How tall is Sylvester Stallone ?

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Sylvester Stallone's height is 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 9in (175 cm)
American actor best known for films like Rocky and Rambo. "I'm shorter and skinnier than you Expected". In a 1991 interview with Longevity magazine he says: "I'm 5'10" and in 1993 NY Times said "I'm exactly 5 feet 10 1/2 inches". A 1978 Playboy claim, as commenter Bam pointed towards quoted Sly claiming early on that "I'm five feet ten and three quarters tall" on meeting him, "Sly, shorter than you expect at 5-foot-eight" and pre-www, in 1990 Chicago Times was even bringing up the subject of footwear, "The real-life Rambo is an official 5 foot 10 1/2 inches tall, but that is with the generous boost of what can only be described as elevator shoes". Indeed, a specialist shoemaker once commented that "I made him 4.5 inches taller for 16 years!", although that might be a bit of an exaggeration..

Another interesting quote is from famous screenwriter Goldman's book about lies stars tell. He says "I had a hot lead that Sly was 67 inches." going on to revealing his source was someone who was also that height and jogged with Sly one morning. He then describes how he went into a swimming pool that Sly was in...and about 10 minutes later, "He (sly) got out, grabbed a towel. I got out, grabbed a towel. He stood. I stood. Sixty-seven inches. Dripping wet."

Another quote comes from Supermodel Janice Dickenson's book 'Everything about me is fake' whom she recalls Sly tried picking her up (they were a couple for a while): "Who was this guy to go dissing me while he's standing there in his custom-made elevator shoes." and also remarked "I couldn't believe how short he was". Another actress, Melinda Dillon from F.I.S.T, commented in Chicago Tribune "I'm taller than Sly and that bothers him and we kid about it so I take off my shoes in some scenes. I can't slouch or I wouldnt be Anna. She's very upright."

Fellow action stars have even mentioned his height, Van Damme once saying: "I'm 5-foot-10, a good size for movies. If you're too big a guy, it's hard to find good villains. That's why Stallone always has good villains. He's short."
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Brad says on 1/Sep/14
Keep in mind his footwear is sliced and diced and refitted with wedge....he fools everybody.
Jesse Stone says on 1/Sep/14
@Junior31: Yeah, this is a working theory.I was damn surprised about these shoes, indeed!
Junior31 says on 1/Sep/14
Jesse Stone says on 31/Aug/14
Look at this. Pretty obvious...

Click Here

Unbelievable. Why would a person worth 9 FIGURES wear a disaster of a shoe like that? Why because it makes him taller. For him to wear something so ugly to be taller says a lot about his height as well as his height complex. Looks similar to the horrendous shoes he wore in muscle beach back in the day with Colombo and Arnold.

When he's with guys within 2 inches of his real height he will wear a slight lift. When he's with tall guys the sky is the limit no pun intended.

In 1975 he woke up at 5'9 and went to bed 5'8 and change
In 2014 he wakes up 5'8 and change and dips to a hair under

He wears lifts because a 5'8 action star in hollywood just won't cut it

I think if rob and sky stood face to face barefoot today upon waking rob is a hair taller.
Dmeyer says on 31/Aug/14
I have watched sly shoes over the years , he some times wears regular 1inchers other Times regular thick shoes 1.2-1.4in type , some Times cowboy type 1.5-1.8in , some times élévators in the 2.25in type and on rare ocassions shoes that could give 2.5-2.75 in or close to 3in , so he Gets a boost Anywere 0.5in to near 2in and can look Anywere 5'9.5-5'11 so 5'7-8in is not possible 5'8.5-9in is possible
Andrea says on 31/Aug/14
Lol, Dmeyer. 6'0.25? I mean, that pic is even worse than G's ones: no visible ground, footwear,etc... As far as i know, Sly could be standing on something or in heels. And The Rock, well, he's not 6'3...
Jesse Stone says on 31/Aug/14
Look at this. Pretty obvious...

Click Here
tuite says on 29/Aug/14
i was thinking how the hell a 5´7.5 guy (most of you think he is that height) how he can look like a 6´0.25 guy what kind of shoes he was wearing in that pic? anyone could explain it. Rob?
Brad says on 28/Aug/14
Wow, heavy duty Munster action with The Rock. Herman needs to get them back!
Dmeyer says on 28/Aug/14
Click Here , the night he looked 5'11 his foot posture seems ok
Dmeyer says on 28/Aug/14
Sly pulls of 6'0.25 with 6'3 the rock Click Here
tuite says on 28/Aug/14
that pic brad was made in a scene where burt was on steps al least one foot and burt is on boots and sly just sneakers
Zach says on 27/Aug/14
Arnold has shrunk considerably since his peak. Sly hasn't shrunk by much, and not at all IMO. Sly is almost falling over as Brad correctly pointed out due to the amount of lifts in his boots. Having said that I dont trust most of Arnie's footwear in recent years either, he seems to have become very height conscious too given his loss of 2+inches.
Junior31 says on 27/Aug/14
Met Burt young two times. One of them he was taller then me and I'm robs height 5'8 and change lol. Another time inches shorter. I have no idea how that's possible. He's must be getting some kicks from sly's closet!! Lol
Trevor says on 27/Aug/14
Only Stallone could make Schwarzenegger look like a tall man. Okay, Michael J. Fox, Danny DeVito, Rhea Pearlman, and Franco Columbu, too.
Realist says on 27/Aug/14
Peak was a strong 5'8 i.e 5'8.25 today about 5'7.5 . Never really saw 5'9 in his life.
Greg says on 27/Aug/14
He was a tadd shorter than 5'8" Burt Young in the 1976 movie "Rocky"
Click Here
My guess would have been 5'7.5"
Brad says on 27/Aug/14
He's packing so much wedge with Arnold he's falling forward. Typical Sly red carpet action.
James says on 27/Aug/14
173-175cm now 175cm peak
burby says on 26/Aug/14
Red carpet bricks with Arnold.
Dmeyer says on 26/Aug/14
Click Here 2in under arnie plus 0.5in more shoes plus 0.5in better posture 3in sly 5'8.5 arnie 5'11.5
Dmeyer says on 26/Aug/14
@ med in that shot arnie has a Brown shoes with a solid 1.3in Heel sly has a boot 1.7-1.8in type so barely 1-1.5cm more shoes in some shots he looks 2in shorter plus posture and 0.5in footwear that mean nearer 3in
Danimal says on 25/Aug/14
italianoGuy says on 16/Aug/14
1.76 m

So you think he's taller than his 5'9" wife even though all the evidence points to the contrary?
med says on 24/Aug/14
He must be wearing huge lifts,he looks 1 inch smaller than Arnold
Click Here
Brad says on 22/Aug/14
He was 5' 8.5" 40 years ago.
Ian C. says on 22/Aug/14
Check out the poster for his new Expendables movie, which is an ensemble standing portrait of everybody in the movie, and Sly is the biggest guy in the group, beating out Dolph Lundgren. Also, he's lighting a cigar, so he obviously didn't care that it was supposed to be a nonsmoking poster. Steroids really work.
The Exorcist says on 21/Aug/14
Question for Rob:

