How tall is Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

Scottish Actress, best known for playing Amy Pond in Doctor Who and Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy. In Fabulous magazine she said "I'm 5ft 11in and I spent two years working as a model. I don't have any major issues with my body", although on The Conan O'Brien show said she was 5ft 10. In this convention photo Karen had about an inch more footwear than me.

How tall is Karen Gillan
5ft 8 Rob and Karen @ LFCC 2011
[Height Comparison video]

Karen Gillan LFCC 2011
Well actually, if we're being really honest, I'm slightly under Five-Eleven, but only by like the smallest amount. So I'm closer to Five-Eleven than I am to yeah, I'm a tall freak.
I’m a giant. I’m 5ft 11in. It always throws me whenever I see actors from TV shows that I watch. They are always so much smaller than I expect them to be in real life and for a second I’m just silent while I’m figuring that out. I’m glad to be tall. It’s good to be gangly sometimes. I love being tall now but I didn’t used to like it though.
-- Beauty Fashion Friends Podcast

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Average Guess (179 Votes)
5ft 10.01in (177.8cm)
5'7 and a fraction said on 20/Sep/23
There's a girl from my college who looks just like her lol. Not over this listing imo.
Weak5'11james said on 19/May/23
Flat 5'10. Bang on 178 or maybe 178.1 or 178.2...
Jason R said on 13/Apr/23
You guys can go back and forth all you want, but I'm here to tell you that she's definitely not 5'11". I met her at a convention. I'm 5 10.5 and she was shorter than me by about half an inch.
Watcher said on 5/Apr/23
Karen's TikTok where she measured herself with measure tape.

Click Here

Before close-up: the quality is not perfect, but guessing by what looks like ft marks on the tape, looks 5'10 in high heels, probably because she is dropping hip and camera angle/perspective.

After close-up: looks 5'11, I think she is still wearing those same heels and dropping hip, but camera angle/perspective is a little better.

Dropping hip and camera angle/perspective mess things up, but it is more effective for the video I suppose lol.

I think Rob is correct with his listing, would be cool to hear his opinion on the video.
Editor Rob
Hard to tell anything precise from that.
James (179cm) Jones said on 3/Apr/23
I'd say she's 5'10 or 5'10 ⅛. And her tallest if possible is 5'10 ¼.
Vick Jane said on 21/Feb/23
If she is wearing one inch footwear than a peeson who is 5'8",Karen, by this picture is 5'9",top.So,she is something 1,74-1,75 m.
Slimcognito said on 18/Feb/23
Rob, how much taller does Karen look in this photo with Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans?

Click Here

She looks more like 5'9 there
Editor Rob
Visibly only seems an inch taller at most, although to me it looks her head is a few inches further away than the guys, and also could be in thinner footwear.
Abdulrahman said on 3/Jan/23
177 cm.
Anakin said on 11/Dec/22
She looks very tall but I was shocked to see her look exactly the same height as Aaron Paul, who is definitely not tall whatsoever. Both of them were wearing sneakers. She also looks significantly shorter than 6'0'' Chris Evans.

Tbh, I think she’s no taller than 5'9'' — her slender body, long legs, and notoriously high heels make her look taller than she is. Whenever she is barefoot she looks on par with average heighted men, so 5'9'' max. Quite surprising to me, but still very tall for a woman.
Abdul-DK said on 11/Dec/22
Doink said on 22/Nov/22
Has to duck even while barefoot to walk through a Fusuma doorway (generally 180 cm) in Japan.

Click Here
Joey Lee said on 28/Aug/22
She's 5'10. I'm 5'10 with sneakers. She was wearing shoes with no heel. We took a pic together. In the pic, we're both the same height.
uddipta saikia said on 18/May/22
She Has A Good Height 178 cm
jokey said on 22/Apr/22
@Rob she claims 5'11 in this interview at minute 4:40.

Click Here
Daniel Lee said on 6/Jan/22
Yeah. Maybe a hair under 5'11 with shoes
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 1/Jan/22
she's in my opinion one of the most solid 5'10 female on this site, maybe she's a hair above it? who knows....
nacity said on 30/Dec/21
even with the extra inch of footwear, she is leaning a lot so id say somewhere around 5'10 1/2
Ozi said on 24/Dec/21
She seemed talker than Nick jonas and Jack black only in heels, if she was to be off heels she still would be taller but not by much because these two males are 168. She always finds the need to wear heels so my estimate for her is about 175
Stalker China said on 19/Sep/21
@San97 that's because she had +1 inch footwear advantage. without it and better posture, she's 5'10
Stalker China said on 19/Sep/21
she's legit 5'10. not like Zendaya who's literally below 5'9 and still her fans frenzy about her height. or taylor but at least taylor look a strong 5'9
5'10 Dude said on 11/Sep/21
Taking into account in the photos that she's leaning quite a bit and has about an inch of footwear I'd say makes her definitely the full 5'10. She's very tall and she totally owns it. Her claim of slightly under 5'11 might be an honest morning measurement.
Football fan said on 7/Sep/21
Pretty redhead girl. Looks 5'10", she has nice long legs.

