How tall is Shawn Michaels ?

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Shawn Michaels's height is 5ft 11.5in (182 cm)

US Wrestler.

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hbkfan says on 16/Apr/14
If I can also make a comment that first of all I'm probably the biggest hbk fan you're ever going to meet I'm just clarifying what is probably the truth I've read that the rock describes hbk as 5'10 in his book.. And on shawn michaels retirement triple h says abit along the lines of shawn michaels 6 foot 225 pounds.. Then laughs and says alright more like 5'10'' 185 pounds I'm not hating on hbk I'm his biggest bloody fan just saying that he's mostly known for being 5'10'' and that wrestler's who were known to be 5'10'' that shawn has wrestled shawn was barely, maybe even the same sizer and as attitude points out yes his footwear does mostly range of higher heeled boots once again not hating or saying its wrong personally I like more a heeled footwear to feel that bit more sturdy and confident I'm just stating my opinion rob your thoughts?
Attitude says on 14/Apr/14
Well, to be sure, Shawn did wear thick boots when he was up against Austin and still was a bit shorter. In a RF shoot with Bret and Anvil, when they were talking about the Rockers first time being up in the WWF, they mentioned that they couldn't make it since they were both "too short." Shawn Michaels obviously was shorter than Anvil and Bret yet Anvil is slightly smaller than Bret, with Bret Hart only being 6 feet tall at best.

Here are some comparisons of HBK with Austin. Note, Shawn Michaels' boots compared to Austin's boots; Michaels was easily getting a two to three inch lift. Plus, in those days, Michaels wore Cowboy boots everywhere and could have easily worn lifts inside the 2-3 inch heel already on the boot. I doubt he wore extra lifts but it is not out of the question. Also, X-Pac looks taller than Shawn Michaels (especially now, when Michaels is not wearing cowboy boots 24/7). If you take a look at a segment recently, when WWE had many past champions in the ring and Cena and Orton were doing a promo, HBK was standing beside Bret and looked 2 inches shorter than Bret. It is really noticeable.

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Hamd says on 13/Apr/14
hbkfan aree you a fan or a hater?
HBk is no less than 5'11.5......he's barely an inch shorter than Austin who's 6'1 and is clearly taller
hbk fan says on 25/Mar/14
Hi rob the majority of comments on here are saying shawn michaels is 5'10'' I also believe that I think personally he was a strong 5'10'' peak barefoot and is a weak 5'10'' barefoot now because as attitude is pointing out about the footwear advantage I am a huge fan of shawn michaels my favourite of all time but I honestly do believe he needs a downgrade to 5'10''
Attitude says on 21/Mar/14
See that's the thing, Shawn Michaels, even today, can look like his height during his prime, or he can look much smaller. It's hard to tell if he has lost height since in anything pre-2000 he usually is wearing cowboy boots or some dress shoes with a huge heel on them. However, there is moments, like in 1998 when he was with Vince McMahon and the corporation story line, where he looks nearly 2 inches smaller than McMahon.

There are moments in the early 1990's where Michaels still looks smaller than McMahon whilst wearing wrestling boots and Mcmahon is in Dress shoes, in which it looks like the boots Michaels wore had a good two-inch lift on them like Jericho's boots (Look at Austin's boots for comparison; Stone Cold's boots were flat on the bottom).

There are moments in 2003 where he looks just as tall as Austin, yet in 1998-2000, 2006-present looked shorter; or how in 1997 he looked taller than Austin. It seems really odd how that has happened.

