How tall is William Shatner

William Shatner's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 9 (175.3 cm)
Canadian actor best known for playing the iconic role of Captain James T. Kirk on the TV and movie series Star Trek. In 2001 an Italian shoemaker DiFabrizio revealed that he may have worn lifts, saying "I give you one more -- I made William Shatner 3 inches taller in the show [star trek]". When Shatner once asked Mike Tyson his height, Mike responded 5ft 10 and a half, to which Shatner replied "my height".

How tall is William Shatner
By NBC Television, via Wikimedia Commons
If You Are Only Five Foot Five, You Can't Do a Good Impression of the Five Foot Ten William Shatner. - William Shatner, (Shatner Rules, 2011)

How tall is William Shatner
Henry Winkler and William in 2018
Photo by cvanwagoner/
Short? I'm 5'9"! - Twitter (2016)

How tall is William Shatner
William, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks, Scott Bakula in 2012
Photo by Harveys Art/
He wasn't as tall as I thought he would be. He's not all that tall - I mean, by my standards. - Sherry Jackson
Also, Bill wore lifts to help him attain his advertised height of 5'11", and the high heels threw his posture awry, pushing out his stomach and making him look slightly swaybacked.
-- Bob Justman (Star Trek Co-Producer)

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Average Guess (44 Votes)
Peak: 5ft 8.89in (175cm)
Current: 5ft 7.32in (171cm)
Gerald S said on 25/Apr/24
5’7” now, Rob?
Editor Rob
Most likely
Sh0ckeh said on 26/May/23
I'd say peak height was most likely 5'9.25 (175.5cm). Shatner always looked like a decent 5'9 footer compared to the rest of the cast, like george takei etc. Nowadays he's 5'8 nothing more.
Sinclair said on 12/Sep/22
Rob, who do you believe was a stronger 5’9”: Shatner or Roddy McDowall?
Editor Rob
Shatner could seem a strong 5ft 9 in the 60's and 70's.
Sinclair said on 20/Jul/22
Actually, Spader could have had as much as half an inch on Shatner at the beginning of Boston Legal, making Shatner a flat 5’8” by his early seventies. A one inch height drop by 73 is not unusual. In any case, it is interesting that both Shatner and Spader claimed 5’10”...
Sinclair said on 19/Jul/22
Rob, what height would put Shatner at when he started Boston Legal in 2004? 5'8.5"?

It was so close between Shatner and Spader in Season 1; bear in mind, Shatner's character's posture was often less outstanding than Spader's in 2004.
Editor Rob
Yes, close to 174 was possible at that point in his career.
Sinclair said on 22/Mar/22
Happy 91st Birthday William Shatner!

I'd guess 5'9" peak (he seemed a tad taller than an aging Spencer Tracy in Judgment at Nuremberg) and 5'6.5" today.
Tony Basile said on 2/Feb/22
My exact height barefooted is 173.5 cm based on actual measurements in Military. Met Shatner in 2014. Of course I was wearing normal shoes. I was about a full inch taller than he was. I was in my early 40s at that time.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jan/22
I've just seen the last half-hour or so of an old Star Trek, and it took me back to the times I used to watch it with my Mum, who became really quite addicted to it!

I was laughing at the lizard man, but I could tell from Shatner's body language that he was a creature to be feared. Then the strangest thing happened: a beautiful young man took its place, and he said to the Captain, "So my appearance surprises you?"

"You look more like a boy to me," replied Captain Kirk. "I'm fifteen hundred of your Earth years old," said the Adonis-like specimen. Whereas the planet's shape-shifting, knowledgeable life forms had previously wanted to destroy Kirk and his crew, they had seen them show compassion and traits they had been impressed with, adding, "There's hope for you yet."

Kirk reappears on the Enterprise, smiling, with the others, who are pleased to have him back. I do remember this rather meaningful episode, which I first saw in my late teens.

5ft9 peak; 5ft7.25 today.
will gibson said on 8/Dec/21
William shatner is as tall as he wants to be!
Duhon said on 14/Oct/21
Simply amazing shape physically and mentally for a 90 year old man.
Editor Rob
Yes, for a 90 year old, he's held up remarkably well!
TJ Mair said on 13/Oct/21
The Blue Origin capsule landed a few minutes ago.

William Shatner hugged Jeff Bezos (who's listed as being 1.71 centimetres tall).

Bezos is 4 or 5 centimetres taller.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Jun/21
I turned my TV on a minute ago and there was an old Star Trek on the Horror Channel. I could tell..... from the music! 🎶🎵👌

@ Meltdown - I agree that if the voice of an elderly person sounds like that of a much younger person, your mind's eye visualises him or her as younger, and consequently taller. I could NEVER regard Joan Collins as elderly because she sounds just like she did in her youth.

Peak - 5ft9; today - 5ft7.5.
Meltdown said on 12/May/21
He is 90 years old and only lost 1 ½ inches in 70+ years? Hard to imagine. But then again, his hair is still great and he still looks and talks as if 20 years younger.
PapaThorson said on 1/May/21
Just watched a 1964 film on Youtube Shatner did with Shirley Jones called The Shattered Glass. At one point Jones, who says she's 5' 5, ran into the ocean to commit suicide. Both were shoeless and when he grabbed her and wrestled with her for a bit, he was not more than a couple inches taller - it was kind of shocking. I'm sure he must have realized this while they shot it because it was very obvious. The Shattered Glass - Click Here
Rich Paul said on 23/Feb/21
Shatner was born with baby shoe lifts. Never more than 5-8 and that’s stretching things a bit.
Eric Tam said on 11/Feb/21
Honest man. Thought Mr. Kirk would be claiming 6' at 5'10 but he even downgraded himself when he aged. legend.
JohnnyBravo said on 27/Jan/21
Was never tall, even peak. The listing’s about right.

Caught Shatner once at an ST convention. He came across as arrogant and uninterested... apparently he thinks he’d be famous without Star Trek (spoiler: he would not).
LoveyKat said on 16/Dec/20
Wasn't Shatner's height that made chicks melt watching Star Trek. It was that sexy little smirky half smile.Forget the lifts and hairpiece. That smile was pure mind control.
Danimal 176.7cm said on 21/Oct/20
Back in 1986, William Shatner (55 at the time) still looked at least 5'9" next to Phil Hartman and 6'4" Kevin Nealon: Click Here
JordanG said on 18/Oct/20
He looks about an inch shorter than Phil Hartman on SNL
Click Here
Ian C said on 8/Oct/20
Here there be a height liar. Shatner seems to be half an inch shorter than Yul Brynner in The Brothers Karamazov. So Rob's got him cold.
Leonari said on 17/Jul/20
Shatner just claimed on „Hotboxin with Mike Tyson“ that he was 5‘10.5“. It’s weird that many actors who are around 5‘9“ claim 5‘10.5“. Stallone same thing. I guess that with exaggerating your height by roughly 4 cm is believed to be hat to detect due to different shoes, heel, posture etc. He was never taller than a real 5’9” in his life. Recent pics suggest that he is 57” at most these days and I say a smidge under that mark.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Mar/20
@ Rob - Some guys have all the luck, but nice as he is, I'd sooner have seen Christopher Lee. There was a boy in my school called Colin Lee and I was jealous that he had Christopher's initials! I thought, "That should have been me!"

Anyway, William Shatner is about as famous as they come, and I'd feel very honoured to meet him, or even see him.

I can imagine how a person can look shorter walking around, having had that lousy hip of mine just over two years ago. Cheers Rob!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Mar/20
🎂🎈🎉🚀 Happy Birthday Bill! 🚀😄🎈🎂

A Very Happy 89th Birthday to William Shatner, who has entertained people for simply decades!

Peak height - 5ft9 👨‍🚀
Today - 5ft7.25 😁👍👍

Editor Rob
The last time I saw Shatner was by 'surprise'. I heard 'move out the way please' and there was Shatner and his crew assistant walking towards me.

To be honest, walking by he looked under 5ft 7, however people walking by can look shorter than standing still.
Jkiller said on 18/Jan/20
5'7 nowadays and a 5'9 peak.
Luigi said on 9/Nov/19
In a episode of Private Eyes he's cleary shorter than Jason Priestley.
khaled taban said on 19/Aug/19
I'd say he was 174.6cm peak , and 169.5cm today.
Jug said on 11/Jul/19
Shatner was 5'9 at peak and never claimed to be taller, to his credit. As someone has already mentioned, the Columbo episode has him playing an actor who wears lifts--probably a little self-deprecating there. He probably did wear lifts and didn't care who knew. Like Robert Downey Jr, a guy secure enough to admit it. Good for him.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Mar/19
🎂🎈 Happy Birthday Bill Shatner!🎈🎂

....who turns 88 today!

