How tall is William Shatner

William Shatner's Height

5ft 7.5in (171.5 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 9in (175.3 cm)
Canadian actor best known for playing the iconic role of Captain James T. Kirk on the TV and movie series Star Trek. In 2001 an Italian shoemaker DiFabrizio revealed that he may have worn lifts, saying "I give you one more -- I made William Shatner 3 inches taller in the show [star trek]", and this still of his boot certainly shows the heel to be quite thick. Whether he had a lift inside is another matter.
If You Are Only Five Foot Five, You Can't Do a Good Impression of the Five Foot Ten William Shatner. - William Shatner, (Shatner Rules, 2011)
Short? I'm 5'9"! - Twitter (2016)
He wasn't as tall as I thought he would be. He's not all that tall - I mean, by my standards. - Sherry Jackson

How tall is William Shatner
By NBC Television, via Wikimedia Commons

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Average Guess (15 Votes)
Peak: 5ft 9.2in (175.8cm)
Current: 5ft 7.58in (171.7cm)
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Aug/17
If Shatner were 5'9", he'd have been able to hit 182 cm range in those boots making him capable of passing for 5'10.5", even 5'11" at times. I really don't think he ever looked that tall, though it's been years since I've seen much Star Trek. He already looked no more than a weak 5'8" to me in his early to mid 60s, but shockingly, he really doesn't look far from that even today! I really think Shatner has lost about an inch or so. I know that sounds amazing, but that's how he's looked to me. Actually, Shatner really looks and sounds great today in general. I wouldn't guess he was 86. Even his toupee is much better than it use to be!
JD said on 2/Jul/17
A really well-built 5'7-5'8 guy, would've been my peak guess. Sounds sensible to me that he had a little lift playing the lead on ST. I don't about three inches but regardless. He was the only guy on the show who looked like he'd ever seen so much as a dumbbell too. Everyone else was very wiry. Shatner was stout.
Editor Rob: here's Shatner A couple of years ago standing near big Christian, I think he holds up pretty well.

I feel at most by mid 80's he lost 1.5 inches, better than the average loss of course.

