How tall is Kane

Kane's Height

6ft 7in (201 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 7.5in (202 cm)
Glenn Jacobs is an American professional Wrestler. Has been billed 6ft 10 and some believe he stood 7ft. When wrestling under the name Yankem he may have been billed as 6ft 7.
I'm about Six-Eight...[and I weigh] a little over 300 pounds.

How tall is Glenn Kane Jacobs
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Average Guess (72 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 8.03in (203.3cm)
Current: 6ft 7.25in (201.3cm)
Slim said on 18/Jan/17
Gerry I think Kane would be at least 1" taller than that in a staredown... nice though.
James B said on 18/Jan/17
Prime Kane looks 6'9.5 compared to strowman
Gerry said on 18/Jan/17
i think that a prime Kane having a staredown with Strowman would look something like this Click Here
Yoda said on 17/Jan/17
Click Here

At 0:21

Kane > Braun > Undertaker in height
CED said on 16/Jan/17
Kane - Peak: 6'8.5 | Now: 6'7.25
Kevin Nash - Peak:6'9.25 | Now: 6'7.5
Taker: Peak: 6'7.5 | Now: 6'6.25
Sid: Peak: 6'7.25 | Now: 6'6.25
Big Show: Peak: 6'11.75 | Now: 6'10.5
Kurgan: Peak: 6'9.25 | Now: 6'8.25
Slim said on 16/Jan/17
Nice find Gerry! I could tell in the televised staredown between Kane and Braun, that Kane was selling Brauns height. He's always been known to push younger talent. He said it himself.
Jordan87 said on 16/Jan/17
If Kane said he is about 6'8", he is not taller than this mark.
Shuvayu said on 16/Jan/17
@Gerry terrific .. puts all doubts to rest ... Kane will easily have an inch on Braun, not to forget the high heels braun wears
rikashiku said on 14/Jan/17
@GErry 14/Jan/17

Kane likely wore his thick soled boots, as Strowman has stopped wearing his lately. However, in most instances where they have faced off Kane has mostly looked taller than the 6'7"-6'8"(mostly 6'7" though) Strowman.

Strowman is certainly not much taller than Kane. Even 6'7" Erick Rowan isn't taller, even though some people tried to point it out despite Kane looking taller, but again, thick soles.

When they started using Strowman the first time round he was wearing the thick soled boots too. It was very notable when Erick Rowan came back.
Big Benz said on 14/Jan/17
Kane barefoot is taller than Strowman even now, I think kane is still 6'7 range, and 6'8 peak.
dewie said on 14/Jan/17
Kane 6ft8 strowmen 6ft7 barefoot
Gerry said on 14/Jan/17
heres a Strowman/Kane Staredown u guys probably haven't seen. Kane is NOT any shorter than Strowman infact he looks taller than him. People always downgrade Kane for some reason. Can we lay the whole "Braun is way taller than Kane" nonsense to rest now?
Click Here
Slim said on 13/Jan/17
I agree.... the man isn't gonna stay the same height forever. Hell im only 24 and I have to really try to stay my peak height. Standing straight, good posture etc. so no doubt after all these years of wear, he's at least 1 inch and a half shorter than his prime.
Jordan87 said on 13/Jan/17

Exposed hairline or not, I think Strowman is the taller man. Keep in mind Kane is aging, but I never had Kane over 6'8". I always saw it as:

Big SHow: 6'10.5" ( Clearly more than an 1" shorter than Shaq-especially in the recent Pics)
Kane : 6'7.5" ( In Most pics is 3" shorter than Big SHow-in all eras)

Kane is nearing 50, has carried 300 pounds around for most of his adult life, and has plenty of wear, especially on the knees. I could see him at 6'6-1/2" ish now. In his prime, a tad taller than Strowman however.
Shuvayu said on 13/Jan/17
Jordan, you think that pic is rite inspite of all the comments here ???
Omid said on 13/Jan/17
Strowman is vloser to the camera than Kane, look at the feet.

Also people, he is selling Strowman's height.
Nick said on 12/Jan/17
in a podcast interview with Roddy Piper, Jim Cornette said Glenn Jacobs was "6'10, 320 pounds" when he first started working for his Smoky Mountain wrestling promotion in 1995.
Here's Glenn next to Jim,
Cornette in the past has said that he's 6'0 (billed at 6'1) Click Here Click Here
Vinny said on 12/Jan/17
I saw Kane and Braun have a staredown at a live event in Mexico where Kane was actually standing straight unlike that staredown on Raw people keep bringing up where his posture is terrible and Kane was slightly taller than Strowman and is noticeably taller than legit 6'6 guys so there's no way he's a flat 6'6. Not now not ever
Canson said on 12/Jan/17
200-201 today
Jordan87 said on 10/Jan/17
Rob has Strowman at 6'7, this would make Kane around 6'6 Tops nowdays.

Click Here
Shuvayu said on 8/Jan/17
Kane will be 6.7.7" today, undertaker 6'7 flat today
mrtguy said on 8/Jan/17
Bozmoz said on 7/Jan/17
Kane looks 8 foot tall here the size difference is RIDICULOUS 😂
Click Here

Looking at the girl in the middle, it looks as if she is slightly sitting on the stool, just looks at the the position of their legs. This is what real 8 footers look a like.
Click Here
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 8/Jan/17
Pious Satan said on 3/Jan/17
What I've figured from the pics of Kane-Strowman staredown Strowman seems to be wearing secret lifts I clearly see Kane's arms and legs being longer than Strowman he wears secret lifts so he could appear taller than 6'8 and in that staredown he has the cuz his head is bigger than Kane even his shoulders are not higher than Kane's


I agree that Strowman was wearing lifts, but both are around the same height barefoot. Having longer arms and legs than someone doesn't necessarily indicate that a person's taller than them. I know someone who is a legit 6ft6, but he only wears a 34" inseam in pants, compared to my 37" inseam. He's a quite bit taller than me, but my legs are 3 inches longer than his.
Guyster said on 7/Jan/17
Looking at Kane i would have thought peak height at 6'8, current 6'7.25, even without the lifts i believe he was a fraction taller than the Undertaker.
Bozmoz said on 7/Jan/17
Kane looks 8 foot tall here the size difference is RIDICULOUS 😂
Click Here
MIR said on 7/Jan/17
Looks a good 5 inches taller than Cesaro who's 6'3 at worse Click Here.
Click Here
DFens said on 6/Jan/17

Click Here
Pious Satan said on 3/Jan/17
What I've figured from the pics of Kane-Strowman staredown Strowman seems to be wearing secret lifts I clearly see Kane's arms and legs being longer than Strowman he wears secret lifts so he could appear taller than 6'8 and in that staredown he has the cuz his head is bigger than Kane even his shoulders are not higher than Kane's
Duncan said on 29/Dec/16
U look at him with Big Show over the years and Kane's at least a strong 6'8 barefoot IMO, maybe even 6'9 in his prime Click Here

seeing him with guys 6'4 and over rather than with normal sized guys gives a good indication that he's a good 6'8 at worst
Click Here
James B said on 27/Dec/16
Rob one day might you give Kane 6'8 peak or are you certain you will always stick to 6'7.5?
A Man said on 26/Dec/16
Sorry I was referring to that pic of Kane with Penn Jilette, it's tilted so the difference appears greater at a glance.

