How tall is Kiefer Sutherland ?

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Kiefer Sutherland height: 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

British born Canadian Actor best known for playing Jack Bauer on TVseries 24. In film he is well known for appearing in movies such as The Lost Boys, Young Guns and Flatliners. He is quoted as saying himself he is '5ft 10' though, as in the 'cops' told him this when he was arrested and stood beside a chart. >But, in a 1990 edition of Chronicle he said himself "I stand maybe 5 foot 9."
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Dmeyer says on 25/Nov/14
Rob if you had to choose between 5'8.25 proper 173cm Like you or 5'8.75 weak 175cm for kiefer
[Editor Rob: hard to choose because at times he can look anywhere over that 8.25 to 8.75 range...there might be more chance today he is in 8.25-.5 rather than being .5-75 range.]
cazo says on 8/Nov/14
speaking as a 5 feet 11 girl who was wearing small heels and had her picture taken with Kiefer when he was in the play on Broadway I can tell you he does not look much shorter than me in the picture I would say 5ft 9 to 5ft 10
B says on 5/Nov/14
He's 5' 8.5" tall or 174 cm.... His father is 6' 4"
lelman says on 4/Nov/14
He get's described as 5'11" a couple times on 24, but he obviously isn't quite that tall. He also appears to edge out Carlos Bernard.

Rob, do you think it's possible he could be a flat 5'9"? I think he can look shorter than that on 24, but most of the other male actors on it do look 6'0"+ most of the time.

Great actor though, absolutely love 24.
Starrycynic says on 5/Oct/14
Kiefer Sutherland looks great whatever his height and he is a terrific actor.
Working9Till5 says on 19/Sep/14
good Height In General for a male but Pretty bad Luck when you think his Dad is Like 6'3
michel says on 31/Aug/14
174 is right. big boss
maverick says on 27/Aug/14
Everyone on set walks behind him to make him look taller. All the women are tiny and i would say tall actors have to walk in a trench. He always walks on a hill when outside. He is about 5ft and i would say incredibly arrogant and vain.
Beday says on 20/Aug/14
Keifer gets his height from his mother's side of the family. His grandfather, Tommy Douglas, was a big man in a small body. He is credited with starting universal health care in Canada when he was premier (akin to Governor in US) of Saskatchewan in 1960. Amazing man!
bodwaya says on 20/Aug/14
rob u think keith and james got there height from there moms side since both there dads are over 6 feet
SaveUsY2J says on 4/Aug/14
Lol at all these 5'6 and below claims. He's 5'8.5-5'9 range.
Plb idiot says on 31/Jul/14
Plb your comments sound extremely ignorant
jee says on 31/Jul/14
PLB says on 29/Jul/14
"he's too short to play Jack Bauer." "He didn't look for a minute like someone who could knock someone out with one blow."

Boxer Mike Tyson is 5' 10". Broadway choreographer Tommy Tune is 6' 6". Which of these two would you want on your side in a fight?
Serendipity says on 29/Jul/14
Weird. I checked out photos of him with Julia Roberts, and in most of them he appears taller. But there's one that shows both of them from head to toe, and granted she's wearing heels and she's naturally about 5'9" I've heard, but he's MUCH shorter than she is in that photo.

Can we post links here? I'll try:

Click Here
Palawandy says on 29/Jul/14
"Just put the guy on an apple box or don't hire me next time. You know I'm 6 feet and he's 5ft 4ins."
Freddie Prinze on Kiefer.
PLB says on 29/Jul/14
For almost any normal profession, your height hardly matters. Does anyone choose their accountant for his height? But for movie or TV action hero you usually want a bigger guy. Small guys just look wrong when they get in a fist fight.

That's the story on Kiefer Sutherland - he's too short to play Jack Bauer.

In 24 he was always punching out someone. He was his own credibility gap. He didn't for a minute look like someone who could knock out the opposition with one blow.

They had another agent played by a full size black man - Roger R. Cross. In a couple episodes he single handedly beat up two or three bad guys. He looked plausible. I can accept that a large muscular man who is a trained agent could duke it out with several guys and prevail. But not Keifer Sutherland. Too small.

His father seldom got to play heroes and engage in fistfights, but he was big enough to be believable on those occasions when he was cast in an action part. Kiefer is just too small.

