How tall is Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr's Height

5ft 8in (173 cm)

American actor best known for playing Tony Stark in the Iron Man trilogy and Avengers Assemble. He has also starred in such films as Sherlock Holmes, Chaplin, Air America, The Judge, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Tropic Thunder and Less Than Zero. In his 40's he appears to want to look taller so has had a habit of wearing what appear to be elevator style boots and sneakers.

For his roles as Tony Stark and Sherlock he has also been photographed wearing height enhancing footwear to appear taller on screen. In fact, in a JapanTimes interview he said of this lift-wearing, "There's nothing to talk about there - lots of actors do that, both now and in the past. Tom Cruise. Or read up on John Wayne, who even had lifts in his car so he'd look taller driving. Height is one of the rules and practices of this male-enhancing business". Whilst people question whether actors like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise wear lifts, Robert's a clear example of someone who is out there on the red carpet rocking his own style and not giving a damn!

Robert (in his 'Special Sneakers') with Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow
Photos by PR Photos

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JarvisOS said on 25/May/16
@Linz: Maybe not a 5'7"(170 cm) but in my opinion the highest he will measure is 5'7.75(172 cm). And also Chris Evans is 6'0(183 cm) flat. Downey always wears elevator shoes and therefore we think he is tall. Before knowing about his lift wearing I thought he is at least 5'9"(175 cm).
Linx said on 25/May/16
He's not 170cm (5'7'') ''max'' lol, no way chris evans is 14cm (or 5,5 inches) taller than him.

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JarvisOS said on 23/May/16
He is either 5'7"(170 cm) or a 5'7.25"(171 cm) at best at his peak I.e at age 21. He is 5'8" only with elevator shoes. Rob could you also add Captain America: Civil war to his list of films.
meezemaker said on 22/May/16
170 cm max.
I am surprised that this serious site still beleive 173 for Downey.

173...Come on it is a joke? Wearing heels, He still Looks 5cm smaller than jude law

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Charizard said on 19/May/16
This is 100% correct listing spot on 173
Andy said on 12/May/16
He forgot to take his Iron Man boots off !
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Mat said on 12/May/16
Rob, do you think that generally Downey looks 1 inch shorter than Jude Law? without considering their footwear
Pitch_Fork said on 11/May/16
Dude is 5'7.5''. Maybe 5'7.25'' at his lowest. It is what it is
Emily said on 9/May/16
5'8.5 - 5'9

He is as tall as Gwyneth Paltrow when she isn't wearing heels. He is taller than T. Cruise, J. Black and B. Stiller.
Mightyman said on 7/May/16
Well he's definitely not 5'8. Maybe 5'5.5 - 5'6. If you watch Zodiac there is a nice full shot of both Mark Ruffalo and Downey facing each other. Ruffalo had atleast 1.5 inches on Downey. So if Ruffalo is 5'7 and a bit that makes Downey maximum 5'6 but could be shorter. Great Actor thou and girls love him so I don't think height matters.
Lori said on 7/May/16
Looks like he is 5.9 in this official police report

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David said on 3/May/16
171 cm
ultron said on 2/May/16
Why these people are fighting for 0.5 inch to 1 inch. An inch is barely noticeable but still questionable . But arguing on a 0.5 inch is quite laughable. Any ways he is 5'7" range. But his current listing is not a huge thing as it has an error of maximum an inch. But some people here saying 5'9" or 5'10" are totally out of their minds.
Victor Polk said on 2/May/16
I think Robert is now 5'9, rather than being 5'8 anymore.
Paul said on 30/Apr/16
I think he is likely to be 5'7" than 5'8" . I don't think he was near 5'8" even in his peak because he was shorter than Andrew mcarthy in less than zero and Molly ringwald in the pickup artist. At those times he didn't wear the elevator shoes and he is clearly 5'7.5" max. But only by seeing the ironman films and Sherlock Holmes I thought he was 5'10". Anyways he does a good job in hiding his real height these days. I think his elevators add a minimum of 3 to 3.5 inches to his barefoot height.
Brian said on 28/Apr/16
Click Here

Just saw this online.
Pretty crazy.
digling said on 27/Apr/16
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Seriously, he is in the same range of Chris Evans, look at his pants, it has a cut which hides his elevator shoes, and balance with his leg calf.
He is definetely not just a great actor, but a Pro in elevating his height.
Dora said on 22/Apr/16
if you think this man is over 5'7 you should close your website
berta said on 18/Apr/16
its really hard to get his height because of the shoes but Everything about him looks small the shortest i can se him is 172 and the tallest 174. Bit for some reason i Think he is just 172 and with his lifts that are almost as big as Vin diesels he get to the height of 178-9
Josh said on 11/Apr/16
To me he looks 5ft 7.5 barefoot. He almost always wears huge elevator shoes.
Powerhouse said on 10/Apr/16
He needs a downgrade, he isn't 5'8 without his massive lifts, not a chance. Drop him down to 5'7 or at least 5'7.5. Ruffalo would be taller than him without shoes, Renner would be a solid inch taller.
kk170cm said on 9/Apr/16
Rob, what is your opinion of downeys short height despite lifts shown this page in a picture with Jamie foxx who is 5'9". I think foxx has normal footwear and rdj has lifts. Do you still believe he is 5'8"(173 cm)
Editor Rob: the 5ft 7.5 range could be argued for him...but that is the lowest I'd ever guess.
kk170cm said on 9/Apr/16
Judging by his picture near jamie fox he seems 5'7" flat. He should be at least that. Anything below 5'7" is impractical for him. 5'7" is also a bet by seeing his picture with his wife who is weak 5'3" i guess. 5 foot 7.5 inch or 171-172 is a guess for his peak height. I think he was never 5'8". A good actor though. I also am against claims that 4-5 inch lift is impossible. Even rob has shown the models of 4 inch shoe lifts on this site. Anything below 5'7" or above 5'8" flat is impossible for downey in my opinion
Maw1982 said on 4/Apr/16
Robert where's bigger Lifts than anyone in Hollywood hands-down!! Stallones lifts are nothing compared to his. some of his lifts give him five inches lol but he still is a great actor and I like his movies
gian92 said on 31/Mar/16
I couldn't believe that his father i s 6'3 !!
Greg said on 29/Mar/16
Nolly Ringwald is at least one inch taller in "The Pickup Artist". One of their height is wrong on here.
Aza said on 17/Mar/16
Like his honesty re lifts ..... Couldn't give a tom tit. Could be slightly lower than listed.
mande2013 said on 11/Mar/16
I can believe RDJ's under 5'7, but I don't quite buy him as a 5'6 flatter.
mande2013 said on 11/Mar/16
Judging by the beach photos with his wife, I'd say 169-170 is the most likely range. Perhaps 5'6.75 or thereabouts.
6"1_TruthTeller said on 4/Mar/16
Robert Downey Jr is by FAR the most insecure man in hollywood. After acquiring all that wealth and fame, he still seeks shoes on height elevator shoe sites with the most inches (ie. wearing 5.2 inch boots). It's NOT him having a sense of style, he's so insecure he cant go anywhere, even the red carpet, without his 5" sneakers.

He's 5"6 in real life (see photo of him on beach).