It seems after a certain point in the mid-2000's that Shawn Michaels stopped wearing his old style wrestling boots when he changed his attire. The boots he wore from the period of 2006-2010 are much flatter than what he wore prior.
Carter says on 20/Mar/14
How much does wrestling boots give? Because Cena wrestles in sneakers which is probably 1 inch range and Shawn in boots which I think are 2 inches (since most wrestlers are billed 2 inches above barefoot height). Rob I think 5'11 is more fair for Shawn what you think
Lorne says on 20/Mar/14
Michaels had some serious injuries, so I say, yes, a cm loss is probable. But, CM doesn't really look taller...
Carter says on 19/Mar/14
Hey Rob thanks for replying. Do you think 5'11 is more accurate for Shawn? Also do you think he has a very small torso and long legs?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 11 is possible, he can look sometimes 1.5 inches smaller than cena in the ring.

maybe Shawn is a candidate for having lost a half inch or so by today.]
Carter says on 19/Mar/14
Hi Rob, we know John Cena is 6'0.5" what do you think of this picture. How can Shawn Michaels be only one inch shorter?

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[Editor Rob: he can look barely 5ft 11 at times, maybe that shot cena has more posture advantage making him appear not even 5ft 11.]
Attitude says on 14/Mar/14
Saw some recent clips of him and Bret Hart together and Shawn Michaels looks to be an inch, 2, or more shorter than the Hitman. I understand that HBK has had back surgery but Hart has had health problems too after his wrestling career ended. I would pin Shawn to be about 5'10" (possibly just 5'10" in regular running shoes). Bret looks to be the same as he was in the past which was about 6 feet tall. If you look in older clips, Shawn Michaels always wore cowboy boots when he was going casual and his boots looked to have at least a 2 inch lift on them. When you see HBK on the WWE Network promotion with Helmsley, he is wearing those boots and looks to be his old height like in the past. It's safe to say he might have lost a bit of height but not that much and he always wore boots such as cowboy boots, that gave him an extra lift that put him at 6 feet or more.

There was a picture of him and Austin in referee shirts and Michaels looked to be around 3-4 inches shorter than Stone Cold. That was a recent picture from around 2012. There is also a picture of them back to back as a tag team from 1997 and again, HBK looks to be quite shorter than Austin, like 3 inches.

However, for some reason, come Wrestlemania 14, HBK during the press conference looks to be taller than Austin. So, I attribute that to what boots or dress shoes he was wearing. I think, since HBK was a vain person back in that time, he probably was aware of how much smaller he was compared to the challenger, Stone Cold, and did not want to look weak.
cdk82 says on 2/Feb/14
peak height was very close to 6 foot, today he is 5'11" or slightly under
Marcus Hickman says on 15/Jan/14
Ken Shamrock 5' 11" 206 lbs.
Shawn Michaels 5' 11 1/2" 210 lbs .
Jo says on 10/Jan/14
I think shawn was 5 ft 11 prime,punk is 5 ft 11(i dont think taller,since my brother is 6 feet,so i could tell),and punk is a lil taller than shawn,so my guess is 5 ft 10 barefoot
Jo says on 10/Jan/14
Met punk at the airport,my brothers whose 6 feet tall,is quite taller than punk.
Zoro177 says on 9/Jan/14
I'm sorry but 182 cm is way too generous

One inch shorter than Punk (who is probably not 182 cm himself) so I would guess 179 cm
Jeffery says on 4/Jan/14
Looked like a strong 5'11" (if not 5'11.5") next to a 6 foot Bret Hart in 2010. I don't think he's under 5'11"
Chris says on 1/Jan/14
If Kurt Angle is 5ft10 than Shawn Michaels is 5ft11 there was one inch between tham at wrestlemania in 2005
The Ben says on 30/Dec/13
A solid 5'10.
Looks to have lost an inch with age. I imagine a 21 yr old HBK would be a solid 5'11.
cobra says on 26/Dec/13
Same height as 5-10 Kurt Angle.
Attitude says on 25/Dec/13
Shawn Michaels clearly wore boots that increased his size when he was doing interviews with taller people such as Vince and even Commissioner Slaughter. If you look at his boots he wore in 1996-1997 when he came out in a suit or something of the likes like that, he looks taller because the boots he wore had HUGE heels on them. However, in those same years, when he came out with those yacht shoes in the summer months he was barely taller than Jim Ross. In that same time frame, you see Shawn is considerably smaller than Sgt Slaughter, who comes out in one segment (the one where HBK is wearing a green shirt). Shawn goes on his tip toes to mock him. However, that same year (1997) in a segment around October or November, Shawn with Hunter, Sgt. Slaughter comes out again and all of a sudden HBK is the same height as Slaughter!! But, the trick is, Michaels is wearing these boots again!