Rob, what is the average height for girls in England?
Jameson said on 15/Aug/21
5’ 9.5” for her.
San97 said on 15/Aug/21
She looks more than 5’10 in the above pictures
Elene said on 7/Aug/21
Nik Ashton said on 27/Jul/21
Karen once claimed to be a giant and she has also said that male co-stars have stood on boxes so they appear taller than her! 👌
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/Jul/21
SUCH beautiful pictures!

The lovely Karen gets 5ft10. How I love her colouring! 🌹😁👌
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 20/May/21
That barely looks like 2 inches. I’ll leave a 5’9.75 guess
heyyyyyyyy said on 26/Mar/21
she's leaning here. Anyways i can see 5'10.5"
Leif said on 20/Feb/21
Doesn't she wake up at 6ft or near it on gpod days? I think so..I really think she's at least 5 11".
Nik Ashton said on 4/Feb/21
Look at these:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Mimi said on 30/Jan/21
Rob, based on what she has recently stated about her height, do you think she's closer to 178cm than almost 180cm?
Editor Rob

Now if she got measured in sneakers at near 5ft 11 I would believe that, but barefoot I'm struggling to see that in person.
Beau said on 28/Jan/21
"She has to be at least 5'10.5 or 179cm. My guess is 5'11. In Jumanji, she only looks 5 inches shorter than 6'4 rock."

Rock is listed at 6' 2.5" here.
Raphael said on 18/Jan/21
Today she made a story on instagram, where she said she is slightly under 5'11, but closer to 5'11 than 5'10.
Doink said on 18/Jan/21
From an Instagram Q&A today: "If we're being really honest, I'm slightly under 5-11, but only by like the smallest amount. So I'm closer to 5-11 than I am 5-10. So yeah, I'm a tall freak."

Click Here
Editor Rob
I'll add that quote to the description thanks!
Aj06 said on 12/Jan/21
average height for a woman in the us is about 5'4 she is about 5'10 making her around 6'3 3/4 in male terms so she is tall for a woman. and next to rob a low 5'10 looks nice.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Dec/20
I did rule out if mid afternoon Rob pull out a measuring tape will get Gillan at 178.1-178.3cm.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Nov/20
💐🎂 Happy 3️⃣3️⃣rd Birthday Karen! 🎂💐

Here's wishing Karen Gillan a very Happy Birthday. She turns all the threes, 3️⃣3️⃣, today.

5ft10 🎊😁📏💝🎁

Joe Randy said on 23/Oct/20
She has to be at least 5'10.5 or 179cm. My guess is 5'11. In Jumanji, she only looks 5 inches shorter than 6'4 rock.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Oct/20
Average scot's women were like 5'3? Karen is def very tall for a lady walking down the street.
Leif said on 3/Oct/20
@Rob could she be 5'11" or more in the morning and maybe early afternoon?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't guess her that high in person.
Nik Ashton said on 19/Sep/20
She could be Ross kemp’s height twin!
RJT said on 13/Sep/20
Is she considered tall in the UK for women Rob?

Equivalent of 6'3 men?
Editor Rob
Quite tall for a women in Scotland, about 6-6.5 inches above average.
ESB said on 8/Jul/20
She has a very small head!
Leif Elliott said on 30/Jun/20
Rob you dont thibk she's the full 5'11"?
Editor Rob
If she was 5ft 11 she'd have looked near 6ft in person and I don't think she was near that.

I'd be stunned if barefoot she measured near 5ft 11.
Archangel said on 28/Jun/20
@rob the fan in this pic says she is 1.6m. Would you say karen looks a foot taller than her in the 2nd pic(in the 1st pic, Karen's standing on a platform)? Or is it more like 10 inches or so?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Yeah Karen can look a good foot taller.
Jam Cherry said on 23/May/20
Strong 5’10” at 178 cm
Nils2 said on 21/May/20
Oh, i thought she would be over 5'10. Rock struggles to look over 6'2 with her.
Pinku Deka said on 18/Apr/20
Monkey knees said on 12/Apr/20
As ive commented previously; 5ft 10 1/3in flat. Stood near her when she'd take smoking breaks on 'a touch of cloth'. Tall, beautiful...
Profit said on 17/Mar/20
5'10 on the nose. Maybe slightly over when waking up, however.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 15/Mar/20
5ft10 is the max imo
Nik said on 14/Mar/20
It would be great to see a photograph of her with Ross Kemp!
Film Fan said on 14/Feb/20
I really do think she is more likely a little over 5' 10" than under it. It is possible she could be a fraction under but I believe she is more likely a fraction over 5' 10," she looks it.
Bob da cob. said on 6/Feb/20
5-10 absolutely max imo
Lakheswar Saikia said on 20/Jan/20
I guess she is 178cm in barefoot what a lovely woman
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Jan/20
Fact is that The Rock is simply 6'2 before bed and Karen maybe flat 5'10 in the worse low of the day.
Nik said on 24/Dec/19
@ Christian 6'5 3/8" - I've read from a few sources that the Irish are taller than English, Welsh, and Scottish, people!
Johan 185 cm said on 24/Dec/19
I read that in Scotland the population overall is 96% white. 2.7% Chinese. I thought that part was funny as I have worked with Brits and they love chinese takeaway, its all they seem to eat on Fridays.
Editor Rob
I'm sure it's 2-3% of population from India/Pakistan.
As for Karen, I am sure Dwayne liked her 5ft 11 claim as it puts him nearer 6ft 4.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 23/Dec/19
I'd imagined that Scotland would be slightly taller than England, since the former has less ethnic minorities.
Editor Rob
The actual studies suggest it is pretty close. Any time I visit Glasgow, I think the population seems a bit more diverse than in many other towns, my own included.
For those curious, the Census Scotland shows my area 'South Lanarkshire' as about 97% White.
Amadeus said on 22/Dec/19
Rob do you think the average height for a guy in Scotland is around 5 8? thats what some statistics say on the intenet . for you as a 5 8 guy living in Scotland. how accurate is it?
Editor Rob
It's not much different than England, 5ft 8 is lower average range.
thomas Hill said on 13/Dec/19
she has a small head what part of her body makes her tall i think she might have a long spine
Canson said on 3/Dec/19
@Christian: that’s what I was thinking too. Maybe 2cm because she’s a taller female
Editor Rob
The longer the spine, the odds are greater they could shrink an inch, plus younger women have healthier discs than when they reach their 50's or 60's.
Nik Ashton said on 3/Dec/19
She’s very tall!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Dec/19
Some lose more than others, but the average person of her height and weight doesn't lose more than 3/4" or maybe even 5/8".
Canson said on 29/Nov/19
@Rob: you think she loses the full inch?
Editor Rob
A chance of it yeah.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 28/Nov/19
Shouldn't it be 5'10.75" based on her 5'10" listing? The average person loses 3/4" a day, not a full inch.
Editor Rob
It could be that, could even clear 5ft 11 within 10 seconds after a good sleep.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Nov/19
💐🎁🎂🎉 Happy Birthday Karen! 🎉🎂🎁💐

