How tall is Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

British singer from Oasis. On an arrest sheet he was once listed as 179cm, although in a Radio X Q&A he said "about Five-Ten maybe"

How tall is Liam Gallagher
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Average Guess (61 Votes)
5ft 9.84in (177.4cm)
5'11james said on 26/Apr/24
178cm peak is definitely arguable...
Rubbishposter said on 23/Apr/24
Liam Gallagher is the most spot-on 178cm celeb I know of.
5’ 10” easily!! And I love Oasis so much!!!
Sylvian said on 22/Dec/22
176/177 range cause there's just a little too much of height difference when he stands next to someone who's 180 for his supposed 178 but close.
PeterTheCurious said on 10/Oct/22
Big Rob. Liam Gallagher has arthritis in both of his hips, he describe he lives in a constant pain and he will undergo a double hip replacment surgery in the future. It is possible he will loose height or he already lost because of the hip disease?
Editor Rob
If he'd lost cartilage then maybe a fraction, but I know from my own Mother's double hip replacement she lost some height. She had basically no cartilage and bone on bone led to bone spurs.
Jack Daniels said on 21/Sep/22
Happy birthday "r" kid! 50 years old today!
I Saw Liam in a gig in France, he's no less than 6'6". HΓ© said he's 5'10" because he's very humble. Bro Noel is around 6'4".
Jterry said on 15/Sep/22
Sandy C said on 28/Jul/22
I’ve just seen a rundown of the best films of the 90s; there was one to represent each year.

Trainspotting was one and then the narrator added this little pearl of wisdom. Liam was offered to add to the music ensemble, but he declined the offer.

He thought it was about people who spot trains! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Eh, not quite……

Lozzer2022 said on 17/Jul/22
I have met Liam four times now. He’s without a doubt 5’10” or VERY near! Rob, I can provide photo evidence 😎 for two of the occasions!
lavislav said on 21/Jun/22
Never look 5'10
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jun/22
In that clip seems like he was going to say 5'11 after 5'10, but didn't, and he could have done, so I'd say he must have been measured around 5'10 at one point but isn't sure exactly what he is. I think you could argue 5'9.5-5'10 range. Wears flat mocassin type shoes, so doesn't strike me as somebody who would lie about his height. His voice has much improved from a few years back, Knebworth looked like a great gig from the clips I saw.
Paul 5' 9.75" said on 9/Feb/22
One slight one out, throws everyone.

Noel could actually be the 5' 8.5" he claims. Certainly at midday.

Damon Albarn: 5' 11.25" (another 'posture guy')

Richard Ashcroft: 5' 11.25"

Paul Weller: 5' 10.75"

I think these are more accurate.
Paul 5' 9.75" said on 9/Feb/22
More chance of 5' 10.25" than 5' 9.75".

He actually looks 5' 9.75"-10" when wearing Converse, which don't give an inch.

When he stands upright and doesn't have footwear disadvantage, Liam does look 5' 10"-5' 10.5" range.

Seriously, check out his Instagram and social media pages. Often has less footwear, yet still looks about 5' 10"!

In wafer thin flats, still looks near 177 cm.

Also, he's a 'posture guy'.

So 178.4 cm is fairer.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Sep/21
πŸŽ‚πŸŽΆπŸŽŠπŸŽ Happy Birthday Liam! πŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽΆπŸŽ‚

Many Happy Returns to Liam Gallagher, who celebrates his 49th Birthday today. Have a great day, Liam! πŸ˜„πŸ‘

5ft10. πŸ€—πŸŽ΅πŸŽ§πŸŽΈ XXX

Paul 5' 9.75" said on 18/May/21
He said "About Five-Ten, maybe".

Was that a Wonderwall or a Live Forever 'may-be'... ? πŸ˜‰

His claim is honest. Looks 178 cm compared with 173 cm Noel in the video for Whatever.

With footwear disadvantage he looks 177 cm a lot.

I reckon Albarn's 181 cm. He has 1.25" on Liam.
stiggles said on 21/Nov/20
Alan Carr had a good 2 inches on Liam.. Carr registers at 5ft 9..
Honest5'11" said on 2/Nov/20
177 cm evening height, pretty close to this listing actually. Probably 179 cm first thing in the morning.
Jack Daniels said on 26/Oct/20
So....5'10.5" out of bed, 5'10" during the day, 5'9" and 3/4 evening for our kid ?
Editor Rob
I'm sure around 5ft 10 during the day
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Sep/20
πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽΆπŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday Liam! πŸŽ‰πŸŽΆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ

Wishing Liam Gallagher a Very Happy 48th Birthday today.

5ft10 πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸŽΌπŸŽ§πŸŽ΅

Darren.r said on 15/Sep/20
No way is he 5'10.
so said on 4/Sep/20
Claims 5'10 in this video at 2:17
Click Here
Editor Rob
sounds like he might not actually know or remember what he measures!
Kutan Taner said on 10/Aug/20
Liam Gallagher is 176-177 cm but he has long head and short legs he has very bad hair style for height he wears always 0.5 cm shoes and he seems very short but he is not short liam is avarage for UK
Nik Ashton said on 3/Aug/20
@ Gazboor - How tall are you?

