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5ft 8.14in (173.1cm)
173 said on 30/Dec/12
the shredder says on 24/Dec/12
Whatever he is to the mm , I bet big cash it is closer to 5'8 than 5'7 or 5'9
I agree. 172cm is minimum, 5'8" is on the money! I don't care what "hey" says.
hey said on 28/Dec/12
Exactly my point, the shredder. I'm the one who stated that a range is needed, from 5'8" to 5'9", because no matter what you are doing, you are still ESTIMATING. and lol93, it doesnt matter how accurate some of them are, because if you can't bet your own life on that EXACT amount, then it's called an ESTIMATE. Like I said, Taylor could be exactly 5'8.2", but an estimate could give or take .2 inches if you have extensive experience guessing from pictures. What gives you the right to state that he is not over a "weak 5'8"? He could very well be 5'8.4" or higher, and NOBODY on this forum would take your word for it unless you cite a reputable source, which you still HAVE NOT. So in the end, you still NEED A RANGE. Unless you cite a reputable source in your next comment, then you are doing nothing but merely restating your fruitless statements. Face it, dude, the end of the argument is that a range of between two different heights are needed, and you stating "he is nothing more but a weak 5'8" is a statement backed up by no professional studies or proof. This is the year 2012, not the mid 1300's, where you could accuse your neighbor of witchcraft without proof, and he would be killed. Unless you have undeniable proof, then you are WRONG.
lol93 said on 28/Dec/12
you are talking about mm's now?ok he could be under or a little over 5'8 in mm's but as I said he is not more than a weak 5'8

also see the link about Height Challenge height and see how accurate estimates some people had on people's height by just looking pictures
hey said on 27/Dec/12
Dude. You even stated your mistake. You can come close, but not 100%. Thank you for proving my argument correctly. What if Lautner's theoretically proven height is 5 ft 8.2 inches tall, but due to educated guesses, you put him between 5 ft 8.4 or 5 ft 8 inches tall? You even stated that you CANNOT get his true height, but close. However, on your December 20, 2012 post, I quote the end, where you sau that "DO YOU STILL BELIEVE HE IS TALLER THAN 5'8???
Well he is not he is 5'8." Look at that ignorant behavior of yours. You conclude that he is exactly 5 feet 8 inches tall, without the attempt to realize the fact that you DONT KNOW THE GUY NOR HAVE YOU CONDUCTED MEASUREMENTS ON HIM. Thank you for discrediting yourself in your last post, and ultimately proving my argument true that you need a height RANGE, not a specific height, if you conduct educated GUESSES from photos and videos.
lol93 said on 25/Dec/12
Hey man just look the Height Challenge height in this site to see if people can guess and judge height only from pictures and see how accurate some members were here and how close some other were Click Here

