How tall is Javier Bardem ?

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Javier Bardem height: 5ft 11.25in (181 cm)

Spanish actor best known for roles in movies like The Sea Inside, No Country for Old men and Bitiful.
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Judd says on 2/Feb/15
Bardem was visible shorter than Tommy Lee Jones. Unless TLJ is today 6'0" or more (I doubt it) Bardem can't be 5'11.25"! IMO today Bardem is 5'10.5-11" (max), Fassbender 5'10.5" and TLJ is 5'11.5".
Sam says on 21/Nov/14
I think it's possible Bardem's accurate at 181 cm, Fassbender at 180 cm. Jones does edge Bardem out by you'd never guess that from watching No Country for Old Men.
Dejavu says on 18/Nov/14
Tommy Lee Jones who is maybe a weak 6'0 edges out Bardem.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 31/Oct/14
182cm could be closer if Fassbender is 180-181cm
Sam says on 30/Oct/14
Some more pictures with Michael Fassbender, Bardem does seem to have a fractional edge on Fassbender.
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Dago Red says on 28/Jul/14
Those shoes in the Daniel Craig pics have a huge lift (check out the vamp it's a dead giveaway) giving him at least 2 inches or more. That pic is like the battle of the elevator shoes. Taller than 5'7" though.
cole says on 25/Jul/14
@Andrea: Those pics aren't the best to compare, but I think Luca looks his claim compared to James Marsden, who just never looks 5'10 in credible shots (I wouldn't go over 176 cm for him). And with 6'0.5 Richard Jenkins, he looks about the same as him. Bardem can look a flat 180 cm a lot, like I've said. But I wouldn't rule out 181 cm. As low as 179 cm flat? It would surprise me if he turned out to be that. Between 5'10.75 and 5'11.25, I would say is my lowest-highest estimate range for him.
Andrea says on 29/Jun/14
cole, I highly doubt he could be 181!
There are some photos with an italian actor who claimed 183 and, more recently, 184... I can believe he measures between 183 and 4, like 183.5, which explains his claims. But no more than that!
Here are some photos:
Click Here (the fourth from left)
Click Here
(The same guy next to an alleged 5'10 James Marsden:
Click Here)
I dont know what you think, but he does look at least 4 cms shorter to me! So let's say that guy is 183.5, Bardem isn't over 179-179.5... Rob, you still think he's that's a solid 181 guy next to a 183-184 guy? Noway!
cole says on 25/Jun/14
Actually seeing him more recently in quite regular footwear with Michael Fassbender he can look the listed 181 cm. 180 cm is equally likely though.
SAK says on 7/May/14
Gilipollas says: Slouches pretty much, aging badly, ugly as hell and a hell of an actor sooo talented. 5'11" and looks like it.
'ugly as hell' a little harsh.

He is deffo in 5f11 range. The listing is spot on.
Gilipollas says on 5/May/14
Slouches pretty much, aging badly, ugly as hell and a hell of an actor sooo
talented. 5'11" and looks like it.
SAK says on 25/Apr/14
Looks similar to Fassbender(180cm).
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Realist says on 12/Apr/14
Rebecca Hall 174 Javier Bardem 179
Arch Stanton says on 22/Mar/14
Rob he has minimum 2 inches on Rebecca Hall in Vicky Christina. I doubt she's really 5 ft 10.
powerbrokers says on 26/Feb/14
he is shorter than Mark Wahlberg who is a mere 5'8", Bardem is 5'7"
FM says on 28/Jan/14
5'11.25" looks spot on.

On a funny note, this article I read about shorter actors in Hollywood had him at 5'7" - which he is clearly taller than.

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Sam says on 13/Nov/13
He talks about nearly envying Brad Pitt's looks, but at any rate he's a hell of an actor...just see him in the three films Rob lists at the top.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 2/Nov/13
Like Russell Crowe, suprisingly shorter in person.
Sam says on 9/Oct/13
The angles are not ideal but Bardem does strike me as a bit taller than Michael Fassbender. Maybe 2 cm, so Bardem at 181 cm and Fassbender at 179 cm.
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183CM says on 1/Aug/13
He seems 1 or 2 cm taller than Daniel Craig, I think he is 511
cole says on 31/Jul/13
Gaaah, why won't the link work? Is there some sort of a block for fanpop? Anyway the point I was trying to make was that he could look 5'11 range or a bit under. Google it for yourself if you are interested: Javier Bardem Penelope Cruz.
cole says on 30/Jul/13
Oh, I'll try that link again: Click Here
cole says on 29/Jul/13
With 5'4 Penelope Cruz, both in sandals: Click Here
What do you recon Rob? I can see more or less 5'10-11 range, not sure on the 5'11.25. He's not 5'7 or 5'8, that's for sure.
[Editor Rob: the link doesn't work, but I think around 5ft 11 is generally what he can look.]
Polys says on 23/Jun/13
VH1 just made an article about short celebrities Click Here this guy is listed as 5'7, he really looks tall but the article is correct for sure about the 9 from the 10 actors, so probably they do know something
cole says on 14/Jun/13
Personally I would not go much over 5'11 for him, even 5'10.5 could be right. He wears big footwear, so it's not that surprising that he can look 6ft or more at times.
David says on 8/Apr/13
6'1 (1,85 m.) according to some sources.
May be 6'0 (1'83 m.) is more accurate.