I’m chuffed to give Liam his 170th comment!
Gazboor said on 29/Jul/20
5ft 8.5 maximum (in shoes)
Rory said on 14/Jul/20
Can't see him being above 5ft10, in the original Oasis line up he could sometimes seem tallish because he was I think the tallest one but with anyone else never looks anymore than average height. 5ft10 is what he looks,it's what he claims too.
PeterTheCurious said on 12/Jul/20
This is a bad picture about him and he is older now, is it worth an upgrade Big Rob? Anyway with the Arrest Sheet there are a few problems, and these are my thoughts about it and I could be wrong. It says his Family name is Gallagher, and we know that, but his first name isn't Liam! His real name is William Gallagher, so I assume that the police only asked his name. His mom is Irish and she called him Liam since he was a kid. I read Liam is a nickname for William in Ireland. So the police didn't watched his ID. But the height could be the police's mistake, because in Germany they measure the height in cm, but in England in feet and inches, so maybe Liam said 5 foot 10 inches and the police had to calculate what could be that in cm. So my theory is that the Arrest Sheet is not accurate, but could be legit. My tipp is he is 178 cm in the middle of the day, he wakes up 178,5 cm and go to bed 177,5 cm so 178 cm is his height, though he is 47 years old, but I don't think he lost his height yet.
Paul 5' 10 said on 6/Jul/20
Also, 5' 10.5" (179 cm) would mean that Noel is no less than 5' 8.5" to 5' 8.75" (174-175 cm) - which I think seems too much.

What do you reckon, Rob?

Can Noel be that tall? Does he manage to pull off a 5' 9" impression often enough??
Editor Rob
Well maybe Noel at a doctor's appointment did get near 5ft 8.5
Paul 5' 10" said on 6/Jul/20
If he was 179 cm (5' 10.5") later in the day, then he'd look just 178 cm (5' 10") most of the time - as he mostly wears flat 0.5" footwear.

But he 'looks' just 176.5-177 cm a lot (5' 9.5" / 5' 9.75")

- look at him with Chris Rock (5' 10"), Mick Jagger (5' 10"), Richard Ashcroft (5' 11"), David Beckham (5' 11"), Alan Carr (5' 9"), Alessandro Del Piero (5' 8-8.5"), Graham Norton (5' 8.5"), Chris Moyles (5' 7.5"), etc.

So this must mean that barefoot, he's 5' 10" (178 cm range) tops.

He is a tricky one to pin down though, as he has tall looking proportions, swaggers around, slouches a lot and wears flat shoes.
Paul 5' 10 said on 3/Jul/20

Is the arrest sheet legit or fake?

I've seen it before, but I ask this because they have his date of birth wrong!

He was actually born in September 1972 - NOT December...
Editor Rob
It looks a good effort (if it were made up), I don't know where the original appeared online though, that can sometimes help.
Jack Daniels said on 22/Jun/20
Hey Rob what d'you think of the police measurement (december 2002) ? I think Liam was barefeet in the morning. I dont know if you are barefeet or no in jail for the measurement ?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure how German arrests work - if they ask your height or have you stand near one of those mugshot boards... the original link to that arrest sheet was a bit small, so I linked to a bigger version.
fredon said on 2/Jun/20
How is everyone's guess based on perspective flawed pictures better than an actual police measurement? 179cm right?
Rusdi Jidan said on 18/Jan/20
Liam's between 177-179, but he always wear a flat shoes that give us illution that he's short and he looks shorter than he is, imagine he wears an Yeezy or jordan shoes he'll look taller than most of people !
Kimi said on 16/Sep/19
It's impossible 177 cm.
Click Here
He is close to Del Piero (172/173 cm). Pavel Nedved is 177 cm and looks pretty much tall than Liam and Del Piero. I think Liam is around 173/174.
Rory said on 30/Jun/19
On Google answers he claimed 5ft10, he said something along the lines of I'm sort of 5ft10 definitely not 6ft.
thi said on 10/Mar/19
Rob 180cm is impossible? I saw him taller than 177 to be honest
Editor Rob
Personally I cannot see him as tall as that 180cm mark.
Perfect Paul said on 14/Feb/19

Here's a guy who I think definitely is a legit 5' 10"er. I know I've been very active on his heroes pages lately - The Beatles.

I reckon a peak John, Paul and George would definitely come out looking half an inch shorter compared to Liam.

You can argue 5' 10.25" for Liam and 5' 9.75" for Beatle's John and Paul - and George at most.

Lennon in flat shoes looks shorter than Liam does!
Editor Rob
Gallagher can seem under 5ft 10 at times, but overall when he is standing well seems 5ft 10 range.
Rory said on 7/Feb/19
Damon Albarn- 5ft11.5
Liam Gallagher- 5ft10
Noel Gallagher- 5ft8.5
Paul Weller- 5ft11.25(peak)
Perfect Paul said on 10/Jan/19
I'd upgrade Damon Albarn to 5' 11.25" (181 cm) minimum, as he's at least a clear 1 inch taller than Liam. He's another guy who slouches and can give off a shorter impression than he really is!

