How tall is Kane ?

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Kane's height is 6ft 7.5in (202 cm)

US Wrestler. Has been billed 6ft 10 and some believe he stood 7ft. At one time in the past (as Yankem) he was supposed to have been billed 6ft 7.
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Daddy says on 24/Jul/14
@NCL I'm still of the mind that in the photos you posted, Kane's boots are maybe a quarter to a half inch bigger than Orton's. Simply because they are a larger size. But in the video Kane is looking down, and Orton up, so I'd say Kane is 6'7.5", and Orton 6'3.5".

Now a question for you. In this video, from 3:20 to 3:34 or so, Kane barley clears Erick Rowan, who is billed at 6'8" by WWE. Luke Harper, billed 6'5, looks about 6'4" next to Kane IMO, does that sound right? It looks to be like Kane was 1" taller than Rowan. How tall would you say Erick Rowan is? And Luke Harper? I'm guessing Harper 6'4" and Rowan 6'6.5"
Here's the video:
Jimbob says on 24/Jul/14
6'7 barefoot I think, and 6'8-6'9 in wresting boots. Doesn't look anything taller to me. But a huge guy.
James B says on 24/Jul/14
6'7.25 today
Alex 6'0 says on 23/Jul/14
He looks 6'7-6'7.5 with Orton.
James B says on 23/Jul/14
NCL u agree that Kane could look 6'9 at times back in 1998?
Height181 says on 23/Jul/14
Didn't pay much attention, but Kane did look about 6'7'' Max next to Orton. Taller heights are really tough to guess. Got to give credit to Rob for guessing this one around the correct area.
NCL says on 23/Jul/14
A rare shot of Kane and Orton with the same camera angle in the middle of the ring. See 7:47-8:15

I agree with James B - if Kane stood straight, there'd be about a 3" difference. At 8:05 Orton stands straight and Kane slouching has nearly 2" on him.

Daddy - I think you could be right, I think Orton's shoes tho may be closer to 1.5" or even 2". So assuming their footwear is nearly equal, Kane should have about 3" on him barefoot. If Orton's 6'4", that would out Kane at 6'7".

8:13 is another good shot

I think 6'7.5" is possible if he stands military straight
James B says on 22/Jul/14
I did think recently he's been looking 6'6 range but next to Orton last night he did look a strong 6'7.

Back in the attitude era looked 6'8 or 6'9 for sure.. He was in better shape back then which is why he looked minimum his current listing but these days he has put on a belly which is why he looks 6'6 at times.
Daddy says on 21/Jul/14
@NCL IMO, Orton's boots are 1-1.5", while Kane's stay around 2". But Kane still looks easily 4" taller than Orton, adjusted for the boots
NCL says on 20/Jul/14
Shots of Kane's boots these days and Randy Orton's boots these days:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Daddy says on 18/Jul/14
@ Ali Baba, do you think Kane or Undertaker is taller? I'm inclined to say Kane, because he's not as slim as Undertaker, and slimness leaves the impression of greater height. I remember how shocked I was when a guy, who looked to be about 170lb, who I could have sworn was at LEAST 6'4" told me he was 6'2.5".

And if you could estimate their heights for me two, that'd be amazing
Alex 6'0 says on 14/Jul/14
Ali Baba, can you post the pic of you and Cena again? You're 6'6 even correct?
Ali Baba says on 14/Jul/14
Alex, in my opinion Cena is not over 6' even.
Bernardo says on 14/Jul/14
He has claimed 6'8 on several interviews, seems pretty accurate.
Alex 6'0 says on 10/Jul/14
Ali Baba, you said Cena looked 6'0 right? He looked 6'0 range in your pic.
Ali Baba says on 9/Jul/14
Bubba says on 5/Jul/14
Ali Baba, Have you ever met Glenn Jacobs in person. If so how tall did he appear?

