How tall is Bill Goldberg ?

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Bill Goldberg's height is 6ft 2.5in (189 cm)

American Wrestler, Actor and former NFL Player. His official website gives his height as 6ft 4, a snippet from his college football days gives him as 6ft 3, but in the NFL expansion draft he was listed 6ft 2 and 266lbs, although could be up to 6ft 2.5. In 2012 he mentioned on twitter that his weight was: "270 man".
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miko says on 24/Feb/15
Goldberg, Lesnar and Triple H are all around 6'2. With Bill likely the tallest of the three at 6'2.5.
Rixton says on 23/Feb/15
He isnt taller than 6'1. Shorter than 6'2 peak Rock.

Same height as 6'1 Triple H and 6'1 Lesnar
im 188 says on 21/Feb/15
Look Goldberg looks 3 inches shorter than 6ft7 taker
James B says on 17/Feb/15
6'2.75 on a good day maybe?
thetrueheightofgoldberg says on 14/Feb/15
Kimbo Slice is 6 foot 2 measured and here kimbo slice and Goldberg barefoot i took this picture together. Theres two inches differences. Goldberg is between 6 foot 3 or 6 foot 4!! barefoot!! Click Here
Height183 says on 17/Jan/15
Forget about 6'3'', Goldberg looking 6'4''...

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Danimal says on 15/Jan/15
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Jan/14
189-190cm range for Goldberg for is closer.
Edges out Triple H and Lesnar.

For once I agree with you.
Height183 says on 15/Jan/15
Every single time I've seen Goldberg and Triple H together, Goldberg was the shorter man.
miko says on 15/Jan/15
Suppose its best to be foolish than backwards.

Bill and HHH were very close in height.
Height183 says on 14/Jan/15
''When 6'2 HHH wasn't in big boots Goldberg edged him out.''

You really love making up little lies don't you? You're really beginning to look a little foolish to the rest of us..
Vegas says on 13/Jan/15
miko says on 13/Jan/15
When 6'2 HHH wasn't in big boots Goldberg edged him out.

i haven't seen a single video where goldberg was taller than hhh back in the day

goldberg looks to be in cowboys here (though its hard to make out) and still doesn't look taller Click Here
Shamrock says on 13/Jan/15
the last photo is at a terrible angle so we can disregard that altogether. as for the first two photos i'm not sure what made you think hunter is taller because goldberg's eye level is clearly higher than this and he's getting a significant boost from his hair.

look at goldberg with lou ferrigno who looks no less than a strong 6'2 next to Rob (Click Here) they're exactly the same height

goldberg was only 1.5in shorter than DDP at halloween havoc '98 as well and Rob pinned DDP as a solid 6'4 in his prime

no chance goldberg is shorter than this listing
miko says on 13/Jan/15
6'2.5 is bang on for Bill. His posture was always lazy but standing tall he wasn't that much shorter than Hogan in the late 90's who was probably around 6'4.5 at the time. When 6'2 HHH wasn't in big boots Goldberg edged him out.
Height183 says on 13/Jan/15
I am shocked to see these ridiculous 6'3'' guesses for Goldberg. What the hell is going on here? Lmao.. This guy looked shorter than Triple H!

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Pingu says on 4/Nov/14
Legit 6'3 guy in his younger years, today; probably different story.
Danimal says on 29/Sep/14
Somewhere between 6'2" and 6'3".
Aza says on 28/Sep/14
Goldberg is a solid 6'3.
Tony says on 23/Sep/14
Without shoes 190-191
Shoes 193-195
James B says on 30/Aug/14
Goldberg does look more 6'3 next to lesner in this pic
Click Here
Krunal Gohel says on 19/Aug/14
I will cheked many sites and artcles therfore i say that ''Goldberg's real height is 6'3'' and real weight is 280lbs''..,
mike says on 18/Aug/14
he's also a former Professional Wrestler Rob.
TheRealGoldberg says on 28/Jul/14
Years later in 2014 goldberg is now like 47 so he's lost a lot and heights probably one of them. I'd say he's 6'2.3"-6'2.75" stronger from the 6'3.15"-6'3.25" when he was late 20's to mid/late thirties and performing.
TheRealGoldberg says on 28/Jul/14
(Give or take sneakers give you an inch) We can assume barefoot- Goldberg was 6'3 listed in college and nfl football stats, and 270lbs (He played his mid 20's when growth plates have been locked in for a couple to a few years).. By the age of 30-31 he was at his prime in terms of weight and size (Whether that was the help of steroids we don't know), but he bulked up to almost 280 from his (raw to wwe era). he was not quite as athletic due to injury when his football career ended but defiantly got stronger overall for wrestling which would make sense. Brock Lesnar who was measured in height by nfl standards was also listed 6'3 exactly, he and goldberg stood face to face in 2003 and they were identical in height from the camera, (Goldberg had maybe half an inch taller during the stare down. Lesnar has always been listed as 6'3. Assuming goldberg had not lost any when the camera zoomed in). I'd say with them both listed 6'3" exact by the nfl, but goldberg a half inch taller when face to face, would make me say Goldberg was 6'3.15" - 6'3.25". Just why of a 6'4 man
Alex 6'0 says on 25/Jul/14
Id give him more 6'2 flat,
horon says on 17/Jul/14
if ferrigno is 6'3 as listed on this website, then by looking back at the picture of bill goldberg and lou ferrigno stood face to face, goldberg is more likely 6'2.75 and possibly only hit his billed height of 6'4 when in wrestling boots that could raise him to 6'3.75.
6'2.75 barefoot
6'3.75 in wrestling boots
6'4 billed height
James B says on 18/Apr/14
He never struck me as looking 6'3. 6'2 (188cm) is what he looked in my opinion back in wcw and wwe. Lesner if anything gave a taller impression but if he is 189cm then he is.
Abby says on 29/Mar/14
I saw him..near'r he is huge..and hs close to 6"3 or cmplt 6"3
James B says on 29/Mar/14
Yes a strong 6'2.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Jan/14
189-190cm range for Goldberg for is closer.
Edges out Triple H and Lesnar.
Lorne says on 9/Jan/14
Lol, I've been saying to upgrade him to the full 189cm for years! In fact I think I may have asked you at some point! He really does look a proper 6ft2.5, but what made you give him the extra fraction after all these years? In any case, good job, as always.(PS: you should add back the "which is bunk" line, or perhaps something like "an optimistic 6ft4",:)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 30/Dec/13
This is a better fit. No shorter than Lesnar, if anything might just edge him.
cobra says on 18/Dec/13
He and Austin look the same height in almost every picture so why is Goldberg listed 1.5 inches taller?
Rambro says on 25/Oct/13
Look at that video Andy posted with Rock. NO way hes 6'2.5 that puts rock at like 6'4.5 lol He is about the same height as Stone Cold right now actually. Needs a downgrade. Click Here pretty clear
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/Sep/13
"Bill Goldberg's height is 6ft 2.75in (190cm)"