Even my Mum loved 'Star Trek' when he was in it, as, of course, did I. He's been great in all the many films he's done too.

I'll never forget the quotation from 'Fight Club' from Ed Norton, "I'd fight William Shatner!"

I bet Mr Shatner found that funny!

Well, Happy Birthday to you Bill, have a healthy and happy new year and many more Birthdays to come.

5ft9 peak, 5ft7.5 today.
Marie said on 3/Mar/19
I think that W.S.started out at around 5'9 and shrunk to about 5'4 approx.WHat do you expect? This GReat man will be 88 at the end of March.I was 6 years old when I saw him play Captain James Tiberius Kirk on Star Trek and fell madly in love with him.I watched the reruns for decades and still do.I have always loved him and always will.Even if he turns into a tiny dwarf!!!!
PetePro said on 31/Aug/18
I remember seeing him billed as 5'11" in Star Trek, but after seeing the elevator/lift allegation I think he was actually 5'9" with say a 1 inch heel plus 2 inches cheating inside.

Because, as someone else below mentioned, he was muscular and had a large head he looked not as tall as others who were wiry but the same height in the show. After ST he definitely looked significantly shorter.

As for his not shrinking much, despite his layer of flab, I am guessing he still does resistence and stretching exercises. For fitness, think in terms of stamina, strength and suppleness, the first one very difficult and even risky for an eldery person, but the other two vital and something to continue well into old age.
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/May/18
When Shatner guest-starred on Columbo for the first time in the mid 70's, he played a short actor who wears lifts! In fact, when Shatner's character is out of his elevator shoes and wearing a mask for the crime, the witness describes him as the same height as Columbo(Peter Falk) and at one point, Columbo even tries on Shatner's shoes and when Shatner's character asks for discretion, Columbo says something to the effect of "if anyone asks I'll insist you're 4" taller than me." It's more amusing than anything else, but thought it might be of interest to some who never saw the episode. His height varies next to Falk, which may be due to those magic shoes and Falk's Columbo slouch, but I think I mentioned some time ago that when Shatner guest-starred on a 1994 Columbo, he really didn't look more than maybe 2" taller.
MrFish said on 3/May/18
Rob, is it possible that Shatner was 5ft 8.5-8.75 in his prime? What do you think?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure he really looked much more than about 3 inches shorter than Leonard Nimoy, so I'd say roughly 5ft 9 was still believable for him.
Kelly_ said on 5/Mar/18
Met him years ago, in the 1970's and was pretty sure he was about 5 ft 8 1/2", only because I DID see his shoes and commented to him about him being taller than I expected. He quickly pulled one shoe off, and said boastfully and in that Shatner style.."look no heels spock" to which I died laughing.
He said, he was indeed 5 ft 9 and then commented about fans being obsessed about everything!
dwalker said on 15/Nov/17
5'9" tall Sharon Stone (in very flat flats) is taller than Shatner (likely with lifts) in TJ Hooker.... I'm watching it now, and that's what brought me to this site.
Brad said on 1/Nov/17
I would agree 5' 7.5" in '17. Custom boots on Star Trek the TV series to get up there by Nimoy.
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Aug/17
If Shatner were 5'9", he'd have been able to hit 182 cm range in those boots making him capable of passing for 5'10.5", even 5'11" at times. I really don't think he ever looked that tall, though it's been years since I've seen much Star Trek. He already looked no more than a weak 5'8" to me in his early to mid 60s, but shockingly, he really doesn't look far from that even today! I really think Shatner has lost about an inch or so. I know that sounds amazing, but that's how he's looked to me. Actually, Shatner really looks and sounds great today in general. I wouldn't guess he was 86. Even his toupee is much better than it use to be!
JD said on 2/Jul/17
A really well-built 5'7-5'8 guy, would've been my peak guess. Sounds sensible to me that he had a little lift playing the lead on ST. I don't about three inches but regardless. He was the only guy on the show who looked like he'd ever seen so much as a dumbbell too. Everyone else was very wiry. Shatner was stout.
Editor Rob
here's Shatner A couple of years ago standing near big Christian, I think he holds up pretty well.

I feel at most by mid 80's he lost 1.5 inches, better than the average loss of course.

