How tall is Robert Pattinson ?

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Robert Pattinson's height is 6ft 0.25in (184 cm)

British Actor best known for playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight films. Other roles have been in Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire, Cosmopolis and Water for Elephants. Robert has been describe as high as 6ft 2 by his modelling agency, although his acting agency list him 6ft 1 and 11 stones (154 pounds).
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hal says on 3/Jun/15
It's not surprising to see people saying he's 5'11". Some of you downgraders are pathetic. Robert's either a strong 6'0" or a weak 6'1". Probably the former.

And I'd bet that 99% of the "I've seen him/her in real life" stories on this site are BS.
cozypowell says on 30/Mar/15
He is 1.85 no doubt idiots...
joe 193cm night says on 10/Mar/15
I also already said that I had met jared padalacki
joe 193cm night says on 7/Mar/15
it is impossible to say that without evidence
joe joe says on 6/Mar/15
againhe is not 184 I am 185 and had a clear 2 inch advantage over him. He is 5'11 at best. Rob if you met him you would know a 184 listing for him is nonsense. No offense but he just is no where near 1'84
Judd says on 5/Mar/15
joe, it's hard to make a perfectly measurement of the height that you have just out of bed, if you consider also that yu lose like 40-50% of it during the first hour...but i agree he might be a true 6'0.5", so 6'1.25" just out of bed!
joe 193cm night says on 3/Mar/15
surely your agency the measured 186 cm in the morning I think
Hypado says on 2/Mar/15
I agree with Jake,

Robert Pattinson's height is 6ft 0.5in (184 cm)

184,3 cm or maybe 184,5
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 1/Mar/15
I believe he's right around the 6ft 0.5in/184 cm mark.
heightism says on 26/Feb/15
Robert's footwear looks suspicious
Hypado says on 18/Feb/15
With 174 cm/5ft 8.5in listed here, Dane DeHaan, Robert Pattinson looks a legit 184 cm/6ft 0.5in guy.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 15/Dec/14
@Plonk I agree with you there, but the weight claim might be outdated (I don't know when he claimed to be this weight). He used to appear thin like 6-7 years ago, with him now appearing like he has gained some weight. I would guess that he's maybe 175-180 pounds at 6'1" today.
plonk says on 29/Oct/14
Im sure if he was 6ft 1" and 11stone then he would look a hell of a lot thinner than he is, im 5ft 10" and 11stone and im really skinny! But he always looks about average. He is either shorter or heavier
Joe says on 26/Oct/14
Weak 6'1".
Max says on 13/Oct/14
He actually looks 6'1
Danny says on 16/Sep/14
I've noticed that most modeling agencies list their models as at LEAST an inch taller than they actually are, some even going as far as two inches. Robert looks like a pretty tall guy, I would say hes about 5'11.25 without shoes on.
Jay 184cm says on 16/Sep/14
This is a good listing in my view. He looks a fraction off Kellan Lutz (185cm?) but a fraction over legit 183cm Jamie Campbell Bower. He looks 184cm. Pictures of Pattinson and Campbell Bower to illustrate:
Click Here
joe joe says on 8/Sep/14
I will say again. When I met him which was about 1 month back. I felt I had a clear 2 inches on him. I'm am measured at 185 so I would give him no more than 181/182 at a push. His frame and look can give the impression of 6'1 but he really isnt. This is coming from someone who is only just 6'1
shaz says on 29/Aug/14
Okay people some of these baseless, tactless claims need to stop.

Rule # 1 about models and actors: you give your tallest height possible in shoes. They're not technically lying, i'm positive his head can touch 185 at some point in the day with the right footwear.

He's 182 flat, i've met him in person. He is the EXACT same height as me- I wake up at at around 183.5 cm (6".25 range) and I go to be at around 5'11.5 range. I dont care what people say, because frankly, im considered tal wherever I go. Am I a giant? a beast amongst men? No. But I am considered Tall.

Hell, because i dress preppy, my Shoes alone make me at the VERY LEAST, ABSOLUTE MINIMUM 6".5... Normally i'm just a fraction of an inch (less then .5 inches) off 6"1 with shoes (for that matter-joggers, boots, sneakers, etc etc).

The only time I'm 6 flat is when im wearing slippers or flats..

I digress. back to the point. People think.. no, people SWEAR, that I am 6"1 or 6"2. Its ALL about proportions. He has the same physique as me as well.. My wing span is 6"5 so my feet are almost a foot long each.. My proportions make me look tall, and I model too just btw.

