparing him to 5-9 Dylan Walsh. If hes 6-2 then he might be the tallest looking 6-2 guy Ive ever seen.
Darkman said on 26/Nov/07
Ford models gave him 6'2"? Well I don't think they would rob him 1.5" inches but I think he is a 6'3 er. I think put him at 6'3".
MD said on 30/Jun/06
5'10" Chick, just because you WANT everyone to be tall as or taller than you think, that doesn't make them so.
Viper652 said on 30/Jun/06
Im not so sure Tyler is a legit 6-5.
5'10chick said on 29/Jun/06
he is 6'5 or 6'4 well the hell do people get 6'2 from he is tall people, tyler perry is 6'5 and when they stand next to each other they are the same size
Viper652 said on 10/Jun/06
Boris looking taller then 6-1 Barry Bonds here. Click Here
Viper652 said on 10/Jun/06
Boris is taller then 6-1 for sure.
Dave said on 9/Jun/06
Boris is about 6'1. I know for a fact that magic is really 6'5. When Howard Stern went on his tv show, Howard and magic took a picture w/ him and they were later intervied together and they were the same height. Boris comes up to magic's eyebrows, which is about 4 inches from the top of one's head.
Viper652 said on 19/Apr/06
Was Dave Winfield ever 6-6 to begin with?
Viper652 said on 15/Apr/06
I see only 3 inches difference with the Magic shot. Anyway, I think 6-3 is probably the logical conclusion for this guy. He looks like it in most pics. Plus I find it hard to beleive a modeling agency would ever hire a guy as tall as 6-5.
Anonymous said on 13/Apr/06
IN the Magic Johnson picture he is 4" shorter than him. Magic was 6'7" not 6'9" (he was 2" shorter than 6'9" Larry Bird and 2" taller than 6'6" (I think 6'5" really) Micheal Jordan). So that would put this fellow at 6'3".
Anonymous said on 13/Apr/06
If his brother is 6'7", and he is not slouching beside the lady in the picture, he is 6'2" even.
MD said on 12/Apr/06
His own personal website (Click Here) lists him at 6'3". And, if his brother is actually 6'7", Boris is MUCH shorter than him:

1. Click Here

He has to be in the 6'3" range.
Viper652 said on 12/Apr/06
You know, he actually looks over 6-4, maybe close to 6-5 in that pic with 6-7 Magic Johnson, just crazy.
J. said on 11/Apr/06
I'm almost certain that this Myspace profile truly belongs to Boris Kodjoe, not an imposter (as his very own brother appears on the 'top 8' of his friends list): Click Here
He puts his height as 6'5". (His bro, lists his height as 6'7")

[Editor Rob: he does some web chats I assume, someone probably has asked about the myspace thing, so might be true...]
Viper652 said on 9/Apr/06
I saw a pic of him with Barry Bonds and I thought he looked at least 6-3, not 6-2 1/2. How tall does he look here next to 6-1 Barry Bonds to you guys? Click Here
J-Dog said on 6/Apr/06
Think Boris is due for a rounding up? 6'3.5"
exram said on 30/Mar/06
Boris and I went to the same college, and had a few of the same classes. He is closer to 6-4.

[Editor Rob: I think this is possible, he can look near that mark...]
UalreadyKnow said on 8/Dec/05
Look at the pic next to magic??...he cant be 6'2 , tha dude atleast 6'4 if not 6'5.
CelebHeights Editor said on 7/Nov/05
On FordModels he's 6ft 2. See Here. Usually they are quite reasonable with heights (i.e. not boosting anybody ;))
MD said on 26/Oct/05
Here he is next to 6'8" or 6'9" Earvin "Magic" Johnson. It took a tall basketball player to make this guy look small. lol You be the judge, because I have no idea to estimate height after the difference gets to be around 3+ inches:

8-ball said on 10/Oct/05
Saw him very recently at a bar (or an uncanny look alike) and he was taller that me. He is at least 6'2" (188-189cm) or taller. Could have easily been 6'3" (190-191). Again I am not 100% certain it was him cause he seemed a tad bit more heavy set than usual but his would be a very hard face to mistake.
J. said on 10/Oct/05
You're right, smokeblower, he does tower over many of his peers in photos. He was listed as 6'4" in People's Hottest Bachelors issue from last year.
smokeblower said on 9/Oct/05
I believe he is actually taller than 6'2". I do not have indisputable evidence, however, he towers over everyone in HOllywood. Also, being any taller than 6'2" starts to become taboo for a model. Which is what he was before he got into acting.
J. said on 9/Oct/05
He's listed as 6'2" usually and most articles on him also describe him as 6'2".

[Editor Rob: he maybe is one of those guys who is 189cm and it's easier to state 6ft 3...]

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