he's also kept going, being active in taking tv roles and attending events, he ain't putting his feet up at the retirement home just yet...
Parker said on 15/May/17
There's a series of programs on in UK 'Better late than Never' showing on ITV4. Shatner appears with Henry Winkler in a range of footwear and even barefoot, and he does look 2-3 inches taller. 5'7.5-5'8. You can catch it on YouTube.
RisingForce said on 10/May/17
Danimal, he really still doesn't look like he could be much less than this. Shatner is still at least 5'7" range based on all of his appearances unless he lives in lifts. Shatner doesn't look like the average 86 year old male, he seems healthier and more vigorous so it makes sense he's lost less than the average. Morgan Freeman is almost 80 and doesn't look to have lost anywhere near 2", same with Anthony Hopkins.
Danimal said on 3/May/17
Rob, he's 86 years old. The average 80 year old male will have lost 2". He's closer to 90 than he is 80 now. He's surely lost more than a mere 1.5" since his peak. This needs an adjustment big time.
RisingForce said on 1/May/17
If Shatner was 172-173 cm by Generations at 62-63 years old as Rob says, and I don't believe he was any taller then I think the 5'9" peak is looking really questionable since more than an inch would be a pretty heavy loss for a man in his early 60s, especially with good posture, which Shatner still has considering his age. Around that same time, a 62 year old Shatner really wasn't that much taller than Peter Falk on Columbo, 2" max and Falk at 65+ would have been likely to have shrunk more from his 5'6" peak than Shatner. Then a 64 year old Shatner wasn't much taller than 5'6" Alfonso Ribeiro on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, as you see an example of at about 1:10 in this clip: Click Here and about 2:20 in this one: Click Here Remember, Shatner on Star Trek wore boots with 2" heels and lifts inside. He likely got a boost between 2.3"-2.7". Naturally, he could look his 5'10" claim with those boots, but 5'9" peak seems generous. I'll have to compare him to Falk on the 1976 episode of Columbo again to see if he looked any taller compared to 1993, but if Shatner was 172 by his early 60s, or a weak 5'8" max, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't taller, then I doubt he was taller than 174 peak unless someone can give me a reason he may have shrunk more than average at an age where some still haven't shrunk at all. After all, if his current height is listed accurately here then he's doing much better in height loss than most his age so why would he have lost more than the average man by age 62 if he's lost half as much as the average man by age 86? I actually haven't seen much to suggest he's shorter than 5'7.5" currently so he seems another Morgan Freeman or Chuck Norris when it comes to height loss, especially since I can't give him more than 5'8.5" peak without his lifts.
Carter said on 6/Jan/17
I met Shatner at a play in 1980; he was doing summer stock. He was SO gracious, patient, and generous with fans like me who waited in line to see him afterward... he made sure ever last person got an autograph and as much of a chat as they wanted. A true gentleman. Physically, he gave a very big and powerful impression... came off like a bodybuilder. And a huge head. But incredibly charismatic and energetic. I didn't even know what elevator shoes were then, so I didn't think to look. I would have guessed he was about 5'10.5, though, in whatever shoes he had on. And if you watch Star Trek carefully, you'll see that his legs are just too long to be anything less than 5'9. For example (I know everyone's geek meter is going off when I say this) in "The Corbomite Maneuver" episode, he's lying in sickbay with his feet up (in SOCKS, by the way) in sickbay working out on some exercise machine for his physical. His thighs and calves look VERY long there, and very much in good proportion to the rest of his body. Then he walks through the halls in his socks, carrying his boots, and again does NOT look badly proportioned... certainly not as bad as... say... I do, at 5'7.5, with my 25-inch inseam. I have almost the shortest legs I've ever seen on a man; I really think it's some kind of deformity. If I could afford it, I'd go for leg-lengthening surgery and probably wouldn't look proportional until I was about 6'2). I really doubt he was less than 5'9 in his youth, and I'd say more like 5'9.5 or even higher. And I have to say... do we know of any other celebrity who's made it to 85 at his weight? So much for the "there are no fat old people" thing. And he's so energetic and looks 15 years younger than he is, typically. What is his secret? I've heard he's been a health food and exercise enthusiast for decades, but how can that be with his weight, which has been too high for...what...25 years now? Incredible.
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Dec/16
I can see him wearing lifts for his 'Star Trek' role!
My Mum went through a phase of watching 'Star Trek' and she didn't understand why women fell at his feet! She thought he was an idiot!
I can see here that he's a none-too-tall idiot, so if Tyler Durden from 'Fight Club' still fancies fighting him, it should be a walkover!
I personally, would have given him 5ft9 peak and 5ft7 for nowadays!
Sarah said on 30/Oct/16
5'9" a few decades ago, not sure now.
Hector said on 27/Oct/16
Star Trek used all sorts of tricks to make him appear taller: boots with a heel, lifts, camera angles, standing at certain distances, etc. This was done so that he would appear to be almost the same height as Nimoy. Shatner never looked as tall as he did on Star Trek before or since, and it's the only time where he actually looked 5'10. Every other show he's been in, it's quite clear that he was no more than 5'8 while wearing shoes. So without shoes, he couldn't have been more than 5'7. If you want to get an accurate idea of how tall he is, watch the Columbo episode he was in during the 1970s. Peter Falk was only 5'6 with shoes on, and throughout the episode Shatner spends a lot of time standing near or next to Falk. He never looks more than two inches taller than Falk, and several times during the episode, you can see that the shoes Shatner is wearing have at least a one-inch heel on them. As for how tall he is now, as an elderly man, I'd say he's maybe lost no more than half an inch off his height. The only reason he appears shorter now is because all the weight gain makes him look more round and squat.
Hector said on 27/Oct/16
I'd say he was 5'7.5 when he was a young man. Star Trek used all sorts of tricks to make him appear taller: boots with a heel, lifts, camera angles, standing at certain distances, etc. This was done so that he would appear to be almost the same height as Nimoy. Shatner never looked as tall as he did on Star Trek before or since, and it's the only time where he actually looked 5'10. Every other show he's been in, it's quite clear that he was no more than 5'8 while wearing shoes. If you want to get an accurate idea of how tall he is, watch the Columbo episode he was in during the 1970s. Peter Falk was only 5'6 with shoes on, and throughout the episode Shatner spends a lot of time standing near or next to Falk. He never looks more than two inches taller than Falk, and several times during the episode, you can see that the shoes Shatner is wearing have quite a bit of heel on them. As for how tall he is now, as an elderly man, I'd say he's maybe lost no more than half an inch off his height. The prime reason he appears shorter now is because all the weight gain makes him look more round and squat.
Flyin said on 5/Oct/16
Looked a weak 5'11 on star trek I always felt. But his boots seemed a bit suss?.
Hector said on 28/Sep/16
He was 5'8 with dress shoes on, but that was back when he was young. I've seen a lot of his earlier work and you can easily gauge his height by factoring in the heights of the other actors when they stood next to him. He always looked taller on Star Trek than he did anywhere else. He is probably no more than 5'7 with shoes on now that he's in his mid-80s.
MrFish said on 4/Apr/16
Rob, in Star Trek Generations, Patrick Stewart is certainly at least a bit taller than Shatner. What would you put both of their heights at in that film?
Editor Rob
at that point Stewart may have been 174ish, Shatner 172-3 zone.
MrFish said on 2/Apr/16
Rob, I just met William Shatner. I'm 174, and he was at least an inch lower. I'd guess 170-172. I think he definitely needs a downgrade, he's 85 now, and still in public life.
Editor Rob
it's believable today he has dropped to under 5ft 8.
Genny said on 20/Feb/16
Met him once when he was in his fifties. I think he was about 5ft 8/9 in almost flat trainers. No taller. Three inch heeled boots or 2 inch with lifts on ' Star Trek' would have taken him up to 5ft 11 though. He's still very quick thinking and witty on Twitter, at 84.
diavolo said on 31/Oct/15
Marc Cushman's These Are the Voyages... books also shred some light on Shatner's height issues. Several of the guest stars tell stories about it. 6'3" Michael Forest said there isn't a shot in the whole episode (Who Mourns for Adonais?) in which they are standing next to each other, and it's because Shatner's problem with Forest being a lot taller than him. John Crawford also recalled a similar experience with Shatner, who had hard time accepting him looking a lot taller than him on screen. Angelique Pettyjohn recalled when she was invited to read for the role of "a tough amazon woman" (for The Gamesters of Triskelion). She told the producers she's not an amazon, she's only 5'6", to which they replied: "Believe me, sweetie, next to Shatner, you will be an amazon!".
Anonymous1 said on 26/Oct/15
..forgot; I'm 50, and haven't lost any height at all. I have bad knees, almost no cartilage in one, and my weight goes from 180 to 210. I remain 6'0 to 6.5. I've met classmates who seem to have been washed in hot water and put in the dryer. Major shrinkage. But, my opinion is that they don't exercise, and slouch more and more, each year.
Anonymous1 said on 26/Oct/15
A few comments/replies to comments (just happened to see this post); 1) Indeed, Morgan Woodward is quoted as saying, in a huge Gunsmoke book I used to have, that he was 6'3 in his prime (s he went on to discuss Arness' height). So, 6'3 was right, Zippit. Woodward...great character actor. Parodied his persona on a Dukes of Hazzard ep. 2) Weight and, as another poster stated, someone's strut can make them look taller. Shatner looked great in an ep of The Big Valley. Very dapper. There's no doubt he is/was in the 5'8 to 5'9 range, but being thinner, having outfits that were form fitting but not overly tight, and having a less cumbersome toupee (early Star Trek eps) made hm look taller. 3) I can not watch TJ Hooker without mentally replacing the toupee he wore for that series, with his Star Trek hair and toupee. Very hard to take him seriously with that latter rug. 4) Personally, I like his acting. If he didn't "over" act, as many complain, he'd be just another boring actor.
Zippit said on 23/Oct/15
Here is my 2 cents....I'm age 56..and I have lost a half inch in I'm not surprised Capt Kirk may have too. In my mind Capt Kirk will always be a 6 footer. He is sooo handsome and strong, (looking). Hints of Shatner's vertical challenges are seen in the Star Trek episode in which he fights Starship captain Ron Tracey. Tracey is played by The very convincing bad guy...maybe of all time..Morgan Woodward!!! Woodward is billed as being 6 foot 3. Woodward is at least 7 inches taller than our handsome hero Kirk in the fight video. Love them both!! The man with no eyes - Morgan Woodward is still with us at age 90! And we all know that super handsome Bill Shatner of Price line fame is also still kicking at age 84! Cheers to the both of you!!
Travel said on 25/May/15
Was on a flight with him-not tall-5'6-5'7...
diavolo said on 24/Apr/15
It's a reported fact that Shatner wore lifts on Star Trek, so your 5'8" estimate is quite correct. The producers actually often joked about Shatner's height (or rather the lack of it) as well as his baldness and expanding waistline.
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 18/Apr/15
Shatner was 5 ft 9, 180 pounds at his prime. There is a solid 3 inches difference between 6 ft 0 Nimoy and Shatner. I assume both men wore 2 inch heels, but if Shatner had 3 inches, then he may have only been 5 ft 8 tops!
mc6809e said on 22/Mar/15
Watch a private little war. He appears to be about an inch taller than Nancy Kovak who is 5'8.5" Of course she's barefoot and he's wearing shoes. Funny, she's the only one in the story that's barefoot, a decision made possibly to increase the apparent difference in height between herself and Shatner.
Brad said on 2/Mar/15
1 foot after the wrath of not appearing at Nimoy's funeral by Trekkies.
J said on 5/Feb/15
I saw him about 10 years ago on a plane. He sat right in front of me. I was amazed how short he was. I am only 5'1", s
stompy said on 2/Jan/15
I'm 5'7" and Bill was pretty close to my height so I'm guessing 5'8"
Click Here
Sam said on 27/Oct/14
Just saw Kingdom of the Spiders and for some reason Shatner looked nearly six feet next to 6'4" Woody Strode...I think by that time (1977) Strode could have lost some height but hardly seemed to have aged from 10-15 years earlier. I think the more likely explanation is that Shatner had lifts in or on his cowboy boots, which fits everything we know about Shatner and his personality.
Rey said on 7/Oct/14
Those who claim that Shatner was 5'5"in the 70's...either never met him or cannot judge height.
Rey said on 5/Oct/14
Yes, due to age and a lot of horseback riding,the Shatman has lost a lot of height. Fine nine is extremely generous. I have followed his career since I was a kid. I have met him on several occasions. He had hip replacement and he is noticeably bow legged now. Five seven and 1/4 would be about right. In his prime he was close to five nine.
Robby D said on 22/Jul/14
Joan Collins in her biography described him as thick set and tall on there first meeting but on their second she noticed how short he was and says on set he wore shoes which elevated his height by three inches.
diavolo said on 21/Jul/14
In their book, Herb Solow & Bob Justman wrote that Shatner wore lifts to achieve his advertised height of 5'11". If you look at the Columbo episode he appeared on you can see how enormous lifts he had those days.