Albarn looks a similar height to Robbie Williams.
Perfect Paul said on 10/Jan/19
Look at images of him with people well over 6' 0" such as Vincent Kompany, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Martin. He holds up very well!

Looks good value for 5' 10"-5' 11".
Perfect Paul said on 9/Jan/19
Liam Gallagher is definitely no less than 2 inches taller than Noel, when he stands upright and they have equal footwear.

Liam often slouches, swaggers around, stands with his feet very far apart in photos and mostly wears flat shoes. Thus, making him appear shorter than he really is with other people! Despite this, he still looks closer to 5' 10" than 5' 9".

He looks 177 cm (5' 9.75") a lot, due to wearing flat half-inch footwear. But when he doesn't have a footwear disadvantage, Liam looks 5' 10.25" (178 cm) minimum.

178-179 cm is more accurate for this guy, Rob.

HonestSlovene said on 14/Nov/18
@blahblah Except Mccartney is more 176 cm these days (178 cm peak) and he looks 177-178 cm next to him. The listing is spot on.
blahblah said on 24/Oct/18
I looked at the German police proof from 2002 and it says he's 179 cm. Also when he's standing next to Paul McCartney who's at least 177 cm he looks slightly taller.
Rock Superstar said on 4/Mar/18
I see Rob's put Damon Albarn back up to the full 5' 11" again, after a very brief downgrade.

As there's 1.75" between Liam and Noel, then the full 5' 10" is fair for Liam.
HonestSlovene said on 24/Feb/18
@Rock Superstar Exactly.
Rock Superstar said on 19/Feb/18
5' 9.75" (177 cm).

Take it to the bank.
Jamz said on 21/Oct/17
No way is he 5'10". 5'9" at best.
Nearly 5' 10" said on 9/Oct/17
Looked 5' 9.5" compared to Graham Norton (5' 8.5") - but had footwear disadvantage.

Also looked clearly shorter than Chris Rock (5' 10"), although he had thicker footwear and hair than Liam and good posture.

Liam mostly looks half an inch shorter than he really is, due to his flat footwear.

5' 10".
Rory said on 30/Sep/17
That's a shocking picture of him above. 5'10 is fair, it's true he wears quite thin looking footwear and no trace of him ever claiming a height so he's clearly not a height conscious guy.
Nearly 5' 10" said on 17/Sep/17
This listing is absolutely spot on, Rob.

He can often look 5' 9.5". But when you factor in footwear disadvantage or slouched posture, it's clear that he'd measure the full 5' 10".

He mostly wears flat shoes.

There's 2 inches between Liam and Noel - who consistently looks 5' 8".

HonestSlovene said on 14/Jun/17
@Chris He wasn't exactly towered by Chris Martin but he still had an easy 2.5-3 inches on him. Chris is somewhere in the upper 6'0"/lower 6'1" range IMHO.
HonestSlovene said on 14/Jun/17
@Chris IDK but to me when he is wearing flat shoes he looks 176 cm rather than 178 cm, with normal shoes he tends to look this listing or 177-178 cm. So, if anything, 176 cm is closer than 179 cm for this guy but anything 176-178 cm is completely possible for him. He looks noticably shorter next to near 6'0" musicians (179-182 cm range) like Gem Archer for example.
Chris said on 13/Jun/17
Always look at Liam's shoes when you judge his height. He nearly always wears very flat shoes (like in the picture above). He very rarely wears anything with a heel. You'll struggle to find a picture where he isn't wearing flat shoes.

Wearing flat shoes adds absolutely no height. Whereas a regular shoe adds 1-1.5 inches.

What I mean is, if he wore regular shoes, he'd probably be nearly 6 foot tall. But the shoes he wears, he is basically walking around barefoot
Chris said on 13/Jun/17
He wasn't that much smaller than Chris Martin at the One Love Manchester gig, and Chris Martin is over 6 foot.

Liam Gallacher is a solid 5'10. That's the low end. He's probably closer to 5'11

Remember, he nearly always wears very flat shoes. The converse he is wearing in the picture add hardly anything to your height. It's basically like being barefoot
John said on 4/Jun/17
Rob, look him next to Cris Martin from Coldplay at the Manchester gig. 2 inches shorter, and he was wearing converse!
He is and look 5Β΄10 1/2-5Β΄11.
What do you think, Rob?
Paul 177 cm said on 25/Apr/17
Rob, would you consider a slight adjustment to 5' 9.75"?

Overall, 177 cm looks more accurate for Liam. He's closer to 5' 10" than 5' 9".
But pictures with people such as Damon Albarn, Noel Gallagher, Alessandro Del Piero and David Beckham - suggest he isn't quite 178 cm.

Also, when he wears just flat half inch slip-ons, he gives off a 176 cm impression - like he did with Alan Carr.

