How tall is Anne Hathaway ?

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Anne Hathaway's Height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

American actress best known for roles in films like Les Miserables, The Princess Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada and The Dark Knight Rises. She stated her height as '5ft 8' in an online chat.

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Comment on the Height of Anne Hathaway

Pizzaman said on 26/Jan/16
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This listing is even too high. She wears incredibly high platform heels with a 2" platform in the front. It might give her almost a full 5" of height, yet Eddie Redmayne is still 2" taller with simple posture. He is about 6" in footwear. She can really be only 5'5" - 5'6". The only explanation why she looks so much taller is her very very small head. Amanda Seyfried appears 5'1" max.
S.J.H said on 16/Dec/15
A hard guess for her height but some where 5'6 to 5'7 would be it..
az said on 4/Dec/15
Uh, no. 5'5 max. Emmy Rossum is 5'7ish....

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Adolfus said on 14/Nov/15
J. Lee, that would have to be with sizable heels on. Nonetheless, I think she is at least the 5'8" that she claims and is possibly closer to 5'9".
J.Lee said on 1/Oct/15
Rob did you see the Intern? She looked taller than DeNiro and all the other male characters
[Editor Rob: I haven't yet, but I usually nowadays watch blu-rays. Last movie I went to had 15 adverts and 5 trailers...I was asleep by the time the movie started.]
poori said on 24/Jun/15
I LOVE her height n'it's perfect
eraser said on 11/Apr/15
She's about 170 cm, but she usually looks taller when you see her in a movie.
ArjunaKorale said on 31/Dec/14
From the current batch of U.S. actresses, has to be one of my v favourites. I love her wide smile, dark eyes, build, & small petite face - I think that she would have been ideal to play a sexy Elf in the Hobbit movies. She is a obviously a lengthy lady! 5 ft 6.5 or 5 ft 7 - who cares, a Goddess is a Goddess, lol!
Tom said on 4/Dec/14
So Rob you see that they are the same height then. Coz Obviously Anne has bigger heels than Angie...
[Editor Rob: I think they are very close.]
Tom said on 3/Dec/14
Angelina IS wearing smaller heels than Anne. I didn't say she was on flats but they are at least the same height if Angie not a tiny bit taller. Anne wears a platform heel. It has both on the front and the back. I bet Robbie just doesn't like Jolie coz his listing on other actors is just crazy but when Jolie everywhere is listed from 170 to 172 he listed her as 169.
[Editor Rob: there's another shot of them, this time angelina's head isn't closer like in the other one.]
anon said on 2/Dec/14
she's the same height as rosemarie dewitt who is listed as 5'6

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lala said on 1/Dec/14
@Tom: Angelina's heels aren't small and Anelina is standing slightly closer to the camera.

Also I don't think she is 110 lbs (at least not in this picture), if she is 5'7 130 lbs seems more likely (esp. considering the heels).
ArjunaKorale said on 28/Nov/14
I really liked her in Ella Enchanted & esp in Interstellar - one sweet & sexy actress. 5 ft 6.5 or 5 ft 7, I thihk would be length - she sure looks rangy to me.
Tom said on 7/Nov/14
Okay so she's 5.7 (Or even 5.8) but Angelina is smaller?
Here they are together and Angelina with smaller heels is at least 4-5 cm taller than her (And Anne is wearing high heels)
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Sam said on 23/Sep/14
Interesting shot below with Rihanna below but I wonder if Hathaway has more generous heels.
Kapp said on 5/Aug/14
I walked directly next to her in SoHo wearing flats. I am 5'8" exactly at dr's office w no shoes, and she looked at least 2 in shorter, also in flats. 5'7" is being generous; personally I'd say 5'6"ish and EXTREMELY thin in person, which makes anyone look taller. She's so petite in fact, I thought she was Mary-Kate Olson at first. Need to update this!
cole said on 27/Feb/14
5'7 is a very reasonable shout. I for one can 't remember a moment where she's looked 5'8 or even 5' 9 as some of you are arguing.
truth said on 12/Jan/14
Mary said on 24/Dec/13
If she is 170, then rihanna has to be 168-170, Click Here
cole said on 30/Nov/13
Not over 5'7, agree with Rob that she doesn't look 5'8 with Callum Blue.
Star said on 6/Nov/13
No Hathaway is 5'8" . shes wearing heels in this pic with Charlize Theron who is 5'9" and wearing flats.
Star said on 6/Nov/13
No Hathaway is 5'8" . shes wearing heels in this pic with Charlize Theron who is 5'9" and wearing flats.
bob said on 31/Jul/13
her head looks way to.small for her body lol
Jax said on 29/Jun/13
I agree with rob....170cm...sometimes even appears a hair under 5'7
CharzEnches said on 22/Jun/13
I agree with you [Editor Rob....
hurricane brat said on 17/Jun/13
Rob her husband looks about the same height as her, no?