This I think proves that you can judge height and estimate a height of person from pictures not 100% but very very close to his true height
balrog said on 25/Dec/12
I agree with the shredder. I'll put Lautner between 5'7.5''-5'8.5''. I'd shave the half inch and just put him at 5'8'' flat.
hey said on 24/Dec/12
If you lose your morning height within one hour, then you have some serious issues. What? Do you do 6 rep squats at the gym for 5 sets or something at 10AM in the morning? And it's logical because you just went to the extremes. Two inches of height is a huge different, on either end of the spectrum. I'm saying Bon Jovi can rationally be .5 of an inch more or less than 5'9", but I'm not jumping to say that he can be 5'7", which is a HUGE difference. Taylor Lautner CANNOT be as low as 5'6", because that is just a radical assumption. Him standing to many celebrities who state that they're around, lets say, 5'8" or 5'9" can be used to ESTIMATE his height, like I said, but cannot give a definite conclusion. You don't see him standing next to an estimated 5'9" Bon Jovi, and then conclude that he's 5'6". Are you mentally insane? You can estimate based on your information that he's somewhere between 5'8" and 5'9". As I said many times before, can you cite research that clearly shows Lautner's exact height increments and measurements, down to the tenth of an inch? Unless you can do so, you are not pinpoint accurate. YOU are still using scales of reference to ESTIMATE a person's height, BASED ON NOTHING but photographs and videos. I think this whole forum can accept that his height is somewhere between 5'8" and 5'9". There's some rationally incapable people who go on to state that he's 5'6" or so.
hey said on 23/Dec/12
First mistake. Your argument that you lose your morning height one hour after you wake up. Looks good on paper, but awful in actuality. Why? Wake up one day at 10AM. Take your height. Then, take your height at 11AM. See the difference. THEN, take your height at 9PM. you WILL see a change in that height from 11AM to 9PM. In fact, there will be a change from 11AM to 9PM that is drastically immense compared to the difference from 10AM to 11AM. The fluid does not simply disperse out of the spinal discs in merely one hour. Do the experiment yourself, all of you, you will find that I am, in fact, correct. Plus, it does not matter what you believe. What are your credentials? Are you majoring in Photo-citing evidence for pinpoint height? (Joke) The truth of the matter is, like I stated, you cannot be sure of a person's height unless professionally conducting tests. I am not refuting your claim that his height is around 5'8", which is probably on the lower spectrum, but I will not, nor will anyone on this website, accept your answer as indefinitely correct. Plus, your scale of reference is questionable. Why? How do you know Bon Jovi is not 5'9.25," or 5'8.5," give me a citing of a STUDY that cannot be proven wrong. Same goes for Robert Pattinson. Who's to say he's not a flat 5'11.8", 6", or 6'0.3", can you cite a study? You can compare Lautner to an object that is tested and madeto be of a certain height, but you cannot compare him to another human being and say that Lautner is EXACTLY one height, and cannot be another. The logical response is that he is somewhere between 5'8" and 5'9". I'm telling you, quit wasting your time debunking his height, which does not benefit you at all. Watch. Next post you're going to tell me that he's still a "weak 5'8" just because it's based on your observations and "educated guesses." It might be true that he is that height,and it might be true that he is 5'8.5," but unless you personally know the guy, put him next to a measuring device, or can use professional studies to prove your answer correct, you cannot be "99%" sure of something.
hey said on 21/Dec/12
@lol93, did you not see me refute "173" on whether to believe self-claimed height reports? I'm mocking him on his approach, which is to compare Lautner to people who claim themselves to be a certain height. On other words, my argument is that "why do you not believe lautner is self-claimed to be 5 foot 9, when you compare him to a guy who is self-claimed to be 5 foot 9?" I'm the one who says that using self-claimed height reports are very inaccurate. Take basic college writing before you attempt to refute anything I say. Maybe you'll understand my actual approach to the issue, instead of rushing head-first into assuming I believe something that I clearly do not.
lol93 said on 21/Dec/12
Yeah Right we should believe what people selfclaim about their height,example mark wahlberg claims he is 5'10 while he looks shorter by two inches with other 5'10 people who claim theimselves that they are 5'10

So acording to hey is mark wahlberg is 5'10 because he says so
hey said on 20/Dec/12
@173, note how you used the word "self-claimed," as in other terms, you're basically stating that they estimate their own height. Isn't everyone's height self-claimed? For example, I claim to be of a certain height because my height range fluctuates near it. I'm taller by about an inch in the morning. It's the fluids being compressed out of the spinal discs. Maybe in one picture, he's taller because it's in the morning, and one around the evening, where he's shorter than in the morning? I'm just saying, unless you're in a laboratory conducting a professional height recording examination every single hour for a day, you will never know his height down to the tenth of an inch. Even the slightest posture problem can cause a discrepancy in a person's real height. Maybe Bon Jovi has better posture? Too many factors.
173 said on 20/Dec/12
@hey: Well, I can conclude he is NOT 5'9" because he's shorter than every legit self-claimed 5'9" guy.
tmf said on 20/Dec/12
Goood argument "hey", I'm agree with you, but do you know if he has said himself in any interview or video how tall he is? That would be the best way to know his height. Thanks.
hey said on 19/Dec/12
Let's just leave his height range at somewhere between 5'8" and 5'9". You cannot debate his height 100% correctly to the very 10th of an inch. You guys seriously need to realize you're doing nothing but citing photos and videos, and based off them, merely guessing through using a scale of reference. This can be used to conclude that his height is between a certain range, but you CANNOT conclude as a result that he is nothing but, let's say, 5'8.5." Yes, obviously his height isnt 5'11," but you cannot say that he is not 5 foot 9 inches, because you simply did not conduct tests and collected fail-proof data that can be used professionally.
173 said on 14/Dec/12
@lol93: Yeah, I can see 5'8.5"/174cm for Taylor in the morning aswell and he probably drops to 5'7.75"/172cm by night.