I think 5' 9.75" (177 cm) is spot on.
Editor Rob
it's times 177 or 178 I feel is possible.
trumpslave said on 28/Mar/17
Look at the pics of liam with damon playing football.Damon literally towers over liam so i would say liam=178 cm and damon=181 or 182 cm
John said on 14/Feb/17
@honestSlovene truth is, that hes 179cm as i said. You are now with the 177-178cm, and thats like 1cm less. Haha.
German police proof is enough.
He actually, shoul be upgraded.
Do you see it possible, Rob?
HonestSlovene said on 26/Jan/17
@trumpslave Damon= 179-180 cm, Liam= 177-178cm, Noel: 172-173cm.
trumpslave said on 19/Jan/17
Well for me liam is 5ft10 1/2=179 cm and blur's lead singer damon albarn is 181 or 182 cm
HonestSlovene said on 18/Jan/17
@Adam He probably measured that mark earlier in the day. As for his low, I'd say he is 177.5 cm.
Adam said on 16/Jan/17
Argue no more. Here is actual proof of his height, as measured by German police in 2002; 179cm. He's only 44 now so he's likely not really shrunk.
Click Here
John said on 30/Dec/16
@HonestSlovene. I respect your opinion, but i say what i saw. Im 183 cm for sure. And he was like me. And with no heels. Do you think its impossible that hes 5'10 1/2?
HonestSlovene said on 27/Dec/16
@John You constantly repeating that he is 5'10.5" won't change the evidence that he is 5'10" at best and based on the average guess could very well be a few fractions less than this listing (5'9.75" would be better IMHO). You most likely think that you are taler than you actually are, that is why you tend to upgrade everyone by an inhc or so.
John said on 19/Nov/16
@honestSlovene Hes 5'10" 1/2. I met Damon Albarn too. Hes more like 182 cm.
HonestSlovene said on 13/Nov/16
I thought a bit about his height and though I thought more 5'9.5" before I would say he is a full 5'10 now. Did look as low as 5'9 or as high as 5'11. Never looked over 5'11 or under 5'9 really. Ian Brown is 5'7.5", Noel Gallagher is 5'8" flat. Seems an inch under 5'11" Damon Albarn.
John said on 5/Nov/16
look this pic with Lenny K Click Here

He looks at least 2 inches taller. with no heels, and Lenny probably wearing some sort of heels as always.
I met him, and im 100% convinced of what im saying.

At least, half inch taller than listed.
John said on 4/Nov/16
I met him. Hes 5'10"1/2. I dunno why everyone is trying to.make him look shorter. he isnt.
Rojina said on 24/Oct/16
Rob-how tall would you list Ian Brown at?
Editor Rob
could be 5ft 8.5
Rob said on 14/Sep/16
I think Noel at 5'8 is very generous, more like 5'6 1/2 ....with tiny tiny feet. Liam 5 ' 8 and a 1/2 / 5 ' 9
Ted89 said on 11/Aug/16
Del Piero, listed everywhere as 173 cm, is probably even shorter. I would say 171,172 cm for him. Maio
truth said on 9/Aug/16
@Dan Paul is 5'9 flat range as of today (older people shrink by 2-3 cm you know, he was 5'10.25 peak though) and he looks half an inch taller than him so that meanhs he is a weak 5'10, 5'9.75 or 177 cm.
Dan said on 4/Jul/16
Look at this pic with Paul
Click Here
He looks like half inch taller. And you have Paul at 5,10 1/2, Believe me, i met him in person, hes taller.
Dan said on 4/Jul/16
Rob, you really need to met him.
Hes a tricky one, believe me.
He looked taller in person.
Mat said on 12/May/16
Rob, would you bet on a 5'9.75-5'10 or 5'10-5'10.25 range for him?
Editor Rob
a slight chance more of under than over I'd say.
Arch Stanton said on 6/May/16
Rob have you got a photo of him looking "Mad fer it" with his leonards and khaki parka LOL? Whatever anybody says about him though you've got to admire his self confidence. It must be great to swagger down the street and think that you're the reincarnation of John Lennon and the coolest mother on the planet. He really does seem to believe he's a legendary 60s musician or something. I do like that aspect of him and his no nonsense attitude but I think he'd be a bit of a nightmare to be around too long.
Editor Rob
if we were all the same it would be boring. Some guys are clearly 'at it' and put on this fake tough-guy swagger, but Liam looks like a guy who believes and acts naturally that way.
truth said on 4/May/16
He is 43 and last time I checked you only loose 1cm each decade after 40, I doubt he lost anything IMO.
truth said on 3/May/16
He looks about a strong 5ft9/weak 5ft10 despite wearing flip flops. 177cm most likely.
Wow said on 16/Apr/16
@Rob: you CANNOT seriously say he is now taller than Nevded! Look at all the picks side by side identical footwear...he ain't young he's lost an inch...
JOHN said on 19/Mar/16
Met him. Hes 5'11.
plus said on 8/Nov/15
@Italian81 Del Piero in my opinion is 174 cm, he has a pic with Federer 185.5. Cannavaro is 176 cm as Pirlo. Totti is 180 as Ronaldinho.
About 5 10 said on 12/Jul/15
Liam Gallagher is 5' 10". He can look 5' 9.5", but he regularly wears flat slip-on footwear that only give 0.5". Look at him with Paul Weller (5' 10") or Noel Gallagher (5' 8"). Not under 5' 10".
Martin said on 26/Jun/15
Rob, he looks 1 inch shorter than Robbie Williams.
What do you think?
Juan said on 24/Jun/15
Met him in 2011, Argentina. Asked for his height, and he told me 5´11´´.
Hes not short at all, at least in person. In my opinion, 5´10.5´´.