Wow, shows money cant buy happiness- or neither self-confidence for that matter. Biggest lol.
The_Punisher said on 22/Feb/16
5'7'' max for him.
Darius said on 17/Feb/16
I though he was at least 172 cm. But after seeing avengers i think he is 170 cm at the best. In the scene with paltrow on tge stark tower, she has no footwear and he has giant pair of shoes. They didn't have much difference in height despite footwear. Considering that Gwyneth paltrow is 175 cm, it makes me think that rdj is 170(5'7")cm.
Jimbo said on 22/Jan/16
Rob good photo came up on RDJ facebook page, picture of don cheadle and RDJ filming the last fight scene. Both standing with same posture, downey looking excatly the same as cheadle.. would say he not a full 1.73.. maybe when he wakes up , but im sure cruise would be slightly taller.
check out the photo on his facebook page and see what you think ?
a said on 14/Jan/16
so Downey wears 3-4 inch lifts? that is laughable. seriously he is too funny
meezemaker said on 10/Jan/16
If jude law is 5'8 5 / 5'9, how Robert D does to look smaller than jude whereas he is clearly wearing great lift?

Jude with shoes might be 5'10
Rob with lift look an inch smaller comparing the level eyes of both, so 5'9

Since rob is wearing huge lift, he might gain 2 inches, maybe more.

So, he is max 5'7

Last point on photographs with Harvey keitel, They look Same height, so 5'6 / 5'7 would be more accurate.

Rob can u down grade this height cheater please?
Danimal176 said on 7/Jan/16
LIFTLESS Robert Downey Jr. with MAX 5'10" Mike Tyson who was squatting down and still taller than Robert in the mid-late 80's: Click Here

Fast forward to 2010 with a LIFT wearing Robert and 5'10" Mike Tyson: Click Here

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Robert Downey Jr. was a cast member on Saturday Night Live in the mid-80's and he was a DWARFED by EVERYONE. 5'4" Madonna was a guest one show and Robert BARELY edged her out and she was wearing flat shoes. He's NOWHERE near 5'8".
jtm said on 3/Jan/16
someone here 6 or 7 years ago claimed downey told the police guard he was 5'7.
John said on 1/Jan/16
Probably 5'9 or 5'10, especially when he's that insecure about his height to the point of constantly wearing elevator footwear.
TJE said on 30/Dec/15
I'd love to see what height he claims lol
Ria said on 25/Dec/15
Actors, male and female, wear high heels or lifts to make the legs look longer in comparison to the torso, which is aesthetically better looking. I think he is around 5.8 - 5.9. He is taller than Tom Cruise or Ben Stiller for sure.
RisingForce said on 20/Dec/15
I do think 5'8" is a bit generous. He always looked pretty short throughout the 80's and 90's, more like a 5'7" range guy and still can look short. 5'7.5" would be my best guess. Like Cruise, I wouldn't go over 172 cm, or under 5'7".
RisingForce said on 20/Dec/15
He didn't look 5'10" in the mugshot without his tall hair. More like 5'9", but likely in shoes and standing in front of the chart will make you look taller. The booking sheet Sammy posted that lists him at 5'9" probably means that's what Downey claims. Cops usually ask your height or take the figure off your license, plus Downey was always listed at 5'9".
mande2013 said on 11/Dec/15
Judging by the beach photo with his wife I'd say 1m69.
Dark Knight said on 8/Dec/15
A few years back my brother in law was in a Baltimore bar when RDJ came in with Holly Hunter and Jodie Foster. They were filming "Home for the Holidays". He's about 5'8" and said RDJ was an inch shorter. Holly and Jodie were under 5'2". Very nice though and bought him drinks.
Mightyman said on 7/Dec/15
If his real height was 5'7.5 he really wouldn't need massive elevator shoes. 5'7.5 isn't really short. To be wearing 4 inch lifts hes got to be sub 5'6 or less.
Here he is with his 5'3 wife. Judging by that pic he cant be more than 5'5- 5'6 max
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the shredder said on 3/Dec/15
He is over 5'7. Maybe not 5'8 but over 5'7 , He looks 5'9 in his mugshot.
Gord man said on 2/Dec/15
RDJ is 5ft6.25 I have heard from reliable sources
PitchFork said on 2/Dec/15
Chuckie Cheese 2

take a look at his photos with Mel Gibson. he did look clearly shorter that him. so considering Gibson was 175-177 in his prime Downey has to be about 168-169 cm tall
jtm said on 2/Dec/15
then andrew mccarthy is at least 5'10.
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 1/Dec/15
Actual photos taken when he was in Police custody show him 5 ft 10, assuming 1 inch shoes, he was probably about 5 ft 9 at his prime.
Sammy Derrick said on 22/Nov/15
Click Here In this police record it says;5'9
RDJs heel said on 17/Nov/15
Looking at his body type and the pic posted by "a guy", the one where he's on the beach with his wife. I think he is nothing over 5'6" and that is being very generous. His lifts are the biggest you can get. At least adding 3" to him..
meezemaker said on 13/Nov/15
Still bit shorter than jude law with his heel shoes. Same height than Harvey keitel. Seen on photographs.
look 1-2 cm shorter than jude law Ho is 175-176.

All is said. He needs to be down grade by respect to people who se height is 169 cm.-:)
Mat 5'10.25 said on 28/Oct/15
Rob, how tall does Robert jr look without considering his shoe advantage? Like a full 5'10 man, or 5'9.5?
[Editor Rob: at times he can pull off looking anywhere in 5ft 9.5-10 range when wearing the obvious elevator sneakers.]
Luc said on 27/Oct/15
He is 171 max.
Dan said on 24/Oct/15
Look at this picture Rob: Click Here
If his wife is 160, he's really not over 170. What do you think?
[Editor Rob: unfortunately it is a harder picture to really tell a difference, being on the sand.]
Dan said on 24/Oct/15
I think he is like 171.
Johnson said on 23/Oct/15
@ event....No you don't have to be barefoot for mugshots.
evest said on 5/Oct/15
Check this - I guess you have to be barefoot for these types of photo? Maybe he is a bit taller than people think?

Click Here
MadMax said on 27/Sep/15
5ft8 in is ABSOLUT out of question, sorry Rob. 5ft6.5 flat at best.
meeeee said on 23/Sep/15
In chances are he is an inch shorter than Cybill and he is wearing boots. So probably 5'6.5".
A guy said on 22/Sep/15
based on pixels on the beach. his wife is 472 pixels, he is 502. so he's 170 max tbh even with the pelvic tilt

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the shredder said on 14/Sep/15
He can be under 5'8 , like 5'7.75
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 28/Aug/15
If he's really over 170 pounds, then he's no less than 5'8" (and could be taller). He appears to be thin at this weight.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 27/Aug/15
How come he appears to be about .5"-1" inch taller than Tom Cruise (who would definitely wear big lifts, and Tom Cruise even stood up straighter) who is listed as 5'7.75"? 5'5"-5'7" is complete nonsense.
Parker said on 27/Aug/15
In the pic above he looks 1-1.5 inches shorter than Jude Law who is getting a solid 1 inch footwear boost, putting him at 6 foot. Downey has to be standing close to 5'10 in his footwear, and I struggle to believe he's getting 3 inches from those sneakers. 5'7.5-5'8 looks correct. Same height as Cruise.
jtm said on 21/Aug/15
bandet said on 10/Aug/15
Reality check, you need a reality check. Look at his earlier films. Tuff Turf. Less than Zero. No way less than 5ft8, and frankly a little more.

he was shorter than andrew mccarthy in less than zero.
Sam said on 20/Aug/15
I get the impression that Downey started wearing lifts because Jon Favreau and Guy Ritchie encouraged him to in order for him to make a taller leading man and then he personally enjoyed the added loftiness and so started wearing them practically everywhere. I don't believe he normally wore lifts before his Iron Man comeback, certainly not in most of his roles from the 80s.
bandet said on 10/Aug/15
Reality check, you need a reality check. Look at his earlier films. Tuff Turf. Less than Zero. No way less than 5ft8, and frankly a little more.
Johnny said on 10/Aug/15
Doesnt appear 5'8 to be honest, wears gigantic elevator shoes
5'7.75 barefoot
5'8.5 with regular shoes
5'9.75 with shoelifts or boots
5'10 with 3 inch elevator shoes
5'11 with his stallone boost
Johnny said on 10/Aug/15
Doesnt appear 5'8 to be honest, wears gigantic elevator shoes
5'7.75 barefoot
5'8.5 with regular shoes
5'9 with shoelifts or boots
5'10 with 3 inch elevator shoes
5'11 with
Anton said on 2/Aug/15
He wears huge lifts all the time, in movies, on the red carpet, in the streets. In my opinion he is max 5'7 (170 cm). Maby time for a downgrade Rob?
RealityCheck said on 31/Jul/15
Click Here

Look at his shoes here. If RDJ really is 5'8 standing next to 5'9 Gwyneth Paltrow (height according to this site) He wouldn't need those gigantic elevator shoes. Those insane shoes look like they give him 4 inches.

