How tall is Kane ?

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Kane's height is 6ft 7.5in (202 cm)

US Wrestler. Has been billed 6ft 10 and some believe he stood 7ft. At one time in the past (as Yankem) he was supposed to have been billed 6ft 7.
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James B says on 15/Apr/15
Rowan 6'6?
Slim says on 15/Apr/15
Look at the matches of glen as doomsday. He looks absolutely massive. Bigger than mark bigger than sid even back then. They say he's 6'9 in every video. Steps over the top rope too.
Icehole73 says on 14/Apr/15
Was it me or did Kane look a little more "jacked" last nite than usual? Bigshow is looking shorter and wider!
Shuvayu says on 14/Apr/15
Phenom ... Kane will have a clear 1' advantage over rowan... look at the matches that bray wyatt had with kane in 2013 & match their heights... kane in gear & so also rowan...
James says on 10/Apr/15
Barrett recently does not look over 6'5 to me

Swagger 195-196cm
Wade Barrett 196-197cm
Phenom! says on 10/Apr/15
My real question now, how tall is Rowan, I assume that he's taller than McIntyre, Barrett, and Swagger, cuz he's huge in front of Ryback, big show and Kane. I always assume he's around 6'6.5". And that is assuming Barrett is 6'6". Swagger is shorter than Barrett I think. Kane however still looks about an inch and a half taller than Barrett (who is in ring boots), with business shoes, not ring boots. Eric Rowan doesn't wear boots with huge soles, and with Kane in regular shoes beside him, Kane still has about .5 inch on him. Kane in boots however towers over everybody, and is only like 3inches shorter than big show. So I assume Rowan is 6'6.5" barefoot, and Kane today is 6'7" barefoot. What are your thoughts on Rowan? He's taller than Barrett, who in return is most likely taller than swagger and McIntyre, for sure.
rikashiku says on 9/Apr/15
IF Barret is only 6'5", then that puts Swagger, a 6'6" guy(likely in shoes), down MUCH lower since whenever these two are together, Barret is clearly taller.

Barret has always been around the 6'6" mark in his career. Sometimes he looks shorter or taller than other wrestlers like Drew McINtyre(solid 6'4") and Luke Harper(a weak 6'4"? not the best posture).
skinnykid says on 5/Apr/15
well there is clear evidence of Taker with basketball player Tyrone White who is 6'7" and Taker is right there with him or actually a tad taller Click Here
BigZ says on 3/Apr/15
why is this still a discussion. both men wear lifts. kane had better posture back in the day, and now wears dress shoes. big show is portrayed as a giant, SO he wears his lifts all the time. They don't portray kane as a giant anymore. Thus billing him 6'10 on tale of the tape. to give big show the portrayed giant stature. people would say oh he's 6'10 big show is taller than kane so he really must be a giant. kane 6'9 in boots. bigshow 6'10-6'11. but after seeing the picture backstage with kevin nash and bigshow. I put bigshow 6'9.5 6'10. and kane at 6'7.5 which would make robs estimate spot on.
Phil says on 3/Apr/15
I checked Im 100% sure nash was the shorter of the two. Plus Kane is cooler than Nash!
Phil says on 3/Apr/15
Ive searched that photo album and thiphoto doesnt exist, please post a link
Shuvayu says on 1/Apr/15
Go to & check wrestlemania 31 backstage moments
Phil says on 31/Mar/15
Shuvayu, do you have any pics of this nash being taller than show?
Shuvayu says on 31/Mar/15
Was watching a video of dan spivey with taker...spivey is a legit 6'6.5" & taker would have had 1.5-2 inches on him... check the nwa videos... please dont refer to videos...90s videos were for real... that being said kane would be 6'8 - 6'9
James B says on 31/Mar/15
Weird that big show and sid eudy have never crossed paths
Shuvayu says on 30/Mar/15
@sid the same holds good for big show as well... anyone has show and sid eudy... also last nite @wm a backstage pic of nash & show clearly shows nash as the taller guy
Slim says on 30/Mar/15
Show also wore same size lifts as kane.
James B says on 30/Mar/15
In phils pic i'd say kane looks just about 6'9.5 but then is big show hunching down a bit?
SID says on 30/Mar/15
Phil you got to realize he's wearing monster boots
Phil says on 29/Mar/15
Click Here!
im 188 says on 28/Mar/15
It works for me
SID says on 26/Mar/15
im 188, that link didnt work
James B says on 26/Mar/15
Rob with all his injuries do you think its very likely he could have been 6'7.75 or 6'8 when he debuted as Kane in 1997?
[Editor Rob: you can't rule that out.]
James B says on 26/Mar/15
Barrett looks taller than Randy Orton on TV so I'd say hes definitely over 6'4.
James B says on 26/Mar/15
Eclipse says on 24/Mar/15
He had 2+ inches on Barrett last night.. where do you guys view Barrett?