Do you think he's been looking 5'8.5" for a while, or was it recent photos and videos behind your decision to downgrade him?
[Editor Rob: he goes up and down. In normal shoes with no obvious lifts, that's the time he can start to look a weak 5ft 9 and 174, but catch him standing at measured height and in some boots or suspicious footwear and suddenly he's back over 5ft 9]
truth says on 20/Aug/14
Honestly at times he could look easily 177cm or a weak 5ft10 in the younger days. Today a weak 5ft9.
Dmeyer says on 20/Aug/14
2.5-3in is possible from boots
the shredder says on 20/Aug/14
Those Bricks do give a good 3 or more , but he'd only look 2 or more in them.
Bernie says on 19/Aug/14
You took a look at the bricks Sly was running around in D.M. which Zach has uploaded recently? Hmh, not really the smallest ones Sly brought out here...
You think these bricks (somehow i like this description..) don't give 3 inches... wow... at least i'd say.. and nevertheless "only" has 3 inches on Mr. Bullock (yes i know listed 5'7", but i doubt..) A pretty easy calculation this is..
Don't suppose Sly would have missed the chance by wearing such massive boots to add some bonus height.... Not really surprising news.. between 5'7.5-5'7.75 max., not a tad above in his prime...
MP says on 19/Aug/14
I met him and shook his hand when he was filming Driven back in 2000. I'm about 5'8 3/4" or 174 or 175cm. He seemed a little taller than me, but he was wearing some kind of boots. It was such a quick encounter, I couldn't really tell how tall he was. But definitely seemed taller than me.
Brad says on 19/Aug/14
Those Demolition Man bricks are priceless. Farrah Fawcett wore those on Charlie's Angels in female variety.
RobV says on 19/Aug/14
@ Parker. I think that's a very good point about other actors in films with Stallone also wearing lifts. Just focussing on Stallone misses the point that a lot of actors do it. Specially for red carpet events because there is no doubt at all that if your favourite hardman actor looks tiny next to some actress or comedian it spoils the PR image. It explodes all the careful film effects to make you look big (and of course tall). Why else to so many muscular actors who are already tall quote that they are a couple of inches taller than they are.

So yeah, if one is to call out Stallone, then in all probability many of the other actors in that shot are also wearing lifts. It's just that we have noticed Stallone, probably because he really pushes it.

As a lift wearer myself, it's the old rule 'an inch is completely unnoticeable in footwear, 2 inches is fine in some and 3 inches is always tricky. Elevators are a different matter, but there are issues there as well - styling (for all their moneys a lot of well known guys wear out-of-date) and the temptation to wear wildly inappropriate elevators with the wrong pants/jeans. Great chunky work boots with black tie/tux.
Clay says on 18/Aug/14
My ex boss said he saw Stallone at the airport and he was ''tiny'', take it for what it's worth. :P

People exagerate all the time, a 5'8.5-5'9 movie star is going to be called tiny by randoms who see him in person.
H5O says on 18/Aug/14
See Paradise Alley on Netflix. Stallone next to short Armond Assante and 5'6" Anne Archer. Also: why does the web master censor comments? This is just a silly site about an actor's height for God's sake. Not the New York Times.
Dmeyer says on 18/Aug/14
When she stands well she looks as tall as clooney who is 5'11.5 shoes on and also 5in heels oftenly give just 3.5-3.75in
Frankie68 says on 18/Aug/14
Sly is 5'7. Without shoes or lifts on....period....he's under average height....because when he stands next to guys like statham/ bandares/Gibson....he's in that height range when he has his shoes he's gotta be much shorter flat footed.......the end
Zach says on 18/Aug/14
These are the bricks Sly was running around on in Demolition Man: Click Here
Supemann says on 18/Aug/14
He is closer to short! rule out everything above 5'7.5" peak!
Parker says on 18/Aug/14
@Bernie - The only guy taller than Sly in this pic is Kellen Lutz
Click Here

The others listed on this site are Wesley Snipes (5'9),Antonio Banderas (5'8.5),Jason Statham (5'9). If Sly is 5'7 range as you say, all the rest need to come down. Please don't say Sly has 'hidden' lifts in his shoes..and the others haven't lol.
the shredder says on 17/Aug/14
He is closer to average than short or tall. Rule out 6'0 or 5 '7.
Bernie says on 17/Aug/14
I don't think so, no need to downgrade them all, except Mrs. Bullock... a 5'7" Person with such 5inch heels has to look about 5'11"-6'range.. and she simply doesn't near Mr. Clooney...
For a 171-172cm tall Person to give the impression looking between 5'9.5"-5'11" demands no miracle, just a pair of magic shoes... that's all...
The 3 inches footwear in Demolition man, i meant the complete shoe, outside sole plus inside lift, watch exactly... quite certain!!
Dmeyer says on 17/Aug/14
In d man he looked near 5'11 next to 5'7.5 sandra and 6'1.75 bratt his shoes gave not for from 3in but he looked 5'11
RobV says on 17/Aug/14
If ever there was proof about how difficult it is generally to judge someone's height (anyone's height), it is this guy. No-one can agree no anything at all really. Vast numbers of photos are analysed and still you have several inches of variation. It proves that photography is no serious guide to absolute measurements because of posture, movement, perspective and angle. Yes you can tell serious height from short, and some of the gradations in between, but when you get into the detail of mid range heights, then it is very difficult.

On here in other sections you get guys saying "I am 5'11.5", can I claim 6'."!! As if everyone was going to have an absolute visual ability to measure you in front of them, shoes/boots/whatever and all. And then sopme sort of shame would descend on you if you claim a quarter of an inch taller than you are. Most people on here rightly cannot easily measure their own height. So you could probably claim all sorts of heights, the moreso given the degree to which so many people inflate their heights anyway.

All we are pretty sure of is that Stallone wants to appear taller than he really is. For whatever reason - it might be simple vanity, it might be to do with films and roles. None of us know as we do not know him personally. In the unlikely event that he were to come into one of the club nights I run, still I would have no idea of his height within a couple of inches, and I have worn lifts/elevators since I was 19.
Frankie68 says on 17/Aug/14
So has everyone seen ex3 and Sly's see sly shorter than Gibson / snipes while standing on a mountain of still think sly is a " strong " 7'....6'9...6'2....5'11"...everyone still gonna say he's 5'9.....but in the next breath ...say snipes is taller...what a minute................if snipes is 5'9...(prob closer to 5'8).....and sly is 5'9.....(closer to 5'7)....why is snipes taller.....shouldn't they be the same height......anyone see that nice lift in Sly's boot ( on top of a 2inch heel).....when he climbed into the plane while talking to Antonio couldn't wait for bandares to shut up in the movie)......not only did the movie suck....but I'm convinced if sly was on 6 inch shoes ,,,,he still wouldn't hit 6 feet.....I never ask....but "rob"....I hope u see my point....
italianoGuy says on 16/Aug/14
1.76 m
Parker says on 16/Aug/14
ok - Each to their own.You would actually struggle to get 3 inches out of these
Click Here

So we'll agree to disagree at Sly walking around in footwear giving him 3 inches in Demolition man.(He'd need 4 inches to get 3). Judge Dredd yes.

