How tall is Steven Seagal ?

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Steven Seagal height: 6ft 4in (193 cm)

American Actor best known for starring in movies like Above the Law (Nico) and Under Seige. He has claimed 6ft 5 as his height. In St Petersberg Times (2/4/91) it mentioned "Steven Seagal has no qualms about discussing his height. Standing 6 feet 4, his biggest worry is age"

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Arch Stanton says on 21/Feb/14
It made me laugh in an interview he had a few years back when one of the interviewers gave him a ribbing about his weight gain and asked him if he was still as fast as he was 10 years ago and Seagal said "faster". You should have seen the look on his face, he was fuming!! A bit lanky legged in Above the Law but he looked damn good back then. Immaculately dressed in Italian designer clothing too. He quickly went downhill from there, he must have gained 20-30 pounds even by Out for Justice just 2 or 3 years later. 6'4.5" peak I think. He looked very Italian looking back then but nowadays he really looks more eastern Russian to me, which he actually does have heritage form on his father's side.
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 20/Feb/14
Maybe he's 6ft 5 in some dress shoes or trainers, but yeah strong 6ft 4 at peak i definetly agree with rob, seagal is at least 6ft 4 flat today i think when he will be in his late 60s im sure he will dip under 6ft 4 and be in the 6ft 3-3.75 range.
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 19/Feb/14
I think Seagal is still 6ft 4 today could be a few mms under or a fraction under it a worst, but he's a big guy you would not want to pick a fight with thats for sure, looked very tall in Out for Justice and did actually look 6ft 5 you could also argue 194cm for his prime 194-195cm is a possibility.
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 19/Feb/14
Rob do you think Steven Seagal could have been 6ft 5 in his prime like around the 80's-90's, he did look 6ft 5 in Out for Justice. Very big tall guy you wouldn't wanna mess with.
[Editor Rob: the Seagal of the 80's and early 90's could move...I mean you wouldn't mess with him as he was fast. The Seagal of the 2000's seemed to be more static and enemies would just run up to him without much movement. I don't think he was a real 6ft 5, but a strong 6ft 4 range]
dmeyer says on 1/Feb/14
To me this guy looked over 6'4 because of 1.3-1.7in heels he wears a lot, 6'4 flat fits him
Arch Stanton says on 31/Jan/14
Seagal's one of those guys who should never grow facial hair. He looks weird with a goatee, doesn't look right on him.
James B says on 20/Jan/14
Rob do you think in the 1970s he might have measured 6'4 1/2 on a good day?
[Editor Rob: a fraction over not impossible]
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 14/Jan/14
He looked really obese in Pistol Whipped, now in 2014 he still could do with losing some pounds but hes not as fat as he was in that film hes still a badass though. He could still be 6ft 4 today maybe a few mms under it.
Stretch says on 5/Jan/14
Steven (the human cartoon) Seagal was probably a shade over 6' 4" while fighting fearsome foes decades ago at the Japanese Deer Park and Village. He is perhaps a shade under that height now. Seagal seems to tower over most in Hollywood since a majority of actors are not that tall. Among many athletes however, the Karate Kid on doughnuts is dwarfed which seems to make make Steven Seagal extremely uncomfortable.

Here is a memorable photo of Steven Seagal with 7' 1" Shaquille o' Neal. Note the very elevated high-heel boots and rigid stance of tiny Seagal alongside Shaq. Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Dec/13
Rob, do you think Seagal might've claimed his morning height?

Definitely a legit 6ft4 in the 80s and 90s.
[Editor Rob: possibly or in sneakers height.]
Rusty says on 18/Sep/13
6'4.5" peak. Looked 6'4" in machete
jasperwazup says on 6/Sep/13
I buy the 6'4'' as his height late in the day. He does tower over many of his co-stars and villain actors. I can only recall in the movie Above The Law there being a male co-star around 6'2'' and similar in build to Seagal. Van Damme was never 5'10'' maybe 5'9.25''176cm. Seagal called Van Damme an "ant" in his reality cop show.
Elfoersaan says on 9/Aug/13
6ft 5in could have very been his height straight out of bed 30 years ago. He surely towers over every single person he stands with. Most people don't take him serious and they are right he's a fat, egotistical, delusional walrus... but I love him for it. Hope he'll be in The Expendables 3.
zzz says on 8/Aug/13
he looks really tall. Just saw a commercial with him and anderson silva who is 1.88cm. he is 6ft4 indeed
zzz says on 8/Aug/13
he looks really tall. Just saw a commercial with him and anderson silva who is 1.88cm. he is 6ft4 indeed
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 3/Aug/13
Maybe 194cm is closer, Rob?

