How tall is Master P

Master P's Height

6ft 3 (190.5 cm)

American Rapper and actor known for TV show Romeo! and films I Got the Hook Up, Lockdown, Undisputed and Hollywood Homicide.

How tall is Master P
Kelly Rowland and Master P
Photo by kathclick/

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Average Guess (19 Votes)
6ft 3.17in (190.9cm)
viper said on 4/Apr/22
He could be 6-2 range
IceCold said on 2/Apr/22
Dwight Howard makes him look small. Click Here

I don think this guy 6'3 either
Arby said on 16/Dec/17
Saw him walk through Sky Harbor he's about the same height as I am 6'3
Dmeyer said on 13/Jul/14
In person could look 6'3.5
mimi said on 11/Nov/12
Master p was at the airport he's at least 6'4 or taller. I'm 5'8 and wear 5inch heels making me 6'1 with heels on he towered over me
D said on 18/Nov/11
I think hes a little taller than that. I remember back when he played ball in the CBA he was listed at 6'6. Maybe thats a little inflated but hes probably at least 6'4 if not taller.
Candyman said on 30/Mar/11
Romeo's mother is well below average height for a woman, so it explains why at least one of Master P's offspring(Romeo) with her should also be below average height as well. Height is a tricky thing and doesnt always follow scientific reason.
Byron T. said on 13/Apr/09
Master P has always looked 6'3 or taller to me. In regards to Romeo's height, he's no taller than 5'10 tops (that's being generous). Within the last few years that Romeo has appeared on BET's 106nPark, the co-host Terrance (who claims to be 5'11) is at least taller than Romeo by an 1-2 inches.
J.J. said on 2/Mar/09
Romeo is 5'10" & he is done growing I mean he is nearly 20. It's amazing cos his Dad is 6'3" wat went wrong. This tells you that there are few exceptions because I know this 6'6" guy whose mum is 5'3" & his dad is 5'7". What da heck.
Viper said on 17/Nov/08
Ok. 5-8 is too low for Romeo but hes probably in the 5-9 region for sure. Lil Romeo looks 5-9-5-9 1/2 being interviwed by 6-2 Sam Hurd. Click Here
Bruce said on 27/Sep/08
lil romeo lied about his height on the wendy williams show: he saidhe was 5'11"-6'0". but looking at things you can actually see that he is about 5'9"-5'10"
Rikashiku said on 2/Aug/08
Romeo is more like 5'10.
Iceman said on 21/Jul/08
i desagree, lil romeo haven't 6'1 this is impossible, he was short
ballertrey21 said on 10/Jul/08
here is the link to the pic. sorry forgot to paste it:

Click Here
ballertrey21 said on 10/Jul/08
i dont think romeo is 6'1 at all. look at the pick below which was taken at this years naacp awards. if master p is 6'3 then romeo looks like he is barely over his nose. i give him 5'9 tops. probably more like 5'8 like what viper says.
Annonymous said on 10/Jan/08
this site lists romeo as 6'1 so i think 6'3 is right Click Here
BeverlyHillzBallerz said on 5/Dec/07
Cuz Romeo is only 6'0 im 6'0 and we stood side by side when we played each other
Jones said on 3/Dec/07
Master P is 6'4 or taller because he is taller than Cam'ron by more than an inch in this pic. Master P is slouching as well.

Click Here
Viper said on 26/Oct/07
"Romeo is 6'1 he is definetly this size because the basketball scouting site lists him as 6'1, and you know all of their measuremnets are accurate"

