How tall is Sylvester Stallone ?

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Sylvester Stallone height: 5ft 9in (175 cm)

American actor best known for films like Rocky and Rambo. "I'm shorter and skinnier than you Expected". In a 1991 interview with Longevity magazine he says: "I'm 5'10" and in 1993 NY Times said "I'm exactly 5 feet 10 1/2 inches". A 1978 Playboy claim, as commenter Bam pointed towards quoted Sly claiming early on that "I'm five feet ten and three quarters tall" on meeting him, "Sly, shorter than you expect at 5-foot-eight" and pre-www, in 1990 Chicago Times was even bringing up the subject of footwear, "The real-life Rambo is an official 5 foot 10 1/2 inches tall, but that is with the generous boost of what can only be described as elevator shoes". Indeed, a specialist shoemaker once commented that "I made him 4.5 inches taller for 16 years!", although that might be a bit of an exaggeration..

Another interesting quote is from famous screenwriter Goldman's book about lies stars tell. He says "I had a hot lead that Sly was 67 inches." going on to revealing his source was someone who was also that height and jogged with Sly one morning. He then describes how he went into a swimming pool that Sly was in...and about 10 minutes later, "He (sly) got out, grabbed a towel. I got out, grabbed a towel. He stood. I stood. Sixty-seven inches. Dripping wet."

Another quote comes from Supermodel Janice Dickenson's book 'Everything about me is fake' whom she recalls Sly tried picking her up (they were a couple for a while): "Who was this guy to go dissing me while he's standing there in his custom-made elevator shoes." and also remarked "I couldn't believe how short he was". Another actress, Melinda Dillon from F.I.S.T, commented in Chicago Tribune "I'm taller than Sly and that bothers him and we kid about it so I take off my shoes in some scenes. I can't slouch or I wouldnt be Anna. She's very upright."

Fellow action stars have even mentioned his height, Van Damme once saying: "I'm 5-foot-10, a good size for movies. If you're too big a guy, it's hard to find good villains. That's why Stallone always has good villains. He's short."

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Brad says on 23/Apr/14
Gibson wears built up cowboy boots and massive Wahlbergers, mountain boots made by Beverly Hills custom boot makers. He's a joke at 5' 9.5". That heeled crap with the dog is Stallone at his finest on Rocky with his monsters. I could be 6 feet 9 any time of the week if I wanted to be in whoppers. I liked that production shot of Sly at the podium with the Robert Downey Jr. heeled monsters he had on, they were just sick.
RisingForce says on 23/Apr/14
Shredder, that's not exactly true. Mel was taller in this pic Zach posted a while ago Click Here so I suspect Mel is currently taller, perhaps by as much as an inch, however, in this picture from The Expendables 3 set, Sly looks a bit taller, but with the same posture, they'd probably be the same height. Click Here but Sly was taller in every picture I've seen from this event in 1993. Click Here Click Here Though Mel was taller at another event in the 90's. Click Here Click Here

I think Mel is the taller of the two, possibly by a half inch at their peaks with the variation coming from footwear since Sly's boots and lifts, while Mel himself usually wore cowboy boots in the 90's, and has in recent years as well, though I'm not sure if he also wears lifts like Sly.
Supermann says on 23/Apr/14
Come on. Look at where the "shoe" meets the heel. That is almost like that RDJ Heel. Lifts inside aside.
the shredder says on 23/Apr/14
Brad I mean , not Rob.
the shredder says on 23/Apr/14
Rob , I don't understand how you have Sly at 5'8.5 peak and Gibson at just 5'8 , Mel is taller in every pic they took together
Brad says on 23/Apr/14
Look at how high Sly's knees are with that dog, he's getting HUGE lift with his custom wedged up boots.
Heylo says on 23/Apr/14
Filippo, i could see him at 174cm, maybe 5'9 in his prime but i'm not sure. His build may fool me since he doesn't look taller than that.
Supermann says on 23/Apr/14
Shredder you are not making any sense. I've been with women that wears similar heels. They defo give a pretty large amount of height. Where does rob say that? And so what if he did. If he had all the answers he wouldn't need other people debating over various heights. Fact is. He know as much as you, me or anybody.
[Editor Rob: the rocky heels look are thick, but not really huge, I did think 1.75 range (certainly not under), you could always have a lift in those boots though.]
the shredder says on 22/Apr/14
Brad , Rob said those heels or 1.75 or 2 , which means he'd only be looking maybe an inch taller than he should over his height , plus the inch inside , that would be 2.75 over barefoot , which would make him look not even a full 2 inch over his barefoot height , so whatever height he " appears " in the heels , take 2 inches at most from that and that is his minimum height
Brad says on 21/Apr/14
Those boots with the dog have 2" heel and another inch wedge inside. Classic Sly whoppers.
the shredder says on 21/Apr/14
Mel Gibson can't be 5'8
the shredder says on 21/Apr/14
Rob says the Rocky boots are 1.75.
Gilipollas says on 20/Apr/14
Kendall, Mel Gibson is from NY
Kendall says on 20/Apr/14
Mel Gibson is 5'8, remember that listing from when he was rumored to play James Bond and ridiculed by Bond fans as a result of his lack of height as well as Australian nationality. Not likely he's grown since then, Sly is 5'6 and a good 5'9 with lifts
RisingForce says on 19/Apr/14
Those definitely weren't 2.5" heels. Click Here Go look up boots with 2 inch heels, and you'll see that's about what those are. And don't forget that you don't actually get the full gain of the heel height. It is definitely possible he had lifts inside, but just speaking about the external heels, those aren't more than 2 inch heels.

Again, I wouldn't really consider this slim. Click Here Click Here And especially not Rocky 2 when he gained quite a bit of weight. Click Here He was slim in Rocky 3 when he got really shredded, and also First Blood, but I definitely wouldn't call Sly slim in the 70's.

As for Burt Young, Sly was always taller. Not a lot taller, but definitely taller, even when he was at a footwear advantage wearing converse in the first movie when he went to punch the meat. Here's the scene. Click Here You see them walking next to each other from about 0:38 on and around 1:08 you can see Burt has the footwear advantage, but Sly is still taller. And to your point about posture, Sly wasn't forcing his posture in the first couple of Rocky movies. His mannerisms were completely different in character, the military posture started more in the 80's for Sly and has continued on, except for Cop Land. Speaking of Cop Land, that wasn't 4 inches between Liotta and Sly. Not a great scene for comparing height because they're outside and both dropping a lot of posture at various times, but more like 3 inches max, and Liotta did have a bit of a footwear advantage.
Supemann says on 19/Apr/14
OK if you say so Shredder...also i see Bebop and Rocksteady coming down the corner 2 back your post up.

Jokes aside tough. There IS actually a reason that SO many people believe everybody's hero is 5'6-5'7.5
....He is and always has been. heels, lifts. hats they do some very good jobs tricking Shredders, Cranes, Bebops and Rocksteadys. but i bet April O'neil would call the bluff.

