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Burt Reynolds's height is 5ft 9.5in (177 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 11in (180 cm)
American actor best known for starring in movies like Deliverance, Cannonball Run and Smokey and the Bandit. In NY Times in 1972 he is quoted saying: "Lady, no actor is five eleven. There's not an actor in the world who isn't ever 6 feet" and site visitor RisingForce pointed out Burt saying "I think I'm the only actor under 6 feet tall who admits to it. But I'm 6-foot-3 with my boots on" and in Windsor Star early in his career (3 Aug 66) Burt said you should ignore official biographies: "All actors are six feet tall or over in their biographies...Mine says I'm 6 feet 1 but I'm only 5 feet 11"

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RisingForce says on 15/Apr/14
I have to wonder what the hell Burt was standing on during this photo shoot with Clint! Click Here Click Here And here. Click Here

For more recent, this is a pretty strange looking pair of shoes. Click Here But to see how much Burt has shrunk, just look at him next to Piers Morgan around 0:55 in this video. Click Here
RisingForce says on 6/Apr/14
rcorambler2, Rob has Burt listed at 5'11" for his younger years so he actually has him listed at the height you mention. The 5'9.5" is for his current height since he's in his late 70's and is clearly nowhere near as tall as he used to be. For example, Burt in elevator boots went from being able to look as tall as Bill Murray and Roger Moore, to now looking no more than 2 inches taller in elevator boots to Mark Wahlberg when he stood straight and similar in height when he hunched. With that in mind, it's no wonder he still wears big-heeled boots and lifts even at his age. He seems to be losing height at a similar rate to Clint Eastwood.

I've heard various heights reported for his football listing, so if you could post a link to something official, it'd be much appreciated.
rcorambler2 says on 4/Apr/14
I don't know where you are getting his height from , but the official football roster from FSU his freshman year list him as 5' 11"
RisingForce says on 3/Apr/14
Rob, how tall would you say Burt was standing in his boots here with Bill Murray and how much do you think the boots would add with and without lifts? Click Here

If the link doesn't work, it's the second picture that comes up when you type "Burt Reynolds Bill Murray" into google and image # 142412705 on Getty Images
[Editor Rob: the custom burt boots that add a good 3 inches to his height, maybe a bit more]
RisingForce says on 29/Mar/14
Well, he's probably below 5'9" now since he's getting close to 80, and as of this month, still wearing boots with at least 2 inch heels, and who knows what inside. Between 5'8" and 5'9" is my current guess without lifts, if he stood straight. But as far as his peak, he was definitely taller than 5'9".

There's a picture on Getty Images of Burt and Bill Murray from 1980, and you can see that Burt in his big elevator boots looked at least an inch, maybe more taller than Murray who was essentially barefoot. That still means that Burt stood over 6'2" in his elevator boots if Murray was 6'1", so maybe he wasn't exaggerating too much with that 6'3" in boots claim. Either way, I can't see anything less than 5'10.5" peak and 5'11" seems pretty reasonable.
Manny says on 25/Mar/14
Burt is about 5ft 9 barefeet. 5ft 11 is a stretch. ELEVATOR SHOES is why he looks taller than 5ft 9 in movies.(100% truth)
RisingForce says on 18/Mar/14
Here's a link to Cannonball Run, a movie Burt looked quite tall in. Click Here

At about 1:31:37 you see can see that Burt appeared ay least a cm taller than Roger Moore. Moore claimed to be 6'2" in the morning, has a peak listing of 6'1.5" here and was only about 52 and in good shape so he was probably at least 6'1". Moore is also standing a bit behind Burt at 1:28:40, but it seems pretty doubtful he was standing as tall as Burt in this movie. Similarly, Roger is standing a bit behind Burt at 1:30:31, but it appears likely again that Burt was standing taller a bit taller than Moore in his shoes.

You can see Burt appears a few inches taller than Dean Martin at 1:28:39 and 1:31:34. Dean claimed 6'1", is listed at 5'10.5" here and I'd say 5'10" is a good guess since he was about 63 at the time of the movie, but I'm pretty sure Dean wore lifts and he looks taller than 5'10" next to Roger Moore at 1:30:31.

You can see that Burt looks at least 3 inches taller than Dom Deluise at 1:30:20, 1:31:45 and the outtakes at 1:32:14.