LOL. Rivals can be off by 3 or even as much as 4 inches on some basketball players. I have seen one player with my own eyes who was no more than 5-8 get listed at different heights of 5-9, 5-10, and 6-0.
dont xpose said on 24/Oct/07
Romeo is 6'1 he is definetly this size because the basketball scouting site lists him as 6'1, and you know all of their measuremnets are accurate.
mon said on 18/Sep/07
i dont know about 6'3, cause i thought lil romero was 5'10 and hes not that much taller than his son, so i think 6'1 or lower.
NBA said on 7/Aug/07
Master P is 6'3 but his big body and shoulders maybe make him look taller. Lil Romeo is 5'11.5 to 6'
jj said on 25/Jul/07
there's a pic of him being shorter then 5-8 ciara, the pic's dated 2007, so i don't know, but yea the site lists him as 6-1
6'3'' JK said on 17/Jul/07
Man i give up i don't think ill be able to convince you guys even with the picture i posted
Viper said on 16/Jul/07
I agree with 5-8-5-8 1/2 for Romeo.
slickhandles said on 16/Jul/07
Romeo is 5'9-5'8". More like 5'8" since he I've played ball with him a lot of times. He's my gfs height. He'll be warming the bench at USC in a year.Hey 6'3", I would like in on the bet that Jon had with you also. Easy money. You should seriously rethink your logic 6'3". I'm like the 10nth person in this thread who has met him and says that he is not taht tall. You've never met him period. Also look at his limbs in the pic you submitted. he does not look like a tall person. at all. just take the bet instead of trying to ignore it and blabbering if you are so sure of yourself.
dmeyer said on 15/Jul/07
looked an easy 6'3 in person
6'3'' JK said on 15/Jul/07
No Aaron Is not! Rob had Aaron Carter at 5'10.5'' on this site and Romeo is taller, I just gave you proof while you are talking crap

Editor Rob
they look close in height, there's a good 5 degree tilt in the romeo favour.
xaoxio said on 15/Jul/07
sorry, but Romeo is about 5'9"...and no more...Aaron Carter is about 5'9" either...just take into account the camera's angle...
6'3'' JK said on 13/Jul/07
Well this was the picture i was talking about you Lying Idiots, Click Here now does he look 5'9'' to you? Ive said all along the guy was 5'11''
hi said on 27/Jun/07
after reading the exchange between JK and Jon, i just have to marvel at the power conviction that either leads someone to bet money or to just relentlessly come up with the same old argument . your website could very well be used in some social interaction study or power of mind study at University, Rob. Another good thing which comes out of your website. The best of it is that even though I have never heard of this guy, Lil romeo, I just feel like taking side because it's been a passionating debate. I have to go with the 5ft9 mark for lil romeo. Well I guess that was a pretty useless post :)didn't have anything to do with MasterP, but I just felt like posting it
6'3'' JK said on 10/May/07
Rob had Carter at 5'10.5'' on this site, and in the picture with him Romeo was slightly taller, my guess for him is around 5'11'' today, he even is taller than 5'10'' Marques Houston in his new vid
eli429 said on 9/May/07
i agree with jk 6'3" on romeo's height. he's definitely about 6'0" when he is standing up straight. my cousin goes to beverly hills high, where i think romeo is a junior there. by the way, jk 6'3" romeo needs still stand on a couple phone books to make him 6'0". lmao, i think jon is generous in giving him 5'9'. romeo is more like 5'8". i guess you wouldn't believe me since i'm not using his pic with aaron carter and like jon, i've stood next to him. he stands up to my eyes and i'm 6 foot flat.
Jon said on 9/May/07