Rising force. yeah i see around 2.5 inches at least on the heels. on several promo pictures out there you can see a huge arch going on in those high heels(meaning he has help inside too).the hat does help too you know.

he was slim. he slimmed further down the chimney for the later rockys. look what his side kick pauly looked like. they where practically the same height. but burt young seemed much shorter. screen time does that 2 ya.
jtm says on 19/Apr/14
ray liotta is 6'2 if syl is 5'10.
the shredder says on 18/Apr/14
5'7? really? Sorry no chance of 5'7 peak or now.
John says on 18/Apr/14
Rob do you think its possible that he could have lost some cm's since he's gotten older?
[Editor Rob: a fraction is quite possible, but I don't think he's like Arnie who has shed noticeable amounts]
John says on 18/Apr/14
He is a weak 5'9
RisingForce says on 18/Apr/14
Brad, I'd say he probably was in lifts considering how tall he looked with Tom Jones, I'm just saying that they looked pretty normal, not that they necessarily were normal shoes.

Supermann, the Rocky heels were no more than 2 inches on the outside, not what I'd call "high heels", and he wasn't what I'd call slim until Rocky 3, and a 170 cm guy isn't going to look tallish, not without huge platforms, in which case they'll look completely out of proportion. Lifts can help quite a bit, but there's a limit.
Brad says on 18/Apr/14
"Pretty normal". He's in wedged up whoppers falling forward. Red carpets mean customs.
Chris says on 18/Apr/14
He's such a badass mofo bro though that you cant think of him as anything else than 6ft 3 and more
Supermann says on 18/Apr/14
Guys saying he looked tallish in the first rocky movies are damn funny. High heels with lifts great posture and a freaking feodora hat on top. Makes a slim 170cm young italian man look above average. Again... Logics
the shredder says on 18/Apr/14
5'9 peak is a good shout , He can look shorter than 5'10 range yet tall enough to appear 5'11 6'0 with lifts
RisingForce says on 17/Apr/14
Is Tom Jones really still 5'10"? Because here's a set of recent full body pictures of Sly and Tom Jones. Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Tom looks like he could have a slight edge in the photos overall, but Sly actually looked like the one who was appearing slightly taller if anything in the video. Click Here The angle gets better around 0:40 in. Unless Tom is significantly shorter than listed here, Sly is pulling off a good height considering his shoes look pretty normal, certainly not like his 2003-2008 munsters at least.
James B says on 17/Apr/14
5'9-5'10 peak. He's not a small guy.
Brad says on 17/Apr/14
Sly has a rack that pulls him each morning and afternoon. Not exactly a Volvo backseat bed. Sal, fries. Telly looking down at Sly's wedged Springsteen boots trying to rival Kojak: "Who loves ya baby, I'm the tall guy here" (lollipop out of mouth, pinch of Sly's cheek pointing towards his Greek elevators). NYC sandals work better. Sal,napkins.
Filippo says on 17/Apr/14
Heylo, in that clip Risingforce posted, Mike appears barely an inch taller than Sly.
Even if he was wearing a little boost (a solid inch) in his dressing shoes, he looked 5'9 there IMO..
That would put him at 5'8 barefoot, maybe a little less than 174, as I stated wrote before. Honestly, I can't see him shorter than , nowadays.
In his younger days, he could have been in the 175 range..
Can you really see him at 5'8 in his prime?
Brad says on 17/Apr/14
Sly wears custom lifts...he has to, he's an A-list actor who has never been 5' 9" in his life and a weak 5' 8" today. Think all those spiked juices to build up his body will collapse his height like wrestlers?
[Editor Rob: every night before bed Sly has 2 of his daughters pulling his legs for 10 minutes. He will fight like a demon to prevent shrinking!]
Dmeyer says on 16/Apr/14
The most sly could get from some shoes he weared is 2.3-2.7in , 1.5in Heel plus 2in lifts thats 3.5in now since not the entire foot is standing on the 3.5in he Will get 2.3-2.6in depending on the shoes front thickness , with the shoes he has in lock up hé could get 2.5-2.75in
RisingForce says on 15/Apr/14
168 cm? That's not even remotely possible. That's not an inch and a half difference either. If that were the case, Sly's eye level would be closer to the lower part of Mike's nose, and that's clearly not the case. He clearly looks taller next to Tyson than Rob did. You see the two of them standing together again at 1:00, and I can't see him looking less than 5'9" there. If he had a lift in his dress shoes, then that'd still put him at 5'8.5".

And I couldn't find a picture showing their shoes, but it has been posted here, and they at least looked to be dress shoes. I'm not lying about that, and I believe Rob can back me up since I specifically remember him commenting that Sly at least looked to be in normal shoes.
Johnny says on 15/Apr/14
How come no pic ?
[Editor Rob: I'll add one eventually ]
Heylo says on 15/Apr/14
Filippo, if he is 175cm he would have been at the same height as Mike in that clip since Sly uses dressing shoes with lifts and Mike doesn't (Mike is 5'10 and he doesn't give a ****). Sly is closer to 5'7 than 5'9, he could be 5'8 though but i doubt that since Mike was clearly 1.5 inches taller than Sly.

Reason why Sly looks closer to Arnold in height today is because Arnold is around 5'11 today, he was at least 6 ft at his peak, that's my theory.
Heylo says on 15/Apr/14
Risingforce, lol he looks about 1.5 inch shorter than Mike and we know Mike is 5'10 right. Mike was probably around 5'11 on that event, Sly 5'9.25 which means that Sly today have to be around 171-172. He could be 5'8.25 in his peak, but he has never been seen as tall in a movie. An average height guy (5'10-5'11) could easily look tall with the right shoes and clothes.
Filippo says on 15/Apr/14
Looks like a 176 cm peak- 174-175 cm today guy, IMO.
It was average in the 70s, huh?
Supemann says on 14/Apr/14
frankie68. i agree. its really just the usual 3-4guys backing each other up. nothing new there..