he's also kept going, being active in taking tv roles and attending events, he ain't putting his feet up at the retirement home just yet...
Parker said on 15/May/17
There's a series of programs on in UK 'Better late than Never' showing on ITV4. Shatner appears with Henry Winkler in a range of footwear and even barefoot, and he does look 2-3 inches taller. 5'7.5-5'8. You can catch it on YouTube.
RisingForce said on 10/May/17
Danimal, he really still doesn't look like he could be much less than this. Shatner is still at least 5'7" range based on all of his appearances unless he lives in lifts. Shatner doesn't look like the average 86 year old male, he seems healthier and more vigorous so it makes sense he's lost less than the average. Morgan Freeman is almost 80 and doesn't look to have lost anywhere near 2", same with Anthony Hopkins.
Danimal said on 3/May/17
Rob, he's 86 years old. The average 80 year old male will have lost 2". He's closer to 90 than he is 80 now. He's surely lost more than a mere 1.5" since his peak. This needs an adjustment big time.
RisingForce said on 1/May/17
If Shatner was 172-173 cm by Generations at 62-63 years old as Rob says, and I don't believe he was any taller then I think the 5'9" peak is looking really questionable since more than an inch would be a pretty heavy loss for a man in his early 60s, especially with good posture, which Shatner still has considering his age. Around that same time, a 62 year old Shatner really wasn't that much taller than Peter Falk on Columbo, 2" max and Falk at 65+ would have been likely to have shrunk more from his 5'6" peak than Shatner. Then a 64 year old Shatner wasn't much taller than 5'6" Alfonso Ribeiro on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, as you see an example of at about 1:10 in this clip: Click Here and about 2:20 in this one: Click Here Remember, Shatner on Star Trek wore boots with 2" heels and lifts inside. He likely got a boost between 2.3"-2.7". Naturally, he could look his 5'10" claim with those boots, but 5'9" peak seems generous. I'll have to compare him to Falk on the 1976 episode of Columbo again to see if he looked any taller compared to 1993, but if Shatner was 172 by his early 60s, or a weak 5'8" max, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't taller, then I doubt he was taller than 174 peak unless someone can give me a reason he may have shrunk more than average at an age where some still haven't shrunk at all. After all, if his current height is listed accurately here then he's doing much better in height loss than most his age so why would he have lost more than the average man by age 62 if he's lost half as much as the average man by age 86? I actually haven't seen much to suggest he's shorter than 5'7.5" currently so he seems another Morgan Freeman or Chuck Norris when it comes to height loss, especially since I can't give him more than 5'8.5" peak without his lifts.
Carter said on 6/Jan/17
I met Shatner at a play in 1980; he was doing summer stock. He was SO gracious, patient, and generous with fans like me who waited in line to see him afterward... he made sure ever last person got an autograph and as much of a chat as they wanted. A true gentleman. Physically, he gave a very big and powerful impression... came off like a bodybuilder. And a huge head. But incredibly charismatic and energetic. I didn't even know what elevator shoes were then, so I didn't think to look. I would have guessed he was about 5'10.5, though, in whatever shoes he had on. And if you watch Star Trek carefully, you'll see that his legs are just too long to be anything less than 5'9. For example (I know everyone's geek meter is going off when I say this) in "The Corbomite Maneuver" episode, he's lying in sickbay with his feet up (in SOCKS, by the way) in sickbay working out on some exercise machine for his physical. His thighs and calves look VERY long there, and very much in good proportion to the rest of his body. Then he walks through the halls in his socks, carrying his boots, and again does NOT look badly proportioned... certainly not as bad as... say... I do, at 5'7.5, with my 25-inch inseam. I have almost the shortest legs I've ever seen on a man; I really think it's some kind of deformity. If I could afford it, I'd go for leg-lengthening surgery and probably wouldn't look proportional until I was about 6'2). I really doubt he was less than 5'9 in his youth, and I'd say more like 5'9.5 or even higher. And I have to say... do we know of any other celebrity who's made it to 85 at his weight? So much for the "there are no fat old people" thing. And he's so energetic and looks 15 years younger than he is, typically. What is his secret? I've heard he's been a health food and exercise enthusiast for decades, but how can that be with his weight, which has been too high for...what...25 years now? Incredible.
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Dec/16
I can see him wearing lifts for his 'Star Trek' role!
My Mum went through a phase of watching 'Star Trek' and she didn't understand why women fell at his feet! She thought he was an idiot!
I can see here that he's a none-too-tall idiot, so if Tyler Durden from 'Fight Club' still fancies fighting him, it should be a walkover!
I personally, would have given him 5ft9 peak and 5ft7 for nowadays!
Sarah said on 30/Oct/16
5'9" a few decades ago, not sure now.
Hector said on 27/Oct/16
Star Trek used all sorts of tricks to make him appear taller: boots with a heel, lifts, camera angles, standing at certain distances, etc. This was done so that he would appear to be almost the same height as Nimoy. Shatner never looked as tall as he did on Star Trek before or since, and it's the only time where he actually looked 5'10. Every other show he's been in, it's quite clear that he was no more than 5'8 while wearing shoes. So without shoes, he couldn't have been more than 5'7. If you want to get an accurate idea of how tall he is, watch the Columbo episode he was in during the 1970s. Peter Falk was only 5'6 with shoes on, and throughout the episode Shatner spends a lot of time standing near or next to Falk. He never looks more than two inches taller than Falk, and several times during the episode, you can see that the shoes Shatner is wearing have at least a one-inch heel on them. As for how tall he is now, as an elderly man, I'd say he's maybe lost no more than half an inch off his height. The only reason he appears shorter now is because all the weight gain makes him look more round and squat.
Hector said on 27/Oct/16
I'd say he was 5'7.5 when he was a young man. Star Trek used all sorts of tricks to make him appear taller: boots with a heel, lifts, camera angles, standing at certain distances, etc. This was done so that he would appear to be almost the same height as Nimoy. Shatner never looked as tall as he did on Star Trek before or since, and it's the only time where he actually looked 5'10. Every other show he's been in, it's quite clear that he was no more than 5'8 while wearing shoes. If you want to get an accurate idea of how tall he is, watch the Columbo episode he was in during the 1970s. Peter Falk was only 5'6 with shoes on, and throughout the episode Shatner spends a lot of time standing near or next to Falk. He never looks more than two inches taller than Falk, and several times during the episode, you can see that the shoes Shatner is wearing have quite a bit of heel on them. As for how tall he is now, as an elderly man, I'd say he's maybe lost no more than half an inch off his height. The prime reason he appears shorter now is because all the weight gain makes him look more round and squat.
Flyin said on 5/Oct/16
Looked a weak 5'11 on star trek I always felt. But his boots seemed a bit suss?.
Hector said on 28/Sep/16
He was 5'8 with dress shoes on, but that was back when he was young. I've seen a lot of his earlier work and you can easily gauge his height by factoring in the heights of the other actors when they stood next to him. He always looked taller on Star Trek than he did anywhere else. He is probably no more than 5'7 with shoes on now that he's in his mid-80s.
MrFish said on 4/Apr/16
Rob, in Star Trek Generations, Patrick Stewart is certainly at least a bit taller than Shatner. What would you put both of their heights at in that film?
Editor Rob: at that point Stewart may have been 174ish, Shatner 172-3 zone.
MrFish said on 2/Apr/16
Rob, I just met William Shatner. I'm 174, and he was at least an inch lower. I'd guess 170-172. I think he definitely needs a downgrade, he's 85 now, and still in public life.
Editor Rob: it's believable today he has dropped to under 5ft 8.
Genny said on 20/Feb/16
Met him once when he was in his fifties. I think he was about 5ft 8/9 in almost flat trainers. No taller. Three inch heeled boots or 2 inch with lifts on ' Star Trek' would have taken him up to 5ft 11 though. He's still very quick thinking and witty on Twitter, at 84.
diavolo said on 31/Oct/15
Marc Cushman's These Are the Voyages... books also shred some light on Shatner's height issues. Several of the guest stars tell stories about it. 6'3" Michael Forest said there isn't a shot in the whole episode (Who Mourns for Adonais?) in which they are standing next to each other, and it's because Shatner's problem with Forest being a lot taller than him. John Crawford also recalled a similar experience with Shatner, who had hard time accepting him looking a lot taller than him on screen. Angelique Pettyjohn recalled when she was invited to read for the role of "a tough amazon woman" (for The Gamesters of Triskelion). She told the producers she's not an amazon, she's only 5'6", to which they replied: "Believe me, sweetie, next to Shatner, you will be an amazon!".
Anonymous1 said on 26/Oct/15
..forgot; I'm 50, and haven't lost any height at all. I have bad knees, almost no cartilage in one, and my weight goes from 180 to 210. I remain 6'0 to 6.5. I've met classmates who seem to have been washed in hot water and put in the dryer. Major shrinkage. But, my opinion is that they don't exercise, and slouch more and more, each year.
Anonymous1 said on 26/Oct/15
A few comments/replies to comments (just happened to see this post); 1) Indeed, Morgan Woodward is quoted as saying, in a huge Gunsmoke book I used to have, that he was 6'3 in his prime (s he went on to discuss Arness' height). So, 6'3 was right, Zippit. Woodward...great character actor. Parodied his persona on a Dukes of Hazzard ep. 2) Weight and, as another poster stated, someone's strut can make them look taller. Shatner looked great in an ep of The Big Valley. Very dapper. There's no doubt he is/was in the 5'8 to 5'9 range, but being thinner, having outfits that were form fitting but not overly tight, and having a less cumbersome toupee (early Star Trek eps) made hm look taller. 3) I can not watch TJ Hooker without mentally replacing the toupee he wore for that series, with his Star Trek hair and toupee. Very hard to take him seriously with that latter rug. 4) Personally, I like his acting. If he didn't "over" act, as many complain, he'd be just another boring actor.
Zippit said on 23/Oct/15
Here is my 2 cents....I'm age 56..and I have lost a half inch in I'm not surprised Capt Kirk may have too. In my mind Capt Kirk will always be a 6 footer. He is sooo handsome and strong, (looking). Hints of Shatner's vertical challenges are seen in the Star Trek episode in which he fights Starship captain Ron Tracey. Tracey is played by The very convincing bad guy...maybe of all time..Morgan Woodward!!! Woodward is billed as being 6 foot 3. Woodward is at least 7 inches taller than our handsome hero Kirk in the fight video. Love them both!! The man with no eyes - Morgan Woodward is still with us at age 90! And we all know that super handsome Bill Shatner of Price line fame is also still kicking at age 84! Cheers to the both of you!!
Travel said on 25/May/15
Was on a flight with him-not tall-5'6-5'7...
diavolo said on 24/Apr/15
It's a reported fact that Shatner wore lifts on Star Trek, so your 5'8" estimate is quite correct. The producers actually often joked about Shatner's height (or rather the lack of it) as well as his baldness and expanding waistline.
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 18/Apr/15
Shatner was 5 ft 9, 180 pounds at his prime. There is a solid 3 inches difference between 6 ft 0 Nimoy and Shatner. I assume both men wore 2 inch heels, but if Shatner had 3 inches, then he may have only been 5 ft 8 tops!
mc6809e said on 22/Mar/15
Watch a private little war. He appears to be about an inch taller than Nancy Kovak who is 5'8.5" Of course she's barefoot and he's wearing shoes. Funny, she's the only one in the story that's barefoot, a decision made possibly to increase the apparent difference in height between herself and Shatner.
Brad said on 2/Mar/15
1 foot after the wrath of not appearing at Nimoy's funeral by Trekkies.
J said on 5/Feb/15
I saw him about 10 years ago on a plane. He sat right in front of me. I was amazed how short he was. I am only 5'1", s
stompy said on 2/Jan/15
I'm 5'7" and Bill was pretty close to my height so I'm guessing 5'8"
Click Here
Sam said on 27/Oct/14
Just saw Kingdom of the Spiders and for some reason Shatner looked nearly six feet next to 6'4" Woody Strode...I think by that time (1977) Strode could have lost some height but hardly seemed to have aged from 10-15 years earlier. I think the more likely explanation is that Shatner had lifts in or on his cowboy boots, which fits everything we know about Shatner and his personality.
Rey said on 7/Oct/14
Those who claim that Shatner was 5'5"in the 70's...either never met him or cannot judge height.
Rey said on 5/Oct/14
Yes, due to age and a lot of horseback riding,the Shatman has lost a lot of height. Fine nine is extremely generous. I have followed his career since I was a kid. I have met him on several occasions. He had hip replacement and he is noticeably bow legged now. Five seven and 1/4 would be about right. In his prime he was close to five nine.
Robby D said on 22/Jul/14
Joan Collins in her biography described him as thick set and tall on there first meeting but on their second she noticed how short he was and says on set he wore shoes which elevated his height by three inches.
diavolo said on 21/Jul/14
In their book, Herb Solow & Bob Justman wrote that Shatner wore lifts to achieve his advertised height of 5'11". If you look at the Columbo episode he appeared on you can see how enormous lifts he had those days.

