How tall is Jared Leto ?

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Jared Leto height: 5ft 9in (175 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films such as Dallas Buyers Club, Panic Room, Requiem for a Dream, Fight Club, Lord of War, American Psycho, Alexander, Mr. Nobody and the TV series My So Called Life. He also Sings in the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. On his twitter he once mentioned in regards to his height and weight: "I'm 5'11", around 148 pounds, and a size 11 shoe".

Jared with Christoph Waltz
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Alex says on 30/Jul/15
Sharon Leto is like 5'6
BradPittis5'10 says on 26/Jul/15
No taller than 5'9.5. See this picture standing next to Val Kilmer listed at 5'11.5 and he looks several inches shorter in "normal" footwear: Click Here As he became more and more famous he "grew" taller as did guys like RDJ.
cupponi says on 23/Jul/15
what do you think is up his brother shannon ?
[Editor Rob: he claimed "Hahaha no I'm 5 feet 9 inches with heals 6 ;)"

but, he looks shorter than Jared.]
the shredder says on 21/Jul/15
He can look strong 5'8 up to 5'10 , 5'11 is a joke.
Carrepier says on 18/Jul/15
Looks 5'8.25 , but in the photo 5'9.25
leto says on 16/Jul/15
5"9 without shoes 5"10 with shoes. That's his height.
kalum says on 14/Jul/15
And @Mat 5'10 I had a teacher who was 6'5 and wore a size 7 shoe and my dad who is 5'9 wore a size 8
kalum says on 14/Jul/15
"Mat 5'10 says on 6/Jun/15
Rob, isn't a shoe size 11 big for a 5'9 man? Do you think he could be lying about that too?"

I have a mate who's 5'7 and wears a size 12 shoe. I also have a mate who's 6'7 and wears a size 12 shoe and a mate who's 6'1 and wears a size 12 shoe. I also have a mate who's 5'8 and wears a size 8 shoe and a mate who's 6'4 and wears a size 11 shoe and I have a mate who's 6'0 and wears a size 8 shoe, and a mate who's 6'0 and wears a size 13 shoe. I am 6'6 and I wear a size 15 shoe. You see how shoe size really doesn't correlate with shoe size, same with hand size. One of my mate's who's 6'1 has about a 7.5" hand and my dad who was only 5'9 had about an 8.5" hand.
james says on 13/Jul/15
175cm, he can possible be 174cm.
Lola says on 22/Jun/15
In regards to the pictures with Vika Levina, she's wearing wedge sneakers so it's an unfair comparison.
Mat 5'10 says on 6/Jun/15
Rob, isn't a shoe size 11 big for a 5'9 man? Do you think he could be lying about that too?
[Editor Rob: yes it's bigger...usually you are talking about 15% of your height for your foot.]
Mat 5'10 says on 6/Jun/15
Rob, isn't a shoe size 11 big for a 5'9 man? Do you think he could be lying about that too?
Mike says on 29/May/15
175cm, he's not 5'10, not close
lelo says on 13/May/15
5'10 nothing more and nothing less
the shredder says on 12/May/15
Rob , what would you guess his weight in The Kill Video if he's 148 nowadays ?
[Editor Rob: sometimes harder to say without seeing with clothes, that can mask a skinny body easy enough.]
bes says on 10/May/15
5'10 flat, maybe 5'11 in footwear
annie.t says on 7/May/15
I just met Jared during his european tour. Hes gorgeous but lets talk about heights, Im 168 cm and when he hugged me for a photo he was clearly shorter than my boyfriend who is a solid 175 cm. I estimated around 173 which was obvious from the pictures I took. We were both in sneakers about 1 inch tall. He is nonetheless stunning in person
annie.t says on 7/May/15
I just met Jared during his european tour. Hes gorgeous but lets talk about heights, Im 168 cm and when he hugged me for a photo he was clearly shorter than my boyfriend who is a solid 175 cm. I estimated around 173 which was obvious from the pictures I took. We were both in sneakers about 1 inch tall. He is nonetheless stunning in person
annie says on 7/May/15
I just met Jared during his european tour. Hes gorgeous but lets talk about heights, Im 168 cm and when he huged me for a photo he was clearly shorter than my boyfriend who is a solid 175 cm. I estimated around 173 which was obvious from the pictures I took,n
SpaceMonkey says on 30/Apr/15
Yeah, no way he's over 5'10 Click Here
SpaceMonkey says on 30/Apr/15
The girl with Jared in this picture is model Vika Levina she's 5'10. Click Here
shawn says on 26/Apr/15
He's 5'9, he wears lifts on and off hence his varying height, MM was taller, a so as every other 5'10-6ft person, only time he racks is when he's wearing his boots with 2 inch lifts. His slim build can make him look 5'10. Overall he's 175cm
JD. says on 18/Apr/15
okay I'm going to be honest, I've met Jared leto twice and he is a solid 5"10 1/2 with shoes.
he stood face to face with me and I'm 5 10 exactly. he either was half an inch taller or just a hair taller than me. that's why he can claim 5 11 depending on his footwear.
JD. says on 18/Apr/15
okay I'm going to be honest, I've met Jared letotwice and he is a solid 5"10 with shoes maybe 5 10 and a half
the shredder says on 13/Apr/15
Is the 148 lb his weight now or when he lost for Dallas Buyers club ?
Alex says on 26/Mar/15
He looks more 5'9.5-5'10 than 5'9 with Efron he looks a good 5'10
chris says on 25/Mar/15
@bob james franco was taller, and james franco ISN'T 5'11, and leto was honest with that claim
184.3cm says on 19/Mar/15