yeah 6'3" JK and lets forget that i saw him last week again standing about 1 foot away from him. We were almost eye level to eye level with each other,but I think that he is a little taller than me. So let's just go off of one pic next to Aaron Carter who is not confirmed to be 5'11" from a person who has never met him just once in real life before and let's not forget inaccuracies in the appearance of height in photos that I mentioned before. Let's settle it once and for all with my previous proposal except I will make it sweeter for you. I will take a photo with Romeo next time I see him, even though I sure as hell don't want to (Heck, most people don't even know who he is in the gym like myself until someone told me). I will confirm that he is about 5'9" with the pic. If I lose than I will send you a check for $5K or to your favorite charity. If you lose then you will send me a check for $1K to me or my favorite charity. We will use a mediator so there will be no backing out. If you are so certain then why didn't you take my previous offer. 5 to 1 odds in your favor since you're so sure of yourself then it is a sure win for you. Hey maybe I'm bluffing and Romeo is 6'1", haha. If you are so certain then take my offer you have nothing to lose. And please don't bug Rob to put up some stupid pic. Whenever people like Glenn or Rob put up picks then you should belive since they were actually there!
6'3'' JK said on 8/May/07
forget 2006 man lol, check out the recent pic with 5'11'' Aaron Carter in which he is slightly taller, Rob can you just please link the picture
glenn said on 8/May/07
exactly jon.
Jon said on 8/May/07
Lol. dude will you just quit. funny thing is that I ran into Romeo again last week. He always comes around with a guy that I found out was his younger brother, who is a couple inches taller than him. Romeo is about 5'9"-9.5" tops. Why don't you check out the pics of Romeo next to master P at the Nickoleon from 2006. Also check out his recent videos on youtube. Romeo stands up to a little bit above Master P's nose level. And no he did not have a miraculous growth spurt. If you really want Romeo to be 5'11.5" then judging from the pics and video, Rob will need to upgrade Master P to 6'5.5". heck you wanna know who is close to 5'11", Romeo's younger brother (who looks more like Master P) is a little under 5'11". I just have a jolly ol' time when someone thinks that they're right just because of photos. You ever heard of angles, distance and posture altering a person's actual height relative to another in a pic. No wonder Glenn gets annoyed all the time, and he sees way more stars than me.
6'3'' JK said on 5/May/07
Rob, can you please not ignore this, can you please put up the picture with 5'11'' Aaron carter with Romeo who is a lil bit taller, its on gety images, i don't know how to link pics directly from getty images, the picture is quite recent aswell
Jon said on 30/Apr/07
no not directed at you glenn. you do get autographs as a job.
glenn said on 30/Apr/07
i appreciate your words greatly,and i know your not directing it at me.but to set the record straight,im no hollywood nut hugger.
Jon said on 30/Apr/07
Hi Glenn, I just crack up at all of these things. I don't take it seriously. I've seen all of your height estimates and I think you're pretty dead on. It's pretty cool of you to share what you've actually seen. I meet stars all the time just because of where I live and I know their friends. I do not like being a hollywood nuthugger like some people. I don't care much for taking pics with them or treating them special. And no, not all stars wear lifts like people say. Hey 6'3" JK first of all I do not find it bragging since I am presenting real actual evidence from what I seen in real life and not off of pics alone like some people. If you really think that I am making wrongful braggings and full of it then why don't you put your money where your mouth is. I'll bet you $5K that Romeo is about 5'9-5.9.5 We can even bet and donate the winnings to charity. we'll use a mediator and even though I hate giving stars attention, I'll take a pic of the both of us standing next to each other next time I see Romeo. Then I'll have one taken of myself in front of a height chart with my face blotted out. I am not like one of those delusional people who goes off of photographs alone. I meet these people in person and I am 5'8" like Glenn with no exaggeration. I don't try to underestimate people's heights like everyone. I just tell people what I see through meeting them and I know I'm always within 1 inch accurate if not dead on. Take for an example, Jimmy Smits is 6'3" easily and David Duchovny is slightly over 6'0" from meeting them. These guys never fudged their heights.