If Sly is 5'7 range, Rob needs to downgrade Rod Stewart,Arnie,Jason Statham,Sandra Bullock,Jean Claud Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren and Bruce Willis. It will keep him busy.
Dmeyer says on 15/Aug/14
Click Here similar footwear
richie says on 15/Aug/14
Yeah, minus his lifts Stallones height is probably between 5'8"/5'9", watch Copland, one of the few movies where he didn't wear his trademark lifts. He was about the same height as DeNiro and slightly taller than Keitel, Liotta had 3 inches on him so a weak 5'9" minus the lifts sounds about right
Bernie says on 15/Aug/14
yes, i know Demolition man, and you're 100% right, Sly looks 2-3 inches taller than her! But, look at his boots, you can see it in a scene very good, gives at least 3 inches (and don't believe he's wearing the same as S. Bullock). Secondly, i really doubt S.B. is 5'7" as listed.
Watch the pics Arch Stanton has uploaded on 2/Oct/13 with G. Clooney when you google her height. It's exactly how he says:
She's in big heels (I'd say 5 inches) and still looks a few inches shorter than Clooney (around 5'10"), she should be virtually the same height as him in those heels. Can't be 5f7, more like between 5f5-5f6!
Pics with H.Winkler, i know them, especially the first one, and yes there i don't see a 5'7" Sly, but these boots...lifts for sure, looks very suspicious.
Seems like the 5'6" for H.Winkler is a bit generous, 5'5" is more likely!
5'7.5-5'7.75" i see for Sly!
Lebensdorf says on 15/Aug/14
He courted my mom in the 70s. Well, sort of. She met him at a club and he called her a couple of times. In any event, she and my aunt swear that he was no more than 5-7, maybe 5-8. I think this is very likely. Before he wore elevator shoes, in his earlier work, before he was a star, you could tell that he was a short guy.
Dmeyer says on 14/Aug/14
Click Here on the other hand
Dmeyer says on 14/Aug/14
Click Here
Dmeyer says on 14/Aug/14
Click Here barely diferant shoes and similar height
Dmeyer says on 14/Aug/14
Click Here i dont under stand this pic same floor arnie has solid 3cm and décent posture sly has a blue shoes 3cm type maybe small lifts but not much Max. 1cm over arnie they look similar lets say he Gets 1.5in extra posture and footwear
Dmeyer says on 14/Aug/14
Rob 177.5-177.8cm out of Béd for sly peak is likely the 5'10 claim isnt a big lie
Junior31 says on 14/Aug/14
Rob. An hour after getting out of bed, back to back. Who do you think is taller you or sly at this point???
[Editor Rob: I think sly is still a little taller]
Dmeyer says on 13/Aug/14
More chance 5'9.25in peak than 5'7.25
the shredder says on 13/Aug/14
More of a chance of 5'10.75 than 5'7.
Parker says on 13/Aug/14
We'll agree to disagree.Eyebrows to top of head is 4 inches, and top of Sly's head was well above Crenna's eyebrows in that scene, but because of his thick hair I looked at where Sly' eye level was. It was at Crenna's mouth - 3 inches.

I also don't see him getting 3 inches from those boots. 2.5 inches absolute tops IMO, more likely 2. Giving Sly 5'8.5-5'9.

As an aside have you ever seen Demolition Man with 5'7 listed Sandra Bullock.? Sly looks 2-3 inches taller than her throughout the film.

Have a look at these pics with 5'6 Henry Winkler. Do you really see a 5'7 man next to him.? I accept Sly's got thicker footwear, but c'mon. Look at the body size
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

If you do fair enough, its all about people's guesses and opinions.
zeus says on 12/Aug/14
google says he is 177cm, it is hard to find out his real height, i think 175 is right
RobV says on 12/Aug/14
@ Zach and others. Yes you are right I suspect, that Stallone's trainers here are tailor made to look like others, but just with a built-in elevator. But yes, as Junior31 says, would you really wear sneakers like that with a built in lift together with those jeans. It is just so strange - but I think the reason is the desire to get a lot of extra height, specially when photographed with others, and a slight lack of aesthetic awareness.

I have made this point 100 times before (what? More often? Oh well). I am tall at 6'2" and wear lifts to get a few inches more. And I have discovered that with lifts (not elevators), an inch is dead easy in any pair of shoes or boots, two inches is possible in lots but looks odd in some (but still pretty straightforward if you are prepared to avoid some footwear), and 3 inches+ is a very difficult act to pull off in more than a certain % of footwear and has to be finessed really well, both with the jeans you wear and with the sizing of the boots etc. More is only really poss with elevators.

And elevators are another story - if you are well-off you are gonna go for tailor made, but even a lot of tailor made stuff is dodgy and slightly old-mannish, with styling a little dated (specially with stuff like trainers) and specially if you are trying to get a 5 inch elevator in a pair sneakers/trainers to give you 3.5" extra height on top of the chunkier sole.

But this use of chunky footwear with extra lifts in the most odd places (Downey Jnr at red carpet events is amazingly appalling). Stuff IS available but it really does require thought and an understanding of how it will look not just on your overall height but also at the point of lift off!
Supemann says on 12/Aug/14
@zach i actually tried to track those shoes down. i think you are right. it isn't nike shox. i think its costume made.

@Bernie even 5'7.75" barefeet is too much. sly is max 5'7" and I'm pretty sure thats frankie68's opinion too.. like the opinion of the civilized world too.. he is a known certified shortie(below 5'8") everyone with a set of eyes and a few membranes on top can see that.
Zach says on 11/Aug/14
Those aren't Shox, they are tailor made monstrosities.
Bernie says on 11/Aug/14
Even with those Nike Shox, Elevator or not, looks like giving 2 inches, & hat on the head not taller than J. Flavin almost barefeet... yeah, that's great...

@Parker: For you this is proof for 5'8-5'9? Puh, very, very optimistic, i have to say... I'd say, his stride is not losing him height, both his legs are stretched, even with the right one beginning a step, let's say kind of a trace of "tip-toeing"..(want to express this is not making him shorter..)