Look at the pic on this page, the gentleman next to him is self confessed 170cm (5'7). Do you see 4 inches there? His eyes come to Jared's nose a solid 2 inch difference. Good listing.
bob says on 18/Mar/15
if he says he's 5' 11" then he's 5' 11"... None of you have ever met him, so what's your word against his. And besides, next to james franco, who is 5' 11", he is the same height
Alex says on 18/Mar/15
He looks 5'11 in requiem for a dream I think it's an honest claim maybe 5'10 without shoes
James C says on 14/Mar/15
Why do 5'9 guys claim 5'11?
S.J.H says on 2/Mar/15
Another johnny depp. Trying to claim 2inch taller and get neil at 5'9
hanze says on 1/Mar/15
5'9 flat
5'10 footwear
Shawn says on 22/Feb/15
Fair enough Rob. My personal guess is he wakes up at 5'9", and dips to 5'8.5" during the day.

You think he's occasional lift-wearer too? I wouldn't put it past him. He seems very appearance-conscious.
Shawn says on 18/Feb/15
Click Here

This is a confirmed 5'6.5" man standing next to Leto. Even accounting for footwear advantage, it makes it hard to believe anything beyond 5'8.5" for him. And Rob, I normally wouldn't link to photos of G, but I wanted to make an exception for this one, as Leto seems to be one of the more elusive heights around here, and here we have a photo of him standing right next to, in equal posture, someone you've obtained an exact measurement of.
[Editor Rob: remember he is also beside Karate kid, I think 5ft 9 is ok for him.]
Shawn says on 3/Feb/15
LoL, I don't know. A half-decent pair of elevator shoes costs between $200-300 minimum, and I remember G remarking on quite a few occasions he wasn't exactly bleeding money.

G pic aside, I'm not convinced Leto is anything above 5'9", and not a strong one at that.
[Editor Rob: well I think we can agree 5ft 11 is a huge stretch for leto, he seems to be calling that height in cowboy's.]
Arch Stanton says on 2/Feb/15
Shawn, never trust a photo with G. He was probably wearing 2 or 3 inch lifts.
[Editor Rob: G said to me, with his hand on his heart that he only wore lifts on days that ended in a 'Y'.]
Shawn says on 1/Feb/15
Rob, I don't know if you've saved it, but you should go through your collection and see if you saved the "G & Leto" pic. The difference between them was minimal, if any. I distinctly remember even Glenn being "shocked" as he was expecting Leto to be taller.

