How tall is Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone's Height

5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 9in (175 cm)
American actor best known for The Rocky, Rambo and Expendable series, Cliffhanger, Demolition Man, Judge Dredd and Cobra. In a 1991 interview with Longevity magazine he said "I'm 5'10" and in a 1993 edition of the New York Times added a fraction, saying "I'm exactly 5 feet 10 1/2 inches", although he once pushed his luck in a 1978 Playboy article claiming to stand "Five feet ten and three quarters tall.", on meeting him, said "Sly, shorter than you expect at 5-foot-eight", which he even mentioned himself: "I'm shorter and skinnier than you Expected". His footwear has always been a source of contention and in a 1990 Chicago Times article, the journalist mentioned "The real-life Rambo is an official 5 foot 10 1/2 inches tall, but that is with the generous boost of what can only be described as elevator shoes". Indeed, a specialist Italian shoemaker once commented that he "made him 4.5 inches taller for 16 years!". Sly's penchant for lifts dates back to the 1970's, with fellow actor Kevin Conway remarking that Sly was only 5ft 9 and "wears lifts all the time". Sly himself even joked about it once, when commenting upon the size of Rocky IV co-star Dolph Lundgren:"I'm fighting with elevator shoes on, this is ridiculous." There are definitely several tricks to looking taller, one of which was highlighted by Expendables 3 co-star Kelsey Grammar, who said Sly was a great guy, "Except when he changed the camera angle a little bit to make me look shorter."

In the screenwriter William Goldman's book 'About Lies Stars Tell', he offered his own estimation of Sly's stature, saying "I had a hot lead that Sly was 67 inches," revealing his source to be a jogger of similar stature to Sly. Goldman described how he ventured into a swimming pool that Sly was in...and 10 minutes later, "He got out, grabbed a towel. I got out, grabbed a towel. He stood. I stood. Sixty-seven inches. Dripping wet." That estimate is shared by Hulk Hogan, who casually called Sly "Five Six/Five Seven". An ex-partner of Sly - Supermodel Janice Dickenson - claimed in her book 'Everything about me is fake' that when Sly was trying to pick her up, she recalled "Who was this guy to go dissing me while he's standing there in his custom-made elevator shoes." and also that "I couldn't believe how short he was". Another actress, Melinda Dillon - from F.I.S.T - commented in The Chicago Tribune that "I'm taller than Sly and that bothers him and we kid about it so I take off my shoes in some scenes. I can't slouch or I wouldn't be Anna. She's very upright."

Fellow action stars have even chimed in on his hard-to-pin-down height, most notably Jean Claude Van Damme, who once said "I'm 5-foot-10, a good size for movies. If you're too big a guy, it's hard to find good villains. That's why Stallone always has good villains. He's short."

Sylvester Stallone is 5ft 9
Sly with brother Frank (who claimed 6ft 1)
Photo by PR Photos

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Yates said on 30/Apr/16
Rob,this a pic of Stallone berefeet from mid 80's Click Here and this is a photo of the bodybuilder Frank Zane who is listed on many sites as 175 cm Click Here you Stallone is slightly shorter than him? I know it iS quite difficult to compare heights from such different photos but,perhaps ,You can give it a try .
Editor Rob: yes he can look a bit shorter than zane
Jay said on 30/Apr/16
Rob,do You think Pam is slouching near Stallone in this pic? Click Here
Here's another shot of her at that party for comparison Click Here
Editor Rob: I wouldn't have thought much
Brad said on 26/Apr/16
It would surprise if anything wasn't custom made height enhanced fer Sly cept beach stuff. Sly was rockin in big heels before Rocky, not Nielson time.
Christian said on 25/Apr/16
Pictures from 2014 when he still looked 5'9'' imo. Click Here
Parker said on 25/Apr/16
Junior31 said on 22/Apr/16
How short do you have to be to wear something so obvious to get height.

I agree, especially when he can look taller than 5'9 listed guys in ordinary looking footwear.

Click Here
james said on 23/Apr/16
Like I posted months back ever since he married 6'0 Bridgette Nielson back in the 80's Stallone became a shoe lifts must have effected him badly
Zane said on 22/Apr/16
My mistake.
Rob,here's the original linkClick Here
Editor Rob: it's hard to tell really. It wouldn't surprise me though if some of his footwear was custom-made with a wee lift, like those boots.
Junior31 said on 22/Apr/16
Someone posted a pic of sly with Arnold, Lundgren, van dam, on the Arnold page. Take a peek at his shoes.

They are the most hideous ridiculous things I've ever seen in my life. How short do you have to be to wear something so obvious to get height. Externally the soles are massive. Can only imagine what's built up inside them. Wow!
Zane said on 21/Apr/16
Rob,do You see something suspicious in Stallone's shoes?Click Here
Editor Rob: I think you got the wrong link there
Brad said on 20/Apr/16
He'd still say 5-10 much like the Bronx G-Man saying 5-8 for his Facebook. Ace looks okay today...back in '89 when I saw him he looked bloated and had eyes that were slits and couldn't get down stairs.
berta said on 19/Apr/16
The funny thiing is that in abouy 15 years Arnold maybe is down to 176 ore something and Stallone 172 maybe with good posture still and a Little higher shoes that will make him look a Little taller than arnold
burby said on 18/Apr/16
At least Big G still looks recognizable. You know who doesn't? Ace Frehley was in the local W-B hospital due to dehydration, looked terrible. Like totally unrecognizable terrible.
Dmeyer said on 18/Apr/16
Slt at near 70 looks à solid 173-4cm so aleast 174-5cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/16
A decent 5ft8 range today. I wouldn't put him as low as 5ft7
Aravind said on 16/Apr/16
He was 5'8(the current height of me) in his older days and a freaking 5'7 today.
Yates said on 16/Apr/16
Rob,in wich movie do You think he was physically more impressive in terms of muscularity?
Junior31 said on 15/Apr/16
erik said on 15/Apr/16
He was short for his time. Hard to pin down his height? That's because he's self conscious about it. If he were of average height of 5'10,5'11 (actually above average 30 years ago) he'd probably not have had such an obsession with making himself appear taller.

Tell me,do You bleed? said on 15/Apr/16
@bernie ahahah,don't worry.I guess deciding on what Stallone's true height is makes everybody a littler bit upset against each other.As i stated in previous comments i would not go after a 173 cm mark.In many pics he appears shorter than Van Damme (175-176 cm),Mr .T and other celebrieties whos height goes from 5 9 and up.He also appeared shorter than Serena Williams who is listed as 175 cm .We cannnot deny the fact tha He is an elevator shoes user and more importantly his impeccable posture is a very precious factor to keep in mind when comparing heights.I Think we should all wait Him to meer James Corden on his show.Why?because at that point we will have the final answer (i hope)regarding his heights.If he will stand rhe same height as Corden then 173 cm is a must,if shorter or taller the comments on this page will blow out.Regards.
erik said on 15/Apr/16
He was short for his time. Hard to pin down his height? That's because he's self conscious about it. If he were of average height of 5'10,5'11 (actually above average 30 years ago) he'd probably not have had such an obsession with making himself appear taller.
bernie said on 14/Apr/16
@ MJKoP – asking a normal justified question (Why a 5’10”+ Sly is about 2 inches shorter than a 5’10” Mr. T, as well in the movie and also in the training footage) for you is stupidity…, but not being able to answer or give a reason for it is kind of intelligence? Ok, great…
Stallone was TALLER than Amos in Lock up.. I’m not sure if he really was, maybe even close to his height, but…. MJKoP
the shoes he was wearing (+ inside Bonus) when the film was made helped him a lot to realize that……..

@ Tell me,do You bleed? Sorry for criticizing MJkoP again…
Dmeyer said on 13/Apr/16
Did look a hair taller than Amos but had better posture And shoes in the 2,75 type so not under 5ft 9 And the other end looked barely as tall as 5ft 10-10,5 sizemore
Brad said on 13/Apr/16
Can you imagine saying Sly is a minimum of 5' 10"? He wore built up footwear like he did in Rambo to become taller than Amos.
MJKoP said on 12/Apr/16
I stand by my previous testimony. Just because I haven't responded to stupidity, it doesn't mean that I'm conceding. Rob recently met John Amos, and his peak height is listed as 5'11.5 - which is what he would be in "Lock Up"...and in that movie Stallone was TALLER than Amos. Even popular poster Dmeyer acknowledges that fact in the old comments on Amos' page. Go look.

Under 5'10 for Sly just doesn't even remotely add up.
charlie said on 12/Apr/16
Sly has to be around 5' 7" perhaps 5' 6.5. He is the same height as his daughters. Even Conan O' Brien stated that he would like to have a lever beside the guest's chair so when Jeff Goldblum sat down he can raise it up and when Sylvester Stallone sat down he can lower it down. I am going to say he looks closer to 5' 6". Not to mention when he did Rocky he was short. Now he's aged quite a bit he would shrunk a lot since. I'll say Sly is 5' 6" and his Brother Frank is 5' 8".
Brad said on 12/Apr/16
Paulie shots with Sly can turn deadly to Sly's figures. Still claiming 5' 8"......and he might be 5' 6 and a quartah at photo time in the evening tops. Fonz: "Whooaah!!!"
Danimal176 said on 12/Apr/16
Glenn's a facebook friend of mine. It was his birthday yesterday (he turned 44). As of today he's still claiming that he's 5'8". BTW, he looks A LOT different than when he used to post on here. He's gained a lot of weight. Long-timers like me who hadn't seen him in a while would hardly recognize him. Still a cool guy in my book.