Kane doesn't come out well against Strowman but yes with the line drawn in they look about the same height, it's amazing what an exposed hairline and good posture can do for people's perception of height. If anything it's probably good confirmation of Kane being no less than 6,7", as Strowman looked a legit 6,7" next to Brian Shaw.
Shuvayu said on 26/Dec/16
@firecracker 5 inches lesser than 7'1" is 6'8" ... its 12 inches in a feet
IrvineT said on 25/Dec/16
He's never looked more than 3 inches shorter than the legit 7 foot tall Big Show
Joey said on 24/Dec/16
I think this is the original photo, Click Here

Kane would be taller than Braun if his head was tilted up like Strowman's was
Teo74 said on 24/Dec/16
I Met Kane a really long time ago. I didn't ask him how tall he was but I'm 6'0 and i was looking into his chin so yeah he's a giant, not just height-wise. he was also built like a freakin TANK.
I'd guess that he was 6'9 or maybe even 6'10 (barefoot) in his prime and after getting older, the knee and back issues he has had, probably around 6'8 nowadays.
Slim said on 24/Dec/16
It's photoshopped. I've seen the original. How is it tilted in Kane's favor? It's in strowmans favor.
James B said on 23/Dec/16
I think next strowman Kane was dropping posture making more 6'6
Zed said on 23/Dec/16
I think this is the original photo Click Here
Kane's shoulders are higher than Strowmans so I'd say he's probably taller if they're both standing normally. He also has his head down and Braun is lifting hid head up to look taller, if both their heads were level they might be exactly the same height. Kane was just slouching to sell Braun's size
Zed said on 23/Dec/16
Kane's shoulders are higher than Strowmans so I'd say he's probably taller if they're both standing normally. He also has his head down and Braun is lifting hid head up to look taller, if both their heads were level they might be exactly the same height. Kane was just slouching to sell Braun's size
MDV said on 22/Dec/16
The height of Strowman is very discussed! You can make a case for each height from 6 ft 6 to 6 ft 8!
With Kane he looked a solid 6 ft 8 with big boots...
But he looked at least an inch shorter than 6 ft 8- 6 ft 8.5 Big Cass so he looked more 6 ft 7....
With Orton he looks 6 ft 6.5 range unless Randy is more 6 ft 4.25 than 6 ft 4....
For me he is close to 6 ft 7, between 6 ft 6.5 in and 6 ft 7.25. WWE wants him bigger so gave him big boots and told Kane to lose posture in their stare down.
firecracker said on 21/Dec/16
Kane CAN'T be taller than 6'6"(198cm).

with shaquille o'neill:Click Here
Considering shaq 7ft-7'1"(212-216cm), kane looks at least 5 full inches shorter than shaq.
A Man said on 21/Dec/16
I don't think it's photoshopped, but tilted slightly in Kane's favour so at a glance the gap between the two appears bigger.
Slim said on 20/Dec/16
Lmao miko that photo was photo shopped. you can tell. I've seen the original pic!
James B said on 20/Dec/16
Strowman looks more 6'6 than 6'8 next to bray wyatt and randy orton
Shuvayu said on 20/Dec/16
Strowman is 6'8" legit .... Also his boots were huge
Joey said on 19/Dec/16
Kane slouches alot. every time since that first staredown with Strowman he's looked about the same height as Braun.
I'd give them both 6'8

Wasn't Vince Vaughn standing on his toes in that picture with Kane? because Here's Kane with the 6'5 sign guy, Click Here
Kane isn't standing straight and he's behind the sign guy but u can still see a noticeable difference between them

Kane's noticeably taller than the 6'6 Baron Corbin Click Here

He was taller than Penn Jillette a few years ago who claims 6'7 and is listed 6'6.5 on this site Click Here

And He towarded over Rock and Hogan Click Here

Rob how tall would u say Joey Mercury is? Click Here
Joey always looked a whole foot shorter than Kane
miko said on 19/Dec/16
Strowman had noticeable height on Kane recently. Strowman cant be a flat 6'6 unless his boots are huge and they don't look that big.

Click Here

Strowman has consistently looked 6'7 in WWE so far to me.
James B said on 17/Dec/16
I wonder if the 6'6 measurement for Corbin was earlier in the day? I find 6'6 for Corbin hard to get my head around because he looks more 6'5 range on TV.
Joey said on 16/Dec/16
Kane always looks noticeably taller than Baron Corbin who was listed as 6ft 6 by the NFL.

Why no pages for Corbin, Strowman, Harper, Rowan and others?
Harper's interesting because he was billed as 6'7 before WWE and WWE has always listed him as 6'5. Not many people get their heights downgraded when they come to WWE haha. I wouldn't scoff at 6'7 for him tbh he has looked taller than guys like Orton and Swagger in the past
James B said on 15/Dec/16
Guess that conforms that strowman is 6ft6 range rather than 6ft7.

care to add strowman to the site rob? Maybe put him at 6'6.25?
James B said on 14/Dec/16
Rob if bray wyatt is 6'1 how tall would you strowman looks in comparison (strowman might have footware advantage)

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob: big James, there could be a good 5 inches between them there.
ZED said on 13/Dec/16
@A Man, i totally agree. If you go back to KOTR '99 when Show and Kane went toe to toe, Show had Kane by most 2.5 inches. (Granted: Kane's 1.5 inch thick boots, But, Show had some thick boots on too, probably about 1 inch.) Let's just say that at that point Show was at 6'10.75, + 1 inch from boots = 6-11.75. I believe Kane was at his peak here, so 6'8 + 1.5 = 6'9.5. Show did look about 2.25 inches taller there. With Nash, i'd say he always looked taller than Nash by about 3 inches. Maybe a little less. I think that Nash back in 96-97 was more wider and muscular so that would help the illusion that he was taller, until Glenn became Diesel and packed on 30-40 pounds of muscle. But to take a wild guess, i think they were the same height. Nash MAYBE had .5 inches on Kane at Nash's peak
Omid said on 13/Dec/16
Rob what's stopping you from giving him that 0.5 inch at peak?