I lump Leto in the same category as guys like Stallone, Depp, Gibson, Farrell, Damon, etc. All strong 5'8"/weak 5'9" guys that try to get away with claiming 5'10"+.
[Editor Rob: he might just have caught him with slightly lower pavement.]
juan says on 28/Jan/15
@ just like jared does cause well who wants to be short?
Arch Stanton says on 27/Jan/15
Rob can you add a photo and add Fight Club, Mr. Nobody, American Psycho, Alexander and Lonely Hearts?
Arch Stanton says on 27/Jan/15
148 lbs on 5'11 would look thin but not quite Leto skinny. Beckham during his playing career was about that. Steve Vai at 6'1 and 150 pounds is proper skinny.
MD says on 26/Jan/15
Tunman, I think the fact is that if he's really that weight, there is no way he's 5'11" given how thin that would look. I'm 5'11" and 143 lbs, myself, and as thin as Leto is, there is no way he's as tall as 5'11" if he's 148 lbs. If that's his actual weight, as Shawn said, it'd be very hard for him to be above what he's currently listed.
Tunman says on 24/Jan/15
@Shawn at 5'9.5 I never exceeded 143-4 Lbs and never went under 127.I can imagine many guys being as thin as that but that's quite rare I admit.
Actually many sportsmen especially long distance runners and some cyclists could that thin,but yeah,it's pretty thin on an average person with normal activity.
Julian says on 21/Jan/15
@juan Zedd is claiming 177 cm. He doesn't look 177 cm, though!
juan says on 18/Jan/15
Click Here Click Here Click Here
never met jared but sure met zedd and zedd is no more than 5 8 AT BEST
Kourosh says on 15/Jan/15
Julie then you are not 5'10.
Shawn says on 26/Dec/14
Rob looked taller next to Glenn than Leto did. I won't give him anymore than 5'9", and a weak one at that. Does anyone realize how skinny 148lbs would look on someone who genuinely was 5'11"?
julie says on 21/Dec/14
once i was standing right next to him and he was actually a bit taller than me. i'm 5'10.
marcus says on 25/Nov/14
Haha 5'11 is a height that no one honestly claims in hollywood, if your 5'11, you claim 6ft, if your 5'9/5'10 you claim 5'11. Jared leto is an example of that.
marco says on 25/Nov/14
Not over 5'9. I think he's a weak 5'9.
184.3cm says on 25/Nov/14
5'9 guy claiming 5'11 ..He doesnt look anywhere near 6 foot which a 5'11 guy can pull off at times. Also judging by photo his size 11 shoe claim is off as well. I wear size 11 UK shoes 46 here in Europe and i always get comments from people about having boat feet. Looks typical average range 5'9-5'10 .
Charlie says on 23/Nov/14
5'9 but he doesn't always wear lifts, like someone said in the comments hence height is always varying. If chester bennington of linkin park is 5'10, then leto is no more than 5'9 . Every picture with him he's an inch shorter. Here's a recent one, both wearing similar footwear(shoes with a 1 inch heel)
Click Here
marcus says on 19/Nov/14
Am i the only who remember that leto himself claimed 5'8 a few years ago? He certainly wears lift, im positive if that hence his varying height(he doesn't wear them all the time) he can really look a weak 5'9 but i'd give him 175cm
max says on 7/Nov/14
Idk man, if you are 6'1, you are a tall guy, a 5'9 guy could look 5'10 etc, like i said im a weak 5'10 and he was shorter than me by an inch, he does have great posture so he can pull off a 5'10 look
Federico says on 20/Oct/14
@Max, he was wearing slippers. I could send you my pict with him
chrisssss says on 19/Oct/14
Davie havock and chester bennington are both 5'10 and were taller than leto by an inch
marco says on 19/Oct/14
There two interviews with leto on ellen, one before the oscars, and one after he won, now this is proof he wears lifts, the interview before the oscars, he wore open boots with 2inch lifts and he was a good bit taller than ellen, however the second interview after the oscars, he wore normal loafers and he was SIGNIFICANTLY shorter, he was slightly taller than ellen(2inches max) leto is 5'9 at best
max says on 19/Oct/14
@federico he wears lifts bro, im 5'10 (177) and when i saw them in florida 3 months ago with LP and AFI he was 2-3cm shorter than me! He definitley wears, his height always varies, chester benington(178cm) was taller than him as well
Federico says on 10/Oct/14
I've just met Jared Leto here in Argentina. I'm 6'1" and he was like 5'11" like he claims. He has an impecable posture and a small frame body. I don't know if you've ever met him, but definitely he's not 5'9"
Vibram says on 5/Oct/14
Click Here Leto with 6ft (what he claims himself) photographer Terry Richardson. Having seen Terry with 5ft5.5 > 5ft6 "Flea" from CHilli Peppers I'd say Terry is a weak 5ft11 and not 6ft. Click Here