@shreds: Is the Rob Schneider and Martin Lawrence SNL video already posted on one of their pages?
lol93 said on 12/Dec/12
Marky , pictures cant compete with a video ,in the picture robert is slouching taylor is closer to the camera ,anyway this is the best proof so far of how tall taylor is Click Here maximum a weak 5'8 guy ,clear your minds and accept that this video kills anything over a weak 5'8 for taylor
Mark said on 12/Dec/12
and this photo?! its impossible that Taylor use height increase shoes of 10 cm! if Taylor is 174 cm and Robert Pattinson is 184 cm this photo means that Taylor is wearing height increase shoes of 10 cm, and that I think that is for using steels...
Click Here
173 said on 12/Dec/12
@lol93: you make me LOL everytime you post that video XD Everytime! It never gets old XD.

@Mark: they could've got that listing anywhere, maybe he measured 5'9" in shoes. Movie listings aren't always accurate just so you know. Taylor's 5'8 tops.
lol93 said on 11/Dec/12
hey marky and all other who believe that taylor is more than a weak 5'8 guy just watch this video Click Here Bon jovi has said himself that he is 5'9 that put taylor at best at 5'8
Lura said on 11/Dec/12
Taylor is 179cm,search it up...
Mark said on 10/Dec/12
Hey guys "hey" has said the true, I have seen the cia scene wich puts that Taylor is 5'9, the scene of abduction which apports physical traits about the Taylor's character. So, we can confirm that Taylor Lautner is 5'9 ft, a film has said it, it's the most credible way to known his height. TAYLOR IS 5'9 ft.
viennese89 said on 9/Dec/12
looks really short in this one with 5'4 nikki reed:

Click Here
viennese said on 9/Dec/12
looks really short in this one with 5'4 nikki reed

Click Here
hey said on 8/Dec/12
LOL in the movie abduction, in the scene where the CIA briefing is happening, it listed Taylor Lautner's character's information, which says Height: 5'9"
173 said on 7/Dec/12
There's sooo much evidence out there to suggest this guy is 5'8" TOPS Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here Click Here
Come onnn... He's AT LEAST 1 inch Shorter than not one, but TWO self-claimed 5'9" guys: Bon Jovi AND Tom Hardy! Pics and videos both clearly show this. 5'8" flat is nearer.
lol93 said on 5/Dec/12
Ok I will never get bored posting this video for Mark and everyone else thinking that taylor is more than a weak 5'8,Bon jovi himself said he is 5'9 and here is with taylor lautner Click Here Taylor Lautner is 5'8 and I am thinking even 5'8 in the morning could be close
Balrog said on 5/Dec/12
Click Here

And Lautner is closer to the camera.

If Lautner is 179 cm then Hemsworth is like 197 cm.
Mark said on 5/Dec/12
sorry guys i didn't posted the photo, is this one:
Click Here
The man with a strange hair cut, zayn mallik which is the second starting from the right, is 175 cm long, but in the photo he and Taylor seems to have a same height, having in mind that Taylor has a good posture on the photo, so straight and Zayn don't so by another part we can think that Taylor can be 175cm or 176 cm. Guys what do you think?
Mark said on 5/Dec/12
Guys I have found a picture in which the music group "one direction" and Taylor Lautner are in the foto. The man of the right is 180 cm long and Taylor seems to be the same in the foto, so im agree in that pages which says that Taylor is 179 cm long. I don't know any reason to don't believe that he is 179 cm long, any reasons guys?
balrog said on 3/Dec/12
I think next to Hemsworth, Lutz and Pattinson (when this guy has good posture, so no very often) Lautner looks just under 5'8''. The 179 cm listing is just ridiculous.
173 said on 3/Dec/12
Yeah @lol93 and @MD, I agree, he's 5'8".
lol93 said on 2/Dec/12
Yes exorcist I agree with you he is a weak 5'8 and this video proves it Click Here there is no doubt in my mind that he is over 5'8
tripon said on 2/Dec/12
I don't believe nothing since he says by himself how tall he is, because all of us we are saying aproximations about his height and if we don't know we cannot say nothing guys, so someone knows if he has talked about his height? Thanks for answer guys!
The Exorcist said on 2/Dec/12
All of this 5'10" talk is ridiculous. In reality, he's about 5'8".