Relating to
Obviously we have a different optical perception,.. anyway doesn't matter..
I see 4 inches between then both, i don't say he was getting 4 inches from those shoes, but 3inch for sure. When we suppose 6'1" for R.C. ( i read he was between 183-185cm, anyway..), then 6'2" with footwear.. So then 6'2" minus 7inches.. here we go.. I'd give him 5'7.75" barefeet, no more (that's just my opinion/ conception.. and maybe Frankie68's...)... looks simply too short to be 5'9"
Parker says on 11/Aug/14
Jesse Stone says on 11/Aug/14
Sylvester is clearly shorter than his wife! Here he's got, not to be overlooked elevator shoes

He's wearing Nike Shox not elevators. His stride is losing him height and he looks level to me - more proof he is 5'8-5'9. Nothing new.
Junior31 says on 11/Aug/14
Those aren't even shocks. I don't know what the hell those are but they look like they even have alift and them too. Hius footwear is so absurd and ugly at times. Would you really wear those type of sneakers with those type of jeans? He looks like he's wearing hand me downs and he's worth 9 figures. Unbelievable
Brad says on 11/Aug/14
Flat out 5 feet 8 with no sole Jennifer and Sly in the Shoxers. Nice hat, my father bought one of those in '55 in Yonkers.
burby says on 11/Aug/14
He looks crazy short on those steps even though he has something like a Shox heel going on, yikes...
Jesse Stone says on 11/Aug/14
Sylvester is clearly shorter than his wife! Here he's got, not to be overlooked elevator shoes and she has almost got no sole on her shoes. Nevertheless she is taller.

--> Click Here
Jesse Stone says on 11/Aug/14
A few pistures with his wife on holiday (2014). Sometimes with pretty thik shoes and in some barefoot.

Click Here
Dmeyer says on 11/Aug/14
Frankie68 sly has Many Times looked 5'10-11 Like near 6ft shoes on in shoes that arent huge so he has to be 5'9 its simple
Brad says on 10/Aug/14
Flat out 5 feet 8 with Snipes who is wearing Chuck Taylor Converse which I live in with no lift.
Parker says on 10/Aug/14
Yes I watched it. Sly's eyes were at Richard Crenna's mouth level.Richard Crena is listed 6'1 here, 6'2 in his footwear meaning Stallone was standing at 5'11. Please don't tell me you think Stallone was getting 4 inches from those boots?
Frankie68 says on 10/Aug/14
@parker....thats your comment wasn't to be rude...maybe I should've used other words....what I mean by ignorant is.....that u can't say he's 5'9 or similiar in height to people I mentioned....and then bring up footwear....because that's not just don't make sense....if people here say he's 5'9 or even 5'10 with his famous footwear's more than probable he's falls in the 5'7 range flat me it's just simple math...he averages 2-3 inch heels ...sometimes more. ( like cobra,,,4+ inch) that's my thinking....if he was really 5'9 or 5'10 as u say u believe.....then he should be over 6' when he wears his lifts....the problem with your thinking is there is no evidence that supports that....because he is not taller than 5'10 with his famous shoes....sorry if I insulted anybody on's just common sense and logic to me.....forinstance (cobra). Massive giant boots....and was still shorter than Nielsen ...who was in how can he be 5'9 or 5'10....because if that height estimate is true....he would've appeared taller than Nielsen in the movie...not shorter.....
Bernie says on 10/Aug/14
@ Parker: Watch:
And please don't take his fluffy hair as reference for judge, this gives an additional inch... Look at the eye level, look at shoulder level.. tremendous difference... then imagine taking off his shoes... How tall would he be barefoot? More than 5'7"/ 5'7.5" ? Be realistic... Think about it...
Parker says on 10/Aug/14
Frankie68 says on 10/Aug/14
Why are people in this forum so ignorant

Frankie - Your calling people ignorant just because they don't agree with you.? Well, I guess I'm really ignorant because I won't even respond to posts that suggest he's 5'6/5'7 anymore, because I think its utter BS.
Frankie68 says on 10/Aug/14
Why are people in this forum so ignorant...when they say hes similiar in height to statham /gibson/bandares and others....he looks similiar cause of his shoe lifts ...thats the only reason...i guarantee hes shorter than bandares without shoes on....and all the rest of them...hes shorter than de Niro as well...
Dmeyer says on 9/Aug/14
Click Here Sly could look just 173/174cm hère as he has better posture and more shoes than snipes who is 5'8.75 today and yet looks same
Dmeyer says on 9/Aug/14
Rob is kellan is just a strong 6ft Like 183.2-183.5cm then sly arnold statham Ford and lundgren are all shorter than listed
[Editor Rob: a fraction over 6ft is probably fairest for him...the guy at times has perfect posture, which can suddenly push him nearer to appearing 6ft 1]
Dmeyer says on 9/Aug/14
Rob wath do you mean sly looks barely 5'9 with snipes while he looks 5'11 with davi
Bernie says on 9/Aug/14
Watch the original ending from Rambo I:
Height difference about good 4 inch to 184-185cm R. Crenna (R.I.P.). Then look at the heels when he's falling down to the floor, seem to have an inside lift too, in all surly gains 3 inches! Even in 1982 not 5'9", and forget the 5'9" - plus - barefeet - claim completely, please...
sunny says on 9/Aug/14
jason statham is also shorter then wesley snipes rob please respond
Bernie says on 9/Aug/14
Watch from 7:47- 7:56.
Very simliar in height with 5'7.5 de Niro, no way Sly's any taller. Consider de niro's not in best posture, and nevertheless Sly's not taller. But lifts in shoes can give this effect of course...Forget your 5'9" + ... it's an illusion.. However, great Star..!!
sunny says on 9/Aug/14
rob how come is is shorter then wesley snipes in expendables 3
please respond rob
[Editor Rob: the same reason Sly looks this tall with Davi.

No expense spared on Expendable 3 footwear.]
Jesse Stone says on 9/Aug/14
I read somewhere that Sly and Arnie were measured in the 80's and Sly was 5'9, while Arnie was 6'1 1/2. I don't think his claim " 5'10" has ever been true. Maybe 5'9,25 but he was measured 5'9... Anything over 176 cm is speculation.
Arch Stanton says on 9/Aug/14
I know what you mean Dmeyer, lutz does look around 6'1" next to the others but Rob has met him so is in a better place to judge. Honestly though I thought Stallone was pulling off taller than 5'9 in Ex 3 and in some scenes managed to only look a bit shorter than Grammar and Arnie!!
Parker says on 9/Aug/14
Another pic against 5'10/5'11 Rod Stewart
Click Here
Dmeyer says on 8/Aug/14
Click Here looks barely 5'9-9.25 in ex2 also
Dmeyer says on 8/Aug/14
Click Here this is a good example Were sly has 1 in more shoes and Still look 3in shorter so 4in 5'9 and 6'1
Andrea says on 8/Aug/14
Yep and considering the young guy is more 183.7, i wouldnt be surprised if Kellan was right on the 183 mark! If he looks taller than what he is, it's because the other guys are shorter than you think... I doubt Kellan grew ;)
Andrea says on 8/Aug/14
I remember you had him at 6'1, then after a lot of time you downgraded him to 6' saying he was no taller than alex and after a short time to the actual 6'0.25 :)
[Editor Rob: the current listing is my best barefoot guess for him.]
Dmeyer says on 8/Aug/14
Rob is it possible kellan is a full 1cm taller than big alex
[Editor Rob: not convinced because the young guy from the height challenge is a measured 6ft 1/2 incher and gives a bigger impression than kellan in person]
Andrea says on 8/Aug/14
I do remember Lutz has been right on the 6' mark for a while because Rob said he really was no different in person than 6' alex from this site!!! Then he changed his listing to 6'0.25, so i don't think he's much over 6'...
[Editor Rob: he went 1/2-0-1/4 and has remained about there, maybe had a0.75 once aswell.]
Dmeyer says on 8/Aug/14
Hé could mesure 5'8 5/8" or 5"8.75 on rob stadio defenetly not à 173cm guy
Parker says on 8/Aug/14
Dmeyer says on 7/Aug/14
For most of ex3 Movie he looked 5'9

