How tall is Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor's Height

5ft 9.5in (176.5 cm)

Scottish Actor best known for playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequels. Other memorable film roles have included Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge, The Island and BlackHawk Down. He was listed 5ft 10.5 by and once had a 6ft listing on resume! Eva Longoria, herself barely over 5ft, commented "Ewan McGregor - I met him once and he was gorgeous even if he is a little short"

Ewan with Julia Roberts and Emily Blunt
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (43 Votes)
5ft 9.47in (176.5cm)
Slim said on 18/Sep/17
Im fine with strong 5'9" for Ewan.
5'9 said on 27/Aug/17
A strong 5'9" 176-177. He'd edge out 5'9" flat guys like me.
Tonyx said on 19/Aug/17
Obi-Wa... i mean Ewan McGregor wears thick soled shoes and boots from time to time but never lifts. 5ft 9.5in (176.5 cm) is perfect for him. Great actor. Wish i could wear boots with a suit like he does.
Victor Surratt said on 8/Aug/17
175-176 max.
Moss said on 16/Jul/17
In Episode 3 he looks 176 in a lot of the scenes
Cameron said on 8/Jul/17
Looks 176 flat to me.
Brendan 179cm said on 28/Jun/17
Ewan looks like in dress shoe what I look like barefoot that's 179-179.5 range
So that puts him at least 176.5 cm minimum
This listing is right
In big inch and a quarter shoes on Graham Norton he looked 180 cm
Paul said on 12/Jun/17
5'5? Having a laugh. He's 5'9
Charlie said on 1/Jun/17
I also would like to add from my last comment that in the movie The island Ewan Mcgregor looked almost a whole head shorter than 6'1 1/2 Djimon Hounsou. The walking scene shows Ewan looking way up at his eyes while talking. This supports my 5'5 or 5'6 for Ewan McGregor.
Charlie said on 1/Jun/17
Ewan looks 5 inches shorter than Tom Hanks. I blew the photo up and measured his head at eye level to Tom Hanks.Tom Hanks was listed 6'0 years ago since the early 1980s. Today Tom hanks os most likely 5'10.5. Ewan McGregor is anywhere between 5'6 and 5'7. No more than 5'7. He looks tiny next to Tom Hanks and Hanks is most likely 5'10.5.Furthermore his female costar in the movie the Island is about 5'2 and she was almost his height through out the movie. The photo's here you can see the females are te same height as he is. Ewan Mcgregor has got to be within 5'6 and 5'7.
RisingForce said on 23/May/17
176 cm is very possible, but I don't see any taller than that. Certainly if Grant Heslov is 175 then Ewan seems the same, but also I see Colin Farrell as 176.5 cm and I think he seems taller than Ewan even without his boots and big heels.
delancey said on 22/May/17
@RisingForce Those latest photos you posted are quite interesting. However, I still wouldn't go as far as 175 cm/5'9 flat for Ewan. 176/177 cm range seems okay to me.
I'm 175 cm (flat 5'9) in the day and I don't think I'd be as tall as Ewan.
RisingForce said on 18/May/17
Grant Heslov is listed 5'9" here and Ewan is no taller: Click Here Ewan in 0.6" Converse at a few events looked shorter: Click Here Click Here I don't know Grant's shoes, but they don't look like much either. They look about the same height here in similar shoes: Click Here Sometimes one is slightly taller than the other, it can go either way depending on posture, shoes or the angle, but these 2 regularly look almost identical in height. I definitely don't see a half inch and certainly not the full inch. The more I look at Ewan standing next to others, the more I see a well proportioned flat 5'9".
RisingForce said on 7/May/17
No way he's 5'10", except in shoes. 5'6" George Lucas in heeled boots may not even be a full 2" shorter: Click Here Click Here Ewan at 178 cm would look as tall as an aged Billy Dee Williams rather than at least an inch shorter. Similarly, 5'9" flat guys Jamie Foxx and Jared Leto actually measured up better to Colin Farrell than Ewan did. I agree he can look taller at times, but I see Ewan at 176 cm max.
RichardSpain said on 3/May/17
I see solid 178cm barefoot.

Face to face similar than Julia Roberts (1.74m) but with her shoes around 1'80m
Adijos said on 21/Mar/17
I think Ewan McGregor is really height of 5'10.5" (179 cm) tall!
Adijos said on 21/Mar/17
I think Ewan McGregor is really height of 5'10.5" (179 cm) tall!
RisingForce said on 20/Mar/17
Looking at the pics with Billy again, I noticed the difference is bigger in the full body shot then the other pic, perhaps it's a matter of camera angles and placement? But I also just realized Ewan has boots on that look at least a fraction thicker than Billy's shoes. I think there's at least an inch difference, but even if I did see Ewan at about 177 cm, if you factor in Ewan's boots, I can't see him above 176 cm compared to a legit 178 cm like Billy.
RisingForce said on 16/Mar/17
2-3 cm taller, imo. I didn't say they looked the same, but Ewan's eyes seem just above Billy's nose and Rob's just below. Now that Jude Law admitted to 5'10" I think 175-176 cm fits Ewan better as well.
delancey said on 16/Mar/17
@RisingForce Really? Just checked out those pics and then checked out the one with Rob, Ewan looks comfortably taller with Billy compared to Rob's pic with him.
I think those pics prove this listing at 177cm is correct more than anything.
RisingForce said on 15/Mar/17
Really doesn't look over 175 cm to me with 178 cm Billy Dee Williams: Click Here Click Here He's taller than Rob was with Billy, but not that much. 176 cm is equally likely though.
delancey said on 14/Mar/17
Looked surprisingly shortish on Colbert recently, even with the big boots he was wearing.
Still think he's definitely 5'9 range.
Ramualdo said on 5/Mar/17
172 cm !
RisingForce said on 25/Feb/17
I actually think he is 5'9" exactly. Pretty average and still ridiculous for Eva Longoria of all people to call him short!
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Feb/17
Ha ha! I got his height right last night while watching 'Shallow Grave'! Ewan has come so far since his 'Trainspotting' days and it isn't an unfounded boast! I think he does behind-the-scenes work now, perhaps in a directing capacity.
I'm very excited about the follow-up to 'Trainspotting' - 'T2' - nice one! I'm going to pounce on a copy when it comes out! I don't know whether I'll have the patience to wait for the price to halve!
And now for something silly! Wasn't Mr McGregor the formidable character from the Beatrix Potter books? The one from whose garden all the bunnies would pinch their vegetable supplies? Yes, I used to love those books and was always on the side of the thieving little bunnies! 🐇🐇🍜🐇🐇
Gilberg said on 28/Jan/17
Met him when working on a show. He was wearing built up "creepers" but was still an inch or so shorter than I. I'm 5'11.75 morning height, and was wearing converse. He is 5"9.5 dead on.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 11/Jan/17
I wouldn't go low as a mere 5'9", Rob. He is taller than Johnny Depp and isn't towered by Paul Bettany (granted his posture is just junk, but still. I'm usually towered by guys who are 6'4"+ or 6'5".) I don't doubt a good 5'10" in the morning. I measured myself just barely right on 5'10" flat in the morning while McGregor can be a good 178 cm much more so than I in the morning.