Click Here
Mr. R said on 12/Apr/16
Brad said on 9/Apr/16
Long time Celebrity Heights watchers don't need the translation...they can't stop laughing years later. Sal (head out the Volvo) I'm due upstairs with Rob in an hour, mustad too.

Junior31 said on 10/Apr/16
Watching Rocky 1 when Stallone goes into the bathroom to talk to paulie in the bar about his sister. They stand face to face. Rocky not more then an inch taller WITH the Cuban heeled boots he wears as part of the rocky outfit. Beyond telling.
Brad said on 9/Apr/16
Long time Celebrity Heights watchers don't need the translation...they can't stop laughing years later. Sal (head out the Volvo) I'm due upstairs with Rob in an hour, mustad too.
Rosebench said on 8/Apr/16
Brad: could you translate your posts into English please?
Brad said on 8/Apr/16
We should ask Frank Stallone. Frank? "I agree with G".
THE REAL ANNOYMOUS said on 7/Apr/16
lol your awesome Brad!!
I do believe he was no taller than 5'9 and no less than 5'8.25
Brad said on 6/Apr/16
You got the 10 hours lying in a Volvo and Sal getting fries delivery correct. The NYC Sandals shot was "young G", a 5' 6"er. Stallone owned him hard in wedged footwear on top of his 5' 8.5" barefoot tootsies. G was measured just under 5' 7" after hours in the Volvo bed. 6 hours after a Bronx wake-up I guarantee you 5' 6.5" tops fer da Bronxer in every photo at 9 P.M.. Porty and tip-toe action pushed aside. At 44 years old and 2 and quarter large in '16, he'd measure less now. Sal, napkins.
Brad said on 5/Apr/16
Sly wore enhanced footwear in every Rocky and Rambo movie. He didn't in the training footage or with Paulie and the meat.
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS said on 4/Apr/16
Yeah but Brad you have to remember Glenn was 5'8 and Stallone had his Newyork Sandals on so that makes Sly 5'10
Then Rob measured Glenn at 5'6 after consuming a huge amount of fries and laying in the back of a car for 10 hours
Do you suppose the shrinkage was dye to the fact that Sal put too much salt in the fries??😏
Jay said on 1/Apr/16
I understand ,Rob.But the Rocky 3 shots of Stallone and 5'10"Mr.T suggest a 2 inch gap beetween the two .Have a look at this picClick Here .Probably he did not weae any sort of enhancement for that movie,even today he seems to mantain a similar height thanks to his posture
Editor Rob: I think he could look in some shots near 2 inches shorter than T, but 1.5 might be ok.
Brad said on 1/Apr/16
The slaughterhouse scene with Paulie was a crushing blow to anything over 5' 8.5". I met my astronaut. "Look at da photo with him n me, see I'm 5 feet 8 and he's 5' 10 and a half". Reality: 5' 6.5" and a 5' 8.5"er in built up customs from Beverly Hills.
Alex said on 29/Mar/16
"Having any of u actually met a celebrity" LOL Glenn
Jay said on 29/Mar/16
Rob ,has 5'8.25"ever been impossible?Seems to suit him
Editor Rob: I feel for his peak it just seems too low, but today it is more believable.
bernie said on 29/Mar/16
@ Tell me,do You bleed? - alright..
i could also go along with 5'8" in earlier days, but what concerns me more; caus' of the slaughterhouse scene in Rocky for example (of many others), as already mentioned, with Paulie, who never was taller than 5'8", and they seem very simliar in height, Stallone in sneakers. I'm not pretending to know exactly how tall he is/ was, its only an estimation, but i am very sure 5'7" is too low and 5'10 + has not much to do with reality.. barefoot of course...
RoseBench said on 28/Mar/16
MJKoP is simply lying or severely mistaken. I think lying, but who knows? Over 5'10"? MJKoP stop...just stop,
Tell me,do You bleed? said on 26/Mar/16
@bernie i understand..
By the way,in Rocky 3 Stallone looks a solid 5'8"against a 5'10" Mr.T if not less.I saw a pic of the two.I am firmly convinced of a 173-173.5 cm range for Sly.Plus ,his posture has always been flawless .
truth said on 26/Mar/16
5ft7 is just as ridicolous as 5ft11 for him imho, he is average for his generation and shortish compared to young people.
bernie said on 25/Mar/16
@Tell me,do You bleed? - alright, i understand, everyone has the right to his own opinion and so on..,but no panic.... just wanted to allure MJKoP a little bit, nothing serious....
According to his claim i only requested a suitable answer, why 5'10.75" Stallone is 2 nches shorter than ca. 5'10" Mr. T, for example in Rocky III, nohing more, nothing less, but....
no response unfortunately...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Mar/16
Rob, how likely is 172cm range for Stallone?
James B said on 23/Mar/16
5'9 and I read up an amusing story back in the 90s where Stallone flirted with Diana but she was more into George Michael lol
Tell me,do You bleed? said on 23/Mar/16
@bernie we understand your height opinion .Stop criticizing MJKoP user in every comment you post,it is very immature
richie said on 22/Mar/16
@Alucard. Yes it is ridiculous to suggest that Stallone is as short as 5'7", he was and still is an average height guy, probably lost a little compared with his peak years and is closer to 5'8" these days but be fair he's almost 70...I noticed you downgraded Carl Weathers to 5'11" which is also nonsense as Weathers is still around the 6'1" mark. Rob's estimation is very accurate i believe...
bernie said on 22/Mar/16
@Alucard - except when you ask MJKoP! He has Mr. Stallone at 5'10.75" without lifts, means barefoot in the late 70ties, as far as i remember..
I doubt this really much..The very first statement i heard about his height, when i was a kid and not that much interested in those things in the early eighties, was
5'7.75" / 172cm. Thats what seemed plausible to me and thats what i believe he was around that height and has not been significantly above that...
Today may be a little less..
Good posture and good lifts (and he had many of them obvious ones..) can give the illusion of 5'11" of course, no question....
Brad said on 21/Mar/16
He's been 5'8.5" for decades til the past 2 years or so. He got 3" easy in heeled boots for decades.
Alucard said on 19/Mar/16
What's borderline ridiculous is having Stallone at a "strong" 5'9, period... He's not average height, never been, he's short... Pulling 6' with lifts? Is this a joke? With his massive 3 inches lifts or more, he barely gets in the 5'10 range, maybe 5'11 at best being generous... Stallone has always been not over 5'7 without lifts and Hollyweird's tricks...
Tell me,do you bleed? said on 19/Mar/16
173 -173.5 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/16
Also in Cop Land, Rhinestone, Cliffhanger and Lords of Flatbush
truth said on 17/Mar/16
yeah he was a strong 5ft9 maybe 5ft9.5 now 5ft8.5.
Brad said on 17/Mar/16
I met my postman in '06 saying 5' 8.5". Sal....napkins, I'm due upstairs with the heighthingamahjig in an hour.
Junior31 said on 16/Mar/16
Brad said on 13/Mar/16
His boxing footwear was built up by a custom shoemaker in Rocky not to mention typical Sly camera shots making him look taller. He was 5' 8.5" in Rocky.

richie said on 16/Mar/16
@Alucard...Stallone's peak height during the 70's was definitely a strong 5'9", watch the scenes in the original Rocky with actor Joe Spinell, who at 5'11" was not a small man and Stallone has a clear inch on him, allbeit with cuban heels so we know that he could pull off a weak 6' with lifts, to suggest as low as 5'7" is borderline ridiculous. Rob's estimation of Stallone's height back then and now is very accurate, he wasn't a particularly big guy but of average height would be closer to the truth.
Johno said on 15/Mar/16
I always thought he could pass for 5'8.
burby said on 15/Mar/16
A whole lotta people goin' under 5'8" 2016....the postman must be at their respective doors......
Brad said on 13/Mar/16
His boxing footwear was built up by a custom shoemaker in Rocky not to mention typical Sly camera shots making him look taller. He was 5' 8.5" in Rocky.
Alucard said on 12/Mar/16
Never been over 5'7 all his life, barefoot, probably even shorter than that... Can't believe at some of the comments here, 5'9 or 5'10 for Stallone, ridiculous, even 5'8 is complete fantasy... Just look at the monster shoes he's wearing, even back in Rocky's days, do you think a legit 5'9 guy would wear those kinds of shoes with 3 inches of boost or more?
curious said on 11/Mar/16
His Peak height was around 5' 8.75'' (174-175 cm), today he seems more like around 5' 7.5'' (171-172 cm).
bernie said on 10/Mar/16
oh, oh expected! No answer to my comment in this case is the best answer you can give! Thank You for Confirmation!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Mar/16
Looked 5ft9-9½ range in Rocky.
Brad said on 8/Mar/16
True height in Seattle 5' 7" and true height by the height expert "in sandals" (NYC sandals) 5' 10.5". We have a height problem to be figured out by celebrity heights dot com.
Jesse Stone said on 7/Mar/16
Yes Nielsen probably said it right. I believe a tad under 5'9 in his prime and about 5'8 now.

