How tall is Tom Selleck ?

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Tom Selleck's height is 6ft 3.5in (192 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 4in (193 cm)
American actor best known for his tv series Magnum PI and Blue Bloods. In movies he has appeared in Three Men and a Baby, Quigley Down Under and Her Alibi. He said in the NY Times, "I'm 6'4".
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Sam said on 19/Aug/15
Selleck appeared many times with Conan O'Brien back when I watched that in the late 90s/early 00s. He always appeared to be a smidge taller than Conan and I vaguely remember height came up and Selleck said 6'4" and Conan pressed him and Selleck clarified that he was a bit over it...don't have a link right now unfortunately.
Shane said on 31/May/15
He and Jeff Goldblum are both very tall.

He plays volleyball in the sand when he visits Hawaii at a private court and sure seems to still be 6'r around my 6'1 brother and other friends. He is definitely over 6'3, probably still about 6'4".

Just saw Jeff Goldblum at the airport, also a very tall man, though not as solidl in build as Selleck.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Mar/15
He's still very tall on Blue Bloods...
Adam said on 17/Mar/15
Selleck is clearly taller than 6'2 Jon Voight.
Jesse Stone said on 8/Mar/15
Rob, do you know the height of Kohl Sudduth, the Co-star in Tom Selleck's "Jesse Stone"? In some scenes he appears taller than Selleck, in some scenes about the same height and in some he seems to be just a bit smaller:

Click Here

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Thank you!
[Editor Rob: not really aware of him so not sure!]
John said on 7/Feb/15
Looks about the same as 6'2 David Ramsey on Blue Bloods.
Gonzalo said on 3/Feb/15
Not the best picture to judge but in it Selleck looks very close in height to Jeff Goldblum
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Jesse Stone said on 29/Jan/15
Happy Birthday Mr. Selleck! Today with 70 I still believe he has a decent height and is around 6'3.
Ed Kline said on 21/Jan/15
Boomer Esiason is 6'5. At least his peak height was, and he is enough younger than Selleck (16 years) that he probably hasn't shrunk as much as Selleck.
Barker said on 28/Dec/14
Tom is 6' 2 1/2" in barefeet.
Western Star said on 27/Nov/14
I've just watched an old episode of The Rockford Files and Tom towers over Jim Garner.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Nov/14
Rob, could 6ft3 be closer for his peak since he's claimed both 6ft3 and 6ft4?
Jesse Stone said on 12/Nov/14
@Rob! Do you belive that Mr. Selleck lost 2 inches as described below? Well, it's right that he wears boots that make him a little taller, but really what height do you give him nowadays in 2014?

Thank you.
[Editor Rob: no I think 2 inches is too much, but losing an inch isn't impossible]
mike said on 24/Oct/14
I'd give 6ft 3.5-3.75 peak.
184.3cm said on 12/Oct/14
At least 192cm in his prime, very tall man. Looked similar to Hasselhoff when he did Knight Rider.
Jesse Stone said on 11/Oct/14
Rob, how tall is Boomer Esiason by the way? Is he 6'4 or 6'5?
If he is 6'4, Selleck is about 6'2.75 or 6'2 1/2.

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[Editor Rob: not really sure on Boomer's height, but today big Tom could be heading nearer 6ft 3 flat.

Here's an amusing photo of Tom with Wahlberg Click Here.

I'm going to call that a 'Donnie Bag'. Whenever your needing a few inches boost just put it on the ground and stand on it.]
Jesse Stone said on 10/Oct/14
I saw many movies with Selleck and I belive his peak height was 6'4. He could still be about 6'2 - 6'3. Loosing height in his age is not uncommon.

Here a photo of him in "Jesse Stone: Thin Ice" from 2009. In that scene he is at the airport and is a lot taller than everybody else there.