I have not met him, but have seen him from the same distance as I have the Undertaker (about 15 feet or a little less) and Kane looked a little taller. This was during the Corporate Kane story line and he was in his dress shoes. Taker was in ring gear, but it was a non televised house show in the build up for Wrestelmania 2013. I actually only live about 45 minutes from Taker but we don't exactly hang out in the same group of people.
Daddy says on 6/Jul/14
@ Dabs you are a good height. Many your height would ish to be taller, but ask any 6'1+" guy- airplane are agony for them!!!! Nothing wrong with being 5'10" :)
@ Dave, I agree, I'd put Rowan at 6'6.5" ish
Bubba says on 5/Jul/14
Ali Baba, Have you ever met Glenn Jacobs in person. If so how tall did he appear?
Alex 6'0 says on 4/Jul/14
No doubt Kane is a huge guy. Looking at him there 6'7-6'8 range he looks
DFens says on 3/Jul/14
Here is Kane in a class room, not impressive video but he looks huge
Joe says on 2/Jul/14
Went to the WWE house show show tonight and stood at the entrance where the wrestlers enter the arena. Kane 6'8"? LOLOLOLOL
Dablue(Dabs) says on 30/Jun/14
Hey guys! i am dabs and today i will tell you my height first then i will tell you Kane,Undertaker and Khali's height, so first my height is 5'10" i told becouse to ask you it's a good height or not... And i think kane is not taller than THE UNDERTAKER cuz WWE gives Hills to wrestlers... Undertaker is like 6'8"/6'9" And kane is like 6'7" and khali is 7'0" but WWE told he is 7'3"
Dave says on 26/Jun/14
@Bill Erick Rowan to me doesn't look like a solid 6'7-6'8'' he looks more like 6'6''
Daddy says on 24/Jun/14
@Dave how tall do you think Erick Rowan is? I know what I think, but I'd like to hear your thoughts first
slim says on 24/Jun/14
Um regardless of camera angle, notice how he looks DOWN at takers eyes, and also how the hell would you know if he wore lifts back then? Pretty CLEAR that he doesnt have lifts in the taker/ yankem stardewon.
Bill says on 23/Jun/14
First of all Glenn Jacobs didn't look taller than Taker but the camera angle was much closer towards him. I'd say he is around 6'6.5-6'7'' now but back then he wore lifts as well why else would you think he would care about his height.
slim says on 23/Jun/14
Well bill how tall do you think glenn is then??? Look. Taker was around 2 inches shorter than nash. Glenn as Isaac was at least an inch taller than taker. Look up the pics for proof bc nothing else seems to convince you so look at the proof not here say and videos bc those do no justice for a few different reasons.
Bill says on 22/Jun/14
Matt Moran 6'8.5-6'9 Peak 6'10''(Footwear/Lifts)
Kevin Nash 6'9-6'10
In conclusion Kevin Nash is the same height as Nathan Jones. Saying that Glenn Jacobs is 6'8'' sounds unbelievable even if he says it himself. Kevin Nash 6'8'' really? that is a downgrade in comparison to a 6'11'' guy he seems pretty close I'd say he is definitely around 6'9.5''.
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Red183 says on 21/Jun/14
Vegas says on 11/Jun/14
here is a morgan and nash staredown @ 14 mins 40seconds, look similar height to me in that clip. compare that to nash standing beside sid (whom i estimate is around the same height as kane) Click Here

Thx for the vid, but to me Nash looks a bit taller and right before the staredown when Morgan is jumping around it´s clear to see he has a bit help in his footwear.
Dave says on 20/Jun/14
Kane is slightly taller than Erick rowan
buttercupvn says on 19/Jun/14
I think we can all safely see, he is taller than we are! I am a dwarf in comparison.
Daddy says on 16/Jun/14
Like I said, basketball heights are nearly as fukked up as pro wrestling. Except for the NBA, you'd be mighty naïve to think that's accurate. And Matt Morgan frequently refers to himself as "a 7 foot 300 pound giant" (yes that's his words) in interviews, so in a sport where an inch can be the difference between getting to play in the finals or not, I wouldn't put exaggeration past him.

And P.S., I'm not backing up Slim in saying Matt Bloom (A-Train/Tensai) is taller than Matt Morgan, I'm just saying that Morgan is not as tall as most believe. But just for the record, I've never measured him barefoot so it's all speculation
slim says on 14/Jun/14
Bill, randy is in his ring atire (lifts in his boots) while kane is in flats. Vegas, I agree with you, i think kane is just a little bit taller than sid who was a little bit taller than taker or same height, and glenn jacobs as yankem, was a full inch or more taller than taker.
Vegas says on 11/Jun/14
slim, i have already posted photos of myself and my friends with kane and morgan many times on here, i even posted a video, but i deleted it and the original is bad shape :( i have also met albert (matt bloom) in person twice and he is not taller than morgan out of gear, in fact out of gear he looks shorter than he looks on make of that what you will.

i can only go with what i see in person and in person kane is shorter out of gear. kane was also listed shorter when he played college basketball for what thats worth. outside of the times he has been wearing platforms kane has always looked 3.5-4 inches shorter than big show.

