How tall was Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

American Actor best remembered for films such as films like Blue Velvet, Easy Rider, Waterworld, Cool Hand Luke, Rebel Without a Cause, Giant, Mad Dog Morgan, The American Friend, Apocalypse Now, River's Edge, Hoosiers and Speed. In a 2010 GQ interview, on being asked his height, replied: "5'8 1/2"

How tall is Dennis Hopper
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5ft 7.31in (171cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Apr/23
I’m watching a film called Night Tide, from 1961. Dennis will have been in his mid-20s then and looks very boyish. He isn’t much taller than the lead actress and is rather short compared to the other actors. He plays a sailor, and looks no taller than 5ft7-7.5.
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Apr/23
I’ve been watching a couple of Tarantino scenes, one being the hilarious Gold Watch Story and the other from True Romance when gangsters invite themselves into Dennis Hopper’s residence to find out where his son and his wife have disappeared to - with the gangsters’ cocaine.

Christopher Walken is the lead gangster, and had to dye his usually fair hair black for the part and wear dark face makeup as he’s a Sicilian. It’s a very entertaining scene, and the sheer guts displayed by Dennis Hopper is staggering; he’s a retired cop. He will not divulge where the two youngsters are and even winds them up with a tale about Sicilian ancestry. He hasn’t long to live, and he knows it. Christopher Walken gives him the kiss of death and shoots him in the head.

Quentin Tarantino loves the scene and I remember reading it’s his favourite of all his films. It’s very violent but jazzed up with a large helping of humour.

Dennis gets 5ft7.75. 🕯
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Jan/23
The late, great Dennis Hopper starred as a teacher in My Science Project, a film from 1985. Actually, I’m wondering if he’d lost height when this was made; he was 48/49 at the time and doesn’t look much above 5ft7.5.

I’m going with 5ft7.75 for his peak, but he looks shorter than 5ft8 in this, so ideally, I’m going to have to check out his earlier work.
David Zelisney said on 15/Aug/22
Appearing alongside Rock Hudson (6'4-5") in Giant (no pun), I'd say about 5'7".
Jtm said on 22/May/21
He could definitely give a short impression at times but he was taller than 5’7 ish Robert Downey in pick up artist
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/May/21
Seeing the list up top has reminded me how many films of Dennis's I haven't got!

I do love his brave performance in 'True Romance', playing the Policeman father of Christian Slater's Clarence Worley, before he's to meet Christopher Walken's nasty gangster personage.

"He's right! She tastes like a peach!" 🍑 Dennis's reaction when he kisses Alabama, played by the gorgeous Patricia Arquette, goodbye. Alas and alack, it was to be his last kiss. 😢

5ft8.5. 😃👌😘 Patricia looks tiny next to him and she has to go on tiptoe to give him his kiss!
Hong said on 26/Jan/21
Click Here Look how tiny Hopper looks compered to Chuck.
Andy said on 23/Jan/21
Never more than 5'6. My guess is 5'5.5
Rising174cm said on 31/Dec/20
@Rob: That makes sense. Brando's 5'8.75" seems fairly certain and Hopper never gave the impression of being Brando's height. 172 cm would make some sense as it explains him looking shorter than Penn at age 55, unless Penn and Bronson both wore lifts and poor Dennis was left unarmed, but that didn't look to be the case. Hopper definitely seemed more than just an inch shorter than Sly in golf shoes in 2002, but I don't know how much he had lost by then.
Rising174cm said on 30/Dec/20
@Rob: Piers seems to like pointing out others (apparent) lack of height.
Editor Rob
On Rita Moreno's page, in her quote she did think Marlon was taller than Dennis, you could say it was a full inch.
Rising174cm said on 29/Dec/20
I think the 5'8.5" claim was his peak height in shoes. A 55 year old Dennis Hopper was shorter than 5'8" Sean Penn, who was noticeably(more than an inch) shorter than a 69+ year old Charles Bronson in 1991. Unfortunately, the best picture showing this appears to have disappeared, but Bronson at 5'9", Penn at 5'8" and Hopper at 5'7.5" is much more believable from those photos of the 3 support "The Indian Runner" at Cannes than Bronson at 5'8.5" and both Penn and Hopper at 5'8".
Editor Rob
was Piers Morgan who actually asked the question in GQ then refers to him as a little guy.
Hong said on 21/Dec/20
Click Here Here's Dennis with Vincent Price.
Hong said on 20/Dec/20
Click Here Dennis being dwarfed by Clint Walker.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Dec/20
Hopper could seem like a 5 ft 7 ranger at time but 5'8 flat might be right. I would have gone with 172. This guy was B-A-D-A-S-S even by LA 80s rock standards, 3 grams of coke and 30 beers etc a day at peak. You wouldn't think it to look at him when he got older, he didn't get that Jagger/Richards/Ashcroft/Iggy Pop super sunken in face look typical of a life of drugs, he aged surprisingly well, but always a bit unsavory/seedy looking.
Ian C. said on 8/Jun/20
Well, Sam and Sandy, the movies are movies and that particular art doesn't always imitate life all that well. It just seems odd that frank immorality is presented as normal, harmless and funny in so many movies. The worst offender on my list is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. We're supposed to like these guys, because they're handsome and they say funny stuff, but they're criminals. I'm assuming that you've seen the movie. In it, Butch and the Kid and the hole-in-the-wall gang are interrupted in a robbery by the super posse. All the robbers except Butch and the Kid are summarily killed, and neither Butch nor the Kid expresses any sorrow for their dead companions. (News, Harvey, Flat Nose? Who remembers them?) And then, in the end, Butch and Sundance kill at least ten Bolivian soldiers. We in the audience don't mourn those men. We're glad they were killed. That movie makes the audience complicit in evil, and most people don't realize it.
Tall Sam said on 8/Jun/20
I agree in that Tarantino's characters always spoke in movie speak but that his movies became more divorced from human behavior over time, to the point where the lauded mid-career films like Inglorious Basterds and, to a lesser extent, Django left me fairly cold due to their lack of human behavior or reasons to invest in the characters despite Christoph Waltz acting the hell out of his parts in both. I think Jackie Brown is his best film in regards to relatable, universal humanity on screen.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jun/20
@ Ian C - But I am a fan of Quentin's, and find his films hugely enjoyable, including the collaborations, ie 'From Dusk Till Dawn'.

