How tall is Jason Statham ?

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Jason Statham height: 5ft 9in (175 cm)

British actor best known for roles in movies such as The Transporter, Crank, Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrells and The Expendables. During his diving career he seemed to have been described as standing 5ft 11in tall with a weight of 12stones and 4lbs.

5ft 6 Kelly Brook and Jason
Photo by PR Photos
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NBAer says on 30/Jul/15
MD says on 22/Jun/15
Law has atleast 5 inches on Statham,with poorer posture i believe.If we're going to take for granted that Law really is only 5'9,Statham would be MAX 5'4 next to him(first pic),while in the second pic,both of them are standing losely and we don't see their shoes or even the ground,but Law still has 3 inches on him,so either Law is in big 3-inch lifts in that event or Mr Statham is 5'7 TOPS,which i believe is abit low for him,but anything over 5'8 is too HIGH for him.One thing is for certain,he's nowhere near 5'10 or 5'11 as described(or even 6-6'1 in a few movies lool)-althogh he does look 5'9ish in the Transporter series imo.
Mshaqs says on 27/Jul/15
I think he's 5 foot 9 in the morning and is no shorter than 5 foot 8.5 in the evening'evening. He is one of those guy's who can easily pass for 5 foot 10 in shoes.
Jan says on 17/Jul/15
He's 5'7.5 at best. Rosie isn't even 5'9. In fact she definitely looks shorter next to 5'9 Doutzen Kroes and even sometimes looks shorter than Candice Swanepoel. He's a major lift wearer in movies.
MD says on 22/Jun/15
Not a good picture, but here he is with Jude Law in may during the tour for Spy.

Click Here

Click Here

What Law gains from his straighter torso posture, he loses with the weird bend he's doing, something he seemed to do at every event for this movie where he was standing with Jason. From these and other photos, it seems to me Law is more than just 2" were he to straighten up to his full height. These photos also have me more convinced than I was that Law could be a proper 5'11".
an anonymous peach says on 20/Jun/15
Ok I changed my mind, I think if Statham stood completely straight, he would comfortably be 5ft 9. It's perplexing how someone with an athletic background has such a relaxed posture
Julian says on 15/Jun/15
174, maaaaye weak 175 (174'5) but just maybe.
Skye says on 8/Jun/15
Rob, do you think Rosie edges him out in pictures sometimes cause of his posture? If that;s the case then I'd definitely believe the 5'9 listing then.

I also believe the IMDB reference use of your site. I mean, Maria Shriver and Chace Crawford were both listed as the exact same that you list them as opposed to what they claim. :).
[Editor Rob: it's simply some people who change a listing now and again if there's an obvious dodgy one.

I suppose without this site there may be a lot more bizarre listings out there. All I'm interested in is trying to get a guess that fits with what they look.

Statham really could be anywhere in 5ft 8.5-9 range, generally his posture can be loose so I've been going with the upper range of what he can look I feel.
anon says on 3/Jun/15
5'8"-5'8.5" flat
an anymous peach says on 31/May/15
Rob, you should downgrade him to 5ft 8.5/8.75, if you look at him in pictures with Rosie Huntington who is a legit 5'9", she edges him out by about half an inch when they're both wearing flats.
imdb says on 26/May/15
Rob, then why don't imdb change its listings for jason statham?
[Editor Rob: you have many people submitting attempts to change trivia all the time, and with bigger names it is harder.
Tall says on 25/May/15
Rob, you should upgrade him to 176. On imdb he's 178. It means he's 178 in shoes. Imdb gathers data from movie companies and model agencies
[Editor Rob: Actually people who are visitors on here regularly use this site to update IMDB. On the surface IMDB actually is using Celebheights as a reference tool.

I've did a couple of videos showing that when I've added a celebrity at a specific height, IMDB has changed their listing. At a glance IMDB is using celebheights for trivia at times, but it's actually mostly (although sometimes not) visitors from here who are quickly submitting trivia updates after seeing some page or photo here and realising the imdb page has a significantly different height...

I made a new video yesterday showing an Actress I just added (I put her a fraction over 5ft 5 as a test for a day - she's really no more than 5ft 5...she's got nearly 2 inches more footwear and was over an inch smaller). Within 10 hours of Celebheights adding her, IMDB has miraculously changed their long-standing 5ft 8 listing by 2.5 inches (see Cache from 2014 here. Amazing.