In the first season of Trek most of the other crew wore ca. 4 cm tall heels with Shatner wearing 5 cm (2-inch) heels plus lifts. Joan Collins mentioned how much shorter he was without his Captain Kirk boots.

Shatner was 5'8" in his prime, nowadays he is 5'6".
Ali said on 27/May/14
About 5 six. He is a short man. 5'8 is laughable.
diavolo said on 12/Apr/14
In The Brothers Karamazov, Yul Brynner (listed here as 5'8") was taller than Shatner (listed here as 5'9" in his prime). Of course, Brynner probably wore lifts or heels, but that still makes Shatner around 5'8" in his youth.
Merch said on 19/Feb/14
Shatner is very active on twitter, asked him a couple of times about his real height and the use of shoe lifts, never got a reply.
Editor Rob
probably so many @tweets he only reads a small amount. fans keep him very wealthy, always sells a lot of autos/photos at events.
avi said on 19/Dec/13
5'7 range now
diavolo said on 15/Nov/13
Herb Solow & Bob Justman wrote that Shatner wore lifts in Star Trek to achieve his advertised height of 5'11". He was ca. 5'8.5" back in the day, now in his 80s, he's closer to 5'6".
Meltdown said on 11/Oct/13
Most men lose their first inch between age 55 and 60, and then an additional inch every 15 years from then on. So if Shatner is over 80 now, he easily lost 2 inches. I'm going to say about 2.5 inches.

So if he was 5'9 peak height then he would be about 5'6.5 now. Time + Gravity = Shrinkage.
lyss said on 7/Oct/13
He is the height of 5 feet ten inches.
Rey said on 8/Jul/13
I met Bill back in 1992 at Star Trek convention. I would like to thank my Sgt. for allowing me to go to the Astrohall to the convention on my lunch break. Got to take a pic with him --only because I was on duty as an officer. He was reserved , but kind. He was wearing flat Italian made shoes. He was about 5'8" 1/2--my partner and I were asked to walk Shatner and Nimoy to their limos and we did. IT was an experience I will never forget. And I do have a picture.
Damascus said on 30/Jun/13
Lol I always thought he was 6 ft and Chris Pine would be 5 ft 9.
Nick said on 16/Jun/13
I'm surprised he's that tall, I always thought he was in the 5'6 area.
Brad said on 7/Mar/13
5' 7 3/4" '13. Elevator customs on Star Trek. DiFabrizio is correct.
Maximus Meridius said on 18/Jan/13
@leonari 82 and still going omg what's his secret.
leonari said on 15/Nov/12
I say he is below 5'8" these days. I mean come on the man will be 82 in march!
Parker said on 15/Nov/12
Vegas says on 15/Nov/12
rob and avery brooks Click Here
shatner and brooks end of october 2012 Click Here

Well its a bad angle,but using Avery's eye level Shatner, in his 80's, still looks close to 5'8 IMO.
Vegas said on 15/Nov/12
rob and avery brooks Click Here
shatner and brooks end of october 2012 Click Here
leonari said on 8/Nov/12
Nothing below 5'9 during OST in the 60's. Lost substantial height.
Vegas said on 24/Oct/12
rob did you get down the convention over the weekend with all the star trek captains??
Editor Rob
wanted to, but couldn't afford it
RisingForce said on 14/Oct/12
Shatner definitely didn't look more than 5'8", imo by the time he appeared on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air when he was 64. He didn't look that much taller than Alfonso Ribeiro who is probably between 5'5"-5'6", and Will Smith, who I think is 6'1" had at least 5 inches on him. But a good comparison would be Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in recent years since Rob met Leonard Nimoy.
Daniel said on 4/Oct/12
Watching the Shatner ep. of Columbo (which also features Walter Koenig), Shat. is quite a bit taller than Peter Falk, but there's a line in the show where a guy calls Shatner's character below average in height, or about the same size as Columbo. Also, in the scene between Koenig and Falk, Koenig is at least 1.5" taller. I've tried hard to look out for Shatner's shoes, but haven't seen any good shots. I don't know what any of this means, except that Falk must've been pretty short (which, in my opinion, just makes him even cooler) if Koenig was 5' 5"... And Shatner must be at least 5' 6".
avi said on 4/Aug/12
hes like 5'7 best now Rob never a true 5'9
BigT said on 27/Jul/12
Mr. R says on 19/Oct/11
Shatner is 5-6. I was with him at a movie premiere.

I thought he was 5´6" as well, but how does he then appear to be over 6´1" Jonathan Sadowski´s eyebrows in S*** my dad says? Either Shatner is taller or Sadowski is much shorter than 185 cm. Unless Shatner´s wearing lifts on the show and Sadowski is barefoot. How tall would you say Sadowski is?
IDK said on 17/Jun/12
Idk, but Shatner always looked like a strong 5'8" guy, at his peak, imo. Maybe a 174cm out of bed kind of guy.
RisingForce said on 10/Feb/12
Danimal says on 18/Oct/11
The average 80 year old male loses 2" in height. So whatever his peak height WAS, he is 2" shorter today.

Not necessarily, that's juat what the average loses. Some will lose mess, and some like Clint Eastwood will lose significantly more than the average 80 year old man. I'm not saying Shatner hasn't lost 2 inches, but I'm not sure he has either. He's definitely lost some height.
guyfrommars said on 15/Jan/12
Danimal: Yeah. He was 5'8.5" in his peak, and is 5'6.5" now.

I've just noticed his footwear in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It seems in the late-1970s, Shatner was still trying to look as tall as 5'11". He is wearing around 2.5" wedge heels, which are kinda obscured by his long trousers, but are visible in some scenes. The rest of the male cast (including 5'6" Walter Koenig) are wearing boots with normal heels, while all the females (including 5'8" Persis Khambatta) are wearing wedges with around 3" heels. One extra (a short girl) can be seen wearing ca. 4.5" wedges! Well, I must say, I can accept miniskirts, but wearing these in space... Oh, well, it was the '70s...
lorne said on 1/Nov/11
I doubt he was made 3 inches taller...

174-175cm peak for the captain.
LAN Jiao said on 31/Oct/11
shatner is 5-6 and wear lifts to look taller like al pachino,robert de niro.
Vegas said on 19/Oct/11
there is the clip of shatner with lawler and bret hart from feb 2010, bret looks about same height next to shatner as he does next to rob @ 2min 40secs Click Here
Mr. R said on 19/Oct/11
Shatner is 5-6. I was with him at a movie premiere.
Danimal said on 18/Oct/11
The average 80 year old male loses 2" in height. So whatever his peak height WAS, he is 2" shorter today.
Danimal said on 18/Oct/11
When Shatner hosted WWE wrestling a couple of years ago, 5'10" (PEAK) Jerry Lawler in regular clothing had WAY MORE than 2" on Shatner.
Sean said on 18/Oct/11
I have a brother that stood behind him for a red eye at LAX back in the 80's and said he was 5 foot6, brother is 5 foot 9 1/2.
LAN Jiao said on 16/Oct/11
Mamun is taller after erect up upper body. Shatner is 5'7.5
guyfrommars said on 6/Aug/11
In his new documentary, The Captains, 6'0.5" Chris Pine is a good 6 inches taller than Shatner when they walk and stand next to each other. It means Shatner is around 5'6.5" nowadays, even shorter than I've thought. Althought, at the age of 80, it's not surprising. His peak height was around 5'8.5".
TruebloodFan said on 22/May/11
he's ~5ft7.5 nowadays. I believe he peaked @175cm, maybe 174cm.
guyfrommars said on 21/May/11
My opinion on the Star Trek cast heights (absolutely personal, not 100% accurate by any means):

Shatner 5'8.5"
Nimoy 5'11.5"
Kelley 5'10.5"
Doohan 5'8.5"
Takei 5'6"
Koenig 5'5"

Season 1
Shatner 5'11.5" (2" heels + 1" lifts)
Nimoy 6'1"
Kelley 6'
Doohan 5'10"
Takei 5'7.5"

Season 2
Shatner 5'10.5"
Nimoy 6'0.5"
Kelley 5'11.5"
Doohan 5'9.5"
Takei 5'7"
Koenig 5'6.5"

Season 3
Shatner 5'10.5"
Nimoy 6'
Kelley 5'11"
Doohan 5'9"
Takei 5'6.5"
Koenig 5'6.5"
Bob said on 11/Mar/11
Shatner's height is 5'8.5" barefoot and 5'9.5" in normal shoes
star trek yr 1: he wore 2 inch shoes 5'10.5"
yr 2: he had normal shoes and was 5'9.5"
yr 3: he had 1.5" shoes and was even 5'10"

Nimoy in yr 1: 5'11.5" barefoot, 6'1" in shoes
yr 2: normal shoes, Nimoy 6'0.5"
yr 3" normal shoes, nimoy 6'0.5"

Knew this guy who used to work for Paramount studios who said no one from the classic Star Trek was over 6'. He can confirm this from the costume designers.

