How tall is Paul Bettany

Paul Bettany's Height

6ft 3.5in (191.8 cm)

British actor, best known for roles in films like A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code, Wimbledon, Master and Commander, A Knights Tale, The Tourist, Legion, Priest, Transcendence and The Avengers films. In his own words: "I've never played tennis once in my life...I'm 6ft 3 and trying to be graceful is difficult." although he admitted in an interview that "I used to lie and say I'm 6 foot 3 and I'm not, I'm closer to 6 foot 4."

How tall is Paul Bettany
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Average Guess (19 Votes)
6ft 3.42in (191.6cm)
Jakob said on 11/Sep/17
I bet if he busted a gut under Rob's stadiometer he would measure between 6ft 3 and 4, but his posture is pretty bad. I'm 190 m and I bet he would be near an inch taller than me. I like him as an actor, I think he's understated. Have you seen Master & Commander, Rob? Great film and he was tremendous in it.
Slim 182 cm said on 27/Jul/17
Liam Hemsworth and this guy are strong 6'3.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 19/Jul/17
Lee Pace would beat this guy out in a stadiometer showdown
Balrog said on 21/Jun/17
In Wimbledon there is a brief scene where he stands right next to Austin Nichols (listed here at 6'3''), and they are pretty much the same. Yes, Bettany is a sloucher but so do Nichols. I really can't see him this tall.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/May/17
I think he's in the same range as Sacha Baron Cohen and Liam Hemsworth, 191/192cm
Sandy Cowell said on 27/May/17
🎈🎂 Happy Birthday Paul! 🎂🎈

Have a lovely day with Jennifer and the kids! 👍😄👪
Sandy Cowell said on 25/May/17
I have paused my DVD of Lynda La Plante's 'Killer Net' to do a bit of a write-up on this tall, blond young man, who back then (1997), was playing a house-sharing student-type with a brain, but keener on the trivialities of life than supporting his hardworking 5ft2 nurse girlfriend, played by Emily Woof, who I wrote about last week! Hence my decision to check out 'Killer Net', which was shocking when it came out, made headway and here is my copy!
I knew Paul is 6ft3.5, as not only have I read it, I have copies of 'Gangster No 1', 'Legion', 'Priest' and 'Dogville'. I was waiting to watch him on screen before I wrote about him, so this is my first opportunity in a while! I did think 'A student in 1997? He must be playing younger!'
I actually got his age right, which gave me a temporary halo! He is nearly 46 and has 'one of each' with his wife Jennifer Connolly, Agnes and Stellen, named after Starsgaard. Very nice and cosy - an ideal family life!
6ft3-and-a-half goes in Paul's box and Happy Birthday wishes for the 27th of this month! 👍🎂
greg said on 9/May/17
noticeably about an inch taller than Brendan Fraser, would think this listing is accurate - but he slouches badly so easily can look an inch or more shorter
pedderz said on 26/Mar/17
Ive met the fella... I stand 6ft 3.5 .. 6ft 4 in shoes..

I easily had an inch on him..

I,d say he,s 6ft 2.5 in he,s flat feet.. Definatelly no more than that..
Mark(5'9.25 said on 10/Feb/17
He would be edged out by Lee Pace, Jason Momoa, and Michael Strahan.
berta said on 31/Jan/17
i think he could be little over 6 foot 3 but not 6 foot 3 and a half
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jan/17
Maybe got 6ft3½ earlier in the day
Balrog said on 29/Jan/17
His older 6'3'' listing was perfect.
Jay said on 27/Jan/17
Rob, considering your 6'2 listing for Chris Hemsworth, are we assuming he was elevated when put against Paul Bettany in Avengers 2?
Editor Rob: Chris has always had a 6ft 3 listing, one of the lucky few who hasn't had a wavering listing!
berta said on 8/Jan/17
to me he lokes in the 191-192 range no taller than this could be little shorter
Jake said on 23/Dec/16
I beg to differ. I think Paul is a 1.9 m(6'2.25")-tall guy. Looked it next to Chris Hemsworth
S.J.H said on 9/Nov/16
I think of liam hemsworth who could reach up paul's height they both maybe 191.5cm range another guy also look the same range is josh duhamel they all look into the mid of 191-192cm all fractionally taller than a strong 6'3-3.25 zachary levi
Josh Jeffords said on 4/Nov/16
Paul is very tall and a bad sloucher could be close to 6 4.
Towered over numerous actors ford upright Crowe slouching and heath always even barefoot.
Has long arms and legs like a legit 6 3 plus guy.
Avengers is pointless boots costumes hoods height is not apparent.
James B said on 12/Jul/16
6'3 1/2 and married to Jennifer Connelly.