Obviously they visit celebheights regularly and on spotting Rila smaller than big Rob and with more footwear they thought 'we better change this swiftly'...[I know it's actually a few celebheights visitors who are scrambling to get the imdb trivia updated, but still the editors over there have to approve a layman, IMDB is visiting Celebheights and using it at times to update some of it's own listings ;) ]]
an anonymous peach says on 22/May/15
He looks 5ft 8.5ish to me. Nevertheless, he's still alpha as f***. One of the few 5ft8-9 guys who really doesn't care how about his height.
an anonymous peach says on 22/May/15
He looks 5ft 8.5ish to me. Nevertheless, he's still alpha as f***. One of the few 5ft8-9 guys who really doesn't care how about his height.
GP says on 21/May/15
Rob have you seen the recent photos of him and Jude Law during the promotional events for Spy? I have met Jude and he is 180cm and has slouchy posture. In my opinion in the photos with Statham he looks 3" taller than Jason. I would like to get your expert opinion on this.
[Editor Rob: Statham can appear anywhere from 5ft 8 to 9. I'm always surprised for a guy like him at times he's not got great posture]
youssef 5'8 says on 20/May/15
Well he never looked short but always looks alittle below average and that's how a 5'8 guy looks on screen ,and rosie huntington isn't close to 5'9 that's why he seems taller than her probably she's 5'7
184.3cm (Night) says on 18/May/15
5'9 or 175cm seems fine for him. He doesnt stand straight he tends to keep his chin low and stand relaxed. Ofc next to height aware guys like Stallone he will look shorter.
Reveal says on 7/May/15
He is no way 5'9" Shu Qi was in transporter 1, she is 1,65 and he his just a bit taller, she was barefoot... so no, he is not that tall
and saying 5ft 9 in is not 175 cm, 175 = 5'7" lots of bull**** here
MarcusTheSwede says on 6/May/15
Call bull**** on 176cm. Statham is 175 at best just Google for gods sake. Also Saw him in London Months ago and he clearly wasnt much taller Then my girlfriend who is 165cm wearing converse low low outersole and he had boots on in same level store and he was at best 175 not more. Well build but kind of stocky bulky build but not more then 174 175 cm not more this listing is spot on.
Blue Sky Diver says on 2/May/15
Sorry guys, wrong answers. He is EXACTLY 1.76m tall. Info from one of his doctors in the UK(relative of my wife). I never met Snipes but to compare two celebrities heights in a scene, both have to be barefoot. ;-) lol
Guyster says on 26/Apr/15
5'9 looks a good fit, he has the proportions of somebody that size, great action actor.
Harley says on 20/Apr/15
5ft8.5=174cm for him through the day and 175 out of bed
dan says on 11/Apr/15
He is a short actor with long arms. His arm to height ratio is 1.4. Same as Snipes and sly. That's why it's easy for them to pull of looking much taller on camera. Most who meet this guys in real life have been very, and I mean very shocked by how short they are. Max 5'7.25" for Statham
Bilbo says on 9/Apr/15
I think he deserves a downgrade to 5'8"

Never looked 5'9 to me
shorter than snipes
marcop says on 7/Apr/15
I'm 5ft 10'' and no more, I've stood right next to him and no way is he 5ft 9'' he was a good 2-3'' shorter than me.
lol93 says on 31/Mar/15
175 cm out of bed
MD says on 18/Mar/15
I said it back in December, but while it's not by very much, 5'9" Snipes is visibly taller.
sabot says on 16/Mar/15
Great pic Lmeister. I think he is indeed weak 5'9/174cm max, like I posted before.
MarcusTheSwede says on 16/Mar/15
L.Meister: Agree 100% this needs a downgrade Jason is 173 not a cm more.
James B says on 16/Mar/15
He does look 5'9
Lmeister says on 11/Mar/15
Kellan Lutz(a strong 6ft=183-184cm) wearing boots, Wesley Snipes(5ft9=175cm) wearing Converse, Jason Statham(5ft8.5)wearing thin sneakers, Sly S.(5ft8ish=173cm)very thick shoes and Antonio B.(5ft7.5=172cm)stripper heels

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James B says on 3/Mar/15
Arch Stanton says on 20/Feb/15
As soon as Beckham opens his mouth James yeah LOL, the image is destroyed. People are surprised, in photos he tends to frown a lot and look quite threatening!

Who frowns in photos?
Arch Stanton says on 20/Feb/15
As soon as Beckham opens his mouth James yeah LOL, the image is destroyed. People are surprised, in photos he tends to frown a lot and look quite threatening!
Arch Stanton says on 20/Feb/15
@GP, I don't as I've seen Statham being interviewed by women and I can see the effect he has on them in real life, it's the same in films. There's plenty of much better looking actors and I don't get the same vibe I get with guys like Statham and Connery.
James B says on 19/Feb/15
Arch Stanton says on 7/Feb/15
Statham's living proof that height isn't the redeeming quality women are looking for. He owns a room whenever he walks into it. I was watching the body language of the women in his recent Wild Card.
Very rare, the only guys I can think of who have that raw thing around women are Sean Connery and Vin Diesel.

David Beckham will never have that quality even though he is better looking than Jason
GP says on 18/Feb/15
Arch, no disrespect, but don't you think that people were actors in the movie who were acting to make the viewer believe that the specific circumstance was a reality rather than a fake fantasy? The women must have been good actors in that movie.
anon says on 18/Feb/15
Rob, do you think that 5ft 8.75 is quite arguable? Could you see that being a closer listing for Statham? You don't have a lot of guys at that mark either.
[Editor Rob: he might measure a little bit shy of the 5ft 9 mark, at times he looks under it, other times when standing well can look enough to say 5ft 9.