the general opinion as i see it is between 168-172cm(5'6-5'7) like you said. it is the most logical and its right there in front of people who want to see it
Supermann says on 14/Apr/14
Risingforce. No disrespect. But those arguments are laughable. He looked at least 5 cm shorter than Tyson in that event and you really can't see any! Shoes in that link. But one thing is sure. Tyson always have the flattest shoes around and sly.... Not so much. 168-172cm for sly peak and current. Sly has not dropped a mm. He has perfect posture!
RisingForce says on 13/Apr/14
2 cm would be the absolute biggest difference I could see between Sly and Amos there, but I really doubt it was more than 1 cm when they're walking considering the hat Amos is wearing. Clearly not 5'7", though, not even today. I posted this a while back, but at 0:49 you see him with Mike Tyson and he doesn't look under 5'9", imo. Click Here Sly's shoes looked like normal dress shoes so it's doubtful he had more than a small lift, certainly nowhere near the 3 inch or so boost in dress shoes a 5'7" man would need. I think he's still around 5'9" or at worst, I doubt he drops below 5'8.5". Something like 5'9.25" peak and 5'8.75" current or 5'9" peak and 5'8.5" current would be a good guess, imo.
Mario says on 11/Apr/14
@Frankie68 I second that. This man has never been over 174cm in his life, I would go with a 171 flat as a height of his now. Peak height 173.
Dmeyer says on 11/Apr/14
Actualy relooking at the scene tanks to you risinforce sly does seem 2-3cm shorter than amos 181-181.5cm so about 179cm wish means 181cm shoes on wish is very. Achieveble for à 5 ft 9 m'en wearing 2.5in elevator
Paravito says on 9/Apr/14
176 cm !!!!!!
Frankie68 says on 9/Apr/14
He's 5'6 or 5''s the only height that logically makes sense...that would bring him to 5'9 or 5'10 with shoe lifts....what's the's logic....if hes a true 5'9 or 5'10. (Which he is not). His 4 inch lifts would bring him over 6 ft....and he's no we're near that....logic people...
Bernie says on 7/Apr/14
If Sly is/ was ever 5'10 barefoot and wanted to avoid Brigitte Nielsen being taller than him in Cobra (and she has a good 2 inches on him although wearing flat shoes), where is the problem? He only needed to put 3.5 inches lifts and he would've been at least same height maybe a little taller..; but of course this calculation won't bring the requested result, when you're only between 5'7-5'8! That's pure logic mathematics! And putting on 5-6 inches wedged up ones would be ridiculous even in Sly's mind, i guess.
Brad says on 7/Apr/14
Sly's thick boots contain massive built up wedge, just like his Rambo boots.
RisingForce says on 7/Apr/14
Here's the ending of the movie Lock Up. Click Here You can see Sly walking with John Amos at about 0:07 and then at 0:43 who is given a peak height of 5'11.5" here, and he was about 49 when this movie was filmed so he should be close to whatever his peak was. They're about the same height and Amos himself is holding good posture, so even if he was no more than 5'11", if Sly were 5'7", he'd need to be getting about 5 inches from his shoes there. Sly's shoes look like some pretty thick boots and I'd bet he has lifts in them, but nowhere near 5 inches.
Byron T. says on 6/Apr/14
Click Here

I came across this link while searching for photos regarding Stallone's appearance at NYCC last year. The guy who provided the photos genuinely looks over 6'0'' (he's almost as tall as Hulk Hogan). While Stallone's footwear is not visible in the photos, he doesn't look 5'10'' regardless if he was wearing lifts. Sigourney Weaver and David Duchovny look close to their height claims in the photos.
[Editor Rob: that guy can look 6ft 1 or 2 in his photos there. You can guarantee Sly isn't wearing converse that day :)]
RisingForce says on 6/Apr/14
Who says 5'9" is tall? Whether you are arguing he's more 5'8" or 5'9", I'd call that average range, but certainly not tall, and I hear 5'8" and 5'9" called short far more often than I hear it called tall, much less for the man who played Rambo. He could look a strong average, even fairly tall with lifts and posture which allowed him to pass for a solid 5'11" a lot of the time, which is more typical of an average guy in big elevators and lifts, and can still look a solid 5'10" in cowboy boots as we saw at the Escape Plan premiere. Look at Sly's early career in that scene with Woody Allen to see an average guy(Sly) with a short guy(Woody Allen), Sly probably had a good inch footwear advantage, but literally towered over Woody and looked like he could see over his head. Similarly, that full body shot I posted of Sly and Henry Winkler from the early 70's also shows what an average guy like Sly looks like with a guy who is actually what you'd consider short in Winkler. He's obviously significantly bigger than guys in the 5'5"-5'6" range like that, not by just an inch or so.
Frankie68 says on 5/Apr/14
Bottom line people ,,u guys could have this discussion till hell freezes over,,,,..everyone in Hollywood says he's short,,,,(I believe he is)....if he was tall,,,he wouldn't wear shoe lifts...period.....
Dmeyer says on 5/Apr/14
I agree hé CAN steel look 5'9 hasnt droped à full 1cm at nearly 70
Frankie68 says on 5/Apr/14
Bottom line people,,,u could have this discussion about sly till hell freezes over,,,.everyone in Hollywood says gets short...( and I'm sure he us)....and if he was tall.....he wouldn't wear shoe lifts....
Supermann says on 4/Apr/14
Leonari: no actually you are.
Jeffrey says on 4/Apr/14
Rob is there a change for him to be 5ft8.5 at night?
[Editor Rob: he could be heading that way soon, he still manages to hold good posture and pull off 5ft 9 most of the time.]
Jeffrey says on 4/Apr/14
I met stallone at Cavas wine lodge mendoza hotel hotel in 1988.I met with him too.Not sure what was he wearing.But he looked exactly same height as me. I am
James B says on 4/Apr/14
Rob do you think sly could have been 5'10 out of bed in the 70s? Genuinely 5'9-5'10 is what he looked in his earlier films. 5'8 i think is too low for hi .
[Editor Rob: out of bed he might been near it yeah]
leonari says on 4/Apr/14
Superman: You are delusional.
Felix says on 3/Apr/14
Frankie68, I remember Hulk Hogan said Sly was 5'8 barefoot, during the recording of Rocky 3. We had that discussion here some years ago.
Frankie68 says on 3/Apr/14
There is actually a pic on imdb,,where stallone is with Robert Downey (who is short and known to wear shoe lifts) and he was taller than stallone.....there us also an interview with hulk hogan from Rocky 3 days....he said stallone was 5'6 ...5' makes the most sense...because his shoe lifts would bring him to 5'9. 5'10....there is even a pic of him and deniro from grudge match...and slys boxing shoes have lifts in them......he's short people...he ain't no taller than cruise or any of those short actors....
Dmeyer says on 1/Apr/14
Under 174cm péak or over 176cm is impossible you coule argue 174-5-6cm now 174cm
Brad says on 1/Apr/14
Sly wears wedged up lifts, DeNiro doesn't care.
Supermann says on 1/Apr/14
Guys saying stallone isn't short - I will just ignore from now on. That's high end trolling.

For god sake - he makes fun! of his own height and how short he is in real life in sooo many sketches. He even commented his own high heels in a planet Hollywood interview next to Arnie and Willis.

I know soo many around rounding up to 175 or 178cm
With decent footwear most people around that height believes them