He's 182 Barefoot and @Rob should definitely look into adjusting that. This 185 isnt his barefoot height, its is height in shoes in the morning or early afternoon.
dante says on 23/Aug/14
@Joe Joe I saw him once from a distance myself, too. It was in London, indeed. He was walking on the pavement just in front of me, approx. 20 m away. I couldn't tell he was taller than I am, and I'm 6' spot on in the morning ( approx. 181.5 - 182 cm during the day ).
Pedro says on 22/Aug/14
@dude1e To answer your question, just take a look at pictures of Rob next to 5'3" or 6'1" people: Click Here
dude1e says on 21/Aug/14
What would a 5ft7 come on a 6ft person?
Pedro says on 17/Aug/14
@Arch I think that Theo Kingma must be at least 6'5" or taller. Here on the minute 31:00 of this video he is shaking hands with Jason Segel and you can clearly see that Theo is taller than him: Click Here
By the way, I repeated my post before because I thought the first one didn't reached the site. Sorry for that!
Arch Stanton says on 17/Aug/14
Kingma can look a weak 6'5" and similar sort of height to Tim Robbins in some photos. Somewhere around 194-95 would look about right. Very tall range.
Arch Stanton says on 17/Aug/14
Difficult angle but Kingma looks like he could be a strong 6'4" guy.
Pedro says on 16/Aug/14
Here is Robert next to the president of the "Hollywood Foreign Press Acossiation", Theo Kingma: Click Here
How tall do you estimate Theo Kingma? He is Dutch, by the way.
Pedro says on 15/Aug/14
Here is Robert next to the president of the "Hollywood Foreign Press Acossiation", Theo Kingma: Click Here
How tall do you estimate Theo Kingma? He is dutch, by the way.
Adam says on 13/Aug/14
This Guy Has to be 182 cm Maximum. What do you Think Rob, He Gives the Impression of Being 6'2' But Still.
joe joe says on 8/Aug/14
there is no way he is 1m84. I saw im last night at Shorditch house and he was a clear 2inches shorter than me at least. Im 1m85. I would give im 1m80 seriously the guy is not anywere near 6'1.
Womkey says on 2/Jul/14
@ -
My height decreases 1.5 to 1 cm throughout the day
Peter says on 23/Jun/14
@ Seahawksfan

So is he 6'0.75 as you mentioned or 187+cm?
A lady says on 13/Jun/14
I think he is 185cm tall as listed everywhere on net so this makes him 6'1" approximately
kevin says on 7/Jun/14
after seeing pics with hemsworth, pearce and cusack i dont think hes over 6ft.
lara says on 28/May/14
I swear I remember him saying when he first became huge when Twilight was released that he was 6ft. He doesn't really look any taller than that.
Guy says on 25/May/14
He looks like 183 here with 188 John Cusack. Click Here
Pete says on 20/May/14
Click Here
Bammer says on 19/May/14
I've just seen a pic with Robert Pattinson and Liam Hemsworth in Cannes.
You claim Liam to be 6'3" and if that's correct, Pattinson can't be more than 5'11,5" because Liam is at least 3,5 in. higher than Robert on that pic.
berta says on 13/May/14
kellan lutch strong six footer and robert pattinson weak six footer. zachary levi. who is 191 ( i believe he is 192 because he always have shoes on that give him nothing in heigh) look almost 4 inches taller.
No Surprises says on 3/May/14
yeah he looks tall at this height.
JA says on 21/Mar/14
Is it part of the "actors guideline to success" to lie about your height. I can understand lying by 2cm, but by 4-5 really? If you're 6 feet tall why say 6-2?
gian92 says on 10/Mar/14
he is max 6'0 barefoot
MD says on 6/Mar/14
Part of this can be claimed to a difference in footwear not being able to see the footwear, but it is still kind of surprising to see that 5'11.5" Jimmy Kimmel looks the same height if not slightly taller.