In the first season of Trek most of the other crew wore ca. 4 cm tall heels with Shatner wearing 5 cm (2-inch) heels plus lifts. Joan Collins mentioned how much shorter he was without his Captain Kirk boots.

Shatner was 5'8" in his prime, nowadays he is 5'6".
Brad said on 4/Jun/14
I should ask him this month but I need him to complete my '68 cast poster, he might get pissed. Nice guy in '75, '85, '90 when I met him but wouldn't sign. 5' 8.75" peak.
Ali said on 27/May/14
About 5 six. He is a short man. 5'8 is laughable.
diavolo said on 12/Apr/14
In The Brothers Karamazov, Yul Brynner (listed here as 5'8") was taller than Shatner (listed here as 5'9" in his prime). Of course, Brynner probably wore lifts or heels, but that still makes Shatner around 5'8" in his youth.
Merch said on 19/Feb/14
Shatner is very active on twitter, asked him a couple of times about his real height and the use of shoe lifts, never got a reply.
[Editor Rob: probably so many @tweets he only reads a small amount. fans keep him very wealthy, always sells a lot of autos/photos at events.]
avi said on 19/Dec/13
5'7 range now
diavolo said on 15/Nov/13
Herb Solow & Bob Justman wrote that Shatner wore lifts in Star Trek to achieve his advertised height of 5'11". He was ca. 5'8.5" back in the day, now in his 80s, he's closer to 5'6".
Meltdown said on 11/Oct/13
Most men lose their first inch between age 55 and 60, and then an additional inch every 15 years from then on. So if Shatner is over 80 now, he easily lost 2 inches. I'm going to say about 2.5 inches.

So if he was 5'9 peak height then he would be about 5'6.5 now. Time + Gravity = Shrinkage.
lyss said on 7/Oct/13
He is the height of 5 feet ten inches.
Rey said on 8/Jul/13
I met Bill back in 1992 at Star Trek convention. I would like to thank my Sgt. for allowing me to go to the Astrohall to the convention on my lunch break. Got to take a pic with him --only because I was on duty as an officer. He was reserved , but kind. He was wearing flat Italian made shoes. He was about 5'8" 1/2--my partner and I were asked to walk Shatner and Nimoy to their limos and we did. IT was an experience I will never forget. And I do have a picture.
Damascus said on 30/Jun/13
Lol I always thought he was 6 ft and Chris Pine would be 5 ft 9.
Nick said on 16/Jun/13
I'm surprised he's that tall, I always thought he was in the 5'6 area.
Brad said on 7/Mar/13
5' 7 3/4" '13. Elevator customs on Star Trek. DiFabrizio is correct.
Maximus Meridius said on 18/Jan/13
@leonari 82 and still going omg what's his secret.
leonari said on 15/Nov/12
I say he is below 5'8" these days. I mean come on the man will be 82 in march!
Parker said on 15/Nov/12
Vegas says on 15/Nov/12
rob and avery brooks Click Here
shatner and brooks end of october 2012 Click Here

Well its a bad angle,but using Avery's eye level Shatner, in his 80's, still looks close to 5'8 IMO.
Vegas said on 15/Nov/12
rob and avery brooks Click Here
shatner and brooks end of october 2012 Click Here
leonari said on 8/Nov/12
Nothing below 5'9 during OST in the 60's. Lost substantial height.
Vegas said on 24/Oct/12
rob did you get down the convention over the weekend with all the star trek captains??
[Editor Rob: wanted to, but couldn't afford it]
RisingForce said on 14/Oct/12
Shatner definitely didn't look more than 5'8", imo by the time he appeared on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air when he was 64. He didn't look that much taller than Alfonso Ribeiro who is probably between 5'5"-5'6", and Will Smith, who I think is 6'1" had at least 5 inches on him. But a good comparison would be Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in recent years since Rob met Leonard Nimoy.
Daniel said on 4/Oct/12
Watching the Shatner ep. of Columbo (which also features Walter Koenig), Shat. is quite a bit taller than Peter Falk, but there's a line in the show where a guy calls Shatner's character below average in height, or about the same size as Columbo. Also, in the scene between Koenig and Falk, Koenig is at least 1.5" taller. I've tried hard to look out for Shatner's shoes, but haven't seen any good shots. I don't know what any of this means, except that Falk must've been pretty short (which, in my opinion, just makes him even cooler) if Koenig was 5' 5"... And Shatner must be at least 5' 6".
avi said on 4/Aug/12
hes like 5'7 best now Rob never a true 5'9
BigT said on 27/Jul/12
Mr. R says on 19/Oct/11
Shatner is 5-6. I was with him at a movie premiere.

I thought he was 5´6" as well, but how does he then appear to be over 6´1" Jonathan Sadowski´s eyebrows in S*** my dad says? Either Shatner is taller or Sadowski is much shorter than 185 cm. Unless Shatner´s wearing lifts on the show and Sadowski is barefoot. How tall would you say Sadowski is?
IDK said on 17/Jun/12
Idk, but Shatner always looked like a strong 5'8" guy, at his peak, imo. Maybe a 174cm out of bed kind of guy.
RisingForce said on 10/Feb/12
Danimal says on 18/Oct/11
The average 80 year old male loses 2" in height. So whatever his peak height WAS, he is 2" shorter today.

Not necessarily, that's juat what the average loses. Some will lose mess, and some like Clint Eastwood will lose significantly more than the average 80 year old man. I'm not saying Shatner hasn't lost 2 inches, but I'm not sure he has either. He's definitely lost some height.
guyfrommars said on 15/Jan/12
Danimal: Yeah. He was 5'8.5" in his peak, and is 5'6.5" now.

I've just noticed his footwear in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It seems in the late-1970s, Shatner was still trying to look as tall as 5'11". He is wearing around 2.5" wedge heels, which are kinda obscured by his long trousers, but are visible in some scenes. The rest of the male cast (including 5'6" Walter Koenig) are wearing boots with normal heels, while all the females (including 5'8" Persis Khambatta) are wearing wedges with around 3" heels. One extra (a short girl) can be seen wearing ca. 4.5" wedges! Well, I must say, I can accept miniskirts, but wearing these in space... Oh, well, it was the '70s...
lorne said on 1/Nov/11
I doubt he was made 3 inches taller...

174-175cm peak for the captain.
Vegas said on 19/Oct/11
there is the clip of shatner with lawler and bret hart from feb 2010, bret looks about same height next to shatner as he does next to rob @ 2min 40secs Click Here
Mr. R said on 19/Oct/11
Shatner is 5-6. I was with him at a movie premiere.
Sean said on 18/Oct/11
I have a brother that stood behind him for a red eye at LAX back in the 80's and said he was 5 foot6, brother is 5 foot 9 1/2.
LAN Jiao said on 16/Oct/11
Mamun is taller after erect up upper body. Shatner is 5'7.5
guyfrommars said on 6/Aug/11
In his new documentary, The Captains, 6'0.5" Chris Pine is a good 6 inches taller than Shatner when they walk and stand next to each other. It means Shatner is around 5'6.5" nowadays, even shorter than I've thought. Althought, at the age of 80, it's not surprising. His peak height was around 5'8.5".
TruebloodFan said on 22/May/11
he's ~5ft7.5 nowadays. I believe he peaked @175cm, maybe 174cm.
guyfrommars said on 21/May/11
My opinion on the Star Trek cast heights (absolutely personal, not 100% accurate by any means):