Short legs - long upperbody. Nothing more to it.
richie says on 1/Apr/14
Don't know why people want to believe Stallone is so short, it's absolute nonsense, the guy is a legit 5'10". Certainly during his younger days he was on or around this height. Check out his latest movie Grudge Match, he has 2 inches on DeNiro who granted may have lost a little height but in no way should Stallone be considered short.Not overly tall but certainly not small.
the shredder says on 31/Mar/14
Gator is a troll. a 5'5 Mel Gibson , a 5'4 Stallone?
Will says on 31/Mar/14
5'9" seems just right about Stallone. 5'10" maybe his height when younger.
Supemann says on 30/Mar/14
....just saw full body pictures with stallone and 168cm tops "tip toe" jeremy piven..guess what...yup. same height
Supemann says on 30/Mar/14
But dear shredder many people do see him at that height. mario lopez, van damme, mel gibson are above that mark. so you really can't compare. sly on the other hand IS around that mark. great posture, camera advantage, lifts and a larger than life persona can do a lot! another example: 174cm tracy morgan(listed here) was taller than sly on a SNL sketch..some part of the sketch went by with morgan teaseing stallone and his shortness
Gator says on 30/Mar/14
I've stood next to him. I'm 6'2" and he came up to my shoulder. I looked down and he wearing lifts under his boots. On a good day, Sly is 5'4". People that suggest he;s 5'7" simply are guessing or aren't aware that he wears lifts.
the shredder says on 30/Mar/14
You can't see him 5'7 because he is NOT. I know people have variuos opinions but I laugh at , Sly , johhny depp , Mario Lopez , Van Damme , mel Gibson at 5'7.
the shredder says on 29/Mar/14
Ron Jeremy gets more than more than him.
THE REAL ANNOYMOUS says on 28/Mar/14
I could see anywhere between 5'8-5'9.
5'9 barefoot is not very tall, but lifts can sure make the illusion of a 5'9 person being tallish.
really can't see him being 5'7.
Alucard says on 27/Mar/14
His height is a true mistery, in my opinion can range from 5'7 to 5'8 without lifts barefoot... Around 5'7 is probably the most correct, 5'6 is too short, he's not a midget like Jeremy Renner or Tom Cruise... He's consistently in lifts from very early in his career, in Rocky 1 he had massive lifts, he looked pretty tall, lol! 5'7, 5'7.5 barefoot, in my opinion...
Brad says on 27/Mar/14
Brigette easily owns a 5' 8.5" Sly.
Frankie68 says on 27/Mar/14
I think when he was with brigette Nielsen, that was the deciding factor...she a legit 6footer...and she towered over him...cobra,,he wore monster boots...and she was still taller than him by a lot,,,,if he's 5'10""""shoe lifts would bring him over why did she tower over him....
James B says on 27/Mar/14
Could have been near 5'9 1/2 peak
Will says on 27/Mar/14
Stallone is 5'9" than 5'8". He can't be as low as 5'6", now that's just downgrading him folks.
Icehole73 says on 25/Mar/14
Just watching Rocky 3. Everyone points to the scene in flip flops with Apollo. If you look closely, they are lifted or have a larger heel. Check it out.
James B says on 25/Mar/14
5'8.75 (174cm) in 2014
5'9.25 (176cm) peak
the shredder says on 25/Mar/14
5'7 is as nuts as 5'10.
Brad says on 24/Mar/14
I thought Ben was a str8 shooter....he's G'd himself.
Brad says on 24/Mar/14
He was 5' 8.5" with Telly in '75. Meal Fatsby & Todd Where Man? know the real G height in '14.
Zituska says on 24/Mar/14
There is no way that Silvester Stallone is 5'10" tall. His real height is more like 5'8" or 5'7".
the shredder says on 24/Mar/14
Brad I am 5'8 , you met your postman. LOL , Brad you actually upgraded me a bit , I am actually more 5'6.25 at noon and about 5'6 , 9 P.M.
Lorne says on 21/Mar/14
Well Affleck couldn't have laughed too hard, since he himself claims 6ft3.5!!!
176,2Tunman says on 21/Mar/14
Agree Dmeyer,Sly is agood example of a legit 5'9 peak today rather around 5'8.5,Rob might start thinking of a little downgrade,he did rather well for someone aged 67 but he's no longer 5'9
Brad says on 21/Mar/14
Damon & Gibson would be around the same height as Rob, same with Sly. Watch any Oceans film, they own Damon with ease and Damon claims 5' 10.5".You are 5' 6.5" G height at 9 P.M. or me in '68.
Brad says on 21/Mar/14
He looks above 5' 9" with Lochte because of wedged up custom whoppers.
the shredder says on 20/Mar/14
A flat 5'8 for both Brad? Do you relly see Rob around their height? Anyways , I want you to call me out on my height. Here I am with 5'11.75 listed Michael Biehn. He had a boot on so more footwear height than me but he is leaning in.

Click Here
Brad says on 20/Mar/14
Damon & Gibson are notorious lift guys, Gibson is in wedged up cowboy boots almost falling over in films. Damon can't get near 5' 10" Clooney & Pitt. Affleck held back laughter at his "I'm 5' 10.5". Sly won't give up the New York sandals.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 20/Mar/14
Another photo where he doesn't look much shorter than 6'5" Conor Dwyer or Ryan Lochte:

Click Here

He looks above 5'9" there.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 20/Mar/14
The footwear is completely invisible, but he's not much shorter than Ryan Lochte whose listed as 6'2" (which is unlikely as I believe that he's more 186 CM):

Click Here

Ryan Lochte is slouching (just slightly), and I'm going to assume that there's a footwear advantage in the photo.
the shredder says on 20/Mar/14
Brad you have Matt Damon and Mel Gibson at 5'8 , At least you show photos that supports Sly at under 5'9 but with these two you show nothing , just " They wear lifts". Why don't you prove These guys are 5'8 ?
Brad says on 20/Mar/14
Sly's 5' 10.75 was his barefoot figure lie much like G 5' 8".
dmeyer says on 19/Mar/14
peak 5 ft 9 175-175.2cm now 5 ft 8.5 174cm
Lorne says on 19/Mar/14
@RisingForce: I agree 100%, great post! Sly really could look legit 179-180cm with his munsters. And to "appear" close to 5'11, he'd have to hit 182cm in footwear. I think it is clear Sly was nearly 6 feet in his best shoes. That is why he claimed 5ft10.5-5ft10.75. because he is height aware and knows he can pull off looking that height in elevators. And I think he's I only dropped a cm or so, as he can still look close to 5'9 in normal footwear, so 174cm range today, though in a few years he could be Rob's height by circa 70.
Brad says on 19/Mar/14
He's in custom built up shoes at every red carpet. Both his Rambo boots and boxing shoes are wedged up. He's a flat 5' 8" today and has never hit 5' 9" in his life.
jtm says on 19/Mar/14
he was never 5'9 or taller.
RisingForce says on 17/Mar/14
Yeah, I saw some of those Rocky movies the other day again when they were on TV. Most comparisons seem to point to a solid 5'9" guy prime, imo, but one who could look like a solid 5'11", once in a while even 5'11.5" guy with elevators and posture. I suspect he's finally lost a small amount of height the past 5 years or so, maybe 1 cm, but it's really more his footwear that's shrunk. He's worn dress shoes far more and typically still looks around a solid 5'9", though his posture and small lifts could be helping out at times. There's about as good of a comparison as you'll find between Sly and Dolph Lundgren from the 8/9/2010 London Expendables Premiere. Image # 103308897 on GettyImages. Dolph can slouch at times making the difference between him and Sly seem less in recent years, but his posture seems ok here, and since I think Dolph is about 6'3" flat these days, I'd say Sly definitely looks like a solid 5'9", considering the size of Dolph's head I can see more than 5 inches there, but probably not 6. Shoes don't look suspicious since they look like normal dress shoes and Sly looks like what he is proportionally, an average guy with a long torso and short legs. An example of Sly appearing to wear lifts with dress shoes in during the Japan premiere on September 26th of that same year, which you can see in image # 104460086 on Getty Images. In this case, I see a suspicious angle to his foot that gives the impression he's tip-toeing in his shoe and has a heel larger than the external one, plus, his legs look longer.

