How tall is Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton's Height

5ft 8 ½ (174 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 9 (175.3 cm)
American actor best known for starring as Batman, and appearing in movies such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, White Noise, Birdman, Pacific Heights, Night Shift, Gung Ho, Beetlejuice, Clean and Sober, Jackie Brown and The Other Guys. A 1989 article mentioned "Keaton stands 5 feet 10 in his Guccis".

How tall is Michael Keaton
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How tall is Michael Keaton
Michael & Mark Ruffalo
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Average Guess (97 Votes)
Peak: 5ft 9.17in (175.7cm)
Current: 5ft 8.51in (174cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Apr/23
Strong 5ft9 zone prime is arguable
5ft 11 3/4 said on 26/Mar/23
6' 2½" Bruce Thomas
6' 2¼" Ben Affleck
6' 2" Kevin Conroy
6' 1½" Adam West
6' 1" Robert Lowery
6' 0¼" Robert Pattinson
6' 0" Dick Gautier
6' 0" Iain Glen
5' 11¾" Christian Bale
5' 11½" Val Kilmer
5' 10¾" George Clooney
5' 10½" Lewis Wilson
5' 9" Michael Keaton
5' 9" David Mazouz
5' 9" Eric Lloyd
5' 9" Dante Pereira-Olson
5' 7½" Brandon Spink
Keyten DeGraef said on 13/Feb/23
Rob he needs to be upgraded to 5’9 for current and 5’9 1/2 for peak he looks 5’9 in everything I see him in
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Dec/22
This is FUNNY! What would you do if you saw a walking snowman, played by Michael Keaton? I think I’d be a bit perturbed myself! Mark Addy screamed the place down!
Quite a contrast to the part I saw Michael playing the other night, in the ghost chiller Gothika, which was seriously scary. Michael starred as a doctor.

5ft9.25 peak and 5ft8.5 today.
Lawrence099 said on 11/Aug/22
He still looks near 5’9 beside Dylan O’Brien, he holds up noticeably better than rob did with him and O’Brien had the thicker footwear.He can’t be much under 174 today if at all and I believe the flat 5’9 peak is spot on.
IceCold said on 14/Apr/22
Black Noir said on 13/Apr/22
Hey rob how tall do u think his handsome son is? He looks 6’2
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have guessed his son any shorter than that.

At least this
Black Noir said on 13/Apr/22
Hey rob how tall do u think his handsome son is? He looks 6’2
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have guessed his son any shorter than that.
6'4" Leprechaun said on 4/Apr/22
Keaton was 5'8" peak. Not 5'9" or 5'10". At age 70, he shrunk an inch.
giop said on 8/Dec/21
Who cares how tall Batman is he wasn't created because of his height as Bob Kane said in a interview :Anybody can be Batman.So keaton was cool as Batman just as Affleck was and West and Bale they were all cool in the type of Batman they were for their parts.
Stavro said on 5/Dec/21
Great example of a guy whose presence makes him seem taller than he really is.
Jug said on 11/Nov/21
Recently watched Batman Returns. Legit 6'0 Chris Walken towered over him, even with tricky camera angles. I really think 5'8 tops for Keaton.
Svet said on 16/Jun/21

Here you can see Tom Holland with Keaton, I think Tom is wearing lifts though. Keaton must be 5ft8 max.
Editor Rob
although the link didn't work, I presume it's This photo, in which Holland (with decent boot) seems to pass for being 5ft 8 more than 7
Ian C. said on 13/Jun/21
Okay, could Keaton have played Superman? Not a chance. In the comic books, Superman and Batman could have traded costumes on the spot and the costumes would have fit. There is a physical component to playing Batman and Keaton didn't have it.

It would be as if you cast Gary Oldman as Dracula. Oh. Never mind.
Genau said on 6/Feb/21
could he be 173 range nowadays? Anyway 5ft9 1/4 Peak
Editor Rob
wouldn't say he's quite as low as 173 today.
Jtm said on 1/Dec/20
jano- I have not seen speechless but he looked quite short next to Davis and Baldwin in beetle juice like frank2 and couple other posters mention on this page.
SDAG said on 5/Nov/20
Yeah His peak was 5'9".
And talking about that I want to ask you something Rob. I am 176.5 barefoot out of bed, 175 at the lunch and 174 before bed. What do you think is my fairest claim: 5'9" or 5'"10?

I'm not sure and ur help Is needed.
Slim 6'1@ said on 4/Nov/20
176CM peak
jano said on 4/Oct/20
He is close to Geena Davis in movie speechless, even if Geena was just 181- 182 cm there and lost already a cm which is believable, he never looks more than 4-5 cm shorter than her. Maybe they used a lot of tricks to make the height difference less, but i cannot buy 5 9 peak for Keaton, 5 9.5 minimum in my opinion.
James B 172cm said on 27/Sep/20
Rob I grew up loving the Michael Keaton bat films and batman forever. Please don’t mention batman and robin though lol.

Just wondering rob are you a fan of the Christopher Nolan dark knight trilogy? I found batman begins enjoyable to watch but really could not get into dark knight and the dark knight rises even though there considered movie masterpieces.
Editor Rob
I'd rewatched them not long ago...very well made films, I enjoyed them.

Every great film will have those who simply didn't enjoy thing is our mood can effect enjoyment. I have often revisited films and found them better or worse than I remember.
Sinclair said on 14/Aug/20
Keaton strikes me as a strong 5’9” at peak. In Batman and Herbie Fully Loaded, Keaton looks a solid 5’9”. Jack Nicholson is only slightly taller than Keaton in Batman, I’d therefore vote 5’9.25” for Keaton’s peak, although a flat 5’9” is not out of the question.
Nik said on 16/Jul/20
He's a "5 8" guy like Rob!
Jkiller said on 8/Apr/20
Peak 5'9.25, nowadays right under 5'9, sitting at about 5'8.75
Nearly 180cm guy said on 6/Dec/19
Hey rob! Is 5'9.25" still possible for Keaton's peak height? In 1990 he and Jack Nicholson looked like the same height: Click Here Click Here Click Here
Nicholson was 53 years old at the time and he might not lose anything noticeable because he was still in good shape at the time. Rob, is there still a chance that Keaton could be 176 cm like Van Damme?
Editor Rob
Would be the most I'd go's always an arguable figure for him. 5ft 10 is too much though.
James B 172cm said on 17/Oct/19
when i was a kid i grew up loving the tim burton bat films and batman forever.

sorry but not a fan of Nolans batman movies. i think there rather dull.
khaled taban said on 7/Oct/19
Peak height 176cm , current height is 174.6cm.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Sep/19
🎂🎉🎈 Happy Birthday Michael! 🎈🎉🎂

Hard to believe that it is, Michael turns 68 today!

5ft9.25 peak and 5ft8.5 now.

6james94 said on 14/Jun/19
How much so guccis give, if he's 5'10 in regular shoes wouldn't he be either a little under or little over 5'9.
Editor Rob
I'd doubt he was under 5ft 9 barefoot
RichardSpain said on 29/Apr/19
Peak 175cm
Now 174cm
Jtm said on 28/Mar/19
JB said on 13/May/18
At least 5'9" peak. Watch a movie like Mr. Mom and tell me that's not an average height guy.

i have seen it. he did not look 5'9 or 5'10 to me. he was much shorter than 6'0ish jeffrey tambor despite being closer to the camera and there was a good scene with teri garr wearing slippers and keaton is wearing shoes. the funny thing is i don't even think Garr was 5'7. she never looked that tall to me.
Jtm said on 28/Mar/19
that's really bad news if he wore lifts in batman because he was still shorter than jack nicholson(never over 5'8.5 imo), same height as kim bassinger in heels, and much shorter than walken.
Terry said on 26/Mar/19
I thought Batman was 6'0? I never thought Keaton was less than 6 ft tall. I guess the camera can do wonders by playing tricks eh, or he wore lifts for the Batman part. Im going to have to watch Batman or Batman Returns again and see. Not a bad actor though.
okbymeman said on 27/Feb/19
I don't even think he's any shorter now than he was back in the day: Click Here

Renner is a useful gauge of height as we know he is at least 5'8 from seeing him with Rob. Keaton looks 5'9 here, not as low as 5'8.5.
Matt Shannon said on 14/Jan/19
Did Michael Keaten actually cliam 5’10 are was the article guessing how tall he is?
Editor Rob
I don't know, but it isn't unbelievable to think in his Gucci's that Keaton would be near 5ft 10.
Dhouser said on 17/Dec/18
Perfect listing, he looks exactly 174.
Greg99 said on 5/Oct/18
Michael would have been average heights for his (and my) generation. His son is 6'3", either Michael or his ex has the height genes.
SomeGuy said on 13/Jun/18
Looks two inches shorter than John Slattery here: Click Here

What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob
Would say just under 2 inches there.
JB said on 13/May/18
@mande2013 I don't think you can really compare Keaton to Murray. Bill Murray practically went from young hip funny guy to middle-aged indie actor overnight. He was still young Murray in Space Jam and then a couple years later he was playing the middle-aged man in Rushmore. I don't think Bill's star ever really faded.

