How tall is Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana's Height

5ft 6 ½ (168.9 cm)

American Actress best known for playing Uhura in Star Trek and it's sequel, Into Darkness. She can also be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, Takers, Columbiana and The Losers. She claimed "I'm Five-seven"
This is how much I weigh [115 pounds], it's something I can't control, it's who I am. I've always been a very thin frame, I was a ballet dancer. I don't think it was to make an issue of my weight. I think it was to say for a lightweight person, I seem to be really strong-minded.

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Average Guess (33 Votes)
5ft 6.25in (168.3cm)
5'7 and a fraction said on 29/Aug/23
Gotta be honest, I was quite surprised to find out she actually this tall (5'6 1/2). I had always pictured her as someone a lot shorter, like 5'2 - 5'3. Then again being constantly around guys over 6'0 like Pratt, Batista, Vin Diesel (not) is gonna make her seem that way. Especially being around a a tall woman like Karen Gillan will add to that illusion.
Roberto N said on 31/Dec/22
She definitely looks at least 5’7 in Avatar 2.
Realist said on 20/Dec/22
She is 5'6 and 115 pounds. Being thin and wearing 4-inch heels makes her seem taller. In this picture she's wearing 4 inch heels.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Nov/19
Simon Pegg is average!
SD172 said on 7/Apr/19
In this video,:Click Here She says from 1:39 She says I'm 5'7 with a believable level o certainty and Zach Galifianakis SAYS IT MUST BE NICE...which means he realises what it's like to be next to a tallish woman
Nik said on 3/Dec/18
This is an excellent photo for height comparisons!
Truthteller24 said on 2/Aug/18
I am going to guess she is 5'5.5 because when I seen a lot of celebrities who were NOT athletes they tended to be smaller. At just above 5'5 she can weigh 115 but be real thin she has some lean muscle on her frame as well
Nik said on 3/Jul/18
I am confident Zoe is at least her stated height!
Leno179 said on 12/Jun/18
Closer to 5'6 than to 5'7, perfect listing.
Tall Sam said on 17/Apr/18
She strikes me a leaning closer to 5'6" than 5'7" range. That's what she looks in heels in the top photo.
Pop00 said on 25/Jul/17
Close to 5'7
Karen said on 18/Mar/17
Actually Alice's high heels seems a lot bigger than Zoe's.
184.3cmJeff said on 28/Jan/17
Saw her in the film columbiana good actress looked in the 168-170cm range! So beautiful too
T.N.T. said on 1/Aug/15
Rob, you for real? You've got Alice Eve shorter than Zoe Saldana.. Anyway, both women are short and all this 5foot7 stuff is in the least asinine. If Zoe and Alice are as 'tall' (what a travesty of the term 'tall') as stated here, then for logic's sake place the real and truly tall women as 8feet tall. It's ludicrous that Karen Gillian is only 5foot10 and Saldana is circa 5foot7.. At least inflate Karen's height as well because she is light years taller than all these inflated heights for mere hobbits. Here is the point where the real tall women fall down laughing (yes, here you can state them as short as these Saldana folk; when they bend they may be as short as Saldana and all these people who claim such ridiculous heights). It's high time our intelligence is no longer undermined.
az said on 7/Jun/15
Worked with her. 5'5".
Mike said on 6/Dec/14
5ft 6.5 seems right.
Mike said on 6/Dec/14
Can you add more movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Takers Rob?
Arch Stanton said on 19/Nov/14
Rob you might want to fix the Quinto link to his actual page.
Alice 5'2 said on 29/Jul/14
In the movie Colombiana her love interest described her as 5'6 I guess that 5'5 or 5'5 and a half it's her real height...
Emily said on 26/Nov/13
I do think her head does look small. How tall does she looks in the heels there?
Zac's probably like closer to 6ft 2 there considering his footwear.
Emily said on 10/Nov/13
I always thought Quinto's head looked kinda big. Obviously you can only give a vague estimation, but how long would you say his head looks? 9,5 inches? And in comparison to Zoe?
Editor Rob
9.5 to 9.75 maybe. Zoe's doesn't look small maybe almost 9 inch
Nadya said on 12/Aug/13
How can all these people think she is 5"7?? In all the pics shes standing next to women 5"4 and 5"5 and is neck and neck with them. She is no way 5"7 lol. I am amazing at guessing height. She is 5"5 and weighs in at 115, 110. Rob, help me out here?? In the pic you posted with Alice Eve who is 5"5 anyway they look the same height. 5"5 TOPS. I would bet $1000 I am so sure. Besides her arm and leg length dont even look like the length of someone 5"7.
Duhon said on 22/May/13
Her weight was reported at 115 lbs recently in a magazine. Does that look accurate based on her height and how her physique appears?
Editor Rob
maybe a few pounds heavier
mina said on 16/Apr/13
Zoe is 5'6.Here she is with Nina Dobrev-Click Here
Or Nina is 5'6-5'7 like she claims.Because they are about the same height in this photo.
Angie said on 6/Sep/12
She's 5'7 all the way
theblacklab said on 30/Jul/12
A great height. This is what I want to be once I'm fully grown. I think Zoe is a common example of someone "rounding up" their height (to 5'7"); not to inflate it out of insecurity, but simply because 5'7" is easier to say than 5'6.5". However, I could believe that Zoe is 5'6" dead, as she looks above average, but not necessarily "tall", despite being so slender.
Kik said on 6/Jan/12
She is 5.7 according to Pride magazine October 2010 and she looks so.
amanda said on 25/Sep/11
No SHE was not said to be 5 6 in the movie. Her character was.
zabir said on 29/Aug/11
i think she is around 5'6. She is described as 5'6 in the colombiana movie.
Jess said on 27/Aug/11
Zoe Saldana look's to be a legit 5'7. Here is an interview she did on Chelsea Lately (Chelsea is 5'6)- Click Here
What/ said on 15/Aug/11
"At first I thought she was about 5'7 too because seriously she's strikingly gorgeous especially those legs"

