How tall is Sylvester Stallone ?

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Sylvester Stallone's height is 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 9in (175 cm)
American actor best known for films like Rocky and Rambo. "I'm shorter and skinnier than you Expected". In a 1991 interview with Longevity magazine he says: "I'm 5'10" and in 1993 NY Times said "I'm exactly 5 feet 10 1/2 inches". A 1978 Playboy claim, as commenter Bam pointed towards quoted Sly claiming early on that "I'm five feet ten and three quarters tall" on meeting him, "Sly, shorter than you expect at 5-foot-eight" and pre-www, in 1990 Chicago Times was even bringing up the subject of footwear, "The real-life Rambo is an official 5 foot 10 1/2 inches tall, but that is with the generous boost of what can only be described as elevator shoes". Indeed, a specialist shoemaker once commented that "I made him 4.5 inches taller for 16 years!", although that might be a bit of an exaggeration..

Another interesting quote is from famous screenwriter Goldman's book about lies stars tell. He says "I had a hot lead that Sly was 67 inches." going on to revealing his source was someone who was also that height and jogged with Sly one morning. He then describes how he went into a swimming pool that Sly was in...and about 10 minutes later, "He (sly) got out, grabbed a towel. I got out, grabbed a towel. He stood. I stood. Sixty-seven inches. Dripping wet."

Another quote comes from Supermodel Janice Dickenson's book 'Everything about me is fake' whom she recalls Sly tried picking her up (they were a couple for a while): "Who was this guy to go dissing me while he's standing there in his custom-made elevator shoes." and also remarked "I couldn't believe how short he was". Another actress, Melinda Dillon from F.I.S.T, commented in Chicago Tribune "I'm taller than Sly and that bothers him and we kid about it so I take off my shoes in some scenes. I can't slouch or I wouldnt be Anna. She's very upright."

Fellow action stars have even mentioned his height, Van Damme once saying: "I'm 5-foot-10, a good size for movies. If you're too big a guy, it's hard to find good villains. That's why Stallone always has good villains. He's short."
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burby says on 27/Jul/14
5'8.5" peak, 5'2.75" now that the Expendables 3 DVD screener has leaked...
loka says on 27/Jul/14
Sly is taller than his 5.9 Wife

Proof :
Click Here

Big mistake by Rob who downgraded him...
Supermann says on 27/Jul/14
You finally got it the schredder. If G could look 5'10 at 5'6" why couldn't sly with ease look 5'10" or even 5'11". They both are lifters. Right? Maybe G's where inferior to slys. Maybe he forgot them. Or maybe the ground level was off. Fact is u can't tell anything from that picture other than they could be the same height.

Point proven! 5'8" is too much for sly.
Seriously rob. Do you have a hidden agenda for not looking realistically in some of the celebs?
I mean to keep the site relevant?

It is almost general knowledge that sly is short! 5'8"-5'9" is not short. Especially not if you wear lifts. But put in on a 5'6"-5'7" guy and the shortness is visible. Even in lifts
[Editor Rob: G said he had no lifts and remember in the wise words of G on his page:

"I can spot Shoe Lifts.even if they're inside the Shoe"

this is a most remarkable statement! I mean where on god's name else are people putting shoe lifts apart from inside the shoe? Down their underpants!?
Frankie68 says on 26/Jul/14
@superman...finally someone who speaks my language about sly...wait to u see ex3 ...were a 5'9 wesley snipes owns him in height....or the noticeable camera shot of his boots getting in a plane after talking to bandares....u see the 2 inch wedge in the boot...i got a bootleg and really slowed down the camera shot....its hilarious......i always try to explain to people on this site that a person 5'7 can appear 5'10 with good footwear like he is famous for....i always say i love sly,,,but 5'8. 5'9. 5'10...he is not....
the shredder says on 26/Jul/14
We are lucky we got even a 5'8 claim from G , he could have claimed 5'9 as he can look even 5'10 in some pics , and just could have said he was on a low ground for the pics where he looked his real height?
Dmeyer says on 26/Jul/14
Rob sly looks bang on 2.25in over g exactly 5ft9
RisingForce says on 26/Jul/14
Zach, I'm still seeing Sly edge out Norton there. If you compare their eye level, Sly's is a bit higher, and since Norton doesn't have much hair, you can see about where the top of his head is, and if you draw a line, it doesn't look the top of his head would be quite as high as Sly's minus hair, but close. I only see about a half inch difference, but Sly still does look a bit taller in that still, imo.
Junior31 says on 26/Jul/14
Not impossible today for him to drop a dot below 5'8. But not enough to say hey he's 5'7. Again think the listing is pretty damn accurate
Parker says on 26/Jul/14
I for one always liked Glenn;s posts, but still claiming 5'8 when measured at 5'6.75 is delusional.Maybe he's claiming it in footwear?
tuite says on 26/Jul/14
i just finished to watch expendables 3 i think sly could be 5´9 in 2014
Supermann says on 26/Jul/14
I can with ease see sly at glenns height or even a little shorter. Again sly always wears lifts!
For the few posting that picture from recent event Night with sly or what ever it was Called.
Look at the god damn ancles!? They are way too high up for him not packing.
He never stopped- to this Day he wont go anywhere without trying to look his tallest. Even at the beach with his wife and kids. With a hat and oversized nike shoxs and military posture. Take all that away and you will still get a 168 to maybe 172 cm guy(really lucky if he ever hitted the latter barefoot)

5'6-5'7" never was more
Andrea says on 26/Jul/14
The funny thing is that... HE IS 5'8! Sly can look about 3 inches taller there, but it's an outside photo, unknow footwear and, most important, G is not 5'8!
Amaze says on 26/Jul/14
Rob do you think 176 peak was possible? Hes 174 now though for sure. How tall do you think his deceased son sage stallone was?
the shredder says on 26/Jul/14
rob how much hair does he have and how much taller is he on G?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he had much more than 2 inches on big G...his hair looked a good couple of cm, although remember on the street can always be much trickier. For all you know Stallone or G could be on tip toes or fighting over who gets to wear the lifts in the photo!]
Frankie68 says on 26/Jul/14
And all if u that say he 5'10,,,5'11...close to 6'...u all in fantasy land...he aint taller than snipes with massive footwear on...
Frankie68 says on 26/Jul/14
Just say ex3(got a good bootleg) the opening minutes of the movie sly walks out of a helicopter with wesley snipes...snipes is 2inches taller and sly got the whoppers on big time..the us also a scene were talking to baneras and he climbs in a plane and there a close up of his footwear...u see a giant 2inch wedge in the boot....keep in mind snipes is 5' all u people who think im nuts sayin sly is only 5'7....see ex3.....snipes and gibson are taller (even with slys wedges on)...take slys shoes off....he 5'7...easy...
Zach says on 25/Jul/14
"Parker says on 23/Jul/14
Graham Norton is listed at 5'8.5 on this site. Go to 14 minutes when they both stand up, Stallone is clearly taller, but no doubt the usual 'footwear' tosh will come up, even though Stallone's shoes look perfectly normal."

Actually Sly is not taller than Norton: Click Here
[Editor Rob: they appear very close in height]
Andrea says on 25/Jul/14
Rob, this guy says he's 5'11 in person:
Click Here
[Editor Rob: well seeing as it's G, of course it is no surprise :)]
Parker says on 25/Jul/14
Dmeyer says on 25/Jul/14
If any Guy could tech me how to download pics on this page i was never able to do it

Open a pic from google images using internet explorer, copy the address into tiny.url, copy the tinyurl link and post it.
RisingForce says on 25/Jul/14
Frankie, I disagree. I don't think it's fair at all to just assume any pair of shoes Sly wears have lifts simply because he wore lifts for so long. I think it's fine to consider lifts as a possibility, but if a particular pair of shoes doesn't look suspicious at all, I think it's unfair to assume he's getting an extra boost. As it is, Sly still appears to sometimes wear lifts, like in the second premiere from 2012 I posted below where he looks about 5'10" with Van Damme, Arnie, Dolph ect., but at other times, we've been able to see where his ankles are with low cut dress shoes and they've looked perfectly normal. As for the shoes I posted, I firmly believe there's a 0% chance he's getting anywhere close to 3". They just don't conceal enough. I tend to agree with Rob that Sly wasn't even getting 3" from the Hogan Shoes, and those were bigger and more suspicious.