*Edit: What I'm saying is that there is a huge chance that McGregor is taller than me despite his loose posture.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 10/Jan/17
Rob, as much as I would measure 177.8/177.9 in the morning and 175.7/175.8 both on a solid floor, I think McgGregor would edge me out even if he isn't standing straight.
Editor Rob: Mark, from all I've seen of McGregor, I think he's got to clear 5ft 9 comfortably, but I could see how at times he looks a mere 5ft 9...I wouldn't dismiss it entirely, but feel he can pull off looking right between 5ft 9 and 10.
CS said on 6/Dec/16
Listing seems right. Never really appeared short to me.
Heylo said on 6/Dec/16
He is the same height as me. To me he never had a short build by himself, looked very average but could look short in movies due to much taller co stars.
I'm from Sweden and must say with honesty that 177cm(4-5cm from average) in Sweden is on the border of too short, but it could have been worse of course, I'm not gonna whine :)
Josh Jeffords said on 19/Nov/16
Why would a near 5 10 guy get called short?
He is under bloom, law and looked short in island next to legit 510 plus bean.
I've heard he's more 5 7.5 but looks close to me 5 8 .5 to weak 5 9.
Good actor but will do anything so tends to get crap roles too.
Josh Jeffords said on 19/Nov/16
Why would a near 5 10 guy get called short?
He is under bloom, law and looked short in island next to legit 510 plus bean.
I've heard he's more 5 7.5 but looks close to me 5 8 .5 to weak 5 9.
Good actor but will do anything so tends to get crap roles too.
Giorgi said on 18/Nov/16
Rob, I don't get this. If Julia Roberts is 173 cm and is standing on at least 9 cm heels, shouldn't she look more considerably taller than McGregor with about an inch footwear?
Editor Rob: Giorgi, there are photos out there of Julia in heels looking taller than Ewan.

She is at an age though, where a little fraction loss can go unnoticed by many women in late 40's.
The Horse of FUNK said on 31/Oct/16
Yep, classic example of a solid 5'9" man, maybe even a smidgen over like 176cm. One thing is for sure, he was DEFINITELY shorter than 5'11" Kevin McKidd in Trainspotting. In fact, among the original 5, McKidd was easily the tallest mate. So the people saying he looks more than 177cm... ehhhhhh.... I dunno lol.

Anyway, can't wait for T2! I wonder if Begbie is still pissed at ol' Rentboy?
Sarah said on 30/Oct/16
Looks about 5''9.5" or a little over that with 5'2" range Melanie Laurent
183cmAriel said on 10/Oct/16
He looks taller than 177cm
HonestSlovene said on 21/Aug/16
@Johan Yeah and it is pretty pathetic don't you think? I mean calling a man a dwarf when she is very short and he is pretty average for a male (if we exclude northern Europe/Netherlands and the Balkans of course). Petite women must be really insecure with their height so they date usually date standout tall 6'2+ guys.
James B said on 25/Jul/16
Rob perhaps Ewan is not as nice as we thought since he called Boris Johnson the "C" word on twitter.

You wouldn't find Hugh Jackman doing that would you?
Editor Rob: he's entitled to his opinion, but sometimes the choice of words could be better thought out...
Johan said on 31/May/16
She is 5'0" or a little more , Eva is not 5'1" and yes that is very short for a woman. Not a dwarf or anything but its 4-5 inches under average height.

Even with heels that give 5 inches she would still be 5'5" tops and Ewan would stand 5'10.5" so yes he would still tower over her. Small people forget that the taller individual slouches near them and/or tilts their head forward to make eye contact.

Summary- Ewan was being friendly and for that gets called Short guy.
Arch Stanton said on 28/May/16
Funnily though Longoria's new husband Click Here looks little more than 5 ft 7, so compared to him Ewan is tall haha.
redabby said on 15/May/16
paleman I agree Eva Longoria calling Ewan McGregor short is ridiculas, but it is also very rude to call someone of 5.1 a midget. I am that height and am not a moron like Longoria, and did indeed take offense as you did about Longorias remarks. By the way for those saying Ewan McGregor would tower over her even if she is wearing high heels, rubbish my husband is 5ft9 and when wearing my high heels he is only a a bit above me
Dmax said on 5/May/16
Looks like that woman wants a man 6'0+
Paleman said on 31/Mar/16
Was listed as 6' once? XD Bahhahahaa! What a joke. Though an even better joke would be Eva Longoria calling someone who's nine inches taller than her and well in the average range of a Caucasian male short. How in the blue hell does a pretentious midget like her get the nerve?

To my eye, McGregor could stand anywhere from 5'9" to 5'9"75.
woaahh said on 4/Mar/16
@120 it also has Darth Maul at 185 cm, when the actor is actually 175 cm.
Johno said on 25/Feb/16
Didn't look taller then Pete Postlewaite who looked 5'7.5 with Rob, i got a sneaky suspecion that he isn't taller then 5'8.
The_Punisher said on 22/Feb/16
5'9'' max
120 said on 10/Jan/16
Click Here There's a lifesize cardboard cutout that got him as 176 cm. Rob, do you think 5'9.25" for Ewan is more acceptable?
James C said on 28/Dec/15
Like the ones on top. Talking built wise. He looks as listed though he could 5'9 a lot too. Though in some pictures he seems more 5'10 5'10 1/2. Though comparing him to other actors he actually can seem more 5'9-5'9 1/2 easily
Lis said on 6/Dec/15
Cowell I've noticed the same thing, specially with 5'10 women, people always claim they are 5'7 or 5'8 when it's clear they're no shorter than 5'9.5
Fluffi Fluffsson said on 17/Oct/15
Thought he was shorter...
Cowell88 said on 12/Oct/15
Like I said, he is an inch shorter than 5'10.5" Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. So he must be at least 5'10. Why do people on here underestimate celebrities 5'10 or below yet overestimate 5'11+ celebrities? I've noticed it...
avenger987 said on 11/Oct/15
Inch shorter than kidman in heels. 5'10 at least.
Chase Witherspoon said on 9/Oct/15
In those motorcycle docos he does with Boorman Jnr, he looks 5'9" and Boorman 5'7"
Colin said on 27/Aug/15
always thought he was 5ft8
Judd said on 27/May/15
5'9.25" is spot on! Just 1" taller than Johnny Depp
Hypado said on 16/May/15
Ewan McGregor height: 5ft 9.75in (177 cm)
Ron said on 27/Apr/15
In the photo with Hanks he looks to be losing at least an inch through posture. 5'9 seems on the money to me, but I wouldn't discount 5'10 if he really straightens. Often times next to Christiensen they looked very close, which I don't think would be the case of he were a flat 5'9, whereas in action sequences when both are in a ready stance? A 5'10 could pull that off. So I think he probably STANDS at around 5'9 but if he stretches could really be 10 or a little over - he always seems to have his shoulders bent in a little and head thrust forward or tilting out to the side accounting for this.
And, likewise I'd also like to add my derision at Longoria's comment, 5'9 is pretty average but easily able to hold its own against "short", 5'10 by comparison, if he can stand that, is nicely above average. Heck, in good boots, with reasonable hair and strong posture 5'10 can look tall, my father is this height and everyone believes he's tall at 6' because of the way he stands and dresses. I think McGregor could pull that off too if he straightened up
Cacau said on 15/Apr/15
He looks at least 4 inches shorter than Tom Hanks 6'0".
Click Here
b-mint1994 said on 18/Feb/15
LOL @ Eva Longoria. Since when is 5'9" considered short?
grizz said on 14/Feb/15
A 5ft woman is calling a 5ft9 man short? What is wrong with her??
Judd said on 12/Feb/15
I agree, he's a perfect example of a 5'9" guy, maybe 5'9.25"...he could be very similar to Van Dien...5'9.5" is a bit overestimated...
Mike said on 3/Dec/14
Strong 5ft 9 range no less.
Ado said on 1/Dec/14
How can eva longoria call someone 5'9 short?
The Master said on 28/Nov/14
In the pic below with Williams and Ford, he looks like 5'10 to me.
James Sinclair said on 26/Nov/14
Where´s 5´9.5 short ??, "GiantLand...",...all the "Giants Earth....".... C´mon !! Dont say foolishness. Where?? In no more than 5 countries,....among a total of around 300 countries worldwide! I would say that those living in these 5 countries are "weird giraffes....".
Eclipse said on 20/Nov/14
Click Here