you said that he might edge out Neeson
Elfoersaan says on 15/Jul/13
Like I stated before Chan was definitely over 5ft 9in 30+ years ago. I remember a video from the '80s when Chan was in Japan at the time were he looked like a giant compared to his 5ft - 5ft 2in Japanese female fans. His way above average height for men in China three decades ago, his huge head and hands are probably the result of the 12 month pregnancy of his mother. He just looks short because of his bigger bone structure. A 176 cm mark in his heyday seems fair enough to me.
adam LZ says on 11/Jul/13
well i say hes 6"5-6"7 because if anyone of you had seen the movie my giant of gheorge muresan a 7"7 basketball player from NBA..steven seagal had part in that movie and in a scene the movie shows steven seagel near gheorge muresan..and to beleive gheorge muresan looked just 1 feet taller than steven not i say steven is 6"7 tall as he looked just 1 feet shorter than muresan which is 7"7 tall ;)
Cameron murray says on 8/Jul/13
Fair guess I always thought he was 6'2 so when I saw 6'4 I was shocked
He looks 6'3 most of the time I guess 6'4 in his prime maybe at a push
I'm no expert I've not seen enough of his films to have a accurate opinion on this one
But Jeff goldblum is not 6'4.5 he is barely 6'3 I mean Jeremy clarkson was the same height as him
naidster2000 says on 8/Jul/13
Damn I love a tall, dark, handsome man :D
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 1/Jul/13
In their prime

Snoop Dogg 6ft3.75(192cm)
Chevy Chase 6ft4(193cm)
Liam Neeson 6ft4(193cm)
Steven Seagal 6ft4.25(194cm)
David Hasselhoff 6ft4.25(194cm)
Jeff Goldblum 6ft4.5(194cm)
Randy Quaid 6ft4.75(195cm)
Tim Robbins 6ft4.75(195cm)
Vince Vaughn 6ft5(196cm)
Arch Stanton says on 26/Jun/13
gian92 says on 10/May/13
for me is maximum 6'2 .

LOL, sure and Anderson Silva is 5'11.5".
shipnut says on 8/Jun/13
In my photos with him he is inches taller than I am and I am 6'3".
Frost says on 1/Jun/13
he was 6'5" in his prime. Now he's about 6'4".
gian92 says on 10/May/13
for me is maximum 6'2 .
justin says on 26/Apr/13
6' 4" peak
Anonymous says on 29/Mar/13
6'4 without question. Stature of that kind combined with world class Aikido expertise makes him a real force to be reckoned with, both on and off camera.

How he stacks up (approx.)