Good video, Parker. Sly looks a bit taller than Norton.
Dmeyer says on 25/Jul/14
If any Guy could tech me how to download pics on this page i was never able to do it
Junior31 says on 25/Jul/14
In the 70's/80's he woke up at 5'9 and went to be 5'8.5 after a day of training/stunts 2014 he wakes up 5'8.5 and goes to bed 5'8 flat..a hair under is possible..but that's the way I see it.
the shredder says on 25/Jul/14
saying that sly was no more than 5'9 is realist , saying he was no more than 5'8 or 5'7 is bull.
diavolo says on 24/Jul/14
Just saw an old Kojak episode guest starring Stallone. Telly Savalas, listed here as 5'10.5" looked way taller than him. Savalas mostly wore tallish footwear in the series, but even with those in the equation, Stallone was never taller than 5'9".
Anthony says on 24/Jul/14
Parker, Stallone has a clear camera advantage in all three of those pictures with a slouching Charlie Sheen. Not to mention Stallone has the footwear advantage.
Frankie68 says on 24/Jul/14
There is truth to all your comments....but I believe a lift wearer is always a lift wearer...I don't care what kind of shoes he's wearing...there's always some type of increase....@risingforce....the black/blue shoes he's wearing in your pic are massive....those are 3inch easy....and notice those are shoes with full front/back platform....there's no heel it like he's standing on a higher platform(which he is)....and there is also definite room for an inch on the inside as well....I've seen him in a pair of burgundy color shoes like that as well...those are embarrassing your life he takes those shoes off....he's shorter than van damme....van damme stated recently that he's taller than sly....anyway ,,I don't believe anyone's height listing period until I meet him...people have claimed sheen is only 5'8...and deniro as who knows....can someone the justin beiber pics were sly basically looks the same height.......can someone tell me how to put up pics here...cause I got plenty....
Dmeyer says on 24/Jul/14
From 2 and 1/2 men Charlie seems solid 5'9 sly looks easy 5'11 with him wish ex plain whi arnie looks barely taller
Dmeyer says on 24/Jul/14
In the vidéo with norton when they have equal posture they look bang on same height 174cm , rob you stay the best height guesser
Brad says on 24/Jul/14
Stallone is in custom bricks with Van Damme.
Dmeyer says on 24/Jul/14
Rising force i agree in 2012 sly dosnt look smaller than vandamme and i agree those weird shoes dont give over 1.7-1.9in so solid 0.8in over vandamme footwear and barely 0.5in over 1.3in arnie boots if not 1.4in , sly was 175cm 3-4 years back
Parker says on 23/Jul/14
Graham Norton is listed at 5'8.5 on this site. Go to 14 minutes when they both stand up, Stallone is clearly taller, but no doubt the usual 'footwear' tosh will come up, even though Stallone's shoes look perfectly normal.

Click Here
Parker says on 23/Jul/14
@Frankie - You say do the math.

ok,plenty of pictures with Sly and 5'9 Charlie Sheen on the net. Sly 'looks' 2 inches taller, meaning he's hitting close to 6' in shoes..yes? 5'9 Charlie Sheen in shoes = 5'10
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

Impossible for Stallone to be 5'7 IMO.
Dmeyer says on 23/Jul/14
Rob if 5'8.3in/173.5cm is possible then sly has possibly lost 1.5cm
RisingForce says on 23/Jul/14
Frankie, except Sly's shoes and proportions have often appeared very normal with those 5'9" guys since most of those pictures are from the last few years.

Stallone and Van Damme in dress shoes Click Here Sly definitely doesn't look shorter and looks taller since he's forcing his posture more.

Different shoes, and Sly is definitely taller. Click Here Click Here And keep in mind those shoes aren't even big and based on that, and Sly's proportions he's definitely not getting anywhere near a 3" boost or anything. In fact, the only reason I even suspect he's wearing lifts at all is because of how tall he looks. These look to be the same type of shoes Sly is wearing. Click Here As you can see, they aren't boots, and don't have the room for a massive lift. That's why I believe Sly is still about as tall as Van Damme, or was in 2012 at least because he doesn't look shorter in dress shoes and then looks an inch or so taller in those shoes.
Junior31 says on 23/Jul/14
Please scroll down to the pictures I've posted of him wi 5'7 at best Roberto duran during the filming of rocky. And then a few years back. Inch taller the 5'7 duran in rocky. 5 inches taller 30 years later. It's unbelievable
Frankie68 says on 23/Jul/14
Google sly stallone /justin beiber pics.....very similiar in height.....very similiar.......beiber is 5'6....sly barely taller,,,plus I'm sure sly shoes are packing.....I'm sorry ,,,5'7. For me for sly,,,,beiber is short.....
Frankie68 says on 23/Jul/14
All I'm saying is generally sly always appears the same height of other stars in the 5'9 statham,,van damme,,deniro,,Gibson etc.....but Sly's footwear comes into if u minus his beefed up tall can he be....he can't be 5'9 or 5' 10 in his beefed up shoes....and than 5''9 without them shoes on....he gas to be's simple common sense or simple math....
Dan says on 23/Jul/14
Took my friend to audition for Cobra, I'm 5'8 1/2", Sly was shorter than me.
Jesse Stone says on 23/Jul/14
Which Hogan/Letterman video was meant?
leonari says on 22/Jul/14
We should open an account and donate so Rob gets the picture. It would be tremendous for the site.
Dmeyer says on 22/Jul/14
Rob do you think sly could be as low as 5'8.25in Like 173.5cm after a 14h shoot on his feet on expendables 3 , if you think 174cm 0.5cm under is not imossible
[Editor Rob: not impossible...]
the shredder says on 22/Jul/14
Sly was taller than Burt and Sly in conserve. Height Complex 101 for those saying Sly is 5'7.
RisingForce says on 22/Jul/14
Frankie, I really doubt it. He looks significantly shorter in those Converse than the 2" heeled boots. The only boxing shoes I really suspected had lifts were the ones in Rocky Balboa. I'm 99% sure Sly was always at least an inch taller than Burt Young. Even if he had lifts in boxing shoes, it's impossible he was getting anywhere close to 4". But as I said, lifts in boxing shoes in both Rocky 3 and Rocky 4 would make little to no sense because in Rocky 3, Sly wanted a "David vs Goliath image" so he slimmed down to 163 pounds and in Rocky 4, Lundgren himself even said he stood on a box when he touched gloves with Sly, so why wear lifts if he apparently wanted Dolph to tower over him even more than he already did?
Brad says on 22/Jul/14
His boxing shoes are wedged up in every film much like his Rambo boots. The training film of him in the ring has him in standards and he looks like the 5' 8.5" he was in '75.
Frankie68 says on 22/Jul/14
@risingforce....Sly's high top famous black converse or rocky sneakers are packed....and all of Sly's boxing shoes are packed.....the rocky 3 opening eye of tiger montage ...all wedged up....the scene when he bows ,,they look 4inches me...if paulie is 5'7 or 5'8.....Sly's in his neighborhood...
RisingForce says on 22/Jul/14
I don't particularly suspect he had lifts in his boxing shoes for the Drago fight, wouldn't make any sense actually considering Dolph himself said Sly put Dolph on a box to make the height difference even greater than it was, but I do remember thinking Sly looked closer in height than usual to Burt in that scene, but he was still a bit taller. But the clip where you can see their entire bodies with Sly in converse going to punch the meat sealed it for me that Sly was a minimum inch taller, maybe more like 1.5", especially since when Sly is in the heeled boots in those movies and he can look a solid 3 inches taller than Burt a lot of the times.
Dmeyer says on 22/Jul/14
Thanks zach we could all give money to rob , it Will be interesting to compare sly to a légit 5'8
Brad says on 22/Jul/14
Sly at a London Comicon would be higher than the NYC price (like burgers). He'd be in his stealth wedged up customs. The photos with anybody would be a G thang.
Frankie68 says on 21/Jul/14
Idk risingforce....another is rocky 4 when he's walking out to fight drago ,,,he's very similiar in height when paulie kissed him...and u know Sly's boxing shoes are wedged up for the drago fight....take Sly's boxing shoes off...idk if he's taller than Burt young....he's only like an inch taller than him in those wedged up boxing shoes......idk......
Dmeyer says on 21/Jul/14
Rob since when do you think he became about 5ft8.5/174cm to me he looks near enaugh 5'9 évén a few years back
[Editor Rob: last 2 years I think he's been fighting the loss, but filming bullet to the head/Exp2/3 and Grudge Match has taken it's toll. Sly isn't indestructable, unlike Chuck Norris.]
Tim181 says on 21/Jul/14
I am ready to donate 50 bucks for Rob to go and get a pic with Sly.
RisingForce says on 21/Jul/14
Sly was unquestionably taller than Burt Young. This is obvious whenever you see ground level. I posted the clip when he's going to punch the meat, and you see their entire bodies, and Sly is visibly taller than Burt despite Burt having a footwear advantage with Sly in Converse.
the shredder says on 21/Jul/14
I agree with the listings
Frankie68 says on 20/Jul/14
Everyone has seen the original rocky....well heres 1 for everyone.....notice how sly always appears taller than paulie....although there are some scenes were sly looks similar in height or even shorter than Burt young....some actually claim he is shorter than Burt young.....look at the scene before the orig rocky training montage....paulie helping rocky off with his gloves....or when paulie meets rocky outside of the meat plant for Rockys tv interview.....they are very similar in height....than in other scenes and other Ricky movies...paulie looks shorter,,,especially when rocky has the famous rocky boots on....
Zach says on 20/Jul/14
Rob I understand. £675 per person is very steep. Especially from someone who already owns hundreds of millions. Even Sly fans were shocked at the price though many still booked tickets. I guess for them its just one picture with no return. If you took a picture it could potentially pay back via extra hits on the website in years to come. And finally put an end to the riddle that is Sly's height! At the last event with fans in London he appeared to wear normal shoes: Click Here But if its too expensive, its too expensive I guess. Although Dmeyer's idea isn't a bad one!
[Editor Rob: I know it would be great and I'd love to go see him, but travel+hotel aswell...and it's just beyond my range.]
Dmeyer says on 20/Jul/14
I agree but we would love to see you and sly , i f sly has the 2.3in style and crasy posture he could look 5'10-10.5in near you
Dmeyer says on 20/Jul/14
Rob whi dont we pay you each 20dollars and you go see stallone
[Editor Rob: it's an outrageous price really, I could understand £200, but what that event is crazy :)]
Frankie68 says on 20/Jul/14
@parker...why do u say sly can't be 5'7.....than show a 5'9 ish rod Stewart owning the fact sly shoes are always packing something....doesn't seem 5'7 is much of a stretch for me....smh
THE REAL ANNONYMOUS says on 19/Jul/14
Rod Stewart is a legit 5'11. I have worked a couple of his show and have stood within two feet of him at times. Im sure Sly is wearing lifts in that pic. I think Rob has him right at 5'8.5-5'9
Dmeyer says on 19/Jul/14
Arnie is at worst 5'11.5 plus 1.25 in shoes 6'0.75 shoes on sly looks 2-2.25in shorter that means 5'10.5 in shoes on , évén if his shoes give 2in he has to be 5'8.5 rob has him bang on , When he wears the élévatôr lately he looks 5'9.5-10.5in but When in normal he can look only 174cm not shorter thaugh
Dmeyer says on 19/Jul/14
At Parker sly shoes look Like they could be the 2-2.3in type elevator and sly un the 1.2-1.3in so sly had 1in more shoes he look 2-2.5in shorter wish means more 3-3.5in shorter arnie is near 6ft now of sly has no lifts then arnie is more 5'11 thaugh sly shoes dont look as normal as it does at Times
Zach says on 19/Jul/14
ROB - they've made a few more tickets available for photo with Sly here in UK. Although total price is 675 total, apparently this may be last time he is doing this in the UK and a photo with you anf Sly would be priceless for this website. Event is on 1st August: Click Here
[Editor Rob: unfortunately way too much.]
Parker says on 19/Jul/14
jtm says on 19/Jul/14
rod stewart is slouching and he is still taller than syl.