Yep, the E3 premiers,video with Norton, pic at the recent 'evening with Sly' event,Grudge Match premier below clearly taller than De-Niro.
Click Here

It would not surprise me if 68 years old Sly still measured 5'9 on Rob's stadiometer barefoot.
Brad says on 7/Aug/14
G pulled a Kellan in every photo.
Frankie68 says on 7/Aug/14
Sly is short....sly wears shoe lifts....I don't care if he's in boots or dress shoes....there's always something going on....5'7 people....if he's lucky.....that SNL video from 1997 really did it for me...when h5o posted it....I watched it.........I didn't even recognize him at first....and that's what is said about him....u won't believe how small he is....
Dmeyer says on 7/Aug/14
Rob could kellan be taller than 6'0.25/183.5cm as he consistently looks more 6'1 with sly snipes statham and lundgren
[Editor Rob: didn't think he looked near 6ft 1, but he was taller than the photographer and around 184, over 6ft mark I thought, whether 0.25 or 0.5 I think that was the argument.]
Dmeyer says on 7/Aug/14
For most of ex3 Movie he looked 5'9
Balrog says on 7/Aug/14
Lutz is pulling 6'1" easily in that pic, don't you think Rob? Why would he tip toeing?
[Editor Rob: because he wants to look taller. He has spent too much time around Stallone and has caught heighterism from Sly...Kellan's now measuring himself 5 times a day, hanging from bars, going on tip toes.

I even heard he's roaming the streets of NY hoping to find a 5ft 8 guy to get a photo with, so he'll look 6ft 2.]
Dmeyer says on 7/Aug/14
Risinforce also mel had slight more shoes than sly. In cannes to me he Still looks 5'9
Dmeyer says on 6/Aug/14
Relooking at sly pics of ex3 premières i think sly could steel be 5'8.75-9in as he looks 5'9.5-9.75in while in shoes that couldnt give over 1.5-1.75in 5'8.75in is possible as he can Still look légit 175cm or as much as 177-178cm with shoes that arent munsters
Dmeyer says on 6/Aug/14
Sly banderas snipes statham vandamme are all close to the 5´9 mark Antonio nearer 173/174
aldo 93 says on 6/Aug/14
he is 5 ft 9 bang on id say
RisingForce says on 6/Aug/14
I trust video far more than pictures and on video at Cannes, Sly and Mel looked very similar in height. There definitely wasn't an inch separating them that night. Click Here Look at 0:55, 1:30 and 1:36. They look about the same height.

The most I could separating them there with both in dress shoes is half an inch. Of course, there's a good chance Sly is 5'9" and Mel is 5'9.5", but also a solid chance Sly is 5'8.5" and Mel is 5'9".
Parker says on 6/Aug/14
All 4 are 5'8-5'9 against 6'0.25" Kellan Lutz listed here
Click Here

Pretty conclusive pic for me.
Parker says on 6/Aug/14
Woner why a 6'1 guy is tip-toeing?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: this is kind of thing I wouldn't be surprised G himself would do. It's what Milo Ventimiglia is doing himself, just helping a little bit]
Parker says on 6/Aug/14
sunny says on 5/Aug/14
he is shorter then wesley snipes Click Here

Put a ruler at eye level - in that particular shot they are exactly the same height
Arch Stanton says on 6/Aug/14
Click Here

Depends on the photo. I still think Stallone would be a bit taller than Banderas barefoot. In most photos though Mel Gibson looks an easy inch taller than Stallone if not 1.5.
Parker says on 6/Aug/14
No more than an inch on Banderas IMO Arch

Click Here
Click Here

Click Here

Maybe Sly wanted to look a 6 footer in E3?
sunny says on 5/Aug/14
rob he is shorter then wesley snipes
H50 says on 5/Aug/14
Shredder: He's not what u say. Sly mot 5' 10". Period. And what's with guys who call themselves shredder?
sunny says on 5/Aug/14
he is shorter then wesley snipes Click Here
fsd says on 5/Aug/14
check out this recent pic. take a look at antonio's cowboy boots nd sly's thick shoe's . Click Here
Mr. R says on 5/Aug/14
So how about this one guys? Most of the cast of The Expendables. Sly's shoes are REALLY suspect!
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I don't know if they are that suspect really in that shot, but certainly to follow up that point about banderas, with better posture you can see he's much nearer in height]
Hypado says on 5/Aug/14
Stallone Looks 176cm :

Click Here
Parker says on 5/Aug/14
A 5'7 Stallone would be close to a full head shorter than Dolph Lundgren
Click Here
Lungren obviously slouching, but even when he is not
Click Here