Click Here
Chris 182 cm says on 12/Feb/14
I don't think his posture is that bad
- says on 11/Feb/14
people only loss 6mm with the vertebrae constriction during the day, its nonesense to say that a person can actually shorten more than 1cm in the course of the day...
Anon says on 11/Feb/14
I would trust site curator Rob's gauging of height more than most people's estimations on this site. I believe the 6'0.25 listing is accurate but what is Pattinson's posture like? And if a person does have bad posture would you give them an extra 0.5cm/0.25in based on what their posture would be like if it was normal ..because that seems fairer.
[Editor Rob: for 3 years from 2004-6 I kept asking the events company who I get most photos from to do photoshoots. Eventually they did in 06, but there's a number of guests they got from 2003-2006 that I'm sure they are kicking themselves over by not having photoshoots with - namely a guy like Pattinson who did 2 events! They missed the boat on that one...of course 'over the table' pics are generally crap for height...]
Natasha says on 10/Feb/14
Maybe 6'0.5"??
Realist says on 8/Feb/14
At 18 he looked 5'11 in Harry Potter, same height as Stanislav Ianevski(victor krum). Probably gained a few cms to reach 185.
Hannah says on 23/Jan/14
He's 6'1" end of
Lenad is sexy says on 14/Jan/14
to me pattinson is a strong 6'0, mayyybe a weak 6'1!
avi says on 7/Jan/14
@Sophie says on 5/Jan/14

its harder for a female to guess height if they are way shorter. you may just feel he is a lot taller than he is. i assume you are between 5'1-5'7 so most people are taller than you. even so at 6'0 i feel like many men are 6'2-6'4 but in reality if they stood next to me in a picture the difference is not as great as it may feel.
Sophie says on 5/Jan/14
Rob is definitely 6'1 I saw him at the water for Elephants premiere in 2011 and he was very tall, and he's listed as 6'1 in many places, and everyone who meets him always say how he's much taller than they think, and behind the scenes in movies they say he is 6'1. Plus Rob has bad posture so it might make him appear shorter in some photos.
SixFeetTwoInches says on 29/Dec/13
Ofc, anything at or over 6'0'' is considered rather "tall", definitely "above the average". The average world height for a man is approx. 5'9'', at the same time in Europe it would be around 5'11 and in the US, also 5'11''. So still, 6'0'' and above is indeed rather "tall". There are some place which show a deviation from this range, e.g. the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and some other places, both in Europe world regions, but this are only FEW places, where the average height for a man is 6'0''.
It doesn't change the fact that 6'0'' and above is "rather tall", "tallish", or at least "above the average".
The most important thing, to remember, is always the referencing part. With 6'0'' you are taller than approx. 75% of men out there in the world, and approx. 95% women out there.
So yes, it is still "tall", I'd lean to say. My bro is that height and he gives a "tall" impression amongst most of the people out there.
rkc_cat says on 29/Dec/13
Just noticed how Ed Gathegi, Kellan Lutz and Pattinson are all listed at 6'0.25". I agree with Gathegi and Lutz's listing, but Pattinson is visibly shorter than both, so it's just impossible for him to be the listed height. He's consistently 0.5" shorter than them (sometimes even a bit more, but never more than 1"), so that puts him in the 5'11.5"-5'11.75" range, definitely under 6', eventhough he can give off that impression sometimes. A legit 182 cm is my guess.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Dec/13
6ft0.25/184cm max and Kellan Lutz is 6ft0.75/185cm.
Really, this guy can appear 5ft11 range in Remember Me opposite Brosnan.
MD says on 17/Dec/13
Kind of off topic, but how tall does director Adam Shankman look here with Robert Pattinson?

Click Here

I was surprised by how short he looked. I always thought he was below average, but he looks short, here.
Lenad is sexy says on 14/Dec/13
strong 6'0
Hypado says on 22/Nov/13
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Sep/13
"Robert Pattinson's height is 6ft 0in (183cm)"

Not more or less. Solid 184cm out of bed
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 25/Aug/13
5'11", 180cm for Pattinson. I think this listing is 1.25" too high. His thin frame makes him look taller than he really is.
cole says on 9/Aug/13
Rob don't you think he looks shorter than this next to 5'7 Christoph Waltz?
Dr JJ says on 30/Jul/13
Doesn't look the full 6' 0". Probably 5' 11'. However, he is a posho public schoolboy, and they're usually tall.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Jul/13
6ft on the nose while Kellan Lutz is 6ft0.5/184cm, Billy Burke is 6ft1.25/186cm and Chaske Spencer is 6ft1.5/187cm
ross says on 11/Jul/13
How does his height keep getting downgraded while Lautner's BS stats have stood for years, despite even the wardrobe girl on his new film saying he's 5'8"?