Another good comparison is image #103263908 from the 8/6/10 premiere in Berlin. Sly and Dolph both have good posture and Sly looks a solid 5'9" in comparison, while Statham looks more like 5'8.5", but is slouching and would probably be about Sly's height standing straight. Image # 103262966 gives you a good shot of their footwear. Unlike the Japan premiere, I can't spot anything suspcious and the angle of his foot seems no different than Statham's and his legs appear shorter than Statham's, which is kind of funny if you remember Stallone's short legs joke to Statham in Expendables 2. Small lifts are always still possible, but I think he'd have a minimal boost at best. Still 5'8.5" at worst based on most comparisons, maybe still 5'9", but a weak 5'9" could be likely.
the shredder says on 16/Mar/14
Great post leonari , btw I am only 5'6 range , go look at my pic on Michael Biehn's Page.
leonari says on 16/Mar/14
Exatly Shredder... But he wears hardcore lifts in all of the Rockys...maybe except the last one. Hell in Rocky 5 his boots look pathetic cause unlike in the first movie he wears tight black jeans so the shoes are exposed fully and you see the just look "off". Great posture and his physique helped him to look tallish in many movies. As we are both around 5'7.5- 5'8" Shredder we know all to well how a guy at this height looks - and Stallone always looks taller (except in the black and white pic with Weathers and Meredith - thats one strange pick but if you look at his knees you see the are bent). I closed the chapter on Sly years ago. He is an average guy when it comes to height. Very bright man who came from nothing and became a legend. He is, was and will always be my favorite actor and a great inspiration.
the shredder says on 16/Mar/14
Agree Leonari , just watched the first 3 Rocky's earlier and no way was that 5'7 or 5'8 man.
leonari says on 15/Mar/14
Van Damme considers himself short thats why he calls SLY short. Stallone is an average guy- to this day. He is short when you think about the guys he portrayed in movies , but he was never short when it comes to real life. His upper body could fit perfectly on a legit 6 foot guy. His legs on the other hand are rather short (similar to guys who are in the 5'7" department, so lifts are perfect for him cause it balances the discrepancy btw his upper body and lower body.
176,2Tunman says on 14/Mar/14
Just incredible how other celebs thought he's short,especially Van Damme,calling someone short when you are 4"taller is okay but 0.25"?Crazy,since this difference is very small.And he's only 0.5"shorter than Dickenson,I wonder what she thought of Polanski when she dated him,as short as a 5 years old?
Zach says on 12/Mar/14
Gonzalo, those are his elevator shoes. If he appeared 1.5" taller in his munsters then you're the same height.
Gonzalo says on 12/Mar/14
Thank you very much firstblood. Then Stallone is 1´75. Editor Rob has him right.
firstblood says on 11/Mar/14
Brad says on 10/Mar/14
Bieber 5' 5 3/4" plus 2.5" lifts: 5' 8 1/4". G: 10.30 P.M. 5' 6.5" plus 1.5"ers" 5' 8". Let the laughter commence in the photo. His damage listed at the 5' 8" figure looking up at Stallone "in sandals" was a train wreck for the site.
Gonzalo says on 10/Mar/14
I am not saying Stallone is 5`10. All I´m saying is he looked 5`10 next to me. He had almost two inches on me and I am 5.8`5.
Anyone can tell me how much height he gained in those shoes?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
176,2Tunman says on 9/Mar/14
Rob Almighty says we're the same height,ahahahahahaha
Imagine if G survived long enough in Celebheights to take a pic with 5'9 Bieber,he would have edged him and nobody would have questioned his height anymore.some would argue about whether G could be a strong 5'9 and he would moderate them saying "I told you I can look 5'9 but I'm only 5'8-8.5"
Rob,would you consider bringing G back on Celebheights if he ever comes to admit he's not 5'8?
[Editor Rob: I think he done long-term damage to the's best to continue with people whose heights are known to the mm and are happy to say the height they actually are!

I'm not joking about Rob Almighty though, ladies have been known to say that, and if you look at my blue hoodie I sometimes, it's a reminder R A!]
richie says on 9/Mar/14
Stallone is 5'9",watch Copland, a movie where he did not wear his trademark lifts. He was about the same height as DeNiro and slightly taller than Keitel. Ray Liotta had nearly 3 inches on him, and Ray is just 6ft.
Lorne says on 9/Mar/14
Yeah Rob, I hear Matt Damon has that same article. If anyone questions his 5'10.5, he points to that article, and say's "see, Clooney's 6 feet!!!"
[Editor Rob: it'll be like the Six Degrees of Separation that article... Sly whips it out his back pocket 'Hey, look in black and white *G is 5ft 8*...remember that time I was with G and I had 2 inches on him...I am clearly 5ft 10! FACT'!]
jim says on 9/Mar/14
Just watching First Blood again and he certainly isn't more than 5'9". 5'8" is more likely
Brad says on 8/Mar/14
The greed factor at U.S. conventions is rising. Teen Wolf stars looted the teen girls for autographs and photo-ops at their show. Jerry Lewis is doing an at home signing this month, his 8 by 10 for $80. You'll see more of this. Stallone wanting a fortune and being worth a few hundred million is disgusting. Pete Rose sitting in a casino store in Vegas 28 days out of the month speaks volumes about his financial state. When Harlem drug lord Frank Lucas was signing at a NYC show I almost died laughing but I did give a friend his book to get signed.
Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/14
Definitely, you make a considerable effort to make the site more enjoyable when you don't have to Rob and have clearly spent a fair bit of dough over the years attending these conventions to have photos taken and estimate heights in person which makes the site more valuable. Of course some photos with camera position and posture/footwear can bring out the trolls at times claiming people are much less than actuality, but it's much better of course that you've met them and we have some idea. Amazes me some of the people you've met on here! You know if there are certain conventions which are too expensive to attend in the US or something which might have a lot of valuable stars like Cruise/Stallone etc you could always run a fundraiser here. You're unlikely to get much though but I'm sure some of us would chip in.
[Editor Rob: look at Stallone, he did one last year in NYC and wanted the equivalent of nearly £300 for the privilege of a photoshoot!

I do struggle with the travelling part of cons...but the site doesn't earn enough to justify lots of trips.

I don't think I'd be one to beg for donations! All I hope is for visitors to keep visiting and if they mention the site to others, it always helps...
Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/14
Yeah I always took for granted that G was a definite 5'8" too! even though I thought he often looked more 5'7 in some of the comparisons. I did think it odd that they made such a thing about Clooney being 6 ft, I could imagine you agreeing with 5'11-5'11.5" but I couldn't imagine you ever buying a full 6 ft for him unlike Brad Pitt which I think he can often pull off looking. Now Matt Damon at 6 ft as the film database once had him at would be an amusing one!
Brad says on 7/Mar/14
That's sad he's still at the 5' 8" figure when in fact hours after rising at 2 P.M. he's 5' 6.5" tops. Stallone will never say he is under 5' 10". Sly thought the carefully cast background little people could get him up there but Carl crushed him as any 6 foot oner should. No Carl Jr burger there, just a whopper like 5 feet 10 and three quarters.
Bernie says on 7/Mar/14
Thanks Felix! I'm a huge Fan of Sly & most of his movies, watched them plenty of times, love/adore his shape in Rocky III & IV & Rambo III! I know i repeat myself, i love to repeat to this theme: Calm down, Take your time, use your brains, be honest to yourselfs & don't do injustice to yourselfs: This height Sly is presenting us in this special beloved pic has absolutely nothing to do with the 5'10"/5'9.5" area! Nowhere near...! 2 Alternatives: He has experienced a growth spurt since his thirties until today or C. Weathers has borrowed his elevator ones to get a taste, haha... who knows?
Arch Stanton says on 7/Mar/14
Always surprises me some of the listings you had Rob back in the early days. You've definitely become better at judging and have improved the listings over time, although in fairness in the early days when you hadn't gone through and really checked some of them you probably just put down what was on the film database or what was commonly reported.
[Editor Rob: the first year I think was filling the database up quickly because with many sites on the go, there's never enough time and I was spread wide compared to these days...I have less than a handful of sites on the go. Never have all the eggs in one basket, backup plans for catastrophes are always needed!