I agree with Rising, I nstill think Stallone is closer to 5'9. Definately 5'8-5'10
berta says on 5/Aug/14
i dont think he is just 174. stallone is a guy that everyone just have heard is small but he isnt that small ( welll maybe he is but i dont think so ) he was 1 cm taller than 176 kurt russell barefoot in the shower scene. I thinkhe was in the 176-177 range when he was young. probably a little over 177 out of bed and 176 in the evening or a little taller. when he have his big footwear he can look all the way up to 181. the latest 2 years it looks like he have moore normal footwear. 176,5 peak and a little little taller than his wife now so weak 176 now
Brad says on 5/Aug/14
In custom made boots like he wore in the Rambo films he can pull looking 5' 11" in E3 with ease.
Arch Stanton says on 5/Aug/14
He pretty much pulled off looking 5 ft 11 in Expendables 3.
Arch Stanton says on 5/Aug/14
Watch the film then Rob, Stallone must have been wearing his munsters as he looked near 3 inches taller in the film!!
[Editor Rob: antonio can look just 5ft 8 now]
the shredder says on 5/Aug/14
Sly is 5'10.75 , he just has short legs.
loka says on 4/Aug/14
lol everybody here acts like i never posted the pics which proves that he's 5.9 next to his wife and barefoot. Call it denial...
RisingForce says on 4/Aug/14
Rob, the thing is, on videos I posted before, Sly was still blatantly taller than Antonio. As I said, I still think Sly is 5'9", but that aside, I completely respect your opinion, but at minimum, if Sly is indeeed 5'8.5" these days, i think 5'8" makes more sense for Antonio. I highly doubt they're the same height seeing them at Cannes. And Antonio's shoes are as supsicious as Sly's shoes on a regular basis. With that said, I still 5'8.5" is completely reasonable for current Sly. I just believe Banderas is shorter regardless of each of their exact heights. Banderas could be 5'8" regardless.
Dmeyer says on 4/Aug/14
Rob is right since at that very same évent they are eye to eye (sly banderas)
Garostofat says on 4/Aug/14
Junior31 says on 4/Aug/14
See I think sly caught on. A5'11 sly isn't believable but at 5'8 with nice 1-2 inch lift will make him look and have just enough stature to buy into him being a strong 5'9...Bravo Sylvester
Arch Stanton says on 4/Aug/14
Rob, how can he and Banderas be the same height?? Click Here Lifts won't account for that. He makes Banderas look 5 ft 7.
[Editor Rob: I don't see Antonio standing as tall as he can there, he could push out a bit more height]
Dmeyer says on 4/Aug/14
@ Jesse Jones if you look at all shots from that night sly looks Anywere 2.25-4in shorter than arnie has a solid 1.4-1.5in type but sly has a 1.25in type so just 0.2in more shoes for arnie , also arnie looks barely 50cent height that night so i think arnie is Max 6'1 boots on and about 5'11.5 without i think sly is about 8cm that night about 177cm shoes on and about 174cm Without
Dmeyer says on 4/Aug/14
I totaly agree rob custom made 1.75ers
RisingForce says on 4/Aug/14
Sly could have small lifts there. Wouldn't surprise me since I think he wears lifts in some of his dress shoes. With that said, I've often seen people wearing similar shoes and the ankle is always higher than what I'm personally expecting because I only wear boots and sneakers that conceal more, so I'm not the best to judge how high his ankle should be there.
Dmeyer says on 4/Aug/14
Rob i had another look at sly shoes they could have a 0.75-1in lifts , but not lifts he pût himself but more Like an elevator in the. 2in type Like dons do with 1.2 in heels and a 0.8in lifts , Like 2in total those should give 1.7-1.8in , the bone if his foot is too high to have just a 0.25-0.5in lift the lether part is high a very small lifts would not have be seen , 0.75in lift make sens plus 1.25in Heel a décent boost but no monsters
[Editor Rob: could be custom elevators, but not like the 2.3in kind, 1.7-.8 range is more possible]
Frankie68 says on 3/Aug/14 that snl skit...the other store worker with sly...his name is tim meadows...he's listed as 5'8....sly looked shorter than him...sly 5'6 5'7 flatfooted.....thank u for that video....
Frankie68 says on 3/Aug/14 I never saw that snL video....god dam he is short....that video did it for me. I. always say 5'7....people think I'm nuts.....he might be 5'6....he looks ridiculiously short
Dmeyer says on 3/Aug/14
My father is same as sly and exactly same âge but my father shrinked more my father was anywere 5'8.75-9.25 peak now 5'7.75-8in
Frankie68 says on 3/Aug/14
Something else to think about...part of Sly's divorce from Nielsen was that included in the gag order or (hush money) if u will.....she can never publicly talk of his height complex or the fact of him wearing shoe lifts....that freakin weird or what....he can't be that tall if he's worried about what she might say in terms of his height.....I think tom criuse had something similiar done when he and Kidman split....
Dmeyer says on 3/Aug/14
The lether part of the shoe is near 3.5-4in so could have as much as 1in lifts plus the 1.2-1.3in Heel they could give 1.8-1.9in making him look a solid 5'9.5 plus posture 5'10
Dmeyer says on 3/Aug/14
Sly 5'8.5 plus 1.5-1.75 shoes 5'10-10.25 means he look 5'9.25 plus Crazy posture 5'9.75 , the Guy look Max 10cm think Will make sens if the Guy is 6'1.5-1.75
Dmeyer says on 3/Aug/14
Lets say sly is solid 5'8.5 plus 1.75in shoes thats 5'10.25 plus cary posture 5'10.75 he should look Max 5'9.75 and he look about 5'11 sly is the king looking over 5'10 at 68 without monsters ,
sunny says on 3/Aug/14
sunny says on 3/Aug/14
rob sylvester stallone is shorter then wesley snipes
[Editor Rob: in that still they do look very close in height]
Jesse Stone says on 3/Aug/14
Click Here

Arnie seems to wear normal shoes,so if Sly has got lifts here he can't be over 5'9 at peak. You know Arnie shrank with age...

Could he really only be 5'8,5?
H5O says on 3/Aug/14
Watch 1997 SNL with Stallone. Scene in computer store with Will F. Short Tim Meadows walks near Stallone, similar height. Will is 6'3" too. Stallone looked shorter then than with 6'3" guy at recent event. Lifts people. It's that simple. Watch SNL clip, you'll see.
Dmeyer says on 3/Aug/14
If the Guy is 6'3/190.5cm you could argue 181cm for sly Like 183.5cm shoes on minus 3-4cm sly looks 180cm
Dmeyer says on 3/Aug/14
Rob how much this shoes could give the outside heels could give 1.2-1.3in his foot looks tilted a bit Like there is a 0.5-0.7in lifts that give Max 1cm extra so he could get 4cm but no more i have expérience i have a cat. Boot that give 1in plus 1in lifts they give barely 1.7in and my foot is much more Tilted than sly so sly Gets Max 1.5-1.6in not 2in range and yet look 5'10.5-11 Like nearly 6ft shoes on , thing Will make sens only if the Guy is just 6'1.5-2in , sly can look barely as tall as statham at Times
[Editor Rob: this is what I said in the previous comment, I looked again and think there is a decent chance of that size of lift. Add in his top posture and can still look over 5ft 9.]
tuite says on 3/Aug/14
those shoes look pretty normal to me but i´d like to know rob´s opinion about it
[Editor Rob: there was another pic Here...I can kind of see his ankle on his right shoe and from that I'd say there was a reasonable chance he had a lift in the shoe, but of course that is just my opinion. I feel his ankle bone really wouldn't be sitting much above the leather on a shoe like that if it was empty.]
the shredder says on 3/Aug/14
Can't stop the 5'7 claims , some people are mental.
RisingForce says on 3/Aug/14
He does look look at least strong 5'10" range, maybe close to 5'11" there if the guy is 6'3". Of course, we can't read too much into it because we can't confirm that guy's height and for all we know, Sly could be pulling an Eric Roberts in that picture. With that said, I still think 5'8.5" is the lowest he could drop to even now at 68, and I believe he's still closer to 5'9".
tuite says on 3/Aug/14
No way a 5´7 guy could be as tall as sly in the pic next to a 6´3 guy even in lifts.
the shredder says on 3/Aug/14
Sly looks 5'10 minimum If that guy is a real 6'3.
Junior31 says on 3/Aug/14
Editor Rob says on 2/Aug/14
Here is one guy who did fork out 650 quid for his stallone pic
Click Here
He says he's 6ft 3