He may as well be wearing high heels... Click Here
MShaqs said on 26/Jul/15
His lifts look ridiculous! he must be wearing 4.5 cm lifts. I believe he is a solid 5 foot 7. I am 172.5 tall and I have tried lifts and they easily boost a 5 foot 7 person to that 5 foot 9 mark.
RealityCheck said on 25/Jul/15
@RobV UK huh? "Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?"

I told you to PAY ATTENTION last time didn't I? Now look...

First of all, I didn't insult you at all (FYI high chair is not an insult). If you had actually read my post, I countered your arguments with generalized factual info. There are no personal opinions within my comment whatsoever. READ MY COMMENT THOROUGHLY.

Secondly, I'm the one nitpicking? Your entire response nitpicks at the last one line in my post. Who's the one nitpicking here? Did you even read my post?

Lastly, how exactly am I supposed to know where you're from? My "whole posting" is NOT summed up by how the UK spells "offense/offence." (Just so you know, "P.S." means "side/bonus note") AGAIN, if you had actually read my comment, I was responding to your claims on height in Hollywood. Go back at look at my previous comment.

This time when you respond, make sure you actually read what I typed first.
RobV said on 23/Jul/15
Alas Realitycheck, your name belies your grasp of reality. Firstly, do check the word "offence/offense" before you launch into nit-picking irrelevant insults about spelling - in the UK (where the language originated you might - or might not - know), the word is spelled 'offence'. It is almost never spelled the US way with the 's', which developed in the 19th century. Your whole posting is summed up by suggesting that the UK spelling is not 'correct'. You use your personal opinion (and lack of understanding of facts) to launch insults with anyone who responds. Is there a point in responding to people who make simple errors like that?
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 23/Jul/15
Even if he were 5'5", he still wouldn't be a midget. He's would just be short (possibly very short).
RealityCheck said on 23/Jul/15
@RobV Why don't get down from your high chair before you drown in your self-righteous ignorance? Now... Pay Attention...
First of all, I wasn't talking about being short on a practical level such as acting. I was referring to the ignorance that fans everywhere have towards RDJ's real height, and how everyone is so defensive at the "ridiculous notion" that he could POSSIBLY BE UNDER 5'7. OH THE HORROR!!! Also, the term "midget" was a joke/reference from Sherlock Holmes.
Secondly, do you think that filmmakers use every "ruse in the book" in order to conceal celebrities true heights from the general public? You think audiences don't know the celebrities real heights? Do filmmakers only use tall actors?? No they don't.
Thirdly, you think being short won't "cut it" in Hollywood? How about Tom Cruise? One of the most well known actors that EVERYONE KNOWS IS SHORT (BTW anyone who reads too deeply into how something is typed aka "capital letters" needs to lighten up). Or how about Daniel Radcliffe in the wildly popular Harry Potter series? Or Dustin Hoffman in pretty much any movie? Or Michael J. Fox in the 80s and 90s? All of these respected actors were known for being of less than average height and yet, Most of their movies were HUGE SUCCESSES.
Finally, don't come here trying to "correct me" with an opinion that holds no foundation at all just to lay out your thoughts on height in Hollywood. Instead of addressing the evidence I gave of RDJ being short, you nitpicked one line I wrote and broke it down. If you want to debate the social and philosophical application and reception of height in society then go join a debate team.

P.S. Don't use the word pejorative if you can't even spell offense correctly.
Nicholas said on 22/Jul/15
Totally agree with realitycheck, RDJ is a manlet. He is known for wearing enormous lifts anytime

this photos prove that

I just don't understand why the owner mantains this poor listing
RobV said on 21/Jul/15
@ realitycheck. You can say it as often as you like - "being short isn't a bad thing" - and even put in capital letters, but the reality is that, if you are in the public eye, appearing to be short can work against you. It is nothing to do with short being "bad". It is, alas, that tall = good. And that is not quite the same thing.

Why do we think that film makers use every ruse in the book, like angles and boxes and lifts etc, to get the guy JUST the right height to kiss the girl. If it didn't matter, they'd just shoot and ignore that he is 4" shorter than her and looking up.

Truth is that Hollywood is aiming for ideals that appeal to its audience, and knows that a guy half a foot shorter than the girl will not cut it with those watching. It may not be "fair" but there it is. In real life, of course, other things come into play as well which mean that the Hollywood ideal is not reality.

You say also that height doesn't matter but then call the guy 'a midget' which is clearly meant as a pejorative or an insult. 'No offence', you say. Really?
RealityCheck said on 20/Jul/15
No offense but he's a midget. In the first Avengers movie, when RDJ is with Gwyneth Paltrow and she's barefoot (5'9 according to this site) He's wearing GINORMOUS elevator shoes

Click Here

When you watch the scene, Gwyneth Paltrow BAREFOOT is about the SAME HEIGHT as RDJ in those shoes. Which means that he is most likely around 5'5, 5'6 and I'M NOT JOKING. I'm not one of those haters either. In fact, I'm a big fan, but realistically...honestly... he's a midget. No 5'8 person wears heels.

Click Here

Or the shoes he wore in the "giving a kid a new arm" video.

Click Here

And also people, being short IS NOT A BAD THING!!! I don't understand why everyone is so defensive about celebrities being short. WHAT'S WRONG WITH BEING SHORT????!!!! It doesn't change who they are.

Remember...Denial is not just a river in Egypt...
Jason said on 17/Jul/15
Tom Cruise and Robert Downey both wear custom elevator shoes.
Sam said on 11/Jul/15
At least he's not ashamed and doesn't hide the fact what kind of shoes he wears - obviously still a guy who is probably a little height-conscious but not self-conscious as to what other people think about him. I'd still shave off about half an inch because I think he is more 5ft7-5ft8 barefoot, very similar to Cruise.
Jane said on 28/Jun/15
everyone except hemsworth and ruffalo wear lifts in the avengers... cap's actor is about 6, but has to look 6-2, and tenner and downey come close to 6 with extravagant lifts... and ruffalo is left looking like a midget 4 in shorter.... of course, hemsworth still towers them all no effort
Gx79 said on 22/Jun/15
Rob what size lifts does he were
[Editor Rob: I believe he has custom made elevators that give between 2 and 2.75 range.]
Sam said on 2/Jun/15
Rob, could you also add to his films credits?: Less Than Zero, Soapdish, Natural Born Killers, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Tropic Thunder and The Judge.
172.4cmguy said on 18/May/15
I've been mulling over the heights of RDJr, Jeremy Renner, and Mark Ruffalo since seeing Avengers 2, and they all look similar in stature. I can buy Mark Ruffalo at 171cm, and although RDJr uses elevator shoes to make him 176-177cm in public, if you take out the shoe advantage, he looks like he fits somewhere between Jeremy and Mark. I'd say RDJr is a solid 171cm like Mark. And Renner looks like a solid 173cm guy, so his listing is good...just a downgrade for RDJr is needed. Look here for a reference to these statements. Click Here
Alex said on 13/May/15
@blue I agree this guy is 5'7 max
blue said on 5/May/15
Is everyone here blind? Do y'all not see he is 5ft 6 inches max. Just look at that pic with Gwyneth. He's in massive platform lifts and she's in 4 inch heels and she still towers him by 2 inches even though he has more lift in his shoes. In iron man movies he wears wedges standing next to a barefoot Gwyneth and they are the same height. On the beach he looks like a midget and even wears platform sandals lol.
MrFish said on 3/May/15
Rob, based on RDJ's mugshot, if he was barefoot, what would you guess his height to be with that photo?
[Editor Rob: since the camera is below hs eyeline I think it is adding much is always a trickier thing to say. The prison shoes might be only 0.5in...I'm sure he'd be in I can see him as a max 5ft 8, unless he's dropping over half inch.]
Hypado said on 29/Apr/15
Robert Downey Jr height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)