Barrett? 6'5 maybe?
im 188 says on 25/Mar/15
Click Here
Is that 3 inches @SID
miko says on 25/Mar/15
Kane and Barrett matched up pretty spot on.

Kane at 6'7 or a hair over, and Barrett at 6'5.
Omid says on 25/Mar/15
Kane is normal men's shoes and Barret most likely in his gear.....

Kane had at least 2 on him so

Wade Barrett 6'5 + 2 inches = 6'7 minimum for Kane
Eclipse says on 24/Mar/15
He had 2+ inches on Barrett last night.. where do you guys view Barrett?
SID says on 24/Mar/15
im 188 where do you see 1.5 inches between big show and kane. I see 3 to 4 inches
Shuvayu says on 23/Mar/15
When Kane debuted in 1997...i thought it was sid in mask...
im 188 says on 21/Mar/15
@SID I don't think that is 3 inches more like 1.5 inches
Jackie Knife says on 21/Mar/15
i guess big show's head is at least 11 inches long, so there's more like 4 inches between them in this video, not 3.
bigz says on 20/Mar/15
Sid. There is barely any difference.
DFens says on 20/Mar/15
Kane and JBL almost the same height, does this mean something?
Click Here
N says on 20/Mar/15
Undertaker 6'6.5"
Kane 6'7"
Big Slow 6'10.5"
Harper 6'4.5"
Rowan 6'6"
SID says on 19/Mar/15
Aaron I see 3 inches in that video with show and kane
Aaron says on 18/Mar/15
Click Here
James B says on 18/Mar/15
But do you think he would drop to 6'7 flat by afternoon rob?
bigz says on 17/Mar/15
It appears kane is the only one who doesn't care about his height. Due to his poor posture and always being in DRESS shoes. Big show was in RING boots, and is clearly much taller than kane, but when big show wears DRESS shoes he is barely taller than Kane. Since big show is heavily portrayed as a GIANT. The WWE can't have kane looking so close to the big shows height. two smackdown shows ago kane and big show where almost the same height in dress shoes. Yesterday's raw Had big show in ring boots and kane in dress shoes. BIG SHOW towered over him. When kane put on his boots. He was taller than everyone in the ring. For example swagger and titus. Watch the segment. The fact is that he is still 6'7 and doesn't care about posture. While big show I'd say is at least 6'10-611 With good posture.
elliot says on 17/Mar/15
lets just say I have met him and im 6 ft 6 and he was a little taller
James B says on 17/Mar/15
By clear rob do you mean on 6'7 or a bit over?

He seriously does not look over 6'7 on tv though
[Editor Rob: I think he would a little fraction]
Omid says on 16/Mar/15
Rob, If you had Kane on your stadiometer at lunch time today, how do you think he would have measured?
[Editor Rob: I think he could still clear 6ft 7 mark]
anu says on 14/Mar/15
Kane is 6'8" tall n he is taller than sid eudy n sid was 6'7"tall n he was not taller than undertaker click here ....n kane is taller than undertaker atleast 1" click here
Shuvayu says on 13/Mar/15
There was a time in the early evolution days when batista and orton clearly had the same height...

Also does anyone have a photo of kane with Nash may be in 2002/ 03... they were both on the raw roster... from the pic & in reality kane is 3 inches > orton
Omid says on 12/Mar/15
@Eclipse because of camera angle and Kane not standing straight, this is how Orton and Kane look near each other with a better angle Click Here
James B says on 12/Mar/15
Sid Eudy in ring gear in the 90s for sure looked taller than kane does when he's not in gear.
James B says on 12/Mar/15
Eclipse says on 11/Mar/15
Why do so many people want to downgrade his height? He says he's 6'8" and I've seen nothing of value anywhere that leads me to question that.