Shatner 5'8.5"
Nimoy 5'11.5"
Kelley 5'10.5"
Doohan 5'8.5"
Takei 5'6"
Koenig 5'5"

Season 1
Shatner 5'11.5" (2" heels + 1" lifts)
Nimoy 6'1"
Kelley 6'
Doohan 5'10"
Takei 5'7.5"

Season 2
Shatner 5'10.5"
Nimoy 6'0.5"
Kelley 5'11.5"
Doohan 5'9.5"
Takei 5'7"
Koenig 5'6.5"

Season 3
Shatner 5'10.5"
Nimoy 6'
Kelley 5'11"
Doohan 5'9"
Takei 5'6.5"
Koenig 5'6.5"
Bob said on 11/Mar/11
Shatner's height is 5'8.5" barefoot and 5'9.5" in normal shoes
star trek yr 1: he wore 2 inch shoes 5'10.5"
yr 2: he had normal shoes and was 5'9.5"
yr 3: he had 1.5" shoes and was even 5'10"

Nimoy in yr 1: 5'11.5" barefoot, 6'1" in shoes
yr 2: normal shoes, Nimoy 6'0.5"
yr 3" normal shoes, nimoy 6'0.5"

Knew this guy who used to work for Paramount studios who said no one from the classic Star Trek was over 6'. He can confirm this from the costume designers.

Shatner 5'8.5"
Nimoy 5'11.5'
Candyman said on 19/Feb/11
He is not nearly 5'8"... I see 5'7.25" at the most
LG69 said on 31/Dec/10
I think he looks 5'7" or a bit more.
Brad said on 11/Dec/10
Big heels and crammed wedge with Spock.....looks taller than he is in scenes. Harlan Ellison gets creamed by Shatner cause he's 5' 4" tops.
me said on 10/Dec/10
Shatner has a tall upper body. When he wear lifts, they look natural because it balances out. When people like Downey Jr or Bieber wear them, they don't look right.
guyfrommars said on 29/Nov/10
This gives a nice insight and clear-up into the "Star Trek boots" question:
Click Here

It seems they varied between the taller (1.5 or 2 inch) Cuban heels version, and the flat one with small heels. The taller ones were used in season 1, while in the rest they sometimes appeared alongside the new, short versions. 5'6" Walter Koenig always wore the 2-inch version to make him look taller. Shatner also used this advantage occasionally. (See my comparison of Shatner's Cuban heels vs. Ricardo Montalban's flat boots in Space Seed.)

I've read Justman and Solow's book about his lifts and claimed 5'11" height. If the shoemaker is correct, and Shatner gained 3 inches, then he was 5'8" without his footwear.
El Chapo said on 28/Nov/10
Shatner 5'9 peak? Doubt it. According to Bob Justman and Herbert Solo who worked as producers on Star Trek, Shatner advertised himself as 5'11. They said the lifts he wore to achieve that height were so high that they distorted his posture and made his stomach stick out.

Joan Collins said she didn't even recognise him outside of the studio without the massive lifts (and hair pieces!).
jtm said on 27/Nov/10
mr.r is 5'11.5.
Adamz said on 13/Nov/10
Mr. R, how tall are you?
jtm said on 12/Nov/10
5'7.75 at his peak is spot on.
Legend said on 5/Nov/10
He was never 5'9. never. 5'7.75 at peak.
me said on 29/Oct/10

You can't really trust Shatner's height. He's a known lift wearer.
SonnyboySlim said on 29/Oct/10
Pre-Star Trek, Shatner was a Shakespearean actor in Canada... try to wrap your head around that, I know. In costuming, he was listed as 5'9" and 175 lbs. Today, I'd say about 5'8" and about 205.
Me said on 28/Oct/10
Shatner danced with Jimmy Kimmel tonight, and Shatner was barely 2 inches shorter...
Marcelo C. said on 6/Oct/07
Great Actor, and strong presence for Shatner !! He used to be thin, in a good shape and elegant too when walking. Altogether makes a distinguished elegant person, looking a bit taller. This used to be Will in the sixties.
Dr. McCoy said on 31/Aug/07
First of all, who cares if he is not really 5'11 or 'tall' as he appears in Star Trek? There are countless actors who gain height through forced perspective or shoe enhancements. Second, I tend to think he was somewhere in the 5'7'' to 5'8'' range just by eying objects around him. Standing next to Bones or Spock, he looks perhaps 1.5 to 2 inches shorter which would be inline with 2-3 inch lifts. Regardless, his performance as Captain Kirk was good enough to become iconic; Captain Kirk still today is a symbol of strength and bravery (unlike the faggy Picard).
fushizzledizzle said on 21/Jul/07
I think in his early days he hadn't fully made the transition from stage acting to TV acting. In stage acting you have to act for the people in the 50th row which requires over-expression. But on later TV shows he seemed a much more subtle actor having fully made the transition.
Al said on 20/Jul/07
When he wore lifts in Trek it made him stand swaybacked and look S shaped in profile - so said Bob Justman, producer of Trek, in his book on the show
Brad said on 15/May/07
I love how he puffs out his chest for that extra inch in every episode of every show he's ever done.
Genny said on 14/May/07
Shatner was about 5'9''. Wasn't wearing lifts. I'm 5' 4 and a half..5'7 in heels. He was taller. Has no doubt shrunk a bit now, but 5' 6'' ? No.
Tom z said on 12/May/07
sf why you say WS is a bad actor he won two emmys for boston legal....that is proof he a good actor.
neil mcewan said on 10/May/07
shatner wears a rug o.k. you only have to look at his hair in the 60's star trek days and 20 years later his hair is much thicker in t.j. hooker days.
MHouillon said on 18/Apr/07
@ Marco "there is no way he is 5'9" today"...

That's why Rob has listed the 5'9 as "WAS". Today he IS 172cm (5'7.75-5'8)-type.
Brad said on 13/Apr/07
I bet Nimoy loves being taller than him. I should ask him next week at a convention. Harlan Ellison is the real dink. I saw him in '75 in NYC just go wild upon Paramount....a few decades later he was still short and a dink. He's got some good Shatner tales.
Marco said on 12/Apr/07
A friend of mine who is a legit 6'1" met Shatner in a convention, there is no way he is 5'9" today, my friend had a seven inch height advantage over him.
glenn said on 22/Mar/07
i told you on the phone? or on the site?
sf said on 20/Mar/07
damn, I loved those Shatner stories...
glenn said on 19/Mar/07
oh i always have fun with him.always a story with him.
ellen said on 18/Mar/07
Hate to burst Billy-Boy's bubble - but my dad worked with him several times. He is only 5'7" - he wears frankenstein looking shoes - and he is a jerk.
website fun to be had: Click Here
sulldoggy said on 13/Mar/07
That comment about malnourishment effecting aging mens height? Bullsh-t! I eat like Shatner(unfortunately)and I've lost nearly an inch in height since my youth.
I'm 50 years old and 5'8", down from my football days of 5'9". Also, spine defects in men can affect height, shrinking discs, cartilage etc...
sf said on 5/Mar/07
Anybody seen the updated Star Trek's? That is, the old shows, digitally remastered? Special effects are good, but they can't seem to do anything about Shatner's bad acting or even worse toupee...
Brad said on 5/Mar/07
In the 60's the stealth heel was not around so Jim West & James Kirk wore big block heels. He pulled a Stallone height enhancer puffing out his chest and fillin' those lungs to get that extra inch.
Ade said on 13/Feb/07
In some scenes of Star Trek you can spot Bill wearing some HUGE heeled shoes (really funny sight by the way). He really was no taller than 5'9".
MHouillon said on 26/Dec/06
I think Shatner is a more a 171-172cm these days.
ShortNSweet said on 26/Dec/06
I thought we all realized that Bill was compact in stature. It's not about height, it's about how TALL you CARRY yourself; self confidence. In that regard, Bill is a 7 footer.
Brad said on 14/Dec/06
That's nice. Don't stand behind horses or in front of Romano.
William Shatner said on 9/Dec/06
Yes to all your questions. Regarding my age, I'm immortal.
Brad said on 9/Dec/06
Hey Bill? How old are you?
Kevin T said on 6/Dec/06
Much is made of shrinking--generally men, especially--um, shall we say well-fed men, like Shatner, who are well-nourished, do not lose much height with age. Women do, often because they overdiet and don't get enough calcium.