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Flyboy said on 10/Oct/14
I saw the Ferrari from Magnum on sale on an auction site a few years back and the description of the car said it had the driver's seat modified to accommodate Tom Selleck's height.
James said on 7/Oct/14
I have seen Tom Selleck many times in the recent past. (later years, after losing some height to "father time") I give him 6'2.75." He wears boots a lot and those make him a tad under 6'4." Based on his age and poor posture, I'd guess that he was a strong 6'4" back in his P.I. days. He loomed over everyone in that show! A few super random notes about Selleck. He was 35 years old when Magnum began in 1980. He was in either 6 or 8 failed TV shows before he hit gold with Magnum. He was first offered the role, over H. Ford, as lead in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" but had to turn the role down because he had a contract to do the Magnum pilot. Magnum was only able to start shooting after a writers' strike and, during the strike, Tom was so poor that he worked as a handyman. He stayed the last 2 seasons of Magnum because he was worried about the cast and felt guilty over killing their income and disappointing fans. Selleck's father was 6'5" and his brother, Dan, is 6'7" so he is the runt. Owns and often works on his avocado ranch. Super nice guy. He will sign autographs until everyone, who wants one, is pleased.
Rey said on 5/Oct/14
Tom is another gent who has lost about 2 inches. He does not have the posture or stature of his Magnum P.I. days. There is a recent pic of him and Boomer Esiason. Boomer has him by an 1-2 inches.
Rey said on 5/Oct/14
Tom is another gent who has lost about 2 inches. He does not have the posture or stature of his Magnum P.I. days. There is a recent pic of him and Boomer Esiason. Boomer has him by an 1-2 inches.
Jesse Stone said on 2/Sep/14
Rob, do you know how tall Kohl Sudduth, his co actor in Jesse Stone is? Seems To be At least AS tall AS Selleck.
James B said on 20/Jun/14
Donnies a probably on tip toes
Guy said on 11/Jun/14
I dont know why Rob, but here looks like 186 with 178 Donnie Wahlberg Click Here
[Editor Rob: looks short there yeah, well, 2 inches shorter than he should]
dbinaz said on 11/Jun/14
Anyone know what size shoe he wears?
zackstra said on 8/Jun/14
The guy was 6'4" peak.
Alan R said on 18/Mar/14
Taller than Ted Danson, who is 6'2". Taller than Dennis Weaver who was 6'2". Think about this: Did you EVER see him riding in the Ferrari with the top ON? Nope. If he wasn't 6'4", he was danged close.
James B said on 15/Mar/14
I cant picture this guy being a full 2 inches above 6'2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Dec/13
His father was 6ft6
Thomas said on 16/Dec/13
I stood next to him 4 years ago. I am 6ft2 (188 cm) and I was slightly taller than him. I would guess he is about 6ft 1 now and his peak height was 6ft2.
Lenad is sexy said on 14/Dec/13
was at most 1.5 inches taller than ted danson
Dave618 said on 13/Dec/13
Watched an old Magnum rerun today and came here to see how tall ol' Tom was/is. I have no problem whatsoever believing he was 6'4" at his peak. He looks freaking' huge in that series, and he usually wore boat shoes or sneakers, or barefoot on the beach and he still looks extra-tall. Maybe a half-inch or so less now, or maybe not even that. Still looms at or near 6'4".
Xhavier said on 13/Nov/13
His peak should be downgraded to 6'3.5, since that's what he claimed.

Also in Mr. Baseball (1992), he appears to be 1 full inch shorter (at least) than co-star Dennis Haysbert (6ft 4.5in).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Sep/13
"Tom Selleck's height is 6ft 3.25in (191cm)"

Might still be 192cm. Not under 6ft3 flat
Brooke said on 20/Aug/13
Why is peak height listed 6'4 when he claimed 6'3.5?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Aug/13
"Peak height was 6ft 3.75in (192cm)"

Reasonable since he claimed 6ft3.5 aswell as 6ft4. Usually looked either of those. Still a strong 6ft3 at least today.
jeff dan said on 23/Jul/13
Roger Mosley with the Hoff

Click Here
TSM said on 27/May/13
In the Magnum series, Roger Mosely regularly wore lifts that added a good 3 to 3.5 inches to his height. There were many scenes with them standing together, Selleck in his bare feet or in sneakers, and he was never less than at least three inches taller than Mosely who was wearing those lifts; that would put Mosely at 5'10 at the most.... but he was a very powerful looking man.
Jer1 said on 12/May/13
Maybe shorter now with age, but he was an easy 6-4 during his Magnum stardom and well into his time on Friends. Sometimes people are exactly what they look like and that was the case with Selleck.
b said on 31/Mar/13
no he 6'4 or 6'5
James said on 22/Feb/13
6'4 I can defnintly believe for tom selleck. He can look 6'3 as well I guess.