here is a morgan and nash staredown @ 14 mins 40seconds, look similar height to me in that clip. compare that to nash standing beside sid (whom i estimate is around the same height as kane) Click Here
Bill says on 11/Jun/14
@Slim Kane is only 2 inches taller than randy orton who is 6'3.5
Click Here
Bill says on 11/Jun/14
@Slim Kane is only 2 inches taller than randy orton who is 6'3.5
slim says on 10/Jun/14
I scrolled down the thread to earlier posts and saw the pics of nash and morgan. Nash is a full inch taller even while slouching
Bill says on 10/Jun/14
@Slim Matt Morgan is 6'9'' same height as Kevin Nash.
slim says on 9/Jun/14
Like i said.. kane is taller than a train, a train is taller than morgan, jones was a little taller than taker, and finally, kane was a little taller than taker in the same footwear as yankem. Look up the pics and see. If anything, id say kane and morgan are the same height barefoot. Morgan is not taller than kane.
Bill says on 8/Jun/14
Morgan looks to be about a foot taller than Kurt Angle.
Luke says on 8/Jun/14
There was a match were A Train wrestled against Cena in 2003 they've mentioned he's 6'9''
Dave says on 8/Jun/14
I wish there was a video of Matt Morgan vs Kane in OVW that proves it all.
Dave says on 8/Jun/14
Kane is at least 6'6'' at the max now.
Mike says on 8/Jun/14
In reality Kane is not taller than Matt Morgan but maybe with lifts on. Morgan is more closer to Nathan Jone's height than Kane.
slim says on 7/Jun/14
No pictures with them Vegas? Kane is taller than albert, morgan was the same height as albert. Look up the pics. Kane was always closer to big shows height than morgan was. Look those pics up too.
Andy says on 7/Jun/14
Click Here
Daddy says on 6/Jun/14
Keep in mind guys, basketball players outside of the NBA, and possibly some in, are often listed up to 3 inches more than they really are.
Vegas says on 6/Jun/14
i have met both morgan and kane a number of times in street clothes and morgan is taller. i actually met both within minutes of each other in the wwe hotel during wrestlmania 20 weekend back in march 2004.
Joe says on 5/Jun/14
Matt Morgan may have pull 6'11''.
slim says on 5/Jun/14
Well its pretty clear that show isnt standing straight. We all know morgan wears his lifts on the inside and kane on the outside, kane has no lifts on.
Keith says on 4/Jun/14
Matt Morgan and Kevin Nash were both listed 6'10''
Big Show was 7'1''
Kane was 6'8''
Keith says on 4/Jun/14
I think both Kane and Matt are wearing same lifts as you can see.
slim says on 4/Jun/14
I think you've got it backwards kieth. Show isnt standing straight with morgan so.
Besides kane doesnt have his big boots on!
Keith says on 4/Jun/14
Click Here
Click Here
Kane Looks to be about 6'9''. Morgan seems to be at least 6'10 or even over.
Red183 says on 3/Jun/14
Big Show 6'11.25''
The Undertaker 6'6.75''
Kane 6'7''
Kevin Nash 6'8.25''
Nathan Jones 6'9''
Matt Morgan 6'7.5-6'8''

current barefoot heights
Flair says on 3/Jun/14
If Morgan is wearing the exact same footwear with Billy Gunn, which he is, why isn't he in lifts? You would think staring down a tall man like Gunn would be the time to wear them especially when tna were billing the two 7 inches apart.

Nobody dressed the earlier question I asked about his basketball listing!
Daddy says on 3/Jun/14
Rob, after seeing those pictures of Kane's lifts being smaller than Matt Morgan's, I think it's time to upgrade Kane to 203cm or 6'8"
Daddy says on 3/Jun/14
@Mr 6 foot 1 thanks for posting the pictures. I think it's safe to say Kane's boots are about 1 inch bigger than regular shoes, making him 2" taller than barefoot, while Morgan's give him around 2.25- 2.50", giving him a 3.5 inch advantage over barefoot
slim says on 2/Jun/14
Omg can we keep this KANE? This is KANES thread right?
Tom says on 2/Jun/14
Big Show 6'11.75''
The Undertaker 6'7''
Kane 6'6.25''
Kevin Nash 6'9.5''
Nathan Jones 6'10''
Matt Morgan 6'8.5-6'9''
Red183 says on 2/Jun/14
Flair says on 1/Jun/14
given Morgan looks to be in same footwear...

You should let people estimate who actually have eyes. Morgan is clearly not in lifts with Gunn. Morgan isn´t always in lifts.
His footwear with lifts gives him about 2.5".
Mr.6FOOT1 says on 1/Jun/14
Click Here Kane
Click Here Morgan
Flair says on 1/Jun/14
Morgan played basketball so finding his listed height from ther should be easy and we can work from there.

Those photos Red183 posted don't prove anything either and his argument is flawed. He claims Morgan wears 2 inch lifts inside his boots so I assume altogether boots and lifts he gains at least 3 inches from his footwear total. If he stands only 4 inches taller than 6'3.5 Billy Gunn in wrestling boots wouldn't that make him 6'5 range in reality given Morgan looks to be in same footwear as the closeup Red183 posted.
Daddy says on 31/May/14
First and formost, I respect your opinion. However, camera angles and poor posture make a world of difference. Unless Show and Morgan were standing side by side, neither one leaning, and the camera was directly in front of them, you can't trust that. And in the 2004 Royal Rumble, Morgan was wearing some HUGE boots, and yet, he was still shorter than Kane in smaller boots. Now I'll admit, my eyes have tricked me before, but ask others- it's well known that Morgan wore lifts in his boots.
And this has been said before on , but I'll repeat it as it's worth hearing. Only 0.001% of men are over 6'6", and I think it's safe to say of that of those, only 10% of those men are willing to be on the road 300+ days a year. So the chance that a man who is known to wear lifts is actually 6'9"+ is very low. Possible? Absolutley! But is the chance higher than 1 in a hundred? Heck no.-
slim says on 30/May/14
Good example jim, 2-3 inches id say. So it looks kane is the solid 6'8 he claims and we've all seen the recent pic of show and the 6'11 guy.
Jim says on 30/May/14
As a matter of fact he is 6'9'' without lifts, unlike other big wrestlers Matt Morgan is however the same height as Nathan Jones who is no shorter than 6'9'' he looks taller because he is bald. I remember watching an episode of smackdown he exactly had an inch on Big Show with lifts on. Why would anyone would to downgrade him to 6'7-8'' the dude is a lot taller than you think.
Red183 says on 30/May/14
Frank says on 29/May/14
Click Here

Rob has a picture up with Billy so what are you trying to prove here?