He must feel like the luckiest man in the world
S.J.H said on 11/Jul/16
6'3-6'3.25 and never he was 6'3.75 like he say close to 6'4 and brendon fraser is more like 6'2.5-6'2.75
Mark said on 3/Jul/16
Too bad Paul would be edged out by Lee Pace, Jason Momoa, and even Randy Orton! LOL!
ly said on 26/Jun/16
pretty undeniable proof of his height
Click Here
Yaspaa said on 11/Jun/16
I could buy 6'4 after watching him in Inkheart with Brendan Fraser.
ervis said on 9/May/16
Click Here
As you can see here he`s losing height at the neck and shoulder area and still manages to edge the 6`3 chris hemsworth.The listing seems accurate at worst i would say 6`3.25.
Arch Stanton said on 9/May/16
Yeah Andrea it's tough to see Bettany as a taller guy than Sacha Baron Cohen or Gary Cooper!!
Spiderman~ said on 8/May/16
6'4", he is taller than the rest of The Avengers
S.J.H said on 29/Apr/16
Paul bettany can't be any close to 6'3.5 because 6'4 jeff goldblum easily edge him out by 0.75 so the most 6''3.25 and 6'3 fits him well
Andrea said on 13/Apr/16
Rob, i know you mentioned he's got bad posture very often in photos but in some photos he can look not much more than 6'1, considering i'm taking for granted your 179 listing for Russel Crowe... I did a test actually and tried to measure myself 2 inches under my height! I really had to stand very bad, bending my spine and legs a lot, appearing quite "ridicolous" in a sense! Even if 2 inches might appear not that much, it's not easy to loose that amount standing in photos, trust me! I've never seen him standing that bad in photos, so a bad posture wouldn't justify why he looks so "short" next to Russel!
Editor Rob: sometimes a guy could drop height in back and hip...but I think at times the 6ft 3 fits him more than his almost 6ft 4 claim...maybe he did in fact measure 6ft 3.5 range earlier in the day and is a guy who drops to 6ft 3-3.25.
Ervis said on 23/Mar/16
His posture is really terrible.I think he definitely clears 6'3" when standing straight but he never does.
Rob on scale from 1 to 10 how would you rate his posture
Editor Rob: 3

I'd advise him to work on some exercises to improve his standing gait. Maybe the habit came from his personality and being 6ft 3 at a young age? Could have felt more awkward and just developed a habit of dropping height more often with others...

It puts different pressures on the discs and muscles that long-term might cause back problems as you get older.
S.J.H said on 10/Feb/16
Paul is same height as josh duhamel but both were probably not a solid 6'3.5 much closer to 6'3.25 look similar height as 6'3.25 zachary levi
Born Again said on 11/Jan/16
MrTBlack said on 11/May/15
Saying your 6'3" when your 6'3.5" isn't lying about your height. Your supposed to say your the lower half of your height when your a height plus a half inch and when your 3/4" then your round up.