Shatner 5'8.5"
Nimoy 5'11.5'
Candyman said on 19/Feb/11
He is not nearly 5'8"... I see 5'7.25" at the most
LG69 said on 31/Dec/10
I think he looks 5'7" or a bit more.
Brad said on 11/Dec/10
Big heels and crammed wedge with Spock.....looks taller than he is in scenes. Harlan Ellison gets creamed by Shatner cause he's 5' 4" tops.
me said on 10/Dec/10
Shatner has a tall upper body. When he wear lifts, they look natural because it balances out. When people like Downey Jr or Bieber wear them, they don't look right.
guyfrommars said on 29/Nov/10
This gives a nice insight and clear-up into the "Star Trek boots" question:
Click Here

It seems they varied between the taller (1.5 or 2 inch) Cuban heels version, and the flat one with small heels. The taller ones were used in season 1, while in the rest they sometimes appeared alongside the new, short versions. 5'6" Walter Koenig always wore the 2-inch version to make him look taller. Shatner also used this advantage occasionally. (See my comparison of Shatner's Cuban heels vs. Ricardo Montalban's flat boots in Space Seed.)

I've read Justman and Solow's book about his lifts and claimed 5'11" height. If the shoemaker is correct, and Shatner gained 3 inches, then he was 5'8" without his footwear.
El Chapo said on 28/Nov/10
Shatner 5'9 peak? Doubt it. According to Bob Justman and Herbert Solo who worked as producers on Star Trek, Shatner advertised himself as 5'11. They said the lifts he wore to achieve that height were so high that they distorted his posture and made his stomach stick out.

Joan Collins said she didn't even recognise him outside of the studio without the massive lifts (and hair pieces!).
jtm said on 27/Nov/10
mr.r is 5'11.5.
Adamz said on 13/Nov/10
Mr. R, how tall are you?
jtm said on 12/Nov/10
5'7.75 at his peak is spot on.
Legend said on 5/Nov/10
He was never 5'9. never. 5'7.75 at peak.
me said on 29/Oct/10

You can't really trust Shatner's height. He's a known lift wearer.
SonnyboySlim said on 29/Oct/10
Pre-Star Trek, Shatner was a Shakespearean actor in Canada... try to wrap your head around that, I know. In costuming, he was listed as 5'9" and 175 lbs. Today, I'd say about 5'8" and about 205.
Me said on 28/Oct/10
Shatner danced with Jimmy Kimmel tonight, and Shatner was barely 2 inches shorter...
MHouillon said on 24/Jun/09
Again: 5'8.5 (174cm) in his prime,

5'7.5 (171cm) nowadays.
guyfrommars said on 14/Jun/09
Seen a video recently of Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley on a 1990s convention with Shatner and Nimoy wearing flats, Kelley cowboy boots. Shatner looks short next to Kelley (5ft10 - 5ft11.5 in those boots) and Nimoy is taller than both of them.
leonari said on 4/Jun/09
Frank2: Have you met Shatner in his prime? Was he really 5'9"??
RisingForce said on 24/May/09
look at him in sandals next to leonard nimoy in normal shoes. Click Here Click Here Click Here shatner has a big posture advantage in the first 2 pictures which is why the difference seems barely 2 inches. in the 3rd picture shatner doesn't have the same visible posture advantage, but the difference still seems like it's only 3 inches. nimoy is listed at 5-11.75 here. 5-8 minimum for shatner, even today.
guyfrommars said on 12/May/09
They had two kind of boots in Star Trek. In the first season all the male and female crewmembers wore a taller, 2-inch heels version, while they changed to a smaller, 1-inch or less version in the latter two seasons.

However most of Shatner's girlfriends (not those who served on the Enterprise, but the "alien babes") wore ballet slippers or gladiator sandals (or barefoot!) all the time to make Shatner in his boots look taller.

And, although mainly all the main Enterprise crewmembers wore the 2-inch boots in season 1, they used this "trickery" on some guest stars. See my previous post, you can see Montalban wearing flat boots next to Shatner's 2-inch heeled ones.
Vegas said on 3/May/09
you get a great shot of both kirk and spocks footwear 1min 10secs in here, like i said previous all members of the crew wore identical footwear Click Here
M2 said on 20/Apr/09
I've seen Shatner in person twice. The first time involved an audience, and I was able to speak with him backstage. He seemed about an inch shorter than my 5'9.5", which was about what I had expected. The second time was when I literally ran into him in the lobby of a studio, where there was no chance of an audience. That time he seemed about three inches shorter than my 5'9.5". I leave the implications to any who wishes to contemplate them.
Vegas said on 9/Apr/09
guyfrommars says on 9/Apr/09
They used trickery like this to make Shatner look taller as Captain Kirk (most of his girlfriends are wearing ballet slippers of flat gladiator sandals next to his 2-inch heels), so take this into account.

all the crew wore the same heeled boots even the females so it wasn't just kirk alone, kirk is there third from left Click Here
guyfrommars said on 9/Apr/09
Here you can compare the 2-inch high heel boots Shater is wearing to the flat ones of Montalban from the same episode:
Click Here
Click Here
(if the links seem to be broken, just push enter once more)

They used trickery like this to make Shatner look taller as Captain Kirk (most of his girlfriends are wearing ballet slippers of flat gladiator sandals next to his 2-inch heels), so take this into account.
Unknown said on 8/Apr/09
You people really do waste a lot of time worrying about other people's height. You're either cocky because you're tall, or parinoid because you consider your self short. If everyone was 6'2, and exactly the same, this world would be a boring place. Get a life.
Antonio said on 28/Mar/09
Rick, Montalban has one leg that is 1.5-2.0" shorter than the other. His height will depend on which leg he is standing on.

I know this because it can be seen when he is walking on camera. An old friend, who met him verified this. She told me she would guess 5-10 for him.
Rick said on 27/Mar/09
In this picture Shatner and Montalban look the same height:
Click Here

and Montalban was like 5'11" or 6'
sodapop said on 22/Mar/09
He's 5'7" , looks too short to be 5'9" I'm 5'9" and he looks short
Doug said on 19/Mar/09
Definately between 5'8" or 5'9". Looks quite stocky these days too. Looked 5'9" on Jonathan Ross max.
Mamun said on 6/Mar/09
Yes Leung I do agree that he just might as well be 5' 8" .


