How tall is Shawn Michaels ?

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Shawn Michaels's height is 5ft 10.5in (179 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 11.25in (181 cm)
Former American professional wrestler.
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HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 9/Feb/16
Sammy Derrick said on 7/Feb/16
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Triple H jokes about his height from 6'2 225lbs(The audience laughs!!!)

I hear 6ft 225lbs
Sammy Derrick said on 7/Feb/16
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Triple H jokes about his height from 6'2 225lbs(The audience laughs!!!)he later claims 5'10 and about 185lbs(SEEMS ACCURATE!!!)
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Kevin Nash still sticks to the 6'1 claim
FM said on 15/Jan/16
Rob, if Shawn Michaels is 5'11 and a 1/4, how tall would you say these wrestlers are:

British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith?
Rick Martel?
Dynamite Kid?
Josh said on 1/Jan/16
He's always looked to be around the 5' 10 mark. He's always had the body of a 5' 10 guy, not a 6 footer.
62B said on 6/Nov/15
andre said on 16/Oct/15
Rob what you think is shawn michaels prime and today weight

people say that at is prime he was 220lbs and today is 180lbs

i think he was 210lbs prime and in the last years 185lbs since he is 5ft10

I met him at the bar of a restaurant in the late 80's, Marty Jannetty was there too. He had a bloated look to him at the time, might have been trying roids as his head seemed abnormally large too, but you are probably close with your 210lb guess. 220lbs was possible, but if he was that heavy it would probably have been from water retention. Weight can be hard to guess though as people wear it differently and muscle weighs more than fat. He looked about 6'1" in cowboy boots, so Robs 5'11" barefoot guess is probably right on the money.
NewHorror said on 20/Oct/15
He looked 177 cm standing next to Rollins on the most recent episode of Raw.
andre said on 16/Oct/15
Rob what you think is shawn michaels prime and today weight

people say that at is prime he was 220lbs and today is 180lbs

i think he was 210lbs prime and in the last years 185lbs since he is 5ft10
[Editor Rob: the latter figures seem closer than 220 range.]
Rob the constructor said on 24/Sep/15
How tall is Chris Masters?
Sam said on 16/Aug/15
I think Bret decently edges out Shawn in the 90s and maybe even moreso today. Shawn generally looked taller only because of his footwear (Looking about the same height as 6ft0.5 Austin once) Bret must have been an easy 5ft11.5 now more a weak one based on Robs photo, and Shawn 5ft11 prime 5ft10.5 now.
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Aug/15
Wasn't he and Bret Hart about the same height? HBK was a bit taller than 5'10 Kurt Angle in 2005 and that was 10 years ago so HBK may have still been his peak. No more than 5'11 at his peak.
andre said on 8/Aug/15
what you think is wwe brian kendrick and former shawn michael student height 5ft6.5 barefoot?
Austin said on 9/Jul/15
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The Ben said on 3/May/15
5'11 peak, 5'10 today.
jose said on 10/Apr/15
indeed on what attitude just said, shawn always seemed to be taller due to his shoes, this photo of him infront of sergeant slaughter, shows the difference of atleast 4 inches imo. Click Here
Attitude said on 9/Apr/15
Surfing (since the photo/video surfing on the French site is tons better than the English one) and I came across this photo. Shawn's boot heels are extremely thick, much like he used throughout the late 90s. His boots were like that in his wrestlemania match with Austin at WM 14.

His boot sole looks like at least a 2 inch gain, much like a cowboy boot. But damn, his shoes look like platforms here!!

Any of those who think HBK was anything taller than 5'11 (let alone 5'10.5) has to kid themselves. He was never Austins height (Austin always wore much flatter soles on his wrestling boots). HBK looks an inch shorter than Austin because he is wearing monster boots in his wrestling gear.

He was never 6'1 lol

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Thomas said on 24/Mar/15
Michaels at peak 5-11,25 makes DiBiase´s height (mid 90ies) 6-1,25 - nonsense.
Michaels was taller, nearly 6´ at peak.
173-174 cm guy said on 23/Mar/15
For Me Shawn Michaels Is 5´10 (1.78 M )PEAK... My Perspective About Wrestlers PEAK And REAL Heights : Khali 7´0 (2.13 M ) Big Show 6´11 (2.10 M ) Andre The Giant 6´11 (2.10 M) And 6´9 (2.05 M ) In His Death Kevin Nash 6´8 (2.03 M ) Kane 6´6.5 ( 1.99 M ) Undertaker 6´6 (1.98 M ) Hulk Hogan 6´4 (1.93 M ) Jake Roberts 6´4 (1.93 M ) Randy Orton 6´4 (1.93 M ) The Rock 6´2. 5 ( 1.89 M ) Triple H 6´2 (1.88 M ) Edge 6´2 (1.88 M ) Mick Foley 6´2 (1.88 M )Ultimate Warrior 6´1 (1.85 M ) Stone Cold 6´1 (1.85 M) John Cena 6´0 (1.83 M )Cm Punk 5´11 (1.80 M ) The Miz 5´11 (1.80 M )John Morrison 5´11 (1.80 M )Cris Jericho 5´8.5 (1.74 M ) Eddie Guerrero 5´7 (1.70 M ) Daniel Bryan 5´7 (1.70 M ) Rey Mysterio 5´2 (1.57 M )
Attitude said on 23/Mar/15
I just had to debunk him shrinking in his later years. I noticed he had full body shots standing the same way (and probably with the same lens distortion, since it is a studio shot, meant to have a default look to be used in promotional material with other wrestlers). I matched his feet and head to the same size, double checking to make the proportions be the same in all images.

In his last days wrestling he hadn't shrunk just yet from his prime before back injury.

In his young days he wore big boots with big heels, many times with cowboy boots. His later days he wore flat shoes. T=In his wrestling gear he remains the same height from then and now.

If he looked 5'10-ish in his older days means he probably always was 5'10.

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cdk said on 18/Mar/15
5 foot 11 peak
5 foot 10 today
Jake S said on 10/Mar/15
I think 5'10.5 peak I think 5'10 today myself personally this photo he has atleast 1.5' with footwear thoughts rob there a fair bits showing him to be 5'10 and even smaller Click Here
Attitude said on 8/Feb/15
If he was 6'1, he'd be taller than Bret Hart, and the exact same height as Curt Hennig. He wasn't. Bret Hart is a proven 5'11-6'0 range guy, and Yokozuna was legit 6 feet. HBK, in his prime, was shorter than both.
Scotty said on 6/Feb/15
He was 6'1 in the 1990's. Every interview I see from Nash, Hall, Waltman, Austin etc. say he's bigger then most people think - & this is 15 years later - no reason to lie. I do think age & knee operations have caused him to shrink.
Attitude said on 4/Feb/15
X Pac appeared taller than HBK on the Raw they were on together.
daz said on 18/Jan/15
5'11 peak
5'10 today, 5'11 in footwear
saj said on 13/Jan/15
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this is an interesting picture of shawn michaels with 6'4 randy orton. there shawn looks 5'11 in whatever footwear he is in. baring in mind randy is a bit closer to the camera and is leaning a bit what do you think rob?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/15
Looks around 182-183cm in wrestling boots
paul said on 6/Jan/15
Even HHH said he was 5' 10" at Shawns HOF induction. The Rock said he was 5' 10" in his book too.
derick said on 27/Dec/14
@attitude that picture is the most epic picture of two icons, nice one bro. shawn looks 5'11.5 there with sting who is 6'1 to 6'2.
andre said on 27/Dec/14
dolph ziggler for sure is 5ft9.5
Jdueiqpxm said on 20/Dec/14
Shawn Michaels is 5' 10".
Attitude said on 24/Nov/14
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Shawn Michaels and Sting. Michaels is slightly closer to the camera and still looks really, average, to my surprise. How tall is sting? 6'1 or 6'2 (same as HBK's billed height)?
Dark Magnator said on 19/Nov/14
Jhon Cena and Shawn are of same height then what about Cena
andre said on 12/Nov/14
Was shawn michaels short too be a pro model rob?
BestInTheWorld said on 12/Nov/14
I think HBK was always 179 cm. In his prime he was a lot shorter than Triple H who was around 188 cm. Not only that but he looked short next to almost everyone he wrestled with.
Attitude said on 9/Nov/14
Click Here

Hey Rob, I need your opinion, Alex 6 footer, if you could weigh in on this too that'd be awesome; so I recently came across this image in the link above and I noticed the way his boot is looks very strange and his heel looks way too long and at a weird angle despite his foot being flat on the ground, like if there was a built in lift in his shoe... even the top of his foot is at a 45 angle degree despite still being flat on the surface. So I did some digging and looked for a similar shot without a boot lift, such as him in his post-2002 career where he indeed looked shorter.