Italian81 said on 12/Jun/15
here's the pic with Liam and Claudio Marchisio

Click Here

Here's another one with Del Piero (who is 173 cm at best), but we can't see their shoes.

Click Here
Vince said on 7/Jun/15
Liam lives in flat shoes and plimsolls though. He's even commented on it, saying he hates "them f*****g rocker shoes" and lives in flats. So bearing this in mind, he often has a half inch footwear disadvantage. Thus, he could be 5' 10" but giving off a 5' 9.5" impression a lot of the time...
Vince said on 7/Jun/15
Look at Liam with footballer Claudio Marchisio, who is listed everywhere as 5' 10.5" (179 cm). Liam looks 1 inch shorter, but you can't see their footwear...
Italian81 said on 3/Jun/15
Del Piero is actually listed 5'8 (173 cm) almost everywhere on the internet. I met him and can confirm that the 5'8 listing is pretty accurate, although he can look shorter at times.
In light of the above, my guess is that Liam Gallagher stands around 5'9 maybe 5'9.25 (175-176 cm), not more.
Italian81 said on 3/Jun/15
Rob, take a look at this picture Click Here
It was taken yesterday at a charity football (soccer) game here in Italy.
Liam is next to 5'8 (173 cm) Alessandro Del Piero, 5'9 (175 cm) Eros Ramazzotti and 5'9.5 (177 cm) Pavel Nedved, all in football shoes.
I guess Liam is in the 5'9/5'9.5 range, but surely nothing more than 5'9.5 (177 cm).
What do you think?
Editor Rob
he can look near 5ft 10 with Del Piero there, if he was 5ft 9 of course.
Tape Measure said on 11/May/14
He can pull off 5' 10" the majority of the time - as opposed to just 5' 9". I wouldn't go below 177 cm for him.
Tape Measure said on 11/May/14
Looks 3 cm shorter than 180 cm listed David Beckham here, assuming they're wearing similar footwear:
Click Here
Tape Measure said on 11/May/14
Here he is looking the same height as 5' 9" listed Alan Carr:
Click Here

But if you watch the clip of the show, you will see that Liam was wearing his flat slip-ons - which probably only add 0.5 inch over barefoot height. Whereas Carr was wearing typical 1 inch smart shoes - giving him a 0.5 inch footwear advantage over Liam.

Perhaps Liam's more 5' 9.5"?
omg1234 said on 11/Apr/14
i agree with Ryan liam is 180cm same as paul weller and paul mccartney, meanwhile noel gallagher is 177cm
Ryan said on 8/Mar/14
Met him last week. I was surprised that he wasnt short at all. 5´11´´ tall
Pascal 5 10 said on 15/Sep/13
Definitely 5' 10" range. 5' 9.75" may be his exact height, as he's 1 inch taller than weak 5' 9" (nowadays) Paul McCartney:
Click Here
Click Here
Craig 177 said on 25/Jun/13
Leave him at this Rob. He's at worst 1 cm off. Plus, he'll "wanna fookin' 'AV IT", if he thinks one of his "people, right here, right now" are trying to belittle him! ;-)
Craig 177 said on 25/Jun/13
177 cm is absolutely perfect for Liam. There's no way he's close to 5' 11". 178 cm Paul Weller just edges Liam out, not the other way round.
truth177cm said on 24/Jun/13
@John Looks 3 inches shorter which would put him at 5ft10 (177-178cm)
Craig 177 said on 24/Jun/13
Albarn's posture's far from perfect too. There's speculation as to whether Albarn's actually 179 cm. If so, that puts Liam at 5' 9.5" absolute max.
John said on 22/Jun/13
Craig, Bad Posture from Liam in that Pictures.
Believe me, he is 5'10.5"-5'.11"
Look at the pics next to Tom Meighan of Kasabian, listed at 6'1".
truth178cm said on 18/Jun/13
5ft9.5-5ft10 barefoot, 5ft10.5-5ft11 in shoes (same as me). He can claim 178cm but a fair listing here would be 5ft9.5(177cm).
Craig 177 said on 17/Jun/13
Rob, if you see Shaun's posts at the bottom you can easily believe Liam's at least 178-179 cm next to 6' 3" LISTED Bradley Wiggins. But is Wiggins a true 6' 3"? That is the question. Many of the official Olympic listings were WAY off. They had Mo Farah down as being only 5' 5"!