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J.Lee said on 26/May/13
I'm surprised she's not 5 ft 8 rob. are you sure? She does look it, if not more
[Editor Rob: watch her in princess diaries 2 with callum blue, I am not convinced she looks 5ft 8 with him.]
marla singer said on 8/May/13
But she really is 5 ft 8! she easily appeared 6 inches taller than 5 ft 2.5 Seyfried
Arch Stanton said on 29/Apr/13
She did actually look 5 ft 8 in Love and Other Drugs, I thought she looked quite tall in it and similar to an early 90s Julia Roberts in proportions and face and hair. She was super sexy in that film, yet with the short hair looks quite the opposite in my eyes. I can't see her under 5 ft 7 anyway, she's definitely within tall range for a woman.
J.Lee said on 13/Apr/13
Rob how tall is she in these Click Here and how tall in your pic
Sandeep vatsav said on 28/Mar/13
Women women . Dey nvr change aftr al she's my hot fav.
nona said on 26/Feb/13
Anne Hathaway: 5'8" & 110 lbs soaking wet which is way to thin
HathWayThere said on 26/Feb/13
She if definitely a lengthy broad. I mean look at her arm and hand size and all around proportions. Those sizes are definitely of a 5'8+ girl.
Jeremy said on 13/Feb/13
it states on the screen in movie 5'7 because Catwoman is 5'7 133 pounds...Anne Hathaway is 5'8 and got to about 128 for the role....get it.....good
MarcusTheSwede said on 27/Jan/13
The Truth: Look at Dark Knight Rises. When Bruce and Alfred is down in the Batcave and have the Selena Kyle case up on the computer. Her height is clearly listed there in the police records..although its a movie..she is stated there as 5"7 and I dont think the producers of the movie would have any reason to lie about her height in the movie. This listing is spot on right.
She is 5"7 nothing more nothing less. Thanks for great website.
ALSO...can someone list Zac Bagans height?(Ghost Adventures) Maybe its listed but didnt find it.Thanks.
CenS said on 16/Jan/13
i'm a driver, i've driven her, i'm 182 and wear dr martens which give a generous inch, so i am around six one at work, i do yoga, daily, i don't slouch, there wasn't much between us
Silent d said on 19/Dec/12
hello said on 21/Nov/12
am i considered short if i am 5 feet tall approx 150 cm
matt678 said on 11/Nov/12
looks close to 5f8t8 i would say 5ft7.5
Awesomimous said on 26/Oct/12
@Woland , uhhhh yeah they do if they work in Hollywood... where have you been for the past 100 years?
Silent d said on 22/Oct/12
5 foot 7.
Woland said on 15/Oct/12
Women don't add inches to height.
little sue said on 26/Sep/12
I would say at least 5ft 7. She says she is desperate to play Judy Garland in the Bop pic film of her, they will have to choose some tall actors to make her appear short as Judy was under 5ft!!
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 24/Sep/12
I love this woman..170 seems correct for her. ;)
Aatish said on 24/Aug/12
She's 5' 7" she was 3-4 inches shorter than Charlize
Theron who is 5' 10"-5'11"
Aatish said on 24/Aug/12
She's 5' 7" she was 3-4 inches shorter than Charlize
Theron who is 5' 10"-5'11"
alex said on 14/Aug/12
Solid 5'7
Lee said on 5/Aug/12
5'7" is absolutely correct. Perfect height for a woman too, IMO.
Lenad is sexy said on 28/Jul/12
5'7 tops.
BigT said on 27/Jul/12
She´s 169 cm.
Danny said on 26/Jul/12
In Dark Knight Rises it's written on her wanted bulletin that she's 5'7...
Clara said on 6/Feb/12
No way she's 5'8
Her heels are higher than Chelsea's and still she looks about 1inc taller than 5'6 Chelsea!