Stewart claims 5'11 in his recent biography, and next to his 6'1 wife doesn't look far off it.
Click Here
Frankie68 says on 19/Jul/14
Rod Stewart listed st 5'10.. And owning sly in height sly shoes are packed ..I'm sure....
Connor 183cm says on 19/Jul/14
Rob now that you have Sly at 174cm which is believable, are you going to downgrade Arnie? I think 5ft 11-11.25 is what he looks nowadays
[Editor Rob: I don't think Arnie would measure just that low, a bit under 6ft but 3/4 inch maybe a bit much]
lelman says on 19/Jul/14
Didn't expect to see a downgrade here yet. I think you're still being pretty generous, he can look under 5ft 8 nowadays.
jtm says on 19/Jul/14
rod stewart is slouching and he is still taller than syl.
Parker says on 19/Jul/14
Here's Stallone and Scwarzeneggar, same posture. Even to this day Schwarzennegar must stand a 6' in shoes.
Click Here

There is simply no way Stallone can be 5'7 range IMO
Parker says on 19/Jul/14
Rod Stewart with Stallone
Click Here
Stewart with a 5'8 George Best
Click Here
Click Here

5'7 for Stallone? Absurd IMO.
Height181 says on 18/Jul/14
Why is this guy so famous on this site? LOL. Someone always mentions him in a sentence on here. Is he the biggest lift wearer of all time or something? Lol.
RisingForce says on 18/Jul/14
Amos is listed here at 5'11.5", so based on that, Sly was passing for about 5'11".
THE REAL ANNONOYMOUS says on 18/Jul/14
Holy smackers Sly has been down graded, wow. Im worried about Glenn he may just have the big one over this.
Frankie68 says on 18/Jul/14
And in over the top...his boots were so high it looks like he's standing on mt. Everest...and was still shorter than 5'10 Robert loggia....he's 5'7....his footwear in these 2particular movies don't explain the height of a 5'9 guy because he would've been over 6' with the boots he wore in these to movies...
Frankie68 says on 18/Jul/14
Sly wore massive lifts in lock up and was still edged by out by a 5'10 john Amos....just saying...
RisingForce says on 18/Jul/14
Frankie, I appreciate your last post since it was very civil, and as much as we disagree, I'm fine as long as we're both respectful. My opinion stands on the photo you referred to and I believe the full body shots myself and Parker posted are much better examples of Sly's height compared to Statham with dress shoes that appear normal, and could only make a relatively minor difference even with lifts. I personally think they're about the same height, and I still think Sly is about 5'9", or at worst 5'8.5" to a weak 5'9" today at 68.
RisingForce says on 18/Jul/14
It was a brave move, Rob, but be careful as you may find a knock on your door from Sly followed by "celebheights is the disease, and I'm the cure."
H50 says on 17/Jul/14
Parker: a 5'7" man could look like that next go Sheen if he wore lifts. Easy.
Dmeyer says on 17/Jul/14
Rob i think sly is steel 1cm taller than you or 8mm aleast , for a long he Will be you height in 3-4 years
[Editor Rob: I think he can still edge me a little, but in 5 years I think his roles will have taken another toll - doing action stuff in mid 60's is tough going, even for a guy like Sly. By 70 he could be another 1/4 down.

Chuck Norris was wise, he basically stopped once he hit 65...Sly has been doing a few physical roles last 5 years, it's going to take a toll...maybe a bit similar with Liam Neeson, I think in his last 5 years he's traded a half inch of height down the drain but put 25 million in his his height, I doubt he'll lose a minute of sleep over that!]
Dmeyer says on 17/Jul/14
Anything under 5'8.5-8.75 peak is impossible today 5'8.5 not as small as 5'8.25
Charlie says on 17/Jul/14
Rob what happend to our favorite Sly did he shrink?
[Editor Rob: unlike Arnie, Sly's monthly donations to the site stopped, so he lost half an inch.

no, I think he has succumb to half inch loss as he edges nearer to 70.]
RisingForce says on 17/Jul/14
By the way, watched Lock Up again for the first time in at least 5 years. Still really like that movie, but anyway, compared to people with fairly known heights, Sly looks at least about 5'10.5" or 5'11" in that movie with plenty of scenes where you can see his entire body. No way a 5'7" guy can look 5'10.5"-5'11" as frequently as Sly did. You would need the most extreme elevators possible, and they'd be more noticeable than what he had in Lock Up, plus he wouldn't look in proportion at all. And there's a 0% chance of 5'6" range now or back then.
Frankie68 says on 17/Jul/14
I just want to say I do value everyone's opinions,,,even though some feel I'm here to bash people...that is not so....but u can't take only favorable pics of sly into consideration....u must take some not so favorable pics into some of the pics posted here...u can tell even his sneakers have massive lifts.....all I'm saying is I never trust his height in pics...hopefully I will meet him one day and judge for myself....and for the record.....if sly looks the same height as some other stars or if he looks slightly taller ...odds are he is probably shorter......and's all good...I'm not here to bash u in any way......I actually think the pic of sly in the purple short sleeve shirt is a fair one....cause it proves he does alter his height drastically......and in that pic he looks kind of short next to statham.....just saying
Frankie68 says on 17/Jul/14
Guys stop exaggerating ...statham isn't taller than lundgren in the pic...and I will bet my life ...if stallone /statham are both standing next to each other barefoot....statham will own sly in height....sly looks a different height in every pic....massive lift wearer....@rising for your famous hogan /letterman video.....sly looks like he's walking on bricks bro....gimme a break....the shoe lift in that video is actually embarrassing.....he looks like an idiot....
Supemann says on 17/Jul/14
Parker your pictures are as bad as frankies especially the one with sheen. thats the same situation just with stallone getting the upper hand.

kevins height is likely shorter than 5'2 as that is his own claim. so flush your personal belief

the last picture is laughable...stallone is standing in his monsters at the heightes point on that curb. with fellow short italian seniors.. take stallones shoes and you have it.
riddle me this..why is it that his shoes are so freaking guessed it..lifts...more space more lift more height
Brad says on 17/Jul/14
Statham doesn't wear custom wedged up footwear made in Beverly Hills.
Supemann says on 17/Jul/14
as much as i agree with you on things frankie i am truly sorry to say that you can't use that picture for reference at all! for petes sake statham is looking taller than lundgren. i agree on stallone being shorter than stathham. but this is just not the picture showing it.

as for the current listing rob. it is really crazy you have him at this height. if you are listing your heights with shoes i could understand. but stallone bare feet is gonna measure significally shorter than you.

frankies picture is living proof of manipulation of height in pictures.
but you can't deny following
*looked almost 10 cm shorter than mr-t in behind the scenes of rocky 3
*same height as ariel sharon walking around on sets
*Shorter than snipes. which was listed( listed 173cm in blade, looked much shorter than woody H in money
*Wears lifts and still don't measure tall against gitte nielsen in cobra
*The quotes you have above
*Hulk Hogans 168 cm statement
*He jokes about his own height
*His height is not constant.