Cause clearly he does not look it these days
8890 says on 11/Mar/15
Daniel Braent is 5"0
Eclipse says on 11/Mar/15
Why do so many people want to downgrade his height? He says he's 6'8" and I've seen nothing of value anywhere that leads me to question that.
DFens says on 11/Mar/15
I wanna know why Randy Orton was as tall as Kane this past raw.
Ben1993 says on 10/Mar/15
in wwe big show is 7ft1
The great khali was 7ft2
But is the undertaker now around the same as Kane now or nit
Ben1993 says on 10/Mar/15
in wwe big show is 7ft1
The great khali was 7ft2
But is the undertaker now around the same as Kane now or nit
James B says on 10/Mar/15
Cant see kane over 6'8.25 in gear today
Phil says on 9/Mar/15
I hate to break it to ya, Show is still 7ft and kane is still 6ft10.5 in gear
James says on 9/Mar/15

Big Show 6'11 peak 7ft
Kane 6'7 peak 6'7.5
Eric Rowan 6'6.5
Luke Harper 6'5
Phenom! says on 8/Mar/15
The tallest person in wwe today is still the big show, at around 6'10", now Kane and Eric Rowan look very much similar in height, but still Kane has at least a half of an inch on Rowan when he stands with a good posture. Kane is 2nd tallest wwe superstar being 6'6.5" today in barefeet. Rowan is the 3rd tallest being 6'6" barefeet. Undertaker is 6'6" as well, but he lost way more inches than Kane.
bigz says on 6/Mar/15
Sorry. Phone auto corrected ryback to rub ask
miko says on 6/Mar/15
Kane is around 6'7 today and Big Show a little over 6'11.
Phil says on 6/Mar/15
I want to see pictures of the raw reunion with kane and kevin nash height comparison
bigz says on 5/Mar/15
Tonight's smackdown match of rub ask vs kane. the new tale of the tape listed kane at 6'10 and rub ask at 6'3
Slim says on 5/Mar/15
That's right Eclipse... These downgrades are whack!!
Eclipse says on 4/Mar/15
I love these crazy downgrades... Kane at 6'5". What's next... Robert Wadlow was only 6'8"?
Slim says on 4/Mar/15
Yes seriously. Look at the episode. Look at Kane with big show. Kevin doesn't stack up like Kane does against show. That's all the proof you need.
Omid says on 4/Mar/15
Guys, The Lowest it is possible to argue for Kane "Now" is flat 6'7 not a tad below

Just because they guy is 47 years old that does not make him shorter, fatter, ect In fact he is in a better shape than a significant number of wrestlers younger than him

and pay attention to the fact that TV taping is not a reliable measure for how tall or short these wrestlers are
James says on 4/Mar/15
Slim says on 3/Mar/15
Kevin Nash on raw reunion didn't look as tall as Kane... And that was the most recent

Seriously? Kane to me does not look much over 6'5 these days
Slim says on 3/Mar/15
Kevin Nash on raw reunion didn't look as tall as Kane... And that was the most recent
James says on 3/Mar/15
kevin nash is 6'8 today and kane does not look as tall as him
Slim says on 2/Mar/15
In glens younger days in wrestling, before he was ever billed, they said he was 6'9". Currently today he says he is 6'8". Swagger says himself he is 6'6". Notice how his spiked hair and closer camera advantage still lets him be shorter than Kane. Spot on 6'8". Maybe a lil over in the morning
Omid says on 2/Mar/15
Jack Swagger with Randy Orton:

Click Here

Notice Orton is closer to the camera and has advantage

Jack Swagger with Kane:

Click Here

Again Swagger has camera advantage
James B says on 1/Mar/15
Big show must stand with really poor posture cause Kane ain't over 6'7 today
bigz says on 27/Feb/15
So did anyone notice that there was barely anyou difference in height between the two? Other than big show caring about his height due to his lifts?
Dfens says on 27/Feb/15
Kane in a good posture is taller than Rowan and Rowan is an hell of a big guy!
James B says on 27/Feb/15
Vegans you pointed out that there was only a 2 inch difference between Kane and Swagger.