Keaton on the other hand practically disappeared for almost 2 decades before his comeback. Of course he was still working, but he was barely a B grade celeb for many years.
JB said on 13/May/18
At least 5'9" peak. Watch a movie like Mr. Mom and tell me that's not an average height guy.

Also, I agree with the Batman comments. I don't think it really matters how tall the actors are anyways because they can just use movie tricks to make them appear bigger. Tom Hardy is only 5'9" and wasn't Bane supposed to be massive? It really makes no difference how tall the actor is IMO.
gp said on 5/May/18
You know I really don't give a hoot what height Batman is in comics just like Wolverine who is supposed to be 5'3 and Jackman is 6'3. Jackman played one hell of a Wolverine and Keaton played one hell of a Batman.There so many things we can say about Batman I mean if Batman really existed realistically he wouldn't have survived if he would've really have gone through all the battles he's been,in the comics.Impossible if he would be he would be on a wheel chair.It's all fiction and in fiction a 5'9 Bat can take a 6'5 Henchman .Anything goes.Just enjoy Batman and not be so serious about an imaginary character.
Ian C. said on 27/Mar/18
"In his Guccis?" That's a bodily dimension now? How tall was Abraham Lincoln in his Guccis?

Edmund Hillary was 29,006 feet two inches "on his mountain."
berta said on 20/Mar/18
i stink 175 peak is fine. maybe somewhere beetween 175-76 peak dont think he was shorter. he looks like a guy who havent lost anything really. strong 175 peak and weak/very strong 174 today
Jtm said on 27/Jan/18
He was the same height as Kim basinger in heels in batman yet he was 1 or 2 inches taller than pfeiffer in heels in batman returns. That goes to show Pfeiffer isn't 5'6. Keaton was about 4 inches shorter than walken in batman returns but not sure about the footwear. Still think Keaton was never over 5'8 range. Maybe 5'8.5-5'8.75 in the morning peak.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 26/Jan/18
176cm is extremely likely.

Physical prime: 176
Physical decline: 174
Smiles03 said on 25/Jan/18
He's like 5'9, 5'10
Bobby said on 21/Jan/18
He was certainly the shortest actor to play Batman, who is canonically 6'2 in the comics. He did look 5'9 in Homecoming. How likely is 5'9.5 peak height?
Editor Rob
I think you could make a case for 5ft 9.25. In his last couple of films, Homecoming and The Founder he certainly still looks 5ft 8.5 maybe a little more at times...
The Shredder said on 4/Jan/18
Rob , do you think 5'8.75 and 5'9.25 , 5'9.5 peak might be better?
Editor Rob
it's arguable for him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jan/18
Rob, how likely is 5ft8 flat today?
Editor Rob
I think the minimum has to be 5ft 8.5 today
Mister lennon said on 3/Jan/18
I guess that he was in the 174-175 range peak. Now he is more in the 173-174 range.althought he could look 175 sometimes.
The Shredder said on 2/Jan/18
Rob , he's not even as low as 5'8.5 now , He still looks 5'9 , he is clearly taller than Jeremy Renner in every photo they have together.
Editor Rob
you could argue he still could pass for 175cm or almost 5ft 9.
James B said on 1/Jan/18
Rob it's arguable he could look 5ft8 in the barman films
Editor Rob
not sure he looked quite as short as 5ft 8 in them...but very average.
It would have been tempting to put Keaton in bat-lifts.
David MC said on 21/Dec/17
In the movie speechless we get to see his driving license it states height 6 feet , Geena Davis is 5’11 I guess they had to big him up !
Adamz said on 30/Sep/17
I think Rob has it. I dont think he's shorter than this. slim build helps him look 175cm even now.
Jjak said on 25/Sep/17
Strong 5 9 till 30s or 40 s now a bit shy of mark.
He looked 5 9 as bruce wayne obviously batsuit was padded and lifted.
He passed off as kinda big in it good cinematography timbo!
Great actor best bat and he's still got it!
Shredder said on 22/Sep/17
He looked 5'9 in the the 80's , which was likely his real height peak, but for some strange reason he looked tall at the end of Beetlejuice.
Danimal said on 21/Sep/17
Movie said on 5/Jun/17

Danimal said on 21/Sep/17
5'9" peak
5'8" today at 66 years old.
Jtm said on 21/Sep/17
No way he was ever 5'10. Maybe a weak 5'9 peak in the morning. He could be a weak 5'8 now. He was considerably shorter than laura dern in heels in the founder.
Jake said on 19/Sep/17
I bet he was 5'10 playing batman. But shrunk to 5'9
Leandro said on 16/Sep/17
Google lists him as 5'9. Probably 5'9 with shoes these days (174 cm without). 5'10 with shoes was peak (176 cm without).
Richardspain said on 27/Aug/17
Keaton's height is somewhere between 175-177cm peak and 173-174cm nowadays.

176cm in peak o maybe 175'5cm
174cm now could be ok
Jug said on 9/Aug/17
About 5'8.5 at peak, I guess. He wasn't much taller than Kim Basinger in flats, was he?
Josh said on 25/Jul/17
5'8-5'9 is about right.
ArjunaKorale said on 6/Jul/17
Hey, Rob, you have got to add Spider-Man: Homecoming to Keaton's credits as he (together with the little Brit Spidey actor) was just brilliant in it. Birdman was a top movie but was a black comedy & not an action film...the new Spider-Man film, however, is both comedy & action and I preferred it to Birdman. On Keaton's height? Anywhere between 5 ft 8 and 5 ft 9 (173 - 175 cm), I think.
RisingForce said on 3/Jul/17
I think he's still at least 5'8.25"-5'8.5". Even with loose posture and 0.6"-0.7" type shoes, he's not much shorter than Robert Downey Jr. in lifts and taller than 5'7" Tom Holland in boots in the recent photocall for Spiderman

Click Here
Click Here

Downey is probably more 172 cm/weak 5'8" range as well and Keaton should still be taller barefoot.
John Davis said on 28/Jun/17
I'm sure he's taller than this... At least 5ft 10?
Shredder said on 17/Jun/17
He stood next to Norman Reedus and didn't even look 5'8 , but he was in vans . 5'8.25 is the most he could be nowadays.
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jun/17
Hey everyone - I've just seen Michael Keaton on the Ellen de Generes show answering a questionnaire with the funniest answers he could muster up! Then he stood to hug Ellen and I noticed he wasn't that much taller than her, so 5ft8.25 goes in the box. I am taking off a quarter-inch! I have to take off something as there wasn't much in it. I am assuming Ellen's 5ft6 now.
Movie said on 5/Jun/17
RisingForce said on 18/May/17
Stallone wore normal range dress shoes that night: Click Here Click Here Not much of a heel, probably around 1". I think Sly has done well with height loss for his age, probably because he still has better posture than most and has kept in great shape. I think Rob has him listed about right for peak and current. I'm not 100% sure about Keaton's peak and current, but Rob is probably pretty close on Keaton as well.
berta said on 16/May/17
Risingforce i can believe the full 5 foot 9 peak but i think he was a guy that probably had bigger chanse of being just under it than over it. YeAH in that photo with stallone he looks little shorter but i think stallone probably have bigger heels and better posture. so those two guys is probably same height these days.
RisingForce said on 8/May/17
berta, actually Keaton looks a bit shorter than Stallone today: Click Here Click Here As for peak, here in 1990 Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Don Johnson all look very close in height and I don't detect anything suspicious with any of their shoes: Click Here The peak and current can't be far wrong. Keaton certainly seemed around 5'9" peak, maybe 5'8.5" at worst and he has to be in the 5'8" range today, but certainly 5'8.5" max.
Richardspain said on 23/Apr/17
He has a normal height, Michael isnt tall but not short. With shoes near 177cm. So, it is good height in my opinion.

Good actor Michael!
Shredder said on 12/Apr/17
He looks 5'8 with Norman reedus recently , if even that. 5'8 is the max he is nowadays
adam k said on 11/Apr/17
watch begining of the movie multiplicity. standing beside eugene levy who is said to be 5'10". you can clearly see a height difference of at least 2 inches. I'd say he's probably 5'8" and half tops
berta said on 5/Jan/17
i think michael keaton bac to back with stallone 25 years ago woulf be 1 cm shorter. i can see this guy 174-175 and stallone 175-76. in my eyes this guy have more chanse to be only 174 than stallone at peak
Shredder said on 1/Dec/16
Looks 5'9 tops there in 1979.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Nov/16
Hey Rob, could we maybe add Multiplicity to his line of credits?