How can you ignore all of this?
Parker says on 17/Jul/14
@Frankie68 - Its an awful picture for height comparison. Statham looks as tall as 6'4 Lungren in that. In the same way this pic is awful
Click Here

There are dozens of Stallone/Statham pics on the internet, and the fact is they look very similar in height.
Click Here

Besides, a 5'7 man could never look like this against 5'9 Charlie Sheen no matter what he had in his shoes
Click Here
The other guy in that pic is 5'9.5 listed Luke Perry by the way.

Look at Stallone aginst 5'2 listed Kevin Hart
Click Here
Click Here
An easy 6 inches even with Stallone slouching, and I personally don't think Hart is as short as 5'2.

You make some good posts, but 5'7 max for Stallone? Come on.

If that was the case, the only person missing out of this pic is Snow White.
Click Here
RisingForce says on 16/Jul/14
Really, that's the picture? Statham's disproportionate head or the fact that he's taller than Dolph didn't tell you that picture is awful for comparing? You want a real comparison between the two? Here's one. Click Here Both side by side, in dress shoes and Statham even has good posture this time. They look identical in height.
Brad says on 16/Jul/14
Weak 5' 8" in '14. 5' 8.5" was for decades. Somebody met him 20 times and still says 5' 10". I met my postman and say 5' 8".
Frankie68 says on 16/Jul/14
@parker...that's the pic...there's no way sly is taller or even his height...even though sly is a little behind's not enough for a difference of that size...note that even though sly is in the foreground ,,statham is slouching while sly is upright...either way he is no we're as tall as statham....u can tell his overall torso is smaller...he is a smaller person period....sly only appears 5'9 or 5'10 when he has monsters on....and we can't tell by this pic...but if he is wearing lifts in this pic...he's really freakin short
jtm says on 16/Jul/14
i doubt he was even 5'8.5 in his younger days.
RisingForce says on 16/Jul/14
As for Sly and Van Damme, based on the premieres 2 years ago, I wouldn't guess Van Damme any taller. If Sly is down to 5'8.5", then the absolute most I could see for Van Damme is 5'9", but 5'8.5" would also be a possibility. Frankie, I've seen more than enough of Sly and Statham in different footwear at premieres and in the first 2 movies to firmly believe that there's very little height difference between the two either way. The absolute biggest difference I can believe is Statham having a half inch. My guess is the photo you're referring to either has a dodgy angle and/or is an anomaly, plus, I suspect the difference isn't as big as you're making it out to be regardless.
RisingForce says on 16/Jul/14
Thanks, Rob, 2" range sounds much more realistic for those Hogan shoes than 4". Also, the peak and current listing is very reasonable and likely, though I'd still guess Sly closer to 5'9" before I guessed closer to 5'8" even now at 68.
[Editor Rob: the Dons that get you 3.8 inches are huge...there's no way you can get that without it being a boot as the angle is too much.]
burby says on 15/Jul/14
Finally it has come down to 5'8.5"!!!! Some people must be swearing up and down right now about 5'10.75" meeting their astronaut 20 times....but Sly is a weak 5'8" 2014....
Dmeyer says on 15/Jul/14
Rob if you think van damme is just 2cm taller you then he is 175cm his Mom measured him only 2-3 years back at 177cm do you mean she rounded up 2cm or it was late Morning measurement and he was 176.2cm and rounded 177cm thaugh at peak 176cm is very possible ,
[Editor Rob: I think his Mother's measurement was always one that had a margin of error to it.]
Dmeyer says on 15/Jul/14
Thanks rob this is a big day for celebheight sly at 5'8.5
Supermann says on 15/Jul/14
Rob both are still too high why wont you listen to the majority of your visitors?
Frankie68 says on 15/Jul/14
Sly was never 5'9 barefoot in his life....5'7 tops...when he wears those whoppers maybe 5'10....but flat footed ...5'7....
Parker says on 15/Jul/14
@Frankie68 Please don't tell us your referring to this picture as evidence that Statham is taller?
Click Here

Statham is in the foreground of the picture. Danny Devito would look taller than Stallone if he was stood where Statham is
Dmeyer says on 15/Jul/14
Thanks rob so sly is 174cm and jcvd 175cm , can you give sly peak 5'9 now 5'8.5 and van damme 5' 9.25 peak 5'9 now
[Editor Rob: I don't know about giving a 1/4 loss for VD yet, but Sly's time has come...]
tuite says on 15/Jul/14
5´9 for sly for me is mor realistic than 5´7 even in lifts he can´t look that tall next to dolph , in rocky´s´s days i read in somwhere that dolph he was in a box in front of sly face to face to make dolph more taller than he was at that time.
Brad says on 14/Jul/14
Letterman ordered fries with Sly's whoppers. Sal.... the napkins (head back to the Volvo bed).
Frankie68 says on 14/Jul/14
Rising force....go to facebook like I said....see the pics for yourself ....3-4 inches shorter than statham....I would put the pic on here myself ,,but don't know how....Sly's in a purple short sleeve shirt....he's nowhere near the same height as statham...and statham is 5'10 ..if he's lucky....even Sly's torso looks puny next to's not only his height...his body dimensions are much smaller.....go look for yourself......sylvester stallone page on fb.....go look....since u like arguing with me all the time the pic for everybody to judge....I would do it but I don't know how.....u'llsee what a fool u look like ....always saying he's talker than's jet li. Size ...just has longer arms.......sly is short....get it threw your head.....
Dmeyer says on 14/Jul/14
Rob since sly is likely not taller than 174-174.2cm today and van damme is likely no shorter than 175-175.2cm today and possibly 176cm could van damme be 1-2cm taller than sly if both stood barefeet with equal posture and do you think jcvd could be as much as 3 cm taller than you at 173 cm ???? Answer if you can
[Editor Rob: I don't think there'd be 3cm, possibly 2cm today, Sly getting a 174 listing is a real thing probably...]
Somebody's Problem says on 12/Jul/14
5'8" and a half at peak ( 1960s to 1980s ).
Nowadays 5'7 and a half,
4 inch shoes don't give actual 4 inches...
Supermann says on 12/Jul/14
One of the only things i can agree with you rising is that sly has hogans. That's a fact u can't take away from him Frankie.
RisingForce says on 12/Jul/14
What do you mean he doesn't wear those shoes? He's wearing them in that clip! And around that time he not only wore those, but the other colors of that same model featured on that page. He clearly put lifts inside them, but it doesn't change the fact that those can't give 4 inches. I wasn't even the one to first identify those shoes. And Sly 3-4 inches shorter than Statham? Don't make me laugh. I've posted straight on angle full body shots and video of the 2 at various premieres looking almost identical in height at various premieres with Sly in dress shoes, and when Sly wears boots or suspicious looking shoes, he usually looks an 1"+ taller than Statham, as he does in the Expendables movies.
Josh says on 12/Jul/14
It’s hard to believe that the buff action star is only 5’7”, but it’s true. Rocky Balboa may be super muscular but he’s also pretty short for a guy
brad11 says on 11/Jul/14
in the rocky movies stallone was the same height as my dad 5'11 but he and my dad have shrunk 1 inch which makes them 5'10 go on bing and it will tell you his actual height that's how I found out.
Bernie says on 11/Jul/14
That is what makes me so astonished! Two people who have seen/met Sly and stood right next to him (CB) or made a barefoot walk with him for a few hours (MJKoP) giving such extreme different estimation of his height and seem to be very convinced about it…(Very mysterious & confusing)!!; at the one hand this 5’11” (barefeet)from MJKoP and then otherwise this 5’6” (even in heels) from CB! Wow, I mean this is a tremendous difference..! How can that be, how can one man be so wrong in judging his height?? Hey, no doubt, he’s a great star, and I don’t know his height, but I’d say I am average intelligent and I have eyes in my head and I see that he is not 5’11” and not 5’10”, cannot be (I’m always talking about barefeet)!!
And yes, his height is not equal every time, but the tendencies go very strongly to max. 5’8” (I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s even 5’7”).
I don’t see more than that, no matter how hard I try!
RisingForce says on 10/Jul/14
Hey Rob, really curious about your opinion on this. How much do you think you could gain over barefoot height with lifts in these shoes? Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think the insole is a further cm taller than the white bit, because of where Sly's ankles where in his Hogan's, so they might give in 2 inch range]
CB says on 10/Jul/14
No way! I stood right next to Sly wearing flip flops and he had heels and I was at least an inch taller and I'm only 5'8". I say Sly is 5'6" at the most!
burby says on 10/Jul/14
The Hogan's are made in Italy, they only have to take a small boat ride to get cut open and customized with wedges.
Frankie68 says on 10/Jul/14
Everybody on here who believes sly is 5'9 or 5'10 ...or believe he is as tall as statham...please go to fb ...go on sylvester stallone page....he's in a purple short sleeve shirt with statham and lundgren ....he look 3-4 inches shorter than statham....sly is 5'9-5'10 ass....
Frankie68 says on 9/Jul/14
@risingforce...idk what the hell u talk about...hogans /dons shoes....stallone is worth 250 million dollars....he doesn't wear those cheap ass whoppers.....his whoppers cost serious cash....and sly and letterman aren't eye to eye....and I will tell u again...(last time cause I'm done with u)...if sly wore monster whoppers in cobra...4 inches plus....and was still shorter than Brigitte Nielsen....than how is he 5'10 or 5'9 for that matter...or even 5'8.....if somebody is 5'9 or 5'10 as u claim....and wears 4inch plus whoppers.....he should've been at 6'1 or 6'2.....and he's not........I rest my case fool....
Frankie68 says on 9/Jul/14
Rising force ....u are ignorant ...sorry.....I've seen that video of letterman a 1000 times...sly in that gold boots on....look good b4 u comment...or slow it down.....u are dilusional....if u don't see massive whoppers .....u shouldn't every comment here again....a 2 yr old can see 4inch whoopers easy....
Junior31 says on 9/Jul/14
Frankie68 says on 8/Jul/14
Junior31.... Your right on point....finally someone who the "rocky" pics with Duran there very similar in height....than the other pic he looks so much taller....I didn't no men keep growing in there 60's .....I thought they shrunk