I personally reckon Liam's 5' 9.5" minimum at night (177 cm).
Craig 177 said on 16/Jun/13
180 cm Damon Albarn's 3 cm taller than Liam. That puts him at 177 cm.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Sounds like Liam claimed his height in shoes, John.
John said on 14/Jun/13
He was wearing some kind of loafers. Footwear disadvantage.
Also, he seem really honest about it.. You should upgrade him, Rob.
What do you think ?
John said on 13/Jun/13
Met Liam today. Asked his height, he told me 5'10.5''-5' 11''.
Rob what do you think? Upgrade ?
Editor Rob
did he look that tall to you?
Ciaran said on 28/May/13
Liam always looked 2 inches taller than 5ft8 Noel
truth178cm said on 28/Mar/13
Good call Craig, I agree. Liam is a strong 5ft9 thought he can appear either 5ft8 or 5ft9 but never 5ft10. 176cm seems more accurate to me than 178cm IMO too high.
Craig 176 said on 25/Mar/13
My "Rock 'n' Roll Star" estimates:

Graham Coxon: 5' 11"
Damon Albarn: 5' 10.75"
Paul Weller: 5' 10"
Liam Gallagher: 5' 9.5"
Paul McCartney: 5' 9.5" (peak)
Noel Gallagher: 5' 7.5"

All can look taller with thicker footwear and bigger hairstyles, etc...
Craig 176 said on 25/Mar/13
176 minimum. 5' 9.5" would be a more accurate listing. There's no way he's only 5' 8" but 5' 10" is a stretch.
truth said on 26/Jan/13
btw I know it is fake news but honestly he does not look over 5ft8-9 range.
truth said on 4/Jan/13
Click Here 5ft10 in his dreams haha.
Anna said on 6/Oct/12
I met Liam. I am 5'7 and was on heels, 5'11 with heels. He was an inch shorter, the information is true.
Hey said on 16/Sep/12
I just don't understand how someone can say Liam is only 5'8. The man looks pretty lanky. And noel said in a recent interview about when he was on top of the tops and him and liam switched places, he said people would know right away cause liam is like 4 inches taller.
Shaun said on 5/Sep/12
5'10" ish looks about right I think.
Shaun said on 5/Sep/12
Click Here

Not under 5'10. With 6'3" Bradley Wiggins and looks to have footwear disadvantage.
short man syndrome said on 17/Aug/11
a few inches taller than his more affable, less neanderthal brother.
Shaun said on 16/Aug/11
Weak 5'10", can sometimes look short next to six footers.
Ron said on 10/Jul/11
Hmm... 5'8-5'9 looks about right for Liam.

After watching the video below, what do you still think Rob?
TruthGiver said on 3/Jul/11
Click Here "Liam Attacking Reporters", watch from 1:08 of the video, the reporter states that he was punched in the face by Liam and fell down on the floor. He then says that he "was a little bit worried, not so much from him[Liam] because hes quite a lot shorter than me, hes only about 5'8, and I'm 6 foot."

To me Liam could look anything from 5'8 - 5'10. But IMHO I would say he IS about 5'8 MAYBE a bit under 5'9[5'8.5]... I mean, he looks like he has longer arms and he is thin, which does gives a taller impression, but come on, he is at the very least a solid 5'8 guy.
Virre W said on 19/Jun/11
Where the **** come robbie williams from, Shaun? Robbie is like 182 cm. Liam is about 176 - 177 cm :)
mesrine said on 30/Apr/11
Seen Liam a lot around Camden area in pubs and in street. He was a regular in a pub I used to go to a lot. I think it depends on his footwear how tall he looks. I am 5 10" and mostly he looks smaller than me, 5 8" or at most 5 9" tops. 5 8" or just under it barefoot I would say. I have met Noel and he is tiny, 5 6" or 5 7" tops. Nice man though, unlike his chimpanzee brother Liam...
TheVerve180 said on 17/Apr/11
yeah probs 5ft9 range, looks plain average to me.
Nathalia said on 15/Apr/11
I meet Liam and Noel and i think Liam is 1.78cm and Noel 1.73cm, but i dont know exactly how much in feet, just in cm.
LK said on 11/Feb/11
I think 1.78 is right, Noel is shorter (I agree with David here, I was surprised when I saw how small Noel is)
Leung said on 5/Jul/09
You are correct Lozzer, Noel is no more than 173cm
Lozzer said on 2/Jul/09
Galli: Noel is 173, if that!
FirePower!@177.85 cm said on 1/Jul/09
A strong 5' 9.50", weak 5' 10" guy.
Galli said on 25/Jun/09
So Glenn: 178cm is not bad, pretty close. But Liam is exactly 179cm tall.
Nothing else just this heigth. Im a fan of their band for 10 years now and I have met Liam very often. and I have seen the infamous Mugshots.
Btw Noel is about 174-175cm
Anonymous said on 13/Apr/09
Glenn: did u manage to get the pics sorted buddy??
Doug said on 5/Apr/09
Actually I got it wrong. ON looking on youtube swaggering he looks shorter than I thought. Can't see as low as 5'8", Robbie Williams had 3 inches on him. I think it likely he is about 5'9.5", although his bodyguard is HUGE and makes Liam look tiny. Convinced now Liam is not 5'11" as I'd always thought.
Doug said on 5/Apr/09
Liam is around 5'11" in plimsolls, he is not much shorter than this barefoot. A solid 5'10" may be right but he would seem to be a little taller.
glenn said on 29/Mar/09
he was 5-11 when i got him recently.rob never saw the pic.i never had time to resend.this will be taken care of this week i imagine with rob in person.
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/09
Rob, you seen the Gallagher photo yet?
hal said on 22/Mar/09
i don't think he's 5' 10. i'm 5' 10 and he was little bit shorter than me when i met him. i was wearing a converse. he's 5' 9~9.5.
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/09
andy bell looks 4-5 inches taller than liam,id say bell must be 6ft 2 or 3
glenn said on 17/Mar/09
wow.ill recheck the computer or rescan.
glenn said on 16/Mar/09
rob,recheck,cause the more i think of it,i know i printed it,i know i had it near the scanner,and it know people want to see this pic.another situation that possibly happened is,i scanned it,but didnt send it.if thats the case,a few pics got might still be in the computer.ill check it soon.