He should have won the Ocsar for his performance in Creed! He was amazing!!
Rey said on 6/Mar/16
@ Henry said on 5/Mar/16 your friend got it right! I thought the exact same thing when he was promoting the "Planet Hollywood" restaurants. I met him and said hello. There was a silent gasp. He is not a tiny a man. Giant hands. Just expected him to be taller. He was wearing boots, too. He was very personable with his fans. A lot friendlier than some of the other "stars"...He shares a lot of traits like Rocky Balboa...he even seems even more genuine today.
Henry said on 5/Mar/16
His true height is 5'7" when he was shooting a film here in Seattle, Washington in the 80's or 90's. A friend of mine couldn't believe how short he was. My friend stands 5'9".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/16
I was a little disappointed that he didn't win but it's still great that he got nominated...and that his acting abilities are recognised
polo said on 3/Mar/16
Well... 175M cm (little more or little less), as said by Brigit Nielsen, is the truth.
Yates said on 2/Mar/16
Rob,what is your opinion on his oscar loss?Do You think he deserved more than Rylence or was it a fair decision?
Editor Rob: not seen his performance so can't really comment.

But it is a collective opinion. Sometimes the opinion is influenced by factors we don't know or maybe do know...
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 2/Mar/16
polo said on 28/Feb/16
Brigit Nielsen said 5.9

Close... She said Stallone was 1,74-1,75m when they were married during "Dschungelcamp" on german tv
A Cut Above said on 1/Mar/16
TJE said on 29/Feb/16
@A Cut Above

Trust me. The Academy always makes up for that type of stuff.
A Cut Above said on 29/Feb/16
Stallone was the TALLEST in terms of performace in his role as Rocky in Creed,and He got robbed at the Academy.I Hope in a future come back as a winner.
polo said on 28/Feb/16
Brigit Nielsen said 5.9 so 175 to 176 cm (morning) seems to be right... for his peak.
richie said on 27/Feb/16
The never ending topic being the height of Sylvester Stallone.....Stallone's height with lifts is somewhere between 5'10/11", which is the height he appears in most of his movies to be fair, Rob's estimation of a peak height 5'9" and 5'8.5" today is probably very accurate. The rare occasion we witness Stallone practically barefoot is in the opening scene of Copland, where he stands with Ray Liotta who is just 6' and we see Stallone towered by at least 3 inches. 5'8.5" is spot on Rob...
Danimal176 said on 26/Feb/16
Harpy said on 24/Feb/16
Peak height 5' 8'', current 5' 7''- 5'7.5''!

He could have been as high as 5'8.5" at his peak. 1" shorter today at 70.
Harpy said on 24/Feb/16
Peak height 5' 8'', current 5' 7''- 5'7.5''!
bernie said on 24/Feb/16
@MJKoP – Silence?? Are you still alive? I don’t want to get the impression that your silence is a confession that you’re wrong…
Let me know, please
The_Punisher said on 22/Feb/16
Peak 5'8'', now 5'7''
Jesse Stone said on 21/Feb/16
There's a pic on Instagram with Sly and John legend. Stallone seems about an inch shorter.
Jason Hertz said on 18/Feb/16
Is Stallone 1.77 barefoot or in shoes?????
Junior31 said on 16/Feb/16
This is the easiest height on the site. Filming rocky 1 he was 5'8.75. Fast forward to Creed and he's 5'8.25. There's not one other celebrity who he has met that said that he was his claimed 5'10. They all say the same thing. What's the mystery.
Frankie68 said on 16/Feb/16
Anyone see the pics of stallone with 5'6 ringo starr from the awards the other nite ,,, looks the same height to me !!!
Brad said on 15/Feb/16
Bern', I've said for years the non film training footage has Sly in standard non custom made wedged up boxing footwear. He is clearly 4.5" less than Weathers looking foolish with the 6' 1" actor. Mr. T and Sly training, same deal, owned in same footwear to 5' 8.5". Gster is probably 5' 6" in '16 at 11 P.M., he's over 2 and a quarter from reports I've heard.
burby said on 14/Feb/16
Under 5'8" by an NYC "quartah". That photo of him and Leave it to Bieber posted by Maximus175cm on the Biebes page is something...
Cutler said on 14/Feb/16
Here he is along with Bieber during a latest fashion eventClick Here
Bieber is wearing flats,Vans style as it possible to observe is other shots.
What do You think, Rob?
Editor Rob: there's a few shots, I think Stallone would be bigger but he doesn't seem much bigger. Bieber has an advantage in that his head isn't very long.
Arthhur said on 14/Feb/16
MjKOP No offense but I am starting to think you are joking or you are one of the Slys agents there is no explanation. Can you explain us why Sly looks shorter than 5ft10 MR T even with his obvious lifts ?
Can you explain this to us with your logic ? Click Here
If Sly was 5ft11 why he looks shorter than 5ft10 Mr T ? According to your logic Mr T must be 6ft1. I have never found an information about MR T that he is listed 6ft1 or 6ft2. Even Imdb which is notorious for upgrading every actor lists MR T 5ft 10 . I think you measure people from a different way. I am suspicious that your measurement technique adds people 2inch of height. You can verify your new measurement unit to guiness world record center. I will be very happy about your new foundation.
Brad said on 11/Feb/16
Where was Jim Hopper in '06 tellin this to the height expert da G? G woulda been Hoppin' mad. Correct, he hasn't gone under 5 foot 8.
bernie said on 11/Feb/16
@MJKoP - ok, i don't want to make fun of you or doubt what you wrote, honestly!
Just let me know/ please explain to me just two things to give more strenght to believe you, caus for me S.Stallone never looked that height you claim. Ok, i never met him, but in his movies he does not look like that.
Alright, In the Coreography/ footage for the fight in Rocky 1 (I'd say this was his prime..)..why does Sylvester Stallone looks clearly 4-5 inches shorter than 6'1" Carl Weathers?
In the training for Rocky 3 with Mr. T.. why does Sylvester Stallone looks clearly a good 2 inches shorter than 5'10" Mr. T? Strictly speaking the whole body proportions look clearly shorter than mr.T's...; shorter legs, shorter upper body.. you can check this clips on youtube. I would be very grateful for a convincing answer. Thanks, Regards
pauly e said on 11/Feb/16
I saw a recent video of Sly and Carl Weathers yesterday. Sly looked little next to him...but when they stood next to each other it looked to me like Carl had 4 maybe 4.5 inches on him. So I really think the 5'8.5 listing is close assuming Carl WEathers is 6'1 (which I think he is)
184.3cm (Night) said on 11/Feb/16

I don't need to see him in person to know he was never 5'11. His ex Wife is around 6 foot and was easily 2.5 inches taller than him. Arnie always had legit 4 inches on him back then so unless he was 6'3 at least ( pause for laughter) we have again a problem. He was shorter than 5'11 Viggo Mortensen in Dayllight as well.

You say you have issues with your height, well i say face those demons. Grab an aerosol and measure yourself against a wall and be honest with yourself. If your "5'10" Brother" was shorter than Stallone and you are two inches shorter than him...then my guess is you are a G man 5'6" range is all you get.
Jim Hopper said on 10/Feb/16
5-8.5 peak. Now 5-8. Not lost much.
james said on 10/Feb/16
Stallone became a lift wearer every since he dated and married 6'0 Bridgette Nielson back in the 80's ..I think that effected him forever about his height lol
A Cut Above said on 9/Feb/16
Rob,do You see something strange in these shoes?Click Here
Editor Rob: a bigger shot of his and DeNiro's Here. They don't look suspicious, but then putting a half inch lift in that type of boot would be hard to detect from the outside.
bernie said on 9/Feb/16
addition for you MJKoP, i forgot to mention in my previous comment...
...even his wife J. Flavin must be over 5'11' then, although she is 3 inches shorter than 5'11.5" Claudia Schiffer..
That's pure logic i have to admit..
Thanks also from my side for the laugh
MJKoP said on 9/Feb/16
184.3cm (Night) said on 5/Feb/16
MJKoP said on 5/Feb/16
MJJ and Stallone were both in the 5'11" range. Only difference is that Michael often slouched and wore flat shoes, while Sly frequently forced ramrod posture and would occasionally wear lifts, boosting him well past six feet.

Thanks for the laugh needed that. 5'9 peak for both men and Stallone is 5'8 now.

Please remind of when you saw Stallone in person? I did, and for an extended period of time. I've told this story many times. Him and my brother were wearing comparable water-resistant aqua-shoes. It was on a boardwalk by a beach. I looked down and saw Sly's bare-skinned heel with absolutely zero extra boost. He may as well have been barefoot. I took careful observation, because at 5'8" I've always had a height complex. My brother measures just over 5'10", and Stallone, was clearly taller than him - granted not by much, but enough to make him a weak, but legit 5'11". In fact, had a picture been taken, the difference between Stallone and my brother would've appeared greater, due to Sly's hair advantage. I could tell that my brother was standing as tall as possible to try and match Stallone, but he couldn't quite do it. No matter what stance or position the two of them took, Sly always had a higher eye and shoulder level. Stallone was no doubt the taller man, and my brother is a legit 5'10 plus - or at least he was in 1979! I saw him measured myself barefoot midday at the doctors only months prior to our encounter with Stallone.
Dmeyer said on 8/Feb/16
Its weird how sly pulled off 5'9 easy up to 2-3 years back And today looks much closer to 5'8
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Feb/16
5ft9¼(176cm) peak is arguable
Towering said on 6/Feb/16
Peak height no more than 5' 8.5''

Current height no more than 5' 7.5''
Alex said on 6/Feb/16
He wasn't even 5'10
bernie said on 5/Feb/16
To you MJKoP, i got the impression, no one is shorter than 5'11'...
No J.Statham, no JC van Damme, no A.Banderas, no W. Snipes, no Sharon Stone (appeared same height as Sly in the Shower scene), no M. Jackson, no Burt Young (appeared same height as Sly in the slaughterhouse scene in Rocky), no Rod Stewart (appeared even taller than Sly)..list goes on.
So according to your Theorie everyone of them is at least 5'11" or more.. even his wife J. Flavin must be over 5'11' then... that's fantastic, really...Thank You
184.3cm (Night) said on 5/Feb/16
MJKoP said on 5/Feb/16
MJJ and Stallone were both in the 5'11" range. Only difference is that Michael often slouched and wore flat shoes, while Sly frequently forced ramrod posture and would occasionally wear lifts, boosting him well past six feet.