If he's 6'3. Foot wear aside. The listing is spot on
SaveUsY2J says on 2/Aug/14
Sly obviously didn't forget to pack his elevators for that event because he looks 5'10 if that guy is 6'3 as he claims.
[Editor Rob: to be fair to Sly, Here are his shoes.]
Dmeyer says on 2/Aug/14
If sly is 174 cm and he look 180cm he had a huge lift not a small one Like 3inchers plus good posture , that should stop the 5'7-5'8 claims
Dmeyer says on 2/Aug/14
Sly looks his 5' 10.75 claim with the 6'3 guy
Dmeyer says on 2/Aug/14
Sly looks a solid 5´11 the top of sly head is easily over eye Level so Max 10cm diferance , lets say sly Gets 1cm extra from posture that means. 5'10.5 and lets say the Guy is realy only 6'2.5 so thats 5'10 and sly has 3-4cm more shoes thats 5'8.5-9in , but if the Guy is realy 6'3 and sly had normal shoes then sly is. 179cm
[Editor Rob: from looking at stage picture of the event he has a normalish type shoe, of course he could have a bit of lift in it, but certainly not huge amount. The guy said on his twitter 6ft 3, I don't know if he is...but it's his claim.]
Parker says on 2/Aug/14
Editor Rob says on 2/Aug/14
Here is one guy who did fork out 650 quid for his stallone pic
Click Here
He says he's 6ft 3

If he is (and why would he lie?) Stallone looks 5'11/6' next to him
Editor Rob says on 2/Aug/14
Here is one guy who did fork out 650 quid for his stallone pic
Click Here
He says he's 6ft 3
the shredder says on 2/Aug/14
LOL Hope that was a joke Rob.
[Editor Rob: of course!]
the shredder says on 2/Aug/14
Jennifer is 5'6 , Sly is 5'7 and rob is 5'5 , there happy?
[Editor Rob: BANNED!]
CRB says on 1/Aug/14
The modelling industry is notorious for fibbing on heights to get their models works. Gia Carangi, was listed at five foot eight. In fact, she was more like five five or six. It's just the way the industry works. There's a 'perfect' size and the models need to conform to it - even if they are a little above or below whatever is deemed to be the industry standard at the time. In other words, trust a model's height like you'd trust an actor's height. They both are represented by publicists who are paid to create and perpetuate their image.
Dmeyer says on 1/Aug/14
Flavin can look easy 2in over sly when she has more footwear under 5'8.5-8.75 is unlikely
loka says on 1/Aug/14
Saying that Jennifer Flavin is under 5.9 is ridiculous. She's 5.9. It's official since 20 years. She's a top model and her stats were known before she met Sly. It has never been an issue until now because there is proof that Sly is the same height than her. If we agree that they are really the same height, thant there is no reason to say that Sly is under 5.9. He was even probably a strong 5.9 in his prime imo.
Frankie68 says on 1/Aug/14
Go see ex3.....he shorter than snipes.....that's all I got to say.....I rest my case.....
Nikie says on 1/Aug/14
1.76 cm !
Dmeyer says on 1/Aug/14
Dereck in you pic flavin is slouching and Will easily look a bit taller than sly with better posture also his shoes look normal Like 1.3in
jtm says on 1/Aug/14
the pictures with travolta are not good evidence his wife is 5'9. she was closer to the camera and travolta was losing more height.
tuite says on 1/Aug/14
I dont understand guys which is the problem if any problem with sly´s height there is a proof that sly is al least 5´9 and seems bother to a lot of people, is totally stupid, can you guys sleep well at night thinking sly is 5´7 that a lot of pics sayin he is 5´9 al least, i dont undertand, that obssesion with dowdrade sly´s height is sick
Bernie says on 1/Aug/14
@loka: Supermann says: Stop with the 5'9 for flavin. Thats pure bull! She was at least constantly 3" shorter than 5'11"5Claudia schiffer at the height of their modelling. She is most likely a thin leggy 5'7-5'8" And sly is! Shorter than her at least by a inch!
SO HOW can J.F. be 5f9, when shes at least 3inch shorter than some whos 5f11.5 (and C. Schiffer is!!)?? Dont make any sense...
Dont want to make an issue or argue about her height, but i id say must be definately under 5f9, 5f8 is more suitable. Both stand straight in posture, Sly def. is not taller, thats not too difficult to see! To be very generous max. same height, but from my estimation due to all this pics a scarce inch below her..
RisingForce says on 1/Aug/14
If someone wants to argue Jennifer is under 5'9" then post some visual evidence of it because unless you do, it really comes off as meaningless to just say she's 5'8" and makes it look like an effort to just downgrade Sly, because pictures like this from 2012 Click Here make it damn near impossible to argue Sly at anything less than 5'8" if Jennifer is anywhere near 5'9". Personally, I think she's at least 5'9" give or take. There's a photo of Jennifer with John Travolta and Kelly Preston at an event from the late 90's/early 00's and she looks really tall, towering over Kelly and while it's not a perfect picture, she at least looks similar to Travolta, though she's obviously in heels. By the way, I posted this pic to show Sly and Van Damme around the same height, but forgot to mention that we can compare Jennifer to Van Damme. Click Here She's in heels, but even so with her standing further from the camera with her legs crossed, she's still easily taller than Van Damme, who if he's around 5'9" as commonly thought, then he should be 5'10" in those dress shoes. Certainly doesn't help Jennifer at 5'8" at all.
loka says on 1/Aug/14
TJ, you're absolutely right. Flavin's height has never been an issue here until this week. We have proof that sly is at least her height and now people try to downgrade Flavin's height. It's funny... It's obvious that she's a tall woman. A legit 5.9. Height does matter in his previous work, top model. There is no lie in this 5.9 mark. No doubt that she is 5.9...
fsd says on 1/Aug/14
notice 5'8 - 5'9 ft range wesley snipes has an inch on stallone 7:51 either stallone is 5'8 or 5'7 or somewere between that range .
TJ says on 31/Jul/14
It's bizarre how people seem to tie themselves in knots to downgrade Sly. If he looks the same height as someone who is 5'9 or so, Sly must be in lifts (the other person never can be of course), and even with this barefoot pic with his wife we have people making excuses, eg she is slouching and perhaps not actually her rumoured height. Sly is absolutely not 5'7. Rob has it about right.
Danimal says on 31/Jul/14
loka says on 27/Jul/14
Sly is taller than his 5.9 Wife

Proof :
Click Here

He's standing tall and she's leaning into him. If she stood completely straight, that picture would look different.
Danimal says on 31/Jul/14
Frankie68 says on 30/Jul/14
Idk why his wife became such an issue...she is taller than him anyway...and maybe shes not 5'9...all i have to say is in ex3...a 5'9 snipes owns him by 2incges easily and sly has lifts on...see the mivie for youselves...gibson is taller as well...slys footwear is also very obvious in the movie and he has not givin up on his famous footwear like some of u claim...hes the only guy i no with so many different height.....he cant be taller than his wife (whos 5'8..5'9)...but shorter than snipes (whos 5'9)...ive seen pics of him being shorter than robert downey jr(another liftwearer) it