Wishing Karen a Very Happy 32nd Birthday on this joyful afternoon!

5ft10 is my Birthday guess for Karen.😁

Editor Rob
Karen is still claiming 5ft 11, but I think she measured it in sneakers.
LeetTranslator said on 26/Nov/19
How tall would she be in the morning?
Editor Rob
5ft 11 is possible.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/Oct/19
In Doctor Who she just doesn't look weak 5'10. 5'11 for sure a lie but i have a feeling she is a comfort 5'10 1/4 a mid day and maybe hit close to 5'10 1/8 before bed.
khaled taban said on 27/Oct/19
@Rob , in the second photo she looks 2.5 inches taller than you , and you said she has 1 inch shoes advantage , Doesn't that make her 5'9.5" ? Maybe 5'9.75" max ?
Editor Rob
She certainly did not look any taller than 5ft 11, so 5ft 10 barefoot given her bigger footwear is believable enough.

To be fair, there is a chance she is 5ft 9.75, but generally with other people near 5ft 10 seems ok, not 5ft 11 though...
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 2/Oct/19
She is more of 5ft 9 quarter range than 5ft AP range....
griana arande said on 30/Sep/19
could 5'10.25" possible?
Editor Rob
I would stick around 5ft 10ish
Tall Sam said on 13/Sep/19
I think 5'9.5"-5'9.75" is possible for lovely Karen.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Jun/19
I think i could be wrong previously thought she look between 5'9 1/2-3/4, more into looking at her comparison with 5'9-5'11 people i can see solid 5'10 or up. She could be a perfect candidate for 5'10 1/8-1/4 like Thomas Jane.
TrulyYours said on 7/May/19
Wow I just noticed how pale her arms are. I'm pretty sure people of Scottish descent have one of the palest skin from what I observed and must be really careful with the sun when visiting tropical countries like here where I live.
Jason_yyui said on 1/Apr/19
You’re so funny calling yourself big Rob I’ve been so fricking short
Editor Rob

I've been Big Rob long before CelebHeights, and Big doesn't necessarily refer to height...🤔
Mimi said on 11/Mar/19
Rob what is more likely for her? 5ft9 7/8 or 5ft10 1/4?
Editor Rob
Hard to say...I think maybe slightly more chance a bit over 5ft 10 than under.
khalid taban said on 9/Mar/19
She is 177.3 , closer to 5'9.75" than 5'10".
Monkey knees said on 15/Jan/19
Just over 5ft 10in. 5ft 10.25in morning dead on. Absolutely beautiful, too. Easily one of the most beautiful women in the world.
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 9/Jan/19
She is 5'10", defintely looks like a tall lady in Jumanji: WTTJ and also as Nebula in the MCU movies. She is at least 5'10" in these pictures with Rob. Karen is a beautiful woman and no I'm not a tall woman fetishists either, I just think she has a pretty face, that's all. She's 5'10".
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 30/Oct/18
She has more of a chance being a fraction under 5'10" than over. She looks 5'10.5" with Rob but she has an inch footwear advantage.
Monkey knees said on 27/Oct/18
Can confirm 100% she is 5ft 10in. Tiny bit shorter than Darvill.
Nik said on 2/Aug/18
These are a couple of amazing pictures!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Jul/18
She might end up measure 1/8 less than 5'10.
TrulyYours said on 24/May/18
For me she's definitely 5ft10 on the nose give or take a small fraction
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 20/May/18
A full 5'10" is possible but hard to tell exactly because of her lean.
Nik said on 19/May/18
5'10" - 5'10.25"!
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 18/May/18