But I enjoy doing this site as I am front facing and can interact with people more than other sites I have...and I still think there is the Unique Point of being a kind of face to celebheights, out there getting content aswell, rather than a generic nobody like other sites have! Of course you can make money being a generic nobody, but it's a lot more fun putting yourself in the firing line...
Arch Stanton says on 7/Mar/14
Brad says on 7/Mar/14
"Than he thought". No, he knew. G was a joke for height accuracy. Go with the barefoot shots.
[Editor Rob: G is still telling everybody he is 5ft 8 though, and they believe him. If you say something often enough and all that.]

I came across a Scottish newspaper article about you the other day from 2006 Rob which raised a smile. Some of the things you said I think you'd kick yourself today hehe. "Glenn's the same height as me so it makes it easier" and "George Clooney's 6 ft".
[Editor Rob: the reporter was taking this stuff down on the fly so a few errors occurred - I said Clooney was near his 5ft 11 claim, not 6ft. I told her I was 29 (my right age in 2006) yet she put down 28. I did say though Glenn was the same height :) He has the newspaper on his front door, anybody questions him, he just points to that line and says 'Rob Almighty says we're the same height!' ;)]
Brad says on 7/Mar/14
"Than he thought". No, he knew. G was a joke for height accuracy. Go with the barefoot shots.
[Editor Rob: G is still telling everybody he is 5ft 8 though, and they believe him. If you say something often enough and all that.]
Lillo thomas says on 7/Mar/14
Gonzalo glenn was shorter than he thought . He isn't a good height judge.
Felix says on 6/Mar/14
I agree with you Bernie! I'm confused about Sly, he fools me. When looking to facts as in that picture if he stands that height he couldn't be taller, and that goes for all other pictures. Maybe some shoe advantage for Carl, but considering Burgess to the left, I would guess 171-173. That picture totally rule out 5'10 for me, totally!
Brad says on 6/Mar/14
I love that photo, casting call for midgits behind Sly. I'd loose my noose with a moose....proove it. G-isms.
Bernie says on 6/Mar/14
Gonzalo and all other 5'10" advocates for Sly: Am i the only one who sees there besides Carl Weathers a 170-max.172cm Sylvester Stallone or do my eyes cheat me?? Gonzalo, big jay: If you'd bet everything you own on that 5'10" for Sly in this pic, i am 100% convinced you would loose everything you own...!! Click Here
5'10" for Sly -----> Laughable! Cheers!
pauly e says on 6/Mar/14
there is a scene in Rocky 3 right before Rocky fights Clubber in the rematch where Apollo is talking to Rocky in a doorway. it is a full length shot where stallone is in flip flops and Carl Weathers in in sneakers. Carl looks about 4.5 inches taller. If Carl is 6'1, then Stallone would be 5'8.5; but weathers has the footwear advantage, so I'd say the 5'9 estimate is pretty close.
Brad says on 6/Mar/14
At 5' 10" he'd own his wife barefoot, he never does. Stallone never wore sandals walking out of a NYC hotel, he wore his custom wedged up footwear. Glenn said he was 5' 8" by him, actually: 5' 6.5". Stallone is barely holding onto 5' 8" today.
Gonzalo says on 5/Mar/14
Most people who have seen Stallone in person, like myself, put him around 5´10. That should mean something. Even Glenn said he was that height and he said he saw Stallone in sandals.
the shredder says on 4/Mar/14
No Brad , you are just narrow minded and think it is a fact.
Brad says on 4/Mar/14
Big Jay got fooled by custom wedged up lifts, no picture needed. 5' 10" is laughable. He's a weak 5' 8" in '14, never 5' 9" in his life.
European180cm says on 4/Mar/14
173-174cm peak guy.
big jay says on 2/Mar/14
Need directions to post pic please
big jay says on 2/Mar/14
Wow first time at this site very amusing but little off sly is a friend of mine and unless he walks around in 6 inch lifts he is a true 5"10 here's our picture and I'm a true 5"8 come to the Arnold classic rob and bring a tape good chance sly will be there buddy
big jay says on 2/Mar/14
Wow first time at this site very amusing but little off sly is a friend of mine and unless he walks around in 6 inch lifts he is a true 5"10 here's our picture and I'm a true 5"8 come to the Arnold classic rob and bring a tape good chance sly will be there buddy
Heylo says on 1/Mar/14
@rockfellas , Interesting picture, Schwarzenegger really looks short next to Lundgren but he also stands meters from Lundgren and a little behind. However, Schwarzenegger really seem to have shrinked as much as 2 inches since his peak (which is normal with that kind of heavy lifting at a certain age while the discs is being compressed).

Sylvester have always looked kind of short. In the 80s in a picture where he had shoes with almost 2 inches advantage, Schwarzenegger had flat shoes if i am remembering right and Sylvester still looked very short, more than 3 inches shorter. I think he could be under 175, even under his peak.
Kendall says on 1/Mar/14
Looks 5'6-5'7 range in most appearances, dwarfed by Ray Liotta in the beginning of Copland. Never been 5'8 in his life, 5'7 out of bed
the shredder says on 1/Mar/14
LOL going by Dolphin Luddregen at 6'3 would make Van dame 5'9 , Sly 5'9 easily and arnold 6'0.
Junior31 says on 28/Feb/14
rockfellas says on 27/Feb/14
derek d says on 26/Feb/14
He's wearing huge lifts there, his legs actually look quite long (well they're really not) but I can post hundreds of better pictures that would prove what you're trying to say."

So what are you waiting for? post the pics baby, post them.

recent pic:Click Here
Dolph lundrgen is about 6'3"(190cm) (the blond one on the left). look at van damme, stallone, schwarzenegger. Van damme and stallone look about 5'7" (170cm), schwarzenegger struggles with 5'9.5" (176cm).

they lied about their height. Why?

You crack head, the pic is on an angle. Every man is standing with different posture and ldifferent lengths some are forward to the right to the back and your telling us there height down to the half. Are you 7 years old or just have no idea how to gage height. Oh that's right. I forgot it all has to do with there length of there legs. Your comments are painful to read.
rockfellas says on 27/Feb/14
derek d says on 26/Feb/14
He's wearing huge lifts there, his legs actually look quite long (well they're really not) but I can post hundreds of better pictures that would prove what you're trying to say."