Pattinson still looks a solid 6'1" to me. You can see here that in sneakers, and not standing totally straight, he still has inches on Facinelli and looks around the same height as Lutz.

Click Here
Dasher says on 7/Jul/13
186-7 cm He doesn't look so much shorter than Michael Strahan so I think he is not that short that most of you say in the comments
avi says on 21/Jun/13
hmmmm how is 6ft really "tall" anymore when it seems to be a dime a dozen. everyday i see men between 5'11-6'3 easy. i admit 6'4-6'6 is rare but anything between 6'0 and weak 6'3 is pretty common. just saying.
Jimmy says on 1/Jun/13
Lol I am a solid 192 cm tall guy and I quite tower Robert, explain that?
Europe says on 25/May/13
Avg. height for males around the whole Europe is 5'11. For the USA, for example, it is 5'10.5. Therefore, it can be safele assumed that someone who is 6'0 and above is considered above average/tall, whereas above 6'2 - very tall. Anything below 5'10 for a man is rather short, with the example of Tom Cruise being very short for a man.
George says on 18/May/13
As for the photo with Richard gere well done you've found a photo of a 177/178cm man who is closer to the camera with his arm over Robert pattinsons neck and Robert has bad posture...ummm let's all say he's 5ft11!!! No sorry guys he is a person that would measure between 6ft and 6ft1 in height. Just imagine if Robert stretched out his spine and stood eye to eye with Richard? I think most of you could imagine rob standing 2 inches taller of not slightly more. Rest my case.
George says on 18/May/13
As for the photo with Richard gere well done you've found a photo of a 177/178cm man who is closer to the camera with his arm over Robert pattinsons neck and Robert has bad posture...ummm let's all say he's 5ft11!!! No sorry guys he is a person that would measure between 6ft and 6ft1 in height. Just imagine if Robert stretched out his spine and stood eye to eye with Richard? I think most of you could imagine rob standing 2 inches taller of not slightly more. Rest my case.
lelman says on 13/May/13
@ice lol, any 15 year old who was legit 6'0.5 would never consider himself short, no matter where in the world he is. Average height in Europe for a grown adult is like 5'10", so especially not there. True you're not that tall, but way above average.
Anon says on 26/Apr/13
Pattinson compared to Lutz he has loose posture but I never see dominated by Lutz...if both are described as 6 feet 1 then 6 feet plus seems ok by me no matter the haters
5ft10guy says on 26/Apr/13
@ice its tall probably the people around you are really tall but lets not be naive its above average once your 6ft1 its legit tall .
ice says on 20/Apr/13
wow wtf this guy is considered tall ? at 6'0.5 ?? Im that height and 15 years old and feel pretty damn short for my age lol but i live in Europe
Linebacker28 says on 20/Apr/13
Yeah, anything between 182-185cm is fair game for Pattinson. Has consistently looked a good 6' to my eye. Though, did have some strong 6'1" looks in Harry Potter but most were generally quite a bit shorter than him in that.
Shell says on 14/Apr/13
i just looked at a bunch of pictures of pattinson and lutz together. In most of the pictures they look about the same height. In some Robert looks a little taller and in some kellen looks a little taller. I would say they seem pretty close in height, although robert Pattinson does have bad posture, he always looks hunched over so he might actually be a little taller.
Chuckyb says on 13/Apr/13
I have seen a few pictures where it appears that he is wearing elevator shoes. I can tell because the pants do not fit properly over the top of the shoe. This is an issue with dress pants since they normally don't come in a boot cut. Some of the pictures posted on here also show this.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Mar/13
Pedro says on 23/Jan/13
Rob whats the meaning of strapping? means strong 6 feet 1 or weak
[Editor Rob: it's 'strong']