She looks more than just 2 inches taller than them, she's leaning. She looks a decent 5'9.75"
Imam said on 17/May/18
She is 5 feet 8 1/2....With an inch more footwear She looks weak 2 inch taller then both of you....She is solid 5 feet 8 1/2....
Conan said on 7/Apr/18
I'm 5 ft 9 7/8 in (177.5 cm). She is 5 ft 9 3/4 in (177.2 cm) and no more than that
MAD SAM said on 16/Jan/18
178 cm definitely and a Red head, she’s all beauty 😍
Tarinator 6'2 said on 11/Jan/18
No wonder she looks 5’11”! She has extra footwear. Probably my aunt would edge her out at 5’10.5”-5’11” range as she is tall as well. Looks 5’10”-5’10.5” without shoes so 5’10.25” (178.4 cm) is a safe guess. I wouldn’t put her at any lower than 5’10”. Has a taller impression than Maggie Geha.
Carmen said on 24/Dec/17
You people saying she’s only 5’7”-5’8” are ridiculous. I saw her in Jumanji and immediately noticed how tall she was. She didn’t look that much shorter than Dwayne Johnson. I’d guess she is 5’10”-5’11”.
eric said on 23/Dec/17
looks more than 2 inches taller than both rob...I would 3 inches or maybe even a bit more
Editor Rob
with an inch more footwear than me, she didn't really look any taller than 5ft 11.
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
Wish she stood a little straighter in the photos she’s definitely 178 cm anyway
Blake said on 8/Dec/17
Rob,Why do you think she would she admit to being 5 ft 10 then switch to 5 ft 11? I thought being a lot taller than average was not positive for most actresses
Editor Rob
it's not as much of an issue these days...

some women will round up, even if they are tall already.
Ben said on 30/Nov/17
I reckon she is 5'11, she always seemed equal to Matt and Arthur on Doctor Who, and I've seen many sources saying she's 5'11. Not seen one for 5'10 yet, so that's what I'll go for.
Height Sky said on 8/Oct/17
Looks 177.0 cm range with 5'8 flat Jenny (2011) and 177.5 cm range with 5'8.25 Rob, weak 5'10 is legit
Crumpet said on 24/Sep/17
5'10.5 in the morning but for her official average height, I'd give her a 5'10.
123 said on 3/Sep/17
away than commenting on how wonderful she is, she's in the 178 cm range not below and not too above, wakes up then at 180cm and she can claim 5'11"
Nik said on 2/Sep/17
I think that she is at least 5'10"!
KH said on 31/Aug/17
Looks more like 5'9.25-5'9.5 range to me looking at those photos if she had an inch advantage from shoes. Im not seeing almost 3 three inch height difference.
Mimi said on 10/Aug/17
Ah so now I know 5ft10 is not exactly 178cm hmmmm. This is really a wonderful idea Rob.💪💪💪
oliver said on 6/Aug/17
Rob, how much do you think she weighs?
Editor Rob
in person maybe around 135-38 range, she is relatively slim.
185cmAriel said on 31/Jul/17
never expected that nebula is this pretty without makeup
Mimi said on 11/Jul/17
Rob do you have the link of where she mentioned her height on conan?
Editor Rob
sorry, I don't have a link to it, was several years back now, possibly first Conan appearance.
MrPie said on 4/Jul/17
She's claiming to be 5'11 in her instagram bio. Is she really 5'11?
Editor Rob
no, it's impossible.
Mimi said on 7/Jun/17
Without the footwear advantage, is she still noticeably taller than you or Jenny?
Editor Rob
well she would, but I don't think anymore than 5ft 10.
Xuxa said on 25/Apr/17
Looking at her Instagram pics I thought she was in the six feet range. I guess it's the long legs then.
Gilberg said on 11/Mar/17
Gorgeous girl!
Revisionist said on 1/Mar/17
oliver, easily taller than her by a full inch.

Karen's 5'11" isn't so absurd. There are barely 5'9 women who make that claim.

Maybe she's 5'10.5 in the morning and rounded up.
James said on 21/Nov/16
Her 5' 11" claim is absurd. Looks around 176 cm in those pics, with one inch shoes advantadge. She adds herself almost two entire inches, she is not even 5' 10".
Matthew said on 10/Nov/16
Typical 1 inch adder, shes says shes 5'11 on Instagram too!
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 28/Oct/16
oliver said on 28/Oct/16
Is she taller than Taylor Swift?