D. Ray Morton said on 6/Mar/09
Great pic. Looks like he could be under 5'8" here. Hard to say, though.
RisingForce said on 6/Mar/09
I noticed that about the tilt as well. William is atleast 5'8" still and he was atleast 5'9" in his prime.
Leung said on 5/Mar/09
Mamum, yes you are leaning but even if you did posture up you would not be taller than him. Shatner is at least your height and possibly with change, therefore your 5
TELLEM said on 5/Mar/09
mamun IS leaning...but if he were to stand like shatner, hed be that vid with jerry lawler, he looks 5'8.5
Vegas said on 5/Mar/09
shatner in the wwf in 1995, looks 5'9 next to jerry lawler and bret hart (i have met both in person) and his shoes don't look suspicious either Click Here
Mamun said on 4/Mar/09
My friend Leung you can also clearly see that I am leaning big time ! I also
remember leaning forward to show him some pictures !


glenn said on 4/Mar/09
i have 2 proper photos with shatner.even brad will agree he was 5-9ish peak.
Leung said on 3/Mar/09
Mamum you say 5
RisingForce said on 2/Mar/09
5'9" or 5'9.5" peak, no shorter. Look at him next to Leonard Nimoy in sandals.
Mamun said on 24/Jan/09
Yes I sure ! Do you by any chance have X-Ray vission ?


theman said on 24/Jan/09
mamum we know u are wearing a superman tee under the shirt and tie.
rob89 said on 23/Jan/09
I agree with 5'7 now,maybe taller at peak. Mamun at a legit 5'8 looks around the same height as him while he's bending a bit, but if he stood as straight as Shatner he'd definitely be a good 1 inch taller if not slightly more. Also mr.R thought he was between 5'6-5'7 as well.
guyfrommars said on 23/Jan/09
Yes. As Brad said those boots were quite big on Star Trek. In a lot of episodes Shatner actually wore bigger heels than some other actors (like Ricardo Montalban) to make him look taller. Also, most of his female co-stars in the show wore ballet slippers or flat sandals. High heels were forbidden for Captain Kirk's love interests. Shatner was desperately trying to look at least 5ft11 in those days.
Anonymous3 said on 21/Jan/09
5'7 tops looks like a short man
Brad said on 21/Jan/09
I knew somebody who had the large nuggets to ask him if he had somebody write his sci-fi books for him. Man, he almost exploded in rage. Had 3.5" on a 5' 5" Heather Locklear 25 years ago. He really looks short now, but then he probably isn't in those 60's & 70's monsters he'd wear.
Mamun said on 19/Jan/09
Thanks Frank !


glenn said on 19/Jan/09
i noticed that big t.nothing against him.
TELLEM said on 18/Jan/09
looks 5'7 next to mamun
glenn said on 18/Jan/09
correct mike m.
Big T said on 18/Jan/09
Anyone else notice that Mamun always estimates celebs shorter than they look in his pics?
MikeM said on 18/Jan/09
saw him about 2 months ago and he looked about 5'9.5 with shoes on
glenn said on 18/Jan/09
sorry guys.he was 5-8.5 to 5-9 up until 2001.seemed 5-8 to me last year. 5-9.5 in the early 90s.he was 5-9 barefoot or 5-9.25 in his youth.mightve worn lifts here and there.5-9.5 in the 90s seemed suspect.2001 i examined him in his shorts and sneakers.he was at least 5-8.5.and i had thick heel though.i have 2 pics with him.impossible to get.
Mr. R. said on 18/Jan/09
HAH! Vindication at last! I said several years ago that Shatner was only about 5-6 to 5-7 when I met him at a movie premiere. Remember that Rob?
Mamun said on 17/Jan/09
My verdict my friends ; Not more than a 5' 7" barefoot !

Kind regards

Brad said on 17/Jan/09
Those boots on Star Trek were really big. I bet liked being with Joan Collins who isn't very tall. He was always looking up to Spock. Looks shorter with the added weight. Kinda nasty guy, but funny.
Frank said on 17/Jan/09
Great Picture Mamun
Danny said on 17/Jan/09
Brad i think he has wore monster lifts his whole life.This guy has always looked like a short pudgy guy to me.
Haze said on 17/Jan/09
cant really judge on his height years back but hes looking 5'7 ish latley. super fat.
Brad said on 16/Jan/09
Probably 5' 9" in '66/5' 8" when I met him 10 years back, 5' 7" and change now. Monster heeled boots on "Star Trek".
Danny said on 16/Jan/09
He does not look like an average height guy to me,he looks short and i would say 5`7.
leonari said on 16/Jan/09
Mamun :your verdict? How tall was he when you met him?Please reply.
RisingForce said on 16/Jan/09
Great picture Mamun. This is an excellent picture to have considering how many different stories you hear about Shatner's height. How tall did he look to you?
Derek said on 16/Jan/09
May have been 5'9" at peak, but is no where near that today. Also, Shatner looks a bit like Eric Clapton from the side.
Anonymous said on 16/Jan/09
I would say 5'7.5 - 5'8 peak barefoot, now no more than 5'6 barefoot
Anonymous said on 16/Jan/09
We can't see his footwear. could be wearing heels, that add 2 inches to his height.
guyfrommars said on 15/Jan/09
I've just noticed in the "Plato's Stepchildren" episode that when Shatner and Nimoy dance and sing around, Shatner's boots (usually with ca. 2-inch heels (and maybe lifts?)) change into flat ones (probably to allow him to move freely). In a short take you see both of them standing straight next to each other and Shatner seems much shorter next to 6ft0.5 Nimoy. He was probably 5ft8 or 5ft9 in the 1960s without the heels (and lifts?).
nightfly said on 18/Oct/08
Maybe 5'7". When he fights Sulu, they almost appear the same height. Takei was about 5'6", so was Koenig. Shatner doesn't appear more than a few hairs taller than either of them.
guyfrommars said on 23/Sep/08
Shatner seems quite short next to Nimoy without his boots (and lifts):
Click Here

The sandals he's wearing can be seen here:
Click Here
Socom said on 5/Sep/08
He is 5'7. it is beyond reason to suggest anything taller now days.
Spock said on 30/Aug/08
Fascinating, I never realized Jim wore a girdle. Bones, get Jim on a diet.
ghp95134 said on 29/Aug/08
I work at one of the NASA Research Centers. Shatner visited our Lab in 2000 while getting material for his book, _I'm Working on That_. I am 5'6" and stood next to him -- he is as tall as my 5'9" father. Shatner's body proportions (face-head, forearm-wrists/hands, etc) do not support the supposition that he is only 5'6"~5'7" wearing lifts. I'd give more credence to the thought of him wearing a girdle, not lifts.
runt said on 21/Aug/08
What's meant by "chick height" is that plenty of famous Hollywood male actors are ACCUSED of being under 5-7 because they are appear shorter than other males but they appear taller than so many of the females (which is the part that gets ignored). Shatner, an unknown quantity and possible lift wearer, is shorter than James Spader, another unknown quantity and possible lift wearer. What does that prove?
sf said on 15/Aug/08
Not sure what that means, but plenty of famous Hollywood male actors are under 5-7, or "chick height", whatever that means. And, since Shatner, legtimately isn't taller than 5-6 to 5-7, is well known to be a lift wearer, etc. etc. - there is nothing wrong with saying his true height - 5-6 to 5-7. How anyone can watch Boston Legal, see Shatner many times 2-3 inches shorter than Spade, and smaller than everyone in the cast, and still think he's 5'8", is beyond me.
runt said on 11/Aug/08
Brad says on 5/Aug/08
"5' 8" shaking his hand 10 years ago. He isn't 5' 6". He was at least 3-4 inches taller than Heather Locklear."

That's an important point. A lot of ppl like to shorten male celebs to the under 5-7 region and they don't have the presence of mind to realize that under 5-7 is 'chick height' because they are not thinking about females as they chip away at male celebs inch by inch. There are numerous comparisons with female celebs that can be made to prove a male celeb is not in that region. Whenever someone estimates under 5-7, I turn my attention away from male vs male comparisons.
sf said on 5/Aug/08
5'6" to 5'7" now - tops. Maybe taller ten years ago.
Viper said on 5/Aug/08
I think hes 5-7 tops
Brad said on 5/Aug/08
5' 8" shaking his hand 10 years ago. He isn't 5' 6". He was at least 3-4 inches taller than Heather Locklear.
Mike Thompson said on 4/Aug/08
Recently I watched a rerun of Columbo which stars Peter Falk, who is 5 ft 6 in tall. William Shatner was the guest star on this particular episode. Although Shatner looked to be a couple of inches taller than Falk, he did joking say that he was wearing lifts.
sf said on 30/Jul/08
I've been arguing he's no taller than 5'6" now for a while, with a peak height of 5'8". It's just seems obvious to me.
Mr. R said on 30/Jul/08
Thanks sf.
sf said on 29/Jul/08
Nice, Mister R!!!!! Someone who knows that Kirk aint that tall!
Mr. R said on 28/Jul/08
I stay with my eyewitness account of 5-6.
MHouillon said on 26/Jul/08
174cm then, and 171cm now.
clark said on 24/May/08
thanks glenn
glenn said on 19/May/08
exactly.i saw shatner exactly one year ago and he was at least 5-8.
Vegas said on 19/May/08
looks tall next to nimoy here and with a footwear disadvantage too Click Here another Click Here Click Here