:) Don´t think I argue in a bad tone ;)
Red183 says on 30/May/14
Frank says on 28/May/14
Matt Morgan in rare occasions can look no taller than 6'7

It doesn´t matter how rare this may be, he´s complete straight, clearly no lifts and clearly no taller than 6´8".

If he looks taller in other comparisons we for sure need to see his footwear!
Here are his 2 inch inside lifts clearly visible Click Here

Frank says on 28/May/14
Matt Morgan towers over Hogan...

TOWERS??? he´s about 4 inches taller than 6´3"-6´3.5" range Hogan
Red183 says on 30/May/14
Frank says on 28/May/14
Nathan Jones is a legit 6'9.5-6'10'' guy. Matt Morgan seems to be the same height but cm shorter or so.
Click Here

Nash looks 6´8" next to Rob, so how can Morgan be 6´9.5"-6´10" if he looks even shorter than Nash?
Daddy says on 29/May/14
@ Jim

Matt Morgan is notorious for wearing big lifts in his boots. And during his match against Big Show on Smackdown!, Tazz said he was 6'9". And of course, that's a billed height. I'd give him 6'7"
Alex 6'0 says on 29/May/14
Matt Morgan claimed 6'10 for Tough Enough 2 and honestly he could have passed for it. I think he's at least 6'8 though
Frank says on 29/May/14
Click Here
Frank says on 28/May/14
Nathan Jones is a legit 6'9.5-6'10'' guy. Matt Morgan seems to be the same height but cm shorter or so.
Click Here
Frank says on 28/May/14
Matt Morgan in rare occasions can look no taller than 6'7. But Here's a proof that he is indeed 6'9'' in real life. Him and Nash are probably both wearing foot wear.
Click Here
Frank says on 28/May/14
Click Here
Matt Morgan towers over Hogan who's taller than Billy Gunn.
Jim says on 27/May/14
Click Here
Click Here
Tell me What you think!
Jim says on 27/May/14
Rob by comparing Kane and Matt Morgan who would you say is taller outside of wrestling.
Red183 says on 27/May/14
Frank says on 24/May/14
Red183 I think you mistaken Matt Morgan for Kane

Naaah, I mean Matt Morgan Click Here

4 inches on 6´3.5"-6´4" Billy Gunn aka Kip James.

Morgan is a strong 6´7" or weak 6´8", Kane is a weak 6´7"today (6´8.5" in big footwear)
slim says on 26/May/14
Yeah morgan wears lifts INSIDE his boots just like orton. Its clear if you look harder
slim says on 25/May/14
Saw a pic of a train and matt morgan doing a stare down. A train looked slightly taller. Kane and a train standing together at rick flares christmas party and kane was a good bit taller than a train. So hm. Whos the tallest? Id say kane. Theres a reason they chose glenn jacobs to be the monster kane.
Jim says on 25/May/14
Kane and Matt Morgan have the same build,however Morgan has at least 1.5-2'' On Glenn but from what I saw The Royal Rumble 2004 show Kane seemed slightly taller because he wore thick lifts while Morgan was wearing regular boots.
Ali Baba says on 25/May/14
slim says on 22/May/14
Frank.. kane is in his what, late 40s early 50s?
He turned 47 on April 26.
Daddy says on 24/May/14
Kane is a very tall man, no doubt. And while people's estimates of him range from 6'5.25" to 6'11", that MUCH too wide a range for one man!!!!!!! I think we should start by giving a 2000, and another for 2014 and beyond.

Starting with 2000. First of all, there's no doubt Kane wore some thick boots. Probably gave him an extra 2". And the mask probably gave him as much as an inch, possibly less. However, he (on TV, keep in mind) also looked his billed 7'0", to me at least. So subtracting 3" for the boots and mask, to come down to barefoot height, puts the man at 6'9". In a recent interview (don't have the link atm, sorry), Kane said he's 6'8", and losing one inch after wrestling for nearly 20 years and being nearly 50 is QUITE reasonable.

For 2014, we have the privilege of rememebering back to Corperate Kane, though thankfully if seems those days are behind us, where Kane looked disappointingly short when standing near Randy Orton (6'3" or so) and Triple H (6'1.75"). I've heard that Vince McMahon wears lifts in his dress shoes when on TV, and assuming that's true, Triple H likely does the same. And we know Randy wears lifts in his boots, you only need eyes to see that. So, assuming a wrestling boot adds one inch, and a lift adds a second inch to Orton, making him 6'5". Then that would mean Kane would be about 6'7", but I don't think the camera angle was ever quite fair to Kane either. At Extreme Rules however, Kane in a slimmer mask due to the new one having straight hair (0'50"?) and wrestling boots that I'd say were 0'1.50" Kane looked around 6'10", 3 inches on Corperate Kane. So I'm just going to go with his self professed 6'8.0" and call that a day.