172,8 or 173,0 cm
Bishop said on 24/Apr/15
I would say 172 cm. A weak 5'8".
Lmeister said on 23/Apr/15
Hard to pinpoint his real height. In Air America he looked clearly shorter than Mel Gibson. He wore sneakers and boots in that movie. Mel wore cowboy and work boots.

Mel and Robert
- Pic Gala: Click Here
- Pic Air America set: Click Here
- Pic Air America movie, angle and footwear favor Mel: Click Here
- Pic Gala 2011, Robert has grown: Click Here
the shredder said on 22/Apr/15
Downey looks over 5'8 there
Nev said on 18/Apr/15
Compared to Sir Richard Attenborough, RDjr should be downgraded to 5'7".
Click Here
184.3cm said on 18/Apr/15
I dont know those boots look they are 2 inches and obviously elevators so more than 3 inches gained doesnt seem that unreasonable. Remember Rob got a pair that gave 3.8 inches or so.
Sean said on 17/Apr/15
@Random Guy, It's very hard to add 5 inches to your height with shoes. Even if you were to go on your very tip toes, you'd still only get about 2.5 inches.
AlexisJR said on 6/Apr/15
Possibly somewhere between 5'7-5'8 barefoot.
jtm said on 5/Apr/15
look at him with jamie foxx. he isn't 5'8 without his lifts.
littlesue said on 5/Apr/15
They would'nt add 5 inches in height!! maybe 2.5 inches
Some random guy said on 4/Apr/15
@Dan, those boots would add at least 5 inches to his height! He'd be 6' in those things!
Dan said on 3/Apr/15
Look at his SHOES! Does he not realise how ridiculous he looks?!

Click Here
Mat 5'10 said on 28/Mar/15
Rob, how tall do you think Robert is in his usual elevators?
[Editor Rob: in some he might measure 5ft 10.5-10.75 range]
b-mint1994 said on 27/Mar/15
5'7" flat IMO. At least he's honest about his lift wearing.
TheMayer said on 23/Mar/15
Here is RDJ with Jamie Foxx, he is wearing his classic "clunky shoes" and barley reaches Foxx's listed 5ft9. RDJ is definitely an inch or short shy of his listing here. Time for a downgrade Rob?

Click Here
MrFish said on 19/Mar/15
Rob, and chance R. D. Jr. is 5ft 8.5 to 5ft 9, or are you pretty sure he's 5ft 8 or a bit below?
[Editor Rob: I'd discount 5ft 8.5-9]
Mat 5'10 said on 18/Mar/15
Rob, if you and Robert Downey stood both barefeet, do you think you would be fractionally taller than him?
[Editor Rob: there is a good chance I believe, Downey could fall into the slightly shy of 5ft 8 mark. Unfortunately his height has been distorted in photos and movies because of his love of big footwear...I mean his footwear is huge and obvious but he doesn't really get too much bad press about it. Cruise wears a pair of 'thick' looking sneakers (they were actually nike air force all whites) and they had an article saying he's in giant elevator shoes!]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Mar/15
Jude Law looks barely 5ft9 in that photo...
Silent_D said on 9/Mar/15
the shredder said on 4/Mar/15
5'7.5 the very shortest
CDS said on 26/Feb/15
Ah, per the profile listed here, nice to see finally a Hollywood actor actually admit to lift-wearing. What was he going to do?-Tony Stark just can't be shorter than Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow in "Iron Man", who I'd put at about 5'9"-??). I'll bet, however, Downey may not even be 5'8"-maybe in shoes?- I'd go as low as 5'7" barefoot.
Nick 179.8 said on 8/Feb/15
I think he is maximum 170cm
Arch Stanton said on 28/Jan/15
There's a scene in The Judge in which he's walking up the steps and he can barely walk. You can see the backs of his shoes and they look in the 3-4 inch lift range!
shivam said on 26/Jan/15
I think he is 5"6 inches taller
the shredder said on 19/Jan/15
He was taller than Reedus , He clears a 5'10 look with his shoes , this guy is 5 '8.
Arthur said on 15/Jan/15
@Editor Rob

How much do you think these ''Special Snickers'' give him?
[Editor Rob: some of them look like they'd give in 2.5-3 inch range.]
Adolf said on 16/Dec/14
i would like to see him with sean penn. Who do you think it will be taller?
BGee said on 14/Dec/14
He has the funniest, most obvious lift collection i've ever seen. 5'7 tops from me.
Njp said on 13/Dec/14
Based on mugshot minus shoes I'd say 5'7"
Frankie68 said on 5/Dec/14
@arch Stanton ..that he does..on 5 inch shoes
jamie179cm said on 4/Dec/14
@the shredder have you seem the beach barefoot pictures
Arch Stanton said on 4/Dec/14
Frankie68 says on 25/Nov/14
This guy cracks me up,,,is his head so far up in the hollywood sky that he doesnt know how stupid he looks in his giant ugly ass shoes he wears...hes gotta be a joke in hollywood...stallone has met his match.....the two 5'10 guys thats are really 5'6/5'7...if there lucky...

He's the one getting the last laugh with his bank balance though....
Frankie68 said on 3/Dec/14
It's all in your mind.... It's not reality....
the shredder said on 3/Dec/14
He looks 5'10 or over and also looked it with Reedus but its lifts. Still has to be around over 5 '7
jamie179cm said on 2/Dec/14
i think downey 5ft6 wear 3 inche lifts to get up to 5ft9 and i say jude law is 5ft9
Sal said on 2/Dec/14
If Jude Law is 5'11" and Gwyneth Paltrow is 5'9" and wearing 3" heels then he is more 5'10"
Frankie68 said on 29/Nov/14
I don't know how to load pics to this site "the shredder"...but there are plenty of pics of sly that prove how short he is...I"ll give u another..."grudge match"...sly/deniro in boxing shoes...u can tell how wedged up Sly's were ...only to appear slightly taller than deniro,,,,deniro...maybe 5'8...u take Sly's boxing shoes off...I bet my life he's shorter than deniro....
the shredder said on 26/Nov/14
Prove it frankie68.
Frankie68 said on 25/Nov/14
This guy cracks me up,,,is his head so far up in the hollywood sky that he doesnt know how stupid he looks in his giant ugly ass shoes he wears...hes gotta be a joke in hollywood...stallone has met his match.....the two 5'10 guys thats are really 5'6/5'7...if there lucky...
Eclipse said on 20/Nov/14
Click Here

Lifts much? 5'7 at best.
the shredder said on 18/Nov/14
If anything the Mugshot blows 5'7 away .
Heightobsessed said on 16/Nov/14
Everyone seems to be agreeing to between 5'7 - 5'8. Even if the odd 5'6 appears. If you look at the mugshot pic, the camera is a bit low so would probably add something but if we take that out the equation and just look at it as the mugshot shows him at his absolute tallest.