This would make Leto a weak 5ft9 to mid-strong 5ft8 in my opinion. Click Here
Ai says on 25/Sep/14
Saw him last week at a linkin park/30 seconds to Mars concert - he did some autograph signing and I say he's around 5'11 with shoes - probably 5'9.5 without , definitely more than 5'9 and less than 5'11 .
Clay says on 8/Sep/14
Rob don't you remember the pic of Jared Leto and G? They looked right around the same, now even if Glenn was in those boots that still leaves a 5'8-5'8.5 Leto. Guess he forgot his lifts then.
[Editor Rob: I believe G may have been a little nearer the camera, but it's a long time since I seen it, a girl who claimed 5ft 6 sent a photo once and he looked about 5ft 9 with her.]
Can't figure it out. says on 19/Aug/14
How can he be as tall as Andrej the model. Her stats are 6'2. And yet he looks 6 foot next to her? Not hating or anything on jared hes a cool dude and does his thing. But just general curiosity.
Y says on 6/Aug/14
174 wears lifts
satchy says on 4/Aug/14
hey Rob, this is quite an interesting photo of Jared with Zac Efron which gives some perspective on their height, I think that there is more than just an inch difference between them Click Here
[Editor Rob: leto at times can pull off near 5ft 10]
your friend 196 - 197cm says on 23/Jul/14
5 9 dead on.
Adam says on 23/Jul/14
Kat says on 29/May/14
Someone in the thread was asking for the pic of Jared with Cameron Diaz where he's barefoot. There's this one. There's a slope advantage to him but he's still waaaaay taller than her. Even if she's 5ft8 not the 5'9 she claims he's still got several inches on her, I'd say.
For the record (stay with me) my choir were recently getting ready to perform and our choir leader was making us line up in height order. I would have sworn blind I had two inches on this guy but everyone else said he was actually a couple of inches taller than me. Its really hard to work out who is taller when you're standing next to someone. So people who've stood next to him in a bar and thought they could guess his height could be wrong.
Arch Stanton says on 21/Apr/14
He's so skinny though. He's built kind of like I was at 17 and he's approaching what, 45?
luke says on 8/Apr/14
I met him a week ago. I'm 5'8.5" and he was definitely more than an inch taller than me
Arch Stanton says on 21/Mar/14
Oh c'mon he doesn't look much shorter than Bale in American Psycho.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 20/Mar/14
I think Leto might be slightly south of a full 5'9
chrisssss says on 12/Mar/14
Was inch shorter than 5'10chester bennington and 5'10 davey havok, so 5'9 for jared,
Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/14
Glad to see the Academy agreed and rewarded with him and McConaughey.
Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/14
He can look 174 but I doubt he's under that.
kitkat says on 7/Mar/14
listing seems accurate

imo he seems a high-end 5-8 or a weak 5-9 barely
hurricane brat says on 4/Mar/14
should probably add Dallas Buyers Club to his bio Rob. Considering he won an oscar for that.
FM says on 3/Mar/14
Seeing him at the Oscars last night, made me see him as someone on the shorter side. I think he is someone who doesn't always have great posture, and wears strange footwear - making look just shy of Mathew McConaughey at times, and at others several inches shorter.