Most likely so, I don't really see Taylor being any taller than 176cm.
oliver said on 28/Oct/16
Is she taller than Taylor Swift?
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Oct/16
I didn't see Karen in 'Dr Who' enough times to cotton on to the fact that she is so tall, but I did enjoy the film 'Oculus', in which she played the lead part. As it was one of those films that flits back and forth in time from her childhood to the present day, coupled with the fact that there were very few other actors with whom to make comparisons, I still was none the wiser after seeing it!
Dare I say it, but yes, I am quite surprised that she is this tall. It doesn't look much on screen! I would have estimated her height to be no more than 5ft8, from the very limited material I have actually seen Karen in.
abhishek said on 21/Sep/16
she is claiming 5ft 11 in her Twitter bio!
heelshealheight said on 31/Jul/16
Agree with Charlie. I've seen her in flats. Not more than 5ft7-5ft8. I was surprised, admittedly so; I had the impression she was taller (she could support a 5ft10 claim) but she's clearly not. In the photo with Jen, Karen is also standing in front, hence, giving her a significant height advantage.
Leonardo said on 29/Jul/16
If only she was maybe 1.5-2 inches shorter, Karen was a wonderful women!
Sam said on 6/Jun/16
A weak 5'10 considering she has a one inch shoe advantage.
charlie said on 7/May/16
Ok i just read that she is wearing 2 inch boots here. And Rob is 5' 8" she appears 2 inches taller than Rob there for she is no way near 5' 10 not unless she is wearing boots. My license says i am 5 foot 10. I can wear Cow boy boots with a 3 inch left and tell people i am 6 foot 3 but in reality i am still 5' 10. Her actual height without shoes is 5' 8". So i will say she is 5' 8"
R said on 13/Feb/16
@Jane I agree, she looked similar height to Zoe Saldanna (listed at 169cm on this site). power of camera angles lol.
Jane said on 12/Nov/15
She didn't look taller than Zoe in guardians. She does look huge!
5'11.33 said on 7/Nov/15
Considering her head is pointing down a bit in both of those pictures id say close to 5'10 is a nice estimate Rob good job
PatBat said on 9/Aug/15
Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth) is the tallest women I've ever seen 6 foot 3 inches
Axaros said on 5/Jul/15
woo she's delicious!
NBAer said on 7/Jun/15
178 looks about right,if she didn't tilt her head she would look 180,but take off footwear advantage and at worst she could be nearer 177(177.5 perhaps?).Also,that's gotta be the sexiest redhead i've seen,along with hazel eyes,she's pretty stunning!
Mid190s said on 23/Apr/15
Did you go in, Rob? Was it bigger on the inside? TARDIS...obvioudly
Editor Rob
I think it was just a kind of false 1/3rd 'front'. To be frank, if I was photographing it I'd have placed Karen right beside the Tardis so both people have it behind them and then shot all photos in portrait to get most of the tardis in...
shawn said on 19/Mar/15
177cm looks more like it
irshgrl500 said on 7/Mar/15
lala says on 1/Dec/14 said that 5'9" for Northern European women, is not uncommon. Well, I'm in agreement with A6'1Guy. If lala is implying that 5'9" is the average height for Northern European women, then that's not accurate. Also data is reported in generational portions. Thus, surveys that were dated from 2006-2010, are not outdated, even in 2015 because 12 years is considered a full generation.
The average height for women ages 20-85 in Norway, is 5'5.5"; in Sweden the average height for women ages 20-74 is, 5'5"; in Denmark the average height for women ages 20-49 is, 5'6.5" (this would likely be lower if women over 49 were included). Lastly, in the Netherlands, the average height for women over age 20 is, 5'6". While the average height for Northern European women is 1.5"-2" greater than those of the average height of US women (5’4.5”), it is no where near 5'9".
Thomas said on 8/Feb/15
What would a legit 6'1" man look like standing next to her, Rob?
Editor Rob
her eyes would be at their mouth very likely and appear maybe 2cm over the man's eyebrows.
A6'1Guy said on 7/Feb/15
@lala "I'm certain than in northern Europe 5'9 isn't that uncommon for women"
Just because it isn't uncommon does not mean it's the average, also, where are you getting this statistic from?
BGee said on 17/Dec/14
i think 5'10 is spot on, she was just a bit under Arthur and Matt while on DW and she only passes them up while in heels.
Crash said on 3/Dec/14
@SamL94, I really doubt she's that heavy. I'm almost certain that she'd be below 130lb.

@lala, in Germany, Netherlands or Scandinavia you could be right. But with an average of about 5'5" for young women (about right for Europe as a whole, as well as America), it is somewhere around 5% 5'9" or taller.

And this is certainly the case in the UK, where this actress is from. Don't apply the northern European "standard" to everywhere else.
lala said on 1/Dec/14
@Angelaa which country are you talking about? I'm certain than in northern Europe 5'9 isn't that uncommon for women...Those statistics are likely outdated or even inaccurate. Also, the height between what someone considers average and tall would be "borderline".
Angelaa said on 6/Oct/14
@miko.....There is no Borderline. 5ft10 is tall for a woman. Only 5% of women are 5ft9 or taller.
miko said on 2/Oct/14
I think she is borderline tall for a woman.

When you start getting into the 5'10/5'11 range you push the solid 6'0 guys for height and can hold your own against most men. In big heels she'd be 6'2 range.