Weight and toupee jokes aside, Bill is a damn fine-looking man for his age. We should all be so lucky.
David said on 5/Dec/06
Shatner 173cm? in his dreams yes or with lifts yes!
Guys get serious,William is 5.7 tops!
Glenn said on 3/Dec/06
His music is so bad its actually good! entertaining for laughs.didnt know about the game show.
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/06
yea- more than dreadful. Embarrasing, but I'd guess that's William Shatner's middel name.
D. Ray Morton said on 2/Dec/06
"And, what's up with that new game show??"

Yeah, I often appreciate such displays of reckless excess (not to mention Bill Shatner's dancing), but that thing is just dreadful.
sf said on 1/Dec/06
Again - watch Boston Legal and he is clearly shorter than Spader by 2 inches. They don't even try to disguise it. He can't be over 5'8. And, what's up with that new game show??
Brad said on 1/Dec/06
Hi Bill. Did you and Heather ever do the cha-cha? Ever put on 3" cowboy boots and be 6' 1"? Ever go to Bob's Big Boy and have the vanilla shake? Have pizza with Gary Nardino? Get back the 10 million Paramount owes you for using you likeness '69-'79?
Glenn said on 2/Nov/06
Thats about right.he looked 5-10 to me 13 years 5-8ish.5-9 is possible.
Rackon said on 2/Nov/06
I've met Shatner many times over the past 20 years, stood next to him, talked with him while we were at horse shows and equine functions. We both raise and show American Saddlebred horses. (STOP right there - I know what yer thinkin! These are not western horses so Shatner isn't wearing cowboy boots anytime I'm around him - dress shoes or low heeled jod boots thank you very much.) He participates at an event I manage and he married an former neighbor of mine.

Bill's probably close to 5'9" in street shoes. I'm 5'11" and I don't especially look down on him. He may even have looked 5'10" in shoes back during his salad days. As many people do with age, he may be shrinking a bit. Last time I saw him was at the World Championship Horse show in Louisville KY the third week in August.

Unlike some celebs, Bill appears "life sized" to me in person, neither especially tall nor especially short. 5'8"+ so sounds about right to me.
Glenn said on 17/Oct/06
Hi did shrink a bit.with all due respect.
George H said on 16/Oct/06
Sure Bill, and I bet you weigh a lean 170 pounds, too! rofl
William Shatner said on 15/Oct/06
Hello, my name is William Shatner and I am 5 feet 10 inches tall.
Brad said on 17/Sep/06
He's 5' 8". He looked up at me and went "geezus". He's so funny even though he just is horrible to work with according to everybody. If you are coming out of Broadway in lead work and you get upstaged by a Vulcan a few years later, you'd be pissed off like a wet dog. My aunt worked for Andy Griffith and he was a dick also.
Glenn said on 10/Sep/06
In the early 90s he appeared 5-10 to lifts I guess.2001 he was 5-8.
Linda said on 9/Sep/06
I love the 'net. A whole site devoted to the height of celebrities. We ALL need to step away from the keyboard! Saying that, there is a commercial here in the UK for cereal. Shatner is in a police line-up and the height indication lines have him at 6". Hmmm. I wonder who insisted on that. I saw him at a theatre party in Toronto once, the guy's, like, 5'7". I towered over him at 5'10"

[Editor Rob: but if I step away from the keyboard my bank balance doesn't increase!]
sf said on 15/Aug/06
Heck - I think he comes off as arrogant even today in most of his interviews. Just seems to be kind of full of himself. I've never read anything good about the guy, really. His old Star Trek castmates mostly hated him.
Brad said on 10/Aug/06
Kirk did him in after '69. Crucified his casting calls much like Adam West who is a fine actor too. He got madder each decade.
George H said on 9/Aug/06
Only just noticed the comments on the various wigs and rugs. Man, that's hilarious stuff. You're all right when you ask "what the hell do these celebs think? That nobody will notice? rofl But then, a Trump combover is not all that, either.
Shatner always comes across as a guy with a great sense of humor. I didn't know he was such an arrogant prick. Did know he's about as wide as tall (or short) these days!
Brad said on 9/Aug/06
5' 8" when I met him. Not a nice guy. He lightens up if you say his work in T.J. Hooker was good and not mention Star Trek. Great sense of humour though. "Romano is chasing girls, he's not here, he's chasing girls"...then a raised eyebrows look with his pupils buried to the top his eyes. I almost died laughing.
dingdong said on 6/Aug/06
yea looking at him with micheal j. fox being 5'4 shatner really does look about 5'7
Rick Allen said on 27/Jul/06
5'6 to 5'7 (yeah, 5'9 to 5'10 with lifts)
Glenn said on 20/Jul/06
Yeah thats Shatner.rude and nervous.
Dave said on 19/Jul/06
I met Shatner on the graham Norton Show, he is 5'7' as im 6ft its easy to judge when you are chatting to him. Oh and hes as arrogant as everyone says, spoiled my hero image of him! I was with him before he went on and he was as nervous as hell.
Glenn said on 21/Jun/06
You know,I kind of remember that episode from 25 years ago.
Parker said on 21/Jun/06
THe Columbo episode appears to be on virtually every week in the UK. In my opinion, Shatner always appeared to have at least 2 inches on Falk with or without his 'lifts' as per storyline. Unlike Robert Conrad, who looked about the same height as Falk in the Columbo episode he appeared in. I'd say Falk was around 5'6, but has absolutely awful posture - may be 5'7 if he stood up straight.
Glenn said on 21/Jun/06
Plummer did a play here for a week.didnt have time to they share rugs too?
Frank2 said on 20/Jun/06
Plummer is about 5'8". He wore huge lifts in The Sound of Music as well as The Fall of the Roman Empire. He also wears a rug.
Glenn said on 20/Jun/06
How tall is Plummer? I wish I had that Columbo episode.wait,how tall is Falk?
guyfrommars said on 19/Jun/06
In the old episode of Columbo he plays a short actor wearing elevator shoes. When he takes the shoes off he looks not an inch taller than Peter Falk. On the other hand Christopher Plummer says in an interview on the Star Trek VI DVD that he and Shatner were almost the same size so Shatner could wear his clothes when he stood in for him once in Henry IV (or V?? i don't remember that... :-))

This man could be 5'6" as well as 5'9". In Star Trek he was between 5'11" and 6' wearing 3" lifts. My guess that he is most possibly 5'8".
deanna said on 18/Jun/06
Last year (Fall, 2005) my brother & I met Bill Shatner. I'm just under 5'7" & my brother is a tat under 5'9". Of all the things to talk about, my brother & Shatner got talking about shoes; they had on almost the same sneakers. At some point, both men took off their shoes to compare I don't know what, lol. Anyway, I'd say, from my vantage point of about 2-3 feet away that my brother & Shatner were the same height in their socks, so unless Shatner had on "magic" socks....