If Billy Dee Williams is listed at 5'10.25 on here then Ewan can't be 5'9.5. More like strong 5'8.5
Arch Stanton said on 9/Nov/14
Looked 5'9" tops in The Men who stare at Goats with Clooney and Bridges.
rt said on 28/Oct/14
i would say 5'9 1/2 is 5'10 he look 5'10 to me
krud said on 3/Oct/14
176 compared to Farrell
Jones said on 28/Sep/14
@ Ron 5'9.5 is the average height nowadays, some people just consider that short for some reason.
Ron said on 27/Sep/14
So if 5'9.5" is short, what is the average height nowadays?
Crash said on 26/Aug/14
Rob, how big is Mo Farrah's head in your opinion? It looks tiny in MD's picture.
[Editor Rob: it looks under average, I'd probably guess it just around 8.75inch, not more than that.]
Guy said on 6/Jun/14
Looks like 175 in star wars.
Zoro said on 27/Apr/14
having seen Star Wars I thought he was 174-175 cm, maybe in Trainspotting he seemed taller
176,2Tunman said on 16/Mar/14
about 0.5" shorter than Colin Farrell,still nearly 5"shorter than Jackman who could be a fraction Under 6'2.Maybe he's only 5'9 and Farrell 5'9.5 after all?
Eva Longoria thinks he's short?Well,he would tower her even in her high heels.
James B said on 15/Mar/14
jamieorr4 says on 12/Mar/14
my guess is that hes 175cm and is it just me or does he look like jude law

I have seen jude law and no he does not look like ewan
jamieorr4 said on 12/Mar/14
my guess is that hes 175cm and is it just me or does he look like jude law
Daniel said on 6/Feb/14
Stranger says on 9/Nov/13
No way he is 178! He looks like some between 173 and 175 in star wars.

I totally agree with that. The height difference between Obi Wan and Mace Windu or Qui Gon is remarkable (between 15cm and 20 cm)
lelman said on 4/Jan/14
Looked the same height as, or nearly as tall as Clooney in The Men Who Stare at Goats. 5'9.5" is the minimum I'd give Ewan
cole said on 27/Dec/13
Did he get upgraded? Thought he was at 5ft 9.25in (176 cm)?
Paul177 said on 20/Dec/13
Actually, here's Mo not looking 5' 9" next to 6' 0.5" David Cameron:
Click Here

Looks at least 5 inches shorter, doesn't he. Maybe 5' 7.5" is closer!
Paul177 said on 20/Dec/13
Here are the pictures I'm talking about, Rob:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Can't see footwear though.
Paul177 said on 20/Dec/13
Rob, something seriously doesn't add up with Mo Farah! Have you seen him stood with Gary Lineker and Boris Johnson on separate occasions? I've met both of them and they are 5' 9.5" men. Mo looked very similar in height to both of those two - certainly no less than his common 5' 9" listing!

Either Mo had lifts on those occasions - or Ewan's somehow gaining height in the photo MD posted, because he should be no more than half an inch taller than Farah!

What do you think?
MD said on 20/Dec/13
A 5'7" listing seems most common for Mo, now, but I don't think he's even looking that with Ewan. That's more than 2.5", especially were Ewan to straighten up/unbend his knees in that shot. Anyway, just thought I'd ask.
MD said on 19/Dec/13
Kind of off topic, but how tall does Olympic long-distance runner Mo Farah look with Ewan, here?

Click Here

It's funny, because it was not unusual to see Mo listed as high as 5'9" all over the internet during the Olympics.
[Editor Rob: Mo might be 5ft 7, I think it's safe to rule out 5ft 9.]
Obi Juan Kenonbbi said on 17/Dec/13
177 to 178 cm
Stranger said on 9/Nov/13
No way he is 178! He looks like some between 173 and 175 in star wars.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Sep/13
Funny as he can also look tallish at times. I mean he looks tall compared to guys like Eli Wallach and short Chinese guys/ Actually looks easily 5'10" next to Wallach. He's one of those men who can both look short and tallish depending on the circumstance.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Sep/13
SAK says on 31/Jan/13
leonari says on 14/Jan/13
Guys as skinny as Ewan and at that height can give a shorter impression...But his far from short or shortish in any way. He is a true average guy.
I am glad you pointed this out. Because many believe that if a person thin, that they automatically look taller.

Not always the case is it. A tall, skinny guy, yes, but a small boned/framed 5'9" guy like Ewan can really look quite small a lot when he's bang on average.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Sep/13
He's a perfect example of a 5'9" guy. Nowhere near 180-2 Roger, you lost your money.. He has quite a small frame. Watching the Ghost Writer and he frequently looks quite short, but at other times looks average. Because he has a small frame and light features he can look shorter than he is I think. He's not a short guy but can look smallish a lot.
Powerhouse said on 3/Sep/13
There is a video of Ewan and Nicole Kidman practicing dance choreography for Moulin Rouge both barefoot. Nicole is a solid inch taller than ewan.
Roger H said on 4/Jul/13
Sounds too small for him. I'd rather bet on 180-182.
cole said on 21/Jun/13
He does have a bad posture, but still I wouldn't say he's taller than listed. He looks 5'9 or less a lot because of the slouching. With Sean Bean, which could be more 5'10.25 than 5'10.5, he looks an inch shorter in similar footwear and similar posture, maybe Bean's is a bit better. 176 or 177 cm for McGregor and 178 or 179 cm for Bean.
leighealeigh said on 11/May/13
He's in multiple scenes with Julia Roberts in "August: Osage County". She's 5'8to9". He's 2 to 3 inches taller.
the height man said on 1/May/13
not 5'10.5 i so a picture of him acting in star was III:revenge of the sith and as he was walking to ian mcdermaid who is 5'10 and they appeared the same height
Linebacker28 said on 20/Apr/13
I generally agree with this listing. Might be a touch shorter, but looks very close to Colin Farrell and about an inch under Sean Bean. A good 5'9"er and a great actor, regardless.
D said on 31/Mar/13
@mr sensible