Great film! Looked 5ft10 with Andie McDowell
Scott said on 30/Oct/16
Ah, Working Stiffs! That is what I was thinking of:

Click Here
Scott said on 30/Oct/16
He used to get listed at 5'10'' most of the time. I watched a film where he and Jim Belushi (5'11'') were standing tall side by side. You could clearly tell there was more than one inch between them. I'd say he was 5'9'' max in his youth; possibly a little under it.
James B said on 20/Apr/16
Always pictured Keaton as being a small guy even though he's dead on average.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Apr/16
Amazing how much this guy has changed over the years. in Mr. Mom he looked a right dork, wimpy. Nowadays he looks quite a tough alpha male type, military sort of demeanour. Never had that in the early 80s!
Lmeister said on 24/Mar/16
This listing is spot on. Keaton is a tad taller than Mark Ruffalo and Stanley Tucci. Peak height could have been 176-177cm.
Jug said on 23/Mar/16
I think about 5'8. Christopher Walken was considerably taller than him in Batman Returns.
gp said on 20/Mar/16
Sammy they said 6' bat in terms of a figure of speech,not that they measured him/Could they say is: there a 5'9.5 Bat terrorizing the city?They ball parked him compared to a real Bat that is only a few inches tall.And remember the 6'2 stats from DC were taken from Filmation productions who took them from Adam West when they had to create the cartoon Batman right after the 66 live series.Which was right after the shows exit in 1968.There were never any official stats given to the character be it from Kane or Fingers.Actually the first screen Batman was Lewis Wilson in the 40's serials and he was between 5'10-11.For Kane not having objected meant that it was ok for the crusader to be that tall.
and Batman was mostly based from Douglas Fairbanks playing Zorro.Fairbanks was said to be 5'9, but who knows he could've also been 5'8 since many used to lie about their height back then..We have to forget about Batman's height what counts is that they act and look awesome!
Sammy Derrick said on 15/Mar/16
If this guy was 20-30 years younger and someone decided to cast him as Batman/Bruce Wayne,social media(mostly twitter and Instagram) would EXPLODE!!!
In the first Batman movie,it is said " there a SIX FOOT BAT terrorizing Gotham?..."Good news is that they made BATMAN look 6'0 but Bruce Wayne looked 5'9(If you observe closely,mostly due to the bat ears and the boots).
Michael Keaton looked like the typical middle-aged redneck and being 5'9 or average height meant that he didn't make a very passable Bruce Wayne.
Click Here
Click Here
I think if producers wanted they could have made him look taller as Bruce Wayne as evident in the photos above.
5ft 9.25 said on 11/Mar/16
He looks pretty tall in the pic. Just from judgin' this I would have guessed 6'1 or so! :)
Sam said on 29/Feb/16
Keaton looks short with this random assemblage but could look near 2 inches over Mark Ruffalo in Spotlight.
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Feb/16
mande2013 said on 9/Jan/16
So who else do you guys think could pull off what both Keaton and Bill Murray did, having brief moments of glory in the 80s and early 90s only to then flounder for many years before making middle-aged comebacks in 'indie' films? Ray Liotta perhaps?

Ray Liotta should really team up with Scorsese again
James B said on 20/Feb/16
Struck me as looking average or small sized in his movies.

He could look short maybe because of his build
mande2013 said on 9/Jan/16
So who else do you guys think could pull off what both Keaton and Bill Murray did, having brief moments of glory in the 80s and early 90s only to then flounder for many years before making middle-aged comebacks in 'indie' films? Ray Liotta perhaps?
mande2013 said on 9/Jan/16
Perhaps a weak 5'9 peak and closer to 5'8 even nowadays? I always saw Keaton as a textbook *weak average* guy like Jeremy Renner or Joaquin Phoenix. 5'7 is a joke for him.
WhoCares said on 29/Dec/15
Needs a downgrade. About the same height (+/- 1cm) as Mark Ruffalo in the latest movie
charlie said on 8/Dec/15
We see actors on tv and assume they are that tall in real life.I am a 5 foot 10 male and if I met Michael Keaton I would be towering over him. Remember in movies like Mr Mom, night shift in which Michael Heaton played in both they usually cast actors who are close in height range like Martin Mull. He was in Mr Mom and he would be around 5 foot 7 or 5 foot 8 now like Keaton.In Batman sure Keaton appeared taller because his suit made him taller.Thats the who idea about the batman suit is to intimidate people and height does intimidate many people a s I myself have realised living in Canada at 5 foot 10 inches I intimidate most men who average 5 foot 6 inches
charlie said on 8/Dec/15
his height today would be 5 foot 7.5 to 5 foot 8 max. Hes listed as being 5 foot 10. who comes up with these crazy height figures for actors. There is no way he was every 5 foot 10 because im 5 foot 10 and I see my self as very tall. But when I look at Michael Keaton he presents himself as lower than average. Closers to Tom Cruises height I would say
Matt said on 2/Nov/15
That seems accurate, because it looked like he had two inches on Teri Garr in Mr. Mom.
Sam said on 17/Aug/15
Haha, funny discussion, guys, good job educating everybody that movies can deceive you on actor's heights or phyisques, nobody else here was aware of that. Totally disllusioned now that I know that Routh or Cavill can't actually fly, because that's the same thing as judging some actors standing next to each other in a scene.
Bogart didn't wear high heels, he wore a massive pair of what looked like the world's most make-shift and massive pimp shoes.
Harold said on 26/Jul/15
Jay: Amen. It is beyond comprehension to me how the audience is gulled and manipulated by the entertaint industry. I understand willing suspension of disbelief, but this has been going since George Raft stood on box next to his female co-star or Alan Ladd, ditto, or Humphrey Bogart wearing high heels to stand taller than Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca. Today, with CGI and the ability to put someone's head on someone else's body on screen, it's a whole new world of deception. That's Entertainment.
RobV said on 25/Jul/15
@Jay. It is strange how people do not understand the degree to which the production of movies is so divorced from actual reality. Just as Brandon Routh or Henry Cavill cannot actually fly, so the appearance of actors is altered to suit the desired result. And height in particular. One of the guys who worked on Cavill's muscle suit said it was just weird how fans refused to believe that he wore one as they were buying into some superhero image (sold of course by the film-makers). The physique the way it shows through the costume (eg the abs) is physically impossible because of the science around the body and materials, so to create an appearance on 'natural' involves costume design and muscle addition in a very sophisticated way to create the illusion. But one suspects that many WANT to believe the illusion, or do not have the mental ability to get over the hype and magic tricks of camera and film-making.
Jay said on 23/Jul/15
I don't get how you guys are drawing your conclusions from movies. You do know they *(movie production team)* some times adjust an actors height with lifts and in some cases, even have them on top of a plank, etc, in order to achieve a certain height? The only definitive way to know, is to have Keaton take off his shoes and stand on a scale and measure his height from there.
gp said on 12/Jul/15
Sam I did read that and before Kilmer I have been told by a friend ho actually met Bob Kane and Kane 's perfect Batman if he had to chose an actor would've been none other than 5'11 Robert Wagner.
Ron said on 29/Jun/15
Sam - yes indeed it does, though let me explain. Check out the pictures of Nicholson getting right in Keaton's face, he shoulders are higher, his facial points are higher even allowing for tilt despite Keaton being kept ramrod straight by the suit.
I'm a props guy, I've been in, and studied, the suit. The boots have a 1.55 inch heel and wearing the cowl you get about 0.6 inches extra on the top of the head. That's a 2.15 inch advantage. Nicholson's shoes have a half inch heel - that leaves about 1.65 advantage and to my eye Nicholson looks at least an inch and a bit taller, so accounting for costume nearly 3 inches. Unless hes in lifts...
James B said on 28/Jun/15
You guys are aware that bob Kane thought Kilmer was the best batman?
Sam said on 25/Jun/15
Hmm, Ron does that really look like a 3 inch difference between Nicholson and Keaton to you?
Click Here
Ron said on 24/Jun/15
Thank you GP for that, I'd wondered a few times myself. It's actually disheartened me a bit in Arkham Knight the attitude to height. The majority of "normal" males are all 6', then you have the "short" techie guys at 5'9 - quite insulting! And what's more Batman at a supposed 6'2 towers everyone! He's at least 6'5/6! It really did dishearten me to see such obvious "bigger is better" written all over the game.