Strange that a guy who is very fit, trained in swimming and martial arts at times walks and stands with poor posture.]
Arch Stanton says on 7/Feb/15
Statham's living proof that height isn't the redeeming quality women are looking for. He owns a room whenever he walks into it. I was watching the body language of the women in his recent Wild Card.
Very rare, the only guys I can think of who have that raw thing around women are Sean Connery and Vin Diesel.
S.J.H says on 7/Feb/15
Rosie Huntington Whiteley was listed 5ft9 everywhere. Jason Statham doesnt look any shorter than her infact she look an inch shorter with close up shots with Jason Statham both in similar footwear. Either Jason Statham is 5'9 and 5'8 for Rosie or 5'10 (ridiculous) Jason Statham and 5'9 for Rosie
Connor says on 6/Feb/15
not more than 5'8
dark angel says on 6/Feb/15
OMG , what is wrong with this people, why do you always tend to downrange celebs height, this guy is for sure not under 175cm , I think he is 176cm. Have you seen the new trailer of fast7 where the rock is fighting with jason, did you smart guys see 6-7 inches difference between them. -_-
Rusty says on 26/Jan/15
5'7" to 5'8" at best. Check out the movie "Collateral" when Jason hands off a package to Tom Cruise they look pretty close in height or just under Tom's height. Its been said that Tom is approximately 5'7". Seeing is believing.
Jdmdaily says on 5/Jan/15
He's 5'8". Stallone is shorter than me. I know because I've met him. I'm 5'8". What they lose in height they make up for in charisma and shear awesomeness.
Anthony says on 21/Dec/14
This photo is obviously wrong
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176,2Tunman says on 16/Dec/14
Possibly 99,9%of men taller than him wouldn't stand a chance.
I guess the one who called him pint sized must be some big 6'3 or so,I hope he never meets Jason or he will become the pint sized one (like semmy schlit in The Transporter3,lol)
Mike 1.82 says on 12/Dec/14
5'9" with boots or shoe cleary. Obvious a lot of listed people here the heights is not barefoot. Rob im sure about this take a look to Jason Statham 1.70 cm - 1.73cm max barefoot Stallone looks 2 or 3cm taller so people post here 1.73 or 1.75 to Stallone. Makes Sense. Right?
MD says on 9/Dec/14
He can't be 5'9" as that what Wesley Snipes supposedly is, and Wesley is clearly taller. It's not by a lot, but it's fairly clear.
Carter says on 7/Dec/14
Saw Blitz today...great flick. I noticed that Paddy Considine (listed here at 5 foot 9.75)seemed noticeably taller than Jason in a few scenes...seemed like a couple of inches to me. I know Jason slouches...but it still makes me think he's more likely around 5'8 ish rather than 5'9.
Adamz says on 30/Nov/14
lol derek, hes not 5'7"
tom cruise is 5'7"
Dererk says on 18/Nov/14
guys in true 5'9-510 range tend to have longer torso. This guy is no more than flat 5'8. He could very well range anywhere from 5'7-5'8
John says on 8/Nov/14
Rob,he looks 5'8-5'8.5 in this pic.
Click Here
John says on 8/Nov/14
Rob,how big are Kelly's heels?
[Editor Rob: that style would give 2.7-2.8 inch of height]
jay says on 18/Oct/14
he was listed 5.11 and 12s4lb (about 172 pounds)during the 1990 Auckland commonwealth games when he was 23.
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sabot says on 11/Oct/14
"Hypado says on 25/May/14
Jason is 5ft 8.5 / 174cm "

Agreed, this guy is 174cm. But nothing lower than that. Wakes up at 5'9.
evil says on 23/Sep/14
not less than 5'9
John says on 18/Sep/14
On Good Morning Britain today television presenter Richard Arnold called Statham 'pint sized' at 5ft 9in tall.
How is that pint sized?
Pint sized is 5ft 5in and below. 5ft 9in is average.
Even 5ft 7in isn't pint sized.
[Editor Rob: pint sized yet 99% of men taller than him wouldn't stand a chance if they ever started a fight with him!

I'd call him anything but pint-sized.

An absolute GIANT of a man.]
jay says on 6/Sep/14
Do agenices that represent certain actors pay you to lir about heights
blink says on 19/Aug/14
@Greg fallon is 5'11.5 so 2.5 inches taller seem reasonable. Plus they never quite stood side by side for a better judgement.
Greg says on 18/Aug/14
it's odd, standing next to Jimmy Fallon, looks maybe two inches shorter (Fallon's 6', correct?):
Click Here
DV says on 17/Aug/14
I'd say a solid 5'8". He usually looks just a little under average height.
johnmarco says on 15/Aug/14
Wesley snipes was taller/same height in expendables 3, statham is 175cm at BEST
Arch Stanton says on 9/Aug/14
@Dmeyer. He definitely looks more than 172 pounds when in his normal range rather than cut and more like 190 as you say.
Ally says on 7/Aug/14
I dont know how but he looked 5'11 next to Lukas Podolski. Lifts maybe dk
Dmeyer says on 7/Aug/14
5'9 and exept when he looks cut , he dosnt seem far from 190 pounds
Dmeyer says on 31/Jul/14
Jason gavé me a 5'9.5 impression in person but 5'9 is likely not under
MarcusTheSwede says on 25/Jul/14
Saw him at Heathrow couple years ago. He is at best 174cm. At best. Its strange but some guys pull off being really manly without being that tall Jason is one of those guys. He is at best 174.
Josh says on 9/Jul/14
5'8 the most he´s shorter than Rosie Huntington
Alucard says on 29/Jun/14
Just seen a recent picture of Statham with midget bodybuilder Branch Warren, who is maybe 5'5 at best... Warren is barefoot, Statham with clothes and shoes, and he looks about 2-2.5 inches taller... Time for a downgrade for Statham, he's under 5'8, probably around 5'7-5'7.5, that's it...
billy says on 18/Jun/14
lol brahs he's 6 ft
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Hypado says on 25/May/14
Jason is 5ft 8.5 / 174cm
Edy91 says on 15/May/14
a weak 5'9 probably closer to 5'8
Muflah says on 10/May/14
He is nearly 200cm
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Nameless says on 8/May/14
Jason statham is 1.74 or maybe 1.75
Jimbo says on 5/May/14
If you look on Jason Statham Facebook, you will see a new picture with him and wesley snipes not sure of angle or footwear but shows wesley a slight advantage over Statham .. Im sure but are same height 174cm..
Jimbo says on 26/Apr/14
5ft 8.5 174 bang on
xmas says on 25/Apr/14
Jason Brook: 5ft10 ? Its nonsense! About 5'8-5'9
Jason Brook says on 24/Apr/14
Guys, Kelly B is wearing high heels...which give her at least 3 inches...JS looks at least an inch taller than that so he is a regular 5ft10
sabot says on 22/Apr/14
Yup, I would say 5'8.5 is spot on.
BRUTAL says on 14/Apr/14
The Stath has already stated he is 5ft 8 3/4... seems about right to me. He isn't short, he isn't tall... he's completely average height. And he's AWESOME!.
Mr. R says on 13/Apr/14