Chevy Chase: 6'4(193 cm) peak
Snoop Dogg: 6'4(193 cm)
Steven Seagal: 6'4.25(193 cm)peak
Liam Neeson: 6'4.5(194 cm) peak
Jeff Goldblum: 6'4.5(194 cm) peak
Randy Quaid: 6'4.5(194 cm)
Tim Robbins: 6'5.25(196 cm)
Doc says on 20/Mar/13
I just saw him in Russia basically towering over the Russian fellows ushering him around.
James says on 25/Feb/13
Take into account that he is titling his head in that photo with Michale he still looks 3 inches taller too me. If he was not titling his head he would look 3.5 inches bigger in that photo which again adds up too 6'4 for steven.
Arch Stanton says on 25/Feb/13
Danilo018 says on 24/Feb/13
It's one photo Danilo. Try looking at the barefoot pics next to 6'2 Anderson Silva, Seagal has 2-3 inches on him. Nobody thinks Seagal was under 6'4" peak!!
Arch Stanton says on 25/Feb/13
Danilo018 says on 24/Feb/13
It's one photo Danilo. Try looking at the barefoot pics next to 6'2.5 Anderson Silva. Nobody thinks Seagal was under 6'4" peak!!
Danilo018 says on 24/Feb/13
Here is picture with Michael Jai White Click Here . This site lists Michael at 184. Based on that Seagal looks at best 6'3''(and that's being generous) on this photo. As you can see on this photo Seagal is still slim, so he is close to his peak heigh, not to mention that was movie from 2001, Seagal was 49 - so in age in which he shouldn't have a drastic heigh loss. Anyway it's highly possible that Seagal was barefooted (since he was in aikido kimono) and that Michael had sneakers or that Seagal had traditional Japanese sandals for men. Even in that case Michael would have a slighty advantage. Personally i think Seagal max was around 192cm 6'3.5" to be more precise.
James says on 24/Feb/13
6'4 not 6'5.
James says on 23/Feb/13
A man I would say who does not look very tall is Hugh Jackman who at times can look 6'1.
Arch Stanton says on 23/Feb/13
A man who never dips below 6'3" and upwards I consider very tall range. Meaning that they're 6'4" morning. Sacha Baron Cohen you think doesn't look very tall?? One of my old managers is 6'3" range and my mother perceives him as very tall and thought he was near 6'5". Seagal without a doubt would be considered very tall and big by most of the population. Even he considers himself too tall ideally for aikido.
Lillo Thomas says on 22/Feb/13
Again 6-3 isn't very tall . 6-3 is tall very tall starts at 6-5 6-6 .
Arch Stanton says on 22/Feb/13
Lillo Thomas says on 20/Feb/13
6-3 isn't very tall . 6-3 is tall . Very tall starts at 6-6 6-7 . 6-6 is a very very rare height . You can spot several 6-3 guys in large crowds . A legit 6-6 is very hard to find .

So Ralph Moeller is just tall not very tall at 6'5.5". Hmmm. I think we have a word for that James eh, "poppycock", or "balderdash"...
James says on 20/Feb/13
Nonsense 6'3 or 6'4 is the start of very tall. 6'6 and 6'7 are extremely tall heights.

Seagal I would say who was a legit 6'4 in his prime looked very tall in his films not gigantic though but you could tell he was more than just a regular tall guy.
Lillo Thomas says on 20/Feb/13
6-3 isn't very tall . 6-3 is tall . Very tall starts at 6-6 6-7 . 6-6 is a very very rare height . You can spot several 6-3 guys in large crowds . A legit 6-6 is very hard to find .
James says on 18/Feb/13
I don't think seagal was ever quite 6'4-6'5 more like just 6'4 flat.

Liam Neeson and goldblum would have edged seagal out at there peaks. Neeson could look shorter than seagal because of his posture.
Arch Stanton says on 16/Feb/13
Yeah but nobody, not even a 6'4"-6'5" guy should be near 300 pounds, its obese. He could do with losing 50 pounds.
James says on 12/Feb/13
Well I guess the older you get the harder it is too keep slim.

Strange arch a young clint Eastwood was near 6'4 and very slim yet he never looked 6'5. I bet a peak clint and guy henry would been dead on the same in height. A peak seagal could have edged out Clint and guy henry.
Arch Stanton says on 11/Feb/13
Yeah he does. What I don't get about Seagal is that he is regularly practicing aikido and training fighters and stuff, you'd naturally expect him to be in shape surrounded by fitness all of the time. Not to mention seeming quite a vain guy, not sure how he is content to remain near 300 pounds. He's obviously self-conscious of it, in interviews he puts his hand over his belly and wears a big coat to try to hide it.
James says on 8/Feb/13
Yeah arch like how guy henry looks 6'5 but is actually 6'3.5
Arch Stanton says on 7/Feb/13
What with the squint? LOL.Dunno Brandon a legit 6'3.5" guy in public can start to stand out as very tall and could probably pull off looking 6'5" to some people if skinny and in good footwear.
Jamesy says on 1/Feb/13
Start of very tall is 6'3.

Arch maybe seagal is trying too copy Clint Eastwood?
Brandon says on 30/Jan/13
I dont see the term "very tall" starting at anything less then 6'4, however theres so many people around that height these days, that I rekon you could get away easily with starting "very tall" at 194cm or a solid 6'5, at a push even 6'6.
Arch Stanton says on 26/Jan/13
Yeah Seagal had on big ass cowboy boots in that movie, he did actually look 6 ft 6 in boots in that movie. He had 3 inches on Seagal in that film, but I've seen a photo where he had 4 inches on Seagal.