I think he is 5'9", but wouldn't be surprised if he was close to 5'8". To me, he always reminded of having a similar height/build to Johnny Depp. Both are listed at 5'9" on this site, but I think both are probably closer to 5'8".
MD says on 24/Feb/14
Seeing as how we've gotten Jared's height pretty close, perhaps that was a better picture to put on Joe Jonas' page. Because, very obviously, Jared is not 6'0", not even close.
satchy says on 21/Feb/14
ok, he seems to be 2-3 inches taller than Joe Jonas Click Here
Shawn says on 20/Feb/14
Mr. R, what's your estimate on Jared?
Mr. R says on 15/Feb/14
I have seen Jared twice in the last few months, and both times, he was wearing clunky boots.
lelman says on 14/Feb/14
Pretty damn big feet for a 5'9" guy. I'm only size 9 at 5'11" haha.
Goose says on 7/Feb/14
When I saw him at the Vail Airport in 2003 (he was on my plane to LAX and was with Cameron Diaz) he had an inch on her. Don't know her height but I'm a weak 5'10 and he seemed to
be a smidge under 5'9.
Anon says on 7/Feb/14
He looks 5'11
chrissss says on 4/Feb/14
does he wear lifts?
Arch Stanton says on 22/Jan/14
IMO both he and McConaughey deserve Best Actor awards at the Oscars. No way was the performances better in 12 years a slave.
Arch Stanton says on 22/Jan/14
He's got a very good chance of winning Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars this year, he was terrific in Dallas Buyers Club, that#s why he's shot up to 5'11 :-] Barely 8 stone in that film and probably a 24 inch waist or something LOL. Yeah he can look a weak 5'9" agreed.
[Editor Rob: not seen it for a long time but I am sure he was a few inches smaller than michael rosenbaum in urban legends in a scene they had in a house party or something...]
dexter 20 says on 15/Jan/14
what is the height of taylor?? we can compare the difference in this pic:Click Here
MD says on 2/Jan/14
Yep, he's not quite 5'9".
Shawn says on 31/Dec/13
It's guys like Leto where I wish we still had Glenn's pics. I still remember it clearly... barely an inch on Glenn. Assuming G had footwear advantage, he's 5'8.5". Even G stated 5'9" for him.
tony says on 21/Dec/13
Having looked at some photos with him, now I doubt if he is 5'9. 5'8.5 seems to be true.
Brad says on 10/Dec/13
Saw his band, weak 5' 9". His 5' 11" is laughable.
mr man says on 3/Dec/13
Just noticed he said on twitter that he's 5'11". So he's obviously grown three inches.
mr man says on 3/Dec/13
He said on his old blog a few years ago that he's 5'8". Think it's deleted now, annoyingly, but what can ya do.
Goose says on 2/Dec/13
Saw him at Vail Airport in 2003. Not super short but not tall
Either. I'd put him between
5'8 1/2 & 5'9
Pplrfllofcrp says on 12/Nov/13
Anyone who say they've seen him, and say he is 5'11, are either blind or full of crap!!!!! Was at rooftop of Thompson in manhattan, and saw him there. He is at most, MOST, 5'9!!! He is very short!!
Samuel says on 29/Oct/13
This guy looks like a weak 5'8.
172-173 cm maybe.
Well, at times he actually appear in the 5'9 range (in photos), but I can't see him at that height really ..
michelhalion says on 29/Oct/13
mmmmm is 5'11 - 180
barefoot ,with help 181 or 183
also it indicated in the twitter 5'11
Md says on 22/Oct/13
With Robert Downey Jr., and Jared may even have a footwear advantage, here:

Click Here

Click Here

Not even 5'9".
Mr. R says on 20/Oct/13
Saw JL tonight at a screening of the new movie Dallas Byers Club with Matt M. Leto stood on the stage and he was clearly not the 5-9 he claimed to be. He is closer to 5-8.5 without shoes, and MM is just over 5-10.
chrisss says on 19/Sep/13
Rob can you tell me how there are pics where he looks much taller than 5'9 cameron diaz and he's barefoot?
[Editor Rob: I don't think diaz is 5ft 9, 5ft 8 at most]
Rashisama says on 30/Jun/13
He's 5'11 I met him and I'm 5'4 and he topped me by a few good inches and I was wearing 3" heels. Also, he's stated he's 5'11 on twitter
cole says on 25/Jun/13
A friend of mine who's 6'4.5 met Leto in Norway yesterday, and he seemed a good 5'9 or maybe even a bit taller in that photo, can't see their footwear though, I thought he might have worn a boot or something whilst my friend allways wears converse. Leto was a bit over the top of his nose. He's 5'9 minimum for sure.
SolidSnake says on 4/Apr/13
In that pic from arch stanton he probably weighed about 100lbs, its insanity. hed be dead if he had lost much more
Matheuscore says on 1/Apr/13
Legit 5'9.

Click Here

Not shorter and no taller
Original says on 20/Feb/13
He's legit 5'9", maybe a little taller.. 5'9.25" sound good.
Maximus Meridius says on 16/Jan/13
@Arch Stanton he is too slim he should be at least 168 pounds. says on 13/Jan/13
he is hard to judge because in my opinion he always wears lifts and still just looks average.
Matheuscore says on 10/Jan/13
No more than 5'9.
Arch Stanton says on 29/Nov/12
Click Here

Looks 5'9" but can't be much more than 140 pounds usually. and not an ounce of fat on him. Bodyfat usually near 6% but this weight loss for his role in McConaghy's film is insane. I can't imagine how long you'd have to go without eat to have that waist, its shocking.
MaskDeMasque says on 21/Sep/12
Looks like a 5'9 guy to me.
Dan says on 22/Aug/12
Definatley 5'10", was only at the most an inch shorter than me (yes, I am 5'11").
Badanger says on 18/Aug/12
Rob, i just watched Panic Room again...and i came on here to find out how tall Dwight Yoakam is but you haven't made a page for him yet... on other websites he is labelled as 6ft...i don't really buy it because he only looks an inch taller than Jared Leto and is dwarfed by 6'2 Forest Whitaker. Could you please give me an estimate? Thanks very much.
billa says on 17/Aug/12
he is 178cm.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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