Thanks for the laugh needed that. 5'9 peak for both men and Stallone is 5'8 now.
MJKoP said on 5/Feb/16
MJJ and Stallone were both in the 5'11" range. Only difference is that Michael often slouched and wore flat shoes, while Sly frequently forced ramrod posture and would occasionally wear lifts, boosting him well past six feet.
Arthur said on 4/Feb/16
Of course ,man.It was only a littler argunent about a celebrity's stature one is really angry towards anyone for any reason at all.Always peaceful my friend
Brad said on 4/Feb/16
Ole Blue Eyes was in custom made from waaay back. Jax was Mister Slouch. Sly on the red carpet at the Oscars will be in whoppers.
Arthur said on 4/Feb/16
I am not saying Sly was 5ft7 or Sly is 5ft7 and I am not saying Micheal Jackson was 5ft6 .
I am saying Sly was weak 5ft9 Jackson was 5ft8.
Anthony said on 4/Feb/16
Alright, fine. You win, Arthur. I'll say it. Our big hero the Italian Stallion originally stood an average 69 inches tall and went down an inch or just a half an inch. And only stood taller in the morning. Case closed. Now can we make peace?
TJE said on 4/Feb/16
He should be 5'8.25 today, but by the time Rob's wholly convinced, Sly will be 5'8 flat.
A Cut Above said on 3/Feb/16
As i mentioned a lot of times before,viewing several pics of Stallone,the actor is aroind 173 - 173.5.The concept of height loss due to age is widely adopted on this page but I will tell something.The stature decrease everyone argue about comes most of the times in people eho are experiencing poor posture developing ,such as slouching.Is this a condition in wich Sly is involved?Not at all.In fact,if You see the movie "Copland",Stallone is slightly shorter than De Niro (possibly 1.74 cm at that time).De Niro had a good posture back then .Now,see some photos of the two nowdays...De Niro posture is very very poor so the loss of stature is pretty visible and Stallone appears taller than him,of course most of the pics i saw Sly was wearing elevator shoes but you can clearly observe that bad posture subtracts a lot cms ,as in the case of the De Niro.In a Pic from Rocky 3,Stallone and Mr.T are facing off each other and i can see a 2 inch gap between the two.Besides,Mr.T is 178 cm so mathematically you obtain 173 for Sly.So this is my opionion,folks.
Arthur said on 3/Feb/16
Some people on here talking about body proportions saying Sly was 5ft10 he has long lengs etc.I will tell you proportions tell nothing. Nothing! My sister is 5ft3 she is very skinny and has very long legs and even she can look like a 5ft5 5ff6 girl! Everybody always guess her a 5ft5 girl.Same as my father.My father is a 5ft8.5 5ft9 man and he also has very long legs compared to his body he is about 160 lbs.And most people guess him 5ft9.5 to 5ft10.
So proportions tell nothing. You need to properly measure a guy to know his real height or you need to judge him in photos where he stands with other people.İnstead of talking about body proportions explain the photos I sent here with logic.You can look at Slys newer photos he isnt even taller than his daughters of course they have heels but I am pretty sure they are 5ft10 max even with heels.You can also look the photo of Sly where he stands with 5ft10 Micheal B Jordan Sly clearly looks 2inch shorter.For my opinion it is impossible for Sly to be taller than weak 5ft9 in his peak days.He is about 5ft8 in nowadays.He has a great body compared to his age I dont think he shrunk more than 1inch.
Lolo said on 2/Feb/16
To me, all in all, sly was a weak 176 cm at peak and still is 175 cm now. Anything under is suspicious with what we see in Creed. Did you see the movie ROB ?
burby said on 2/Feb/16
One can only imagine what ole blue eyes and Sly have on with MJ. Michael Jackson rarely "effected" in photos, that's what Sly, Cruise, and Murphy do.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Feb/16
Other than onset injuries...he hasn't lost that much probably because he's kept himself in great shape. I mean he'll be 70 this year!
Ismaeel said on 2/Feb/16
Peak height 5' 8.75''

Current height 5' 7.75''

He wasn't short for his era but just average and with lifts (2.5''-3'') was able to pull off a maximum of 5' 11.5''. Actually I never knew he was max. 5' 8.75'' until recently as he always appeared 5' 10'' to 5' 11'' in his movies because I had no idea that lifts and elevator shoes were so widespread in Hollywood.
Anthony said on 2/Feb/16
Come on, Arthur. Are you seriously trying to imply that Mike was never any taller than 5'6 or 5'6.5? I'm sorry, but even without platform shoes, he never looked that short in his adult years. Not ever. It might look that way in that pic of him next to 5'7 Sinatra, but there could be a catch to it, especially since it was only focused on their upper bodies. Heck, I'll even come out and say the same thing for those pics of him and Sly that I mentioned, so that I don't come off as hypocritical. But never mind about that. Let's just focus on Sly, because if there's one thing that I really hate, it's when discussions are constantly switching on certain pages that regard only one specific topic. Now, what you mentioned about Sly being only 5'9 in his heyday, that might be negotiable. I just feel that the look of his natural body length might suggest otherwise. I mean, something just doesn't seem right.
The Wiz said on 1/Feb/16
Jackson was over 5' 8" easy, I met him in '84 in Orlando.
Arthur said on 31/Jan/16
Anthony I never said Sly was 5ft7. I said he was a weak 5ft9 guy in his peak days.Yes Sly was taller than Micheal Jackson but this was 1inch at max.By the way Micheal Jackson was never over 5ft8.
He wasnt even taller than 5ft7 Frank Sinatra. Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jan/16
Rob, is 5ft8 flat today a possibility?
Editor Rob: you can argue at times he does look that short
bernie said on 30/Jan/16
@Patrick 5foot9 - "statham and stallone are not lying with his 5foot10 and 11 claims" ..yes, thats a good joke for sure..LoL!!
Statham besides 165-166cm Jet Li only appears 2 inches taller...
Sorry, you're not a good estimate in height, i have to agree to Jim Hopper, no more than 5'8" for both, Mr. Statham & Mr. Stalllone flat/ barefeet...!
amaterasu said on 30/Jan/16
Looked no less than 5'9" at his peak, and at times could look even taller. Rob, a guy like him did a lot of stunts and weight lifting in his life, plus he is already old now, so how could an old man with that active life style shrink only by 1cm ? He still manage to look close in height with 5'9" guys like Statham. Any chances he was more than 175cm in his prime?
Editor Rob: at times he certainly looked over 5ft 9, but I think most of that was down to footwear. I think Stallone's bone health is probably a lot better than other guys his age range, so although he did a lot of action movies, it's possible he only lost a little with normal wear & tear.
A Cut Above said on 29/Jan/16
Great analysis,Arrhur.Keep it up
Anthony said on 29/Jan/16
First off Arthur, let me just say that you didn't have to get so upset at my verbal defense. For 2 reasons. 1: I was not trying to start a fight, but only trying to prevent one from escalating. And 2: it wasn't even directed towards you, given that you're not the one who was attempting to insult my intelligence. But just to show you I'm not insecure, I grant you my sincerest humble apologies. Now back on subject here, what you said about MJ having never been 5'9, I have to say that's impossible. Many places list him at that height. He certainly looked like he was, especially since he appeared much taller than that slimy rat Martin Bashir who stands a measly 5'6. He couldn't have been wearing heels at that point. As for those picks you pointed out to me, as much as I'd like to say they were helpful, in all honesty, they were kind of confusing. But, Arthur, if you have doubts about MJ being naturally 5'9, then don't let me stop you. And GP, maybe I am new to this site and maybe I'm not. I just figured that it shouldn't matter if those pics I mentioned only showed Sly and MJ's upper bodies, since a lot of people seemed to know MJ's natural height. Maybe it was lifts. However, I still say that Sly's body length looked much longer that a lousy 5'7. But don't let my theory offend you. Sorry boys, but I just can't stand the excitement of this argument anymore.
Jim Hopper said on 29/Jan/16
Cant see over 5-8 today barefoot.
Patrick 5foot9 said on 28/Jan/16
Im one of those guys who never thought Stallone ist small. I would guess him taller than me. Rob is the expert, but i think, maybe many people like statham and stallone are not lying with his 5foot10 and 11 claims. I´m 1.75m at worst, and i dont see so tall as the dudes appear to me in photos and other media stuff.
Brad said on 28/Jan/16
Lift magician. His sneakers are ramped.
Pitch_Fork said on 27/Jan/16
james, was Ray Liotta wearing shoes? if so, that would still make Sly average height for his era - 5'8''-5'9''
Junior31 said on 27/Jan/16
polo said on 26/Jan/16
Funny to see the same people trying to downgrade him for so long on this site. By the way, Boxing shoes is like being barefoot. When i see my friends with them on, they loose 1 Inch on me automatically. You have the feeling that they look small. But they aren't. They just lost 1 inch on you because you have normal shoes and thay have Boxing shoes which is like being barefoot.
My guess : 176 cm peak
175 cm now.