I've been called "a strapping young lad". It been well built/muscular/robust. Not exactly Robert Pattinson when those words spring to mind...
LG69 says on 11/Mar/13
My coworker saw him up close when he came to San Francisco. She said, "He's not as tall as i thought he was, but he's not short...about 5'11"." He looks about 2"-2.5" shorter than 6'2" Jaime Waylett. Not quite a 6 footer. I'd give him 5'11.5" peak out of bed height.
Dmeyer says on 20/Feb/13
This Guy CAN Look 1-1.25 in under lutz and then stands tall and CAN Look 0.5 in taller than luts from 5'11 to 6'0.75 with posture ,
thc-182 says on 20/Feb/13
he is not really shorter than gil birmingham, i would even say they are the same height...but pattinson has a bad posture.
6'0" is right
Bo says on 5/Feb/13
Definately not "strapping"
Lo sgozzatore says on 25/Jan/13
Yeah, this height is about right. He always looked a 6'-6'0.5 range guy to me.
Balrog says on 24/Jan/13
Rob, honestly you think Pattinson and Lutz are same height? Kellan is taller than Rob in every single pic.
[Editor Rob: I think pattison standing with excellent posture is rarer than him standing loose]
Pedro says on 23/Jan/13
Rob whats the meaning of strapping? means strong 6 feet 1 or weak
[Editor Rob: it's 'strong']
orion says on 20/Jan/13
I think he is tall, 6 feet=182.88cm,I believe that. For the pictures that Alex is showing you can see that easily Robert can be 6f and little bit more, the pictures compare the height of Rob with two taller men.
Godred says on 14/Jan/13
@lolo - How can someone his age have had a peak height?
Pedro says on 14/Jan/13
He is probably 185 look him he is tall and im not sure he is shorter than lutz
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 11/Jan/13
Hew is right, Pattinson needs a downgrade to 180cm flat.
Hew says on 11/Jan/13
HOW can he still be listed 6'0.25 when he's shorter than Lutz and Gil Birmingham??
Xina says on 9/Jan/13
He has a leg length discrepancy so sometimes he will look shorter. During those times, you'll see one leg is slightly bent. Plus his mother never taught him to stand up straight!
lolo says on 7/Jan/13
height: 6' (183cm)
(peak height was 6'1.5 (187cm))
Original says on 24/Dec/12
5'11.5" i believe.
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 23/Dec/12
I saw him up-close at the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere in Los Angeles. He's probably 5'11.5 because in shoes he looks a little over 6' feet. His claim 6'1 is true if he's talking about himself in shoes. My guess...

5'11.5 in the morning
5'11.25 in the day
5'11 before bed
173 says on 17/Dec/12
@thc-182: Not so, I've seen PLENTY of times where he looks ~180cm but like I mentioned in my last comment, it's because of his terrible posture. He often looks shorter than Kellan Lutz who also is listed here at 6'0.25" (184 cm)...
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 14/Dec/12
Indeed, another 180cm MAX listed at 6'+.
Chameleon says on 13/Dec/12
180 max hes shorter than Lutz.
Hew says on 13/Dec/12
He's obviously not this tall, as he's noticably shorter than 6ft Kellan Lutz and 5'11.25/.5 Gil Birmingham. Barely taller than 5'10 (or less) Richard Gere. 5'11 for Pattinson is a safe bet.
balrog says on 3/Dec/12
A 182 guy, looks shorter due bad posture.
Chameleon says on 2/Dec/12
He is 180 flat like Gosling..
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 1/Dec/12
180cm flat.
173 says on 1/Dec/12
@Arch: Yeah he looks ~180cm there with Richard Gere.
Arch Stanton says on 1/Dec/12
Click Here

With Richard Gere who is mostly likely under 5'10" today, does he look 184cm? Not sure he does.. ~~~~
Arch Stanton says on 1/Dec/12
Click Here

With Richard Gere who is mostly likely under 5'10" today, does he look 184cm? Not sure he does.. ~~~~
Truthman says on 24/Nov/12
Only 154 pounds? He doesn't looks that skinny.
173 says on 24/Nov/12
So, you're telling me he loses about an inch in posture? Looks noticeably shorter than Kellan Lutz but both are listed at 6'0.25"?
little sue says on 16/Nov/12
I'd say he was a good 6ft, plus I think he is one of the ugliest blokes I've ever set eyes on but then they do say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'
Arch Stanton says on 15/Nov/12
Click Here