Then, we can see that the tip of his head (dont let the hair fool you) is around 5'9. Assuming that what you see in prison documentaries is pretty much the norm then these pics seem to be taken when prisoners have received their prison-issue clothes including the orange jump suit and what appear to be white, plain sneakers that APPEAR to have around a one inch heel....this would place him....funnily enough...around 5'8. When you factor in the camera looking up......he could even be between 5'7.5 and 5'8.

If that mugshot is without shoes he would be around 5'8.5 - 5'9 but in prison issues it would put him between 5'7.5 and 5'8.

The prison guard story is unverified but the fact that the guard alleges Downey replied "yeah, around that" when asked if he was around 5'7 just means that Downey could be anywhere from 5'6 to 5'8 ish.

As a 5'9 man, if someone says "are you around 5'8" I will often say "yeah, around that" even though I am taller. Just a throw away response.

I think when you couple personal testimony with how he looks next to 5'9 actors and with the mugshot....then throw in the anecdotal evidence..... 5'8" is probably the best estimation and means he could be a strong 5'8.5 peak and then ends the day on 5'7.9 or something. Or a strong 5'8 peak and shrinks to around 5'7.5.
Shawn said on 16/Nov/14
So Downey walks around with ridiculous height enhancing footwear, giving him an obvious 3-3.5" in height and no one cares, whereas Cruise uses much more discreet enhancements, probably giving 2" at most, and everyone acts like it's a crime against humanity? Not bashing Robert, I just think it's ridiculous how much people hate on Tom all the time.
Master Jedi said on 14/Nov/14
Downey with 5'8.5 listed Robert Duvall. Elevators galore.

Click Here
Cathy said on 29/Oct/14
I saw RDJ in person, filming "Judge" at the Dedham(Mass.)courthouse last year. And he did look under 5'9. We still liked him though. They all seem to make themselves taller, it must effect the jobs they get.
Felix said on 29/Oct/14
Hey Rob, can you explain why his dad is 6`3 and he is just 58? Isnt that a littlebit too drastic?
[Editor Rob: although tall, I don't think his Dad looks quite that tall. His mother is quite short, so maybe would have been lucky to have got all tall genes, the mix of genes meant he ended up just under average.]
michaeljrocks said on 28/Oct/14
Did anyone else see the giant orange monsters he wore on Graham Norton? HUGE!
Markus from Italy said on 24/Oct/14
I think he's 5'7 max. In most of the movies he's in he wears heels, the most hilarious one is U.S.Marshal with Tommy Lee Jones and Wesley Snipes. He's not so tall, in fact in Iron Man was wearing heels all the time, also because Gwyneth Paltrow is 175 and he had to be taller for the part.
176,2Tunman said on 21/Oct/14
Who would be taller Cruise or Downey?(barefeet of course,lol) could both be a weak 5'8 by the way.
keith said on 12/Oct/14
5 foot 8.5 max
the shredder said on 11/Oct/14
How cab people think he is under 5 7 is beyond me. His mugshot crealy shows him 5 9 , take away possible prison footwear and the angle and you still g r t an easy 5 7 plus.
stan said on 10/Oct/14
o goodness! those are...hideously awful! and so obvious! wel, im a secret lift wearer myself, though i only wear 1- 1.5" lift in pretty thin soled shoes, so hardly a lift, really. that, now that is embarassing!
word1234 said on 1/Oct/14
Hey Rob typically how much evidence do you need before you yourself believe someone is taller or shorter than the current listing?
[Editor Rob: sometimes it is cumulative. On a site like this I guess every day I'm looking at films, stills etc and maybe at one point I say 'this other estimate seems to fit better with what I've seen'.]
Arthur said on 30/Sep/14
With Mike Tyson:) Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 26/Sep/14
Why any guy would pick shoes like that, and not even cover them up with bootleg jeans!! Not even embarrassed!! Obviously motivated by nothing but feeling short, no normal guy would pick shoes like that as a fashion choice, although don't quote me on that. Now people frequently talk about Pitt getting 3 inches from his footwear, now something monstrous like those might give at least 3 inches! I bet Downey's stylist has already been in contact with Jake desperately asking to contact that photographer asking where he got the great shoes!
[Editor Rob: they are rare in public, well shoes with giant soles like that, the closest I see is the goth boots but even then not many wear them out and about.]
Arch Stanton said on 25/Sep/14
Rob and page viewers, check out the footwear on the photographer scroll down Click Here !!! I almost thought it was Downey!! Probably even worse...
[Editor Rob: good spot, the new version of Portman's right there!]
Chris said on 25/Sep/14
One thing to remember is that Robert never wore lifts. Hes just too cool of a guybro to be associated with that term. He wore and wears manly brodude enhancers. End of story.
Word1234 said on 22/Sep/14
I do agree downey is an easy strong 5'7 probably wakes up at 172 and by the evening is more 171-171.5cm. I mean I'm sure we've all seen the mug shot where he clearly touches 5'8 but I'm assuming hes wearing footwear? Unless the police station saw his 4 inch platform boots and said take them off. I think the most rational conclusion for downey in bare feet would be 5'7.5
Realist said on 22/Sep/14
@Word1234 Yeah its weird. In some pics he looks almost 7 inches taller and in the others barely 2 inches. But from the photos i would conclude he is a strong 5'7 and wife is a strong 5'2. So downey 171-72 and Susan 158.
Word1234 said on 16/Sep/14
Click Here

Here's downey barefoot with his wife who's listed at 5'3. I'm not sure what to conclude from this.
hurricane brat said on 5/Sep/14
RobV's comment below is the most intelligent comment I've seen on this site for a while
RobV said on 4/Sep/14
As I don't know him personally, I obviously cannot say whether he is a 'phony' or not. We depend upon millions of dollars worth of PR to get our idea of that, telling us how lovely and charming he is.

But I do know he wears quite clunky lifts when in fact he could get himself some stuff that adds inches and is not too noticeably elevated. The higher you want to go, the more limited your options: I know this from my long experience of using lifts and elevators. If you feel you HAVE to gain 3"+ then what you wear stands less chance of being discreet.