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Emmett says on 10/Apr/14
5'9 is the absolute highest I could see him. He gave a shortish impression in the Crank movies.
Torres says on 8/Apr/14
Yes Hypado .. 173/174 max.
Derrick Awe$am says on 1/Apr/14
According to the movie:HOMEFRONT.
Hypado says on 28/Mar/14
Looks 173/174cm next to rossie.
Jimbo says on 27/Mar/14
Yeah not too sure Why Rob has him on here at 5ft9 Clearly enough evidence with his current Mrs that he is shorter then her. 174 probably best bet here.
Inches says on 26/Mar/14
Strong 5-8 and no more. Old listing of 5-8.5 was more accurate, Rob
Kurtz Pull says on 21/Mar/14
He's 2 inches taller than Jet Li in The One, Rogue and The Expendables. Dude is a fraction above 5'7
edguy282 says on 21/Mar/14
There's a picture on Jean Claude van Damme's page that has Jason and Jean Claude standing next to each other. If Jean Claude is 176cm, which seems right, Jason is about 2cm shorter at 174cm. So I would place him at 5'8.5" rather than 5'9". Though he does look like 5'8" in movies and other instances.
Jimbo says on 16/Mar/14
Yeah both wearing flats though jason's looks at an advantage. 5ft8.
fsd says on 15/Mar/14
there's no way he's above 5'8 ft i think statham is 5'7.5 ft and rossie is 5'8ft Click Here Click Here
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 14/Mar/14
looked 5'9 with george lopez
justbringit says on 14/Mar/14
He may be 5'8.5" or 5'8.75" but i think a weak 5'9 is better he just appears shorter due to his posture.
Balrog says on 6/Mar/14
5'8.5" or 5'8.75" would be spot on. Can look only 5'8" due posture but I think he's nearer 5'9"
chrissss says on 5/Mar/14
a very weak 5'9, 5'10 is laughable, and in movies they list him from 5'10-6'1 :/ its funny cuz stallone always stands taller than him as well as robert knepper who was taller in T3, van damme was also taller than him, many celeb below 178cm stand taller than him
truth says on 27/Feb/14
Seahawksfan I didn't think it was actually possible to be THIS gullible. Life keeps on surprising me haha Gotta love it!!!
At 5'7.5", he was above the average height of springboard divers. Keep in mind, the tallest diver of ALL TIMES to ever win Gold was I. Zakarov who stood at 177cm.
Rob, that oversized shirt and baggy jeans make him look super short. Dude's a multi-millionaire bonafide movie star, fashion faux-pas are permitted for him (and that founder of Facebook dude) lol
talker says on 12/Feb/14
folks nobody is 5'8"in Hollywood.If you are that height you become 5'10",dont you know that by now?if you are a legit 5'10"-5'11" you become 6'.
Jd says on 8/Feb/14
@Seahawksfan and the exorcist .. The picture is from a movie. They can make him as tall as they want lol
Mr. Ed says on 7/Feb/14
I was his stand-in in TRANSPORTER 2.
I am 5'7.5"
sss says on 3/Feb/14
171-173 range imo
Stiffelio says on 1/Feb/14
The Exorcist says on 1/Feb/14
@Seahawksfan: I think he's standing a couple of feet in front of that chart (in your picture), and with the camera bieng so close to him, and pointed upwards below him, gives the illusion of 6'4". lol

I'm sure everyone can agree he isn't 6'4". :)
Chriz1308 says on 31/Jan/14
Its funny how some sites list him as 6 ft.... he even aint 5 11 LOL!
tom says on 29/Jan/14
I think this is about right, maybe a cm or two under. He's made to look shorter by his build and a somewhat hunched posture.
tom says on 29/Jan/14
uncle chou, considering this is a height website, yeah there's a difference. 5'9" is the average in most countries so hardly tiny.
Balrog says on 28/Jan/14
Rob if Van Damme is now 176cm then Statham is for sure 174cm, at best a weak 5'9'' guy. There is at least half inch between him and Jean.
uncle chou says on 28/Jan/14
Is there any differences between 5'8 and 5'9?he is a short guy,report complete
AayushNav says on 19/Jan/14
I met statham, I am 1.96m tall and he looked maybe around 1.75m
Aja says on 16/Jan/14
In shirtless pics his posture is terrible, would probably gain an inch standing up straight and another inch if he went to a decent chiropractor (he has the money for it!)
The Exorcist says on 10/Jan/14
Jason standing side-on in front of a height chart. It's quite interesting the chart isn't numbered, but I'm guessing he's between the 5'8" line and the 5'9" line on this chart. I think he would be comfortably above 5'9" if he was standing straighter, but he's also probably got shoes on.