Every segment with McMahon prior to 1998, HBK is just as tall as him or taller, yet in segments with McMahon in 1998, the one where he gets fired as commissioner, Michaels is considerably smaller than McMahon, like at least 3 inches shorter.

In conclusion, Michaels wore shoes that increased his height in public and you can tell he is wearing suspicious boots back then. He was never a 6 footer. Even in his prime.
Lorne says on 16/Dec/13
If Cm punk is really 5'11.5 then Shawn looks about the same, barely shorter, with less footwear. I think him and Punk are 180-181, Shawn was likely 5'12.5 peak, his injuries likely knocked a little off of him.
Hamd says on 10/Dec/13
This man enzo is clearly a troll...anyways HBK is close to 6ft its a proven fact he was taller than kurt who's a legit 5'10.
Mike T says on 31/Oct/13
Apokerat I am having a hard time believing that Shawn Michaels is 5'6"-5'8" max. That would make Daniel Bryan as short as 5'2"-5'3" and Rey Mysterio under 5'0" he clearly isn't and Daniel Bryan is at least 5'6"-5'7".
Enzo Amore says on 22/Oct/13
My friend ZenoPalato on MMA forums is crying cause his hero is a little wee man like he is. They wear lifts to stack **** higher. But sorry wrestling freaks. Shawn is 5'7" tops.
Here he is beside me. I am 5 even at that point, IF I hit 5 feet.
Shawn is NOT 5'11"

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apokerat says on 19/Oct/13
I saw Shawn at an event in the late 80's. Had aisle seats along the entrance. 5'6 - 5' 8" MAX!!
Jake says on 17/Oct/13
hey rob shawn michaels is pretty much my idol but I really don't think 5'11.5 is his height I would think more 5'10'' ive watched him wrestle chris Jericho and be slightly taller both in wrestling boots so it evens out Jericho is 5'9'' and hbk being an inch taller imo is 5'10'' could you look into it id love to know his height but never get a straight answer
123kid says on 15/Oct/13
HBK is 5'10.
pauly e says on 2/Jul/13
The Rock describes HBK as "5'10 195 lbs" in his book...that came out in 1999 or 2000. I'd bet he was 5'11 at his peak, probably 5'10ish now. he's almost 50 and he's had alot of back problems....
hithere says on 25/Jun/13
saw a staredown between rvd and hbk. they were extremely close in height it was difficult to see who was taller. I think hbk might have been a hair taller 5ft 10.75?
sid says on 29/May/13
Taj Jericho is 5'8 5'9 I saw him up close when they where here years ago. Im 5'10 I had about, 1.5 to 2 inches on him
TAJ says on 26/May/13
HBK was an inch taller than Jericho who is 6'0" in lifts, so he is 6'1", but he does wear lifts, not like Jericho though.
Junior31 says on 13/May/13
Danimal is correct Tyson is at best 5'10. I need to post these pics I have with him but I'm computer iliterate. I think Shawn michaels back in the days with Marty Jeanety 5'11 morning height possible
Junior31 says on 12/May/13
Mike tyson is 5'9 75 and that's being generous. I jus met him. I'm a weak 5'8 and I was appalled that my he wasn't even 5'10
n1st says on 8/May/13
This listing needs to be updated. He is nothing over 5'10
johno says on 5/May/13
Exact same height as mike tyson
Derek says on 25/Apr/13
Him and Bret were eye to eye and I remember Bret being BILLED at 5'11".
mj says on 2/Apr/13
5'11..hhh has 3 inches on him
Anonymous says on 27/Mar/13
180 cm bare foot
with boots 185
hhh 186 188 cm bare foot
FACE says on 19/Mar/13
5'11 (180 cm) Flat
Naman says on 14/Jan/13
I thing shawn michaels is acject 5'11" tall.
Red says on 22/Dec/12
doublec says on 28/Oct/12
when you have as many herniated discs as hbk lets see how tall you are.