Click Here

Here the heel doesn't have that weird extension and rounding and the top of the shoe/foot isn't at a 45 degree angle, it looks normal.

Could you weigh in on the matter?
[Editor Rob: there's a possibility, it looks a bit suspect, but could always just be the design of the boot. Some of these wrestler would have at times had some special boots with an insert, but who exactly is the question!]
Attitude said on 6/Nov/14
5'11 and a half is too tall. He was close to 3 inches shorter than Austin in their primes and still smaller than Bret Hart.
genes said on 6/Nov/14
no way is he 5'9, that is too short for him. 5'10.5 today and 5'11.5 peak. maybe he hits over 5'11 today in boots. the best we will ever no is if shawn has a pic with rob, best look at for shawn doing uk visits rob lol
pauly e said on 5/Nov/14
hbkfan says on 16/Apr/14
If I can also make a comment that first of all I'm probably the biggest hbk fan you're ever going to meet I'm just clarifying what is probably the truth I've read that the rock describes hbk as 5'10 in his book.. And on shawn michaels retirement triple h says abit along the lines of shawn michaels 6 foot 225 pounds.. Then laughs and says alright more like 5'10'' 185 pounds I'm not hating on hbk I'm his biggest bloody fan just saying that he's mostly known for being 5'10'' and that wrestler's who were known to be 5'10'' that shawn has wrestled shawn was barely, maybe even the same sizer and as attitude points out yes his footwear does mostly range of higher heeled boots once again not hating or saying its wrong personally I like more a heeled footwear to feel that bit more sturdy and confident I'm just stating my opinion rob your thoughts?

I've stated this as well. I remember HHH saying that and I also read that same thing in the Rock's book. I was just watching some old footage of HBK wrestling. He has the build of a 5'10 guy for sure.
Attitude said on 3/Nov/14
In that picture I posted he is 4 inches shorter than HHH. That puts him at 5'10 if HHH is 6'2. There's always been about 4 inches between them. Maybe 3 and a half. 5'11.25 might still be too high. If Austin is 6'0, HBK is about 2 inches to 2 and a half inches shorter with his wrestling boots on. In regular shoes it was 2 and a half inches at least. Weak 5'11 was his peak. Hart was a weak 6 footer. I'd put hart at 5'11.75.
George F said on 1/Nov/14
Shawn Michaels peak height: 179.5 cm and 178 cm now. 5ft 11.25 is too much for him. Maybe 5ft 10.75 was his peak.
George F said on 30/Oct/14
Rob do you think Michaels was 180.5 cm peak or as tall as 181?
[Editor Rob: you can argue really 5ft 11 or a bit more for him]
Attitude said on 28/Oct/14
Click Here

The absolute best picture for comparing height for both HBK and HHH. They both look like they are wearing similar boots in that they don't have a2 inch heel nor a lift inside. Around the time HBK changed his pants, his boots stopped having that thick heel. This is also a great photo because it's taken pretty much straight on unlike most. It's also a full body shot of both standing pretty straight. HHH is leaning on slightly. Goes to show you how camera tricks make guys look similar in height. HBK looks just as tall here as he did in 2000 in the segment where he gives Foley the powers of commissioner.

Feel free to figure out how much an inch is and edit in a measuring tape like Red or Vegas have done in the past in other comparisons.
andre said on 20/Oct/14
5ft10.3 today and 181lbs with big arms
Dxcnfesd said on 19/Oct/14
He's 5' 10".
wrestlehead said on 29/Sep/14
Hate to say it but guys you're wrong the video I posted down at the bottom proves shawn michaels is 5'10'' shawn lost height 2010+ before then no! in the 90's he would wear thick footwear and I believe lifts sometimes shawn michaels is 5'10'' no more no less
Attitude said on 29/Sep/14
There is an interview with Shawn and Jim Ross from 1996. Both were standing beside each other, Shawn in his ring gear. He looked barely 2 inches above Jim Ross.

Shawn's height seems to fluctuate a lot.
Loser said on 28/Sep/14
Michaels looks about 5'11" WITH BOOTS.
Horse said on 28/Sep/14
HBK is 5'11" in his prime nothing more okay
Habanero said on 28/Sep/14
Shawn Michaels looks like he was 5'11 in the 90s and looks a strong 5'10 today. He has long legs so he looks taller than he is.
Rory said on 27/Sep/14
Rob what do you think? Can the boots he wore really add that much height or maybe he just lost it because of his injuries?

Another thing is Shawn Michaels has long legs which make him look taller. He has good posture too.
Rory said on 27/Sep/14
I always found Shawn Michaels' height interesting. Back in the 1990s he looked anywhere from 5'11 to a very strong 5'11 (5'11.5 or higher). At times he even look over 6 foot, although he was wearing pretty big cowboys boots. But even with cowboys boots pushing to look over 6 foot, he was still looking 5'11.5". When he came back in 2002 he again looked 5'11.25 to 5'11.5 range and he wasn't in his big boots. In the mid-2000s, he started to look more 5'11 and by the end of his career and today he looks 5'10.5" and can even look 5'10". So in his prime/90s, Shawn can look anywhere from 5'11" to 6'0" and nowadays he looks anywhere from 5'10" to 5'10.5". Either HBK was wearing lifts in the 90s/early 2000s or he has lost a good amount of height (or both!). Either way, I would say:

Prime/1990s: 5'11.25" (in wrestling shoes can look 5'11 to 5'11.5)
Today: 5'10.5" (can look 5'10" at times)

Rob is 100% correct
Rory said on 27/Sep/14
This seems right. Dude has long legs that make him look taller than he is. Jericho is the opposite where he looks shorter because of his leg.
wrestlehead said on 21/Sep/14
Hey Rob, Chris Jericho is currently listed as 5'9'' and Shawn Michaels is listed as 5'10.5'' I believe Shawn is 5'10'' and this video which contains a segment with Chris Jericho shows strong evidence that he is nothing above 5'10'' even with the rumors saying Jericho's boots are thicker Click Here your thoughts rob?
pro rasslin said on 31/Aug/14
watching old promo's of HBK's. he was about an inch taller than JR, and 2-3 inches shorter than sgt slaughter in his heel turn promo post-summerslam '97, and he was wearing shorts and FLAT boat shoes. face-to-face with steve austin backstage he was pretty damn close to his height.
it'd give him 6' on the dot before he had the major back surgery.
Kourosh177cm said on 29/Aug/14
Kourosh177cm says on 8/May/14
179cm fits him better.

Here is my comment in may 8th when i said 179 cm fits him better and i was right :).
Kourosh177cm said on 26/Aug/14
yesss true height of hbk. he was nothing more than a typical 5'10 guy. he always wears boots to be taller.
Harrold said on 20/Aug/14
I disagree with this downgrade, Shawn is more likely a flat 5'11 today and peaked 5'11.5 in his younger days.
mike said on 18/Aug/14
Rob, this should be changed to: Former American Professional Wrestler.
Attitude said on 15/Aug/14
For those saying he looked close to Austin's height and just a couple of inches shorter than HHH, I think this photo proves that it isn't the case. HBK is the only one wearing lift type footwear and still was shorter than both. I think HBK was aware of it and always wore boots like this to get away with looking taller.

Click Here
Attitude said on 15/Aug/14
If he was over 5'11 and closer to 6 feet, HBK would look 6'2 in cowboy boots. The thing is he never looked the same height as triple h ever. Not even close. Again, going with the segments with Tyson, HBK was in his cowboy boots and HHH was in some fairly flat looking dress shoes and Tyson I think was in boots. They looked about the same height in the segment where HBK tells Tyson that he is calling him out and rips off his shirt, revealing that Tyson is with DX.

If Michaels was 5'11.5" then in those cowboy boots, he would look about the same height as Triple H. He didn't. He looked to be almost the same height as Mike Tyson.

I think both, barefooted, would be pretty close if not the same height.
Alex 6'0 said on 9/Aug/14
Attitude, yea I agree. Angle who I met I estimated 5'10 but a bit less is very possible as well. To me comparing HBK to him was good since I had met Angle and have a pic with him on here. The cowboy boots he use to wear more gave a 5'11 or more impression.
Attitude said on 8/Aug/14
I am inclined to believe 5'10.5". In a shoot interview with Bret and Anvil, they said Shawn was a small guy and wasn't very tall. He would have to be noticeably shorter than Bret.