now a 5'6 shatner would make nimoy how tall again???
glenn said on 19/May/08
oh,i forgot you met him too.
Theatredistrict NYC said on 18/May/08
The man looks like a dwarf nowadays but that is mostly due to the fact he has put on weight, I cant believe people could say he is 5'9 or 5'10 ridiculous no way but not 5'7 either, 5'8.25 tops. 5'8.75 in his prime.
glenn said on 17/May/08
davey-you havnt been reading my posts.he was at least 5-9 in his youth,if not a bit more.and 5-9 even 7 years ago.
Davey said on 16/May/08
There is no chance in hell this guy is 5`9,I always thought he was around 5`7.Glenn what do you think?
Davey said on 16/May/08
There is no chance in hell this guy is 5`9,I always thought he was around 5`7.
cyberyank said on 13/May/08
Forgot to mention, Shatner wore normal shoes when he commited to crime to fool the witness. Nimoy is the one that really shrunk. He was tall when he was on Columbo with long limbs.
Actor2Be said on 17/Apr/08
Was just with him a few days ago. He might be shorter than 5'8" but as far as the 210 lbs - Absolutely!
Manitobaboy said on 15/Apr/08
Shartner did the Stratford Shakespeare festival before moving to the US (imagine a Kirk-like King Henry IV). According to the costume crew, at 24 he was "slightly over 5'9" and about 175." Now, I'd guess 5'8" and about 210 - solid but bulky. In Star Trek - about 185.
Kevint said on 23/Mar/08
Shatner (despite being a bit paunchy) is a physical person who does a lot of offscreen exercise. He's in excellent shape for a septagenerian. Hence I don't think he's lost much height over time--he was medium height in Star Trek, and he still is medium height. 5' 9" sounds credible.
Joe said on 10/Mar/08
Shatner is 5'7.5
sf said on 3/Mar/08
guyfrommars - I never think Shatner looks as tall Kelly in Star Trek. I give him around 5'10", maybe 5'11".. max height - 5'8
glenn said on 3/Mar/08
thankfully i have a rare photo with kelly.he was 5-10 cause of cowboy boots.but he was older when i met him.i had my arms around nimoy and kelly actually for the photo.nimoy ran off.
guyfrommars said on 2/Mar/08
As I said they had two kinds of boots on the original Star Trek. The first season version had higher (ca. 2-inch) heels, the later one a much smaller (ca. 0.75-1-inch) one.
Click Here
This is an early image (episode 6 in production order) with both Shatner and Kelley wearing the season 1-type boots. Kelley was 5'10" and those boots made him 6' tall. They are roughtly the same height which means Shatner is also 6' there. If DiFabrizio is correct (which doesn't mean that he put 3" lifts into Shatner's boots, but that Shatner was overall 3" taller on the show) then he is certainly 5'9" (6' minus 3 inches). Or at least he was in those days.
glenn said on 25/Feb/08
im glad you realise you have been just a little overbearing sf,lately.but you have a right to your opinion and i do sincerly love you.truthfully.
Clark said on 24/Feb/08
SF-sorry...but I met William Shatner as early as 1976. My father being a physcian-- did guess Mr. Shatner's height at about 5'9" as he spoke to my 5'10 dad. Four decades have passed and Shatner is NOT 5'6"--maybe yoy want him to be......when I see him again ..I am sure we can have a good laugh...gee Bill your as short as Dustin Hoffman, or some hard wired person thinks so. Keep on Trekkin...
MHouillon said on 20/Feb/08
I'd say 174cm "then", and 171-172cm "now" (5'7.5").
Don't forget, that he looks "bulky" and may appear shorter than he is. NEVER 5'6 (168cm) !
sf said on 17/Feb/08
No, I haven't, and I don't believe you've met him either, "in sandals many times." You guys just hang out at the same beach? He's always in sandals? BTW, they DO put lifts in specially made sandals, so check them next time you're at the next Star Trek convention.

Clark - think about your post. You're the one who told me to leave out his quirks, so I detailed they were more than quirks. And, not just quirks, they lead to evidence of the guy wanting to be the biggest star on the show, and adding to the credibility that he wore lifts, just like DiFabrizio said.

Why are you so adamant to defend his height? He doesn't look taller than 5'6" on Boston Legal, half the time. That being said, I don't like him, but I think he is good on the show.
Clark said on 16/Feb/08
SF--so you never met him in his prime, period, end of story. So what if nobody liked him on the set, and that his behavior was un-menche, it still has nothing to do with his height.
sf said on 11/Feb/08
Yes, I've met him several times, too, and, coincidentally, ALWAYS in sandals. Huh? Quirks? NOBODY who worked on the set of Star Trek liked the man - more than quirks, I'd say. 5'8 = prime. No taller than 5'7" now.
clark . said on 11/Feb/08
Leave his quirks out in judging his height. At his age he does not give a dam about his height. I have seen him in sandals many times, he was a bit over 5'9" in his prime. Now he is about 5'8" and 1/2. If he wore lifts in the past--he has given them up at Trek conventions. And he is NOT 5' 7" --that is a joke.
sf said on 9/Feb/08
Twingo - have you ever seen a woman with shoes with 5 or 6-inch heels? (Stevie Nicks, anyone?) They can get used to walking in them. The point I'm making, is that Shatner could have 3 inches hidden in his shoes, (Just like DiFabrizio says above) shoes that provide more support than womens' heels. He could very well get used to, and get comfortable wearing shoes with very large lifts and walk in them just fine. So, he may have 3 inches hidden in his shoes where the other actors don't. And, I guarantee none of the other lead actors had lifts. Shatner was the star and ws notorious for, basically, "riding rough-shod" over the other actors. Many times, he insisted on all the best lines, the best scenes, etc. etc. I would bet he made sure no one else would wear lifts (mostly because they didn't need to) so he would look as tall as possible.