Burt looks like a solid 6'1" guy, possibly even a bit taller in this movie, and while the heels on his boots were obviously over 2 inches and almost certainly lifts on the inside, but how much could his elevator boots have added? Likely 3 inches at the absolute most I'd think. I had been thinking that Burt could have been more 5'10.5" peak, but I have to guess that he was every bit of 5'11" and had some of the best lifts in Hollywood since he often looked over 6 feet or even 6'1" in the 70's and 80's and Rob has suggested that at the most, you'd appear 1.5" to maybe 2" taller than your typical in shoes height with the biggest elevators.
avi says on 24/Dec/13
@Arch Stanton says on 26/Oct/13
He played a half Comanche in Gunsmoke so interesting to find he's actually half native American. probably only a little though

I wonder if he wore lifts in Gunsmoke he looks to stand his own next to Arness
Arch Stanton says on 26/Oct/13
I was right, he's Cherokee.
Arch Stanton says on 26/Oct/13
Does he have any "foreign" blood in him because he can often look like he has some African American or Native American blood in him, his head shape and hairline can look more black than white.
Arch Stanton says on 26/Oct/13
Looks noticeably taller than this in Deliverance but I'd guess he was wearing lifts. judging by his arm muscles and vest, tan and hair in the film you could tell he was ultra vain even back in those days.
RisingForce says on 21/Sep/13
5'10.5" is a good guess for peak height since he regularly looked at least 6 feet, often 6'1" in lifts. But not only has he lost height, he's lost A LOT of height. Burt hasn't stopped wearing lifts, in fact, even in recent years, he's worn what appear to be obvious elevator boots, and Willie Nelson mentioned that while filming The Dukes Of Hazzard(2005) that Burt still wore lifts in his shoes.

To see how much height Burt has lost, here's the recent video of Burt in heeled boots and 5'8" Mark Wahlberg in sneakers. Click Here At 0:59 you see their shoes, and at about 1:02 you see them standing next to each other.

Just compare that to around the time of Boogie Nights in '97 when Burt was easily taller than Wahlberg, and Burt had already lost height by the time of Boogie Nights. Burt has probably lost a good 2 inches from his peak height, and I don't think he's more than 5'9" today.
avi says on 17/Sep/13
Yeah he looked tall next to James arness as well. Must of been 5'10.5 peak then wore lifts to get him to 6'1.5 . I think 5'9.5 is fair he didn't lose more than inch but maybe he didn't lose any height but stopped wearing lifts after 70!
RisingForce says on 1/Sep/13
Nah, 5'9" flat could be his current height, though. Actually, I could even believe 5'8.5" considering how he looked with Mark Wahlberg at the Guys Choice Awards. Unfortunately, he also looked frail and hunched over. Still had heeled boots, though and Wahlberg was in sneakers. Difficult to determine his height because his posture isn't good anymore, but it's clear he's lost a lot of height, which is to be expected for a 77 year old man with numerous injuries and some health problems in recent years.
eddie says on 27/Aug/13
Burt is a good example of a guy that wear lifts. 5' 9" is about right in his prime.
cannonball2 says on 25/Aug/13
Reynolds is no 5' 11" - that's a lie. He wore elevator shoes a lot during his prime. 5ft 9" is barefooted is most accurate.
juju says on 24/Aug/13
id give em a 5 10 peak
misha says on 18/Aug/13
For forty years Burt Reynolds has been clopping around in Frankenstein footwear and talking incessantly about his height. This may not constitute compelling
evidence, but no one who is really 5'11" does these things. I put him at 5'9.75" to 5'10.25" with 3 inches of lifts and heels in his magic boots. His
claim of hitting 6'3" with artificial enhancements is ludicrous - he has never looked anywhere near that tall - but I admire him greatly for publicly admitting that he has always indulged in considerable height-boosting.
Ian C. says on 3/Aug/13
Reynolds, who has a wonderful sense of humour, once said that there is not an actor in the world who is five foot eleven. Oh wait. I just read the introductory paragraph to the Reynolds page and that line is quoted. Let that be a lesson, posters. Read before you write.
jtm says on 25/Jun/13
his peak height was 5'10 and now he is no more than 5'9. don't understand why he got upgraded to 5'11.
Lorne says on 23/Jun/13
I actually like this upgrade. His obsession's a bit weird, but think he was pretty much hOnest about his height. 5'11 peak is a good shout for hi
, certainly no less than 5'10.5, but I think he was a 180cm guy who had a slightly ridiculous comPlex, and wore monster boots. But he definantly stood well over 6 feet in boots. So yeah, good upgrade...
RisingForce says on 22/Jun/13
Can you provide a link for this 5'9" listing? I've seen 2 college listings for Burt, one was 5'10" and the other was 6'0", though neither were from the official site. His boots didn't give him anywhere near 5 inches either.

Either way, Burt was definitely taller than 5'9". 5'10" minimum, and more likely 5'10.5"-5'11". There's a barefoot photo of him with Charles During who was in the 5'6"-5'7" range and Burt is about 5 inches taller. Then watch Cannonball Run, Burt in his lifts is taller than Roger Moore who was at least 6'1"! Also, here is Burt next to Dom Deluise who was probably about 5'10" in the Cannonball Run outtakes. Click Here Difficult to tell because of Dom's hat, but he looks no less than 3 inches taller.