I wouldn't go under. Just watch Creed. He is often on sneakers and he barrely looks short.

As a boxer your 100pct right. Boxing shoes add virtually nothing in regards to height. But I will tell you. Look at his sneakers a little closer. There was a scene in creed when he was in the hospital going through chemo and he is seated. His sneakers look like stilettos. Don't be fooled he's been a lift magician since the 70s. He's 5'8 and a hair these days.
Arthur said on 27/Jan/16
Anthony I am not you enemy or something I just got angry of your offensive attitude.I have respect for your opinion.Now lets get to the business Micheal Jackson has never been a 5ft9 guy.He used to wear 2inch 3inch heeled cuban shoes yet still looked 5inch smaller than Bill Clinton
Click Here
And one more he used to wear 2inch shoes with Eddie Murphy who has flat red generic shoes and yet looked same height as him.Eddie murphy is 5ft9.
Click Here
Click Here same height one have cuban shoes one have elavator shoes no difference!
Click Here you are talking about this micheal jackson has terrible posture and massively slouching and Sly have his magical shoes again
Click Here Click Here look at slys shoes hope this helps!
GP said on 27/Jan/16
Hey Anthony, I'm just curious are you referring to photos of Sly with Jackson where you can't see the shoes? I think you gotta be new to this site since you think that Sly was legitimately taller than Jackson. Only recently he has started using smaller lifts, before he always had at least 2" in his shoes.
dmeyer said on 27/Jan/16
Even the monsters he had in rocky and cobra he could get 2.75in measuring almost 6ft
james said on 27/Jan/16
I watched Copland at the start of the movie Stallone is coming out of a bar in flip flops 5'11 Ray liotta helps him to his car ..he was about 3 inches shorter than ray
Anthony said on 27/Jan/16
I'm sorry Arthur, but are you Danimal's agent or something? You can't tell me not to stand up for myself, which is all I was doing. This guy was the one who started it. Because I was politely pointing out a fact until he began running his big mouth, trying to label me as a fool, which I'm not, so I fought back. And I'm sure you would've done the same thing. Now as far as Sly's real height goes, if you're still not convinced that he used to be near 5'10 (without heels), check out some old pics of him standing next to Michael Jackson, who by the way was one of his close friends. Michael Jackson stood 5 feet 9 inches, and Sly clearly had at least half an inch on him. If that's not enough proof, then I don't know what else to tell you.
polo said on 26/Jan/16
Funny to see the same people trying to downgrade him for so long on this site. By the way, Boxing shoes is like being barefoot. When i see my friends with them on, they loose 1 Inch on me automatically. You have the feeling that they look small. But they aren't. They just lost 1 inch on you because you have normal shoes and thay have Boxing shoes which is like being barefoot.
My guess : 176 cm peak
175 cm now.

I wouldn't go under. Just watch Creed. He is often on sneakers and he barrely looks short.
A Cut Above said on 25/Jan/16
Rob,do you think he used lifts during the fight against Anronio Tarver in "Rocky Balboa"? I saw some pictures of them together at the premiere and Stallone seemed to wear elevator shoes.Hower,I still can't guess on that movie fight
Editor Rob: I wouldn't put the idea past him...after all, he talked about fighting in lifts before.
Brad said on 25/Jan/16
Sly has never been 5' 10" or even 5' 9". He has never had long legs, get any beach shot, short legs. Sly's boxing shoes on camera were wedged up customs like his Rambo boots. Anthony sounds like G.
Arthur said on 25/Jan/16
Anthony I wont call danimal rude he is a polite person and I have the same opinion as him.Sly was a 1.74 1.75 cm guy in his peak.Danimal is right Sly wasnt even a strong 1.75cm in his peak.There are lots of photos showing he was a weak 5ft9 guy in his peak.He was a weak 5ft9 guy in his peak.And this is a height forum with rules so everyone has rights to say their opinion.Dont call anyone pathetic again.You cant stand a person when he dissarange your opinion.Dont be like my opinion Sly was around 5ft8.5 range in his peak days.It can be anywhere beetween 1.73cm to 1.75cm range.I dont agree with the opinions that stating he was over 5ft9.I am not saying Sly was 5ft7 or something.But definetly between 5ft8 to 5ft9.
Alex said on 25/Jan/16
Looks barely 5'8 with his wife
Brad said on 25/Jan/16
The first one Jesse chucked up is the reason he looked taller so many times, wedged up monster custom boots. He tried this crap with Telly in '75 and got the "who loves ya baby" pointing at his Telly whoppers.
Anthony said on 24/Jan/16
Danimal176, is your life really so pathetic that you have to respond twice to my first comment from last month. First of all, I'm not your friend, so don't you be calling me that. Secondly, I've already explained that aside from the high heeled shoes, a person's height is clearly noticable by their body length. Back in the 70s you could cleary see that Sly had very long legs, which showed he was either 5'10 or close to it. And thirdly, that Rocky 4 photo you pointed out to me that showed Sly and Burt Young standing nearly the same height is completely invalid. Wanna know why? I'll tell you. Sly was wearing his frigging boxing shoes in that pic! And every smart person knows that boxing shoes have much flatter bottoms than regular shoes, which make people up to an inch taller. Which by the way 5 foot 8 Burt Young was wearing. So, whose the uneducated one now, smarty?
Pitch_Fork said on 24/Jan/16
I guess he was in 5'8'' range in his prime and now is about 5'7'' judging from Jesse Stone pics.
With his build, proportions and wearing elevator shoes almost all the time it's no wonder he doesn't look short.
Still a legend if you ask me
jtm said on 22/Jan/16
i was watching the critics choice awards last week and he was shorter than mary j blige. she must have been wearing big heels but there is no way he's 5'8.5.
Brad said on 21/Jan/16
Imagine G coming back at Cutie on that whopper set.
Danimal176 said on 21/Jan/16
Anthony said on 21/Dec/15
Sly most certainly was a full 5 feet 10 inches in the early Rocky movies

He most certainly wasn't. He wasn't even a full 5'9" in the early Rocky movies. LIFTS and HIGH-HEELED leather boots my friend. Pay attention to his footwear in those movies.
Alex said on 21/Jan/16
I think Sly is about 170-172 cm barefoot.
Jesse Stone said on 21/Jan/16
These aren't quite flat I'd say Click Here -- see, cuban heels and a huge amount of insole... guess he could pull off over 5'11 in these!

And here too Click Here Click Here

Sly (in those odd shoes) not taller than his 5'9 wife almost barefoot Click Here Click Here

I think he's around 5'8 now
Arthur said on 21/Jan/16
To be honest for Sly the most he pulled of was 5ft11.75.He never appeared over 5ft11.75..Considering the maximum amount of lits he uses around 3inch range that gives him 5ft9(1.75cm)- 5ft8.5(1.74cm) in his peak.
You can argue for him that he is in 5ft8 range nowadays.Anything below or over is absurd in my opinion.Most new people in this site dont know the fact that the maximum height a person can get with elevator shoes is in 3.5inch range Rob prooved that.If you buy and try the 5inch -5.5inch big elevators and measure yourself you will see they will give you 3.5inch-3.8inch at most and keep in mind it is very hard to walk with that type of big models.So there is no way for Sly to wear these munsters all the time.And we are talking about action films there is no way that you can wear this type of biggest elevators in these films.But I agree with you there is no doubt he weared 2.5inch-2.75inch models he weared that type of small elevators all the time.Yes Sly used elevator shoes.but most of them are in between 2inch-3inch range.The 4inch or 5inch ones are urban legend.There is absolutely no way to get 5inch from an elavator shoe..Sly is a legend and a charismatic person and uses moderate elevator shoes not obvious ones.If you want to know a person that uses monster type of elevator shoes it is Robert Downey not SLY!