By the way, Mr. Shatner could not have been a nicer, down-to-earth person. He was polite, friendly & had a great sense of humor (qualities much more important than one's height I might add).
Glenn said on 15/May/06
Yeah,but he shot up to a possible 5-9 and shrunk down to 5-8 in the last 10 years.
albert said on 14/May/06
At a party over the weekend - I just met a woman who's mother went to school with Shatner in Canada when he was in school. She said everyone teased this short little kid because he wanted to be an actor. Kids 5'10" or 5'8" aren't teased. Kids 5'6" are. He was a short Jewish kid that wanted to be an actor. He did and made millions!
Glenn said on 4/May/06
Nimoy was mean to my friends for years.nothing to do with touching him.
TJ said on 3/May/06
I think Tony went nuts years ago Frank :-) Man, that's a terrible wig though. At least Shatner's recent wig on Boston Legal looks believable. Tony should take a leaf out of his book.
Frank2 said on 30/Apr/06
I understand Tony rents it out space under it to visiting black widow spiders. Remember the famous old tale that Truman Capote liked to tell Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show about a woman who never washed her hair, but instead kept it sprayed down on her head? It seems she kept getting sicker and sicker and finally doctors discovered she had a nest of black widows living in her hair that were occasionally biting her scalp! I never bought that tall tale, but Truman got a kick out of telling it.

If you think Tony's rug looks awful, you should see the tacky outfits he wears and especially the shoes. I sometimes wonder if celebs have a brain under their toupees.
sf said on 30/Apr/06
Just weighing in, but I gotta agree Tony Curtis' rug is pretty bad.
Glenn said on 29/Apr/06
Well,who has the worst? I say that dead silver fox on Tony Curtis head that gives him 3 inches.
Mikex said on 29/Apr/06
With the Nimoy thing Glenn some people are uncomfortable with being touched so maybe he walked off because you put your arm around him. Doesn't necessarily mean he's unpleasant.
Elio said on 29/Apr/06
'Celebrugs' is a great idea.

Maybe instead of a height listing (and peak height) you could have a 'Norwood Scale' value for each celeb.

[Editor Rob: what a bad wig = 10, good wig = 1 and people can vote etc on the scale of 'wigality'?

hmm, more likely to get some 'stick' on a site like that, and you'd need to arrange some deal with a few agencies to try to get use of pics on the cheap]
Glenn said on 28/Apr/06
You forgot the silver fox! ready to start the celebrugs with me Frank!
Frank2 said on 28/Apr/06
Lets see.....along with Shatner we'd list Gary Cooper, Edward G. Robinson, Humphrey Bogart, George Raft, Preston Foster, Brian Donlevy, Paul Lukas, Charles Boyer, Burt Reynolds, Billy Zane, Jude Law, Lorne Greene, Robert Montgomery, William Powell, Robert Douglas, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn, Robert Armstrong, John Astin, Alan Ladd, Robert Duvall, Lee J. Cobb, Basil Rathbone, José Ferrer, Warren Stevens, Donald Crisp, Barry Sullivan, Edward Arnold, Lionel Atwill, Akim Tamiroff, Dean Jagger, Stephen McNally, Ricardo Montalban, and on and on and on...

Oh, and as far as women go, Ida Lupino suffered from alopecia and had to wear full wigs as well as glued-on eyebrows and eyelashes. Most actresses wore wigs since it was easier for them to play a specific role calling for a certain length of hair, style and color. Hitchcock had most of his leading women wear wigs and blonde ones at that. Tippi Hedren told me she had to have this complete blonde wig attached for her roles in both Marnie and The Birds. Tippi has a nice full head of blonde hair of her own, but it didn't suit Hitch since he wanted her to have a much lower hairline. Hitch had a particular vision of how he wanted his leading ladies to look which many believe was to resemble Grace Kelly. But in films Grace did for Hitch she also wore wigs!
Danny said on 27/Apr/06
Are you counting the extra inches of his toupee as well?

[Editor Rob:, maybe I'll do an offshoot site...toupee or not toupee...frank2 would love such a site!]
MHouillon said on 19/Apr/06
Current Height 172-173cm,
WAS 175cm in his heydays
Frank2 said on 1/Apr/06
McQueen was a no BS guy. He hated pretense. He liked people who were straight shooters. He despised sycophants and leaches. I just wish I had the opportunity to get to know him better, but I wasn't into racing dirt bikes and cars so he didn't exactly look on me as a close friend. McQueen liked guys who shared his interests. Then later he got scewed up on drugs and let his health go to hell. But I understand that towards the end he became deeply religious as well as very spiritual. He was basically a good soul.
Glenn said on 1/Apr/06
But you met alot of sweet ones too Frank? I always could tell Mcqueen was a gentleman.
Frank2 said on 1/Apr/06
Yes, Glenn, I've unfortunately know a lot of jerks in the biz. Many of today's so called stars are unpleasant, not particularly bright, clueless wastes of skin.
Glenn said on 1/Apr/06
Yes,he wears lifts.yes,he needs love my carpet cleaner on his rug,and yes I HAVE seen him look 5-10 as well ! and yes,5-8 in sneakers,shorts,sans lifts.5-6 to 5-10 is possible,but not easy.
Glenn said on 1/Apr/06
I said that cause he has been mean to me and my friends many times.what about you? any jerkoff encounters?
Frank2 said on 31/Mar/06
"Yeah,nimoy is a piece of garbage.I had my arms around nimoy and Deforest Kelly for a photo,and nimoys walks out the photo.thank god I have kelly."

Well, he wasn't exactly friendly when I met him, but he was polite. Your story reminds me of my former assistant at Fox who attended a screening of some film noir movie that starred Farley Granger. The actor turned up at the screening so my assistant took along a poster he had just purchased on ebay of a Granger film. When he appraoched Granger and inquired if he would sign his poster, Granger looked at him and said, "No, I don't think so." and walked away. Some actors are just plain jackasses.
RedBull said on 31/Mar/06
Hmm, everyone thinks 5ft8 eh?...
I remember a picture of him standing next to Candice Bergman and Sandra Bullock
They were wearing flats , If Sandra is 5ft7 then shatner seemed no taller, if not a half inch shorter than Sandra which would = Shatner 5'6.5"

The truth is all we can do is guess. the only way to REALLY know is to measure them yourself. Hmm... would Tom Cruise let me measure him? I doubt it,lol.
Drooperdoo said on 31/Mar/06
Glenn, re-read my comment below about Ben Stiller and Shatner in "Dodgeball". I said that Stiller--comfortable with himself--doesn't wear lifts. Everyone knows Shatner does. So if both men are 5'6'', Shatner--who wears lifts--appears 5'8'' in public. So I myself agree that he LOOKS 5'8''. But I--unlike you--think that the man lives in lifts. You're apparently under the delusion that he never wears them. (I have YET to see him in public without lifts or cowboy boots.) So that's just a difference of opinion: We BOTH agree he LOOKS 5'8''. You just give him more credit than I do. Perhaps you think his hair is real, too. Bwa-ha-ha-ha
Glenn said on 31/Mar/06
Yes,and then he sent the klingons after me!
sf said on 31/Mar/06
Glenn, did Nimoy give you the Vulcan Mind Meld?
Glenn said on 31/Mar/06
Really? I havnt seen an episode of Star Trek in 20 year.Im dying to see this now!
sf said on 30/Mar/06
Watch how Shatner always walks or runs in Star Trek, always kind of hunched over like he's trying not to fall over. Seriously.. I noticed before I ever knew he wore lifts.
Glenn said on 30/Mar/06
Yeah,nimoy is a piece of garbage.I had my arms around nimoy and Deforest Kelly for a photo,and nimoys walks out the photo.thank god I have kelly.
Glenn said on 30/Mar/06
We all agree shatner is 5-8.nimoy is close to 6-1 and mustve had superior footwear when I met him giving the illusion of the 6-3 I used to read.and Rob agrees at shatner looking close to 5-11 on STAR TREK.
Glenn said on 30/Mar/06
Read what Rob says.I met nimoy,and to me he was at least 6-2.