How many has he?
80 percent or more at age 40+ have herniated discs
Jon says on 12/Nov/12
Shawn Michaels,The miz,christian,and cm punk aren't 183 cm in barefoot.They're 182 cm so 5'11 and they're under 6ft because 183 cm is 6ft.John Cena isn't 184 cm in barefoot which is 6'1,he wears Reebok pumps sneakers but that even makes him 184 cm.His real height could be 182-183cm.He never wears nike sneakers.
Jake Orton says on 3/Nov/12
Shawn Michaels is a really good thought on height. But honestly, I would say he's six feet due to the fact that in videos you can see a big yet little difference with him or any of the other 5 10 guys
doublec says on 28/Oct/12
when you have as many herniated discs as hbk lets see how tall you are.
tony t. says on 20/Sep/12
@Vegas Ahh so that's what they were. Lol that's awesome I didn't know that. How tall do you think shawn was at the time, and also how tall do you think he is now? Also looking at the boots now on google they don't look like they give as much height as the ones shawn was wearing back then. Maybe that's just me though.
The Tornado Ace Baron says on 15/Sep/12
id say six one
Vegas says on 7/Sep/12
tony t. says on 6/Sep/12
Look at michaels at wrestlemania 8 in his match with tito santana. The guy wore lift type wrestling boots.

this was addressed recently by shawn himself when asked on twitter, he said he wore o'neal motocross boots wrestling in the early to mid 1990s
tony t. says on 6/Sep/12
Cm punk isn't 6'0. He's 5'11.5, or possibly could even be shorter than that. On raw this past week when punk was out of gear he could've passed for a run of the mill 5'10 guy walking down the street. Jerry Lawler was never over 5'10, and also Michaels is 5'11 at most today. Lesnar who is 6'2.5 had a good bit of height on michaels while michaels was in thick black boots. Look at michaels at wrestlemania 8 in his match with tito santana. The guy wore lift type wrestling boots. Michaels might have been 6'1 in lifts, but that's about it.
Alex says on 6/Sep/12
Here is good shot of Angle/HBK facing off. The angle does favor HBK slightly making it appear an inch but during that faceoff from a better angle it was clear HBK had under an inch on Angle. HBK at 5'10.5-5'10.75 is what he is today. Strong 5'11 peak

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Alex says on 6/Sep/12
HBK was a strong 5'11 at his peak. Today I'd give him 5'10.5.

Red, haha HBK claimed 6'0 today. He had under an inch on Angle. Hes def a 5'10 and change guy today.
Cornbread says on 26/Aug/12
In the early 90s (1992-1993) Shawn Michaels Billed height and weight was 6’0 234lbs. In 1994 the WWE jumped Shawn Michael’s height up to 6’1; the WWE kept his weight the same at 234lbs. Since 1995 he has took off an enormous amount of weight 35-40 pounds to be exact.
At the 1993 WWE Summer Slam Pay-per-view Shawn Michael’s looked to be at his heaviest weight, he was listed at 6’0 240lbs at that Pay-per-view so in reality back than his real height was 5’11 ˝ and his exact weight was 210-225lbs at the max. Today Shawn Michael’s height is about a shade less than 5’11 and his weight is about 170-185lbs
Melissa says on 25/Aug/12
Shawn (HBK) always looked 6' 0" tall to me, well, a bit shorter than Bret Hart, so that's why Bret was billed 6' 1". So 5' 11.5" sounds about right,
Hamd says on 25/Aug/12
Click Here ..shawn is at least 6 foot,see this pic shawn with austin who is 6'1 they should change his listing to 6 foot..... shawn is easily 6 foot and nothing less than that...
Melissa says on 24/Aug/12
Jerry Lawler 5' 11" peak 5' 10" today
CM Punk 6' 0"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 24/Aug/12
Kevin Nash said HBK was 6"1.5-6"2
Red says on 22/Aug/12
BR4D says on 21/Aug/12
I asked him on twitter what his current height was and he said 6'