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
klem said on 1/Dec/12
@Mark, Alex: Other sites hook to i m d b's API to get information.
Mark said on 30/Nov/12
Yeah Alex, Im agree with you, there are a lot of different websites wich said that Taylor is 5,10 ft and half, this is the only one which says that Taylor is 5,85 ft. Any explanation about it? Please answer :)
Alex said on 26/Nov/12
thanks for answer tony! but why do you think this website is more accurate and the others don't? A lot of them match with Taylor's Height. Thanks another time guys!
tony t. said on 26/Nov/12
@Alex It's because this website is more accurate, and the other ones are not.
Alex said on 25/Nov/12
hi another time guys! but somebody can explain me why all web pages say that Taylor Lautner is 5 ft 10 and 1/2 !?! A lot of them say that is Taylor Lautner's height; why the don't say that he's 5'9 or 5'9?? Could someone explain me why?? because this web page is the only one that say's that taylor is 5ft 8.5. Thanks!
lol93 said on 25/Nov/12
Ok Rob I uploaded this video of taylor lautner and bon jovi at the end of snl program Click Here
Bon jovi said himself he is 5'9 ,we can see the footwear of both them and they are not very much different in my opinion ,Taylor was 17 and 10 months old there so he didnt grew more after,with all the respect I think taylor should be listed as a weak 5'8 guy Rob!
Alex said on 24/Nov/12
Taylor lautner did a clip with bon jovi about his group, it takes 31 sec long, and in the clip bon jovi looks taller than taylor, just over 1 or 2 cm, and taylor it's the same height as bon jovi, 5'9, I think in special events he wears lifts, that's my opinion.
satchy said on 21/Nov/12
5 ft 7 wearing lifts
Illena said on 20/Nov/12
I'd say 5'9. No more, no less.
lol93 said on 20/Nov/12
Yeah girls try to make him taller so that he can fit you...
He is a weak 5'8 and that is what he looked 1 year ago, now lately looks taller because wears big boots
lewes said on 19/Nov/12
If you look here Click Here Taylor has a good inch or two over selena. Selena is wearing about 2 inch heals Click Here and even right here Click Here Taylor has a good inch over her. Selena is suppose to be 5'5" , so with inch heels 5'7" and Taylor still has 2 inches over her. He's a good 5'9" or 5'10. No shorter than 5'9"
T.Stalls said on 17/Nov/12
Why do you guys insist on making people shorter. Let's start with the fact that when he began Twilight he was still going through puberty. So, if he has a stronger jaw line, that is the only reason. Also, he is a little over 5'10, closer to 5'11. No shorter than that. He does not need to wear lifts.
Lisa said on 16/Nov/12
5'7ft-5'8ft max
Xbite said on 13/Nov/12
Click Here

Here he is standing next to 6.025 Robert Patinson... he looks about 5'10 minimum. Could it be possible he is a lift wearer?
Arch Stanton said on 13/Nov/12
Click Here

Has he has cosmetic surgery on his jaw? Because in the above photo his jaw line was roundish, normal, but here Click Here his jawline is reminiscent of Brad Pitt in the 90s. I strongly suspect a Hollywood cosmetic job, but they forgot his nose for some reason LOL.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Nov/12
Has he grown? Looks nearer 5'10" next to R-Pat in the recent pics.
samurai22 said on 12/Nov/12
I think he is about 5'7.5 no more no less. And I think he wears at least 2 inch lifts to boost his height
Blucaos said on 11/Nov/12
He's 5'9 as reads it in Abdution
173 said on 9/Nov/12
KStew 5'4" and Taylor Lautner 5'8".
lol93 said on 8/Nov/12
Evie just compare 5'10 peter facinelli (who rob has taken a picture with him) with taylor who is doing some tiptoeing Click Here
Evie said on 7/Nov/12
No, Taylor is 5'10.5. He has a very athletic build, which can make people appear shorter. If you look at photos of him, Rob, and Kristen, you can tell he towers overs Kristen, who is 5'5, and wears 4 inch heels, so that would make her 5'9. If he was the said height, then Kristen would be an half inch taller. Plus, Rob does not look much taller then Taylor. Of course, even with the inch added to their dress shoes, Rob still does not look much taller. Plus, Rob is slimmer, and that too can make him look heaps taller. Plus, different camera angles can manipulate one's height and weight greatly. You do not know how tall someone is, until you actually stand up next to them. And Taylor Swift is 5'10, and he looks taller then her.
Lo sgozzatoreq said on 31/Oct/12
Rob, how tall do you think he looks next to Billy Burke and Gil Birgingam, that you met? Click Here
He looks 5'6 tops, considering he also has hair advantage!
[Editor Rob: I think he grew a bit age 16 when filming the first twilight]
Frankie said on 30/Oct/12
HAS to be downgraded - more than an inch shorter than 175 Hardy in every picture at the Comic-con
satchy said on 28/Oct/12
always 5ft 7
balrog said on 21/Oct/12
Weak 5'10''?