Or we can have it this way, to make you happy, I will now exaggerate my height to be 5'10 whenever you're around when in reality I'm only 5'8". Then we can accept the 5'11-5'11.5 height that you estimate of Romeo even though you only go off of pics and haven't seen him about 30 times. Master P is 6'3". Heck, I'm listed as 5'10" on one of my old driver's licenses when I'm clearly 5'8". So 6'3" JK why don't you go argue with the other guy who thinks that Romeo is 6'1". It's funny because all my friends (about 10 of them) who play basketball against Romeo all the time think that he's only 5'8".
glenn said on 29/Apr/07
jon-how do you think i feel? people attack me on the site, yet i meet all these celebs.
6'3'' JK said on 29/Apr/07
Wtf Jon, have you seen the picture with Aaron Carter who is no less than 5'11'' and he was about an inch taller, look at some CLEAR evidence before you start bragging
Jon said on 28/Apr/07
I'll put money on it that Romeo is 5.9-9.5. You guys do not see them in person and are still making claims. I actually see them in person, not reading off of newspapers or other stuff that are not accurate. Take it from a person who actually has SEEN them in PERSON.
edd said on 28/Apr/07
by the way. Master P tried out for nba almost a decade ago, they listed him at 6-4
edd said on 28/Apr/07
Romeo is 6 ft 1. He is a bball player at beverly hills high. I read in newspaper that he is committed to USC. The newspaper also stated him at 6-1
6'3'' JK said on 28/Apr/07
Get your facts straight man, Romeo is about 5'11'' - 5'11.5''
beeni said on 28/Apr/07
Master P at 6'4 definite - hes an inch taller than snoop
Jon said on 28/Apr/07
Nope, Romeo is about 5'9-9.5". He's about 1-1.5 inches taller than me and in no way am I 5'10". Take it from a person who stood a couple feet away from him a jillion times. I have the luck of running into him all the time at the gym and even the market. Master P is 6'3" my friend who talks with him at the gym all the time is 6'3" and confirmed it.
the shredder said on 28/Apr/07
I never really met him , but I have seen him in person a few times . He can look 6'4 . So atleast 6'3 .
6'3'' JK said on 25/Apr/07
Romeo is more 5'11.5'' check him out with Aaron Carter in getty images, type in lil romeo in searchbox then check pic #73757529 out
Jon said on 25/Apr/07
Master P is about 6'2", maybe 6'3" tops. I see him at the UCLA gym all the time and have stood next to him only about 20 times. Romeo is about 5'9"-5'9.5", maybe even 5'10" tops and definitely not 6'1" like a recent espn column about him claims.
dmeyer said on 16/Apr/07
does look 6'3 in person maybe 191
Dwight Love said on 15/Apr/07
I thought that he was somewhat taller than 6-3 beause he looks taller when he does movies.
the shredder said on 23/Feb/07
MASTER P IS 6 ft 4 ! I met him alot of times ! lil Wayne is 5'5ish ! If I ever get pics I will post them If Rob covers my face !
soldier786 said on 22/Feb/07
i Have met Master P, and he is around the 6`4/6`5 in height. i am 6`4 he was around same height if i recall correctly
Glenn said on 19/Nov/06
True Anthony.
Anthony said on 18/Nov/06
I'm not a big fan of rap in general, but 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake and Nelly make the guys you just mentioned seem like geniuses in comparison.
Glenn said on 17/Oct/06
I said all that before in another post viper.that is true.
Glenn said on 16/Oct/06
All that bad talk about Diddy,Im actually curious about the just released new cd.great reviews.
Glenn said on 16/Oct/06
Master P,Diddy,Will Smith and Whoopie Goldberg I find the top 4 most talentless ever.even a bad Metal band is more fun.I liked a couple tracks off of 1999s Forever on Diddy.and Master,maybe a little.Will only had Fresh Prince.Whoopie nothing.and she was fake to me plenty of least Will is nice,Diddy usually,Master never met.looks like he would be cool.any other picks for most talentless?
J. Blazy said on 16/Oct/06
His brother Corey Miller (rapper C-Murder) is 6'4" and they always look like they are the same height. Mind you theres not much differnece between 6'3-1/2" and 6'4".
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
looks same height as josh hartnett in hollywood homicide
mohammed khaleli said on 23/Jul/06
im met this guy and hes really a tall guy.... hes the same height as snoop dog but snoop is skinner so he looks a bit taller... i stood next to him and had to lift my chin up in order to see his face :s im 175 5'9
not tall not small said on 22/Apr/06
PEOPLE,i just recently watched 106th and park and they had romeo on it and he said "i aint messin with 6'5" and they were asking about his dad so master P is 6'5
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/05
he is just a bit shorter than snoop dogg which he is 6 ft 4 in. I think that is about right.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 1/Oct/05
P's like 6'3 tops they say his brother C-Murder is a skinny 6'4 n sumtimes looks taller but i truely think P's 6'2.5-6'3 n no bigger but on C idk cuz ive neva seen a poic of him wit n e 1.
CoolJ said on 28/Sep/05
Master P and Snoop Dogg are the same height. Just under 6'4 I do believe.

Both around 192-193cm.
Asaad Awad said on 1/Sep/05
2 years ago i visited some relatives in Maryland and i accidently met Master P with hsi son... anywayz im 6'2 and i think master P is the same hieght as i am but with the shoes hes wearing made him 6'4 tall.... and who said that MAster P is the same hieght as snoop????? thats nonsence cuz snoop is at least 6'4 isnt that right bob?
Scott said on 3/Jul/05
In the Louis Theroux doc he appeared in, P looked 2 inches taller than solid 6'2" Louis when they were shooting hoops together...
CoolJ said on 3/Jul/05
He is nearly the same height as Snoop Dogg. They hosted a BET show together not too long ago. They're both around 6'3.5
dmeyer said on 10/Apr/05
i worked on a romeo music video and master looked close to 6'4 maybe only 192 cm thats 6'3 1/2''
J. said on 8/Apr/05
A recent arrest sheet has Master P at 6'4":

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