Thx to Alex we know how a legit 6 footer looks next to 5´10" Kurt Angle, HBK was never that tall next to Angle.
Vegas says on 22/Aug/12
BR4D says on 21/Aug/12
I asked him on twitter what his current height was and he said 6'. Kevin Nash claims he was 6'1 in his prime.

nash the other days in response to claims that his friend shawn was small like punk and bryan said that shawn was 6'1.5 and 225lb at his biggest
BR4D says on 21/Aug/12
I asked him on twitter what his current height was and he said 6'. Kevin Nash claims he was 6'1 in his prime.
Hamd says on 21/Aug/12
shawn is at least 6 foot,see this pic shawn with austin who is 6'1 Click Here they should change his listing to 6 shawn is easily 6 foot and nothing less than that...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Aug/12
Still looks 5"11.5(182cm). I think like a lot of wrestlers he's listed by the WWE at a height that he'd easily reach in wrestling boots which typically add 1.5-2in

These guys are also prime examples

Triple H - 189cm barefoot / 193-194cm in boots
John Cena - 184cm barefoot / 188cm in Nike Shox
Batista - 191cm barefoot / 195cm in boots
CM Punk - 183cm barefoot / 187cm in boots
Christian - 183cm barefoot / 187cm in boots
The Rock - 192cm barefoot / 196cm in boots
Edge - 192cm barefoot / 196cm in boots
Steve Austin - 185cm barefoot / 189-190cm in boots
Miz - 184cm barefoot / 188cm in boots
Dolph Ziggler - 181cm barefoot / 184-185cm boots
Booker T - 187cm barefoot / 191-192cm in boots

It's usually the 5"11-6"4 range wrestlers that fall into this category. It's a pretty useful marketing tool because as a result many naive wrestling fans are more likely to buy into all this BS when they go to live events. So really someone like Kane whose billed at 7"0(213cm) should really be billed 6"9-6"10 since 6"8(203cm) his real height.
Hamd says on 17/Aug/12
shawn is at least 6 foot,see this pic shawn with austin who is 6'1 Click Here they should change his listing to 6 foot.....I believe austin isn't standing properly but it also seems shawn is easily 6 foot and nothing less than that...
tony t. says on 14/Aug/12
Still think michaels is a weak 5'11 these days. Probably 5'10.75 tops. Brock Lesnar had a good 4 inches on him on raw last week while michaels was in a thick heeled shoe and lesner was in tennis shoes.
Red says on 12/Aug/12
peak 5´11"-5´11.5"
today 5´10.5"
Alex says on 8/Aug/12
Hes a weak 5'11 guy. 5'10.5-5'10.75
George Fergadiotis says on 5/Feb/12
Rob i am trying to find out how you list 5ft 11.5 range. I measured myself at 180.5 cm in the evening. Can you say you list me at 5ft 11.5 Rob?
tony t. says on 2/Feb/12
Michaels can't be 5'11 because 5'11.5 - 5'11.75 cm punk had an inch on michaels when they were teaming together for survivor series 2006. Michaels is more a weak 5'11. 5'10.75
George Fergadiotis says on 2/Feb/12
I can't even imagine Shawn Michaels to be a strong 5ft 11. No way he is 5ft 11,5 or 5ft 11,25. Rob nobody here considers him at that height he is clearly no more than 180cm. Maybe to change him to 5ft 11?

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