He is not huge, but no doubt he's a big guy
Sam says on 3/Apr/13
true, it's hard to buy that he's under 5'11" range. 5'7" would be tough to disguise so consistently. Bardem is a couple of inches over average not under it.
true says on 31/Mar/13
People who have met him say that hes around 5'8 , yea apparently wears huge lifts all the time. srs , look up celeb height chart in google ( it has a ton of celebs at accurate heights and bardem at 5'7
17, 182 says on 29/Mar/13
Was he downgraded Rob? I swore he was 182 the last time I checked.
Original says on 9/Mar/13
5'10 or 5'11 never.

He's 5'11.5, max 6', min 5'11.25".
Sam says on 29/Jan/13
Bardem looks close to the six foot mark with Ben Affleck:
Click Here
Leonerdi says on 29/Jan/13
5-11 max. Met him at Barajas Airport terminal 4, Madrid. He is a big guy, very moody and eith this big ego. Very ugly too! Nothing important but ugly as hell and wears this dirty look...
Converselover says on 14/Jan/13
I couldn't see this guy over 5'11". 5'10.5" sounds right. He's a good height nonetheless
Max says on 10/Jan/13
If Bardem is 5'11" or 6', how tall is Woody Allen then?

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Hew says on 5/Jan/13
He wears massive boots at times, this guy could easily be arund 5'10.
David says on 3/Jan/13
I've got a picture with him when he was shooting Goya's ghosts (i'll upload it as soon as i take the chance) He's taller than just 5'11.25. I'm 5'9 and he's much taller than me. Six foot is more accurate. I promise I'll upload the photo. He's six foot for sure.
Archie says on 24/Dec/12
This guys shorter than Daniel Craig.... 5'10 MAX
Spanish Girl says on 21/Dec/12
Javier Bardem: 183 cm for sure! :)
Jed says on 15/Nov/12
There's a picture of Craig standing next to him - a full body shot - and craig has an inch on him. I'll look for the link.
Robert Gray says on 14/Nov/12
@ceci...I think my post went completely over your head. I'm aware of all of those things you mentioned (not sure how they relate though) - all I was saying is I heard that he's a little shorter than his listed height but his build might make him seem taller. His shoes from the Skyfall premiere also seem a little suspicious as well.
ceci says on 11/Nov/12
Robert Gray. Javier Bardem doesn't have anything special in his shoes, as you put it. The role he was playing might have. He is an actor, after all, so he portrayed someone with undefinable sexual preferences. the actor is a husband and father. Married to Penelope Cruz. It's interesting when people can't tell a role from the person portraying it.
nick says on 11/Nov/12
i think javier bardem is 5"11 cause i think daniel ndcraig is 5"9 and a half that daniel with shoes is 5"10 a quarter.
Robert Gray says on 5/Nov/12
A friend of mine worked on Skyfall and saw Bardem without shoes on and said he was actually more around 5'8. Crazy I know, but his long arms and heavy build probably make him seem taller. Not to mention having a little somethin' special in his shoes.
Silent d says on 28/Oct/12
I heard he is 6 foot but i remember someone said he is 179cm. Someone said he was two inches taller than daniel craig. I don't believe that. Daniel craig is close to 5 foot 10 and javier is probably 181cm.
Shaun says on 23/Oct/12
Bardem would be considered a solid tall man in Spain, yes, but not a giant.
Shaun says on 23/Oct/12
I had seen another photo of them and Bardem looked 2 inches taller. I have Daniel Craig as 5'10.5".
Shaun says on 23/Oct/12
Click Here

Don't know about Craig's but Bardem's look suspicious here, raised angle. I came here guessing 6-6'1" until I saw his footwear.
Len says on 30/Sep/12
An imposing presence who comes across as taller than he is.
Sylinher says on 2/Sep/12
he must be 1.80-1.81 roughly
here with benjamin bratt who is listed as 1.87 Click Here
I mean bardem is not really tall..more like average height...but i suppose he is a giant in spain
shrapnel says on 22/Aug/12
o.k. 2". But not less than 1.5"
Dr JJ says on 22/Aug/12
Whoa! Both Daniel Craig and Bardem have elevator shoes in their 007 press shots. Bardem's are more obvious, but that exaggerated angle between the toe section and laced section is a dead giveaway. Lifts, custom elevators, both the same height. Whatever that height is, your guess is as good as mine!
satchy says on 27/Jul/12
he is tall like 6ft
Lucchese enthusiast says on 26/Jul/12
Hi to all,
Explained through the Lucchese Boot Toes & Heels chart, in this scene the boots worn by Javier Bardem have a #3 toe, clearly visible at 3:56 - I thought it could be #5 toe, but it's too narrow for that - and 2" #6 Riding Heel, or equivalent in others brands. One thing I noticed is the fact that he has apparently very big (meaning wide) feets, it seems those boots are EE or even maybe EEE width.
There's no 3" heels, I never saw that in any boot brand I know.
The most highest kind of heel I know is the "Fashion Heel" proposed by Blackjack Boots, but I think it's only for women boots, and it's only 2"1/4 high, anyway at 4:00 it's evident that's not "fashion heel".
No, the most likely it's Lucchese #6 heel, 2" high.
shrapnel says on 25/Jan/12
Minute 4:00 of ths scene. You're telling me that those heels are 1.5" or less?
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Sam says on 23/Jan/12
Those weird leathery boots looked nowhere close to 3 inches high in No Country. Do you know how chunky that would look? They were probably about 1.5 inches or slightly less.

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