Weak 5'8''...
LauraSki said on 15/Oct/12
Pattinson is probably 180cm and Lautner looks 175.
Metropolis Wolf 186cm peak said on 15/Oct/12
Weak 5'10"
173 said on 15/Oct/12
Keep dreaming Borna, Pattinson is more than 2-inches taller than Lautner.
Borna said on 14/Oct/12
If Pattinson is 6'0,25 he could be a weak 5'10
balrog said on 8/Oct/12
172 cms my guess. In the MTV awards Justin Bartha was same height as him, if not taller.
Clay said on 29/Sep/12
lol93 says on 19/Sep/12
His built looks like a 5'8 guy Click Here

Thats exactly what he is.
Nikhil said on 24/Sep/12
I dont know how Taylor lautner is listed 5'8.5 if he is 1 inches taller than the 5"9.5 listed TAYLOR SWIFT .Click Here must be 5"10.5 or 5"10.and here we see ,in this pic that he is 2or2.5 inches shorter than ROBERT PATTINSON who is listed 6"0.5 making TAYLOR LAUTNER's height 5"10 or more.
lol93 said on 19/Sep/12
His built looks like a 5'8 guy Click Here
DAPUQ said on 18/Sep/12
5ft8.5 i just can't see that Click Here No tall shoes for sure Click Here check this this Guy is now 5 ft 11
Jack said on 29/Aug/12
No way he's more than 5ft8. In fact, my belive is that he's 5ft7, but more than 5ft8 is hard to belive, I think... I'll say between 5ft7 and 5ft8.
zero said on 27/Aug/12
Looks closer to 5-7
Fay said on 26/Aug/12
I'm going to say he's 5'9, he definitely does not look shorter than that to me, neither does he look taller than that. In fact he was never 'tall' at any stage of his life. So listing him as 5'10 and a half on other sites is ridiculous.
Mark said on 12/Aug/12
Rob, do you think maybe the .5 of an inch is you being a little bit generous towards him? He really can be only 5ft 8 at most.....there's a photo out there of him and Tom Hardy.....and there isn't just half an inch between them.
[Editor Rob: I know the photo you mean - I believe it is tilted a bit in Tom's favour, I still think near 174 is a decent shout, look at him with someone like Michael Welch who isn't far off 5ft 9, he's pretty similar.]
Nesh! said on 8/Aug/12
At first I used to think he was 5'10 + until i commited a terrible sin (I watched Twilight lol). He didn't appear to dwarf Kristen Stewart at all. And Rob wasn't very much taller either. So I stand corrected: Rob 5'10ish, Taylor strong 5'7, and Kristen 5'4.
Chameleon said on 2/Aug/12
Because Swift is actually below the 5'9 mark..........
beqa said on 1/Aug/12
if lautner height is 5'8.5 and swift's height is 5'9.5 why did they have same height in this pics? Click Here
Click Here
lol93 said on 29/Jul/12
I believe for taylor 174cm in the morning ,173 in afternoon and a little under 173 in night
satchy said on 27/Jul/12
5ft 8 would be fair ;)
alayana said on 14/Jun/12
Glamour said "5'10" cuz if he is 5'9 and lower swift shall be so tall! cuz she's 5'11 look at it...
alayana said on 14/Jun/12
he's 5'10 1/2 179m cuz if hes 5'8 or 5'9 taylor swift shall be so tall cuz shes 5'l1...........
lol93 said on 7/Jun/12
hahaha here we are again taylor is 5'7 an estimate 4cm's off.With 5'8 robert downey jr Click Here he looks 5'8,and I have more proofs that taylor is closer to 5'8 than 5'9 but I will post them after,I think its more fair to be listed at 5'8 but not nothing under that
[Editor Rob: I think it's hard to compare people against Downey as his footwear is half the time elevators.]
Mr. R said on 7/Jun/12
I think he is closer to 5-7.
LauraSki said on 6/Jun/12
Looks 175 to me.
dadang said on 6/Jun/12
he's listed 5'10''and 5'8½''?! that's insane he's only 5'6''
Angie said on 13/Feb/12
@debi me too I agree!
emil the beatifulst said on 7/Feb/12
Rob, do you think taylor launter is over 175 cm. and is he 174 cm now maybe hes taller now