And since people like to compare heights on here, I'm going to give my estimated wrestler heights, listing one at each height as I can think of one from 6'0.0" up:
6'0"; John Cena
6'1"; Bray Wyatt
6'2"; Roman Reigns
6'2.5"; Brock Lesnar
6'3"; Sheamus
6'4.5"; Luke Harper
6'5"; Albert/A-Train/Tensai
6'6"' Broadus Clay
6'6.5"; Erick Rowan
6'7"; Undertaker
6'8" Kane
6'9"; Kevin Nash
6'10"; ????
6'11.5"; Big Show
7'0.5"; Great Khali
Tom says on 24/May/14
Click Here
Frank says on 24/May/14
Red183 I think you mistaken Matt Morgan for Kane who actually had 3-4 inches on Billy Gunn but whatever anyone saying that Morgan is 6'7'' that's a downgrade the dude is a lot taller.
Jackie Knife says on 24/May/14
2 slim
Nash is noticably taller than Taker (2 inches) and slightly taller than Morgan (0,5 inches). not sure about Kurggan and Jones. Perhaps these 2 are bit taller than Kev, though there were pics from some ****ty monsters movie which show that Nash is cms taller than Kurggan
slim says on 24/May/14
Yeah i think all these "giants" like taker nash morgan kurrgan and Nathan Jones,are all around the same height.
Red183 says on 23/May/14
Frank says on 21/May/14
Matt Morgan claims he is 6'10'' but he really is around the 6'9 range

lol, sry
Morgan without lifts had barely 4 inches on Billy Gunn, so 6´8" at best, more likely solid 6´7" range.
slim says on 22/May/14
Frank.. kane is in his what, late 40s early 50s? Doubt he would lie about his height. Ive seen several backstage vids where he is taller than door frames.
Alex 6'0 says on 22/May/14
I doubt very much Kane is below 6'7
Frank says on 21/May/14
Matt Morgan claims he is 6'10'' but he really is around the 6'9 range
Kane claims he is 6'8'' which is not true at all he's got to be 6'5.75-6'6 now
Mag says on 21/May/14
I would say 6'9, definitely has at least an inch on the undertaker.
Magnusver says on 19/May/14
Kane_5388, you said "...there is a video where you can see Kane backstage in his old red attire with no mask on and it is clearly Glen Jacobs, and a much younger, stronger Kane at that. Also after Kanes match with Undertaker at Sumerslam 2000 where Taker pulls Kanes mask off, there is a backstage pic of Kane from after that match, clearly Glen Jacobs." Can you show me this? Not to say that I'm skeptical, but I can find no such thing.
Alex 6'0 says on 19/May/14
Tim181, its a good picture of Kane and Ben but yea we can't see any footwear. Ben is likely in sneakers so that's 1-1.3 inch range but Kane could be in his wrestling boots which I am not sure what they give. At least 1.5 inches. Ben was measured 6'4 7/8 but I hear these NFL measurements are taken around 11am? If so Ben is prob more 6'4.75. Kane would look nothing below a solid 6'7 with Ben though. It looks between 2 and 3 inches difference.
James says on 19/May/14
Click Here
Click Here Kane seems close to 6'11 as well.
Tim181 says on 16/May/14
Here you go Alex Click Here , but weather they have similar footwear is unknown, Kane could be wearing his 2" boots.
Z123 says on 15/May/14
Dang, you should look into contacting the "big guys" of the WWE Rob. Lol
Eric 1 says on 15/May/14
My picture with kane used to be on here. Where did it go? Kanes definitely 6ft8
[Editor Rob: I ended up only going with photos of myself/jenny on here]
Alex 6'0 says on 15/May/14
Kane5388, post it. They only had one together backstage at Raw some years ago
Kane_5388 says on 14/May/14
I have the picture of Kane and Ben.
Alex 6'0 says on 13/May/14
I can't seem to find the pic of Kane With Ben Roethlisberger anymore. That was a good pic to judge Kane's height. Ben measured 6'4 7/8 and Kane had over 2 inches on him.
Z123 says on 12/May/14
Rob, have you ever met kane?
[Editor Rob: never!]
dude says on 11/May/14
As i said "it is said that", not saying for definite. This is from random sources and chit chat. But if you look at the picture, you'll notice that Vince is completely upright and stretching, whilst Kane has a much more relaxed posture even having to lean slightly.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 11/May/14
Wrong photo, I linked that on the last page. Here's the actual one:

Click Here

Vince Vaughn is 6'7".
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 11/May/14
Alright, I was wrong. He still looks 3.5 inches taller than Will Ferrell though:

Click Here

He doesn't tower over him however.
James B says on 10/May/14
Will Ferrell is a weak 6'3
Vegas says on 10/May/14
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 10/May/14
Vince Vaughn towered over 6'3" Will Ferrell though, so Kane's like 6'9"-6'10".

you can't be serious
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 10/May/14
Vince Vaughn towered over 6'3" Will Ferrell though, so Kane's like 6'9"-6'10".
slim says on 10/May/14
Hey if thats true about vince standing on his toes (which i figured anyways) then kane is gotta be solid 6'8. Look at vince in movies, top of his head is close to door frames which are 6'7.
sid says on 9/May/14
dude where did hear this?
James B says on 9/May/14
Well Kane had no more than 2 inches on jack swagger who could be just under a full 196cm. So these days I can't see Kane over 6'7 flat.