Really don't know what people see in him. There are truckloads of better looking American actors. I wouldn't want to look like him put it that way but for some reason a lot of women seem to think he's super handsome. He looks around 6'.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 14/Nov/12
He looked 180-181cm next to Gil Birmingham and Dev Patel. Clearly shorter than 182-183cm Lutz and Brosnan as well. Nothing over 182cm barefoot for Pattinson.
178 says on 13/Nov/12
The question is: is the height in the evening or in the morning? Because we are measuring 2 cm less in the evening ...
Robert pattinson, I do not see it below 182 cm EVENING those who say otherwise are probably jealous ... I myself 178 cm 180 cm at night so in the morning, and I see much bigger than me (well it may be a llusion ...).
In any case, there is nothing to discuss, pattinson = 182 cm and 184 in the evening in the morning!
In any case many liars regarding height. Do not forget that the true height is:
The later-possibe (12h after waking)
-We do not count the hair :)))
alex says on 12/Nov/12
Next to Michael Strahan - 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Next to Kevin Durend - 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Romy says on 11/Nov/12
I think the height's correct. When you see him next to Kristen when she's wearing really frigging high heels she doesn't even reach above his eyes and she's about 5'3 /5'4. To me 6 foot and a half maybe would be about right. Plus he doesn't look really shorter than my 6'1 friend, Rob has an awful posture though so he looks shorter.
Ua says on 7/Nov/12
He was on Jimmy Kimmel couple of days ago and looked about the same heoght as him.
Tony says on 6/Nov/12
This is more proof that modeling heights are bogus.
Pedro says on 5/Nov/12
WTF? Robert pattinson its about 184cm min at he is about 185 at least see him in pictures he is really tall
Chameleon says on 2/Nov/12
No, will smith is 6'1 maximum. Better chance he is 6' than he is over 6'1
173 says on 1/Nov/12
@Chameleon: so you think Will Smith is also below 6'1" aswell? If so, I don't agree. Will Smith is at least 6'1".
Chameleon says on 1/Nov/12
@173: He is not over 184cm. I posted lots of evidence showing he's 6' back in November and some other times but Its all gone. 6 feet is what he looks but standing tall he might be 184cm but no way is he taller then that. Im sticking to 6'. Just like Will Smith he is not 6'1.
Ed says on 31/Oct/12
I was near him 2 weeks ago almost i'm a STRONG 6 foot tall and he was surely at least half an inch taller than me. The height provided it's correct
173 says on 30/Oct/12
@Chameleon: You sure Jim Carry is only 6ft though? I mean he does look pretty tall, taller than 6ft at least...
Chameleon says on 29/Oct/12
Im the one that proved Carrey is 6 feet. The tallest he can be is 184cm and thats it.
Anyway, if Pattison is 6 feet I guess Lutz is at least 6'1 and Gil over 6' right? No sir.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 28/Oct/12
I changed my mind, I think that Dave Patel could be a bit above 6'2 actually, he looks close to the very tall mark.

Pattinson is just 6'0 but is slouching a lot, that's wht he looks shorter, upstraight he's not far away from Pierce Brosnan.

You're the one that thinks that Jim Carrey is 183cm, I hope you're joking, 180cm for Pattinson is a big joke, the lowest I see this guy is actually 182cm.
And Jim Carrey isn't under 185cm.
173 says on 25/Oct/12
I agree Chameleon. If Kellan Lutz is really 6ft, then Robert Pattinson is in the 5'11" range and not in the 6'0" range. In every photo I've seen of Robert and Kellan together, Kellan is ALWAYS taller.
Chameleon says on 24/Oct/12
Ehm Larc, u admit he was shorter than Brosnan and 'destroyed' by Pavel yet u say this listing is correct? He is also smaller than Kellan Lutz and max same height as Gil Birmingham, in other words what the hell are u thinking? Pattison is a 180 guy.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 23/Oct/12
Pattinson at 6'2? Maybe if you count also his big hair...without counting the hair he's 6'0-6'0.25, the listing is correct.
JohnDosen says on 16/Oct/12
If Uma Thurman is 5'11, then Robert is max 5'11,5.

Look at this pic from the recent ELLE event, were Robert standing with Uma, who's leaning towards him. She's wearing approx. 3" heels, Robert approx. 1" still she stands taller than him. I'll say Robert is max. 5'11,5 no more.

Click Here
balrog says on 15/Oct/12
IMO: Lutz 183-184 cms
Pattinson 182-183 cms (looks shorter because doesn't has good posture but I'm sure he's closer to 6'0'' than 5'11'' )
Lautner 172-173 cms
173 says on 15/Oct/12
Rob, I wasn't talking about a downgrade from Pattinson's 6'2" modelling claim, I mean from this 6'0.25" listing. Kellan Lutz who you have at 6ft is always taller than Robert. If Kellan is 183cm, Robert is around 180cm.
173 says on 13/Oct/12
Rob, if you downgraded Kellan Lutz, shouldn't you downgrade Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner aswell? Kellan Lutz is taller than Robert pattinson.
[Editor Rob: maybe not so much taylor, but robert 6ft or 6ft 0.25 is a lot more likely than 6ft 2 modelling claim yeah.]
crrrrr says on 10/Oct/12
183 cm
BEASTMAN says on 7/Oct/12
Dean says on 6/Oct/12
He looks as tall as Peter Facinelli who's around 5'10"
Silent d says on 5/Oct/12
John Dosen says on 29/Sep/12
I say max. 180 cm too. As Louis said, he's def. shorter than Kellan Lutz, who's listed as being 183 cm, so Robert is max. 180 cm.