And he is barely taller than Angle who is possibly just under 5'10" or 5'10" on the dot. Shawn also seems to be the same height as Brian Pillman who was measured at 5'10"! Don't forget that. Compare Brian Pillman to Steve Austin, Bret Hart, or Vince McMahon, and you will see that they are about the same height.

HBK wasn't much taller than Tyson, not an inch difference. Less than that.
Alex 6'0 said on 7/Aug/14
He was barely taller than Angle at WM. it was more like 1/2 inch
SaveUsY2J said on 7/Aug/14
5'11 peak at least. He was an inch taller than proven 5'10 Kurt Angle at WM21. Never more than 3 inches shorter than HHH either.
Alex 6'0 said on 5/Aug/14
Rob, I just noticed the height change for Michaels on this page.
Alex 6'0 said on 5/Aug/14
Height 181, yea that's what I think. When he was only a bit taller than Kurt Angle at WM 21 in 2005 he was still at his peak 5'10 1/2 and today 5'10 flat.
Attitude said on 5/Aug/14
I would say the listing is much more fair! I think it is more accurate now!

Though, I do agree with Alex too. We can all agree that HBK was never even close to 6'1" haha
Alex 6'0 said on 5/Aug/14
5'10 1/2 peak, today 5'10? That would make sense. Was always an inch or so shorter than Bret Hart who was prob 6'0 peak? Hart looked 5'11-5'11.25 with Rob in 2008 I think it was. He's lost height too
[Editor Rob: to be fair, I have looked a bit more at Michaels and can believe him being sub 5ft 11 today.]
Attitude said on 4/Aug/14
Yup, no taller than 5'10" today! In 2005, he still looked as he did in 1995! He looks like he has lost height recently, like around the time he retired. Before that, he looks to be the same as he was in his prime.

I do not think he was ever over 5'11" though. He just looks too small for that, even in his prime. He got away with claiming 6'0" or so due to his cowboy boots or his combat boots he always wore (with a 2 inch heel).
Alex 6'0 said on 4/Aug/14
At WM 21 with Kurt Angle. I had actually met Angle only some months later that year. The picture angle favors HBK a bit though. This was in 2005 so HBK was prob at his peak height still. 5'10.5 he looks with Angle and today 5'10 flat would be right.

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Danimal said on 3/Aug/14
Alex 6'0 says on 2/Aug/14
5'10 range nowadays but peak I could see more 5'11 but no more. At WM 21 he was a big taller than 5'10 or slightly shorter Kurt Angle who I met

You're right Alex. I agree.
Alex 6'0 said on 2/Aug/14
5'10 range nowadays but peak I could see more 5'11 but no more. At WM 21 he was a big taller than 5'10 or slightly shorter Kurt Angle who I met
Attitude said on 30/Jul/14
Yeah, Shawn, being interviewed by Lawler in 1995, was only half an inch taller if that. Shawn was wearing his tall cowboy boots in the segment when Tyson joined DX and looked almost Tyson's height despite those giant cowboy boots he had on. I really think Shawn has always been in the 5'10" range all his life.
Alex 6'0 said on 30/Jul/14
Looked a bit shorter than Bret Hart in his peak and looked only a bit taller than Kurt Angle in 2005. Not Bret was possibly 6'0 at his peak. HBK was shorter and looks 5'11 with him. HBK wasn't anything more than 5'11 peak and today 5'10-5'10.5.
Alex 6'0 said on 30/Jul/14
5'11 peak. 5'10.5 today
Attitude said on 25/Jul/14
Hey Rob, how much would these shoes give in terms of a lift? They look like customs in my opinion.

In this particular segment, HBK looked a bit taller than 5'9" Jim Ross but not by much.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: they don't look like they'd have enough room for any lift of note, I'd say they were just near an inch]
Attitude said on 6/Jul/14
Here I have compared Cena and Shawn:

Click Here

with Bret Hart in mind, a few pictures (not mine) show that Bret looks to be under 6 feet and is more of a 5'11.5"-5'11.75" guy.

Click Here

Click Here

So when we compare Bret and Shawn, Shawn is obviously shorter. Keep in mind Shawn always wore thicker wrestling boots with a slight lift to them and Bret's was always flat on the bottom. I have posted Shawn's boots on this thread before so you can take a look, but his has a heel on them whereas Bret's boots don't.

Click Here

Click Here

In the more recent photo, Shawn stopped wearing those styled boots in the mid-2000's when he changed his attire. There, he is wearing flat boots like Bret did.

Shawn Michaels at his peak was 5'11-5'11.25 MAX and if he has shrunk today (looks like it could be possible) I would pit him under 5'11 today if he has shrunk.
Attitude said on 2/Jul/14
I would say 5'11" peak and 5'10.5" today. He may have not been shy about wearing that type of footwear, but when you see him in that and compare it to him in boots, it's a huge difference. He was dwarfed by Slaughter in sandals but a few inches shorter than him in boots.

He was never close to 6'0" tall. He looks a good 2 inches shorter (if not more) than Cena. I'll get a pic of that soon. He didn't shrink a lot if at all today. He's the same height he was in 97 and 98, no doubt.
ryan said on 2/Jul/14
now a days he's only 5'10 tops. i think he was listed as around 6' cause of the boots.
Quartile said on 1/Jul/14
Listen if Shawn was confident to walk around in flat shoes and sandals, as he did many times back in the 90s, then he clearly was not shy from 6'0.
5'11.5 peak
5'11 today
Attitude said on 26/Jun/14
Shawn's head came up to about Vince's eyebrows often times looking shorter. Vince hunched over a lot in his interviews and made himself look smaller, but when he would straighten out, he looked huge compared to Michaels. Austin would hunch over a bit too when he got into someone's face.

Take this for what it is worth, but Kevin Nash called Bret Hart 5'11. What would that make Michaels?
james said on 25/Jun/14
The wwe listed Shawn at 6'1 Vince McMahon is a solid 6'1 and I remember back n the late 90's McMahon would do ring interviews with Shawn and he was about 2 inches shorter then vince
mikey said on 19/Jun/14
there is no way shawn is below 5'11.
5'11.5 at peak, hit 6'0.5 max in boots possibly
5'11 today and probably can only appear 5'10 due to posture
my uncle has the same thing due to back problems and can appear 5'10 when he is actually still in the 5'11 mark
Attitude said on 14/Jun/14
Take this image for example:

Click Here

Shawn is looking a very weak 5'11" if that. possibly could be 5'10.5". He also seems to be wearing boat shoes unlike the rest. Hey, one of the only times the wrestlers probably aren't wearing their boots with height-elevation technology. Steve Austin looks to be in the 6'0.5" range at most if Owen is 5'8-5'9 (yet Owen looks shorter than 5'9" for sure!)

For Owen Hart, to me, he probably is 5'8 (possibly even in the 5'7" range). He looks short compared to the Bulldog who is a legit 5'10" guy. Owen's height looks to be identical to that of Dynamite kid who is a legit 5'8" guy.

Click Here
Bernardo said on 6/Jun/14
though he really could be 5'9-5'10 considering he always wears boots on promos and stuff. plus looking at his more recent pictures on the hall of fame he really looks significantly shorter than everyone else.
Bernardo said on 6/Jun/14
Triple H sarcastically remarked Shawn was 5'10 but maybe he was downplaying it for the joke. 5'11 seems about right.
Attitude said on 31/May/14
To me, according to this pic, he looks to be barely 5'11 if at all. He has a perspective advantage but still looks close to Tyson's height. I don't think he shrunk, or if he did, it was minimal considering that when he has his cowboy boots off or isn't wearing his wrestling boots, he has been smaller than Austin, McMahon and Bret Hart.Actually, his height relation to McMahon in this picture is the same as it was in 1997 before his back injury. Watch some of his promos during the summer months where his footwear is nothing but boat shoes; he looked much smaller than McMahon.
pauly e said on 29/May/14
He looks in the 5'10 range to me in his wrestling days. He has the body of a 5'10 guy, not a near 6'0 guy. I seem to remember Bret Hart looking a tad taller than Michaels when they would be face to face.
herrshelll said on 11/May/14
enough with these 5'10 claims people, he is nowhere and never was in that range. shortest for shawn michaels is 5'11 flat, no more. rob has it accurate hear.
5'11.5 peak
5'11 today
Attitude said on 8/May/14
Hey Rob, one last thing if you don't mind, but I came across this image and to me, Michaels' boot looks suspect. What do you think?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: they look normal enough to me]
Kourosh177cm said on 8/May/14
179cm fits him better.
Attitude said on 8/May/14
Well, Michaels always looked (from 1996-2000 included) about 2 inches shorter than McMahon when not wearing cowboy boots (cowboy boots give a solid 2 inches of extra height). Otherwise, when he wore his cowboy boots in segments on TV, he looked to be the same height as McMahon. I think we can get an accurate height of HBK in his prime if we know McMahon's height.
Terry said on 7/May/14
Rob what about this pic, HBK looks 3.5-4 inches shorter than HHH
Click Here
[Editor Rob: as I said before, there is a chance he could have lost a fraction in 5ft 11 is probably what he generally looks yeah.]
Terry said on 6/May/14
Rob if you have time check out these photos from Mike Tyson's Hall of Fame induction in 2012. I've posted some different ones and maybe you can look at the angle of the pictures and determine Shawn Michaels' height. In some pictures he looks barely 5'10 but in others he looks around 5'11. I do think he needs a downgrade though (as does almost everyone on this page).