5'6.5" average as the worldwide average height for men, but 5'5" as the girl's worldwide height average? Well, you may not be too far off with the male average height (which is more like 5'7.5"-maybe a hair less, thereabouts), but girl's average worldwide is definitely not 5'5", way too tall. Women's worldwide average is more like 5'2", there are countries in the world (such as the Philippines) where women around 4'10" are very common, while other countries (such as the Netherlands) where women above 5'7" is very common. But in both places, they are still 5 inches shorter than males on average.
Lo sgozzatore said on 11/Feb/13
Well, he does look about 5 inches shorter than Hugh Jackman, who doesnt look 6'2 with Sacha Baron Cohen or Brandon Routh... This guy could really be 5'8.5-5'9 range, no way he's 6'! Ahahah
Arch Stanton said on 8/Feb/13
172 is a joke Oreo. That's Charlie Boorman's range and Ewan is easily 2 inches taller. I'd say spot on as its a height which can not look short at all but can look short next to guys over 6ft and uh 5'0 Hispanic Americans...
oreo said on 2/Feb/13
172 or so
SAK said on 31/Jan/13
leonari says on 14/Jan/13
Guys as skinny as Ewan and at that height can give a shorter impression...But his far from short or shortish in any way. He is a true average guy.
I am glad you pointed this out. Because many believe that if a person thin, that they automatically look taller.
leonari said on 14/Jan/13
Guys as skinny as Ewan and at that height can give a shorter impression...But his far from short or shortish in any way. He is a true average guy.
MaskDeMasque said on 8/Jan/13
@smith a

5'7? lol. he's clearly 5'9 range.
smith a said on 5/Jan/13
i have a doubt saw the island and mcgregor stands next to djimon hounsou (6ft2.) he looks really short i mean he looks like 5 ft7 can anybody explain me this
2010Ross2010 said on 5/Jan/13
Eva is an idiot. I'm 5'10" & it ain't short!
Silent D said on 13/Dec/12
No way he is 6 foot. He was taller than steve buscemi in the island. 176cm. He does have small proportions but 6 foot is crazy. It is like justin timberlake claiming nearly 6 foot 2.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Dec/12
His parents were on the Charlie Boorman travel adventure thing. He's lucky to be as tall as this. His father is about 5'6" and mother about 5'1".
Dr JJ said on 25/Nov/12
Just seen Nightwatch. Brad Dourif looks taller than him in toilet scene. Nick Nolte towers over him. I cannot see he is more than 5' 8". Brolin is agood bit bigger than him too.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 30/Oct/12
...even if he is a little short...yeah and look who's talking too...Eva Longoria is a female midget. The guy is clearly average-above average.
MaskDeMasque said on 11/Oct/12

Uneven Floor? Weird Perspective? Ewan has 5'9 proportions though.
Shaun said on 8/Oct/12
In those pics granted he looks proportionally the exact same height as Matt Damon.
Shaun said on 8/Oct/12
Click Here

Rob, something is up here. Footwear advantage or not Ewan Mgregor in no way looks as low as only 1.5 inches taller. if she's 5'8" he looks near 5 ft 11.

With 5 ft 8 Julia Roberts. 5' 9 you say?
MaskDeMasque said on 3/Aug/12
176cm i think. looks slightly more than 5'9.
BigT said on 27/Jul/12
He's 175 cm, barely taller than Graham Norton.
? said on 11/Feb/12
Eva Longoria called him short?!
Silent d said on 29/Jan/12
177cm. Hugh jackman is 188cm.
theodore said on 22/Jan/12
He seemed to be a good 1-2" taller than Michael Douglas (5' 9") in Haywire...
mr sensible said on 19/Jan/12
interesting the range of remarks on height, what is short and tall is not really much open to interpretation, the overall average size of a man in the world is aprox 5',6.5" and about 145 lbs., woman 5' 5" 135 lbs, so as one can see that there is huge range in size of both sexes, geography and ethnicity does obviously have some bearing, for instance if Mr McGregor was riding a bus in China he may very well be the tallest person on the bus, but there are plenty of 6'5" 250 pound Chinamen, they have there own basketball league! Being involved in the film industry myself, to all of you unobservant people, 5,9 tends to be toward the taller end of actors, the camera likes people within a few inches of height, working with huge people such as Craig Nelson, Dan Akroyd, Chevy Chase to name a few is actually somewhat probelmatic, although the differences are apreciated for some roles, it is often neccesary to make adjustments for height as actors,(like one of them standing on a platform) (anyone on camera, newsanchors) have to generally work in very close proximity, when shooting scenes people are practically standing on top of each other, it's just the way film works,
space between people is grossly distorted on camera
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 15/Jan/12
@freak: Your math is off.
shorty said on 31/Dec/11
In Star Wars, he looked way shorter than both Hayden Christensen and Liam Neeson. Even in Deception where he stars alongside Hugh Jackman (who's 6'2'')he does not look to be 5'10''.5'8''to 5'9'' would be my guess.
freak said on 30/Dec/11
he looked at least 3 inches shorter than Hugh Jackman in deception who is 6 ft1, so i think 5-9 is the most he is tall
Silent d said on 29/Dec/11
Not lifts, all shoes hav extra height on the soles. Ewan was def wearing lifts. 177cm.
Godred said on 7/Dec/11
@Shaun - and your assumption that people at 6`2 wouldn`t wear lifts is also absurd,I know someone of that height who does.
Shaun said on 20/Nov/11
I love the way on here that people immediately dismiss the FACT that a star is looking taller than their listing at times and say "oh he must be wearing 3-4 inch lifts". Its plainly absurd.
Shaun said on 20/Nov/11
Silent d says on 16/Nov/11
He looked tall next to craig ferguson and they both were wearing shoes with extra lift but i think ewan had half an inch extra. He looked 181cm on the late late show with craig. 177cm is about right.

Why would a man near 6'2" need to wears shoes with a lift? I'd laugh to high heaven if I found out somebody was wearing a pair of elevator shoes (as I'm sure most would if you take your shoes of in the home!!). Trust me, Ferguson does not wear lifts.
Silent d said on 16/Nov/11
He looked tall next to craig ferguson and they both were wearing shoes with extra lift but i think ewan had half an inch extra. He looked 181cm on the late late show with craig. 177cm is about right.
Silent d said on 23/Oct/11
Ewam has always looked short to me. In the island, he's only 12cm than johansson who i think is 5 foot 4. I'll say he is 176cm max!
Synx said on 17/Oct/11
This guy is frequently in movies with actors much taller than him. I would hardly consider 5'9.5" "a little short". ...5'8" perhaps? Maybe, maybe not.
Shaun said on 16/Oct/11
Spanish man says on 12/Oct/11
I have to say that after see the pictures where McGregor is stand with Jim Carrey who is 1,85 he must be 5,9 max. Honestly.