He never looks as low as 6'2 though.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/13
Watched Monte Walsh the other day and Selleck look the same height as John Wayne in the cowboy boots. At time he could look 6'2" but when they showed him at a differenyt camera angle compared to some of the other guys you could see he is very tall. 6'3.5" I think, but his height isn't obvious like several other western actors of that height. He can look 6'2 a lot on screen like Eastwood and Wayne.
Trent said on 16/Jan/13
They weren't actually both barefoot, Arch. Here, look at this: Click Here
It's very briefly onscreen, but you can see there Selleck is actually in slippers--probably only taking 1/4" or so from them, but every bit counts. Later the scene cuts away though and this time you can see Selleck is barefoot now for some reason, but it seems when they were standing face-to-face like that Selleck did take a bit of footwear advantage.

Click Here

I'd say, accounting for the footwear advantage, Schwimmer could be 6'0.25. And I'll crosspost this to his page.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jan/13
If Selleck was 6'3.5" peak, David Schwimmer is struggling with even 6'0.5". Selleck had between 3 and 4 inches on him., both barefoot on Friends.
Mathew said on 12/Jan/13
Trent says on 29/Dec/12
His peak should be downgraded to 6'3.5, since that's what he claimed.


Yeah if he said 6'3.5" in '87 that's probably what he should be listed at, not higher.
Jay said on 3/Jan/13
His peak is 6'4.
Trent said on 29/Dec/12
His peak should be downgraded to 6'3.5, since that's what he claimed.
Hondo said on 26/Dec/12
In this article Click Here he is described as "The 6 foot 3inch tall actor".
Johnnyfive said on 3/Dec/12
Now that i think about it, 192 is considerably taller than 184 thus why i felt short close to him. You're right, Shaun. Also Tom might've had slight ground advantage.
Trent said on 1/Nov/12
I found him him claiming "about 6-foot-3 1/2" back in 1987.

Click Here
James said on 11/Oct/12
No way was tom selleck over 193cm peak shaun
Silent d said on 27/Sep/12
The funny thing was craig ferguson was a couple on inches shorter than tom but he does have terrible posture. 192cm easy.
Ajax said on 15/Sep/12
Mosley was never anything close to 6'2". He's like 5'11".
Shaun said on 9/Sep/12
Well if he was the same height/fractionally taller than Josh he surely can't be under 6'3.5" nowadays.
Shaun said on 9/Sep/12
3 inches is not towering. But if he is near 4 inches I can see how you could feel noticeably shorter and view him as very tall. I think he's nearer 6'3" today but looked at least 6'4" in his prime.
Johnnyfive said on 2/Sep/12
I saw Tom Selleck around 2005 when I was working security and he walked about 7 feet away from me. I'm 6'0.5 and Tom totally towered me by more than 3 inches. I think he really is 6'4 and perhaps taller in the 80s.
Johnnyfive said on 2/Sep/12
I saw Tom Selleck around 2005 when I was working security and he walked about 7 feet away from me. I'm 6'0.5 and Tom totally towered me by more than 3 inches. I think he really is 6'4 and perhaps taller in the 80s.
JIMMYV said on 27/Aug/12
In the picture with Whalberg he is not standing up straight and still has about 506 inches.. He was probabably 6-4 6-4 and a half during Magnum, but now at 67 is more like 6'3and a half-6'4...
Jonas said on 12/Jun/12
Just saw him on Conan Show and he was definitely 1 inch shorter than Conan who is listed as 6'4. So Selleck nowadays is more 6'3-ish
LG69 said on 14/Feb/12
@jake, Roger Mosley was usually listed at 6'2", but was closer to 6'1"-6'0 at his peak. He was at Thunder Valley Casino with some of the cast of Magnum P.I. for autograph signing. Roger looked no more than 5'11". Btw, Larry Manetti looked about 5'6"...doesn't look like he lost height from his Magnum days.
Tommy said on 9/Feb/12
He did claim 6'3.5 in some old magazine. It was posted here a while back. I wonder if someone has a picture of it. I'd go with 6'3.5.

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