I'm 6'0 and work with a 5'11 girl and I'll always make that extra effort when she walks past to stand that little bit taller!
SamL94 said on 22/Sep/14
@moonlight- How accurate would you say that is? Because on other websites I have read that she is 140lbs.
moonlight said on 19/Sep/14
@SamL94 On the weight page rob said 125 range.
SamL94 said on 14/Sep/14
How much does she weigh?
TJE said on 12/Sep/14
@ M.P.
Eye-to-eyebrow is at least 1.5 cm, so 180.9-1.5= 179.4. Take away her shoes, 179.4-2.5=176.9. So that makes her about 5'9.5-9.75.
Bishop said on 25/Aug/14
Looks more 177 cm considering her footwear advantage.
Crash said on 23/Aug/14
I agree Sam, very few women can pull it off, and she isn't one of them. She's much better with the longer hair.
Sam said on 19/Aug/14
Obviously she's attractive but cue-ball bald is not a good look for any girl IMO. I know that she was wearing a wig at a few conventions before she pulled it off at Comic Con. Respect her commitment to the role and glad her hair is growing back!
M.P. said on 16/Aug/14
Okay, just to clear up the confusion... she is 5'10" BAREFOOT. In thick-sole shoes, she is 5'11". I am 5'10.5" barefoot and come up to 5'11.25" in normal sneakers. She is almost eye-to-eye with me when we met during the Guardians of the Galaxy promotion and I was just a tiny-bit taller than her, eye-to-eyebrow with her. (And at the time, I wasn't even aware of her as I'm not a Doctor Who fan.)
Crash said on 2/Jul/14
Nice looking girl, I enjoyed her on Dr Who. Another one to put in the "attractive redheads" list.

Yes, I think that she's closer to 5'10" than 5'11".
mike said on 29/Jun/14
Karen Gilian's Height is 5ft 10.25 (178 cm)

she'd probabley be 5ft 11 flat in the morning. 5ft 10.25 at night and just doesn't bother adding the quarter in her
Guy said on 12/Jun/14
Looks like 177-78
Tony .V said on 29/Apr/14
yeaaaaaaaaaa Jenny got the Supernatural Shirt!!!!!!
John said on 26/Apr/14
@Jk just letting you know a lot of people say they're heights they're not. She does look tall next to 5'11" Matt Smith but she's shorter.
Peyman said on 21/Apr/14
she looks a solid 179 on the pics
considering the heels, then 5ft 9.5in is what she really is
& lol at 5ft 11in
Giulio said on 7/Apr/14
Jk says on 2/Mar/14
She is 5' 11". It's not me saying it. That is what SHE says. I don't understand a lot of the comments here. If she looks tall it's like so many try to explain it away by saying it's only because she is wearing heels. I have to wonder if the issue is really just that guys who like her don't want their fantasy girl to be taller than they are?


She has 1 inch more footwear, does she look 4 inches taller ? 5'10 is right
K said on 4/Mar/14
She looks 5'11 to me. I love the color of her hair!
Jk said on 2/Mar/14
She is 5' 11". It's not me saying it. That is what SHE says. I don't understand a lot of the comments here. If she looks tall it's like so many try to explain it away by saying it's only because she is wearing heels. I have to wonder if the issue is really just that guys who like her don't want their fantasy girl to be taller than they are?
J.Lee said on 24/Feb/14
Rob is she wearing heels here?
Editor Rob
boots near 2 inches
cloud said on 1/Jan/14
Hey Rob on a website they say that she is 140 lbs do you think that is possible ?
Editor Rob
seems under that
Adrian said on 1/Jan/14
looks 176cm
Dalai Lama said on 10/Aug/13
177 and perfect :)
Arch Stanton said on 5/Aug/13
Yeah Rob I think he could be rounding down. The thing is if you hide Karen in that pic he looks like he could be 6'1"-6'2" but when you see Karen here next to you who we know the height of exactly and then she her in clumpy boots in comparison next to him he looks about as much 6 ft 3 as Ryan McPartlin does. He makes her look quite small and she's a 5 ft 10 lady in clumpy boots who'll look nothing but tall compared to the vast majority of blokes.
Arsenalforever said on 22/Jul/13
The utterly beautiful Karen is, indeed, 5ft10. Another one dead on, Rob. This is clearly seen with the recent Comic-Con shots. And, yes, to agree with Arch below, I give Lee Pace 6-4 (at least). He clearly has a couple of inches on the other taller guys.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jul/13
Click Here

Gone for the skinhead look.. Rob, do you think that Lee Pace guy looks more than 6'3" here? He looks nearer 6'5" to me if she's 5'10".
Editor Rob
he can definitely look 6ft 4 range, although maybe she's a little further and it adds to his height.

he is a guy who might be like say paul bettany and is close to 6ft 4 but just rounds down to 6ft 3...maybe I'll give him 6ft 3 and 3/4.
teej said on 10/Jul/13
She looks 5ft11 to me dont forget shes slouching more than rob, im 6'1 and slouch a lot and thats how i look in pictures next to my 5ft10 dad.
Editor Rob
for her to be 5ft 11 she should have looked nearly 6ft as she had more footwear, but she never looked that tall.
a ginger. said on 5/Jul/13
Some of you say she looks shorter but she's pretty tall compared to Matt if you see her stand next to him. And he's 5' 11". She did modeling before (and maybe currently) Doctor Who so I'd imagine she's about 5'10". Either way she''s beautiful! Ginger pride!
Average weight said on 21/Jun/13
Looks around 5'9.
LeBron6 said on 1/Apr/13
5'9.5". dought she'd measure out to a full 5'10'
Pi. said on 11/Mar/13
From the pics. and your comment, I think she's about 5ft 9, 5ft 9½ no more. :)
Balrog said on 9/Feb/13
She looks gorgeous. And tall.
afka9 said on 5/Feb/13
typical 177-178 cm woman
Blinky said on 21/Jan/13
How much does she weigh though?
Doink said on 29/Dec/12
Click Here