If kane was 6'7.5 a few years ago that would make swagger about 6'5.5 then?
James B says on 27/Feb/15
Omid those are not very good photo comparisons.

All I will say is that in the second pic Kane looks no less than 6'7.
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 27/Feb/15
Vegas says on 26/Feb/15
there is a video from last year of kane/big ...

There´s also clear to see that The Miz is only 3-3.5" taller than 5´8" Daniel Bryan 1:36 ...
Omid says on 27/Feb/15

Kane is further from the camera than Show in your video that would give Show a good advantage

also last Raw I think gives everyone a very good idea about their height as they are both in dress shoes and the angle seemed to be good
Sean5 says on 27/Feb/15
My friend met him : do you know what the height difference appears?
[Editor Rob: although a bit nearer the top of his head might not really be much nearer than Kane's chin, so somewhere between 8-9 range is possible.]
Vegas says on 26/Feb/15
there is a video from last year of kane/big show standing side by side both in dress-shoes, 20-30 second mark or 58 seconds you get a decent idea of the height difference between those two Click Here
Omid says on 26/Feb/15

here are a couple of Pics from Orton/Kane, I think these are obvious enough to end the debate on the matter

Click Here

Click Here
Omid says on 25/Feb/15
at one point there were both wearing dress shoes and their difference wasn't much but as soon as Show wore his boots the difference increased

bear in mind Kane was in dress shoes all the show
Slim says on 25/Feb/15
Yeah those old matches, show wore lifts too. He's been wearing big boots just like Kanes ever since he was called the giant back in wcw.
just because says on 25/Feb/15
BigZ says on 25/Feb/15
Big show wears huge lifts in his boots or something. kane and big show both had dress shoes on last night, and they were almost the same height when kane stood up straight. looked taller at some points to be honest.

Watch the opening segment on raw Click Here big show is 4 inches taller than kane
James says on 25/Feb/15
Can anyone upload a decent photo comparison between randy orton and Kane?
Icehole73 says on 25/Feb/15
Check out old matches between Kane and Big Show. About an inch or two at most. I know Kane had his jacked up boots but he really measured up well.
BigZ says on 25/Feb/15
Big show wears huge lifts in his boots or something. kane and big show both had dress shoes on last night, and they were almost the same height when kane stood up straight. looked taller at some points to be honest.
James B says on 24/Feb/15
Yeah with Kane who is under 6'7.5 today show is looking nowhere near 6'11.
Icehole73 says on 24/Feb/15
I was about to say, when they recently tagged on Smackdown, the height was very close between them. Show is looking shorter these days.
DFens says on 24/Feb/15
Kane and Big Show in dress shoes this past raw, they're very close in height!
James B says on 17/Feb/15
I don't think Jack Swaggers 6'6 more 6'5.
Slim says on 16/Feb/15
Jack swagger has always said he's 6'6". Big show wears lifts as well so take that into account
Nick UK says on 16/Feb/15
Andre Trick? Standing on a something? Wouldn't be that close to Big Show's height normally.
Shuvayu says on 16/Feb/15
He is getting back his physique & posture... same height with big show as in attitude era... 6'10"" with gear asagainst a 7' show ! Just that he has kept loosing... imagine a tramp like bryan making kane tap out
miko says on 15/Feb/15
That's a good 4 inches between Show and Kane.

Shows head from the brow up is over 5 inches.
James B says on 15/Feb/15
Vegas pointed out that there was only 2 inches between Kane and jack swagger when they stood side by side.

If Kane is 6'7.5 then than would make Swagger around 6'5 1/2?
SID says on 13/Feb/15
The video with kane and big show, seems like 3 inches apart
Aaron says on 12/Feb/15
In my opinion this proves Kane is 6'8 and around 6'10 in ring boots! As he has stated himself!