Jim Carrey is 187cm.
Spanish man said on 12/Oct/11
I have to say that after see the pictures where McGregor is stand with Jim Carrey who is 1,85 he must be 5,9 max. Honestly.
Shaun said on 10/Oct/11
Looked 5'10" on Jonathan Ross. Didn't look at all on the short side.
klem said on 9/Oct/11
@little one

Why are you saying this to me I said the same thing. You probably meant what melb said.
little one said on 8/Oct/11
@Klem - these comments are here on a website about height because...well, it's a website about heights...

Who cares? People who care about people's heights.
melb said on 1/Oct/11
Who really cares? I'm sure he doesn't get up in the morning and say "Oh crap! I may as well not go outside because I'm only five ft. eleventy inches". HE has a life!
klem said on 22/Sep/11
If he is really 5-8 or even 5-9 he is a little short though. Not real short but a little:P
Short women would notice under average tall guy, I witnessed that many times.
Eva had a tall husband so her kids wont turn out Biber's height.
anon said on 21/Sep/11
haha eva longoria had a husband who was way taller than ewan
but we all saw what happened to that marriage

when you are looking for somone speical
you dont look for height
or eye color or hes bald or has hair
you like someone for who they are

and a midgit like eva even opening her mouth about height should be a crime

ewan is my favorite actor i dont care if he was 5 foot 2 or 5 foot 11

he is amazing he can really act

but my guess is that he is a skinny 5 foot 8 guy

i mean its harder to find this guys height out than brad pitts

see brad pitt is muscular so it is kind of easy to figure pitss height

but ewan is so skinny that you just cant put a height on him

i can tell you he is not a 5 foot 7 guy
but a at very most 5 foot 9
Kostas said on 21/Sep/11 seems the shorter some women are,the higher the standards
klem said on 18/Sep/11
A bummer strong 5-9 guys here, 5 feet nothing Eva will call you short lol.
Shaun said on 18/Sep/11
I still think 176cm is the best estimate.
Shaun said on 18/Sep/11
Heartless says on 15/Aug/11
I've just see some pictures of ewan and Charley Boorman and if Charley is 5'7 idont buy that mcgregor is 5 ft 9.5 he must be 5'8 maximun, there's no way around mcgregor is short.

Boorman, listed at 5'8" made an honest claim that he's 5'7" barefoot. You watch the Mongolia scenes barefoot in Long Way Round and Ewan is two inches taller. He's 5'9".
jake said on 8/Sep/11
Looked a lot taller than Eli Wallach who is probably 5ft4 max now. I can buy McGregor being anywhere in the 5ft9-5ft9.75 range.
Heartless said on 15/Aug/11
I've just see some pictures of ewan and Charley Boorman and if Charley is 5'7 idont buy that mcgregor is 5 ft 9.5 he must be 5'8 maximun, there's no way around mcgregor is short.
draco said on 21/Jul/11
he looks 5ft9 next to liam neeson who is 6ft4 also he looked like a "midget" nex to djimon hounsou
mt1 said on 19/Jun/11
So untrue!!!!! I met Ewan a number of years ago when he was in 'Little Malcolm And His Struggle Against The Eunuchs' playing at Hampstead Theatre. I'm 5'9" and he was at least 5'11 (very similar height & build to my own brother actually). Forget all this 5'9" even 5'8" b@llsh*t!!! He's a really nice guy too by the way....
re said on 18/Jun/11
definitely small like 5'9" or something, looks tiny compared to Liam Neeson in Phantom Menace
voiceless dental fricative said on 8/Jun/11
Longoria needs to STFU.
Heartless said on 5/Jun/11
I say Ewan is 5'8-5'8.5 pictures of him and sean bean from the island reveals the sean is taller than him, maybe 3 or 4 centimeters and also in some parts of the movie sean who's listed 5'10 does not look as short as mcgregor.
Gerry said on 1/Jun/11
I doubt he is more than 5'9" barefoot, his costar Hayden Christensen had four inches on him. I met Hayden, and he is 6'1" in shoes, probably 6 feet even barefoot.
John Henry said on 24/Apr/11
Stood waiting at Glasgow Airport one time, and Ewan walked past with this wife.

This was in the late 90's.

I'm 6' 1" barefoot and no way is he taller than 5' 9".

he is though very very lean, so with with a thick heeled shoe on it's easy to see why folk could think him taller.

But he looked 5' 9" max to me.
Legend said on 13/Apr/11
He's 5'8.25 in my opinion.
Shaun said on 9/Apr/11
Yeah 11 and a half stone or 160 pounds would seem about right for Ewan. I'd estimate him at 176cm in his barefeet.
carson said on 4/Apr/11
How is 5'10 a little short? Screw her.
Madi said on 24/Mar/11
5'9 seems about right to me...He didn't seem much taller than Robert Carlyle in Trainspotting and from what I've seen he is around 5'8
ulrich said on 16/Mar/11
he looks more like a guy with 5ft9
Mot said on 1/Mar/11
5'9.5 is ok for McGregor, his weight? 160lbs is ok for you?
Steve B said on 28/Feb/11
Same height as Alec Guinness, how appropriate!
Theo said on 27/Feb/11
Eva Longoria is a retarded **** ! how the **** 1.77 is "a little short" ? How can a midget of 1.5 meters have the nerve to say that almost 1.80 is short ?! ****ing whore retarded monkey, her ex husband looks like he got out from jail, sexual obsessed idiotic midget **** !
Shaun said on 26/Feb/11
Its strange but 5'9" or 5'10" guys like Mcgregor and Daniel Craig at times can look short asses but at other times can look a decent height.
Shaun said on 26/Feb/11
looks about two inches taller than Emily Blunt
5'8 said on 8/Feb/11
Ewan might be a weak 5'9, some tall ladies could look much taller than him, but maybe they claiming to be shorter, so who knows...
Shaun said on 6/Feb/11
176cm would be spot on. He's a tad over 5'9" but nearer 5'9" than 5'10". Bang on average height I think.
Spanish man said on 5/Feb/11
Grant Heslov with Ewan Mcgregor pics. Ewan is a bit shorter so if Heslov is 1,75 then Mcgregor is about 1,73/1,74. Honestly is my opinion. Althought Hayden towered him some times in SW. Let´s say 5,9 at the best (1,75). Average.
johno said on 1/Feb/11
sorry i meant, GLENN, whoops
johno said on 1/Feb/11
- wasnt that much taller then 5'7 flat rob in that old picture, 5'7.5 is his max height...
TruebloodFan said on 8/Jan/11
@Shaun says on 7/Nov/10
Sorry but Ewan is NOT a lift wearer. I've seen him barefoot next to 5'7" Charlie Boorman and he's minimum 5'9".