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Brad said on 6/May/14
hey rob here is a pic of HBK and Angle in their match at Wrestlemania. If Angle is 5'10 how much does HBK look here? From watching the match their wrestling footwear looks standard for both with no look of lifts. I'd say it looks an inch difference at most.

Click Here
exe said on 28/Apr/14
give me a break - he is barely 5"10. the guy weighted 190 pounds in his prime. look at his appearence on "bay watch".
Attitude said on 25/Apr/14
Well, best is to compare HBK to Owen Hart (5'9") or the British Bulldog (5'10"), Stone Cold Steve Austin (who is really 6'1") and Bret Hart (6'0" highest but has been billed at 5'11" as well). Also, if you take a look at Brian Pillman, who had similar tags on him as HBK, such as too small (see his tribute video by the WWF in '97), since he was listed in Football as 5'10". However, he looks roughly the same height as Michaels and can appear a lot taller when in some thick boots or other footwear with some leverage.

For today, compare HBK to CM Punk who is 5'11". Now, HBK can appear quite a bit smaller than CM Punk or around his height, again, depending on footwear. However, more recently, HBK appears quite a bit shorter than CM Punk.
Kourosh177cm said on 22/Apr/14
rob your estimation for both HBK and Cm Punk are way off.
HBK is 5'10
Cm punk is 5'11
neither of these guy are anywhere near 6'0 mark.
Hamd said on 20/Apr/14
hbkfan idf you think HBK is 5'10 then what height is Kurt Angle? cause he never looked taller than HBK and the world knows Kurt has a 5'10 Olympic listed height.
Attitude said on 14/Apr/14
Well, to be sure, Shawn did wear thick boots when he was up against Austin and still was a bit shorter. In a RF shoot with Bret and Anvil, when they were talking about the Rockers first time being up in the WWF, they mentioned that they couldn't make it since they were both "too short." Shawn Michaels obviously was shorter than Anvil and Bret yet Anvil is slightly smaller than Bret, with Bret Hart only being 6 feet tall at best.

Here are some comparisons of HBK with Austin. Note, Shawn Michaels' boots compared to Austin's boots; Michaels was easily getting a two to three inch lift. Plus, in those days, Michaels wore Cowboy boots everywhere and could have easily worn lifts inside the 2-3 inch heel already on the boot. I doubt he wore extra lifts but it is not out of the question. Also, X-Pac looks taller than Shawn Michaels (especially now, when Michaels is not wearing cowboy boots 24/7). If you take a look at a segment recently, when WWE had many past champions in the ring and Cena and Orton were doing a promo, HBK was standing beside Bret and looked 2 inches shorter than Bret. It is really noticeable.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Hamd said on 13/Apr/14
hbkfan aree you a fan or a hater?
HBk is no less than 5'11.5......he's barely an inch shorter than Austin who's 6'1 and is clearly taller
Attitude said on 21/Mar/14
See that's the thing, Shawn Michaels, even today, can look like his height during his prime, or he can look much smaller. It's hard to tell if he has lost height since in anything pre-2000 he usually is wearing cowboy boots or some dress shoes with a huge heel on them. However, there is moments, like in 1998 when he was with Vince McMahon and the corporation story line, where he looks nearly 2 inches smaller than McMahon.

There are moments in the early 1990's where Michaels still looks smaller than McMahon whilst wearing wrestling boots and Mcmahon is in Dress shoes, in which it looks like the boots Michaels wore had a good two-inch lift on them like Jericho's boots (Look at Austin's boots for comparison; Stone Cold's boots were flat on the bottom).

There are moments in 2003 where he looks just as tall as Austin, yet in 1998-2000, 2006-present looked shorter; or how in 1997 he looked taller than Austin. It seems really odd how that has happened.

It seems after a certain point in the mid-2000's that Shawn Michaels stopped wearing his old style wrestling boots when he changed his attire. The boots he wore from the period of 2006-2010 are much flatter than what he wore prior.
Carter said on 20/Mar/14
How much does wrestling boots give? Because Cena wrestles in sneakers which is probably 1 inch range and Shawn in boots which I think are 2 inches (since most wrestlers are billed 2 inches above barefoot height). Rob I think 5'11 is more fair for Shawn what you think
Lorne said on 20/Mar/14
Michaels had some serious injuries, so I say, yes, a cm loss is probable. But, CM doesn't really look taller...
Carter said on 19/Mar/14
Hey Rob thanks for replying. Do you think 5'11 is more accurate for Shawn? Also do you think he has a very small torso and long legs?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 11 is possible, he can look sometimes 1.5 inches smaller than cena in the ring.

maybe Shawn is a candidate for having lost a half inch or so by today.]
Carter said on 19/Mar/14
Hi Rob, we know John Cena is 6'0.5" what do you think of this picture. How can Shawn Michaels be only one inch shorter?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he can look barely 5ft 11 at times, maybe that shot cena has more posture advantage making him appear not even 5ft 11.]
Attitude said on 14/Mar/14
Saw some recent clips of him and Bret Hart together and Shawn Michaels looks to be an inch, 2, or more shorter than the Hitman. I understand that HBK has had back surgery but Hart has had health problems too after his wrestling career ended. I would pin Shawn to be about 5'10" (possibly just 5'10" in regular running shoes). Bret looks to be the same as he was in the past which was about 6 feet tall. If you look in older clips, Shawn Michaels always wore cowboy boots when he was going casual and his boots looked to have at least a 2 inch lift on them. When you see HBK on the WWE Network promotion with Helmsley, he is wearing those boots and looks to be his old height like in the past. It's safe to say he might have lost a bit of height but not that much and he always wore boots such as cowboy boots, that gave him an extra lift that put him at 6 feet or more.

There was a picture of him and Austin in referee shirts and Michaels looked to be around 3-4 inches shorter than Stone Cold. That was a recent picture from around 2012. There is also a picture of them back to back as a tag team from 1997 and again, HBK looks to be quite shorter than Austin, like 3 inches.

However, for some reason, come Wrestlemania 14, HBK during the press conference looks to be taller than Austin. So, I attribute that to what boots or dress shoes he was wearing. I think, since HBK was a vain person back in that time, he probably was aware of how much smaller he was compared to the challenger, Stone Cold, and did not want to look weak.
cdk82 said on 2/Feb/14
peak height was very close to 6 foot, today he is 5'11" or slightly under
Marcus Hickman said on 15/Jan/14
Ken Shamrock 5' 11" 206 lbs.
Shawn Michaels 5' 11 1/2" 210 lbs .
Jo said on 10/Jan/14
I think shawn was 5 ft 11 prime,punk is 5 ft 11(i dont think taller,since my brother is 6 feet,so i could tell),and punk is a lil taller than shawn,so my guess is 5 ft 10 barefoot
Jo said on 10/Jan/14
Met punk at the airport,my brothers whose 6 feet tall,is quite taller than punk.
Zoro177 said on 9/Jan/14
I'm sorry but 182 cm is way too generous

One inch shorter than Punk (who is probably not 182 cm himself) so I would guess 179 cm
Jeffery said on 4/Jan/14
Looked like a strong 5'11" (if not 5'11.5") next to a 6 foot Bret Hart in 2010. I don't think he's under 5'11"
Chris said on 1/Jan/14
If Kurt Angle is 5ft10 than Shawn Michaels is 5ft11 there was one inch between tham at wrestlemania in 2005
The Ben said on 30/Dec/13
A solid 5'10.
Looks to have lost an inch with age. I imagine a 21 yr old HBK would be a solid 5'11.
cobra said on 26/Dec/13
Same height as 5-10 Kurt Angle.
Attitude said on 25/Dec/13
Shawn Michaels clearly wore boots that increased his size when he was doing interviews with taller people such as Vince and even Commissioner Slaughter. If you look at his boots he wore in 1996-1997 when he came out in a suit or something of the likes like that, he looks taller because the boots he wore had HUGE heels on them. However, in those same years, when he came out with those yacht shoes in the summer months he was barely taller than Jim Ross. In that same time frame, you see Shawn is considerably smaller than Sgt Slaughter, who comes out in one segment (the one where HBK is wearing a green shirt). Shawn goes on his tip toes to mock him. However, that same year (1997) in a segment around October or November, Shawn with Hunter, Sgt. Slaughter comes out again and all of a sudden HBK is the same height as Slaughter!! But, the trick is, Michaels is wearing these boots again!