Hehe James I'm trying to grow my hair at the moment. If I don't wash it and gel it back my hair ends up looking like Dirty Harry, but when I wet and slick it back with my forehead reminds me of Seagal LOL, especially when I'm wearing a black jumper. I could always grow a ponytail and start wearing Chinese jackets and start squinting heh!
Jamesy says on 14/Jan/13
Connor he wore cowboy boots next schawarz
Connor 183cm says on 13/Jan/13
Rob how tall do you think Scott Schwarz looks next to Steven Seagal in Fire down below? Hes the huge bald guy right?.
[Editor Rob: he can look 6ft 8, sometimes a 6ft 9 guy]
Arch Stanton says on 11/Jan/13
Rob, do you think then 194cm might be more accurate for him? OK he's not 6'5" but I think he's looked 194cm throughout most of his career even accounting for boots. If he edges out Neeson who himself claims 6'4 and a wee bit...
Outlaw says on 9/Jan/13
Here is the picture, Rampage: Click Here

If Neeson straightened out, they be about the same height, give or take.

I'd say 6'4.5" for both of them in their heyday.
Trent says on 19/Dec/12
Anderson Silva is listed at 6'2, and here with Seagal that would make him 6'4 or so. Click Here

If he claimed 6'5 as well maybe he peaked at 6'4.5? Apparently he edged out Liam Neeson, who himself claimed to be "6'4 and a wee bit".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Dec/12
I vaguely recall him looking a wee bit taller than Liam Neeson. but I can't find the picture anywhere.

But I just realised that Seagal, Neeson, Goldblum and Hasselhoff turned 60 this year (all born in 1952) and have probably lost a bit of height due to age.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Dec/12
Rob, you in your opinion would be taller Neeson or Seagal?
[Editor Rob: they're so close, but seagal maybe by a small amount]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Dec/12
Click Here

Looks taller than 6ft4.25(194cm) MCD
Arch Stanton says on 3/Dec/12
Click Here

Pause at 3:27. Look at the height difference between Seagal and the other guys!!
James says on 14/Nov/12
Maybe Anderson Silva James is more 6'3?
Arch Stanton says on 14/Nov/12
He still looks 194cm next to Anderson Silva James.
James says on 13/Nov/12
But rob u said seagal at 60 can still look a big 6'4 at 60.
[Editor Rob: yeah he can still look it, so a small fraction isn't going to be noticeable.]
Dmeyer says on 12/Nov/12
Rob how come a Guy like seagal in bad shape and very tall didnt loose height by 60 while Bruce Willis whos barely above average droped 0.5 in
[Editor Rob: it is possible seagal has lost a fraction aswell ]
James says on 12/Nov/12
That's an insult too seagal arch lol

Would you bet money on seagal and Vince Vaughn measuring close in height?
Arch Stanton says on 9/Nov/12
Click Here

Hey James I found a guy who has similar features to Seagal, same long big ass head and must surely be around his size and weight, the guy on the left is 5'11" ish.
James says on 15/Oct/12
Maybe he's not 6'4 if he wears lifts
Ice says on 13/Oct/12
lol why would a 6'4 man wear lifts ?? To appear as 6'7 ?
James says on 5/Oct/12
Could look anywhere 192-194cm compared too Kennan ivory wayans
Shaun says on 5/Oct/12
Yes, he does look 6'4.5" range a lot but the likelihood is he's in big boots with footwear advantage.
Miiiiiiighty_l- says on 4/Oct/12
Always looked a solid 195cm.
There is a picture of him and UFC Champ Jon Jones who many suspect to be closer to 6'5 than 6'4 floating around, and they are the same height or Seagal is even a tad taller..

ps: here we go : Click Here
Shaun says on 26/Sep/12
I think Rob's taking into account the fact that Seagal usually wears big boots/cowboy boots for not listing him at 194-195cm. He can look 6'6" ish in boots so barefoot 6'4"-6'4.5" seems likely, he certainly looked that range in Fire Down Below next to Scott Schwarz who is around 6 ft 9 in shoes. He doesn't look below 6'4.5" next to Silva barefoot though but Silva's 6'2" might be rounding up of course.
matt678 says on 10/Sep/12
looks a legit 6 foot 4 mabye even taller.....
Shaun says on 24/Aug/12
the shredder says on 23/Aug/12
I know people will bash me , but Seagal is a legit 6'5 , my friend who is a measured 6'1 looked like a kid next to him in his photo and he said he looked 6'6 to him in cowboy boots .

