How tall is Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

American professional wrestler who wrestles in the WWE. On his twitter he claimed his height to be "about 6 feet", "I'm only 6 feet tall" and in another article described himself as "5'11".

How tall is Dolph Ziggler
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Average Guess (194 Votes)
5ft 10.69in (179.5cm)
Savagetez said on 23/Feb/23
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Since you think there is a minimum of 2.5 inch difference between the two.

A Dolph 5'10.5 Jimmy 6'1
B Dolph 5'10.75 Jimmy 6'1.25
C Dolph 5'11 Jimmy 6'1.5
D Different opinion and what is it.

What is you answer choice?!!!
Editor Rob
I know a fair few folk have Dolph as a weak 5ft 11. It's been a while since I looked at him though, so he's held the 5ft 11 for years now.
Savagetez said on 22/Feb/23
Rob How tall would you say Jimmy Uso looks with 5'11-ish Dolph Ziggler? I would say imo Jimmy Uso is looking 6'1 and around 2 inches taller.

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I think Jimmy Uso looks 2 inches taller. So around 6'1 seems likely. What would you say Rob?
Editor Rob
Arguably looks more than 2 inches there, like 2.5 at least!
Savagetez said on 14/Jan/23
I think Doplh Ziggler range is 5'11 range give or take quarter inch.
Savagetez said on 14/Jan/23
I think Doplh Ziggler range is 5'11 range give or take quarter inch.
Quis said on 18/Apr/22
5'11 at the very Max and maybe he could be 5'10.75
ChaosControl2 said on 13/Mar/22
heightchecker34 said on 22/Feb/22
Rob, please reduce Dolph to 5'10.75. This is an urgent appeal, from the rest of us. He is trying so hard to reach 180 cm but its simply not in the cards. Its okay, strong 5ft 10 is nothing to be ashamed of and to some people, may be considered above average and with shoes, might be close to 6'0. But its time for a downgrade. Thanks.

This comment made me laugh far more than I should admit to
ChristianPerkins said on 12/Mar/22
Would be nice if there was an offshoot site of Celebheights specifically for pro wrestlers' heights only, but I get that it would be a small niche community and so not much profit would be made from it. It'd still be cool to see many of the lesser known indy wrestlers and past historical wrestlers on it.
Editor Rob
Funnily in 2017 I did register WrestlerHeights, but I never quite had enough time for CelebHeights, let alone trying to get side projects going. Any I did do over the last decade were mainly test sites.

Although the oldest domain I have was registered in 2000 and the website is still active, though long abandoned.
heightchecker34 said on 22/Feb/22
Rob, please reduce Dolph to 5'10.75. This is an urgent appeal, from the rest of us. He is trying so hard to reach 180 cm but its simply not in the cards. Its okay, strong 5ft 10 is nothing to be ashamed of and to some people, may be considered above average and with shoes, might be close to 6'0. But its time for a downgrade. Thanks.
John moss said on 29/Dec/21
Dolph Ziggler is 5'10 I just see that tbh
Chaoscontrol 6'2.75/190cm said on 22/Dec/21
John moss said on 20/Dec/21
Can you make a celebweights Rob or is it too offensive?
Editor Rob
It only existed briefly and I decided it's better to stick with Height. I do mention weight if a celebrity provides one in the form of a resume figure or a quotation.

I don’t think it’s a case of being offensive, but it can be difficult to guess and very changeable so it would be a nightmare to run
John moss said on 20/Dec/21
Can you make a celebweights Rob or is it too offensive?
Editor Rob
It only existed briefly and I decided it's better to stick with Height. I do mention weight if a celebrity provides one in the form of a resume figure or a quotation.
S. Singh said on 11/Dec/21
I’ve seen this guy in person and 5’11 sounds like a stretch. Looks about 5’10, possibly a smidge over. I’ll agree that he can look his listed height. I’m 5’9.75 (claim 5’10) myself and get the “what are ya? Bout 5’11, 6?” quite often. I’m lean, muscular with a good head of hair similar to zigz.