Every segment with McMahon prior to 1998, HBK is just as tall as him or taller, yet in segments with McMahon in 1998, the one where he gets fired as commissioner, Michaels is considerably smaller than McMahon, like at least 3 inches shorter.

In conclusion, Michaels wore shoes that increased his height in public and you can tell he is wearing suspicious boots back then. He was never a 6 footer. Even in his prime.
Hamd said on 10/Dec/13
This man enzo is clearly a troll...anyways HBK is close to 6ft its a proven fact he was taller than kurt who's a legit 5'10.
Mike T said on 31/Oct/13
Apokerat I am having a hard time believing that Shawn Michaels is 5'6"-5'8" max. That would make Daniel Bryan as short as 5'2"-5'3" and Rey Mysterio under 5'0" he clearly isn't and Daniel Bryan is at least 5'6"-5'7".
Enzo Amore said on 22/Oct/13
My friend ZenoPalato on MMA forums is crying cause his hero is a little wee man like he is. They wear lifts to stack **** higher. But sorry wrestling freaks. Shawn is 5'7" tops.
Here he is beside me. I am 5 even at that point, IF I hit 5 feet.
Shawn is NOT 5'11"

Click Here
apokerat said on 19/Oct/13
I saw Shawn at an event in the late 80's. Had aisle seats along the entrance. 5'6 - 5' 8" MAX!!
123kid said on 15/Oct/13
HBK is 5'10.
pauly e said on 2/Jul/13
The Rock describes HBK as "5'10 195 lbs" in his book...that came out in 1999 or 2000. I'd bet he was 5'11 at his peak, probably 5'10ish now. he's almost 50 and he's had alot of back problems....
hithere said on 25/Jun/13
saw a staredown between rvd and hbk. they were extremely close in height it was difficult to see who was taller. I think hbk might have been a hair taller 5ft 10.75?
sid said on 29/May/13
Taj Jericho is 5'8 5'9 I saw him up close when they where here years ago. Im 5'10 I had about, 1.5 to 2 inches on him
TAJ said on 26/May/13
HBK was an inch taller than Jericho who is 6'0" in lifts, so he is 6'1", but he does wear lifts, not like Jericho though.
Junior31 said on 13/May/13
Danimal is correct Tyson is at best 5'10. I need to post these pics I have with him but I'm computer iliterate. I think Shawn michaels back in the days with Marty Jeanety 5'11 morning height possible
Junior31 said on 12/May/13
Mike tyson is 5'9 75 and that's being generous. I jus met him. I'm a weak 5'8 and I was appalled that my he wasn't even 5'10
n1st said on 8/May/13
This listing needs to be updated. He is nothing over 5'10
johno said on 5/May/13
Exact same height as mike tyson
Derek said on 25/Apr/13
Him and Bret were eye to eye and I remember Bret being BILLED at 5'11".
mj said on 2/Apr/13
5'11..hhh has 3 inches on him
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/13
180 cm bare foot
with boots 185
hhh 186 188 cm bare foot
Jon said on 12/Nov/12
Shawn Michaels,The miz,christian,and cm punk aren't 183 cm in barefoot.They're 182 cm so 5'11 and they're under 6ft because 183 cm is 6ft.John Cena isn't 184 cm in barefoot which is 6'1,he wears Reebok pumps sneakers but that even makes him 184 cm.His real height could be 182-183cm.He never wears nike sneakers.
doublec said on 28/Oct/12
when you have as many herniated discs as hbk lets see how tall you are.
The Tornado Ace Baron said on 15/Sep/12
id say six one
Vegas said on 7/Sep/12
tony t. says on 6/Sep/12
Look at michaels at wrestlemania 8 in his match with tito santana. The guy wore lift type wrestling boots.

this was addressed recently by shawn himself when asked on twitter, he said he wore o'neal motocross boots wrestling in the early to mid 1990s
tony t. said on 6/Sep/12
Cm punk isn't 6'0. He's 5'11.5, or possibly could even be shorter than that. On raw this past week when punk was out of gear he could've passed for a run of the mill 5'10 guy walking down the street. Jerry Lawler was never over 5'10, and also Michaels is 5'11 at most today. Lesnar who is 6'2.5 had a good bit of height on michaels while michaels was in thick black boots. Look at michaels at wrestlemania 8 in his match with tito santana. The guy wore lift type wrestling boots. Michaels might have been 6'1 in lifts, but that's about it.
Alex said on 6/Sep/12
Here is good shot of Angle/HBK facing off. The angle does favor HBK slightly making it appear an inch but during that faceoff from a better angle it was clear HBK had under an inch on Angle. HBK at 5'10.5-5'10.75 is what he is today. Strong 5'11 peak

Click Here
Alex said on 6/Sep/12
HBK was a strong 5'11 at his peak. Today I'd give him 5'10.5.

Red, haha HBK claimed 6'0 today. He had under an inch on Angle. Hes def a 5'10 and change guy today.
Cornbread said on 26/Aug/12
In the early 90s (1992-1993) Shawn Michaels Billed height and weight was 6’0 234lbs. In 1994 the WWE jumped Shawn Michael’s height up to 6’1; the WWE kept his weight the same at 234lbs. Since 1995 he has took off an enormous amount of weight 35-40 pounds to be exact.
At the 1993 WWE Summer Slam Pay-per-view Shawn Michael’s looked to be at his heaviest weight, he was listed at 6’0 240lbs at that Pay-per-view so in reality back than his real height was 5’11 ˝ and his exact weight was 210-225lbs at the max. Today Shawn Michael’s height is about a shade less than 5’11 and his weight is about 170-185lbs
Melissa said on 25/Aug/12
Shawn (HBK) always looked 6' 0" tall to me, well, a bit shorter than Bret Hart, so that's why Bret was billed 6' 1". So 5' 11.5" sounds about right,
Hamd said on 25/Aug/12
Click Here ..shawn is at least 6 foot,see this pic shawn with austin who is 6'1 they should change his listing to 6 foot..... shawn is easily 6 foot and nothing less than that...
Melissa said on 24/Aug/12
Jerry Lawler 5' 11" peak 5' 10" today
CM Punk 6' 0"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/12
Kevin Nash said HBK was 6"1.5-6"2
Vegas said on 22/Aug/12
BR4D says on 21/Aug/12
I asked him on twitter what his current height was and he said 6'. Kevin Nash claims he was 6'1 in his prime.

nash the other days in response to claims that his friend shawn was small like punk and bryan said that shawn was 6'1.5 and 225lb at his biggest
BR4D said on 21/Aug/12
I asked him on twitter what his current height was and he said 6'. Kevin Nash claims he was 6'1 in his prime.
Hamd said on 21/Aug/12
shawn is at least 6 foot,see this pic shawn with austin who is 6'1 Click Here they should change his listing to 6 shawn is easily 6 foot and nothing less than that...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Aug/12
Still looks 5"11.5(182cm). I think like a lot of wrestlers he's listed by the WWE at a height that he'd easily reach in wrestling boots which typically add 1.5-2in

These guys are also prime examples

Triple H - 189cm barefoot / 193-194cm in boots
John Cena - 184cm barefoot / 188cm in Nike Shox
Batista - 191cm barefoot / 195cm in boots
CM Punk - 183cm barefoot / 187cm in boots
Christian - 183cm barefoot / 187cm in boots
The Rock - 192cm barefoot / 196cm in boots
Edge - 192cm barefoot / 196cm in boots
Steve Austin - 185cm barefoot / 189-190cm in boots
Miz - 184cm barefoot / 188cm in boots
Dolph Ziggler - 181cm barefoot / 184-185cm boots
Booker T - 187cm barefoot / 191-192cm in boots