So what are you waiting for? post the pics baby, post them.

recent pic:Click Here
Dolph lundrgen is about 6'3"(190cm) (the blond one on the left). look at van damme, stallone, schwarzenegger. Van damme and stallone look about 5'7" (170cm), schwarzenegger struggles with 5'9.5" (176cm).

they lied about their height. Why?
Gonzalo says on 27/Feb/14
Probably, Gilipollas. All I`m saying is that in those shoes he was around 4 cms taller than me. I don´t know how much height he gained with those shoes on. It is very hard for me to believe he is under 1`75
derek d says on 26/Feb/14
rockfellas says on 24/Feb/14
chrisper says on 16/Jan/14
shook his hand at planet Hollywood 1994. He's 5'7" max. I'm 5'10" and towered over him. I had on sneakers, he had on boots.

He was clearly 5'7"(170cm) barefoot. 5'8" to be extra extra generous. But it is so clear, he has short legs, so i really cant understand why people insist to claim for him 5'9"-5'10".
Look at his legs, short and little: Click Here

He admitted:"I'm shorter and skinnier than you Expected". So why do you insist?

He's wearing huge lifts there, his legs actually look quite long (well they're really not) but I can post hundreds of better pictures that would prove what you're trying to say.
Room Service Waiter says on 25/Feb/14
Served him room service a number of times in the hotel I was working in the mid 90's. He was making a movie in my city for 3 months. I'm 6'2", my girlfriend at the time was 5'7" he was shorter than her. 5'6" max.
gus193 says on 25/Feb/14
Peak only 171-172...
Gilipollas says on 25/Feb/14
Gonzalo, he was wearing massive monsters. That was in Madrid,Spain.
Brad says on 25/Feb/14
Try a giant wedge waving...he could fall over in those.
rockfellas says on 24/Feb/14
chrisper says on 16/Jan/14
shook his hand at planet Hollywood 1994. He's 5'7" max. I'm 5'10" and towered over him. I had on sneakers, he had on boots.

He was clearly 5'7"(170cm) barefoot. 5'8" to be extra extra generous. But it is so clear, he has short legs, so i really cant understand why people insist to claim for him 5'9"-5'10".
Look at his legs, short and little: Click Here

He admitted:"I'm shorter and skinnier than you Expected". So why do you insist?
Gonzalo says on 24/Feb/14
I saw him up close years ago and he looked 4 cms taller than me. I am 1´74. Here´s a picture of him that day. I have no idea of what was in his shoes.
Click Here
fabrizio says on 21/Feb/14
For me silvester stallone is 1,77
Brad says on 20/Feb/14
Powerhouse's coach got a taste of the wedged up customs. Put both in sandals (not N.Y. ones) and coach would win.
Powerhouse says on 20/Feb/14
My Boxing coach as a picture of him and Stallone my coach is 5'9 and Stallone had about a inch and a half on him and Stallone completely dwarfed one of the boxers at my gym in a picture who is 5'7. So I can tell you HE IS 5'10ish but who knows if he was wearing his special elevator boots.
Lorne says on 19/Feb/14
Sorry, truth, but the largest study puts US average at 176.3cm, so barely 5ft9.4. However, average for all men 20-29 is 177.6(IRC) so close to 5'10, and indeed, for young white males around 179...
Mr. R says on 18/Feb/14
His own sister states that she is 5-9, and he is clearly shorter than her.
Soupeman says on 18/Feb/14
@officefan. I'll tell ya why. He is a Living legend. Not just the average moviestar. You see statues of legends around the world?. Arnold and sly are the only two that i know of that has statues made in recent of them you find in the history books.
You kinda answer your own question. 175cm is not short and 173cm is not that short. But still sly is the subject of short stories, why? He is most likely shorter. Between168-171cm judging by the clip with Carl W.

But hey, what's the point of coming to this site, comment on his height AND complain when other guys do it?
truth says on 18/Feb/14
5ft9.5 is the same distance between 5ft10 and 5ft9, hence 5ft9.5. Jesus you people have math problems. The US average is closer to 5ft9.75 (177cm), but for young white guys it is about 5ft10.5 (179cm).
Felix says on 18/Feb/14
Agree with Soupeman, he's not close to 5'9 in the video with Weathers.
officefan says on 17/Feb/14
why is there so much talk about stallones height. is it because hes a notable action movie star. I mean, he might be 5'8, but realistically, thats not even that short. chill out with the comments people. And I would probably say he's a high 5'8. maybe 5'9, but definitely not average height of 5'9.5. Alot of people say 5'9 is average, but it's not. 5'9.5 is. 5'9.5 is closer to 5'10 than 5'9. that half inch is actually more than people realize because if your 5'9.5, technically, you are supposed to round that off to 5'10, that's what most people do and that's a U.S. military standard. Stallone looks shorter because of his stocky build, just like steve carell, he isn't that short.
Soupeman says on 17/Feb/14
Here we go again. The shredder, you need glasses. One of the last shots in that clip where Carl is leaning sideways towards the ropes and sly is standing straight every non trolling person can see that Carl is a full head taller than Sly ;)
Brad says on 17/Feb/14
He gets caught barefoot or in standard non custom height enhancing footwear like boxing shoes. He's falling over in the film ones, like the wedged up Rambo-Expendable boots.
truthseeker says on 17/Feb/14
I even think 5'8 barefoot is generous for him, his teenage daughters make him look tiny (and no they're not freakishly tall). When I saw Judge Dread in the cinema I remember thinking jesus christ look at those boots he's got on and he's still average height... Stomping around like Godzilla.
the shredder says on 17/Feb/14
LOL you guys are bias. Carl was pretty much legit 6'1 , maybe even 6'1 and change around that time , Sly actually has worst posture and it still only looks around 4 or 5 inches. If Sly would stand next to him in perfect posture he would look 4 inches max shorter. Sly at under 5'9 around that video is silly.
Gator says on 16/Feb/14
I've stood next to him. He was wearing 3" lifts (I looked at his shoes) and still only came up to my shoulder. I'm 6'2". You do the math. That said, he's extremely broad shouldered and has a massive chest. When you see him, the shoulders and large head make him look big, but he's quite short.
kyuss says on 16/Feb/14
5-8" max in that video with weathers.
truth says on 16/Feb/14
Looks 5ft8.5-5ft9 tops with Carl.
Brah says on 14/Feb/14
Never seen this one until now. Here are Carl Weather and Stallone working on the fight choreography, both in flat boxing shoes:

Click Here
Brad says on 13/Feb/14
The training video with Weathers in non wedged up boxing footwear is priceless.
bernie says on 12/Feb/14
To Gustavo: A 177cm tall man does not look that short compared to a 185cm man for sure (relating to the training video with C. Weathers)! It’s absolutely clear that there is at least 4, more like 5 inches difference between them. So what I personally believe is what I’ve heard the first time about his height in the early 80’ies: 172cm max.! Of course with these 3.5 in. booster boots he can look easily this often mentioned 5'11. There are so many scenes/ proofs in his movies where you can see that is he definitely not 5'10 and also even definitely not 5'9 and never was! For example look Rocky II where he walks side by side for a few seconds with 162cm “Adrian” with very flat kind of sandals before this promotion shooting: Never more than 172cm, never! Even more like below that…
truth says on 11/Feb/14
Stallone looked at most 175-176cm peak, now probably 173-174cm.
the shredder says on 11/Feb/14
Burgess claimed an insane 5 ft 8 , but looked 5'5 or 5'6 . Carl was like strong 6'1 there and had footwear over Sly so is looking 6'2 plus is in front of Sly and it looks about 5 inches between them , Sly was caught at 5'9 , 5'9.5 in converse
burby says on 10/Feb/14
Will Sly make a cameo appearance in the female ExpendaBelles movie? If so, he'll be rockin' the 3.5"ers like the gals.
Gustavo says on 9/Feb/14
Stalone is clean 177 cm he have long neck in average height so 177cm
Felix says on 9/Feb/14
I posted this years ago, but again, he sure doesn't look tall here...How tall is Burgess slouching? Click Here
Brad says on 7/Feb/14
Those are his built in ladder boots with Arnie, he knew the paps were to be there at the eatery.
Supemann says on 7/Feb/14
lelman come on, sly is clearly standing on higher grounds too not to mention arnie has sneakers sly has monster boots. sly is max 170cm.he is almost always! the shortest in the bunch. and when he is not the person standing beside him in a seen or at a event. always is super short like kevin hart in grudge match. he is 157 cm and sly is far from a full head taller than him.
176,2Tunman says on 7/Feb/14
Legit 175 at peak but real time for a downgrade.Rob, Sly is unlikely over 174 today.
Rey says on 6/Feb/14
Five nine is taller than you think, Stallone was never 5'9".
Brad says on 6/Feb/14
He knew he was going to be with Segal much like onstage boxing with Ali, he brings out the big ones.
lelman says on 6/Feb/14
Click Here
Click Here

He looks 5'11.5" here with Arnie. Accounting for his probably very chunky boots, he's gotta be near 5'9".
Parker says on 6/Feb/14
The pic with Slavin and Seagal is another one where Sly looks to be standing 6 foot in his footwear. Don't know what Sly is now but he had to be 5'9 minimum peak.
William0101 says on 5/Feb/14
In the recent 'evening with Sylvester Stallone' he doesn't seem to be wearing huge lifts yet doesn't look short either. What's going on?
Brad says on 3/Feb/14
He's a weak 5' 8" in '14.
mike says on 2/Feb/14
He's in his late 60's. Surely she's less than 5'9 nowadays.
dmeyer says on 31/Jan/14
In this pics with flavin and Segal he look 2.5in over 175cm flavin his shoes don't look big enough to give much more than 2in and even if seagal is not as close to camera and has less footwear and posture , less than 5'9 peak is unlikely
TripMcneal says on 30/Jan/14
No 5'7 guy could ever pull off looking that tall next to a 6'4 Seagal.
Brad says on 29/Jan/14
Those lifts in '90 with Jennifer and Segal are the biggest he's ever worn in his life. Those things are just sick. How does he not fall over?
derek d says on 28/Jan/14
leone510ss says on 27/Jan/14
look at this picture!!jennifer flavin seems much lower than 1.75

Click Here

No she doesn't. She is barefoot there, Sly is in shoes not to mention probably huge lifts. He's with 6'4 Steven Segal.
Arch Stanton says on 28/Jan/14
NJP says on 23/Jan/14
It seems that there's a 1 inch rule to most celebs; Whatever they tell you, take off an inch. However there are some exceptions it appears.

I don't think it's that most of them are intentionally adding an inch. I think most celebs are being honest about the height they got measured at or round up half an inch from what they were measured, but they're stating their height in shoes which in America is especially common and they don't think anything of it. People who don't obsess about height aren't constantly thinking about barefeet measurements to the nearest 100th of an inch. I think even Tom Cruise probably got measured at 5'8.5" in shoes and rounds up to 5'9". Quite a few celebs are listed at 1.5 inches higher than they are, but I think that comes down to the shoe measurement and rounding up. From what I've seen it's the guys who are in upper average/weak tall range who are more likely to add silly extra inches like Justin Timberlake, Vin Diesel, Dean Martin etc.
truth says on 27/Jan/14
under at least 174cm peak is a joke sorry, and a bad one infact.
leone510ss says on 27/Jan/14
look at this picture!!jennifer flavin seems much lower than 1.75

Click Here
NJP says on 27/Jan/14
Mr. R says on 23/Jan/14
@ NJP Actually it is the "two inch rule". Celebs and athletes both use this. Therefore, since I am 5-11.5, when I become famous, I will say 6-1.5, which makes me almost 6-2. Watch out world!

Is it "actually" the 2 inch rule? I bow down to your superiority yet again. We all wait with baited breath at your arrival.
Mitca says on 26/Jan/14
I saw and intentionally walked along side Stallone when he was on the set of Warner Bro's filming Demolition man and I can assure you he's not 5'10"! I'm only 69.9" and he was much shorter than me and he was wearing the knee high riding boots (he was in wardrobe). 5'7" sound about right but I'd go as far as to say he's 5'6". Now, I'll give it to ya; He's broad shouldered and has got the biceps believe me but he's a short guy.
Mr. R says on 23/Jan/14
@ NJP Actually it is the "two inch rule". Celebs and athletes both use this. Therefore, since I am 5-11.5, when I become famous, I will say 6-1.5, which makes me almost 6-2. Watch out world!
NJP says on 23/Jan/14
It seems that there's a 1 inch rule to most celebs; Whatever they tell you, take off an inch. However there are some exceptions it appears. If you're notorious for wearing lifts, like Sly, Brad, Downey Jr, etc then don't be afraid to assume that 1.5 - 2" off their estimates are more likely.
So, if you ever become famous and you don't have a complex about your height, when anyone asks you the question, "How tall are you?" say to them, "You're the one asking, where's your tape measure?".
chrisper says on 16/Jan/14
shook his hand at planet Hollywood 1994. He's 5'7" max. I'm 5'10" and towered over him. I had on sneakers, he had on boots.
ajcf1995 says on 15/Jan/14
@Bob source?
Kyuss says on 13/Jan/14
Slys height isnt really as important as say arnies simply because hes pretty much average,5-7.5 to 5-9" is around his height,hes a totally great actor of average height basically. But a top actor never the less which interests me more.
sputnik says on 13/Jan/14
Click Here stallone with de niro and 185 chael sonnen.
Brad says on 12/Jan/14
When yer worth over 500 million, you can wear stealth expensive lifts.
DMEYER says on 11/Jan/14
even today sly can defenetly measure 5 ft 11-11.25 elevators on
DMEYER says on 11/Jan/14
i think sly is closer to 5 ft 9 than arnie to 6 feet i think evening height nowadays sly 5 ft 8.5 and steel looks solid 5 ft 10-10.5 is big shoes arnie 5 ft 11.25-11.5 evening ,
AverageHeight says on 10/Jan/14
I met Sly once and I was surprised at his height. I had always heard he was shorter (5'8" or so) and in real life he was taller than me (I'm 5'9"). Maybe he was wearing lifts but he looked a good inch or so taller.
Brad says on 8/Jan/14
Fake chart, he wouldn't allow a real one. Imagine him barefoot with a real one and 5' 8" the figure.
Vibram says on 8/Jan/14
5ft9 at his peak with wide clavicles and short-sh legs/larger upper body. Ideal proportions for a bodybuilder.

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