IF he was a true 5’11 he would look taller. He’s similar to Finn Balor (although not as short). Average but pulls off looking tall due to his build.
RL said on 31/Aug/21
I actually think Dolf is no taller than 5'10". 177cm-178cm.
Julian Lewis 6'2 said on 26/Mar/21
I think dolph is just 5’10 in a half
Tavion said on 23/Mar/21
He's about 5'10 1/2 . He looked about 2-3 inches shorter than Dean, who is 6'1 or slightly taller.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 16/Feb/21
I would’ve guessed closer to 180 than 179
Tavion said on 13/Feb/21
He's like 179 cm
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Dec/20
Breeze's billed 6'0" too, apparently.
Iril said on 29/Dec/20
5'10. 5/8 IMO.. Always looke 179cm more than 180cm to my eye.. But out if every 179cm guys he could be the strongest looking one
Linke said on 21/Dec/20
Christian, I agree with Ziggler being 5'10.5, maybe 5'10.75

I am surprised how short Tyler Breeze looked next to him.
Dayshaen said on 9/Dec/20
Yo rob I met dolph in person earlier this year I’m 5’11 in a half he stood next me he looked 5’10 what’s going on?
Editor Rob
not sure I would guess him flat 5ft 10, but maybe he could look under 5ft 11 like you saw...
Michael187BarefootInTheMorning said on 13/Nov/20
I think 5'11 is still too generous.

More like 5'10.5" and that's probably an AM height.
Nip said on 31/Oct/20
Dolph 5’10.5”
Bobby Roode 6 foot flat
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Sep/20
Much more than 5 inches, easily 6" as a matter of fact. If Mcintyre's 6'4.5" as listed, Ziggler can't be anything over 5'10.5".
heightchecker34 said on 27/Sep/20
@ Linke... Tyler Breeze looks anywhere between 5'8.5-5'9.5, so I could see 5'9 as most likely. Looks barely an 1/2 inch shorter than Kevin Owens.

@6'3 Julian.... Yeah, I think we can safely assume Drew is a minimum of 6'4. Now with Dolph, is it impossible he is 5'11? Of course not.... but I still believe he is 5'10.5, guys like Punk, RVD, Kofi Kingston have always had an inch on him. I will admit he does stand up well to 6'0-6'2 guys.
6'3 Julian said on 24/Sep/20
@Heightchecker34 There’s 5 inches between him and McIntyre, and I’m pretty sure Drew is 6’4
Linke said on 23/Sep/20
If Ziggler is 5'11". How tall is Tyler Breeze? He looks bit shorter than him around 02:00 mark

Click Here
heightchecker34 said on 22/Sep/20
Still not convinced he is a 5'11 flat guy. He seems more 179-180 cm. I think he is shorter than a guy like Kofi Kingston. For what its worth... 179 cm guys are tricky as hell to measure, cause with good shoes and a decent platform, you can mistaken them for six foot. Can anyone give me proof that he is consistently in the 5'11 range?
Gobgghbfffcnkj said on 22/Jul/20
I watched Extreme Rules. It’s hard to get a figure for how he compares to Drew McIntyre because Drew’s slouching in most of the match but there looked to be about 5-6 inches between them near the start
Rit123 said on 12/Jul/20
DZ is 173cm with 170cm virender sehwag(Indian cricketer)
Chaitanya Sinha said on 23/Jun/20
Dolph ziggler's billed height by WWE is 6 foot but he has claimed to be 5 foot 11 and a half inch 👍
Andy5'91/2 said on 7/Jun/20
Very suprised i kinda imagined him as the typical surfer/Cool guy like you’d see in the movies bleach blonde hair. Blue eyes. 6’2. But actually looking at him now im guessing 6 feet clean with 5’11.5 before bed height
Nadeem said on 21/Nov/19
5'9 almost check his insta
Caldoni said on 24/Sep/19
Looks 5-10.5 max
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Sep/19
There are some pics where he does look 5'11", such as this one next to 6'5" listed Wade Barrett. Click Here
Slick said on 8/Aug/19
5'11 Sounds Right
AD 181 said on 8/Jun/19
He looks solid 5.10
rawdshaq said on 30/Mar/19
I think he's your average Joe 5'10".
mohammad said on 25/Jan/19
180.0 cm .
Christian said on 19/Dec/18
Ziggler only looked 5'9.75" when he stood face to face with 5'9.25" listed Finn Balor Click Here
Soundrak said on 18/Dec/18
Saw him yesterday at raw with fin balor, they Look almost same height, so i think dolph is 5’9,5 (177cm)
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 25/Nov/18

And Shawn Michaels as well. If Bryan wrestled in the WWF in the 80's, there's no way he would've been as successful and popular as he is today. If Bret and Michaels were "looked down" for their size, imagine someone like Bryan.
Zampo said on 23/Nov/18