It's usually the 5"11-6"4 range wrestlers that fall into this category. It's a pretty useful marketing tool because as a result many naive wrestling fans are more likely to buy into all this BS when they go to live events. So really someone like Kane whose billed at 7"0(213cm) should really be billed 6"9-6"10 since 6"8(203cm) his real height.
Hamd said on 17/Aug/12
shawn is at least 6 foot,see this pic shawn with austin who is 6'1 Click Here they should change his listing to 6 foot.....I believe austin isn't standing properly but it also seems shawn is easily 6 foot and nothing less than that...
tony t. said on 14/Aug/12
Still think michaels is a weak 5'11 these days. Probably 5'10.75 tops. Brock Lesnar had a good 4 inches on him on raw last week while michaels was in a thick heeled shoe and lesner was in tennis shoes.
Alex said on 8/Aug/12
Hes a weak 5'11 guy. 5'10.5-5'10.75
George Fergadiotis said on 5/Feb/12
Rob i am trying to find out how you list 5ft 11.5 range. I measured myself at 180.5 cm in the evening. Can you say you list me at 5ft 11.5 Rob?
tony t. said on 2/Feb/12
Michaels can't be 5'11 because 5'11.5 - 5'11.75 cm punk had an inch on michaels when they were teaming together for survivor series 2006. Michaels is more a weak 5'11. 5'10.75
George Fergadiotis said on 2/Feb/12
I can't even imagine Shawn Michaels to be a strong 5ft 11. No way he is 5ft 11,5 or 5ft 11,25. Rob nobody here considers him at that height he is clearly no more than 180cm. Maybe to change him to 5ft 11?
6'3.5'' JK said on 14/Oct/07
Danimal, there is clearly more than an inch difference between HBK and Cena(like 3) Click Here and yet again you say Cena is only an inch taller than HBK? I just don't get it?
Danimal said on 14/Oct/07
Cena is 6'0" and HBK is 5'11".
Vegas said on 14/Oct/07
hbk had 1"+ (1-1.25") on kurt angle at WM21 so i doubt 5'10 for hbk, take off the hat there and i bet he is no more than 0.5" shorter than big jim
6'3.5'' JK said on 14/Oct/07
I don't get it ted, you think cena is 5'11'' then again you think HBK is 5'11'' when their real height difference is this Click Here
ted said on 14/Oct/07
Today all wrestlers wear lifts and people lie about their heights all the time.
I think HBK may always be 5-11 and 5-10,5 now.Alex what do you give him as a Peak?
Alex said on 13/Oct/07
I'd still say Cena is a bit over 6'0, like 6'0 1/2 maybe and HBK looks 5'10.
Alex said on 13/Oct/07
Ted, thanx for agreeing. I hate when people act as 5'11 and 6'0 is so difference. Its the same as 6'11 and 7'0. It seems more different than it is to some but its really not. I guess it is to some because you're in a new foot range.
Bumba said on 10/Oct/07
Michaels is more like a 6 footer because on average he's to short to be 6'1
ted said on 7/Oct/07
True Alex.
Alex said on 1/Oct/07
5'11 isn't short at all. I hate when people think under 6'0 is short.
To me 5'11 and 6'0 and even 6'1 are in the same boat. 5'11 and 6'0 is just an inch apart. When I was 5'11 I always got tall comments.
ted said on 22/Sep/07
Cena is 6ft and Shawn is 5-11.The 182cm listings is because people believe that 180 is short.Well,it isn't,i was 5-11 at 16 and i was the tallest in my school.Even if Michaels is 5-11,5 how do you explain that he looks 5-10 next to Cena?
KT said on 21/Sep/07
The one with Jim is a good picture. He does look exactly 5'11.5. One could argue Shawn being a little under that though, cause he did look shorter than Bret Hart by more than that.

That picture with Glenn, however, he looks 6'2. He's even leaning a bit. Maybe it's due to him being closer to the camera. And maybe he had on his wrestling boots on there.
slunk house said on 16/Sep/07
in the kevin nash rf shoot interview he says that shawn is around 6'1 or 6'2
Vegas said on 10/Sep/07
Micheals was taller than Tyson sans wrestling gear for sure Click Here Michaels was at least 1" taller than 5'10 Kurt Angle at WM21 so he is no shorter than 5'11

Michaels is also taller in that video despite Tyson having a roughly 1" footwear advantage it looks like to me.
Sarah Jane said on 10/Sep/07
Shawn Michaels has been my favorite wrestler, idol and hero for over two years and I've always believed the Internet that he is six foot one and two-hundred-twenty-five pounds, but I guess I was wrong. God bless Shawn Michaels and he's in my prayers. I can't wait to see him on Monday Night Raw again.
ted said on 9/Sep/07
In the video they do look the same.Maybe Shawn Michaels an inch taller.I don't think that tyson is shorter than 5-9,5(177cms) but i start to believe hbk is not 5-11 at all.
Brah said on 8/Sep/07
Michaels looks about the same height as Mike Tyson (listed 5'9.5" by Rob) in this video. Tyson is wearing these thick boots, but Michaels is wearing wrestling boots as well...

Click Here
ted said on 30/Aug/07
I think maybe you should downgrade him a bit Rob.In the Jim pic he looks a half inch shorter than Jim.5-11 would be perfect for him.
Ben said on 22/Aug/07
I was stood next to shawn in a hotel in 1994 and 1995 and 2003, im just over 6.1 he was around 2 inches shorter then me, he didnt seem any shorter in 03 then 94, but he was much lighter, he looked around 220 in 94 and prob just over 200 in 03. Im 185 to 190 and he was noticably bigger then me.
margaret said on 21/Aug/07
hes 6ft 1 or 6ft 2
Derek said on 18/Aug/07
The very most Shawn was is 6'0". Hell, he may not have been 6'0" a day in his life.
Jason said on 16/Aug/07
While wearing good-sized wrestling boots...
Anonymous said on 15/Aug/07
Pre-back surgery, Shawn was around 6', 6'1.
WOW said on 13/Aug/07
What year was this picture taken
andre said on 1/Aug/07
i am 5 foot 10 and when i met hbk two years ago he clearly lokks to be at least 6 foot 1
andre said on 1/Aug/07
i am 5 foot 10 in and i met hbk in person two years ago and i dont think he is only 1 inch taller then me i think he is at least 3 inches taller then me
Alex said on 27/Jul/07
HHH is 6'2 at most and he was a few inches taller than HBK. HBK looks about 5'11 today.
Ash said on 6/Jul/07
well cena is 6'1'' and when shawn stood face 2 face with him their was hardly any difference in height i would say that shawn is at least 6'0'' maybe 6'1'' in is younger days
Merengue said on 2/Jul/07
Comparing Triple H's height to HBK. Triple H stands at a height of 6'4" but I would say that HBK would be about 6'1.5" 0r 6'2".
Bigjim said on 1/Jun/07

Snitscky could have easily been 6'4 and 280 pounds maybe a little more. He was really great with the kids in attendance. He was sort of a big kid himself. I believe he used to play football at San Diego State so if you could find an old program you might find his true height.
Danimal said on 26/May/07
HBK weighed much more in his younger days than you guys are giving him credit for. He was easily in his 220's 15 years ago.
Danimal said on 26/May/07
HBK weighed much more in his younger days than you guys are giving him credit for. He was easily in his 220's 16 years ago.
Alex said on 24/May/07
Vegas, Snitsky looks 6'8 or more on TV with lifts but really is 6'4-6'5.
He does look close to 300lbs legit though. 290lbs at least.
Vegas said on 24/May/07
here is the snitsky/big ben photo again Click Here Both Ben and Starks are closer to the camera there. Snitsky's shoulders are higher than Bens who also has his head held high. The top of both of their hats are identical btw so i don't see a full inch between Snitsky and Ben. Ben's eyes being higher than Snitsky's arent really proof that Ben is taller; Rocks and Lesnars eyes were higher than Hogans for example!

BigJim how tall do you reckon Snitsky was??? For me he is somewhere between 6'4-6'5 based on his tv appearances with kane and tyson tomko.
BigJim said on 23/May/07
Alex, you could easily be right. However, the picture is a year old and it is realistic for Cena to add 10 pounds of muscle in a year at his age. I was amazed I was even close to their size. Sort of made me wish I had tried the wrestling thing.
Alex said on 23/May/07
Jason, regarding HBK's weight I actually agree with you on mostly. Today he only looks 180 something, 190lbs at most. At some point he was 195-200lbs but when he was younger at his biggest he looked 210-215lbs. When I hear him announced at 227lbs on TV now I'm like thats BS because I'm 200lbs and bigger than him but not by a lot though.
Alex said on 23/May/07
Viper, Snitsky is 6'4 legit but the guy wears lifts and on TV can look as tall as 6'8 or even more.