I am not sure there is any value in 'being open' about wearing lifts, as it is said he is (the quote I saw was rather qualified, and appeared to kinda suggest that 'you have to do it in film', not on a personal basis to raise your height). I think if I told people, I would almost want to stop doing it - unfortunately, once you tell, it's the first thing people look at and they cannot help but always be aware. Outside of here, it is amazing to realise, most people are not sufficiently aesthetically aware to notice stuff like that unless it is drawn to their attention - even those great big clodhoppers he wears would be missed by most fans or bystanders. But once they ARE aware then they cannot help but comment/focus and it becomes almost THE issue, like a hairpiece.
Sam said on 3/Sep/14
Yeah, his lifts are silly and the listing may even be a little generous but he's charming and funny and a good actor, not a phony. However, I'll be interesting if he can maintain his current fame going in roles outside of the franchise business though (his only non-Iron Man/Sherlock Holmes since Tropic Thunder have come & gone w/ a whimper).
Visitor said on 24/Aug/14
He wears huge life I don't think he's over 5'7.75
JB said on 17/Aug/14
I don't think he's 5'8". 5'7" similar to Tom Cruise.
David said on 15/Aug/14
His shoes are ridiculous, no more than 5ft 6.
Greg said on 9/Aug/14
"This guy is one of the most insecure phonies in show business." I don't think that's fair. He's in a business which, even by virtue of mention on this website, means he's in the public eye and he likes to feel the same heights as others at public events. I like checking out this website, for the same reason Rob created it, because it's kind of interesting to see peoples heights. I do think it's an error though equating height (or an actor's self-consciousness about it - he's human after all) with being a phony. All reports I've seen about this guy is that he's A OK with the public, a good person to bump into and has famously turned his life around.
the shredder said on 3/Aug/14
Downey's shoes are like a little over 2 inches , he can't be under 5'7
Tyler said on 25/Jul/14
5'7 3/4
javi said on 20/Jul/14
I saw him in Nashville about 2 months ago, Introduced to my boy ( 7 years old) as Iron Man, I'm 5' 9" and even thought he was wearing those ridiculous lifts he barely reached 5'8"
Jimbo said on 8/Jun/14
He has always been floating between the 172 - 173 mark that mugshot proves that at least. But going on 50 id say he lost a slight fraction. 172.
RisingForce said on 7/Jun/14
I agree, shredder, a claim would be interesting. I'd guess he'd claim 5'9", but wouldn't surprise me if he claimed 5'8". I guess someone could try asking him on twitter?
RisingForce said on 30/May/14
Well, that wasn't quite what I meant, ian c., but that's not a bad analogy. Downey's lifts are pretty much the shoe equivalent of a bad toupee! They're about as subtle anyway.
ian c. said on 25/May/14
I see what you mean RisingForce. Maybe it is technically inaccurate to say that Downey wears lifts. Rather, we might say that he wears sneakers with high heels. Similarly, a man wearing a really obvious hairpiece would not be wearing a toupee so much as a hat made of hair.
the shredder said on 20/May/14
Still want to see a claim from him , he might be honest
RisingForce said on 17/May/14
Ian C., maybe he just likes to appear taller when out in public and when talking to people and doesn't care if people know he's actually not as tall as he appears. Plus, he'd look worse, imo denying it because it's so obvious, which is probably why he was asked about it to begin with, and Downey didn't wear lifts and looked noticeably shorter for the first 20 years of his career, so anyone who is familiar with him before his comeback will know something is up because everyone knows you don't grow at 40. I don't see anything dishonest about it at all either. He likes to appear taller than he is, but he has no trouble admitting that. It's no more dishonest than all of the things women do to look better whether it's wear makeup, heels, push up bras ect. Hell, some people will wear certain clothes because they're "slimming", which is really no different if you think about it. Plenty of men also color their hair, wear toupees or try other hair restoration methods. It's just people trying to look better, the only way I could see it as dishonest would be if someone asked and the person denied it, though I wouldn't expect a lot of people to admit these things anyway, and give Downey credit.
Yuppijaa said on 16/May/14
He looks tall in Iron Man films and in Avengers. To me he looks about 5'9 minimum. When you watch scene in Avengers where Stark is arguing with Captain America, Evans who should be 6'0 looks too poorly taller than Robert.
Jimbo said on 15/May/14
he probably has lost a fraction of height 172.?
Frankie68 said on 15/May/14
He wears the most ridiculous shoes I've ever seen in my life....isn't he embarrassed.....i mean ,,u can influence your height and still give a normal appearance....but the extreme he gives ridiculous....I'm a short guy....I'd never wear those shoes he or sly wear.....there both under 5" doubt....
the shredder said on 14/May/14
he was not wearing lifts before his come back , he looked 5 '8 max in his 20's , now he looks 5 '9.5 minimum.
Ian C. said on 11/May/14
Why would a man who wears lifts tell anybody he wears lifts? The point of the lifts is to deceive people about your height, so why admit to the deceit? It seems (ironically) more dishonest than concealing it. Mr. Sherlock Stark here wants to be seen as taller than he really is when he appears in public, but also wants credit for being honest about cheating. Dwarfs be sneaky, I always sez.
cole said on 27/Apr/14
Click Here
Tiptoeing in elevators, nice.
Realist said on 26/Apr/14
Rob, there is a scene in Zodiac where Ruffalo gets angry with Downey, they look exactly the same height and have similar footwear. Just for u to confirm. I think Downey is more 172ish.
RisingForce said on 24/Apr/14
Shredder, Downey's official listing has always been 5'9" so that's what I'd guess he claims, though one article from '88 or '89 even had him at a ridiculous 5'10"! But you never know, with how honest Downey is about his lifts and his personality, it wouldn't surprise me if that prison guard story was true when the prison guard supposedly asked Downey "What are you 5-7?" and Downey supposedly replied "Yeah, around that mark." Unfortunately, that can't be verified.
MD said on 21/Apr/14

Do you think you could look through RisingForce's post about him talking about wearing lifts, and then perhaps add the link to the top of the page if everything looks on the up-and-up?
[Editor Rob: I'll insert that quote, as it's always funny aswell how the John Wayne lifts stories take new turns. Lifts in the car :) Didn't he hear of sitting on a cushion instead!]
RobV said on 20/Apr/14
As a tall guy who has worn lifts since I was 18, I find it amazing that someone with such resources could get it so wrong in style terms. All the basic mistakes - squeezed into boots or trainers with so much added height that the laces look strained in all the wrong ways, as if your upper is pushing high up against the top of the shoe, the clunky great boots with suits whose trousers (in the wrong colour for the boots, thus highlighting them) shout at you that the boots are solid. There is no need for someone adding a couple of inches to ever be so obvious but I suspect it is that he really goes for the 3"/4" max and in spite of all the resource, he does not know how to do it. It honestly can be done.

It is of course way more difficult with every half inch above 2 inches in lifts/elevators, but if he wants to wear 3/4inch elevators he has to choose his trousers and boots well. If you look at Jude Law's boots here. I have a pair of almost exactly the same ones and add 3" in them. It is undetectable because I wear them a size or two larger than my shoesize, I wear them with black pants that sit neatly over the boot, and I make sure that the trousers to do not crumple onto them. A real real giveaway is that look where this hard lump appears at the bottom of your leg with the pants sitting on top
the shredder said on 19/Apr/14
Awesome that he admits to lifts , I can believe he would say 5'8.5 as his height. I actually think he has but have not seen it .
RisingForce said on 18/Apr/14
Here's Downey admitting to wearing lifts in a Japanese interview from around the time of Sherlock Holmes.

Its not generally known that Downey Jr. stands at just 174 cm and in recent films has been asked by filmmakers to wear lifts, which he does and admits to, while warning: Theres nothing to talk about there lots of actors do that, both now and in the past. Tom Cruise. Or read up on John Wayne, who even had lifts in his car so hed look taller driving. Height is one of the rules and practices of this male-enhancing business.

Click Here

Like I said, I give him credit for admitting it a number of times, though I wonder where the article got the 174 cm figure from? He's obviously not that tall except in shoes, or possibly in the morning, but I hope it wasn't a figure from I M D B because I hate when articles reprint those figures as if they're official.
Jimbo said on 18/Apr/14
not a full 5ft8 172cm for him
RisingForce said on 17/Apr/14
He looks more 5'7" range to me without lifts, I'd guess he's 5'7.5". He usually looks like a 5'8.5"-5'9" guy at premieres with lifts, maybe 5'9.5" with his biggest lifts. Robert was in big enough lifts at the Soloist premiere for it to be noticeable, yet he was still shorter than Jamie Foxx who only claims 5'9". Click Here Click Here I think Foxx could be a fraction over 5'9", but even so, Downey should look at least as tall if he's actually a legit 5'8". Downey was shorter on video of that premiere as well. I think it might look like he's getting an even bigger boost than he actually is at times since he's not very good at hiding his lifts. Click Here That is a significant boost, though, since it's a style not too different from what Sly use to wear, except for they look to be stuffed with even bigger lifts. You can see every give away when it comes to lifts with him. Click Here Shoes are too bulky and visibly stuffed with lifts, perhaps close to 2 inches since a 1 inch lift won't look like that, his legs look out of proportion like he's standing on something, his lower legs look too long and his pants look too short. Sneakers just aren't practical for lifts that big. I'll give him credit, though, he does have a sense of humor about his lifts. I saw an interview with him some years ago where he was talking about things he kept from the movie "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", and he included lifts for his shoes.