Indeed. In today's WWE and in general, most definitely. I think the perception of what a "small" wrestler is has changed over the years. Bret Hart actually broke the barrier down. I read his biography where he stated his struggles in becoming the leading man whilst in the WWE because of his size (despite being 6'0!). It took him 8 years at the age of 36 before he finally became the heavyweight champion. Daniel Bryan credits him for opening the doors for the "smaller" guys in the business.
Annonymous said on 21/Nov/18
5'10 and a half, 5'11 after lying down for 30 mins.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 20/Nov/18
He consistently looks around 6.5" shorter than Mcintyre who's 6'4.25" IMO.
michael loughrie said on 16/Nov/18
He is 5' 10", flat.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Oct/18

A true "small" wrestler would be someone like Rey Mysterio, or even Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles, but not guys like Ziggler and CM Punk.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 24/Oct/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" Exactly, he's 5'9 and even in his boots where he gives the public perception of being near 5'11 he's considered small. Plus they have him wrestle people a lot bigger so they can hype up the bigger mans size, while at the same time undervaluing Finns size. It's the way the wrestling business works aswell.
Zampo said on 24/Oct/18
Ziggler's height is below average in the wrestling but not quite "small". I think he is the borderline height for smallish in the WWE although it largely depends on one's build as well. If I remember correctly the Cruiserweight title (225 lbs max-not sure if based on billed?) back in the day represented wrestlers in the smaller category. I even think Matt Hardy (not sure what he was billed but looked average for a wrestler, 6'0 zone) at one point held the title. I'm pretty sure Dolph Ziggler would have been eligible to contend for the old Cruiserweight title.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/Oct/18

Yeah, because 5'11" billed Finn Balor's often described as undersized. But we know that he's not legit 5'11". A real 5'11" guy wouldn't really be considered short in the wrestling world, because he'll likely be billed 6'1" or higher.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 21/Oct/18
@FMExTREME Even though he's not 6'0 tall he's saying it because 6'0 isn't tall in the wrestling business. Guys who are 5'9 which is average are described as small in WWE so 6'0 wouldn't be ranked very highly either.
Zampo said on 19/Oct/18
Ziggler less than often looks a flat 5'11. 5'10.5-5'10.75 range. Weak 5'11. Average guess looks to be in the right ball park.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Oct/18