He has looked it even with pre-Kane gimmicks.
Slim said on 12/Dec/16
Yeah Isaac and diesel looked the same damn height there. Diesels chest shoulders and huge mane made him look a little taller but looks to be realisticly the same height.
A Man said on 10/Dec/16
It's cool footage to see two giants going at it like that, but nothing conclusive.

Big Show is a perfect gauge of height between Kane and Nash anyway, as they've both had so many staredowns with him.
ZED said on 9/Dec/16
Click Here

^^ I found some footage of Diesel Vs Isaac Yankem. It's really hard to tell whose taller as they never had a staredown, but, it looks like Nash and Kane are just about the same height from this video. Nash maybe has .5 inches on Kane here
Shuvayu said on 6/Dec/16
Sorry I meant taker and nash
Shuvayu said on 6/Dec/16
@Zed would still say 3.5 inches between taker show and around 4.5-5 with khali, lets have a f2f pic with show and nash instead of kane and nash
ZED said on 5/Dec/16
@Shuvayu, yes 4 inches between Taker and Show. When Kane and Show went toe to toe at King of the Ring '99, there was about 2.5 inches between them. Kane in his lifts was 1.5 inches taller than Taker as clearly shown in the picture that Heightcrazyred6ft posted.

I always wondered how Kane and Kevin Nash would fair in a height staredown. Anyone have any good pictures from them 2?
dewie said on 5/Dec/16
Taker is 4.5 shorter than khali taker was max 6ft8.5 2.04m in that stardawn
day day said on 4/Dec/16
He was billed 6'9 and 6'11 as yankeem
day day said on 4/Dec/16
He was billed 6'9 and 6'11 as yankeem
Shuvayu said on 2/Dec/16
@heightcrazy ... 5.5 inches between khali and taker ... no ways max 4.5 and 3.5-3 with show
dewie said on 1/Dec/16
Khali 7ft1.25 show 7ft0.25 nash 6ft9.5 taker 6ft8.25 kane 6ft7.75 sid 6ft6.75 barefoot
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 30/Nov/16
Big Show had 4inches on Taker, Khali had 5.5inches on Taker and Kane in his monster soled boots was about 1.5 inches taller

Click Here
Shuvayu said on 29/Nov/16
@ZED, 4 inches between taker and show ???? are you serious , max 3 inches. 1 inch shorter than nash and 3 than show, 4.5 from khali and shaquel ... btw anyone has a close up of taker and nash
berta said on 24/Nov/16
to me he was 2 cm taller than undertaker. i thin he could have been 202-203 cm and maybe 1 cm shorter today but could very well still be at his peak.
ZED said on 22/Nov/16
Kane - Peak Height: 6'7.75 - Today: 6'7 (In original boots that added 1.5 inches of height - made him about 6'9 pending posture)

Undertaker - Peak Height: 6'7.25 - Today: 6'6.25
Big Show - Peak Height: 6'11.5 - Today: 6'10.25
Kevin Nash - Peak Height: 6'8.75 - Today: 6'8
Sid - Peak Height: 6'7 - Today: 6'6.25
Shuvayu said on 21/Nov/16
How about this pic ...really close Click Here
dewie said on 19/Nov/16
Cobra look clsely at kanes footwear slitely thicker than takers 0.5 footwear kane footwear is 0.75 so both ar 6ft8 2.03m barefoot
cobra said on 19/Nov/16
Undertaker vs. Isaac Yankem(Kane) in 1996:
Click Here

Pause at 1:36.
dewie said on 17/Nov/16
Kane said he is 6ft8 2.03m taker 6ft7.5 2.02.m in that staredown but kane had bigger boots on.
Booker said on 12/Nov/16
199-201cm range should be right..
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 10/Nov/16
6ft8in was probably his height in footwear, he never looked as tall as 6ft7.75in measured Kevin Love next to Taker.

Click Here Here he looks max 0.5in taller than Taker despite having at least 0.75in footwear advantage.

Taker was 6ft7in peak, maybe 6ft7.25in. Never looked taller in the memphis clips and staredowns with 6ft6.5-6ft6.75in Sid.
Kane always looked that amount taller than Taker that came from his footwear advantage.

As Yankem he was in solid soled footwear too and Taker was selling with a wider stand.

I really doubt he edged Taker barefoot during their peak. Today he may be a little taller thanTaker who looks 6ft6in max.

Peak Taker 6ft7.25in, today 6ft6in
Peak Kane 6ft7in, today 6ft6.5in
Peak Sid 6ft6.75in, today 6ft5.75in
Peak Nash 6ft9in, today 6ft8in
Slim said on 8/Nov/16
NCL Orton wears internal lifts in his boots. It's almost painfully obvious if you look. I've seen him twist his ankle a time or 2 on raw.
NCL said on 8/Nov/16
I think 6'7" is accurate for right now and easily 6'7.5" at peak. Anyone got any good photos or videos of Kane and Orton? Kane always looks 2"-3" taller than him to me and I peg Orton at 6'4".

Kane boots: Click Here Orton's boots: Click Here

A few Kane and Orton photos, but none of both them standing fully straight:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Kane and I think 6'2" Triple H: Click Here