However, as far as movies go, I believe he gets over 3 inches in the Iron Man movies. Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here The first picture with the infamous "stripper heels" from that angle is telling since you can see the entire heel, and that alone looks about 3 inches to me, then there's a platform that looks about an inch on the front, and I'm almost certain he has lifts inside on top of that. I'd be surprised if that was less than a 3.5" boost, and look at those other shoes, no other 3" heels, but thick platforms on massive shoes in all of the others.
Filippo said on 15/Apr/14
Oh my! In that pic above, gwyneth is wearing something like 8-10 cm heels! Given her height at 175, she would reach 185, 6'1!
Robert seems 1.5 inch shorter.. Maybe two inches, so 5-11ish!
Those damn sneakers got 3 inch-boost ??! Shocking!
the shredder said on 11/Apr/14
All this 5'6.5 crap , lol.
jamieorr4 said on 31/Mar/14
i think he is between 5ft6 and 5ft7 and 5ft9 for jude
Addy said on 29/Mar/14
I want those special sneakers!! :p
Jimbo said on 28/Mar/14
5 ft7 for sure not a full 5 ft 8 though.
the shredder said on 27/Mar/14
He is a good 1.5 on Zach Gali fan ak is with out special sneaker.
DrNil said on 25/Mar/14
Hey Rob, how many hours do you a human need to shrink to his lowest height (standing)?
[Editor Rob: in some cases 5-6 hours of being on feet might put you at your lowest, especially if it involves movement in your spine like rotation. ]
the shredder said on 24/Mar/14
5'7.75 is a good shout.
AKI said on 22/Mar/14
After watching Iron man with Gwyneth Paltrow ( 5'9 ) i'm starting to question wheter Robert really is 5'8. I am european and i think hes more 171-172.

Perhaps he was 5'8 (173 cm) in his youth and now in his late 40s begin to drop alittle in height.
Sarah said on 22/Mar/14
I'd say that he's about 5'7.5". Maybe 5'7.75".
Here is a shot of Downey with Sarah Jessica Parker
Click Here
She is in flats (5'2.5") in this pic and he isn't wearing those infamous lifts. If you account for the footwear advantage, then he's between 5" and 5.5" taller than her.
Not under 5'7" but definitely not above 5'8" either.
anonymous said on 20/Mar/14

17:29 - he looks about the same height as Izzard, who is 5'7, wearing pretty standard dress shoes. Downey's wearing the same boots as he's pictured above in (next to jude, the black ones with the white 'flat' soul and the rediculous elevation angle), which I reckon give him minimum 4 inches lift. I reckon those lifts probably get him to around 5'10" max on a good day, and seriously I can't imagine anything with that steep an angle can lift any less than 4 inches, maybe 3.5.

I always figured him for a 5'6" or so, and it kind of fits in with his frame.

Also referring to that same video, skip to 19:35 - he drops his left leg down and you hear an almighty 'thud', followed by his right ankle twisting to a perfect right angle, hence proving he's still wearing his +4" shoes there.

I think 5'8" is generous, and everywhere else he's listed as anything between 5'8 and 5'10, which are all only applicable when he's wearing his shoes.
Ash said on 5/Mar/14
if you look at this scene in the Avengers with paltrow, he's still definately wearing lifts, its actually quite funny because at that exact moment he says "i lift it"

Click Here
the shredder said on 1/Mar/14
At least upper 5'7. It really is hard to tell 5'8 flat from upper 5'7. He looks 5'10 in lifts
Charleene said on 27/Feb/14
Gwyneth Paltrow and RDJ don't seem to have that much of a height difference in this picture. Set photo from around 2006/07

Click Here
jimbo said on 26/Feb/14
Yeah its about time he is due for a downgrade, Most people here agree at he is around the 171 to 172 mark. Would you agree Rob.?
Lorne said on 25/Feb/14
Rob, you misspelled Holmes as "Homes". :)
Freddy said on 24/Feb/14
damn, he can literally kill someone with these massive boots

Click Here

he's 5'7 flat imo
bob123 said on 23/Feb/14
I personally don't think he could be above 5'7.75 flat.
the shredder said on 21/Feb/14
Rob , 5'7.75 would be better , plus a change.
Sarah said on 19/Feb/14
5'8". He's not that far below the average and he carries himself well. It's all about attitude and style sometimes!
Sam said on 12/Feb/14
I think you did'nt understand what I wanted to mean (sorry for my bad english I'm a French guy ^^). If you measure yourself (alone) would that be correct or you have to have somebody to measure your height? Because I measure my height alone and I wanted to know if it's correct...
PS : when I measure my height I overpush !
[Editor Rob: it shouldn't make any difference, as I said in the last reply, there is a chance the person could push the stadiometer bar further down on your head so it bent the plastic a little and undermeasure a couple mm. Doing it yourself should be perfectly fine, I wouldn't strain your back too much, stand pretty tall though]
Sam said on 11/Feb/14
Rob I have a question : would you be taller or shorter if somebody measures you?
[Editor Rob: if you stood the same then the only way you may be shorter is if someone overpushed or angled the object/stadiometer part so it bent a could be taller if they didn't push the device down enough]
Sam said on 8/Feb/14
Guys, I saw him, I'm 173 cm barefoot at night and he was the same height as me... And he wasn't wearing big boots !
Realist said on 4/Feb/14
Is his father really 6'3 as listed on the infamous movie site , his mum must have been 4'10 or somethin'. Awesome guy though. 172 is right for this guy. He does not look tiny like Ruffalo due to broader shoulders. Ruffalo is about 169-170.
Xan said on 1/Feb/14
Definitely looks more than an inch shorter than 5'9 Gweneth Paltrow; in his first scene in The Avengers, she's barefoot and he's wearing shoes and the difference looks well over an inch, can't see him as any more than 5'7
NJP said on 23/Jan/14
At least (the very least) 4 inches shorter than Robert Rusler (6'1") in Weird Science.
Ace Justice said on 20/Jan/14
I met RDJ at a Wrestling show. I'm 5'9" in boots, and he and I was at least an inch taller, tops. Flat 5'7.25"
leonari said on 16/Jan/14
erherage:ever heard of lifts? Look at his shoes!!!
MD said on 14/Jan/14
erherage, you hae any pictures showing this? We'd be interested to see them, because that sounds unbelievable.
erherage said on 12/Jan/14
looked a couple inches taller than norman reedus who is 5'9 minimum

can someone explain this?
nick said on 11/Jan/14
he is 5.8
chrisssss said on 10/Jan/14
He is REALLY SHORT, and wears RIDICULOUS footwear, i mean celebs wear 2 inch lifts, but this guy wears like 5 inch lifts 0.0, even in his elevator boots he still appears short as hell, the internet has him at 176cm which is LAUGHABLE, i'd say 169cm. Max 172cm
shell said on 3/Jan/14
He can't be 5' 8" tall when andrew mcarthy is clearly 1 to 2 inches taller than him in Less than zero and Mcarthy admits to being 5' 8" tall. Jamie Gertz is 5' 5" tall and has flat shoes on in one scene while standing right beside the two of them and there is about an inch or two between her and downey. That makes him probably about 5' 6.5"
Dan said on 2/Jan/14
Paltrow is barefoot in their scenes together in "The Avengers" and "Iron Man 3" (while he is in his monster shoes) and they are practically the same height.