Said she was 5-foot-10 on Conan O'Brian about 3 months ago.
Editor Rob
glad she came out with the truth!
someone said on 17/Dec/12
wow this is weird, she looks 5'5-5'7 on doctor who!
Arch Stanton said on 15/Dec/12
She looks so much like Isla Fisher, just 10 inches taller!
Steven said on 13/Dec/12
perhaps matt smith should be 6'0.5
Tall Joey said on 19/Nov/12
Im seeing a 5'10'' here.
tom said on 14/Oct/12
5-10 looks right imo.
reecey said on 16/Sep/12
she looks 6ft comparing to matt smith
Editor Rob
she's easily an inch smaller than matt in person, Matt when he stands at his tallest really does look around 182cm
Jen said on 13/Jun/12
Pretty good picture of her online walking with Matt Smith. She looks taller than him, and she's only wearing trainers. Tried to include the web address to the photo but your site didn't like it so I couldn't. Wasn't a bad website encyclopedia.
theblacklab said on 11/Jun/12
I always thought she was average height on Doctor Who, but I see know that she's not! Beautiful girl however, whether she be 5'4"-5'5" (like I thought she was) or 5'10"-5'11".
henry said on 11/Feb/12
realy very interesting I thought she is only 5'5 :)
Silent d said on 19/Jan/12
178cm easy. She was about the same height as gerard butler in 4 inch heels. I was surprised how tall she was. Not a dr who fan but it might be worth watching now.
miko said on 12/Dec/11
Rob, as you've lowered Karen, wouldn't it drop Matt Smith?

Maybe Smith is just a flat 5'11, as I'm not too sure of him being 3cm taller than Karen, sometimes it just looks around half an inch.

What I'm saying is Gillan at 178cm and Smith at 181cm doesn't quite fit.
Editor Rob
sometimes she has thicker boots on the show, I've watched Who and thought at times 2cm was a fit, I think Rory is pretty much near enough 5ft 11 dead on. At times Matt's posture can be all over the place.
Shaun said on 25/Nov/11
Stunning, like a tall Isla Fisher
LAN Jiao said on 21/Nov/11
She is not under 5'10.5 physically obviously.. an easily stand out tall girl on screen.
Physics Enemy said on 19/Nov/11
I haven't changed my mind on this one, she's as listed. Even though she's got a footwear advantage she's dropping quite a lot of height in posture/lean. I think she'd have an inch on me, or near enough. Look at her with Jenny.

Yes agreed Lan Jiao, she's close to 5' 11", a fair 179 afternoon/evening. I've noticed a pattern Rob where I think you get women's heights spot on but upgrade male heights. I agree with you on nearly every female height but disagree with many of the male heights. Why do you think that is?
Editor Rob
I don't know, I try to be fair to both sexes.
random guy said on 7/Nov/11
Rob were you there when she sung california girls? found that clip on youtube!
Editor Rob
that was same event but I only saw a few minute of her talk from a distance as it was a 'paid' talk.
Godred said on 3/Nov/11
5`10 max,probably 5`9.
LAN Jiao said on 25/Oct/11
Physic frame taller than 5'11 claim taylor swift. Her small face can make her look taller than screen. She can be 179-180 no problem
Mr. Tempus said on 24/Sep/11
she looks 5'9.75
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 10/Sep/11
She looks 5'10 judging on where her head is.
But she has near inch more footware so that puts her down to 5'9. However losing an inch due to lean so Id say 5'10 range. Possibly 179cm but Id personally guess 177-178cm still a tall woman.
Hullywood said on 10/Sep/11
I said it one times, i say it again now: Yeah, she looks taller, like 1.79m. But WITH shoes on. Without he is maybe slightly taller then Rob.
Josh B said on 7/Sep/11
In a new Doctor Who episode she looked an inch shorter than Darvill, maybe 0.75 at the least. However footwear is an issue i can't help with. If Arthur is 5'11 then she's probably not much over 5'10.
Milky said on 6/Sep/11
176cm, looks taller with heels.
thorterr said on 5/Sep/11
you should have gone to specsavers wide not tall
Vegas said on 5/Sep/11
Wide not tall says on 4/Sep/11
I would say more in the 5'8 range

watch any episode of doctor who with her in it and for sure she looks taller than 5'8, often taller than most men in that series
Wide not tall said on 4/Sep/11
I would say more in the 5'8 range, she just seems taller due to her frame and boots, even her hair is givin her a bit more height. In fact, most women never make it to 5'8+. Many may seem taller due to body frames, heels, lifts and hair as well.
super mario said on 4/Sep/11
@satchy says on 2/Sep/11
tall but not handsome.
i cant stop laughing.
like @alex3 said Gorgeous tall redhead = heaven
Legend said on 3/Sep/11
Looks 5'9 to me if she's wearing boots in the photo.
A said on 3/Sep/11
Satchy, "not handsome"? she's very pretty IMO.
Physics Enemy said on 2/Sep/11
She's a tall girl who is slouching in the photos. She's as listed.
Hansen said on 2/Sep/11
179cm sound right. she can also look 180cm range. in her modeling shot 5ft11 was spoted.
J.J. said on 1/Sep/11
Weak 5'10" Rob! I put her at 5'9.8" considering she looks a strong 182cm in her boots! Rob why does a near 5'10" woman think she is 5'11"?
Editor Rob
she might have measured once in a sneaker or something 5ft 11 and claimed it.
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 1/Sep/11
@the shredder: Only without any of the voluptuousness... She's tall and pretty though, certainly. Not quite "very tall" I would say.
Lebensdorf said on 31/Aug/11
Don't usually like redheads, but I'd sure like to measure her, so to speak.
random guy said on 31/Aug/11
I'd say 5'10ish if darvill and smith are both 5'11. Besides she is gorgeous! I would love to meet her :)
the shredder said on 31/Aug/11
Mamun ... If you REALLY want to ask her out ... Do this ... LOL