He seems to be about 5'6".
Mastro says on 29/Jul/14
He looks tall in A Few Good Men- but that movie was a masterclass for short actors.
me says on 28/Jul/14
Any credence to Freddie Prinze Jr. claiming he's 5'4"?
Greg Jr. says on 28/Jul/14
My friend met Sutherland a few years and he's 5'6" and they both were about the same height.
lelman says on 7/Jul/14

Wrong. Some actors simply don't give a damn, some people get measured wrong and stick with it.
bee boo says on 27/May/14
Jon is RIGHT. Kiefer is 1 of thee shortest people I've ever met, next to the rapper T.I. T.I. is about 5'3-5'4. Sutherland is about 5'5-5'6. He was even wearing cowboy boots when I ran into him. I looked like a giant in front of him. I'm like 5'9-5'10. BTW he is beyond arrogant but what was I going to expect ? A nice guy named David who's the leader of the bad vampires to stand 6'0-6'2 ?
Mc51295 says on 21/May/14
Looks pretty close to Kit Harrington's height in Pompeii. I'd say 5'7.5
Kevin says on 20/May/14
"Sam says on 6/May/14
Its funny that no one minded that James Cromwell played his dad on 24, since we all knew his father could be a really tall guy who looked next to nothing like him. I only watched about three-quarters of a season of 24. "
His real father, Donald, is quite a tall bloke too (6'3) ! So that doesn't mean anything.
J says on 16/May/14
I meet Sutherland at cedars sinai hospital several years ago. I'm 5'8" and he was about my height wearing thick boots. I say he is about 5'7" or 5'6" for sure. Very nice guy.
Sam says on 6/May/14
Its funny that no one minded that James Cromwell played his dad on 24, since we all knew his father could be a really tall guy who looked next to nothing like him. I only watched about three-quarters of a season of 24.
Arch Stanton says on 4/May/14
I don't see a strong resemblance Sean at all. He has a similar shaped long face type and blue eyes, unusually long for his height I'd say which more belongs on a guy Donald's height, but I was only thinking earlier than he didn't look much like Donald at all, especially in body shape.
Sean says on 3/May/14
[Odd that Keifer is so much shorter than his father Donald, whom he otherwise strongly resembles.]
His mother is short.
seraphine says on 28/Feb/14
i know when i saw him and he was standing close to me, i am 5 feet tall and i think he is only about 5feet7inches
176,2Tunman says on 9/Feb/14
Well,after paying more attention, his head actually looks more 10-10.5 than11in
Still very big in my opinion, looks about the same as Ryan McPartlins head.
[Editor Rob: his head won't be over 10 inches, Carlyle does not have a long head. See This...blues head is similar to mine, of course he's a guy with an inch of hair, but you can see carlyle in comparison has smaller head. I believe it is more in 8.5-8.75 inch range.]
176,2Tunman says on 8/Feb/14
Rob, how tall is his head,10.5-11inches?It looked like 2in taller Carlyle's head.Anyways very big for somebody at this height.
[Editor Rob: it looks an inch longer but carlyle has an uner 9 inch head, kiefer could be near 10 inch for almost 5ft 9 guy which is big.]
ian c. says on 13/Jan/14
Odd that Keifer is so much shorter than his father Donald, whom he otherwise strongly resembles.
Pleb says on 6/Jan/14
Kiefer is probably around 5'7.5-5'8, loves his cowboy boots and appears just a smidgen shorter than Carlos Bernard while in them.
Bakura says on 6/Nov/13
@Herzeleid: Chris Pine says hi.
Jon says on 17/Jul/13
Met Kiefer in Charleston, SC over 10 years ago. Very nice, very drunk and VERY short. I was shocked at how little he was. I'm 6'3 and he couldn't have been more than 5'6.
jetdrums says on 13/May/13
He's 5'9 at best. I met him at a charity event (roping) and in boots he's 5'9" at best. I'm 5'9.5" and I was a tad taller then him.
Hank says on 13/May/13
Say Kiefer on broadway. If he's 5'7'' that's a stretch and soaking
wet he may weigh 150lbs
Jed says on 23/Mar/13
Says he's '5'10 on a good day' and that his dad is 'about 6'4; all his other sons are 6'-plus' in the 'magazine' supplement of the times on 23rd march.
Herzeleid says on 13/Mar/13
First of all, understand one thing: NO CELEBRITY is EEEEEEEEVER taller than he claims, most likely they are shorter or exactly the height they claimed. So, if once he stated he stands at around 5'9", ANYTHING beyond that height is to be excluded. So stop saying he is around 5'10"+
Arch Stanton says on 19/Dec/12
Rob, why don't you put the Robert Carlyle photo up here?
[Editor Rob: might put a different one up...eventually will get the vast majority of listings with a photo, but might take a few years!]
Shaun says on 24/Aug/12
Yes Starchild, Kiefer in my opinion doesn't look under average height on screen at all and does look 5'10-5'11".
Starchild says on 15/Jun/12
Very strange the illusions film creates. On flatliners kiefer and kevin bacon look 5'11 or more lol. Although in the film he was wearing that tan trenchcoat, boots and had tall hair. He looked 5' 9.5ish on a few good men next to cruise. I've noticed on several appearences on the jonathan ross show he seemed the 5'8.5" you have listed here. i always thought he was taller than me, being a flat 5'10" barefoot myself i'm kinda surprised still.
Chrissy says on 3/Feb/12
Kiefer is about 5'9 to 5'10.
Chrissy says on 3/Feb/12
Beside William Devane, he looks about an inch taller. So if Devane is 5'10 then Kiefer is 5'11. But I'd say that he is a perfect 5'9. Excellent actor.

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