Quentin's special effects are so unique to him that you always know when he's been responsible for a scene. I saw my the New Year/Birthday (I can't quite remember, as they're both in January!) in watching 'Reservoir Dogs', and shortly after that, I watched 'Pulp Fiction'. I next want to see 'True Romance', which, though it had been at the time I read the article, the sweariest movie ever, and includes a huge body count, still ends on a good and positive note. Personally, I find swearing rather funny, as did my Mum. At school, if we swore in class, we'd have our mouths washed out with soap and water, so seeing it in all its glory in a Quentin Tarantino movie has an extra special essence for people who grew up like I did!

I never watched 'Gunsmoke' - I couldn't stand it - but I know what you mean by today's movie heroes being bad guys. I've been into the 'American Horror Story' seasons of late, though I find that good prevails in that), but before then, I watched 'Boardwalk Empire', and the baddies are indeed the heroes.

Quentin Tarantino is a self-confessed movie buff, but I don't think his liking for movies has any influence on how he writes. He's far too much of an individual. His great film, 'Inglourious B'sterds', the idea of which was years in conceiving, and is probably my favourite, has a positive ending. Hitler and all that rotten lot are popped! You can tell that good does tend to prevail in his movies.

So that's why I like this very individual individual, Mr Ian C! I also like Stephen King. Have you seen Stephen's 'The Stand'? That really is the ultimate good versus evil movie. Though utterly different, these two writers are among those I rank the highest from geniuses of my era.

All the very best to you Ian!

Sandy XXX 😁👍
Ian C. said on 6/Jun/20
Y'know, Sandy, you're almost comically kind and generous in your posts on this site, so it seems a little odd that you're a fan of Quentin Tarantino. I truly enjoyed Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, but much of the appeal of these movies is in their cruelty and cynicism, and I'm now a little dismayed that I liked them so much. For all the comedic brilliance of Tarantino's dialogue, nobody in a Tarantino ever speaks like a real human being. In fact, Tarantino's knowledge of how people speak seems to be cribbed from movies, rather than real life.

Why are so few movies and successful TV shows these days about good people? I remember the TV shows of my childhood, like Peter Gunn or Gunsmoke, whose heroes were decent and heroic, and you were supposed to like them. Compare that to The Sopranos, whose main character was a vicious sociopath. I mean, what happened?

I can think of only one successful movie franchise character who is a good man: Rocky Balboa. In the first Rocky, the plot hinges on Rocky's essential decency and integrity. Of course, it is made clear that Rocky is also not very bright, so the only decent movie hero is also the one with least innate intelligence. Which is pretty cynical right there.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/May/19
Dennis would have turned 83 today.🎂💐 He will never, ever be forgotten.