So if someone is good looking to you, it means they have to be tall?
5'4 girl said on 21/Jun/11
nah, i think shes a solid 5'7
G For Girl said on 6/May/11
Shes 166 Cm for sure
jtm said on 15/Nov/10
i agree that she is not 5'7 but 5'4 seems too low for her.
Ha said on 13/Nov/10
Have to agree with Dane about the photo taken with the Star Trek's crew members. At first I thought she was about 5'7 too because seriously she's strikingly gorgeous especially those legs. Anyway, she wore heels of 3 inches or so in that picture and if accurate, she looked slightly taller than Ab (who is around 5'7 and 1/2) and about an inch shorter than Pegg and Cho (both 5'10).
Calob Adams said on 12/Nov/10
Lexie, where and how did you meet her.
mma fan said on 18/Aug/08
at least 6'6. He was 1+ taller than Bob Sapp in pros vs joes. H eshould be upgraded to 6'6. Nothing less makes any sense
Shaq is 7'1" said on 11/Mar/08
Allan looks like a legit 6'6" here with 6'4.25" Jamal Crawford and 6'5.5" Quentin Richardson
Click Here

However in this picture with Crawford he looks more like 6'4.75" or 6'5"
Click Here

The heights of some of Allan's former teamates are

Larry Johnson- 6'5.5"
Kurt Thomas- 6'7.75"
Latrell Sprewell- 6'4.5"

Any comparisons to those players would probably give us an idea if he is more 6'6" or more 6'5".
Shaq is 7'1" said on 1/Jan/08
Derek that measurement was bs. the players they didn't measure they just knocked off 3 cm or 1 1/4 inches. Vince Carter measured 6'5.5" in the 1998 pre-draft camp but was listed 195 cm at the 2000 Olympics because they knocked 3 cm off his listed height of 6'6". 6'11" listed Kevin garnett was also listed 207 cm in the 2000 Olympics.
Derek said on 19/Jul/07
Allan was measured at 6'4 3/4" at the Olmypics.
Pop said on 20/Mar/07
Houston is much taller than Glenn and it is very hard to say how much he is tall. I'm sure that Houston is at least 6'5'' tall.
Glenn said on 17/Nov/06
Thats about right Alex.
Alex said on 16/Nov/06
Glenn, how tall did he look to you in shoes? He looks 6'6 plus in shoes there with you.
Alex said on 7/Nov/06
Is it true that a few NBA players have had their height listed barefoot because they wanted too? Houston could be one. He's minimum 6'5 but can appear 6'6.
Derek said on 26/Aug/06
allan does look close to 6'6" but not quite. 6'5 1/2" sounds about right.
Alex said on 4/Aug/06
Looks a solid 6'5 guy there with Glenn, maybe closer to 6'5.5 but no 6'6.
Gonzalo said on 23/Mar/06
NBA heights are normally listed with shoes on. So Mr. Houston is 6`5, because he was always listed as 6`6. He was a superb shooter
Glenn said on 22/Mar/06
Im not a sport fan and dont have much.but you will see more.thanks!
S. said on 22/Mar/06
i saw him listed at 6'5" on before

Editor Rob
the whole shoe thing really does my nut in.
Tiger said on 21/Mar/06
Glenn: do you have photos with other sports celebs. I think Rob should have a section of the site dedicated to 'sports personalities'; that would be very cool. Keep up the great work, Glenn!

Editor Rob
I'll really only add sporting stars from now on if someone has a fan pic, so there probably won't be that many...speaking of sport,

Anybody know who the NFL Legend sitting with Glenn is?
Jason said on 20/Mar/06
Why list him as 6'6'' when it's literally 9 times more likely he's 6'5''?
Cycklops said on 19/Mar/06
He's most likely 6'4.5"-6'5.25" barefoot. That's the way the NBA lists pretty much everyone.
Alex said on 18/Mar/06
Hes at least 6'5 no doubt but he could get away with 6'6 in that pic with Glenn. Thats good 9 inches at least in that picture between them.

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