Agreed. 5ft9. The only movies he was lifted were Star Wars, because of Liam Neeson's height, and he had to be a bit shorter than Christensen...
5ft8&proud said on 7/Jan/11
Take a good look at Ewan and his co-star Cameron Diaz in "A Life Less Ordinary". I say 5'8" tops.
Boom said on 1/Jan/11
lol at Longoria derogatorily commenting on his height when she's a couple inches off from being able to officially be considered a midget, at least Ewan is average height.
Larc186-188cm said on 30/Dec/10
5'9.25 is closer for this guy.
And Eva Longoria is just a midget, she can't even think or judge who is tall or who isn't.
ost said on 10/Dec/10
Idiot longoria. Midget who calls someone 10 inches taller short.
Shaun said on 7/Nov/10
Sorry but Ewan is NOT a lift wearer. I've seen him barefoot next to 5'7" Charlie Boorman and he's minimum 5'9".
maximus meridius said on 6/Nov/10
no way he is 5ft 10 1/2in i thought he was taller than that at least 6ft.
George said on 27/Oct/10
@Ano: your name means anus in italian, that explains everything. 5'8 is ridiculous like you name is. Use your brain.
BArsak said on 16/Aug/07
Click Here
OutBenchThis said on 20/Jun/07
From the photo with Hugh Jackman, Ewan looks like a genuine 5'10" guy.
gabriel said on 17/Jun/07
Him and Ken Branagh resemble eachother a lot and im willing to bet they are the same exact height he is 5 9 point 5
Melvin said on 4/Jun/07
I can't remember the name of the last MacGregor movie I watched. It was the banking scandal one. He was 5ft 9ish. Could be close to 5ft 10in.
glenn said on 3/Jun/07
he could be the 5-10.5 he claims.but has a way to look short at times like stallone.5-10 guys are tricky.he seemed 5-9ish to me,but i never thought posture.this is 2001.i learned alot from this site too.
bam said on 1/Jun/07
he is 5'10ish. He looks short in the pic above because of his huge slouch, and
narrow frame.
adrian said on 31/May/07
he's easily 5'10, can't tell what footwear he's got on in the pic above or whether there's a slope or not
16and5'7.25'' said on 31/May/07
stalker how can u tell a difference of 0.5? also he looks around glenn's height
snrub said on 7/May/07
He hasn't looked tall in his films, but not short either. Judging purely from Big Fish I'd agree with the listing here
Del Mar said on 26/Apr/07
5-9 on the spot, I believe
Stalker said on 24/Apr/07
Glenn , he's taller than you about 0.5 inch. May be he's 174 cm. , because in Star Wars III he's shorter than Christensen (6'1'') about 10 cm. That's sure for him If I say 5'9''.
Anonymous said on 22/Apr/07
I have a hard time believing Daniel Craig is only an inch and a half taller than me (I'm 5'8). He looks like he's in the 5'11 range.
hilary said on 1/Apr/07
'I quess he wore lifts in Moulin Rouge. Maybe everybody does when they do scenes with Kidman'

yes, there are a few breif moments in the film where you can see the heels on his shoes, and they are wuite tall for a man, but nicole kidman is quite tall.
Jed said on 21/Jan/07
Yeah, Colin seems to slouch a lot. He would be taller than Ewan
POD said on 9/Dec/06
I think wether a prick with autograph hunters or not, Craig is a gentleman
most of the time and is trying not to downgrade Ewan by any means.
Craig can't be any less than 5' 10.5" maybe 5'11" but no more.
I have probles to belive the 177cm this page gives Ewan, he's more in the 5'9" range, 176cm at the very best.
Ed said on 8/Dec/06
In the most recent GQ British Issue, Daniel Craig is on the cover, and in the interview inside he comments on the spectulation regarding the decision made by the MGM studios to choose him over Mcgregor. He comments on the rumour that the reason they chose him over Ewan was that he was 2 inches taller, which he disputes claiming he had met Ewan and they were the same exact height. Maybe this is Craig's admmittance that he is shorter than he's reported. So it's 5ft9.5 barefoot for him and Ewan,and 5ft10.5 to 5ft11 depending on the footwear for both these great actors.
sleuth said on 2/Dec/06
I quess he wore lifts in Moulin Rouge. Maybe everybody does when they do scenes with Kidman
Matt said on 15/Nov/06
Ewan is a well-proportioned guy. And kudos to him, he is content to wear sneakers and not go for the blantant "Damon pose" when he is being snapped.

He does look a very slight guy. He was dwarfed by 6'2" Jonathan Ross, and I'd put him at a very solid 5'9.5".
anonymous2 said on 14/Nov/06
Sighting from, Nov 10th, 2006 @ 6pm: "He is absolutely stunning, short but so sexy."
sam said on 10/Nov/06
I agree with Citizen on this one; Ewan: 5'9"-5'10" (not less).
Glenn said on 10/Nov/06
You got me convinced Citizen.
Citizen said on 9/Nov/06
-Bleemo - you may be right. *sigh* oh well. I guess I didn't consider angles much.

-MD - jeez, what's it to you? I knew I was posting a lot of pictures and all, and said (or at least implied) as much. But like I said, I'm done. Sue me. Why ya gotta be a hater?
MD said on 8/Nov/06
I lost track of this page long time ago. Talk about overkill.
Padraig said on 7/Nov/06
Just watched The Island dvd. I'm sitting here watching a scene where he's near Ethan Phillips. I've got a photo on my hard drive of Roberto standing with Ethan.

I'm thinking, whilst far from conclusive, McGregor appeared taller beside Ethan than the Editor does.

Conclusion? None really, just a small observation :=)
Glenn said on 6/Nov/06
No.sorry if I came accross that way.I can see how it did.but I wanted to state those ranges in height.
Citizen said on 6/Nov/06
Glenn - I hope you didn't take that 'heresay eyewitness account' comment as any kind of dig or anything. I truly wasn't thinking of you when I wrote it.
Glenn said on 6/Nov/06
Here is heresay from me.Ewan is between 5-9.5 and 5-10.5.Roth is between 5-7 and 5-8.
Citizen said on 4/Nov/06
Sorry for yet another extra-long post, but:

MD said: "I think this proves that there is no way that Alex is his listed 5'10.5", because Ewan is not even 5'10" from all over the other evidence posted here."

No, nothing written/shown here proves anything. I think I've provided some pretty strong evidence that McGregor is about 5' 10", but I've never tried to suggest that any of it proves anything. Because it doesn't, anymore than anyone else's pictures prove that he's only 5' 7", 5' 8", 5' 9", or what-have-you.

There are just so many factors to consider.

For instance, how straight are any two or more people standing in the pictures where we are comparing their heights?

I tested myself to see how much height I could lose if I slouched without doing any overt bending or anything. I didn't do any exact measurements, but I easily lost between 3.5 - 4 inches (!) just from slouching. I was surprised it was that much, but it just goes to show that if people aren't standing up perfectly straight, it's difficult if not impossible to tell their height within 1-2, or even 3-4 inches.

--Apply this to, say, your picture of McGregor and Tim Roth.

In that picture, it looks like Roth is standing up straight, but McGregor is not.

His knees look bent, he is definitely bent at the hip, his shoulders look like they may be slouching (which is an indication that his spine may not be straight either), and his head looks like it could be dipped down to some degree.