Click Here
James says on 6/Jan/14
He looks closer to 5'8 in pics with vinnie jones
lelman says on 2/Jan/14
A real weak 5'9", I'd say he's more in the 5'8" range in all honesty.
justbringit says on 1/Jan/14
5'9 seems ok he could be 5'8 tops as well but i wouldnt say less than this
George says on 31/Dec/13
I met him in Bulgaria, while he was here shooting "the Expendables 3". He's the same height as me- 173 cm (and that's with military grade boots). I think he needs a 1.5-2 cm downgrade rob, what do you think?
[Editor Rob: he can look anywhere in 5ft 8 to 9 range. For a guy who is remarkably agile and fit, I don't think he holds his posture that greatly though.]
Rich Hall says on 28/Dec/13
okay some1 pls explain to me how he can possibly be 5'9" when he was only 1.5 inch taller than 5'5" Jet Li in The One???

dude was an Olympic diver. He's got an athletic physique with Gorilla Long arms and the cranium to match. He's definitely Alpha but a short Alpha. Still, I wouldn't mess with him if he took my seat at Miss Olga's Gogo Girls Special Hour. I'd just go backstage and chill out with Mistress Elvira instead
lelman says on 27/Dec/13
@Gillipolas Click Here

No taller than 175cm midday, 5'8.5"-5'9".
Hypado says on 19/Dec/13
Dave says on 16/Dec/13
I met Statham a few years ago on the set of Killer Elite and he's 5"8 absolute tops.
cole says on 14/Dec/13
5'8.5 - 5'8.75 zone is more his height. Not quite 5'9.
sv92 says on 6/Dec/13
He is pretty short, i've walked past him in the street once, im about 5ft11 he wasn't far off me i don't think
MD says on 6/Dec/13
With Mario Lopez (listed here at 5'9.25"):

Click Here

Click Here

Not the best pictures, but Jason has a footwear advantage and still comes up looking a bit shorter as evidenced in the second pic by Mario's head lean into Jason. I'm sticking with my old guess of 5'8.5" barefoot.
Mathew says on 3/Dec/13
In front of this height chart... Rob - maybe it's time he got upgraded to 6'3"! lol Click Here
Josh says on 29/Nov/13
solid 5'8
Aniket says on 18/Nov/13
I have seen Jason in a movie with Jet Li,Standing together.They look almost of the same height.As Li is 5.5,and was wearing shoes with sole of 1-1.5 inch in the movie Then i dont think Jason would be more than 5.7 accordingly.....
Balrog says on 6/Nov/13
Next to James Franco he looked easily 2in shorter I'm not buying over 174cm for this guy.
Avraham says on 4/Nov/13
He claims he's 5'10". If thats true, then Lincoln lost the Civil War.

I mean, look at this pic:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, this cutie holding his hands, is 5'9" herself, and she's at least as he is, wearing comparable footwear.

He is 5'9" at the dawn of a very good day.
tony says on 11/Oct/13
He is 173. I'm sure.
Safeti says on 29/Sep/13
He is same height like me . 1.78m
Max says on 15/Sep/13
I'm 5'10 and I know that's accurate because I have annual doctor checkups and I get measured, I met Statham a little while ago and he was slightly shorter than me, I'd put him at a solid 5'8", 5'9" in the mornings. In no way is he 5'7"
MarcusTheSwede says on 10/Sep/13
Needs a downgrade. Look at Movie Killer Elite with next to Robert De Niro.Same footwear beside eachother he is maxiumum 173 174 cm At best. Time to downgrade.
Arch Stanton says on 27/Aug/13
Nah, he's taller than Ben Foster who I have at a flat 5'8".
Kyuss says on 25/Aug/13
Hes no more that 5-8" max,never seen 5-9". Hollywood bump up again.
Maor says on 25/Aug/13
He's pretty short, a solid 5'9 (1.75) if lucky! I think he can be 5'8.5 (1.74)
JAM says on 19/Aug/13
Alot people forget to account for slouching in pictures. Not everyone has perfect posture I would say 5'7-5'9 is accurate.
Van says on 15/Aug/13
Hey, Rob, I got a question for you. Is this his height in the morning or late evening. You know, there can be a 2,5 cm difference witch is significant
[Editor Rob: not morning]
Ahboh says on 11/Aug/13

Can't you see that the ground is uneven?It is really easy to spot.
brucybaby says on 10/Aug/13
The guy is 5'6" on a very good day!!!

Click Here

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is 5'9". You be the judge.
sarah says on 8/Aug/13
If Kelly is 5'6 wearing 3 inch heals, and Jason has shoes with nearly an inch heal, he looks about 5'8, maybe 5'8 1/2.
Tomfc says on 4/Aug/13
İn mugshot seems almost close 6ft2! but ı speak about his films like killer elite blitz etc he seems below avarage like 180-182 but with his girlfriend seems 173ish but in his films he seems tall... rob if you stand the height chart with shoes would you seem 5 ft 11.
Tomfc says on 2/Aug/13
rob how he can manage to seem 5ft11 to 6 foot...
when he is max 174.
[Editor Rob: in a mugshot? You can always gain height in front of a height chart, sometimes they are reasonably accurate, but a lot of time they add height to the person standing in front of them]
Craig 177 says on 22/Jul/13
I think his absolute low would be 5' 8.25". But 174 cm as an afternoon height would be accurate, in my opinion.
truth178cm says on 18/Jul/13
5ft8, not 5ft9.
Craig 177 says on 9/Jul/13
Only 1 cm taller than Noel Gallagher, who is 173 cm. 174 cm (5' 8.5") seems more likely by afternoon for Statham. 2 inches shorter than (5' 10.5") Brad Pitt.
Makavel says on 8/Jul/13
Jason Statham 5'9 and 200 lbs ? :D :D Go shot yourself bro !! pp: Yes he is mesomorpg..
Arch Stanton says on 4/Jul/13
Looks about the same height as Kelly Slater in those photos, between 5'8" and 5'9".
Arch Stanton says on 4/Jul/13
He can definitely look 5'8" range a lot but I think he's nearer 5'9". Click Here the article says "unconvincingly says he's 5 ft 10". His weight varies quite a bit. He's naturally a very stocky heavy set guy , typical mesomorph and I think he looks 14 stone range normally as he looks in that photo. But when he really cuts down I think he looks more 180. I've read 175 or 180 pounds for him, no way is he that naturally. He doesn't look under 200 lbs to me except when trimmed down.