Nick said on 5/Nov/16
He needs to be upgraded here.
In an interview earlier this year he said that when he finished high school he was 6'8 and 225 pounds (he started lifting weights in college and put weight on pretty quickly) here in this video at 24:11 is where he says it Click Here .
And u have the quote above from the interview he did last year where he said he was 6'8 and 300 pounds currently so I think it's pretty safe to assume that in his prime he was at least 6'8 barefoot, possibly an inch or 2 taller, before he got older and he damaged his knees and threw out his back. He's a whole head taller than Jason Jordon who's billed at 6'3 (I'd post the recent picture i have of the 2 but I don't know how to)
S.J.H said on 4/Nov/16
He was always 6'7 for the first time i see him in WWF to WWE
Grady said on 29/Oct/16
6'7? I disagree he's a strong 6'8 at the very least
Ray Rocker said on 26/Oct/16
In my opinion, Kane is probably around 6'7" today. Could be slightly taller than that with good posture but may have been closer to 6'8" years back during his prime. Kane and The Undertaker are very close in height and I always thought Taker was just slightly taller but very close.
Shuvayu said on 26/Oct/16
I guess this link will solve a lot of doubts..... Click Here
James B said on 25/Oct/16
6'8 is not impossible peak but I think 6'8 1/2 is pushing it.
Shuvayu said on 25/Oct/16
@Alex2 I second you .... there is no way a 4 inch difference between taker and show .... 3 - 3.5 max ....
Guanzo said on 24/Oct/16
How much Kane lose height? Billed 7ft now 200cm
dewie said on 24/Oct/16
So kane 6ft8.5 204cm taker 6ft8 203cm barefoot kane 1cm taller
Ricky said on 23/Oct/16
Kane's always been slightly taller than Taker, even when he wrestled him as Unibomb, Fake Deisel and as Isaac Yankem he was bigger and Taker was a strong 6Ft 8
dewie said on 18/Oct/16
Taker said he is 6ft8.5 and kane said he is about 6ft8 barefoot
Alex 2 said on 17/Oct/16
I think peak height needs to be upgraded to 6'8" or 6'7.75" at the lowest; there is more than enough evidence that he was around 6'8" and was always slightly taller than Undertaker and stacked up too well against 7'0" Big Show to be anything less. Personally I think he was a hair over 6'8" peak and there is strong evidence to support this. Time for an upgrade Rob.
Biffz said on 15/Oct/16
Before becoming Kane he was always billed as between 6'8 and 6'10 so that's where I'd put him
Damon Catone said on 14/Oct/16
Bray Wyatt ( 6ft 1in )
Shuvayu said on 13/Oct/16
Sos show is 3.5 inches taller than kane and 4 inches on taker ??? which idiot makes these readings ... show max 3 inches on taker and kane.... kane and taker will have the same height
rikashiku said on 9/Oct/16
@kingkong56 said on 3/Oct/16
"he was always using elevated footwear to everyone else"

Not always. When he was Yankem he wore pretty standard boots. His height wasn't announced very often but when he had a match with the Undertaker he was stated to be bigger than expected. Much bigger and taller than UT. When he came out for the '96(?) Royal Rumble he was listed as 6'9" and 320lbs. He was in at the same time as Diesel and the size difference was more in favor for Yankem in thickness. Height is hard to see though but Nash is definitely taller.

As for Luke Harper. I'd say he's a weak 6'5". He's just taller than Cesaro and Sheamus, even without footwear Harper always looks to be taller than both of them.

@Shaun C said on 6/Oct/16

Swaggers height had him at 78 inches, so about 6'6". Probably closer to 6'5.5" which would still put Kane at around 6'7".
Freak said on 7/Oct/16
I'd put Kane today at 6.7 and peak 6.8,Mark Henry I'd put him at 6.2 no way he is 6.3 and Show at 6.11 peak at 7..
Icehole said on 7/Oct/16
Nash is gonna be at Chiller Theatre in NJ at the end of the month. I'll take a pic with him and check his shoes. Then I'll compare my height with another pic to get his true height.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 6/Oct/16
A fraction taller than Under in his peak, 6'7.75 (203 cm)
Shaun C said on 6/Oct/16
He's definitely at least 1.5 inches taller than Swagger who was 6 Foot 7 in his Mug shot afew years ago when he was arrested
Slim said on 5/Oct/16
In the early days of his wrestling, Glenn was always announced as 6'9 to 6'10. Whether that's billed height or not we don't know. As he claims he's 6'8 now present day, is believable.
MitchL said on 5/Oct/16
He's said he's 6 Foot 8 nowadays a few times, probably an inch or 2 taller when he was younger
Kingkong56 said on 4/Oct/16
Why not have a page for Luke Harper? He looks a strong 6'5.
kingkong56 said on 3/Oct/16
V.difficult to accurately gauge his peak height as he was always using elevated footwear to everyone else, but probably 6'8 at best.
At present, his height loss isn't as noticeable at Taker's. So, I'd say that he's still possibly a solid 6'7, although he looked noticeably shorter as corporate Kane. So, more likely 6'6.75
Shuvayu said on 3/Oct/16
@JamesB tall is godzilla
dewie said on 29/Sep/16
Kane 6ft8 taker 6ft8 barefoot
James B said on 28/Sep/16
Rob do you think Kane was hovering on 6'7.25 for a long time before he dropped down to 6'7?
Editor Rob: loss is gradual, sometimes it might be as a result of injury and more sudden (but still small fractions), other times a few mm a year.
Shuvayu said on 27/Sep/16
Some more interesting revelations

Click Here
rikashiku said on 27/Sep/16
On Table for 3, the Big Show, Mark Henry, and Kane are talking and honestly, watch these episodes they are good, especially when some of them discuss height and weight. Ryback said he was 6'2" 292 in one episode and both Ziggler and Bryan scoffed at the thought.

In this episode, Mark Henry lists them out, because a comment Kane said about being the smallest guy there, as Mark Henry being 6'3.5" and 420, Big Show being 7'0" and 440, and Kane being 6'7"-6'10" and 315.

Their discussion really goes deep into wrestling and how intelligent they all are.
Omid said on 25/Sep/16
Any estimate on Corbin Rob?
Editor Rob: best with questions like this on height request or rob paul :) Corbyn maybe 5ft 9.

Kane...probably no more than 6ft 7 now.
wallace said on 24/Sep/16
kane is 6ft 8in , and the undertaker is 6ft 6.5in the undertaker is the same height of viscera
Danimal said on 24/Sep/16
Kane and Vince Vaughn. Again Rob, there is NO WAY that Kane has 2.5" on Vince. Either Vince is 6'6", or Kane is under 6'7": Click Here
Editor Rob: Kane is likely to have lost a bit of height
James B said on 20/Sep/16
Rob I know this question must get boring but would you consider giving him 6ft7 flat for current height?
Editor Rob: yeah he might be creeping towards 6ft 7 soon.
Bogs24 said on 8/Sep/16
When kane first debuted in 1997, He had a 2 inch advantage on UT who stood atleast 6'8.5 in ring gear. Making the original masked Kane a towering 6'10.5 in ring gear(Hence 7'0) . Probably lost an inch or 2 due to wrestling to this day.
dewie said on 1/Sep/16
25 years old and i am 5ft9.5 taker 6ft8 nash 6ft10 barefoot
MikeV10 said on 31/Aug/16
Hey dewie, how old are you ??
dewie said on 30/Aug/16
Nash 6ft10 taker 6ft8 kevin 1.5 inches taller peak
Shuvayu said on 29/Aug/16
@James B are you out of your mind all times... nash max 1.5 above taker at peak
Shuvayu said on 25/Aug/16
Saw Nathan Jones today, couldnt take a pic courtesy security, was at the hotel where my office is... came to promote an Indian Movie where he is the antagonist ... (Flying Jatt movie name), looked nothing less than 7 foot with shoes .... Had to bend to pass through the security check gate
James B said on 24/Aug/16
Nash looked around 2.5 inches taller than undertaker at mania 96
dewie said on 24/Aug/16
Nash 208cm taker 203cm nash 5cm taller
Slim said on 23/Aug/16
Stepping over the top rope, idk why Kane looks like he has trouble doing it now. Maybe it's age.... Maybe it's his tights.
Shuvayu said on 23/Aug/16
Nash at most was 5 cm max taller than taker
NCL said on 22/Aug/16
Man180 said on 22/Aug/16
Rob , Back in 99/00 Kane was easily stepping over the top rope, These days it can look a struggle for him as the top rope is near his upper abdominal area. What height does a wrestler have to be to able to get over comfortably and where should the top rope be in comparison to them?