Lol the thing that baffles me is if you want to wear a lift make it believable like an inch or so but 4 inches plus? Are you kidding me? He looks like he's on stilts

What do you think duran is thinking? 30 years ago we almost seen eye to eye and now I'm looking at his chin lol.

I'd be super embarrassed

Rob did you see these pics?? Lol
Brad says on 9/Jul/14
Hogan's are packed solid with lifts, Letterman must be holding back laughter.
Supermann says on 9/Jul/14
Reberto duran is highly likely 168cm like his reach. Junior and Frankie. You are on the right path. Anybody claiming sly being 10 cm taller than the 168-170cm he looks with Duran is simply crazy
RisingForce says on 9/Jul/14
Since Sly's Hogan shoes were identified a while ago, I figured it's time to bring this click back with all of this ridiculous under 5'8" stuff, much less 5'6"-5'7". Sly with Letterman around 2003 Click Here They shake hands at about 0:32, and at 0:35, they're nearly looking eye to eye, though Letterman is likely dropping posture. Anyway, most think Letterman is/was at least 6'1.5", and some think 6'2", but we'll go with the minimum for arguments sake. Even accounting for posture, at the absolute worst, I see Sly passing for a legit 5'11" guy there, and since Letterman should at least be about 6'2.5" in shoes, Sly should at least be about 6 feet in those Hogan shoes.

As for how much Sly could get from these shoes, here's a direct link to those shoes. They're called Hogan Interactive Click Here 0% chance he could get near 4 inches from those. First of all, they're not designed for it like the 4" Dons elevator boots Rob has, plus, they're not even boots! They're big sneakers, and while you can see Sly packs them with big lifts if you go to image # 50782582 on GettyImages, I'm skeptical he could even get a full 3" boost out of them. If he managed to get a 2" lift in there without falling out, he'd probably be getting a 2.5"-2.75" boost max. Now if you want to see Sly in elevator boots I'd say could potentially give 3.5"-4", check out image # 83626360 on Getty Images.
RisingForce says on 9/Jul/14
Frankie, you're getting more and more ridiculous. 3-4 inch boost out of normal looking dress shoes with the Klitschko brothers? Go read Rob's articles on elevator shoes. And yeah, I do know Sly wore lifts most of the time for years, but if you had been paying attention and didn't have such a blatant agenda, you'd notice that since The Expendables, Sly has often wore what appear to be normal dress shoes and has typically appeared a solid 5'9" wearing them. I've posted numerous comparisons in those type of shoes with 5'9" guys like Van Damme and Statham as well as 6'3" Dolph Lundgren and he looks 5'9" in most of those good comparisons, sometimes even a hair above, which could be due to posture. The most you could really lift in shoes like that would be a 1" lift, but there have been close ups where you can see Sly's ankles with those low cut dress shoes and his ankle has looked perfectly normal, so yes, I do appear Sly has gone liftless a number of times the past 4-5 years, and often goes out with maybe just a small lift in dress shoes, though he sometimes still wears elevator boots, just not nearly as much as he used to.
Kapoor says on 8/Jul/14
My hight short 5.4
Frankie68 says on 8/Jul/14
Junior31.... Your right on point....finally someone who the "rocky" pics with Duran there very similar in height....than the other pic he looks so much taller....I didn't no men keep growing in there 60's .....I thought they shrunk
Junior31 says on 7/Jul/14
To piggy back on the absurdity that is the picture I posted before. Check out a peak Sly and Duran during the filming of rocky. From this pic to the one before there is one word that sums up Stallones. Height. Laughable.

Brad , custom whoppers are an understatement I've never seen him look 5 inches taller then guys his own height in my life.

Click Here

5'8.75 when he woke up in 78

5'8.25 since his expendables movies.

During the filming of rocky, he'd be a hair above editor rob.
Junior31 says on 7/Jul/14
Click Here

Above we have Stallone with the 5'7 at best Roberto duran and the 5'8.5 Shane mosely.

All I have to say is. Oh. My. God.
Frankie68 says on 7/Jul/14
Bernie all I know is he is short....and again ...I don't mean to butt heads with anyone here but some of these people seem to have a problem liking a small actor....I love stallone but I'm not gonna go crazy or dislike him if he's not tall....on the other hand....I'm not gonna say he's tall if he's your point is said deniro is 5'8......there are pics on Google from grudge match were u see sly and deniro in boxing shoes together.....sly is a hair taller and u can tell there are lifts in the boxing shoes....and they look pretty even if u wanna say sly looks 5'9 next to deniro in boxing shoes....that means without those lifts he is shorter than deniro....and probably by 2-3 inches....there's also a pic I seen today on fb...we're sly is with statham and lundgren....and sly looks 3inches shorter than statham....go on fb...and look up sylvester stallone page and u will see it...
Brad says on 7/Jul/14
Roberto won't be fitted with 3 inch Stallone customs.
Bernie says on 7/Jul/14
Hey, it’s not that easy to judge exactly about Height (Sly’s), when the height difference is that huge (compared to the Klitschkos)!
Nevertheless he looks like a little child between them, very small (I would also..haha), but you don’t have to be an expert to see that 8inch. difference surly is not enough! Klitschkos are slouching a bit, Sly’s standing straight with certainly a good 2 inches lifts (Position in his shoes looks a kind of strange/ elevated when you look closely, like Frankie68 mentioned). It doesn’t seem like sly reaches 5’11” here, more like 5’9”, maybe 5’9.5” (with shoes).
Can’t tell exactly, but when you take off his shoes, we would pretty sure have a barefeet Sly standing at max. 172cm by trend to a tad lesser even! I’d be very surprised if he stood taller than that (except in the year 1979 at that barefeet walk with MJKoP + brother in Santa monica, where sly was 5’11” barefeet, at least for several hours..)!
RisingForce, I see Sly shorter than K.Russel (ca.174cm my estimation) by about an inch. With 3-4 inch. Lifts of course he appears taller..! I don’t give that much emphasis to the shower scene, don’t know if it shows them both really or some doubles..!!??
“Sly is obviously much taller than Jet Li.” RisingForce, please take an exactly look at his shoes/Boots in that filmposter for expandables I!
Unbelievable massive lifts, I’d say these must be 4 inches easily, 9-10cm, definitely no less!!!
Frankie68, how much height do you think can Sly gain with lifts in boxing shoes, to walk comfortably still and that its not too obvious at first sight?
A good 2 inches? more..?
Brad says on 7/Jul/14
Custom whoppers with the think he'd wear something else in that pap session?
Junior31 says on 6/Jul/14
Brad says on 3/Jul/14
Risin': "5' 8.5" minimum".....I wish this was 2006, the G would be screamin from his window by the Bronx Zoo.