Click Here
A said on 30/Aug/11
Okay so if I account for the stooping posture, I suppose this listing is correct afterall.
thorterr said on 30/Aug/11
4,000 miles yes but its ok rob will pay for your flight
the shredder said on 30/Aug/11
She is like the human Jessica Rabbit
Alex3 said on 30/Aug/11
Gorgeous tall redhead = heaven
Mamun said on 30/Aug/11
But bro I am 4,000 miles away ! ROB have you seen any post of a hot girl liking me in here . Please match me up with some one !


thorterr said on 30/Aug/11
im saying 5ft 10 she always seems shorter than 5ft 11 darvill and 5ft 11.5 smith
thorterr said on 30/Aug/11
mamun you have togo to inverness in scotland and go to a pub called 'johnny fox's as karen is from inverness thats thee best pub togo there and well she will know alt of women that go in there and there always gorgeous,thats scottish lassies for u
Triplescrew said on 29/Aug/11
5'10" range, on the weak side given footwear
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 29/Aug/11
Shes stooping so she could be taller than that. Id say she looks 5'10.5 but you say bigger footware? if so possibly 178cm 5'10 flat but definetly a tall girl lol.
Proper gorgeous girl not suprised mamun is sad lol. Id go for her even though she has an inch of so on me ;)
Mamun said on 29/Aug/11
ROB , I am sooooooooooooooo " SAD " !


Editor Rob
yeah, many a man is sad with that!

but there is a woman out there for you Mamun, you just got to keep looking and talking with them.
short man syndrome said on 29/Aug/11
I agree with the listed height. With those long legs she just had to be a model.
Mamun said on 28/Aug/11
ROB , if I asked her out do you think she would have said " YES " or a " NO " ?


Anon said on 28/Aug/11
Looks 5'10 flat when you take off the near 1 inch advantage for her.
Wide not tall said on 28/Aug/11
I agree with A, she only looks taller due to boots as well as her frame. She's near 5'9 than 5'10 or 11.
richinkle said on 28/Aug/11
ps...she has a pleasant smile and looks like a very friendly woman.
richinkle said on 28/Aug/11
That sounds about right. She is hunching in both pictures. If she were holding her head up straight, she would appear a good 3"+ taller than you and Jenny.

Regarding the small head comment - I don't believe she has a small head, but like most women, her face, especially her chin, is smaller than a man's. The top of her head actually looks larger than average.
Kian said on 28/Aug/11
5'10-5'11 looks right for definate.
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 28/Aug/11
Considering that the boots are pretty thick she can't be over 5'10 flat, but she's bending a lot in both the pics, so 5'10.5 is a good estimate. She would've been 5'11 with a longer head.
Alex said on 28/Aug/11
"I don't have any major issues with my body"

Obviously not... *swoon*
DrJJ said on 28/Aug/11
Wow! Clearly height really is the only attribute you need to be a model!
A said on 28/Aug/11
I think Hullywood has a point, minus the boots and there wouldn't be that much a difference between you and her, Rob. I'd say she's closer to 5'9" barefoot. Another Taylor Swift case (and by that I mean another girl claiming to be 5'11" when she's no taller than 5'9".)
Ram said on 28/Aug/11
She is just an inch taller than you Rob.
Josh B said on 28/Aug/11
Is it me Rob, or does she have a really small head? :)
Josh B said on 28/Aug/11
Anyone can see that there is more than 0.8inch between her and Rob, that's the footwear advantage she had.
Hullywood said on 27/Aug/11
Ron, she doestn look 5foot10 with boots, she doestn even look 5foot9 with boots.
She is your heigh, just the boots make her taller.

The size difference between you and her is nothing. What you see is the difference because the boots.
miko said on 27/Aug/11
Is that Karen's phone number in your top pocket Rob? ;)

She does look a tall woman, but your right she's not a full 5'11.
miko said on 7/Aug/11
Ok Rob. If you've seen her then I'll take your word for it as your always a good estimator.

Would that lower Matt Smith aswell? Maybe he is just a flat 5'11 afterall.
Editor Rob
I watched the last 6 episodes again and think darvill is more 5ft 11, smith does loo 5ft 11 range, and gillan can appear shorter than both.
miko said on 6/Aug/11
Why the downgrade Rob?

Wasn't she at 5'11?
Editor Rob
I saw her and she had about .6 I think more footwear, maybe .7 but I didn't think she looked like a five eleven and a half woman, which she would have if five eleven and with footwear advantage if you understand.
alex said on 31/Jul/11
i read she is definatley 5'11
Bobo said on 13/May/11
Matt smith happens to be 6ft
lou said on 7/May/11
on doctor who she appeared at least 1 inch shorter than 5'10.5'' Lily Cole

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