Maybe he's telling it from a wrestler's perspective, because wrestlers tend to be bigger than the average person. It's smiliar to Edge claiming he's "only 6'4 250".
FMExTREME said on 16/Oct/18
Funny that quote from him trying to belittle 6 footers saying he's "only" 6ft, in reality real 6 footers will have nearly 2 inches on him.
Almost like Cena saying I'm only 6'2 or Reigns saying I'm only 6'4, Dolph you're 5'10 get over it.
Double G said on 3/Oct/18
Looks 5'9.75" / 5'10" range to me
heightchecker34 said on 12/Jul/18
Please Rob, downgrade Dolph to 5'10.5. He sometimes can look even 5'10, but I will keep him at 179 cm. Watch Chris Van Vliet interview wrestlers on You Tube (Chris looks around 5'9 range). Ziggler consistently looks around 1-1.5 inches taller, depending on both their foot ware. Not to mention, on WWE right now, he looks pretty small around 6'4.5 Drew McIntyre.
Leno said on 7/May/18
It is impossible for him to be 6', if he really was, he would never have said "5'11", so I believe he is really 5'11
Lawrence said on 6/May/18
I agree with you Dolph no hell no way 5'11. He is 5'9.5" . Rob and company here are wrong on this one.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 1/May/18
Sorry but he's no 5'11". Next to 6'6" listed Baron Corbin he's towered by easily 8 inches. Click Here He's lucky if he's even a full 5'10".
Conan said on 27/Mar/18
He is taller than me 1 inch (2.5 cm). I'm 5 ft 9 3/4 in (177.2 cm), I give him at 5 ft 10 3/4 in (179.8 cm)
Leno said on 11/Feb/18
A strong 5'10 with 179 cm, he is too tall for 5'9 and too short for a 6'
Darius said on 30/Jan/18
Always thought he was a strong 5'10".
I will give him 5'10.5". 5'11" seems too much.
JJStyles said on 18/Jan/18
SD-5'8 miz is 6'2 and dolph is 6'0 1/4
SD-5'8(172CM) said on 30/Nov/17
Click Here :11:07 = He says that he's 6'0
Next to The Miz: Click Here
Next to Dean Ambrose: Click Here
I'd say 5'10.75 until I see him in a picture with Rob.
Xpac said on 23/Nov/17
Dolph is 177 cm for me
See this pic
Click Here
xyz said on 30/Aug/17
He is not 5 11 tall .on his recent trip to india with wwe divas champion charlotte .he met rj raunac there who stands 5 11 feet tall and dolph ziggler was 1 inch shorter than him.they both had wore same sole shoes
Realist said on 10/Jul/17
He's no taller than 179.5 cms
even said on 7/Jul/17
at least 5'10.5"
Ronaldo said on 3/Jul/17
5ft 10.7in
Hans Meiser said on 25/Jun/17
179cm. Can't see the full 5'11.
ma said on 5/May/17
time for a downgrade to 5 ft 10.75 Rob
FLU said on 1/May/17
Ziggler is nowhere near 6 ft. I've met him multiple times and I'd estimate 5'9.5"
Harsh said on 15/Apr/17
You are right piyush dolph is 173 or 175cm tall saw photos with sehwag who is 169cm.... You can search there photos on google.. If you really wanna confirm
piyush samal said on 13/Apr/17
lol hez 5.8ft check out pic with virendra sehwag whoz an 170cm on internet when ziggler came for wwe india
John said on 23/Mar/17
"Only" 6 feet tall? Try being 5'7.
alex said on 29/Nov/16
omg rob,this height is SOOOOO wrong
dolph is a good 3" shorter than most 6', 6'1'ers wwe wrestlers
King of the hill 91 said on 3/Nov/16
Dean states he is 185cm so 178 cm for dolph
legend killer said on 13/Oct/16
I think dolph is about 5ft10 compared to y2j who is 5ft9.5 they both has the same height
omar said on 13/Oct/16
I think dolph is about 5ft10 compared to y2j who is 5ft9.5 they both has the same height
Sam said on 22/Aug/16
Didn't look 5'11 with Ambrose.
Nobody said on 21/Aug/16
Really can't see him being over 5'10 to be honest
Jared said on 17/Aug/16
Dolph is 181cm at least. He looked no more than 4cm shorter than Dean Ambrose.
FM said on 9/Aug/16
Plus, he doesn't look much taller than 5'8" Aaron Paul, and Dolph had the heel advantage.

Click Here
FM said on 9/Aug/16
Just watched SmackDown Live and saw Dolph with Dean Ambrose, who is listed 6' 3/4". There is more than 2 inches separating these two. Dean has at least 3 inches on Dolph, maybe even four.

Cody Rhodes said recently that Dolph is having a hard time moving up because of his size.
heightchecker34 said on 20/Jul/16
Dolph Ziggler is a true 180 cm guy...maybe 5'10.75' at his worst. Always looked in the similar height range to Kofi Kingston and CM Punk. As for his statement, he knows he is short for the wrestling business. Many a time, he has commented that his height has positioned for a lack of success, although he is still one of the popular guys on the roster.
pss said on 2/Jul/16
no more than 5 ft 10.5
Truth said on 29/Jun/16
He doesn't look much over 5'10"
MD said on 13/Jun/16
Seriously, guys? You don't get the context of that comment? He's obviously talking about "only 6'0"" in the context of sports, which is not a remarkable height in sports.
MrTBlack said on 10/Jun/16

Yeah seriously. A true 6'0" man should be taller than about %90 of males really.
Marian10 said on 30/May/16
''I'm ONLY 6ft tall'' . WTF, that's a really good height...
Also he seems taller but at least in my opinion.
pratsy5 said on 18/May/16
On his india visit he met an indian cricketer who is 5"8' at the most and he just did no look comparibly taller than him, lets consider sehwag was wearing heels, still doesnt make dolph more than 5"10/5
Ayush said on 23/Apr/16
Kevin is right doulph is really 5/10
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Mar/16
This is definitely more likely than 6ft but 5ft11¼(181cm) isn't improbable...
Kevin said on 2/Dec/15
Dolph should be down graded to 5'10, met him backstage and he is exactly my height, not a shade up or down and our footwear was both sneakers at the time, great guy and he is very personable, friendly to us fans, but not a hair over 5'10...
NewHorror said on 9/Oct/15
I think Dolph's more like 179 cm. 180 at most.
James B said on 1/Oct/15
Rob how tall does wade look here compared to zigggler?