Click Here
Slim says on 12/Feb/15
Click Here Boom.
Stalker says on 11/Feb/15
Please take a look at this video : Click Here
I really laughted at this video
Forecaster says he is 6'4, which makes Kane around 7'8 :D

He is probably 5'4 and Kane around 6'6.
Or Kane is standing on something in that show, who knows :D
Jake T. says on 9/Feb/15
Kane was 6'8 peak but he is looking between 200 and 201 cm today
Slim says on 9/Feb/15
6'9" for big show... No. 6'10" at the lowest in my opinion
James B says on 9/Feb/15
I think like Anddre the giant with bad posture and all the weight he carries big shows walks around at 6'9 range but if standing with good posture 6'11.
M4573R says on 9/Feb/15
I don't see him taller then me at all....I am 198cm.
Slim says on 8/Feb/15
I agree with phenom, but hey look at Kane and big show face to face backstage on smack down! Looks to be only 2" difference! I think the date is 1/15/15 of the video on YouTube so just look that up. He's way closer to shows height than ANYONE on the roster
Phenom! says on 7/Feb/15
Kane is taller than McIntyre, swagger, Barrett, and even Rowan, and these superstars are as close to the undertakers and Kane's height as they can get. Kane is not under 6'6". He is dead on this height and if it is anything he's taller. He looks shorter because he's never in gear and he sometimes slouches, and even then superstars who are in gear don't look taller than him, and 6'10" big show has 4 inches on him
James says on 4/Feb/15
No taller than 6'7 flat today
Aaron says on 31/Jan/15
Agree with slim. 6'8 in my opinion. 6'5 is just a ridiculous estimate
Slim says on 29/Jan/15
Yes sounds like more people with sense are coming out! Get a tape measure, look hard and close at how small a single inch really is then reconsider your opinion again. Pictures give off horrible angles BUT abjects like doorframes do not move WHATSOEVER. look at Kane near a doorframe and you'll see he's at the LEAST 6'7 PLUS
gerion says on 29/Jan/15
you would certainly lose on beting...
He is around 6'5 - 6'6 barefeet, in wrestling gear looks 6'8 - 6'9
I saw him several times
ad91 says on 28/Jan/15
Legit 6 ft 7.5 maybe 6 ft 8 when standing straight. Possibly a 6 ft 9 in the old days. Every photo and video with Kane and swagger, or ton and celebs are of poor angle. Also there really isn't much in 1 inch, people seen to think an inch is a lot bigger than it really is.
Omid says on 28/Jan/15
6'8 is spot on for Kane
kane_5388 says on 27/Jan/15
If I knew how to upload pics of here, I'd put some up that show Kane taller than Eric Rowan, and about 3.5 inches to 4 inches shorter than Big Show.
Alex2 says on 25/Jan/15
Alex 6'0 says on 20/Jan/15
Kane needs a peak height and today height I think now.

This, Rob there is more than enough evidence to warrant this and I would still bet all my money he isn't under 6'8 today.
James B says on 24/Jan/15
Rob how tall do you think Kane could be today?
kane_5388 says on 21/Jan/15
Kane has been looking tall lately while standing next to Big Show. Kane has been wearing dress shoes, and Big Show has been in his ring gear. And Kane looks about 3.5-4 inches shorter. Kane is still a legit 6'8.
Alex 6'0 says on 20/Jan/15
Kane needs a peak height and today height I think now.
James says on 12/Jan/15
Sid Eudy in the 90s looked taller than kane does today
Omid says on 12/Jan/15
Here's a photo for all you guys with Below 6'8 estimation:

Click Here

just notice how, a 48 years old Kane in Dress shoes is like next to Seth Rollins and and Bigshow, both in huge wrestling boots (specially Bigshow's) and both standing straight
DFens says on 11/Jan/15
I think its wrong to compare Kane with other wrestlers, hes always on dress shoes...
Alex2 says on 11/Jan/15
Click Here

miko says on 11/Jan/15
Barrett is somewhere in the 6'5/6'5.5 range.
James B says on 11/Jan/15
It's like how randy Orton looks 6'3.5 or 6'3 on tv
Alex2 says on 11/Jan/15
Lol at these comments, 6'6 are you for real? He was no more than 4" shorter than 6'11.5" Big Show on Smackdown the other night, inb4 people say Big Show is under 6'11" now.
Omid says on 11/Jan/15
On Smackdown, when they were all standing near each other on the ramp, Kane had at least 6 maybe 6.5 inches on Rollins in wrestling gear, Now Seth is 6'1.25, you do the math...