Been reading your posts since 2006. Your hilarious. But correct.

It's a possibility that in 78' when he caught fire he woke up a hair under 5'9 at best but my peak estimate is he sees eye to eye with editor rob. Now at close to 70 and years of abusing his body he probably goes to bed at 5'8 flat.

He was a bit taller then Roberto Duran who was 5'7 and in Rocky (yes he was in Rocky) and then there was a recent pic of the 2 where Stallone had about 3 to 4 inches on him. He's wedged up more then a Cadillac with hot rims in south central

To me 5''9 and change peak and 5'7 peak are the same logic. Absurd
Frankie68 says on 6/Jul/14
Tuite that's just my point....his height never looks the same....I've seen pics were hulk hogan doesn't dwarf him like he did in rocky 3....that's why I don't trust his height in pics....if u see rocky 3... And than look at other pics of hogan and's no we're near the same height difference...hogan was actually another person who stated sly was only 5'6..5'7....I don't mean to insult anyone on this page but the only thing that makes sense to me is that. People in Hollywood who know him and worked with him...have seen huge differences in his height when he is barefoot...I mean all of his height issues started from somewhere...
Frankie68 says on 6/Jul/14
Tuite that's just my point....his height never looks the same....I've seen pics were hulk hogan doesn't dwarf him like he did in rocky 3....that's why I don't trust his height in pics....if u see rocky 3... And than look at other pics of hogan and's no we're near the same height difference...hogan was actually another person who stated sly was only 5'6..5'7....I don't mean to insult anyone on this page but the only thing that makes sense to me is that. People in Hollywood who know him and worked with him...have seen huge differences in his height when he is barefoot...I mean all of his height issues started from somewhere...
keith says on 6/Jul/14
5 foot 9.5
Frankie68 says on 6/Jul/14
Yeah Parker I'll go to height education school.....if u promise to go to school for the blind ....
Frankie68 says on 6/Jul/14
@risingforce.......u seem to claim to have a lot of knowledge about how come u don't know he never wears normal shoes.....ever....
Frankie68 says on 6/Jul/14
Parker...the klitchko brothers are slouching .....u can tell they are enormous next to if u took Sly's shoes off....he would be another 3-4 inches shorter....he looks like a little man next to those two....I don't need eyes aren't delusional like others on this page....look good at Sly's feet in the the shoes are twisting upward....look good....he got some lifts going on....u take off those shoes and I bet my life he's 5'7 ......or shorter....
Supermann says on 5/Jul/14
0% chance of sly being taller
Than 5'7" barefoot. Sorry fluff dudes. If
Sly is taller
Hollywood actors are giants. And they are not. Wake up
And smell the cheese :)
Brad says on 5/Jul/14
Flavin is 5' 9", Sly 5' 8" in '14. Sly wore wedged up boxing shoes in every film. The Rocky training video in standards is classic. 68 & Alu are Gism the other Sly height direction.
Parker says on 5/Jul/14
@Frankie68 - U need to get some height estimate education my friend.
Have a look at a 9 inch difference.
Click Here
Notice from top of head to shoulder ~ 1 foot in a big man
Notice top of Rob's head 2 or 3 inches above the shoulder

Now look at the Kilichko brothers with Stallone
Click Here

A foot taller? More like 8 inches.
Frankie68 says on 5/Jul/14
Rising force....go to bed and wake up again....I won't entertain u.....use logic bro....sly had lifts in his boxing shoes in grudge match....he was slightly taller than a 5'8 deniro....that tells me he is shorter than deniro without those lifts.....idk what it tells u rising force....your delusional ....
Parker says on 4/Jul/14
Alucard says on 3/Jul/14
Sly was never more than 5'7 max in all his life.

The Posts on the Stallone page are just getting ludicrous.
tuite says on 4/Jul/14
Frankie 68 could you explain us how the hell a 5´6 guy could look like that tall like sly in the pics with hogan ?
Dmeyer says on 4/Jul/14
Nice post risinforce
Frankie68 says on 4/Jul/14
Any of u stallone height experts see the pics of sly with the klitchko brothers who are 6'6.....they look a foot or more taller than him...Google it experts.....sly don't look a (strong 5'10) in those pics...more like a strong 5'6.....there's also pics of sly with Shaquille o'neal......he looks 2 feet taller than sly......u no ,,,not to be rude to anyone here....but c'mon people......
Brad says on 3/Jul/14
Risin': "5' 8.5" minimum".....I wish this was 2006, the G would be screamin from his window by the Bronx Zoo.
me says on 3/Jul/14
There used to be a link on here to pic of him and his current wife standing barefoot next to each other, maybe on a boat. Does anyone still have that?
Alucard says on 3/Jul/14
Frankie68 absolutely right and on point... Sly was never more than 5'7 max in all his life... Mr.T was always in the 5'9-5'9.5 range, clearly taller than Sly... Watch the "behind the scene" video of Rocky 1 where Weathers and Sly are practicing the fight... Weathers, around 5'11, towers and dwarf Sly massively... I can't believe that there are people believing Sly is not only 5'9, but even 5'10 or 5'11, lol...
RisingForce says on 2/Jul/14
Frankie, where did you get 5'8" for his wife from? She's been listed at 5'9"+ consistently from what I've seen including 5'9.5" as her official modeling height and 5'9.5" in a 1993 article. Plus, about a year or 2 ago, some will remember I posted a full body shot of Sly and his wife barefoot on a boat, and they looked virtually the exact same height. The only problem is that both of their heads were down, but you could see there wasn't much height difference.

It's impossible Sly has 3-4 inch lifts in the comparisons I'm referring to with Gibson, Statham and Van Damme because Sly had dress shoes that wouldn't fit anything more than a small lift. Most here have acknowledged that Sly has appeared to wear normal dress shoes a fair amount since The Expendables era from 2009 or 2010 to present and typically looks like a 5'9" guy wearing them, sometimes a little over, and sometimes 5'8.5" as opposed to the 5'10.5" or even 5'11"+ he usually looked in elevator shoes.

Sly is obviously much taller than Jet Li. 5'6" is a bad joke for Sly. 0% chance he's that tall or even 5'7" flat.
Dmeyer says on 2/Jul/14
Rob arnie never look a full 6ft/183cm lately
Frankie68 says on 2/Jul/14
Rising force if I'm wrong about sly ....explain how his current wife who's 5'8 5'9 is taller than him....and he isn't talker than jet Li at all.....jet Li is 5'5. 5'6 .....and the 2 -3 inch height difference is cause of Sly's beefed up shoes.....u guys make me laugh.....whoever looks Sly's height....minus 3-4 inches in there favor cause sly wears massive shoe lifts....he always did...if him and statham or him and Gibson look similar in your rent money there 3-4 inches talker than him....I don't trust any pics of Sly's height at all......the guy wear lifts in sneakers and boxing shoes for Christ sake.....if some of u knew what u were talking about....u would realize mr.t isn't a tall person ...and he was always taller than sly in boxing shoes if mr t is 5'9 5'10....sly gotta be 5'6 5'7 ...tops...
Brad says on 1/Jul/14
Body doubles in Tango And Cash. Discard.
RisingForce says on 1/Jul/14
Bernie, so you agree on the difference in Tango and Cash, but I don't see how you think that shows Sly is 5'8". Most agree Kurt Russell is around 5'9", and as you said Sly was similar in the shower scene, I thought they were very close in height with Sly maybe the slightest bit taller, but Kurt's head movements make it hard to tell. Then you agreed that Sly could look 2 inches taller when they're walking to their cells, and of course Kurt would be about 5'10" in shoes so that means Sly would be looking about 6 feet in those shoes, and honestly, I even have doubts Sly is getting 3 inches out of the shoes in that scene. He does look taller than Kurt walking to the shower, unfortunately, we can't prove whether it's Sly or not, and it'd be too weird of a question to ask Kurt or Sly if one of us ever met them. But Tango and Cash actually suggests Sly is/was at least a solid 5'9" since it appears unlikely he's shorter than Kurt and the scene walking to the cells is one of many examples of Sly passing for a 5'11" guy with lifts. I not only find it unlikely Sly is shorter than Russell, but other 5'9" guys like Van Damme and Statham.

Kaiser, Sly is slouching in that scene too since he's playing a drunk guy falling over. It's not the best scene to compare height for that reason, but I can see as much as 3 inches between the 2, and believe Liotta was about 6 feet at his peak, or 5'11.5" minimum, Liotta's shoes are flat, but should give slightly more than Sly's completely flat flip flops, so that suggests Sly is 5'9" or 5'8.5" minimum, which is generally about what he looks/comes across as in Cop Land, imo.
RisingForce says on 1/Jul/14
Mani, Sly himself claims to be 5'10" on his official site, which is the height he has claimed for the nearly 40 years since Rocky came out, including a few years ago when asked on Twitter, except for from about the mid 80's to mid 90's when he was claiming 5'10.5" and the 1978 Playboy interview when he claimed 5'10.75". The 5'10.75" claim probably comes from Sly's pitch that he was big enough to be a heavyweight because he was bigger than Rocky Marciano who Sly thought was 5'10.5", though I've heard some claim Marciano was really shorter than that.