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Jack said on 23/Jan/12
She could be just 5'7"(170 cm)
Albi said on 12/Aug/07
In heels, she was about 1/2" taller then Tucci. I think she's 5'7 at the most. She doesn't look short, indeed, but 5'7" is still taller than average for a woman. Its the equivalent of a 6ft man.
Yitzhak said on 1/Aug/07
She's hardly taller than Meryl Streep, who is 5'6. I think 5.6.5 - 5.7 is correct.

She DOES look taller, I'll admit, but she is slightly taller than Meryl Streep and slightly shorter than Stanley Tucci in nearly any picture.
123 said on 28/Jul/07
anne hathaway was standing next to iman who is listed as 5'9'iman looks a good two inches taller than her... i'd give her 5'7'
Crissy said on 1/Jun/07
no way?!?!?! I have seen her in heels when I was visiting NYC and I was about 5'6 at the time and we saw eye to eye. But I dunno maybe we both grew
Viper said on 29/Apr/07
She kinda looks like a pale ghost in pics.
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/07
I see her quite often in New York city, I live there and so does she I gather and she is very tall. Very nice girl and absolutely GOROGEOUS in real life.
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/07
i'm 5'8"...we were pretty much the same height when i met her during fashion week back in 2005...and she was wearing heels. so i'm guessing 5'6" without the heels.
Rose said on 27/Feb/07
Anne looked taller than both Emily Blunt and Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars I would give her a solid 5'8. She is a tall girl, very pretty.
Viper said on 18/Feb/07
She looks 5-7 tops to me.
carla said on 17/Feb/07
No that's ridiculous! Anne (whom I met in July) is 5"8, or perhaps even 5"9. She is so not 5"7. I have always thought of her as tall and she certainly seems that way. I can't believe you made such a mistake!
Elizabeth said on 15/Feb/07
No way, 5'7 for her is like giving an extra three inches to Nicole Richie.Anne Hathaway has always been tall and I find it very hard to belive she is a mere 5'7. She towers over most of her co stars and stands pretty darn close to 6 ft plus actors like Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. I just read one of James McAvoy's interviews in which he says he was asked to wear lifts in Becoming Jane to look taller since Anne towered over him.
kealan said on 11/Feb/07
it's possible she could be 5'7 1/2 but no more. you have to remember a woman who's 5'8 with heels on looks very tall and in PD's she always has heels on. To prove my point imagine a guy who's 5'6 and a girl at 5'6. Huge difference.
Cindi said on 30/Jan/07
I read in a magazine (don't remember which one) and it was said that she is 5'9" and wasn't sad because she was "really tall".
Glenn said on 29/Jan/07
I never sent this? hmm.Im thinking more 5-7.I could be wrong.