True, considering 6'3.5 is in the middle of 6'3 and 6'4. Like others have said, he's probably 6'3.75, which matches his comment.
seb1.91 said on 4/Nov/15
When you see avengers, age of ultron, you can see him taller that Chris h. And if Chris claims to be 6 ft 3, then Paul is 6 ft 3.75. No doubt of it.
Anton said on 4/Aug/15
He is a very tall man, probably 6' 3.75" (192.4 cm).
Rachel said on 17/Jun/15
Anyone got any thoughts on his terrible posture making him look shorter? I was watching a video where he's walking next to the rest of the cast of AoU and he walks like a tall dude who's got a lot of short friends and has to lean down to hear them a lot.
Old Fussbudget said on 27/May/15
Gracious, doesn't anyone learn to write English these days? You almost distract me from how gorgeous Paul Bettany is, whether 6'3", 6'4" or otherwise. The man is beautiful and has a beautiful voice as well.
MrTBlack said on 11/May/15
Saying your 6'3" when your 6'3.5" isn't lying about your height. Your supposed to say your the lower half of your height when your a height plus a half inch and when your 3/4" then your round up.
Triplescrew said on 7/May/15
He looked 6'4" and change in Age of Ultron if Hemsworth is indeed 6'3". Could just be that he had a chunkier boot.
Dejavu said on 24/Apr/15
Looked the same height as chris hemsworth.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Apr/15
Arch Stanton says on 3/Mar/15
See I can't see him as pushing 6'5 in shoes. He's noticeably tall but 6 ft 4 and a half in sneakers? Can't see it.

It really depends on the type of sneaker and the time of day. I'm pushing 6ft4 myself (measured 6ft3½ at 11:30pm) and I can hit that mark no problem in low-cut converses. In fact if I got out of bed and through on a pair I might even clear 6ft5.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Mar/15
Oh yes of course, can you also mention the Iron Man films...
Arch Stanton said on 3/Mar/15
See I can't see him as pushing 6'5 in shoes. He's noticeably tall but 6 ft 4 and a half in sneakers? Can't see it.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Mar/15
Rob can you add a photo and films like Master and Commander, A Knights Tale, The Tourist, Legion, Priest, Transcendence and The Avengers films.

There's plenty of 6'3 guys who can look a legit 6'4 but he's honestly not one of them. I can't see him above a flat 6'3" myself. I certainly find it very hard to believe he's taller than a guy like Sacha Baron Cohen.
BGee said on 10/Dec/14
Looks more 6'3 flat to me.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jul/14
He certainly looks a solid 6'3" in Transcendence.
egnagel said on 12/May/14
how to explain, what we see, when we search for pictures with doug jones? both guys suppose to have same height.
James B said on 31/Mar/14
Does not look taller than 6'3 to me. Heck he can even 6''2.5
Arch Stanton said on 22/Mar/14
misteee says on 17/Oct/13
You can't really judge a person's height by how they appear in a movie. Look at Elijah Wood in LOTR, Rick Moranis in the Honey movies...

I disagree. Obviously you have to be beware of camera angles, box tricks, posture, ground level, lifts etc and certain films are obviously tampered with like LOR, but if the camera watches people walk from a distance and you can see full length proportions on even ground then its actually a very good way to judge height comparisons. All I know is that I've seen a LOT of films and comparisons accounting for footwear etc and Rob seems to have it scarily right most of the time the height difference between actors turns out to be what you'd expect. Typically if I disagree it is usually by a few cm only or so and that I think Rob is being a little generous.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/14
"Paul Bettany height: 6ft 3.25in (191cm)"

I think he may have measured 6ft3.75 out of bed.
Halb said on 29/Dec/13
Looked taller than Brendan in Inkheart.
Mike T said on 6/Dec/13
It said he was 6'4" 195 lbs in iron man 3
misteee said on 17/Oct/13
You can't really judge a person's height by how they appear in a movie. Look at Elijah Wood in LOTR, Rick Moranis in the Honey movies... camera angles are just like magic. I totally believe 6'4, especially after watching him around Brendan Fraser, Heath Ledger and Kevin Durand. He doesn't look quite so tall because he is a sloucher and hunches his shoulders.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Oct/13
Doesn't really look over 6'3" in A Beautiful Mind.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/13
He wasnt much taller than Crowe
Balrog said on 22/Sep/13
6'3" flat and a sloucher.
PLB said on 12/Sep/13
I was watching 'Master and Commander' on TV and there was the scene where he can't get back to the ship fast enough because of his wound so he's carried by one of the seamen. That guy is at least four inches taller than Bettany. I wonder who he is?
Lurk said on 2/Sep/13
If he's this tall then he must really have terrible posture...
Rusty said on 24/Aug/13
Rob, you should make a celebrity weight page for him. I about 6'3" flat or so and weigh only 170 and people tell me im definitely thin. He is nearly as thin as me. i would say 180 is a good weight guess for him
Balrog said on 20/Aug/13
He wakes at 6'3.75" and dips to 6'3"-6'3.25". That is his range IMO.
Rusty said on 19/Aug/13
He likely says he is closer to 6'4" as 6'3.75" is likely a morning measurement and he dips to 6'3.5" later on. I bet he wakes up at 6'4" flat though
Balrog said on 6/Aug/13
Funny thing is that Crowe looked shorter than 179 cm next to Christian Bale.