Cena is billed at 248lbs but he said in a magazine he was 240lbs recently which could be true. At 6'0 with his size he can easily be 230lbs no doubt.
Viper said on 22/May/07
And even Snitksy is a lot shorter than many relize. Hes shorter than 6-5 Big Ben.
Jason said on 22/May/07
They announced Cena as 220lbs at the show in 2003 I went to.
Alex said on 22/May/07
Jim, Cena is at least 225-230lbs minimum.
BigJim said on 22/May/07
That’s me in the photo on the left. In that photo I was 5’11.5” and 230 pounds. Our shoes both looked about the same height. We were both standing straight and tall. I think I may have had half an inch on him at best, but then again you be the judge. I stood side by side with Cena but he sat for the photo. My recollection is that Cena was as tall if not half an inch taller than I. I would guess that he weighs between 225 and 230. He was wearing the B-Ball shoes but the heel seemed comparable to what I was wearing, although it might explain the half inch. I only noticed because I really expected these guys to be huge. The only one, who was there, who really was huge was Snitscky.
Gretz said on 20/May/07
I noticed Edge`s boots looked very odd to me when he was wrestling HBK on raw last monday.Is he known by anyone to ware lifts?When he shifted from side to side his feet and ankles looked higher up in his boots then they should be,it looked like he was standing on platforms.I know Edge does a lot of high risk manuvers,so it wouldn`t make scense for him to be waring lifts.Yet his boots just didn`t look right in that match compaired to HBK`s.Is it possible that Edge is 6'3" in his helpers and only 6'0" barefoot?
Alex said on 19/May/07
I've sometimes seen Orton have over an inch on Batista. I do think Orton looks 6'4 or at the least 6'3.5 but I'm sticking to 6'4. It could be Batista 6'2.5 and Orton 6'4.
Viper said on 18/May/07
Orton has an inch on Batista who I peg at 6-2 1/4 at best, so Orton could very well be a flat 6-3-6-3 1/4.
andre fan said on 17/May/07
orton looks 4 inches taller than cena who is 6'0".
Derek said on 17/May/07
KingNick- Some b-ball shoes can give 1 1/2",but most are 1-1 1/4". My Jordans are 1 1/4" as I am a shade over 6'2" in them.

Back on topic, I think Orton and HBK are either 6'4" and 5'11" or 6'3 1/2" and 5'10 1/2". No way is Orton only a flat 6'3".
Viper said on 17/May/07
I think Orton is 6-3 and Shawn 5-10. Theres your 5 inch difference.
Alex said on 16/May/07
Orton 6'4 and HBK 5'11 or take half inch off both. Either way they're like 5 inches apart.
anonymous said on 15/May/07
orton looks a legit 6'4" at least maybe 6'5"
KingNick said on 15/May/07
Bball boots can give you 1.5", really?
Viper said on 15/May/07
Actually, it would be around 5 inches between Orton and Shawn now that I think about it.
Viper said on 15/May/07
Orton has about 4 inches on Shawn in reality.
Vegas said on 15/May/07
Cena and Orton face to face in the ring Click Here Cena wears 1.5" basketball boots putting him at approx 6'2 in boots. I saw him in person with these boots on and he looked very tall.
anonymous said on 15/May/07
then again i think michaels could very well be only 5,10".face to face with cena he loked 3 inches shorter leaving cena to be 6'1".
Vegas said on 15/May/07
KingNick; Michaels looking 2" shorter than Cena who wears big basketball boots is kinda deceptive Click Here Kevin Federline is listed everywhere at 6'0 and Rob has him at 5'11; Cena has close to 4" on Federline in the ring Click Here

Anonymous Shane McMahon, Umaga and Vince looked 2" taller than 6'3 Coach last night backstage and bobby Lashley looked 4" taller than Todd Grisham who I have met in person and is around the 6'1-6'2 mark. Backstage segments of late in the WWE are f****d up and are useless estimating height. Orton is 3-4" taller than Vince Click Here and Vince is barely 1" shorter than 6'2 Donald Trump Click Here (Trump gives himself at 6'3 btw)
anonymous said on 14/May/07
orton on raw only appeared to be 3inches taller than shawn michaels ,michaels 5'11" orton 6'2" maybe 6'3 tops.
Anonymous said on 14/May/07
He did have major back surgery. Could have lost close to an inch due to that.
KingNick said on 11/May/07
Here ya go gents, Shawn Michaels on his size taken from his book "Heartbreak and Triumph: the Shawn Michaels Story".

This is in reference to around 1993: "At the time I weighed almost 240 pounds. I was fat and couldn't believe he thought I was taking steriods ..."

The second quote is interesting. He wrote this while talking about his break up with the Rockers, but I think size wise he was refering to himself currently: "Sure I dreamed of becoming the World Wrestling Federation Champion, but 6'1", 215-pound guys like me with very little marketing savvy didn't win that title."

I have a lot of trouble figuring this guy's height out. He looked no more than .5" taller to my recolation than Bret Hart during their runs, but when he came back to WWE after his 4 year hiatus he always seemed shorter. He looks about 2 inches shorter than I think a 6' John Cena to me.

I've said contradictory in the past, but I think Bret was 5'11" or 6'. So at peak, HBK may have been 5'11.5" or 6'0.5". But now, I think the guy isn't more than 5'10". I'll have to track down some pics of him and Bret and HHH. What do you guys think?
KingNick said on 11/May/07
I gotta find the exact quote, but HBK wrote a book a year or two ago. He said around 1992/1993 he was almost 240lbs and his current size was 6'1" 215lbs or something. Again, that's what HE said. I'll come back another time with the exact quotes.
JB said on 10/May/07
HBK was pretty big during the original DX days with HHH. I think he stopped lifting weights almost completely after the big bump on the casket at the Royal Rumble '98, and subsequent injury. Post-2002, in an interview with Dave Meltzer, he said he adopted a low-carb diet, which is why he's so thin now.
Alex said on 25/Apr/07
Shmuel I can buy believe HBK is 5'11 185lbs today. Far as 218lbs, not sure about. 210lbs maybe at his heaviest?
Shmuel said on 24/Apr/07
Shawn Michaels height and Weight is billed at 6'1 225, his actually height & weight is 5'11 185lbs. The most Shawn Michaels ever weighed is about 218 at his heaviest. This was back in about 1992, This is when his weight was billed 240lbs
Alex said on 23/Apr/07
Anonymous, I can agree on that for the most part. 190lbs at the most he'd be. No way is he as big as I am now. Back then HBK was 200lbs plus. He could have lost at least 20lbs over the years.
Anonymous said on 23/Apr/07
I don't think he's a pound over 180 right now. He's not very big these days. 10-12 years ago, I'd say he was 210 tops. He's not a very big boned guy and never had the bulk that most wrestlers carry. 210 is pretty d#mn big for a guy under 6'. he looked to be about 210 to me at Wrestlemania 14 when he dropped the belt to Austin. that was the biggest he's ever been.
BigJim said on 23/Apr/07
Guys, for what it is worth Shawn seemed pretty cut and muscle does weight more than fat. I lift every day and was about 230 lbs in the photo. Go to the butcher shop and look at the size of a 20 pound tenderloin (a low fat piece of muscle) and you will be amazed how large twenty pounds of muscle actually is. My guess was that Shawn was around 205 to 210 last year. .
Alex said on 21/Apr/07
Vwgas, yea I don't see HBK near my size the way he is today. At his heaviest he was probably around my size. If I can I'll try to post one of those pics to compare myself to HBK again.
Halb said on 21/Apr/07
In the mid 90's HBK put on some weight and could have weighed 220+. He slimmed down from 95 onwards I think tho and kept that slender physique since, weighing usually around 195.
Danimal said on 21/Apr/07
Gotta disagree with you Alex. HBK in his younger days was over 210 pounds.
Derek said on 20/Apr/07
I find it hard to believe HBK weighs only 30 pounds more than me. I am about 2 inches taller than him, but I'm skinny. I've seen your pictures Alex and you look about the same size as HBK, taking into account the height difference.
Vegas said on 20/Apr/07
i agree alex; shawn didn't look heavier than you at any time. 200-210lb max for Michaels. 180lb today seems about rite.