[Editor Rob: I just think 174 is a good guess, 175 I'm not sure on. Under 5ft 8 I can't see that.]
alex said on 7/Feb/12
Rob, what kind of shoes are this? Normal or lifts?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: they just look a decent thick boot, maybe approaching 1.5 inch]
debi said on 29/Jan/12
really...i tot he was about 6'0....he luks taller....
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 29/Jan/12
This dude is 170cm MAX, 174cm is insane. Better chance he's 168 than 174.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 28/Jan/12
He is towered by Gil Birmingham. I mean, he really doesn't look over the 5" 8 mark. 172-173 cm for him. He's shorter than I first thought.
Chris said on 26/Jan/12
Rob, don't you think knocking down a bit would be nearer? He clearly is closer to 5'8 than 5'9.
Jack said on 26/Jan/12
168 cm is a BS. I see 173-174 cm range for this guy.
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/09
he definately looks around 5'8" maybe reaching 5'8.5" but no more than that.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/09
He is not 5.9 he is a lot shorter then Jamie Fox who is 5.9 look at the picture below where he stands beside Jamie.And Jamie is bending forward terrible posture so Lautner is definately not 5.9 no way.Max 172cm.Max.
hey. said on 30/Jun/09
Another note, there's a pic of that lady with KStew as well and she really does look a legit 5'9".
hey. said on 30/Jun/09
Yeah, I'd generally have guessed, from seeing older photos, that he's about 5'8", but, he has looked taller recently...I would be with all of you saying, "What, how can he be listed as 5'9"?", but then I saw Becky's link at the bottom of the page....if that girl is really 5'9" (or even 5'8"), Taylor has GOT to be 5'9"+, he has at least an inch on her...
DuDe said on 29/Jun/09
Even Efron looks taller than this fella
zephyr said on 29/Jun/09
That long neck only makes him look taller if he takes pictures from the waist up. When it's full body shots you can clearly notice that the extra inches he has in that neck weren't evenly shared with the rest of his body. It makes his limbs look very short.
Shane said on 27/Jun/09
I'm a few months older than him (3) and I have been growing at a fairly steady rate the last few years, I don't think it's at all impossible that he keeps growing another inch or two.
Roy said on 23/Jun/09
This guy is still a teen so it changes almost everyday.
Anonymous said on 23/Jun/09
Ehhh he wears like 2 inch heels on his shoes so I'd say 5'8" at the most.
Realme2008 said on 23/Jun/09
He's got an unusually long neck!So that's maybe where he gets a lot of his height.
That neck is long! Click Here
MD said on 23/Jun/09
Definitely not a full 5'9" by any stretch of the imagination. BTW, anyone notice his neck? He has an unusually long neck which he keeps very straight and perhaps gives the illusion of extra height to some eyes.
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/09
Nowhere near 5'9"... maybe 5'7" but difinitely not 5'9" at this time. He looks past his puberty though.
Dan said on 21/Jun/09
I saw a picture of him with Jamie more then 5'7 for this guy
Eric said on 19/Jun/09
5'8 and a little light in the feet hehe
Vrice said on 19/Jun/09
he's very 5'7 looking
taelyn said on 17/Jun/09
If we are saying that Taylor is 5'8.5" to 5'9" then Kristen Stewart needs to be moved up to 5'5" because if you compare the picture anonymous posted here of 5'5" Selena Gomez with Taylor and the one of him and Kristen that someone posted earlier there is the same height difference between Selena and Taylor and Kristen and Taylor.
miko said on 17/Jun/09
For every picture of him looking 5"9, there is one of him looking 5"7.