Wesley Snipes is 5'8". He was shorter than 5'9" Woody Harrelson by at least 1" on White Men Can't Jump and in Blade III, we see his ID Card and it states his height as 5'8".
Supermann says on 31/Jul/14
Stop with the 5'9 for flavin. Thats pure bull! She was at least constantly 3" shorter than 5'11"5Claudia schiffer at the height of their modelling. She is most likely a thin leggy 5'7-5'8"

And sly is! Shorter than her at least by a inch!
jtm says on 31/Jul/14
how do we know if his wife is really 5'9?
Derek says on 31/Jul/14
Click Here

Here is Sly and Jennifer back in 1988. He held his own against her pretty well considering she's in small heels (he's in lifts of course).
Jeff C says on 31/Jul/14
Bernie you're correct. there are listings of Jennifer flavin height that range from 5'7 to 5'9. So more likely she is 5'8. I guess Mr Goldman was right all along.
loka says on 31/Jul/14
My God, i can't believe how some of you are in denial... Rob ? what do you think of these last pics whith his Wife. isn't it the proof that he's the same height if not taller than her ?
[Editor Rob: they are pretty close, it would be interesting to measure both of them]
berta says on 31/Jul/14
dont think he is under 175. he take growth hormones so i dont think he have shrunk.
Bernie says on 31/Jul/14
The pics with his wife are not that bad but give also not 100% exploration about his height, because of her posture...Id say, if she stood as straight as she can, she surely is taller than him (much longer legs, knees higher, shoulder higher..), could be by an inch is not unrealistic! Then the question remains, is she really 5foot9?? I read/ heard shes not, more like 5foot8! So there you have your 5foot7 sly!! Or what kind of other explanation there will be that hes (in lifts) shorter than snipes in ex3 by 2 inches like Frankie68 said??
Dmeyer says on 30/Jul/14
Dear rob if you have Time please post on this page some pics were sly looks under 175 cm and more. 174cm , also sly was 175cm up to when ???
loka says on 30/Jul/14
on this pic, he is taller than her his 5.9 wife (both barefoot).

Click Here
Frankie68 says on 30/Jul/14
Idk why his wife became such an issue...she is taller than him anyway...and maybe shes not 5'9...all i have to say is in ex3...a 5'9 snipes owns him by 2incges easily and sly has lifts on...see the mivie for youselves...gibson is taller as well...slys footwear is also very obvious in the movie and he has not givin up on his famous footwear like some of u claim...hes the only guy i no with so many different height.....he cant be taller than his wife (whos 5'8..5'9)...but shorter than snipes (whos 5'9)...ive seen pics of him being shorter than robert downey jr(another liftwearer) it
Anthony says on 30/Jul/14
The picture may not have been perfect, but I think it proves that Sly is NOT as low 5'7".
RisingForce says on 30/Jul/14
fsd, that's actually a solid pic. They're pretty much eye to eye, the top of Sly's head looks like it'd probably still be slightly higher minus the extra hair, but one of Jennifer's knees is a bent so she may be losing a fraction of height. They're probably very similar in height, but I'm not sure why you think she's only 5'8". And hey, if nothing else, the boat pics show Jennifer has a hell of a body, so no complaints from me.
Sbu says on 30/Jul/14
WOAH! Sly downgraded! Rambo 6: "Rob, I'm coming to get YOU"
tuite says on 30/Jul/14
His wife is 5´9
loka says on 30/Jul/14
She is only 43 Y.O.... Come on ! What do you need to be proven wrong ?
Come on. Let's get serious. Even with proof, you still blind ?
RisingForce says on 30/Jul/14
Found the better barefoot picture from 2012. Click Here She's slouching more so she looks shorter than him, but based on their frames, shoulder height ect., it's tough to see him much shorter, if at all. Of course, we don't know exactly how tall she is. She could be the 5'9.5" she was listed at in her modeling days and the 1993 article I found, or the 5'9" most sites have had her at and she was listed at in a separate article we found. Or it's possible she was 5'8.5" and added an inch for 5'9.5" and rounded up to 5'9". You'd have to make a valid comparison with other celebrities to really have an idea, which will be difficult because she initially drops height at premieres, and like most women, usually wears heels. She does look like a legitimately tall woman, though so I highly doubt she's less than 5'8.5" and would personally be surprised if she wasn't at least 5'9".
tuite says on 30/Jul/14
Exist another one pic with his wife face to face they look like identical even sly seems to be taller 5´9.5 in 2014 is probably his height both barefeet.In paris-
G man 16 says on 30/Jul/14
@Loka, good pic bro. Rob please upgrade Slys height and boost his ego, I'm sure he's atleast 175 or even 176 according to that pic. No debate about it.
Brad says on 30/Jul/14
G got owned big by the 5' 8.5" Sly in his custom made whoppers. When yer 5' 6.5" at hours out of the Bronx you can get crushed by Sly and his wedged up customs....young G (5' 6") can look up at the NYC sandal clad actor.
fsd says on 29/Jul/14
based on the recent pics with his wife "5'8ft" sly is clearly a flat 5'8 ft they were the same height Click Here
Zach says on 29/Jul/14
That's a dodgy picture for several reasons, not least of all neither are standing in a comparable posture, one of Flavin's feet is almost of the ground. Its a shame that with several holiday boat pictures over the last few years that the paparazzi haven't managed to get a simple standing picture where both are standing in the same posture.

RF - you're right if you draw a line, Sly appears fractionally taller than Norton, maybe 5'8.75.
Dmeyer says on 29/Jul/14
In the pics with his wife they dont have equal posture also she could have droped 0.5-1cm at her âge and both be 174cm
loka says on 29/Jul/14
No I disagree with you Guys. This Picture I posted gives all the answers you were searching for all these years. Sly is not under 175 and this pic is from 2014 in LAX (France). search google. Rob, what do you think ? Don't tell me that he's under 175 cm on this Pic... Let's get serious...
RisingForce says on 29/Jul/14
Agreed, that's not a good picture, though I did post a good one 2 years ago of the 2 side by side barefoot, and while their heads were both down, they'd seem very similar in height. This was from 2012, and I know some should remember it. Hopefully, I can find it again because it's probably the best barefoot picture you're going to find.
Supemann says on 29/Jul/14
@woland & loka..are you guys serious? she's slouching big time. she would at least! be slys height if she stood straight. judging by that picture i am now 100% sure he is under 174cm. imagine flavin being shorter than the magic 175cm :O the horror :)

Basicly what you are seeing is a taller person trying to level down to a shorter persons perspective, that being sly :) sorry bros.

Guess Frankie was right all the time

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