RIP Dennis, you marvellous actor. xxx

5ft8 peak.
Littlelee168cm said on 21/Feb/19
Him and Kelly brook looked pretty much the same height in house of 9 so he wouldn't have been 5ft 8 then could he have shrunk a bit by then?
RichardSpain said on 13/Jan/19
172/173 cm young

170/171 cm old
Tall Sam said on 25/Jun/18
Rewatched Blue Velvet and he may be wearing ample footwear if not lifts in playing the imposing Frank Booth, from his appearance you would guess him a tightly coiled 5'9" in the role, but he certainly looked more like his listing in other films and at times a weakish 5'8" at that.
James said on 8/Dec/17
Hopper was 5'7" at his peak, and 5'6" in old age.
Richard said on 3/Dec/17
Dennis Hopper was never any taller than 5'7".
JJAK said on 2/Oct/17
I could buy a weak 5 8 peak he was short but not tiny.
He did seem to have short arms and legs making his overall size small.
Gotta say 5 9 is crazy that would be average for his era he was short.
He also claimed 5 8 .5 hard to believe I seem him 5 7 to 5 8.
This of course does not take footwear into account, other than cowboy boots he seemed content with flats.
Fred84 said on 14/Aug/17
Editor Rob: thanks for the answer and sorry for my post - I see you recognized that but I am sorry - I posted the photo at the wrong page - it should be posted to the page where was "Michael Madsen" and not "Dennis Hopper" (I had these two at the same time opened, that is the reason why I posted it to wrong page) :D
Fred84 said on 11/Aug/17
I saw him in many movies with actor Larry Bishop. But I did not find the height of Larry. How tall could be Larry Bishop? What do you think, Rob?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Larry looks at most 5ft 10
Rent said on 16/Jul/17
And by the way, a terrific actor. In Blue Velvet, he really was "the worst of the humanity" than David Lynch wanted!!
Joe said on 11/Jul/17
Rob, do you personally understand the current average guess?