[Editor Rob: I've never seen it]
Susan said on 23/Dec/06
5'8 is perfect, no doubt about it. Glanced her in New York about a year ago and she is one tall lady - this with flats on. Very pale and very,very pretty.
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/06
She's stated her height is 5'9". In Devil Wears Prada she's almost always in heels and she's almost as tall as Gisele
sf said on 11/Nov/06
Is that Anne Hathaway or the new Grace Slick?
Sarah said on 11/Nov/06
NO way the girl is 5'7, 5'8 is her perfect height.
I doubt someone who is 5'7 can tower Tom Cruise and stand neck to neck with Katie Holmes like in this pic at the Black Ball

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Hiba said on 24/Oct/06
She is clearly taller than Angelina Jolie and Patricia here :

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Measuring upto 5'9.75 Queen Latifah. She is 5'8, what more proof do U guys need.
Sarah said on 24/Oct/06
You guys sure do like wiping out people's heights and adding in more inches don't you. Anne is a solid 5'8, especially in The Devil Wears Prad despite standing next to 5'11 5'10 models in some scenes she was just as tall. Not possible for someoone who is 5'7.
She has to be atleast 5, 7.5 for that.
Kiran said on 14/Oct/06
Just came back from wtahcing The Devil Wears Prada and she seems pretty tall, 5'7 os short for her. She came head to head next to 5'10 Siom Baker and 6' Adrien Grenier.
5'8 is perfect.
Lena said on 5/Oct/06
I`ve just saw devil wearls prada and Ann there very pretty and tall, 5.7 it`s truth
Anthony said on 4/Oct/06
I agree with Sarah, Anne always looked a solid 5'8 to me.
Rose said on 23/Sep/06
Just looked up at one of James Mcavoy's interviews where he says at 5'7 he was asked by the director to wear lifts in his boats so that he would appear taller than his co-star Anne Hathaway who was a good deal one-two inches taller than him.
richinkle said on 20/Sep/06
In "The Devel Wears Prada", she was no more than an inch taller than Meryl Streep, who is 5'-6" at most. I say 5'-6 1/2" to 5'-7".
Rose said on 23/Aug/06
My friend saw her in New York city filming The Devil Wears Prada and she was wearing complete flat shoes after takes and signing autographs and she was clearly taller than my friend who is 5'7. 5'8 is right. Her height shouldn't be a topic of debate, since its kind of obvious she is a bonafide 5'8.
Elizabeth said on 17/Aug/06
She towered over most of her co stars in PD1 and PD2 and seems a hell lot taller than Michelle Williams at the Brokeback Mountain premiere. I think she is 5'8.
ds said on 20/Jun/06
Well, she seemed a couple inches shorter than Mandy Moore, but I will have to look again.
melg said on 25/May/06
I met Anne at the premiere of the second Princess Diaries movie. She's more like 5'6"/5'7". I'm that height and when we were talking, we were at the same eye level.
piglet said on 23/May/06
i do believe she's 5'7''... in princess diaries, she's obviously tall to me...
Glenn said on 10/May/06
Correct Random.

[Editor Rob: actually, seeing recent pics of her and james mcavoy, you and random have a good point...she can look to be rounding up a little bit!]
Random Person said on 9/May/06
She looks 5'6ish
Taylor said on 21/Feb/06
i think she is about that ella enchanted she looks about 5'7.5 so...who knows
Amanda said on 23/Jan/06
I think that she is about 5' 7.5", maybe even 5' 7".
anonymous said on 12/Jan/06
She seemed like she was about 5' 6" from watching Princess Diaries. Maybe 5' 7" but I think 5' 8" is rounding up.
.... said on 10/Jul/05
i went to HS with annie and back then she was more like 5'6/5'7. maybe she grew in college.

[Editor Rob: I do sometimes think she may not quite be a full 5ft 8...]
CelebHeights Editor said on 7/Mar/05
"I’ve met her and I was so star struck. It was so funny because she looked at me and said ‘oh, my God, you’re so tall’ and I’m like ‘you’re so short’. She’s tiny and I think she thought I was the same and I’m like helloooo (indicates her height)." - from
D.J. said on 17/Feb/05
Seeing her in Princess Diaries, she doesn't look too tall, but I met her in her home town in NJ. She was in heels, but not real high ones, and I would say based on that and based on my height (5 10 1/2) she could definitely be 5-8.

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