Click Here Never seen SLY wearing that type of obvious ones!
Cutie said on 19/Jan/16
Peak height 5' 8'', current height 5' 7''
184.3cm (Night) said on 19/Jan/16
Well he really is a magician isnt he? He could look Arnie in the eye at ome point but now consistently looks 3 inches shorter. He must have been packing elevators that gave minimum 3 inches. Probably rambo customs £££

So i have Arnie at 5'11 nowadays so Sly is 5'8 flat imo.
The Shadowmaster said on 17/Jan/16
Telly Savalas height is 5ft 10.75in. Stallone appeared with him in an episode of Kojak. There were eye level shots of them standing, talking together. Savalas was much taller. At least 3 inches taller than Stallone. No way was Stallone 5ft 9in back in the 1970's when the episode was shot.
James B said on 17/Jan/16
Old fashioned average height was 5'8
richie said on 17/Jan/16
@Alucard...Carl Weathers 5'11" and Sly Stallone 5'7" ???? Sorry but Weathers is still a tall guy at 6'1" and Stallone a weak 5'9", to suggest anything less is just ridiculous. Remember Tony Burton from the Rocky series, Burton was actually a professional boxer and stood at 5'11" and Weathers had 2 inches on him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jan/16
He looked 5ft11 in lifts
Jesse Stone said on 17/Jan/16
Back when Sly couldn't go out without his beloved lifts: Click Here Click Here Click Here

Apparently Sly knows now that inner values count more and let go of the elevators: Click Here Click Here
Jesse Stone said on 16/Jan/16
My dad's peak was 5'9.5 and he is the same age as Stallone. Today (he shrank to about 5'8.5 - 5'9) that sometimes seems to be shorter than average...lots of taller people around these days. But when we look at pictures from the 70's he seemed very average maybe a bit above. So those views of heights changed with time I believe..
Peter175 said on 14/Jan/16
@James B
5'9 was always the average, with 5'10 even being closer to the average for US males. Stallone is not short by today or his gen, but he definitely would never be considered above average to any great degree.
James B said on 12/Jan/16
What alot of ignorant people fail to realise is that Stallone was never a short guy in the first place more like a strong average for his generation in particular. A legit 5'9 back in say the 1970s I'd imagine would be between average-tall since average height of American man back then was like what? 5'8?

People call Mel Gibson short too? Stand a peak Mel next to a legit 6footer there would not be a big difference, that is not short.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 11/Jan/16
Nick S said on 1/Jan/16
How tall do you think he can hit in lifts, Rob?

Editor Rob: I've never really seen him wearing anything that would give 4 inches of true height, but in the 3 inches range he could measure 6ft in lifts.

He´s got to be in 4 inch munsters there Click Here
Look how awkward and chunky they look when he walks downstairs, he also looks max 3 inches shorter than the host Thomas Gottschalk who is 6´3" legit, so 6´4" in footwear.
Stallones legs look also way to long when barefoot pics show he has rather short legs proportionally
Editor Rob: 3 inch range is possible, but the boot and lift needed to get near 4 inches is massive.
Lolo said on 10/Jan/16
In CREED he looks a good 177/178 cm even in sneakers. Ok it´s a movie and bla bla bla but 174 cm only is hard to get.
Lolo said on 10/Jan/16
In CREED he looks a good 177/178 cm even in sneakers. Ok it´s a movie and bla bla bla but 174 cm only is hard to get.
Dmeyer said on 8/Jan/16
I agree rob in some rare case hé did wear 2,75-3in type And was likely heating 5'11,75-6ft shoes/lifts on but he oftenly weard more the 2-2,5in type And was 5'11-11,5 at best in shoes , and somtimes just à 4cm type And was 5'10,5 shoes And looked 5'10 with posture
berta said on 7/Jan/16
rob i Think 175 i "about" right for Stallone but the scene were he and kurt russel is barefoot is a Little starange. Kurt russell is 176 and Stallone looks 1 cm taller.ore the same but not shorter? I guess he have the same height when he walks as when he measures.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 5/Jan/16
Parker said on 3/Jan/16
It's Kellan Lutz who is suposed to be 183,5cm
Brad said on 5/Jan/16
Weak 5' 8" with the E3 line-up.
Junior31 said on 4/Jan/16
Check the footwear of sly in creed. 2 inches here. 3 inches there. Even my wife who knows nothing about lifts and such said what's up with his shoes? Lol he's 5'8.
Parker said on 3/Jan/16
Strange how its the tallest one tiptoeing.

Click Here
Zane said on 2/Jan/16
I beleive Stallone wore 4 inch elevator shoes.I always assumed he is in the 173 range,no less than that for sure.Also,There is a pic of the Rocky 3 cast in wich Stallone and Mr.T appear wearing boxing shoes with flat sole and the gap between the two is about 2 inch.He is also shorter than his wife,listed at 175 cm in a pic standing together barefeet.
bernie said on 2/Jan/16
@Junior31 - pretty simple..Sly must have been grown up to 4 inches since proof for that it is possible to still even grow after your thirties till your late sixties.. great!!!!
Don't quit your Hope.....
Brad said on 1/Jan/16
Rocky owned Spinell by an inch on film. What was Rocky in? Massive heeled custom boots...the slaughterhouse sneakers with a same height Paulie is a classic height prooved, er proved moment. Duran-Stallone shots are killers.
Nick S said on 1/Jan/16
How tall do you think he can hit in lifts, Rob?
Editor Rob: I've never really seen him wearing anything that would give 4 inches of true height, but in the 3 inches range he could measure 6ft in lifts.
Junior31 said on 31/Dec/15
Search images for Roberto duran and Sylvester Stallone. Then search for the same and add Shane mosely. Tell me what you see. Joke.
richie said on 31/Dec/15
@Brad...Joe Spinell was a very strong 5'11" during the 70's
burby said on 31/Dec/15
Sly is rag dolling from those phantom punches at 5'8.5" peak. Philly Phlat boxing shoes were needed.
Frankie68 said on 29/Dec/15
Sly is 5'7 flat !!! With his long arms & extreme footwear idk why it would surprise anyone how he can appear 5'10 ...when u really study his height compared to actors in his range its very obvious !!! More so with actors who are tall ... Now take the CREED premiere ...sly looked very short next to carl weathers & IS shorter than michael b jordan !!! So how is sly in the 5'9 5'10 range without lifts !!! He is in the 5'10 range in shoe lifts !! So that makes him much shorter flatfooted !!! & his shoes give him 3 inches minimum !!!
Brad said on 29/Dec/15
That training film with Weathers is a rare Stallone shot in regular boxing footwear. Wedged up customs with camera angles worked well in the film especially in the ring. Stallone 4.5" shorter against Weathers is pretty funny.
Brad said on 28/Dec/15
Spinell was owned by Rocky by an inch. A: Spinell wasn't 5' 11" B: Stallone is in massive customs. Between 5' 9" and 5' 10" is ridiculous. Bernie is correct in every line.
JoHn B said on 28/Dec/15
Check the page on facebook called Aginst the Ropes. It's a page on Boxing - on the 24th of December 2015 they put a video up of Stallone and Carl Weathers, it shows them in a Boxing ring in a empty arena in gym clothes practicing their movies for the film Rocky 2 - now I met Carl weathers 3 years ago and he is a legit 6'1'' even Rob has him down as this height on this Web site, in that old film Stallone looked no more then 5'8 against Carl he looked really short next to him.
the shredder said on 27/Dec/15
Based on Danimal's logic , every man stops growing at exactly 18 and all are 5'9.
bernie said on 27/Dec/15
@richie - where is the challenge/ difficulty for a 5'8" man pulling off to for example 5'11"? There is absolutely no problem, you only need the right shoes with the right heels with right inside sole! Miracle fullfilled!
Why then in some other scene with "Paulie" (5'7.5" - 5'8"), when they both entering the slaughterhouse, Sly in sneakers, there is no 3 inches difference between them??????? They look pretty identical in height..
Shouldn't happen to man between 5'9"-5'10" as you claim...... Reason?????
richie said on 26/Dec/15
Stallone could pull off a weak 6' in some of his earlier movies, watch the scene in Rocky with actor and close friend Joe Spinell, who at 5'11" was not a small man. Stallone had close to an inch on Spinell, albeit with cuban heels, so Sly at his peak height would have been somewhere between 5'9"/10". To suggest anything as slow as 5'7"/8" is just ridiculous.......
Brad said on 25/Dec/15
To get to 5' 10" Sly was wedged up in any scene.
Dmeyer said on 25/Dec/15
You could argue 5'8,75-9,25 peak but 5ft 10 is too much of course hé was that out of bed , in the Rocky hé can look 5'9-11 depending on shoes , burt young was 5'7,5 and millo is similar to rob height and there was à solid 3-4cm between him and mr t , of course respecting you'r comment Antony , hé could look 5'10-11 many times thaugh , but can also look 5'8,5 peak on rare occasion
Anthony said on 24/Dec/15
First of all, Danimal 176, you come across genuinely insecure and arrogant, calling people you don't even know "naive and ignorant", two things I assure you I am far from. Secondly, unlike most people, I happen to have enough sense to do my research before speaking. I am fully aware of the heels that everyone wore back in the 70s, but I also happen to be able to examine people very closely. I've seen lots of people who were 5'10, and it's quite clear that Sly was around that size back then. In case you forgot, there were other scenes in the old Rocky films where he wore sneakers, making his true height more clear, as he still appeared to be pretty much the same length. I'm only stating what I've checked out closely. But if you're gonna be rude about it, then just don't say anything.
Dorian said on 23/Dec/15
I guess he was and still is a solid 5'8".Approximately as Equal as Downey Jr , Renner .Lift wearer plus flawless pisture gives him a perfect taller perception
Arthur said on 23/Dec/15
Sly was a legit 5ft9 guy in his peak no taller, no shorter.He used variety of elevator shoes and wedges from past to today in both of his films and regular life.Directors often used special camera angles and special shoes for Sly.This is art.Look Sly with Carl weathers in rocky series they look identical in this films whereas Weathers is way taller than him in normal life.Sly is one of my favorite actors.But he changed his height so much that made us hard to guess.My advice is do a lot research for height before guessing Sly.Learn elevator shoes ,learn lifts,learn camera angles.Learn these topics before guessing Sly.Guessing Sly's height is an expert thing.If you are a beginner in height research you can easlly make a mistake guessing him.İn my opinion Robs listing is %100 correct for Sly.I watched all of Sly s films and looked nearly all of his shoes in photos and my final guess is Sly is a 5ft9 (1.75) guy in his peak.