Editor Rob
sorry, I couldn't see gallagher in any recent sendings.
glenn said on 15/Mar/09
i thought i scanned it to you rob.if i didnt,im sorry.ill resend.
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/09
Rob, When will the picture of glenn and liam be up?

Editor Rob
I've not seen it, so it could be a while away.
glenn said on 4/Mar/09
lozzer-my of them will be up real soon.
glenn said on 4/Mar/09
i always thought and saw 5-10 also.not recently.he was 5-11.
Lozzer said on 2/Mar/09
Glenn says hes gona post the long awaited gallagher photos soon ;)!
Cheers Glen
Doug said on 8/Feb/09
Have to say Liam looks taller than 5'9" he has actually always looked around 5'11" to me, much taller than his brother. If he is 5'11" in those plimsolls he wears, then 5'10" barefoot is about right.
paul22 said on 7/Jan/09
i met both noel and liam at a glasgow gig they both stood infront of me im 5ft8 and i was the same height as liam noel is a little bit shorter around 5ft7
Nicola said on 22/Dec/08
I met Liam three months ago. He is a little bit shorter than me. 5 ft 10 is right.
Scott said on 23/Nov/08
Here he is with Paul Weller and Kelly Jones [both of whom I have met on a number of occasions] and his brother Noel.

Click Here

Weller is 100% 179 cm and sometimes wears lightly heeled mod style dress shoes. Jones is around 5'5.05 and almost exclusively wears uber chunky heeled CAT boots to give him an artificial height boost against others.

I think it's clear to see here that Liam is the 178cm he's listed at when he can actually be bothered to stand up straight [which is rare!].
Lmeister said on 1/Nov/08
In recent Oasis photos he looks only an inch taller than his brother. Noel is 5ft7.5 and Liam 5ft9...
Lozzer said on 28/Oct/08
They are cool! Who cares! Although yeah 5'9.5" tops! This one needs a downgrade like Noel!
James W. said on 23/Oct/08
5'9 Liam is.Tops.
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/08
From what I've read on fansites and from pictures I've seen, my best estimates would be Liam is 5'9", Noel is 5'7", Gem is 5'11", and Andy is 6'0". Glenn, do you have any photos with Noel or Liam?
Lizzie said on 12/Sep/08
i only have one question how tall is Gem Archer???
Brad said on 16/Aug/08
Met both. Noel a weak 5' 7", the bad brother is 5' 9". Has Liam ever smiled? Both look cool in Rubber Soul jackets.
Caleb said on 31/Jul/08
5'8" tops - he was only a little bit taller than Patsy Kensit when they were going out, and that was her in flats.
mark said on 5/Jul/08
liam has scoliosis he walks with his shoulders leaning forward
Scott said on 19/Jun/08
Looking taller than 5'10 Richard Ashcroft here ...

Click Here
lp said on 16/May/08
I saw him on stage up close 2 times. He did look taller than Noel. He wore flats both nights, my guess is 5'9. Anyone met him in person?
Anonymous said on 14/May/08
notice how the reporter said that as he was 6', he was quite a bit taller than liam. he would hardly say that if liam was 5'10. liam is 5'8 to 5'9 max. he walks tall though with his head held high. he has presence
lp said on 13/May/08
See this video at 1:30
Click Here