Probably so as cowboy boots do give 1.5-2 inches. He would be 6'6" ish in them. He's a strong 6'4" I think although one exception to the rule is that he was shorter than a 6'4.5" listed actor in Exit Wounds and looked about 6'3" in comparison, but then again he also looked 6'3" in comparison to the 6'6" guy in that film.
Shaun says on 22/Aug/12
Click Here

Yes they're wearing the same clothes, both barefoot. Seagal looks 194-95cm in comparison to 188cm Anderson Silva. I believe his height is legit as they are more likely to measure the fighters barefoot as they usually are.
Shaun says on 22/Aug/12
Rob do you think peak Seagal might measure 6'5" out of bed barefoot?
[Editor Rob: quite possible]
Shaun says on 22/Aug/12
Click Here

With 6'2" Anderson Silva. I think this was taken after the instruction video which is on youtube; both are barefoot. He does actually look 6'4.5" here and surprisingly hasn't lost height seemingly yet, although like Lundgren and Arnie he was never a weightlifter.
Shaun says on 5/Aug/12
Anonymous1 says on 17/Jun/12
He's a notorious lift wearer, check out his footwear in A Dangerous Man, they are elavator boots, I can show you the exact brand if anyone wants proof

Lifts I doubt, but he usually wears Timberland type boots/cowboy boots which makes him appear probably 6'5-6'6" in them in his films. Proportionally you can tell he's genuinely as big as 6-4, 6-5 is pushing it though. But I would agree that for such a big guy he does seem height conscious as John Wanye was and always wanted to appear as big as possible.
Shaun says on 5/Aug/12
He still looks a solid 6'4" next to Anderson Silva barefoot Connor. At peak I'd say maybe 194cm barefoot.. Somebody said here once swore they'd met him at an aikido dojo on the mat where he was giving a seminar or something and said he looked 6'4"-6'5" range.
Connor says on 25/Jul/12
Rob do you still believe that Steven is a strong 6ft 4 today at 60 years old?
[Editor Rob: I think he still looks that big ]
Dmeyer says on 23/Jul/12
H wears 1.5-1.6 in at Times and mostly 1.3 in type h isnt the converse type of Guy but n lift
Anonymous1 says on 17/Jun/12
He's a notorious lift wearer, check out his footwear in A Dangerous Man, they are elavator boots, I can show you the exact brand if anyone wants proof
Shaun says on 12/Jun/12
Yeah he had low muscle mass for an action hero. WTF 140 pounds in ABove the Law?? 10 stone for a solid 6'4" guy?? That would be vitrually anorexic. 190 pounds minimum. Today add a good 100 pounds on that. Peak I'd say 6'4.5".
adam says on 9/Jun/12
Seagal was definitely at least 6-4 in his prime but yes James, he had a small frame for his height. Very narrow shoulders and no chest. Watch Above The Law.
James says on 6/Jun/12
I've seen Seagal in a few of his movies.He use to be skinny but now he's a lot bigger but he still kicks a**.I'he heard he was 6'4" tall and 380 lbs. I think he was 190 lbs. in Above The Law. He might be big but I think he's still small framed.
Big Mike says on 27/Jan/12
He is 6ft4 and back in the day he was a twig in like Above the Law he was probably like 140-160 now he's like well over 200 pounds probably like from 240-265 but is still fairly fast despite this weight gain can't really run anymore plus he's like 60 he's incrediable in the films being able to destroy guys taller and heavier than him like in Above the Law there was a guy who pushed him for messin with his friend the guy was like 6ft7 and like 300 pounds one punch knocked him out 6ft4 def
Silent d says on 23/Jan/12
6 foot 4. He is huge. He never looked skinny or small framed even in his early movies. He is heavily built. His screen presence is incredible.

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