Equally, I don't disagree with Keaton's or Nicholson's listings, but why is it that Nicholson looks about 3 inches taller than Keaton at least in all the promo images? Lifts maybe?
gp said on 10/Apr/15
Just as I thought.I finally got the story of Batman's 6'2 height.1st of all it was not given by his creators Bob Kane and Bill Fingers. It was first given by Filmation Cartoons and just like I said it was based on Adam West's height.When the live Batman series ended in early 1968 Filmation took over and turned the series into cartoons,and since Adam West was recognized as the Batman of the time,they took his and Burt Ward's specs to create the cartoon,and it was passed on.So It was given in 1968,but before that it wasn't a main issue.So had Adam West never done Batman and say Keaton would've started it ,the specs would 've been his.
Sam said on 6/Apr/15
I think Norman Reedus looked a not-particularly-strong 1 inch taller than Keaton on SNL over the weekend.
the shredder said on 17/Mar/15
He was at least 5'9 in his peak or even 5'9.5
jtm said on 14/Mar/15
5'8 range now and peak.
APK said on 12/Mar/15
Rob, what woul you say about his son´s height?
Editor Rob
can look in 6ft 2-3 range.
Judd said on 12/Mar/15
5'9"...i thought he was 5'9.5"...
Rob with Keaton at 5'9" it's hard to me believe that Norton is still a strong 6'0" guy...
the shredder said on 2/Mar/15
He looks between 5 '8 and 9
Joe said on 1/Mar/15
When he portrayed Batman, I really thought he was 6 feet tall, maybe even 5'11" minimum, but in Birdman seeing him next to Ed Norton who in my most educated guess is about 5'11 to 5'11.5", Norton starred in Fight Club with 5'11 Brad Pitt and filmed numerous scenes together barefoot and they bot looked the same size, North appeared to be at least 3 inches taller. I would have to guess he is currently 5'8", I think he may have been around 5'9". He was not the most charismatic Batman character, he did not nail the character the way Christopher Reeve nailed Superman, Christian Bale portrayed the definitive Batman, so much that no actor could ever top Bale, and that is why Ben Affleck is so widely derided for being chosen to succeed him.
the shredder said on 1/Mar/15
Rob , can he be 5 '8.75 now ?
Editor Rob
he could drop a fraction or cm by 60.
the shredder said on 25/Feb/15
MD , he looks about an inch shorter than David who is close to 5'8 , 5'8.75 Keaton can be. He is over a flat 5 '8 .
the shredder said on 24/Feb/15
He looks barely 5'9 now
MD said on 23/Feb/15
I concur with Alexandra. I'm beginning to think he's pretty significantly overlisted, which surprised me, because I always thought he was this height. Just saw him on the red carpet at the Oscars with Ryan Seacrest, and even initially considering Ryan may have been in something, they looked nearly exactly the same height. And, then I saw this picture of him and 5'7.75" David Oyelowo:

Click Here

Click Here

He can't be anything over 5'8". I was honestly shocked when I saw him up against other people on the red carpet. He was clearly below-average height.
Alexandra said on 22/Feb/15
Just saw Michael Keaton being interviewed standing next to Lara Spencer on a flat surface before the Oscars. I didn't recognize him at first, the shot was full body on both of them and he looked absolutely TINY. Like Joel Grey tiny. She towers over him. If she's 5'6" then she's at most 5'10" in heels (probably less) and she had 4-6" on him at least. WOW, it was absolutely stunning. He even looked nervous standing next to her like he was aware of how short he looked. [Oops, edited to add Lara Spencer is 5'9.5" not 5'6" so she'd be maybe 6'1" in really high heels, which would put him in the 5'7" to 5'9" range. Still he looked really really short standing next to her!)
Alexandra said on 22/Feb/15
Just saw Michael Keaton being interviewed standing next to Lara Spencer on a flat surface before the Oscars. I didn't recognize him at first, the shot was full body on both of them and he looked absolutely TINY. Like Joel Grey tiny. She towers over him. If she's 5'6" then she's at most 5'10" in heels (probably less) and she had 4-6" on him at least. WOW, it was absolutely stunning. He even looked nervous standing next to her like he was aware of how short he looked.
CDS said on 20/Feb/15
As a kid, I thought Keaton was 6' (maybe had something to do with the mug shot in "Night Shift" where the top of his head reaches right at the 6 ft mark-??). I quickly realized he wasn't that tall, and deduced about 5'10" around the time the "Batman" films he was in came out. Now when I was a kid, I asked my dad (who is usually a pretty good height estimateur ) how tall he thought Keaton was, and he said about 5'7"-5'8". I thought that was ridiculous at the time. Now looking at these estimates putting him in the 5'8" to 5'9" range, and going back and watching "Night Shift" again after all these years, and seeing he wasn't all that much taller than 5'6" Henry Winkler (who may be 5'6" in shoes, so 5'5" barefeet)- AND 6'1" Kevin Costner, who had an extra role in the film as a frat boy, dwarfed him..?? Is it possible my father's estimates long ago were actually right on the money-???? LOL
Adamz said on 12/Feb/15
hahaha bales batman is better. and bale is taller than Keaton, too!
184.3cm said on 12/Feb/15
His performance wasn't mediocre, not even in the slightest. The movies then were 15 + rated as it was a far darker, grimmer portrayal of the Bat. It seemed far more realistic to me that Bruce Wayne would be severely damaged mentally and emotionally, than some kind of Superman clone. Batman is human with all the faults that go with it, Superman = Sungod, which makes it more believable that he does it for the "greater good". Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed the trilogy from Nolan, they were good action movies but at times i felt that Bale was overshadowed by his adversaries, Joker being first and foremost among them. I also thought that Bale was a bit small physically for the Bat, he is a fit guy but more athletic than powerful. Then again there isnt many i can think of who could fill those boots.
John Blaze said on 10/Feb/15
Still to this day the best Bruce Wayne performance. He truly seemed troubled and like someone with a dark past. Bale is probably the best Batman, although the voice is a joke and distracting. Bale's Bruce Wayne is good but not up to Keaton's caliber. Val Kilmer was about as good as Bale.
Joe said on 31/Jan/15
I forgot to add, there have been a lot of wonderful portrayals of heroic characters in films, I forgot to add Harrison Ford portrayals of Indiana Jones and Han Solo. I think Gary Oldman should have also been listed as Jim Gordon in the Dark Knight series, as I recall Bale's Batman acknowledged his heroism at the end of Dark Knight Rises. I always recalled that Keaton was overshadowed by more colorful villains in both the first Batman and Batman Returns, and his Batman just felt impotent and inert, he did not feel like a hero let alone a superhero, it was not a surprise the studio decided to reboot the film and replace him with Val Kilmer who in my opinion was a better Batman but Kilmer's movie turned out too campy.
Joe said on 30/Jan/15
He was one of the oddest choices to portray Batman, the AFI listed his Batman as one of the 50 greatest heroes in film up there with Christopher Reeve's Superman, Sean Connery's James Bond, Alec Guiness's Obiwan Kenobi, Christopher Reeve's Superman. They have to be kidding me, his performance as Batman was just mediocre. I got to disagree heartily with that, there were so many other actors better suited for the role at the time. I heard Robert Urich and Kevin Costner were both front runner's for the role. Physically Robert Urich would have been perfect, I pictured Keaton would have been better as Commissioner Gordon or a supporting character, not as Batman. It did not surprise me that Val Kilmer replaced him after two films, and many fans thought Kilmer was a better Batman, taller and more physically imposing. Bale's Batman was brooding, but at the same time he was heroic and you cheered for Bale's character as he truly cared for people while Keaton was just a moody violent guy out for revenge, he was no hero, Keaton's Batman was a murderer.
the shredder said on 26/Jan/15
He does look between 5 '8 and 5'9 , peak 5'9.5.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jan/15
Well he looks about 2 inches shorter than Ed Norton in Birdman..
jtm said on 15/Jan/15
i hate to be annoying but he looks shorter than carell to me.
Sam said on 12/Jan/15
Also, Rob, could you add Night Shift, Gung Ho, Beetlejuice, Clean and Sober, Jackie Brown and The Other Guys to his credits?
Sam said on 12/Jan/15
No sbhorter than his peak.
Here w/ Steve Carell: Click Here
w/ Ethan Hawke: Click Here
w/ Geena Davis: Click Here
For some reason I thought Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu was near 5'11" but he's clearly not that. He doesn't even look a full inch over Keaton and probably about an inch under Brad Pitt. Also at the Golden Globes his 3 co-writers all nearly towered him. I thought it was unusual, even if Iñárritu is only 5'9"-5'10", his co-writers would all be Spanish guys well over six feet tall.
184.3cm said on 7/Jan/15
I do remember though that they used camera tricks to make him look taller in Batman. I actully preferred his version over Bale. Was alot darker and more gloomy than the action flick that Nolan served up.
the shredder said on 7/Jan/15
Rob , filming Batman , what weight he looks?
jtm said on 7/Jan/15
he was 3 inches shorter than norton despite the footwear advantage at the birdman premiere. i don't even think norton is a full 6'0 but even if he is that's still not enough to make him 5'9.
Steve said on 6/Jan/15
My favorite Keaton performance was in Beetlejuice. He was hysterically funny in it.