Vince Vaughn I think is 6'4.75
Kane_5388 says on 9/May/14
It would be interesting to see a full picture of Kane with Vince Vaughn. To see if he is really tip toeing there. So I have to agree with Magnusver: no less than 6'8". Kane is about 4 inches shorter than Big Show and 5 inches shorter than Great Khali.
dude says on 8/May/14
it is said Vince Vaughan has admitted he was on tip toes in the photo. Meaning Kane would be about 6'8" to 6'9".
Arch Stanton says on 7/May/14
Looks totally different with hair. Looks much less intimidating!
Magnusver says on 7/May/14
Alright Aaron, I only declared what is alleged by my old friend, making it perfectly clear that I don't believe it wholeheartedly. Sorry for offending your delicate sensibilities, I wasn't already an expert on obscure Kane appearances like 'Kane_5388'. I reckoned someone would know more about it than I. To return to the topic at hand, I'd believe he is no less than 6'8.
Alex 6'0 says on 7/May/14
Vaughn is really more 6'5. Some believe he could be more like 6'4.5. The picture angle is in favor of Vaughn though and its a low shot picture too making the height difference nearer. When Kane was with 6'4 3/4 Ben Roethlisberger he looked between 2-3 inches taller. Kane is a solid 6'7 at least
ElRaloir says on 5/May/14
With 6'5.5" Vince Vaughn. Now I really believe Kane is no taller than 6'7". From this photo he looks 6'6"! Click Here
James B says on 5/May/14
Doesn't look over 6'7 these days
Kane_5388 says on 4/May/14
Only Glen Jacobs has played Kane, now and before. Kane now walks, talks, and moves exactly the same as the debut Kane proving that they are one in the same. Plus there is a video where you can see Kane backstage in his old red attire with no mask on and it is clearly Glen Jacobs, and a much younger, stronger Kane at that.Also after Kanes match with Undertaker at Sumerslam 2000 where Taker pulls Kanes mask off, there is a backstage pic of Kane from after that match, clearly Glen Jacobs. So I believe that your friend would make such a story up.
Aaron says on 4/May/14
You are chatting complete rubbish. Your comment needs removing, it is complete and total crap. Glenn Jacobs has always been Kane. You make yourself look so stupid with a comment like that.
Magnusver says on 4/May/14
Someone I know who worked in the business said there were indeed two different men playing as Kane, and that a few months before Kane unmasked, the company switched guys, due to disagreements about the unmasking, and that the original guy playing Kane wanted to maintain his concealment, so the original guy withdrew and they replaced him. He stood about 6'10 - 6'10.5, then with his footwear he was right close to 7 foot. This guy was Nathan Jones sized. Glenn Jacobs who went on to replace him was about 6'8 and had to wear major lifts to match old Kane's height. In recent years he has stopped wearing them, hence why even in matches he appears only about 6'8. Before I stir up any controversy, note that I'm aware that this is all alleged. However I see no reason why my friend would make this up, I suppose it's worth some analysis... Afterall the notion that two different Kanes existed has been around for ages.
Red183 says on 2/May/14
Vic says on 28/Apr/14
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6'8 1/2 according to the man himself

ABOUT 6´8" according to the man himself.

I believe at his low he isn´t much over 6´7".
Vic says on 28/Apr/14
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6'8 1/2 according to the man himself
Dago Red says on 28/Apr/14
His boots are pretty thick. Could be as low as 6'7" barefoot? Two inches of boots would get him over the Undertaker.
person says on 24/Apr/14
Kane is taller than the Undertaker. Even when Kane debuted as Isaac Yankem...he was still taller. Kane is between 6'7.5-6'8.5" range and the Undertaker is around 6'6-6'7" MAX and was probably around 6'7.5-6'8" during the 90s.
Z123 says on 21/Apr/14
With big show he looked real tall this smack down
bulli305 says on 16/Apr/14
Kane is 6'7 barefoot but reaches 2m03 on shoes but he is nowhere near the Great Khali or the Big Show
BorkLaser says on 10/Apr/14
Seeing him with Triple H lately, I wouldn't say he's anything taller than 6'7" although he can look shorter than that sometimes
James B says on 2/Apr/14
Billy gunn is standing with slightly worse posture than Kane. At times billy gunn has looked 6'3 but is for sure 6'4.

Road Dogg is like what? 6'2?
Ed says on 1/Apr/14
He says, himself, he is around 6'8" in this interview. 4 minutes and 50 seconds.
Joe says on 29/Mar/14
Kane looks about 3 inches taller than billy gun here on the latest smackdown.

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Wwe says on 26/Mar/14
Kane and undertaker real height U-6.5.5feet. Kane -6.6.5 feet
James B says on 25/Mar/14
Kane looks 6'6 compared to 6'2 triple h and 6'5 brides clay
DFens says on 24/Mar/14
Kane and Brodus Clay at Scooby Doo's Wrestlemania Mystery premiere
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Slim says on 21/Mar/14
I thought jbl was 6'6 but either way I saw that vid of kane and jbl and kane looked a good 2-3 taller IMO
miko says on 20/Mar/14
He could be 6'8 out of bed at a push on a good day, but he never looks anywhere near that tall on TV anymore. He's been barely edging out 6'5 JBL on the JBL & Cole Show for starters.
Dewmoo says on 20/Mar/14
He's probably like 6"10
Icehole73 says on 20/Mar/14
In the video with Big show, Billy Gunn and Chuck, Kane looks only about 2 inches shorter than the 4 inches he has looked recently with Show. Great comparison. I'm sure Kane had his jacked up boots on but that is the Kane I miss. Back in the day Studd didn't look as tall compared to Andre. The Big men are the important to give the giants a run for their money and make it look plausible!
Slim says on 19/Mar/14
From the info I've gathered, I'd say kane is a solid 6'8-9. He claims 6'8 himself so I'd scratch out that 6'7.5 rob ;). Hell he was probably last measured way in the afternoon at 6'8 solid.
Icehole73 says on 19/Mar/14
Is there really a picture of Kane and Tyler Mane together? Love to see it.
Aaronious says on 16/Mar/14
Kane says he is 6'8" in this interview, and i believe it:

Click Here
James B says on 11/Mar/14
I can't see him over 6'7 these days.
ck82 says on 5/Mar/14
6'7" in 2014
6'8" peak
z123 says on 25/Feb/14
orton defiantly cares about his height.. why else has kane towered over him in the past..?
DFens says on 24/Feb/14
By watching elimination chamber I could see that Kane is taller than Harper and same height as Rowan and both Wyatts are huge
Sozzla93 says on 22/Feb/14
Kane - 6'6.5
Trips- 6'1.75
Rowan - Same as Kane
Andre - 1 inch taller than rowan
Bill says on 22/Feb/14
Always thought Kane was just a bit taller than Undertaker, about an inch. Am gonna say 6'7".
The Ben says on 22/Feb/14
I doubt Orton is really that bothered about his height. Its not part of his gimmick. He may have thick soles but there's no reason at all why he would have internal lifts. It doesn't look like he does at all. When wrestlers have lifts its generally pretty easy to see.
Slim says on 19/Feb/14
Glad someone finally brought up ortons footwear. I've noticed ortons thicker boots on the outside AND looks like he has boost inside!! I've seen several matches where he turns his ankle over. You can tell he has boost inside his boot. Same case with Matt morgan.
z123 says on 18/Feb/14
you guys have to realize, orton is obsessed with how tall he is. the man wears crazy thick soles. nonetheless he probably wears lifts inside his shoes too!
so in conclusion he would be as tall as kane. kane has been wearing dress shoes. kane could be 6'9' if he wanted just do what orton does. giant boots with lifts! lol
miko says on 16/Feb/14
I have to say he has been looking 6'6 on TV in the last year or so, I don't think he's that short but he's been barely edging out 6'5 guys like Barrett, JBL etc...
sid says on 15/Feb/14
Z123 says on 15/Feb/14
6'6' is a downgrade the man is a legit 6'8
Dan says on 15/Feb/14
Jay says on 14/Feb/14
6'6 is BS and downgrading. He's not smaller then 6'7.
clement says on 8/Feb/14
KANE IS 6'6" TALL.....
clement says on 7/Feb/14
Aaron says on 3/Feb/14
Manuel your comment is completely wrong. Kane is billed as 7ft, he isn't actually 7ft. You don't really understand this site at all do you.
Manuel says on 1/Feb/14
kane is 7'0 cause the undertaker is 6'10 and he is taller than the undertaker
Don says on 30/Jan/14
How much does Kane weigh in real life? And what is his heaviest weight, I mean real weight not billed weight.
pab says on 28/Jan/14
My guess he's a good 6'6.5 flat 6'7 in shoes and 6'8-6'9 in boots
Slim says on 26/Jan/14
I'm 6ft even and I've seen kane slightly duck to walk under a doorway and I don't come close to ducking under doorways lol
pab says on 26/Jan/14
Kane is a big dude but one year I saw him next to my father he's 6ft and kane didn't look that tall
Slim says on 20/Jan/14
It's good you brought up nash there james, look back at when him and undertaker had a staredown backstage. Then look at taker and isaac yankem (kane) staredown.
James B says on 20/Jan/14
On last episode of smack down he looked 6'6 range when he came out and choke slammed cm punk.

Was not much taller than 6'4 billy gunn on that episode either but then gun had on wrestling boots.

Hard to believe heis only 1.5 inches shorter than Kevin Nash who gives of a much larger impression than Kane on TV. Nash himself could even be 6'8.5 these days.
Slim says on 19/Jan/14
I'd agree that's a solid 3" difference. Both wore big thicker boots so looks about right.
Ancient Aztec guy says on 18/Jan/14
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Big show has at least 3 inches on kane, maybe more, in this segment.
beefcake says on 14/Jan/14
fair enuf red but remember someone refering to yankem as 6'11" possibly king jerry lawlor.
Red183 says on 11/Jan/14
beefcake says on 8/Jan/14
wasnt he billed 6'11" as dr yankeem id give him 6'8" at least taker defo 6'8" peak no question so mr kane6'8"-9".