I've noticed that the ropes up until about 2000 or so were lower and looser. I think the rings were different back then. Guys as "short" as 6'4" would step over the top rope (i.e. Kama, billed 6'6" probably somewhere between 6'4"-6'5" IMO) and lots of guys 6'5" and over (IMO JBL, Barry Windham).

Mick Foley wrote in his book that new rings were made to help protect the wrestlers around 2000. Since then, I've noticed the ropes are taller and more stiff. I think that's why it's such a struggle for Kane to step over the top rope now.

It seems that more of the younger guys are getting back into this trend, despite the high/stiff ropes. Guys like Braun Stroman, Big Cass, and ocassionally even Doc Gallows.
Man180 said on 22/Aug/16
Rob , Back in 99/00 Kane was easily stepping over the top rope, These days it can look a struggle for him as the top rope is near his upper abdominal area. What height does a wrestler have to be to able to get over comfortably and where should the top rope be in comparison to them?
tony t. said on 21/Aug/16
@Slim I'd like to see that picture
MikeV10 said on 19/Aug/16
I think its time to downgrade Kane to 6'7 , peak closer to 6'8
Nash to 6'8,5 , theres no way nash is 7cm taller than taker today.
And Sid's peak height closer to 6'7 there was never a full inch difference between taker and sid
Taker today about 199- max 200cm
dewie said on 18/Aug/16
Rob kane isnt 3cm taller then taker bove are 6ft8 tall in real live
Gman56 said on 15/Aug/16
Came across this guy backstage in 04/05, Now I stand at 6ft tall and Kane looked at least 8.5in taller then me
mrtguy said on 14/Aug/16
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Aug/16
Kane's old boots made him edge out UT slightly and come to around 2 inches shorter than a peak Big Show.

There was 3 inches between them and it looked so especially when Big Show stood straight
Phenom! said on 13/Aug/16
@James B I think Kane was around 330 lbs by 2002 and probably a little under 320 in 1999, after injury in 2002 he was probably 310, after losing so much mass. Big show was a solid 500lbs, and got even heavier around 2006.
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Aug/16
Kane's old boots made him edge out UT slightly and come to around 2 inches shorter than a peak Big Show.
The Man said on 11/Aug/16
No way Kane is a solid inch taller than Undertaker today. Kane's a flat 6ft7
dewie said on 10/Aug/16
Taker 6ft6.5 kane 6ft6.75 now
Typhoon said on 10/Aug/16
200 cm right now 6'6.75.
Slim said on 6/Aug/16
You can't say what's true in reality if you were never there... Like I've said before, I have 2 co workers who one claims 6 foot 6 and a half on the dot. The other is an older man that claims 6 foot 7 yet he ducks to go under doorways... The 6'6+ guy thinks he's ever taller than that but he still says nope I'm 6 foot 7! He's crazy anyways but we all think he is taller than 6'7. What I'm trying to say here is I know for a fact I know the difference and I believe I have the best guess for kanes height. If everyone would like to see a photo of the 2 standing together, just ask!
James B said on 5/Aug/16
Guys what would you guess for big show/Kane weight when they both wrestled each other in 1999-2002?
James B said on 5/Aug/16
In reality there is only 1 inch between Kane and Corbin
Canson said on 3/Aug/16
@Dewie: if Taker had better posture maybe he's taller
Slim said on 2/Aug/16
James B Kane looks much bigger than Corbin. He's hunching forward most of the time too I knew Kane was bigger than people thought. He's also in regular boots as you can see. No lifts. Good find!
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 2/Aug/16
bob said on 30/Jul/16
kane (isaac yankem) vs taker not wearing lifts...kane is taller.

Click Here

Click Here

Look at Yankems boots, pretty thick heel, not Kane style but pretty thick.
Taker is selling Yankems/Kanes height there, look at his wider stand
dewie said on 1/Aug/16
Yes kane 3inch boots taker 1inch real height undertaker 6ft8.75 205cm kane 6ft7.5 202cm taker 3cm taller then kane barefoot
Canson said on 30/Jul/16
I'm with Danimal on this one. He's not a full 6'7.5 but an easy 6'7 no worse than 6'6.75 at his lowest. Prob similar to Lebron in height
bob said on 30/Jul/16
kane (isaac yankem) vs taker not wearing lifts...kane is taller.

Click Here

Click Here
James B said on 28/Jul/16
At 2:21 here Kane looks 2.5 inches taller than 6'6 baron Corbin but Kane has much thicker wrestling boots

Click Here
James B said on 28/Jul/16
In those boots he wore in the attitude era he would have appeard a legit 6'10.
Omid said on 28/Jul/16
Those boots haven't been worn by him since 2000, since then his foorwear has been similar to Bigshow's
James B said on 27/Jul/16
I think Braun strowman is 6'7.5 because 6'8 Cass was only 1 inch taller with boot advantage.