To me he aways looked like a 5'9" guy.
ArjunaKorale said on 5/Jan/15
@NCL: Yeah, I love Keaton in the BIRDMAN film! Has to be Mike's greatest performance ever (Keaton even elevates himself above a v fine actor like Ed Norton in that film) & he is multiple times better than he was in the 2 Batman films. I think most sensible people will see him as 175 cm (5 ft 9).
jp said on 13/Dec/14
Lewis Wilson was between 5'10/11 .We don't have an official stat but we do have for William Austin who played Alfred and he is listed at 6'1 .In the serial he is at least 2 / 3 inches taller than Lewis.
NCL said on 10/Dec/14
Anyone see "The Birdman" movie? Awesome film, Keaton looking a strong 5'9" against a 6' Edward Norton. Hard to find clips and pictures but here's one to start: Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Dec/14
Looked 177cm in the Batman movies
SAMMY DERRICK said on 25/Nov/14
1.Lewis G.Wilson-unknown,unknown.
2.Robert Lowery-6'1(185cm),unknown.
3.Adam West-6'2(188cm),6'2(188cm).
4.Michael Keaton-5'10(178cm),5'9(175cm).
5.Val Kilmer- 6'0(183cm),5'11.5(182cm).
6.George Clooney-5'11(180cm),5'10.75(180cm).
7.Christian Bale-6'0(183cm),6'0(183cm).
These are the heights of all the Batman actors.The first part is the answer from a search engine and the second part is from this website.The average Batman actor is 6'0(183cm)/5'11.25(181cm). And Michael Keaton very talented but the shortest at 5'9(175cm).
jp said on 24/Nov/14
I say we make a petition,to give the Batman height stats to Variable.He looks great in every height we have seen so far Keaton 5'9 super,Christain Bale 6' great,Adam West 6'1" cool.Val Kilmer 5'11.5 very awesome.Like Kane sais he made the character for everyone and not one sided.Batman shoul be changed from 6'2 the height given by the well known comic publication,not from the mouths of Kane and Fingers.They believed Batman was to everyone's imagination.We want Batman rto be Height:Variable.
Joe said on 19/Nov/14
Keaton seems like an average sized American man, 5'9" seemed about right, Batman was his biggest role ever. A lot of people thought the choice was very controversial at the time given that Batman is supposed to be a very large man. Bruce Wayne in the comics is very square jawed and handsome, Keaton was very average when it came to looks as well. I believe in the suit he stood a full 6 feet.
mike said on 17/Nov/14
Rob can you add more films like Beetlejuice, RoboCop (2014) and Birdman?
thatguy said on 15/Nov/14
Michael J. Fox was almost cast and he's 5'4'.
Sam said on 4/Nov/14
I liked Bale but that doesn't diminish my admiration for Keaton in the role despite being physically too small. Despite comments to contrary, I never saw Nicholson seem taller in an even shot in Batman, I think they were pretty even actually.

In premiere stuff of Birdman recently, he seems to have lost no height so far, he only looks about an inch under 5'11" range director Alejandro González Iñárritu and roughly 2-3 inches under Edward Norton. I'd say 5'10" is accurate as a shoed height for him.
Tony said on 1/Nov/14
Michael Keaton was probably the most bizarre casting choice in history. His alter ego in 1989's Batman is 6'2" and 210 lbs. In the movie Batman is supposedly 6 feet tall even. Keaton might have upgraded his height for the movie to make himself more plausible as portraying an action hero. He was very inert as Batman, and it was no surprise that in the first two films the villains overshadowed the hero in those movies. Quite a contrast to Christian Bale's more heroic interpretation of the character and probably the most popular version of Batman ever. Publicists claim Bale was 6'2" when Batman Begins was released in 1989 but that was later downgraded to 6'1" and then 6 foot even. Still Bale had the muscular physique and charisma that really made Batman the center of attention in the Nolan films.
james said on 30/Oct/14
Keaton's 5'10 with thick sole sneakers I saw in the special addition DVD his bat shoes were really nikes..Kim basinger stands 5'7.5 and she was clearly shorter than Keaton when wear in flats and not heels
SPhilo said on 21/Sep/14
Worked with him at a movie festival.
He is 5'7".
Lebensdorf said on 3/Sep/14
Not more than 5'8. Jack Nicholson is a little taller in "Batman." I would say maybe even 5'7. Kim Basinger was not much shorter at all, even when she was barefoot.
jp said on 2/Sep/14
Sammy,I'm 5'10.5 with Batman boots(1.5") and the cowl giving about .5 inches from the top of my head would make me a little over6'.So Keaton was very close to 6'with what he was wearing.I mean 5'11.5 still gives an illusion of about 6',If Keaton reached it.I mean who can really measure without a measuring tape.You just ball park it.
SAMMY DERRICK said on 9/Aug/14
In the first Batman movie,it is said " there a SIX FOOT BAT terrorizing Gotham?..."So naturally I would expect Michael to be 6'0 tall,surprise he is around 5'9 and lacks the suave demeanor of Bruce Wayne.But still looks aren't everything,so he did a great job with batman,Christian Bale however was PERFECT!
James B said on 27/Jul/14
I agree fanboys hyped up bale as batman to delusional degrees.

Did you know bob Kane thought val Kilmer was the best to play batman?
Realist said on 26/Jul/14
The best Batman of all time. In my opinion if u have a great actor at even 5'6-5'7 he could make a fine Batman, Batmans presence is not just height but fear which Bale lacked compared to Keaton. 5'8.5 min and 5'9 tops. Rob would u agree ?
bodwaya said on 13/Jul/14
in robobcop he was 1 inch taller then 5 foot 8 gary oldman
Ted said on 14/Jun/14
In the 70's batman was in a comic said to be 6'1 and superman 6'4. Ive read thousands of comics over the last 50 years.
JP said on 10/Jun/14
Hello Rob
Do you have any info on Lewis Wilson who was the first actor to play Batman in 1943.The only reference is William Austin's who played Alfred, height which we don't know if it is accurate on a popular site,putting him at 6'1.When we watch Wilson near Austin there is a 2 2.5 inch difference.Making Wilson about 5'10.5 /5'11.but again it's just a ball park figure,Any official stats? Thank you!
SAMMY DERRICK said on 3/May/14
In ROBOCOP;He is stated as 5'10 and 152lbs.But I think he is 5'9 max.
mister_lennon said on 31/Mar/14
Weak 5'9 strong 5'8 at peak. Today maybe a little bit less, like a solid 5'8 and a half.
the shredder said on 30/Mar/14
In Batman Jack is taller , but Jack had to be in lifts , He looked 5'11 ish
James B said on 27/Mar/14
5'9 seems fair. Great actor
the shredder said on 13/Mar/14
More than just 5'8 peak , 5'9 peak but he looks 5'8.5
Mr. R said on 12/Mar/14
I actually just came back from a preview screening of his film "Birdman". A lot of good people in it: Zach G, Ed Norton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts. There was definitely NOT two inches between MK and Zach. I think Mike may have gone down closer to 5-8.
Luke UK 1985 said on 10/Mar/14
Rob do you think that he's 5 ft 8.75 today?
Editor Rob
I think from watching a few 80's movies he was in that 5ft 9 is probably a safe shout for him, I doubt he's lost much.
Donald said on 10/Mar/14
i think he's 5 ft 9 (175 cm) and peak 5 ft 9.5 (177).
Justin said on 8/Mar/14
Hi Rob. I think that you have Keaton's height listed as at least one inch too tall. Kim Basinger is listed as 5'6 1/2 at the internet movie data base. Keaton is listed as 5'9 "flat". There's not that much of a difference between the two of them in Batman (1989). Frankly speaking I don't think that Keaton is any taller than 5'8 1/2.
the shredder said on 21/Feb/14
Gary Oldman needs an upgrade.
the shredder said on 13/Feb/14
Not taller than Gary Oldman. Maybe he is 5'8.5?
mister_lennon said on 27/Jan/14
Yeah, bob kane was the father of the idea of batman, but bill finger and jerry robinson created and developed batman and his world much more than kane did. Anyone cant be batman, only a athlete in peak condition. Batman hasnt superpowers, so he needs to be on top condition in body and mind to do all those things that he needs to do. And he needs to be a tall and athletic figure to be as impossing and scary as he could be.

And not, i would like to be in a movie about batman, because yes, im a big fan of the character. But for that reason, i know that im not the right person for the character, because im not tall enought and im not athletic enough to be batman or enough atractive to be bruce wayne. Surely, with some training here and there and some camera tricks here and there, i could be closer, but i would preffer a person much more right for the role.

But i think that this discussion is out of thread. You know. Lets talk about michael keaton height, that is the matter of the thread, you know.
GP said on 22/Jan/14
Got a good one for those obsessed with Super Heroes heights being real as opposed to the actors that play them.
'They still haven't found the right actor to play Ultra Man ,WONDER IF THEY EVER WILL AT 50 FEET TALL LOL!
GP said on 17/Jan/14
Mr Lennon. I know it that you are a huge fan of Batman,so much as to if you were offered to be BATMAN in a Fanfilm you surely wouldn't refuse. Now say you do make this fanfilm and then people start criticizing you that you are not Batman's height despite wearing 2" heeled boots making you 6' tall.Wouldn't that bug you deep inside?Wouldn't you defend yourself with Bob Kane's theory of anyone could be Batman. That is why I'm NOT GOOD WITH ANY SUPER HERO'S HEIGHTS,THEY SHOULD ALL BE NEUTRAL AND LEFT TO THE IMAGINATION OF THE ARTIST OR FILMAKER.Why should one have to be put down on a fictious matter? You would make a great Batman at 5'10 not short not too tall.
GP said on 17/Jan/14
In my conclusion,I really don't care what the comic book company puts Batman's height at hopefully he will climb to 6'7 the taller the better.right?For myself the creator's Kane word is the genuine word.And nothing will ever top it because he's the one who started it all.His words : Anyone can be Batman!You can argue that Fingers was involved in creating Batman,but if Kane did not come up with that idea there would be no Batman.Nothing beats the creator's words!
mister_lennon said on 30/Dec/13
Yes, i know , mID. I was talking with the people who was arguing about batman's height in comics books.