Rob what would you guess for his weight. In the DM photos I linked I don't think he looks under 200 pounds.
Makavel says on 3/Jul/13
Yes but Rob I see alot of photos witch his girlfriend Rosie (175cm) And he look 172-173cm to her.. soo
Makavel says on 3/Jul/13
Hey Rob, I think Jason is 5'8 MAX. See this photo with 200-cm ( lubo the hammer ) What you think ? Click Here
[Editor Rob: jason can look anywhere from 5ft 8 to times he seems to have a loose posture, which for a very fit and agile guy like himself, is a bit surprising.]
Makavel says on 1/Jul/13
Hey Rob, I think Jason is 5'8 MAX. See this photo with 200-cm ( lubo the hammer ) What you think ? Click Here
cole says on 26/Jun/13
Remeber seeing his article in Men's Health and they had him at 5'11, and I though that couldn't be right. 5'9 seems more correct, maybe half an inch shorter. 174-175 cm range.
Elfoersaan says on 25/Jun/13
Sly looks in a lot of shots in the Expendables series slightly taller than Statham. Like 1 cm. My fairest guess is 174 cm for Jason. He looks exactly like Jackie Chan when he stands with Sly, when Stallone offcourse is not wearing lifts. Also Chan standing with Li gives me the same impression of the height difference between Jason and Li in The One, Assassins and The Expendables 1 & 2. Maybe we should wait untill The Expendables 3 is released. Both Chan and Statham will star. So if we're lucky they'll get them in one shot.
superman says on 24/Jun/13
theres a picture with rosie barefoot and jason in mid high sneakers she is taller by about .05 inch i think he should be downgraded to 5'8 or at the most 5'8.5, i think he is closer to 5'8 than 5'9 what do you think rob? thanks
jack says on 14/Jun/13
Him with his 5'8 girlfriend. Puts him 5'8 max, shes barefoot.

Click Here
Makavel says on 8/Jun/13
I think he is 5'7-5'8 no more
Chuck J. Lorne says on 7/Jun/13
I was having lunch at the Carbon Beach club yesterday around noon. He was standing up in sandals talking with some other dude. I walked slowly a few inches past him as I made my way to the gents and I was clearly 1 inch taller than him. I had flat mocassins. He wasn't hunching or anything. I'm 5'8 in the morning.
Jason is a definite 5'7". Nothing more nothing less.
The dude is in amazing shape and his shoulders are impressively wide.
Jack says on 1/Jun/13
174-175. weak 5'9"
GKay says on 22/Apr/13
Good point by brutal, that he's not remotely concerned by height. One, it' not as if he's a midget, but two he's got strong, well built and toned, a good actor, well trained and looks good....what's he got to be bothered about?
marco says on 20/Apr/13
I'm 5ft 10'' and have stood next to Jason Statham and he was much shorter than me at the most 5ft 8'' more like 5ft 7''.
Johnny says on 11/Apr/13
I think Jason Statham is 5'7.75. (and that's before bed. I think he is 5'8.5 in the morning)
Lmeister says on 9/Apr/13
Brutal where/when did Jason state his height? 5ft8.75 seems to be spot on. If this is true Jason and Thomas Jane are the only average/shortish actors that come into my mind who claim their real height instead of adding 1-3 inches.
Lorne! says on 7/Apr/13
Brutal can you reference that? A 5ft8.75 claim would be very interesting, though I just can't see him under 5ft9, and 176 was always my estimate.
Whatever says on 3/Apr/13
i don't know his build make him look tall like 5'10 but he is probably 5'9
BRUTAL says on 2/Apr/13
Jason Has stated himself that he's 5ft 8.75... he's not remotely concerned about his height. He is never seen wearing lifts or elevator shoes and he is known to date women who are either his height or a smidge taller. Minimum 5ft 8, and an absolute badass to boot. Long live The Stath.
Frankie says on 25/Mar/13
Rosie Huntington without heels looks taller then Jason
Jason maybe has 5'8

Click Here
Dmeyer says on 23/Mar/13
I think van damme sly and Jason all measured 175-176cm at peak
Arch Stanton says on 23/Mar/13
delido says on 19/Mar/13
J.S. is one of the top three ever action martial arts cinematic actors. The other two? Bruce Lee and Jet Li (both on the short side especially Jet Li) Like them Jason is 5-6 at the most (see how he compares onscreen with Sly Stallone who is in reality 5-7) J.S. makes up for it in looks and talent and wise film makers make him look 10 feet tall.