WWE I think make Cass wear quite thick wrestling boots to make the 7ft idea seem more believable.
Attitude said on 26/Jul/16
Kane's boots during the attitude era:

Click Here

Probably gives 3 inches at the highest point of the heel but gives more or less 2.5 inches.
dewie said on 24/Jul/16
Kane bigger boots than taker undertaker 6ft8.5 kane 6ft7.75 barefoot
Omid said on 24/Jul/16
Kane gives a shorter impression than Nash does for some reason....I think we should keep that in mind

As for them, peak height for Kane is 6'8 minimum in my he can pass as 6'7
Danimal (176-178cm) said on 24/Jul/16
Just shy of 6'7" Penn Jillette with Kane: Click Here (Kane's a flat 6'7")
Jacko said on 23/Jul/16
I disagree about Nash s height, i saw a stare down with big show many years ago ,2 inches between them max,
Kane looked more than 2 inches shorter,
college basketball records stated 6-10 for Nash, he himself said in his prime he was 6-10,

at least an inch between nash and kane,
Slim said on 22/Jul/16
Caden spot on
Shuvayu said on 22/Jul/16
@James B you all WWE guys are midgets, so u become godzilla
James B said on 21/Jul/16
Shuvayu said on 21/Jul/16
@James B ... Make test 6'3", Kane 6'5" , Nash 6'7" and you become godzilla

Shuvayu said on 21/Jul/16
@James B ... Make test 6'3", Kane 6'5" , Nash 6'7" and you become godzilla
Canson said on 20/Jul/16
he can look similar to Tyler mane in some pics and Undertaker
Caden said on 20/Jul/16
Albert is a 6'5 1/2 peak. Today around 6'5. Test was just under 6'5.

Taker - 6'7.25 peak
Kane - 6'8 Peak, Today - 6'7.5
Nash - 6'8.5 peak - Today 6'8.

(I always thought that Kane had to have been severely close to Nash's height as Vince probably wouldn't have wanted a smaller Fake Diesel to portray the character after the original left),

And for people who say that Taker is taller than Kane, keep in mind, in Kane's Yankem days, Jacobs was always taller than Taker in staredowns).

Also, the weird thing is, Kane has always matched up better height wise to Big Show than Kevin Nash.

I think that the WWE had Kane wear the lift so that it would be even more apparent that Kane was bigger than Taker.

Big Show - 6'11.75 vs Kane peak 6'8 + 1.5 inch lifts = 6'9.5 Kane. So it makes sense, their first ever staredown and KOTR '99, Show had only about 2.25 inches on Kane.
heightchecker34 said on 19/Jul/16
I have always thought Kane was a legit 6 ft 8. I don't know if the 6'7.5 listing is referring to his height now, because he might have lost half an inch over the years of wrestling. The 7'0 claims are complete nonsense, however the WWE will usually start that listing if the guy is over 6'8. He always looked a bit taller than the Undertaker and at least 4 inches shorter than the Big Show. But if Rob thinks he was 6'7.5 in his prime, I would not argue it.
Strong 5ft9 said on 18/Jul/16
Test looks about 6'4" next with John Cena.
James B said on 18/Jul/16
Rob I know this is a tough question but what would you bet more money on 6ft4, 6ft4.5 or 6ft4.75 for Test?

He looked bigger than a guy like randy orton didn't he?
James B said on 15/Jul/16
Wow just realised that Albert is a bit closer to the camera so that's why he looks taller next to test
James B said on 15/Jul/16
rob you think Test could have been 6ft4?
Editor Rob: yeah he might have been that range, he fought lashley once but I don't know if you could compare them.
Slim said on 14/Jul/16
It's clear his footwear isn't thicker than tests. If anything, Tests looks thicker.
Slim said on 14/Jul/16
It's clear his footwear isn't thicker than tests. If anything, Tests looks thicker.
James B said on 13/Jul/16
Albert does look over 6'6 there in Mikes pic compared to Test but he might be in thicker footware?
Slim. said on 10/Jul/16
Albert was called 6'8" for a reason. Even in Japan. Y'all are some downgrading people geez. Funny how short people think I'm 5'9" but in reality I'm 6 foot. See how that works? I think that's what's going on here.
MikeV10 said on 10/Jul/16
Click Here
James B said on 9/Jul/16
Actually Albert and test were closer than you think in height. Vegas mentioned Albert used to wear huge ring gear and out of gear in person looked 6'5.

Albert 6'5.25
Test 6'4.75
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jul/16
Test and JBL were both roughly 6ft5.
Shane said on 8/Jul/16
Kane has been billed 7 feet at times even recently but has obviously never been near that even in shoes.
MikeV10 said on 7/Jul/16
If Test realy was 6'6 , that would make Albert close to 6'8
Click Here
Alex said on 6/Jul/16
There is a pic of Kane next to Vince Vaughn. Why he looks barely taller than Vaughn? He's supposed to be 202 cm.
James B said on 6/Jul/16
I think test was closer to 6'5 than 6'4 but I am certain there is no way he was a true 6'6 barefoot.
Omid said on 6/Jul/16
If test is 6'4.5, Nash wouldn't be 6'9...that's not 3 and half inches between them.
Slim said on 5/Jul/16
Please. That's too low for test. He himself said he was 6'6. Billed to 6'8. If you think he's 6'4 then Nash is nowhere near 6'8 HA
James B said on 2/Jul/16
Both 6'6 are 6'8 are exzagerrated billings for test given he looked not over 6'4.5 compared to Brock lesner.
Slim said on 1/Jul/16
Shuvayu great find! Interesting. But everytime I've seen Kane with test, he looks way taller than test than Nash did! Btw test was billed 6'8"
James B said on 1/Jul/16
When that match took place I think test was 6'4.75 and Nash 6'9.
Shuvayu said on 30/Jun/16
A good sequence here ...its nash vs test (a legit big guy billed at 6.6), if nash is 6'10" and test is 6'6" then kane should be 6'8". check from 1:05 to 1:15 Click Here
6'2 said on 24/Jun/16
kane was given bigger boots than taker ever since his kane debut at badd blood 1997 so he could be given the 7ft billing since taker was billed 6'10.5. he was originnally billed 6'11 as dr yankeem dds and sometimes 6'9. i think as corperate kane in normal dress shoes you can see hes clearly not a 7 footer so a solid 6'7 id say nowadays 6'8 possibly 15-20 years ago.
James B said on 8/Jun/16
Scott hall 6ft5, taker 6ft7.25, Kane 6ft7.5
Johan said on 8/Jun/16
Shaw is only slightly smaller than Thor who we have confirmed at 6'7.75". So I would say a decent 6'7" for Shaw so if Strowman was the same then he isn't under 6'7".
dewie said on 7/Jun/16
Scott hall 6ft5 taker 6ft8.25 kane 6ft8 barefoot
Jim Bob said on 7/Jun/16
A good comparison between Big show, Kane, and HHH

Click Here
Shuvayu said on 7/Jun/16
There are other videos where Kane stands taller than strowman, check out house shows with taker or recent matches with show against wyatt family
Slim said on 6/Jun/16
Kane didn't have the "high camera angle" geez..
James B said on 6/Jun/16
Vegas how tall do you think Brian shaw is then?
James B said on 6/Jun/16
Rob 6'4.75 not ruled out for Scott halls peak either?
Editor Rob: he could look close enough to 6ft 5 I think, I doubt he'd have been only 6ft 4.
Vegas said on 6/Jun/16
Kane has the high camera angle advantage @3.43 in that video..have strowman switch places with Kane there and he would look couple of inches taller