It is much more difficult to estimate weight i agree because at least with height a person is either taller, shorter or the same height as you, it is pretty black and white. Not so much with weight.
Alex said on 20/Apr/07
Bundy only 350lbs? I refuse to believe that. I saw the man in person 7 years ago at a charity wrestling event from a close distance and he looked 6'4 and well over 400lbs.
Alex said on 20/Apr/07
HBK I think is under 190lbs today. 180-185lbs is the most accurate I'd say but could be 190lbs at the most though. Look at those pictures I posted of myself and I'm 6'0.5 and 200-205lbs and I am bigger than HBK by more than a little I think and I'm no small guy either.
HBK was probably like 200-210lbs at his most back at his heavier, he has lost weight you can clearly tell.

Danimal, guessing weights can be tougher but its fun I think. Look at those 2 few pictures I posted of my 2 heavy friends, you were the one who guessed the closest to what they really weighed each while most others were off by at least 30-40lbs. Shows how weight guessing isn't the easist.
Danimal said on 16/Apr/07
Not for me Viper. I love guessing someone's weight, almost as much, if not more than guessing their height.
Viper said on 15/Apr/07
I think its safe to say that Shawn is anywhere between 180-190 today. Guessing weights can be really hard though.
Jason said on 14/Apr/07
Yep, t'is me. I came back. :)
Danimal said on 14/Apr/07
Stop calling me Dani. That's not how you spell it anyways. It's Danny here in North America and I'm 29 years old. It's Dan. Peace.
Jason said on 14/Apr/07
No, he's a ''little'' guy.

[Editor Rob: is that the old Aussie jason? I thought you'd vanished from here...]
Viper said on 14/Apr/07
Maybe Shawn has tree trunks for legs and large heavy bones? Though he doesnt look big boned at all.
Vegas said on 13/Apr/07
5'11 and 195lbs seems about right for HBK, what do you think Jason?? He def has lost weight since the late 90s though so 185lb could be his weight today.
Vegas said on 13/Apr/07
No Viper all the 5'11 stuff for Cena was from people watching tv or the marine movie or "I am his doctor and I measured him crap", none was in person i suspect, they couldn't have been.

In his basketball boots the last day I met him he was 6'2, now whether those boots give him 2" height is debatable, 3" of height?? surely nonsense
Jason said on 13/Apr/07
The Rock said HBK was 5'11'' 195lbs (in the late 90s) in his book. I think he was about 210 when he turned heel in 1991-1992 then dropped down to 195-200 when he turned face in '95 and they started billing him as 227 instead of 240.
Viper said on 12/Apr/07
There has been several 5-11 estimates for Cena on this site too Vegas. At times Ive thought about Cena being in the 5-11 range. Hes probably 6-0 though.
chris said on 11/Apr/07
Also, wow, Orton really does tower over vince, he does look 6'5 - 5.5 in that pic Vegas put of Orton and Vince. And Vince is 6'2 isn't he?
chris said on 11/Apr/07
Yep, I totally agree with Vegas on this one. Orton was slouching in the interview backstage and still looked 3" taller than Micheals. If he wasnt slouching he would have been a strong 6'4" - 4.5.
Vegas said on 11/Apr/07
Mike M that Orton and Michaels face-off thing was backstage, Orton was clearly slouching, backstage segments are sometimes poor for judging height. I have a segment where The Rock looks taller than Taker face-to-face backstage. Orton was at least 3" taller than Vince a few weeks ago on Smackdown btw Click Here

a few nice screenshots a various face offs:
Cena and Michaels at WM23 and last Monday on raw Click Here
Cena and Orton at raw monday nite Click Here
Cena and Angle Click Here
Cena and Lesnar Click Here
Michaels and Angle at WM21 Click Here

If we use Angle (5'10 barefoot; ~5'11 in wrestling boots) and Cena (6'0-6'0.5 barefoot; ~6'2 in basketball boots as Derek claims) as references we can easily determine Orton, Michaels and Lesnars heights from those photos assuming that each is wearing shoes/boots giving them ~1" extra.
anonymous said on 11/Apr/07
well he was never close to 234 or 239. I'd say even 227 was a big stretch.
Danimal said on 10/Apr/07
He was not always billed at 225. As a tag team, they were billed together. When he went solo, he was being billed at 239 pounds and then 234 pounds (same as Bret Hart) when he became more popular (1993?) and then 227 before he left the WWF and upon his return he was billed at 225 pounds.
Danimal said on 10/Apr/07
He was not always billed at 225. As a tag team, they were billed together. When he went solo, he was being billed at 239 pounds and then 234 pounds (same as Bret Hart) when he became more popular (1993?) and then 227 before he left the WWF and upon his return he was billed at 225 pounds.
mike m said on 10/Apr/07
last night on raw shawn looked 3-4 inches shorter than orton,so if shawn is 5'11" orton is 6'3" to 6'4" tops same as edge.
Anonymous said on 9/Apr/07
The biggest i ever say him was at wrestlemania in 98 when he dropped the belt to Stone Cold. He looked to be about 210 lbs there. 250 is ridiculous for a guy his size. He would look monsterous at 225 Which he was always billed. anyway, i buy the rock's estimation. just a little more height wise. probably between 5'10.5-5'11.5
Danimal said on 9/Apr/07
Shawn was far more than 190-200 in 1995. Far more. He was over 220 at that point and over 230 5 years before that.
Vegas said on 9/Apr/07
Powerslam mag gave 190-200lb for Michaels around 1995-96 along with a joke saying he wasn't even heavy enough to be WWF heavyweight champ or something along those lines. Today shawn is about 185-190lb, maybe as low as 180lb
Derek said on 8/Apr/07
170 pounds for HBK is the funniest thing I've ever heard. I'm 150 pounds at 6'1", and I'm skinny. HBK is around the 200 pound mark right now, though he was 225-230 easily in the early-mid 90s.
Danimal said on 7/Apr/07
The man was larger than 195 in the late 80's, early 90's. WAY MORE. He said he went up to 250 pounds at one point when he was on a 24/7 eating binge in the mid 90's. He looked to be in his 230's at one point and a bare minimum 220's. As for today? 195 looks about right.
Viper said on 7/Apr/07
Id actually say the Rock was right. 5-10-5-10.5
anonymous said on 5/Apr/07
He was described in "The Rock's" book as 5-10 & 195 lbs. Tall people usually understimate people's height, so I would say that 5-11 to 5-11.5 is more accurate.
Kevin said on 1/Apr/07
see this guy next to john cena, cena is 6' and he's an inch taller than Michaels, 5'11 tops, he looks 5'10 had a bad bad posture
Viper said on 24/Mar/07
I hate Ultimate Warrior and Triple H too.
Danimal said on 23/Mar/07
VEgas, understand something man. I don't live and die for this like you do. I don't like or dislike any wrestlers at all man. They are wrestlers. I do not know them, nor do I want to. I am not biased to anyone and the more you point this out, the more you draw attention to the fact that YOU are and isn't it possible that you dislike Piper because he's Scottish and you're Irish? Piper was at least 6'1". HBK was never over 5'11". Hogan has lost 3" and Mr. Meltzer is a wrestling's version of Bill O'reilly. "Nuff Said and go outside for some fresh air now my red haired pal!
Danimal said on 22/Mar/07
Vegas, tell me how HBK is 5'11", when he is the same height, if not shorter than Jerry Lawler, who is only 5'10" (seventh pic) and btw, Hogan has at least 5" on HBK in that same pic: Click Here

HBK over 5'11"? Click Here

Yeah, over 5'11" for sure!! Click Here

Definitely over 5'11"! ;) Click Here

Danimal said on 22/Mar/07
Vegas, tell me how HBK is 5'11", when he is the same height, if not shorter than Jerry Lawler, who is only 5'10" (seventh pic) and btw, Hogan has at least 5" on HBK in that same pic: Click Here

HBK over 5'11"? Click Here

Yeah, over 5'11" for sure!! Click Here

Definitely over 5'11"! ;) Click Here

Danimal said on 22/Mar/07
Vegas, you have WAY too much time on your hands. This is more of an obsession for you then anything else at this point. Your conviction to prove others wrong is intense. Buddy, let's agree to disagree on certain things, because, I can't spend 2 hours on here looking through your 20 pics per wrestlers page. Sorry bro, but go outside every now and then and take get some fresh air.
Derek said on 22/Mar/07
6'2.5" JK- I think the hat is fooling you. Jim is definitely taller.
Danimal said on 21/Mar/07
First off my PHD friend, I never call a guy's height based on whether or not I like them or not. I am not biased some on here.
6'2.5'' JK said on 21/Mar/07
Look man, all that everyone needs to do is simply look at the picture with 5'11.5'' Jim, and if you can't see that Shawn is 5'11.5'' then what are you smoking?

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