You should change your user name to Deludo. Kelly Brook is 5'6" and Statham is still a bit taller than her in heels duh!!
delido says on 19/Mar/13
J.S. is one of the top three ever action martial arts cinematic actors. The other two? Bruce Lee and Jet Li (both on the short side especially Jet Li) Like them Jason is 5-6 at the most (see how he compares onscreen with Sly Stallone who is in reality 5-7) J.S. makes up for it in looks and talent and wise film makers make him look 10 feet tall.
Parker says on 13/Mar/13
SAK says on 8/Mar/13
Click Here
Ground may not be level. But I still think he needs a downgrade to 174cm/5f8.5.

Here's the two of them from another angle. She is listed at 5'9 and has a 1-2 inch heel
Click Here

5'9 for Statham looks reasonable to me.
SAK says on 8/Mar/13
Click Here

Ground may not be level. But I still think he needs a downgrade to 174cm/5f8.5.
Dmeyer says on 7/Mar/13
Rob this Guy in person looked a solid 5'9 Like nightime 5'9 , he is similar to Jamie foxx and taller than guys like Rob morrow or Stanley Tucci he looked closer to 5'9.5 than 5'8 , 5 ft 9 fits the Guy We had same footwear and We were NeXT to each for 5 Mn he didnt Look 5'10 or 5'8
Ka says on 7/Mar/13
Can look 5'8ish a lot, but in good posture I think 5'9 on the dot. Seen him next to weak 5'5 Jennifer Lopez on the Golden Globe a few months ago, as listed
JCVD says on 5/Mar/13
173/174 is real ... Click Here
Rosie Huntington has 5'9 (175cm)
bran says on 5/Mar/13
Look at Statham with 5'6"-5'7" Ricky Hatton. Click the slideshow thing.

Click Here
Silent d says on 13/Feb/13
5 foot 9.
little sue says on 10/Feb/13
Kelly Brook still shorter than him in her 3.5 inch heels in the above pic, she is definatly 5ft 6 so he can't be as low as 5ft 8 or 9
Lo sgozzatore says on 9/Feb/13
Yeah, he does look a bit shorter than Robert Knepper, maybe not 5'8, but 5'8.5 is a possibility! What about it, Rob?
[Editor Rob: statham can look 5ft 8.5 a fair bit, he also doesn't stand like a tom cruise though, so can look just 5ft 8 aswell]
Balrog says on 2/Feb/13
Rob, in the movie and in pics Statham is shorter than Knepper and you met Robert and is listed at 5'9''. So Jason might be more 5'8''?
Joey says on 2/Feb/13
173cm area during day time....he actually isnt shorter than sly...stallone just wears huge lift shoes ...
lol93 says on 26/Jan/13
Just look at the pictures I posted at 21/Sep/12 before you say that he is 5'9
Daaerk says on 26/Jan/13
I'd say 5'9 is about right.
Adamz says on 24/Jan/13
175 cm is probably max. for his afternoon height. Although, like many have said, he doesn't seem insecure about it.
Conti says on 23/Jan/13
I would say 5'8,because he wears lifts.
Silent d says on 22/Jan/13
5 foot 9.
refresh says on 20/Jan/13
very rare star who dosent have height complex,he just dont give a s*** :) and i respect that.
Too says on 16/Jan/13
About 173+ is real.
Joey says on 15/Jan/13
yeah 173cm (5'8)...maybe 174cm on a good day but definitely under 5'9 in bare feet...
SD99 says on 6/Jan/13
Met him in LA, my height, 5'8 (1,73)
Fouad says on 3/Jan/13
Hey Rob he is listed on 5'10 online
TNTinCA says on 1/Jan/13
He looked shorter that Stallone on The Expendables. Was it footwear related? Otherwise, if Sly is 5'9" (and I know he is, I met him), then I would peg Statham at being 5'8-ish.
Steve says on 10/Dec/12
Solid 5'8"
Louis says on 6/Dec/12
ROB, if you think he can look from 5'8 to 5'9, at least give him 5'8.75, he looks shorter than Knepper on every single photo
Dmeyer says on 5/Dec/12
In person didnt look under 5'9 , his posture makes him look 5'9
zohan says on 4/Dec/12
@JasonStathamFan: please use a full body photo with straight camera angle
I think statham is about the same or edge sly a little bit
The Exorcist says on 29/Nov/12
@Lip: A 12" distance (on a person) is generally from the shoulder to the top of the skull. Take another look at the photo and you'll see that his shoulder is at the 4'8"/4'9" mark. That chart has probably been modified to make him appear 6'0". In reality, he's about 5'8-5'8.5 range.
johnny says on 28/Nov/12
He's a little taller like 178 i guess
jack231 says on 18/Nov/12
In the film Death Race there is a mugshot scene of him. They made him look 6'.
Click Here
Dmeyer says on 10/Nov/12
@ Adams it dépends on the built for example m'y father 5'9 peak 5'8 now for some reason dosnt look short a solid 5'9 m'en plus 1-1.25 in shoes and good built CAN look great not short
LiP says on 9/Nov/12
Hey Rob and all the other users! I found that picture on Facebook: Click Here Another picture from the same movie shows that he is over 6ft. I can't believe it, what do you guys think? - Greetings from Germany.
[Editor Rob: the lower camera has to add a bit of height to how he appears, how much is always harder to actually say.]
lol93 says on 2/Nov/12
And nobody commented on my photos haha!Jason at best is a 5"8 guy!!!
Arch Stanton says on 1/Nov/12
Part of his appeal Dave, why he's so popular in the US, is that they know a genuine bad ass when they see one.
Silent d says on 31/Oct/12
I didn't say he looks short. I just said in that photo it makes him look short. Learn how to read. I'm not insecure, i'm just saying that if he got his back straightened up, it could add an inch or two. Take it easy Jake! 175cm.
Dave618 says on 30/Oct/12
Funny how this dude is kind of average at 5'9" but legitimately seems like a tough guy. He's sort of this generation's Charles Bronson--and CB was only about 5'10"!
Adamz says on 28/Oct/12
Dmeyer, do u think 175cm appears short for men?
JayJay says on 24/Oct/12
Jason Statham has max. 175 cm, no more ...
Ice says on 13/Oct/12
WTF ?? Had no idea he was this short ! I would have guessed close to 6 ft
lol93 says on 21/Sep/12
Jason is 5'8 and here is the proof Click Here Click Here Click Here he looks 2-3 cm shorter than Robert who is likely to be shorter than 5'9 ,Jason at best is a 5'8 guy a downgrade would be better at 5'8 ,we have picture from Robert with Rob so we can judge better,I would really like to know if you can prove me wrong here
Silent d says on 14/Sep/12
Bad posture. Could easily be close to 6 foot if he had better posture. Everyone is short in the expendables except for some characters. 5 foot 9 is about right. Stands his ground next to sly, jet li, chuck norris and jean claude van damme. He looks tiny next to kelly brooke.
Jason says on 9/Sep/12
His Height Is 5.8.5 Inches. Confirm With Shoes 5.9 Normal Shoes Contain 1 Inches or 1.5 With Good Shoes 5'10 Confirm And With Lifters 6ft.....
Duhon says on 2/Sep/12
Do you think the way he walks affects his perception of height? He has a very hunched over sort of gait. This is a good example:

Click Here
Balthier says on 1/Sep/12
"evest says on 22/Aug/12
I like Statham - he doesn't appear to care about his height or wear lifts to try and seem taller, etc..." Yes, I agree. He seems to be secure with himself in that aspect.
Shaun says on 25/Aug/12
Stallone, Van Damme, Statham, Mel Gibson, Chuck Norris are all action stars who always appeared to be 5'8" or 5'9" guys and roughly all around a similar height. I wouldn't bet on any of them being above 1.77 or below 1.73 put it that way.
Shaun says on 25/Aug/12
marc says on 19/Aug/12
I saw expendables 2 today n hes shorter than stellone 5ft10 but not by too much in the movie stelone commented on him having short legs that would been a bit wierd if he were taller than stellone so i think 5ft 9sounds right

Never be deceived by Stallone's apparent height in a film LOL!!! I think you'd find they are roughly the same height in actuality, in fact Statham could edge Stallone out nowadays as Stallone looked to have lost a bit of height in his mid 60s in that yacht photo.
evest says on 22/Aug/12
I like Statham - he doesn't appear to care about his height or wear lifts to try and seem taller, etc...
Louis says on 22/Aug/12
Rob, did you see photos of him with 175 Robert Knepper, he looks no more than 173?
Dmeyer says on 19/Aug/12
I think Jason wakes 5'10 5'9 is Late night height for him
marc says on 19/Aug/12
I saw expendables 2 today n hes shorter than stellone 5ft10 but not by too much in the movie stelone commented on him having short legs that would been a bit wierd if he were taller than stellone so i think 5ft 9sounds right
Dmeyer says on 17/Aug/12
When in nô lifts sly CAN look near 5'8.75
Dmeyer says on 17/Aug/12
So 5'9 statham van damme 5'9-9.25 sly now 5'8.75 , peak 5'9-9.25 in very litel height for his age 0.5-1cm at 66 is great while our father droped 3cm at this age
Dmeyer says on 16/Aug/12
Rob hé many Times looks a tall as sly in relaxed posture and hé looks in many pics taller than vandamme and also shorter wish they are similar is 5'9.25 possible for him also wath about 176cm for vandamme
[Editor Rob: van damme is somewhere in 5ft 9 range, statham I've always thought looked a 5ft 9 guy, stallone today without lifts could now be at the stage where he's lost a fraction of height.]
MaskDeMasque says on 12/Aug/12
looks more 5'8 range than 5'9.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/Aug/12
Listed from 5ft8 to 5ft11. I think in The Expendables he may have slightly edged out Sly by a wee bit. I think 176-177cm or a strong 5ft9. Sly is looking 5ft9 max today at 66
dude says on 7/Jun/12
jase is 5ft 8in, he most certainly is not 5,9 5.10 or 11 some people havent a clue on estimations quite clearly, jase is infact a mate of mine and he finds it very funny how you guys argue over his height like you know him or something, we find this very amusing :-) just for the record he doe indeed hold a black belt in martial arts and is not a fake, unlike most of these assumptions,
Vegas says on 9/Feb/12
statham next to george lopez Click Here

mike tyson (who looks ~5'10 with rob) next to lopez Click Here
Andrik says on 6/Feb/12
He looks 5'8- 5'8.5" (173-174cm) Just one or two centimeters less than Sly.
SIlent d says on 1/Feb/12
5 foot 9.
nice guy says on 29/Jan/12
here is a pic of statham next to rosie huntington..she claims 5'9 (175cm) so 5'8 ( 173cm-174cm) is her real height:

Click Here

Click Here

statham has a 1inch footwear advantage in his sneakers compared to rosie in her barefoot like shoes yet he looks slightly shorter than her... 5'8( 173cm) is max for statham which also fits the classic hollywood 1.5-2inch height round up lie used by EVERY actor below 6'2
Silent d says on 26/Jan/12
5 foot 9.
Walter says on 26/Jan/12
I saw him in Manhattan and he was probably 5-7 tops.

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