Or at least 6ft2.5/189cm.
Rick says on 9/Sep/13
Rob, here is a snapshot of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar having a stare down. Goldberg is taller.He's also looked taller during their backstage segments as well. Would you consider upgrading him? Or downgrading Brock? Some people have posted pictures of Lesnar and Cena. It doesn't really look like he has 2 full inches on Cena.

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Andy 185cm says on 4/Sep/13
The Rock is taller than Goldberg Click Here 06:18
Lorne says on 30/Aug/13
Legit 6ft2.5, IMO.
Moon says on 11/Jul/13
I'm 5'10 and I just met Goldberg in the Mandalaybay in Vegas. The guy is huge, not just in height. I couldn't get my had round his back when we moved in for a picture. He is tall, maybe 6'3" or even 6'4".
lakoda says on 20/Jun/13
He is 6.3
Shan says on 28/Apr/13
6' 2" or slightly shorter
Lomax says on 21/Apr/13
logan noll 1996 says on 16/Mar/13
He was taller than Brock Lesnar during their WrestleMania staredown. 6'2.75 - 6'3 minimum.
The Ben says on 7/Mar/13
I think peak wrestling weight could have been 280-ish, more supplements than his football days. I have a friend who was backstage at nitro once and he told me goldberg was one guy who looked bigger in real life than on TV, not taller just heavier. 6'2.
RealTruth says on 7/Mar/13
All these crazy exaggerations going on. The smallest goldberg would be is 6'2 250-260 pounds at his smallest which is still very big. I believe the 6'2 266 pound representation of him is accurate.
daminator47 says on 4/Dec/12
Have you ever seen a real 6'3 dude before claim this? Go look at pictures of Brandon Routh or Michaels Phelps and get an idea of ​​what six foot three looks like.
omg says on 25/Nov/12
Was a BIG DUDE. Always looked 6-2 to me, and when he returned in wcw year 2000 he looked 300 lbs
Goodwin says on 8/Oct/12
Just saw him today, he really is 6'3". Dude is huge. I am a reliable source.
Henrik says on 30/Sep/12
Danimal, what would you say Goldie weighed during his wrestling days?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 13/Sep/12
Fakhrul Islam says on 7/Aug/12
goldberg is 6ft

Then Brock Lesnar and Triple H are 5ft11.5
firemane says on 1/Aug/12
Based on the picture of him with Lou Ferrigno, who looks like he could throw Bill out the window, he's 6'2.5" to 6'3" in whatever shoes he's wearing.
logan noll 1996 says on 29/Jul/12
Goldberg looked like he had a quarter of an inch on Triple H in that one video. Goldberg's definately taller than Lesnar. 6 foot 2 1/2 to 6 foot 3.
Henrik says on 14/Jun/12
With Lou Ferrigno:

Click Here
tom says on 5/Jun/12
Pretty much most wrestlers stick 2" on their heights,bill is a 6-2" guy.
daminator47 says on 12/Feb/12
don't forget the camera angle guys!
Henrik says on 9/Feb/12
He can come off as having short legs and a rather huge trunk to me.

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Click Here
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I would make a bet on his inseam not being any higher than 32". This is how a 6'4" guy with a 32" inseam looks like:

Click Here
Click Here
drummer777 says on 8/Feb/12
Bill has the higher end of 6'2 on brock, brock is probably a flat 6'2 while Goldberg has a quarter of an inch on him.
Henrik says on 5/Feb/12
quit hating short man complex says on 29/Jan/12
LOL haters hes not 6-2 he is clearly taller then brock lesnar Click Here and brocks a proven 6-3.

Click Here

Oh, really? I think I'll also re-post Viper's link, with Steve Austin:

Click Here

Once again, NFL had both Lesnar and Goldberg at 6'2".
randomdude says on 31/Jan/12
Brocks a proven 6'2.5 vv
quit hating short man complex says on 29/Jan/12
LOL haters hes not 6-2 he is clearly taller then brock lesnar Click Here and brocks a proven 6-3.

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