1.75cm peak
1.73cm-1.74cm nowadays.
Danimal176 said on 23/Dec/15
Anthony said on 21/Dec/15
Sly most certainly was a full 5 feet 10 inches in the early Rocky movies, as he cleary stood 2 whole inches taller than 5 foot 8 Burt Young, and just a slight bit shorter than Mr. T who stands 5'10 & a half. He still even appeared slighty taller than Milo Ventimiglia in Rocky 6, and Milo is 5'9. Maybe some of those surgeries he had in the past for the injuries he sustained during the making of his other action films caused him to shrink a bit, but in the 70s and early you could cleary tell he did look a little tall. He might be a bit shorter these days, but there is no way in hell that he's as short as 5'7. I don't believe he's any shorter than 5'9. Maybe 5'8.5, but that's it. Any shorter heights are exaggerations.

I was once naive and ignorant too. This was their REAL height difference WITHOUT Sly's HUGE black heeled boots. I'm sorry, but you need to know the truth and my job is to educate people on LIFT wearers: Click Here
Anthony said on 21/Dec/15
Sly most certainly was a full 5 feet 10 inches in the early Rocky movies, as he cleary stood 2 whole inches taller than 5 foot 8 Burt Young, and just a slight bit shorter than Mr. T who stands 5'10 & a half. He still even appeared slighty taller than Milo Ventimiglia in Rocky 6, and Milo is 5'9. Maybe some of those surgeries he had in the past for the injuries he sustained during the making of his other action films caused him to shrink a bit, but in the 70s and early you could cleary tell he did look a little tall. He might be a bit shorter these days, but there is no way in hell that he's as short as 5'7. I don't believe he's any shorter than 5'9. Maybe 5'8.5, but that's it. Any shorter heights are exaggerations.
TNTinFL said on 21/Dec/15
I live in Florida and in the early 90s, I actually met Sylvester Stallone on Miami Beach. I was with my girlfriend at the time. Stallone was barefoot walking on the beach. Most people didn't seem to notice or recognize him. But I actually walked up to him and said hi. He was really cool to chat with. Very nice.
Now I stand around 5' 9.75" at my morning height. Around 5' 9.5" later in the day. When I ran into Stallone, it was early afternoon.
This was the era before cell phones, so I never snapped a photograph of the encounter. Which I regret to this day.
I can tell you that Stallone only appeared a little shorter than me. I actually asked my gf about the height difference afterwards and she said I did look taller, but only by a little bit.
With that being said, 5' 9" seems about right to me.
the shredder said on 21/Dec/15
What is your opinion based off of Danimal?
john said on 20/Dec/15
Sylvester Stallone is 5'6" not one inch taller
Danimal said on 20/Dec/15
At his peak barefoot, Sly was NEVER taller than 173.5-174cm (5'8.3"-5.'8.5") MAX. Today he's 171.5 (5'7.5").
Dmeyer said on 16/Dec/15
Hé is starting to look 173-4cm while 2 years back hé looked 174-5cm
Dmeyer said on 16/Dec/15
sly can look 9cm under arnie today as arnie wears his 4cm cowboy that give him a boost over sly 1-1.1in shoes so about 8cm smaller 173.5 and 181.5 respectively
170cm Spanish said on 15/Dec/15
Rob, can you find out the height of Gaz from Geordie Shore? He says that he is 5"11 but he looks like a 5"8 guy.

Thanks you, I love this site

Click Here
Editor Rob: while he might not be as tall as his claim, I'm not sure he's adding 3 inches to it, 5ft 9-10 range could be possible, but I've only had a brief look at him.
the shredder said on 14/Dec/15
To me he still looks slightly taller next to Carl weathers than Rob. I still say over 5 ft 8.
Danimal said on 14/Dec/15
Hdjdd said on 5/Dec/15
5'10" prime

5'8.5" prime
Danimal said on 14/Dec/15
miko said on 11/Dec/15
Keep up the good work Brad.

Sly is still 5'8 or over.

In shoes.
Brad said on 14/Dec/15
Sly is a weak 5' 8" today. The sandals line by the G is one of the funniest things he ever said.....all to proove (oops G moment) he was 5' 8" with Sly but in reality a 5' 6" young G in the photo, maybe less after a long walk from the Bronx. Sly was in customs. Sal, 1 more hour til upstairs.
miko said on 11/Dec/15
Keep up the good work Brad.

Sly is still 5'8 or over.
Junior31 said on 9/Dec/15
Brad said on 7/Dec/15
This one's for the Danimal: Gggggg. He wrecked this site for a few years listed at 5' 8" getting owned by a 5' 8.5" Sly in NYC sandals (custom lifts). Sal, napkins.

RisingForce said on 9/Dec/15
Danimal, that's just an average and iirc, the survey was done of only 2000 or so men. To have an average, you must have some above it and some below it. Just like you point out people who lose far more than the average (Arnold, Clint) Considering Sly still has great posture, he'd be a likely candidate to lose less than average. That survey only proved that men CAN lose 1.2" or more by age 70, not that they always do.
Dorian said on 9/Dec/15
I don t understand why "danimal"refers Stallone as 5'7.5 nowdays .So He is close is height as Tom Crhise?I mean,what is going on here?
Dorian said on 9/Dec/15
I guess the height loss experienced by Sly is not so dramatic at all.My uncle is 58 years old and he still is 170.5 cm,considering he always had an insanely peefect posture .Stallone is somone whos exercise frequently in his life,even today.I also viewed some of his training routines and they involve the hanging exercise.I strongly beleive He was always in the 5'8 range (173.5cm)and today he mayy got down to 173 flat or little less but i doubt.The point is ,as Rob knows also,the height loss can in certain cases be "prevented",perhaps not enterely but,thanks to the decompression process of the spine the discs between the vertebrae get rehydrated.Actors as Pacino and De Niro are subjects who experienced strong height loss due to their very poor posture and tendecy to slouch.De niro looked slightly taller than Stallone in the movie Cop is completely different.Of course Sly was always a lift wearer but his posture never let let down.There also some pics of Sly and his wife Jennifer ,who ia listed 175 cm on many websites,where they are standing togheter barefeet and the difference between the two is about 2 cm circa
Sly said on 8/Dec/15
He is like that Glenn Cunningham guy, a lot shorter than he says to people. Load.
Jim Hopper said on 8/Dec/15
More 5-7.5 real life today
dmeyer said on 7/Dec/15
Sly lost aleast 1.5cm at near 70s and thats a good loss for his âge so was not less than 174.5-175cm peak today in between 173-4cm
Mightyman said on 7/Dec/15
I have the slight suspicion that sly has had leg lengthening surgery a few years back, just maybe 1 or 2 inches extra, but it can make all the difference. The new technique uses a pin inside the leg bone which expands when u twist yr leg everyday. Its called fitbone. Also u don't need a leg cast or supports to walk around. So it is possible he did it.
Read about it here.
Click Here
Editor Rob: the day Sly measures under 5ft 8 will be the day he gets a silicon skull implant (1cm) and becomes a pioneer for sole lift implants.
Brad said on 7/Dec/15
This one's for the Danimal: Gggggg. He wrecked this site for a few years listed at 5' 8" getting owned by a 5' 8.5" Sly in NYC sandals (custom lifts). Sal, napkins.
Danimal said on 7/Dec/15
Dorian said on 27/Nov/15
Rob,I guess He was and still now is a legit 5 foot 8 (173) .

The average 70 year old man loses 1.19" in height from their peak height. I'm sorry, but Sly is NOT an exception to the rule. He was 5'8.5" at BEST in his prime and is 5'7.5" AT BEST today.
Danimal said on 7/Dec/15
andre said on 2/Dec/15
i think stallone was 5ft8 prime and now is 5ft7.5 barefoot

I agree with you on his current height, but I do believe that it's possible he hit 5'8.5" out of bed in his younger days.
Danimal said on 7/Dec/15
Brad said on 5/Dec/15
5' 9" has always been wrong. He hasn't lost much in his adult lifetime. Sal only had a pocket of change for G's fries in the Volvo backseat bed before showtime upstairs.