The reporter who got punched by Liam says he is only 5ft8. Can you believe him?
bp said on 18/Apr/08
ive met liam gallagher, he's 5ft 9 tops, 5ft 10 is very generous
guk said on 29/Mar/08
My mate (6ft 3) talked to Liam at the bar of another bands gig a couple of years ago. I asked him how tall he was, and he replied smaller than all you guys. The smallest of our friends is 5ft 9.5
me said on 23/Jan/08
i went to the squire exhibition last july (07')..and liam was there..i don't talked to him..i just wathed him there..i would say that he's 5'10''..he was a bit shorter than squire(and inch and a half)
But what i most remember of him was his attitude..he's so great man..he has something special..i don't know what it is..but he's elightened
scoota said on 21/Jan/08
I saw Liam at a party and was amazed at how short he was given how gobby he is. he stormed about the place with a face like thunder. Not sure if hewas really angry about something or whether its a kind of shyness. I would say he was about 5'6" maybe 5'7" at the most.
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/07
thedude, damon is in a football kit and liam is in trainers which dont add height. damons shoes are giving certain advantage there. and he is heavily leaning, one of his legs is in front of the other! there's no way you'd not lose height standing like that
thedude said on 5/Sep/07
Look at the pic again...he is leaning in but not all that much! Either Damon Albarn is 6'2 or Liam is 5'8/5'9. Noel is 5'7. The listings here for both Noel and Liam are wrong.
Shaun said on 29/Aug/07
I've met him about 20 times he is my height, I have photos of me and him standing side by side, I'm 5-9
Anonymous said on 21/Aug/07
in all fairness that pic below is a horrible way to judge height, as liam is falling into damon and leaning heavily as result. we'd need better evidence that would suggest he's only 5-9, i think he's 5'10
thedude said on 9/Aug/07
Check out this pic of Liam playing football against Damon Albarn from Blur. Damon is 5'11. If Liam is 5'10 as stated here then Damon must be around 6'2...which he clearly isn't. Liam is 5'8 - 5'9 at the very maximum.
Click Here
ArcherV said on 12/Jun/07
I've met liam many times...he is 1.78 cm!
beside my boyfriend, 1.78 cm too, they have the same height!
Wonderwall said on 14/Mar/07
People listen to me, i've met them....Liam is 179/180, Noel is 174/175, no shorter, no taller.
gallaghercousin said on 25/Feb/07
i've met liam, noel and brother paul loads of times and noel and paul are about 5'7 and liam is 5'8 at the maximum. he will be well pleased that he is down here as 5'10!! i'll be sure to tell him! lol! have fun arguing!
Eman said on 19/Dec/06
Check this out:

Click Here

The reporter says he's 6 feet and liam is about 5'8"
The Judge said on 24/Nov/06
OK guys and thanks..that's what I thought. Liam looks this height beside Robbie Williams, who's probably 6' or 6'1"...
The Judge said on 28/Sep/06
Beside his wife Miss Appleton, who's 167 cm exactly, he appears to be 5'10".
But it's right that our kid does'nt have a good posture sometimes..
Amy said on 12/Sep/06
liams is bout 5ft9 i meet him and im 5ft 6 in heels im 5ft10 he was da same by an inch haha hes well nice as well
The Judge said on 3/Aug/06
There is a photo of him beside Tamzin Outhwaite who is 5'8"and wearing heels.
So she's approximatively 5'11" with heels and he looks maybe 1 or 2 cm smaller. On this photo, he wears flat shoes...And when he played football with Mr.Robbie Williams, Liam is at least 2 inches smaller.
Roma said on 17/Apr/06
I met them in Rome
liam is 1.78 - 1,80 more or less...noel 1.74
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/06
this guys like 5'10 like that dude below said. met him at glastonbury in 2006 and he was exactly same height as me girlfriend who's that height
Jason said on 10/Apr/06
My chick got a pic with Liam a couple of months ago and he really did look 177-178cm next to her.
Glenn said on 5/Apr/06
One of the brothers is 5-8,the other 5-9.5.
vedderhead said on 4/Apr/06
my friends met liam in copenhagen and htey were amazed how short he was. they were all wearing sneakers and Liam was around 177, max 178. They are 185-ish and were amazed.
Anonymous said on 6/Mar/06
Perhaps when he wear high heeled boots, he feels tall LOL
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/06
This is funny because Liam once said in an interview that he's not greater than John Lenon(5'10"), but taller.
vowelmover said on 8/Feb/06
this one really suprised me, when i first saw liam was that short i couldn't get my head around it, but you'd see pics of him standing around with Richard Ashcroft and he's being dwarfed by Richard. he was with bono and it's weird, cos bono's like 5'7 and he's like even with him


yeah so anyway, this height makes sense i guess, although he just looks bigger somehow lol
Papa c said on 3/Jan/06
i was stood next to liam in the roadhouse in manchester about 10 years ago. Performance were being supported by a mates band, and he aint 5'10, more like 5'8. he was shorter than me, and im only 5'9. doubt hes had a growth spurt since then.
davey Mc said on 27/Nov/05
im 14 years old & im 5'9/5'10. i always thought liam looked tall but everywhere ive seen it says 5'9
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/05
The bassist Andy Bell is around 5'11" or 6'0". Liam looks about 2inches shorter, which would make him 5'9" or 5'10"
bliss said on 17/Oct/05
most of places he's listened as 5ft9 and his brother Noel as 5ft7.

Scott said on 4/May/05
Liam with 6 foot+ Robbie Williams :
Liam's laid back Mancunian, baggy posture might mean he is maybe even more like 179cm?? He certainly looked this in the music video he starred in alongside Robert Carlyle.
Zalp said on 4/May/05
I saw him in a restaurant in Italy in 1999, I had an argument with him,too, and yes,I completely agree: I'm 5ft 10, he can be a little be shorter (Patsy is very very short..!)
Palladium said on 3/May/05
I totally agree with u Lmeister, Liam Gallagher was even always as an 5 feet, 9 inches listed, I don't know where Rob get this Information but is very questionably
Lmeister said on 3/May/05
He said in one bio that he is 5'9'' and that Noel is 2 inches shorter...I will scan that page for U, if I find the book...

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