Strowman was same height as Brian Shaw out of gear, I bet Kane isn't couple of inches taller than Shaw out of gear
dewie said on 6/Jun/16
Taker 6ft8.25 kane 6ft8 strowmen 6ft7.5 rowan 6ft6.75 barefoot today
Strat said on 4/Jun/16
Click Here

check at 3.43. Kane is definitely taller than both. Just shows how ridiculously tall they made Braun Strowman look during S-Series feud/face off
dewie said on 4/Jun/16
No md taker is taller 2.04m today 2.01m kane 2.03m today 2.00m barefoot
MD said on 4/Jun/16
Kane :- Peak height 6'8.25" Now 6'7.25"

Undertaker:- Peak height 6'7.75" Now between 6'6.5"-6.7"
dewie said on 3/Jun/16
Taker 6ft8.25 kane 6ft8 barefoot
James B said on 3/Jun/16
Rob do you think Scott hall was a full 6'5 peak? Because I remember there was only 2.5 between him and undertaker in the 1980s.
Editor Rob: he could have been 6ft 5 and today heading around 6ft 4
Omid said on 3/Jun/16
Rob at their peak, who was more likely to be taller (even slightest), Kane or Undertaker?
Editor Rob: sometimes I would think one, then the other...they really might have been very close if you measured them in their 20's.
berta said on 1/Jun/16
this guy could really be 6 foot 8 absolutetly not shorter than this listing. he is a Little taller than undertaker
dewie said on 31/May/16
Khali 7ft1 big show 7ft0 taker 6ft8.75 kane 6ft8 barefoot height back in 2006
James B said on 31/May/16
Rob what height would you guess Kane is today?
Editor Rob: there's a chance he's not over 6ft 7
Shuvayu said on 30/May/16
Where do u guys see 4 inches between kane and show... the difference was max 3 inches.... with khali kane was low by 5 ...6'8" to 7'1"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/May/16
"Peak height was 6ft 8in (203cm)"
Jacko said on 27/May/16
Big Show peak 7ft now 6-11
Nash 6 -10 now 6-8.5
kane 6-8 now 6-7
Shuvayu said on 25/May/16
@jamesb make him 5, that makes TBS 5'2" and you godzilla
James B said on 23/May/16
today Kane I think is 6'6.5-6'7.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/16
Peak: 6ft7½-6ft7¾
Today: 6ft7-6ft7¼
Shuvayu said on 23/May/16
Kane was a monster ...if you look at him before his unmasking (97-2003), even when he went toe to toe with TBS , he matched up physically too.... while show was flab, kane was pure solid muscles
James B said on 22/May/16
I think Kane in his prime was a 'weak giant' at a solid 6'7 1/2.

someone like Kevin Nash on the other hand was a legit giant. Big show has near 4 inches over 6'8 was more than just a giant.
Leo said on 21/May/16
6'7-6'8 is giantish. He is from Spain and the spanish people are near of 5'8, so he is one feet taller!!!
rikashiku said on 21/May/16
@Shuvayu. That was a pretty good match for Four Big wrestlers. As for height, Kane definitely looks taller. Though his boots are thicker. I have a ton of evidence suggesting that Strowman isn't under 6'7". He's at least a weak 6'8" and maybe 6'7.5" min. It's had to tell actual height in that video but I'd say he's at least the same height as Kane if they were barefoot.

When playing Issac Yankem, he was announced as being 6'9" and over 300lbs, but to the shock of the commentators, he was bigger than Undertaker. Both wearing flat shoes.
Slim said on 20/May/16
Shuvayu great vid. Kane looks taller than both guys
mrtguy said on 19/May/16
I wouldn't consider Kane a giant, to me he is just a big guy. Certainly does not compare to Big Show or Andre in terms of being a giant and look
Shuvayu said on 19/May/16
Click Here this should sort it ,,,, please dont say strowman even looks tall like kane
Shuvayu said on 18/May/16
Kane was easily 6'9" during 95-2003 6'10.5" with gear .... post that reduce an inch due to injuries and half an inch from gear so 6.8 and 6.9 with gear today ... poor psoture makes strowman look taller when in reality it is not
Dan said on 12/May/16
Great post Leo, awesome interview! I'd agree with you Rob, being as modest as Glenn is he probably does mean barefoot. Still it proves he's no more than 6'9" in conventional footware, at least at this point. He has had a relatively injury free career, no serious back or leg injuries that would take away from his height. Perhaps he was a shade under 6'10" in his prime.
dewie said on 12/May/16
I am 5ft9.4
dewie said on 11/May/16
Kane 6ft8.1/4 taker 6ft7.1/2 barefoot height in the morning. Real height kane billed 7ft0 taker billed 6ft10 in wwe/f
Dave260 said on 11/May/16
Speaking from 2006-2011, Kanes a comfortable 204cm in boots , 6'8 just over, 6'8.5. Looks 2.5 inch shorter than 6'11 big show, Due to age and Height decreasing NOWADAYS they could both of shrunk by 2cm each. Today Kane 202cm barefoot, Big show 207cm.
Shuvayu said on 11/May/16
Collin Cassady is built @7 .... when kevin nash clearly mentioned him as 6'10" ... lets see how tall he stands
Dan said on 10/May/16
Rob - Awesome site, really appreciate all the research and work! Being around most attitude era superstars from the mid 90's through 2004, Kane's peak height (1997-2001) in conventional footwear was about 6'10", and he weighed a legit 325+ lbs. He was billed at 7'0" the majority of his career, now at 49 years old I'd give Kane a solid 6'8.5" - 6'9" in a typical sneaker / dress shoe (minimum heel). To help with ageing and some old injuries he has trimmed down to the 310 lb area. He always had 1.5 - 2 inches on The Undertaker (In wrestling gear), and was always 1.5 - 2 inches shorter than the 6'11.5" / 7'0" Big Show. Like you Rob, I am 5'8" and Kane definitely had over a foot on me. A true giant of the industry!
Editor Rob: just noticed in the previous comment by Leo (thanks) that Kane did go with 'about 6ft 8', I will put this quote at the top. I'm sure he's probably talking barefoot.
Venom said on 10/May/16
I always go back to taker vs isaac yankem both wore flat boots n yankem was n inch taller than taker n as kane he wore 3 inch platforms make him taker n just under 7 foot.
Leo said on 9/May/16
Click Here

Kane: I'm about 6'8
Minute 4:50
Slim said on 8/May/16
Glenn was also taller than mark when they both wore flats as different gimmicks. Kane always stands very comfortably around taker. Never standing 100% straight.
dewie said on 5/May/16
Kane 6ft8.5 2.04m taker 6ft8.5 2.04m nash 6ft10 2.08m barefoot height
James B said on 5/May/16
Kane would probably be similar to Kevin Nash in terms of height during the attitude era when he wore huge ring gear to promote his 7ft image. He was clearly taller than undertaker at wrestle mania 98 in his thick boots.