But yeah, agree. Only Ben Afleck and Adam West were close to the comic book character's height. Keaton was too short( alghouth he did a great performance) and clooney, Kilmer and Bale are just average.
mId said on 27/Dec/13
I'm not arguing what his "comic-book height" is supposed to be.. I haven't really looked in to that one.. Just saying that the actors who played him on screen all(exept for West) have been under 6' in real life.
mister_lennon said on 26/Dec/13
ALSO, it doesnt matter the height of the actors who has played batman in real action movies and tv series. The filmmakers cast whoever they feel that is right for the part, not for being a carbon copy of the comic book character. Wolverine is about 5'4 and hugh jackman is about 6'2. Henry cavill is about 6 and superman is about 6'3. chris evans is about 5'11 and captain america is about 6'2. tobey mguire is about 5'7 and spiderman is about 5'10. the joker is about 6'5 and jack nicholson is about 5'9. They cast the actor who they think is right for the role, thats all.

Yeah, keaton( who is about 5'9) was a great batman. Bale the same. but the fact is that batman is 6'2 in the comics

Only take a look about this interesting article about batman's physique:

Click Here
mister_lennon said on 26/Dec/13
There is no reference anywhere but in the Who's who comic book guide that was released in 1985 that Batman is 6'2 .If Batman was 6'2 they would've chosen a 6'2 actor to play Batman in the 1943 serial ,Lewis Wilson was 5'10.5.I'm sure they must've done research on the character before they chose someone.Yes Comic books and tv series have the characters at different heights.I bet Mr.Lennon that you are over 6 feet tall. I know that many Batman cosplayer and fans are of average height,putting Batman at an average height makes him become a role model for anyone that is not very tall.The 6 foot over super hero is a stereo type,it makes everyone think that if you are not over 6 feet ,you could never dream or fantasize about being one.And nevermind the side kicks they are second class heroes not too many hero fans dream to become sidekicks.I f Batman is given the height of 5'11 which is a not too tall but not too short it gives the character balance for everyone,anyone not 6 feei and plus could stand up and say you don't have to be tall to be a super hero and anyone taller than that could be happy because you somehow feel strong just because you are tall.Look at Mike Tyson 5'10, out of 58 fights he won 50 he pounded boxers who were 6'5 .Why would it be so wrong to put Batman at an average height,even average people have the right to dream.Everytime there's a Batman movie and the actor is below 6'2 he always get criticized that he is too small,but Keaton proved it wrong.he proved that an average guy could be a crimefighter using his smarts and techniques.Let's put Superman as the hero for the tall and Batman the hero for the average.I have no power to change anything but it would be nice if it was this way.

At first, im not over 6, im 5'10, just average.

Then, the actors who played batman doesnt have his height except ben afleck now, and adam west was the closest one.

But the issue is that batman was always 6'2 in the comics. In the first two or three years of his series, he looked about 6, thats right. But in the first and mids 40s, he was stablished as a 6'2 guy. Just look his height compared with superman , who is 6'3. They usually were together in world finest comics and justice league of america, and never, i mean,never, superman has more than an inch on batman. That is the best reference. Or just characters like captain marvel or green lantern, who are also 6'2, and batman is the same. Batman has always been 6'2 in the comics, except in the first two or three years.

Also, not. Batman is not the heroe of the average. Batman doesnt have superpowers, so, his unique superpowers is his mind and his body. Bruce wayne has a body of a bodybuidler becase he has been training about 20 years to make his body almost human perfection. Also, he has to be and intimidating and scary tall and dark figure to scare the criminals. A 6'2 human bat is very intimidating.

More proofs that batman is 6'2 in the comics. Bruce wayne is almost always the tallest one in his society parties and all. He is pretty tall. Its a matter of comparing him with other characters. He is 6'2.
GP said on 25/Dec/13
Maybe none of us can ever be the other Super heroes fly like Superman,run like Flash,walk on walls like Spiderman,etc,but we all need a Hero like Batman to be average,because we are all the closest to him,with no super powers.He's everyone's inspiration.
GP said on 25/Dec/13
For myself and for all average and below average height people,I would choose Batman to be average height.All super heroes(not sidekicks) seem to have all the same requirements they all must be super strong, all must have a specialty,all must be tall,all have some sort of supernatural gift.Why can't Batman be the hero who beats all odds,the average Joe like us who trained himself to be strong ,built his gadgets to use against stronger opponents.Why do you think Keaton is one of the most loved Batman next to Bale? Because we all see ourselves in him,he doesn't need to be tall,he's cool and awesome just being average and an inspiration for all!
meme said on 21/Dec/13
He's short. I have a friend who has stood next to him. She's 5'3" and she said he wasn't much taller than her. Small hands, too.
mId said on 20/Dec/13
Right around, but not quite 6'.. So technically they aren't 6 footers. Kilmer is not listed as 6' here.. He's listed at 5'11-something.. and most people on this board see bale as 182cm guy. So sure they could wear the same suit.. Because they are both shy of legit 6'. And that was my point about Batmans height(Discussed here by GP & mister Lennon).. Nobody who played him on screen so far exept Adam West have have been legit 6'.
Sam said on 20/Dec/13
Sigh...actually Kilmer and Bale are right around the six foot mark, mId...they can fit in the same Batsuit apparently (Bale wore Kilmer's old one for his audition).
mId said on 19/Dec/13
Well, if Adam West is over 6' then he's the only guy 6' or over that has played Batman from my memory(How tall was the old black & White Movie bat-men?).. Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney & Bale are all under 6'(Even if it's only by a cm or two) Keaton being the shortest.. But to me he was the best Batman.. Best looking suit :) Ben Affleck is Gonna be the tallest Batman on screen so far, edging out west. I see batman as 6' - 6'1.. Actually 184cm might be the perfect height for batman in my Eyes :) 6'3 is to tall for Batman I Think.. And 5'9 like Keaton is to short.. It works on Screen.. But you Picture him as 6' in that movie.. They even say in that 89-movie.. -Is there a 6 foot bat in Gotham :)
GP said on 16/Dec/13
This is what Elizabeth Sanders Kane(widow of BOB) replied:Did your husband have a favorite Batman out of the many actors who have played the character? Kane: "He liked them all. They each brought something different to Batman, and he said that's the wonderful thing about the character, that different people could play him and each person could bring their own essence, their own creativity.
GP said on 15/Dec/13
There is no reference anywhere but in the Who's who comic book guide that was released in 1985 that Batman is 6'2 .If Batman was 6'2 they would've chosen a 6'2 actor to play Batman in the 1943 serial ,Lewis Wilson was 5'10.5.I'm sure they must've done research on the character before they chose someone.Yes Comic books and tv series have the characters at different heights.I bet Mr.Lennon that you are over 6 feet tall. I know that many Batman cosplayer and fans are of average height,putting Batman at an average height makes him become a role model for anyone that is not very tall.The 6 foot over super hero is a stereo type,it makes everyone think that if you are not over 6 feet ,you could never dream or fantasize about being one.And nevermind the side kicks they are second class heroes not too many hero fans dream to become sidekicks.I f Batman is given the height of 5'11 which is a not too tall but not too short it gives the character balance for everyone,anyone not 6 feei and plus could stand up and say you don't have to be tall to be a super hero and anyone taller than that could be happy because you somehow feel strong just because you are tall.Look at Mike Tyson 5'10, out of 58 fights he won 50 he pounded boxers who were 6'5 .Why would it be so wrong to put Batman at an average height,even average people have the right to dream.Everytime there's a Batman movie and the actor is below 6'2 he always get criticized that he is too small,but Keaton proved it wrong.he proved that an average guy could be a crimefighter using his smarts and techniques.Let's put Superman as the hero for the tall and Batman the hero for the average.I have no power to change anything but it would be nice if it was this way.
JB said on 6/Dec/13
5'9" flat. Looks about an inch taller than Mark Walberg in The Other Guys.
mister_lennon said on 28/Nov/13
But Gp, thats not true. There are a lot of comics before adam west played batman in the 60s, that shows batman as a 6´2 guy. In the most of them, i'll said. Only compare his height with superman, who is about 6'3, and batman is very close to him. he is in the same height or close with characters who are listed as 6'2 or 6'3 guys, and all of that is in the 40s and 60s, much before west played batman. Batman/bruce wayne was officially listed as a 6'2 guy much before batman was played by adam west.
GP said on 26/Nov/13
Mister Lennon I know this because I know a few comic book artists that have done work for DC ,Batman never had an official height until the 1980's,DC Comics were to make a Super Hero Guide.They took it from West.
mister_lennon said on 14/Nov/13
Sorry, but that's not true. Batman's height as been always 6'2. Superman is listed as 6'3 and batman is very close to him when they are together. The joker is listed 6'5 and batman is very close too. He looks the same than characters listed as 6'2 or 6'3 guys, so he has been alwasy listed and portrayed like a 6'2 guy. The 5'9 thing is just a joke.
GP said on 8/Nov/13
For all those that say that Adam West is the only Batman at 6'2 like DC COMICS
states it.Here is news for you :It's because DC took those stats off West.
West was the only popular screen Batman at the time and in the 1980's DC comics took his height to give to the Batman character.Bob Kane's original Batman height was 5'9"based on his own and Douglas Fairbank's(Zorro).
FM said on 29/Jul/13
Pretty spot on. Scroll to the bottom of this link:
Click Here