DMeyer, I definitely didn't see 2 cm between Sly and Mel at Cannes. They looked about the exact same height to me in the video.
MrFish says on 30/Jun/14
Rob, is 175 your estimate of his evening height in his prime?
[Editor Rob: yes in that range]
Dmeyer says on 30/Jun/14
With the white suit he indeed looks 174cm but with the jeans and blue dress shoes he looks more 178cm
Mani says on 30/Jun/14
I have visited many websites regarding Sylvester Stallone's height. I am one of his big fans. In most of the websites in fact on his personal website he claims to be 5'9". He is definitely between 5'9" to 5'10" range. safe to say 5'9.5"
Kaiser says on 30/Jun/14
Just saw Copland..the scene in the beging where liota and Stallone are talking next to the parking meter..Ray is trying to get a drunk Stallone in the car. Ray is kinda hunched over and draglines shoulders are at ray's armpit level. Even with ray slouching. Stallone is wearing flip flops. Lolita clearly has about 2-3 inches in him. Liota is listed at 6ft even. Which is right inline if you compare his height to Paul Sorvino's 6"2

Stallone is 5'7-5'8
Bernie says on 29/Jun/14
You're right, RisingForce! I really don't see where russel is taller these mentioned 2-3 inch. than sly, no way! Shower scene, i'd say pretty similar, "walking to their cells & slaming the big guys head" scenes sly appears cleary taller around two inches, it's very obvious he's in lifts here for sure. Sly reveals it here himself...very evidently!! Man's no taller than 5'8" barefoot.
burby says on 29/Jun/14
Body doubles in Tango & Cash, Frank 2 knew the Sly double. Kurt's 5'9", so that would make him taller than Sly.
Dmeyer says on 29/Jun/14
Rob how came at same event sly looks 2cm shorter than 177cm gibson and barely shorter than arnie , arnie and gibson are close in height
[Editor Rob: arnie at the event can look a bit shy of 6ft, sly doesn't look over 5ft 9 though, and could look 174 at times]
RisingForce says on 29/Jun/14
Frankie, Sly is much taller than Jet Li. That's obvious to anyone with eyes, and Sly appeared about the same height as Mel Gibson at Cannes in the video I posted, both in dress shoes. He's consistently around the same height as the other 5'9" Expendables like Van Damme and Statham and now Mel Gibson on video at Cannes, and he was clearly taller than Antonio Banderas.

Sly doesn't only look 5'9"-5'10" with lifts. In fact, even in the last 4 years during The Expendables era, Sly has typically looked a solid 5'9" in dress shoes meaning it looks like he'd measure around 5'10" in those. When he wears bigger shoes, he still looks 5'10"+ such as in boots in the one Cannes video where Arnie who is probably 5'11.5" these days only had him by an inch or so, and also at the Escape Plan premiere last year when Sly had cowboy boots on and still only looked about an inch shorter than Arnie in both full body pictures and video. So he was looking like he'd measure 5'11"-5'11.5" range in cowboy boots, so if he didn't have lifts, cowboy boots will add about 1.75" and that'd put him around 5'9.5" or a weak 5'10" barefoot, which is unlikely, but with normal lifts, he'd be getting about 2.5" which would put him 5'8.5"-5'9" range barefoot, which makes a lot of sense. Hell, he looked even taller at one promo appearance for the first Expendables when he had black elevator type sneakers on and looked similar height to Randy Couture who is listed at 5'11.5" here and is 5'11" minimum, meaning he's likely around 6 feet in most footwear. Plus, those elevators Sly was wearing clearly weren't 4" elevator boots and I'd be surprised if he was even getting the full 3" from them.

Sly typically looks 5'10.5" minimum in elevator shoes, and more like 5'11" sometimes a little over, which is probably because he can get an extra half inch from his posture compared to someone's more casual stance. I believe Sly's usual big elevators are 2.5"-3" range, and he probably has some more modest that are closer to 2" and he's probably also gone with the really big 3.5"-4" on occasion, but some of his, like the Hogan shoes clearly wouldn't add 3"+.
RisingForce says on 28/Jun/14
Frankie, stop lying. Nobody could watch Tango and Cash and see Sly as 2-3 inches shorter than Kurt Russell. He was taller than Kurt most of the movie, and they could look similar in height at other times, but there are also some scenes where Sly can even look about 2 inches taller such as the full body shot scene when they're walking to their cells, or the scene where Sly slams the big guy's head into the bars. Sly and Kurt are probably about the same height barefoot.
Frankie68 says on 28/Jun/14
For me,,,,all these pics coming out about ex3...u see how short he is...for instance,,,besides sly...the cast of characters in the 5'9...range are Mel Gibson and he's taller than sly...and sly has lifts on I'm sure...even jet Li is almost his size and he don't wear lifts....and is not in the 5'9 range at all...sly is in the 5'6--5'7 range... It's the only size that is logical since he wears shoe lifts...if he appears 5'9--5'10...and than take his shoes can he still be 5'9....u people don't make sense....I don't think he's below 5'6...but footwear can really alter ones height a lot...and he gets the best footwear $$$ can buy...
Dmeyer says on 27/Jun/14
Sly measure 5'11-11.75 with some shoes on so his 5'10-10.75 is not random
stan says on 27/Jun/14
Stallones height will always be a mystery, sometimes he can look tall and other times he looks really short. It's safe to say he's nothing over 5ft9 and never have been, definitely a lift wearer.
stan says on 27/Jun/14
Stallones height will always be a mystery, sometimes he can look tall and other times he looks really short. It's safe to say he's nothing over 5ft9 and never have been, definitely a lift wearer.
Frankie68 says on 26/Jun/14
2-3 inches shorter...
DMEYER says on 26/Jun/14
i am sure sly with his best footwear apears 5 ft 10.5-11 to people
Supermann says on 25/Jun/14
Frankie68 2-3 what shorter? Cm u mean?
Frankie68 says on 25/Jun/14
Ali...u need to watch tango & cash again...cause he was not taller than Kurt Russell at fact he was 2-3 shorter....
Ali says on 24/Jun/14
Slyvester stallone cannot be 5 7. He and Kurt Russell were both bare feet and naked in Tango and Cash. All of their bodies in one shot. He was clearly taller than Kurt russell by at least couple of inches. If he is 5 7 then how much is Kurt 5 5??? I don't think so. I think his correct height is 5 8 and half. In his younger days he was little over 5 9. Kurt russell is probably 5 7 now.
Supemann says on 23/Jun/14
well spoken Bernie, well spoken. he is nowhere! near 5'10" barefoot. he reaches that height with lifts, great/forced posture, hats, camera angles and standing in front of almost every god damn picture there is with an ensemble cast. every healthy human being would spot that. not fluffers tough
Rosered says on 23/Jun/14
Bernie: Good post. Conclusive answer comes when you stand next to him. Man's below 5'9". If my estimate is wrong, in ain't by much. No way he's 5'10" or more. That's for sure.
Rosered says on 23/Jun/14
RisingForce: Sly was standing on sidewalk, taller Roberts in street, 2-3 inches below curb height.
Brad says on 23/Jun/14
5' 11"? He'd be owning his brother. At 5' 8" flat in '14 he gets owned without his customs. G readin' today? Much time off from Queens Meal & Todd Where Man?
[Editor Rob: nah, just once in a while.]
Height fan says on 23/Jun/14
Haylee Jen agrees with me and has some proof.

Bernie- watch the movies again. And, hey, we are all entitled to our opinion.

Rosered- if the height of an actor, albeit wealthy and popular, makes you so steamed up, there are a couple of good shrinks I know. Sheesh, etc.
Bernie says on 22/Jun/14
Height Fan: Great, nice to hear! When you're so sure & convinced about the 5'10"-5'11", you surely can give me a convincing explanation for(unfortunately from MJKoP i received none!): Why is a 5'11" (barefoot) tall man like Mr. S.Stallone clearly(ca. 2inches) shorter than: His brother F.Stallone(ca.179cm), Mr.T(ca.179cm), Bruce Willis(ca.180cm),Mickey Rourke(ca.180cm(in Get Carter),about 10-12cm shorter than C.Weathers(ca.185cm) in this famous training video clip, A.Schwarzenegger(nowadays ca. 180cm), Brigitte Nielsen (ca.182cm in Cobra) altough he has huge footwearadvantage & she's in very flat shoes??? etc. But i suppose there also will not be a conclusive answer, if there will be one at all...many thanks in advance! Regards
Anthony says on 22/Jun/14
Haylee Jen, that's a great question. I do believe he does wear some sort of enhanced footwear in his films, but not the 3+ inch whoppers that everyone claims. Like I said in previous posts, I think the most height he gains from his normal lifts are around 2 to 2.5 inches. Yes, he has worn the giant lifts on occasion for certain appearances, but those aren't the norm. If you watch Rambo 3, there's a scene where Stallone is running very fast when the Russians invade the village. No way you could do that with huge elevators. I know because I've worn them. And Stallone only looked a couple inches shorter than Richard Crenna (not quite sure of his height, thought it was 6'1").