I see Shatner around 3 to 2 inches shorter than Nimoy on the show. If he was 5'8" in his prime, there's your answer...
twingo said on 8/Feb/08
Antron and sf, you can be right about Shatner wearing lifts inside the boots, but, once those boots had already external high heels, those lifts for sure had to be of low height, in order to assure stability to the shoes. And we can't forget that Nimoy wearing those boots was about to 6'3". Then, how could Shatner, if measuring only 5'7", stay so close in height with him ? Besides, there's Glenn guess reinforcing the estimative.
Antron said on 6/Feb/08
Yeah, all the boots had heels, but shatners also had some lift. Made him more like 5'11 on the show.
sf said on 3/Feb/08
twingo - because they wear the same type of shoes, does not mean they are the same. It's a known fact that Shatner wore lifts in Star Trek - not hard to put lifts in one boot, and not another. Or, to make special boots that look like everyone else's that have lifts inside. Even in Star Trek, he doesn't look any taller than 5'10" - with lifts....
glenn said on 3/Feb/08
5-7 then is nonsense.
twingo said on 2/Feb/08
Shatner only 5'7" in youth is nonsense. In classic Star Trek episodes the gap betwen him and Nimoy (who is no doubt close to 6'1") would be much higher than really is. Due to lifts at that time? No, once clearly can be seen that both used to wear same kind of shoes, both very high heeled. By the way, all male crew wore the same kind of shoes at this serie. The estimative of this site is very close to reality. Sorry for my english, I'm Brazilian.
Jeff said on 21/Jan/08
I saw Shatner in downtown Toronto in 1999. Passed by him on the street. He seemed awfully small to me (I'm 6'2.75"), though this impression could have been exagerated because he was comparatively wide, too. Nevertheless I can't imagine that he was anymore than 5'7" (if that), even when he was young.
clark said on 20/Jan/08
In shatner's later years, he is not known to wear big heels. He is in to the thin heeled Italian shoes. He is ok with his height, and has nothing to prove. We know he was 5'9 and over in his prime, now a bit under. let him be.
DD said on 17/Jan/08
Shatner stood beside a buddy I work with. My buddy is 5 foot 9 and Shatner was about a half inch shorter. He's probably 5'8" or 5'9".
Boxing Fighter said on 17/Jan/08
He looks like no more than 5ft7 in Boston Legal.
glenn said on 16/Jan/08
i hear you sf.i never met spader.but i would say no way is he 5-9. 5-10 sounds about right then.
sf said on 16/Jan/08
Glenn - no one is doubting you here, just to let you know. All I can do is base my opinions on what I've read and seen. But, I thought Spader was only around 5'9" to 5'10"? Either way, I've seen Shatner look around 3 inches shorter on the show, and then only about one inch shorter. I guess Spader could be "lifting", but it makes more sense that Shatner would be, since he would be the one who really needs to, and we have evidence that Shatner has been a lift wearer since Star Trek.
glenn said on 16/Jan/08
ill post them one day.he looks 5-10 in one.but its a horrible angle.the other 5-8.but i had thicker shoes.
Mr. Awesome said on 15/Jan/08
i'd like to see some more evidence that he's taller
Mr. Awesome said on 15/Jan/08
glenn, post your pics with shatner, i'm curious to see them. i was always convinced this guy was shorter, especially back when i used to frequent this site back when this thread was started. back then the consensus seemed to be that he was 5'7''
glenn said on 15/Jan/08
spader is how tall? 5-10,5-11? rob said many times that shoemaker exaggerates,but i dont doubt you that he can look 5-7 now.totally believable at his age.but still held his own(5-8,5-8.5) when i bumped into him last may.ignored so thankful i have 2 pics with him.i heard he only does it for money now.
sf said on 14/Jan/08
No, leonari, I'm not. In many scenes, (As I said - USUALLY) Spader is taller than him by 3 inches. Then, other times, the difference is not that great. Logic says that lifts, elevators shoes, or other techniques must be being used to minimize the difference. I'm basing this on many viewings of the show. I've seen it many times, when Spader is much taller...
leonari said on 14/Jan/08
SF: James Spader dwarfs him? Are you watching a different Boston Legal than I do? They are close in height...Ok maybe due to lifts and what else but the are close.!! most people think 3 cm is towering. incredible.
sf said on 13/Jan/08
Yes, I understand, I am taking your sightings into consideration here. I know, I have never met him. but, it just makes snese, given what DiFabrizio says above. If he says 3 inches, than the shoes gave about 2 inches, and I've never seen Shatner look taller than 5'10" on Star Trek. And, usually, James Spader dwarfs him on Boston Legal. We're not far off - I still give peak height of 5'8".
glenn said on 12/Jan/08
hell ive seen him look lifts i i was 5-7 in the early days,so made him look taller go futher back than me.thats even better to judge.ive seen him from 1993 to 2007.
clark said on 12/Jan/08
I agree with you Glenn--I have met him several times since the late 70's. He is in his mid 70's now--give him a break. 5'09 or better in his prime.
glenn said on 10/Jan/08
yeah,but no disrespect,you never met the guy.he was 5-8ish last spring when i saw him.and 5-9 in lifts.he was 5-9 at peak .whatever he shrunk to is another wanna say 5-7,fine.but he was taller than 5-8 peak.for sure.
sf said on 9/Jan/08
Still gotta disagree on this one. Been watching the old Star Treks lately, and Shatner looks 5'10" at most. Not nearly as tall as Nimoy. With two inch lifts, no taller than 5'8", ever. And the guy above, says 3 inches taller. Okay - maybe that's total lift/heel height, but 5'10" is easily achievable. I don't think Shatner's any taller than 5'6" to 5'7" now.
glenn said on 9/Jan/08
gotcha clark.
clark said on 9/Jan/08
Glenn: "don't thank me, were all part of the same team, goodnight."
--Superman 1978
glenn said on 6/Jan/08
thanks clark for unknowingly backing me that shatner was 5-9 at least.
clark said on 6/Jan/08
I met William Shatner back in 1992, I did notice he had on very expensive Italian shoes--virtually no heel. He was just shy of 5'9 even though he is up in age. He was also exhaustd from a Trek convention. The 5'9 is very accurate
Socom said on 8/Dec/07
I take that back. After some research I have found it is true that he very well could be 5'9. In fact, some websites claim he is taller. I would have never guessed. Always looked 5'7 to me.
Socom said on 7/Dec/07
This has to be a mistake. He is 5'7, could be close to 5'8, but NO WAY 5'9.
sf said on 5/Dec/07
Yea, I don't think he's taller than 5'7" now. He's just too short everytime I see him on TV. And, that's saying something, since they usually go out of their way to make people look taller. Especially William Shatner.
Jack said on 3/Dec/07
William Shatner has a 6'5 presence, but the fact is that he is 5'7.5, it seems pretty obvious to me.
glenn said on 1/Dec/07
you misunderstood.his ankles were shown because of his bruce willis.both mens ankles were in place.i meant exposed as in i can see no trickery that i know of.i have no problem with shatner being 5-8 now.though he mightve been 5-9 when i saw him in may in a suit.he was 5-10ish in the early 90s.
sf said on 30/Nov/07
Glenn - many times, ankles ARE exposed due to lifts. Since there's so much hidden stuff in the shoes, the foot actually sticks out further from the shoe, sometimes. Especially, if they are actually lifts and not special shoes. Put an inch in your shoe, and you will see that your foot will stick out further. So, the ankle exposed thing can actually mean lifts. I was just curious if you noticed anything about the shoes. Not saying you're wrong, but the more I'm finding out about Shatner, the more I'm convinced he was never taller then 5'8" and, I'm telling you, looked easily 3 inches shorter than Spader on the last episode I saw of Boston Legal. Plus, the guy above who talks about the lifts -I believe it. If he's 5'8" with lifts giving him two extra inches (which is believable) that accounts for all the height he ever had on Star treck. I never pegged him at taller than 5'10" on Star Trek and this is in his youth. At this point, Shatner doesn't look taller than 5'6" or 5'7" to me.
glenn said on 29/Nov/07
reread.ankles were in place.seemed legit.i could be wrong.
sf said on 28/Nov/07
Glenn - how do you know no lifts in his sneakers? Just curious? I mean, watch him on Boston Legal and he's the shortest person on there...I just can't ever accept him taller than 5'8" given the info on this site, and everything else I've read/seen/known.
glenn said on 20/Nov/07
shatner used to walk these streets at 5-10 in the early i think he was 5-9 peak at least.saw him recently and he was around 2001 he was 5-9 in shorts,sneakers,and ankles lifts.
sf said on 19/Nov/07
hmmm...I think I agree with the person who said Shatner was only 5'7" and I believe that was probably his peak height, even during Star Trek. Still, with 2 to 3 inch lifts, he is shorter than Spock, and many of the others on Star Treck. Was watching Boston Legal the other night and it looked like Spader had 3 inches on Shatner. How tall did we say Spader is? Shatner, at least now, can't be any taller than 5'7". I have no doubt someone as vain as Shatner is, did use lifts on Star Trek, but at the age of 76. maybe he isn't so keen on doing that anymore. Peak height not taller than 5'7" to 5'8".

Someone asked me why I thought Shatner was a bad actor - I guess, just watch any random episode of Star Treck to watch Shatner overact in every way possible - hell, he overacts just standing and posturing...but, I do gotta admit that I like him on Boston Legal.
Fnietzsche1 said on 9/Nov/07
Captain Kirk will remain in pop culture long after many " tall actors' characters have come and gone. This country is really obsessed with ' BIG". Whether it height, a car, a physique....etc. You know the other one. Whose gonna remember Brad Pitt???? What was his great character??? Another great example is Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal!!
guyfrommars said on 27/Oct/07
During the first season of Star Trek people wore higher heeled boots (2 inches maybe...) and then later they shifted to a much smaller heel (1 inch??) but as I recall Shatner and 5'6"ish Walter Koenig always wore the first season-style boots.
Marcelo C. said on 6/Oct/07
Great Actor, and strong presence for Shatner !! He used to be thin, in a good shape and elegant too when walking. Altogether makes a distinguished elegant person, looking a bit taller. This used to be Will in the sixties.
Dr. McCoy said on 31/Aug/07
First of all, who cares if he is not really 5'11 or 'tall' as he appears in Star Trek? There are countless actors who gain height through forced perspective or shoe enhancements. Second, I tend to think he was somewhere in the 5'7'' to 5'8'' range just by eying objects around him. Standing next to Bones or Spock, he looks perhaps 1.5 to 2 inches shorter which would be inline with 2-3 inch lifts. Regardless, his performance as Captain Kirk was good enough to become iconic; Captain Kirk still today is a symbol of strength and bravery (unlike the faggy Picard).
fushizzledizzle said on 21/Jul/07
I think in his early days he hadn't fully made the transition from stage acting to TV acting. In stage acting you have to act for the people in the 50th row which requires over-expression. But on later TV shows he seemed a much more subtle actor having fully made the transition.

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