There are a few photos of him in a lineup. He looks about 5'10" or possibly taller with shoes on. So I'd say 5'9.5 bare foot is accurate.
bodwaya said on 17/Jul/13
he is equal heihgt to 5 foot 9 chris o donell in company 5 foot 9 nothing more plus hes in my top 5 worst acrots ever. in order they go kutcher,keaton,arnold,harvey kitel,jackie chan
Mike T said on 12/Jun/13
5'7.75 nowadays. Watch Herbie Fully Loaded Justin Long who is at least 5'8" was taller than him. His peak was probably 5'9" or maybe 5'8.75.
Shadowmaster said on 11/May/13
I saw him up close at a film shoot on a Manhattan street and he was a little shorter than me. I'm 5' 9."
GP said on 24/Jan/13
Sam ,Keaton's Bat boots had a heel close to 2" and he's at par with Nicholson,that would make him at least 1" shorter.
Hey Shredder,DC Comics only gave Batman a height in the 1980's ,before that he never officially had one,except we can reference Bob Kane using 5'9' Douglas Fairbanks who played Zorro as one of the main inspirations Kane had when he created the character.And also Kane was once asked which actor he would personally have chosen to play B
Sam said on 11/Jan/13
Accurate listing IMO. He was a hair taller than Mark Wahlberg in The Other Guys. Keaton and Jack Nicholson are around the same height:
Click Here
bodwaya said on 8/Nov/12
if u scroll to the bottom i mention my life. kidman is 5 foot 11 . which would make keaton 5 foot 9.he was also two inches shorter anthony lapaga is on good cop who is 5foot 11. let me say wathcing keaton act in movies me happy he dosent act any more hes a bad actor who is also boring
Matt said on 4/Nov/12
And if you've ever seen My Life, you'll notice how Nicole Kidman is around 2 inches taller than Keaton. I'm seeing 5'8-5'8.5 on the mark.
Matt said on 3/Nov/12
Michael Keaton isn't 76, Rob, haha.
Editor Rob
that's my dad I'm saying is 76
Lebensdorf said on 17/Sep/12
5'7 or 5'8 next to 6'0 Chris Walken in Batman Returns
bodwaya said on 7/Sep/12
in the paper he had only 1 inch on Robert duvall who is 5 foot 8. Plus him and ron howard are equal height.
somebody said on 13/Aug/12
5´7 , 5´8 no more that that. You can see it in batman movies, his body is just short it doesnt matter what boots he has... short end of story.
the shredder said on 2/Aug/12
Still my fav Batman , though I think the new ones are better films .
jtm said on 1/Aug/12
around 5'8 even in his batman days. still much better than bale and clooney.
leonari said on 31/Jul/12
Shredder: Yeah tall guys are as Bad as women when it comes to estimating height. Well what can we do? Gotta accept it cause these folks will never learn how to do it.
the shredder said on 30/Jul/12
Leonari , my friend is 6'2 and yes he can't judge height for crap ... He thought my other friend at exactly 5'8 was 5'5 .
leonari said on 30/Jul/12
Shredder: Most people just can't gauge height. My ex Girlfriend met van Damme face to face and told me he was tiny. Shorter than me!! What a joke. Keaton is 177
the shredder said on 29/Jul/12
My friend met him and said he was 5'7 lol !
Connor said on 28/Jul/12
Rob do you think it is possible that Micheal couldve been 5ft 10 (178 cm) flat in his prime? I think he is the same height as my dad either 177-178cm, my dad is called Micheal aswell he claims 5ft 11 though, might not be far off though could even be 179cm. I heard that your dad is a weak 5ft 10 now is'nt he Rob?
Editor Rob
he used to be five ten but today at 76 is a weak five nine

I don't think keaton has,lost much at all
bodwaya said on 12/Jun/12
in my life he was 2 inches shorter then nicole kidman who is 5 foot 11 and in pictures with burton hes 1 inch shorter then him. and burton is 5 foot 10 so 5 foot 9 is right
TonyV said on 11/Jun/12
In Beetlejuice he looks like three inches shorter than Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin, but then in Speechless he's almost the same height as Geena Davis. Kind of weird. I guess he wore lifts for Speechless. Also he shows his driver's license in that film, and it says he's 6'0 which is probably far from true.. But then my step-father's step-father is about the same height as me (5'10) but on his driver's license it says 6'0
HellBoundPower said on 8/Jan/12
I think the height here is pretty accurate. He might be down to 5'9" now because of age. As for the picture with Mel Gibson, Keaton is obviously leaning in with a relaxed posture, while Mel Gibson is standing straight as tall as he can. Difference in posture makes the difference in height look greater than it is.
maio said on 4/Dec/11
watching Batman movies i think:

BATMAN (1989):
Michael Keaton: 5 ft 9.5 in/177 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 9 in/175 cm (TODAY)
Kim Basinger: 5 ft 6.5 in/169 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 5.5 in/166 cm (TODAY)
Jack Nicholson: 5 ft 9.25 in/176 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 8 in/173 cm (TODAY)
Michael Gough: 5 ft 9 in/175 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 7.5 in/171 cm (in the movies)
Pat Hingle: 5 ft 8.5 in/174 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 7.5 in/171 cm (in the movies)
Jack Palance: 6 ft 3.5 in/192 cm (PEAK), 6 ft 2.75 in/190 cm (in the movie)
Billy Dee Williams: 5 ft 10.75 in/180 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 9.5 in/177 cm (TODAY)

Danny DeVito: 4 ft 9.5 in/146 cm (PEAK), 4 ft 8 in/143 cm (TODAY)
Michelle Pfeiffer: 5 ft 6 in/168 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 5 in/165 cm (TODAY)
Christopher Walken: 5 ft 11.75 in/182 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 11 in/180 cm (TODAY)

Val Kilmer: 5 ft 11.5 in/182 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 10.75 in/180 cm (TODAY)
Nicole Kidman: 5 ft 10 in/178 cm
Tommy Lee Jones: 5 ft 11.75 in/182 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 11 in/180 cm (TODAY)
Jim Carrey: 6 ft 1 in/185 cm
Chris O'Donnell: 5 ft 9 in/175 cm

BATMAN & ROBIN (1997):
George Clooney: 5 ft 9.5 in/177 cm
Arnold Schwarzenegger: 6 ft 1 in/185 cm (PEAK), 5 ft 11.5 in/182 cm (TODAY)
Uma Thurman: 5 ft 11 in/180 cm
Alicia Silverstone: 5 ft 5 in/165 cm
Elle MacPherson: 5 ft 11.5 in/182 cm
The Joker said on 17/Sep/11
I thought Michael Keaton looked around 5 foot 9 inches tall (1.75m) in both Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). I do not think that Keaton is any shorter then 5 foot 8 inches (1.73m) or any taller then 5 foot 9.5 inches (1.77m). I would be surprised if he was any taller or shorter then that range.
GP said on 15/Sep/11
Hey Lorne I posted 2 pics with Michael and Mel Gibson and Michael with George Wendt .He`s head to head with 5`8`Wendt and about 1 inch shorter than 5`9.5`` Gibson ,that clearly makes him in the 5`8 ish size. And Nicholson is 5`9 and Keaton barely surpasses him with higher heeled boots which still proves he`s in the 5`8 ish range.Rob what do you think?
lorne said on 12/Sep/11
This listing is pretty close. He was taller than Nicholson with the "Bat lifts" and taller than Marky Mark in "The Other Guys". Don't know why people want him to be shorter when he's clearly a weak average??? I personally say 5ft9.25in, though anything between 5'9-5'9.5 is arguable.