And at his advanced age, I don't think his knees and back could handle repetitive use of such lifts. His footwear appears more modest these days. Might be an inch lift inside, but that's about it.
RisingForce says on 22/Jun/14
Good post, Anthony and I agree. Back on the subject of Stallone supposedly being shorter than Eric Roberts in their scene from The Specialist, well here's a clip of them filming their scene. Click Here You see Roberts with Stallone from about 1:38 to 1:58. Needless to say, Stallone didn't look shorter than Roberts. Good chance Stallone had lifts on, but Roberts had boots with 2" heels himself in this movie.
Supermann says on 22/Jun/14
Rosered.. Fluffers will take what ever they can. **** has hit the fan. Peolpe talking 180 cm for stallone now. Usual fluffers are eating it up(if it aint the same fluffers under different names)
Rosered says on 21/Jun/14
Height fan: With the majority, vast majority, of evidence by eyewitnesses over 30 plus years who say he's not 5'10" you stiil believe he is that height or taller......because you watched him in a movie and from that can confirm he's an inch over a 5'7" / 5'8" actor....and read one commentor who claimed a barefoot night walk or something years ago...geesh. I can fully believe you'll buy anything. Are you interested in a bridge?
Haylee Jen says on 21/Jun/14
My friend who met him once said he was about 5'11. To me he looks that height in his movies to. If he has giant lifts on wouldn't that be really tough filming action scenes?
Brad says on 21/Jun/14
Portman's rated G. Ahahahahoohooo. He'll be falling over in his Expendables boots, they contain so much wedge they could be pulled out used as a doorstops for the elephant room at the Bronx Zoo.
[Editor Rob: G (and some close to G) still read this site :)]
the shredder says on 19/Jun/14
burby says on 17/Jun/14
Expendables 3 is going to be rated PG-13? I guess Portmans must be rated G.

ROFL HA HA . I laughed so hard at this.
Height fan says on 19/Jun/14
In Ex 1, he is clearly an inch taller than Statham(both wearing boots). In Tango and Cash, in the shower scene he is clearly taller than Russell.

I can fully believe the guy who met him in 79 and claimed he was/is 5'10.5 or 5'11.
DMEYER says on 18/Jun/14
in these shots sly is clearly 5 ft 10 like 5 ft 11 shoes on but i suspect he has a small lifts in those blue dess boots as the next day he has normalblack 1 inchers he looks near 174/175cm
RisingForce says on 18/Jun/14
Meant to type shorter appearances where he appears 5-8ish, not 5-9ish.
Brad says on 18/Jun/14
Sly wears and has worn expensive italian customs. His Rambo custom boots might be his stealth largest. His Cannes customs are big wedged. Arnie's watch looks like a toolbox. G was in a Volvo for many hours before the measure. Sal, the fries.
Anthony says on 18/Jun/14
Agreed, Rising. Some of these comments are just getting absurd. 4 inch boxing shoes? That's the funniest thing I've heard on this site in a while. I have a feeling some people on this site have some deep insecurities about their own height, and they would love nothing more than to be the same height as their hero.

I'm really no different. Hey, I'm only 5'7 myself, and I would be thrilled if Stallone was also that height. But that's just not what the evidence suggests, and he consistently looks a minimum of 5'8.5", and with enhanced footwear 5'10+.

And Rising, while I agree with you about Stallone looking taller than Banderas, I think a better comparison would be in Assassins when they're standing next to each other in the end. Stallone looks a solid 2 inches taller.
Bernie says on 18/Jun/14
One obviously fact, (MJKoP's 5'10.75") plus one speculation, (Frankie68's 4 inch boxing shoes) gives a result of a 6'2.75" huge Sylvester Stallone! But he does not give the impression to look close that height!? So can anyone tell me where the mistake is? Thanks
Supermann says on 18/Jun/14
What's up with the NYC sandals .. ???
Zach says on 17/Jun/14
ROB, not sure if you are aware but Sly is coming here to the UK in August with the opportunity of a photo shoot. Thought it might interest you. It's in Manchester, so will be shorter than some other journeys you've done. A picture with you and Sly would be priceless for this website, especially considering at the last similar event, Sly appeared to wear normal shoes...Click Here
[Editor Rob: it was something like 600 quid to be kind of guaranteed a good photo and auto from his at this sold out!]
burby says on 17/Jun/14
Expendables 3 is going to be rated PG-13? I guess Portmans must be rated G.
RisingForce says on 17/Jun/14
Supermann, the angles in photos from Cannes are consistently horrible, I looked and the inconsistency is amazing. However, here's some video.

Click Here Stallone and Gibson on video at about 0:55. The two look very similar in height. Then you see the two at about 1:30 and again at about 1:36. Pretty good angle of Sly and Statham around 10:20 and Sly seems a bit taller. Then around 10:30, you see Sly with Harrison Ford who is listed at a current height of 5'11.5" here and posture makes it difficult to tell, but Ford doesn't look like he'd be that much taller. And Sly seems a bit taller than Banderas whenever there's a pretty angle of the two side by side in that video.

Here's one day. Click Here Stallone pretty clearly looks taller than Statham around 1:22 and 1:32 then around 1:43 you see Arnie looking only 1"-1.5" taller than Sly and Sly is looking taller than Banderas who is listed at 5'8.5" here. Here's a shot of their footwear. Click Here Sly has some pretty big boots and probably has lifts, but Banderas is notorious for his footwear and has some big heeled boots there himself. And Sly was in dress shoes, not boots at this event. Of course, it's possible he had lifts in them, then again, it's possible that Gibson or Banderas did as well. Gibson could be SLIGHTLY taller than Sly, and it wouldn't surprise me if he was a fraction taller, but there's definitely not a big difference between the two. A 2 inch difference between the two is ridiculous. Then again, I'm surprised you aren't claiming Gibson is 5'6"-5'7" as well. After all, he gets all of those same short claims and estimates that Sly does.

Supermann, you act like some dodgy angle photos were going to prove Sly is only 5'6"-5'7" like you say, yet video from those events don't show Sly shorter than listed.
RisingForce says on 17/Jun/14
Wow....4 inch boxing shoes and Sly the same height as Glenn? This has gotten even more ridiculous. Brad, I didn't say 5'8.5" was my guess for Sly, I just said it's very possible. I suspect that both peak and current he'd be 5'8.75"-5'9" range, I think 5'9" is a pretty safe guess considering his shorter appearances where I think he can look more 5-9ish and the taller appearances where he looks more like a legit 5'9.5"-5'10" guy to me. But I won't argue over either 5'8.5" or 5'9", I just think it's over or under that range where it starts getting much less likely.
the shredder says on 17/Jun/14
Brad , You are right G at night is 5'6.5 , so I say he averages to 5'6 5/8 , the most midday he can be is 5 '6.75 , If he really was a legit 5'7 than at worst Rob would have gotten 5'6 7/8 or 5 '7. The 5'7 1/8 was a nap , the most morning he is 5'7.25
[Editor Rob: I still think he came into the hotel earlier than he claimed and got a lie down for an hour before chapping the door.]
Nolifts81 says on 16/Jun/14
Brad- Yes, I posted the pic of my boots. They give me exactly 4 inches. I go to a shoemaker in Italy that was Sly's shoemaker for years!!! If I have a 4 inches raise from barefoot also sly has that increase! I am 5' 9.75 barefoot and at the italian prime of rocky balboa i had on my 4 inches boots. Stallone wore big boots with big lifts inside, I noticed also the model of the shoe(because I saw that model on my shoemaker warehouse)so hehad a raise of 4 inches. When he was near me my brother said that he was a little bit shorter than me( about 2 cm). So I am sure he was/is 5'9" barefoot.
Brad says on 15/Jun/14
G and Stallone same height barefoot. I can see the G with a pom pom going "Yes!". Those sandals Sly had on need to be marketed.
James B says on 15/Jun/14
One thing sly has never looked in his movies or in pics is 'tall'. Just a text book example of a medium sizes man.
Frankie68 says on 14/Jun/14
If u guys ever watched "rocky 3"..close enough or even slow it down ...during Rockys title defense montage in the beginning ,,,u see clips of him full length and his boxing shoes are elevators...take a Good look when he's bowing in the montage....I swear he's wearing 4 inch boxing shoes...

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