Do I think this proves that McGregor would stretch out to 3 or so inches taller than Roth when he stands straight? No. But do I think it's strong enough evidence that he could stretch out to be that much taller than Roth? You bet I do. He only needs to raise himself about 2 more inches to achieve that.

Another consideration- When we compare any two persons' heights, even if they're standing straight and barefoot and perfectly side-by-side, we have to know the exact height of one of the persons, with certainty, before we can think that it proves anything.
Considering that the heights of most celebrities on this site are in dispute, it seems to me there is just no way to be absolutely certain about any of this.

Throw in the fact that in any given picture somebody may be wearing lifts (obvious ones or not). And that many of the photos linked to here don't show people below the waist, meaning you not only can't see their footware but also not their stance or if anyone is standing on anything.
And heresay eyewitness accounts should be always be taken with a grain of salt I think. Some people may be good at gauging another's height when meeting them, but some others are definitely not.

At any rate, if I were a lawyer out to provide reasonable doubt about the supposed proof of any of the evidence given here, I'm sure I probably could.
For instance, the Scarlet Johannson photos - McGregor isn't standing straight in the pictures with her (I've looked through a lot of the photos from that event and he's hardly standing straight in any of them. He always seems to be bent at the hip), and she's actually wearing pretty tall heels (I could provide a photo to show this if anyone wants, but I'm tired of posting photos at this moment :)). Her heels could easily be 4 inchers, even more.
Or take the photo way down below with Djimon Housou. He appears I guess about 7 inches taller than McGregor there, and if he is the 6' 5" he apparently has said he is, than that fits. But he is nowhere near that much taller than McGregor in the photos from 'The Island' premiere.
etc, etc...
Citizen said on 3/Nov/06
Here's another picture for consideration: Click Here

With Hugh Jackman (who this site lists as 6ft 2.5in) on the set of 'The Tourist'. McGregor looks about 3 inches shorter than Hugh there, I think, though his shoes also seem thicker.
MD said on 3/Nov/06
I think this proves that there is no way that Alex is his listed 5'10.5", because Ewan is not even 5'10" from all over the other evidence posted here.
MD said on 3/Nov/06
Citizen, your pics weren't working when I wrote that. That is VERY strange. Pettyfer must have been in some massive lifts in the pics I posted, huh?
Citizen said on 2/Nov/06
MD: What do you mean 'the other explanation was poor.' The photos I provided clearly showed that Pettyfer and McGregor are more or less the same height. How is that poor?
Glenn said on 2/Nov/06
One of the nicest ever.loves to talk.
MD said on 1/Nov/06
How does one explain the Alex Pettyfer photos, though? The other explanation was poor.
TNTinCA said on 1/Nov/06
True Glen. He is also a little bit behind you. I should have taken that into account as well.
What's his personality like Glenn? Ewan always seemed like a very nice guy via the things I have seen him in.
Glenn said on 31/Oct/06
Ewan isnt standing straight in my photo.he can strech to 5-10 there I think.whats weird is my 5-6 friend commented on how short he was an hour earlier when encountering him first.I was surprised to see he was over an inch taller,near 2 inches.
TNTinCA said on 30/Oct/06
I saw him on the American Chopper Europe trip. When he stood next to Paul Sr., he looked about an inch shorter. I think Paul Sr. states he is 6 foot but I would think it is more like 5'11". (He may have been 6 foot in his prime.)
So that would make Ewan around 5'10". Perhaps 5'9.5". Although looking at that photo with Glen, he looks closer to 5'9".
Glenn said on 30/Oct/06
He looked 5-9.5 to with posture,anything is possible.if he is 5-10.5,he is one of those short looking I said many times I have a few 5-11 friends that appear 5-9 to me and others due to posture.look at the biggest enigma to me,DMX.reported short,looked short,then strectched out to 5-11,6ft in my photo!
Citizen said on 30/Oct/06
(I'll just shorten my name to 'Citizen.' That original name was meant as just a joke, I don't think I particularly want to keep calling myself 'Citizen for Defending Ewan' ;0 )

Here's a couple of pictures of him next to Nicole Kidman:
Click Here
Click Here
Citizen for Defending Ewan said on 30/Oct/06
Ok, the pictures I meant to link to in my first post below are:

The Cameron Diaz photos-
1) Click Here (standing next to Diaz in 1997)
2) Click Here (promo pic from 'ALLO')
3) Click Here (another promo from 'ALLO')
4) Click Here (this and the next three are him and Diaz standing next to each other at an event in 2001)
5) Click Here
6) Click Here
7) Click Here

The George Lucas photos:
1) Click Here (next to George Lucas and many others at the London premiere of Star Wars last year)
2) Click Here (George Lucas - and also McGregor and Natalie Portman - on set)
3) Click Here (George Lucas with Christensen and McGregor on set)

The Chris Lee-related photos:
1) Click Here
2) Click Here (this one is just to show the kind of shoes McGregor is wearing when standing next to Lee in the previous photo)
3) Click Here (and this is a close-up of one of those shoes)

A picture of McGregor from 1996 standing in front of a wall with feet and inches marked on it- Click Here
Unfortunately he's not standing up straight and barefoot in that last one. ;)
antron said on 4/Oct/06
5'10.5" with shoes on (rounded up to 5'11" of course *wink). I think maybe the two-inch rule could just be a "with shoes on rule" for guys that aren't really short but average, whose publicists want them to seem closer to the arbitrarily wonderful 6-foot mark. Thoughts from the peanut gallery?
MD said on 18/Aug/06
Editor Rob, what do you think of my picture with Ewan and Tim Roth?
masterbeef said on 17/Aug/06
i think glen looks taller, his eye level is like half inch above Ewan's
...even though the top of his shoulder is below Ewan
masterbeef said on 17/Aug/06
hey, are you two standing up straight? What type of shoes?

I always thought he was 5-10½ like he said.
This picture makes him look 5-8. how tall is Glenn?
Chris said on 21/May/06
So he´s about 5'9 ½'' and that means Jude Law is about 5'11''. I have always seen Ewan being listed as 5'10 or 5'10½'', but this picture with Glenn shows he is a little shorter.
Glenn said on 20/May/06
He looked a little under 5-10 to me.lifts? thanks J-DOG!
MD said on 19/May/06
How he's listed at 5'9.5", I don't know.
dmeyer said on 19/May/06
in the pics he look 177
Drooperdoo said on 18/May/06
Glenn, on Internet Movie Database, Finney is listed at 5'9'', not 5'11''. (And Internet Movie Database lies UP for their stars. But let's imagine they're being accurate here and he really IS 5'9''.) Whether he was 5'11'' in his youth or not is irrelevant now. He's 5'9'' NOW--and clearly taller than McGregor. P.S.--M.D. is right: McGregor is 5'8.5'' tops--and THAT'S IN SHOES. Take the shoes off and he gets even shorter.
MD said on 18/May/06
I was right, especially given that Glenn is closer to the camera. This guy looks 5'8.5" tops.
Glenn said on 18/May/06 do realise he is listed as high as 5-11? he was wearing sneakers.with lifts?
Drooperdoo said on 18/May/06
On this very site, Albert Finney is listed at 5'9''--which is consistent with sightings. Now look at Finnery next to McGregor for this photo to promote "Big Fish". Click Here
McGregor is probably 5'8'' in shoes, 5'7 1/2'' barefoot.
Drooperdoo said on 18/May/06
Ewan MacGregor's own website--before he came to America--listed his height at 5'7''. That's actually consistent with tons of sightings. He suddenly "grew" two inches when he came to America. Typical. (In the photo with Glenn, one wonders if he's wearing lifts or cowboy boots. The two men barefoot would probably be the same height.) Say, 5'7 3/4''.
Glendo said on 18/May/06
Thats the only time I ever saw him actually.
Editor Rob said on 18/May/06
How many times have you seen him in NY Glendo? Here is the bigger picture up!
Glenn said on 17/May/06
wheres the photo?