I'm revising my estimate of him, I think he's 5"8.5.
Anonymous said on 17/Jun/09
he has 4 inches on Selena Gomez whos about 5'5'' taller than miley, Click Here could be 5'9''
miko said on 17/Jun/09
Perhaps Rob got a photo with him that is going to go up which put's him at 5"9, or he has seen him and think's he's that tall.

Apart from that I don't know where the 5"9 figure has come from, but I respect Rob enough so won't keep going on about it.

[Editor Rob: I never met him.]
ana said on 17/Jun/09
hes definitely NOT 5'9. I saw him in person at the Twilight premiere in L.A. and he seemed to be my height, which is 5'6. I was wearing flats too. He's 5'7 max!
carly said on 16/Jun/09
hes 5"7 i would buy 5"8 max its proved here that justin chon is 167 and if his that tall and you google them toghter taylor only has around an inch on justin making him around 5"7
5''9 said on 15/Jun/09
5 '8
no moree
miko said on 15/Jun/09
Kristen isn't below his eyes, look closely. The top of her head (not where the hairline starts) is above his eyeline.

Considering on average from eyes to top of head its 4.5" then Taylor is no more than 3.5" taller than Stewart.

Taylor is not 5"9 yet. 5"8 I could buy.
Disco_Bandit said on 15/Jun/09
at the top of the page, you say he is in twilight and new moon, but he also played Sharkboy, in Sharkboy and Lavagirl
carl said on 14/Jun/09
5"61/2 169 thats how tall he is hes like the same as rachelle from twilight and only around 1 or 2 inches taller than 5"4/5"5 selena gomez
sgb said on 14/Jun/09
miko, in your first photo there is more than 3 inches. minus her hair kristen comes below his eyes..
clau said on 13/Jun/09
totaly agree 5
miko said on 13/Jun/09
Not 5 inches at all.

Here he is just 3 months ago next to 5"4 Kristen Stewart.

Click Here

That is 3" tops when you consider than Taylor is closer to the camera. His thick hair makes him appear taller than he is.

They are all in flat shoes as per this photo.

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If you take into account a recent growth spurt, he might just be 5"8.

What do you think Rob, is he truly a 5"9 guy? I can only see him looking 5"8 tops to be honest.
sgb said on 12/Jun/09
that picture with jamie fox was from the twilight premiere after party.. seven months ago! taylor looks 5 + inches taller than 5'4 kristen stewart.
null said on 12/Jun/09
if Jamie Fox is 5'9 he is no more then 5'6
miko said on 11/Jun/09
Here he is a few months ago next to 5"9 Jamie Fox.

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And here next to 5"5.75 Justin Chon

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I don't see 5"9 in those Rob, unless he's had a huge growth spurt. Certainly looks closer to the 5"7.5 range.

Perhaps 5"8 would be a safer bet until he starts looking a bit taller. I think his hair is giving a taller illusion.
J.J. said on 11/Jun/09
Looks 5'7.75" to me & pattinson is 6'0"
taelyn said on 11/Jun/09
In MD's pic he looks like he would be the same height as Peter Facinelli on Rob's other side and Peter is 5'10.
MD said on 10/Jun/09
Really kind of a horrible shot, but what's he looking like here with Lutz and Pattinson both listed at 6'1"?

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It's really quite a horrible photo full of leaning, slouching and bent knees, but it's the best I could find.
DuDe said on 10/Jun/09
Rob...c'mon bro lets be serious here...homeboy here isn't 5'9.

Even Shia Labeouf and Zac Efron look taller than this dude...This guy is 5'6-5'7 range...5'8 in shoes? Get Brad on this...
miko said on 10/Jun/09
Seems about right. Still a chance to grow for him.

He does not give a 5"10 impression at all, apart from in New Moon maybe where he will give a 6"7 one!
Grace said on 10/Jun/09
Definately needs an upgrade...Nikki Reed is 5'5.5" and if you look at pictures of her with Taylor Nikki comes to the middle of his eyes...which is 4.5" less...and if you add 5'5.5 and 4.5" you get 5'10".
becky said on 10/Jun/09
Oops..forgot the link... Click Here
becky said on 10/Jun/09
Someone from set has said he is 5'10...and this girl is 5'9" and you can easily see that he is an inch taller than her...he needs an upgrade.

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