This is the first time I've seen someone who's 5'8" get an average guess of 5'6 1/2"...
Editor Rob
there was only 5 guesses here, 2 of them 5ft 6...
AH said on 28/Apr/17
Hooper was quite clearly 5'7" and looked it. In 'Speed' he was the same height as Bullock. He needs a downgrade.
James said on 1/Feb/17
Hopper was never any taller than 5'7".
Marcus said on 22/Jul/16
As a guest star on "The Rifleman" in 1958, Hopper was dwarfed by 6'5.5" Chuck Connors. At least 10 inches separated the heights of the two actors. Based on this appearance, Hopper would be 5'7.5".
Robby D. said on 24/Jun/16
If anyone wanted more evidence that Hopper was under 5' 8" then watch the movie "I died a thousand times." He has a short scene where he dances close up to Shelley Winters (listed as 5' 4" on here and other sites). Winters is wearing heels which could be about 3" high but even then that would only bring her up to 5' 7" so if Hopper was barefoot he should still be an inch taller than her. He was wearing dress shoes and Winters towered over him. He was looking up when he spoke to her. Unless this listing is for shoe height then 5' 8" for Hopper is out of the question. So is 5' 7" for that matter.
Robby D said on 30/Mar/16
I just watched an old episode of Cheyenne and Dennis appears as the leader of a gang robbing the passengers on a train. He was wearing cowboy boots and he was still shorter than everyone including the women young and old. I doubt if he was even 5' 7" I think a fraction over 5' 6" would be nearer the mark.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Oct/15
Rob, maybe his claim was early morning?
Editor Rob
there will definitely be some people who wake up, measure and go with that mark...I don't know if Dennis would be one of those, I think he more likely would give a shoe height.
bk said on 30/Jun/14
Just saw him on Bonanza, and he was a Few inches shorter than Michael Landon....
the shredder said on 21/Jun/14
Rob , can 5'8.5 be his peak ?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't be as convinced he was that mark in his 30's, although it's certainly not an outrageous claim, he could look 5ft 8
dsve said on 13/Jan/14
Watching Sons of Katie Elder a d if the Duke is 6'4" Hopper was at least 8" shorter.
Robby D said on 23/Aug/13
I saw him in the movie "Giant" today and no way was he 5'8" in that film! More like 5'6.5" to 5'7". Having said that he was only about 18 years old at the time so I suppose he could have grown an inch.
Arch Stanton said on 10/May/13
Hopper was 5 ft 7 I thought. Nicholson has near 3 inches on him in Easy Rider.
mateodelaghetto619 said on 23/Oct/11
5'8 tall, but body type looks 5'5.
John said on 5/Aug/11
Just watching Speed where he is in the train and he seems slightly taller than Sandra Bullock who is 5'7", so 5'8" looks a good bet for sure.
Voiceless dental fricative said on 27/Jun/11
I'm surprised he was this tall. I had always pictured him as a short guy for some reason.
Mr. Kaplan said on 22/Jan/11
In "Rebel Without a Cause", 5'0" Natalie Wood's head come up to his mouth level. I don't think there's 8 inches from your mouth level to the top of your head. Especially not if you're way under six feet tall.
Bon said on 30/Dec/10
I just watched 'Speed' and I really thought he's a perfect example of a 5'8 guy.
Mr. Kaplan said on 26/Dec/10
When did he ever look 5'8"? The man was short.
Josh said on 3/Feb/09
He was a certain 5ft 8 plus. He was a bit taller than james dean in rebel without a cause and dean wernt that short and he was near the same height as jack nicholson in easy rider.
Random Person said on 18/May/08
I always thought of this guy as really short and stocky but upon watching Apocaylpse Now, I have to say...he looked sorta tall. I thought he looked more 5'9" next to Sheen. That movie did a great job at making average sized actors look huge, espically Robert Duvall and Marlon Brando. Anyway, I can easily buy 5'8" for his peak height...and Sheen was apparently never more than 5'6".
guyfrommars said on 11/Apr/08
robotix: You're correct with Laura Dern.
In his prime Dennis was a tad over 5'7" now he sticks with that height. Also in Easy Rider he's wearing boots.
glenn said on 27/Feb/08
yes,thank you.hard to keep clean.
Danimal said on 26/Feb/08
I like your jacket Glenn. Suede right?
glenn said on 26/Feb/08
correction,maybe 3 years this march.
glenn said on 26/Feb/08
thanks,but that was 2 years ago.
Danimal said on 25/Feb/08
You're looking fit Glenn.
Danimal said on 25/Feb/08
It's funny, but from left to right, it looks like he grew an inch in each of the 3 pictures, going from 5'6" in the first to 5'7" in the second to 5'8" in the
glenn said on 25/Feb/08
leonari-possible.but also possible 5-8 peak.i think i saw younger pics where he was in the 5-9 range.what do you think rob?
leonari said on 25/Feb/08
Glenn: you really think a full 5'9" in his prime?
Original said on 30/Dec/07
In pics
1 Pic - 169 cm
2 Pic - 172 cm
3 Pic - 174 cm
glenn said on 7/Jul/07
he was 5-8,5-9 prime.i kept bumping into him this one week,as shown here.he didnt change much,and neither did in clothing,but more than him.
Franco said on 6/Jul/07
glenn looks shorter in the 3rd pic, in the 1st Hopper is leaning while glenn is straightish...

yeah if anything he looks in the 171cm area
robotix said on 7/Jun/07
guyfrommars, looks like Laura Dern has 6" on him if she straigtens up. Could be she's wearing 3" heels which is 5'10"+3"=6'1" which is 6" above 5'7"
guyfrommars said on 4/Jun/07
Dennis Hopper towered over by 5'10" (plus maybe some heels) Laura Dern: Click Here
Gonzalo said on 9/Jan/07
It´s funny, in the three pics both Glenn and Hopper wear almost the same clothes, with slight differences
Austrian said on 26/Dec/06
i think he never was much taller, look at him in easy rider
ann said on 7/Aug/06
Dennis is at least 5'8". I am 5"8.5" and was wearing boots with a 2 inch heel, and took a picture with him and our heads were basically the same level. I would say much closer to 5'9" really, definitely not shorter than 5'8" though.
Glenn said on 16/Apr/06
Frank brought it up that I goosed,so yeah,I was.
Bleemo said on 16/Apr/06
Glenn that's a comment for another type of site.
Glenn said on 16/Apr/06
I was goosed! by a john wayne fan!
Frank2 said on 15/Apr/06
Dennis Hopper was never more than 5'7". I met him back in the very early 1970's. That's why I'm telling you that James Dean was no more than 5'6". In Rebel Without a Cause, Dean was the same height as Hopper and Dean wore lifts! Check out Hopper's height in Giant. He's not wearing lifts. Compare him to Dean who is.

By the way, here's Hopper with Kiefer Sutherland: Click Here
Now tell me all you Kiefer fans, is he really 5'10"?

In that shot of Glenn and Dennis, Glenn looks like he's just been "goosed"!
Bud said on 15/Apr/06
Anyone remember if he looked around the same height or shorter than Nicholson in Easy Rider? I seem to remember Jack being taller though there is talk of his being 5'7''

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