[Editor Rob: tomorrow I'll put it back up]
Glenn said on 16/May/06
Elton might be be as low as 5-7.he appears 5-8.once saw him lows of 5-3,5-5.
J.J.F said on 16/May/06
HA! Nice one Rob & Glenn!!
And the stars shall shudder at your diligence.... the truth is out there! I don't really think Rob actually said Clooney was 6', the Daily Mail isn't exactly renowned for it's accurate quoting.

Why on earth does Elton downplay his height??! I don't get that.

[Editor Rob: this was the Sunday Mail (i.e. Daily Record)...the actual newspaper article looks better than the online version with picture. Ah, elton/rod I was saying that in the past they have been described at some crazy low heights like 5ft 5 and 4, but in reality they are nearer 5ft 8 and 10...

someone's gotta stick up for Rod ;-) He's a celtic fan after all...just like me!]
Mr. R said on 16/May/06
I am going to ignore the George Clooney as 6 foot myth. I will be the bigger man.
Glenn said on 15/May/06
Hopefully it was your friends.
Glenn said on 14/May/06
Anyone reconize you,or did you get unwanted attention too?

[Editor Rob: nah, luckily for me only a few put 2+2 together ;-)]
Glenn said on 14/May/06
Is this your biggest exposure yet Rob? well NY POST is pretty huge actually.

[Editor Rob: NYPost probably beats it just, I mean more celebs read that rag.

but they have kind of similar circulation numbers...only difference is the Sunday Mail is close to home so to speak and hey, we managed to get your face in the paper so in effect its good exposure for you....and hey, you are officially 5ft 8 now because its there in the paper you see, so I guess its true!]
Editor Rob said on 14/May/06
Click Here

Do not let Mr R. read the above article, he might have a heart how big Clooney has grown. For the record, I said Glenn thought Clooney was near the height he claims (that is 5ft 11)....the Editor would never say Clooney was actually 6ft ;-)

Actually the online article doesn't have Glenn's picture, but the newspaper itself has put the little McGregor picture in it. If anybody wants to see that article as it appears in the paper and see Glenn's face in print, then just email me and I'll send you a scan of it.
Glenn said on 13/May/06
Nolte can look close to 6-2 in lifts though.
sam said on 11/May/06
He is tiny next to 6' Nick Nolte. I say 5'7" tops.
Marcus said on 30/Apr/06
Seems like a nice guy...pretty slim looking in Star Wars, so I'd say 5'9 1/2 - 5'10(let's not forget that he was wearing those high-heeled jedi-boots)...
Glenn said on 30/Apr/06
thats mostly correct actually.its called the 2 inch rule,what we in the industry name it as.actors always add 2 inches.
RedBull said on 29/Apr/06
Heres how you figue out an actors actual height.
5ft6 = 5ft4
5ft8 = 5ft5
5ft9 = 5ft6
5ft10 = 5ft8
6ft = 5ft10
6ft2 = 6ft

if your above or below those heights, generally your too short or too tall to really lie and get away with it.
Glenn, your the height Xpert, what your take on this?
Glenn said on 28/Apr/06
Great guy! took time out to talk to me.
Glenn said on 28/Apr/06
—I typed his name up on google search with the word height 4 years ago,and alot of 5-10.5 and 5-11s popped up.5-9.5 tops for me.

[Editor Rob: maybe Ewan will finally succumb to losing a cm...he will lose it when your picture goes up on the page ;-) What's the guy like in person, I've heard he's down to earth...?

as for 5ft 10.5, this is starwars height, but Brian Pendreigh's book about ewan it had the bit:

"Ewan's résumé had him listed as six foot"

I've never seen/heard the guy giving a height...bizarre, I'm certain he's said it one point though...
RedBull said on 27/Apr/06
MD, I diddnt say MOST of them add 4-5 inches.I meant only SOME do.

Glenn, what do you mean by "I read 5-11"?
Glenn said on 25/Apr/06
A hair over 5-9 is possible.I read 5-11.
MD said on 24/Apr/06
RedBull, I don't buy the fact that most male actors add THAT many inches to their height, but Rob really needs to take him down, at least, a full inche as actors usually add around 2-3 extra inches to their height. This 5'10" is just ridiculous. 5'10" Jay Leno was more around 2" taller than him.

[Editor Rob: Ewan is on the 'hmmm' list, one of those guys who could be a little shorter, although I wanna hear glenn's inperson estimate of this geezer. A lot of pics put him in the 5ft 9 range more than 10 for fact there were a few putting him 174cm beside one actress on getty!]
RedBull said on 23/Apr/06
Yeah MD...
Pics 1 and 2 make me think, he is around to 5'7" barefoot IMO. Mabye even 169cm (5'6.5"). It actually is very common for male actors to add 4-5 inches to their actual height.

I do think that Lucas IS actually 5'6" IMO.

ROB...,seriously, lets take anther look.

[Editor RoB: the argument isn't for 5ft 7, its whether he truly is 5ft 9, which isn't entirely implausible considering many photos he looks that can't really compare lucas these days, he has an extra 1.5 inches in his footwear.

McGregor is no Pitt when it comes to posture.]
On Looker said on 22/Apr/06
Here I was taking this web site seriously when suddenly I come across the post that Ewen McGregor is supposedly 5'10". Pu-leez!
RedBull said on 30/Mar/06
A little under 5'9" 175cm

Im a Star Wars geek so here is my take on the characters heights;...
Ewan Mcgreggor 175cm
Hayden Christensen 182-183cm
Christopher Lee(Doukou) 195-196cm
Ian McDiarmid(Sidious) 176-177cm
Natalie Portman 160cm
Harrison Ford 178-179cm
Luke Skywalker 170-171cm
karen said on 12/Mar/06
Eva Longoria: ""I do like British guys. If I had to pick one it would be Ewan McGregor. I met him once and he was gorgeous even if he is a little short."

Funny that this is coming from 5"-5´1" Longoria. I don´t see why some women only like men who tower over them and make them look like little children when they are standing next to them. I mean even if MgGregor is only 5´8" he still would be 7-8 inches taller than her and she considers this too short?
MD said on 7/Mar/06
I guess he should at least be listed at 5'9.5" here, huh?

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