Click Here
Editor Rob
he might have 5 inches on him but also I think loses some with posture, more than some wrestlers, I should give Wade a page now.
David Best said on 12/Sep/15
Dolph Ziggler is actually 180.6 cm
Height183 said on 27/Jul/15
I see the quarter has been taken off.. nice.. Now we need CM Punk to be taken down by 2 centimetres. He is the exact same height as Dolph from all the faceoffs and shows that I've seen!
Height183 said on 24/Jul/15
Rob, You've met Del Rio and here he has 4 inches on Ziggler.

Click Here

Please take him down to a flat 5'11'' at least, even though he is in the 5'10'' range in reality.
Singh91 said on 16/Jul/15
Saw this guy up close at a house show a couple of weeks ago. Looks 5'10. I've seen CM punk a few times too. He's more 5'11 and def looks taller than Adolph. Downgrade may be in order here.
linke said on 6/Jul/15
Rob, can the 1/4 be chopped? he claimed 5'11 recently.Although I would say,he can be 179 cms.
Editor Rob
he's now said 6ft and 5ft 11. He is likelier near 5ft 11, but then he can look a strong 5ft 11.
Sammy Derrick said on 4/Jul/15
Dolph Ziggler has sited on several occasions that if he was TALLER he would be a multiple world champion in WWE.At 5'11 he has a great look...
linke said on 1/Jul/15
He can be 5'11 flat like his claim but more I look at him, the more he strikes as 5'10-11 guy rather than some one closer to 6'.
linke said on 29/Jun/15
Rob, he recently claimed as being 5'11, I think 1/4 can be chopped off.

Click Here

"somehow the 5’11” guy with the funny name and funny trunks has outlasted everybody else in 11 years here and hasn’t gone away."
Y2A said on 27/Jun/15
Dolph is consistently taller than 5'10 guys like Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler and Mr T. How you can think he's 5'9 goes beyond my comprehension.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Best of the best said on 19/Jun/15
It is clear that Dolph Ziggler is 180.6
Omid said on 4/Jun/15
Rob this maybe one of the few, few, times I disagree with you...I honestly can't see Dolph taller than 180cm max
Mike T said on 16/Apr/15
Looks about dead even height with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is probably 5'10-5'10.5 nowadays:Click Here
Haz said on 12/Apr/15
Click Here
Here DZ looks 5'10 in front of 6'2 HHH
mike said on 3/Apr/15
Dolph is a solid 3" shorter than Ambrose in these pics with him on this site:

Click Here
mike said on 3/Apr/15 must be a farm animal that knows absolutely squat about height!
Y2A said on 29/Mar/15
Dolph isn't standing anywhere close to his tallest in that HHH photo.... and that Ryback photo? Are you serious? Ziggler is stooping considerably and it's taken from a low angle which only serves to distort height even further.

You have got to be a troll. No rational person would consider any of those photos to be credible evidence.
mike said on 28/Mar/15
@Shamrock... I have warped perception??
so ryback and dolph on 2" difference u say?...
Click Here
mike said on 28/Mar/15
look at the height difference between gold dust and Dolph:

Click Here
mike said on 28/Mar/15

Dolph is 2" shorter than 6'1" Ryback?

Click Here
mike said on 28/Mar/15
@Shamrock... bud u r lost... 2inch between Ry and Dolph?? are you kidding me??
Does Dolph look 2" shorter than HHH (6'2") in this page:
Click Here
Shamrock said on 26/Mar/15
it's pointless arguing with you. you have an utterly warped perception of heights i'm afraid.

there is max 2in between ziggler and ryback.
mike said on 25/Mar/15
well then according to this pic and according to celeb heights ... if Ziggler is 5'11.25" (lol) then ryback is just over 6'4" (laughable)
mike said on 25/Mar/15
@shamrock ...bud... that pic of rob and that guy..rob's head hits the bottom of that guys nose, thats an average distance of 6" there for is that guy 6'1 you have to minus 6"
Height183 said on 25/Mar/15
Ziggler is a very weak 5'11''. At times he can look in the 5'10'' range. No way is he low as 5'9'' though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Mar/15
Wade Barrett looks 196-197cm range. A very strong 6ft5 guy at least. Sometimes can look 6ft6.
Shamrock said on 24/Mar/15
if u think that's only 3 inches between duke and ziggler i'm sorry but you're clueless about heights

for reference here's what rob looks like next to a guy who is a shade over 6'1: Click Here

i don't know how o'neil looks "tiny" compared to barret, he's only an inch smaller and in terms of physique i'd say titus is probably the bigger man by a fair margin.