[Editor Rob: he still to me looked to have good posture in his later years...I was actually expecting him to have shrunk a bit. Shame he wasn't doing any photos though...]
Drooperdoo said on 29/Mar/06
Glenn, on this site Leonard Nimoy is listed at 6'1'', not 6'3''. And, no, Shatner never looked 5'11''--not even on Star Trek. He looked like a stocky 5'9''. And guess what: The guy who made his lifts said he gave Shatner 3 extra inches. 9 minus 3 = 6. P.S.--I know you've met a lot of stars. But drop the 'tude. Just because you've met them doesn't mean you've seen them with their shoes off.

[Editor Rob: I think Frank2 estimate Nimoy 183cm, I personally thought he still in 70's looked strong 6fter...]
sf said on 29/Mar/06
Nimoy aint 6'3"!!!!!! But, I do believe Shatner's about 5'8"
Parker said on 29/Mar/06
I saw that Columbo episode and Shatner always looked taller than Falk to me with or without his lifts - 5'8 seems about right
Frank2 said on 29/Mar/06
By the way, Nimoy is not 6'3". Never was and never will be. He's a little over 6'. I met him back in 1991 and we spoke when he attended the music scoring session at Fox for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. He was only slightly taller than me. Shatner didn't show up, but I've seen him on other occasions and he's no more than 5'8". Now as old age sinks in along with packing on so many pounds I doubt he's now any more than 5'7". Watch the old 1961 film Judgement at Nuremberg. In it Shatner is shorter than 5'10" Richard Widmark and is about the same height as 5'8" Spencer Tracy. And back then Shatner didn't wear lifts.
Glenn said on 28/Mar/06
Cause Ive seen him in shorts and sneakers and studied his ankles,and there were no lifts.OK? do you realise who your talking to? Ive met 2000 celebrities in 16 years in the flesh,not on some TV screen.have you ever met shatner? I have a million times and in the early 90s he looked 5-10.that was probably please,spare me.when you say you saw both of them,where? on TV? shatner used to be listed at 5-11,which is a lie for sure,but in no way is he 5-6.and How did he look 5-11 in STAR TREK next to a 6-3 nimoy? 5 inch lifts? was 3 inch lifts.
Drooperdoo said on 28/Mar/06
Glenn, You've seen Shatner in bare feet? --Please tell us in what context. If you haven't seen him in actual bare-feet, how can you seriously claim that he's 5'8'' without his lifts? (P.S.--Shatner appeared in an old Colombo episode, and Peter Falk says that--without lifts--they're both 5'6''. With lifts, he's 2-3 inches taller than Falk.) I saw the episode, I saw both men. Falk is INDEED Shatner's height when Shatner's not wearing his built-up shoes. Is Falk 5'9'', too? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha
Glenn said on 28/Mar/06
Shatner is 5-8 barefoot.Deforest in 1994 looked 5-10 to me in cowboy he shrunk.Rob-I never sent these pics?

[Editor Rob: no, I'd never seen that one, got Shatner once?]
Drooperdoo said on 28/Mar/06
TNTinCA, You said that Shatner was "clearly" taller than Ben Stiller in "Dodgeball". Of course, he was: Shatner wears lifts, Stiller doesn't. Without his lifts, he's 5'6''. With them, he's 5'8''-5'8''1/2.
TNTinCA said on 27/Mar/06
5'8" is accurate I think. He was clearly taller than Ben Stiller in Dodgeball.
ivan jones said on 2/Mar/06
they say deForest kelly was 5ft10 and on star trek william shatner was 5ft11 but on star trek deForest Kelly always looked taller than william shatner
Anthony said on 15/Jan/06
I met William Shatner through a mutual friend. I stood directly in front of him and shook his hand. I am 5'8 almost bang on (a couple of hairs taller). I was wearing flats and Shatner was wearing runners. We were very close to the same height. I am a huge Shatner fan and paid extra close attention to this detail. Trust me, he is no more than 5'8 (in shoes)
deke said on 12/Jan/06
Check out the old "Columbo" episode and see Shatner next to Peter Falk, and tell me you still think he's as tall as 5'11". He's more like 5'8", since on that Columbo he was not significantly taller than Falk, which surprised the heck out of me.
Glenn said on 11/Jan/06
he's 5-8 in bare feet.
Jack said on 5/Jan/06
Shatner is 5'7". Just watch 3rd Rock from the Sun and he is dwarfed by the 6ft Kristen Johnson by at least 4 inches.

Shatner wears lifts on tv.
mstro said on 27/Nov/05
I am a Chiropractor, I saw Shatner at a chiropractic convention not more than a couple of feet away from me about 2 years ago. I am 5'7". He had on shoes that I can only describe as looking like bowling shoes, I found this in odd contrast to his suit. Of course, the bit he was shooting was done with him sitting down behind a desk so perhaps this was a comfort thing. I paid particular attention to his height and I'd say he was easily 5'9" and most likely 5'10". His shoes didn't appear to me like they would be supporting any lifts especially given the excess weight he was sporting, looked more like an orthopedic thing.
Heightfind said on 16/Oct/05
I think Shatner WAS 5'9" in his 40's. His footwear + lifts took him close to 6 feet tall. In the Columbo episode from 1976, Shatner was 46 yrs old and was involved in a scene where he runs across his courtyard in flat sandals to dispose of the gun.He is definitely not a midget in that scene,probably at least 5'9". 46 is still too young to lose any discernibe height due to age. Furthermore,the episode of Star Trek from 1969 - the one featuring the Roman styled planet -Shatner and Nimoy are dressed in togas and sandals - Kirk is perhaps 3 inches shorter than Spock in those scenes - he doesn't look small at all - quite respectable height, in fact. Nowadays, he is 75 and looks very round-shouldered and puffy.He is mabye an inch shorter than he used to be - no more,but it looks more because he is heavier and more stooped.
MHouillon said on 15/Oct/05
Okay, Mr. R : William Shatner is in fact not larger than 9 inches! He is just as big as a Yorkshire Terrier. But he makes us believe he is bigger than this.
Mr. R said on 13/Oct/05
I stand by my sighting. I saw him at the Osmosis Jones premiere, as he walked past me to his limo. I say he is between 5'6" and 5'7".
MHouillon said on 12/Oct/05
Shatner is a bit short, ok. He wears lifts, right. But he is not 171cm short (not in Tom Cruise range). He's more in the Phil Collins range or a bit more:
I'd say Bill Shatner WAS 5'9.5 (177cm) during his 60's-StarTrek-time and has shrunk to 5'8.5" (174cm) now. During his last Spock&Kirk movie "Star Trek VI: The undiscovered country" (1989) he stood many times beside 6'1" Leonard Nimoy.
He was a solid inch shorter, about 6'0" (183cm) then, maybe 5'11.5" (182cm). Reduce the lift and the 4 cm heeled Starfleet-boots and we are at 5'8.5" (174cm) minimum. (Spock did wear the same Starfleet boots, but that would mean that Shatner wasn't 174 but 178 which isn't. (Perhaps Shatner had higher heels special added to his boots and Nimoy's heels were flat.) But that still brings Shatner to 174cm.