Bettany is a solid 6'3'' I think his claim it's fine because he probably is close to 6'4'' in the morning.
Lo sgozzatore said on 5/Aug/13
Yeah. He doesnt look 6'3.5 at all with Crowe! Just look at him with Sacha Baron Cohen! There's much more chance that Cohen is 6'4 than Bettany! He looks noticeably taller than Crowe! With Bettany i dont see this difference at all!
Arch Stanton said on 5/Aug/13
Click Here That was about the height difference in Master and Commander 2-3 inches. Crowe really did look 6' range and near 6'1" at times in comparison if he's 6'3.5". He looks to me to be getting at least a 2 inch gain from footwear. I've always said that I could buy 5 ft 11 for Crowe but he has been pictured in sneakers looking 5'10" range enough to know he's nowhere near 6'1".
Arch Stanton said on 5/Aug/13
How is is possible Crowe is 5'10.5" and Bethany 6'3.5" in this photo!! Click Here Do you have Crowe down as a lift wearer Rob? I've got to say that he does seem the type...
Arch Stanton said on 5/Aug/13
Strange thing though Rob is that he only looked about 3 inches taller than Russell Crowe in Master and Commander. Russel Crowe looked 6' range in comparison. Maybe Crowe borrowed Napolean's boots for the film...
[Editor Rob: he can look 6ft 2 range with crowe, just looking at them together, but Paul is one of those guys who seems to slouch a bit]
Arch Stanton said on 5/Aug/13
I agree with this listing.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jul/13
Rob, if he's closer to 6"4" than 6"3", wouldn't 6"3.75"(192cm) be more accurate?
[Editor Rob: 6ft 3.5 I think is a good fit for him]
Balrog said on 3/Jul/13
Might be a strong 6'3'' but he didn't look 192 cm next to Waldau in Wimbledon.
SdM said on 17/Nov/12
Paul Bettany just admitted in a bbc 5 Minutes With interview to being just under 6'4", but that he would often state 6'3" to avoid ending up in the freakishly tall for an actor realm.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: thanks, it's an interesting quote. He is closer to 6ft 4 then, which might explain him being taller than someone like brendan fraser...]
James said on 10/Nov/12
He's more of a genuine 6'3 guy than Brendan frasier
hey i know that guy said on 10/Aug/12
he's at least 6-2, no doubt of it. 6-3 is possible. i would say he's officially a "tall guy" in the industry.
[Editor Rob: I think he's one of those genuined 6ft 3 guys]
steven said on 17/Jan/12
he atually look nothing over max 3" on harrison ford. ford slouch alot.
jake, 1.82 m/ 1.83 m said on 8/Jan/12
He looked like he had 4 inches on Ford in Firewall.
Vlad99 said on 8/Jan/12
He looked also tall in Master and Commander, he towered over Russel Crowe and most of the cast.
mona_lisa said on 10/Dec/11
i just watched The da Vinci Code yesterday and he looks really tall.
LAN Jiao said on 31/Oct/11
a shade over 6'0 tall is 6'0.5?