Here he is on the set of Iron Man 2. In this pic he is actually wearing HEELS. Not lifts, but full-fledged HEELS. 5'7" max. Click Here
tony said on 21/Dec/13
I'd say he is 170. The guy has short legs, that makes him look really short.
MD said on 20/Dec/13
It's crazy looking through his travels during the premieres of Iron Man 3, and he has on any number of pair of those silly sneakers, which are obviously modified, making it difficult to judge his true height. I guess the only saving grace is that he doesn't otfen wear huge heeled boots, so he doesn't get as ridiculous as say, Vin Diesel, with the footwear, but it's still those sneakers. lol
jimbo said on 18/Dec/13
his leg spam looks quiet short. 172 max.
Emily said on 16/Dec/13
He doesn't wear lifts. He's too manly for this term. He wears manly bro enhancers.
John said on 15/Nov/13
Men, I gotta warn you: Robert Downey Jr. is a big lift wearer, since ever (even in the mugshot picture he wears lifts). No way he's 5'8, he's about 5'6. He wears tall shoes and probably puts 1 or 2 inches lift inside them (which give him about 2,5-3,5 inches). Plus, if you notice, he always stand perfectly upright (because he knows he's short and he tries to hide it as far as he can).
Come on, 5'8 is unthinkable!
the shredder said on 29/Oct/13
weak 5'9 mugshot plus angle , 5'8.5 , if in prison shoes than under 5'8
jtm said on 28/Oct/13
he was at least 3 inches shorter than tom sizemore in heart and souls.
5\'11 barefoot said on 28/Oct/13
if rdj is 5'5" how do these shoes give him 5 inches of height he would have to be walking on boxes for such a thing...he's 5'7" barefoot and with averge shoes he's average height barely...with lifts he's about 5'10" no more than that just watch him in the 80's movies like back to school with rodney dangerfield...or wierd science
lala said on 26/Oct/13
guys, here's the mugshot of him: Click Here , it looks like he's 5'10. Also, I don't know how accurate the wax figures at madame tussauds are but when i went there, i was the same height as him and i am 5'10.
BackInDaDay said on 23/Oct/13
I was an extra on the set of the movie Heart and Souls. Part of it was filmed in an aircraft hangar on Norton AFB(now the San Bernardino Intl Airport).
I was just a few feet away from R.D. Jr, Alfre Woodard, Kyra Sedgwick, and Tom Sizemore in that scene and R.D. was the shortest in the bunch.
I am 5'8" and Mr. Downey CAN NOT be more than 5'5". I know what his G+ profile says and who cares how tall he is in a suit of armor.
Just look at the shoes above...elevators folks!
Ed said on 20/Oct/13
Rob, have you seen him in True Believer? RDJ definitely looks easily a solid 5'7" - 5'7.5" in a lot of scenes with 5'11" James Woods. If James really is really 5'11"
Carter said on 19/Oct/13
In his scenes with Gwyneth Paltrow in the Avengers, she's barefoot AND slouching visibly...and she's still only eye to eye with him. This means that, in his shoes he's only about 5' best. I'm astonished they did full body shots for that scene, since it seems to me to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that...even if his shoes don't have lifts in them...he's only 5'7 barefoot...maybe even a bit shorter. Rob, do you see the logic of this? I really can't see how he can be 5'8 barefoot. I notice you recently did downgrade Josh Brolin a bit...and that's the only other one I've ever suggested a downgrade for. (Thanks for listening and considering it.) I think Robert needs to go down to 5'7.5 or even lower here.
Roku said on 16/Oct/13
Well when he wears the iron man suit, he's 6''5.
the shredder said on 11/Oct/13
Rob put Keitel 5'8 because of Robert , They look roughly the same in their film.
He might not be 5'8 but 5'5 ? Come on guys , 5'7.5.
kartal said on 10/Oct/13
He looks ridicilous in those shoes
Arch Stanton said on 6/Oct/13
Somebdy said on Harvey Keitel's page a liftless Downey was shorter than Harvey Keitel who himself looked 5'7" next to De Niro in Mean Streets!!
Jon said on 5/Oct/13
5'8 seems generous to me. This guy is always wearing huge lifts. I would say 5'5.
Reno said on 5/Oct/13
I said hello to him on the beach years ago. He was very nice to talk to. I'm 5'7". We were eye to eye.
Powerhouse said on 28/Sep/13
My guess is 5'7.. This guy is one of the most insecure phonies in show business.
leonari said on 23/Sep/13
I see and always saw a Guy below 5'8...
Mandy said on 21/Sep/13
@Rob, is it possible that he is below 5'8?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't discount it, if he is under 5ft 8 it might be by a fraction.]
Innovator said on 20/Sep/13
Robert Downey Jr. is 5'9"
Edlt2882 said on 18/Sep/13
Ok, let's guesttimate here. In the special sneakers he is probably elevated 2-3 inches off the ground. Next to Jude Law, who is 6'0"-ish, he is about 5'10". So I think it's more accurate to say Robert Downey Jr. is 5'7" to 5'7.5" tops.
RobertIs5\"7Max said on 16/Sep/13
Anyone who's seen the movie Chaplin knows that Downey can't be over 5"7.
Jimbo said on 14/Sep/13
the mug shot photo does prove he is at least 172 171 at night. but he is getting a fair bit old.
NJP said on 13/Sep/13
He is no where near 5'8". 5'6.75". Some might call it a weak 5'7" but if he is, that's morning height. His logic - wear sneakers with big tongues to disguise the slope in the arch of the foot. His lift angle (The relativity of forefoot to heel) are some of the most severe ratios you'll get without being blatant; i.e, cuban heels.

Photo above;

Jude Law 5'10.5" (average height between morning and late evening) plus a 1 inch heel and a 1/4 inch variant. total height = a weak to even 6ft.

Robert is hovering around the strong 5'10" mark in that picture. Take away the 2.5"(At least, at worst 3 inch) heel and you pretty much have a flat 5'7" guy. That's just based on that photo but in all honesty there are more photos of RDJr at a greater disadvantage than the above appears. I think I've been pretty fair.
Bard said on 12/Sep/13
Lol just kidding. I know KAJ is closer to the camera but he is leaning over. So, considering everything, I'd say Robert's 5'7.
John95 said on 11/Sep/13
5'6.5. That's what he looked like in the 80's when he didn't have his big elevator shoes.
Bard said on 11/Sep/13
4 foot range tops, look at him next to this average sized fella! :P

Click Here
Nick said on 10/Sep/13
5'7'' possibly 5'8''
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
Can tell he was shorter in Sherlock holmes than 5'10-11 Jude law despite his lifts.
chrisss said on 5/Sep/13
Clear 5'7, even in lifts he appears really short always looks as if he's standing on something
Jimbo said on 2/Sep/13
There's pictures of him barefoot on a beach. His leg spam look's quite short.. Not a full 5 ft 8 171 or 172 max
SK said on 27/Aug/13
I've seen him in person and he's no taller than 5'7"-5'8".
Dave said on 27/Aug/13
Just saw a 1988 picture of him with Suzanne Vega, who is a tad over 5'6". They are EXACTLY the same height in flats, so let's agree on 5'6 1/2" w/photographic evidence. Pic is on Vega's FB page.
kartal said on 26/Aug/13
he looks ridicilous in those elevators.

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