DEAR ROB !!! : If William Shatner really is 171cm and he lifts himself up to about 6'0"/5'11.5" (=11-12cm difference) his belt-line would be much too high in comparison to other actors (f.e. Nimoys) and that would have looked ridiculous!!!

It would be really consequent if you change his hieght to a more realistic 174cm.

[Editor Rob: this is one height I keep meaning to come back to as 171 maybe is a tad short, even though Mr R will argue he's no bigger than 169cm ;)

I was looking at recent pics of him beside Leonard Nimoy and you know having seen nimoy up close and then looking at shatner beside him I will regrade shatner...]
Viper652 said on 6/Oct/05
The shrinking factor is overblown with age. Most people stay the same or shrink to maybe a half to an inch.

[Editor Rob:

"Dr Garry Egger explained that at about the age of 30 we start to rapidly decrease in height, and by the time we are 50 or 60 years of age we may already be considerably shorter.

The results of a study carried out over 50 years were recently released, and they showed that the average man will be 6cm (2 1/2") shorter by the time he reaches 80 years of age. In fact, the taller the man, the more height he is likely to lose over his lifetime. Women lose an average of 10cm (4") by the time they reach 80 years of age, no matter how tall or short they were to start with"

I dunno, maybe they were bored and made this study up ;)

I think posture plays a big role in people appearing visually much shorter than what they'd be if measured.
Duncan said on 5/Oct/05
Shatner is 75. People shrink as they age. He could have been 5-10 when he was 35. It would be normal for him therefore to be somewhat shorter due to age. So 5-7 as a 75 year old guy. %-10 when he was 35 and Captain Kirk.

[Editor Rob: I will give Shatner 5ft 9 in his heyday...]
Viper652 said on 23/Sep/05
Mr R. says he is 5-6. I think he looks it now in pics and on TV.
Danjo said on 22/Sep/05
Say what you will, but unless he shrunk 3 inches in the past seventeen years, he's 5'9" tall. I didn't merelyt pass him in a hall somewhere, I worked with him for two weeks when he was wearing various shoes etc.
Parker said on 27/Aug/05
Just watched an episode of Columbo - not the older one, but 90's episode 'Butterfly in shades of Gray' Shatmer looks to have a min of 2 inches, max 3 inches on Peter Falk - his footwear 'looked' normal - I'd say 5'8 give or take a half inch
CelebHeights Editor said on 15/Aug/05
100% proof that Shatner was 6ft 1 ;) Seriously, watching Boston Legal recently you know he really does look (hard to tell his footwear) to be 173-4cm!!!
MHouillon said on 25/Jul/05
^Shatner wears lifts, ofcourse. But he's 5'8.5" though.
Danjo said on 5/Jul/05
I was an extra in Star Trek V in 1988. Shatner Directed and stood next to me and my friend many times (as did Nimoy, Deforest Kelly and George Takei) Here's the deal: Shatner is 5'9" tall. He was wearing loafers next to my friend of 5'9" and also the same Rebok boots in costume. They were exactly the same height. Shatner was 57 years old then. Nimoy, was very tall. At least 6'1" tall if not a bit more. Kelly was about 5'10.5" or so and Takei was about 5'6" tall.

[Editor Rob: I agree that Nimoy was for sure 6ft tall..and looking at recent pics of him and Shatner I cannot see shatner currently being less than 171cm. Just my opinion of course ;)]
Mr. R said on 5/Jul/05
Shatner is about 5'6". I stood next to him at a premiere.
MHouillon said on 12/Jun/05
Bill Shatner is 5'8".
ducttape said on 20/May/05
I had lunch with him a couple weeks ago with a group of people who had nothing better to do but fly to LA to have lunch. I'm 5'4" and a half, and he's slightly taller than me, best guess 5'7". The hat didn't help. Nice guy.
Mr. R said on 3/May/05
Sorry Bob, I saw Mr. Shatner in the flesh, and I stand by my 5'6" report. I actually think that in his old age, he is not wearing the elevators anymore.
bob said on 2/May/05
shatner might have elevator shoes but he is taller than 5'6" or 5'7". He's about 5'10" with shoes, now of course.also remember that he's older and doesnt have the best posture.
Mr. R said on 18/Apr/05
Oh well, sue me Mr. Shatner! Oh, but wait. Is that the sound of the shortened height chart I hear? Oh, and could it be the return of the gigantic elevator shoes? Take that you height scoffers!
Issheuhboy said on 5/Apr/05
I've just seen Shatner in that cereal advert, and he's doing the old Tom Cruise trick on the height chart thing, where he hovers just below six foot because they've moved the lines! Still, a great guy, and a big hero of mine.

[Editor Rob: lol, I seen that advert too! The master of maintaing his 5ft 11 listing ;) ]
Mr. R said on 20/Mar/05
But if Stallone isn't wearing elevators, doesn't this support my view of Shatner? He is at least 2 inches shorter. Eventually, I will have vindication about Kingsley, Mohr, and Ruffalo and their membership in the 5'6" club!

[Celebheights Editor: yes there's another shot of his shoes from behind and they really don't look like they have a concealed lift...not the type of shoe. I dread to meet you Mr R, because I've been a member of the 5ft 8 club since age 14...I fear on meeting you I will have to join the same club as Ruffalo/Shatner ;) I will say in The Last Castle, given Redford is max 5ft 9.5 Ruffalo did look close to the 5ft 7 club in that film...]
Mr. R said on 19/Mar/05
Okay, I've got to know - what is a crude height lister? I only give heights on people that I have met in the flesh. I am 5'11.5 on the button, and I estimate from a comparison to my height. I truly do not try to shrimp these folks for my own benefit. I have been sending my observations to the celebrity heights editor for awhile, and he often disputes my claims, based upon snapshots. However, on several occassions, he has come around to my observations. A good example is Shatner. I agree that onscreen he seems much taller. When I reported my observations to our editor last year, he seemed surprised when I reported Shatner as 5'6". But now that we have James Spader to compare him with, who we know to be about 5'9", and my estimate does not seem that far off.
Mysterio said on 19/Mar/05
He definately crosses me as the type of guy who would wear lifts...I think Bill's ego is definately much bigger than his 5'7" tops height. 5'6"-5'7", but no taller! I can definately believe Mr. R's (a VERY crude height lister) account that Shatner is no taller than 5'6", and given the fact that Shatner's ego is SO big I would agree that he should be listed at 5'6". Maybe at this peak he was 5'7", but now he is probably at 5'6".
Mr. R said on 19/Mar/05
Nope, Shatner is not above 5'6".
John said on 19/Mar/05
Shatner is about 5'8" tall. I stood next to him at a Star Trek Convention in Toronto.
Drooperdoo said on 12/Mar/05
Shatner is only about 5'6''. There is even an episode of "Columbo" where Shatner stars as a killer. The key to the case is the killer's height. To Shatner's credit, he allowed himself be portrayed as a short actor who wore lifts. As it turned out the angle of the gun-shot assigned the killer's height to about that of Columbo [5'6'']--and Shatner, without lifts, was indeed Columbo's height. [P.S., the Hollywood cliche is that actors "take two years off their age and add two inches to their height." --So even your report that Leonard Nemoy is 6'1'' is a publicist's fabrication. He's really about 5'11''.]
Mr R said on 14/Feb/05
He walked past me at the Osmosis Jones premiere, and he is not a shade over 5'6".

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