Click Here
Chameleon says on 28/Sep/12
Yep, 180 max
Louis says on 28/Sep/12
shorter than 183 kellan lutz, 180 max
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 23/Sep/12
You don't even deserve a reply for a stupid and offensive comment like that.
daryl says on 22/Sep/12
Any one know how tall his bestfriend and fellow actor tom strurridge is?
spot on says on 21/Sep/12
1.83cm spot on, a legit 6 footer, he doesn't have a good posture that's why people mistake him for being 5'11"
Lawyer123 says on 20/Sep/12
Rob is definitely at least 183 cm, but saying that Taylor Lautner is 178 cm is a joke. Compare him to his ex-girlfriend, that American girl Taylor Swift - she towers over him by approx 3-5 cm. I'd say he's somewhere in between 173-175 cm range.
Pattinson defo 183 cm or 185 cm.
Chameleon says on 13/Sep/12
No way 6'0 he's like 180cm scroll down and watch some of the evidence left.
zero says on 12/Sep/12
Patel is taller than 6'1.5'', Dev should be upgraded, go to his page and you'll see that's he's pretty close in height with Nicholas Hoult who is listed at 6'2.75'' and looks it. Patel gotta be at least a solid 6'2'' if not more and Pattinson looks a 6'0'' guy but could be taller because he always has poor posture, the listing is okay.
Toby says on 10/Sep/12
Larc you are one of those pathetic people who think's being taller then someone else means you "destroy" them
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 8/Sep/12
lol...Dave Patel is 6'1.5-6'1.75 and clearly destroys this guy, he made him look 5'11.5 in their pic together.

To not count the fact that he looked also noticeably shorter than 6'1.25 Pierce Brosnan in "Remember Me".

6'1 in Hollywood means 6'0 flat in truth, and that's his real height.
TrueGuessing says on 8/Sep/12
No, I'm not a girl. I'm just tired of guys who cant accept that some celebs are tall, without wearing lifts. Pattison is not a liftwearer, he is tall! Robert 6'1 and Taylor 5'10. We do have some celebs that wears lifts, some bigger lifts then others. One of the biggest liftwearers being Brad Pitt. He's about 5'10 - 5'11, and is desperate about being 6'1
Chameleon says on 28/Aug/12
Lol he sure didnt look more than 180cm with Gil and that 186cm guy that someone posted a pic of with him. He is not 184cm.
Shaun says on 24/Aug/12
He never looks anything under 6 ft. 6'-6'1" range.
zalo says on 20/Aug/12
He can't possibly be 5'11. He's 6 and that's that. Rob put him at 6 feet for a reason folks! :D Doesn't matter what kind of footwear he wears, he's tall.
Tim says on 16/Aug/12
Someone show me a picture where he looks under 6ft.

There isn't one.

Fact is, when he wakes up he's 184cm. So He'll look 6ft all day.

Show me a picture where at anytime he looks below that and you win all my internets. Rob has this one right.
Godred says on 4/Aug/12
@TrueGuessing - I`m betting you`re a girl,right?
Chameleon says on 2/Aug/12
Kidding me he aint taller than Gil who is below 6' and taylor is noway near 178cm tall who are you trying to fool.
TrueGuessing says on 30/Jul/12
Guys, stop downgrading him, he is 185 cm tall, and Taylor is 178 cm tall, are you jealous of Pattison? Since you downgrade him so much?
Ricky says on 30/Jul/12
Defo 6ft 1 tall look at this picture

Click Here!image-number=12
bill says on 29/Jul/12
Chameleon says on 14/Jun/12
Silent d says on 29/Jan/12
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 24/Jan/12
He's 180-181cm, 182cm at the absolute MAX. This guy is around the same height as Ryan Gosling, who is overlisted as well. I could live with a 182cm listing, but nothing over that.

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