"duke is actuallyu no een standing as straight as ziggler"

are we looking at the same photo? there's absolutely no way ziggler's posture is any stronger than duke's.

5'9 for ziggler is utterly laughable, he's taller than Mr. T and was max 5in than 6'4 billy gunn who Rob has met.
mike said on 24/Mar/15
@Shamrock ..why is this a o neil/barrett blog now? anyways o'neil looks tiny compared to barrett in all areas, strange how a camera can make you look thinner and shorter than your actual height
mike said on 24/Mar/15
you guys speak of eyes below lips and it being 5" etc etc.. but you all don't even knopw how to measure. the top of the skull to the eyebrow line is about 4" ...5" is about a quarter inch BELOW the lower eyelid... does duke look a quarter inch below zigglers eyelid???: a big NO... duke is actuallyu no even standing as straight as ziggler and dukes head is about 1" above zigglers eyebrow
mike said on 24/Mar/15
@Shamrock... you need to look at the very top of duke's head (or anyone's head for that matter) the distance from top of head to the brow is generally and usually around 4" and the top of dukes head is 1" above zigglers eyebrows, so thats 3 inches making ziggler 5'9"
Mike T said on 23/Mar/15
He's got 3 inches on 5'7-5'8 Daniel Bryan. So this is probably accurate.
Shamrock said on 22/Mar/15
yeah Barrett is a solid inch taller than Titus O'Neil who was measured at 6'4 during his time with the NCAA/AFL

Click Here
miko said on 20/Mar/15
Given that he has around 5 inches on Clark Duke then yes. 5'11 range for Dolph.

As for Barrett he's at least 6'5.
Shamrock said on 19/Mar/15
well duke's eye level is below ziggler's mouth so i'd say a pretty solid five inches' difference....
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 19/Mar/15
5´10.75" imo
mike said on 18/Mar/15
does this look like a 5'11,25" man next to actor Clark Duke whom is 5'6????

Click Here
Kourosh said on 27/Feb/15
I agree with your listing. I met bray wyatt back in October 2014 for their tour in south east asia. Considering me a weak 5'10 , bray wyatt was 2 inches taller than me, which that would make him max 6'0 tall.
Bray wyatt is clearly taller than both cm punk and dolph ziggler. This proves both dolph and cm punk are just flat 5'11er.
Bryan (Queenslander) said on 15/Feb/15

Whats your estimate for the following wrestlers: Bray Wyatt, Bad News Barrett, Zack Ryder
Editor Rob
I don't have my own estimates on those guys just now.
SAMMY DERRICK said on 10/Feb/15
I was always betting that he was 5'11
Paul said on 6/Feb/15
lol at "I'm only 6 feet tall" Land of the giants.
Puge said on 20/Jan/15
I've met Jericho a few times and he's taller than me. I'm a legit 5'9" and I'd guess Jericho at about 5'10" - 5'10.5". I stood and talked to him for a while so I had plenty of time to size him up. Ziggler looks like he's 5'11.5" in that pic with Jericho.
Mac said on 17/Jan/15
5'10.5 max, especially the flat sneaker/footwear he wears.
5'11.25 max maybe in chunky footwear or thicker boots.
George F said on 16/Jan/15
Rob what's the lowest you see him night time after a long day and lot's of weights in his back?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't guess him less than 5ft 11 mark
Bryan (Queenslander) said on 15/Jan/15
If Jericho is 177cm then Ziggler is probably 179cm
Kourosh said on 14/Jan/15
dolph is 5'10.75 (180cm) if we go with exact measurement. he is not shorter 5'10.5

but yeah 179-180 cm likely

dolph appeared to be 4 cm taller than jericho.
Height183 said on 13/Jan/15
181cm in shoes? yes... Barefoot? I don't think so.. He's just not that tall.

No way he looks in the 5'11'' range next to Jericho.

Click Here
BestInTheWorld said on 13/Jan/15
Pretty spot on. Although i'd downgrade him by about one cm. He is clearly at least 5 cm shorter than Ryback who's about 185 cm.
Omid said on 13/Jan/15
in shoes yes, I agree with you

but Barefoot I strongly disagree
miko said on 13/Jan/15
Perfect listing Rob, he's definitely around the 5'11 mark having seen him up close at a house show in Nottingham last year. He's one of those guys that can never quite look a six footer.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jan/15
Has the face and jaw of a 6 ft 6 -8 man!

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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