Do you feel the compulsive need to always bring up Glen's name in every single post you do day in, day out, week in, week out, month in, month out, year in year out?
Danimal said on 7/Dec/15
Hdjdd said on 5/Dec/15
5'10" prime

In lifts. He's never seen over 5'8.5" barefoot in his life. He's 5'7.5" today at 70 years old..
Brad said on 6/Dec/15
5-10 prime is G material,low end.
the shredder said on 6/Dec/15
I think Sly still looks slightly taller next to Carl Weathers than Rob does. He can be 5'8.5 or 5'8.75 but to be fair at the very most nowadays. Peak 5'9 , 5'9.5.
Junior31 said on 6/Dec/15
It's funny but Slys height might be the easiest one in here. Rocky 1 he was medlying around 5'9 (think a spec under) when he woke up and went to bed around 5'8.5. The morning of the creed premiere he's waking up mid 5'8 and going to bed after schmoozing on the red carpet 5'8 flat or a hair under. What so difficult about this
Hdjdd said on 5/Dec/15
5'10" prime
Dmeyer said on 5/Dec/15
Peak 175cm 5-6 years back 174cm now 173,5cm
Brad said on 5/Dec/15
5' 9" has always been wrong. He hasn't lost much in his adult lifetime. Sal only had a pocket of change for G's fries in the Volvo backseat bed before showtime upstairs.
Alucard said on 4/Dec/15
I really don't know if people are really that bad at judging height, or just brainwashed by propaganda and Hollyweird... Reading about Stallone being 5'8, 5'9 and even 5'10 is seriously comical... He's short, not a midget of course, but very very short, Stallone was never more than 5'7 absolute max, and maybe i'm being generous and he was/is even shorter, absolutely not taller though... One of the most extreme lift wearer, do you seriously think that a legit 5'8-5'9-5'10 guy would use shoes like his, with crazy minimum 3 inches lifts? And Carl Weathers was never more than around 5'11, not 6'1...
Christian said on 3/Dec/15
-Brad, I ve been here since 2004 and I agreed before about the five feet nine listing but now I have my doubts:)
burby said on 3/Dec/15
Sly needs more Philly Phlats action like outside of the convenience store, he's weak 5'8" now. Is Sal late with my lunch again????
Will said on 2/Dec/15
Stallone was 5'9" peak. He now stands 5'8 1/2" today. I know that.
Dmeyer said on 2/Dec/15
Defenetly 174cm 2-3 years back
Dmeyer said on 2/Dec/15
Rob i dont get it hé looked easy 5'9-9.5 ex3 première now 5'8.25-8,5 , today hé is à strong 5'8.25 like 1/8 " over rob
Editor Rob: some people have bad years...Stallone may have succumbed to a bad height year and lost a fraction through disc compression.
andre said on 2/Dec/15
i think stallone was 5ft8 prime and now is 5ft7.5 barefoot
Jim Hopper said on 2/Dec/15
Looked 5-8 tops in bullet in the head film.
Brad said on 1/Dec/15
Christian should have been here in '07 saying that. I did 81 times. The Risingforce is only 1/4" off his 5' 8.5" peak.
jtm said on 1/Dec/15
i dount jordan is over 5'10 after looking at the pictures posted on his page and there is still a possibility syl was wearing small lifts with him and weathers. still sticking with 5'7 range for syl. maybe 5'8 in his younger days if he was lucky but there's enough evidence he was never 5'9.
RisingForce said on 30/Nov/15
Footage of Creed premiere. Click Here Weathers next to Sly from about 0:45 on. Weathers should be just under 6'1" these days. Mr. R thought Michael B. Jordan was a "weak 5-11" and he's at 5'10.5" here. I see about 4 inches between Sly and Weathers, but at least 2 between Jordan and Sly. I agree with Rob and Dmeyer. Imo, Sly being a solid 5'8" like Rob these days is possible, but so is 5'8.5". Can't see him out of that range. I now believe he was just under 5'9" peak, like 5'8.75", pretty much exactly what Brigitte Nielsen said(174-175 cm)
Christian said on 30/Nov/15
Seeing Stallone with Mike Tyson and actor Jordan I now doubt if he ever reached the five foot nine mark. It seems that he could have been five eight and a half as his peak height cause he is the master of lifts and I find it hard to believe that he would be in public without any kind of lifts. Maybe just a half inch with his lowest lifts:) I agree that he looks more five eight today.
Lorne??? said on 29/Nov/15
Lol @ "RIP Sly's lifts, they served him well for 40 years."

I guess now he is content to just mess with Camera angles. Poor Kelsey Grammer, considering he's lost at least an inch himself,

I think he'd be about your height now, Rob. Solid 173cm. Slightly taller than me. :)
Byron T. said on 29/Nov/15
I'm with everyone else; the recent photos with Michael B. Jordan & Carl Weathers show Stallone is likely 5'8'' nowadays.
Rey said on 29/Nov/15
I ll keep saying it.....Stallone is 5'7" and some bare feet. Amazing that the illusion of his height is still around 5'9"....
Ricky said on 28/Nov/15
Rob,,,anychance at his 70 birthday,,,sly can be 5ft8in?
Editor Rob: I'm sure he'd want to still be 5ft 8.5 on his 70th, but he might measure near 5ft 8 soon...
Dorian said on 27/Nov/15
Rob,I guess He was and still now is a legit 5 foot 8 (173) .
He is an elevator shoes wearer and maybe he is able to apper taller by the fact that He always seemed muscular and buffed,giving a sort of optical illusion combined,of course,with the shoe lifts.
Heylo said on 27/Nov/15
Maybe you should consider downgrading him to a flat 5'8? he really didn't look any taller than that next to Jordan. He could still have been 5'9 or at least, very close to it in his peak.
johemoth the dog said on 26/Nov/15
Seeing him with Jason Statham who is around 5'9, im thinking Stallone is more of a weak 5'8. Hard to tell since most pics with him he is wearing lifts, but there is a few without them, and he can look anywhere from 0.5-1.5 inches shorter then him.
the shredder said on 26/Nov/15
5'8.5 max now , possible 5'9.5 peak.
TJE said on 26/Nov/15
I think it's time for a 5'8.25 listing.
Brad said on 25/Nov/15
The recent Weathers photos with Sly kill anything over 5 foot 8. He needs Vin boot action now, 365 days a year.
184.3cm (Night) said on 25/Nov/15
Sly seems more relaxed there. He actually let someone get camera advantage for once. Does seem like he is more 5'8 flat now, that other guy Jordan looks like he is 5'10 tops.
Dmeyer said on 24/Nov/15
rob 173.5cm is arguable today
Dmeyer said on 24/Nov/15
Hé holds 5'8 range like 173-4cm but no more today
JM said on 24/Nov/15
Stallone definitely seems to have done without lifts at the premiere - good on him!
Editor Rob: R.I.P Sly's Lifts. They served him well for 40 years.
Frankie68 said on 23/Nov/15
Anyone see sly on good morning america where 5'10 robin roberts towered over sly !!!!
Dmeyer said on 23/Nov/15
rob sly can look 6cm smaller than 179 jordan a lot , could sly be 5'8 flat
Editor Rob: 5ft 8 or 8.5 today, I think is arguable.
Jim Hopper said on 23/Nov/15
Looks 4 inches shorter min than Weathers {6-0} in that pic 5-8 sly. No more
bernie said on 23/Nov/15
I've watched some pics of the creed premiere.. man, in some shots Sly appears way shorter than Carl (ca. 6'0.75"), there's a huge gap between them both, i'd say this must be around 5 inches...
(And then there is still the question how much he gains from his shoes..?? I don't claim he's in huge lifts, but + 2 inches wouldn't surprise me...)
So whose Belief still is that Sly is or was close to 5'10", watch these pics, even 5'9" is too generous. Cannot be more than 5'7.5" - 5'7.75" these days..and was no more than 5'8" peak
That's how i see it
Frankie68 said on 22/Nov/15
Anybody see the "creed" premiere pics ...i always said sly is no taller than 5'7 the pics of carl weathers u can clearly tell carl is a much bigger man than stallone ...much bigger ,, in body & height ...carl also is much bigger than michael b jordan whos height claim is 5'11 ...which i dont agree with either !!!
Raduuuu said on 22/Nov/15
Rob see this photo... Click Here Sly and Carl weathers...
Editor Rob: at that event sly's shoes are pretty normal, I think he still holds easily in the 5ft 8 range
tuite said on 22/Nov/15
have u seen guys the last pics next to weathers in the creed´s premiere? he looks so much shorter than him
Brad said on 20/Nov/15
Gets owned by two of his daughters in heels and wife this week at the premiere. The 13 year old in heels makes him real short even in standard customs.....the red carpet Munsters are retired. He might be under 5 foot 8 by now.
smarty said on 19/Nov/15
I think during 80s , he looked like a legit 5'9(1/2 )
Concerned 182 cm said on 19/Nov/15
I just noticed that his height is listed as 5'11 in "Rocky Balboa", during the ESPN Simulation scene. Lol.
bernie said on 18/Nov/15
@ 5'11.5: Yes! That's why he is no taller than 5'7.5" Lewis Hamilton, and no taller than 5'8" max. J. Statham, shorter than ca. 5'9" Mel Gibson, not taller than his wife 5'8.5 J. Flavin, ca. 5 inches shorter than C. Weathers in an early training video, pretty same height as ca. 5'7" Sharon Stone etc. ...
Jay said on 16/Nov/15
Hey Rob,
I have just observed some pic of Alesso with Skrillex,who is listed here as 164 cm,and the 4 inch gap between the two is visible.Also,Alesso is shorter than the singer Theo Hurts who is estimated as 180 cm.In conclusion,the photo that i sent You of Stallone and Alesso,in wich Sly appears wearing normal shoes and not elevator ones,would put the Italian Stallion at a solid 173 cm? What do You think ?
5'11.5 said on 16/Nov/15
5'10 max for him
David said on 15/Nov/15
Hey Rob are these heights measured by including with wearing shoes or without wearing shoes
Editor Rob: always assuming someone would be without shoes
James B said on 15/Nov/15
Stallone still is and never was a short man at all, in fact a 5'9 guy like himself back in 70s would have been a legit average height. Sure compared to a huge guy like Dolph Lundgren who was a strong 6'4 he is tiny but wouldn't most men look small in comparison??

At 5'9 I am guessing there are plenty of occasions when you can feel on the taller side amongst some. Even me at only 5'7 can feel tall on occasion.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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