He looked taller than cass in my opinion in his gear back then and had much more impressive build.
Jacko said on 4/May/16
Kane and Undertaker are similar in height,Nash has stood face to face with the undertaker and is clearly at least
2 inches taller, no way is Kane taller than Nash,
James B said on 2/May/16
I think Nash was just about 2 inches taller than kane and maybe close to 2.5 inches taller than undertaker.

Kane as Isaac yankam had a match against Kevin Nash and he also had a very brief encounter with Nash here

Click Here

Click Here
Slim said on 2/May/16
Whoa wait I've actually seen a match of Kevin Nash and Glenn. Someone posted it on here, or undertakers or Kevins height page. Nash was diesel I think and I can't remember what gimmick Glenn was. Looked the same height but Nash did look bigger in mass.
dewie said on 2/May/16
Taker 6ft8 2.03m kane 6ft9 2.06m nash 6ft10.25 2.09m
josey wales said on 2/May/16
I think a glen / nash match would of been interistin to those of us who enjoyed both guys and fir a height comparrisson. Fact is nash could only work well with smaller guys and glen only became a good worker as kane and afte extensive work with taker.. so it wouldve been a slugger match thay wwe wouldnt booked nevwrmind the viewers who watched it as fun re beleive it was real even back then
josey wales said on 2/May/16
I think a glen / nash match would of been interistin to those of us who enjoyed both guys and fir a height comparrisson. Fact is nash could only work well with smaller guys and glen only became a good worker as kane and afte extensive work with kane.. so it wouldve been a slugger match thay wwe wouldnt booked nevwrmind the viewers who watched it as fun re beleive it was real even back then
Slim said on 1/May/16
I'm not buying that Nash was way taller than Kane... Kane was always way closer in height to big show than Nash was and you cannot argue that. Nash looked so big because yes he was so tall but his upper body was big and lower body (legs) were small, giving an even better impression that he was tall. He looked a max 2" taller than taker. Glenn looked 1" taller than taker while Glenn was in flat boots. So that being said, Kane in his biggest boots would have an inch to 2" on Nash. My opinion.
tony t. said on 30/Apr/16
6'3.5 is more likely for Cesaro.
dewie said on 30/Apr/16
Today takers height in the morning is 6ft7 midday 6ft6.5 but back in the 90s was 6ft8.5 barefoot
A Man said on 30/Apr/16
@ icehole73, I agree I would have liked to see Kane v Kevin Nash match. Think WWE missed a trick a bit with that one.
dewie said on 29/Apr/16
Back in the day kane was 6ft8.25 taker was 6ft9 nash 6ft10.5 barefoot morning height
Phenom! said on 29/Apr/16
@James B I couldn't agree more, occasionally the lowest undertaker can be is 6'6." Him next to Marc Colombo looks every bit 6'6.5" so I guess by the end of the day undertaker is 6'6" without any footwear. Undertaker next to Ali baba also looks 6'6" regardless of footwear.
Slim said on 28/Apr/16
I have 2 co workers who are 6'6 and the other claims he's 6'7 but looks a bit taller than that standing next to the 6'6 guy. The 6'6 guy says he's got to be joking bc he too thinks that guy is a good bit taller than that. After looking at some of his pics on fb, mainly it's him and his girlfriend, but he does NOT look 6'6 in pictures! In reality he is every BIT of 6'6 in person bc I work side by side him everyday. My point, well Kane looks very big in every single photo I've seen of him. 6'9 prime legit.
dewie said on 28/Apr/16
Taker is 204cm kane monster boots 203.3cm strowman 203cm rowan 200cm morning height barefoot
icehole73 said on 27/Apr/16
I saw Sean Waltman over the weekend and told him I would have loved to have seen a Kane/Kevin Nash Stare down back in 2001/2002. Kevin is taller no question according to Sean. In Ring gear it may have looked close though. I have no problem believing that a peak Kane was the 6'8".25 he mentioned and Kevin being a hair over 6'10" peak but Im not sure about the 6'11"+ claim of his peak but its certainly possible. ANy thoughts?
James B said on 27/Apr/16
Taker 6ft6.25 199cm Kane 6ft6.75 200cm rowan 6ft6.5 199cm strowman 6ft7.5 202cm
Shuvayu said on 26/Apr/16
@dewie ... u alrite???
dewie said on 24/Apr/16
Taker is taller 6ft8.5 204cm kane 6ft7.75 203 rowan 6ft6.75 200cm strowman 6ft7.75 203cm
Slim said on 22/Apr/16
Sid, I read it it in a comment that Vince had. If you look at the pic, I'd believe it bc it looks as if Vince has something up his arse lol
James B said on 22/Apr/16
New WWE wrestler baron Corbin seems like a guy who is 6'6 in the afternoon and who might drop to 6'5.5 at night. So I wouldn't call him a 'strong 6'6'.
Shuvayu said on 22/Apr/16
@dewie true ...

For guys who still debate kane's height here's a review.... Recently Kane and Big Show on 27th March, 2016 took on rowan and bray at a live event .... watch the match for claririties
DFens said on 21/Apr/16
Wwatch WWE Main Event 4/19/16 - Kane and Show vs Strowman and Rowan. Kane was taller than Rowan and same height as Strowman
dewie said on 20/Apr/16
Kane 6ft7.75 203cm. Big show 7ft0 213cm
sid said on 19/Apr/16
Slim where did you hear, that Vince Vaughn was on his tippy toes, and commented on how big Glenn Jacobs was?
dewie said on 19/Apr/16
Kane 6ft7.5 taker 6ft8.25 tall
Crane said on 19/Apr/16
Pretty sure he's a German-American, 6'7 1/2 looks about right to me.
Shuvayu said on 19/Apr/16
@Phenom ...kane 6 inches shorter than shaq???
Phenom! said on 17/Apr/16
I honestly stopped coming to this thread a while ago. But seeing Kane around shaq, I only saw about 5-6 inch difference in their height. That would probably make Kane like 6'6.75."

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