I remember 6´9" for Yankeem´s billed height
beefcake says on 8/Jan/14
wasnt he billed 6'11" as dr yankeem id give him 6'8" at least taker defo 6'8" peak no question so mr kane6'8"-9".
James says on 7/Jan/14
No way is jbl 6'6.5
Slim says on 6/Jan/14
He looks a good 6'6" with randy in that one bc imagine if he straightened his back and was face to face with randy... That's at least a 2" difference in height.
James says on 1/Jan/14
These days 6'7 flat

As for jbl I think he's 6'4.5 or 6'4.75. Somewhere in that range like a weak 6'5 as you can see here with 6'4 randy ortin.
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Aaron says on 27/Dec/13
He has to be 6'8, I would say he is half inch to an inch taller than taker. I really think you should upgrade him to 6'8 rob. He looks 6'8 and has said himself he is 6"8
Slim says on 26/Dec/13
That's right. Glenn recently said he's 6'8" and jbl is 6'6". Looks spot on in that vid.
Dfens says on 23/Dec/13
JBL and Cole show. Kane is a little bit taller than Bradshaw
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Slim says on 9/Dec/13
Agreed. Remember kane has always worn a little thicker boots. So a solid 6'8 bare feet. Other wrestlers wear the hidden lifts. Randy orton and Matt morgan both have hidden lifts in their boots. I've often wondered why kane didn't wear them inside his boots but from what I've seen of glenn jacobs, is that he doesn't really care lol
z123 says on 8/Dec/13
right, SO masked Kane would have been AT least 6'10. back in the day. now a solid 6'8
Slim says on 7/Dec/13
I've seen a lot of kane and show face to face. The 1:55 mark looks like a 2" difference. What I don't get is every time I see kane backstage near a door way, the door frame is slightly taller than him. Meaning it looks like he wouldn't have to duck to walk in... Those have to be 7ft+ door ways backstage.
z123 says on 6/Dec/13
Unmasked Kane standing almost the same height as bigshow: go to 1:55
josey wales says on 1/Dec/13
Theyre still the same height. Re Kane, He said once that they normally only get their promo material 15 mins or so before going on. Given the long and often difficult lines he had to deal with mostly during his time as World Champ a spell ago, id say that guy is very intelligent. Hell most actors we come accross have to re take and re take etc etc. Folks often dont credit these guys enough mainly because they dont like the product and dont care to watch the content.
josey wales says on 1/Dec/13
Theyre still the same height. Re Kane, He said once that they normally only get their promo material 15 mins or so before going on. Given the long and often difficult lines he had to deal with mostly during his time as World Champ a spell ago, id say that guy is very intelligent. Hell most actors we come accross have to re take and re take etc etc. Folks often dont credit these guys enough mainly because they dont like the product and dont care to watch the content.
Slim says on 27/Nov/13
Same height, give or take an inch or inch and a half
wiltonstilts says on 27/Nov/13
Kane and undertaker were the same height as some point. Whether it be closer to 7 or a bit below 7.
Slim says on 22/Nov/13
Yes I meant glenn jacobs lol sorry. I'm a huge fan as well! The pics of you and Tyler mane were greatly appreciated and accurate!
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 22/Nov/13
He says about 6'8 so its very possible he may be more 6'7 1/2 as Rob has him at. More of a weak 6'8 you could say
miko says on 22/Nov/13
He's somewhere between 6'7 and 6'8 so him claiming about 6'8 is pretty fair. He could have measured himself early in the morning.
Ali Baba says on 21/Nov/13
Rob, I think he meant Glenn Jacobs (Kane) ;)

And Slim, that would be awesome. Mainly because I'm a huge fan and secondly because it would be interesting for us here. He's a really intelligent guy and people are usually shocked when they talk to him to discover he's not a giant lunk head.
Slim says on 20/Nov/13
Would be interesting to see a pic of Ali baba and glenn together!
[Editor Rob: seeing as Glenn still insists to everybody that he's 5ft 8 he'd without a doubt come up to his chin.]
Slim says on 19/Nov/13
I think your right... Prime 6'10 maybe. I bet that's why he looked so close to big shows height in the 90s
z123 says on 19/Nov/13
Right im saying he could have stood around 6'10 in his prime not now
sid says on 19/Nov/13
DFENS I was gonna post that
Slim says on 18/Nov/13
Interesting... "About 6'8"? Doesn't sound like a promising 6'8. know what I mean? Cool interview though.
DFens says on 17/Nov/13
Glenn Jacobs says hes 6'8 at 4:50!
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Slim says on 17/Nov/13
All I can remember was watching a video of them taking out the cartilage? I really don't much about the knee surgeries. I'm guessing his knees stay bent sometimes bc the lack of cartilage? I notice kanes knees have that bend too. I honestly think if kane straightened his legs, and stood straight up like he was trying to actually be taller, then he would gain an inch in height maybe..
Ali Baba says on 16/Nov/13
No. Orton is billed as 6'"5 and at times 6'4".
Ali Baba says on 14/Nov/13
And if his knees are bent that's where your dad lost all that height. Not from the surgery. Sounds like it might be more if an issue with arthritis.
Slim says on 14/Nov/13
I've seen much evidence seeming randy was 6'4-5". Is he not billed 6'7? A 6'3 guy isn't gonna be billed 6'7. Js
Ali Baba says on 14/Nov/13
What kind of surgery did your dad have, Slim? Like I said, unless Jacobs had knee replacement it won't make a difference. The other surgeries do not affect you any any way after you've heeled from them.
Slim says on 13/Nov/13
His knees are definitely bent more, than he use to stand. My dads knees are slightly bent all the time when standing up after those surgeries.

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