lol.. Bront posted bettany with suspicious heeled shoe next beside his wife jennifer connelly in 0.3-0.5 flat that is why he could look 6'3 wit her..
i don think jennifer connelly is 5'6.5 claim or listed , to me her skinny small build can easily look taller than atual height she look only somewhere 5'5.25-5'5.5 and paul bettany was not over 6'2, because he was the same height as 6'2 resume given david thewlis in gangster no.1
yuri said on 21/Aug/11
191 tall guy
James said on 12/Jun/11
legit 6'3
James said on 6/Jun/11
looke very tall in firewall
5\'7.37 said on 20/Jan/11
This guy must be 6'3.5, he had about 2" on nowadays 6'1.5 Timothy Dalton in The Tourist.
Chuck said on 15/Jan/11
I thought Paul Bettany was 6'4" when I saw him tower over Harrison Ford in Firewall. (who was probably 5'11" at that time and still is today, MAYBE 6 ft) I'd estimate Paul Bettany at 192 cm.
Lenad is sexy said on 13/Jan/11
190cm looks closer. 6 ft 3in max
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jan/11
Could be 6"3...not over though
Mr. R said on 9/Nov/10
Paul is 6-3. I have seen him on sets and at other events.
Dan said on 12/Oct/07
I've never thought of him as a very tall guy; it's interesting to learn that's he's at least 6'2, though I do have a habit of underestimating the height of celebrities. But he doesn't appear to be very much taller than Heath Ledger (listed as 6'1) in A Knight's Tale, but I admit, I'm not very good at determining height differences. Does anyone else have an opinion? Click Here Or does he have no shoes in that picture or something?

I'll be interested to see Paul Bettany with Brendan Fraser in Inkheart; according to this website, they should be the same height.
Ali said on 20/Sep/07
I think he is at least 6'3". He is type of Englishman: very tall, very lanky and slouches a lot. My guess, looking at him next to Jennifer, is that he is near 6'4" but probably won't admit it.
Brad said on 26/Aug/07
Yes, he is clearly a tall man.
the 6-3 mark could be right.
espn64 said on 25/May/07
just saw wimbledon and there is a seen where paul is standing next to sam neil. sam is in shoes and paul is in his socks and paul is clearly 2 to 3 inches taller. sam is listed at 6 ft and with shoes making him around 6'1. that makes paul at least 6'3 or possibly 6'4.
timber said on 9/May/07
It would indeed be shocking to discover Bettany is under 6-2. :) Connelly isn't 5'7, Rob has her listed at 5'6 1/2 and, (with all due respect, Rob)I think she is shorter, as she appears substantially shorter next to Bettany in the pic Rob posted than does Thompson in the pic I posted. And their heels heights are similiar;if anything Connelly's may be higher. Only my opinion.
Okay, I'm done :)
timber said on 9/May/07
That is more than a 4-inch difference, my mistake. But here with emma thompson, who is 5 ft 7.75 in., his posture is better, and she is wearing (i think) 3inch heels:Click Here
you can see her shoes, here:Click Here
what do you think? about a 4 inch difference?
Plok said on 9/May/07
He looks no less than 5" taller than a Connelly, who is 5'7" and she's obvioulsy wearing shos with more than his 1" heel. So do the math. He can't be under a real 6'2"
timber said on 8/May/07
I agree with Mr Mayfair. In this pic his posture isn't great,but nevertheless I'd say he appears 4 inches taller than Jennifer Connelly, (5-6 1/2) who is wearing 4-inch heels, making her 5-10ish:Click Here
so 6-1 barefoot, 6-2 in shoes

[Editor Rob: his head is tilted in a downward position, so in that situation it looks a good 5, I mean look here: link, for sure both loose posture, he rarely stretches tall beside labyrinth girl. The guy isn't exactly shorter than 189-90 becker]
Mr Mayfair said on 10/Apr/07
He was listed at 6.2 in Denbry, and that would be his height in shoes, in the flesh he is no taller than Tim Dalton. Personally I'd encourage a male actor not to admit beig more than 6.3 if they want to work regulary.
Small Aussie said on 23/Sep/06
In 'Firewall' he seems more than 2 inches taller than 6'1" Harrison Ford. I'd say he's 6'4".

[Editor Rob: harry's not really 6ft 1 nowadays]
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/06
compare to harison ford he looks 6'3"
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/05
Can he be taller? Like 6'4" maybe? Recent pictures of him with Jennifer Connelly shopping in SoHo have him standing a full head taller than her (looks almost a foot taller...maybe 10-11 inches). If she's 5'6.5" as listed here, he looks like he might actually be closer to 6'4".

[Editor Rob: he's said often enough he's 6ft 3...could be marginally over it]

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