@Hellomynameishank: Sandow was much Closer to camera than Kane and he was in wrestling boot...
6'2 says on 11/Jan/15
yeah kane defo taller than pen jillette there but didnt seem taller than wade barret on the raw just gone there win over ryback i know wade had a slight footwear advantage but still how tall is bad news barret?
James B says on 10/Jan/15
If I'd didn't know Kane's height and when seeing him on TV in his coperal persona I'd honestly guess his height at around 6'5ish. I guess a 6'7 guy with not great posture and carrying all that weight can look 6'5?
SID says on 10/Jan/15
danimal kane looks 1'5 inch taller then pen jillette
Hellomynameishank says on 9/Jan/15
By the looks of it, Kane seems to be between 6'4 - 6'5 ft after watching some parts of the 9/01/2015 episode of Smackdown when Mizdow/Sandow looks near enough taller than Kane and also when Kane stands near the Big Show at the start Smackdown, Big Show towers over Kane. So Kane has either gotten shorter due to age and is starting to use a few inch boots for him to looks a little taller like he was before. So as of late Kane seems to be 6'4/6'5 ft, meaning he has shorten down a few inches. So
Omid says on 9/Jan/15
Daminal, Kane drops a lot of height a lot of times....whatever you consider Taker, Kane is at least half inch taller than him
Danimal says on 9/Jan/15
Rob, Kane is not over 6'7". Here he is (in 2012) with Pen Jillette, who has claimed to be under 6'7". They are the same height: Click Here
kane_5388 says on 9/Jan/15
I have a picture where you can clearly see that Kane is taller than Rowan. They are standing side by side.
DFens says on 8/Jan/15
Remember The Corre days...
kane_5388 says on 8/Jan/15
Well they did look the same height last night on Raw, but Wade Barret was wearing his ring boots, and Kane was just wearing dress shoes. That's why they looked the same in height.
NCL says on 7/Jan/15
James B says on 6/Jan/15
Dead on the same height as wade Barrett last night on raw. Wade i don't think is over 6'5?

Kane and Barrett from 30:14-30:45
Omid says on 7/Jan/15
James, Barret is 6'5 plus and was in wrestling gear, Kane was in dress shoes, still he had 1 maybe 1.5 inch on barret

in regards to Rowan, no he is not taller, watching Kane and Rowan together I see Kane having at least half an inch on Rowan, provided that he stands straight, these days he is dropping a lot of height...
James B says on 6/Jan/15
Dead on the same height as wade Barrett last night on raw. Wade i don't think is over 6'5?
James B says on 4/Jan/15
Rowan looks slightly taller
DFens says on 3/Jan/15
Kane and Rowan side by side at 2:10
James B says on 30/Dec/14
Kane does not look much over 6'4 these days but when stood next to Orton at times he does look 6'7 range
SID says on 21/Dec/14
Miko who is taller of the two, between kane and rowan
miko says on 20/Dec/14
I've seen both Kane and Rowan close up and there isn't much difference between them. Both are huge.
Omid says on 20/Dec/14
@Alex2: agreed, Kane has always been taller than Taker in his prime and peak height, so if Taker's peak is listed 6'7.5 here, I think he should be listed at 6'8 at least....
Alex2 says on 19/Dec/14
Kane was easily 6'8.5" prime, always had 1" on Undertaker, time for an upgrade.
NCL says on 19/Dec/14
Shuvayu says on 18/Dec/14
Saw the main event between kane & rowan... kane had an inch advantage over him clearly

Only clip I can find on youtube so far of Erick Rowan vs Kane:

Kane does appear to be about an inch taller, but he definitely has a footwear advantage. Between the 40-50 sec area you can see their boots

Shuvayu - I have the WWE network but haven't had a chance to watch the full match yet, was there a staredown in the beginning?

IMO - can't go any lower than 6'6.5" for Rowan. Personally, I think he's 6'7" and I'd say Kane barefoot about 6'7.5" as Rob has him. Rowan probably just under 6'8" in wrestling gear and Kane 6'9" in wrestling gear
SID says on 18/Dec/14
Shuvayu Kane's 6'7 Rowan's 6'6
Shuvayu says on 18/Dec/14
Saw the main event between kane & rowan... kane had an inch advantage over him clearly
knowledge guy says on 12/Dec/14
I stood next to Kane before. I am 6ft tall, he was only half an inch to one inch and a half taller than me max! And this was in the morning so I know we were both at peak height. I have pictures from that day also. Kane is 6'1.5-6'2 max.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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