However, I think Rob is being a bit generous with Burt's current height. I believe Burt is no more than 5'9" today at 77 years old.
Superpicker says on 31/May/13
Burt is listed at 5'9" in the Florida state sports information catalog and weighed 185 pounds when he enrolled.Must have been about 19 years old.Doubt he grew anymore.Check out the movie Hustle with Catherine Deneiuve.Those heels look to be at least 5 inches
Juju says on 23/Mar/13
Just checked his football stats. Rob even you can check on the internet. He was listed at 5 foot ten. That was his peak height.
Rob Bryant says on 3/Mar/13
My wife and I have been watching old reruns of Gunsmoke. Burt had a regular part in the early episodes. Standing next to James Arness he looks like a child. He wore cowboy boots but so did everyone else since it was a western. He was above average height for the early 1960's. Burt was between 5'-9" to 5'-10 " tops. As the years went by people got taller so Burt compensated by wearing bigger heels and putting lifts in his shoes.
Brad says on 17/Feb/13
Elevator boots for the last 40 years. The ones in City Heat are 3.5" minimum.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 4/Nov/12
He was and still is an huge lift-wearer, he looked even taller than 6'1.5 Roger Moore in The Cannonball Run.

5'11 peak, struggling to look close to 6'0 today with lifts, he's probably around 5'9 barefoot.
Shaun says on 18/Oct/12
"He was, and still is(as shown by the pictures I posted from a couple of months ago), as big of a lift guy as there's been in Hollywood. But he wasn't short, I think he's just a guy that wanted to be legitimately tall, over 6 feet. "

He wanted to be very tall, 6 ft 5.
RisingForce says on 11/Oct/12
Speaking of Burt's jokes about his shoes, here's one I didn't post yet, and it's another 5'11" claim, this time from '78. He went back and forth on claiming 5'11" and 6' a lot.

"I used to be 5-11. With my boots I'm 6'7", Reynolds said. "I'll give them to Andy when I leave the booth and he'll be 5'10." - 8/26/78 The Evening Independent
RisingForce says on 11/Oct/12
That is a great pic, J Dog. I never noticed his footwear in that movie. He didn't seem to be in his usual 2.5"+ heels, but those are elevators, just a different style. I agree with Shaun that he looked 6'0"-6'1" next to Clint. He was, and still is(as shown by the pictures I posted from a couple of months ago), as big of a lift guy as there's been in Hollywood. But he wasn't short, I think he's just a guy that wanted to be legitimately tall, over 6 feet. Now, he really does look to be struggling with 5'9", but he's in his mid 70s. And at least he's joked about his height and shoes.

I watched a couple of Burt's better movies recently, White Lightning, and a personal favorite, Sharky's Machine. In White Lightning, he was in fairly normal looking cowboy boots most of the movie, but even had cowboy boots in prison! In Sharky's Machine, he didn't have his usual heels, but he was wearing boots.
Shaun says on 10/Oct/12
His era though with the likes John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston, Christopher Lee, Rock Hudson, Clint Walker, James Arness, Stirling Hayden, Jimmy Stewart etc I can see why he felt "short" in Hollywood but many actors of that era were average height/shortish, but in that era there was definitely a thing in Hollywood about big macho guys.
Shaun says on 10/Oct/12
5'10.5" peak is reasonable but I don't think he looked less than that.
Shaun says on 10/Oct/12
great find J-Dog. I watched City Heat last night. Burt Reynolds only looked 3-4 inches shorter than Eastwood in it but as I suspected he was wearing lifts. A running gag in the film was Eastwood calling him "shorty", he makes a joke of Reynold's height early on and at the end Reynolds goes on tiptoes purposefully when Eastwood calls him shorty and he wasn't far off Eastwood's height on tip toes in lifts. Reynolds wasn't short at all around 5 ft 11 I think but I think the fact he was known to be very height conscious was why that gag was put into the film. Reynolds looked near 6 ft 1 next to Eastwood I though, although Eastwood in 1984 might have been 6'3.5".
J-Dog says on 6/Oct/12
Look at this picture from the set of City Heat, you can see Burt Reynold's footwear exposed, look at that monster heel! Meanwhile Clint Eastwood has on relatively very flat shoes on. Even if this advantage Burt still looks significantly shorter.

Here is the link Click Here
RisingForce says on 11/Sep/12
It's worth noting that he had back surgery in 2009. Considering his age, the reported height loss by age 57 and the back surgery, I'm thinking he's lost a 2 inches. 7 years ago, he seemed to be trying to look tall with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock and was struggling to look their height in cowboy boots. He still wears obvious elevator boots yet he really doesn't look very tall. I'm not 100% sure on him because he doesn't make that many appearances anymore, but it wouldn't surprise me if he's a weak 5'9" today. Here are the boots he was still wearing just a month ago. Click Here

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