Michael Keaton's height:5ft9.25in at peak(176-177cm range)
The Shadowmaster said on 2/Sep/11
I saw Keaton at a movie shoot and stood about 10 ft. away from him. I'm 5' 10 and he looked a couple of inches shorter than me. 5'8" or a little less.
GP said on 9/Aug/11
Lorraine Bracco is stated at 5`7 in this site ,so if true,and Keaton barely passes her that would make him close to 5`8`. Keaton`s height should be revised at at least 5`8.5 .If cool with Rob.....pwetty pwease!
TW said on 2/Aug/11
There is no way Keaton is more than 5'8.5 - 5'9 tops. In "The Dream Team" he is standing toe to toe with Lorraine Bracco (5'8) in a full body shot and he is just barely, and I mean barely, taller than her.
Mr. Tempus said on 31/Jul/11
He looked 5'10 - 5'11 in Batman movies (the magic of movies :), but i think he is a solid 5'8, maybe a weak 5'8 nowdays
SpaceInvaduhs said on 31/Jul/11
Michael Keaton is definitely the best Batman ever but he's also a 5'8".
I'm curious to know how he got this 5'9.75" listing. I don't think he's ever been 5'9" in his life.
tell-em said on 21/Jul/11
keaton may have lost a bit of height. i think he was about 5'8.5" peak. may have been 5'9". he looked 3 inches taller than 5'6" peak henry winkler in NIGHT SHIFT.
TruebloodFan said on 20/Jul/11
@GP says on 6/Jul/11
Mel Gibson is around 175cm or a cm more and wears customs a lot. After all, it's Mel Gibson, a living legend. Keaton is however, 5ft8 max.
GP said on 6/Jul/11
In BATMAN 1989 Keaton wore boots with 1.5" heels. So say he's 5'8.5", that would make him 5'10" plus the cowl if counting the ears (about 3") would total to 6'1,That's the answer to the " a 6 foot bat!" that was said in the movie.
I put 2 photos with links on this thread: one where Keaton is with George Wendt (5'8") and they are at par and one where he is at least 1" shorter than Mel Gibson(5'9.5")Plus I know a few people that met him in person and swear that he is 5'8" .Anyone else want to justify this?
GP said on 2/Jul/11
Click Here
Proof that Michael is 5'8ish Check this pic of him beside 9'.5" Mel Gibson.
There's a good one inch!
Vladimir Horowitz said on 15/Jun/11
This man is nowhere near 5 ft 9.75 in. He came into my work today for the second time, and this guy is 5'8 tops...more likely around 5'7 though. I have no idea where this 177 cm business came from, but it's completely bogus. How is this justified Rob?
JP said on 10/May/11
Michael Keaton is 5`8.5`` without shoes.
richinkle said on 28/Apr/11
In the "Mary Tyler Moore Hour", Michael Keaton and Mary Tyler Moore are almost exactly the same height with Mary wearing about an additional inch of heel.

I would estimate him between 5'-8 and 5'-9.
Bon_ said on 12/Feb/11
Regardless of his height, I think Michael Keaton is an excellent actor.
He wil always be my true Batman.
jase said on 23/Dec/10
People,people,people. I myself am an actor. The plain truth is we use lifts all of us. We use camera angles. We always cheat our height about two inches. Lets get past it and look at the actors performance and let business go on as it has for a 100 yrs in Hollywood. Just assume we are all at least "5'10" or taller" with shoes or boots in the case of Depp and Stallone and definitely RDJr.
TruebloodFan said on 17/Dec/10
in some scenes in 'The other guys', he even looks shorter than Wahlberg, and Wahlberg is a very questionable 5ft8.
F50 said on 13/Dec/10
Rob? Keaton at 1,77m (5'9.75")? He was never close to that height. No way he's taller than 1,74m (5'8.5").
GP said on 22/Nov/10
Proof that Keaton is 5'8"ish
check this picture with him and George Wendt 5'8" in Gung Ho
they 're quasi the same height!
Click Here
GP said on 22/Nov/10
Proof that Keaton is 5'8"ish
check this picture with him and George Wendt 5'8" in Gung Ho
they 're quasi the same height!
Click Here
Larc186-188cm said on 13/Nov/10
He looked 5'10 in both Batman movies, and Batman is supposed to be a very strong 6'2. But who cares? He was awesome in both of them.
GP said on 5/Nov/10
No matter what height he is or has been wheter in comics or movies etc,
One thing's for sure.
If you are a Batman fan,you surely aren't one because of how tall he is,
All Batman fans have to agree,he's got on o the coolest costumes ever ,whether black or grey suit ,blue cowl or black cowl.We all love him because of his
awesome look and of course his gadgets and vehicles!
My fav is Adam West's version and s close contender is Clark Bartram who was in the fan movie: Batman Dead End/World's Finest.He's only 5'8" but has got such a cool presence!
I salute all Batmen no matter what size they are!
GP said on 2/Nov/10
Yes ML,DC comics gave him that height since the 1980's,but before that
he had no established height.Bob Kane, and not DC, always saw the character between 5'9" to 6' .
5'9" is not a joke.Rocky Graziano the boxer was 5'9" and he was one of the best
He KO'd many rivals in the over 6' category.
How about Bruce Lee who was 5'7" he also beat many over 6'.
An average sized Batman makes a lot of sense when talking about speed,agility,dexterity,acrobatics,camouflage,balance,etc.
He would be quickr in making his escapes in comparison with a very tall person.
Don't under-estimate the potential of an average sized man.
Mister_Lennon said on 1/Nov/10
No, batman is 6'2. The other interpreations of the character in movies with real actors is another thing. But the character has been stabilished in 6'2. 5'9 is a joke.
GP said on 1/Nov/10
6'2" height to Batman was given by DC comics in the 1980's and not by it's
creator Bob Kane.In an interview Bob ane mentioned that "anyone can be Batman ,he has no super powers"
Batman comes in all shapes and sizes:
1940'S serial Batman
1966 TV Batman
Comic book Batman
Movie Batman
Lego Batman
He's gone by being 5'9" to a little 2 "
f you like your Batman to be 6"2" it's cool
If you want him 5'9" it's also cool!
Batman can be anyone!
Could you imagine if at Halloween the stores selling Batman costumes would display this:
Sorry,Batman costumes Only available in 6' 2" sizes.
Wouldn't that also hurt the little tots heart,that they can never dream of being their favorite super hero,especially if they never grow up to be that size!
Let's be Liberal about it.
Dr. Mandich said on 31/Oct/10
I am 5'8", and while working a film festival I met him. Keaton is a good inch shorter than I. This was 2003-ish, and we were wearing same height heels (cowboy boots).
vlad303 said on 2/Jul/09
Speaking of Batman, didn't they try to sell him as a 6 foot tall bat in that movie. After the opening scene, someone said he was 6foot.
tubbs said on 17/Jun/09
Rob, have you seen him in A Shot at Glory? Or was Ally McCoist masquerading as an ex Celtic player enough to put you off? Keaton looked 5'9.5".

Editor Rob
yeah, but he was in a boardroom from what I recall of it.
Daii said on 25/May/09
I would have guessed he was 5'9 myself, he kinda looks it in Beetlejuice
Mr T-Cakes said on 23/May/09
that's right. I noticed in the scene in Batman, at the Axis chemical plant, that Nicholson was a couple of inches taller. And Nicholson is only 5ft9, isn't he? Or is he a lifts sort of actor?
Lebensdorf said on 31/Jan/09
Looked 5'8'' maximum in Batman. Was shorter than Robert Wuhl and Jack Nicholson and barely taller than Kim Basinger, who is about 5'6''.

He is a solid 5'8'', not taller.
Jim M said on 30/Jan/09
Hey guys, just a general comment. It seems a lot of these male actors are suspected of wearing lifts of some kind. I'm curious if tbere are any reliable statistics on the average height of a male actor (vs. the US male population. I think that would be an interesting statistic
Tom Tom said on 23/Jan/09
Saw him standing next to Clint Howard in "Gung Ho"
f Clint is 5ft 6inches then Keaton is only 5ft 8inches...never heard of lifts ??.

Look at his feet in some of his photos.
guyfrommars said on 23/Jan/09
KingNick: Adam West was the only actor to have the "Batman height", he is 6ft2 just as Batman in the comics. Keaton is probably the shortest actor to play the character.
anthony said on 11/Jan/09
I see him almost everyday, and when we stand and talk or walk together i can tell you 5ft9.75in sounds really exact! Great guy by the way
KingNick said on 9/Jan/09
The height of Batman in the comics is 6'2" I believe. Val Kilmer and Christian Bale both are about 6' on the dot so they're the closest.

Here's Keaton with Nicholson: Click Here
TELLEM said on 20/Dec/08
i agree mister lennon, prior to that he made beetlejuice w/ tim burton. and yea ppl should watch "pacific heights" aswell. good movie.
TELLEM said on 20/Dec/08
leonari says on 19/Dec/08
Tellem: I won't agree.Sorry. I believe Glenns estimates are much closer to reality than yours. You like Viper are often downgrading celebs by close to 2 inches. Why? I will never understand why you do that.

i'm not asking you to believe in my estimate. your the one that came on here saying my estimate was laughable when i brought proof.

whats so hard to understand? i bring proof of them looking and appearing shorter next to another celeb. wheres your proof? so i have my reason why i do Mr. R said, their much shorter in person.
leonari said on 19/Dec/08
Tellem: I won't agree.Sorry. I believe Glenns estimates are much closer to reality than yours. You like Viper are often downgrading celebs by close to 2 inches. Why? I will never understand why you do that.
Mister Lennon said on 19/Dec/08
Batman isnt average, he is a very tall man in the comics. He is a strong 6'2 in the comics, and that is tall, not average. Iron man is a little shorter, like 6'1 without the armor, with the armor is 6'2 or 6'3.

Keaton looks a 5'8 or 5'9 guy, probably most a 5'8 than a 5'9, that is what he looks. Never, never 5'10. Only see the batman movie, shorter than jack nicholson even with the bat suit.

Keaton was casted as batman because he was a good friend of tim burton and burton wanted a against type actor to play bruce wayne. But he is far, far from the height of the batman from the comics.

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